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We were hoping our loyal fans will help us out with our fan project. Refer at least 10 friends to Maaji Swimwear and participate in the raffle of one year maaji supply*. Refer at least 10 friends who would be interested in becoming a Maaji Swimwear Fan and participate in the raffle of one year maaji supply*. To become a contestant refer at least 10 friends who would be interested in becoming a Maaji Swimwear Fan. Between the contestants there is going to be a raffle to choose the winner of “One year Maaji supply�* Only for the U.S. You have to be fan of our page, and have registered in the Contest tab! The contest runs from March 12 until April 13. After these we will not receive any requests. The winner of this contest will receive one year Maaji Supply*.

*The one year Maaji supply contains: 2 Maaji swimsuits, 1 cover up, 1 sandal, 1 hat, 1 tanning lotion, 1 splash) * The winner will be amongst the ones entered in the contest, have been registered to our database and invited their friends to follow us. *The winners will be selected by random number generation on April 1. *Conditions and restrictions may be applied IMPORTANT: This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Maaji. Conditions and restrictions may be applied: a) The fans who want to compete must register within the tab that appears on the fan page. Here you must fill in all fields requested. b) The following data are recorded in a web form: Name, ID number, email, country and city. c) This procedure must be performed by all the fans who have registered to participate starting March 7, 2012 and until March 31, 2012. d) The data received will be entered in a database for the random selection of a winner.

After running this database for a few minutes, a winner will be chosen by generating random numbers ( This procedure will be performed on April 1, 2012. f) Maaji will verify the data entered into the web form containing name, ID number, email, country and city and verify compliance with participation requirements. g) Maaji will contact the winner using the contact information on file. The winner will receive the prize as agreed by Maaji, on the date and time that is informed. h) To make public the results of the competition, Maaji will announce the winner, so the winner must consent that his name and image could appear at any time and without restriction, in publications and other media advertising by Maaji. All this without involving compensation or additional compensation for image rights. i) If the winner does not accept the benefit or prize conditions or the conditions contained in this regulation are considered to waive the prize. It is further understood that waives any claim the winner could exercise at any stage including the administrative and / or judicial waiver and bring an action for damages against Maaji total or partial and / or its affiliates. j) With the same process of selection of winners will be chosen five (5) records over the tab, which, according to the order number, shall be substituted in the event that the winning customer for any reason not to accept the prize or non-compliance or in the event that contacting the winner fails, within eight (8) calendar days after the draw. k) Through the process of redemption, the winner will be sent -via email- a document where the prize and conditions are accepted. This document must be signed and scanned, sent back via email with a scan of the identity card. l) Maaji reserves the right to suspend temporarily or indefinitely and immediately the activity subject to this regulation on Facebook, if detected or known irregularities or fraud in the development thereof. These circumstances are communicated publicly by announcement at the official Facebook fan page and Maaji will be exonerated from liability against third party claims arising in the suspension. m) The contest is not open to Maaji employees or officials or its affiliated or related companies, or their relatives in the first and second degree of consanguinity and affinity.

Maaji Contest: Terms & Conditions  

Contest Rules - Conditions and Restrictions

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