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Chain Solutions For Australian Industry

Australian owned since 1921


ormerly known as Bearing Service Pty Ltd and established in 1921, BSC is the premier and most experienced Bearing and PT product distributor in Australasia. Proud of its Australian

owned heritage, we are primarily engaged in the supply of Bearings and Power Transmission products. Today, BSC employs around 300 permanent staff and operates over 40 branches in all states around Australia. The BSC product range is the largest of its type and is supported by a large distribution network of more than 100 computer-linked branches and authorized distributors to ensure that our broad stock range is available in all areas throughout Australasia

including PNG, New Caledonia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, etc. Comprehensive bulk stock and accounts are managed using an IBM AS400 server platform. Over the years BSC has built a reputation as a respected supplier of quality products and services. Since 1995 BSC has been licensed as a Quality Endorsed Company (QEC4475) and regularly audited and certified by SAI Global Limited to comply with the requirements of AS/NZ ISO 9001:2000 for the procurement, warehousing, distribution and sale of a wide range of bearings, power transmission and associated products. 2


Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

INDEX Transmission & Roller Chain

Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Diamond Ewart Viking Viking Generic

ASME/ANSI & ISO British Standard Series Chain High Strength (HS) Drive Chain DURALUBE® Chain - Special Lubricated Chain RING LEADER® O-Ring Chain - Special Lubricated Chain Diamond Ace Corrosion/Moisture Resistant Chain Stainless Steel Chain AG Roller Chain AG Roller Chain Heavy Duty AG O-Ring Chain Heavy Duty Drive Chain VC/NH78 Non Metallic VCSS78 Stainless Steel Chain Leaf Chain

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With an established reputation for providing high performance chain to industry as well as providing our customers value for money, BSC lead the way in Chain solutions sourcing technically advanced products from world class manufacturers. BSC are the direct importer of Diamond Chain into Australia, stocking an extensive range of chain for many industrial and agricultural applications. BSC’s new Chain Solutions catalogue features

Conveyor Chain

Diamond Generic Diamond Generic Allied-Locke Habasit Habasit Habasit Viking Viking Ewart Viking Viking Viking

Attachment Chain – Light Duty Attachment Chain – Heavy Duty Conveyor AG Double Pitch British Standard Conveyor Chains BS4116 SS & C Series HabasitLINK® KVP® Plastic Modular Belts Habasit TS EXTRA Low Friction Flat Top Chain HabaCHAIN® Slat & Conveyor Chain VC720S Chain VC720S Non Metallic CC600 Case Chain Sharp Top Chain Welded Steel & Drag Chains Conveyor Chain 81X, 81XH, 81XHH & 81X Rooftop

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our carefully selected range of Conveyor Chain, Transmission and Roller Chain.


Agriculture Beverage Dairy Drilling & Exploration Food Mining Packaging Sugar Timber Water Treatment

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Our Suppliers Founded on December 24, 1890 the Diamond Chain Company is one of the most experienced roller chain manufacturers in the world. Driven by the principles of unrivaled experience, unsurpassed quality, and unparalleled performance – the diamond was adopted as the company trademark as it symbolized perfection and acts as a constant reminder of the company’s core values.

In eighty countries around the world, the name Ewart is synonymous with high quality power transmission, conveying and elevator chains. Situated in Derby, UK Ewart’s hard won reputation for rugged reliability and durability, even under the most arduous operating conditions stems from many years of practical research into component design, materials and heat treatment procedures. Backed up by the Company’s commitment to quality control. This is testament to many years of practical research into component design, materials and heat treatment procedures backed up by the Ewart’s commitment to quality control.

Allied-Locke Industries was founded in 1965 as Allied chains, Inc. by Robert L. Crowson. The initial manufactured product was steel detachable chain for the agricultural market.

The Viking Chains Group is a manufacturer of industrial steel chain and related products. Established in 1993 , the Group includes Viking Chains Inc., VC Chains Corporation and VC Chains Enviro Group.

Habasit stands for high quality power transmission and conveyor belts backed by an extensive international distribution and service network. Commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation has made Habasit worldwide leader in the belting industry.

Viking Chains head office, manufacturing facility and main warehouse are located in Delta, BC, with stocking warehouse and sales office in Quebec City, Quebec.


Today, the Diamond Chain Company sets the standard for high performance roller chain with industry leading wear life, warranty, and product selection. From industry launch to industry leader, Diamond chain is the most trusted roller chain when performance matters the most.

