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by the numbers Yes, all stats were dug up from a range of obscure websites, including those of the Macau Government and Macau Business


scapes are not just a luxury. Everyone needs to get away from time to time if they want to keep their mental health intact and expand their life experiences. That’s especially true for Macau where our wingspan is the size of a humming bird’s. That said, inside you’ll find the true bare ESSENTIALS for the perfect getaway, where you’ll be able to enjoy an idyllic landscape, unwind and recharge for the challenges ahead, forget about the boss, the employees, the accounts, and the pile of work in your inbox. The tour we propose for you this month starts with a panoramic view of David Copperfield’s private island Musha Cay in Exuma, the Bahamas. And if that doesn’t get

25,000: Price in US$ for a single night at the Bridge Suite at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas (2pm check-in and 11am check out. This tots up to a little over US$1,100 an hour

6,118: Number of rooms in the Genting Highlands of Malaysia. It has over 30 check-in counters and manages a maximum check-in capacity of 700 rooms per hour

80 million: Number of tourists

who visited France last year, making it the top tourism destination in the world

1.4 billion:

Number of Chinese tourists engaged in domestic travel

6 million:

Number of Chinese tourists visiting Macau since January a decrease of 17.6 percent compared to the same period last year


Number of hotel rooms in Macau at the end of June 2009


Average spending in patacas per tourist, per day during months of April, May and June Chinese tourists spent an average of MOP3,564 per day


you jumping to reach for your calendar and schedule your next trip out of here, it’s probably because you’re frigid towards sand and would prefer something more inland. Perhaps a week at the Chesa Albertini Chalet, St. Moritz, Switzerland, is more the thing. Or for the castle lover, the Lough Cutra Castle and Estate in Ireland is sure to impress even the most demanding traveller, at the very least by the HK$42,000 you’ll be forking out each day! Globetrotters don’t despair, as we’d never forget to include a world city guide: London, Paris, Tokyo, Venice, New York and Rio, ring any bells? But deciding the ‘where’ is just the first step of the voyage. Then you’ll actually have to start making the hard choices, like what to pack and what to wear, because ‘luxury’ is the only way to travel – backpacking is dead, been that way since the 80s. What will never, ever, go out of fashion is vacation sex. It’s just so... energising. Be sure to check out our piece on the inner workings of the bizarre human behaviour that is courtship away from the nest. From a personal finance perspective you might be tempted to invest in some piece of property in some remote location in the region and make it your second home. But beware, each jurisdiction poses it’s deterrents, so read through the rundown of our investigations into expat property ownership in South East Asia - it’s not all roses and, for once, coin doesn’t solve everything. Finally, to get in touch with the latest travel trends, don’t forget to read our interview with ‘professional traveller’ Bradley Cocks from Kiwi Group, a venture specialising in ultra-deluxe hotels. Come on, escape with us! Next month we’ll talk about... Fashion, since it’s that time of year again, when the most creative stylists invade the passerelles with their creations for next season. Despite the world economic slowdown and global recession, fashion houses are keeping it strong. The rationale is that we need something to get our confidence back and everyone knows that starts from the wardrobe/mirror up. This year’s collections depict a touch of decadence, recalling the early days of punk chic with the accessories right on cue, showing a hint of that forbidden gothic element. The high is on neutral, earth tones, and as always, nostalgia is part of the panoply, with a revival of the flowing gown. Get all you’ll ever need to keep in fashion - your ESSENTIAL and the credit card - and hit the shops! We always crave your feedback. The first issues of ESSENTIAL were met with enthusiasm from many a reader and we thank you for your encouragement and suggestions. If you have something to share please keep it clean and write to us at ESSENTIAL@macaubusiness. com. Go ahead, indulge yourself in the best the city has to offer and enjoy!


Luxury travel

Minimal luggage - Backpackers usually only carry one bag, and they take it everywhere.

Luggage is not a concern because you won’t be carrying it. That’s what garcons and drivers are for. You don’t want to miss that opera opening because you forgot your make-up, the it-dress or the new Manolo’s… Better carry everything than regret leaving something behind.

Most common form of budget travel – the cheapest.

Luxury travellers are very particular about where they sleep, they care about the size of their bed, the views from the hotel bedroom and how many Michelin-starred restaurants it has. The smaller the hotel and the more exclusive, the better, the building must be a monument and the suite – always a suite – must resemble their homes and be able to accommodate their private staff.

Lodgings and food – They favour local accommodation and food and seldom search for fine dining experiences.

