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A tour around the hot spots for yum cha SMART DRINKING

The best aperitifs and digestifs in town THE OSCAR GOES TO…

Take a look at Don Alfonso 1890, Macau’s Wine Spectator Award for this year




The number of crystals of Wing Lei restaurant’s iconic crystal flying dragon, at Wynn Macau


The ranking of the Italian restaurant Il Teatro, at Wynn Macau, on the top ten chart of the most expensive restaurants in the world, according to several North American and Australian magazines

219 metres

The height you’ll be fine dining at in the revolving restaurant 360º, in Macau Tower. If you want go to the very top of the tower, then you’ll be at a 388.8m height. And don’t think the numbers were chosen by chance. Three, eight, six and nine, in Cantonese, are considered auspicious


The year in which the Fat Siu Lau restaurant opened, apparently the oldest establishment of its kind in Macau. It is known for its roasted pigeon


The number of different types of tea that can be tasted at the Sands Macao bar



The year of one of the oldest wines in the world, which is on display at the Wine Museum. It’s a Port 98

The number of pages of the wine list shared by the 15 fine dining restaurants of the Lisboa Hotels Complex, in Macau, including Robuchon a Galera, Don Alfonso 1890 and The Eight

It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. We think we’ve said this before right? Well, here we are again, discovering the finest things in life - be it wines, spirits or food. We’ve done our homework and looked for everything related to elegant dining options, and we’ve searched deep throughout Macau, the region, and the world. Yum cha is a dining experience that involves dim sum dishes and Chinese tea. Traditionally taken during lunch hours – although this tradition isn’t really what it used to be – in this Essential Fine Dining issue, we search for the most stylish yum cha options in town. And, yes, there are some great ones. We take a peek at the menu of The Eight, Tung Yee Heen, Wing Lei and Treasure Palace and we talk to their chefs. So, if you want to really know the yum cha hot spots and their recommended dishes, just keep on reading. During yum cha we always drink tea. But if you want to drink something before or after the meal – the so-called aperitifs and digestifs - do you know what to drink and where to go? We speak with some local critics who offer some great suggestions. While we’re talking about alcohol, we could not forget Don Alfonso 1890, with its amazing wine list helping it to be chosen as one of this year’s Wine Spectator Award winners. We show you just a little bit of what you can find at this Italian fine dining restaurant – the sumptuous interior, the enormous wine list and other singularities. Ah... And another thing... Do you know what the most expensive wine available from the Lisboa Hotel wine cellar is (probably, the most expensive wine in Macau), the same cellar that ensured the Wine Spectator’s Award for Robuchon a Galera (2005) and for Don Alfonso 1890? Well just read on... It wouldn’t be any fun if we told you everything in advance, right?

White wine It is white (or, better yet, it has no colour). Yes, you already know that. But do you know why? It’s because it is made without skins or seeds. In the end, it’s only what’s inside that counts. Contrary to what one usually thinks, red grapes can also produce white wine. Red wines are only red because of the grape’s skin. For the same reason, green grapes can only produce white wine. Being fermented without the skins, it has much less tannin than red wines. So what? It leaves a smoother taste in the mouth after drinking. Since it has less tannin, it also contains less phenolic antioxidants. These are the ones that keep the LDL (the so-called bad cholesterol levels) healthy and help to reduce the clotting ability of blood.

Red wine It is red. Yes, you already know that. But do you know why? The fleshy interior of the grape, together with the pulpy skins and the seeds are all used to make it. Red wine can only be made from red grapes. Isn’t that what makes it special?

Being fermented with the skins, it has much more tannin than white wines. So what? It leaves a rougher taste in the mouth after drinking. Since it has more tannin, it also contains more phenolic antioxidants. But don’t take this literally. The LDL rises proportionally to the level of alcohol you drink.

It should be served chilled, but don’t put it in the freezer. Frost can severely alter some of the main properties of the wine. And we want it slightly fresh, but not frozen and acid.

