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MOP 1.4 billion

The value of Macau’s wine imports last year, which translates to more than six million litres, according to official figures


The number of restaurants and bars at Galaxy Macau, including signature outlets Terrazza, Yamazato, Laurel and Belon Oyster Bar & Grill


The number of different sakes available at Japanese restaurant Okada, in Wynn Macau


Macau is the third biggest market in Asia for the premium handmade cigars trade (mainland China excluded)


The percentage of market share in terms of volume that French wines have in Macau, being mainly purchased by luxury hotels and casinos. In terms of value, French wines have an 83 percent market share


The number of whiskies available at the world’s first Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge, located at Galaxy Macau



t’s time to sit down, relax and take our tour around Macau’s – and the region’s – universe of fine dining, wines and spirits. In this edition, we present an interview with Jeannie Cho Lee, the first Asian to have been granted the extremely difficult Certificate of Master of Wine by the Institute of Masters of Wine in the United Kingdom. She is now working for the recently-opened Galaxy Macau and tells us about that strange thing called the ‘Asian palate’. Prepare yourself to be surprised by the mysteries behind the Chinese taste for wines. In this edition, we also bring you a feature story on ‘Paradis Impérial’, the latest creation by legendary cognac house Hennessy. Now available in Macau, this shimmering, amber coloured cognac was released at a spectacular party at Grand Hyatt Macau bringing together guests from Hong Kong and Macau. Following our own tradition of periodically requesting the hotels with the biggest cellars in town to choose their best wines, this time we approach MGM Macau. To know what to order next time you have dinner there, just read on. Finally, if you want to transform your own dining table into a luxury restaurant, continue reading: we choose the hippest items available in Macau and Hong Kong for you to serve your guests in style. You (and they) will certainly enjoy it.

DRINKING IN CHINA ‘Destructive drinking’ is an indispensable social ritual. Even if you don’t like to drink, you need to do it to give your business partners face and respect, and also to show them that you are honest and trustworthy.

DRINKING IN THE WEST ‘Destructive drinking’ is not a social ritual. A great deal of value is put on enjoying and savouring one’s drink.

“Gan Bei!” (“Bottoms Up!”) are the words used when making a toast in China. Drinks, usually Bai Jiu, or “white liquor”, a strong Chinese liquor, are the currency of the game.

Drinking games are not common among adults, unless they are in a party mood.

Rice wine is probably the most traditional alcoholic drink in China. It is very strong, usually with 40-plus percent alcohol by volume.

Rice wine is not produced in the West, but there are a wide variety of fortified wines, which are stronger than regular wine, like sherry, Madeira wine or Port wine, to name a few.

Beer is also very popular in China, but local brands are all very similar to each other, with none of the stronger or darker varieties brewed in the West produced locally.

Beer is very popular in the West, with different varieties brewed, including pale ale (the most common), stout, mild ale, wheat beer, lager and lambic, among others.

Drinking is still a male custom, with male guests routinely offered alcoholic drinks and cigarettes at meal times.

Drinking is no longer a male custom. Women are becoming very knowledgeable about the drinks they are consuming.


Ok, you just love Chinese food, but don’t let that ruin your manners. At several restaurants, guests are served with two sets of chopsticks – one set to eat with and the other one to pick the food from the serving trays with. Don’t mix the two sets up.


There are a few conventions you need to observe when using chopsticks. For instance, don’t move your chopsticks around in the air too much or play with them. It is not polite.




In some areas of the mainland, wannabe grandparents offer chopsticks to their justmarried offspring hoping for a grandson.

Don’t covet your neighbour’s jade, gold, bronze, brass, agate, coral, ivory and silver chopsticks. The bamboo chopsticks, besides being the most traditional, are also inexpensive, readily available, resistant to heat and odourless.

