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Spring/Summer 2010 Collections The Fine Art of Haute Couture What you should pick from this season ready-to-wear Do not waste time and money! Shopping advises from professionals that might just save your day

breakdown By the Numbers

The figures behind some fashion facts

1200 the number

of pairs of shoes owned by Imelda Marcos, wife of former Phillipines president, Ferdinand Marcos


amount of money spent on shoes by the character Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex & The City”

Over 500

the number of times, 90’s supermodel Claudia Schiffer has appeared on covers of fashion magazines

600 seconds

how long a typical runway show lasts

US$807,000 amount of money raised when Christie’s auctioned Givenchy’s ‘little black dress’ worn by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

0 degrees

1959 the year Barbie was born. She turned 50 last December

1873 the year

the typical American blue jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss

the temperature in the hermetacally sealed “glacier” box that housed Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 10/11 fashion show

Fashion Statement The definition in the urban dictionary is simple. A ‘Fashion Statement’ is simply clothes that draw attention to the person who wears them. So this means that whether you are a man or a woman, all you have to do to make you’re own fashion statement, is dress yourself for some attention. For some people it might just be as easy as that, but truth be told, these statements generally come with rules and those rules change every season of the year. So the basic question about fashion statements is: Do you wear a statement or does the statement wear you? Statements in fashion are just like fashion trends: they come and go after a while. For instance, do you remember every time you look at those old pictures that get you thinking “How in the hell did I have the courage to wear that?” In fact, at the time, more than succumbing to a trend, you were stating something, your own opinion, your group’s opinion, or you were just a reflection of society’s image at the time. In this fashion issue, we try to understand a little bit more about fashion designer statements and their works of art. We confess to falling in love with the Spring/Summer 2010 haute couture collection by Dior, and we wave goodbye to Alexander McQueen, remembering the innovative designer and his amazing shoes creations. As we’ve said before, some of us are born with such an eye for fashion styles, that whatever we put on is flawless. But others of us, more human, have to call for emergency measures. And if you have the money, then things get much easier. This month we meet a Shopping Advisor, a person that basically tells her clients what to buy, what to wear and what to avoid in the process. If you can’t afford that type of advice, just try to take the best from our own tips in this issue. Fully dedicated to gentlemen suits, we give you the dos and the don’ts for this season’s most wanted pieces of cloth. This Essential Fashion issue wraps it all up with some amazing photos from the Paris and New York haute couture and ready-to-wear collections, and of course, we spice things up with some lingerie. Once again, we give you the tips, the decision to act on it is up to you!


Fashion Decade Revival’s good and bad

Good From conventional suit in sober colours and hats, to the “Teddy boys” and Ivy League looks, not forgetting the motor cycle fanatics “Ton-Up Boys”. Men’s fashion looked really classy.

Bad 50’s

The one and only Mini Skirt phenomenon! We love it and it loves us!


Pin-up look taken to the extreme! While it seems like a fairly easy look to recreate, it’s actually even easier to end up looking like a rejected extra from “Grease”.

Winklepickers were sharp shoes, quite literally, with a pointed toe. Winklepickers were popular mainstream fashion for young men in the early 60s. The pointed toe was also fashionable for young ladies’ shoes, which were also known by the same name. Polyester and Disco combined. Like the Bee Gees used to sing: “It’s a tragedy”.

Flower Power, printed t-shirts, trainers and canvas shoes. Needless to say: casual!


Liberty equals creativity. You do not want to accessorize, you want to “excessorize”. Think Madonna!

The Grunge Rock look looks sexier as time goes by. And the classic blazer was really your best buy from those days!


Garish neon greens, yellows, pinks and blues might look good on teenagers nowadays, but if you are a working person just do not exaggerate. Please…


The Capri pants! This particular item should have appeared back then with an instruction book and heavy penalties for those who dared to cross the line.

The Seven Deadly Sins in Fashion 1 Envy: Stealing your best friend’s style - Everyone has one, but attempting to copy a friend’s entire look - or even a single item of clothing - can have disastrous results if you have different body shapes or colouring.

5 Wrath: Hating - and hiding - your figure. Everyone has hang-ups about parts of their bodies. Identify your shape - whether it’s slim and straight or curvy - and dress accordingly.

