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Sex toys as home décor have them around the house without arousing suspicion from friends Hermès’ fabulous yachT Sail away from home in the most luxurious of yacht concepts Local design highlight Italian artist propose fun and luxury for local tables

Design is the planning that lays the basis for the making of every object or system. It can be used both as a noun and as a verb and, in a broader way, it means applied arts and engineering. As a verb, “to design” refers to the process of originating and developing a plan for a product, structure, system, or component with intention. As a noun, “a design” is used for either the final (solution) plan (e.g. proposal, drawing, model, description) or the result of implementing that plan in the form of the final product of a design process. This classification aside, in its broadest sense no other limitations exist and the final product can be anything from clothing to graphical user interfaces to skyscrapers. Even virtual concepts such as corporate identity and cultural traditions such as celebration of certain holidays are sometimes designed. More recently, processes (in general) have also been treated as products of design, giving new meaning to the term process design. The person designing is called a designer, which is also a term used for people who work professionally in one of the various design areas, usually also specifying which area is being dealt with (such as a fashion designer, concept designer or web designer). Designing often requires a designer to consider the aesthetic, functional, and many other aspects of an object or a process, which usually requires considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. With such a broad definition, there is no universal language or unifying institution for designers of all disciplines. This allows for many differing philosophies and approaches toward the subject However, serious study of design demands increased focus on the design process.

breakdown design by numbers

95 Number of printable ASCII characters, numbered 32 to 126


Number of hits reported by Google’s search engine on “design”

US$35 Amount

paid in 1971 to Carolyn Davidson, a university student, for creating the Nike swoosh

£8.50 Price of 18-2-1949

Date of birth of celebrated French designer Philippe Starck

admission to London’s Museum of International Contemporary Design


Price of the Archeo Copper Bathtub, created by Kohler for its Kalissa line



Price of the Neorest Toilet, made by Japan’s largest toilet maker

Design in 2010 will definitely be focusing on environmentally friendly objects for home and office décor that aim to be greener and greener and are made with high eco-friendly standards in mind. In other words, “sustainable design” is the en vogue term and it is going to have quite a big impact on consumers’ daily lives - which is not a bad thing at all. Just as with cars, the amount of pollution coming from our homes and offices can be reduced for the sake of the environment and ourselves! Designers and industrialists are trying to find ways to recycle, innovate and develop eco-friendly products, that while adding to our comfort and keeping design trends, will also lessen the planet’s carbon charge. It is a good thing to support such a trend, so why not let go of some of your more consumerist habits and think it over. You can join in by doing little things like choosing ‘A’ class home appliances (they can be more expensive but save money in the long term and they come in beautiful designs) or increasing the air-con during summer time from 16ºC to 20ºC (you really don’t need to have it at 16ºC! It is a waste of energy and increases your bills). Take your own shopping bag to the supermarket and don’t keep the lights on all over the house or office! Complete these simple daily routines with sustainable designs made of recycled or natural materials, and you’ll be a great example of a civilized citizen concerned with their surroundings. Feel better now?


Heinz Ketchup number “57”:

It represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had.

Telephone touch-tone keypads and calculator key pads are arranged differently: One theory says that it was intentionally reversed so that people who were already fast at operating calculators would slow down enough to allow the signals of the phone to register.

The three most valuable brand names in the world are: Marlboro, Coca Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

Aircraft names have so many letters and numbers: For example,

all Japanese army aircraft were designated with a ‘Ki’ prefix followed by a number. ‘Ki’ means “kitai” or production number. If a model has a ‘KAI’ suffix, it means it is a modified version, while Italians tend to put the initials of the designers first, like Fiat CR.32, meaning the model was designer by Celestino Rosatelli.

The kings represented on playing cards: Spades -

King David; Clubs - Alexander the Great; Hearts -Charlemagne; Diamonds - Julius Caesar

‘Sleeping tight’ on mattresses:

In Shakespeare’s time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes. When you pulled on the ropes, the mattress tightened, making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the phrase, “goodnight, sleep tight”.

