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Lifting the 2010 veil on VCA timepieces The only Christmas list you’ll need this season Why it is better to love a tree then a women...


by the numbers Yes, all stats were dug up from a range of obscure websites, including those of the Macau Government and Macau Business

400 million: The average

amount in patacas spent each Christmas on brussel sprouts in the UK

14: Number of brussel sprouts

that must be eaten during Christmas

15: The average number of hours each person takes to complete their Christmas shopping


The number of Oscars won by the ultimate Christmas movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”

25: Christmas holiday in Macau and Hong Kong

10 million: The number of baptised Chinese celebrating Christmas in China

10: The number of years it takes

for a Christmas tree to grow before it can be sold.

37: Of all diamonds sales around the world, 37 percent are sold over the Christmas period

40: The number of minutes it took Mel Tone to write his classic “The Christmas Song” He was 19 years old at the time.



hristmas is a dream season for designers and retailers, but especially fashionistas. It’s like Paris, Milan, and New York all tied into a neat little bow that we just have to undo and indulge in the gorgeous goodies they parade for us. No excuse is required to shop, but Christmas gives us a purpose and that makes the experience even more enjoyable. Truth be told, finishing the Christmas shopping list was never an easy task. It does get aggravating the further away you move from your inner circle, but after it’s all done and finished, we’ll gladly do it again the following year; actually, we crave for it. And that’s where ESSENTIAL comes in. Where else are you going to get an ESSENTIAL Christmas list of this calibre, all laid out for you to pick from? For him, for her, the home, the gadgets, the diamonds and the frosting, the celebrated time pieces, we have it all. We’ve even got a fantasy section to compete with your wildest Christmas wishes. Looking for a little festive season humour? Browse through our opening pages. Feel like a quick escape? We’ve got the destinations for you to choose from. Why not try an intimate voyage on the Orient Express? Or if you’re more into a tropical Christmas, check out our South East Asia selection. Dining out on the big night? Find out what your options are here in town. T’is indeed the season of giving and we’re all into that - but how cool is receiving? We know we’re eagerly awaiting the first hampers to drop into the office! Next month ES is once again dedicated to Fine Dining. From Michelin stars to Forbes Awards, Macau is becoming quite the hip destination when it comes to exercising both forks and chopsticks. Tourists and visitors used to come over for the good quality, value for money deals that the cheap eateries offered. Now, and while there are still great deals to be found, dining in the territory is on a whole different level. The F&B scene is vast, especially for a small place like Macau, but we’ve got you covered. No matter whether you’re planning a romantic meal for two or a corporate function to impress the investors, we’ve rounded up the best the city has to offer, and that’s a lot to taste... We always crave your feedback. This year’s issues of ESSENTIAL have been met with enthusiasm from many a reader and we thank you for your encouragement and suggestions. If you have something to share please keep it clean and write to us at Go ahead, indulge yourself in the best the city has to offer and enjoy!

Cold Christmas Hot Christmas Come on, a Santa wearing shorts and sandals is just not serious! As far as I know, reindeers would not easily pull a sleigh in 35-degree heat! We would need to re-write all Christmas carols... no more White Christmases? Champagne, spirits, roast turkey, codfish, turnip cakes... Christmas food is winter food and we love it! The beach is for summer and snow for Christmas, period. What would Christmas be without the family gathering around the fire drinking hot tea and singing together?

Red suit, white beard... If Santa could choose, he would shave and wear linen, no doubt! Who needs reindeers anyway? A quad on the beach or a surfboard would be much cooler! What about... Sandy Night, Sunny Christmas or Santa Claus is Coming to Tan? Beers and barbequed meat - I looooove Christmas!! Have you heard about globalisation? By the way, you’re forgetting about our friends in Oz and NZ! Don’t they deserve a Sunny Christmas? Well, my friend, there’s nothing better than thinking about you and your friends freezing at home while I enjoy a bunch of pina coladas!

Who wins? Who cares? It’s Christmas!

C h r istmas j o k es 1 What did Adam say on the day before Christmas? It’s Christmas, Eve! 2 A Jewish Santa Claus came down the chimney and said: “Anyone want to buy a present?” 3 The three stages of man: He believes in Santa Claus. He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. He is Santa Claus.

4 Do you know why Santa doesn’t have any children? He only comes once a year and that’s down a chimney … 5 Why is Santa Claus always so happy? Because he knows where all the naughty girls live. 6 Why is a Christmas tree better than a man? Because even small ones give satisfaction…

10 things that sound dirty at Christmas… Did you get any under the tree? I think your balls are hanging too low. Check out Rudolph’s Honker! Santa’s sack is really bulging. Lift up the skirt so I can get a clean breath. Did you get a piece of the fruitcake? I love licking the end till it’s really sharp and pointy. From here you can’t tell if they’re artificial or real. Can I interest you in some dark meat? To get it to stand up straight, try propping it against the wall.




