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McFarland Transport Providing a competitive haulage service

McCullagh Farm Machinery Excellent range of new machinery

WW Doherty & Sons Family-run farm machinery dealership

Reynolds Agri Long-running and popular agri contractors

10 ICOS - Irish Co-Operative Organisation Society The umbrella body for Ireland’s 60 livestock marts

46 Tony O’Mahony Agri and Plant Hire Ltd. High quality service providers to the farming community

13 Alan Milne Tractor Ireland’s leading AGCO supplier

56 MD Workman Ltd. Import and Export service specialising in pedigree stock

19 WR Shaw Successfully trading for over 30 years


30 TFM Ltd. One of Ireland’s leading suppliers of farm machinery 36 McDonagh Engineering Selling tractors, machinery and spare parts for almost 40 years

Brogan Tractor Sales Celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2013

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Offaly firm gets Zetor dealership Rainbow Engineering of Cloghan, Co Offaly has been appointed main dealers for Zetor tractors by distributors McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill, Co. Tipperary. Established in 2001 by John Daly, Rainbow Engineering manufactures and sells a wide range of custom made steel products that include concrete mixers, trailers and cattle pens. Their appointment to represent Zetor marks their first expansion into agricultural machinery.

The new 80hp, 4-wheel drive Zetor Major - one of the models that Rainbow Engineering will represent

The company joins the Zetor network at a time when the brand has embarked on a major expansion programme, the aim being to recapture its position as one of the top selling tractors on the Irish market. To that end, Rainbow will market an all-new Zetor range comprising the stylish Proxima and Forterra ranges, including the heavy-duty Forterra HSX model and the new Zetor Major

– a few-frills 80hp, 4-wheel drive tractor which has just arrived in Ireland. Commenting, McHale Plant Sales sales director John O’Brien said “the appointment of Rainbow Engineering will strengthen our presence in a key area and is one of a number designed to help Zetor increase its share of the tractor market nationally.”

New UNIA fixed chamber baler introduced UNIA distributor in Ireland, McHale Plant Sales of Birdhill, has introduced the latest model DF1.8Dd fixed chamber roller baler on the Irish market. More competitively priced than many machines on the market at EUR25,000 (ex. VAT) the UNIA is designed for grass, hay and straw harvesting and has a PTO power demand of 70-90hp. It delivers a 1.2 metres diameter bale from a cylindrical winding chamber comprising 17 indestructible rollers, all supported on maintenance-free bearings. Being sold directly by McHale, its other features include two rows of feeder tines, a 14-knife cutting system that can be lowered hydraulically to the neutral position, an automatic chain and gears lubrication system and a remotely-operated pilot box that controls all operations and includes a ‘chamber full’ alert and automatic bale counter. During operation, the rear cover is locked to give high levels of compression without need to load the tractor’s hydraulic system. Augers feed material into the rotor while a pressure roller facilitates the collection of high swath and produces a smooth flow that reduces the risk of jamming. When jams occur, a hydraulically-lowered foot gives safe access for cleaning and UNIA fixed chamber baler removal. Other standard items include a rear bale thrower, a binder to control the number of wraps and an automatic oil feed to the hydraulic system. Additional extras include a twine binder.



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Grass shredder for compact tractors Kuhn Amenity Pro’s new BE shredder sits in the middle of the company’s landscape maintenance range as the implement best suited to cutting expansive grassy areas. Fitted with short hammer knives on a 374mm diameter rotor, the BE is available in four different working widths, from 1.4m to 2.00m, and is suitable for compact tractors from 31 to 51 horsepower. Machines can be front or rear-mounted, and are available with the option of a fixed frame or with Kuhn Amenity Pro’s BE shredder either mechanical or hydraulic offset. The BE has a height-adjustable 160mm diameter roller that is positioned close to the rotor for excellent ground following and accurate cutting. This proximity of rotor and roller also creates a self-cleaning action by the working tools. Positioning of the casing means that cut grass is ejected over the roller, therefore avoiding any compaction at the time of shredding and accelerating the decomposition. BE landscape maintenance shredders start from £3,231 and complete a range that already includes the TL models (lighter weight, for 10-30hp) and the BKE models (heavier duty, up to 80hp and 3m working width). Kuhn Amenity Pro’s landscape maintenance shredder range will be represented on the company’s stand at IOG Saltex.

Massey Ferguson tractors helping to farm the sea

Massey Ferguson farming the sea

A pair of Massey Ferguson tractors is helping specialist Anglesey sea-farming business, Menai Oysters and Mussels, process each year more than 70,000 oysters and five million mussels, all grown and cultivated naturally in the strong, nutrition-rich tidal currents of the Menai Strait. Purchased in late 2012 from nearby MF dealer, Emyr Evans, the two Massey Ferguson tractors – a 38hp MF 1540A and a 102hp MF 5440 – are being employed primarily within the initial washing processes used to remove silt, sand and other seabed detritus from the shells of the harvested oysters and mussels. Initial cleaning of the oysters is carried out in trays using a hand-held pressure washer fed with sea water by a high-capacity pump mounted on and driven by the power take-off shaft of the MF 1540A tractor. When all of the oysters have been washed, the tractor is driven a short distance to the mussel processing line where its external hydraulic system is connected to pumps powering the equipment’s water delivery and conveyor systems, simultaneously washing and grading the mussels as they move along the line. All of the seawater used by Menai Oysters and Mussels within its various washing and purifying processes is transported from the sea shore to the farm in a 6,000 litre vacuum tanker hauled by the MF 5440 tractor, the water being held in large storage tanks until needed. The two and a half miles each-way journey to and from the sea shore is made three or four times a week, depending on the season and demand for the firm’s oysters and mussels, all of which are sold to customers within the United Kingdom. Bought primarily to power the oyster and mussel washing equipment, the smaller MF 1540 compact tractor spends up to 40 hours a week stationary with its engine running and power take-off shaft turning at a constant 540rpm. “The MF 1540 replaced a larger agricultural-type tractor, consequently cutting our diesel usage by half,” commented Shaun. “The new tractor’s power output and auxiliary oil flow are far better matched to our existing equipment so everything runs more smoothly and economically. Having a foldable rollbar instead of a cab means also that we can lock the tractor away securely overnight.” The larger MF 5440 tractor arrived on the farm two months later, further modernising the firm’s machinery fleet while splitting the existing workload over two new power units.



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Valtra expands A Series - six new models in under100 horsepower class Valtra is expanding the A Series with the introduction of new smaller models. These agile three-cylinder tractors are ideal as general purpose farm tractors, as well as for fruit farming and property maintenance, for example. The new models open the door for Valtra to increase sales in the market for small tractors: over half of all tractors sold in Europe are in the under-100 horsepower class. This is especially important for Valtra Valtra A series importers and dealers; the Valtra model lineup now extends from 50 horsepower to 400 horsepower, allowing the Finnish manufacturer to serve its customers even more comprehensively than before. The A Series model line-up now includes Compact and Orchard tractors. Compact tractors are available with or without a cab, while Orchard tractors are without a cab. Orchard tractors are just 1.6 to 1.7 metres wide, while Compact tractors are 1.9 to 2.0 metres wide. Orchard tractors are ideal for fruit farms, for example. The smallest model is the A53, which offers 50 horsepower. The A63 model has an intercooled turbo engine that produces 68 horsepower. The biggest model is the A73, which offers 75 horsepower. All of the tractors come with Valtra’s reliable 12+12R transmission with synchronised shuttle and creeper gear. The PTO has two speeds, and the linkage is operated mechanically. All models are available as either rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive. All models have hydraulic multidisc brakes. There are two hydraulic blocks. The open cab is fitted with a rollover bar and removable roof. The closed cab version is based on the traditional Valtra A Series cab and offers an ergonomic and optionally air-conditioned workspace that can be accessed easily from either side of the tractor.

Massey Ferguson MF 5600 Series Tractors purpose built for the 110hp to 130hp sector Three new, four cylinder powered MF 5600 Series models from Massey Ferguson are purpose built to deliver exactly the right specification for the 110hp to 130hp sector. The new MF 5600 Series are built to provide uncompromising performance in the field and on the road, combined with the manoeuvrability, visibility and exclusive features that make them unrivalled loader tractors. ‘Loader ready’ models come supplied with a factory-fitted sub-frame, as well as a wide range of novel features and controls to ease and enhance operation. Powered by the latest AGCO POWER four cylinder engines, the new MF 5600 tractors are built on a new 2.55m wheelbase chassis – equipped with specifically designed Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmissions. There is also a choice of Essential or Efficient cab specifications as well as a completely new exclusive front axle suspension option, designed and manufactured by Massey Ferguson. With maximum (ISO) powers of 110hp, 120hp and 130hp and weighing 4.8t, the new Massey Ferguson MF 5600 Series four cylinder models offer a distinct specification choice and are developed specifically to meet all customers’ requirements in this important power sector. The engine powers of all the new tractors also overlap with three models in the MF 6600 Series, to provide further choice. “The new MF 5600 Series are purpose built for this power sector and application, offering uncompromising quality, specification and performance,” says Campbell Scott, Massey Ferguson Brand Development Manager. “The 110hp to 130hp bracket is expanding rapidly and is very important - customers need, and expect, a tractor with the specifications the MF 5600 Series offers. “They should not have to be forced to compromise using older, out-dated models that stretch the top end of the light-duty sector, or employ heavy and cumbersome tractors from the bottom of more powerful ranges. The MF 5600 Series sets a new standard, offering specifications seldom found elsewhere in this sector,” he adds. The new MF 5611, MF 5612 and MF 5613 will replace the existing four cylinder MF 5445, MF 5455 and MF 5460, as well as the MF 6445 and MF 6455. Set for launch at the forthcoming Agritechnica Show in Germany, the new tractors will become available through 2014.



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Government must fix discrimination against selfemployed before imposing additional taxes - Bryan IFA President John Bryan has said that any proposal for a mandatory increase to PRSI for the selfemployed would place an unfair additional cost on self-employed workers and must be IFA President John Bryan rejected. Mr Bryan said, “Under the existing PRSI system, employees receive benefits that are not available to the self-employed, such as Jobseeker’s and Illness benefit. If there is to be an increase in the PRSI rate for the self-employed, this must be voluntary and accompanied by a proportionate increase in the range of benefits that are available to this group.” He continued, “Any change to the PRSI system for the selfemployed must involve a voluntary, opt-in system, which would provide the option for a self-employed worker to increase their level of PRSI contribution in order to qualify for these additional benefits. However, where a selfemployed worker chooses not opt in to this system, their PRSI contribution must remain at the current rate of 4%”. The income tax system already discriminates against the self-employed. Farmers and other self-employed taxpayers do not get the PAYE tax credit that is available to employees and others paid through the PAYE system. “This results in employees entering the income tax net at twice the income level of self-employed (€16,500 v €8,250) and paying substantially less tax as a result. The Government would want to fix this inequity before they impose any additional taxes or PRSI hikes on the self-employed,” Mr Bryan warned. He continued, “As an example, for a single self-employed farmer, with taxable income of €20,000, their tax liability (including income tax, PRSI and the USC) is €3,870, or 19% of their income. By contrast, an employee with the same taxable income has a tax liability of €2,220, or 11% of their income”. He concluded, “There will be a negative impact on output and employment if the self-employed sector is unfairly forced to take on the burden of increased income taxes and charges through further increases in PRSI. The Government must instead concentrate on supporting enterprise and growth in this sector”.

John Deere F440 M round baler

John Deere launches new fixed chamber balers With its new line of 400 Series balers, John Deere now offers a complete solution for small and medium livestock farms, large farms and contractors. ‘Keep the best and change the rest’ was the design principle for the new F440M fixed chamber baler, developed for small to medium size farms looking for a single multi-purpose machine. Designed to produce between 1000 and 3000 bales of hay, silage or straw per season, the F440M maintains the high quality bale shape of its predecessor, the 623 model. The F440M can also be ordered with the 623’s versatile MultiCrop tailgate and proven net wrapping system. Along with the high performance feeding system of the 900 Series variable chamber round baler with Fast Release System, the F440M also features some of the 900 Series’ advanced technologies, including a new driveline and rotor, stronger shielding, wider and bigger tyres and other improved components. The F440R fixed chamber baler and the C440R wrapping baler are suitable for large livestock farms and contractors who produce more than 3000 bales per season and focus on silage production. These ‘R’ versions utilise a number of 900 Series components such as the pick-up, high capacity rotor with 13 or 25 knives and new 600/50-22.5 wide tyres. Even with the benefit of this high level technology, the balers’ small colour display and cartridge type automatic greasing system contribute to the low operating cost of these machines. Both the F440R and C440R wrapping baler also benefit from long-life components such as stainless steel strippers and heavy-duty chains and bearings.



