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Your Health, Your Hospital ’13 MAY/JUN

Choosing DCMH for Positive Outcomes By Abby Hellmich While I wish I could say I have never had to take my kiddos to the Emergency Room, I can’t. What I can say is that in our visits, we have been well taken care of and made to feel at home. So much so that on one trip, Nurse Anne Burns let my daughter help her while they prepared to put staples in the back of my son’s head. She treated my kiddos as if they were her own and allowed everyone to feel at ease in a stressful situation. When our younger son qualified for Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy, we were able to meet two more amazing Decatur County Memorial Hospital staff members. Trina Ingmire and Nancy Beaty brought a quiet, low-tone toddler out of his shell and armored him with confidence to conquer the world. They worked well as a team and brought so many positives to our life that a year later when our daughter needed the same services, I requested them again! Recently, our son saw a specialist at St. Vincent. A few weeks later, we needed a sinus X-ray. As opposed to returning to Indy, I requested having the work done at DCMH. We had previously had so many positive experiences with the staff that it seemed like a great option. Well, when Fred Sess, the staff radiologic technologist, greeted my son, explained everything directly to him and showed him the pictures after he was done, I was once again pleased with our hospital. What was so amazing, as we walked out, Fred said, “Have

Craig and Abby Hellmich with their children, Lily, Carter, Tate and Myla.

a great day! Thanks for choosing Decatur County Memorial Hospital!” I was amazed. He was right; we did have a choice. And I was happy with our decision.

“We did have a choice. And I was happy with our decision.” – Abby Hellmich

PATIENT TESTIMONIAL At a Minute’s Notice What started out as an average Wednesday night in front of the television ended with overwhelming gratitude to Decatur County first responders and the Decatur County Memorial Hospital ER staff for saving Bill Soendlin’s life. Bill and his wife, Janice, were watching TV when they decided to go to bed. Janice said it was about 11 pm when she heard Bill suddenly gasping for air. Immediately, Janice called 911 and began giving Bill CPR herself. “I did all I could remember about CPR and began pounding on him.” Then, when the New Point Fire Rescue Squad and Decatur County EMS arrived, a first responder took over and was able to get Bill back. An irregular heartbeat was later diagnosed as the cause of Bill’s cardiac arrest. Janice said, “Time is so valuable in these situations. Calling 911 as fast as you can and knowing CPR can make all the difference in these moments; time is not something you have a lot of.” She went on to say that the cardiologist told her the survival rate for this type of cardiac arrest emergency like Bill’s

is about 5 percent – with an even slimmer chance of 1 percent for someone to return to back to normal afterward. Throughout the whole ordeal, Bill’s heart stopped a few times. Janice said, “When we arrived at the DCMH Emergency Room, they were amazing. They were able get him back once again, stabilized and then airlifted him to Indianapolis for further care.” Bill mentioned he didn’t remember anything from when he went to bed to when he woke up in the hospital. Janice recognized the entire DCMH staff and all of the first responders in the county. “Every single person was outstanding, and I have nothing but big praise from the quick ambulance response, to the New Point Fire Department to the DCMH ER staff, and we couldn’t have been happier with our service.” She was happy to report that Bill was one of the blessed ones, and with help from the DCMH Physical Therapy department he’s back to normal and doing great today. She mentioned, “Throughout all our experience with

Bill and Janice Soendlin.

the departments at DCMH, we’ve always been thrilled with our care.” Janice mentioned, “These guys [first responders] respond and are always there to help and every single one of them was exceptional.” Janice and Bill have lived in Decatur County all their lives and were more than appreciative for the DCMH and all of the Decatur County emergency responders for saving Bill’s life. Janice ended saying, “They’re here to help. You’ve just got to make the call.”

Decatur County Memorial Hospital Healthy Fair Mark your calendar on Wednesday, June 26, for the annual Decatur County Memorial Hospital Healthy Fair. There will be FREE health screenings, FREE lunch, door prizes and more! The DCMH Healthy Fair is the perfect opportunity to gain the latest health information, get a FREE healthy lunch, receive FREE health screenings, have the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive a FREE comprehensive blood analysis (featuring a complete blood count, glucose, creatinine and more). FREE activities and other screenings include: • Purdue University’s Hot Dog’s Fitness • Blood drive Challenge includes several stations • GFD Safety House • Blood pressure checks with interactive elements (body • Bone density scans and health conditions, healthy for osteoporosis treats and a fitness challenge) For more information, visit MAY/JUN


• Body fat • Vision and MORE

Greensburg Elementary School 900 Big Blue Avenue Greensburg, IN 47240 Wednesday, June 26 11 am – 2 pm (812) 663-1228

Celebrating National Bone Health Month Osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become weak and can break more easily, was often believed by most to be a part of normal aging. That view has since changed.

DEXA scan.