It should be served at a natural environment temperature. If it’s too cold, it will lose its flavours.

Specialists have a rule: delicate food, such as white meat, fish and pasta should go with whites. They say it’s a way to give the food the highlight it deserves.

Specialists have a rule: because its taste is complex and full-flavoured, it stands up well with full-bodied food, such as steak, lamb chops or roasts.

They have a light, crisp, fruity flavour and aroma. Because of this, specialists often say they are inferior wines.

They have rich, bitter and spicy flavours. Because of this, specialists often say they are superior wines.

White wines usually contain slightly fewer calories than red wines. Most whites shouldn’t exceed three years. Let’s try to keep them young and fresh.

It usually contains more calories. Most reds shouldn’t exceed 15 years. We want them older and more complex. That’s the trick.

SEVEN DEADLY (AND UNHEALTHY) SINS Gluttony – Eating too much. Not choosing carefully what you eat. Usually ends badly with a hard belly, difficult digestion and heartburn. Not to mention an empty wallet. Greed – If you drink one or two glasses of red wine a day, you’ll become healthier. That’s what the specialists say. But try drinking three, four, five, six or seven glasses a day and see what happens. Health becomes hell. Lust – Are you craving too much for any particular food? Are you craving it so much that you think you’ll go insane? Then, be alert. It may be one of three things: an eating disorder, pregnancy or just plain insanity.

Sloth – You like to chew your food very slowly, in order to

enjoy it more. Great. And it’s healthy. But choose your lunch partners carefully. If you’re eating with a stressed-out eater, a crash will be inevitable.

Envy – What are you having? Oh, I want it too. The envious eater is the one who just copies the other person’s order, because they’re afraid of not choosing the best thing. But if you are the other person, try to change your order after a few minutes of waiting. Your friend will be so stressed that he will spend the whole meal thinking your new choice is better. Wrath – You’ve been waiting all day for your favourite chocolate cake. Your girlfriend baked it just for you. But when you finally get to taste it, it’s different. And you end up spending the night in the bathroom. Ah, revenge... Next time... Don’t forget her birthday! Pride – You’re on a date and you want to impress a potential girlfriend. You know you have to be right about the wine. And you’re so proud of yourself when you order it. But one bit of advice: try tasting it first. If it’s off, it can cause you pain in your stomach so intense, that the meal may be shorter than you expect. And, yes, you’ll have a night to remember, but it probably won’t be a happy one. 99


Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant, in Grand Lisboa, was honoured this year with the Grand Award by Wine Spectator magazine. Just look at its wine list and you immediately understand the tribute. The more than 7,000 labels, compiled in a file with hundreds of pages that needs an index, really did the trick. The decoration is luxurious and ostentatious, with its dark red and the Venetian glass chandeliers. The dining area does not have windows, featuring instead scenes of Italian landscapes. For larger groups, there are private banquet rooms. Italian Chef Alfonso Iaccarino is responsible for the delicacies that have granted the restaurant two stars in the Michelin Guide. Many of the ingredients he uses come from his farm, in Italy. And his handmade pasta is prepared without eggs, Southern Italian style. It may be a good option for special occasions, business lunches or just to have a fine dining experience. His signature dishes include a composition of lobster, Buffalo mozzarella and tomato and Gragnano linguini pasta with clams and zucchini. Out of 75 restaurants, this year, it was one of only two restaurants in Asia to receive the Grand Award from Wine Spectator. The other one was L’Atelier de JoÍl Robuchon, in Hong Kong, also part of the Lisboa Hotel group, and sharing the same wine list.