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Case IH Farmall is a winner, says Champion ploughman Nine times Welsh Ploughing Champion and winner of three Gold, three Silver and one Bronze World Ploughing Championships medals, Montgomeryshire farmer Evan Watkin has added to his list of successes recently using a new four-wheel-drive, 107hp Case IH Farmall 105 U. Evan first used the new tractor to fend off 80 other competitors in the Sarn District Ploughing Championships on the Llyn Peninsula, where he was placed first. “The Farmall 105 U is considerably more powerful than my previous Case IH 885L and incorporate the latest technology, which offers significant advantages. The cab is much more comfortable, visibility is vastly better and the electro-hydraulic system provides more precise control over the plough, as well as being much safer. It’s difficult to see how the tractor could be improved.” Evan took part in his first ploughing competition in 1973 at the age of 15 and although it was another 15 years before he entered the Welsh Ploughing Championship for the first time, since then he has become very well known on the national and international circuit. Throughout that time Evan has relied on Case IH tractors. In 1996, using a two-wheel-drive International 454, he became Reserve Champion of Wales and qualified to compete in the World Championship in Australia the following year. In 1998 he was again Reserve Champion of Wales and qualified for the World Championship in France in 1999, the year he won his first major title, the Welsh Championship, when it was held in his native Montgomeryshire. Evan subsequently purchased a new four-wheel-drive Case IH 885L tractor 107 hp Case IH Farmall 105 U which provided much greater traction, an attribute becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive in World Championship events, in which he finished runner-up in 2003 and 2004 and in 2012 he was placed third when the event was held in Croatia. Evan still owns that tractor, which has completed 6200 hours, but says that the Farmall 105 U is much better suited to competing at the high level now required to get amongst the medals at international level. Alun Scott, Product Marketing Specialist for Case IH UK, states: “We are delighted that Evan rates his Case IH Farmall 105 U so highly. The Farmall name is deeply rooted in the history of Case IH, the first of these powerful, versatile tractors to bear this legendary brand being produced in 1923. Today’s Farmall line-up provides modern farms with a range of powerful, efficient, versatile and comfortable tractors which maintain the brand’s hard-won reputation. They appeal to existing Case IH customers looking to update and those who operate other tractor brands.”

Increased capacity for new MF 1840 in-line Small Square Baler The new MF 1840 small rectangular baler from Massey Ferguson builds on the success of the MF 1839 with new features to further enhance performance and reliability of the machines. Like its predecessor, the new MF 1840 is designed and built in Hesston, Kansas, in the USA. The baler employs a novel ‘centre-line’ design in which the crop flows through the machine in a straight line – working like a mini large square baler. This in-line loading improves efficiency because the crop is not turned before entering the chamber. “There is still a large demand for hay and straw in normal conventional bales. Massey Ferguson continues to invest in improving designs to ensure these balers provide the same reliability and performance as our renowned large square balers,” says Mark Grigson, Product Marketing Manager – Harvesting. “Whether you are making a few hundred or thousands of bales, the MF 1840 delivers consistent, well-formed and densely packed bales that are the right size for handling and feeding.” The new MF 1840 makes well formed 356mm x 457mm bales and retains the key features such as narrow transport width, 1.9m wide pick-up with standard gauge wheels, short stroke and high speed plunger as well as the renowned rugged knotters.



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UFU calls for 100% John Deere 6M and 6R Series tractors go ‘compact’ Rural John Deere is Develolpment introducing three Programme new, more compact models to both the energy export 6M and 6R Series requirement to be tractor ranges. Built in Mannheim, the removed new 6MC and 6RC The Ulster Farmers’ Union have written to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) stressing concerns faced with the applications for capital funding for the construction of renewable generation installations under the current Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme (NIRDP) Farm Diversification 3.1 measure. UFU President Harry Sinclair said; “Currently under the Farm Diversification 3.1 measure farmers can apply for a grant aid of up to 50%, to a maximum grant level of £50,000, to help with the funding of stand-alone renewable energy projects. When this scheme was put in place we believed that it would go a long way towards helping address the significant upfront capital costs which these projects face. However, the requirement that in order to be eligible for funding, the applicant would have to sell 100% of the energy output to a third party has caused serious problems for many. “When this proviso was put in place, DARD informed us that this requirement was needed to satisfy EU State Aid Rules which state that Axis 3 energy cannot be used to reduce the running costs of a farm business and can only be used to supplement the income of the farm family. While this rule only applies for the first 5 years from installation after which farmers can use the electricity on their own farm, we believe that DARD did not recognise the impracticalities that this proviso would cause. Harry continued; “We have been inundated with calls from members who are experiencing problems with this 100% export requirement and we feel that this situation could be resolved if this was lifted. In our letter to Minister O’Neill we have raised our concerns regarding this issue and ask that she make a request to the EU to have the export only stipulation removed from any such funding applications which we already understand will not be a requirement under the next Rural Development Programme. By removing this requirement it will not only ease the problems being faced by many farmers at present but it will also allow them to make use of the electricity that they produce which should encourage more farmers to apply for this type of funding.”


tractors have been designed specifically for medium size arable, livestock and mixed farms, and are also suitable for local authorities and other professional grounds and turf care customers.

John Deere 6110 MC & 6110RC tractors

New 6MC Series tractors The new 6090MC, 6100MC and 6110MC models are equipped with smooth, highly efficient PowrQuad Plus transmissions and Stage III B compliant 4.5-litre four-cylinder PowerTech PWX engines. Using field proven technologies to meet the latest emissions standards, these fuel efficient diesel-only engines feature exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), a wastegate turbocharger and an exhaust filter. This last component includes a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The 6MC tractors feature a 2.4m wheelbase for stability and versatility, while an optional low profile cab allows easy access to small buildings. The tractors durable full frame is specifically designed to accept front loaders such as the John Deere H310 or H340. These are available in non self-levelling, mechanical self-levelling and hydraulic self-levelling versions, with a wide variety of loader attachments. With up to four mechanical SCVs, the pressure compensated hydraulic system provides quick response times and a lift capacity of up to 5600kg. It is available with a 65 or 80-litre/min capacity pump. These tractors also feature a fuel efficient 540/540E/1000rpm PTO plus a comfortable cab with 320 degree visibility and low noise levels.

New 6RC Series tractors John Deere’s 6090RC, 6100RC and 6110RC tractors represent the premium version of this new line of more compact tractors. Supplied by a massive 205litre fuel tank, the John Deere PowerTech PWX 4.5-litre Stage III B diesel-only engines are also equipped with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) with 10 additional hp when needed. Operator comfort is enhanced by the tractor's 2.4m wheelbase and the optional triple link suspension (TLS) front axle, while tyre sizes of up to 600/65 R38 help apply the available power to the ground. Increased levels of comfort as well as a higher degree of implement control through automation are provided by John Deere’s iTEC Basic, GreenStar and ISOBUS precision farming options. The three powershift transmission choices, PowrQuad Plus, AutoQuad Plus and AutoQuad Plus EcoShift, provide smooth gear changes on the move, assisted by a standard declutch button. Thanks to the newly available EcoShift mode, engine rpm is automatically reduced when reaching high speeds. These reliable and efficient transmission options help to further reduce fuel consumption on these tractors. Other features include a pressure and flow compensated hydraulic system providing up to 114 litres/min, with 37 litres oil take out capacity available for implement operation, plus an optional ex-factory front PTO and front hitch with a lift capacity of 3000kg. John Deere’s new 6RC and 6MC Series tractors will be available from November 2013.


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New engines and new model for 5G Series tractors

John Deere 5090 G tractor

John Deere 5G Series tractors for 2014 feature new Stage III B engines on selected models and a brand new low-profile 5GL model. First introduced in 2009, the 5G Series is positioned between the 5E and 5M Series tractors to meet the needs of smaller arable, livestock, mixed and speciality farms. The 5G models can also be used as year-round workhorses by local authorities and groundscare contractors, for example. Their combination of compact, lightweight design and new premium features ensure that the latest models can handle an equally wide range of jobs. The new 80 and 90hp 5G Stage III B Series tractors will be available in both cab and open operator station versions, with either two- or four-wheel drive. As a result, these versatile tractors can be used anywhere from small yards and low barns to large fields.

Equipped with equal front and rear wheels in the four-wheel drive version, the 90hp model is also available as the 5GH, which offers a high ground clearance of 0.78m in its two-wheel drive configuration. The ground clearance allows this tractor to operate in low height crops such as vegetables and soft fruit, as well as vineyards. The new 5G and 5GH Series tractors feature powerful four-cylinder 3.4-litre diesel engines equipped with a common rail system, efficient charge air cooling and a turbocharger to comply with Stage III B emission regulations. With a constant power range of 400rpm and a torque rise of 31 per cent, this new engine ensures the appropriate levels of power, performance and productivity for a wide range of operations. The intelligent power management (IPM) option on the 5090G provides an additional 9hp at 2300rpm and a power bulge of five per cent for PTO and transport applications. Additional versatility is provided by a choice of 540/540E and 540/1000rpm PTO speeds and the optional ground drive PTO, which is more suitable for trailer work. Featuring an engine driven tandem gear pump, the open centre hydraulic system on 5G Series tractors provides ample power. One pump is dedicated to the steering and braking systems, while the second is devoted to the selective control valves (SCVs) and rockshaft for uninterrupted steering and hitch movement during simultaneous use. An optionally available third pump offers an additional 29.8 litres/min dedicated to the rockshaft and SCVs, for customers demanding more from their hydraulic system. In this case a total output of 126.4 litres/min can be achieved. Up to four standard or four optional electro-hydraulic SCVs give the operator excellent control of the hydraulic system. Electrohydraulic activation of the SCVs is at the push of a button. The three-point hitch on 5G Series tractors provides a standard maximum lift capacity of 2700kg at the ball ends. For more versatility and to operate bigger implements, additional lift cylinders are available to extend the maximum lift capacity to 3200kg. The new 5G Series can be ordered with a factory installed front PTO and front hitch. In addition, a new ‘front loader ready’ option is available for easy integration of John Deere’s new, smaller H240 and H260 front loaders. A redesigned, sealed and pressurised cab has also been developed to provide the operator with the best possible level of comfort and protection while working in the field or driving on the road.

Valtra offers new models in the N Series Valtra has expanded the N Series with the introduction of new models in response to customer demand. The N103.4 brings a four-cylinder alternative to the lower end of the model line-up alongside the extremely popular and compact N103 model. The bigger N103.4 is an excellent front-loader tractor that offers a wide range of equipment and features. The AGCO power 4.4-litre SCR engine has excellent low-end torque and is extremely fuel efficient. The maximum output of both models is the same, 111 horsepower. The N103.4 is available with a three-step HiTech transmission or a five-step HiTech5 transmission. Also available on the new model, as on the N113 and N123, is the HiTrol turbine clutch, which enables smooth starts and is easy on the transmission. HiTrol is also now available on three-cylinder N93 and N103 models. This unique Valtra feature further enhances the front-loader capabilities of the N Series. The selection of Versu and Direct models has also been expanded to include lower horsepower models in the N Series with the introduction of the N123 Versu and N123 Direct. The most powerful and extensive load-sensing hydraulics in this class of tractors (115 or 160 l/min), with separate oils as preferred by contractors, as well as the stepless Direct and highly automated Versu transmissions enable the smaller N Series models to be used in new ways. The N123 Versu and Direct models can be specified with the same equipment and features as larger N Series tractors, such as the TwinTrac reverse-drive system, the high-visibility SVC cab, a factory-fitted front loader, the AutoGuide 3000 steering assist system, and forest equipment, including a forest cab, forest tyres and a steel fuel tank. At the top of the range is the N163, which offers up to 171 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque with boost. Valtra now offers farmers and contractors looking for a mid-range tractor with a wider and better range of alternatives than ever before. All Valtra tractors share in common the fact that they are tailored according to individual customer needs and that they are supported by the entire Valtra organisation in terms of spare parts, maintenance and financing.



