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History of Success

M4 Ranch Group is proud to present to you our History of Success magazine. We hope this publication will allow you to better understand who we are as a team and appreciate our depth of knowledge and desire to represent ranch properties throughout.

As you will see M4 Ranch Group continues to be one of the most successful ranch companies in the West. Regardless of size, large or small, M4 Ranch Group has had the pleasure of representing both buyers, and sellers of numerous extraordinary ranch properties.

We believe a significant part of our success has come from the desire and ability to find the right match between property and patron. M4 Ranch Group strives to not only realize and appreciate the intimacies of the property in question, but to also recognize the goals of a prospective buyer. This persistent drive for understanding coupled with a relentless work ethic has brought tremendous


results on both sides of the table. M4 Ranch Group uses cutting edge technology to present your property and is committed to having the right equipment in order to tour properties allowing us to serve clients anytime, anywhere, any season.

While success stories continue to unfold, and because words can only say so much, perhaps some of the best testimonials are included on the following pages illustrating some of the extraordinary ranch properties we have had the honor in representing.

Should this letter and our M4 Ranch Group “History of Success” magazine reach you at a time when selling your ranch is not of interest, please keep us in mind for future needs in both selling and buying a ranch properties.


If you, as a seller or as a buyer, are currently under a written contract to use another broker exclusively, then please disregard this notice. It is not our intention to solicit to other real estate broker’s clients.



(970) 209-1514


D an Murphy, ALC (Accredited Land Consultant), Broker, Partner has called the mountain west home his entire adult life. Dan’s extensive and diverse business experience reveals a track record of success. His service on numerous organizational boards throughout the mountain region demonstrates a commitment to improving communities through an applied, big-picture perspective. He has served on the Colorado DOW’s Big Game Allocation Program (BGLAP), the Colorado Wildlife Federation Board of Directors, the Colorado Outfitters Association, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission Advisory Board, and is a founder of Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation.

Dan has dedicated much time and effort building relationships within Realtor Land Institute, serving as Colorado President in 2021- 2022 (National Chapter of the Year), and currently sitting as National RLI Vice President in 2022-2023 to over 2,100 of the top land agents across the country. Dan will go on to then serve as National RLI President.

Dan shows enthusiasm and advocacy for life through experiencing the wonders of the great outdoors and consistently pursuing professional and recreational life experiences. His quest for adventure and commitment to integrity is apparent to those who know him. He has a lifetime of business experience starting with owning restaurants and a bakery at 16, then as time passed, a guest resort, as well as owning and operating a respected outfitting business in Colorado, Montana, Alaska, and Texas for over twenty years. Dan’s depth of experience and defined passions run far and wide. All of these life passions, dogged work ethic, and professional experiences have led to the vision, and development of his team’s current ownership of a Nationally Recognized real estate firm, M4 Ranch Group, specializing in ranches, hunting, and recreation properties.


(970) 275-4838


M ichelle Murphy, Partner, is a lifetime resident of the mountain west. With a master’s degree in business and marketing, she brings a practical and dogged tenacity to the M4 Brand. Michelle has built her life through hard work and determination. A true hard-working Murphy, Michelle owned and operated a successful Guest Resort in Lake City for 18 years, and a hunting/fishing outfitting business taking clients into the backcountry of Colorado, Montana, Texas and Alaska for 20 years. She and Dan started Team Murphy Realty in 2004, then M4 Ranch Group in 2017. Michelle brings a unique and outstanding talent to business - the accountant with an artistic touch. M4 Ranch Group’s incredible success is in part due to the incredible attention Michelle gives contracts, and the dynamic graphics and design seen in all aspects of the print and digital world that she generates.

Michelle is passionate about her two incredible kids, rodeoing with her daughter or rafting with her son. She has served her community as an EMT for the 34 years and has been an instructor for NOLS for 25 years. Michelle’s passions and enthusiasm runs deep for whatever she is involved in.



(970) 787-0864


S eth Craft, ALC (Accredited Land Consultant) grew up chasing elk and deer in the Cascades of Oregon. A hugely accomplished big game hunter, Seth has a passion for sheep, mule deer, and elk. A Colorado guide for Mossback Outfitters, he knows big deer and spends a lot of the fall searching for Monster Mule Deer.

In early 2000 he joined the Marine Corps at an early age of 17 and finished out the remainder of his time in a Close Quarter Battle team. Seth worked as a Lineman for thirteen years, part of that time was spent doing storm work along the west coast. He is no stranger to hard work and has shown that he is most comfortable outdoors. Chasing his passions, he found a great fit learning the ranch and real estate profession. Seth has become one of the top producers of premier properties in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

Seth has been recognized multiple times by the REALTORS Land Institute (RLI), the leading association for the land industry. Seth’s recognitions include being among the top 5% in production for land REALTORS across the entire country with an average of 50 premier ranch sales a year for the last 4 years.

Seth offers dedication and commitment to all that he is involved in. Married for 19 years, his wife and two children are his greatest gift. Living in Montrose, Colorado, he gets to share his passion for the outdoors and love for hunting with his family.

With years of ranch and hunting experience, Seth has been successful in building perfect ranches for his clientele and has the tenacity to push on and deliver every time. Seth knows the honey holes from Colorado to New Mexico to Wyoming and can undoubtedly assemble your dream ranch.


(970) 901-7821


J ake Murphy literally grew up at the base of 14,000foot peaks in his family home that sits at 9,000’ in the small mountain town of Lake City, Colorado. Raised in the outfitting industry, Jake guided hunters in Texas, Colorado, Montana, then north to Alaska. He is no stranger to time in the field. Being a Murphy left Jake little option - spending a great deal of time on ranches, river projects, habitat restoration, and learning the art of the deal. These experiences have set a deep appreciation and passion for Real Estate and the opportunity to build relationships with clients and the land. Starting his first business at the young age of 12, Jake has always strived to rise above. With a passion for long-distance running as an all-state high school and collegiate athlete, he lived the definition of running rivers, running through mountain peaks, and running after elk and mule deer. This passion, led Jake to discovering another passion, serving people.

Jake used his passions to serve to his community while teaching others the importance of the Western lifestyle. He spent 3 years as a Class V white water guide, led wilderness adventure/backpacking trips in the mountain west, and was a running coach for Team Prep USA – a running camp for America’s top athletes, including Olympic athletes. Jake also served as an elite high rope search and rescue member for Western Colorado University and attained his Wilderness First Responder certification.

It did not take Jake long to find all his experiences could be beneficial for the family business. Like he always has, Jake hit the ground running in his career and has not slowed down. If you are looking for a true professional with a unique understanding of the land and passion for the Mountain West, you can be sure you are in knowledgeable , hard-working hands with Jake Murphy.



(505) 690-4337


D ominic Serna is a passionate Broker Associate based in New Mexico. He was born and raised in Northern New Mexico and has had a lifelong affinity for the outdoors, hunting, fly fishing, and exploring the backcountry of the Pecos Wilderness. Through his many years working in the local area, Dominic has developed a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ranch land, big game hunting, ranch improvements, timber management, and dirt work/building ranch roads.

At 13 years old Dominic began working on ranches across New Mexico. During this time, he developed an understanding of land management as well as improved ways to maximize potential investments in ranch properties. Additionally, Dominic has a wealth of experience creating fish habitat/ lake pond and stream improvements, timber management, dirt work/ building ranch roads. With his comprehensive skillset, he has been able to help his clients find quality properties.

Dominic is also experienced with improving Elk, Mule Deer, antelope, and cattle production ranches. He has been able to develop mutually beneficial relationships between hunters and landowners that create a more sustainable environment for wildlife while still allowing for financial gain from big game hunting opportunities.

He is an experienced land management specialist who is avid about helping clients get the most out of their land investments. Dominic’s goal is to help maximize his clients’ potential with their land investments by utilizing his knowledge and expertise in the field.


(970) 944-4444


T aylor was born and raised in Texas but fell in love with the mountains early on. Spending as many summers as possible working at camps in Colorado, she finally made Lake City her home in 2016. Taylor graduated from Texas Tech University in 2012 and jumped into a career working with kids as a director for a children’s ministry program. A deep love for camp ministry led her to Lake City where she worked as an Administrative Assistant and Retreat Coordinator. Finding that she enjoyed organization, development, and supporting people, she found a great fit with the growing M4 Ranch Group team. Taylor joined M4 Ranch Group in 2019 and manages and coordinates showings. She helps our M4 Ranch Group team stay organized and is a vital asset to us. She soon brought along her daughter, Sawyer and Cooper who is known around the office as the “M4 Mascots.” Taylor has been involved in Young Life for many years and has volunteered as a local Young Life leader in Lake City for the last four years. She and her husband enjoy chasing around their kids and adventurous pup, Bonnie. They appreciate any opportunity to play outside love that Colorado has become home.


(970) 944-4444


L auren originally from San Antonio, Texas and moved with her family to Lake City, Colorado in 2007. She and her family lived and worked at Camp Redcloud, a Christian summer camp, where a majority of Lauren’s days were spent with the counselors and kids. She loved helping in the camp kitchen and at the barn working with the wranglers and 70± horses. Growing up in the most remote county in the lower 48 states gave her a lot of time to spend immersed in nature, where she learned to love the land, the wildlife, the slower lifestyle, and the sense of responsibility that comes with it, all of which has created her outstanding work ethic and drive.

Lauren has worked in the hospitality and service industry throughout Lake City and Gunnison, giving her a great perspective and knowledge of customer relationships and quick problem-solving. Lauren loves Colorado and is avid about getting outside to explore the world around her with her friends and family. Having known the Murphy’s most of her life, Lauren was thrilled at the opportunity to start a career here at M4 and once again be integrated into their lives. She believes there is nothing quite like immersing in her work which helps M4 protect it for future generations to enjoy. Lauren acts as M4’s research analyst, she has taken on many roles including researching land records, finding that perfect fit property, analyzing data to identify trends and opportunities, examine and validate the accuracy of the data to ensure that it produces meaningful information.

Brittany Hurdle, ALC (Accreditd Land Consultant) is a Marketing Director at M4 Ranch Group with a focus on serving national homebuilder land acquisition managers, as well as national trucking companies with remote truck yards. Brittany’s analytical and creative sides unite to puzzle-piece deals together between her buyers and sellers. These assets have already solidified a strong name for herself in the development world after only five years. Most recently, Brittany started using her development knowledge to help vacation rental/short-term rental owners find the right land for their unique projects, which has led her to get her license in various states to ensure smooth experiences for her clients. Brittany’s real estate career started early with a family history in land acquisitions, sales, and note development. Brittany’s love for all things real estate started during her childhood with taking listing magazines from the grocery stores and pretending to be a realtor selling her friend’s imaginary houses when they were playing house. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Brittany now calls Lake City, Colorado home. She is a very active member of the Realtors Land Institute, having received the 2020 Chapter Administrator of the Year Award, and is also a member of CREW Network. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, Brittany was named the 2018 Woman of the Year by The Wilson Post.



A Brand of Excellence


Murphy of M4 Ranch Group based in Lake City, Colorado, is leaving his mark—well, actually his family brand—on Mountain West ranch real estate.

“The Rocking M4 brand is way more than just a logo—it’s our family ranch brand,” Dan said. “It says a lot about who we are and what we do.” It is a Murphy family tradition that when the children turn 18, they receive a belt buckle emblazoned with the Rocking M4 brand. “When my dad handed my son Jake his family belt buckle on his 18th birthday, it was one of the proudest moments of my life,” Dan said. “It was a symbolic statement of the honor and pride associated with our western history—and the responsibility to honor and uphold it as the next generation.”

An expectation of excellence that results from hard work is part of the family inheritance—and it’s not lost on the next generation. Jake, in a recent paper for a class at Western State University, where he, as a student athlete, is pursuing a double major in Business and Marketing degree while earning his real estate license, quoted his grandfather, “Work half a day—do whatever you want with the other 12 hours.”

“I got a kick out of the paper because it proves the family brand goes far beyond an identifying mark,” Dan said. “It is a statement of trust and excellence.”

In hindsight, the family brand seems obvious as the choice for the ranch division’s logo, but it was selected after extensive research and an outside evaluation of the team’s strengths and identity.

“After all of the time, money and research, the most descriptive and meaningful name for the Dedicated Ranch Brokerage had been right in front of us,” Dan said.

Because it carries so much meaning, applying the brand to their business is not a responsibility the M4 Ranch Brokerage take lightly.

“Our name and our history is on this company, so we strive to be the best we can be in every aspect of this business. We never forget that M4 Ranch Group directly reflects on our family’s legacy.”

The ancestors have reason to be proud. M4 Ranch Group has been a driving force in recreational real estate for decades. The M4 Ranch Group division has, risen to the top of Colorado land brokerages, selling 100’s of 1,000’s of acres in mountain ranches in 2017.


The M4 Brand of Business

The family, who has put down deep roots in Colorado over the past 44 years, can trace their ancestry back to the settling of the western frontier. The Murphy’s are direct descendants of Mirabeau B. Lamar, the second President of the Republic of Texas, best known for trading off the western Colorado Rockies in 1850 to help retire the thenrepublic’s debt.

Dan built his first career on his passion for the outdoors; few things in life meant more than being in the field where his respect for nature and the role of man’s stewardship grew.

“I spent at least a hundred nights a year sleeping in a sleeping bag, for more than 20 years,” he said.

As he was preparing to depart for Africa to finish school, he met Michelle DePinto, a ballerina who lived in Denver. After a long distance relationship, she traded in her pointe shoes and urban existence for a life off the beaten path as the “best partner a man could find.”

Under the banner of MMLO Outfitting, they owned and operated an outfitting business that took clients in pursuit of the West’s top big game in the back country of Colorado, Alaska and Montana. To succeed as an outfitter, he not only had to

master the art of hospitality and client relations, but also the natural history and behavior of big game, federal and state regulations, habitat management and the principles of business.

Dan recognized that the outfitting business kept him away from Michelle and their young children too much for his taste. After 20 years in the outfitting business, Dan and Michelle decided to fold the tents at the peak of that career.