In 1978 Allied Chains purchased Locke Steel Chain Co. of Huntington, Indiana. Locke Steel Chain had been a manufacturer of agricultural chains since 1897. With the Locke acquisition, Allied Chains broadened its offering and became one of the major producers of agricultural chains in the United States. At this time the name of the company was changed to Allied-Locke Industries.


Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

THE DIAMOND® DIFFERENCE Unrivaled Experience. Unsurpassed Quality. Unparalleled Performance Materials


The Diamond Chain Company’s The Diamond Chainmaterial Company’s proprietary proprietary standards and materialmanufacturing standards and manufacturing processes form the of the processescore form theDiamond core of Difference. the Diamond The Diamond Difference begins Difference. The Diamond Difference begins with raw materials that meet with raw materials that for meet exacting exacting standards metal grade, standardsmechanical for metal grade, carbon mechanical properties, andcarbon alloy content ensure properties, and alloy to content to the ensure minimization of impurities that the minimization of impurities that impact impact tensile and fatigue strength. tensile and fatigue strength. standards These proprietary These proprietary enable standardsDiamond enable Diamond Chain components Chain components to maintain tighter tolerances to maintain tighter tolerances throughout the throughout the fabrication and fabrication and assembly process for a finished assembly process for a finished product product with withunparalleled quality, unparalleled quality, performance, and longevity. performance, and longevity.

SHOT PEENING Shot Peening Shot peeningisisa aprocess process in which metal components are pelted to a Shot peening in which metal components are pelted in orderintoorder produce produce a residual compressive stress layer and reduce the incident of fatigue residual compressive stress layer and reduce the incident of fatigue failure. Diamond failure. Diamond Chain uses custom made shot peening machinery developed to ensure intensity and coverage of components shot Chain usesconsistent custom made shot peening machinery developed toduring ensurethe consistent peen process.

intensity and coverage of components during the shot peen process.

Design and Fabrication


Diamond Chain produces consistently high quality product by closely Diamond each Chainstage produces consistently highprocess. quality product by closely controlling controlling of the fabrication As components move fromeach rawstage materials to fabrication, they areAs monitored by amove rigorous of the fabrication process. component fromone rawhundred materialsandto twofabrication, point quality system that qualifiedand pieces theycontrol are monitored by a ensures rigorous only one hundred tworeach point the quality final assembly stage.

control system that ensures only qualified pieces reach the final assembly stage

BUSHINGS: Dimensional enables bushings to BUSHINGS: Dimensionalcontrol control enables be extruded with uniform wall thickness and bushings to be extruded with uniform wall concentricity for smooth travel. Near perfect roundness thickness and concentricity for smooth travel. increases effective bearing are the for the pin. Near perfectthe roundness increases effective bearing area for the pin.

PLATES: Inner and outer plates go through a four stage

PLATES: Inner and outer plates go through pitch hole process. A multi-stage process is utilized to a four stage hole process. A multi-stage create a pitch maximum bearing area that is straight, process is utilized to create a maximum bearing smooth, and burr-free. area that is straight, smooth, and burr-free.

PINS:Precision Precisiongrinding grindingensures ensuresconsistent consistent fitfit and PINS: travel. andsmooth smooth travel. ROLLERS: Seamless roller design and ROLLERS: Seamless roller design and dimensional dimensional control allows for extrusion with near control allows for extrusion with near perfect perfect roundness. roundness.

Diamond Chain’s Multi-Stage Pitch Hole Prep Process 1. Piercing: produces hole with limited bearing Diamond Chain’s aMulti-Stage Pitch Holearea. Prep Process 1. Piercing: produces hole withoperation limited bearing area. bearing contact area 2. Shaving Operation: thisasecondary creates greater 2. andShaving improved Operation: surface quality.this secondary operation creates greater bearing contact area and improved surface quality.

3. Drifting Operation: this third operation ensures a pitch hole with maximum

3. Drifting Operation: this third operation ensures a pitch hole with contact area that is smooth and burr-free. maximum contact area that is smooth and burr-free.

4. Re-drifting Operation: this finalthis operation creates a bright and mirror and smooth 4. Re-drifting Operation: final operation creates a bright finish for an additional residual stress layer. mirror smooth finish for ancompressive additional residual compressive stress layer. PIERCING OPERATION

Link Plate

Breakout Area

HEAT TREATMENT Heat Treatment Diamond Chain components. Using dedicated carburizing Diamond Chainheat heattreats treatsallallroller rollerchain chain components. Using dedicated carburizing to precise temperatures, andcontrol through strictatmosphere control furnaces set furnaces to preciseset temperatures, and through strict of both of both atmosphere and quench, components receive maximum carbon and quench, components receive maximum carbon penetration for a high carbon penetration for a high carbon surface and low carbon core which provides surface andwear low carbon core which provides improved wear and fatigue resistance. improved and fatigue resistance.