According to Chinese tradition, since knives could be used as a weapon, they could hurt peace and harmony during mealtime; so they were banned from the dining table in favour of chopsticks.





aradis Impérial’ is the latest creation by cognac house Hennessy and is now available in Hong Kong and Macau. The company unveiled the new product at Grand Hyatt Macau


in May, during a spectacular party recreating the nostalgia of Imperial Russia. Hennessy ‘Paradis Impérial’ draws its inspiration from a special order placed by the Russian empress Maria

Feodorovna in 1818 to celebrate the 42nd birthday of her son Tsar Alexander I on Christmas Eve. She clearly specified that she wished to receive a cognac of “excellent, very old, gold-coloured eau-de-vie of the very finest quality”. Nearly two centuries later, Hennessy has decided to reinterpret this special order and to launch a premium cognac inspired by it. For this new product, French designer Stéphanie Balini has created a unique decanter, crowned with a crystal cabochon and adorned with an 18-carat gold-plated label. Each is individually numbered. Although the decanter itself is already a sign of elegance, it’s only in the mouth that the entire sophistication of the ‘Paradis Impérial’ is revealed. Gently arousing the palate due to the maturation in old casks, this riceless mélange of ancient eauxde-vie still subtly retains a hint of oak. With aromas of jasmine, orange blossom and other floral scents, the delicacy of the texture ensures a light and surprising finish. This superb drink is now available at selected retailers, at a suggested price of HK$18,800. To taste with care.

Exclusive tastes F

or those looking for a unique meal, The Krug Room, at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, is the place to go. It is considered one of the world’s most elite intimate restaurants. Located in the heart of the main kitchen of the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, guests are guided through the back door of another restaurant to get there. The Krug Room has been specially styled by eminent Hong Kong designers Marc and Chantal to create a space that is both elegant and surprising. The restaurant seats up to 12 guests around a communal table, and menus and messages from the kitchen are hand-written on slate walls in chalk, similar to that of the chalk deposits from which the cellars in Reims of Champagne house Krug are carved. Meanwhile, the custom-designed chairs have been fashioned to resemble the shadows cast by a full wine glass. There is no menu in The Krug Room; instead, Chef Uwe Opocensky creates each evening’s dinner


which can vary from ten to 14 courses according to his inspiration, with the meal accompanied by the diner’s choice from the largest collection of Krug Champagnes outside of France. Chef Uwe describes his cuisine as “progressive gastronomy”, which reveals the influence of his training at El Bulli in Spain, where he learned the basics of molecular gastronomy from the acknowledged master of the genre, Ferran Adrià. A “must try” for visiting gastronomes, the spectacular personalised dinner menu created by Chef Uwe is priced at HK$1,988 per person, including two glasses of Krug Grand Cuvée.




Gentlemen, you may smoke Located on the second floor of Galaxy Macau and for the pleasure of those who can’t refuse a smoke, a new Davidoff Cigar Lounge has just opened in town. Right next to the Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge, it offers a wide range of cigars as well as all the right accessories. Just relax and sit on one of its rattan chairs while enjoying a pure Davidoff.

Dream promotions City of Dreams has a lot of promotions ready for the summer. Golden Pavilion restaurant brings three thrilling lobster dishes - baked rice, congee and braised noodles prepared from the chef’s own recipes especially for the season. For only MOP228, guests are able to enjoy all three. Also at City of Dreams, food-fun lovers can enjoy the popular weekend barbecue buffet, for MOP278. Available for Saturday brunch and dinner and Sunday brunch, right beside the Hard Rock swimming pool, guests can sit, relax and eat. Oh, and swim! For those aiming at a different kind of treat, R Bar and its chicken wings with a selection of international flavours may well do the trick.

Vegetarian delicacies Wynn Macau has gone green for the season: there are new vegetarian dishes at all fine dining and casual restaurants throughout the property. Each outlet even has options for the stricter vegetarian diets, becoming the first resort in the territory to create such menus. New dishes include creations where eggplant, avocados, zucchini, mushrooms, lily bulbs as well as other healthy ingredients are the highlights. For instance, at Café Encore, guests can taste a Macanese salad or chick peas with spinach soup, while Wing Lei’s stewed fresh bean curd with tea mushrooms and ginkgo nut promises to catch the attention of all, even meat lovers.