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New DEUTZ-FAHR C9000 Series combine harvester DEUTZ-FAHR is set to launch a new range of combine harvesters for the 2014 season. The C9000 series, with its new technical innovations has been designed to bring a new dimension to harvesting efficiency and operator comfort and, in callaboration with Glugiaro Design, the style of the new machines has been completely reworked in line with the latest Deutz-Fahr tractors. The new range comprises four models: The C9205 TS and C9206 TS with 5 and 6straw walkers, and the C9205 TSB and C9206 TSB hill models having the slope compensation Balance system (20% lateral and 6% longitudinal). The hill modes are also equipped with new adjustable rear axle and 4WD traction, with the proven and exclusive Anti-Skid system which DEUTZ-FAHR C 9000 series maximises productivity on all working terrains. Powered by DEUTZ engines (7.8 litre TCD L6 T4i) to guarantee optimum performance in the field with 334hp output for the C9205 and 395hp for the C9206, fuel consumption is one of the lowest for this power category due to the use of SCR technology and the advanced technical design of the machine which, uniquely, employs transmissions positioned on each side of the engine. All models are equipped with the high-performance cutter bar, now also available in the 9.0 metre version. A one-piece construction, the Autocontrol device and the Schumacher Easy Cut II system ensures safe and efficient operation in all conditions, providing a uniform cut with minimal wear. A new feature is use of a feed roller positioned at the start of the intake trunking which takes the crop to the threshing drum. Having retractable tines the feed roller helps to provide an even flow of crop to maximise threshing capacity. In addition to the new and improved Maxi-Crop threshing system and the exclusive concave with adjustable sections, the hydraulic feed passage inversion system and the Extra Feeding supply system (along with other specifics) have been redesigned by the DEUTZ-FAHR engineers. The new and exclusive electro-hydraulic bearing control system on the header is just one of several innovative developments on the new harvesters which help to ensure there is a continuous and uniform feed delivered to the threshing components. Separation capacity, performance is optimised by the Maxi-Crop system and also by the long straw walkers. Cereal cleaning and integrity are guaranteed by other exclusive proven DEUTZ-FAHR systems, including the grain pan with its 2step removable sections, the turbo-ventilator, the wide sleves and the DGR (Double Grain Return) recovery system on each side of the machine. The high visibility driver’s cab is integrated into the new design with an array of lights and mirrors with dual-reflectors and electrical adjustment. The soft, welcoming driver and passenger seats are equipped with a capacious 21 litre integrated thermo cooler, offering maximum comfort and convenience during long working days. The soft, anti-dust coverings are ideally suited to the needs of the most demanding operators. The steering wheel and column have also been completely redesigned and as a result, provide optimum ergonomics and safe driving in the field and on the road. Finally, the C9000 Series combine harvesters also provide efficient and convenient solutions for day-to-day maintenance, with easy, quick access to the engine, transmissions and other key areas. In conclusion, every detail of the new DEUTZ-FAHR combine harvesters has been designed to last, and to dominate all types of harvesting terrain. Selecting the C9000 series means choosing a machine you can count on, where every function is designed with optimum efficiency and productivity in mind.



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ICOS Marts go from strength to strength


he livestock mart has been part of the fabric of Irish farming and rural life since it replaced the humble fair in the 1950s.

ICOS Chairman Michael Spellman


Nowadays, Ireland’s 60 livestock marts come under the umbrella of the Irish Cooperative Organisation Society (ICOS). Over one million cattle are sold every year in Irish marts which provide many services to the farmer shareholders, in addition to the primary function of a transparent method of selling and guaranteeing payment for livestock. Several marts have diversified their service offering into property sales,

SFP entitlement trading, valuations, NCT centres and retail centres to name but a few. For many farmers, there is much more to their local mart than trading cattle or sheep. It’s also a social outlet. If anything, this role has become even more pronounced with the closure of rural pubs and the large number of farmers living on their own. The interaction between buyers and sellers around the sales ring, and the rapid speech of the auctioneer lends itself to what is a truly unique atmosphere. While new regulations passed last year (i.e. the Property Services Regulation Act) significantly reduce the level of credit available to farmers


cork marts designed_Layout 1 17/09/2013 12:30 Page 2

CONTACT DETAILS ICOS The Plunkett House, 84 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

and dealers, the marts will continue to have a vital role to play in the future as they provide both transparency and competition. Together with livestock cooperative marts, there are over 40 Breed Societies covering cattle, sheep and horses to name a few. Such societies help promote their breeds, help safeguard their long-term development efforts and help educate the buying public on the

Tel: 01 6764783 Email:

The impressive Corrin Mart

Ray Doyle, ICOS Livestock Sector Development Manager

economical and at times social attributes of their breed. Recent years have seen the emergence of farmer producers coming together regionally to promote and cultivate marketing opportunities with geographically pasturegrazed stock. The ICOS

see the emergence of such Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) type solutions as an opportunity for Irish livestock producers. To round all of this off, ICOS also have active Animal Health and Artificial Insemination co-operatives operating in Ireland. Coupling this co-operative ethos within

the Irish livestock sector with pasture-based rearing systems has resulted in one of the most sustainable livestock management systems in the world. As a representative umbrella organisation for the co-operative movement in Ireland, ICOS is focused on driving the evolution of the

Cork Marts



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Continued Best Wishes To Ray Doyle, From

LOUGHREA Co-Operative Mart Ltd Loughrea, Co. Galway Tel: 091 841219 |091 841674 Sales Days

Thursday -Sheep, Lambs Start at 10am Followed By Dry Ewes, Breeding Ewes & Breeding Hoggets Fridays- Weanlings Season Starts From September Onwards Sale Starts At 6.30pm Saturdays -Cattle Sale Heifers at 10.30 Followed by Dry Cows, Sucklers and Bullocks

Best Wishes To ICOS, From

Clare Marts

Ireland’s Largest Livestock Auctioneers Bandon Mart Tel: 023 8841151 Cahir Mart Tel: 052 7441307 Fermoy Mart Tel: 025 31611 Dungarvan Mart Tel: 058 41611 Skibbereen Tel: 028 21066 Macroom Mart Tel: 026 41121 Continued Best Wishes To ICOS From


Leinster Marts holds a Cattle & Calf Sale every Monday in their Carlow Mart and a Cattle Sale every Wednesday in their Kilcullen Mart Property & Livestock Sales | Valuations | Land Leases & Lettings & Clearance Sales please contact 059 9131617 (Carlow) or 045 481301 (Kilcullen) Email: Best Wishes & Continued Success To ICOS From

Roscommon Co-operative Livestock Marts Ltd.

T: 090 6626352 | 090 6626149 | 090 6626099 F: 090 6625689 | Email:


Fridays- Bullocks, Heifers & Dry Cows 11am Wednesday’s - Lambs & Cast Ewes 11am Tuesday Evenings- Spring | Autumn Suck Calves, Weanlings, Suckler Cows 6pm BREEDING SHEEP FROM AUGUST - OCTOBER


Irish co-operative sector through the promotion of best practice, change and helping to enhance the sustainability of our member co-ops. The Society endeavours to: - Advocate greater engagement with its member co-ops and foster greater interaction between ICOS and its member coops - Effectively use its collective voice and lobbying capabilities - Challenge members to promote continuous improvement and competitive change, and be open for challenge ourselves within ICOS - Promote the principles of the co-operative movement to ensure stronger governance, education and cooperation - Develop membership base through the training and education of its grass-roots membership - Promote greater member participation within co-operatives, particularly with younger generations of members - Deliver tangible value to members in the services it provides, the initiatives it leads and the programs it promotes. ICOS serve co-ops that collectively have over 150,000 individual members and employ 12,000 people in Ireland. Starting from agriculture co-op roots, and the vision of founding President, Sir Horace Plunkett in 1894, ICOS today has evolved to serve the co-operative sector in seven core categories, namely: - Multipurpose dairy co-ops - Livestock sector co-ops - Store, trade and wholesale co-ops - Service-related co-ops - Community-oriented, culture and leisure co-ops - Food, fishing and beverage co-ops - Advisory and education-related co-ops


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Northern Ireland’s leading machinery dealer one-stop location for all their agri- machinery needs, and with a fleet of eight service vans, they offer a back-up service to match. The customer can establish a relationship with the company on the purchase of anything from a Bomford hedge cutter to a Challenger (the world’s premier tracked tractor), and know that they will receive the same level of service and attention to detail on the purchase of anything else in the extensive

equipment range. Customer satisfaction is vital for any business to thrive and this combination of the widest range of internationally renowned equipment at the most competitive prices, with world class back-up, helps guarantee this satisfaction for all Alan Milne Tractor customers. Alan Milne’s whole philosophy is a study in innovation – always trying to satisfy customer needs as

Alan Milne Tractors receiving the machinery dealer of the year award for Northern Ireland in 2012


lan Milne Tractor was set up in 1982 has become Irelands leading AGCO supplier with Massey Ferguson, Fendt & Challenger Tractors with many other leading brands. The firm supply agricultural machinery to a worldwide audience from their bases in N. Ireland, Newry and Carryduff, while they also supply spares with a dedicated e-commerce Parts Website. With a turnover in excess of £11m the company has 41 staff and two directors. Alan Milne Tractors has a variety of franchise partners to offer the most comprehensive range of agricultural equipment in Ireland, and beyond. Thanks to a strong


and expanding presence both on-line and in person, it continues to sell equipment everywhere from South Africa to Papa New Guinea, but the main focus continues to be the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland agri market. The Alan Milne Tractors marketing strategy is simple – offer the widest range of competitively priced quality equipment and machinery, and back it up with excellent service. Franchises for Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Takeuchi, Dieci, German Track, Schaffer, San Marco, Vicon, Kverneland, Bomford, Siloking, Permastore means that a customer is sure of an internationally renowned


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Call Barry now on 00353 (0) 46 9241923 14

Best Wishes To Alan Milne Tractors, From

Brownlow Radiators

All radiators | Aircon | Condensors | Intercoolers Oilcooler | Fuel Tank RENU | Heat Transfer Services

T: 028 3832 4382 M: 077 6457 3574 F: 028 3832 3626 IRISH TRACTOR & FARM MACHINERY

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CONTACT DETAILS Alan Milne Tractor their potential and existing customers of what is on offer, and this is backed up by their extensive and expanding on-line presence. Their web-site offers a 2% discount across the board for members of the Alan Milne Tractors Loyalty Scheme, to encourage ongoing engagement. The site also strives to offer visitors a comprehensive guide to the equipment on offer, including video presentations of the machines in operation. An agri-supermarket makes the purchase of supplies and spares as quick and painless as possible. However the most explicit instance of customer engagement can be seen

Newry Branch (HQ):  245 Armagh Road, Newry, Co Down, BT35 6NL Tel: 028 3082 1230 Carryduff Branch: 129 Ballynahinch Road, Carryduff, Co. Down, BT8 8EJ Tel: 028 9081 7111 in the offices every day, when any customer can have a chat with Alan and share their opinion and viewpoints with him face to face. The sheer range of quality agricultural equipment on offer differentiates Alan Milne tractors from the competition. This is paired with exceptional face-to-face customer service, a fleet of maintenance vans and personnel, a customer base stretching across the world, and a constantly updated and expanding web presence.

Alan Milne’s father William was a local machinery dealer in the 1960’s

fully as possible. The latest example of this is a new franchise: German Track which offers a supply only or supply and fit service for “every make and shape” of tracked vehicle. This latest one-stop-solution offers outstanding quality – backed up by a unique two year warranty on all Milne-fitted tracks. Good customer engagement lies at the heart of the Alan Milne business model – finding out what the customer wants and giving it to them as economically as possible. It also involves offering customers solutions that they may not have originally thought of, but that will better solve their problems and meet their needs. Comprehensive print advertising constantly informs


Alan Milne receives the award for best agriculture stand at the Balmoral Show


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McFarland go wide and far

Lowloader work is a speciality of McFarland Transport



mcfarland designed_Layout 1 17/09/2013 13:28 Page 2



he transportation of wide and abnormal loads is a specialised area that is carried out on a daily basis, but it is one that involves a lot more than just driving from one destination to another.