The name of the typeface Woody Allen uses in the titles and credits of nearly all of his movies: If you have ever wondered after seeing a W.A. movie, the typeface is Windsor.

The origin of the name of the soft drink “7 Up”:

The first product to have a bar code: Wrigley’s gum

Created in 1929, “7” was selected because the original containers were 7 ounces and “UP” indicated the direction of the bubbles.

Horse statue language:

If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle. If the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle. If the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes.

7 deadly sins 1 Pride: Designer homes, label clothing, cool gadgets – they only get you so far in the game, unless you´re set on a gold digging path

4 Lust: Not all vibrations are equal – just because it vibrates doesn´t mean it can make you quiver. But, then again, it just might do the trick...

2 Envy: You can always fake myopia and grab a Philip Stark eye-wear piece just to show everyone how much of a hardcore fan you are

5 Anger: Happens to all of us when we lay eyes on a cheap fake of a piece we just had to have and paid an arm and a leg for.


Gluttony: Too much of a good thing is still bad. There’s

only so many pieces you can enjoy without being labelled a pack rat

6 Sloth: Not taking the time and patience to find a reasonable piece to fit your needs - not every sofa sits well in every living room 7 Greed: There’s more to life than money (so they say). Just don’t get into unpayable debt with the loan sharks for that new couch


feature WHY – is the result of Monaco’s Wally and France’s Hermès teaming up for absolute luxury

Concept Yachts Design with green energy WHY 58x38 is the first yacht that offers an unparalleled living space at sea resulting from the cooperation of both these iconic brands. It has recreated some innovations belonging to the world of mega yachts: patios that flood the interior of the yacht with natural light; photovoltaic panels on the glass hull sides as well as on the roof opening; Venetian blinds; and a 25 metre-long thermo regulated swimming pool or a 36 metre aft deck beach. In comparison to a yacht of the same size, WHY 58x38 has been conceived to reduce energy consumption drastically, saving up to 200 tons of diesel per year. WHY 58x38 is 58 metres in length, and has a 38 metre beam and weighs over two tons. It can accommodate up to 12 guests and a 20 strong crew, and has 3,400 square metres of living areas. Its performance goes up to 12 knots cruising speed and 14 knots at maximum speed. It has a long-range autonomy for four Atlantic crossings and features 900 square metres of thermo photovoltaic panels.


Big Spender

Light that glitters If you’re in need of some light and shadow play, we´ve found the perfect starting point, Swarovski Crystal Palace: a special project aimed at creating signature interpretations of light and design using the emotive medium of cut crystal. Whilst celebrating and reinterpreting the rich traditions of the chandelier, Swarovski Crystal Palace argues that it brakes the barriers and bends the rules to create its own chapter in the history of lighting, art and design. Now in its eighth year, the team has worked with some of the world’s foremost designers, including Zaha Hadid, Yves Bhar, Studio Job, Ross Lovegrove, Tom Dixon, Ron Arad, Tokujin Yoshioka and Fernando and Humberto Campana among many others. For your viewing pleasure, feast on Blossom, a creation by Tod Boontje set at roughly US$4,000 and the considerably heftier Glitterbox floor lamp, by Georg Baldele, at US$30,000 and up - not for the average living-room and definitely not child proof!