The lion is back One of the trendiest nightclubs in town is back. The revamped Lion’s Bar, at MGM Macau, reopened with a new design and a huge LED screen that promises to revitalize Macau’s nightlife. Now with access from the non-gaming area, civil servants can enjoy the new premises with no worries. Adding to the return of Upfront band and DJ Butch, the Lion’s Bar is also putting on a series of special parties on Friday nights.

Seasonal star Temptations Restaurant has new treats for the season. With a splash buffet filled with international specialties made with fresh fruit, guests are sure to enjoy this special promotion at one of StarWorld’s finest restaurants. Highlights include the summer fruit salad, mango sabayon, as well as wok-braised pork neck infused with lychee in Thai-style.



“WINES FROM CHINA ARE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER” There has never been a strong wine tradition in China, but this is starting to change. In this interview, Jeannie Cho Lee, Galaxy Macau’s master of wine, explains wine consumption patterns in the mainland, the regional preferences and her experience in the field By Luciana Leitão hen did you first become interested in wine?

When I was 19 years old. I was an exchange student at Oxford University and I went to formal dinners where I was served different wines. You would have, typically, three or four different wines. Some of them were wines that the college had purchased a long time ago – older Bordeaux, some with very high quality. I had tasted wine before, but it was really only when I started to taste very good quality wine that I began to realise it was a really fascinating beverage. During that year, as I was travelling to different countries in Europe and understanding that wine was like a condiment or a normal part of any meal, I started studying it more.

How about professionally?

It was much more recently, because I really didn’t pursue the wine industry as a profession. I got interested in wine as a writer, and started to do a lot of freelance wine articles. My first wine article was in 1994, in Hong Kong. Actually, my first few articles on wine were for the South China Morning Post and I also wrote for The Far Eastern Economic Review magazine. Then, I worked for a few years in Malaysia – first as a journalist, then as editor of a weekend magazine where I started to write a weekly wine column, starting from 1996.

Over the years, have you noticed any big differences in the way Chinese consume wine?

Absolutely. In fact, the reason why I didn’t become a full time wine writer was because there wasn’t enough work. No one was interested in reading about wine and this has changed dramatically over the last five to ten years. When I arrived [in Hong Kong], I was writing business articles and writing about everything else, but wine. Even though I wanted to write about wine, there just wasn’t enough interest. Almost from day to night, there has been a huge change in attitude. Wine has definitely become very trendy; it’s something that a lot of people have embraced, whereas in the early 1990s only a small community had.


I think the way you can tell is by looking at Macau and Hong Kong supermarkets. Before there was hardly any wine there and now there is a huge section devoted to it.

What kinds of wines are Chinese drinking?

It goes into different categories, mainly because of their budget. Someone who is buying in a supermarket is probably looking for good value wines under HK$300 or HK$400 a bottle. There, you have a lot of choices - Chile, Argentina and France are always popular. At that price level, people are trying to get good value [for money], but are still going mostly for reds. Whether you are at a large supermarket like Carrefour, in the mainland, or in ParknShop here, people who are buying off the supermarket shelves probably look for value [for money], and then where the wine is from and whether it is red or white. If that is what you are looking at, still the largest volume is French [wine]. Australian reds are number two in the market in Hong Kong and in the mainland. If you are looking for fine wine over HK$800 or HK$1,000, it ends up being predominantly French. There still is a really [strong] attraction and luxury status associated with the very best French wines.

How about in Macau, do you see a different pattern of wine consumption compared to Hong Kong and the mainland?

In Macau, when people are looking for everyday drinking wine, good value, instead of going for Australia, Chile or Argentina, they are going for Portugal. In Macau, there is a strong support and community of Portuguese red wine consumers that is different from other markets.

But wine consumption in the mainland is still in a beginning stage, particularly when compared to Western countries.