The M4 Brand of Real Estate

Believing that the Mountain West real estate industry would provide an ideal environment for their work ethic, knowledge of the outdoors, and vast network, Dan and Michelle launched M4 Ranch Group. We like to call Michelle the ‘Closer,’” Dan said, pointing out that she gives the team a focal point of concentration and, with a Master’s degree in Business and Marketing, has the ability to bring the “high-flying, big-picture goals “into a grounded, get-the-details-done perspective.”

M4 Ranch Group has grown into a very dynamic group of land professionals, with expertise ranging from habitat enhancement, river restoration, conservation easements, ranch appraisals to market trends. The Brand and its goals are supported by a group of true passionate professionals from data analysis, photography, film


and the constant of SEO web placement. Covering the mountain west keeps our sales team on the road throughout what we feel is the best parts of the western lifestyle.

“Ranch real estate gives us a chance to experience incredibly spectacular land just as I did as an outfitter,” Dan said. Annually, our trucks, rangers, snowcats, and snowmobiles travel 100’s of 1,000’s of miles filming and showing ranches—and the odometer is still turning.

“Our goal from the outset was to be the best informed brokers in Colorado,New Mexico and Wyoming” Dan said. “We work hard to acquire personal, first-hand knowledge of all of the ranches in the marketplace.”

The M4 Brand of Life

Lake City, which serves as the hub of M4 Ranch Group, has 400 residents and is the only town in Hinsdale County, the nation’s most remote county. The town is situated in a valley deep in the San Juan Mountains at the base of five 14,000-foot peaks. Lake City also has more Fortune 500 CEOs per capita than any other town in the country.

“They call this place home because this area is not about what you have, but more about what elk you harvest or the fly used to land the latest trout,” Dan said laughing.

Once, Dan was helping a neighbor—a hellbent-for-leather old-timer—drive cattle. They were joined by one of these CEOs, whose company refines about two-thirds of the oil in the U.S. He had parked his Gulfstream III at the airport and driven his 1979 Ford pickup to the cattle drive.

According to Dan, the CEO’s cowboying skills favorably impressed the veteran cowhand, who said to the CEO, “You need some cash? You could probably make some decent money with day work around here.”

The CEO responded, “I’m doing ok on cash.”

The story resonates with Dan not only because it is par for the course, but it reinforces their parents’ teachings to treat every “book” respectfully regardless of its “cover.” The Golden Rule is one of the family’s core values that is also at the heart of the company.

The M4 Brand of Marketing

M4 attributes a great deal of their success to an aggressive marketing strategy. They utilize the most cutting-edge technology and a variety of deep integrated digital marketing tactics, in addition to proven and established print media, including two in-house magazines featuring the full scope of their listings, and national impact print marketing. They also regularly attend gatherings of a wide variety of organizations such as the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association because they “want to know everyone connected with land through livestock and wildlife.”

M4 Ranch Group takes great pleasure in really getting to know people outside of their offices. Relationships thrive and understanding grows when people get away from the constant pinging of cell phones and out of the relentless reach of email.

To that end, they employ—and enjoy—their “handshake” marketing initiative. The M4 Ranch Group Team puts current and prospective clients in the field for local events: floating the Rio Grande River during the famous salmon fly hatch during M4’s Wild Trout Week or riding the Rockies horseback on the 100-mile annual Roundup Ride. They also sponsor and guide hunts for one of their favorite charities, the Colors of Heroes hunts celebrating the sacrifices of our veterans. Rodeo is a huge part of our lifestyle and this company. Dan’s daughter is currently rodeoing her way through college and represented the state of Colorado as High School Rodeo Queen. Dan stated “Rodeo to me is true America, a group of athletes that have pride in our flag, fight hard for what they believe in and love true competition.

“Our goal is not just selling the ranches we are blessed to work on, but building something bigger and longer lasting than a closing,” Dan said.

The M4 Brand of Stewardship

M4 Ranch Groups Team love of people and wildlife has inspired him to be heavily involved in protecting the western lifestyle.

“Generally, most land is managed better privately than publicly due to the landowners’ passion, finances and ability to make and carry out a decision,” Dan said. “The private, long-term commitment to manage for the most diversity is far beyond most government agency’s desires or capabilities.”


Dan characterizes his philosophy as “cowboy conservatism” noting that his first line of defense for the western lifestyle is first-hand knowledge gained through leadership at the local and state levels.

Dan is currently serving on the Upper Gunnison Water Advisory Group, is vice chair of Hinsdale County Planning Commission, and has served on the Sportsman’s Round Table and its advisory committee to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department. He previously served on the Big Game License Application, Big Game Allocation Program, and the Colorado Wildlife Federation. In 2021-22 Dan was President of the Colorado Chapter of Realtors Land Instutite and currently holds the postion of VP of National Realtors Land Institute.

“One of the team’s most important duties is “match making.” The team excels at identifying the right property for the right buyers—and helping the new owners see what the property can become with good stewardship.

“Our job is to understand a property,” Dan said. M4 Ranch Group relies on cutting-edge technology in all aspects of the business, including their own 3D virtual camera, drone filming and editing department to showcase the height, depth, breadth and nuances of each property.

M4 Ranch Groups goal is to give potential buyers a true sense of a ranch before they ever tour it. Once boots are on the ground, Dan uses his experience and expansive network of restoration and preservation professionals to help the potential owners see what the land can be rather than simply what it is. For instance, if a ranch has a degraded stream, Dan would help the client understand what it will take to restore it to a healthy, productive fishery.

“We’re the concierges of conservation,” noting they introduce landowners to some of the best conservation practitioners in their respective fields.

Dan has prompted the restoration of miles upon miles of streams and thousands of acres of habitat. This has helped greatly increase the value of numerous ranches while greatly increasing the volume of habitat Colorado’s wildlife depends on.

To keep space open in the west, the intrinsic value of undeveloped land has to be recognized, they believe.

“Habitat has value from an ecological and emotional standpoint as well as a financial one,” Dan said.

To be clear, conservation work is not an income stream for the business, but a passion.

“What makes us proud is sharing what we’ve helped conserve with generations to come,” Dan said. When we’ve helped build legacy ranches that families can convey to their children or when we see a kid reel in a big brown or a cut-throat on a fly while fishing an enhanced stream, the circle is complete. We’ve passed forward what’s important to us.”



Monument Butte Ranch Steamboat Springs, CO

Located in Northwest Colorado near the world-class ski town of Steamboat Springs is 21,793± sprawling acres known as “Monument Butte Ranch”. Monument Butte Ranch has been operated as a corporate hunting retreat. The ranch contains thousands of acres of big game habitat. Numerous streams run through the ranch and over 30 reservoirs have been created. As a result, wildlife thrives here in large numbers. The ranch remains mostly undeveloped to promote its magnificent hunting but does offer a great opportunity for grazing in the summer with its irrigated and sub-irrigated acres of meadows. A grand 4,900± square foot lodge containing 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, good for accommodating large hunting parties or family gatherings. A 2,100± square foot manager’s home is also included, as well as 2 small cabins, 2 barns, and several outbuildings. The ranch allows excellent access to both the west and east sides of the ranch via county roads. Monument Butte Ranch is an exceptional find for those looking for a one-of-a-kind hunting property with excellent investment potential.

Represented the Buyer $28,500,000

Citadel Ranch Westcliffe, CO

One of the best all-around hunting ranches in the Rocky Mountains, Citadel Ranch in southern Colorado is 17,520 acres (14,800+/- deeded) of incredible habitat for elk, mule deer, antelope, black bear, mountain lion, turkey and even the coveted bighorn sheep. Stretching from the 6800-foot sweeping grasslands in the east to over 10,000 feet on the forested slopes of Silver Mountain in the west, this ranch encompasses numerous life zones that are perfectly suited to an abundance of wildlife that is simply amazing. What’s more, its copious water resources, mild climate, development potential, easy accessibility and proven ranching record all add up to make Citadel Ranch a rare Colorado property that truly “has it all.”


Represented the Buyer


Headquarters Ranch

Nestled under the high peaks of Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the Headquarters Ranch at 18,197 acres. The ranch’s vast terrain varies from pine timbered canyons to pinon mesas to rolling grass plains providing excellent habitat for all, exceptional wildlife herds, cattle, bison, and horses. Due to its location and terrain, this historic & productive working cattle-bison & horse ranch is accented with unequivocally some of the finest big game Elk & Deer hunting the west has to offer. Based on its extensive scope of resources and capital improvements, this vast western ranch boasts the capability to function as a profitable working ranch, with world-class horse facilities, state-of-the-art bison and beef handling operations, 4 guest homes as part of the main lodging complex, a modest owner’s home, numerous homes for ranch management and staff as well as multiple equipment facilities and barns. All hunting areas and facilities are accessible via an exceptionally well-maintained network of roads and trails. Abundant water from several creeks, ditches, reservoirs, and springs services the ranch’s irrigation system, livestock, and wildlife. Conveniently located in South Central Colorado, offering community amenities within easy access coupled with limitless privacy. The ranch is 16 miles south of the mountain town of Westcliff, Colorado, and is accented by Jet capable Silver West Airport.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

South Ranch & Black Mountain

South Ranch is 32,408 acres located in one of Colorado’s larger ranch offerings, nestled along the east side of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range the ranch offers a diversity of attributes. As a historic western working ranch providing senior water, irrigated improvements, expansive grazing along with a resident wildlife population rarely rivaled in on a private deeded holding. The South Ranch offers un-parallel recreational attributes being backed into over 18,000 acres of the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area and over 130,000 acres of the Great Sand Dunes National Park. If your search includes a working western ranch coupled with outstanding western recreation, the South Ranch could be the perfect fit. South Ranch is located in South Central Colorado’s Huerfano County, just 4 miles west of Gardner Colorado and just18 miles south of the small mountain town of Westcliffe, 38 miles North of Walsenburg Colorado and the I-25 corridor. Huerfano County, established in 1861, whose name comes from the Spanish Huerfano meaning "orphan", was named for the Huerfano Butte, a local landmark. The county seat is Walsenburg Colorado with a current population of 2,927 residents. Regional air travel is serviced by the jet-accessible Silver West Airport, located 15 miles north of the ranch and features a 7,000’ X 55’ paved runway at 8,300’ elevation and offers private jet charter transportation. Commercial air travel is conveniently located to both Denver and Colorado Springs airports, Denver being a 3 hour drive and Colorado Springs just two hours from the ranch gate.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


North Mountain Ranch Norwood,

N orth Mountain Ranch is 3,781.1± deeded acres located in San Miguel County, 31± miles west of Telluride and 12± miles southwest of Norwood, Colorado, and sits near the north boundary of the Mckenna Peak Wilderness Area. Located in GMU 70, this real estate and land for sale in Norwood, Colorado may be one of the strongest elk hunting ranches M4 Ranch Group has had the opportunity to market. This unit is comprised of 871,086 acres of which are 30% private, 70% public, 16% USFS, 49% BLM, and 5% state lands. The ranch qualifies and is in the landowner participation program. The ranch’s deeded acres are fronted by Dry Creek State Wildlife Area, totaling over 2,220± acres. The ranch is NOT under conservation easement, though it is fronted by lands that are protected from future development being under conservation easements. North Mountain Ranch is home to 9 distinct drainages, numerous ponds, and lakes. This Norwood, CO real estate and land for sale offers year-round access with size, terrain, and habitat as well as an exceptional hunting lodge with 4-bedrooms 3-bathrooms, built-in 2016 coupled with a 36’X45’ equipment accessories barn, equipped with a walk-in cooler. While the ranch has direct electricity, it is greatly enhanced with a new substantial solar coupled with a 1,500-gallon spring-fed cistern with direct gravity feed water pressurizing the home to 40 psi with no pumps.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Whetstone Mountain Ranch Gunnison, CO

Whetstone Mountain Ranch, high in the West Elk Mountains near Crested Butte, Colorado, you’ll not only be “away from it all”, but also “above it all”. This 1,243.55± acre wilderness ranch for sale boasts sweeping views of the magnificent Ohio Creek Valley that will be shared only by you and the eagles. If you’re interested in having your nearest neighbors be elk, mule deer, black bears and lush meadows of wildflowers, Whetstone Mountain Ranch is the wilderness hunting retreat of your dreams.

Represented the Seller $9,400,000


Boyer Ranch Westcliffe, CO

Located near Westcliffe, Colorado sits the 12,505± acre Boyer Ranch. 11,380± deeded acres and 1,125± state leased acres sit in the beautiful Wet Mountain Valley with the Sangre de Cristo range as your backdrop. 700± acres of the ranch are irrigated, and the ranch offers strong water rights, ponds, streams, and several wells. The ranch has been used for hay and grazing, running cattle for several months of the year. Improvements on the ranch include a main home, guest home, bunkhouse, barns, loafing sheds, hay barns, and shop. This is a great working ranch opportunity nestled around incredible mountain peaks.

$8,000,000 Represented the Seller and Buyer

High Meadow Ranch Ridgway, CO

Steeped in history and wrapped in breath-taking beauty, the 417± acre High Meadow Ranch is one of the most desirable properties on the market today. Located above the banks of the Uncompahgre River, overlooking Ouray, Colorado, known as the “Switzerland of America” and the “Outdoor Capital of Colorado”. Nestled in the San Juan Mountains, the ranch is extremely private, creating the opportunity to bask in the grandeur of jagged peaks and alpine forests uninterrupted. Bordered by public lands giving you unlimited recreational opportunities. Horse enthusiasts can ride their horses off the property above the Dallas Trail into National Forest, giving you thousands of acres to explore and enjoy.


Represented the Seller

66 Ranch Meeker, CO

The 66 Ranch is the ultimate luxury sporting compound situated in the heart of northwest Colorado’s upper White River Valley. The White River Valley is extremely secluded and private, yet has a quiet reputation for being the ideal recreational paradise with premier fly-fishing and big game hunting. The property comprises 153 private acres, about a mile of both sides of the esteemed White River with side channels, braids, deep runs, and pools, in addition to a 4-acre pond. The ranch is immaculately managed and improved with the complete package of custom structures including a one-of-a-kind 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home, party-barn, river-camp, ranch shop, and various other outbuildings.


