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Urban Park of Delaunay


Park of Quires is located in Maia, district of Porto. It’s 12 km from the city in the North direction.

Intervension area is located in the neighborhood of residencial houses, living mostly by families with small children.




Intervension area is surrounded by residencial houses. Most of them are restaurant turned backwards to the park. On the N-E corner of area there is a comercial center with coffee shop, clinic and laundry. On S-W corner is placed restaurant. residential buildings services building

The car traffic in the intervension area is relatively low. However we can distinguish roads that are used more than others. Pedestrian movement is not exactly defined in the park zone. main car circulation secondary car circulation pedestrian circulation

Area is located 10 minutes walking distances from metmetro ro station Lidanational road dor. Also nationarea of inter- al road is quite vension cloes to the park. agricultural zone


CONCLUSIONS: USERS First conclusion that came to us after visiting the park, was very small amount of people staying there. Doesn’t matter if it was weekday or weekend, even if weather was perfect to spend day in the park, we could hardly count 20 people. Which, according to the size of the space, is not so much. The biggest group of them were older people with kids, mostly residents of the neighborhood. USE OF SPACE According to the users of park, the main function is active- kids are playing and running around. Their parents are sitting on benches, looking after them. The main problem is huge sun exposure. People complain about almost no place with shadow where they could rest. Some people use the space to have a walk with their dogs. CONDITIONS The conditions are not good. There is no defined paths to walk. Vegetation is very poor. Terrain modelation is not adapted to the handicapped people.

PROGRAMS AND OBJECTIVES: Create a water object in the middle of the park, as a main point attracted people to the place. Design a playground area, divided for different group of age, that is going to be located in a comfortable area for kids to play and for parents to look after them. Propose a coffee place- temporary object, located next to the water with a look for playground- perfect area for parents taking care about children, and other people to meet in park for a cup of coffee. Design very big active area. Lawn that can be used by kids to run and play, as a picnic area, place to organise local events. Create much more places covered from the sun. Design nice, resting area, with a view for water and not so strong sun exposure. Maximize the presence of ecological corses in the urban matrix, fostering the proximitly between human being and green areas Give dynamism to the area, prviding spacial, sensory and aesthetics quality to space.


The main idea about design of our project came up inspired by paitings of Robert Delanuay. This French painter was a precursor of new movement, which evaluate from cubism in the begining of XX century, and was called Orphism. Orphism was focused on pure abstraction and bright colors influenced by Fauvism and the dye chemist Eugene Chevreul. Inspired by this artist we create first sketches. Project based on concentric circles, vivid colours, and organic shapes around, evoluate to fits the functional plan. Other inspirations for desing you can see above.

CONCEPTUAL PLAN Considering functions of park that we would like to create, we decided to place there such areas as: -water object -coffee place -active area -resting area -playground. This diagram shows the main functions and relations between them. Our idea about function of vegetation is to cover the boarders of the park and keep the views inside open. Specialy for the view of the water object, placed in the center og park. We decided to divide space into to two levels. FIRST DESIGN The space has two tarraces, with the access by rampsone of each side of the water object. We defined two playgrounds- for kids in different age groups. The biggest area is the lawn.

Active recreation area Resting area Playground

On the concept plan we can observe the main functions of the park. The biggest area is an active zone- lawn. Two resting areas are located on the different levels and because of that their perspective in therms of view for water is different also. Playground is also a big zone, located in a upper level.

Proposal provides five entrance points, without main one. Inside the park there is a possibility to enter all the places by hadicapes. About the car circulation we decided to create a road crossing the park, but to cover the view for that.

In order to create more shady places we decided to use a lot of trees in our proposal. Some of them cover the view for road and houses, other are just decorative points.

Proposed Trees



Carpinus betulus In order to create more place with shadow, we decided to use a lot of trees. Here we would like to present some propos-Acer al about species, and show the difference in their look and decarative values based on changes of season.


Ginkgo biloba

Liquidambar styraciflua

Liriodendron tulipifera

Albizia julibrissin

Urban Park of Delaunay  

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