I would say so. If you compare a region with hundreds of years of history with [one that has] 20 years, of course there is a huge difference. But we are also catching up very quickly. There is [now] a huge difference in the way information is communicated and the whole globalization of the world means that we have very easy access to goods and products we may be


curious about, as compared to before. All that means that we will probably get there quicker than the Europeans did, but definitely our region is very new to wine. At most, [we are in] the second generation of serious wine drinkers.

What is the right way to present wine suited to the Asian palate?

Even though I wrote a whole book about it [called “Asian Palate”], to really understand the Asian palate is a complex thing. It has a lot to do with our dining culture; it has also a lot to do with which part of Asia and so forth. What may work in one part of Asia may not work in another. So, understanding what the Asian palate wants is something that we are still discovering. With my book I tried to better define the Asian palate. My conclusion it is that it is very regionally based. If you’re living in Sichuan province, your palate is going to be very different because of the food you eat there. The only thing we know for sure in terms of what the Asian palate prefers right now is that we like red. And there is a strong preference for reds from France. We still don’t know for sure if it is because people prefer the taste of red wine, like Bordeaux, or if it is just because French wines have been marketed longer and have done a better job at promotion. I think it is something we won’t discover until we do some serious market research.

You are the master of wine at Galaxy Macau. Given that it is so difficult to assess what Asians really like, how do you choose the best wines?

There are general principles that can be used as guidelines; and we know that there are certain ingredients that don’t work so well with wine. For example, if the food has a lot of vinegar we know it ‘fights’ with wine – it’s an understood and accepted concept. We also know that if you have a lot of chilli in the meal, it can really kill the wine flavour; more refreshing wines, such as

those with higher acidity work better with really spicy food. The goal, when you introduce the wine, is to make sure it doesn’t kill the flavours of the food. On the other hand, you also want that the food doesn’t completely kill the wine; you want to appreciate the wine flavours. You want to keep the integrity of both present. [Here are] some of the basic principles within Galaxy Macau: [Let’s think of] Terrazza, the Mediterranean restaurant - almost all Mediterranean wines will work well there. Another guideline is that a lot of the customers are coming from the mainland and we know that they like quite a lot of different styles of red. So, we have a lot of that on the menu. Because there are a lot of Asian restaurants at Galaxy Macau – especially Chinese restaurants – we want a selection of wines from China, wines from different parts of Asia, because of the concept “local food goes with local wine”. We know that the best wines from China are getting better and better and these will work with local dishes. I have identified the grape variety Pinot Noir as very versatile. When you have spices and all those interesting flavours, you really want to have a wine that doesn’t change that flavour and doesn’t fight against it. To me, Pinot Noir is the red grape variety that works the best. It doesn’t really have high tannins – those can affect a lot of flavours from different parts of Asia, such as India, or influence the seasonings used. That is why I have made sure that we have a huge selection, with 88 Pinot Noirs from around the world – it is probably one of the biggest selections in Asia.

On Galaxy Macau’s wine list, where do the majority of wines come from?

Mainly from the mainland, just by sheer size and also proximity. We are closest to the mainland and they are one of the top ten producers of wine in the world now. Chinese are producing a lot more wine than Thailand or Japan and we will continue to build on and increase our selection.

“Even though I wrote a whole book about it [called ‘Asian Palate’], to really understand the Asian palate is a complex thing. It has a lot to do with our dining culture; it has also a lot to do with which part of Asia and so forth. What may work in one part of Asia may not work in another. So, understanding what the Asian palate wants is something that we are still discovering”