Local accommodation is a possibility only if it is the “chez”, a millionaire friend who happens to live in a castle or mansion in the most sought after area of the city. Local food is for “adventurous” luxury travellers and it can be part of a single night out in a fancy restaurant. God forbid a very typical eatery! Wherever the destination, never be without French cuisine and champagne. Usually a private chef will tag along, just in case.

Backpackers usually take alternative forms of travel – the road less travelled offers much more interesting experiences.

Luxury travellers are not looking for museums or events which attract the masses. They tend to have their very private functions and invitations. If they have to go to a museum, it should be on a tour given by the owner. Business objectives or high society parties are top of their agenda. Spare time can be spent on a power-shopping trip.

They often use public transport to save money and immerse themselves in local culture.

Transport to the destination is by private jet or chauffeured limo. If commercial airlines are the only way to go, it’s first class only. Business class is for the “nouveau riche”. The chauffeur will often come along, otherwise a friend’s driver will be put at the guest’s disposal.

There is a preference for youth hostels instead of hotels – not only due to budget constraints but because backpackers tend to socialize with others to swap travel tips and stories.

The more traditional and exclusive the better. Accommodation is the most important component of luxury travel. Where you stay says everything about you, and will influence the quality of your stay. You want to feel at home surrounded with all amenities and comforts you are used to. The point of luxury travelling is to replicate your lifestyle, wherever you are.

Backpackers are strong and adventurous, have little money, and are eager to taste new experiences.

This kind of travel is for a few lucky people and their families. It is their way of life, not a manifestation of snobbery. It comes so naturally they would never consider doing otherwise. You can see entire families and young or middle-aged couples travelling with an entourage of helpers, nannies, drivers and cooks.

The winner? Luxury travel because you can always choose backpacking if your luxury life annoys you. The opposite is not possible…

Do’s and don’ts

Never over pack – Unless you are a luxury traveller and have your domestic helper in tow, never take more than you can carry and use! Don’t over plan – Everyone has high expectations when planning a trip abroad or at home. Museums, concerts, all the sights, then spend an afternoon in that great park. But you never do any of them. Go with the flow – If a taxi driver seems impatient or the restaurant service slow, just remember you are not at home and this is probably the way things go where you are. This is what travelling is all about – get to know others and their places. Never blow you nose in Japan – It means you have had an extremely bad education. Don’t badmouth the King in Thailand – Unless you want to end up in jail. Don’t ask for a Japanese rental car in Korea – Korea’s KIA cars are in bitter rivalry with their Japanese counterparts. No chillies – This is what you must say in Thailand if you want the spice OUT of your food. “Not spicy” won’t do the trick. Do not wear socks with holes – This should go for everyone travelling anywhere, but especially in Southeast Asia. Don’t accept goods at their listed prices – Be prepared to haggle in China. Prices are often inflated by multiples of hundreds. Never stick your chopsticks upright in the rice bowl in China – this is what you do in shrines when praying for dead people and means wishing death upon a person…


do not disturb

Musha kinda magic

Owned by magician David Copperfield, the private island Musha Cay in Exume, the Bahamas, lies 137 kilometers from Nassau. Its 150 acres - one of several islands, totaling 700 acres - are for rent for US$325,000 a week


his exquisite property is much sought-after by those who really appreciate privacy - and can afford it. There are just a few private islands in the world, some for sale, but given the global warming menace, we don’t recommend anyone to buy one. But if you have so much money that you don’t know what to do with it, why not spend a few days here with your friends and family? This might just be the place you need.


A la carte: An indication that each dish on a menu is priced separately APEX: An airline term meaning “advance purchase excursion fare” - normally the least expensive fares Air mile: A distance of approximately 6,076 feet Concierge: Hotel employee who provides additional advice, recommendations, and other services to guests, such as restaurant reservations Couchette: Sleeping compartment of a train, which can contain several beds Coach: The “economy” section of an aircraft, which may have literally scores of different fares for the same flight En suite: Indicates that a certain feature(s) is directly in the room, or adjacent to that room English breakfast: Basic meal of cereal, juice, eggs, meat, and beverages Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): Solar based time in Greenwich, England, on which the time in all other time zones in the world is based Half pension: Hotel rate that includes breakfast and one other meal, usually dinner. Sometimes called demi-pension International Date Line: At 180 degrees longitude, the date on one side of this imaginary line, running from the North to the South Pole, is different from the other. The line runs through the Pacific Ocean, and because of it, it is possible to leave one destination on one day, and arrive in another the day before Limited service hotel: A hotel without a restaurant Porter: A baggage handler, also referred to as a “skycap” Rack rate: The standard price of a hotel room before any discount has been taken, usually artificially high. Rooms rarely sell for the rack rate unless the property is virtually full or a special event is taking place Rollaway: A cot or other bedding that can be added to a hotel room to accommodate another guest. There is often an extra charge for this Scheduled carrier: An airline that operates on a regular, published schedule Segment: A “leg” or part of a journey, usually in reference to an air itinerary. One take-off and landing during air travel constitutes a “segment” Shoulder season: A period of time between high and low seasons, where prices at a destination are between their highest and lowest, and the crowds are thinner