Represented the Buyer


Payne Mesa Ranch Glade Park, CO

The Payne Mesa Ranch is comprised of 4,443± beautiful and diverse mountain acreage. On the ranch you will find elevations ranging between 7,200’ to 8,400’, and 2.5± miles of the Dolores River. The ranch is located in GMU 40 with excellent wildlife throughout thought the property. The ranch has two BLM grazing allotments, grazing opportunities, a conservation easement, water, and diverse terrain.


Represented the Buyer


Centennial Ranch

Encompassing 392+ acres, 97 of which are irrigated via two ditches, the ranch sits along one-half mile of private frontage on the pristine Uncompahgre River. The crown jewel of the ranch is Dashwood House, a warm, welcoming, and informal, yet elegant timber-frame masterpiece. Featured in Architectural Digest, its 6,497 square feet include the great room with its towering timber ceilings, formal dining room, exquisite kitchen, three-bedroom suites, an office, and much more. A separate caretaker’s apartment over the garage is an added bonus. A working cattle ranch, Centennial also includes an iconic timber frame barn using posts and beams salvaged from the Royal Typewriter Company’s plant built in 1907. The Line Cabin harkens back to the days on the huge cattle ranches when the cowboys had to ride for days to check fences. Holding true to its roots, the line cabin at Centennial has no electricity or running water. This incredible habitat and way of life have been protected by a very generous Conservation Easement. More than anything, Centennial is a return to a simpler life that is fast disappearing. The ranch means spending time outside, being connected to a place and the land, responsibility, and closeness with family and neighbors. It is the sound of the cowboys, horses, and cows during the Spring branding and Fall gathering, the smell of newly cut hay, the tracks of deer in the snow, and the music of the river as it passes by each day.

Montrose, CO
$6,750,000 Represented

Leroux Creek Ranch Delta County, CO

The Leroux Creek Ranch is a 1,704± acre cattle and recreational ranch in Delta County, Colorado. The property offers 2± miles of live water and is backed into BLM and Grand Mesa National Forest. The ranch has a 1,000-acre BLM grazing allotment, valuable water rights, and great hunting. The breathtaking 11,700± square foot lodge has 9 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a large living room, kitchen, dining room, theater, laundry room, and more. Sit and enjoy the views from the huge windows or one of the many decks. There are incredible recreational opportunities right out your back door. Hiking, ATVing, Fishing, Wildlife, and in the winter, snowmobiling. Grand Mesa National Forest is right there for your enjoyment, and Black Canyon National Park close by.


Represented the Buyer


Remmow Ranch Durango, CO

The Remmow Ranch consists of 2,078± acres, located about 25 miles from Durango, Colorado. The ranch is surrounded by US Forest Service Lands on all sides. Great hunting can be found on and around the ranch. The Ranch is in Game Management Unit 75. Ranch improvements include several houses, cabins, a barn, numerous outbuildings, and sheds. Remmow Ranch is served by 4 permitted wells, in addition to decreed rights to 2.5 CFS in the George B Jones Ditch (1936 and 1966). Five livestock ponds are also located on the property.

$5,900,000 Represented the Buyer


Lake Fork River Ranch

Lake Fork River Ranch is 269.844± acres of exceptional mountain property hosting a world class lodge, two family cabins, a caretaker house, and two guest dorms, as well as a 39,000± square foot riding arena. The terrain on the ranch varies from large aspen groves, to alpine meadows, to deep pine forest and extraordinary rock outcroppings. The term "backyard" on this ranch could be the understatement of the century, directly backed by over 2,000,000± public acres of the San Juan Mountains and fronted by over 34,000± public acres of the Red Cloud Peak Wilderness Study Area. The ranch is a sportsman’s paradise, home to one of the wests top trout streams, the famous Lake Fork River, as well as a premier custom-built trout lake. Located in one of Colorado’s top big game units, Unit 66, home to truly exceptional mule deer, elk, moose, big horn sheep, and even some predators. Lake Fork River Ranch offers access to a lifetime of unparalleled mountain recreation. Large acreage, live water, big views, ease of access, built improvements, and lifestyle best describe the offering of the Lake Fork River Ranch.

$5,850,000 Represented the Seller and Buyer

Lake City, CO

Still Meadow Ranch Lake City, CO

Still Meadow Ranch is one of the most picturesque ranches, nestled in the San Juan Mountain Range directly under three 14,000 foot peaks, built at the foot of Velvet Mountain. The 184± acres sits on the valley floor of the Lake Fork River, banked by granite bluffs the ranch valley is home to just under 1 mile of the Lake Fork River. Few ranches offer a turnkey buyer opportunity; this ranch is one of the few. Still Meadow Ranch has a well laid out and useful improvement plan, hosting a very fitting custom built Swedish Cope log main home, an exceptional guest or caretaker home, lake camping cabin, heated shop, and equipment barn.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Mosca Pass Ranch Gardner, CO

The scenic 6,416± acre Mosca Pass Ranch is an exceptional mountain property sitting near the Sangre de Cristo Range. The ranch boasts views of Blanca Peak, Mt. Lindsey, Sheep Mountains, and Wet Mountains, and offers access to Mosca Pass Trail. Adjacent to the ranch is San Isabel National Forest and Great Sand Dunes National Park. The ranch is undeveloped, has proximity to public land, water, conservation opportunities, and hunting opportunities. Between the vast topography and great water throughout the acreage, large elk herds and other wildlife frequent the ranch.


Represented the Buyer


Historic Colorado Ranch Gunnison, CO

This beautiful and historic Colorado Ranch is a perfect blend of agricultural and recreational amenities conveniently located 8 miles east of Gunnison, Colorado. It features exceptional ranch headquarters and two natural Rocky Mountain trout streams that originate from the head waters of the Great Continental Divide. For the first time in their 140 year ranching history, these two neighboring ranches may be purchased in combination to form a truly outstanding cattle ranch. Together, they have over 520+ deeded acres of lush irrigated meadow and pasture land that produce 800 to 900 tons of native grass hay annually, with a “bumper” crop of around 1000 tons occasionally. Additionally, there are 384+ acres of deeded acreage for dry grazing and calving grounds along with both ranch headquarters. The abundant water rights with excellent use histories and over 8 miles of Tomichi Creek and Cochetopa Creek meandering through the ranch nurture the groomed hay meadows and pastures. Both of these natural watersheds provide superb habitat for livestock as well as fish, waterfowl, and wildlife.


Represented the Buyer

Shared Ranch Gunnison,

Dunbar at Eagle Ridge Ranch

Dunbar Ranch is a 7,100± square foot home on 35.2± deeded acres within the Shared Ranch Community. The fully furnished home features 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, and large windows to enjoy the Ohio Creek Valley. The property also includes a gorgeous 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom guest home, a heated 3-car garage, and a heated barn with three horse stalls, a tack room, and hay loft.

Eagle Ridge Ranch is 4,900± deeded acres sweeping across the fertile Ohio Creek Valley only 8 miles north of the university town of Gunnison, Colorado. Operated for decades as a productive cattle and hay ranch, the property is now shared by 15 families who seek to steward the ranch for the maintenance of profitable agriculture, land conservation and enhancement of wildlife values.


Represented the Buyer


Ivordt Ranch Powderhorn, CO

Nestled between two breathtaking canyons, Ivordt Ranch is an end of the road, 680± acre sanctuary peppered with old growth spruce, Ponderosa pines, quaking aspens with close to 2± miles of willow-lined, trout-filled Powderhorn Creek cutting through lush irrigated hay meadows. 62,000± acres of the Powderhorn Wilderness await you at your fence line, with well managed heard of mule deer and elk in legendary Big Game Unit 66. This ranch is tailor made for a serious fishery enhancement, with water rights, elevation, slope, water source and natural terrain. Located halfway between Lake City and Gunnison, Ivordt Ranch has access to unlimited winter, summer, and fall recreation, creating the perfect mountain property.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


Circle J Ranch Gunnison, CO

Comprising 737± acres at about 8,000 feet, most of the Circle J Ranch lies in grass and hay meadows, surrounded by sagebrush hills. 2.49± miles of Quartz Creek winds through the ranch property. Tributary Alder Creek is a smaller stream that runs for 2.69± miles on the ranch and is excellent habitat for both brown and brook trout. Improvements on the ranch include the large historic barn, complete fencing, and a classic two-story ranch house, which was constructed in 1914. It contains 1,952± square feet and has three bedrooms and two baths. A strategically situated deck allows you to enjoy many incomparable Colorado summer evenings to the soothing sounds of Alder Creek murmuring nearby.

Represented the Seller and Buyer



March 21, 2018 (Lake City) – Dan Murphy of M4 Ranch Group from Lake City, CO received the 2017 National Top Producer Award, the 2017 Broker of the Year in Recreational Land Sales Award, Top Producers Club Award. Additionally, The Realtors® Land Institute (RLI) included Dan, respectively, among the 2017 Top Twenty Producers. Dan Murphy accepted the awards during the APEX Awards Program Ceremony on March 13 at RLI’s National Land Conference hosted this year in Nashville, TN.

“I’m sincerely excited and humbled to be recognized by the Realtor’s Land Institute with these top honors,” said Dan Murphy, an RLI member since 2008. “We are truly fortunate to do what we love every day, which is to bring the rich history and beauty of this country’s western lands with both new and veteran land owners.”

“We really owe this honor, though, to our friends, family and colleagues who share our love for land and tirelessly support us day in and day out.”

The APEX Awards Program, sponsored by The Land Report, celebrated its inaugural year with fifty applicants totaling a combined $1B+ in qualifying transaction volume. The awards program is designed to recognize the excellence and performance of the best in the business with these prestigious land real estate productionbased awards. Every year, the REALTORS® Land Institute recognizes the year’s ‘Top Producer Award’ for the agent with the highest


production level; ‘Broker of the Year Award’ for the agents with the highest production in each of the seven distinct land categories; ‘Wrangler’ award for the agent with the most transactions; the ‘APEX Top 20’recognizing the top twenty agents, and the “APEX Producers Club” recognizing all applicants who met the minimum qualifying volume of $4M.

“We are proud of Dan Murphy and all of our members that were recognized for their accomplishments in 2017. They truly are the cream of the crop when it comes to land real estate professionals,” said RLI’s CEO Aubrie Kobernus, MBA, RCE, about the new program. “In the two years since launching M4 Ranch Group, Dan, and all of the support cast there have raised the bar for standards of service in our industry.”


Buckhorn Mountain Ranch Montrose, CO

Buckhorn Ranch, 1560 Acres, strategically located on the slopes overlooking the Montrose valley and the Dallas Divide. The Ranch has exceptional cover, terrain, and elevation, and is home to plentiful wildlife, grazing and future opportunities.


Represented the Buyer


Maggie Rock Ranch

Maggie Rock Ranch has over 950 a deeded acres located just outside of Hesperus Colorado. This Ranch comes with a beautiful home, horse stables and corrals. The property has several ponds and excellent water rights for irrigation.


Represented the Buyer


Eagle Bluff Ranch Guffey, CO

Just outside the unincorporated town of Guffey, Colorado, which showed its heyday between 1895 to 1902 when it was a part of the Freshwater mining district, and cattle ranching and lumber contributing to the economy, sits the Eagle Bluff Ranch. The ranch consists of 3,069± acres and has operated as a cattle ranch with hay production but has so much more to offer. Eagle Bluff Ranch has many adjudicated springs, water rights to irrigate over a dozen hayfields, and multiple ponds. The water is key to cattle and hay production but also is important in wildlife migration. Over 3 miles of seasonal creeks and streams and dozens of ponds and small lakes can be found on the ranch. The ranch holds some historical improvements, including a small cabin. Topography is flat, rolling, and steep terrains with elevations ranging from 8,600 feet to over 9,600 feet. The Ranch offers a unique opportunity to obtain significant hunting acreage in the Central Colorado mountains as well as cattle and haying operations. Located in GMU 581, the ranch is home to elk, mule deer, antelope, wild turkey, and more. Eagle Bluff Ranch backs up to over 500,000± acres of public hunting land, setting up prime wildlife migration through the ranch. With the ranch’s water resources and habitat, you have the makings for a prime big game hunting ranch.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Ridge Ranch Crawford, CO

Ridge Ranch is comprised of 3,464± acres of high mountain recreational property located in the picturesque North Fork Valley. Hosting a variety of topographies, the ranch lends itself to outstanding hunting opportunities along with grazing capabilities. Vegetation on the ranch is made up of native mountain grass meadows, sage, oak brush, and higher up with aspen and pine trees. The ranch offers drainages, seeps, springs, and runoff filled ponds, which contribute to the ranch’s vast and varied wildlife. The ranch sits in the well-known game management area, Unit 63, which is known for its exceptional big game. Big Game Unit 63 offers over-the-counter elk tags available for rifle and archery elk seasons, giving way to hunting lease income opportunities for the ranch. The ranch includes fencing and water. Cattleman’s Water Pipeline runs through the ranch, giving the owner 10 shares or 5 taps. The water is unfiltered and may be used for domestic and or stock water. The ranch has two access points off Highway 92, making it accessible year-round.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


Storm King Ranch

Storm King Ranch at 823± acres , overlooks the world-famous Dallas Divide in South Central Colorado. The ranch has exceptional springs, various timber, and an expansive wildlife proponent.