Mon dieu de la France! The 1847 Château d’Yquem is one of the most expensive wines that can be tasted in Macau. It costs MOP680,000 (US$85,000) and is included in the Lisboa Hotels Complex wine cellar. You can get it, for instance, at Robuchon a Galera, in Hotel Lisboa, or Don Alfonso 1890, in Grand Lisboa. Château d’Yquem is one of the most ancient vineyards, and wines from the greatest vintages, like 1847, are achieving outrageous prices. With more than a century-long history, this complex dessert wine has a scent of camphor and cloves. In the Bordeaux Classification of 1855, Château d’Yquem was given the rank of Premier Cru ‘Supérieur’, which means it may be sold at the highest prices. The vineyard extends to 113 hectares between the villages of Sauternes and Fargues, but only around 100 hectares are in production at any time. The site has been a vineyard since 1711. At that time, the estate was owned by Léon de Sauvage d’Yquem and, 74 years later, was transferred to the Lur-Saluces family when Françoise-Joséphine de Sauvage d’Yquem married Count Louis-Amédée de Lur-Saluces, the godson of Louis XV and Lady Victoire de France. D’Yquem is not produced every year and it is usual for a bottle to age for 20, 50 or 100 years. During the 20th century, nine vintages – 1910, 1915, 1951, 1952, 1964, 1972, 1974 and 1992 – were considered poor and could not bare its name. In 2006, a bulk of vintage wines, from 1860 to 2003, were sold at an auction in London for US$1.5 million (MOP12 million), one of the highest prices ever paid. This dessert wine is thick, dark-brown and has honeyed fruit dominating its flavour. Rumour has it that Danish fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen, was a fan of the Yquem wines and took a sip of the 1847 from the original barrel. True or not – some things are hard to confirm – the fact of the matter is that this is an historical wine from one of the most acclaimed vineyards of the world. In the Lisboa Hotel wine cellar, there is only one bottle of this wine and, up to now, no one has requested it. In fact, now that we think of it, MOP680,000 doesn’t seem so extraordinary after all.



The best yum cha

Ideal for business, family or friend’s meetings, yum cha is a traditional Chinese meal where you eat, talk and talk some more, sitting around a big round table. What if the meal isn’t good? Or the place isn’t nice enough? Or the tables just aren’t big enough? Business can go wrong and the family can get upset. We help you find the most elegant dim sum options in Macau.


The Eight ONE MICHELIN STAR It’s always a good introduction when you say that The Eight was awarded one Michelin Star in 2009 and the same again in 2010. Located at the Grand Lisboa Hotel since 2007, it offers dim sum alongside contemporary Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisine. If you’re doing yum cha, then you’ll be having lunch at The Eight, surrounded by a group of people. Its interior is carefully thought out in order to follow Chinese traditions and to create an elegant environment. Conceived by Hong Kong designer Alan Chan, it recreates some traditional Chinese elements, like the goldfish (energy) as well as the number “eight” (wealth). The name of the restaurant itself is already auspicious and the entrance that leads to the restaurant, filled with goldfish, is exquisite and exuberant. At The Eight, a dim sum meal starts with a cup of one of the ten different Chinese teas, followed by some steamed dim sums, deep-fried dim sums, barbecue items (like pork), vegetables, noodle or fried rice. In the end, comes the sweet dim sum. There are more than 50 different types of dim sum at lunch – yes, don’t forget, yum cha is traditionally at lunch. Chef Ng Chi Kai states that all kinds of customers come to The Eight, but there are some differences in their preferences. For instance, Chinese prefer traditional steamed dim sum, while westerners order deep-fried. No worries! He cooks for all and deliciously... Grand Lisboa, Macau Tel: 853 8803 7788 Yum Cha: 11:30 am ~ 2:30 pm (Monday to Saturday) 10:00am ~ 3:00 pm (Sunday and public holidays)


Steamed superior river shrimp dumplings shaped as a fish Vietnamese spring rolls with crabmeat and black fungus Grilled shrimp mousse on a stick of sugar cane Steamed pork dumplings with crab roe, topped with crispy conpoy flavoured with black beans


Shark’s fin, scallop and tofu soup served in a teapot Dumplings filled with pork and shrimp Stir-fried rice flour rolls with XO sauce Pork liver and mixed meat Shanghai hairy crab roe dumplings with Golden-Hill hooked shark’s fin soup