Born in Seoul, Jeannie Cho Lee moved shortly after to the United States, where she received her undergraduate degree from Smith College and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. Based in Hong Kong since 1994, she started writing as a business journalist in Asia, writing for Asia Inc, Far Eastern Economic Review and The Asset. Furthermore, she started writing wine reviews for publications such as Wine Spectator, The World of Fine Wine, Wine and Dine, Wine Business International and La Revue du Vin de France, having become the Asian contributing editor of Decanter. Three years ago, Ms Lee became the first ethnic Asian to achieve the title of Master of Wine from the Institute of Masters of Wine in the United Kingdom, generally regarded in the wine industry as one of the highest standards of professional knowledge. She is a frequent judge at international wine competitions and also teaches wine courses. In November 2009, Ms Lee launched her first book called “Asian Palate”; one year later she created a website with the same name. The book won first prize in the “Wine, Spirits & Beer” category of the 2011 International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Awards, one of the most prestigious cookbook awards in the world. It also won the 2009 Gourmand World Cookbook Award for “Best Book on Matching Food and Wine in the World” against nearly 6,000 other books from 136 countries. Recently, she launched her second book called “Mastering Wine for the Asian Palate”.





The whites

The reds

LUCIEN LE MOINE BATARD MONTRACHET 2007, FRANCE Lucien le Moine is a new négociant and has been getting great reviews on his wines. This stone fruit character wine is steely, floral, has good minerals and is full of liveliness and texture. Price: MOP5,650


DOMAINE LEFLAIVE PULIGNY MONTRACHET 1ER CRU CLAVAILLON, FRANCE From one of the leading producers in Burgundy, this wine is fresh, tasting of apple, melon, vanilla and a touch of spices. Pure, it has a flavour packed with delicious fruit in balance with oak. Impressive length. Price: MOP3,300 NIEPOORT REDOMA RESERVA 2008, PORTUGAL This white Redoma has been very consistent in terms of quality every year. This wine is fresh, filled with fruit of citrus and stone fruit. Elegant, its minerals are driven with excellent complexity. It has crisp acidity and broad texture that is easily matched with the food. Price: MOP580 BUÇACO 1967, PORTUGAL This wine came from the Palace of Buçaco in Portugal. It is rare and hardly found outside of the country and MGM Macau is the only local property to have a collection of these wines. This Buçaco is dry, has very interesting character with dry fruit notes and good acidity to complement food. This particular vintage is the favourite of director of wines at MGM Macau Adolphus Foo. Price: MOP5,100 QUINTA DO MONTE D’OIRO MADRIGAL 2007, PORTUGAL This particular winery is an expert at producing Rhone Valley varieties, both red and white. The tasting profile of this wine: aromatic with ripe peaches, apricot, honey and wild flowers. The wine is rich, with high alcohol and has a great depth of flavours. Mr Foo was at the winery once and was very impressed with the passion for wine, food and music. Price: MOP420

This is the best value wine. Why would you drink Carruades Lafite, a second label wine with a price of First Growth when you can drink Duhart Milon? Also, the price of the Carruades Lafite is far higher than most First Growth wines. It came from the same Rothschild family. Price: MOP3,500

CHATEAU LEOVILLE POYFERE 2003, FRANCE This is director of wines at MGM Macau Adolphus Foo’s favourite wine when it comes to investing, because it is ready to drink now or good to keep. This particular chateau is becoming more popular for good value wines. Elegant, it has blueberries, cassis, sweet spices and great complexity. Price: MOP4,500

1812 JOSÉ BENTO 2008, PORTUGAL A new addition to the MGM Macau collection, this wine was specially crafted for the hotel. Portuguese José Bento is a great Syrah winemaker who is able to blend the international grape with local indigenous grape Touriga Nacional. Price: MOP820

BUÇACO 1983, PORTUGAL Among the rare red Buçaco, this is Mr Foo’s favourite. It is good to drink now or maybe in a few more years. Silky, smooth on the palate, it has nice red cherries, smoked aromas and a lingering finish and great acidity. Price: MOP4,500

CHATEAU MONTELENA 1987, UNITED STATES For those who were born in the year of the rabbit, this wine may be for you to drink or for cellaring. Elegant, this wine has black currant and sweet spices. One of the best this winery has ever made. Price: MOP4,500




