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The number of golf clubs in Macau: The Macau Golf and Country Club, accessible from the Westin Resort Macau, and Caesars Golf Macau


Fees to play golf in Macau start at HK$1,390 and go as high as HK$2,250, depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend


In Zhuhai, just across the border, you can find places to play golf for only HK$650


The number of legal golf courses in the mainland


The estimated number of golf courses illegally built and operated across the mainland as of the end of 2010, according the People’s Daily. This is despite Beijing’s prohibition of construction of new golf courses since 2004

20 million

The number of people expected to play golf in the mainland by 2020, accounting for less than two percent of the total population



ll good things must come to an end and so it is with Essential, Macau Business’ supplement about life’s best treats. This is our last issue, after a total of 33 months. Since December 2008, Essential has been providing tips to send our readers on paths of true indulgence. Now it is time to move on, as Macau Business is gearing up to launch new initiatives. Nevertheless, the accumulated expertise and insights on the ‘dolce vita’ gained by our Essential team won’t be lost. It will only be transferred to Essential Macau, the luxury lifestyle magazine launched by De Ficção Multimedia Projects, the publisher of Macau Business, in partnership with Portuguese company Open Media. For our farewell issue, and continuing on our arduous pursuit of the finer things in life, we have prepared a special golf-themed edition. For this sportier feature, we look around for curiosities, news and options for those who happen to be living in this part of the world where, even though it is growing, golf still has a long road ahead. We feature Mission Hills, considered the largest golf club in the world, located just a ferry ride away, on the mainland. On another regional note, we head to Sentosa, in Singapore, and its two spectacular golf courses. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, these are a great option for those living in Macau who want to spend some relaxing days golfing. In town, we ask the resident pro at Caesars Golf Macau Chris Connell, for tips on what amateurs should focus on to improve their game. Also at Caesars, some local golfers who joined a one-day clinic with world famous coach Butch Harmon talk about their experience and what they learned with Tiger Woods’ former coach. Last but not least, on the eve of yet another edition of the Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament, we talk to some of the charity organizations that have benefited from the event and find out what they did with the money donated to them by the winning teams. As you can see, even in our last issue, we chipin in style. To all those who have helped us over the years and especially to our readers, we say thank you and continue enjoying life!



The mainland only opened its first golf course in 1984, so golf is still in its infancy across the border. But there are historical records of Chui Wan (“strike pellet”), a game similar to golf, being played in China more than 1,000 years ago.

The first 18-hole golf course in the United States was created on a sheep farm in Downers Grove, Illinois, in 1892.

Golf has been expanding at an impressive rate in the mainland. The sport’s growth could be even higher if there wasn’t an official ban on golf course construction due to land use concerns. But that hasn’t prevented courses from mushrooming just the same.

In the United States, the number of people who play golf 25 times or more per year has been decreasing, according to the National Golf Foundation.

The Chinese play golf like anywhere else in the world, with the same style, etiquette and approach to the game (minus the cultural idiosyncrasies).

The American way of playing golf is similar to the Chinese. However, the overall quality level in tournaments is much higher than in the mainland.

Chinese golfers can play almost around the clock, from dawn to 6 pm - and negotiate a bet on every stroke.

American golfers usually choose to play after work or in the morning.

Chinese golf clubs often have hundreds of workers - caddies, security guards, gardeners and the like. During the first 35 years of the PRC, golf was nowhere to be found, given the aristocratic and capitalistic connotations of the sport. Even today, golf still remains a wealthy people’s game.

The golf workers at a typical American golf club is much smaller than the average in the mainland Golf has always been welcomed in the United States, matching the American lifestyle. Only since recently, with the country plunging into financial and economic crisis has the number of golfers started to decrease.


Never occupy another player’s tee, since it is definitely not considered good golfing etiquette.



Don’t delay your play. Make sure you are at your ball, ready to hit, as soon as your turn arrives – it is rude to leave people waiting while you play.

Golf carts exist to speed up play and not the other way around. After the tee shot, quickly drop off the player to the first ball.