Tung Yee Heen ONE MICHELIN STAR If you want to taste a more traditional yum cha, then this is it. Even the design follows a more traditional line than any of the other local dim sum restaurants, maximizing natural sunlight. It has three private rooms – Lotus, Bamboo and Peony – being able to accommodate up to 400 guests in the restaurant. The environment itself may not be that cosy, but Tung Yee Heen follows tradition and that awarded it one Michelin star. It features contemporary Cantonese cuisine and dim sum at lunch, from the hands of Chinese Kitchen Executive Chef Vong Kuai Iu, who has more than 46 years of cooking experience. At Tung Yee Heen, states the chef, taken at lunchtime, dim sum is usually mixed with other types of food. And periodically, the

chef changes the menu, especially when the season changes – lighter dishes for summertime and heavier ones for wintertime. However, when asked about what makes this restaurant special, he claims it’s the “more traditional recipes”, which are not being used anywhere else. It is a very good option for those who wish to follow (or learn, if you don’t know it) tradition. Grand Lapa, Macau Tel: 853 8793 3821 Yum Cha: From 11 am until 2.30 pm




Treasure Palace Red is the colour. The design is elegant and uses crystal lights and lotus patterned carpets creating a stylish environment, perfect for any kind of meal. The windows with a view to the fountain outside let the restaurant breathe and create a very airy atmosphere. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable decoration. Specializing in traditional Cantonese cuisine and dim sum, Treasure Palace is considered one of the most luxurious places for those who wish to have yum cha in Macau. With starters such as marinated jellyfish as well as poached free-range chicken and shark’s fin soup with fish maw, there are many different options for customers. The Dim Sum menu includes the usual and traditional dishes, as well as signature dishes such as wood-oven-roasted pork belly, classic superior soup dumplings, wood-oven-roasted pork belly, bird’s nest egg tarts, Iberico barbecue pork buns, truffle and root vegetable dumplings as well as crystal shrimp dumplings. To accompany this meal, Treasure Palace provides a wide selection of organic and floral teas at the tea counter near the entrance. Also specializing in Dim Sum from the North of China, the menu contains more than 40 items. And, with the different seasons, according to the Chinese Executive Chef, Tam Kwok Fung, it is always changing. For instance, in summertime, this Michelin star chef uses more seasonal ingredients, such as lychees, which are perfect to help bare the heat. Even the teas change, with Treasure Palace using more green tea or lotus tea during summer. Surrounded by the water fountain of City of Dreams, this restaurant has huge windows that offer panoramic views over Cotai. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air. City of Dreams, Macau Tel: 853 8868 1930 Yum Cha: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm (Monday to Friday) 10:00 am - 4:30 pm (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)


Bird’s nest egg tarts Wood-oven-roasted pork belly Iberico Barbecue pork buns Truffle and root vegetable dumpling Crystal shrimp dumpling


Baked barbecued pork buns capped with sweetened crust Supreme shark’s fin dumplings in soup Steamed prawn dumplings

Wing Lei ONE MICHELIN STAR As soon as you enter Wing Lei at Wynn Macau, you’re immediately dazzled by the luxurious, but not ostentatious (well, maybe a little bit...) design. Inspired by a traditional moon gate shape, the entrance of the restaurant immediately reminds you of the traditional houses in ancient China. The centrepiece of the restaurant is a huge dragon made from 90,000 crystals – a Chinese element that always is well appreciated by the Chinese and that symbolizes happiness, luck and energy. Very small lights illuminate the sculpture, just so you really can’t miss seeing the dragon, as if that was possible. The main room has 134 seats suitable for accommodating families, work colleagues or just friends. But if you prefer something more intimate, then you may rent one of five private rooms: the small private room (MOP1,500 for lunch; MOP3,000 for dinner) or a regular private room (MOP2,500 for lunch; MOP5,000 for dinner), with a view over the garden as well as the river and equipped with a wide screen television. Stepping away from the design, the chandeliers and the beautifully decorated red carpets, you have the food. Executive Chef Peter Chan leads a team of over 30 chefs, carefully preparing each of the dishes that go to the tables. With so many different people coming inside the restaurant, Peter Chan tries to accommodate all tastes accordingly. He also tries to innovate the traditional dim sum meal. For instance, when cooking traditional barbecue pork dumplings