Exclusive Timepieces Preview of 2010 Van Cleef & Arpels have chosen to treat time as poetry in their latest collection where “time alone sets the pace of our life”. With the incoming season, it is time for VC&A to dig into the lightness of the Charms watches “that dance to the rhythm of steps”, where time is defined as “a romantic lover’s promenade”. For enquiries, visit The Esplanade at Wynn Macau. Editor’s pick of models from the 2010 collection

Poetic Complications

big spender

Poetic Complications


Christmas baubles It is the world’s most famous Christmas tree bauble - a snowflake cut pattern nestles amidst a dazzling display of diamonds, and every millimeter of the 18-carat white

California Rêverie

Charms Mini

Japanese lacquer

gold sphere has been hand pave set with diamonds. Three one-carat diamonds adorn the centre band of this 18-carat gold Christmas decoration. Orbiting the bauble are two ruby encrusted rings. Designed by Hallmark’s partner Mark Hussey, this piece was created in the Titchfield village workshop. The world’s

Hot cockles: A popular game at Christmas in medieval times. Players took turns striking a blindfolded player, who had to guess the name of the person delivering each blow.

The Nutcracker: The name of the ballet performed around Christmas time each year. “The Nutcracker Suite” is the title of the music Tchaikovsky penned.

Christmas in the Philippines: According to historical accounts, the first Christmas in the Philippines was likely celebrated between the years 1280 and 1320 A.D., 200 years before Ferdinand Magellan discovered the country for the western world. Ukrainian Christmas trees: An artificial spider and web are often included in the decorations on Ukrainian Christmas trees. A spider’s web found on Christmas morning is believed to bring good luck.

Christmas trees: They are edible. Many parts of pines, spruces, and firs can be eaten. The needles are a good source of vitamin C. Pine nuts, or pine cones, are also a good source of nutrition.

Date of Christmas Day: Yuletide was once a moveable feast celebrated at many different times during the year. The choice of December 25, was made by Pope Julius I, in the 4th century A.D., because this coincided with the pagan rituals of Winter Solstice, or Return of the Sun. The intent was to replace the pagan celebration with the Christian one.

Christmas harvest: For every real Christmas tree harvested, 2 to 3 seedlings are planted in its place. Christmas Islands: There are two Christmas Islands. Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean was formerly called Kiritimati. Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean covers 52 square miles. Christmas in Armenia: The traditional Christmas Eve meal consists of fried fish, lettuce, and spinach. In Finland and Sweden: An old tradition prevails, where the twelve days of Christmas are declared to be times of civil peace by law. It used to be that a person who committed crimes during this time would be liable to a stiffer sentence than normal.

In France: Christmas is called Noel. This is derived from the French phrase “les bonnes nouvelles,” which means literally “the good news” and refers to the gospel. Lady Arpels Extraordinary Butterflies

most valuable Christmas tree bauble is presented in a bespoke hand made wooden box complete with a stand. The piece was independently valued at MOP1.2 million For more information please contact Hallmark Jewellers, 15 South Street Titchfield, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 4DL, UK Telephone: 01329 847187

In Portugal: The traditional Christmas meal (consoada) is eaten in the early hours of Christmas Day. Burning in the hearth is the Yule log (fogueira da consoada). The ashes and charred remains of the Yule log are saved; later in the year, they are burned with pine cones during Portugal’s thunderstorm season. It is believed that no lightning bolt will strike where the Yule log smoke has traveled.

Largest gift: The world’s largest gift was the Statue of Liberty. The people of France gave it to the United States in 1886. It’s 151 feet, 1 inch (46.5 meters) high and weighs 225 tonnes. 101 99


Connoisseurs of fashion the world over know what we mean by design/statement/quality and originality. This is our editor’s pick of the season, also featuring the affordable!

Van Cleef & Arpels

Balthazar Sapphire cufflinks Price on request

Furla Uomo

New York Collection Price on request

Tateossian for Daks Cuff links Price: HK$1,300

Louis Vuitton

Mon Monogram Speedy 40 Price: MOP8,650 | Wynn Esplanade

ChloĂŠ Donna Karan

The Eldridge leather bag Exclusive to NET-A-PORTER.COM ( Price: HK$1,500

Python Paraty bag Price: HK$26,200


Stamped leather clutch Croc-stamped, turquoise leather, fold-over clutch, with gold-tone hardware Price: HK$1,750

Miu Miu

Ladder gladiator Price: HK$5,000



Fanta denim lace-up boots The new-season Givenchy ultra-cool, stonewashed denim, lace-up ankle boots. Price: HK$9,300


Crystal animal-print boots These are Swarovskiembellished, black suede, fold-over boots Price: HK$30,250

Ten reasons Why a Christmas Tree Is Better Than a Woman


A Christmas tree doesn’t care how many other Christmas trees you have had in the past.


Bespoke classic shoes for “connoisseurs only” Price on request

Gucci Men

Leather loafers Price: HK$4,800

Louis Vuitton Men Attitude sunglasses Price: HK$3,800


Christmas trees don’t get mad if you use exotic electrical devices.


A Christmas tree doesn’t care if you have an artificial one in the closet.


A Christmas tree doesn’t get mad if you break one of its balls.

Miu Miu


Acetate sunglasses Price: HK$1,550


You can feel a Christmas tree before you take it home.

La Perla

Pyton Dimitri handbag Price: HK$33,000

Lace Embrace underwire bra Price: HK$2,250


A Christmas tree doesn’t get mad if you look up underneath it.


When you are done with a Christmas tree you can throw it on the curb and have it hauled away.


A Christmas tree doesn’t get jealous around other Christmas trees.


A Christmas tree doesn’t care if you watch football all day.