In-the-know traveller extraordinaire, Bradley Cocks, lets ESSENTIAL in on what makes the difference in achieving that all perfect vacation we crave so much for. Think destination, venue, and the power of... choice


big spender

Perfect choice by Joyce Pina


hat do people look for when searching for a deluxe “perfect” destination/place to stay? In general, people look for exclusivity, value, experience and choice.

Which amenities can be offered in order to distinguish a deluxe destination/stay, from a 5-star hotel already considered to be deluxe? In the first place, the biggest difference is the service and knowledge provided by the hotel - this is a form of luxury. Since at high-end places most amenities are expected, personal touches and service will distinguish one hotel from another. An example is Amanwana, in Sri Lanka. Everyday, for turndown each night, a locally handcrafted gift is placed on the guests pillow. Are there trends in deluxe vacationing? If so, what are the newest ones? The trends in deluxe vacationing seem to be “the further way, or the harder to get to”. That’s what is in-vogue. People are pushing the boundaries looking for that extra something special. For example, GHM tried that with their ultra deluxe golf resort in North Korea. And you see more focus on areas like Indonesia, Burma, China, Kangaroo Island Australia, etc.

‘Professional traveller’ Bradley Cocks is well aware of the new trends in travelling and what it means to stay in the ‘best of the best’ places. He is the vicepresident of Global Communications and senior vice-president for Asia Pacific of Kiwi Group, a group specialising in ultradeluxe hotels. Bradley is originally from Canada and has a passion for luxury travel and for surf

What are the best places on Earth to vacation in? This is so subjective and based on one’s interests that it’s hard to tell. For me I consider the tropics to be the best place. For example, the Maldives provide amazing natural environment and serene locations for relaxation, while Indonesia is chaotic and unexpected, which I love. France is charming, elegant and provides so much with its food, wine, fashion and history... Where and what to look for when planning the best holidays in the best places? Find your trusted resource, reach every angle, brands, affiliations and independents. The trick is finding the right hotel that delivers on its promise.

A spa at the 19th hole Le Touessrok, Mauritius EUR12,350 per night Member of the Leading Hotels of the World The Le Touessrok resort is set on a beautiful stretch of white-sand coastline overlooking the tranquil Trou d’Eau Douce bay. On the mainland are the suites and rooms, pools, restaurants and bars, Givenchy Spa, tennis and the kids club. Across the water are the resort’s two islands - Ile aux Cerfs, with its spectacular championship golf course designed by Bernard Langer, and Ilot Mangenie, an island retreat exclusive to guests, both just a short ride by private boat. The resort is ideal for weddings, business incentives stays, couples in search of romance, and families eager to spend time together. Le Touessrok Golf Course Championship 18-holes Bernhard Langer designed the 18 hole, par 72 championship course to challenge advanced players, while remaining exciting and playable for recreational golfers. This is achieved with four sets of tee decks for each hole, so the angles of attack and approach vary. There is a generous provision of fairway where appropriate. The greens are mainly small and undulating, requiring precise approach shots. Le Touessrok Golf Academy believes in a complete approach to game improvement, covering all aspects of the game, including the full swing, the short game, course management, practice techniques, mental training and correctly fitted equipment. The facilities and programs are all designed to improve guest’s golf and make it more enjoyable. Givenchy Spa The Givenchy Spa, one of a select few around the world, reflects the French couture and fashion house Givenchy’s style. Treatment rituals are said to be “blissfully” effective and pleasurable with techniques created by Givenchy. The Swisscare products by Group LVMH Laboratories have been developed specifically for Givenchy.


second homes

Acquiring a second home has long since been an optimal vehicle to invest one’s personal finances, and get something to show for it at the same time. And there’s nothing like having a beach house in an idyllic remote setting where you can unwind and recharge for the challenges ahead, and forget about the boss, the employees, and the accounts. We’ve gone ahead and narrowed it down to the bare ESSENTIALS.