he uses western-style bread, making them smoother than in the traditional recipe. Yum cha is a meal accompanied by Wing Lei’s teas, during lunchtime. As for the usual customers, at Wing Lei they are locals and tourists. But Peter Chan sees a difference in their behaviour and requests. Macau residents are more relaxed and only worried about enjoying their food, while tourists want to eat, taste the food and leave quickly to go sightseeing. But what is a good dim sum meal? For this executive chef, certain requirements have to be fulfilled beforehand: there has to be enough distance between the tables; the tea has to be exquisite; the service has to be good and the employees have to interact with the customers. As for the dim sums themselves, it is a matter of personal taste. Dim sum is to be enjoyed and shared with other people, while discussing the daily agenda – usually it may take a little bit longer to finish than a regular meal. But when you do finish, you’ll feel completely satisfied. Wynn Macau, Macau Tel: 853 8986 3663 Yum Cha: 11:30 am to 3 pm (Monday to Saturday) 10:30 am to 3:30 pm (Sundays and public holidays)




Wondering what’s the best option to drink before a fine dining meal? We asked the critics and here’s the result. Enjoy

Louis Roederer 1999 If you intend to drink wine during dinner, and you want to try a different aperitif, lower in alcohol, then you may want to try a Louis Roederer champagne. Famous for the celebrated Cristal, it has been in the spotlight because it is associated with footballers and the hip-hop crowd. You can taste three from 1999: Brut Vintage, Blanc de Blancs and Brut Rosé. Recommended by F&B Director of Hotel Lisboa, Paul Lo Available at Lisboa Hotels

Martini Extra-Dry A brand of Italian vermouth, named after the Martini & Rossi Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino, in Turin this liquor is made from wine, with a number of different herbs added for flavour. It is usually considered aromatized liquor or a fortified wine. Usually it is served fresh or with ice and lime. Add gin/vodka and one olive and it becomes the famous cocktail, Sex and the City style. Actually, if you simply want vermouth, it’s better to specify at the bar. Recommended by F&B Director of Hotel Lisboa, Paul Lo Available at Lisboa Hotels

Campari Is a well-known Italian bitters, made from 68 ingredients. The main agent is bitter orange, rhubarb and cinchon. It comes in a distinctive crimson red colour and can be served as an aperitif neat or on ice with a slice of orange, as a long drink with Tonic. To this day, the original recipe is still a secret – the Gruppo Campari claims there is only one person in the world who knows the entire formula. Marketing strategy? Recommended by MGM Sommelier, Adolphus Foo Available at MGM Macau

Montenisa Franciacorta Brut The intense aromas include hints of white peaches and apples, and its yeasty, toasty notes make it ideal for those who prefer to save themselves for wine during dinner. The typical liveliness of this sparkling white is enhanced on the palate by ripe fruit aromas adding depth and balance. It contains all three kinds of grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot bianco and a little percentage of Pinot nero. Produced in Montenisa estate, situated in Franciacorta, in Italy, this wine seemingly transports us to that fair country. Recommended by Head Sommelier of Altira Macau, Keith Lam Available at Altira

Dubonnet 1846 It is a wine-based aperitif, a blend of fortified wine, herbs, spices and quinine. It dates back to 1846, when Joseph Dubonnet entered a contest, run by the French authorities to persuade the French Foreign Legionnaires in North Africa, to drink quinine. It is commonly mixed with lemonade or bitter lemon, forming several types of cocktails. And you’ll be interested to know it is the favourite drink of the French Foreign Legion (obviously) and Queen Elizabeth II. Recommended by F&B Director of Hotel Lisboa, Paul Lo Available at Lisboa Hotels


