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Champions of the Rising Stars


Meet the Foundation Board Every director on the Curry School Foundation board shares three common characteristics:

nnovative education research by early career professors at the Curry School is getting a boost thanks to two astute donors brought together by the Curry Foundation.

They are passionate about universal accessibility to excellent education. They are believers in the mission and capability of the Curry School. They are generous donors to the Curry School Foundation.

Richard R. “Dick” Abidin is a well-known professor emeritus of the Curry School, who founded our Clinical Psychology program in the 1960s and achieved prominence as a scholar and leader in his field.

Peter explained. The fund will give the dean some resources for supporting promising research ideas and retaining the bright, energetic faculty members behind them.

Peter K. Scaturro, a father of a second year student at U.Va., is a retired financial executive—a former bank CEO and partner at Goldman Sachs.

An important element of their idea was annual reporting to donors on the research their gifts support. “We both believe that there are individuals who will provide philanthropic funding and who will be interested in following the supported research as a way of being connected to Curry,” Dick said.

Dick and Peter met just last year, when both joined the Curry Foundation board. Despite their divergent career paths, both men care deeply about education. They believe in the Curry School mission and its leadership. Both understand the competitive landscape of the education school marketplace and the importance of differentiating the Curry School as a center for innovative thinking. From their vantage point on the board, they learned that early stage education research—especially by newer “rising star” faculty members—is often stymied in its infancy because funding at that level is so elusive. Dean Bob Pianta told the board about potentially significant educational innovations that lose traction without adequate financing or that go off with faculty entrepreneurs to other universities with better resources. Dick and Peter put their heads together and brought an idea to the board—one in which they were so vested they were willing to seed it with their own sizable gifts: A Dean’s Research and Development Fund.

They see the fund as a new avenue of engagement for alumni and friends in the work and mission of Curry. “Those who want to support innovative research and be able to follow the progress of the projects will now have a horse in the race to champion,” Dick said. The next challenge is getting out the word and finding like-minded donors who will join them in supporting the Dean’s R&D Fund. While Dick knows from personal experience the value of this kind of support for early career faculty members, Peter knows it makes perfect business sense for the Curry School’s reputation. “We think this fund will help keep the Curry School at the front of the pack,” he said.

The Curry Foundation board of directors is a diverse and dynamic group of professionals who have committed themselves as fundraisers and ambassadors of the School, promoting Curry’s work among their networks of colleagues and acquaintances. The cumulative expertise of this board ensures that your gift is being used to its best advantage to advance the growth of the Curry School and the success of its students.

Of the 34 directors on the Board… 14 are Curry School alumni 2 are current Curry students 2 are Curry faculty members 1 is a faculty emeritus 6 are U.Va. alumni (other than Curry) 17 are Virginia residents, and the rest live scattered across the U.S.

13 Currently work in or are retired from education-related profession

15 have had successful careers in corporate, legal, investment, or financial fields

Others are mental health professionals, leaders in non-profits and foundations, or active in community service.

Officers Sandra F. Stern (Ed.D. ’85 Curry), Chair

Daniel M. Meyers

Paulette G. Katzenbach, Vice Chair

Margaret K. Frischkorn Meyers, (M.T. ’98 Curry)

Andrew J. Rotherham (M.Ed. ’00 Curry), Vice Chair

Jason M. Palmer, (B.A. ’94 College)

Cynthia T. Galant (B.A. ’80 College), Secretary

Stewart D. Roberson, (B.A. ’77, M.Ed. ’81, Ed.D. ’87 Curry)

Paul H. Sartori (M.A.T. ’70, Ph.D. ’75 Curry), Treasurer

Linwood Rose (Ed.D. 87 Curry), BOV Representative

Board Members

Peter Scaturro Marvin N. Schoenhals

Richard R. Abidin

Tom Skalak, President’s Appointee

Carol Armstrong (B.S. ’76 Curry)

Greg Sommers (B.A./M.T. ’97 Curry)

Michael B. Baughan (B.A. ’81 College)

Elizabeth G. Staunton (B.S. ’85 Curry)

Christine Bavaro

Kelsey Tetsworth, Student Representative

David W. Breneman

W. McIlwaine Thompson, Jr. (J.D. ’72 Law)

Hilary G. Dack (M.Ed. ’11 Curry), Student Representative

Pamela Tucker, Faculty Representative

Martha Downer-Assaf (Ph.D. ’97 Curry)

Jamelle Wilson (B.A./M.T. ’91, Ed.D. ’02 Curry)

Doug Erwin

Merrill Woodriff (B.A./M.T. ’98 Curry)

Ragan Folan (B.S. ’82 Commerce)

The new fund supports early development research that has the potential for significant impact on the field of education and long-term economic return to Curry.

Jennifer Hunter

Ex-Officio Members

Sheila C. Johnson

Robert C. Pianta, Dean and University Professor

Peter Kelly

Jane R. Buck, Chief Operating Officer

Alana Levinson-LaBrosse, (M.Ed. ’08 Curry)

Margaret Ann Bollmeier, Executive Director

“I have always believed that in order to increase the effectiveness of talented people like Dean Pianta you need to give them the flexibility to move quickly and make some decisions on the spot,”

William A. Marr, Jr., (B.A. ’67 College)

Jeff Boyd (B.S.C. ’95 Commerce), Director of Development

If you would like to know more about the Deans R&D Fund, contact the Curry Foundation staff at


Curry School of Education Foundation 417 Emmet Street South • PO Box 400276 Charlottesville, VA 22904-4276 Call 434-924-0854 to speak to our Foundation staff




Here are the some examples of the impacts of your giving.