Christian Louboutin

Miss 120 platform ankle boots Christian Louboutin’s black leather, square-toe, ankle boots Price: HK$8,500


Lace-up Wellington boots Wet-weather, chic, black rubber, lace-up, Burberry Wellington boots Price: HK$1,200

Pedro Garcia Feathered shoes Price: HK$6,000


A Christmas tree doesn’t get mad if you tie it up and throw it in the back of your pickup truck.

Home and away…

Your house is your presentation card and a safe haven for you and your family. So it deserves a festive gift too, surely?

Forbes Travel Guide

Swiss Army Officer’s Trunk - indestructible suitcase

(formerly Mobil Travel Guide)

Hong Kong and Macau 2010

For busy travelers who are always on the hunt for the best places to visit on a short jaunt, these authoritative and witty guides provide the most up-to-date coverage of a city, including shopping, art, music, sports, theater, and nightlife.

Dyson Hand-held DC31 Animal vacuum cleaner

A handheld vacuum made just for pet owners! It is great for pet hair and everyday cleaning as well… Price: HK$2,000

For heavyweights of the travel industry… Price: HK$6,500

Mungo & Maud Dog collar and lead in canvas and leather

One of the most imaginative brands dedicated to dogs and cats also at Price: HK$1,800

A celebration is only worth celebrating if there’s champagne, be it next to the fireplace or in the big outdoors. Besides, how can you resist when the packaging is as alluring as the contents?

Veuve Clicquot Traveller²

Champagne party gift item, includes a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label 75cl for two champagne flutes Price: MOP 830 / pack | Veuve Clicquot Lounge, MGM Grand Macau

Moët & Chandon Festive 09 Celebration Case

Moët Impérial magnum with 8 flutes & 8 Moët bubbles Price: MOP 4,000 / pack | Moet Bar @ Venetian Macao


Hermès Chevrons Gold porcelain

Tumbler – HK$2,920 Square plate HK$2,920 Wynn Macau, Four Seasons, Grand Lapa, MGM

Marc Jacobs Home

Crystal Jean decanter from Marc Jacob’s home collection Marc Jacobs’ fondness for entertaining friends at home led to the chic, contemporary Marc Jacobs Home collection. It goes from candles to tableware – a temptation… Price: HK$3,400

Foscarini Le Soleil light (43cm high)

Suspended architecture that recalls the outline of the Guggenheim Museum in New York - this is the first impression you get from Le Soleil, Foscarini’s new lamp designed by Vicente Garcia Jimenez Price: HK$7,600

Louise Bradley Silver and horn pitcher (31cm)

British interior design at its best: products also available at Price: HK$6,400

LSA handmade Zofia vase (32cm high)

This majestic vase is a design to inspire - the simple column shape is decorated with a handapplied overlapping spiral of clear glass. Price: HK$1,200

Lalique Crystal and platinum Tourrbillons vase (20.8cm high)

This is an amazing piece of art that combines contemporary style with century old craftsmanship Price: HK$56,800

105 99

Intimate objects

You should always make time for exquisite objects, they brighten up your humdrum daily life! It’s Christmas, so why not be generous and surprise that special someone? Our picks for the season


Golden Bridge

An unprecedented creative genius, with sapphire crystals provide the horological marvels apparently floating in space Price: HK$306,000 | Hotel Lisboa Arcade

Louis Vuitton

Tambour in Black GMT Price: MOP30,700 Grand Lapa Arcade


Dressage Quantième Perpétuel watch Price: HK$362,700


Pharo Vollkalender Chronograph Watch

This German brand offers fine watches at reasonable prices. Price: HK$33,200


Da Vinci Perpetual

Calendar Digital Date-Month Price on demand


Big Bang Apple

A fusion of emotions, materials and colours, the “Big Bang Black Apple” chronograph could be one you’d like to “get your teeth into”! Price: HK$232,800 | Shoppes at Four Seasons



Chronomat B01

Breitling’s first in-house mechanical chronograph movement with a power reserve over 70 hours Price: HK$67,000 Shoppes at Four Seasons


Franges Collection

Bottega Veneta

Sterling silver plated chain-link bracelet Price: HK$22,500 Shoppes at Four Seasons

Atelier Swarovski Crystal and metal ring Price: HK$1,300 Grand Canal Shoppes

Franges- Necklace in 18K, white gold, set up with 251 round-cut diamonds, 10 baguettecut diamonds and one princess-cut diamond Price: HK$964,000 Chanel Boutique, Wynn Macau

Bracelet in 18K, white gold, set with 57 baguette-cut diamonds, 117 brilliant-cut diamonds and 6 roundcut diamonds Price: HK$841,000 Chanel Boutique, Wynn Macau

Atelier Swarovski

Midnight bangle in rhodium and crystal by Philip Crangi Price: HK$2,400 Grand Canal Shoppes

Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewellery (Special edition for China) Petillante necklace with paved diamond chain Price on request Wynn Macau


Étreinte bracelet in rose gold and diamonds Price: HK$500,300

Tiffany Van Cleef & Arpels Pergola earrings Price on request Wynn Macau

Brooches (Peacock, Panda, Butterflies) Prices on request Grand Canal Shoppes

107 99


Forget SPAs and massage professionals! If you don’t start taking care of yourself at home there is nothing a professional hand can do. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and products that can make you happier, is the first step to looking better