Piercing Punch

Bearing Area


Link Plate

Breakout Area


Shaving Punch

(Drifting Punch)

Link Plate

Breakout Area

Bearing Area

Bearing Area

LUBRICATION Lubrication Diamond Chain understands the importance of proper lubrication and the impact on Diamond understands importance of proper lubrication andprocess the on wear life.Chain Diamond uses both athe proprietary lubrication formula and “hot dip” impact on wear life. uses“hot both a proprietary lubrication formula and of all lubricated rollerDiamond chains. The dip” process ensures complete coverage “hot dip” process on all lubricated roller chains. The “hot dip” process ensures components and maximum surface retention following the treatment. Special complete coverage of components and maximum surface retention following in the lubrication further corrosionfurther protection and extend wear life. theadditives treatment. Special additives in enhance the lubrication enhance corrosion protection and extend wear life.


Preloading The final stage of the manufacturing and assembly process for each Diamond Chain


is the preloading process. Preloading approximates the recommended Theproduct final stage of the manufacturing andmaximum assembly process for each loading during usageDiamond and is done to firmly seat pins and bushings in place Chain product is the preloading and eliminate any initial elongation that may take place. process. Preloading approximates the recommended maximum loading BENEFIT OF “PRELOADING” during usage and is done to firmly 3% (Industry Maximum) seat pins and bushings in place and eliminate any initial elongation that may d Applie eload No Pr take place. lied App

Time: Hours, Weeks, Months


ad Prelo

WearLife Life Wear




THE PROOF IS IN THE PERFORMANCE In addition to being an engineer, purchasing agent, or facility manager, today’s competitive business environment also requires you to be an exceptional business and In additionmanager. to being an engineer, agent, orlasting facilityresults manager, also requires you to be an exceptional business and operations Every decisionpurchasing needs to generate that today’s not onlycompetitive sustain, butbusiness enhanceenvironment daily operations.

operations manager. Every decision needsistothat generate lasting results thatindustry not onlyleading sustain,chain but enhance daily operations. The challenge when selecting roller chain the difference between and all others isn’t immediately visible, and only becomes so after use. With the addition of internal pressures to reduce cost and time constraints to deal with, decisions become difficult to make. With those challenges in mind, Diamond Chain has worked with an independent testisfacility to difference assess the between performance of Diamond versusisn’t those of the competition. The challenge when selecting roller chain that the industry leading Chain chain product and all others immediately visible, and only becomes so after use. With the addition of internal pressures to reduce cost and time constraints to deal with, decisions become difficult to make. With those challenges in mind, Diamond Chain has worked with an independent test facility to assess the performance of Diamond Chain product versus those of the competition.


ACCELERATED WEAR TEST RESULTS Accelerated wear testing was conducted on Diamond series roller chain and products from five global manufacturers. All products were ASME / ANSI approved products. These tests wereWear performed an independent third party. Accelerated Test by Results



Competitor Chains

Diamond Chain



154 HRS 120 HRS


154 HRS



230 HRS



349 HRS



The Cost of Downtime VALUE

From the results it’s clear that Diamond Chain significantly outperformed consistency. Consistency of performance is critical for accurate forecastingthe and competition in addition, the Diamond Chain product performed with scheduling ofand maintenance. much closer consistency. Consistency of performance is critical for accurate forecasting and scheduling of maintenance. #50 Chain, Third Party Accelerated Wear Test Results

Some companies are willing to sacrifice performance for lower initial costs, but in reality, less expensive chain can actually cost more over time.


Accelerated wear testing was conducted on Diamond series roller chain and From thefrom results clearmanufacturers. that Diamond All Chain significantly outperformed products fiveit’s global products were ASME / ANSI the approved products. These tests were performed by an independent thirdcloser party. competition and in addition, the Diamond Chain product performed with much


Some companies are willing to sacrifice performance for lower initial costs, but in reality, less expensive chain can actually cost more over time.

Don’t Underestimate The True Cost Of Downtime

384 HRS







Test conditions: 1172 RPMs, 91 lbs. of tension, 3.5 horsepower, and 21T X 21T sprockets.