Techniques such as a give-put situation should hardly ever be used, even if in strategic terms you think you might need to.


Never talk or whisper while another player is putting. Just stand still and watch.

8 5


Remove all evidence of your existence whenever you leave your bunker, giving a few extra strokes with the rake just to eliminate footprints.

Fix your ball marks and leave a smooth surface where the ball mark was.


To improve at golf you must be patient, because mastering the game does take time.

When holed out, you must say without a doubt your score as you regain the ball.


It is not acceptable to just give up or blame other golfers for your mistakes – the weather makes for a much better excuse!





Peacefully golfing S

entosa means “peace and tranquillity” in Malay. And that is what you will get as a golfer. This island resort in Singapore, alongside a two-kilometre long sheltered beach, includes two championship 18-hole golf courses. Opened in 1972, the Tanjong course, originally designed by Frank Pennick, was remodelled by course designer Max Wexler and course architect Christ Pitman in 1993. As for the Serapong course, it was designed by Ronald Fream and opened in 1982. Gene Bates and the Bates Golf Design Group revamped it in 2007. The Serapong course has received numerous awards including the

“Number 1 Championship Golf course in Asia” by Asian Golf Monthly in 2007 and “Best Golf Course in Singapore” by Golf Digest in 2009. Currently home to the Singapore Open, the course is definitely the most spectacular in the Lion City. A large lagoon contributes to the stunning views, but the course itself poses some challenges for enthusiastic golfers – the tee shots are often tight and water hazards are not far away. As for support facilities, there is a Chinese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a lounge, a reading room and much more. Furthermore, you have caddies, putting greens and the David Leadbetter Golf Academy at your disposal. Located amidst natural tropical woodlands, Sentosa is a golf paradise minutes away from Singapore’s city centre turmoil.

Smooth ride Designed exclusively for the Top Marques Monaco 2010, the world’s greatest super car show, the Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit is the world’s most costly production luxury golf cart. Golf fans will have the chance to see it in Macau in November, at the inaugural edition of Top Marques Macau. The Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit is priced at US$52,000 (MOP416,000). Made at the same factory as the Porsche Cayman and the Porsche Boxster, the Garia was created with meticulous attention to design and luxury. Featuring a carbon roof, customised paint job, and two-coloured handstitched luxury seats, as well as alcantara roof lining and hand-made details, this is truly a unique golf cart. With a builtin refrigerator and a personalization program, the Garia also features double wishbone front suspension inspired by Formula 1 cars. The same supplier as used by Ducati builds the drive train, and the same company that supplies aluminium profiles to Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo makes the frame. Although it is not clear whether it will improve your game, the Garia Edition Soleil de Minuit will definitely allow you to ride in style to the green.





very golf enthusiast living in this area of the world has heard of Mission Hills and the tales of this behemoth. Offering no less than a dozen championship courses, it is the world’s largest golf complex, having overtaken the United States’ Pinehurst compound of eight courses in 2004. Spanning more than 20 square kilometres over the cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan, the US$1.5 billion (MOP12 billion) investment includes three clubhouses, 51 tennis courts, and 556 hotel rooms and suites, employing an 8,000 strong work force from 18 nations. The female caddy core – all 3,000 of them - attends to 1,500 carts running on no less then 360 kilometres of track. A weekday in Mission Hills sees an average of 2,000 rounds of golf, a figure that goes up to 3,000 on a weekend. It is a colossus, keeping up with China’s wolfing appetite for the sport. A golfer is spoiled for choice at Mission Hills: any of the 12 championship courses is a signature design from a playing legend, presenting a dignified challenge for every level of play. Just don’t let the overall number of bunkers daunt your game for a second: a mere 1,200. Depending of the course you are playing, management might suggest placing you in either the Shenzhen Club House – the original - or in Dongguan – the largest club house in the world, covering 6,000 square metres with 338 rooms and suites to choose from. There is also the Mid-Valley Club House.