Permits are needed for the transportation of such goods and this means that not many companies throughout Ireland can carry out these duties. Operating on a national and international scale, this Omagh based company has

established a client list that covers some of the leading firms based in this country. Experience is vital in the haulage industry especially in the current economic climate as every decision has to be made with the utmost precision and to this end, McFarland's have that commodity in abundance. Established in 2001, this business specialises in low loader work, supplying a specialised service to their long standing customer base. For this month's edition of Irish Trucker, we profile this company and speak to Managing Director Raymond McFarland about the success of the business. Located in Omagh, Co. Tyrone the company is ideally located to carry out their daily duties, which sees them travel throughout Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. “We provide a competitive haulage service to destinations throughout Europe and the UK and we also carry out work throughout the 32 counties” revealed Raymond. Having no background in the haulage industry, it became intriguing as to why Raymond ended up in this sector and he picks up the story from here. "I would have had a background in farming, but always had an interest in lorries. I worked in England for a few years where I was farming and when I moved back home, I was bringing

McFarland Transport 50 Letterbrat Rd, Plumbridge, Omagh, BT79 8DX Tel: 028 8164 8555 straw in from England,” said Raymond. "I also started driving for Ewings and before long I decided to buy a lorry myself and bring the straw over. From there, the type of loads that I was carrying diversified greatly and now we transport anything in the wide load category generally. Raymond chose a Scania as his first truck and he has stuck with the Swedish make ever since as he finds them the most reliable vehicle on the road. “I like the Scania, they are reliable and efficient and I can't complain about the few that I've had. I do keep them well maintained and try to change them every few years. “I have an older model and just last year I added another truck. There is a young lad working with me here - he grew up with me and always wanted to drive a lorry so with the workload increasing, I decided to buy another one.” Raymond admitted that there is plenty of legislation to be adhered to when it comes to the transportation of wide loads in every country. “There are permits needed no matter where you go, especially to transport abnormal loads. Thankfully, I've the full range needed to operate in Ireland, UK and

The utmost care is taken when transporting goods



mcfarland designed_Layout 1 17/09/2013 13:28 Page 3

Europe.” McFarland Transport can offer an excellent service that can be tailored to meet the customers' demands. “We can provide scheduled transport services collecting and delivering all types of goods and produce throughout Ireland and Europe. We are a fully licensed Haulage Company and our customers seem to be happy with the service McFarland Transport was established 11 years ago that we provide.” Raymond is pleased with the direction that the business is heading in, but like all hauliers, he is feeling the pinch when it comes to the diesel bill. “The price of diesel has really hit everyone hard. It has now surpassed everything else and it seems to be rising all the time. It's a situation that we have to deal with until there is something done McFarland Transport operates on a national and international scale about the prices. The rise in the cost of “The business is still growing and we're diesel is not the only problem that delighted with that. Our aim for 2012 is to Raymond has encountered in the industry continue expanding and be best in our class as he explains. “Ferry prices have risen dramatically as and try to be better than our competitors.” well and when like us, you're spending a lot of time on the sea, then this is another cost that is hard to cope with. “The ferry prices just seemed to go up overnight and they have slipped in under the radar and there is nothing being done about it either, which is a shame.” Nonetheless, Raymond is pleased by the direction the company is heading in. McFarland Transport operates on a national and international scale

A selection of some of the abnormal loads the company transports


Another load sets off for delivery


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The tractor specialists


WR Shaws supply tractors to Bord na Mona for milling and harvesting peat

R Shaw has been trading successfully for over 30 years across Laois, Offaly and north Tipperary. Proud to be dealers for New Holland tractors and spare parts, Managing Director Billy Shaw has no intention of resting on his laurels. It could be said that it is by accident rather than by design that Billy Shaw finds himself at the helm of one the leading agricultural tractor dealers in the country. His interest in second hand tractors stemmed from his work on the family farm at Rosenallis, Co

Laois and sowed the seeds for the formation of the company back in 1982. Initially, there was just Billy

WR Shaws are one of the leading agricultural tractor dealers in the country

and his wife Essie employed but today the company boasts a workforce of 15. “I started out as a farmer and

WR Shaw New Holland ensures maximum satisfaction to their customers by providing outstanding service and support

started dealing in a few second hand tractors, importing second tractors and spare parts from the UK, and it just picked up from there,” Billy revealed. The popularity of the New Holland brand has laid the foundations for WR Shaw’s success story. In 1984 they were appointed Fiat tractor dealers for Laois/Offaly and part of north Tipperary. Following the merger of Ford Newholland and Fiat in 1992, the New Holland brand came into existence and WR Shaw was one of four Fiat dealers in the British Isles to be chosen to represent New Holland in their area. Their partnership with a

The company was founded in 1982 by Billy and his wife Essie



WR Shaw designed_Layout 1 17/09/2013 13:57 Page 2

Best Wishes To WR Shaw Ltd From All At

Best Wishes To WR Shaw Ltd from



Services include:


Heavy & Light Testing • Tachograph Calibration Vehicle Plating • Speed Limiter Calibration Diagnostics • Laser Tracking / Wheel Alignment Servicing / Repairs • Contract Maintenance • Parts Fortal, Birr, Co Offaly T: 057 912 1366 F: 057 912 1695 E: •

Kellyville Centre, Portlaoise, Co. Laois Tel: 057 86 22244 | Fax: 057 86 22349 Email: Congratulations & Continued Success To Billy & Essie & Staff From John & Shirley & Staff Of

Continued success to WR Shaw Ltd., from

PAT HINCH TYRE & Wheel Mart Ltd.


W.H. Deverell Ltd PORTARLINGTON Est. 1967

- Computerised Wheel Alignment System - Earthmover Tyres & Vulcanising a Speciality - On Site & Road Service - Alloy Rim Repairs Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Sat 8am-1pm

Derrybeg Depot: 057-9341127 Tanyard Depot: 057-9352433 After Hours: 086-1910393. Email:

057 8623284 Authorised Castrol Channel Partners for distribution of Castrol Lubricants & Greases throughout the Midlands & South of Ireland

Best Wishes To WR Shaw Ltd, from Hauliers, Talk to us today for a competitive quote on your insurance 5 Wesley Terrace, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. Email:

057 86 88888

Sparrow Insurances Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland



Call BARRY now on 00353 20


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extensive resources to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible while very tractor service inquiry is handled professionally to review the issue and provide the best possible solution. “We firmly believe that backup service is everything, that is what we have built our business on. Coming from a farming background, I realise you can leave any man idle. “All our lads are fully trained up on New Holland and that gives us a head start when it comes to repairs and service and trouble shooting potential problems.” All at WR Shaw’s share Billy’s passion for the New Holland brand. “The staff make any business and we’re very lucky in that we

WR Shaw Whitefields, Rosenallis, Laois, Ireland Tel: 057 862 85 75 Email: Website: have a very hard-working and experienced staff, many of whom have been with us since they were young lads. Without that you can’t run a business.” WR Shaw’s offer a fast and competitive sales service, tailored precisely to their customers needs, with over thirty years of satisfied customers to prove it. Open Monday to Friday (9am to 6pm) and Saturdays (9.30am to 1pm), potential clients are welcome to call to the company’s Rosenallis premises to see for themselves.

WR Shaws are proud to be dealers for New Holland tractors

world leader in the production and sale of agricultural machinery has blossomed ever since. “The New Holland tractor has gained in popularity, it’s a great tractor and people are beginning to realise that now,” Billy said. “It’s reliable while the cost of repairs and service are relatively low. As regards fuel efficiency there are none better and that, of course, is a big consideration for farmers. “As things presently stand, New Holland is vying for the number one spot this year.” 1995 was a landmark year in the history of the Laois based outfit as it started its profitable relationship with Bord na Mona, supplying tractors for milling and harvesting the peat. “That was a major stepping stone. They have purchased all their tractors and spare parts across the line from us and, with over 1100 tractors, Bord na Mona has the biggest fleet


of agricultural tractors in the world. “We also have a three year contract with the Dublin Airport Authority to provide 17 tractors to Dublin airport for snow clearance.” With such high profile clientele on their books, it’s doesn’t come as any surprise to learn that business is good for WR Shaw at this point in time. “It is one of the better years for quite some time, we’ve had our best first six months had in long time,” Billy added. “As a result, we would have plans to expand our workshop and storage area in the future.” WR Shaw New Holland ensures maximum satisfaction to their tractor customers by providing outstanding tractor service and support. Their commitment is to ‘help ensure our tractor customers can be as productive as possible’. To that end, they have


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The family run business was established in 1990

Service par excellence M

cCullagh Farm Machinery has stood the test of time for 23 years. Their unwavering commitment to meeting the demands of their loyal customer base has stood them in good stead. Located on a two acre site at Bellanaleck, Enniskillen, McCullagh Farm Machinery offers an excellent range of new agricultural and plant machinery. On top of that, they also stock a superb range of


quality second hand tractors and second hand agricultural and plant machinery to suit every budget. From tractors to lawnmowers to diggers to quads, McCullagh’s is a onestop shop for all your farm machinery needs. They also have an extensive spare parts section that covers all their current agencies. Run by Managing Director Lloyd McCullagh, the company prides itself on their reputation throughout Ireland for selling quality equipment. Second hand items are

carefully chosen and sold to a high standard while they have the ability to cater for the most basic requirement right through to the demanding needs of the professional operator. A family run business established from humble beginnings in 1990 by Lloyd and his father Robert, the company has grown from strength to strength during the past 23 years. “My father dabbled in farm machinery on a small scale throughout the eighties,” Lloyd explained.

“In 1990 we founded McCullagh Farm Machinery. At the time we decided to make much more of a business out of it and we have never looked back.” In the early days there was just Lloyd, father Robert and one-part time staff member steering the ship but, nowadays, there are 15 employees on the payroll. “We sell used farm equipment all over Ireland. We are known for the standard of equipment we put out. Everything we sell comes with a warranty and is


mccullagh designed_Layout 1 17/09/2013 16:25 Page 2


presented to the highest degree we can make it. The fact that registered customers from the south can avail of a 0% VAT rate makes dealing with McCullagh Farm Machinery particularly appealing. “Turnover is evenly split between new and used machinery,” Lloyd continued. “2007/’08 was the peak of the business but there was a drastic decline in turnover in 2010 due to the downturn in the construction industry. “There were signs of improvement in 2011 while

McCullagh Machinery Ltd. Derrylin Road, Bellanaleck, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, BT92 2BA Tel: 028 6634 8213 Fax: 028 6634 8013 or from Eire Tel: 048 6634 8213 Fax: 048 6634 8013 Email: 2012 was good. Thankfully, we have witnessed a major improvement this year.” With business continuing on an upward curve, plans are in the pipeline for expansion of the company’s Bellanaleck

McCullagh Farm Machinery prides itself on their reputation for selling quality equipment

McCullagh Farm Machinery offers an excellent range of agricultural and plant machinery



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Best Wishes To McCullagh Farm Machinery From

Specialists In Agricultural Machinery Repairs All Engineering Work Considered No Job Too Big or Too Small Quality Assured & Competitive Prices

Drumcolgny, Letterbreen, Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh BT74 9FN Tel: 028 6634 1671 | Mobile: 07775 666 632

Northern Ireland Fastparts Markets a wide range of wearing and fast-moving parts for all makes of Tractors and Agricultural Machinery Best Wishes To McCullagh Farm Machinery

Best Wishes To McCullagh Farm Machinery, From

Specialising In Commercial Insurance | Employee Benefits Risk Management 40 Linenhall St., Belfast BT2 8BA Tel: 028 9024 8989 | Best Wishes To McCullagh Farm Machinery, From

Best Wishes To McCullagh Farm Machinery

Tel: (+44) 028-926 82496

Fax: (+44) 028-926 89568 | Continued success to McCullagh Farm Machinery, from

• Killyhevlin Industrial Estate • Enniskillen • Co. Fermanagh • N. Ireland • BT74 4EJ

Tel: 028 6632 9980 Fax: 028 6632 9981 Email: Turning, Milling, Drilling, Inline Boring and CNC Production Facilities Welding and General Engineering Services. Hydraulic Rams and Components. Stockists Of: Hydraulic and Rotary Shaft Seals, Air Products, Cutting, Welding and Food Industry Gases. Distributors Of: Welding, Cutting Equipment and Consumables. Sparex Tractor Parts and Accessories.

