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GOLFING IN ASIA We suggest the best places to go! TAKE IT FROM THE PROS Tips from Butch Harmon and a different academy in Macau GOODIES IN THE BAG For her and for him



1898 year the Haskell (golf) ball was invented

2 and a half cm measurement of a golf ball

MOP61,000,000 the purse for the 2009 Masters

4 rounds number of rounds of 18 holes each in the Masters

3 number of females that have competed in a men’s golf tournament: Babe Zaharis, Annika Sorestam and Michelle Wie

8,540 yards long that makes Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club in China, the world’s longest golf course 82

“Golf is a cruel game. It is so exacting that even its masters never master it, so intricate that most golfers never achieve consistency”. These words are from Jon Winokur and Kent H. Barton on the book “How to Win at Golf: Without Actually Playing Well”. Undoubtedly golf is a difficult game, and undoubtedly it attracts a large proportion of devotees whose only qualification for playing it is their devotion. But it is not on these grounds alone that one can explain the pathetic failure of the average golfer’s life, or the tragic comedy that is always being enacted by golfing contortionists over the links of the world. One must seek other causes. One must consider, not only the subject and the pupil, but the teacher. The teachers of golf are either professional golfers or enthusiastic amateurs. In the main, the enthusiastic amateur knows neither how to teach it nor how to play it. Sometimes, the professional golfer knows how to play golf, but not how to teach it but there are some exceptions. This month we focus on learning Golf. Butch Harmon is one of the strongest names when it comes to instructing golf. Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Darren Clarke and Ernie Els, were trained by this amazing teacher, so why wouldn’t you deserve such lessons in golf? While you’re waiting for Butch Harmon to get back in Macau for a few lessons take some tips from the Pro about the Ceasers Golf Macau course! Golf academies are also one of the best ways to evolve your swing. Nuts for golf, as we are, Macau Business has launched a Golf Academy. We talk about the project with some of the students and of course the main instructor, who also suggests us what a beginners female golfer bag should have in it. Whether your a She or a He, we offer you a handful of suggestions of fashionable things to buy before hitting the golf course. Also, we’ve chosen the places in Asia where you should go for the game from Vietnam, to Cambodia, South Korea, Brunei and Taiwan. Golf might be a cruel game, but we give you more than ten reasons why golf is better than sex. And we’re taking it really seriously!

Day Golf

Golf is a game designed to be played in the sun and the wind and even the rain at times, but not the dark. Either white or yellow, it’s a golf ball! It’s really frustrating to lose the balls in the middle of such an immense green...but it sure happens more than you wish it did! Playing during the day means sunburn at the end of the day! And that’s the hurtful part of the game.

Night Golf

Not seeing what’s happening around you may not only seem strange, but even a little spooky. The glitter ball gives it a twilight zone feeling...not comfy! Surprisingly few balls are lost. They glow, remember?!

Playing after sundown is cooler, meaning no harmful UV’s.

If you’re working the whole week, you only have the weekends to get to the course and enjoy a good practice, unless you have a very good excuse to skip work!

It allows people to play after work, so you don’t lose track in practice. Plus, you don’t need any excuse to skip work!

The day is done. For any reasonable golf player it’s time to get something to drink at the country club bar.

A floodlit course allows the golf nut to play after the sun sets when any sensible player would be in the bar.

7 DEADLY SINS PRIDE: Have you ever seen a prancing golfer so confident in his or her ability that you wish you could actually be around when they took the proverbial fall? Don’t overestimate your abilities nor underestimate your opponents. ENVY: It is impossible to excel at every aspect of the golf game. Trying too hard to play like someone else and to achieve something you cannot master, will lead to frustration and will ruin the game you do have. Play within your means – and with the game you brought that day. GLUTTONY: What’s more difficult to resist than a banquet table laden with every kind of food imaginable? However, what and when you eat can kill a golf game faster than any swing flaw. Lean is mean. Eat lightly or take a carry-out box with you and graze as you go. LUST: It is said that sports can often induce a similar

euphoria to falling in love. Less is more and you can have too much of a good thing. Resist those lustful urges to have everything you see in the golf shop! ANGER: When anger creeps into your game, let the demon come but let it go away just as fast. No one is saying that you are perfect and can never get mad; just deal with it and make it work for you. Never, ever quit. GREED: Be hungry enough to want to win but don’t let greed consume you. Think of all the consequences before you play the shot. SLOTH: Golf victories will not come to you just because you are a great person, want to win with all your heart, and are usually lucky. Remember PGA and Senior Tour star Gary Player’s famous quote when he holed out three sand shots in a row to win a bet: “The harder I practice the luckier I get.” 83