Shenzhen features five courses, including the 1995 World Cup Course by Jack Nicklaus, the complex’s first, which played a pivotal role in the development of the sport in the mainland; Vijay’s (1997), incorporating the distinctive use of long sandy waste bunkers and sharp edged faces; Ozaki’s (1998), with some of the most dramatic zen-like scenery you’ll see outside of Japan; Els’ (2001), honouring his reputation as the “big easy” with grand elevations; and Zhang’s (2007), a new experience in China – an 18-hole par 3 course, featuring some of the most influential design concepts.

For all tastes

The Mid-Valley Club House services “only” two courses: Faldo’s (1999), the first stadium course in the mainland featuring one of the most spectacular island greens on the 16th hole; and Pete Dye’s (2007), providing a unique challenge with thousands of railroad ties and every kind of devilish bunker, plus undulating greens – not for the faint hearted! At Dongguan, another five courses: Annika’s (2003), one of the shortest courses – featuring six par 3, six par 4 and six par 5 holes – while demanding accuracy beyond its stunning mountain top vistas; Duval’s (2003), designed around large expanses of turf and trees in a traditional presentation; Leadbetter’s (2003), daring the player to use every club in their bag to navigate a friendly, sculptured course; Olazabal’s (2003) a treacherous course challenging golfers both in length

and shot making, as its the longest course in the complex – at 6.8 kilometres – and incorporating 180 bunkers; and Norman’s (2004), arguably one of the most demanding courses in Asia, snaking between abundant deep bunkering surrounded by thick forest. All three club houses are massive, each sporting its own spa and beauty amenities, restaurants and bars, plus arcade-sized pro shops complete with club customization from every recognizable brand, high end apparel and souvenirs. We know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry: they will be packing your brand of golf ball. The best thing about this piece of golfers’ heaven is that it is a stone’s throw away from Macau. A 50-minute jetfoil ride lands you at the Shenzhen Ferry Terminal and from then on its a 40-minute drive to the Shenzhen Club House, traffic allowing, and another 25 minutes or so to Dongguan’s. Mission Hills offers enticing packages, making it the perfect golf getaway, with group rates available up to eight rooms and 20 golfers. Plus the complex hosts some of Asia’s most competitive golfing events in the second part of the year: the Annika Invitational in August, the Mission Hills Golfathon Grand Final in October and the Mission Hills Golf Series Seasonal Final in December. So there is no excuse not to indulge in, arguably, one of the seven marvels of golf!





ven if you are not a golfer, you have probably heard about the annual Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament and Gala Dinner. Every fall, around September, the two local golf courses are booked to capacity, making way for the Macau business community to wield their clubs for charity. Senior executives from every sector of the economy come together on the greens for the largest corporate social responsibility event of its kind in the region. What started as a corporate outing to raise awareness that there is more to business than just comparing bottom lines and targeting new revenue sources, has developed into the most well-attended, comprehensive social corporate responsibility event of


the year. In its fifth edition, organizers are keen to set new records for enrolments. As usual, all prize money will be forwarded to those less favoured by Macau’s galloping development. The event’s concept is simple: to raise money for charity by gathering the business community at two rounds of golf, combined with a culinary feast and a mix of great entertainment. Organizers expect to host at least 180 players this year, competing for total prize money of HK$200,000 (US$25,000). The prize money will be split equally between the two teams with the best net and gross scores respectively. Each earns the right to name the charity to which they would like to forward their winnings. In just four editions, the event

has raised more than HK$2 million, distributed among institutions and social projects in Macau, Hong Kong and the mainland.