Hendricks Gin Produced by William Grant & Sons, in Girvan, Scotland, in addition to the traditional juniper infusion, it mixes Bulgarian Rose with a mash of cucumber. Served with lemon and a dash of tonic over ice? Sounds great! One for me, please. Recommended by David Wong, F&B expert, IFT Available at Vasco Bar, Grand Lapa Hotel



After a good meal is finished, nothing is better than a great digestif. The critics in town have made a list of the best options available

Glenmorangie Quarter Century Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky In Gaelic, its name means “Glen of Tranquillity”. For those who feel a good meal isn’t finished until you’ve had that high-dosage of alcohol filled character called whisky, Glenmorangie really ensures tranquillity. David Sutherland founded this Highland Scotland distillery in the early 1820s. Matured over 25 years in a selection of oak casks grants it a minty, thick, creamy honey, with a touch of almonds flavour. On the rocks, please! Recommended by David Wong, F&B expert, IFT Available at Whisky Bar, Galaxy StarWorld

Taylor Vintage Port 1945 Considering a digestif as any drink that can conclude a wonderful dinner, then this is a good option. It also goes well if you want to taste a little bit of cheese. Producers officially declared it a vintage because it was made from grapes grown, harvested and vinified in that specific year. Recommended by F&B Director of Hotel Lisboa, Paul Lo Available at Lisboa Hotels

Trockenbeerenauslese Rheingau Steinberger Cabinet Naturrein 1921 Don’t be fooled by the big words and difficult spelling. This German dessert wine is very easy to savour. It is fine, well balanced and has a subtle sweetness. Perfect for those who believe a digestif does not need to have a high degree of alcohol and prefer to think of it as a complement to the meal. Sipped over a chat and petit fours after dinner, this wine was given 100 points in Wine Spectator magazine. Recommended by F&B Director of Hotel Lisboa, Paul Lo Available at Lisboa Hotels

Jägermeister You hunt, you eat and then you drink. Jägermeister means hunt-master and the term was applied to foresters in the German civil service. Invented by Curt Mast, who as an enthusiastic hunter, this drink is a German digestif, made from herbs, spices and fruit including star anise, poppy seeds and juniper. Recommended by MGM Sommelier Adolphus Foo Available at MGM Macau

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge For those who think digestifs should be high alcoholic content drinks that can sooth the overwhelming full feeling after a long meal or dinner, then a glass of Grand Marnier is perfect. Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle created it in 1880. It possesses some bitter orange flavours with nuances of orange marmalade and hazelnuts. Recommended by F&B Director of Hotel Lisboa, Paul Lo Available at Lisboa Hotels

Jacopo Poli - Grappa di Torcolato “Amorosa di dicembre” After a meal, why not try a glass of Limoncello? It is a lemon liqueur produced in Southern Italy, mainly in the region around the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula and the coast of Amalfi and islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri, but also in Sicily, Sardinia, Menton in France and the Maltese island of Gozo. It is made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water, and sugar. It is bright yellow in colour, sweet and lemony, but not sour since it contains no lemon juice. Grappa is a fragrant grape-based pomace brandy from Italy of between 35 percent and 60 percent alcohol by volume. Recommended by Keith Lam, Head Sommelier of Altira Macau Available at Altira



Host with the most

You’re preparing a fine dining meal at your home. But do you have everything you need to host with elegance? Don’t despair! We have some suggestions for you...