Angkor Golf Resort


he world class Faldo designed Angkor Golf Resort is the newest golf course in Cambodia and will in time prove to be the best. The six-time major winner Nick Faldo himself, received a blessing from local monks and then opened the golf course in December 2007, his first golf course in Cambodia. The golf resort will greatly add to bringing Cambodia onto the international golf destination map.


The course is a fair test of golf for all players and requires thinking and strategy on every hole to score well. For example, the strategically placed bunkers and water hazards are tricky, but easily seen from each tee box. The greens have plenty of subtle undulations and they reward and encourage a variety of approach shots. On the other hand each hole´s difficulty can be moderated daily by specific pin positions, easy or challenging. Furthermore, various tee

box locations allow for both low and mid handicappers to choose the right course length for their game. The final 3 holes make up some of the most challenging, but fun holes on the Angkor Resort golf course. The par 5, 16th is a 588 yard monster that is probably not reachable in two shots except for very long hitters. The angle of the green together with the water on the left of the hole, poses a real challenge for those wishing to get their approach shots close. A cautious lay


Demanding the best

up, away from the water, on the second shot will leave a very demanding pitch over a deep bunker to a pretty shallow green. Hole 17 is the longest par 3 on the course and plays to a green guarded by water on the right side. The back pin locations, in particular, will demand a very well-hit, accurate tee shot. The 440 yard par 4 finishing hole is as good as they come and will certainly lead to some dramatic finishes, a Faldo signature! The hole is a slight dogleg to the left. However,

water runs down the left side affecting both the tee shot and the approach. The best tee shot must challenge the water on the left to open up the approach onto the green. Don’t miss Angkor Golf Resort’s 300 meter long driving range; a great practice facility to tune up before your next round! An integrated resort is planned for the Angkor Golf Club and once completed will offer a relaxed golf holiday in the heart of Cambodia’s most popular tourist destination.

Japanese company Maruman claims to have developed the first metal wood, and even if there might be some disagreement in the industry, one thing is for sure: they can certainly claim the priciest set of irons you’ve ever heard of. Their flagship range is the Majesty Series, which features the Prestigio men’s iron set, made from a combination of stainless and maraging steel that has been strengthened from the previous model to minimize energy loss at impact. According to Maruman “the ´Majesty Series´ is the realization of every technological innovation pioneered by Maruman, Golf’s equipment engineering technology leader for over 35 years”. The Majesty’s Nano-Technology Titanium Face and Fullerene Composite Shaft work together to open up new levels of performance, prestige and quality for discriminating golfers around the world who insist on only the best life has to offer. The extraordinary distance and optimal trajectory that the Majesty Series provides will reward those who seek and demand the finest in luxury, quality and beauty. And since you’re spending MOP50,000 you might as well get the Majesty Prestigio Driver (MOP20,000) and a Fairway Wood (MOP13,000) just for good measure!


GOLF The COURSES places IN ASIA to go!


Danang Golf Club - Dunes This course is amazing and a must play. Greg Norman designed the entire course, using all of the remarkable and picturesque details. The #16 par 3 signature hole overlooks China Beach and on the right of the green is a machine gun bunker from the French and Vietnam war that has been converted into a very unique step down beverage bar. Off shore of the 16th hole you can see an island with a beautiful mountain on the South China Sea. Bring your camera with you for this hole. To the left is Hole #10 which has Marble Mountain as a back drop, emerging from the sand dunes, making this place truly magical! BRUNEI