The rules of the game

Records are never easy to break but the organizers are striving to do so once again, with the support of dedicated corporate patrons such as major sponsor Melco Crown Entertainment, Sydney’s Star City, the Westin Resort Macau and Caesars Golf Macau. The latter will host the first leg of the tournament, on Sunday September 25. The second round takes place on the following Friday, September 30 at the Macau Golf & Country Club, followed by the Macau Business Charity Gala Dinner later that evening at the Westin Resort. The most common form of


corporate patronage in this event is to enrol a company team of three players. For a symbolic fee of HK$20,000 companies are able to participate with members of their ranks, clients or associates of any level of play. Other tailor made sponsoring opportunities are also available catering to the unique needs of each potential patron. Supporters of the event come from a broad spectrum of business sectors, including the six local gaming operators, banks, brokerage firms, real estate developers, luxury retailers, hospitality and professional services providers, among others. The Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament follows a Texas-scramble format. Also, scoring will be calculated under the double Peoria system. Both

measures allow for veterans and newcomers to compete on a more level field. All play is closely monitored by the Macau Professional Golfers’ Association to ensure rules and regulations are observed. An array of special challenges, golfing and otherwise, will also be introduced to promote a relaxed and friendly competitive spirit. The final highlight of the charitable outing is the Macau Business Gala Dinner, the stage of the prize ceremony where non-golfers and individuals are welcome to contribute to the event’s success. Framed by the lush settings of the Westin Macau’s Pool Loggia, the Gala Dinner caters for 200 socially responsible revellers. The culinary extravaganza, specially prepared by the hotel’s resident chef will be accompanied by an

assortment of the finest wines, spirits and cigars. The evening’s program includes the traditional raffle and the very special charity auction of exceptional memorabilia from the worlds of sport, entertainment and music. Items up for bidding at past events have included guitars from rock legends U2 and AC/ DC, tennis rackets from Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and jerseys of football superstar Diego Maradona and World Cup winners Spain, just to name a few. The organizers are counting on everyone’s support to make this fifth anniversary of the Annual Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament and Gala Dinner a great success. To find out more please write to




he International Ladies Club of Macau, Caritas, the Cradle of Hope Association and the Macau Child Development Association are four of the non-governmental institutions that have been benefited so far from the funds raised by the Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament and Gala Dinner. The event’s winning teams have the right to name the organisations to which they would like to forward their winnings. Sands China I team was the gross score tournament winner last year, forwarding their MOP100,000 (US$12,500) to Caritas’ Lar de Nossa Senhora da Penha. According to the institution’s secretary-general Paul Pun Chi Meng, the money was used to support the orphanage’s operations, as well as improve equipment. Two years before, Caritas also received MOP100,000 forwarded by another winning team from the Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament. Then, the money was allocated to providing social assistance particularly to single parent families. The Cradle of Hope Association, which cares for babies and children who have been abandoned, neglected or who are at risk, has also benefited twice from the Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament. Last year, Wynn Macau A team, the net score tournament winner, nominated the association as the recipient of MOP100,000. In the previous year, the Cradle of Hope also received MOP100,000 from the BNU winning team. “The donated money was used on monthly activities for children, their summer holidays as well as general expenses such as milk or diapers. It was also used for a piano, a guitar and swimming lessons,” says the association’s founder Marjory Vendramini. In 2009 it was the International Ladies Club of Macau’s turn to benefit. During the third Annual Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament and Gala Dinner, the winning team MBSK, the event’s only ladies’ team, donated the money to the club. As a result, the received MOP100,000 “was banked in the International Ladies Club’s charity account and used to meet the budget set for the year 2009/2010 for charity,” says the then president Andrea Mansfield. The club works with more than a dozen local charities, supporting several of its activities. The Macau Child Development Association received donations from the Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament two years in a row, in 2008 and 2009. President Eliana Calderon explains the money “was used to pay the occupational therapist, as well as to buy material for her to work with.”




elco Crown Entertainment has been a long-term patron and major event sponsor of the Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament and Gala Dinner. The event’s practice of giving the donations to charities of choice of the winning teams “ensures a variety of organizations are beneficiaries, which the company feels is a good platform,” says executive vice president of Melco Crown, Akiko Takahashi. Furthermore, it strengthens the gaming operator’s corporate social responsibility strategy, she adds, “with most of its priorities placed for the Macau community”. Because “giving is always a pleasure”, Melco Crown continues to sponsor the Macau Business Charity Golf Tournament and Gala Dinner, knowing that “it has made a difference, either to an individual or a group of individuals,” says Ms Takahashi, who is also the company’s corporate social responsibility officer. Aside from Melco Crown, all the other gaming operators in town also support the event. Also among the sponsors for last year’s tournament were the Westin Resort and Caesars Golf Macau. Caesars even offered a further MOP100,000 (US$12,500) to be donated for any hole-in-one scored during the first round of the tournament. Unfortunately, no one was that accurate!