2 Sloth: Slipping into sloppy dressing habits - Chipped nail polish, dirty or broken fingernails and messy hair are the three biggest culprits when it comes to sloppy dressing.

6 Lust: Discarding anything without a designer label. Designer clothes are fun in moderation, but when the latest sunglasses, trainers, hat and coat are worn en masse, it becomes too much.

3 Gluttony: Cramming your cupboards with too many clothes - Filling your wardrobe with too many clothes can be just as bad as not having enough - five identical black skirts are no use if you have nothing to go with them. 4 Pride: Leaving nothing to the imagination - Just because you’ve got it, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it. Toorevealing clothes are an all-too-common fashion crime. At work particularly, skimpy skirts, sheer fabric and tiny tops are truly a fashion crime.

7 Greed: Growing out of your clothes - but refusing to admit it. Fitting into size 10 in one shop doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be the same size in all shops, so swallow your pride and opt for a bigger fit if necessary.



Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2010 Collection

It’s such a * New Look

American Designer Charles James, and his inspiration of debut de siècle ladies that rode en amazones (side saddle), inform the cut and asymmetric posture of the new tailleur bar. Riding jackets, halterneck dresses, and riding skirts are cut in Monsieur Dior’s beloved classic English tailoring fabrics of red grain de poudre, fuchsia wool satin, tricotine, cotton piqué and tailoring checks. Both Charles James and Christian Dior share a love for the iconic feminine silhouettes and illustrations of the naughty nineties, as personified by the 1890s Gibson Girl. This bold femininity leads to the spirit of James’ most infamous client and collector Millicent Rogers. The eccentric heiress clashed daring coloured satins of magenta, petrol blue, olive and sapphire, all encrusted with heavy crystal embroideries, and adorned herself with oversized jewels. The salons are decorated with his ladies in twotoned duchess satin grand ball gowns shaded in the palette of a Cecil Beaton portrait. The expansive skirts are cut to evoke the gesture of the drape of a skirt when riding. “From l’amazones and dressage to his iconic ball gowns, we gaze at the influences behind Monsieur Dior’s New Look”, says John Galliano. This collection goes back to Charles James and it goes back to Christian Dior himself



L’Enfant Terrible waves goodbye

who in the fifties presented the New Look. After the austerity in France of World War II, Christian Dior created a popular dress silhouette with a narrow waist and a full skirt featuring yards of fabric which spoke to prosperity and abundance: The New Look. *Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Carmel Snow’s exclamation after Dior’s first fashion collection launch in 1947.

Late on the 11th of February, Alexander McQueen, a fourtime winner of the British Designer of the Year Award, was found dead at his home in London, aged 40, after an apparent suicide. McQueen was the creative director of his own label, which was bought out by Gucci, and was one of Britain’s most lauded fashion designers. His death came just over a week after his mother, Joyce died, and almost three years since his close friend and style guru, Isabella Blow, also committed suicide. Blow, a magazine editor and muse to milliner Philip Treacy, drank weed killer after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. A British Vogue profile says McQueen’s most recent collection, spring/summer 2010, was critically acclaimed as his best ever. “Who knows?” couture king Karl Lagerfeld said. “Perhaps after flirting with death too often, death attracts you. There was always some attraction to death, his designs were sometimes de-humanised. I found his work very interesting, never banal.” Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, said: “He influenced a whole generation of designers. His brilliant imagination knew no bounds as he conjured up collection after collection of extraordinary designs. His death is the hugest loss to anyone who knew him and for very many who didn’t.” McQueen cut his teeth as a tailor in Savile Row, where legend has it that he left his distinctive mark in the form of hand-written obscenities, in the lining of a jacket for Prince Charles, heir to the throne. He designed the famous “bumster” trousers displaying the cleavage between models’ buttocks in a parody of low-slung trousers worn by workers, and survived general condemnation over a collection of ripped clothing entitled “Highland Rape”, the first time anyone had chosen to send supposed rape victims down the catwalk. McQueen viewed Yves Saint Laurent as a genius and a source of inspiration. When the French designer died in 2008, McQueen said Saint Laurent was “the reason why I am in fashion”. “To me fashion should predict the time we live in. He did this is the 60s and 70s,” McQueen said at the time. “Pure genius and a man that I always revered and tried to emulate.”