New ways Check out some of the most incredible of living inventions for making your life better‌

Hard Boiled House - The Blob VB3 By dvmA Architects 110

The Belgian architectural firm dmvA designed the blob VB3, a smooth white structure that resembles a hard-boiled egg, as a mobile office for Xfactoragencies. Initially, the idea was to design an extension for the Xfactoragencies office, but the planned designs were repeatedly rejected by local building

regulators. So the design team decided to create a ‘mobile’ office, which skirted around the strict building codes. And they ended up creating an egg for an office! If you want to try this one in Macau, don’t hesitate. Contact the designers at: www. (though we feel obliged to say construction rules in Macau are not so rigid…)


New ways of living

The designers call it “the world’s most iconic bed”. With a built-in JVC state of the art sound system, PC by Microsoft, XBOX console with game and entertainment connected to a projector with hidefinition images, games and movies

High Fidelity Canopy Multimedia Bed (the screen slides up and down at the foot of the bed), automated blinds by Somfy that enclose the bed all round, adjustable mattresses made by Nottinblu and reading lights, don’t you think this is the perfect bed? It was developed by Italian designer Eduardo Carlino for Hi-Interiors,


a spin-off company of Delta Design Holding, specifically created for research in the design field. It comes in eight colours and costs around MOP450,000 (taxes, installation and shipping costs are not included!) Check out more details at:

Object Design objects for Home and Office in time

Blofield – Inflatable with style Vinyl chairs are going through a “revamp” phase, making them a must in modern flats. They can be as comfortable as traditional sofas or chairs. Blofield Air Design has created three sizes of an inflatable polyvinyl chloride Chesterfield called Bog Blo; a three-seater sofa, a two-seater loveseat and an armchair. Designed by Jeroen van de Kant, they are made of strong PVC with a nylon bottom and come with a 230 volt electric pump and repair kit. Prices start at MOP4,100 Check it out at

Spinnaker Chairs made of sailing canvas Creating some of the world’s most comfortable revolving chairs, this time made from real canvas boat sails, the Norwegian company took a step forward for something very original. Other home design products are also available. Check their website for details: Dealer in Asia: KHC DESIGN KITCHEN & CABINET No. 201, Sec. 2, Tiding Blv., Neihu District, TAIPEI CITY 114, TAIWAN Tel.: 02-8751-6958 E-mail:

Halve Bookends Made of glass, these bookends can be filled with whatever you can think of, as long as it fits in the opening! Price: MOP450


Hide your laptop inside a faux vintage book The BookBook by 12 South, a company that designs computer accessories for Apple products, is an original disguise and protects your 13” or 15” MacBook or MacBook Pro. Faux vintage books with rigid covers become zippered cases with protective padded interiors for your laptop. Price: MOP620 For more details:

The New Monopoly: Revolution Edition Remember this? But forget the paper. There is no more paper money, Monopoly Revolution has electronic banking. With a round game board, sound effects, music clips, modern graphics, translucent houses and buildings and clear plastic stand up game pieces. In 2010 the game is celebrating its 75th anniversary and it´s time for it to catch up with the times, don’t you think? For instance, you don’t get $200 when you pass Go. You get $2 million! For MOP280 it might worth the trouble to get one and retire the old one… For more information:

Sleeping and body PILLows Can’t sleep and need pills? Why not embrace them instead of taking them? Galactic Boutique custom make these PILLows and for MOP550 you can get yours, with your favourite pill on it. Check it out at:

Cyber styles for nerds Brazilian design studio Meninos create wonderful gifts for nerds and cyber space lovers. If you are a nerd, make yourself at home when at home! Check out their products at:



Andrea Tagliabue is an Italian in love with fashion who decided to follow his dreams in Macau. He works with local casinos and companies, creating products for them that he hopes will make life funnier and more “balanced”. His previous experience in the hospitality industry is also an inspiration… How did you become a designer? I was born in a city called “Como” which is widely known as the European Silk capital and famous for its luxurious villas on the lakeside. I grew up surrounded by designers and architects in my family, a “tradition” that has been handed down from generation to generation. While still very young, I started working with my father in home decoration furniture in Milan, and was exposed to the elementary fundamentals of fashion. I spent one year in Venice, in the heart of the “Murano Glass Making Art”, to broaden my experiences and inspiration in the fashion industry. I became an enthusiastic creator, but I deeply felt that traveling was a must for me. I graduated from a school in international hospitality and traveled


believe that today a “design touch” is the best way for companies to improve their competitiveness. I custom-make products either for decorations, gifts, or for hotels and restaurants, especially with operations in Macau, China, Japan, France and Italy. My products are tailor made for each client and are of high quality and stand out from the competitors in the market. extensively in Europe and America and worked in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years. How would you define your products? Settling down in Macau four years ago, I decided to create my company in order to design my Italian design line. Thanks to my previous work experience, I decided to focus on a line for hotels and restaurants. I