Represented the Buyer

Montrose, CO

Little Yellowstone Ranch Fairplay, CO

Central Colorado Hunting and Recreational Ranch at its finest with nearly 7 miles of trout stream, abounding buffalo herds and snow-capped peaks. As the buffalo roll across the tundra for miles, everywhere you turn is a million-dollar view. It does not matter if you are an avid sportsman, or rancher, this ranch has opportunities for all. The 2,900± deeded acres, and additional 486± land-locked state lease acres are an outdoors-man’s paradise with over 7 miles of live water making this one of the best fishing havens in Central Colorado. The ranch has excellent perimeter fencing with cross fencing. Located in game management unit 50, this unit is well known for producing quality elk with the genetics and phenomenal feed that the property and area offer and the solitude to grow mature bulls. The ranch qualifies for several landowner tags. Improvements on the ranch include a 2,064± square foot newly remodeled farmhouse with large, covered porches, 740± square foot detached garage, 622± square foot guest cabin, 540± square foot guest cabin, several historical barns, and state of the art working facility for Buffalo.

$3,995,000 Represented the Seller and Buyer


Potts Ranch

6 ,044± deeded acres located just north of Walsenburg, Colorado in Huerfano County. The ranch saddles the I-25 corridor, providing year around access, rolling terrain and spectacular views of the Spanish Peaks. Potts Ranch offers a vast expanse of acreage, 6 ag wells, and direct air strip access. The ranch is home to seasonal migrations of Elk, Antelope and Mule deer and is in a total draw Big Game Unit 128. Rarely do you find such a great expanse of deeded ground in the Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo corridor, with direct rail access and is partially located in an Opportunity Zone.


Represented the Buyer


Lanier Farms Pleasant View, CO

TThe 3,821.73± acres consist of irrigated and dry farmland, Pinions, sagebrush, oak brush, and natural grasses. The irrigated farmland is approximately 286± acres with 562± allocated acre-feet of water, according to the Dolores Water Conservancy District. Irrigation is done with a sideroll sprinkler system, and crop production can include alfalfa and pinto beans. Dryland crops can also be found on the farm in alfalfa, pinto beans, and winter wheat. A 2,360± square foot farmhouse is located on this part of the farm.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


Cat Creek Ranch Pagosa Springs, CO

Cat Creek Ranch is a piece of the true west, nestled in the San Juan Mountain Range. The skyline is home to some of the west’s most majestic peaks, Pagosa Peak, Cherry Cairn, Saddle Mountain, Toner Mountain, Baldy, and North Mountains just to name a few. Pagosa Springs Ranch lives up to its name with the 1,565± deeded acres located in the world-famous San Juan River Basin. Recreation is everywhere you look.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Rio River Ranch Del Norte, CO

The Rio River Ranch encompasses 574± Acres and is surrounded by epic views. This Del Norte real estate and land for sale is nestled in the mountain valleys of the San Luis Valley. Situated along 2600± feet of gold medal trophy trout waters of the Rio Grande River. The Rio River Ranch has an abundance of water, with 1.05 C.F.S. of senior water rights and 42.81± C.F.S. of junior water rights. It has two center pivot irrigation systems that provide water for approximately 260± acres with hay production, and another 30± acres sub-irrigated by river bottom. There are fertile meadows and dramatic rock bluffs framed by the Rocky Mountains in all directions.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Coyote Canyon Ranch Guadalupita, NM

Coyote Canyon Ranch is 2,450± acres of New Mexico Mountain Country, located just 20 minutes south of Angel Fire, New Mexico’s premier ski area. Just to the north, the high alpine playground of Eagle Nest Wildlife Management area, home to the fantastic fishery of Eagle Nest Lake. With year-round access, the New Mexico elk hunting ranch provides a mountain sanctuary nestled in deep canyons, dark timbered mesas, and creek bottoms. The Coyote Canyon Ranch is home to exceptional elk hunting located in Big Game Unit 46 and below the famous elk hunting area of Pueblo of Sandia. This region is known for its exceptional populations and strong quality. The Coyote Canyon Ranch property provides rare attributes in New Mexico, live water, usable terrain, and proximity to spectacular recreation.


Represented the Seller


GMU 211 Hunting Ranch Maybell, CO

In an era of micro ranches, condominiums, and virtual reality, GMU 211 Hunting Ranch in northwest Colorado is a refreshing throwback to the authentic West. The vistas are unspoiled and mule deer vastly outnumber tourists. Not far from here, Butch Cassidy and his gang once found refuge from the law, and today GMU 211 Hunting Ranch is a refuge from the pressure cooker of the twenty-first century. At 6,972.40± deeded acres, it is an impressive spread that covers rolling hills of pinon/juniper woodlands and sagebrush bottomlands at elevations of 6,100 to 6,800 feet, surrounding the local landmark of 7,847-foot Juniper Mountain. With an attendant State lease and a 5,800-acre BLM grazing permit, over 20 square miles of territory fall under its domain. For years it has been a productive grazing ground for 800 animal units, comprised of both cattle and sheep. Located in Game Management Unit 211, the ranch has proven itself to be a hotspot for both deer and elk hunters for decades. Historically the ranch has generated 8 mule deer and 8 antelope tags annually. The resort town of Steamboat Springs is less than 90 minutes to the east, offering world-class downhill skiing. For those captivated by the West’s rich heritage of ranching and hunting, GMU 211 Hunting Ranch is as made to order as a custom saddle.

Represented the Seller



Casa Tres Unos at Eagle Ridge Ranch Shared Ranch Gunnison, CO

Casa Tres Unos at Eagle Ridge Ranch is a 6,468± square foot sustainable ranch house on 35.2 deeded acres within the Shared Ranch. Completed in 2009, this beautiful custom home is of eco-friendly and efficient straw bale construction and features six bedrooms, five baths, and a workout room. The custom kitchen holds a wood pizza oven and its main room is centered on an impressive fireplace. The home is graced with a three-car garage, a 28x40-foot toy barn, and an 800± square foot basement that includes wine storage. The Eagle Ridge Ranch is 4,900± deeded acres sweeping across the fertile Ohio Creek Valley situated at elevations of approximately 8000 to 9800 feet. Today, Eagle Ridge Ranch, a Shared Ranch north of Gunnison, maintains a cherished agricultural tradition, along with an equally strong commitment to conservation and recreation.


Representes the Seller and Buyer

Red Hawk Ranch Gunnison, CO


ed Hawk Ranch, high in the West Elk Mountains near Crested Butte, Colorado, you’ll not only be “away from it all”, but also “above it all”. This 923± acre wilderness ranch boasts sweeping views of the magnificent Ohio Creek Valley that will be shared only by you and the eagles. If you’re interested in having your nearest neighbors be elk, mule deer, black bears and lush meadows of wildflowers, Red Hawk Ranch is the wilderness hunting retreat of your dreams. A 3,045± square foot lodge serves as headquarters for this magnificent property. It includes four bedrooms, full kitchen, storage garage and a vaulted great room filled with trophy mounts. Spectacular high country views can be enjoyed from its large deck. The lodge is entirely off-gird, powered by a solar system with generator backup. $3,450,000

Represented the Seller and Buyer

Bristol Mountain Ranch Creede, CO

Incredible opportunity to own a breathtaking piece of property in Southwestern Colorado. Backed into public lands, the 281± acre Bristol Mountain Ranch has over 4,500± feet of trout-loaded Clear Creek running through it, providing exceptional fishing. The ranch sits in the middle of Limited Game Unit 76, in the migration corridor for trophy elk and qualifies for landowner tags. Improvements include a beautifully constructed 4 bedroom, 3 bath main home with exceptional valley views, large commercial building, 18,000± square foot horse barn with arena, storage, and guesthouse.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

The Meadows at Eagle Ridge Ranch

Shared Ranch

A spectacular 6,681± square foot home that is ideal for guests and family. This roomy, natural wood-floored home makes the most of its high-country setting. The centerpiece of this home is an open beam Great Room that is bathed in light and offers lovely views of the rugged Anthracite Range at the head of the valley. A large natural stone fireplace highlights one side of this room, and a spacious kitchen with granite counters, the other. An inviting dining area easily accommodates 14 to 16 persons. A total of six bedrooms and six baths are distributed among the main home and attached guest house, making The Meadows an ideal location for large family gatherings or an abundance of guests. With many attractive seating areas, inside and out, The Meadows is custom made for relaxed socializing. A three-car garage is attached to the home, and a separate 1,734± square foot horse barn/shop with workbench room includes well-lighted and insulated space for storage, cars, OHVs, tractors and room for two horse stalls.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


Beaton Creek Ranch

Beaton Creek Ranch is 840± acres featuring live water, springs, lakes, old-growth aspens and expansive views. From oak brush-covered hillsides to spectacular aspen forests, the ranch provides exceptional habitat for wildlife. Raw beauty and privacy make his ranch a rare find in the mountain west.


Represented the Buyer
Montrose, CO

Epic views surround this stunning 574± acre ranch nestled in the mountain valleys of the San Luis Valley. Situated along 2600± feet of gold medal trophy trout waters of the Rio Grande River. The Lonesome Ranch has an abundance of water, with 1.05 C.F.S. of senior water rights and 42.81± C.F.S. of junior water rights. It has two center pivot irrigation systems that provide water for approximately 260± acres with hay production, and another 30± acres sub-irrigated by river bottom. There are fertile meadows and dramatic rock bluffs framed by the Rocky Mountains in all directions. The ranch is entirely located in Wildlife Management draw unit 79 for which landowner vouchers may be applied. Located within 10 minutes of the Rio Grande Club Championship 18-hole golf course, and a short 17 miles to Wolf Creek Ski area for the most champagne powder in the state. Trophy fishing and hunting on the ranch and public lands are within minutes in any direction. The property has two homes on the property for a total of over 5,700± square feet of living space. In addition, there is a large shop, hay barn, corrals, grain bins, sheds, and the property is fenced and cross fenced.


Del Norte, CO
Lonesome Ranch
Represented the Seller

Upper Redwing Ranch

Mountain top elbow room may be the best way to explain the Upper Redwing Ranch acreage that make up the Redwing “Hunting” Ranch. The upper ranch offers some of the west best big game hunting with 2,124± acres nestled into thousands of public acres. The upper ranch with seasonal access is located in one of Colorado’s strongest limited hunting units, unit 67; hosting over 430,000 acres of well-managed, game populations to enjoy each fall. The ranch receives unit wide Land Owner Vouchers for both Elk and Mule deer, truly giving you the best of both worlds. The “Lodge” is a treat to say the least.The 5 bedroom, 4 bath “Cabin” spoils the most demanding hunter. The full off grid facility hosts what most sportsmen only dream of on an exceptional hunting adventure. The ranch and surrounding terrain is rolling mesas with steep canyons, and high peaks line the skyline with aspen and pine forest covering just the right amount allowing lush aspen forest to dark timbered ridges to hold strong game populations.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Live Water Ranch

The Live Water Ranch on the Lake Fork River is comprised of 32.11± acres including 1,319± feet of enhanced private river frontage. The enhanced river produces some of the west’s top high mountain fisheries, an angler’s dream. The ranch hosts a beautiful 2,603± square foot main log cabin with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, offering 2 master suites. The large family room overlooks the river and flows into the formal living with a large river rock fireplace, kitchen, and dining giving lots of space for entertaining. The log cabin has an abundance of large windows bringing tons of natural light and those amazing mountain views and river sounds in. The log cabin also has an attached two car garage.

A large deck is located off the main entrance and another off the second-floor bedroom. Off the lower deck is a stamped flagstone concrete entertaining patio with outdoor kitchen and stone fireplace, capped off with soothing sounds of the river and captivating views of the surrounding mountains giving you an outstanding outdoor entertaining experience.

The ranch offers a detached 3 car garage with a guest bunkhouse above. The garage houses 4 Polaris razors, which come with the sale of the ranch, for enjoying the famous Alpine Loop, numerous ghost towns, and thousands of acres of public land. The bunkhouse sleeps 7 has a full kitchen and bathroom with 2 showers, small deck, and a lounging area.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

RedCloud Youth Camp Ranch

R edCloud Youth Camp Ranch is the definition of a high alpine ranch, the 130± acres is home to 14,000’ peak views, high mountain trout stream, two trout lakes, irrigated hay meadows and backed into 100’s of 1,000’s of pristine alpine public acres. Year-round access, great cell coverage, and just minutes from Colorado’s largest mountain lake “lake San Cristobal” and the quaint mountain town of Lake City Colorado.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Lake City, CO

The Harvey Ranch 47

Stunning 47± acres in the Upper Blanco Basin on the Blanco River. Water rights from 1901 Decree out of the Sissons/ Stevens Ditch, 1912 Decree Out of Square Top Ditch and another 1943 Decree out of Square Top Ditch. There is a top of the line irrigation/sprinkler system in place and there is an undivided 1/8 Mineral Right that goes with the property. This property is bordered on one side and the other side of the river by properties that are in a conservation easement. Excellent grazing meadows and property is fenced and cross fenced. The historical home on the property was the former Frank Oppenheimer Ranch. The home was built in 1944 and some restoration work has been done to the home. You will also find several outbuildings as well as a garage/farm equipment building of new construction built in 1993.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Pagosa Spring, CO

Hesperus, CO Devils Canyon Ranch

Devils Canyon Ranch consists of 2,520± deeded acres and is backed into over 640± limited access BLM public acres. This piece of land for sale in Hesperus, CO is nestled in Cherry Creek basin beneath the extraordinary skyline of the La Plata Mountain Range. Neighboring the famous Louis Lamour Ranch, this remarkable holding is said to be the background to many Louis Lamour western novels, and when traveling through the ranch’s varied terrain from the deep black timber ridges, to the cool shadowed valley floors and oak-covered bluffs, you feel like you are walking through history if you’ve enjoyed these western novels. Located in Hesperus, CO, and home to Durango Colorado, known as the gateway to some of Colorado’s top recreational opportunities. The ranch is benefited by convenient year-round access located off Hwy 160 and county maintained Cherry Creek Road. Improvements on the ranch include good road access and two well-located rustic off-grid hunting cabins. Due to the exceptional wildlife presence, the ranch has been preserved with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to maintain the ability to recreate, ranch, and enjoy future use of the property while protecting the wildlife sustainability.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Quarter Circle E Ranch

Cortez, CO

Quarter Circle E Ranch is located less than one mile north of the town of Cortez, Colorado, in the Montezuma Valley. This Cortez ranch is comprised of 576± acres, fronting County Roads 26, M, N, and Highway 145. Mostly irrigated grass and alfalfa with 300 shares of Montezuma Valley Irrigation Company water. 3.6± acres holds a pond that is used to store water for irrigation. The ranch includes corrals, a large hay barn, and fully fenced acreage. Quarter Circle E Ranch currently runs 300 pairs of cattle. Ranch elevations range around 6,200 feet, and area elevations range from 5,500 to 7,500 feet. Big views of Sleeping Ute Mountain, sandstone mesas, and Montezuma Valley surround the ranch. Cortez, CO is a gateway to Mesa Verde National Park, McPhee Reservoir, Dolores River, and the San Juan National Forest, making for an array of activities and sites to explore.