While lost production, maintenance and labor expenses are the most visible, there are other components of a Total Downtime Cost analysis that should be considered While lost production, maintenance expenses thelife most including reputation and reliability. and Withlabor industry leadingare wear andvisible, warranty, there are other components of a Total Downtime Cost analysis that should be 420 your best protection against downtime is Diamond. considered including reputation and reliability. With industry leading wear life and warranty, your best protection against downtime is Diamond.

10 YEAR WARRANTY The Diamond Chain Company backs the Diamond series with an industry leading 10-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.


Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

PRODUCTS Transmission & Roller Chain


Potato Processing Plant


Diamond Standard Series Chains are built to ASME / ANSI B29.1 standards for dimensions, interoperability, and sprocket fit and exceed the established standards for tensile strength.

British Standard meets all ISO 606 / DIN 8187 / BS 228 standards and is ISO 9001 certified.

Located in Tasmania is one of the largest potato processing plants in Australia, processing potatoes from the farm to the finished frozen packaged product. A critical process in production is the grading of the product using two Welliver Diameter Roll Size Graders. Each Grader is driven by a serpentine chain drive which puts significant wear upon drive chain componentry and is one of the most demanding of chain applications. BSC commenced a trial of Diamond 50-1 chain in this application as the previous product ANSI chain required complete change out every month on both Graders. Replacing the original chain with Diamond provided ongoing benefits in the areas of: maintenance savings, materials spend reduction, production downtime savings and inventory reduction. To date the original Diamond chain is still successfully operating in this extreme application. The one month life previously being experienced has now been extended to 12 months and is still going strong.


Chocolate Manufacturer A chocolate manufacturer had been experiencing an ongoing problem for several years with the Simplex 1” pitch drive chain which turns each of the Dumoulin pans. The problem being that the chain continually stretched, resulting in it jumping and in the worst case actually breaking.

High Strength (HS) Drive Chain INDUSTRIES | Heavy Industries | Earth Moving | Drilling & Exploration | Port Equipment | Agriculture

Diamond High Strength / Lift Chains are built to ASME / ANSI B29.1 standards and are intended for applications subjected to heavy loads or lifting.

HS Series Drive chains use heavier series link plates and incorporate pins produced from medium carbon alloy steel. These pins are through hardened to give the chain a higher working load capacity. Slip-fit type connecting links and offset links are not available for these chains. Note: Offset links and slip fit connecting links are not recommended for any High Strength Chain.

If a chain requires tensioning or replacing during a processing “round”, the risk to the end quality of the product is very significant and as such a solution to the problem had to be found and implemented. Dumoulin themselves suggested a retro fit to a duplex 1” pitch drive chain for around $20,000 per drive. With four pans in total that’s $80,000 all up. BSC Engineering Services were called in to investigate the problem and in consultation BSC recommended a Diamond High Strength chain. The Diamond HS chain has a tensile strength 2 to 2.5 times that of the chain previously used. It was fitted to the Dumoulin pan “A” including an insitu automatic chain lubricator, for less than $1,000 all up. All four Dumoulin pans have now been converted to Diamond 80HS chain, with insitu (oil) lubricator a saving of $76,000 on parts alone.


PRODUCTS Transmission & Roller Chain


Foundry The sand conveyor drive chain in a South Australian foundry involved in the casting of ferrous metals operates in an arduous environment with the exposure to sand particles causing lubrication difficulties and consequent premature failure of the transmission roller chain. The previous chain required regular replacement – every 3 months!

DURALUBE® Chain Special Lubricated Chain INDUSTRIES | Food | Beverage | Packaging

For applications where regular lubrication is a challenge, DURALUBE® can offer a longer lasting solution. Used in slow – medium speed drives and is best suited in normal ambient temperature.

This chain is constructed using a one-piece powdered metal bushing/roller combination which has lubricant drawn in under vacuum. In service, this lubricant is released and provides supplemental lubrication to the pin/bushing joint. Generally, the wear life of DURALUBE® chain can be five times that of standard (unlubricated) chain.

BSC inspected the application and recommended Diamond DURALUBE® chain. DURALUBE® is constructed using a one- piece powdered metal bushing / roller combination which has lubricant drawn in under vacuum. In service, this lubricant is released and provides supplemental lubrication. The Diamond DURALUBE® was fitted back in March 2002, and only replaced for the first time in August 2007. The foundry calculated the savings achieved through a combination of production downtime, maintenance and materials savings to be $105,000.