Purnama Beach Estate, SE Bali, Indonesia, US$330,200 for a beach front villa


Tribal ways Indonesia’s draw is as much it’s undeveloped idyllic sites as the comparatively lower price tag attached to their pieces of paradise. Scattered between more then 17 thousand islands, Indonesia offers virgin grounds on which to build dreams. Either that or you can settle for a six star villa in Bali. The catch is, if you’re planning on building your own thing anywhere near horizon level of another settlement, your dreams will have to be entwined


Truly easy The Malay government has implemented the ‘My Second Home Programme’ AKA ‘Silver Hair Programme’, especially designed to attract empty nesters’ pension plans. But the country keeps quite an open policy when it comes to foreigners, and foreign ownership. What really sets Malaysia apart from other South East Asian markets is the almost complete lack of restrictions on foreign investors, who can own any number of residential units. Also particularly attractive, is the fact the government abolished capital gains tax back in 2006. Another understated advantage of Malaysia is that you can actually survive


with those of the villagers next door, or the tribal doctor might just set off some evil spirit to haunt you till you leave their ancestors’ grounds - its a tribal thing. Like many other Asian countries foreigners can’t fully own property. However, besides getting into a local partnership deal, a new option has recently been implemented to stimulate foreign investment: up to 70-year long leases on property. If you’re looking to go back to nature and enjoy the tribal lifestyle, Indonesia is definitely worth looking into. For more information, seek your spiritual adviser. in English and settle for survival skills on the native languages (Malay, Chinese, and Indian). Sure, this Asian Tiger was also hit hard with the fall of the global economy and condominium prices registered sharp drops, but on the other hand, it might just make it the right time to invest. Despite the credit crunch, developers have gone ahead with their plans and there’s still nothing on the horizon that could point to oversupply, even in the most popular destinations such as Kuala Lumpur or Langkawi. Average prices per sq ft are round M$1,100 for high-end properties (MOP 2,750) with market analysts expecting a 10 percent yield in two years. For more information visit the official webpage

Open water

Your way Forget utility bills, roads, and crazy pedestrians. Leave it all behind and tour the lost pieces of paradise at your own pace and great style, in a yacht. Nothing gives you the freedom to choose your itinerary and explore untouched, secluded locations unreachable my other means. Besides, what’s more soothing than an ocean breeze on the open sea? Plus, there are no neighbours to spoil the fun. Your options are pretty much how tall you are while standing on your wallet. If you are not yet a seasoned mariner, don’t despair: charter! Hundreds of companies around Asia offer tailor made solutions to cater to the most outrageous needs, beyond the skipper, crew, stewardship and all other niceties you can think of, including a Michelin starred chef at your disposal. If you’re thinking of getting your first floater, be sure it’s exactly what you want before closing the deal. As they say, there’s only two happy days on a ship, the day you buy it and the day you sell it! As for old sea dogs, no advice is good advice. You should know what you can handle. Although we’ve actually heard about an Azimut 103s being up for sale... Oh, and by the way, stay away from cruises to avoid disappointment. For more information, find a seaman near you.

There’s only two superior villas available at the Mountain Sea Riviera 8 minutes away from the Gong Bei border RMB$ 60 Mil

Shenzhen & Zhuhai

Next door Read only if you have a permanent resident ID, don’t bother otherwise, unless its something you’re really, really, into. Still here? Great, because you’d be surprised at the options available next door. Looking for a cosy manor, along the lines of the White House, and on the middle of a fairway? We got a place like that: look no further than one of the 12, 18hole, Mission Hills golf courses. More intimate you say? Well, you’re pretty much spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury condominiums in Zhuhai and beyond. Why not try a villa at the Mountain Sea Riviera, just across the border? The thing to remember is that unless you surround yourself with the company of someone fluent in the native tongue, you’ll be literally lost when alone because no one will be able to understand a word you say, even if they gave a damn.