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Call Barry now on 00353 (0) 46 9241923 24


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From tractors to lawnmowers to diggers to quads, McCullagh’s is a one-stop shop

premises. Customer satisfaction has, and always will, be the key consideration for the Enniskillen-based operation. They boast a large customer base who understand that ‘If you want machinery to look like it came from McCullagh Machinery –

it has to be bought at McCullagh Machinery’. “That’s our company motto and we stand by it.” McCullagh Farm Machinery’s opening hours are Monday to Friday (8.30am to 5.30pm) and Saturdays (9.30am to 12pm).

McCullagh Farm Machinery’s two acre site at Bellanaleck, Enniskillen



WW Doherty designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 12:53 Page 1

Still going strong, nine decades on

WW Doherty & Sons’ dealership in Adare



WW Doherty designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 12:53 Page 2



ince 1926, WW Doherty & Sons Ltd. has been offering farmers in the Limerick region the best agricultural machinery products and service that money can buy. We


dropped into the longrunning family business’ head office in Adare and got an insight into dayto-day operations from director Roland Doherty. Headquartered



Killarney Road, Adare, County Limerick, WW Doherty & Sons Ltd. is a family-run farm machinery dealership which has been providing an unrivalled sales, service and parts solution to customers from near and far for over nine decades. Established in 1926 – and now with a second branch in Gortatlea, Tralee, County Kerry - WW Doherty & Sons Ltd. serves counties Limerick, Clare and Kerry and surrounding areas with franchises for Deutz-Fahr tractors, Rossmore agricultural machinery and Conor vacuum tanks. They are also main importers of a full range of Kuhn machinery throughout the country and Deutz-Fahr machinery for the 32 counties and are nationwide importers and distributors of Kab seating, who specialise in agricultural, commercial, industrial, office and marine seating. With a wide selection of new and used equipment in stock at all times as well as a large stock of parts, WW Doherty & Sons is a third-generation family business with a proven track record in providing its customers with products and a back-up service that they can depend on. Reflecting on the genesis of the company, director Roland Doherty told Irish Tractor & Farm Machinery: “My grandfather Walter Doherty set the business up in 1926 and my father James and uncle Ivor would have taken over from him. “My grandfather originally started out selling International Tractors in the 80’s and my father went on to sell New Holland Forage Harvesters and became the biggest dealer in Western Europe, selling more than 20 of those in one year. We’ve

WW Doherty & Sons Ltd. Adare and Tralee Tel: 061 396522 066 713 7500 Sales: 087 258 2940 087 255 7355 Email: been a main dealer for DeutzFahr tractors since 2010 and also carry the full range of Kuhn machinery. “Kab seating has been an important addition to our product range and we are the exclusive dealers nationwide. Kab manufactures seating for everything from tractors to trucks and vans as well as for industrial, commercial and office use.” Gainful employment is provided to a team of twelve and Roland agrees that even when you are selling the best machines, equipment and parts on the market – a product is essentially only as good as the back-up service that follows. To this end, WW Doherty & Sons prides itself on offering a follow-up service that’s second to none. This is why they benefit from such a large volume of repeat business and customer loyalty: “The back-up service is absolutely vital and it’s something we’ve always placed a major emphasis on,” the third-generation company director confirms. “We have four service vans out on the road looking after our customers and – especially at this time of year when farmers are extremely busy – you have to make sure that every machine we sell is working perfectly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “We have a rapid response time and we never leave any of our customers in trouble. Once we get a call, we will go straight to the farm and we will generally have the machine up and running again that same day. That’s


WW Doherty designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 12:53 Page 3

the level of service people expect and we’ve been doing it since day one.” While the agricultural sector has arguably escaped the worst of the recession, it has not been totally immune to the economic downturn; Roland points out that everybody has felt the pinch, with sleeves rolled up and hatches battened down accordingly: “Things are tough for everybody in the climate we are in,” he says. “But you have to accept the cards you are dealt and do your best with them. We’re working hard and we’re keeping our heads above water by providing great products and

The company has the franchise for Deutz-Fahr

an exceptional service. The

which is good news for

WW Doherty & Sons carries

good weather this year has

everybody. If farmers have no

a full range of spare parts for

helped a lot, and the banks

money, they can’t invest in

all its franchises. When a

are also easing up a little bit,

new equipment.”

customer needs a part, nine

Ivor Doherty shows the rotor of the baler, which is exclusive to Kuhn

Same Deutz-Fahr UK Ltd Wishing WW Doherty & Sons Continued Success In The Future 28


WW Doherty designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 12:53 Page 4

WW Doherty & Sons run a successful open day for customers

times out of ten it will be in stock; in the rare event of a part not being in stock, it can be ordered in and supplied within 24 hours. How has the Adare dealership managed to stay one step ahead of the competition for 90 years and counting? “It’s not easy but

we provide an excellent service as well as a very good product. Deutz-Fahr tractors – which were voted Tractor of the Year 2013 - are renowned for their fuel economy and that is a good selling point. Kuhn is also an extremely high-quality product and the steel they

Continued best wishes to WW Doherty & Sons, from

Auto Diesel Services Ltd.

use, for example, would be of a very high quality. Once you have a quality product and a strong service, you can’t go too far wrong. We’ve been doing this for 90 years and we like to think we know what we’re doing.” As for the future plans of WW Doherty & Sons, Roland

concludes: “We will keep our heads down and focus 100% on providing a great service. We have excellent products in Kuhn, Deutz and Kab so if we continue to offer a great service, hopefully we can hold onto our customers and perhaps even attract a few new ones.”

Continued success to WW Doherty & Sons

Unit 1, Dock Road Commercial Park, Limerick Tel: 061-229222/229105/229430/229103 Fax: 061-301921 After Hours Emergency Service Tel: 061-340677



tfm group designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 15:02 Page 1


Passion the key at TFM

here is no magic formula to running a successful business but passion and enthusiasm go a long, long way. James and Joseph Butler - the founders and directors of TFM Ltd. (Templetuohy Farm Machinery) – possess these qualities in abundance and this is one of the main reasons why their renowned John

Deere dealership has developed into one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of farm machinery. TFM Ltd. is Ireland’s premier importer and supplier of John Deere farm machinery, with five branches located in Thurles (Templetuohy), Clonmel, Portlaoise, Enniscorthy and Ballycallan, offering sales, service, parts

and repairs. As well as John Deere, they also hold agencies for many other leading brands of agricultural equipment, including Sauter front linkages, Lemken tillage equipment, Caterpiller telehandlers, Roland trailers and farm yard manure spreaders, Schafer Lader loaders, Tulip fertilizer spreaders, FELLA and N.C. The business was

established as Templetuohy Farm Machinery in the townland of Barna, near Templetuohy, County Tipperary in 1982 by brothers James and Joseph Butler. They secured the John Deere franchise in ’83 and have become synonymous with John Deere over the intervening three decades. This has facilitated the sale and service of a wide and varied range of agricultural

The Clonmel branch



tfm group designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 15:02 Page 2

CONTACT DETAILS TFM Ltd. (Headquarters) Barna, Templetuohy, Thurles, Co. Tipperary Tel: 0504 45110 Fax: 0504 45338 Email:

machinery and equipment including tractors and loaders, self-propelled forage harvesters, combines, sprayers, mowers and balers. The genesis of four additional outlets in counties Tipperary, Laois, Wexford and Kilkenny means TFM now boasts comprehensive coverage of the surrounding areas. From their most-recently-acquired branch in Ballycallan, County Kilkenny (which was purchased from Comerfords), TFM are also agents for Bredal fertilizer spreaders and Bogballe fertilizers. TFM Ltd. operates a specialised computer package for the agricultural trade, which links all five branches. This link provides staff with instant information in relation to parts and products stocked in other branches, enabling them to provide a faster and more efficient service. They also have a direct link to John Deere HQ which allows them to order parts and products via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, facilitating a 24hour service on parts ordering and availability. The mission at TFM Ltd. remains to meet customers growing needs and requirements, to provide a reliable service and to


continue to offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. Offering sales and service in all the main product lines including tractors, combines, green crop equipment, sprayers and AMS precision farming systems as well as support programmes such as

PowerGard maintenance and protection, TFM carries over €2.4m worth of parts in stock, with a 90% fill rate and a 99% next-day parts delivery service. Reflecting on the establishment of the company, group sales manager Pat Costello notes: “James and Joseph set the business up in Barna, close to their home place, 31 years ago and the head office is still based there. Today, James is managing director, while Joseph is a director and also manages the Clonmel branch. As well as having a great knowledge of the agricultural machinery sector, both men are extremely passionate about what they do. This keen interest in the business comes from the top and is evident throughout the company, across all five branches.”

The Templetuohy Farm Machinery branch in Laois


tfm group designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 15:02 Page 3

The firm’s impressive fleet of service vans

This is not a market where a quick sale will suffice. Back-up service is vital as farmers are utterly dependent on their machinery for their

livelihoods. “Service is very important,” Pat confirms. “Selling the equipment is only the first step of an ongoing relationship. You have to

provide an excellent service. To this end, we are very fortunate in that we have around 30 people working in the workshop side of things,

each of whom is fully-trained and specialises in their own particular specialist area. “The industry has become very high-tech and our staff




Tel: 0504 45110 Fax: 0504 45338



Tel: 052 6124977 Fax: 052 6124058



New Inn


Tel: 057 8626555 Tel: 053 9236601 Fax: 057 8626556 Fax: 053 9236602



Tel: 056 7769239 Fax: 056 7769406




We call it a Cat® Telehandler.


Now Recruiting Additional Dealers

Call Enda at 086-8058281 for more information

IT DOES THE WORK. SO YOU CAN DO THE REST. Farmers like Andrew get more out of his dairy farm and his time by using a Cat Telehandler designed especially for farming. He gets superb hydraulic speed, impressive performance and the extra power he requires to move more, lift more and achieve more.

Owning a new Cat Telehandler really is a load off your mind. Buy a Cat Telehandler today and for more information call Templetuohy Farm Machinery on + 353 504 45110

Finning Ltd. Unit 525, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin Ireland Tel +353 1 2574000 Fax +353 1 2574085

© 2013 Caterpillar All Rights Reserved.CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow” and the “Power Edge” trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

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1 Lime Kiln Lane, Aghalee, Craigavon, Co. Armagh Bt67 0EZ. Telephone: +44 (0) 28 9265 1231 Fax: +44 (0) 28 9265 1600 Email: Stuart Reid +44 (0) 7831 237531 Colin Reid +44 (0) 7775 701143

Continued success to all at TFM Ltd

Best Wishes To

39 Cavehill Road,Ballinaskeagh Banbridge, Co Down, N.Ireland, BT32 5DS

TFM Ltd From

Tel: +44 (0)28 4065 1445 Mob: 077215 10965




Call BARRY now on 00353 34


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have developed accordingly. We have excellent individuals here, including at least one guy who would be a dedicated specialist in a particular product. We also have a low turnover of staff and most of our employees would have at least 20 years’ experience. I’m here since the early ‘nineties myself and we find that the young lads who come in don’t want to leave.” As well as offering quality machines / equipment, where John Deere / TFM really comes into its own is with its exceptional parts service. “During February to September of last year, which is our peak season, we had 97% of the parts that people needed here on the shelf and we were able to supply 99% of the remainder the following morning,” Pat reveals. “This means that if you buy John Deere and deal with us, you are practically guaranteed to have parts the following morning.” It’s not hard to see why TFM has developed into Ireland’s most-popular importer and supplier of farm machinery. They have passion, experience, reliability, excellent staff, a strong

product and an unrivalled back-up service. With a fleet of 20 service vans out on the road, nothing is ever left to chance in the ongoing quest to ensure complete customer satisfaction. “When we get a call, we will go out to the farmer’s field to repair the machine on-site or we will take it in to our workshop –whatever it takes,” Pat continues. “That’s what you have to do in this business. A farmer cannot afford to be down a machine, it’s as simple as that. And we understand this fully. James and Joseph come from a farming background themselves and they can fully emphasise with what the farmer’s needs and requirements are. “If we can’t fix it immediately, then we will replace it for a day of two until we have it running again. Whatever it takes. The owners are 100% committed to this business and they invest a lot of money back into it to ensure that we continue to provide the best service possible.”