Chinchiolo Stemilt Packing Cherry and apple packing / shipping operation often utilise hydro cooling stations to quickly remove field heat before fruit leaves the orchard and is transported to the packinghouse.


Specifically designed for applications that don’t permit regular lubrication, requiring the chain to depend entirely upon initial factory lubrication throughout its service life. Note: Standard RING LEADER® O-Ring chain can routinely operate inambient temperatures up to 65° C. For higher temperature requirements,special O-rings can be substituted, allowing operation in temperatures of 200° C or greater.


Depending upon the specific conditions, RING LEADER® can provide up to ten times the wear life of standard chain. RING LEADER® O-Ring chain is constructed with O-rings that seal a specially formulated lubricant into every joint. This sealed in lubricant is essential for the chain’s optimum wear life and the O-rings also help to seal out and protect the internal surfaces from dirt, contaminants and moisture.

In this application, sizing, packing and shipping methods create a unique challenge for the roller chain because chains on the Van Doren sizing machines are constantly submerged or have water poured over them. Additionally, the serpentine drive responsible for driving the live rollers utilises small sprockets which also places additional demands on the wear life of the chains causing chains to elongate after as little as 1/3rd of the cherry season or 1/5th of the apple season. When a sizer goes down due to chain failure, it takes approximately 30 minutes to replace chain at a labor cost of $120 per repair and estimated production time costs of up to $1875 in revenue lost after all things are considered. Balancing the corrosion factors against the wear factors, it was quickly determined that availability and solving the wear life factors were the most critical challenges to address for Chinchiolo’s application. With harvest season, every hour of down time meant money lost. Diamond RING LEADER® O-Ring Chain chain was recommended as a replacement to the previously used carbon steel ANSI #40 Riveted chain.

Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

PRODUCTS Transmission & Roller Chain


Ice Cream Manufacturer

Diamond Ace Corrosion/Moisture Resistant Chain INDUSTRIES | Food | Beverage

Diamond ACE (Anti-Corrosion Exterior) chain is uniquely designed with electrochemical bonding process. The anticorrosion exterior along with Diamond proprietary lubricant provides superior corrosion protection over standard carbon steel roller chain.

Suitable for most wash down applications and outdoor use. Maintains the same wear life and working load of a standard carbon steel chain while aiding in corrosion resistance.

Due to the environment and regular wash downs the standard steel chains currently used were experiencing short wear life due to corrosion which caused link plates to fuse together. In addition, corrosion also formed internally covering Pin and bush, resulting in accelerated wear. A stainless steel chain was considered because of its good corrosion resistant properties but struggled to provide acceptable wear life. For this particular application Diamond ACE chain was recommended as a replacement. Supplied in a number of 4 pitch offset links and separate connecting links. These links were attached to the existing Stainless steel holders carrying the individual ice creams. The Diamond ACE option extended chain life to 4 times that of standard chain with no sign of corrosion.

The protective coating serves as an insulating barrier that actually oxides before the carbon steel base chain, thus protecting and preserving the chain’s physical and structural integrity. Common uses for Diamond ACE include applications exposed to weather, high humidity or on machinery that is routinely washed down with water. Standard attachments are available.


Canned Meat A food processing plant focuses on producing canned meats – some 38 million cans per year. 50% is exported to over 20 countries and accounts for 10% of the world’s total sales of canned beef. The customer was experiencing unacceptable wear from a leading Japanese manufacturer of chains used on the 6 retorts requiring chain replacement every 2 months.

Stainless Steel Chain INDUSTRIES | Food processing | Beverage | Packaging | Abattoir | Pharmaceutical | Dairy | Confectionery

Diamond AP series stainless steel chain, is assembled using 300 series link plates, bushes & rollers, along with a precipitation hardened 600 series stainless steel pin.

This combination increases wear life of this chain over those constructed entirely of 300 series components.

Coming to BSC for a solution the answer was to replace the Japanese brand chains with Diamond ANSI stainless steel chains. They commenced with a change of to the Diamond ANSI stainless steel chains on the six retorts in June 2006. In July 2007 a wear analysis was conducted on the Diamond chain. The wear analysis shows 1% wear or less on the Diamond chain – providing an expected life of 3 years. Replacing the original Japanese chain with Diamond ANSI stainless steel chain ensures a significant production uptime outcome. In addition a saving of a minimum $25,920 in labor costs plus a whopping $272,863 saving in materials costs. Diamond ANSI stainless steel chain is now the specified chain in the retort application.