This Design issue won’t have an article on sex, rather a section of sex toys for your pleasure. Elegant and functional, you can have your toys around the house without having to be ashamed every time a friend pops by unexpectedly! Italian Mateo Cibic Studio has some proposals for you…Find it all at Where do you draw your inspiration from? I have always wanted to combine elegance and simplicity in an ever changing and moving market. The concept of fashion has guided and continues to guide my life. My challenge is to constantly search for new designs, which is at the very heart of my creativity. Creation is always an exciting and challenging experience. What does a ´good design´ mean for you? The fundamental aspect of any project is to clearly define what the client needs. I first translate my client´s needs to a 3D conceptual virtual design. It allows the client to visualise his or her product in a clearer way. This is a crucial a step to minimise the time from producing a prototype to the final product. With the “boutique concept” in today’s trendy world, I believe in tailored made products and in producing them in small quantities so as to stay competitive in the field. I am creating and combining luxury and basic materials such as glass, silver, stainless steel, bamboo, wood, porcelain, ceramics and carbon. I want to broaden the offer range for my clients. I also try to make the difference by offering a follow-up service, which is highly appreciated. A good design is when the expectations and requirements of a customer are translated through the product, and a remarkable product is when each guest from a hotel or restaurant for instance, keeps a vivid memory of the design and wants to go back for its full experience.

design and sex

Bow Tie This magnificent bow tie loosens all inhibitions and turns into a pair of sophisticated geisha balls. Materials: ceramic with platinum or gold finish, silk lace Dimensions: 12 x 5 cm Price: MOP1,800

Bedside Lamp Once lifted, the bedside lamp emits a charming red light, unveiling a ready-to-use pink dildo. Materials: ceramic with platinum finish, pink silicon, cotton belt, light bulb. Light: 15W energy-safe (included) Dimensions: 23 x 55 cm Price: MOP5,200

Candle Holder The ceramic holder stays where it is, while the candles can be taken off and used as free objects of pleasure. Materials: ceramic and natural wax Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 14 cm Price: MOP3,400

Fish Bowl Once lifted, the bowl leaves a flexible dildo on the ground, that you can detach from the base and stick somewhere else. Materials: pirex glass, pink silicon Dimensions: 28 x 28 cm Price: MOP5,000

What would be your biggest challenge as a designer? I want my customers to differentiate me from competitors so I offer original unique products with unusual shapes, not on sale in the market. My biggest challenge would be to create hotel custom furniture, with a sense of humor and fun, where fashion and entertainment collide. And I enjoy including Feng Shui in my designs using pure shapes and colors, to add harmony and balance to any space. 117

Object in time

Chair design

Because we love chairs, we decided to concede a whole spread for them! The chair is one of those objects that dates back thousands of years. Before becoming widely used, in the 16th century, it was reserved only for state dignitaries. Still today, the “chair” is an emblem for many governments and higher institutions. Before chairs, commoners used benches and stools instead. The most antique chair known today (and they are all in museums) are those made by Egyptians, carved out of exotic woods or ivory. A few thousands years later, and after becoming a mass market product, we can find a variety of styles and sizes, with the pinnacle being “ergonomically designed” office chairs and “green” chairs...