Amazing, maybe Arguably the tourism capital of Asia, at least in a traveller’s perception, Thailand has accustomed us to being pampered brats and indulging in the great lot the country has to offer: outstanding value for money, world class hospitals, blissful remote locations, plus the good vibes from the natives. But all that blows away into smoke the moment you decide to actually own a piece of it. First off, foreigners cannot (!) fully own land, or property - a Thai national has to hold the majority of the share. And, legally speaking, its, well... a nightmare: whole (very thick) books have been written on the subject of foreigners buying property in Thailand, so don’t even think about going at it alone. Enlisting the services of an authorised and credible legal broker is a must. Your best bet is to buy a condominium, which is the most strait forward, ironed out, process. But if it’s that hard, why bother? Well, for one, it’s Thailand we’re talking about and the laws of attraction work in more mysterious ways than that of rational thought. Plus the country itself makes the experience rewarding. Like most everything else in Thailand, prices vary across

a very, very wide scope depending on what and where you’re looking for. Also, there is very little guarantee of your investment actually panning out if you don’t go for an international developer’s condominium in Phuket, but it’s the pursuit that keeps us moving. For more information on state of the art marinas, stunning luxury condominiums, and perfectly manicured golf courses, try your local broker. 105

desti nations

Your private paradise

When pampering yourself, whether it be at a spa, a fine restaurant or the best hotel, there is one over-riding requirement - privacy. Here we offer you a select few destinations where you can truly disappear.

Chateau Villette Paris, France

EUR6,500 - 12,000 (per night)


ocated south of Paris, Chateau Villette is set in the French countryside and is one of the few chateaux available for private hire. It was featured in the movie “Da Vinci Code” and is surrounded by 185 acres of private land. It is one of the most important historical chateaux in France, featuring a dining room with its original 17th century carved stone buffet. It has eight bedrooms and artist Le Notre designed the 185 acres of garden that spreads out behind the Chateau.

Cove Spring House Barbados

US$6,000 - 10,000


ove Spring House is the most luxurious and desirable private home located on the sought after Platinum Coast on the Island of Barbados in the Caribbean. It offers a unique location, stunning interiors, secure walled gardens and is the perfect getaway for the traveller seeking the ultimate in luxury. Cove Spring House is extremely popular among the rich and famous with guests including Oscar winners, supermodels, and Forbes listed financiers. Cove Spring House isn’t just located on a beach – it has its very own private beach. There is a natural coral stone cliff where the house sits, which encloses a safe and sandy beach protected by an outer reef.

Lough Cutra Castle and Estate Ireland

EUR3,600 - 4,200


ough Cutra Castle and its exclusive luxury accommodation is one of the finest examples of a Celtic Castle in Europe today. Perched on grounds that overlook the owner’s private lake, the 500-acre property is located in the Connemara area, Ireland, which is renowned for its pristine countryside. The Lough Cutra Castle’s accommodation offers its guests a choice of nine bedrooms. Activities include fishing, hill walking, beaches and many other outdoor pursuits. Horse riding is the perfect way to enjoy the estate and the grounds have a good range of equestrian facilities including stabling for 10 horses. Golf, racing, hunting, shooting and sea fishing and all the best West Ireland has to offer, are all within easy reach.


Kanuhura Maldives

US$760 - 2,305


anuhura is a luxury five star resort located in the northeast part of the Lhaviyani Atoll, Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The stunning over-water bungalows enjoy a spectacular location and have been built over the top of the crystal clear lagoon, while all other rooms enjoy breathtaking views of this private island paradise. Private seaplanes transport guests from the Male International Airport to the Lhaviyani atoll in about 40 minutes (on the photo).

Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort French Polynesia

US$745,00 - 1,000


ora Bora, located about 160 miles Northwest of Tahiti and approximately 2,600 miles South of Hawaii, was discovered in 1722. Secluded on Bora Bora’s largest islet, the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa face one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world and the mystical Mount Otemanu, perfectly blends with nature and offers elegantly appointed bungalows built in the pure Polynesian style.

Chesa Albertini Chalet, St. Moritz, Switzerland

HK$613,000 for a week from 27 December to 3 January 2009


he Chesa Albertini epitomises the elegance of the St Moritz ski resort. The same family has owned it since it was built in 1655, and a stunning 12-year renovation was recently completed. Set over four floors, this palatial residence offers over 1000m2 of living space, generously proportioned and decorated in wonderful fabrics, all chosen by renowned Zurich based designer Hannes B. More a mansion than a chalet, Albertini is located in the magical hamlet of La Punt, a seven-minute chauffeured drive from the centre of St. Moritz, and only a 5 minute chauffeured drive from the private airfield of Samedan. Arguably the finest private residence in St. Moritz.


world cities


France Paname is the slang nickname for Paris. It could derive from Panamá (like the city) meaning enormous. In slang Parisians are also called Parigots, but it’s considered pejorative. The River Seine breaks the city into the Rive Droite (Right Bank) north of the river and the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) south of the river. Paris measures only 6 by 7 miles/10 by 11 kilometres, which means you can walk across the capital in less than two hours. But if there’s one word that sums the city up, it is “gastronomy”.