or an amateur golfer, a day with Butch Harmon is a dream come true. Mr Harmon is widely regarded as the best golf coach in the world - his students have combined for over 100 PGA, European PGA and Champions Tour victories while under his tutelage. Among his pupils have been the likes of Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Davis Love III, Darren Clarke, Fred Couples, Adam Scott, Justin Leonard, and Mark Calcavecchia. For a group of lucky local golfers, the dream came true in early June, as they attended a special clinic at Caesars Golf Macau instructed by Mr Harmon. We asked them how they felt to be trained by the best coach in the game.

Name: José Carlos Angeja Occupation: CEO and airport director, ADA - Administration of Airports Ltd


he clinic with Mr Harmon was “extraordinary”. According to Mr Angeja, it is a dream come true for any amateur golfer “to have a personalized clinic with one of the most worldwide acclaimed monitors, who has worked for years with the best professionals”. Furthermore, the whole team that accompanied Mr Harmon was also very effective, because of its “objectivity” and “simplicity”. As a golfer, Mr Angeja was trying to perfect his swing. “At 51 years of age and with a 9 handicap, this can be my only ambition,” he says. And, truth-be-told, something did happen. “After the clinic, we did a front-nine round with Mr Harmon and his assistants. In nine holes, I beat the course par (two bogies, five pars and two birdies), which I can’t remember ever having done in my life, especially on a golf course where I am not a member.”


Name: Roberto Sousa Occupation: Retired


aving spent a day at the Butch Harmon Clinic, Mr Sousa really enjoyed the experience. Through the clinic and the use of video equipment, he managed to improve his swing. After the clinic, during the nine-hole game, he was really happy with what he learned. “I improved my stand and my putting,” he says. Having been excited about meeting Mr Harmon, he was also thrilled to realize “he is a nice guy”, although he is “tough”. Should there be another opportunity to repeat the experience, Mr Sousa would really like to grab it.

Name: Andrew Macaulay Occupation: Managing director of Aspect Gaming

Name: David Largent Occupation: Director of Sports Life Asia Ltd.



r Harmon focused on the “weaker points” each golf player had and it worked. For Mr Macaulay, even though everyone was “being coached for different skills,” Mr Harmon got around to explaining to each and every one of the students their weaknesses in the game, advising on how to amend them. In his case, Mr Macaulay wanted to improve his stroke. By watching a video where you can see your movements from the side and the back, it was possible to observe “a gradual improvement of the stance”. In that sense, it showed the “effectiveness” of the movements, proving to be an “immensely valuable” experience.

pending the whole day with Mr Harmon was a really “fantastic” experience. “I picked up a few tricks from him,” says Mr Largent. The renowned coach has such a different way of explaining things that he managed to show Mr Largent some new techniques mainly for his chipping. Even though the experience wasn’t completely one-onone, because there were other students, the time Mr Harmon spent with each one was “quite balanced”. A lot of the experience itself was really about getting to know Mr Harmon and spending the day with one of the golf masters. As for the technical part, Mr Largent managed to get “some hints” on how to improve.






ere at the Butch Harmon School of Golf Macau we do not teach a system or method, we simply work with the individual to get the most out of their individual golf swing. But one of the things we do want every golfer we see here at the school to have, is a set of rules regarding the fundamentals of the game. The swinging motion of the club and the movement of the body are directly affected by the fundamentals at the address position. Almost all swing faults will be traced back to an individual’s address position.

Chris Connell has been a qualified member of the British Professional Golfers’ Association for 23 years and came to the Butch Harmon School of Golf Macau from Europe were he was teaching for the last few years.