Haute Couture

Chanel Karl Lagerfeld sprang a series of surprises in a sumptuous confection of a collection for Chanel. There was no Little Black Dress to be seen and the traditional Chanel suit, too, was redesigned, the slim, A-line skirt being replaced by little shorts, or culottes, trimmed with tulle. There was not even a gilt chain or hint of gold to be seen. Lagerfeld called the collection “neon-baroque”, a reference to the acid yellow, candy-pink and fluorescent lime hues which appeared like icing, amidst a delicate tableau of frosted pastels, champagne and cream; and one hint of black, in the form of a large “kipper tie”, embellished with a crystal brooch, which punctuated the front of a classic, white silk, columngown. The collection paraded like a master class in the fragile delicacy of handwork, which can be achieved by the artisans in the Chanel atelier.

Zuhair Murad The Lebanese designer presented his new Spring/Summer 2010 collection entitled “The Officer’s Muse” at Hotel de la Monnaie in Paris. Officer Jackets, fringed shoulders, round buttons ... this season, the Lebanese designer draws a sensual and dynamic line, delicately taken from the male universe. Black, gold and khaki dominate the show, but the designer also saves some space for burning red, sparkling green and azure blue. The forms and fabrics are very diverse: draped silk, crystals, gemstones, organza, sequins and beads come together in amazing harmony.


Givenchy Ricardo Tisci has taken some risky steps for Spring 2010. This is one of the most complicated and elaborate collections for this season combining absolutely sewn to perfection and fit/fall beautifully with a gothic sense. Too much of a mixture that nevertheless results in fine pieces.

Valentino For many of the Haute Couture catwalks, the movie Avatar was an inspiration. Valentino’s show called to mind Neytiri from Avatar. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli went in a youthful direction, experimenting with colour, and allowing neutrals and acid tones to share the spotlight, with models donning Na’vi-blue shoulders and sheer headpieces that covered the eyes and resembled Neytiri’s banshee-riding accessory staple.

Lanvin An exquisite collection, Lanvin Springs has a metallic note. With draped movements, the dresses are rich in artisans work and absolutely fabulous.



Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Trends



Matthew Williamson

Masculine Elements

Diane Von Fusrtenberg

Diane Von Fusrtenberg

Diane Von Fusrtenberg

Heavy Print

Giles Deacon

Everything from boyfriend sweaters to fitted pants are coming in bold geometric patterns and animal prints. This trend both complements and contrasts the neutral tone style. Heavy print leggings are going to be especially hot for Spring. Whether floral, striped, abstract, bold or subdued... patterns on pants are giving us new bold wardrobe options for the warmer months.

Stella McCartney

Louis Vuitton

Peek-A-Boo Denim Trend

Expect denim jackets to be peeking out from underneath leather jackets and oversized blazers. They’re a subtle nod to the 90s without overdoing it, seeing as how fashion has certainly had its share of flannel lately. It also adds a nice layered look that is casual and smart-looking. Don’t forget the ripped, the torn and the patched denim.


Blazers and vests are still in, but now they’re worn with shorts and leggings. Big shoulders are coming back as well, meaning that the 80s are now officially vintage. Why not play up the masculine tones with a feminine accessory like a hairband of a locket? It will add a little bit of tomboy chic to the outfit. Don’t forget the military look.

Nicole Farhi

Looser Pants

Isabel Marant

For the last 10 years, skinny pants have dominated legwear. This trend ultimately led to the legging revolution of the last five years. This Spring, there are much looser pants, suggesting a possible end to the skinny jean decade.

2010 is an exciting year for fashion; experts predict that we’ll emerge from the global financial crisis and, as a result, we can expect to see a new standard of fashion rising up. Classically inspired but with a serious infusion of the sex and skin, this is what we’ll be wearing in 2010.

Diane Von Fusrtenberg

Alexander Wang


Charlotte Ronson

Stella McCartney

Rarely do sports and high fashion have similar aesthetics. In Spring 2010, laceup shorts, V-neck sweaters and fashionconscious sweatpants make an effortlessly sexy and competitive look.