Venice Tokyo

Japan The Greater Tokyo area has a population of over 33 million, making one of the most densely populated urban areas in the world. After World War II, the city quickly became a highly industrialised metropolitan centre while preserving a distinct cultural heritage. Despite historical tragedies including the 1923 Kanto Earthquake, the loss over 80,000 lives during World War II, the economic “bubble burst” of 1989, and the 1995 nerve gas attack, Tokyo is nevertheless considered a thriving hub. If a contest were held for the World’s Most Entertaining City, Tokyo would certainly rank among the finalists. Night and day, on a shoestring budget or with a big expense account, you can find fun on every corner. 108

Italy Venice is built on 117 islands, features 150 canals and over 400 bridges. It is a truly unique city that has canals instead of streets, and water instead of roads. It is the birthplace of romance and passion, the home of Casanova, folklore and fun, and vibrant carnivals. Art is everywhere in this city, as are the gondolas. Venice is the only European city (and one of the few in the world) to have its public transport entirely on the water. Run by ACTV, the timetable constantly changes, depending on the tide.


United Kingdom The Great London Fire of 1666 started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. Rumor has it, that the owner, Thomas Farynor, oversaw some blaze in the oven. “The Tube”, London’s subway system, is the world’s oldest, and also one of the largest. In addition, it is also one of the most unreliable means of transports. Frequently, Londoners are faced with closed lines due to construction work. It was those trusty Italian conquerors, the Romans, who established Londinium in 43 CE. World-class fashion and theatre, unrivalled music and clubbing, and a stunning, eclectic array of bars and restaurants are all wrapped up in a city built on historical grandeur. London is chic, royal, cutting-edge, ever changing and always fascinating.

New York

United States of America The nickname, The Big Apple, came from sportswriter John Fitzgerald eavesdropping on stable hands in New Orleans, terming NYC’s racetracks as “The Big Apple”. As incredible as it might sound, the city’s skyline hasn’t always been dominated by skyscrapers. In the 1660s, a two-story windmill was the highest building in New York City and just for the record, the department store Macy’s is the world’s largest store. New York, a city of staggering contrasts, diversity and culture, ranks among history’s great trade and cultural centres. From Wall Street to the United Nations, the world’s most powerful and influential men and women, prize success in New York above all other places.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Rio is home to the world-famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue, a 30-meter (98-foot) tall idol of Jesus Christ that overlooks the city from Corcovado Mountain. It is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. French sculptor Paul Landowski created the statue. Until 1960, Rio was the capital of Brazil, until it was moved inland to Brasilia. The village of Rio de Janeiro was founded in 1565 by the Portuguese near Sugar Loaf Mountain, as a stronghold to defend the territory against foreign invaders after the expulsion of French settlers. The full name of the city, São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, was a tribute to the Portuguese king (and, of course, the saint). The arrival of the Portuguese royal family in 1808 turned Rio into the temporary capital of Portugal, and the population increased to 70,000 people.


France Population: 2,153,600 Average Annual days of rain: 187/year Average January Temperature: 39 °F/ 4 °C Average July Temperature: 68 °F/ 20 °C

Cape Town

South Africa Population: 3,497,000 Number of Official Languages Spoken: 11 Average Winter Temperature: 26°C / 79°F Average Summer Temperature: 18°C / 64°F


Italy Population: 62,000 Average January Temperature: 38 °F/ 3 °C Average July Temperature: 75 °F/ 23 °C

New York

United States of America Population: 8.3 million Average January Temperature: 32°F / 0°C Average July Temperature: 77°F / 25°C


United Kingdom Population: 7.5 million Average January temp: 6 °C / 43 °F Average July temp: 19 °C / 66 °F Spoken languages in London: 300

Hong Kong

China Population: 6.81 million Average Winter Temperature: 62 °F / 17 °C Average Summer Temperature: 83 °F / 28 °C

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil Population: 7,000,000 Average January Temperature: 24°C / 75°F Average July Temperature: 10°C / 50°F


Japan Population: 12.36 million Average Winter Temperature: 42 °F/ °C Average Summer Temperature: 78 °F/ 26 °C


Show off Travel in style, and with the times

Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses At US$383,609, the Model DG2027B from Italian power fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, is one of the most expensive pairs of sunglasses in the world. Why? The particular gold frames of course. They won’t melt under the sun and they make a great match with some of products below.