Represented the Seller



San Juan Mountains Sanctuary Lake City, CO

San Juan Mountain Sanctuary is 30± acres of deeded ground, set in 100’s of 1,000’s of public acres. The front yard consists of irrigated hay meadows that are located at the headwaters of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River and tucked beneath 3 of Colorado’s 14’ers, Red Cloud Peak, Handies Peak and Sunshine Peak. Nestled at the end of a year around maintained county road, just off of Colorado’s most scenic Alpine Loop; crossing Cinnamon Pass, Engineer Pass and through Colorado’s Wildflower Capitol of America, American Basin. The San Juan Mountain Sanctuary is known for abundant wildlife. On a daily basis you can encounter Shiras Moose, Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, Black Bear, and Fox just to name a few. Built into the basin sits the exquisite 4,115± brick home that offers the area’s best wildlife viewing right from the deck. Sit in heated comfort, protected from cool mountain and watch a multitude of Colorado’s Big Game passively walk the 3,000’ of live water, or feed in the well irrigated hay meadows.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Becoming an ALC

Trust, confidence, and fiduciary are the qualities that come to mind when we think of an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC). Many people ask what an ALC is and why they should work with one. As a person who has bought and sold land since I was 21 and has done hundreds of deals as a realtor representing buyers and sellers, an ALC Realtor understands the confusion, and anxiety, when purchasing a ranch/land. This makes them the most reliable people you can team up with in ranch/land deals. They take their role seriously as fiduciaries for both buyers and sellers, with their top priority being each party’s best interests – not just wrapping up one deal but helping seek good outcomes for future ones too.

With years of experience in the Marine Corps and a strong commitment to the brotherhood and country, I eventually found a similar kind of companionship in the ranch/land business. This tight-knit, family-like network reinforces values difficult to find elsewhere. Here, people can rely on each other’s word rather than written contracts, and handshakes are still viable tokens of agreement. Members originate from the land, living off its resources and understanding its duties. It is an honor to be part of this group where courage, dedication, and respect are highly praised virtues.

Being an ALC member comes with the knowledge and understanding that the Land is one of our most precious resources. ALCs understand the value of not only the land itself but also how protecting it affects all living beings, including air and wildlife, now and for generations to come. The high level of integrity among members plays a crucial role in delivering accurate information about a property in order to facilitate one of the most important financial transactions a client can make. This elite group of ALC members is made up of individuals highly trained in communication and have committed to several years of education focused on speaking an in-depth language when it comes to land values and features such as bushels and carrying capacity. ALC members wear their conduct like a badge of honor which serves as a reminder that their clients are always in good hands when they choose an ALCcertified professional.

Becoming an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) is no mean feat - each of us here at M4 Ranch Group has had to go through a rigorous examination process to ensure that we provide the best quality assistance for our clients. This dedication we have to top-notch service is why there are currently only 600 ALCs in the entire country - out of over 3 million real estate agents, that’s a staggering .0002%! I am confident in the ability of these highly trained professionals and would suggest that you seek one out should you look into purchasing land. We value your time and promise excellent results with an ALC by your side.


Pleasant Springs Ranch Ridgeway, CO

Pleasant Springs Ranch is a 158.82± acre ranch just outside of Ridgeway, Colorado. The main home was a barn that was renovated into a 3,060± square foot 3 bed, 2 bath home. Improvements on the ranch include a 34x34 barn with a carport and 748± square foot apartment, and a 40x80 shop. The property has 70± irrigated acres, 5 ponds, and water rights. Close to both Telluride and Montrose, there are amenities and recreation close by. The ranch has beautiful views all around with the San Juan Mountains and Mount Sneffels as your backdrop.

$2,650,000 Represented the Buyer


Ohio 660 Ranch

The Ohio Creek 660 Ranch lies in one of Colroado’s most sought after areas, the Gunnison Valley. With exceptional peak views onto the West Elk Wilderness area, Red Mountain, Carbon Peak and Whetstone Peak accenting the views through old growth aspens. This ranch offers a true rare find, privacy, access and a huge abundance of Big Game.


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Six J’s Ranch

Six J’s Ranch can best be described as a live water ranch, centered by the world-famous trout stream, Cebolla Creek. The Six J’s Ranch is enhanced by three recently built lakes along the valley floor. From trout stream to spectacular lakes and senior water rights the Six J’s Ranch’s historic footprint has been a huge part of Southern Colorado. The property is blessed with the natural assets of live water, location, and access. The owner’s goal was to respect the history, redeem and restore the greatness of Six J’s ranch in this outstanding location. From the Lakefront Lodge to the riverfront main home, and keeping and preserving 3 of the 17 original guest cabins fit the master plan for building a dream family property. The southern Colorado ranch offers the entire western package. Appropriate and fitting improvements, world-class trout stream, lakes, a riverfront main home, and three outstanding guest cabins all coupled with direct access to a lifetime of world-class recreation.


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Powderhorn, CO

Sacred Peak Ranch Blanca, CO

Sitting near Blanca Peak, the 1,895.961± acre ranch is properly named. Blanca Peak was known to the Navajo people as the Sacred Mountain of the East. Sacred Peak Ranch is surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks and located near Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Alamosa, Colorado, allowing for great recreational opportunities. On the ranch, you will find diverse terrain with elevations ranging between 8,200’ to 9,200’, 19 drainages, and seasonal Ikes Creek running through. Sacred Peak Ranch is located in GMU 83, and the ranch is neighbored by over 100,000 acres of single owner private land with trophy managed big game herds.


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Collegiate Peaks Estate Salida, CO

A stunning luxury estate located 10± miles from Salida, Colorado. This exquisite off-grid residence is filled with smart technology, a security system with smartphone capabilities, water sensing devices to detect water leaks that automatically shuts off the water, a solar power system along with an auxiliary Kohler generator. The estate encompasses 49± acres with pines filling its rolling and steep mountain terrains. The residence is an impressive 3,365± square feet of living space with 4 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and a 1/2 bath can be found off the great room. The great room, the showpiece of the home, with its custom floor to ceiling granite fireplace to its massive 3 section arched window, creates panoramic breathtaking views of the Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range and other surrounding ranges. The 20foot tongue and groove ceiling, the massive wood timber beams and dramatic metal and onyx chandelier round out this impressive space. Additionally, this unique estate offers a 2-car garage, under deck and under house storage areas, storage shed, decks to soak in the outstanding views, and two additional level building sites for potential improvements such as a guest house, workshop, barn, or studio complete with a fantastic view of the Collegiate Peaks.


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Cement Creek

Crested Butte, CO

Cement Creek Ranch is a dream property located near Crested Butte, Colorado. The 35± acre ranch offers incredible views, open meadow, fishing, wildlife, and so much more. A charming 3 bed, 2 bath home sits on the property with a cute guest cabin, and renovated barn. There is plenty of room to entertain guests, or space to enjoy quiet evenings on the large wrap around decks. Enjoy fishing on the famed Cement Creek, or other recreational opportunities in the area like hiking, biking, and horseback riding, or the array of winter activities like skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling.


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Sleeping Dog Ranch

Sleeping Dog Ranch is a beautiful 309± acre ranch located in Lake City, Colorado. The ranch includes partially irrigated meadows, water rights, and endless opportunties. Access to 2± miles of Cebolla Creek for incredible fly fishing. Cebolla Creek boasts excellent water and is great for beginning and experienced fly fishers. Sleeping Dog Ranch is located in GMU 66 which offers some of the best elk and mule deer hunting. In this area you can also see bighorn sheep, mountain lion, moose, and black bears. Hinsdale County is nearly 95% public land, and this property is surrounded by Powderhorn Wilderness Area and La Garity Wilderness offering privacy and great recreational opportunites. Sleeping Dog Ranch is truly an outdoorsman’s dream.


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Powderhorn, CO

Oleo Ranch Lake City, CO

Completely surrounded by National Forest land and bordered by wilderness on one side, the Oleo Ranch near Lake City, Colorado is a mountain resort without peers. Fully operational as an off-grid property with a main ranch house, bunkhouse, and seven roomy rentable cabins, Oleo Ranch has a fabulous reputation among guests, many of whom return year after year. Located squarely in the heart of some of the best hunting and fishing in Colorado, the Oleo Ranch is well-positioned to maintain its coveted reputation for customer satisfaction for generations to come. Situated at 10,500 feet between Slumgullion and Spring Creek Passes, Oleo Ranch occupies 165.4± acres of mountain meadows, aspen groves, spruce forest, and riparian lands bordering Cebolla Creek. In addition, 5 small ponds have been developed along the creek that can support larger trout, some of which reach trophy proportions. Oleo Ranch is located within Unit 66 and very near Unit 76, both of which are limited draw units renowned for trophy elk. Accommodations on the ranch have been designed to maximize the wilderness setting and experience. Eight log cabins are scattered throughout the property, and range from 800 to 1200 square feet, and can accommodate from 4 to 12 guests each. Electricity does not exist on the ranch, but all lighting, heating and refrigeration is propanepowered. This makes Oleo Ranch a perfect place to literally and figuratively unplug, a feature it uses to the best advantage for those seeking a retreat from the stress of civilization.


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Cedar Point Ranch Mancos, CO

C edar Point Ranch is located just minutes outside of the charming town of Mancos, Colorado. The ranch encompasses 225± acres and backs up to 18,000± acres of hard-to-access BLM with an additional 577± acres of State Land Trust. The 225± acres are under a conservation easement and nestled in a beautiful valley with magnificent views of the La Plata Mountains, beautiful mesas, and green pastures. The ranch has been operated as a high fence elk ranch but can run cattle and horses. The over 40 acres of lush, irrigated fields offer two cuttings a year and roughly 2-3 tons of hay to the acre. A gorgeous 4,119± square foot Swedish Cope log home with tongue and groove vaulted ceilings, radiant infloor heat, kiva style fireplace, and several gas stoves throughout the home. The home offers 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, with 2 guest bedrooms on the main floor, the primary suite and a guest bedroom on the 2 level, and a guest bedroom on the lower level. An open concept living is offered on the main floor accented with a beautiful antler chandelier. The home also has 2 car attached garage. A nice 1,716± caretaker/guest house is also included on the property. Several outbuildings, barn, side rolls, hydraulic squeeze chute and corrals make for a great working facility for a turnkey cattle/ elk operation. Located in Game Management Unit 73 which is known for monster mule deer, several deer in the 200” range all the way up to 230” have been seen within miles of the ranch. GMU 73 has approximately 27% public land and a majority is hard to access with being landlocked by private ground and is in one of the most strategic areas for migrating mule deer off Mesa Verde National Park. This unit offers over the counter elk tags and the property qualifies for landowner tags yearly.


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Buck Basin Ranch Collbran, CO

Buck Basin Ranch lies in the Salt Creek Basin, nestled in and facing the north rim of the Grand Mesa National Forest just southwest of the mountain town of Collbran, Colorado. The ranch boasts 548.43± deeded acres, exceptional water rights, excellent public land access, and over 2 miles of Salt Creek. As a working ranch, Buck Basin Ranch hosts very good water rights with an exceptional water distribution system, greatly enhancing the 5 irrigated pastures for both livestock and wildlife. Buck Basin Ranch is backed and fronted by over 5,500±acres of hard to reach public BLM lands, and has the trifecta for wildlife, hosting protected bedding grounds, high-quality food sources, and highly available water. The Buck Basin Ranch located in Big Game Unit 421 and is home to some of Colorado’s true quality big game. Collbran, Colorado is home to the American Service Women’s Memorial, dedicated to recognizing the role of women in America’s war efforts. Collbran is also home to Vega State Park and Vega Lake. This small mountain town is blessed with annual highs in the region averaging a comfortable 62.2 degrees and sees average lows of 32.8 degrees. Close to the ranch is the city of Grand Junction, Colorado where you can get your big city fix, or adventure to world-famous views, with the vistas and canyons of the Colorado National Moment, and Powderhorn Ski Area. Buck Basin Ranch is located in the heart of the best recreational opportunities of the western United States.


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Cement Creek Hide-a-way Crested Butte, CO

Cement Creek Hide-A-Way is an outstanding mountain escape nestled up Cement Creek among the aspens and pines. The 31.520± acres border public land on two sides has its own pond and deeded water rights. Improvements include a horse barn, guest cabin, and a 1,768± square foot main cabin. The acreage in this Crested Butte land for sale is accented with seasonal springs, grassy meadows, and open space.

The stunning main Cement Creek Hide-A-Way cabin is constructed with Douglas Fir logs imported from British Columbia and beautiful stonework. A large newly constructed deck is off the main living area and wraps around both sides of the cabin, giving you access from the living room, guest bedroom, and kitchen. The living room is set up with a nice wood fireplace, and dining area. The kitchen has granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and custom cabinets. A bathroom and guest bedroom finish the second-floor living space. Upstairs you will find an owners suite retreat complete with its own deck, office area, fireplace, and bathroom. Each level has beautiful tongue and groove ceilings and hardwood floors. The lower level consists of a mudroom, garages, storage, and a laundry room.