Proenza Schouler

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones create that elegant, barely there look. Champagne, beige and all shades of grey are in. Part of the reason why this neutral color style has emerged is because there is so much print and energy in other trends this season, which suggests that neutral will also outlive these other trends.

Jaeger London

Charlotte Ronson

Palette of vivid colours

It looks as though we’re in for a very greenbased season with a wide variety being featured in the palette; though also prevalent are pinks, blues, browns and even a neon green. Spring/Summer 2010 is all about mixing the outrageous with the elegant. There is a nod to trends of the past, but this Spring, fashion is taking a big step in a new direction. It’s about smart and sexy looks paired with sporty and delicate styles. Louis Vuitton

Stella McCartney




Fashion just for you Have you ever heard of a fashion advisor before? A fashion expert, also commonly referred to as an image specialist, is an individual who consults with you or gives you recommendations on the latest fashion trends. Professional fashion, image and shopping advisors are those who spend several hours every week reviewing the most recent trends in fashion. Si Wai Cheong, started out as a fashion design student and turned out as a Private Shopper at The Venetian for The Shoppes at Four Seasons, a mall with some of the most luxury fashion brands worldwide. Essential spoke to Si Wai Cheong to try to find out when the best time is to get that specialist advice. 106

What is your job about? What does a fashion advisor do? A fashion advisor is a personal stylist and a personal shopper. It’s all about giving advice and creating a new wardrobe for clients who are looking for a little change, helping people who don’t have time to look at fashion news and also people who don’t know how to match clothes together! I just try to refresh my clients’ wardrobes respecting their styles and their tastes! What kind of clients do you have? My clients are mostly wealthy people that come to Macau usually for tourism. Most of my clients are from Mainland China and they approach my service in order to find that special look or just to focus on some products.

Big Spender

Secrets et Merveilles A high jewellery collection between myth and reality “Cartier, King of Jewellers and Jeweller of Kings”… The story is forever being transmitted as a legend that flows through the centuries, a wondrous tale of which Cartier’s latest high jewellery collection reveals the secrets. Around 70 unique pieces dedicated to femininity, as the jeweller becomes the master and magical storyteller through one of the most exceptional collections of precious gems and fine pearls. Jewels with a Queen’s profile: the Peacock Queen, a creature displaying her flamboyant attire, the Pearl Queen and her courtesan’s drapes, the Snake Queen whose scales and body bewitch the spirits, and the Diamond Queen, more sidereal and sparkling than any other.

How do you proceed with your clients? What is the process? A client contacts me and we set an appointment. During the first meeting, we discuss the client’s fashion wishes, tastes, lifestyle… I listen carefully and try to properly view their expectations. Then, we set a full shopping trip day that I organise with a schedule at our Shoppes at The Venetian or I bring the suggestions to our Private Shopper Cabinet and show the client my suggestions and some surprising solutions. I can also explain many associations that the client can do with the new purchases. Either way my clients will not have to deal with practical details (delivery, touches..)…So it’s also a luxury shopping experience! Who’s more interested in Shopping advice, men or women? Actually, most of my clients are men. Women do seem to have more of an eye for shopping at this level, but men feel a little bit lost in the process. They don’t know where to start with such a wide brand choice, so most of the time they end up buying a product not because it suits them better, but because of the brand image. So, my job in these cases is to try to find out the right and individual style so I can find those particular items for the clients. What’s the most difficult aspect of your work? The clients focus on one or two brands. Most of the time I have to show the client there are more options than just brand X or brand Y and that’s difficult, because they’ve never heard or they’re not aware that for a certain type of style, we should mix more brands and different items. 107


Shoes, Shoes and shoes... also bags

Made in Italy The new Spring-Summer collection revisits tradition and the icons of the brand with a contemporary twist. Tod’s understated and refined luxury is directed towards a sophisticated woman through hushed tones and elegant ambiance. The D Bag is an iconic product par excellence that has retained the brand’s essential DNA and the iconic Gommino shoes get a new twist with sailing details and bright colours. Together with the rubber sole loafer and new sneaker, they are perfect for both urban-casual or long week-ends. High heeled sandals with retro style add a sophisticated and feminine touch to the new collection.