Harvard set, by Vista Alegre Using an American New England style, in strong blue and platinum, the geometrical shapes get elegantly mixed up. Price: On request Where: Upon order at Vista Alegre Atlantis Macau

Symphonie Du Vin No.1, for Peugeot The Symphonie Du Vin No.1 is a valuable tool for those who wish to better recognize the aromas of wine. From amateurs to professionals, all who are interested in improving their ability should have this kit containing an inhaling glass, aroma strips and 32 tiny flasks of aromas. Price: HK$1,730 Where: Exclusivitès, in Hong Kong

Peugeot’s Elis Sense A stainless steel body with black contrasts, the Elis Sense mill combines technology with elegance. Salt and pepper are carefully delivered in the exact needed quantity. A sophisticated object to have on any dining table. Price: HK$1,060 Where: Exclusivitès, in Hong Kong

Graffiti by Ritzenhoff A part of Ritzenhoff’s new crystal collection, this plate looks sharp on every dinner table and will be a hit with guests. Price: MOP1,350 Where: Dora Tam Design Gift & Jewellery, Macau

Blossom, by Alessi Superbly elegant, this fruit bowl is inspired by a contemporary pattern that reflects the Arts & Crafts movement. Blossom is a mix of flowers, clovers and shamrocks and has two variations: one in 18/10 stainless steel; the other in white epoxy resin coated steel. Price: HK$2,110 (white); HK$1,250 (stainless steel) Where: Shop 247, Prince’s Building, Central, Hong Kong; Shop 3230A, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Alessi’s ‘La Stanza dello scirocco’ The ‘Room of the Desert Winds’ (or ‘La Stanza dello Scirocco’) is more than a vase – it is a stylish piece that provides support for long stemmed flowers. Perfect for those beautiful orchids that you never know where to put. Price: HK$1,870 (White); HK$1,090 (Black) Where: Shop 247, Prince’s Building, Central, Hong Kong; Shop 3230A, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong




Rendezvous Lobby Lounge, Sofitel at Ponte 16 BLUEBERRY BLISS A blissful mouth of cleansing blueberry delight. With 60ml of blueberry infused vodka, 30ml of blueberry liqueur, sour mix and fresh blueberries, meet the Blueberry Bliss. Price: MOP58

38 Lounge, Altira GOLDEN DREAM Vodka, Galliano, orange juice and milk combined turn into a Golden Dream, one of the signature drinks at 38 Lounge. Price: MOP100 BLANCHE A bit of crème de cacao, crème de menthe and milk and the mixture is ready to taste. Price: MOP100 HAWAIIAN BREEZE Take rum, vanilla vodka, pineapple juice and a touch of grenadine and you have a cocktail perfect for this season. Price: MOP100

BLOODY MARY It’s Sofitel Macau’s twist on a classic cocktail - 30ml of black pepper infused vodka, 30ml of house radish infused vodka, 30ml of jalapeno infused vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire and fresh celery. Price: MOP58 LYCHEETINI A silky elegant martini with a lingering fresh acidity. It has 60ml of lychee infused vodka, 60ml of lychee liqueur, sour mix and fresh lychees. Price: MOP58 FIERY CHILLI A refreshingly-made cocktail with a bite. It’s 60ml of infused chilli vodka, red chilli, ginger ale and finished with 30ml of flamed Absolut blue. Price: MOP58

Wynn Macau

FIESTA FATALE This is an incredible explosion of flavours – tequila, Grand Marnier, passion fruit puree, cinnamon, 5-spice syrup, vanilla, fresh sweet and sour (lemon, sugar syrup and water) and Thai chilli for an added punch. Price: MOP70


JASMINE A delicious mix of gin, limoncello, Jasmine signature tea from Wing Lei restaurant, fresh sweet and sour syrup and garnished with chrysanthemum petals, this cocktail offers a unique blend of tastes that is completely unexpected. Price: MOP75