Shu Uemura

High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Exceptional for practical women looking for a one step clean all cleansing oil Price: HK$610



Makeup Cleansing Oil

Formulated by one of the fashion industry’s most acclaimed make-up artists – François Nars Price: HK$400

BLV Eau de Parfum II Price: HK$320 for 200 ml bottle


Premier Cru La Crème Dior Skin Men


The Merveilleuse Line set

This is a high-tech beauty program in which tactile pleasure accompanies comfort, protection and firmness Price: HK$6,600


An anti-aging treatment featuring a trio of patented ingredients from an expert in skin products based on grapes Price HK$1,000

Repairing Moisturizing Emulsion This emulsion is quickly absorbed by the skin, moisturising and mattifying it Price: HK$400

Bt Phillippe Stark

Parrot wireless Zikmu speakers These speakers feature a built-in iPod/iPhone docking station, 360 degree NXT surround sound technology, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth wireless technologies. Price HK$13,000

Logitech Harmony 900 Universal remote controller Price HK$2,400

ioSafe Solo

Mario Cioni

Hard drive for back-up “paranoiacs” - comes in 500Gb, 1Tb and 1.5Tb Price HK$2,700 (1Tb version)

Crystal Sound Sphera speakers HK$51,700

Colombo Two cordless phone Aliph

Jawbone Prime Bluetooth headset Price HK$1,150


Designed by Londonbased Chauhan Studio, the former stands straight up and pays homage to the early Ericofon of the 1950’s and 60’s. At Price on demand

Fantasy List

Even we at ESSENTIALs bow to the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Its ‘an institution’. Year after year it marvels us with the most amazing gift ideas, trends and, on top of all that, with the renowned Fantasy List. Be forewarned, it’s not for the light hearted or for the light wallet. Here are our picks.

His & Hers

The kids are healthy. The careers are under control. The inlaws are still, well, in-laws. You’ve earned something special, just for the two of you. Something amazing, exciting, and most certainly romantic. How about turning sci-fi into reality with a His & Hers luxury sports vehicle—in the air. Under 10,000 feet and safely out of the way of commercial air space, you can now fly as easily as hopping into your convertible or speed boat. NM’s exclusive 2009 His & Hers gift package is the game-changing ICON A5 sports aircraft. It’s from a worldclass team of engineers and designers who helped create the groundbreaking Virgin Global Flyer and X Prize-winning SpaceShipOne (among other things). It’s been rigorously tested, meets or exceeds all FAA standards, production is about to begin, and the waiting list is stacking way up. Your package includes one ICON A5 sport aircraft with NM exclusive exterior and interior luxury upgrades, a custom trailer, and full FAAcertified Sport Pilot License training for two. Load “your” song onto an MP3 player and slip it into the dashboard dock and there it is, the perfect way to float through the clouds, just the two of you. For more information on the ICON A5, please visit www. Price: US$250,000.00

Sustainable Design Art Chandelier

There’s something hypnotic about the way individual sparks reflect back and forth from the clear floral petals that cascade to the floor. And something fascinating about the whole creative process. British artist Michelle Brand’s work invites us to reset our expectations about what it means to recycle as she takes sustainable design into the realm of fine art with the Cascade Lancashire Chandelier. With a personal and professional commitment to reduce-reuse-recycle, Michelle discovered that if she placed a cut just right, the natural shape of a flower appeared out of the base of a plastic soda bottle. With that discovery, her artistic vision became clear, and she built the Cascade Lancashire using 366 plastic bottles she rescued from the landfill. Like all great works of art, it took a good bit of time. Each bottle was carefully washed, dried, hand trimmed, and hand sanded, all to Michelle’s exacting standards. The brilliant result: a waterfall of light that measures five feet long and two feet in diameter. Price: US$12,000.00

World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

The clean, pure ride you’ve been waiting for is here, with 150 mph of quiet, gorgeous power. Say “Hi” to the Mission One, the world’s fastest electric sport bike. It debuted at this year’s TED Conference to rave reviews—and giddy celebrity pre-orders. What it isn’t: another lame-tech exercise in green disappointment. What it is: the official obsolescence of internal combustion cycling. Crank it up to 150 with an amazing 100 ft-lbs. of instantaneous torque at every speed. With zero carbon emissions, the ear-splitting tailpipes and planet-killing exhaust are history. Its liquid-cooled AC induction motor and single-gear transmission also eliminate the distraction of shifting. There’s no need for a gas tank, with a nextgeneration lithium-ion battery pack that runs a full 150-mile range between charges. And look at it: The amazing profile and clean lines are from world-renowned designer Yves Behar. The exclusive edition is limited to just 10 bikes tricked out with numbered NM plaques, exclusive wheels, and a special paint job. For more information on the Mission One Motorcycle, please visit www. Price: US$73,000.00

Algonquin Round Table Experience

Imagine hosting the brightest minds of modern literature, journalism, and the arts. An exclusive private dinner party of fine food, engaging wit, and sparkling conversation at New York City’s legendary, literary Algonquin Hotel. You and a guest will be part of an extraordinary gathering drawn from this impressive array of literati: Christopher Buckley, Roz Chast, Delia Ephron, Nora Ephron, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Gopnik, Lewis H. Lapham, John Lithgow, Anna Deavere Smith, George Stephanopoulos, Ali Wentworth. These accomplished individuals will generously donate their time, and Neiman Marcus will donate the proceeds of this Fantasy Gift to First Book. This amazing evening will be scheduled at your convenience on a Monday between February and June 2010, in Manhattan. To learn more, visit Price: US$200,000.00

109 99


Don’t feel like you’ll be missing out on any of the seasonal delights if you’re staying for the holidays. You’d be surprised by what the city has to offer.