Spanish Antique Andalusian Polychromed Chairs - XIX Century

Poul-Volther’s Corona Chair - 1964

Doreen Westphal for Krejci - 21st Century


Zoot Tub Chair, designed and manufactured by Boss Design - 21st Century

Le Corbusier LC7 Swivel chair - 1929

Marcel-Breuer Vassily-chair - 1926

ClassiCon Mole Lounge Chair by Sergio Rodrigues - 1926

Feltry armchair by Gaetano Pesce - 1986

Wiggle side chair by Frank Gehry - 2000’s

Bubble chair by Eero Aarnio -1968

One for two chair by Tonon- 2009

Pyramid Chair by Karim Rashid - 2009

Ring armchair by Philippe Starck - 2009



Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macao 5cm Abiste agnès b. Aigle Aimer Alqvimia Anteprima Apothecary Armani Exchange Arté Madrid Artini Ashworth Autore b+ab Bauhaus Belle Blancpain Blush Boucheron Boutique di Gondola Breil Brooks Brothers Butani BVLGARI Canudilo Caran d’Ache Carat Carl F. Bucherer Century Chai CHARRIOL Chevignon Choi Wai Jewellery Chopard Cirque du Soleil Boutique City Chain CK Calvin Klein Clarins Club Monaco Coach Corona Crocodile Damiani Davidoff Deicae Demandor Derain DG Lifestyle Store Diesel Dilys’ Don Gilato Dooney & Bourke Ecco Edelweiss Jewellery Elle Jewellery Elov Emphasis Jewellery Emporio Armani Emporio di Gondola Enzo EQ:IQ Expressions Fabio Caviglia Fables Fancl Fila Fiorucci Florsheim Folli Follie Fossil Francesco Biasia Franck Muller French Connection Furla Geox; Joy & Peace girls talk Giviea Glashütte Original Godiva Göessele Grossé Guess Accessory Guess Jeans H&B Medicine Shop Hatta Fine Jewelry Hearts On Fire Herborist Hogan Home of Swallows Hugo Boss Orange Label i.t innée

Next month look for

guide to indulgence

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Izod Izzue Jaquet Droz JC Versace Jean Scott Jipi Japa Just Gold Kaltendin Kego Kilara & Ceu Killah Lacoste Lancel Laneige Le Saunda Levi’s Links of London LLadró L’Occitane Luisa Cerano Luk Fook Jewellery Lush M Missoni Malo Clinic & Spa Manchester United Mango Marisfrolg Marjorie Bertagne Marlboro Classics Massimo Dutti Maud Frizon Paris Max&Co. Mercato Michel René Michele Mikimoto Millie’s Mirabell Miss Sixty Mocca Moiselle Montagut Montblanc Moreline Murano Murphy & Nye NaRaYa Natural Beauty Mix Nautica Next Nike Nine West Normana O’Che 1867 Omega Optica Boutique Optica Fashion Optical 88 Osim Oto Outdoor Fashion Passion Play Patchi Paul & Shark Piaget Piquadro Promod Q’ggle Rado Raffles Rayure Replay Rich Jade Richard Mille Rimowa Rockport S. Culture S.T. Dupont Samsonite Shiseido Sisley Sisley Paris Soft & Intimate Sparkling Color ST GE Staccato Stefanel Stella Luna Stone Market Sulwhasoo Swarovski Swatch Tasaki Thomas Sabo Tie Rack / Bric’s

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Tiffany & Co. TISSOT Tommy Hilfiger Tonino Lamborghini Tourneau Toywatch Triple Five Soul Triumph and Hom TSL Tumi U-Boat United Colors of Benetton Valente Venilla Suite Verri Vertu Vilebrequin What For Wolford Y Nan Yes Zara Zydo

2003 2411 2710 2646a 1003 2417 2436 2220 2022 2707 2426 2308 1021 2600 2703a 2006b 2623a 2205 2626 2625 2023 2313 2013b