PRODUCTS Transmission & Roller Chain

AG Roller Chain INDUSTRIES | Agricultural

Diamond AG product line is specifically designed for the agriculture market, available in British and American standard type chains.

Special lubricant improves adhesion to steel chain to protect it from corrosion. The 70 deg C hot dip ensures thorough penetration to all components, internally as well as external surfaces. Ball drifting, shot peening and pre-loading ensure the chain’s quality and integrity.

AG Roller Chain Heavy Duty INDUSTRIES | Agricultural

Diamond AG HD (ANSI) is designed to with stand heavy loads. High volume Stop / starts, reversing or shock load.

Thicker link plates assist fatigue life, while the through hardened pin increases the chains tensile strength. Ball drifted link plates provide secure interference fit between pin and link plate. Pre-load aligns components helping to eliminate initial elongation.

AG O-Ring Chain INDUSTRIES | Agricultural

Diamond AG O Ring (ANSI standard) Developed to counter harsh environments which prove difficult to lube. Specifically intended for applications in which regular lubrication is not possible.

Heavy Duty Drive Chain INDUSTRIES | Heavy Industrial | Mining |

Sugar | Earth Moving

Ideal for slow – moderate speed, high load drives, and provides resistance to shock load. Outstanding wear resistance and strength. Excellent fatigue resistance for longer chain life.


The chains bush extends to the outer side plate, which assists in sealing the pin/bush area while also providing a seat for the O Ring. The O Ring seals the chain preventing foreign particles entering the chains pin and bush while sealing in specially formulated lubricant.

Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

PRODUCTS Transmission & Roller Chain

VC/NH78 Non Metallic

VC Flightboards

INDUSTRIES | Water Treatment

INDUSTRIES | Water Treatment

Chain made from acetal polymers that have improved self-lubricating components. 2.609” Pitch, 18/8 Cr Ni Steel Pin

Drive chain for wastewater treatment applications. VC/NH78 chain is designed to run in both directions. Excellent performance in applications requiring high wearability and chain strength.

Viking chain specialises in Timber and waste water treatment chains and accessories. Products include conveyor chain, Roof Top, Sharp Top, Welded Steel Chain used in varying stages in the timber process. Cast Iron, non metallic and Stainless collector chain options used in rectangular clarifiers along with drive chains and accessories.

VCSS78 Stainless Steel Chain INDUSTRIES | Water Treatment

2.609” Pitch 403 Grade Stainless Steel Material - Hardened

For use as a drive chain in wastewater treatment applications. VCSS78 stainless steel chain is a high strength chain made to withstand highly corrosive and abrasive environments. Designed to stand up to high load applications with very minimal stretch.

As a specialist supplier into timber and Waste water industries, customers can be assured our sales and engineering staff are able to recommend and assist in their most difficult and arduous applications.

Leaf Chain INDUSTRIES | Forklift

AL & BL series ANSI leaf chains AL series uses same link plates as standard ANSI chains of the same pitch, while BL uses the Heavy series ANSI link plates. Leaf chain or lift chain as it’s sometimes referred to, is built using plates that are interlaced and held together using a riveted pin.

In typical forklift applications, the chain is held down at each end using anchor points, a hydraulic ram forces the chain up or down articulating around a sheave which will either raise or lower the forklift tines. Chain is usually stocked in 10ft lengths, 100 ft reels (in common sizes) or cut to length option.

Part number is made up of the series, followed by pitch and lacing type. Eg. BL634 Chain, BL (Series), 6 (6/8” or ¾” pitch), 34 (3 x 4 link plate lacing).


PRODUCTS Conveyor Chain

Attachment Chain – Light Duty INDUSTRIES | Food processing | Beverage | packaging | Confectionery | Abattoir | Timber | agricultural | Dairy | Poultry

ASME/ANSI & ISO British Standard, single-pitch and double-pitch chains are available with either attachment link plates or extended pins. Diamond’s standard attachment hole sizes are designed to accommodate most common bolt sizes.

Special “made to order” attachments are also available with non standard hole sizes and alternative attachment shapes.

Matched Lengths

Class I – A Class I match assures that the longest and the shortest chain in a given set will not vary in overall length by more than .006”/ft. Using #80 chain as an example, the length of two 120 pitch long chains will not vary by more than .060” in overall length (10ft. X .006”/ft.=.060”). Therefore, the shortest could measure 120”+.000” (remember no negative tolerance) and, the longest could measure up to 120”+.060” and satisfy the Class I requirement. Class I matching is most often accomplished by assembling the chains from selected lots of components parts.