Layered duck liver and fig terrine, caramelised banyuls and cinnamon sauce (Aux Beaux Arts Brasserie).

Party season

MGM has a long tradition of service in the US and is building quite a rep here when it comes to social events (read: parties). Their Christmas and New Year’s events will be no exception. There are two venues to choose from, Rossio and Aux Beau Arts. At Rossio guests will be tempted with specials treats: foie gras, and seafood stations featuring Boston lobsters and Alaskan king crab legs for MOP450. For a more refined experience, patrons can reserve the 6-course set dinner for MOP1276 with wine paring. One arguable advantage of having your revelry at the MGM is that you’re right next to the one of the hottest spots for the New Year’s countdown - the Grand Praça. For reservations call (853) 8802 3888. Takeaway wise, we suggest you try out their hampers from the Patisserie - they look quite tasty but we can’t confirm that, yet...

Hamper Grande

There’s something about the Christmas hampers from the Manda... er... The Grand Lapa that we cannot describe. It’s chemistry, the kind that leaves you salivating. You can find them next to their delightful (not to mention real) Ginger Bread House they erect every year in the lobby (some traditions are worth keeping). There are few other ways of showing (off) your appreciation than with one of these beautifully packaged and elegantly presented hampers, full of amazing gift items including champagne, wine, cheese, parma ham, foie gras, biscuits, cakes, and much, much more. For the picky people, they can choose their own assortment of goodies to send or, better yet, take way. We’re hoping (at least) one of these beauties comes our way! Also, if you’re into turkey alternatives, Grand Lapa’s Christmas Eve 5-course dinner will be at the hotel’s exquisite NAAM Thai Restaurant from 6:30 and 8:30 pm. For reservations and orders call (853) 2856 7888.

Chez Steve

French Connection

Sofitel invites patrons to an all French Christmas: French food, French hospitality and French... fun? The festive menu includes Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve from MOP368 to MOP238. Apart from the festivities, Sofitel Macau is also promoting a Christmas Glamour package for seasonal pampering. The package includes one night’s accommodation for two at the award winning The Mansion at Sofitel, a welcome basket with one bottle of Moët et Chandon, two bottles of Portuguese wine, fruit plate and Christmas delights, Lobster & Wine dinner for two served in-room, breakfast for two on guests’ choice, complimentary mini bar service, round trip limousine service, late check out to 3pm plus a Christmas gift. All for a measly MOP12,888 per room, per night. For reservations call (853) 8861 7312.

T’is the season and Ristorante il Teatro at Wynn Macau will feature a six course dinner for Christmas Eve (MOP1,280 pax) and New Year’s Eve (MOP1,480 per pax). For dining reservations, please call (853) 8986 3412, for party packages, call (853) 8986 3133. But before the big dinner at Chez Steve, you definitely should check out the exclusive goodies the Esplanade has for your last minute shopping: Kwiat diamonds, with a wide range of high-end jewellery from Italy, Spain, Thailand. For the red at heart, the Ferrari shop is a compulsory pit stop.

Wynn Pan-seared scallop carpacio, San Danielle ham, baby Arugula and carmelised pears


Feel like taking a break from the Tinkling sound of the slot machines and heading out into some idyllic destination to enjoy the season in peace? Look no further, we’ve scoured the earth for some of the sweetest deals available.

Chose Orient-Express

Some may seek the quintessential festive experience, whilst others look for a new spin on an old favourite, or to escape the season altogether. Whatever the weather, and however you choose to celebrate, at Orient-Express the perfect winter experience awaits. Plus you get to pick the start of your journey: UK, South Africa, Paris, Brazil, Russia, Cambodia, Portugal, even the US or Australia. Throughout December, OrientExpress is offering the perfect gift with its Christmas lunch and dinner departures on the British Pullman, which journeys through the British countryside. Indulging in the finest Christmas feasts, including spiced orange and pumpkin soup, followed by roast partridge and then a delicious Christmas Pudding with brandy sauce. Departures are available from December 1 to 21, departing from London Victoria.  Prices start from £275 per person. For more information visit

Metropolitan glamour

Festive season glamour is on offer at the ultra-fashionable Metropolitan Bangkok with overnight packages including gala dinners on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Rates for the ‘Christmas Glam’ promotion start from US$200++ (single) / USD250++ (double), including a Christmas Eve gala dinner with a bottle of wine at its acclaimed signature restaurant Cy’an. Also included is breakfast, complimentary daily yoga/stretch class at the hotel’s COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, and personal shopper’s assistance at the exclusive Club 21 shops. The package is on offer from December 23 to 27, for reservations of a minimum stay of two consecutive nights, with advance booking required. The ‘New Year Glitz’ package includes a gala dinner and a 375ml. bottle of champagne at Cy’an, followed by complimentary entrance to one of Bangkok’s trendiest parties welcoming 2010 at the exclusive members only Met Bar. For reservations visit