Beauty & Grooming

DFS Galleria, The Four Seasons

Armani Bally Burberry Cartier Celine Chanel Chaumet Chloe Chopard Clinique Debeers Dior Dior (Beauty Zone) Dunhill Estee Lauder Fendi Folli Follie Gucci Hermes IWC Jurlique Kiehl’s The City of Dreams Lancome L’Occitane Alfred Dunhill Level 1, The Boulevard Loewe Bally Level 1, The Boulevard Louis Vuitton Burberry Level 1, The Boulevard Omega Cartier Level 2, The Boulevard Prada Chopard Level 2, The Boulevard Ralph Lauren Chow Tai Fook Level 2, The Boulevard Salvatore Ferragamo Coach Level 1, The Boulevard Shiseido Hublot Level 2, The Boulevard Swarovski Hugo Boss Level 1, The Boulevard Tag Heuer i TO i Level 1 and 2, The Boulevard Tod’s Insider Level 1, The Boulevard Tumi IWC Level 2, The Boulevard Vacheron Constatin LeSportsac Level 1, The Boulevard Van Cleef & Arpels Longines Level 2, The Boulevard PENACHE Level 2, The Boulevard Shoppes at Four Seasons Ralph Lauren Level 1, The Boulevard Rock Shop Level 1, Hard Rock Hotel Abiste Salvatore Ferragamo Level 1, The Boulevard Alain Mikli Swarovski Level 1, The Boulevard Altea Milano Tag Heuer Level 2, The Boulevard Aquascutum The Bubble Shop Level 1, The Boulevard Armani Collezioni Timeless Level 2, The Boulevard Audemars Piguet Tumi Level 1, The Boulevard Autore Valentino Level 1, The Boulevard Bottega Veneta Vivienne Westwood Level 1, The Boulevard Brioni Butani The Esplanade, Wynn Macau Canali Cerruti 1881 Alfred Dunhill 16 Chic Elegance Bvlgari 3 Coach Chanel 5 Cole Haan Christian Dior 12 David Yurman Ermenegildo Zegna 17 Diamond SA Fendi 10 Diane Von Furstenberg Ferrari 21 Dilys’ Giorgio Armani 8 Ed Hardy / Christian Audigier Gucci 25 Gieves & Hawkes Hermes 18 Giuseppe Zanotti Hugo Boss 23 Givenchy Louis Vuitton 6 GoldVish S.A. Miu Miu 11 Guess by Marciano Cigar Imporium 4 H&B Medicine Shop Piaget 9 Hugo Boss Prada 27 Jimmy Choo Sundries 13 Juicy Couture The Signature Shop 4 Kate Spade Tiffany & Co. 7 Kent & Curwen Van Cleef & Arpels 24 Kenzo Versace 26 Kwanpen Vertu 22 La Perla Lancel Grand Lapa Hotel Mango Tree Marc by Marc Jacobs Bally 13 Marni Burberry 1 Max Mara Cartier 12 On Pedder Christian Dior 11 Optica Privé Cigar Imporium 17 Renaissance Arts Gallery Alfred Dunhill 10 Roberto Cavalli Class Emporio Armani 9 and Cesare Paciotti Ermenegildo Zegna 2 Samsonite Black Label Florinda Jewelry 16 Shamwari South African Diamonds Hermes 8 Shanghai Tang Hugo Boss Orange Label 5 Shiatzy Chen Louis Vuitton 4&5 Shimansky Omega 6 St. John Salvatore Ferragamo 7 Stefano Ricci Valentino 15 Stuart Weitzman tsesay Valentino Versace

1112 1123 1110 1125 1109 1117 1101/41 1123a 1101/43 1101/22 1101/42 1120 1101/23 1106 1101/20 1102 1101/37 1108 1116 1101/44 1101/26 1101/21 1101/28 1101/25 1121 1115 1101/45 1126 1111 1113 1101/29 1101/38 1101/33 1105 1101/31 1101/39 1101/40

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Essential N16  

Macau Business | Lifestyle Supplement | Design | March 2010

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