Many applications require two or more chains, normally with attachments, to run in parallel “flights” joining the chains together forming a conveyor or transfer type system. In these cases it is critical to have the chains ordered as a set, matched for length and installed on the machinery with the same relationship to one another as when they were manufactured. Diamond offers two degrees of matching for parallel operation; Class I and Class II.


Class II – A Class II match is much more stringent and assures that the longest and the shortest chain in a given set will not vary in overall length by more than .002”/ft. Applying this new tolerance to the above example, the length of two #80 chains 120 pitches long will not vary by more than .020” in overall length (10ft. X .002”/ft.=.020”). Therefore, the shortest could measure 120”+.000” and the longest could measure 120”+.020” and satisfy the requirement. Class II matching is quite difficult and requires some very unique procedures.

Carton Filling Machine Carton Filling Machine are used in most Dairies and Fruit Juice processing. The latest carton filling machine can fill 14,000 cartons per hour. Four chains run the entire length of the machine. The process involves various stations to fill, glue, fold and dry. The filling stations require adjustments once the chains have worn and usually take between 6 and 8 hours to completely re-adjust the chains and stations. On a smaller machine that only produces 6,500 cartons an hour, it was estitmated an $80,000 down time cost pa in lost production alone.

Replacing the original 304 SS chain with Diamond 400 series has extended the chain life x 300%. Consequently re-tensioning chain and station adjustments is now only conducted annually. Total increased production = $400,000. Diamond 400 series is now the preferred replacement on most carton filling machines in Australia.

PRODUCTS Conveyor Chain

Chain Solutions for Australian Industry


Single Pitch Single Pitch Bent 1 side, 1 hole, Pin Link

Double Pitch Chain OR

B1-1 hole

B1-2 holes

Bent Single Pitch, Wide Contour Bent 2 sides, 2 holes Pin Link

Straight Attachment OR

WCB2-2 holes

Wide Contour Attachment OR

S1-1 hole

Both Sides OR

S1-1 hole

Roller (Inner) Link OR

S2-1 hole

Two Pins Extended OR


B1-1 hole

Single Pitch, 2 pins extended Pin Link


Oversized Double Pitch, Roller Link, Bent 1 side, 1 hole Oversized Rollers

Single Pitch Straight 2 sides, 1 hole Roller Link

S2-1 hole

One Pin Single Pitch, 1 pin extended Pin Link

Single Pitch, Wide Contour, Straight 2 sides, 2 holes, Pin Link

WCS2-2 holes

Pin (Outer) Single Pitch, Straight 2 sides, 1 hole Pin Link

Single Pitch, Wide Contour Straight 1 side, 2 holes, Pink Link

WCS1-2 holes

One Single Pitch, Straight 1 side, 1 hole Pin Link

Double Pitch Straight 1 side, 2 holes Pin Link

S1-2 holes

Standard Single Pitch, Standard, Straight 1 side, 1 hole Roller Link

Double Pitch Bent 1 side, 2 holes, Pin Link

Standard Rollers OR

Double Pitch, Roller Link Straight 1 side, 2 holes, Standard Rollers

B1-2 holes


PRODUCTS Conveyor Chain

Attachment Chain – Heavy Duty Conveyor INDUSTRIES | Automotive | Agriculture | Food | Beverage | Sugar | Timber | Mining | Paper | Recycling

Conveyor chains complete with attachments are used for various material handling applications. The attachments are fitted to a base conveyor chain by either using an integral component or fabricated and welded to the side plate prior to assembly. As with small pitch attachment chain, the variety of attachments on offer seems endless, forming various shapes, sizes, and can be fitted at specific intervals to suit conveyor requirements.

Attachment chain manufactured to British Standard, ISO, DIN and Non Standard specifications. Standard attachment chains are supplied using carbon steel components, but can be supplied in various material types such as stainless steel or plated using Nickel or Zinc.

AG Double Pitch INDUSTRIES | Agricultural

Diamond AG Double pitch ASME/ANSI standard product line is specifically designed for the agriculture market. Available in conveyor or drive chain types using standard or large roller option.

Special lubricant improves adhesion to steel chain to protect it from corrosion. The 70 deg C hot dip ensures thorough penetration to all components, internally as well as external surfaces.