Spiritual trek

High in the snow-capped Himalayas, Uma Paro gears up for a unique way to celebrate the festive season. Their Christmas package provides the perfect opportunity to witness and participate in a long-life puja at Kyichu Lhakhang (temple), listening to the ancient chants of the monks and observing the intricate rituals to receive a blessing for yourself and your loved ones. And it’s the right time to travel: winter in the magic Kingdom above the clouds sees clear ink-blue skies over jagged peaks and verdant blue pine forests. Sunshine glints off sparkling crystal rivers and rich red chillies dry on wooden shingle farmhouse roofs. By day it’s warm enough to explore in light clothing - by night, get around the woodburning stoves scattered throughout the resort. This season Uma Paro is offering a very special five-night privately guided package, incorporating either Christmas or New Year for stays from December 20 to 29 2009 with standard rates from US$5,306 for two people in a Superior Room. For more information visit

Bali escapism

Tranquil Balinese spa and yoga retreat Uma Ubud is combining elegant parties, wellness therapy and the rich culture of the Indonesian paradise island with its Christmas and New Year packages. Rates for a ‘Christmas 3-Night Stay’ at the sublime COMO Hotels & Resorts retreat renowned for ‘stylish escapism’ start from US$1,145 based on two people sharing a Terrace Room. The tropical package experience includes Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch, plus complementary COMO Shambhala pampering. The ‘New Year 5-Night Stay’ starts from US$1,520 for two, including a New Year’s Eve party for all guests at the resort – with cocktails and canapés, a Balinese-inspired dinner and poolside revelry at a DJ-led countdown party. To welcome 2010, guests are invited to relax with a complimentary COMO Shambhala massage on January 1. For reservations contact

111 99

A Christmas extravaganza

Discover the perfect one-stop shop for Christmas at The Venetian


hristmas gift commitments

can be overwhelming, flitting from shop to shop to find that special something. Sure, our loved ones deserve the effort, but a one stop solution would be nice, yes? Well, look no further than the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian. Delight yourself with all the new items in shops like Bulgari. Founded in 1884, it is today one of the world’s leading luxury brands. Its creations, synonymous with high quality and unique design, range from jewelry, watches, and accessories to perfumes, skincare and hotels. The Grand Canal Shoppes family is getting bigger everyday. Damiani just launched its new collection, so be sure to take in all that is the best in Italian style and tradition. At the Omega Flagship Store

at The Venetian you can find an unprecedented collection of time pieces, jewelry and services

Santa comes to Macau

It is going to be a hot, hot Christmas, as The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel prepares to throw a fabulous Christmas party, which will be the best way for friends, couples, and colleagues to immerse themselves in rocking yuletide joy. Taking place on December 11, 2009 and only MOP460 per person, The Venetian Christmas Party will be the perfect, hasslefree way for guests to celebrate the end of a long year with some unbelievably good fun. The Venetian Macao is putting on an amazing spread of Christmas turkey with chestnut stuffing, roasted rack of lamb,


Alaskan king crab legs, sushi and sashimi, plus scrumptious Christmas pudding and more for dessert. All this, mixed with great, live entertainment. One of the most anticipated events of the year, party-goers will be able to feast on a spectacular buffet dinner with all the traditional trimmings, while taking part in merry making with the Phantom, Christmas Rat Pack, the funky Delisco band, Streetmosphere carolers, stiltwalkers, and a jolly good Singing Santa. Guests can also stay overnight in a Royale or Bella Suite, inclusive of breakfast, for an extra MOP1,2882. “The festivities will begin with an endless feast at The Venetian Ballroom. Along with live entertainment, guests can party the night away starting at 8:30pm into the wee hours of the morning,” said Mark Russell, senior vice president of Sales & Marketing at The Venetian. For more information or reservations please call (853) 8118 1386 or visit www.

in an elegant and relaxed environment. If it’s clothing you want, try M Missoni, and you will certainly make Christmas dinner an event to remember in an Italian brand dress whether in jersey or knitted fabrics. You might find the glamorous outfit for you and your loved one at the Hugo Boss Orange Label, plus the right shoes and bag too. This last one will almost certainly be found at Francesco Biasia. For kids, the Manchester United Experience shop is a must see, while you’re father will be delighted with his Montblanc pen. The Murano crystal is always a winner among the ladies and Vertu mobiles will never go out of style. And don’t forget to spend some time checking out Wolford lingerie, while making sure that the little box from Tiffany & Co is under the tree.

Usher in 2010 with ZAIA

Revelers who want to transcend time and space and leap into 2010 on a high are invited to join a glamorous pre-show party in the ZAIA Theatre Foyer, followed by a spectacular show that will take guests on a journey through ZAIA’s dream universe. On the stroke of midnight, mystical characters on stage will invite guests to welcome in the New Year with a vibrant countdown to rival any other. This special New Year’s Eve celebration will take place on Thursday, December 31 from 9pm until midnight. The pre-show party, the ZAIA journey, and the second New Year’s Eve countdown inside the spectacular ZAIA theatre, are included in the regular price of admission. For reservations call (853) 2882 8818 or go online at To buy tickets in person, just go to The Venetian Macao-ResortHotel Box Office, Cotai Strip Cotai Arena Box Office, and Sands Lobby Box Office.