Out of this world Alexander McQueen shoes for Spring/ Summer 2010 are literally out of this world and have created mixed feelings. Some of the shoes look like a cross between cocoons and helmets. Although several of the shoes may look rather extreme to most of us, their mission is to capture attention. Mission accomplished. The very creative McQueen collection exudes a mystical and futuristic aura and we are sure that its impact will prevail.

Reebok Wonders Wonder Woman, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic fictional characters in our history. So iconic that Reebok has decided to liken the Reebok Freestyle High to the most popular female superhero. The Reebok Freestyle High “Wonder Woman” is clearly inspired by Wonder Woman’s sexy costume, which is also inspired by the American flag. Now all you’re missing is the Lasso of Truth. Price:MOP1600


Standing on top of Creativity Acne Jeans unites innovative jeans styles with a versatile wardrobe for men and women, ranging from basic cotton T-shirts, to tailored jackets to luxurious accessories and shoes. While every collection forms a concept, each piece can be worn separately and mixed effortlessly with other brands. By designing simple, functional clothes, Acne Jeans aims to create a modern framework for individuality. Check out Acne Jeans Spring/Summer 2010 proposals.

Chanel Gothic-Lolita The preponderance of chunky clogs and wooden platforms plays as quite a contrast against feminine, textured, cone heels and layered floral-vamp sandals. But this strange variance in footwear makes sense when taken with Chanel’s 2010 show as a whole. Ultimately, if you are looking at the shoes alone, you are probably going to find yourself in a love-hate relationship with the clogs, no matter how dolled up they are. But the decorated pumps are heaven. So, if these ultra-feminine, gothic-Lolita influences trickle down into mainstream fashion, that’s a trend we love.

Summery Carousel Mulberry’s Spring and Summer Season has turned out to be a very good surprise, not only in terms of leather goods, but also the whole outfit. Playfully set against a gumdrop-bright background of painted carousel horses, Mulberry’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection is a complete 80’s-inspired flashback.


Take notes

check out the right way to wear a suit

So what elements should you look for? The Cut of the Suit In men’s suiting there’s a move away from the ‘skinny boy’ suit, but that’s not to say slim is out altogether nor that a boxy cut has replaced it. Instead, think of a cut that would appeal to a military officer, one that accents a sense of the masculine through three key silhouette elements: broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers.

Double Breasted Suits and Sports coats

Men’s fashion trends are few and far between; yes, a lot of women’s trends are eventually adapted to the men’s market, but if 2010 men’s hair trends prove anything, it is that classics will always rule when it comes to men’s fashion. Unsurprisingly it’s no different when it comes to men’s suits. While suiting and formal-wear trends for men aren’t seasonal (unless, of course, you’re talking about the weight of the cloth) and play out over several years, 2010 continues the change in men’s suiting that has risen to the fore in recent years. For the foreseeable future the trend in men’s suiting revolves around the classics, but more specifically modern takes on the classics. A good suit for this decade will take the best elements from the peak eras of men’s suiting (think the formality of the Victorian era, the savoir faire of the 1930s and the skinny detailing of the 1960s) and apply them to a modern silhouette. 110

The double-breasted suit is back. Those of you old enough to remember the last time the double breasted suit or sports coat was in (the 1980s through to the mid 1990s) may remember the boxy cut it inevitably came with. Fear not, that cut is gone. In its place is a cut that pairs broad shouldered with a slim waist, a cut that defies what double breasted suits were originally designed to do: hide a plump figure. Instead they’re now designed to accent and to heighten the perfect masculine shape: the V-shaped, well-worked body.

Three-Piece Suits Let’s face it: the waistcoat has long been a dead item for most men, but thanks to aresurgence in its popularity in men’s street wear, the suit waistcoat is back with a vengeance. Well, not quite a vengeance but it’s back, it’s subtle and it’s classic. And that means that in 2009 we’ll witness the return of the three-piece suit.

Choosing The Perfect Suit Yes, suits in 2010 are all about classic elements, but there are still plenty of factors away from the trend elements that you have to contemplate. Consider all of the following before making an investment in a suit this year.