Louis Vuitton City Guides 2010 The latest Louis Vuitton City Guides, available since October 15, offers compact travel information for tourists and business travellers, and exclusive insights into 40 cities worldwide. The 2010 edition revisits the major capitals – Athens, Berlin, Istanbul, London, Moscow and Paris – and touches down for the first time in Basel, Deauville, Knokke-le-Zoute, Mykonos, Malaga and Tel Aviv. Also for the first time, London, Rome and Los Angeles are included in the City Guides individual box set collection, updated every two years.

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx This do-it-all GPS unit includes all the required navigational tools - compass, altimeter, track log, downloadable topographical maps - plus extras like a new, highly sensitive GPS receiver that acquires satellite signals faster. It has a 1.5 x 2.2-inch colour display screen and a rugged, waterproof body. The GPSMAP 60CSx will run for up to 18 hours on a pair of “AA” batteries. Price: US$535

Wenger Giant Collector’s Swiss Army Knife This Swiss Army Knife features 85 foldable tools and implements, representing all currently produced tools found in the entire line of Swiss Army Knives. 8.75 inches long and weighing 2.5 pounds, the knife includes seven blades, three types of pliers, a bicycle chain rivet setter, a whistle, cigar-cutting scissors and much, much more. Price: US$1,200


On-board Showers When Emirates launched its A380 on a non-stop route from Dubai to New York, it outfitted the upper-deck first-class area with two shower stalls to be shared by up to 14 passengers. Given the enormous weight the water adds to the plane (at least a ton), fliers are limited to five minutes under the spray, with a discreet colour coded warning system that alerts them when the water is about to run out.

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones Lightweight with Bose-quality sound, these headphones reduce noise across a wider range of frequencies and are ideal for frequent flyers. Using AAA batteries you get up to 35 hours of life. The ear cushions are designed to establish an acoustic seal.

Neiman Marcus TV Lantern Treading the water between luxury and the utterly ludicrous, Neiman Marcus’ TV Lantern doubles as a fluorescent light source and a tiny in-tent entertainment centre, equipped with a 5-inch blackand-white television screen and a radio. Additional features include a compass, a clock and - for real - an “electronic mosquito repeller.” Price: US$95 www.

Paul Smith for Evian To travel in style and in good health Paul Smith has teamed up with Evian to design a limited edition glass bottle in vibrant colours - with a nod to the famous stripes. The multicoloured bottle, with five different caps to collect, has just been launched.

ZÜCA Pro This carrier makes it hip to sit on your suitcase. A sturdy seat that can support 300 pounds without a hitch, is integrated into the bag’s aluminium alloy frame. It took the designer’s daughter’s backpackdistressed spine to inspire this roller baby, and true travel innovation is the result. Removable ballistic nylon packing pouches stack inside like drawers, making this as much a mobile mini-storage unit as cool carry-on. Price: US$285


ake it up on holidays! For many, a holiday means having more sex than usual. According to researchers, men and women escaping daily routine tend to engage more often in sexual activity, married or not, and sometimes four times more than when at home. Many put this down to less stress, more time together, a better atmosphere and, more often than not, alcohol. Leaving responsibility behind is also a plus. One reason hotel rooms help is cleanliness, believe it or not!! Some experts say romance is very much linked to the cleanliness of the environment. Intimacy blossoms in a hotel room when not surrounded by dirty socks and sundry personal effects – take some scented candles with you and don’t be afraid to use the furniture to personalise the space! If you travel with children and can’t afford separate rooms, there is not much we can say to help you out. Try leaving them with the grandparents. Another great thing about hotel rooms are the showers, as more often than not they come with a handy a bar to hold on to, if you get our drift…and you can be sure you won’t break your neck! Then there’s room service in bed, all those freshly cut vegetables, ice cream and champagne…Mmmmmm. Then there are the Jacuzzis on terraces with breath taking views, and in Asia many hotels have beds set in private verandas. Apart from the mosquitoes, they are perfect for a special night. Just one little closing note: be aware that love making in public places like beaches, swimming pools, cinemas or public gardens, can be subject to criminal charges in some countries and cars are often included on the list. A safe bet for such unorthodox behaviour are bathrooms in bars and nightclubs. As long as the door is firmly closed, we don’t think security will venture any further than a wry smile. Enjoy!