Tis the season to be shopping

Yuletide with a Portuguese twist

“Portuguese ham & speck with asparagus” and “Crispy potato & parmesan” will be the starters for the set menu dinner from December 24 to 26, at the Christmas promotion in Perola Restaurant at Sands. After the starters you can enjoy a “Minestrone soup with Asian truffle pesto”, “Roasted slices of festival turkey accompanied with sweet potatoes mash & baby veggies” or “Roasted Macanese style suckling pig served with black blood rice and brussel sprouts”. For dessert have a “Doughnut of praline ice-cream with pear compote and vanilla sabayon”. Enjoy this wonderful meal for MOP400, on December 24.  Also on Christmas Eve a set dinner menu at the “COPA STEAK HOUSE” will start with “seared sea scallop & ahi tuna with shellfish vinaigrette”. The wonderful experience will go on with dishes like “Deluxe Thai seafood lime-curry essence” and “Traditional roasted U.S young turkey”.

Carol songs and Christmas trees are set to welcome this holiday season and spread the festive spirit throughout the Grand Canal Shoppes. Since November 14 the mall has been filled with Christmas music, parade and carols. As we leave the heat of summer, it’s time to make our way into the cool festive celebration with Christmas performances, exciting gift items and amazing restaurants for the whole family. Discover thousands of giftgiving ideas from over 330 stores at The Grand Canal Shoppes. Join in Christmas carols with a 30-foot singing Christmas tree at Castella Square from 10am every day, on the hour, every hour. Santa and his little helpers will be parading around the mall all this month, so join the fun-packed parade daily at 5pm.

Singing Christmas tree

A 30- foot singing Christmas tree will be at Castella Square. The highest Christmas tree in Macau will be singing some of the world’s favourite Christmas songs for shoppers. Sing and dance to the rhythm of the Christmas carols from the tree from 10am daily on the hour. Also stroll along the three internal canals and enjoy the festive setting of other Christmas trees and fairy lights. 

Christmas parade

Join the fun packed parade at 5pm at The Grand Canal Shoppes. The unique Streetmosphere will stage Christmas carols and dance performances at various locations around the mall. So soak in the festive atmosphere at The Grand Canal Shoppes this December!

Scotty & Lulu present

The Greatest Twits Christmas Dance Party Friday, December 4, 2009

After their sell-out performance in May 2009, Scotty & Lulu are back for “The Greatest Twits Christmas Dance Party” at Milan Ballroom at The Venetian. The child-friendly ballroom with carpeted floor seating is once again available. The informal show format and seating means that children can have more fun and enjoy the freedom to jump up and down, dance, sing along, and interact with their parents and other children in a care-free environment.Scotty & Lulu are Scott Ligertwood and Nick Harvey. They have been entertaining young children with their interactive songs and silliness for over 14 years. With a strong background in early childhood education, Scotty & Lulu have been able to re-write the book on children’s entertainment with their positive, educational and entertaining concerts delighting children all over the world for years. With their mix of catchy tunes, loveable personalities and a generous helping of comedy and fun, Scotty & Lulu’s popularity in Asia is unrivalled. Tickets per person are Mop 220. Children aged under one are free.


Kay Tse Live in Concert Saturday, December 5 at 8pm

Performing live in Macau for the first time in December, up-and-coming Hong Kong artist Kay Tse is definitely one to watch. Kay’s versatility as a singer and pianist, combined with a refreshingly new approach to stage design is sure to impress. Tickets for Kay Tse Live in Concert are priced at: MOP880, MOP480, MOP280, and MOP180. Great value ferry packages are also available for MOP968, MOP568, and MOP368.

Joe Junior Live Saturday, December 12, 2009

Popular Hong Kong singer, Joe Junior, will make his debut performance singing his classical favorites at Sands Macao Theatre on December 12, 2009. Joe Junior is one of Hong Kong’s most famous singers of the 1960s. He first performed with the “Zoundcrackers” in 1966, and their song “I Gotta Find


A-MIT First World Tour Macau

The fairytale journey begins …

Wednesday, December 16 at 8pm

Saturday, December 12 at 8pm

The Venetian Macao is proud to be the first stop on the “A-MIT” world tour outside Mainland China. Award-winning Taiwanese artist A-Mei is set to rock the CotaiArena with her “A-MIT” show on an impressive, hi-tech stage featuring a massive 5,000-inch LED screen. Proceeds from her highly anticipated tour will be donated to families of victims from the tragic Taiwan earthquake in August 2009. Expectations are high for one of the most amazing concerts of the year. Tickets for A-MIT First World Tour Macau are available for: MOP1,280, MOP980, MOP780, MOP580, and MOP380. Great value ferry packages are available for MOP1,368, MOP1,068, MOP868, MOP668, and MOP468.

Cupid” was a big hit. In 1967, “Joe Jr. and the Side-Effects” were formed, and the song “Here’s A Heart” brought Joe a career breakthrough becoming his most popular song, and hitting number one on the Top Radio chart for seven consecutive weeks. He has released 16 albums and some of the all-time-hits include “I Gotta Find Cupid”, “Here’s A Heart”’ “Deborah” and “How Many Times Will I Send You Kiss”. From 1996-2006, Joe Junior staged more than 40 concerts in Hong Kong and Macau. He also takes part in theatre performances and TV dramas. Tickets for “Joe Junior Live in Macao 2009” will go on sale in 2 categories: MOP450 (A Reserve) and MOP300 (B Reserve). The packages with round trip CotaiJet ferry tickets between Hong Kong and Macau will be MOP538 and MOP388 respectively.