The seductive mix HEN YOU GOOGLE ‘SEX’ AND ‘COCKTAILS’, most results are related to the same topic: the TV series “Sex and the City”. So, as far as this topic goes, it is almost impossible to discuss it without thinking about Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha (the series’ characters, in case you where living on the moon in the late 1990s/early 2000s) sitting in a trendy bar in Manhattan and having a Cosmopolitan or a dry Martini while discussing their sex lives. Over the past few decades, Hollywood has been associating sex/ sexy with cocktails. Do you remember “Cocktail”, starring Tom Cruise? Well, there is nothing sexier than looking at gorgeous Mr Cruise mixing a ‘Sex on the Beach’. We can add other examples to this list, since cocktails - either because of their names or because of their appearance - have often been used to catch the audience’s attention. Do you remember the movie “The Seven Year Itch”, with that iconic image of Marilyn Monroe clutching her white dress on the subway? Well, the ‘Whiskey Sour’ became famous after this.

Combining bourbon, lemon juice, sugar, orange juice and Maraschino cherry, this cocktail reminds of a sexy Marilyn tempting a married Tom Ewell. Or, better yet, think of the ‘French 75’ cocktail, from “Casablanca”. Even though it is named after a weapon, it is still a glamorous blend of champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar, from a time when sex was portrayed in a more subtle way at the movies. Still in “Casablanca”, who doesn’t remember Humphrey Bogart staring at Ingrid Bergman over the rim of a cocktail glass? “Shaken, not stirred” ring a bell? The catch line for ordering a martini became popular because of James Bond movies. Overall, cocktails – with or without sexy names – and Hollywood are a winning ticket. Why? Because there is nothing hotter than sipping an elegant and mysterious martini while sitting at a bar in a 1930s movie, or having a Cosmopolitan in the middle of busy New York in a more recent day production. So who do you want to be: Humphrey Bogart, Carrie Bradshaw or Tom Cruise?


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Paul & Shark Piaget Piquadro Private i Salon • Nail Nail Promod Pull&Bear Rado Rayure Rich Jade Rimowa Rockport Sa Sa Sa Sa Selective S. Culture S.T. Dupont Samsonite Sisley Sisley Paris Skechers Soft & Intimate Staccato Stefanel Steve Madden Stone Market Stradivarius STS Canada Sulwhasoo Sunglass 88 Swarovski Swatch Tara Moor The Body Shop The Kiss The Manchester United Experience Thomas Sabo Tie Rack / Bric’s Tiffany & Co. TISSOT Tokyu Walker Tommy Hilfiger Tonino Lamborghini Triple Five Soul Triumph and Hom Trussardi Jeans TSL Tumi Tung Fong Hung UM Undergarment United Colors of Benetton Venetian Flori Venilla Suite Verri Vertu Vilebrequin Wolford Yes Zara

2007 2013 2023b 2617a 2316 2525 2006a 2606a 2117 2708 2203 2318 2642a 2300 1022 2527a 2310 2630a 2216 2527 2319a 2421 2612b 2402b 2509a 2643k 2617 K9 2415 2426a 2426 2300b 2302b 2215 2426b 2435 2003 2411 2652 2710 2646a 2436 2220 2625 2022 2707 2102 2526 2308 2633 2600 2703a 2006b 2623a 2626 2023 2313

The City of Dreams Alfred Dunhill Bally Burberry Cartier Chanel Chopard Chow Tai Fook Coach Emporio Armani Gucci Hublot Hugo Boss i TO i Insider IWC Jimmy Choo LeSportsac Longines Marc by Marc Jacobs Omega PENACHE Ralph Lauren Rock Shop Rolex Salvatore Ferragamo Swarovski Tag Heuer The Bubble Shop Timeless Tudor Tumi Valentino Vertu Vivienne Westwood Yves Saint Laurent

L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1 & 2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, Hard Rock Hotel L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L2, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard L1, The Boulevard