Pantai Mentiri Golf Club Pantai Mentiri Golf Club is located 15.5km along Kota Batu Road and enjoys a scenic view of Brunei Bay. It is easily accessible from Brunei International Airport, just a short 10 minutes drive away. Pantai Mentiri Golf Club is the venue for many organised tournaments including the 20th SEA Games in 1999. For seasoned golfers and professionals it is a straightforward 6,105 metre, par 72 course. For golfers with a 10 handicap and above the course will provide enough challenge to make a net par score difficult. The challenge of Pantai Mentiri Golf course is centred on the golfer’s ability to avoid the many water hazards which form the main feature of the course. The greens, with well manicured and contoured aprons, are amongst the best in South East Asia. The first nine holes, the Bakau nine, being 3,006 metres long from the blue tee boxes, are considered by many to be the “easier” nine. The inward Membangan nine measure 3,099 metres, while the ladies` red tee boxes provide lengths of 2,556 metres and 2,651 metres respectively.



Pinx Golf Club, Jeju Island The first Korean course to make the 100 best courses list compiled by U.S. Golf Digest and U.K. Golf World, Pinx golf course offers 27 holes with a spectacular view of Halla Mountain and the blue ocean. The course is specifically designed to preserve nature by keeping volcanic cones spread across the island on a grassy plane. Not only the greens, but also the fairways are made of synthetic grass so that even in the winter, the course does not lose its green colour. For the average male golfer and professional women players, the distance from the regular tee to the hole is 324 meters. The distance from the blue tee is not that far either, 349 meters, but because the fairway slopes downward and is angled right to left,

if players hit a shot towards the centre, the ball will most likely fall into the left bunker, or in more severe situations, the water hazard. But if players hit the tee shot too far to the left, the ball ends up in a long, deep rough. In this case it is wise to forego reaching the green in two and aim for a three-on by laying up with the second shot to land the ball in front of the creek hazard in front of the green. Pinx is a private country club, but tee times are open to visitors from time to time if reservations are made early enough. Your chances are better if you book through a luxury hotel concierge desk. The Podo Hotel run by the golf club is highly recommended if you’re looking for a calm and Zen-like atmosphere for a night or two. The award-winning boutique hotel has 26 rooms with panoramic views of the ocean or traditional Korean-style garden views.


Sunrise Golf & Country Club A golfer’s paradise, Sunrise Golf & Country Club is a championship golf resort with a world-class reputation, designed by one of the world’s most famous golf course architects Robert Trent Jones Jr. Opened in October 1992, Sunrise Golf & Country Club has become known as the ‘best’ course to play in Taiwan and the club is a multi functional country club with international conference facilities and fine restaurants. More than a golf course, it is both a family gathering and business meeting place that offers breath-taking scenery, relaxation, and uncompromising recreation that will ensure every visitor’s time is unforgettable. Sunrise is a beautiful mountaintop course with a nice layout and it has played host to the Sunrise Cup and has been the qualifying grounds for the Asia-Pacific players in the World Alfred Dunhill tournament. The course at Sunrise Golf & Country Club circulates around one of the higher hills in Northern Taiwan, providing natural elevation changes which have been worked into many of the holes. The elevation also exposes the fairways to some persistent breezes. Golf is often played into a one or two club breeze here, sometimes even more. In addition to these natural elements, Trent Jones Jr. has deployed the full panoply of man-made hazards. The course has a fair claim to be the toughest in Taiwan.



Macau learns the game


olf is continuing to grow especially based on the economic boom not just in mainland China but also in Macau. There are more and more Chinese being introduced to the game and with the help of the Macau Professional Golfers Association which was established in 2007, this will continue. Simon Grunwell has been a professional golfer for thirteen years. Founding member of the Macau Professional Golfers Association and Head Golf Professional at the Macau Golf & Country Club, he is responsible for managing the pro-shop, teaching and running of golf operations. “The only issue with Macau is the availability of land to build more golf courses, but in my opinion this will change in the future especially when they start to develop on Hengqin Island where there are plans to build new resorts including a 36-hole project”, Simon Grunwell says. In August of 2009, Macau Business launched the first Charity Golf Clinic becoming an active agent in getting more people into golf. “People who maybe would not normally have the opportunity to learn to play, now have the possibility with activities like this one. The students can learn in a very relaxed atmosphere with friends or work colleagues, and on completion of the course all students are prepared to go to the golf course to start playing golf which is the goal from the beginning”, Simon adds. Bruno de Ascensão was one of the participants in this Golf Academy and he highlights the fact that this activity has “enabled me to correct certain basic movements, which are essential for sustained progress in the performance of this game, namely the grip and address”. Also, this academy changed Bruno de Ascensão perspective about the sport. “The academies are undoubtedly a factor in the dissemination and development of the sport. However,