Escape Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macao 5cm Abiste agnès b. Aigle Aimer Alqvimia Anteprima Apothecary Armani Exchange Arté Madrid Artini Ashworth Autore b+ab Bauhaus Belle Blancpain Blush Boucheron Boutique di Gondola Breil Brooks Brothers Butani BVLGARI Canudilo Caran d’Ache Carat Carl F. Bucherer Century Chai CHARRIOL Chevignon Choi Wai Jewellery Chopard Cirque du Soleil Boutique City Chain CK Calvin Klein Clarins Club Monaco Coach Corona Crocodile Damiani Davidoff Deicae Demandor Derain DG Lifestyle Store Diesel Dilys’ Don Gilato Dooney & Bourke Ecco Edelweiss Jewellery Elle Jewellery Elov Emphasis Jewellery Emporio Armani Emporio di Gondola Enzo EQ:IQ Expressions Fabio Caviglia Fables Fancl Fila Fiorucci Florsheim Folli Follie Fossil Francesco Biasia Franck Muller French Connection Furla Geox; Joy & Peace girls talk Giviea Glashütte Original Godiva Göessele Grossé Guess Accessory Guess Jeans H&B Medicine Shop Hatta Fine Jewelry Hearts On Fire Herborist Hogan Home of Swallows Hugo Boss Orange Label i.t innée

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DFS Galleria, The Four Seasons

Armani Bally Burberry Cartier Celine Chanel Chaumet Chloe Chopard Clinique Debeers Dior Dior (Beauty Zone) Dunhill Estee Lauder Fendi Folli Follie Gucci Hermes IWC Jurlique Kiehl’s The City of Dreams Lancome L’Occitane Alfred Dunhill Level 1, The Boulevard Loewe Bally Level 1, The Boulevard Louis Vuitton Burberry Level 1, The Boulevard Omega Cartier Level 2, The Boulevard Prada Chopard Level 2, The Boulevard Ralph Lauren Chow Tai Fook Level 2, The Boulevard Salvatore Ferragamo Coach Level 1, The Boulevard Shiseido Hublot Level 2, The Boulevard Swarovski Hugo Boss Level 1, The Boulevard Tag Heuer i TO i Level 1 and 2, The Boulevard Tod’s Insider Level 1, The Boulevard Tumi IWC Level 2, The Boulevard Vacheron Constatin LeSportsac Level 1, The Boulevard Van Cleef & Arpels Longines Level 2, The Boulevard PENACHE Level 2, The Boulevard Shoppes at Four Seasons Ralph Lauren Level 1, The Boulevard Rock Shop Level 1, Hard Rock Hotel Abiste Salvatore Ferragamo Level 1, The Boulevard Alain Mikli Swarovski Level 1, The Boulevard Altea Milano Tag Heuer Level 2, The Boulevard Aquascutum The Bubble Shop Level 1, The Boulevard Armani Collezioni Timeless Level 2, The Boulevard Audemars Piguet Tumi Level 1, The Boulevard Autore Valentino Level 1, The Boulevard Bottega Veneta Vivienne Westwood Level 1, The Boulevard Brioni Butani The Esplanade, Wynn Macau Canali Cerruti 1881 Alfred Dunhill 16 Chic Elegance Bvlgari 3 Coach Chanel 5 Cole Haan Christian Dior 12 David Yurman Ermenegildo Zegna 17 Diamond SA Fendi 10 Diane Von Furstenberg Ferrari 21 Dilys’ Giorgio Armani 8 Ed Hardy / Christian Audigier Gucci 25 Gieves & Hawkes Hermes 18 Giuseppe Zanotti Hugo Boss 23 Givenchy Louis Vuitton 6 GoldVish S.A. Miu Miu 11 Guess by Marciano Cigar Imporium 4 H&B Medicine Shop Piaget 9 Hugo Boss Prada 27 Jimmy Choo Sundries 13 Juicy Couture The Signature Shop 4 Kate Spade Tiffany & Co. 7 Kent & Curwen Van Cleef & Arpels 24 Kenzo Versace 26 Kwanpen Vertu 22 La Perla Lancel Grand Lapa Hotel Mango Tree Marc by Marc Jacobs Bally 13 Marni Burberry 1 Max Mara Cartier 12 On Pedder Christian Dior 11 Optica Privé Cigar Imporium 17 Renaissance Arts Gallery Alfred Dunhill 10 Roberto Cavalli Class Emporio Armani 9 and Cesare Paciotti Ermenegildo Zegna 2 Samsonite Black Label Florinda Jewelry 16 Shamwari South African Diamonds Hermes 8 Shanghai Tang Hugo Boss Orange Label 5 Shiatzy Chen Louis Vuitton 4&5 Shimansky Omega 6 St. John Salvatore Ferragamo 7 Stefano Ricci Valentino 15 Stuart Weitzman tsesay Valentino Versace

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