The Esplanade, Wynn Macau

Shoppes at Four Seasons

Alfred Dunhill Bvlgari Chanel Christian Dior Ermenegildo Zegna Fendi Ferrari Giorgio Armani Gucci Hermes Hugo Boss Louis Vuitton Miu Miu Cigar Imporium Piaget Prada Sundries The Signature Shop Tiffany & Co. Tudor Van Cleef & Arpels Versace Vertu Wynn&Co Watches and Jewellery

The Encore, Wynn Macau Cartier Chanel Piaget

Grand Lapa Hotel Bally Burberry Cartier Christian Dior Cigar Imporium Alfred Dunhill Emporio Armani Ermenegildo Zegna Florinda Jewelry Hermes Hugo Boss Orange Label Louis Vuitton Omega Salvatore Ferragamo Valentino

13 1 12 11 17 10 9 2 16 8 5 4&5 6 7 15

DFS Galleria, The Four Seasons Bally Burberry Caran d’Ache Cartier Celine Chanel Chloe DFS Beauty World DFS Jewellery and Watch World DFS Sunglass World Dior Emporio Armani Fendi Gucci Hermes Jurlique Kiehl’s Lancome L’Occitane Loewe Louis Vuitton Omega Prada Ralph Lauren Salvatore Ferragamo Shiseido Swarovski Tag Heuer Tod’s Tumi Vacheron Constatin Van Cleef & Arpels

1123 1110 1129 1125 1109 1117 1123a

1101/18-30 1101/33-45 1101/36 1120 1101/23 1102 1108 1116 1101/26 1101/21 1101/28 1101/25 1121 1115 1101/45 1126 1111 1113 1101/29 1101/38 1101/33 1105 1101/31 1101/39 1101/40

Abiste Aquascutum Archaic Chinese Arts Armani Collezioni Audemars Piguet Bottega Veneta Brioni Canali Cerruti 1881 Cho Cheng Coach Cocco Cole Haan David Yurman Diane Von Furstenberg Dilys’ D’urban E-Rave CustomShop Fabio Caviglia Fish Spa Galerie du Monde Gieves & Hawkes Givenchy Guess by Marciano H&B Medicine Shop Hugo Boss Juicy Couture Just Cavalli Kate Spade Kent & Curwen Kenzo Kwanpen La Perla Marc by Marc Jacobs Max Mara Old House Gallery On Pedder Optica Privé Ports 1961 Samsonite Black Label Shanghai Tang Shiatzy Chen St. John Stefano Ricci Stuart Weitzman Tse Valentino Versace Vintage Fine Wines Vinum Fine Wine Merchants

1208 2836 1213 2805 & 2806 1130 & 1131 2845 2802 2850 2801a 2821 2856 2847 2812 2801 2846 1211 2835b 1210 2838 1209 1220a 2835a 2851 2858 1215 2807 2859 2841 2829 2837 2840 2817 2849 2831 2808 1220 2848 2823 2810 2825 2839 2833 2809 1128 2850a 2832 2842 2853 & 2855 1206 1216

One Central Bally Bottega Veneta Bvlgari Burberry Cartier Céline CentralDeli CK Calvin Klein Dior Dolce&Gabbana Emporio Armani Ermenegildo Zegna Europe Watch Company Fabio Caviglia Fendi Furla Gucci Hermès Hugo Boss Kenzo Lancel Leonard Loewe Loro Piana Louis Vuitton Marc by Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs Max Mara Montblanc Officine Panerai Pal Zileri Rainbow Ralph Lauren Rimowa Salvatore Ferragamo Shiatzy Chen Tod’s Vertu

128-129 G8 G9-G10 125-127 G1-G2 G35 222 232-233 G30-G31 G36-G38 G32-G33 G39-G42 101-107 130 G11-G12 131 G24-G26/ 110-120 G13-G15 132-135 116 139 112 G5 G6-G7 G27-G29/ 121-132/ 229-231 117 G23 113 G4 G22 115 136-138 G19-G20 211 G3/108-109 110 G18 G17

Essential N32  
Essential N32  

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