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Upper Piedra Ranch

R are find in the Upper Piedra. Can be purchased in (2) 35± acre tracts or one gorgeous 73.21± acres on the Middle Fork of the Piedra River. Stunning property, no conservation easements, ag exempt status, good roadway system in place, water rights and power has been installed on the property. Beautiful piece of property. This property is being split off a 144± acre ranch. Every detail has been thought of and executed perfectly. Rare gem with many possibilities.


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Pagosa Springs, CO

Log Masterpiece on the River

Sitting on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, this magnificent 3,129± square foot log home offers luxurious living both inside and out. The main floor living area has flagstone floors features an open kitchen and dining area and large living area, complete with an eye-catching floor to ceiling stone fireplace. The large windows and skylights create a bright and airy atmosphere that is great for entertaining or just enjoying the views. The main floor master suite looks out onto the river and impeccably manicured lawn. In addition, there is also a guest bedroom, laundry room and a half bath on the main floor. Upstairs, a small loft connects the additional master suite with its private balcony overlooking the river and grounds. An additional large guest room with private bath finishes the second level. A large porch that is partially covered wraps around the home and is a great place to enjoy the sounds of the river. During the warmer months, guests will appreciate the built-in fire pit and covered picnic area, or they can try their hand at fishing from the hot tub located at the water’s edge. The guest quarters above the detached oversized two car garage are a wonderful addition for added privacy. There is also another 1 car garage/workshop for your Colorado toys or added storage. This haven on the river is accessible year-round.

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Lake Fork Hunting & Fishing Club

Lake City, CO

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a Full Family Membership at The Lake Fork Hunt & Fish Club with a spectacular, fully furnished luxury log home and 74.5± acres of ranch land. The Lake Fork Hunt & Fish Club controls a great deal of exceptional hunting on both private and public lands. Boasting over 1,300± deeded acres of strategically located ranch land, including one of the West’s finest trout fisheries, this is a true outdoorsman’s paradise. The club hosts over 3 miles of the world famous Lake Fork of the Gunnison River as well as 12 fully stocked and active trout lakes. Indulge yourself in western living with private & spectacular views of the mountains, in the seclusion of this luxurious cabin. An open, flowing floorplan, vaulted ceilings with large windows, hard wood floors and a functional and stylish interior will welcome you home. With 4 bedrooms including an exceptional main level large master suite, 3.5 bathrooms, as well as an additional loft, this home provides plenty of room for your loved ones. Enjoy Colorado sunsets on the covered and open decks and landscaped yards. There is plenty of room for toys in the custom engineered built bi-level 4-car garage. Sitting next to the house and constructed of log & stone the garage matches the main home and is heated by double upper and lower soap stone wood stoves. The residence sits on 1.55± acres but the purchase comes with an additional 74.5± acres of deed restricted ranch land, truly a rare find in the Lake Fork Estates, which is just a short drive from Lake City, CO. With miles of rivers to fish, and a lifetime of outdoor adventure, this is truly a place where family legacies are built. Show up, open the door, fish, hunt, OHV, climb the five 14,000 foot peaks, snowmobile or jeep the endless offroad access or even “just” relax at a cool 70 degrees all summer. This property truly has ‘everything’.


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Conejos Canyon Ranch Mogote, CO

Conejos Canyon Ranch is one of the premier fly-fishing properties on the Conejos River. Located in Conejos County, at the southern end of Colorado’s beautiful San Luis Valley. The 73.50± acre ranch has bragging rights over almost a mile of improved Conejos River frontage. The Conejos River is a tributary of the Rio Grande. The residence is 2,328 square feet offering 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and offers an open floor plan. The living, dining, and kitchen are all open with large picture windows and sliding glass doors opening to a large deck. The deck overlooks the river offering beautiful views of the river and surrounding mountains. Two bedrooms are located on the main floor along with a full bath. Beautiful tongue and groove ceilings, custom cabinets, and a woodburning stone fireplace make for a true quintessential Colorado cabin. The finished walk-out basement is home to a bunkroom and two baths. Also, two attached garages with the ability to house up to 5 vehicles and your mountain toys. The ranch is in Game Management Unit 81. The unit is known for good elk hunting in challenging terrain. Wildlife is abundant in the area due to good water resources. One can see deer, elk, bear, geese, beavers and many other types of wildlife.


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Pagosa 80

Royal Elk Place

Springs, CO

S weeping mountain and valley views abound from this immaculate 4,817± square foot, 3-bedroom, 3 bath, 2-car garage, fullround log home situated on 35+ acres with water rights, irrigated pasture, a pond, and a 2,400 square foot metal building/barn just 2.5 miles from downtown Pagosa Springs. The home, constructed with full-round Doug Fir logs and native stone perched on top of the ridge for unblockable views and privacy is Colorado living at its finest. The warm interior centers around a woodburning masonry fireplace, cathedral T&G ceiling, Ash hardwood floors, abundant windows and log details. The range, double ovens, Sub-Zero refrigerator, and abundant storage open to the dining area and outdoor deck with the laundry/mud room tucked behind the kitchen for convenience. Located on the main level is the master suite with French doors to the deck, walk in closet, travertine flooring and a shower, and a jetted tub. One guest room and bath/powder room are also on the main level. The finished walk-out basement includes a large bonus room, office/hobby room, guest bedroom, full bathroom, large storage closets and the perfect entertainment spot. The recreation room is decked out with a custom wet-bar with an ice-maker, wine fridge , beer fridge, microwave, dishwasher, gas-log masonry fireplace, and room for a pool table or ping pong table. This room opens out onto a stamped concrete covered patio and yard area. The over-sized garage has plenty of extra room for your gear and toys, as well as a 220 outlet for your tools. The exterior landscape is watered by an automated sprinkler and drip system. The metal building/barn equipped with a 3/4 bath, insulated tack room, overhead storage,Water rights for the pond and the 17 irrigated acres come from the Mesa Ditch Company; the Seller will convey 12 shares .


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Black Lake Ranch Angel Fire, NM

The 172± deeded acres are a recreational paradise. Over 1 mile of live water makes this meandering stream one of the best fishing havens around Angel Fire, and Little Coyote Creek runs diagonally through the property. Coyote Creek is nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and enclosed by a forest of spruce and pine trees. The small valley displays abundant wildflowers and beautiful fall foliage. Located in Game Management Unit 46, this unit is well known for producing quality elk with the genetics and phenomenal feed that this property and area offers with the solitude to grow mature bulls. Black Lake Ranch has irrigated fields that hold elk year-round. The ranch qualifies for several landowner tags. Other species found on the ranch include, elk, Mule deer, bobcat, mountain lion, and waterfowl from various types of ducks and geese. Located 9 miles from downtown Angel Fire, NM, you can be on the ranch within minutes of landing at Colfax County FBO (airport). This 172± acre ranch is in the heart of everything recreation from ATVing, snowmobiling, bike riding, and some of the best skiing around, “Angel Fire Ski Area” is just under a 10-minute drive. Angel Fire offers a wide array of amenities, including restaurants, retail shopping, hardware stores, hotels, and amazing restaurants.


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unting New Mexico "When Legacy Matters"

Hunting New Mexico could be summed up as the Mecca of Giant Elk and is a dream for many hunters As I studied the draw odds of New Mexico, I figured I’d choose a fairly easier draw for elk that is quite physically challenging in anticipation of a grind of a hunt in some rugged country for some monster bulls. The time came and went after the draws, and my son Payton and I showed up six days before the season opener. As the first evening broke, we spotted only one cow in the vast territory. The late season hunt was already proving to be more difficult than anticipated.

The first scouting morning, we spotted five bulls with a big five that would go in the 320s, several bulls that had broken points, and one seven by with a broken main beam. Every day we would turn up good bulls but nothing over the 350 mark. We worked from north to south and east to west and searched every nook and cranny we could find. Most of the elk we saw were in the low-lying country, and we felt like we had no edge

over the rest of the hunters. As the first day of the hunt started, we were chasing the best bull we could turn up; a thin horned 350 class bull that I didn’t want to shoot, but was reminded by my 16 year old son that this was the best bull around. We climbed in the dark to where we saw this bull several days in a row, but as the sun broke, several ATVs riding the national forest two-track roads scared that bull. With no other sightings of him during our trip, I found myself relieved that I didn’t kill him. I wouldn’t have been happy with that, and its not the way I like to hunt, with others having the same edge as us.

Payton and I went back to what we know and what we are good at. We hiked 5 miles back into a high country basin with heavy timber on the north-facing side. We glassed for hours with no sign of elk, and with little to no water in the basin, we doubted that any elk called this place home. As we scanned the hillside, I found a mega heavy shed horn just over a mile away. My motto is never to leave a shed horn behind!! After I shed weight off my pack, I went to the spot the heavy horn bull called home. In amazement, I picked up this bull antler and saw only 40 yards away the same side antler from the year before. As I climbed through the rugged country, I picked up four more antlers. This country proved that it had not been seen by man in many years. While on the long heavy pack out to Payton, I saw one small bull and several Mule deer, proving that there was


some form of wildlife in this isolated canyon. As I was climbing up the hill, Payton came running down at me with an intense look on his face. He had found a giant, and the pictures confirmed. He told me that when I was walking through the thick country, I jumped the bull in his bed at a mere 20 yards. As he looked at the antlers on my pack, he said that was the bull he had seen. With the sunlight fading, we ran to a point in hopes of seeing this giant bull. There was no sight of the monarch on the mountain. I wondered if I had blown my chance at a huge bull because of my love of picking up sheds. Several hours hiking out in the dark provided good reflection and time to get the next days’ plan together. We had a sleepless evening with the same 60 mph winds that had been blowing our tent and scattering our gear for days. The plan for the morning was to split up and to sit on different hillsides in search of the bull that we hoped was still somewhere in the country. As I perched up in constant conversation with my Father, I prayed in specifics that we could find the giant and put him down with one shot. I do believe God cares so much for us that he grants the desires upon our heart, even those desires of a monster bull. A lot of people don’t understand the constant and sometimes miserable grind of being uncomfortable in the wilderness, but I never feel closer to God than when I’m quietly sitting on a mountain top.

We glassed the country for hours, and I finally caught an antler moving through the timber. He was not the bull we were initially searching for, but after looking him over and seeing the 5 ft width on this giant, he was even bigger than the other bull, most likely scoring at least in the mid 390s. It took several minutes to range this bull as the sun was blaring in my eyes. He was 361 yards, and I anchored down and squeezed the trigger on the Gunwerks muzzleloader but no bark. Throughout the fumble, I forgot to put a cap on the muzzleloader, and

the slam of the bolt echoed in the canyon as the giant ran into the timber and disappeared as fast as he showed up. As I shook uncontrollably and made the Gunwerks lethal again, I looked up and saw the original heavy horned bull in the exact spot where I screwed up on the wide bull. It was a gift from God and a redemption of the last bull. This time, the muzzleloader found its mark, and the bull only made it 40 yards before tipping over.

As my son and I held the giant bull in our hands, I reflected on and gave thanks for a second change, and the privilege to spend time with my best buddy, Payton. I welcome the opportunity to pass down the torch, as Payton helped me pack out one of my animals instead of me helping him with one of his animals like we had done so many times before. I thank our Lord and Savior for these experiences, and for my son’s help during this hunt. I couldn’t have done it without either one of them.


Muchas Truchas Ranch Lake City, CO

Muchas Truchas Ranch hosts 4,000± ft. of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River on 39± acres that complement an expertly designed and executed trout lake filled with line-breaking rainbows and brown trout. While an astounding fishing property, this ranch will also overwhelm you with its high alpine San Juan Mountain views and local recreational opportunities. While wonderfully private, this tract is less than five minutes from Colorado’s second largest natural lake, Lake San Cristobal. The properties’ key location provides quick and easy access to historic Lake City, Colorado and the limitless sea of protected public lands out the gate. Property improvements include improved roads and home sites, and an existing water well and toy storage shed. This is the perfect canvas with terrain, live water and outstanding alpine views from which to create your Colorado dream home.


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Rock of Ages Creede, CO


eldom do you find a mountain estate on 16.45± acres with a location and serenity that rivals the quality of the construction and modern ambiance. Meticulous attention to detail highlight the spectacular indoor and outdoor living spaces. This home is offgrid, giving you unsurpassed independence of others while sacrificing nothing in modern conveniences. This home of 3,720± square foot home features a large open living area with vaulted ceilings made of gorgeous pine beetle-kill tongue and groove and exposed log beams. Wide, oak plank flooring is present in the sitting area. An exceptional flow-through stone fireplace extends from the main floor up into the office/loft area. The main level master bedroom has its own cozy fireplace and sitting area, attached is an astonishing master bath that includes a claw foot tub, custom sinks, counter-tops, and rock shower. Many extraordinary custom touches throughout including Heartland appliances and custom cabinets in the kitchen. Two guest rooms and a bathroom are upstairs. A covered deck connects the main house to a three car garage with a two bedroom one bath guest quarters above with spectacular views and another stunning rock fireplace.


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Equestrian Property Larkspur, CO

This beautiful 5,600 square foot, 6-bed, 6-bath custom home sits on 36± rolling acres in Larkspur, Colorado. With a 4-car garage and a 4 stall barn with additional parking spaces and storage; this artfully designed home features not just space - but an abundance of character with reclaimed wood flooring and beams. Exquisite detail in the woodwork, flooring, and design. This equestrian property is a short commute to both Colorado Springs and Denver. The exterior is appointed with Texas Limestone, repurposed beams, and tile roof. There is a stamped concrete parking pad in front of the garage which leads to the covered front entry and wraps around to a covered patio with views across the meadow to the west. In the back, massive boulders are integrated into the design - creating an ideal outdoor gathering space. Inside, beautiful finishes including crown molding, alder wainscoting in the entry, bookshelves in office, and brick accents in stairwell an art nook. The kitchen is appointed with custom appliances, copper farmhouse sink, rough-edged granite, and alder cabinetry. The dining room has a walkout with a beautiful view of the pasture. The living room is inviting with the limestone wall and wood-burning fireplace. There is a main level bedroom with an adjoining bath. The upstairs offers a spacious master bedroom with a large closet and bathroom with adjoining relaxation/flex space that includes a tub. Three of the other bedrooms have adjoining baths. The bedroom at the end of the hall is spacious enough to be used as a den .