The recently developed Lawnmower Centre in Clonmel

Offering a wide range of new and second-hand machines for sale and for hire, TFM covers a wide catchment are that includes counties Limerick, Waterford, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow, Laois and Offaly. Looking to the future, Pat concludes: “We are very optimistic. We have a very good product in John Deere and great people working in the company, with a wealth of

experience and young people coming along as well. The owners are very passionate about farm machinery and this is the business they want to be in. We are expanding all the time. “The next generation of Butlers is already involved in the business and the directors have built up a very strong team. There’s money being invested back into the business and, all in all, we are in very good hands.”

The TFM Sales Rep team, kneeling l/r: Alan O’Shea (Ballycallan), David Murray (Clonmel), Donall Crampton (Templetuohy). Back, l/r:  Pat Bergin (Laois), Ken Doyle (Enniscorthy), Pat Comerford (Ballycallan), Pat Egan (Clonmel), Ken Goggin (Laois), Peter Breen (Enniscorthy), John Conroy (Templetuohy)



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Best Wishes & Continued Success To McDonagh Engineering, From

.. Tumosan Tractors Ireland Ltd.


Cloghan, Birr, Co. Offaly | T: 090 64 57412 | M: 087 351 8145 E: | Best Wishes & Continued Success To McDonagh Engineering

Head Office: 44 Lowtown Rd., Waringstown, Craigavon, Co. Armagh BT66 7SJ Email: Tel: 0044 28 3882 0862

WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR COMPANY FEATURED IN Irish Tractor & Farm Machinery Magazine

Call Barry now on 00353 (0) 46 9241923 36

Best Wishes To McDonagh Engineering


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Catering for all your tractor and machinery needs

McDonagh are agents for a number of machinery brands


or nearly 40 years, M c D o n a g h Engineering in Kesh, Co. Fermanagh has been selling tractors, machinery and spare parts to farmers on both sides of the border. Director Cahir McDonagh explains more. Established




McDonagh in 1975, the family-run business began trading as an agricultural workshop servicing tractors and machinery. In 1985, the company branched into dismantling and this has remained a key part of the business to this day, supplying used parts throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. In more recent times,

McDonagh Engineering started selling new and used farm machinery and now holds some of the leading machinery franchises. The company has seven staff members working to meet their customers’ requirements with a quality back-up service and an extensive range of spare parts, lubricants and all needs for tractors and machinery of all makes.

“My father set up the business originally breaking tractors for spare parts,” explains Cahir McDonagh who is a director in the company along with his brother Chris and father Harold. “Then, about eight years ago, we commenced selling new machinery. We stock many of the best-known makes of machinery, both


mcdonagh designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 15:14 Page 3

Best Wishes To McDonagh Engineering, From

Best Wishes To McDonagh Engineering, From


37 Gortrush Industrial Estate, Omagh BT78 5EJ

48A Galbally Road, Dromore BT78 3HX

Tel: 028 8289 7923 Wishing Continued Success To McDonagh Engineering, From



us ise B




+44 1922 754 800

Distribution 048 90 230555


Best Wishes To McDonagh Engineering

WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR COMPANY FEATURED IN Irish Tractor & Farm Machinery Magazine

Call Barry now on 00353 (0) 46 9241923 38


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new and used. In addition, we supply parts nationwide as well as to the UK, Sweden, Holland and other European countries. We have something for everyone.” In October 2012, McDonagh Engineering became the main dealers for Tumosan tractors in Northern Ireland. Despite being new to this country and being a relatively small tractor (they range between 48hp and

105hp) compared to some of the better-known brands, sales of the Turkish-built range of range of tractors have been surprisingly brisk. “There have been 20 new Tumosan sold in the first half of the year between all dealers, which surpassed our expectations. We were out in their factory in Turkey and were impressed with what we saw. We were happy to take on the dealership and are

pleased with how sales have gone so far,” Cahir says. There are 19 different Tumosan tractor models in the range being imported into Ireland, spread across five different ranges. The ranges include models from the original Tumosan Classic 8000 series, which are very similar in design to the Fiat tractors of the 1990s. They also include new models not seen in Ireland before, such

The company began selling new machinery eight years ago

The firm cater for customers on both sides of the border


McDonagh Engineering Drumbane, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh, BT93 1SQ Tel: (from Northern Ireland):  028 686 31635 Tel: (from the Republic of Ireland):  048 686 31635 Email: Website: as the 8100, 7100, 6100 and 4100 series tractors, with fresh new cab designs while retaining the Fiat designed three and four-cylinder engines throughout the entire range. As already mentioned, the tractor power ranges from 105hp at the top end to 48hp for the entry level 4150 model, which comes with a roll bar. The Tumosan has a keen entry price, while there are some extras available, including a 12 x 12 mechanical shuttle gearbox and air conditioning. McDonagh Engineering also stocks a large range of used tractors, including Massey Ferguson, New Holland and John Deere. They are agents for leading machinery brands such as Abbey, Krone, Amazone, Tanco, Fleming, Roco, Aitchison, Fella and Gamberini. Their range of machinery covers everything from slurry tankers, balers and land rollers to fertiliser spreaders, sowers and rakes. As with the tractors, a huge range of used machinery is also available to buy. McDonagh Engineering also carries an extensive range of new and used spare parts for all tractor and farm machinery makes at the most competitive prices. The company carries new body panels, mudguards, cab fronts and door frames to suit Case and IH models along with a large range of filters, steering parts, axle parts, linkage parts, exhausts lights, cab glass and new rims for tractors. All types of tines, knives, blades, bushings for machinery are also stocked. A next-day delivery service


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throughout Ireland and the UK is provided. For the past 28 years, the McDonaghs have been breaking all types of tractors and machines. They are also on the lookout for tractors which may have been damaged by fire, crashed or

with mechanical problems. All tractors are brought in to the company’s state-of-the-art workshop in Kesh, stripped and the parts and shelf-ready for the customer. After a poor start to the year, the good summer was a godsend for farmers and

The company dismantles machinery

The firm are main dealers for Tumosan tractors in Northern Ireland


McDonagh Engineering alike. “When farming is going well, we’re going well, and when it’s going bad, we’re going bad,” Cahir points out. “For the first four or five months of the year, the weather was terrible and the farming sector was on its knees after such a long winter. Many farmers ran out of hay and silage, and

couldn’t afford to buy in fodder. Thankfully, there was a dramatic improvement in the weather in May and June, and business picked up as a result. We’ve had a decent summer from a sales point of view.” If you have any queries, contact Harold, Cahir, Chris or any of the McDonagh Engineering team by telephone or email and they will be only too happy to help.


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An award-winning agricultural contracting service

Reynolds Agri ready for action


eynolds Agri is a long-running and p o p u l a r agricultural contracting business providing an unrivalled service from the heart of Ireland’s midlands. We dropped into the third-generation family business’ base at Edgeworthstown, County Longford and got an insight into day-to-day operations from proprietor Anthony Reynolds. We also asked Anthony about his impressive fleet of tractors / machinery as well as his successful exploits at the National P l o u g h i n g Championships. “My grandfather Patrick started the business,” Anthony


explains, reflecting on the genesis of Reynolds Agri. “He would have had his own farm and he also did contract work. He bought his first tractor in 1940 and my father Tom would have taken over the reins from him. I took over in 2000. “I still have the family farm here in Edgeworthstown and the business has expanded a lot over the years.” A comprehensive range of agricultural contracting services is provided, with a dedicated team of workers taking tremendous pride in their quest for perfection in all aspects of farming, including silage, maize and barley cutting, slurry spreading, spraying, landscaping, ploughing, sowing and land levelling. There are three areas in particular that Reynolds Agri is

renowned for. “We do a lot of silage, tillage and reseeding,” Anthony points out. “We carry out 2,000 acres of silage per season, covering farms within a 25km radius of Edgeworthstown. This includes County Longford, parts of Westmeath and a bit into Roscommon as well.” Anthony admits he would be lost without his staff. He provides gainful employment to a team of six, the majority of whom are summer workers. “We’ll remain very busy until after the harvest in September,” he says. “Good reliable staff is very important and many of my workers would have started with me when they were 16 / 17 and have stayed on. They would now have a minimum of ten years’ experience, which is important. “Customers would

know them and they in turn are familiar with customers’ farms, which means a lot,” adds Anthony. Fleetwise, Anthony oversees five John Deeres, ranging from 80 to 180 horsepower and from 2005 to 2013-reg, as well as a Class 850. A lot of money is tied up in the equipment and they are all looked after extremely well. “I have a Class 850 silage harvester; a JCB 416 S, a John Deere 6170 M, a John Deere 6630, a John Deere 6820, a John Deere 6520 and a John Deere 5720.” Reynolds Agri’s customer retention rate is very high and the reasons for this are pretty obvious… “We have customers here who have been with us for 40 years and more,” says Anthony. “We provide a quality service and we are reliable. People IRISH TRACTOR & FARM MACHINERY

reynolds designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 15:28 Page 2

CONTACT DETAILS Reynolds Agri Barne, Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford Tel: 086 854 8115 Email:

John Deere with front and rear mowers

appreciate that. When we say that we are going to be there, then we are there. That’s the main thing that people look for in this line of work – that you are good to your word and that you do the job properly.” Another key to longevity is to keep the accounts in profit despite tight margins. This means keeping overheads as low as possible while at the same time providing quality machines and labour. To this end, Anthony carries out all the maintenance and repairs himself, mostly during the months of December and January. “I keep the fleet wellserviced and I refresh it as regularly as possible,” he

confirms. “Since I’ve taken over the business, I’ve added a new tractor or machine every year and this is important as you have to have the best equipment possible at your disposal.” Looking to the future, Anthony says it’s going to be a case of continuing down a familiar path and consolidating the business: “We’ll be providing the same service we’re renowned for and we’ll continue to offer the best service we possibly can,” he says. “We won’t be doing anything too drastic. Having said that, one new service we’re providing is that I’ve bought a Samco grassland

subsoiler, which is great for loosening up the ground after the last couple of wet years – and that is proving popular with

close to a 1,000 acres covered this year since it’s purchase. “Outside of that, we provide the full range of agricultural contracting, which includes combines, slurry, spraying, reseeding etc, everything except baling. We can also level and seed lawns on new houses. “Our customer base is growing all the time because we offer a good service. Is the agricultural sector as strong as the media would have us believe? “I find that it is very strong and we are very

Best Wishes To Reynolds Agri, From

USED TRAILERS | NEW IFOR WILLIAMS TRAILERS | SERVICE & PARTS Abbeyshrule, Ballymahon, Co. Longford Contact Barry on 087 9490024 Best Wishes To Reynolds Agri, From

Sylvan Tractor Spares

One of Ireland’s leading suppliers of agricultural and tractor replacement parts AGRICULTURAL TRACTORS | VINTAGE TRACTORS EARTHMOVING MACHINERY We also stock a variety of new and used tractors, excavators and other agricultural machinery. Sylvan Park, Kells, Co. Meath Tel +353 46 92 41178 | Fax +353 46 92 49259


Johnston Farm Equipment Ltd New & Used Tractor & Machinery Distributors

Best Wishes & Continued Success To Reynolds Agri Athlone Road, Longford. T: 043 3346837/3341951 F: 043 3345877 E: | 43

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Another contracting job

busy at the moment. But, regardless of how the sector as a whole is performing, the silage still has to be cut and all the work on the farm has to be done regardless.” Anthony purchases his tractors from Johnston Farm Equipment, main John Deere dealer for Longford. “All the equipment is sourced locally and we also use local dealers

for parts etc. because you can access them any day of the week and get your parts that same day, or at the latest the following day.” Anthony Reynolds has always had an interest in competitive ploughing and he brought his John Deere 5720 to last year’s National Ploughing Championships in New Ross, County Wexford,

where he was crowned AllIreland intermediate champion – an accomplishment which reflects extremely well on the business! “I’d compete in 20 county matches during the Spring time and it’s something I really enjoy,” he reveals. “I suppose you could say it’s a working hobby. This year’s National Ploughing Championship is

being held in Portlaoise over the last week of September and I’ll be competing in the senior championship this time representing Longford. I’ll be hoping to give a good account of myself again. It would be a big step up to actually win it but I’d be realistically hoping to come in the top ten and qualify for the test match on the final day.”