there is a widespread perception that golf lessons are an expensive option. This idea should be hit by those involved, which should seek to inform the extent to which the academy will improve the level of play of the golfer”, Bruno suggests. Most of the students enrolled in the Macau Business Golf Academy are professional people from different areas including; banking, law, the hotel industry, the casino industry and the media. Most are males aged between 25 and 45 years of age from Macau, Hong Kong, Portugal, Australia and the US. Some of the students have already participated in different sports, which can in some cases make it easier for them to learn to play golf. “The feedback from participants is very positive both from the level of coaching they have received to the actual skills they have learnt and come away with. The students learn a variety of different skills including how to swing the golf club, chipping, pitching, putting, bunker shots, rules and etiquette, and how to play on the golf course. Each session lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes which as one student confirmed “is just a perfect amount of time to learn and then practice what has been discussed during the lesson”, Simon Grunwell explains. In fact, the development of golf in Macau must engage an understanding spirit underlining the need for rules that will safeguard the welfare of a community. “Unfortunately, most of the time, teaching rules of conduct designed to respect is a Herculean task in Macau, yet an essential one. In this sport, it goes side by side with performance techniques and rules. And this will be reflected in society!” Bruno de Ascensão argues. The Golf Academies are very important when it comes to attracting junior golfers involved in the game from an early age. As Simon explains, that target will



No driver, first learn to use the fairway woods 3 and 5

Fairway Woods:

3 and 5 woods as the shafts are shorter and they have more loft on the clubface so are easier to use


5 – SW graphite shafts as they are lighter and easier for ladies to control. The heads should be cavity back which makes the head more forgiving and gives a bigger hitting area


20 or 24 degree rescue with graphite shaft


The standard wedges (PW & SW) which are included in the iron set are fine, no need to purchase any extras

“hopefully give Macau the opportunity to have a super star golfer to grace the fairways of the world in the future and put Macau on the golfing map”. But before that super star comes along, take this bit of advice. “All beginners to the game should go and take some lessons from a PGA pro. This way they will learn the right way and enjoy the game much more. It’s the same when buying equipment, always go and get advice from a PGA pro who can point you in the right direction on what is and is not suitable for your game. I always ask the question: if you are sick would you go and see a doctor or car mechanic? It’s the same when playing golf, take advice from the professionals!” Simon Grunwell concludes.


Buying a putter is very personalized. The golfer should try 5 to 6 different models before choosing. I would suggest a putter which is face balanced. This basically means the face of the putter stays straighter when hitting the ball. Putters also come in lots of different shaft lengths and head designs, so try before you buy. Once a golfer tries out some different models, they will soon find the one which suits their game


Again it’s a personal preference as bags come in lots of different shapes, sizes and colours. Most golfers in Asia don’t carry their bag when on the golf course so buying a bigger bag may be an advantage as they have more storage space. Or some golfers prefer the lighter carry bags which also come with a stand so the bag does not need to be laid on the ground


The first Macau Business Charity Golf Clinic took place in August 2009

For lady beginers I would suggest Callaway’ model X-22 and the diablo edge for the fairway woods. From Taylor Made I would choose the model burner superlaunch and from Macgregor the MX-L model that even comes in pink 89


A day in school


he Butch Harmon School of Golf is one of the most challenging experiences in Macau. After the 2009 experience at Ceasers Golf Macau, the Butch Harmon School of Golf will be back this year for signature clinics, professional clinics and also individual tuitions.


With a very innovative teaching philosophy the school provides both indoor and outdoor practice areas with technological equipment that helps the student get a more concrete notion of their golfing skills. Since the instruction is individualized, it can work not only for accomplished players but also for amateurs, at any age or level of ability.