GRIP The way you hold the club, the way in which you position your body in relation to the ball, and the way in which you aim the clubface will all determine the outcome of every shot that you hit. A good grip is one that enables you to point your club face in the direction you are swinging it at impact, while swinging at speed. The club should be held primarily in the fingers with the hands relaxed but firm to keep complete control of the club face. Grip pressure should be four to six on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the firmest. To apply a neutral grip, the V between the thumb and forefinger of both hands should be pointing between the chin and right shoulder. A strong grip will have the effect of closing the clubface on impact with the ball. This will cause a de-lofting of the club face resulting in a lower ball flight with right to left spin and with misses to the left of target. A neutral grip will give you the best possible chance at impact of having a square club face. This will allow correct ball flight for all clubs and neutral spin keeping shots more on the target line. A weak grip will have the effect of opening the club face on impact with the ball. This will cause an increase in loft resulting in a higher ball flight with left to right spin and with misses to the right of target.

The best teaching equipment Titleist Fitting System This allows us to make sure our students are correctly fitted for their gear. The system is stored in a cart. It is made up of driver, fairway, utility and iron heads with different angles of loft and lie. The heads can be fitted with numerous different types of golf shafts from many suppliers with varying flexes, ranging from ladies to x-stiff men’s. Through our training with Titleist we can find the correct match for every golfers’ needs so allowing them every chance of reaching their goals.



ALIGNMENT Position the club face square to the target line behind the ball, with your stance and body alignment (feet – hips – forearms – shoulders) parallel to the ball/target line just like a railway line. BALL POSITION Maintain a consistent ball position in line with your left breast or logo of your shirt on level lies.

POSTURE This refers to the overall position of the body at address. Feet should be shoulder width apart for standard shot, with weight more on the balls of the feet, about 80 percent. The body should be in an athletic ready position, knees flexed, slight tilt forward from the hips, back straight with arms hanging vertically and the chin up clear of the chest. When you are next at the range or on the course, pay more attention to your fundamentals; they allow you to swing with more consistency. Always remember the spin factors of the ball through the air show up the weaknesses in your technique. I guarantee those weaknesses will be related to one or several areas of your address position.

Explanar This is a tool we use at the school on a regular basis. The circular steel frame acts not only as a great visual of the correct golf swing shape but, more importantly, with the use of a heavy roller with a normal golf grip it gives our students the feel of the swing. The angle of the circle can be adjusted to fit all golfers swing plane, so giving them great feel for the correct angle. It is also extremely useful for better players who have the club swinging too much under or over their ideal swing plane. For new golfers to the game, it is a great swing trainer and helps strengthen all the essential golfing muscles.

The least sexy sport


ranted, when one is thinking about the sexiest sports on earth, golf is certainly not on the top of the list. Recent studies and surveys have even concluded that it is probably the least sexy of sports. How can golf lovers change such embarrassing results? The problem with golf is that in itself it does not portray very sexy characteristics. For instance, golfers are not required to be in top shape, they keep their clothes on while playing and they usually wear baggy attire. It is not exactly comparable to beach volleyball or an athlete who practices extreme sports. Truth be told, it is equally non-sexy for both genders. Golf might be considered sexy only if you think of it as a symbol of power and stature. But, then again, women or men are usually sexually attracted to more down-to-earth characteristics. China Daily newspaper recently reported Chinese women that play golf are being urged to show their beautiful side, with brightly coloured shirts and skirts. The idea is to promote golf by showing a sexier side of the sport. At a first glance, we wouldn’t say this is the best strategy to achieve such a goal, but let’s think about it for a moment. Golf is also about the outdoors, beautiful sceneries and tanned men and women – necessarily, given the hours they spend playing under the sun. If you add to that some sexier clothing – tighter skirts for the ladies, for example – then you might have a chance at changing golf’s position on the sexy scale. Care to try for the glory of the sport?