Anthony Reynolds taking part in one of the many ploughing competitions he takes part in

Best Wishes & Continued Success To Reynolds Agri, From

USED CARS | WORKSHOP | BREAKDOWN RECOVERY Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford | | 44


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John Deere introduced new 7R Series tractors

reduces airflow resistance to provide higher cooling capacity. The individual components of the system have been completely rearranged, and the fan has been redesigned to pull air through the engine rather than push it.

John Deere’s new 7R Series tractors for 2014 feature more powerful engines and New e23 transmission a new top of the range model. The new The latest 7R Series tractors will be line-up will consist of six models John Deere 7290 R tractor available with a newly designed e23 delivering 210, 230, 250, 270, 290 and transmission offering 23 forward and 11 reverse speeds, and 310hp at rated engine speed. The flagship 7310R will be equipped with Efficiency Manager. This feature allows the available in limited numbers from spring 2014 and will feature operator to preset the working speed, and helps to save fuel a new Stage IV compliant engine, while all the other 7R by keeping the engine rpm at an optimum speed by Series tractors will be powered by John Deere’s proven automatically shifting up and throttling back. diesel-only technology. The new 7R Series tractors offer a CommandQuad Updated engine technology transmission on the 7210R and 7230R models, or the option New technology allows the 7230R’s former 9-litre engine to of e23 or AutoPowr transmissions across the whole model be replaced by a 6.8-litre unit, while still maintaining the same range. AutoPowr’s ‘pedal mode’ enables the operator to high maximum torque, torque rise and power bulge as before. change the ground speed while operating PTO driven The change to a smaller engine also increases the power equipment that demands constant engine rpm. density and reduces this tractor’s operating costs. While the A new CommandArm console is standard on all 7R Series 7250R, 7270R and 7290R continue with the 9-litre engine tractors and replaces the right-hand console of previous with dual turbocharger, the new 7310R will feature Stage IV models. Featuring a more intuitive and ergonomic layout, the compliant engine technology. CommandArm console groups the tractor controls by function For transport and PTO applications, the engines’ intelligent and integrates completely with the new CommandCentre, power management (IPM) system provides an extra 22hp on which features a new interface and is available with either a the 7290R and an extra 30hp on all other models. The range 17.8 or 25.4cm (7 or 10in) touchscreen display. is expected to deliver two per cent better fuel efficiency New CommandView cab overall. The new CommandView III Cab has a 40 degree swivel seat John Deere Stage IV engines are the latest development in with back rest extension, and customers may choose the company’s building block approach to meeting emissions between a standard air spring seat, the field-proven regulations. As a final step, John Deere has added a selective ActiveSeat or hydraulic cab suspension (HCS) for extra catalytic reduction (SCR) system to its diesel-only engines driving comfort. The cab also features laminated glass for and increased the fuel pressure to achieve more thorough safety and a quiet operating environment, and a refrigerator combustion. for storing food and drinks. Even with the addition of SCR, John Deere aims to reduce Integrated systems enable the use of John Deere’s FarmSight total fluid consumption to even lower levels than at present. precision farming technology, and a hydraulic joystick with However, the company will continue to offer improved Stage gear shift is available for the CommandQuad and e23 III B compliant diesel-only engines on both 7R and 8R Series transmissions. Other options include a 360 degree LED tractors. lighting package and full coverage front and rear fenders. A new and more efficient cooling package on these engines

New MF 2200 Series large square balers from Massey Ferguson build on rock solid foundations

With the introduction of the new MF 2200 Series large Square Balers, Massey Ferguson is further improving on the industry leading MF 2100 Series which has earned a tremendous reputation for outstanding performance, reliability and low cost of ownership. The new MF 2200 Series includes a new Packer Cutter for the MF 2240 and MF 2250 models, automatic chain lubrication, OptiForm bale chamber on the MF 2270 XD and MF 2290 models and a host of other new features to further enhance performance. Bale weighing and AGCOMMAND telemetry are also now available as options. “These new balers inherit the superior design features of the MF 2100 Series and include the recent additions to the range – the MF 2140 and MF 2170 XD models,” says Mark Grigson, Product Marketing Manager – Harvesting. “As well as making dense, wellformed bales, they are renowned for their reliability and longevity.” Designed and built in the Massey Ferguson factory in Hesston, Kansas, USA these large square balers are now established as the industry benchmark for bale size and weight as well as outstanding dependability. “Indeed, the new MF 2270 XD’s bale dimensions and extra density, packs in up to 20% more material than the standard MF 2270, means the bales are the optimum size and weight for transport,” he says. “The weight, density and height mean they can fully utilise the capacity of a truck’s entire payload.” The new MF 2200 models will be available with three different specifications: • Packer – For the ultimate in high capacity baling • Cutter – For those looking to chop the crop for easier spreading, mixing and feeding • Packer Cutter – A new, entry-level cutter unit offering high capacity with a low Massey Ferguson MF2200 Series power requirement IRISH TRACTOR & FARM MACHINERY


O'Mahony designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 16:37 Page 1

O’Mahony’s continue to deliver

Just some of the impressive fleet


or this month’s edition of Irish Tractor and Agri, we profile Tony O’Mahony Agri & Plant Hire Ltd. Tony O'Mahony Agri & Plant Hire Ltd is a family run business based in Bandon, County Cork and is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction to the farming community.

They have a wide range of machinery to carry out your work quickly and efficiently, providing you with value for money and an alternative to investing in your own expensive equipment with over 50 years’ experience in Agricultural Contracting. Given the expensive nature of farming machinery many farmers turn to contractors to carry out their annual

A brand new Volvo


harvesting and other work that is carried out every year. Tony O’Mahony Agri & Plant Hire Ltd offers wide range of service to its large customer base which includes: Precision Chop Silage, Baling, Wrapping & Stacking, Maize & Wholecrop Cereal Setting & Harvesting, Trailing Shoe Umbilical Cord Slurry, Lime, Slurry & Farmyard manure Spreading, Ploughing, Power

Harrowing & Direct Drilling, Industrial Loader and telescopic loaders For Hire, Septic Tank Waste Disposal, 4 Wheel Drive Digger For Hire, General Tractor Work, Dump Trailers, Site Work, Track Machine and Lorries. This gives an indication of the machinery that O’Mahony’s have on offer and shows that their work is not just seasonal, but all year

There is a huge selection of plant at the company


O'Mahony designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 16:37 Page 2

CONTACT DETAILS Tony O’Mahony Cripple Hill, Bandon, Co Cork Tel: 023-41957 Tony: 087 259 2840 Dermot: 086 4132833 Michael: 086 259 2840

It’s all go for Tony O’Mahony Agri

round. Tony O’Mahony established the business many years ago and his sons Micheal, Sean and Dermot, have all come on board to help run the business. Throw in the fact that there is also a number of full time staff employed all year round, you can understand how busy this Cork based company is. Dermot spoke to us about the services provided and gave us the rundown of how the business operates on a daily basis. “The business was built up by my father and as the years passed, we starting offering more and more services. It is important to be able to diversify in this industry, otherwise you could be busy in the summer and have nothing

to do in the winter or vice versa depending on the services that you provide,” said Dermot. Tony’s passion for the business and his uncanny ability to make every current job a priority and his man management ensures work is focussed and up to date. “We try to cover everything involved in the farming industry and we would have built up a large customer base over the years. We value our customers highly and strive to deliver a professional service at all times with many personal friendships built over the years. “As a farming family we understand the need to get the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. A lot of our work depends on the

weather, particularly in the summer. We carry out all sorts of work from the smallest job like cleaning a septic tank to cutting silage on a few hundred acres. It doesn’t matter to us, how big or small a job is, we will do them all.” Service is a key factor and everyone in the business understands the attention to detail needed to be ahead. It can often be the case that silage outfit, round baling, four trucks, 2 excavators and Volvo dumpers can all be running at the same time. This is achieved by a natural delegation of responsibility. Tony will keep the silage outfit team and other works going during the summer. Dermot and his lead driver Michael Twohig will keep the trucking

business running. Sean will keep all machines maintained and repaired as well as leading the baling and slurry operations. This is no mean task with a Claas 970, Krone Big M420, 7 tractors, 4 excavators, 4 trucks, 2 loaders, 3 dumpers and an assortment of implements to keep in order. Back-up from dealers like Shortens Ballineen (New Holland tractors), ECI Cork (JCB excavators and dumpers), Pat O’Donnell Cork (Volvo loaders), Tim Mcarthy Carrigtwohil (CLaas), Atkins (McHale Fusions) and Jim Power Tallow (krone Big M and Thorpe trailers) and others are also important backroom players. Micheal keeps an eye to the overall work profile and financial affairs and “Mother (Margaret) O’Mahony” keeps an eye to everyone on the team. She has guided and fed many over the years with sometimes a dozen arriving for a meal with little notice. Obviously, a large selection of plant is needed to carry out these duties and Dermot revealed that they are well covered on this front: “We try to keep the plant up to date and invest in new machinery on a regular basis. You either have repayments or repairs or

Moving bales no problem



O'Mahony designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 16:37 Page 3

Part of the haulage fleet

a balance of both.” Dermot added that they do a lot of their own maintenance work. “For the bigger jobs, the plant would go back to the main dealer, but generally we can manage it ourselves. We have just taken delivery of a brand new tractor T7200, Big M 420 and a new Volvo FM multiwheeler. Last year, we bought upgraded to a new Claas 970 twin engine SP forage harvester and a Volvo L60 G Industrial Loader.” Of course, the weather plays a massive part in the farming industry and Dermot stated to us that this year had been good to them, unlike last year. Micheal commented that cash flow, diesel and depreciation are the real battle faced by most contractors and the business is not for the faint hearted with many tough days.

That said when the sun is shining and everyone is working, the atmosphere is electric and excitingly alive. “We have had no real problems this year at all. Everything went very smoothly, not like last year, which was a wash out for us. It is great to get a good summer.” Farmers had a tough spring and needed a good summer to make up the losses from a bad winter. Silage is obviously a big thing during the summer months and working their way through their customer base is no easy task. “We have a good fleet working on the silage and where we can we up to three trucks set up for long draws to draw in silage. Two of the artic trailers can carry about twice as much as a normal 20 foot Thorpe silage trailer and the multiwheeler with silage sides carries a similar load to the trailers but will do two loads for one on a long draw so is quite cost effective for farmers with silage to be hauled from outfarms. During the winter months, their attention turns to slurry. With the capacity of storing up to 400,000 gallons of slurry at their premises, O’Mahony’s specialise in the collection of this and spreading on the land. A new service available to farmers with outblocks is the ability to haul slurry, farmyard manure, feed and even livestock by truck. A double drive artic 6 x4 Volvo was more than capable this spring to get slurry to maize fields and direct

Tony O’Mahony Agri Plant & Haulage are busy year round

Ready for another day’s work



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Unique removal rubber peg fitting system (patented)

The e yc o R s l l o R of s t a M r e Rubb Tailormade to suit your slats cut to your specifications on our precision cutting laser machine Up to 25% weight gains in independent tests New & improved German rubber compound Easy clean surface - no dirt holding grooves Flat animal friendly surface - follows the natural shape of the slat vastly superior to bumpy profiles Cubicle cow mats & loose area mats also available See our display s

Riverstick Industries Co. Cork

LoCall: 1890 208 208


tand in the Cattle secti at the Plough on ing Championsh ips Our Stand N umber: 195 Row: M Bloc k: 2

O'Mahony designed_Layout 1 18/09/2013 16:37 Page 5

Continued success to Tony O’Mahony Agri, from

Best Wishes To Tony O’Mahony Agri & Plant Hire From

Suppliers of Farm Inputs, Compound Feed & General Hardware

For Shed, building & hardware quotes contact Michael Galvin at 023 8840000 For Compound Feed/ other enquires contact Seamus O’Mahony at 087 2720716 Barryroe 023 8840000 | Ballinspittle 021 4778221 Inchybridge 023 8846207 | Kilbrittain 023 8849605 Darrara 023 8833256 E: |

Shamrock Fast Fit Tyre Service

Best Wishes To Tony O’Mahony Agri & Plant Hire, From

Station Rd., Bandon, Co. Cork

023 8844166 086 2547494

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fill waiting 2500 gl tankers or the umbilical system. A second 7500 gl tanker is also put to use when the pressure is on. Of course to do all this, Health & Safety is paramount and all the necessary permits are needed and kept up to date. “Agricultural contractors provide an important service to farmers, particularly at these busy times of the year. Many of the services provided to farmers by contractors, such as slurry spreading, harvesting silage, also involve serious safety risks if they are not correctly planned and managed. Drivers have been with the team for many years and thankfully, there have been no major incidents. “We have the proper permits to carry out the storing of slurry and spreading it on the land.” Dermot is pleased with the way 2013 has gone so far. “Compared to last year and probably the year before as well, it has gone very well, the weather seemed to be on our side for a change.” The O’Mahonys have also embraced modern social media with a very popular facebook site showcasing their gear with over 2600 likes and many of their You Tube videos with in excess of 10,000 views (from as far away as Brazil). They also embrace their younger fans with videos available of kit in action for families of new and existing customers. With anticipated expansion in the dairy and pig industry Micheal feels there is a future in the business partnering the needs of the viable farmers who are carrying out their business well at 50 cows or 500 cows or 100 cattle or 1000 sows.