No. of donors to the Curry School Foundation


No. of Curry alumni donors

No. of other U.Va. alumni donors

• The Children’s Learning Clinic for building capacities of children with ADHD opened in 2013 with

Foundation funding (

Youth-Nex: The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development received $4 million in renewed funding • through Foundation efforts. (

• The Foundation helped raise $40,000 for the Young Women Leaders Program ( 111:

Total students receiving financial support from the Foundation (totaling more than $460,000)


Total faculty members receiving endowed professorship support

394: 147: 1,256: 469:

No. of Donors who have given to Curry for 3 or more consecutive years


The scholarship allows Akwasi to devote a greater amount of time to his studies without worrying about financial setbacks and college expenses. He can focus on his future career, where he will be able to improve the well-being of those in need. “My mother has always told me that in the midst of my achievements I should remember to look back at where I came from and understand my responsibility to assist others in succeeding as well.”

He plans to go on to medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon, an interest sparked by a left knee injury he suffered while playing football with friends in high school. Sending Akwasi to the University of Virginia has been a financial stretch for his single mother, who supports him and his three siblings. The Nathan E. Johnson Memorial Scholarship is providing vital assistance this year.  

$405,777 $2,167,040

Last year the Curry School Foundation received more than $750,000 in realized bequests, all of which will benefit our students through scholarships or programs.


“We met in the last class we were taking for our master’s degrees at the Curry School,” Anne remembers. “Irving was sitting behind me and he asked me for a date to play tennis.”

$3,855,400 $6,213,427





Program Support

$2,205,233 $1,511,030 $370,328 $114,381 $450,000

Total Net Assets3 $15,602,888 Funds held by the University of Virginia Foundation.


The principal of endowment funds must remain intact in perpetuity to create an ongoing source of income. The Foundation Board of Directors has agreed to adhere to the distribution guidelines set by the U.Va. Board of Visitors. In FY 13 the distribution rate was set at 4.83%. 2

Realized bequests come to the Curry School as the result of estate gifts designated by loyal supporters, often many years in advance. The foresight of these donors enables the Curry School to plan for the future with confidence, recognizing that resources will be available to achieve long-range goals.

Foundation. They have supported Curry loyally for more than three decades now because they want to give others an opportunity for an excellent education. “We both have realized personal fulfillment and many opportunities as a result of our education,” Irving says. “Giving to Curry is one way to recognize the advantages we received from our studies there.”

Each year, they designate their gift to the Curry School Annual Fund. “The Annual Fund gives Curry the discretion to decide where the money is needed,” says Irving. “The contribution is unrestricted, and we know that there are many areas that can benefit from additional financial resources.” After retiring, Irving served four terms on the Curry Foundation board of directors. He also became an associate professor in the Mary Baldwin College graduate teacher education program. Anne is a teaching partner in several of his courses and a student teaching supervisor. Together, the couple will continue sharing their skills and their resources to keep the pipeline of great educators flowing.

An additional $16.5 million has been raised for and is held by the Curry School. A total of $15.2 million is held in endowed funds for professorships, fellowships, scholarships and awards. Additional unrestricted funds of $1.3 million are held in discretionary accounts. 3


A True Education Partnership nne and Irving Driscoll often share a classroom now, after working separately in Virginia public schools for over 30 years. Their partnership in education began in 1970.




Anne was here at Curry for an education degree and teaching certificate. Irving was working on his degree in administration and supervision. Irving and Anne bonded over their love of tennis, teaching, and U.Va. They married in 1971.

The Johnson Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Nathan Johnson, the first African-American faculty member at the University of Virginia. Johnson was the associate director of the Consultative Resource Center on School Integration at the Curry School through its entire existence from 1967-1981.

Operating Restricted

No. of Donors who have given to Curry for 20 or more years

Restricted gifts are donations restricted by the donor to a specific purpose, such as a scholarship or fellowship fund, an endowed chair fund, or a fund to support programs or faculty research.

kwasi Asante has lived in the U.S. since he was six. Someday, though, he plans to go back to his native country of Ghana and promote community health awareness. He has begun his preparation in the Curry School’s undergraduate Kinesiology program, where he is currently a Third Year.

Unrestricted (Capital Campaign)

No. of Individual donors who gave gifts of $1,000 or more

Contribution amounts reflect fiscal year 2013 new gifts and new pledges only.

Your Investment at Work

June 30, 2013 Unrestricted (Curry School)




HOW TO RENEW YOUR GIFT TO THE CURRY FOUNDATION Make your tax-deductible gift to the Curry School Foundation. ONLINE: MAIL:

Curry School of Education Foundation

417 Emmet Street South

P.O. Box 400276

Anne accepted a teaching position within a month of graduating. She loved her work teaching French and spent the majority of her career also chairing the World Languages department at Monacan High School until retiring in 2007.

Charlottesville, VA 22904-4296

Irving spent 28 years as a school principal then five years as personnel administrator for Chesterfield County Public Schools before retiring in 2003.

He had returned to Curry for his education doctorate in 1979, and soon after that the Driscolls began making gifts to the Curry School

PHONE: Call 434-924-0854 to speak with Foundation Staff

Curry School Foundation Annual Report 2012-13