How Many Buttons? The amount of buttons a single-breasted suit jacket should sport is really a matter of personal preference, but allow us to offer you the following.

Fashion & Sex

One Button A single button falls into the realm of a fashion suit; it’s been a trend before and will go out again. And there’s a reason for it: within reason, the more buttons a suit jacket has the taller a gentleman looks.

Two Buttons The most preferred for a modern suit. It conveys height, slims the waist, and fits perfectly within the realm of fashion and classicism.

Three Buttons Very much a look of the 1990’s, it’s making a comeback and has been seen amongst the tailored wares of Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label. Three buttons convey a greater sense of height than a two button suit, but are harder to pull off.

The Shoulder A lot of suit terms can be mixed and matched, but we like the ‘British rolled-shoulder.’ Others might call it something else, but it is effectively where the shoulder padding finishes. A lot of Italian and US-based designers prefer to have the shoulder padding finish precisely where the bone does. A British rolled shoulder has the padding extend over the shoulder and roll down into the sleeve, and figures into men’s suiting as another visual trick - this time designed to make the shoulders seem broader and the arms better built.

Vents This one is really simple: choose a suit with two side vents. The only time to break this rule is if you’re buying a dinner suit. When tailored correctly, a suit jacket with side vents is always preferential due to the perfect silhouette it can provide.

Lapels Since the mid-20th century, notched lapels on a suit have been the staple, but as we return towards classic tailoring in 2010 we’ll see a return of the peaked lapel. Last at the fore of fashion in the 1920s, the peaked lapel is another of the great visual elements of a men’s suit: it helps convey the much coveted V-shape.That said, notched lapels aren’t out of fashion and both are an equally good investment.

What’s in your head? Is this obsession with lingerie simply a ploy thought up by retailers to lure men and women to the notion that sexy undergarments are a necessary part of a good love life? Or is lingerie popular because men are visual creatures who get excited when they see a woman dressed in seductive underwear? Perhaps it’s a little bit of both, but there’s no doubt that lingerie does have its positive effects on both men and women. Lingerie has been used as a sexual mechanism for years now and there’s no possibility of its slowing down anytime soon. Some men don’t see the point in paying hundreds of dollars for something that is going to come off in approximately 30 seconds, but others appreciate every thread on a woman’s body. Taste aside, men do love the element of surprise when their women get undressed, and there’s this whole other private outfit worn with them in mind and for which they’re the inspiration. Sometimes lingerie can help us escape from the treacherous monotony that is everyday life. Women love lingerie because it makes them feel not only sexy, but feminine. It’s hard for women to keep up that ‘hot mama’ look on a daily basis, so lingerie separates those ordinary days from the extraordinary days. And believe it or not, sometimes women wear sexy lingerie under their everyday clothes just to give themselves that boost of confidence they need to get on with their day. However, take it from us, men are not quite as simple as ladies’ magazines would have us believe. Research has shown that men are stimulated by variety, so even if you wear the same red crotchless knickers he loves every night, he will eventually get bored. Different styles of lingerie can reflect a different side of a woman’s sexual persona, so he’ll get to experience a different kind of woman each night. Besides, it’s a fact that everyone loves to feel special and when a woman buys that sexy item especially for her man, he should (he must) feel like a million dollars simply because she wants to impress him. See it as a private showing and only the two of you are invited to the unveiling.



Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macao 5cm Abiste agnès b. Aigle Aimer Alqvimia Anteprima Apothecary Armani Exchange Arté Madrid Artini Ashworth Autore b+ab Bauhaus Belle Blancpain Blush Boucheron Boutique di Gondola Breil Brooks Brothers Butani BVLGARI Canudilo Caran d’Ache Carat Carl F. Bucherer Century Chai CHARRIOL Chevignon Choi Wai Jewellery Chopard Cirque du Soleil Boutique City Chain CK Calvin Klein Clarins Club Monaco Coach Corona Crocodile Damiani Davidoff Deicae Demandor Derain DG Lifestyle Store Diesel Dilys’ Don Gilato Dooney & Bourke Ecco Edelweiss Jewellery Elle Jewellery Elov Emphasis Jewellery Emporio Armani Emporio di Gondola Enzo EQ:IQ Expressions Fabio Caviglia Fables Fancl Fila Fiorucci Florsheim Folli Follie Fossil Francesco Biasia Franck Muller French Connection Furla Geox; Joy & Peace girls talk Giviea Glashütte Original Godiva Göessele Grossé Guess Accessory Guess Jeans H&B Medicine Shop Hatta Fine Jewelry Hearts On Fire Herborist Hogan Home of Swallows Hugo Boss Orange Label i.t innée