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Best Wishes To Tony O’Mahony Agri & Plant Hire From

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Twenty-five years of excellence

his year, Brogan Tractor Sales in Tuam, County Galway is celebrating its 25th anniversary. To coincide with this landmark date in the company’s history, Irish Tractor & Farm Machinery popped into the Galway Road


premises to discuss the past, present and future of this long-running family business – main dealer for Tumosan and Zetor - with founder / proprietor Chris Brogan. Through hard work and dedication, Chris Brogan has developed Brogan Tractor

Sales from humble beginnings into one of the most renowned tractor and agricultural machinery specialists in the west. Hailing from an agricultural background, he established the business in Tuam in 1988. Twenty-five years on, he is still operating from the same premises on the

Galway Road, having forged a stellar reputation for himself in his chosen area of expertise: sales, servicing and repairs of new and second-hand tractors and farm machinery. Chris has always prided himself on providing high quality products and service. By looking after his


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CONTACT DETAILS Brogan Tractor Sales January, 2012. One thing that Zetor and Tumosan both have in common is that they both offer exceptional economy customers, he has been able and value for money. to grow the business There are 19 different gradually over the years, Tumosan tractor models in today providing full-time the range now being imported employment to a team of four. into Ireland, spread across No stone is left unturned in five different ranges. These ensuring that customers are ranges include models from looked after at all times and the original Tumosan Classic this has resulted in a steady 8000 series (similar in design flow of repeat business – the to the Fiat tractors of the lifeblood of any company! 1990s) as well as new The key to a successful models not previously seen in dealership is good brands Ireland - such as the 8100, and, to this end, Brogan 7100, 6100 and 4100 series Tractor Sales is certainly not tractors, which boast fresh found wanting as it holds new cab designs (while franchises for both Zetor and retaining the Fiat designed Tumosan tractors. Chris first three- and four-cylinder became main dealer for engines throughout the entire Galway for the Czech range). marque Zetor about 15 years The Tumosan power ranges ago and has been main from 95hp at the top end to dealer for Tumosan, covering 50hp for the entry level 4150 counties Galway and Mayo, model, which comes with a since the Turkish brand was roll bar and has a keen entry re-launched on Irish shores in price of approximately €17,000, including VAT. Zetor, meanwhile, is one of the largest tractor manufacturers in Europe, producing quality-built, topvalue tractors for the global agricultural market since 1946. Zetor is renowned for building tough, reliable and affordable tractors which offer years of trouble-free service and maintain an excellent re-sale value. All Zetor tractors come with a two-year warranty. Brogan Tractor Sales also imports second-hand vehicles and provides a strong back-up service on all its products, including a full range of spare parts for tractors and a g r i c u l t u r a l m a c h i n e r y . Commenting on the There is a huge stock in the store

Galway Road, Tuam, Co. Galway Tel: 093 26763


Brogan Tractor Sales have been delivering the best tractors for 25 years


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current status of the business, Chris – who has welcomed his son Conor into the family operation – notes that, contrary to common perception, even the agricultural sector has been affected by the economic downturn: “Demand for new tractors has been down in the last few years but we’re lucky in that we have a lot of customers who have been with us since day one, while we are also constantly attracting new customers as well. The backup service is very important. We have our own workshop

here and we look after all our customers as a matter of priority.” All the ingredients are in place to ensure that the business continues to thrive – great products, years of experience and expertise, a commitment to excellence and an unrivalled back-up. Solutions are provided on a same-day basis and Chris is on call around the clock to make sure that none of his customers are every stranded. Regarding the recentlyrelaunched Tumosan, he adds: “I find them to be great.

Brogan Tractor Sales are 25-years in business


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They are extremely competitively-priced and they are also very reliable, as well as offering great fuel efficiency. Zetor and Tumosan both offer good value for money without sacrificing quality and that’s what farmers are looking for.” All in all, in spite of the dip in the economy, Chris is pleased to report that Brogan Tractor Sales is keeping its

head above water: “Business is going well,” he confirms. “Between the workshop and spare parts etc., we are kept going so we can’t complain. We stock a comprehensive range of parts, covering most popular makes of tractor and agricultural machinery, and we provide a same-day delivery service. Customers expect a prompt response and we’re always appreciated this.” Brogan Tractor Sales has been providing an exceptional service for a quarter of a century already and there is no sign of any let-up. Looking to the future, Chris is confident that he – alongside son, Conor can keep the family business going for many more years to come. And customers will be relieved to hear that there are no plans to alter the winning formula: “We’ll continue as we are,” the proprietor concludes. “We’ll keep providing good products and a good service at a price people can afford. We’re in a very good location here, too, so we’ll keep it going.”


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.. Tumosan Tractors Ireland Ltd.


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A Work’ of art

onaghan-based international livestock transport company MD Workman Ltd is celebrating 10 years in business. Established in 2003, MD Workman is run by husbandand-wife Malcolm and Hilary Workman from Drumhirk House on the outskirts of Monaghan town. The company offers an import and export service – specialising in pedigree stock – covering Ireland, the UK and mainland

Europe. Small or part-loads are not a problem for this busy family-run concern. The Workman’s are also wellknown breeders of pedigree sheep, cattle and poultry. “The last 10 years have gone very well for us and here’s hoping the next 10 will be just as successful,” transport manager Hilary says. “Malcolm, who hails from Cookstown in Co. Tyrone, had a wealth of experience in the transport industry, having driven for other companies before he set up this business.

He still drives and is one of three full-time drivers working for us at the moment. Both of us come from farming backgrounds so we’ve been able to put that knowledge and experience to good use.” MD Workman has established itself as the leader in its field by providing a service that has no equal in terms of reliability, value-formoney and excellence. The company’s state-of-the-art fleet can deliver livestock from the pastures of Ireland directly to any location in Europe and

visa-versa in no time at all. The immaculately turned-out Workman fleet, which includes a new Volvo FH500, are manned by professional, highly-skilled and trained drivers. The trailers are stateof-the-art, equipped with large access doors for ease of back loading. Each carriage is individually organised. All vehicles are satellite-tracked for security and accurate timing. McDonnell Commercials in Monaghan, who are main Volvo dealers, supply and service the

Hilary and Malcolm Workman



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CONTACT DETAILS MD Workman Ltd Drumhirk House, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan Tel: 00353 47 81463 Mobile: 00353 86 8211847 or 0044 77931 25453 Email:

Another trailer ready for loading

Workman fleet. While MD Workman has a major contract with Future Pigs in Nurney, Co. Kildare to transport pigs to the UK (two loads leave every Monday morning), the company is better known for the international transport service it provides for pedigree sheep and cattle breeders. This is a very specialised, personalised and highly-regulated service which is provided by only a handful of companies in Ireland. “We work to order,” Hilary explains. “Transporting pedigree stock is completely different to transporting pigs. We are

breeders of pedigree sheep, cattle and poultry ourselves, so we understand the business. Because the breeders invest a lot of time and money in their stock, there is extra responsibility on us to make sure their cattle or sheep get the best possible treatment. We bring in Limousine cattle from France to the UK and Ireland and the bulls carried can cost up to €30,000, so there is a lot of money at stake. “As you could imagine, animal welfare is a huge issue with us. We follow all the guidelines and regulations in this regard. Our purpose-built Pezzaioli trailers have automatic ventilation and automatic watering systems. They are cleaned thoroughly after every trip. We go out of our way to ensure each journey is as stress-free as possible for our livestock.” As an approved LongDistance Livestock Transporter, MD Workman has an extensive list of requirements to meet as Hilary explains: “Each journey has to be approved by the Department of Agriculture in the countries

The Monaghan based company delivers livestock to locations throughout Europe



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TRUCK ACCESSORIES & MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES Monaghan (087) 2480730 Continued Best Wishes To MD Workman Ltd From All At

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Supplying Danish Genetics

40 Glenleary Road, Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, BT51 3QY.

FOR ALL YOUR BUSINESS & FINANCIAL NEEDS Services Available AUDIT & ASSURANCE COMPANY SECRETARIAL BUSINESS ADVISORS TAX COMPLIANCE & PLANNING Lakeview House, 27 North Road, Monaghan. Tel: (047) 81022 Fax: (047) 84123 Email: 58

T: 028 703 42919 F: 028 7035 2130 M: 078 0280 6668 E: Wishing Continued Success To MD Workman Ltd, From


PETROL, DIESEL & CAR WASH NOW OPEN Killyvane, Monaghan T. Martin Fuels

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we are travelling in. Most loading has to be carried out under veterinary supervision. Having a GPS system on your trucks is another requirement for long-distance livestock transport. Under EU law, you have to be able to show rest stops and door openings. Our drivers also have to undergo livestock training. “I spend a lot of time dealing with the needs of our clients. There is a huge amount of planning involved before every journey. Most of our business is done in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Denmark. Because we value their custom, we will do whatever it takes to cater for their needs.” With the country’s new road infrastructure, MD Workman’s base is now closer to the major shipping ports. Larne is just over an hour away, while Rosslare can be reached in three hours.

MD Workman is celebrating 10 years in business

A familiar sight on the roads of Ireland and Europe

McDonnell Commercials (Monaghan) Ltd WISHES ALL AT MD WORKMAN LTD

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FOR FULL DETAILS OF OUR CONTRACT MAINTENANCE OFFERS Visit us at Urblekirk, Dunraymond, Monaghan Telephone: +353 (0) 47 83588. W:


“Anything destined for the UK goes through Larne into Cairnryan. Trucks destined for mainland Europe board the ferry in Rosslare for Cherbourg. Sometimes, our backloads from the UK contain general goods, including cars. But our work is almost entirely livestock-based.” As already mentioned, the Workman’s breed their own pedigree sheep, cattle and poultry. They spend the summer season competing at agricultural shows at a national and local level. with great success. They have a flock of Kerry Hill ( Welsh breed) sheepand Rouge (

Great North Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1BY Tel: 01636 676741 Fax: 01636 611190 Email:


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Workman’s new Volvo FH520 on parade

French breed) sheep and a herd of Simmental cattle. These are a versatile breed of cattle originating in the valley of the Simme River in the Bernese Oberland of western Switzerland. The Simmental has historically been used for dairy and beef, and as draught animals. The Workman’s also specialise in poultry and rare breed fowl. Like all transport companies, MD Workman – whose livery is green and white – has been hit by increased costs and surcharges. “We have suffered in the

face of rising diesel and shipping costs. Also, road toll charges in parts of Europe are high, especially in France where most of our business is done or goes through,” Malcolm states. In summary, MD Workman Ltd is able to offer an unrivalled service because of its knowledge and expertise in the livestock transportation industry. And customers can always be assured that their animals are transported with great care, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable journey.

Best Wishes MD Workman Ltd, From

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Stygate Lane, Pickwell, Melton Mowbray, LE14 2QT Tel: 0044 (0) 1664 474789 | Fax: 0044 (0)1664 474203 Mobile: 0044 (0) 7739 809752 Email: 60





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