Bamboo collection by Alessi Alessi and the Campana brothers have joined forces to present a new collection made of hand-finished natural material. Made of bamboo wood, this Italian brand presents the citrus basket, the centerpiece, a small table with base in bamboo and glass top as well as a magazine holder. Considering the country where you’re living, bamboo is almost mandatory material. If you want to stay in fashion, this is it. At Lane Crawford, Pacific Place Home Store, Canton Road, Times Square, all in Hong Kong For additional information:

TWIST salt and pepper mill set by Georg Jensen It looks like two musical instruments but it’s not. Made with silk matte stainless steel, it’s a salt and pepper mill set, inspired by the maracas. It’s definitely a stylish addition to the kitchen or dining room. It is comfortable, but at the same time elegant. The silk matte stainless steel is cool and soft to the touch. With such a musical shape, one can only guess it is Scandinavian humour at work. At Lane Crawford, Central Retail Store - IFC Mall, Central Retail Store - Prince’s Building, Harbour City - Kowloon Retail Store, Kowloon Tong Retail Store, all in Hong Kong For additional information:

Vista Alegre’s Casablanca set It’s one of the most traditional and ancient Portuguese porcelain houses and it’s easy to find in Macau. This new Casablanca set, with its tea pot, sugar pot, tea cups, dinner, dessert and bread and butter plates, will fit quite nicely in your elegant house. Alegre, in Portuguese, means cheerful. It probably means that your guests will become more cheerful just by looking at them. At Vista Alegre Atlantis Crystal, in Macau For additional information:

The Factory by Seletti The concept is in the name. Picture a factory, how it looks from the outside and how it can contain several individuals doing different and coordinated functions. Well, that’s the idea of this fine porcelain tray. It may be in the living room just for you to empty your pockets as soon as you arrive home. You’ll be surprised to see how much it can store. At Lane Crawford, Ovo, Homeless, Aluminium Urban Living, Id Store, all in Hong Kong For additional information:


Ritzenhoff Emotion coffee mug and coaster Each mug has a different emotion. Either it is happy, sad, surprised or just confused. Ritzenhoff always does it. With a touch of humour, it manages to combine the formal with the informal. It’s impossible not to love them.

Ottagonale by Alessi They were first designed in the mid-thirties, but they have been re-edited. Although they matured several years ago, these eight surface pieces (or “ottagonale”, in Italian) in stainless steel, are still a success and may dazzle your hosts when you’re about to pour them coffee or tea. Just try.

At Dora Tam Design Gifts and Jewelry, Macau For additional information:

At Lane Crawford, IFC Mall, Pacific Place Home Store, Canton Road, Times Square, all in Hong Kong For additional information:

Ritzenhoff Champus Different champagne glasses, elegant, but with a funky touch that immediately make you smile. That’s the idea behind Champus. Each glass of the collection has a different design – the bubbly one, the party one and so on. If you have these at home, you’ll definitely impress your guests. At Dora Tam Design Gifts and Jewelry, Macau For additional information:

Bugatti Vita Electric Juicer Ok, it’s not a car, but it is a Bugatti. You’ll have it in your kitchen. And who can resist an electric juicer, with simple, elegant lines and bright colours? After juicing, you can immediately pour it into its class jug. True, it’s not for serving hosts – but the kitchen cannot be closed all the time. And if they do get in, they will not be disappointed. At New Yaohan Department Store, Macau; Exclusivités - Central, in Hong Kong For additional information:




We neglect them. We ignore them. But we shouldn’t. They are always there for us when we are in need. Take a look at the most exquisite knives, forks and spoons available in the region. And start cutting with style...