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Higgins Canyon Ranch

Las Vegas, NM

This vast piece of property with deep canyons offers you solitude in Northeastern New Mexico about an hour away from Las Vegas, New Mexico. Higgins Canyon comprises 2,115.24± acres, with giant Ponderosas and a mixture of Juniper and Pinyon Pines. The ranch’s elevation starts at 5,700 feet and expands up to 6,400 feet creating deep crevasses with seasonal creeks and springs. Located in game management unit 42, this ranch qualifies for landowner tags yearly. The 2,115.24± acres of land locks another 1,500± acres of state land and another 20,000± acres in the Sabinoso Wilderness. This wilderness includes big canyon walls and Mesa tops that support grasslands historically known for their expansive cattle ground. Sabinoso Wilderness has elk, deer, and wild turkeys; it is surrounded by private land. $1,543,000

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Los Creek Ranch Saguache, CO

The 497± deeded acre ranch is strategically located on Los Creek, providing senior water rights to open hay meadows. Nestled into 10’s of 1,000’s of public acres and Game Management Unit 67, one of the west’s best limited big game hunting units. The ranch acreage provides access to coveted Landowner Preference tags, granting special hunting tags. This big game unit has historically supported outstanding elk, mule deer and antelope populations, accented by bighorn sheep and a quickly growing moose herds.

The Los Creek Ranch offers complete facilities, sitting at a spectacular 9,100’ in elevation, providing cool summers, colorful mountain falls, and white winters. The ranch’s off-grid improvements enhance a secure and complete lifestyle while living in a spectacular part of Colorado. The ranch acreage and amenities are a gateway for generations of adventures. In addition to the world-class big game hunting the ranch is adjacent to miles upon miles of exceptional public trout streams, one of which is the famous upper Cochetopa Creek, located just minutes out the front gate. For the younger family members, friends, and the lake fishing enthusiast, just out the gate are two exceptional public lakes, the Upper and Lower Dome Lakes. The improvements on the Los Creek Ranch are well done, well cared for, and strategically located. Offering a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with an attached 2-car garage, a guest/bunkhouse, heated shop with 12’ doors and office, 2 insulated horse stalls, and dry covered storage for hay/farm equipment and toys. The ranch improvements offer a piped delivery on irrigation water. Gated pipe irrigated hay meadow, ranch entry gates, quality fencing, and meadow windmill. Topped off with great views and usable grounds.


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Rio Grande Splendor Creede, CO

This breathtaking log home is detailed with every comfort of luxurious living, making it easy to sit back, relax, and take in the huge views out every window. Main floor is home to the sun room, grand dining room, custom designed kitchen, guest bed and bath, and lofted sitting room--all extensions off a spacious open living space with two floor-toceiling stone fireplaces and hardwood floors. The lower level includes master bed and bath, additional stone fireplace, den with built-in bookshelves and surround sound, laundry room, exercise room, and over-size garage. Large stone patio, outdoor fireplace, and wraparound porches all work to double your available living space in the warmer months. Let your guests relax in luxury in the detached guest home housed above 3-car garage and greenhouse. Guest space is complete with full kitchen, large bed and bath, wood stove, billiards table, slate entryway, and large windows. All this with unbelievable views of Bristol Head and the Rio Grande in every direction, and conveniently located between Creede and Lake City.


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The Island Lake City, CO

The Island on Lake San Cristobal boasts a highly coveted home site which features unparalleled and unobstructed views of Colorado’s second largest natural lake. The 10.3± acre island has its own boat dock with four spaces, a beautifully constructed boat house with storage space, and wonderful lake fishing spots. Enjoy views from the other smaller islands or from the lighted steel cable bridge that connects the three pieces of land. A well is in place and underground electric to the property has recently been added. All this beauty is only minutes from the town of Lake City and its amenities. Great stream fishing is located just a half mile from the island as is a multitude of outdoor recreation opportunities.


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Saddlebrook Ranch

Incredible riverfront property just minutes from South Fork, Colorado and Wolf Creek Ski Area! This 77± acre property has over 5500± feet of private river frontage on the South Fork of the Rio Grande. Pristine waters that have hardly ever seen a human face, this is the Fly Fisherman’s paradise. There is a large boulder berm that shields the property from Hwy 160 providing privacy and traffic noise abatement. You will feel like you are a thousand miles from civilization, but in reality, only a short distance to amenities of a small town including medical, grocery store, etc. The property borders the forest service public land to the west and south in game management unit 80 which is an open hunting unit (some restrictions for certain seasons). Lots of elk, mule deer, black bears, etc. Half of the property is covered with healthy pine trees on a mountain, the other half is level with interspersed mature pines. Two existing wells, electricity close, and water rights! There is also a small boulder field with VERY large boulders on the property which may be sold or used as needed.


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South Fork,

Powderhorn Creek Ranch Powderhorn, CO

Powderhorn is an unincorporated community, its post office was established in 1880. Some say the community was named from a nearby landform in the shape of a powderhorn, while others believe an old powderhorn found near the town site caused the name to be selected. Powderhorn Creek Ranch sits at the opening of the lush Powderhorn Valley. This piece of real estate and land for sale in Gunnison County has all the ingredients of a great ranch; privacy, improvements, access, water, and views. The ranch has an array of topographies, with its stunning rock formations, wide hay meadows, rolling hills, and the meandering Powderhorn Creek. This real estate in Gunnison County encompasses 199.4± acres and borders the Powderhorn Wilderness Area, which is 62,250± acres. Located in the world-famous Big Game Unit 66, which boasts well-managed deer and elk herds with trophy bucks and bulls. The ranch is eligible for owner preference applications. Improvements include a 4,706± square foot frontier style ranch home with three bedrooms and two baths. A detached threecar garage with a one-bedroom, one-bath guest or caretaker’s apartment above. The ranch also has 2,352± square-foot horse stable, 1,176± square foot equipment shed, 6,912± square foot barn. The ranch hosts irrigated hay meadows along with 17.64± cfs of water rights.


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Golden Ranch

Generations of the same family have called the historic Golden Ranch in Southern Colorado their home for many years and are now offering this one of a kind property for purchase. With 613± lush acres, fast-running creek, and a cold mountain lake, the ranch can easily carry 50 pairs of cattle. Owners of the ranch have enjoyed excellent water rights since 1917. A large irrigated hayfield fills the historic barn with hay. Through the years the family has built several barns, along with an Adobe homestead ready to be restored. Modern-day conveniences include a new fourbedroom, three-bath home, and RV barn with a pump outstation. This beautiful ranch property is just minutes from San Isabel National Forest. Abundant turkey, mule deer, and a resident herd of elk call this ranch home.


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Little Willow Ranch Powderhorn, CO

Enjoy luxury living in a stunning remote mountain location with plenty of room to play! A beautifully constructed log home sits on 160± acres complete with a private lake, surrounded by BLM and National Forest lands. The cabin’s well designed kitchen features a large range and island bar as well as the adjacent open dining and living areas. The lower level of the home is great for relaxing after a day of outdoor activities and has lots of extra sleeping space. On warm summer evenings, entertain on the spectacular wrap around porch, complete with stone grill and rotisserie. Seasonally accessible.

$1,299,000 Represented the Seller and Buyer


Water View Ranch Gunnison, CO

1 71± acres that is backed into public lands and overlooks Blue Mesa Reservoir and Curecanti National Park. The ranch commands outstanding views due to the location sitting on a mesa elevated at 7,900 feet above the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Predominately the ranch is covered in mountain sage, oak brush and spring fed pockets of aspen growth.

Improvements include a 4,982± square foot single level home with an attached 3 car garage. This mission style home, complete with a bell tower, stucco exterior and red metal roof creates a grand statement. The single level 4 bedrooms and 4 baths home is designed and loaded with many upgraded features. This home features a gourmet kitchen with chef quality appliances, granite countertops. Flowing right off the kitchen is a dining area and an open living area which makes for great entertaining. The beautiful stone fireplace all encompassed in walls of windows which allows for the enjoyment of the views. Beautiful custom tile and wood floors can be found throughout the home. Outside is a large landscaped fenced yard with sprinkler system, three covered patios which is surrounded by a stone retaining wall. The ranch is also set up to accommodate all your outdoor toys with a closely located detached 7-door garage/workshop and horse stall set up on the east end with a fenced horse corral located nearby.


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“ Understanding" Buying Western Ranches

Many of us dream of owning a western ranch, fishing on our own trout streams or chasing elk across our own backyards. But in today’s world, most of those who are able to invest in ranch property have done so through hard work within a non-ranching industry. As with any lucrative investment, the ability to recognize the potential in any asset and also conceive and execute a plan for transforming that potential into a valuable investment is the key to success. Similar to standard-fare housing, “fixer-upper” ranches can provide significant opportunity as investment vehicles, and understanding a few key components of personal aspirations and ranchland valuation can help kick-start a rewarding, ranchland restoration journey.


Before beginning your search for a ranch, clearly identify your motivation for wanting to purchase a ranch property. What does success mean to you, your family and your investment in becoming a ranch owner?


Is it finding a long-term, secure investment, building a family legacy or getting back to life’s more simple and tangible moments? For many people, owning a western ranch means privately and exclusively relaxing on a covered deck enjoying peak views or fly-fishing for huge rainbow trout just off the back porch or hearing elk bugle in your own hay meadow. Or do your ranch ownership priorities lean toward productivity such as hay production, controlling senior water rights, producing an exceptional herd of cattle? Perhaps a ranch could serve as a business need for entertaining clients or as a recreational escape from the break-neck pace of the city?

Similar to considerations when purchasing a home or a business, note your wants and needs for location and amenities. Rather than considering the strength of a particular school district or criminal activity within a particular area, a ranch purchase requires consideration of surrounding land elevations, seasonal temperature ranges, property access issues, and access to air travel/ FBO’s, travel times for accessing shops, restaurants, medical care and community events. Would you prefer to own a ranch with high peaks or foothill terrain that overlooks rivers or streams? Establishing and noting this type of criteria will help you to pinpoint the geographic parts of the country that best fit your goals. Once you have a handle on your ranch goals, regional preferences and the surrounding property attributes that you value, you are ready to begin your search.

Know, or work with someone who knows, how to

optimize ranchland fundamentals.


If your ideal ranch property must have the potential to support a strong trout stream with a healthy trout population, focus your search on properties that provide as many raw attributes as possible.

• Live Water - How much existing live water does the ranch control? Is the stream exclusively private or does it have public sections?

• Water Quality - What is the “bug life”? Does the stream have healthy water to support fish? Will it grow big fish?

• Instream Flows - How strong are stream flows during dry years? If you buy this ranch with fishing recreation as a priority, will that low flow support a strong healthy trout population during dry years?

• Late Season Water Temperatures - Has the ranch historically seen high, late summer stream temperatures on dry years that could ultimately jeopardize your trout and your investment?

• Upstream Users - Understand your water; how many times has the water in your stream come on and off irrigated ground above your fishery. Investigate whether or not the area’s water rights are truly firstcome/first-serve.

• Senior Water Rights - What is meant by “wet”? Many ranches have water rights on paper, but understanding the priority of the water right and timeframe-ofuse relative to water right decrees determines your ability to maintain or build enhancements on historic


ranches. What are your water rights, how can they be used and are they wet?

• Natural Terrain – One of the most important issues when considering a fishing ranch is whether or not the topography of the ranch could sustain a river enhancement project. Does the ranch have visible historic stream beds? Can more “live” water be added by returning the live stream to historic stream beds that have been manipulated for pasture production?

• Fall Rate – How much elevation does the stream drop from the start to finish? Does the drop allow you to move and manipulate that live water? Can you make it longer, slow it down, and build better habitat?

• Material Availability –Does the ranch itself, the nearby areas, or adjoining regions have stone, trees, and raw materials that can be used for stream improvements? What does your trucking cost for materials look like?

Explore the issues and attributes of any ranch property you would like to purchase relative to your motivation and goals for ranch ownership. Partnering with a team of experts who can assess ranchland functionality and potential can save you money, time and sanity in the long run. If you invest in building and nourishing the habitat, the fishing population will grow!


If you define ranch quality by its wildlife populations and the health of its big game herds, your list of considerations would focus on wildlife attributes such as these:

• Leverage Big Game Data – Each big game area of the west establishes game counts, game management and criteria for managing game.

• What are the post-season herd estimates?

• What is the ratio of bucks-to-does and bulls-tocows?

• What is the area management goal of herd compositions?

• What are the historic hunter success rates?

• What are the post-season counts on mature bucks and bulls?

• Hunting Licenses – Having plenty of tags and nothing to hunt is not a good plan: What are the overall tag numbers offered in the area? If you are a ranch owner who prioritizes quality hunting, and have a vested interest in cultivating a quality big game herd, buying a ranch in an area with an abundance of big game tags in a poorly managed big game unit is not what you are

looking for.

• Land Owner Licenses – What type of land owner preference does the state offer? Can the ranch apply for land owner licenses? Does the ranch give you the opportunity to hunt regularly in limited yet well managed areas?

• Understand Your Neighbors – How big is your back yard? Who else can easily play in it? To what extent— public or private—does the ranch back into public lands? Do those public lands provide the ranch owner with access to additional quality grounds with limited public access?

• Topography – What type of terrain does the ranch offer, does the ranch have easier access quality hunting areas to take advantage of with young or ageing sportsmen?

• Public Pressure – Where does it come from and how difficult is the access?

• Pasture Mitigation – Does the terrain of the ranch enable dry land pasture enhancement? Do the natural and irrigated water and water rights lend themselves to pasture enhancements? If the ranch is the greenest thing in the area, animals will come!

• Migration Patterns – Does the ranch have historic migration patterns? What seasons do those migrations come through or onto the ranch? Is the property contributing winter habitat?