The course at Caesars Golf Macau Phase One is perfect for a relaxing day out due to it being relatively flat; however it offers golfers variety in the form of unexpectedly challenging holes, particularly Hole 12, its Par 3 Signature hole. Here are my tips for players on the lookout to side-step some of these surprises.

Hole #3

Par 4 – 470 yards This very long hole usually plays directly into the prevailing wind, with the entire left side skirted by water. It will require a well struck drive to avoid the two bunkers along the right of the fairway. The drive should ideally be aimed towards these bunkers to allow for right-to-left undulations to guide your ball back to the middle of the fairway. This will leave a fairway wood or long iron shot to be carried over water to a slightly elevated green. It is important to choose the correct club for your approach as there is a large swale running through the middle of the green, making any mid-range putt very tough.

Hole #8

Par 4 – 400 yards

The teacher B

utch Harmon has been involved in the golf arena over 42 years. Harmon followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming an accomplished player on the US PGA Tour in the early 1970s. In 1971, his final year on the PGA Tour, Harmon won the BC Open. Currently, Harmon is the President of Butch Harmon School of Golf in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he travels around the country playing in corporate and charity golf outings. Harmon is a leading analyst for British Sky Broadcasting which covers the US Masters, US Open, US PGA Championship and the TOUR Championship. He was named the 1995 Sports Illustrated Teacher of the Year. Also voted Golf Digest’s Teacher of the Year in the United States on multiple occasions since 2002, he has been a teaching instructor to several US PGA Tour players, including Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Davis Love, Darren Clarke, Fred Couples, Adam Scott and Justin Leonard. Harmon’s students have combined for over 100 US PGA, European and Champions Tour victories while under his tutelage.

This hole offers beautiful views of Macau’s Cotai Entertainment District, and is a wonderful example of the simultaneous risks and rewards of golf. The more aggressive players will enjoy flirting with the dangers offered by fairway bunkers on both the left and right sides of the driving zone. The aggressive play should be followed up with a short iron or a wedge to enable a skilful approach to the very small obliquely-angled green. Any shot that misses the green is likely to end up in one of the three large bunkers surrounding it, offering more ‘danger zones’ for players.

Hole #12 Signature Hole of Caesars Golf Macau Par 3 – 211 yards

A tough yet straightforward hole, the tee shot presents the player with the 190-yard challenge of forcing the ball over a body of water to a deep and narrow, but relatively flat putting green. With Out Of Bounds running along the left side of the green that will catch most drawers, and a bunker to the right side of the green that will catch any shot that leaks to the right, club selection is a premium. Under or over clubbing will leave the golfer with a long putt of over 60 feet. 91



SWINGING IN STYLE Golf is definitely in the swing of things right now and any self respecting golfer (or wannabe golfer) knows that you can’t show up in your ripped jeans and baby tee. Serious golf clothes can be a bit drab, but occasionally you can find some gems. Lija Style is a women’s golf wear line that has recognized a need in the women’s golf market for a more fashion driven line of apparel that can meet the increased demands of a younger, more style-conscious demographic that are starting to play golf.


Chanel The bag and the golf clubs are proof that Chanel is a true lifestyle brand. Whatever the sport, whomever you’re competing with, whatever course you are on, Chanel will definitely be the best choice!



FOR HIM makes you wonder! What could go better with your game? How about driving the first proportionally correct golf car styled after the famous gas-guzzler? Features include 15-inch custom-built wheels, an aluminum I-beam chassis, a genuine Hummer chrome grill, headlights, fog lights, and turn signals for when you detour off the fairway. Plus it will seat your entire foursome. You can add options like a DVD entertainment system, running boards or leather interior.


The final touch

Antigua Golf is a top leading designer of apparel and accessories in the golf industry. Antigua offers an assortment of golf apparel that is specifically designed to help make you more comfortable on the golf course. If you’re looking for a wind shirt, rain suit, polo, or something to keep you dry, Antigua golf has it.