Charlene Choi and Michael Wong will perform together, for the super idols’ debut collaboration, at CotaiArena on Saturday December 12. Hong Kong’s Charlene Choi will perform in the large-scale concert without her Twin’s partner for the very first time, while Malaysia’s Michael Wong will present his first live performance in Macau. Together, Charlene and Michael begin their romantic “fairy tale”. Star Charlene will sing as Michael acts as a prince in the fairy tale, singing his all time favorite hits including “The Fairy Tale”. The artists will sing popular love songs, making it one of the most dazzling shows in December. Tickets for “Make a Wish Fairy Tale Live in Macao 2009” are priced at: MOP600, MOP400, and MOP200. Great value ferry packages are available for MOP688, and MOP488.

Leon Lai Live in Macau Friday, January 1, 2010

Following his 2009 tour in Hong Kong, Canto-pop king Leon Lai will make his debut performance in Macau at CotaiArena at The Venetian Macao on January 1, 2010. The first day of the year will start with a concert where Leon will feature two special guests: the Double “J”, Janice Vidal and Janice Man. “Dream Wedding Leon Live In Macao 2010” will begin with special “Leon-styled electronic music” which is commonly played in bars and discos. Leon will present a full repertoire of his most popular songs, and will take the audiences down memory lane singing many of his hits, from early 90s pop confections to late 90s power ballads. To match the wedding theme of the concert, the stage decoration and venue’s ambience will be filled with a sense of romance. One of the special guests, Janice Vidal will perform her hit songs while the other Janice, Amusic’s newly signed Janice Man will perform MAN in the concert. In addition, Leon will team up with Janice Man for a sexy singing and dancing performance, surely another concert climax! Tickets and Packages for “Dream Wedding Leon Live In Macao 2010” are already on sale at the Sands Macao Hotel Lobby and CotaiArena Box Office in 4 categories: MOP900 (A Reserve); MOP600 (B Reserve); MOP400 (C Reserve) and MOP200 (D reserve). Packages with round trip CotaiJet ferry tickets between Hong Kong and Macau will be available at MOP988, MOP688 and MOP488 respectively. Tickets can be booked online at

Style Central


ts has become an over-used word, but it would be fair to say that when it comes to luxury brand names, Macau is a hub. If you are in any doubt, look no further than the plush new One Central shopping mall for confirmation. It is home to the city’s first Dolce & Gabbana shop, the biggest Louis Vuitton store in Asia and the first directly operated Polo Ralph Loren flagship store in the continent, among a host of other world-renowned high-end brands. And, the new luxury shopping destination opened right on time for the upcoming festive season. High-end stores are no strangers to Macau, but One Central takes things to a new level. Cartier, Bvlgari, Fendi, Bottega Veneta…. They’re all at the new mall which houses the only flagship stores or largest outlets of international luxury brands in the city. Among the veritable cornucopia of stores are the largest and first self-owned Burberry shop in Macau, a Fendi store which features limited edition products, and the largest Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci and Louis Vuitton selling points in the city. One Central is directly linked to MGM Macau and in celebration of the grand opening, there will be lucky draws and a “Top Spender Award” for those who can’t resist temptation. Facing the waterfront, the recently opened facility reveals a new Macau that wants to consolidate its position both as a luxury holiday destination and as a hot property market. Big spenders, shopaholics, brand and luxury lovers will not be short of reasons to lose themselves in the new One Central. 115 99

Christmas Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macao 5cm Abiste agnès b. Aigle Aimer Alqvimia Anteprima Apothecary Armani Exchange Arté Madrid Artini Ashworth Autore b+ab Bauhaus Belle Blancpain Blush Boucheron Boutique di Gondola Breil Brooks Brothers Butani BVLGARI Canudilo Caran d’Ache Carat Carl F. Bucherer Century Chai CHARRIOL Chevignon Choi Wai Jewellery Chopard Cirque du Soleil Boutique City Chain CK Calvin Klein Clarins Club Monaco Coach Corona Crocodile Damiani Davidoff Deicae Demandor Derain DG Lifestyle Store Diesel Dilys’ Don Gilato Dooney & Bourke Ecco Edelweiss Jewellery Elle Jewellery Elov Emphasis Jewellery Emporio Armani Emporio di Gondola Enzo EQ:IQ Expressions Fabio Caviglia Fables Fancl Fila Fiorucci Florsheim Folli Follie Fossil Francesco Biasia Franck Muller French Connection Furla Geox; Joy & Peace girls talk Giviea Glashütte Original Godiva Göessele Grossé Guess Accessory Guess Jeans H&B Medicine Shop Hatta Fine Jewelry Hearts On Fire Herborist Hogan Home of Swallows Hugo Boss Orange Label i.t innée Izod Izzue Jaquet Droz JC Versace Jean Scott Jipi Japa Just Gold Kaltendin Kego

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Grand Lapa Hotel Bally Burberry Cartier Christian Dior Cigar Imporium Alfred Dunhill Emporio Armani Ermenegildo Zegna Florinda Jewelry Hermes Hugo Boss Orange Label Louis Vuitton Omega Salvatore Ferragamo Valentino

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