There are a multitude of ways a ranch owner can maximize a western ranch’s investment potential; the opportunities to enhance ranchland are limitless, depending on each ranch’s unique characteristics and your passions, interests and goals. Building both daily enjoyment and increasing property value comes in finding a ranch with good “bones”, located in an area that best suits your criteria. Much like building a thriving shopping center, remodeling a house, or investing in the right company, understanding your end goals relative to the ranch’s capabilities is critical to ensuring a positive ownership experience.

M4 Ranch Group can help you locate and better understand these and many more considerations in identifying, buying and then building a plan for transforming the right ranch into a gem of a nest egg!


Serenity in The Lake Fork

Hunt Fish Club

Gunnison, CO

This property includes a 1/3 membership at The Lake Fork Hunt & Fish Club with a spectacular log home located on 7.40± acres with an additional 1/3 interest in 35 acres of deed-restricted ranch land in Lake City. The Lake Fork Hunt & Fish Club controls a great deal of exceptional hunting on both private and public lands. The membership allows for access to over 1,376.69± deeded acres of strategically located ranch land, including one of the West’s finest trout fisheries. The club hosts over 3 miles of the world-famous Lake Fork of the Gunnison River as well as 12 fully stocked and active trout lakes. The cabin features an open floorplan, vaulted ceilings with large windows, hardwood floors, stone fireplaces, and tongue-and-groove ceilings. A master bedroom loft suite with a private bath, walk-in closet, office area, and its own deck. There are two additional guest rooms, one on the main floor and another in the walk-out basement accompanied with two more baths. The cabin has 3 living areas, several decks to enjoy the Colorado sunsets, and a 1 car attached garage. The quaint guest cabin has 1 bedroom, 1bath with a loft, located just a short distance from the main cabin. This property truly represents western Colorado living.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


Old Ross Homestead

The 2,342± square foot rustic homestead was completely rebuilt in 2010. The original building dates to the 1800’s when it was a one-room schoolhouse. The charm of the past has not been lost but enhanced with high-end finishes and a masterful flowing floorplan. The home was meticulously redone with reclaimed wood, flagstone, and wood flooring, exposed vaulted wood beams, tongue and groove ceilings, in-floor radiant heat and a functional Rumford stone fireplace. Accents of copper and tin can be found in the kitchen along with gourmet appliances and gorgeous wood counter-tops. A spacious dining area is located next to the kitchen with glass French doors leading into the living space. The master suite has its own kiva fireplace and French doors leading out to the patio. A rustic farmhouse style bathroom adjoins the master. The guest bedroom is flooded with natural light from its large window and French doors. The room has a beautiful tongue and groove vaulted ceiling. A second bathroom also done in farmhouse style with a unique red brick shower. The character of the homestead keeps on going with its screened-in sleeping porch and beautiful flagstone patios, which are accessible from various locations in the home, giving you that much desired outside entertaining space. Every detail of this magnificent home down to the handmade windows and hand-hewn logs brings the history of this beautiful valley to life.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


Powderhorn Mesa Ranch

F abulous recreational family ranch. With a 1,340± square foot mountain cabin and 447± acres that provide on site recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, kayaking, rock climbing, OHVing and more, this is the perfect secluded getaway for family and friends looking to escape traffic, stress, and crowds.


Powderhorn, CO
Represented the Seller and Buyer

Willow Fly Bend - Shared Ranch

Creede, CO

Truly an exceptional fishing property, located six miles south of Creede, Colorado on the world famous Upper Rio Grande River. With over 10.3± riverfront acres, this western mountain cabin is built with class and comfort, and views that overlook what a western river property should depict. The Willow Fly Bend is located on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway, in the gated community of Wagon Wheel Gap Estates providing fishing out your front door with 650± private feet of the Rio Grande River, in addition to the remarkable private access onto the adjoining 2.5± miles of the Rio Grande River on the famous LaGarita Ranch. Few properties offer some of the “finest” world class trout fishing, with remarkable views, and the comfort of a luxury log cabin. The 4 bedroom, 3 bath home has an expansive wrap around roofed porch to enjoy the sights and sounds of the valley and river that runs only a few hundred feet away. The home comes fully furnished, including many custom pieces. The home features tongue and groove pine plank flooring throughout, large windows to take in the outstanding views, and many custom touches. Walking through the front door, you are immediately welcomed by an open living area with a country feel. A large river rock fireplace, vaulted ceilings, beautiful wainscoting, Heartland appliances, and wire brushed doors will make you feel like you are in a country cabin with all the classy amenities. $1,150,000

Represented the Seller and Buyer

Bull Run Ranch Steamboat, CO

Bull Run Ranch lives up to its name with outstanding elk herds and wildlife covering the 550± acres. Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Bull Run Ranch sits in the Deer Creek Valley near the White River National Forest. Hunting is ideal on the ranch. Elk, mule deer, bears, and mountain lions call this area home. The property offers a log cabin, and privacy and seclusion; perfect for your quiet hunting getaway.


Represented the Buyer

Cebolla Creek Retreat Powderhorn, CO

Located on 52.6± acres, with 1,650± feet of exceptional fishing on Cebolla Creek, this ranch with 3-bedroom main home is an incredible opportunity to own a superior hunting and fishing lodge with over 80 years of history. The ranch is located in the coveted elk and mule deer hunting units 66 & 67, and fishing along the Cebolla Creek is known to be exceptional dry fly fishing for wild brown, rainbow, and brook trout. Well maintained log facilities include 14 guest cabins each with its own private bath, as well as staff accommodations, allowing you to host up to 30 guests. Conveniently located 45 minutes from Gunnison, guests can easily navigate via daily flights from Denver. Nestled into a valley with beautiful meadows and rock outcroppings, the ranch is secluded and private. Additional amenities include outdoor pool and hot tub, horse barn, and outbuildings. A wonderful piece of Colorado history, all in one package ready to be carried on for generations to come!


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Big Tree Ranch

Big Tree Ranch is an exceptional find in La Veta Colorado. Perfect for cattle, the 835± acre ranch offers privacy, improvements, access, water, and plenty of room for grazing. The main home on the ranch provides a beautiful, covered porch, perfect for enjoying views of the Sangre de Cristo Range. There is second home on the property as well as a large detached 2 car garage and shop. The ranch is fully fence and has a barn, stalls, loafing shed, and an outdoor arena. There is also an adjudicated stock water well.


Represented the Seller and Buyer

Walsenburg, CO

Mountain Chateau Gunnison, CO

This exquisite 4 bedroom, 4 bath cabin located in Blue Mesa Estates is a true gem located in the heart of Colorado. Sitting on 10± acres with a private gated entrance, this 4,133± square foot home is full of luxurious amenities and borders public land. Stunning floor to ceiling windows in living area allow for spectacular views of the West Elk Mountain Range. A floor to ceiling fireplace sets as a beautiful centerpiece for warm family nights. The gourmet kitchen has center island and custom cabinets. Tongue and groove pine ceilings are found throughout the home, as well as beautiful slate and hardwood floors. The upstairs has a huge game room that overlooks the living area is accented by a custom wrought iron railing. There are three additional bedrooms located upstairs. The master bedroom is on the main level with impressive en-suite featuring jetted tub and slate shower. The master also has a custom wood-burning fireplace. There is a screened in porch off the dining/living area with trex decking and views of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River. The property also includes a carport and 1,074± square foot three car garage.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


High in the San Juan Mountains, nestled under 14,000-foot peaks, lies one of the most picturesque, clear-running trout streams you could ever imagine. Sadly, the upper Lake Fork of the Gunnison is poor trout habitat with few trout. Mining, man made structures, and failed water impoundments from the late 1800s changed the face of history for this spectacular alpine fishery.

As an owner and broker of M4 Ranch Group, I have been blessed in so many ways, including getting to work with clients who can see past what is to what was, or—even better—what could be. This stretch of stream in the San Juans is a perfect example of what was and what could be.

Death of a Stream

At the heart of this success story is a 160-acre placer claim, staked out in the late 1800s. In subsequent years, following the path of so many similar parcels in the West, it was subdivided into eight different tracts of land, each bought and sold numerous times. Mining development and water impoundments built to supply hydro power to what was hoped would be one of the San Juan’s premier ore processing locations, contributed to the stream’s loss of habitat. Typical of the time, the mining build-up was merely an opportunity for salesmen to hawk investments, stocks or options back east. Few of the regions ever saw real gold production or profits other than through the fleecing of longdistance investors.

At the turn of the twentieth century, this locale was heavily improved with mill houses, hydro power, and a mining camp, but little to no ore was processed. With depleting investments and no significant gold strikes, the buildings slowly disappeared, board by board. The large water impoundments upstream held back water and gathered sediment year after year. Eventually the dam failed, cascading thousands upon thousands of cubic feet of water and accumulated years of sediment onto the valley floor. With the instant deposit of decades of aggregate, the stream lost its ability



River Restoration

to maintain bank stability and deep water habitat. Huge deposits of sediment allowed the stream to move anywhere it desired with each and every high water event. Although it still flowed through a spectacularly beautiful location, the stream suffered from the ailments of the era’s mining history, loss of habitat and failed continuity of land ownership. Over the decades, it seemed impossible that this fishery would ever recover.

Along Comes a Hero!

Rarely are land investors willing to envision change and work overtime to make that vision happen. Fortunately, such was not the case in this instance. More than eight years and numerous transactions later, the new owner (who admirably desires anonymity regarding this project) has reinstated sole ownership of the 160-acre placer claim and added two additional contiguous mining claims. Now, with continuity of land ownership, the dream of stream restoration work has begun.

The challenges are great. With a tract of land containing over 2.5 miles of private stream, a waterfall, three lakes and timbered bottoms, the owner is facing the hurdles of no stream stability, a heavy bedload situation and elevated aluminum levels in the water.

River Restoration Magic

The biggest part of a successful river project is to build the right team, beginning with the vital role of the hydrologist—what I like to call the river architect. Along with the hydrologist comes a reputable wetlands delineation team, several permitting agencies and perhaps the single most important aspect of the team, an able construction crew. You can design and permit the best river plans in the world, but if you don’t find the right “artist on an excavator,” your dream restoration project is likely to fall far short of the desired outcome.

River restoration is literally comparable to the whispering voice heard in the in the famous movie, Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” When you stabilize a stream, you allow it to maintain an incised channel. By building structures like self-cleaning holes, point breaks, Ws and fish houses, you provide


places for fish to live out the cold winter temperatures, places to spawn, places to grow older and thus bigger. You allow the necessary stream vegetation to grow and insects to thrive, both above and below the water line. “If you build it, they will come.”

Many alpine streams have a high percentage of slope and see very high water events; spring melt and heavy rain can create dramatic flow variations. Building for these 100- or even 500-year events is a feat in itself. These conditions require a great deal of engineering and significant amount of structure to maintain the stream’s viability in heavy water events.

Large rocks and stumps are often used to build interwoven structures that control stream width and bank stabilization. On this particular project, over 3,000 rocks, each measuring over 3 feet square, will be the building blocks of habitat. Moving many thousands of yards of aggregate, the design and build team will restructure the historic stream channel, stabilize its banks and confine the river’s bank full width, thus providing the necessary deep water habitat, new growth on the banks and improved overall stream health.

The Cost of Habitat

While these types of projects are not cheap, neither is buying land with a premier river. In today’s world, it truly is less expensive to build a better river than to find the elusive existing strip of “perfect” trout stream. While history has greatly changed the channels and viability of many of the streams in the San Juans, the passionate commitment to proper stewardship by a growing number of today’s landowners is making tremendous strides toward improvement.

Stream improvements on one parcel of private land benefits not only the improved land, but the entire river system. A quality river project is like building a fish hatchery. Biologists have documented trout migrating many miles in river systems in the West. With improved habitat comes increased populations and with increased populations comes migration, as smaller fish eventually relocate to other areas with less competition.

M4 Ranch Group has been proud to work with such buyers who define the phrase Along Comes a Hero. When private or public funds restore depleted fisheries, mile upon mile of stream benefits from those efforts. When you see these projects, realize the benefit to all: the habitat, the fish species, and the sportsman. So if you ever run across a stream project’s land owner, a hydrologist, a wetland-mitigation team or even a rough and tough ‘Artist on an Excavator,” you might just stop and give them a hug!


Magnificent Mountain Acreage Lake City, CO


Beautiful and versatile 10.968± acres in a small subdivision just 20 minutes from Lake City has everything the ideal Colorado property should have: views, two private lakes full of fish, huge trees, level home sites with underground electric, phone, well in place, water rights, all in an easily accessible location on a year-round county road. The property is on the Alpine Loop Back Country Byway and is close to public lands, access for fourwheeling, hiking, fishing, and more.


Represented the Seller and Buyer


Ghost Walker Ranch Powderhorn, CO

The Ghostwalker Ranch is a a quiet, secluded, and beautiful off-grid getaway property. Tucked away in the Ponderosa Pines on 40± acres with outstanding views of Uncompahgre Peak, giving you plenty of space to explore. The Colorado hunting ranch is in Game Management Area 66, known for its trophy hunting. Close by is Blue Mesa Reservoir, known for record setting fish, and Cebolla Creek and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison, enjoyed by fly-fisherman from all over the world.

Ranch improvements include a 2,120± square foot main home. The home has a beautiful wood-burning fireplace in the open living space, which includes the living, dining, and kitchen. The master suite is located on the main floor, attached to its own bathroom. Also located on the main level is a den with a bar, guest half bath, and a laundry room. The 2nd floor is a huge loft with a half bath. This space can be used for extra sleeping space, office, workout space, studio, or anything you would like. This Colorado hunting property also has a cute 806± square foot guest home. The guests can enjoy a full kitchen, a living room with a wood-burning stove, 1 bath, and a loft-style bedroom. Both homes have beautiful tongue and groove ceilings and wood floors. Exterior improvements include a nice detached 2 car garage, woodshed, and covered porches for sitting and enjoying the views, sunsets, and wildlife.


Represented the Seller and Buyer
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