When Tiger Woods appeared on the course with this Bally bag it immediately became “the item to have”. For us of course, this is not the main reason to buy it, because it looks absolutely amazing regardless of who’s carrying it!

In Any Colour You Want FootJoy says “If you can’t find the exact style to suit your unique personality, use your imagination to visualize more than 2.5 million style combinations available through the MyJoys program!”. So use your imagination and choose the ones that you fit your favorite color combination.



2010 Ryder Cup Both European and American teams will be back this year in Wales for the Celtic Manor traditional competition. If you have tickets to watch it on location, make sure to have the right outfit designed by Ashworth. If you don’t have tickets and you’ll be watching it on TV in Macau, make sure to have it anyway!

You can leave you’re cap on Whether in black, white or blue, the Titleist cap is sure to match any golf course in the world. And be assured that if it looks good on the pros, it will suit you perfectly!

Vintage Look Nothing will match your golf fashion style better than these classic vintage shades from Dunhill. All Dunhill designs are so classic and gentlemanly, but these ones are sexy and beautiful beyond imagination. And yes, they’re our favourites!

Some Reasons Why Golf Is Better Than Sex.... You can have a golf calendar on your wall at the office, tell golf jokes and invite co- workers to golf with you without getting sued for harassment. If you want to watch golf on television, you don’t have to subscribe to a premium cable channel. You don’t have to sneak your golf magazines into the house. If you are having trouble with golf, it is perfectly acceptable to pay a professional to show you how to improve your technique. The Ten Commandments don’t say anything about golf. If your partner takes pictures or videotapes of you golfing, you don’t have to worry about them showing up on the Internet when you become famous.

Attitude and Style Although it comes in a most classic navy blue this Cutter and Buck is really an eyecatchy suggestion. Edgy and energetic, the golf apparel from Cutter and Buck combines a modern attitude and the best performance fabrics.

Your golf partner won’t keep asking questions about other partners you’ve golfed with. It’s perfectly respectable to play golf with a total stranger. When you see a really good golfer, you don’t have to feel guilty about imagining the two of you playing golf together.

Stripes and more stripes Paul & Shark never goes wrong. This stripe tee-shirt it’s not only classical and elegant, but also daring and fun to wear for its colour match choices.

If your regular golf partner isn’t available, he/she won’t object if you play golf with someone else. You don’t have to go to a sleazy shop in a seedy neighbourhood to buy golf stuff. Nobody expects you to promise to play golf with just one partner for the rest of your life. Your golf partner will never say, “What? We just played golf last week! Is that all you ever think about?”



Grand Canal Shoppes, The Venetian Macao 5cm Abiste agnès b. Aigle Aimer Alqvimia Anteprima Apothecary Armani Exchange Arté Madrid Artini Ashworth Autore b+ab Bauhaus Belle Blancpain Blush Boucheron Boutique di Gondola Breil Brooks Brothers Butani BVLGARI Canudilo Caran d’Ache Carat Carl F. Bucherer Century Chai CHARRIOL Chevignon Choi Wai Jewellery Chopard Cirque du Soleil Boutique City Chain CK Calvin Klein Clarins Club Monaco Coach Corona Crocodile Damiani Davidoff Deicae Demandor Derain DG Lifestyle Store Diesel Dilys’ Don Gilato Dooney & Bourke Ecco Edelweiss Jewellery Elle Jewellery Elov Emphasis Jewellery Emporio Armani Emporio di Gondola Enzo EQ:IQ Expressions Fabio Caviglia Fables Fancl Fila Fiorucci Florsheim Folli Follie Fossil Francesco Biasia Franck Muller French Connection Furla Geox; Joy & Peace girls talk Giviea Glashütte Original Godiva Göessele Grossé Guess Accessory Guess Jeans H&B Medicine Shop Hatta Fine Jewelry Hearts On Fire Herborist Hogan Home of Swallows Hugo Boss Orange Label i.t innée

Next month look for ESCAPES

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DFS Galleria, The Four Seasons