Cutipol Goa The Goa set includes all you need to host a dinner party at your house. This set was inspired by the historical connection that existed between Goa and Macau for more than 450 years. Gathering the expertise of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, this cutlery set is elegant and simple. At Dora Tam Design Gifts and Jewelry, Vista Alegre Atlantis Crystal, Macau For additional information:

Georg Jensen’s “My favorite baby spoon, curved” It’s cute and fashionable. Perfect for your baby. Designer Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe was inspired by her great-grandmother’s christening spoon, given to her as a gift. Made of sterling silver, you will want to give your baby the cutlery he or she deserves. At least, that’s what you’ll be thinking right before they throw the soup at you.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Vintage 1876 flatware When you hear the word vintage you immediately associate it with high quality from the past. And that’s certainly true of this cutlery set. Filled with curves, but at the same time with a square head, it has a pattern that really seems like something from the past. And in fact it is. This pattern was selected from the Henckels archives, in Germany, to celebrate 275 years of manufacturing. Maybe a piece of history will fit nicely in your home. At New Yaohan Department Store, Macau; Cheong Hing Store Ltd, Hong Kong For additional information: www.


At Lane Crawford, Central Retail Store - IFC Mall, Central Retail Store - Prince’s Building, Harbour City - Kowloon Retail Store, Kowloon Tong Retail Store, all in Hong Kong For additional information:


Forma all round cheese knife by Georg Jensen Don’t be frightened by its difficult figure. As if it were a woman, with all her shapes defined, this knife accompanies all the movements of the cheese. Made from stainless steel and able to cut through any type cheese soft or hard, it is a great accessory for dining. At Lane Crawford, Central Retail Store IFC Mall, Central Retail Store - Prince’s Building, Harbour City - Kowloon Retail Store, Kowloon Tong Retail Store, all in Hong Kong For additional information: www.

Seletti Midas cutlery He touched it and it became gold. As if it were really touched by King Midas himself, this set of knives, forks and spoons are golden treasures that can be used to slice away through your meals. Exquisite meals deserve nothing less than gold. At Lane Crawford, Ovo, Homeless, Aluminium Urban Living, Id Store, all in Hong Kong For additional information:

Eating in the bedroom Picture this: a romantic candlelit dinner, a little jazz in the background and a glass of red wine. You are both starting to get in the mood until the food starts coming out. It’s just not sexy enough. And then you end up having a night to remember, but for all the wrong reasons. That’s why we want to tell you what food you should include in a romantic meal, for all the right reasons. First thing’s first. Whatever you decide to eat, you have to find a way to put garlic on it. Granted you’ll need some mints afterwards, but garlic contains allicin – and this increases blood flow to the sexual organs. And if the smell is just too unbearable, garlic capsules may do the trick. Pepper is also very important for spicing up your food and preparing you for the night ahead. Alongside the strong flavour and scent, it increases the cardiac rhythm, putting you in the mood for love. To drink, you may choose one of two things: green tea or wine. The first one truly increases your energy and physical strength. As for the latter, alongside the flavonoides from the grapes that increase the blood flow, when consumed moderately, it loosens you up of course. For the entrée, oysters are the classic aphrodisiac. The mere act of eating them, accompanied by a glass of white wine, is already erotic and you can even try to put them to use in your foreplay. And their nutrients are also scientifically effective for getting you into the mood. They are high in zinc, which increases sperm and testosterone production. Also, they contain dopamine, a hormone that increases libido. Just clean the shells to remove any sand and dirt, open them on ice and squeeze on some lemon juice. Now, let’s think about the main course. OK, granted they are not as sexy as the oysters, but eggs are rich in vitamins B6 and B5 – not only do these balance hormone levels, but they also fight stress. You can also think of liver, since it is a good source of glutamine and can increase your libido. So, if you can get over the taste, it will do wonders for your sex life. If eggs and liver are not to your liking, then you can choose salmon or tuna. They are both rich in fatty acids essential for hormones, and omega 3, which works as a heater for a night of passion. For the fruit part, think bananas. They contain the bromelain enzyme, which increases libido and can cure impotence in men. Just leave them lying in a bowl and undress them when you need them. Last but not least, chocolate… It contains theobromine, an alkaloid similar to caffeine. It also has phenylethylamine, which is considered responsible for the feeling of “being in love”. And, apart from that, who doesn’t get immediately loose after eating chocolates? So, with the right bite, everything else will follow.


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DFS Galleria, The Four Seasons

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