Next month look for Cars

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DFS Galleria, The Four Seasons

Armani Bally Burberry Cartier Celine Chanel Chaumet Chloe Chopard Clinique Debeers Dior Dior (Beauty Zone) Dunhill Estee Lauder Fendi Folli Follie Gucci Hermes IWC Jurlique Kiehl’s The City of Dreams Lancome L’Occitane Alfred Dunhill Level 1, The Boulevard Loewe Bally Level 1, The Boulevard Louis Vuitton Burberry Level 1, The Boulevard Omega Cartier Level 2, The Boulevard Prada Chopard Level 2, The Boulevard Ralph Lauren Chow Tai Fook Level 2, The Boulevard Salvatore Ferragamo Coach Level 1, The Boulevard Shiseido Hublot Level 2, The Boulevard Swarovski Hugo Boss Level 1, The Boulevard Tag Heuer i TO i Level 1 and 2, The Boulevard Tod’s Insider Level 1, The Boulevard Tumi IWC Level 2, The Boulevard Vacheron Constatin LeSportsac Level 1, The Boulevard Van Cleef & Arpels Longines Level 2, The Boulevard PENACHE Level 2, The Boulevard Shoppes at Four Seasons Ralph Lauren Level 1, The Boulevard Rock Shop Level 1, Hard Rock Hotel Abiste Salvatore Ferragamo Level 1, The Boulevard Alain Mikli Swarovski Level 1, The Boulevard Altea Milano Tag Heuer Level 2, The Boulevard Aquascutum The Bubble Shop Level 1, The Boulevard Armani Collezioni Timeless Level 2, The Boulevard Audemars Piguet Tumi Level 1, The Boulevard Autore Valentino Level 1, The Boulevard Bottega Veneta Vivienne Westwood Level 1, The Boulevard Brioni Butani The Esplanade, Wynn Macau Canali Cerruti 1881 Alfred Dunhill 16 Chic Elegance Bvlgari 3 Coach Chanel 5 Cole Haan Christian Dior 12 David Yurman Ermenegildo Zegna 17 Diamond SA Fendi 10 Diane Von Furstenberg Ferrari 21 Dilys’ Giorgio Armani 8 Ed Hardy / Christian Audigier Gucci 25 Gieves & Hawkes Hermes 18 Giuseppe Zanotti Hugo Boss 23 Givenchy Louis Vuitton 6 GoldVish S.A. Miu Miu 11 Guess by Marciano Cigar Imporium 4 H&B Medicine Shop Piaget 9 Hugo Boss Prada 27 Jimmy Choo Sundries 13 Juicy Couture The Signature Shop 4 Kate Spade Tiffany & Co. 7 Kent & Curwen Van Cleef & Arpels 24 Kenzo Versace 26 Kwanpen Vertu 22 La Perla Lancel Grand Lapa Hotel Mango Tree Marc by Marc Jacobs Bally 13 Marni Burberry 1 Max Mara Cartier 12 On Pedder Christian Dior 11 Optica Privé Cigar Imporium 17 Renaissance Arts Gallery Alfred Dunhill 10 Roberto Cavalli Class Emporio Armani 9 and Cesare Paciotti Ermenegildo Zegna 2 Samsonite Black Label Florinda Jewelry 16 Shamwari South African Diamonds Hermes 8 Shanghai Tang Hugo Boss Orange Label 5 Shiatzy Chen Louis Vuitton 4&5 Shimansky Omega 6 St. John Salvatore Ferragamo 7 Stefano Ricci Valentino 15 Stuart Weitzman tsesay Valentino Versace

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Macau Business | Lifestyle Supplement | Fashion | May 2010

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