Armani Bally Burberry Cartier Celine Chanel Chaumet Chloe Chopard Clinique Debeers Dior Dior (Beauty Zone) Dunhill Estee Lauder Fendi Folli Follie Gucci Hermes IWC Jurlique Kiehl’s The City of Dreams Lancome L’Occitane Level 1, The Boulevard Alfred Dunhill Loewe Level 1, The Boulevard Bally Louis Vuitton Level 1, The Boulevard Burberry Omega Level 2, The Boulevard Cartier Prada Level 2, The Boulevard Chopard Ralph Lauren Level 2, The Boulevard Chow Tai Fook Salvatore Ferragamo Level 1, The Boulevard Coach Shiseido Level 2, The Boulevard Hublot Swarovski Level 1, The Boulevard Hugo Boss Tag Heuer Level 1 and 2, The Boulevard Tod’s i TO i Level 1, The Boulevard Insider Tumi Level 2, The Boulevard IWC Vacheron Constatin Level 1, The Boulevard LeSportsac Van Cleef & Arpels Level 2, The Boulevard Longines Level 2, The Boulevard PENACHE Shoppes at Four Seasons Level 1, The Boulevard Ralph Lauren Level 1, Hard Rock Hotel Rock Shop Abiste Level 1, The Boulevard Salvatore Ferragamo Alain Mikli Level 1, The Boulevard Swarovski Altea Milano Level 2, The Boulevard Tag Heuer Aquascutum Level 1, The Boulevard The Bubble Shop Armani Collezioni Level 2, The Boulevard Timeless Audemars Piguet Level 1, The Boulevard Tumi Autore Level 1, The Boulevard Valentino Bottega Veneta Level 1, The Boulevard Vivienne Westwood Brioni Butani The Esplanade, Wynn Macau Canali Cerruti 1881 16 Alfred Dunhill Chic Elegance 3 Bvlgari Coach 5 Chanel Cole Haan 12 Christian Dior David Yurman 17 Ermenegildo Zegna Diamond SA 10 Fendi Diane Von Furstenberg 21 Ferrari Dilys’ 8 Giorgio Armani Ed Hardy / Christian Audigier 25 Gucci Gieves & Hawkes 18 Hermes Giuseppe Zanotti 23 Hugo Boss Givenchy 6 Louis Vuitton GoldVish S.A. 11 Miu Miu Guess by Marciano 4 Cigar Imporium H&B Medicine Shop 9 Piaget Hugo Boss 27 Prada Jimmy Choo 13 Sundries Juicy Couture 4 The Signature Shop Kate Spade 7 Tiffany & Co. Kent & Curwen 24 Van Cleef & Arpels Kenzo 26 Versace Kwanpen 22 Vertu La Perla Lancel Grand Lapa Hotel Mango Tree Marc by Marc Jacobs 13 Bally Marni 1 Burberry Max Mara 12 Cartier On Pedder 11 Christian Dior Optica Privé 17 Cigar Imporium Renaissance Arts Gallery 10 Alfred Dunhill Roberto Cavalli Class 9 Emporio Armani and Cesare Paciotti 2 Ermenegildo Zegna Samsonite Black Label 16 Florinda Jewelry Shamwari South African Diamonds 8 Hermes Shanghai Tang Hugo Boss Orange Label 5 Shiatzy Chen 4&5 Louis Vuitton Shimansky 6 Omega St. John 7 Salvatore Ferragamo Stefano Ricci 15 Valentino Stuart Weitzman tsesay Valentino Versace

1112 1123 1110 1125 1109 1117 1101/41 1123a 1101/43 1101/22 1101/42 1120 1101/23 1106 1101/20 1102 1101/37 1108 1116 1101/44 1101/26 1101/21 1101/28 1101/25 1121 1115 1101/45 1126 1111 1113 1101/29 1101/38 1101/33 1105 1101/31 1101/39 1101/40

1208 1212 2835b 2836 2805 & 2806 1130 & 1131 1129 2845 2802 1223 2850 2801a 1207 2856 2812 2801 2816 2846 1211 2820 2835a 2847 2851 1226 2858 1215 2807 2838 2859 2829 2837 2840 2817 2849 2857 2813 2831 2841 2808 2848 2823 1213 2800 2825 2818 2839 2833 2821 & 2822 2809 1128 2850a 2832 2842 2853 & 2855

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