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L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1 & 2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, Hard Rock Hotel L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard

The Esplanade, Wynn Macau

Shoppes at Four Seasons

Alfred Dunhill Bvlgari Chanel Christian Dior Ermenegildo Zegna Fendi Ferrari Giorgio Armani Gucci Hermes Hugo Boss Louis Vuitton Miu Miu Cigar Imporium Piaget Prada Sundries The Signature Shop Tiffany & Co. Tudor Van Cleef & Arpels Versace Vertu Wynn&Co Watches and Jewellery

The Encore, Wynn Macau Cartier Chanel Piaget

Grand Lapa Hotel Bally Burberry Cartier Christian Dior Cigar Imporium Alfred Dunhill Emporio Armani Ermenegildo Zegna Florinda Jewelry Hermes Hugo Boss Orange Label Louis Vuitton Omega Salvatore Ferragamo Valentino

13 1 12 11 17 10 9 2 16 8 5 4&5 6 7 15

DFS Galleria, The Four Seasons Bally Burberry Caran d’Ache Cartier Celine Chanel Chloe DFS Beauty World DFS Jewellery and Watch World DFS Sunglass World Dior Emporio Armani Fendi Gucci Hermes Jurlique Kiehl’s Lancome L’Occitane Loewe Louis Vuitton Omega Prada Ralph Lauren Salvatore Ferragamo Shiseido Swarovski Tag Heuer Tod’s Tumi Vacheron Constatin Van Cleef & Arpels

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1101/18-30 1101/33-45 1101/36 1120 1101/23 1102 1108 1116 1101/26 1101/21 1101/28 1101/25 1121 1115 1101/45 1126 1111 1113 1101/29 1101/38 1101/33 1105 1101/31 1101/39 1101/40

Abiste Aquascutum Archaic Chinese Arts Armani Collezioni Audemars Piguet Bottega Veneta Brioni Canali Cerruti 1881 Cho Cheng Coach Cocco Cole Haan David Yurman Diane Von Furstenberg Dilys’ D’urban E-Rave CustomShop Fabio Caviglia Fish Spa Galerie du Monde Gieves & Hawkes Givenchy Guess by Marciano H&B Medicine Shop Hugo Boss Juicy Couture Just Cavalli Kate Spade Kent & Curwen Kenzo Kwanpen La Perla Marc by Marc Jacobs Max Mara Old House Gallery On Pedder Optica Privé Ports 1961 Samsonite Black Label Shanghai Tang Shiatzy Chen St. John Stefano Ricci Stuart Weitzman Tse Valentino Versace Vintage Fine Wines Vinum Fine Wine Merchants

1208 2836 1213 2805 & 2806 1130 & 1131 2845 2802 2850 2801a 2821 2856 2847 2812 2801 2846 1211 2835b 1210 2838 1209 1220a 2835a 2851 2858 1215 2807 2859 2841 2829 2837 2840 2817 2849 2831 2808 1220 2848 2823 2810 2825 2839 2833 2809 1128 2850a 2832 2842 2853 & 2855 1206 1216

One Central Bally Bottega Veneta Bvlgari Burberry Cartier Céline CentralDeli CK Calvin Klein Dior Dolce&Gabbana Emporio Armani Ermenegildo Zegna Europe Watch Company Fabio Caviglia Fendi Furla Gucci Hermès Hugo Boss Kenzo Lancel Leonard Loewe Loro Piana Louis Vuitton Marc by Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Max Mara Montblanc Officine Panerai Pal Zileri Rainbow Ralph Lauren Rimowa Salvatore Ferragamo Shiatzy Chen Tod’s Vertu

128-129 G8 G9-G10 125-127 G1-G2 G35 222 232-233 G30-G31 G36-G38 G32-G33 G39-G42 101-107 130 G11-G12 131 G24-G26/ 110-120 G13-G15 132-135 116 139 112 G5 G6-G7 G27-G29/ 121-132/ 229-231 117 G23 113 G4 G22 115 136-138 G19-G20 211 G3/108-109 110 G18 G17

Essential N33  

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