Broken bones due to osteoporosis are most likely to occur in the hip, spine or wrist. Twenty percent of seniors who break a hip die within one year from problems related to the broken bone itself or surgery to repair it. One out of every two women age 50 years or older will break a bone due to osteoporosis. One out of every four men is affected by osteoporosis as well. Certain risk factors include: • Age • Disease • Excessive alcohol consumption

• Family history • Inactive lifestyle • Lack of calcium in diet


• Long-term steroid treatment • Low body weight • Smoking

While osteoporosis is not curable, it is treatable. There are many steps you can take to manage the disease and reduce your risks. A DEXA scan can help determine if you are at risk for developing osteoporosis. The painless, noninvasive DEXA scan (bone scan), offered locally at Decatur County Memorial Hospital, requires a written order from your physician. Medicare and most insurance providers will pay for a DEXA scan every two years. Talk to your physician and choose our Radiology department to schedule your scan today!

MEET OUR PHYSICIAN Michael McCarty, MD Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Facility Decatur County Memorial Hospital: ER 720 N. Lincoln Street Greensburg, IN 47240 (812) 663-4331

Education and Training Education: New Jersey Medical School Residency: Indiana University School of Medicine Michael McCarty is a skilled physician who has been working in the DCMH Emergency department since 1992. Married with three children, Dr. McCarty enjoys spending his free time on the golf course, out boating or at the gym. Patients from throughout our service area have had the benefit of Dr. McCarty’s expertise in the DCMH ER.

Crickett volunteering alongside Suzanne Miller and Annie Wilkison at the Spirit of Women: Women’s Symposium.

Crickett Snodgrass: Inspiring Community Role Model Born in Louisville, Kentucky, and relocating to Indiana at the age of 5, Naomi “Crickett” Snodgrass, now 80 years old, is no stranger to moving around. From Louisville to Indianapolis, to Muncie, where she met her late husband, to Greenville, Ohio, and now Greensburg, Crickett understands, first-hand, the value of “community.” As an active community volunteer, Crickett spends a majority of her days helping with DCMH’s Spirit of Women’s daily activities and events. Crickett is also a role model for healthier living. Outside of the many hours she donates helping others, Crickett makes time to work out three days a week at the Decatur County YMCA and is always eating healthy. Crickett has been a member of Spirit of Women since the program first began almost nine years ago. When Crickett first called Annie Wilkison, Women’s Health Coordinator for Spirit of Women, she can remember saying, “Give me things to do. I want to work, not just attend meetings.” What started that day was not only a membership for Crickett, but several friendships and volunteer opportunities. Out of the almost 900 members in Spirit of Women today, Crickett is often credited for bringing in almost 50 percent of them. “I like people. I’m very sociable,” Crickett said. “I’m inspired most to do what I do for the simple fact that I feel useful. Since none of my family members live close by, I guess I’m just always looking for things to do and people to take care of.”

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Healthcare Opportunities in Your Neighborhood Taking advantage of healthcare opportunities can save you not only money, but time, and even prevent you from lifethreatening conditions like heart attacks and strokes. At Decatur County Memorial Hospital, we offer ample opportunities to keep you and your family healthy. With our annual Healthy Fair that takes place each June, community members can use resources such as our free blood draws, blood pressure screenings, osteoporosis bone scans, skin cancer screenings and more. These screenings provide insight into healthcare problems and issues that you may face down the road, and allow you to take advantage of preventive precautions. As your hospital, we know emergencies and the need for immediate medical attention can happen anywhere. That’s why for the 2013 Decatur County 4-H Fair, we are providing an on-site medical station and ambulatory care. With sweltering temperatures we know attendees can get over-heated, fatigued or even injured during these events. That’s why we’re here to ensure if you are in need, we’re here for you. If you’re interested in being proactive in your healthcare rather than reactive, we can help you with that too. Our radiology department offers Focus 10+ screenings for just $179. This comprehensive screening tests your risk for heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, thyroid function, aortic aneurysm, kidney

720 N. Lincoln Street Greensburg, IN 47240

Spirit of Women members enjoying the desserts at the 2011 Health, Happiness & Chocolate Symposium.

HEALTH, HAPPINESS & CHOCOLATE: SPIRIT OF WOMEN’S ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM Join DCMH’s Spirit of Women for their annual Women’s Symposium featuring: Health, Happiness and of course, Chocolate! Enjoy a special presentation, entertainment, food and more! June 6 • Greensburg Elementary School • Doors open at 6 pm RSVP is required. $10/Spirit of Women members and $15/non-members. RSVP by calling (812) 663-1325 or (812) 663-1389. Visit for more information.

disease and more. When your results come in, our staff explains what each number means to you. Plus, your physician receives a copy of your test results, in case further action needs to be taken. These screenings are regularly valued at $2,064.

At DCMH we’re committed to doing all we can to accommodate community needs and provide opportunities like free screenings, medical responders and discounted services to keep you and your family healthy.



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Your Health, Your Hospital  
Your Health, Your Hospital  

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