British Standard Conveyor Chains BS4116 INDUSTRIES | Food processing | Bakeries | Beverage | Mining | Sugar | Automotive | Packaging | Timber | Agriculture

Precision conveyor chain manufactured to a British standard options, including Solid pin, Hollow pin, and Deep link chains. These styles can also be offered as rollerless (bushed chain), plain or flanged type rollers in a wide range of sizes and material options.

Metric conveyor chains also available to DIN 8165, DIN 8167 & ISO 1977 standards Conveyor chains available in standard or heat treated link plates. Made to order, Stainless steel or plated chains to suit corrosive environments and high temperature applications.

SS & C Series INDUSTRIES | Cement & Quarry | Coal | Timber

Steel bushed chain (SS Series) Combination chain (C Series), manufactured with malleable iron inner links and steel outer links and pins. Both chain styles can be supplied with optional attachments and required attachment spacing to suit Scraper bars, Buckets or Flights.


Commonly used in bucket elevators, conveyor and scraping applications associated with harsh environments involving contamination such as dust & grit. Optional Sraper chain with additional clearance is available to reduce chain seizure. 300 & 400 grade Stainless steel pin options also available for corrosive environments.

PRODUCTS Conveyor Chain

Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

HabasitLINK® KVP® Plastic Modular Belts INDUSTRIES | Food Processing | Abattoir | Packaging | Beverage | Bakery

HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts are constructed using modules molded from non-porous thermoplastic materials connected by solid plastic rods. The all-plastic design promotes long life and superior performance in many applications. Multiple widths are achieved by using an interlocking bricklayed pattern, which provides high lateral belt strength, rigidity and ease of repair. Habasit belts provide the highest level of food safety and cleanability available in the marketplace today. Each belt style is available in EC/FDA approved polypropylene, polyethylene, or acetal to meet a wide range of operating temperatures, chemical resistance and application requirements.

Because of the modular design, HabasitLINK® belts can be installed within minutes without using complicated tools or fasteners. General maintenance and repairs can be completed with a minimum of downtime.

Industries served • Meat (beef & pork) • Poultry • Seafood

HabasitLINK® sprockets eliminate the need for hightension systems by positively engaging the belt and

• Bakery

maintaining proper belt alignment, eliminating edge damage.

• Fruit & Vegetables

Habasit’s oblong hole improves access to the hinge rods, for example in the M5010 FlatTop due to the additional rod clearance.

• Automotive

• Snack Food • Packaging • Confectionery • Wineries • Beverages / Bottling

Habasit modular belts are available in 6 module pitches

• Printing / Paper • Postal






Micropitch suitable for 7mm nosebar


12.7 mm/0.5”

Minipitch” belts for extra tight transfers

• Can Manufacturing


12.7 mm/0.5”

Minipitch” belts for tight transfers

• Glass Manufacturing


25.4 mm/1.0”

Bottling/container and corrugated

• PET Manufacturing


25.4 mm/1.0”

General conveying


25.4 mm/1.0”

Bottling, container and general heavy conveying


38.1 mm/1.5”

Heavy duty radius belt


50.8 mm/2.0”

Heavy duty


50.8 mm/2.0”

Raised rib belt for pasteurizer


63.5 mm/2.5”

Heavy duty


63.5 mm/2.5”

Heavy duty conveying for extreme loads

• Textile • Corrugated Cardboard


PRODUCTS Conveyor Chain


Major Bottling Plant TS Series Habasit / KVP has been recently installed as the exclusive specification within a major bottling plant in Queensland.

Habasit TS EXTRA Low Friction Flat Top Chain INDUSTRIES | Food processing | Beverage

• Ideal for high-speed dry running applications due to self lubrication over the entire service life • Low wear rate – lasts much longer than standard POM (acetal) materials • Reduced noise levels due to self lubrication • Reduced water consumption • Reduced energy consumption due to self lubrication • Quiet running – less pulsation / vibration • Reduced chain lengthening • High strength and excellent fatigue resistance • Ideal as a replacement for noisy steel chain

Habasit’s TS option for Flat Top chain, uses extra low friction resin technology, resulting in the lowest coefficient of friction, with special self-lubricating agents built into its molecular structure. Ideal for critical bottling applications, this chain is well suited to dry running applications. The benefits include, reduced water consumption associated with top chain lubrication. The extra low friction Habasit “TS” uses less energy than standard low friction models, which also contributes to smooth, effortless and quiet operation. Habasit TS, is dimensionally interchangeable with most LF products on the market, so there is no need to change out sprockets and wear strips unnecessarily. However, Habasit can also provide a special low noise sprocket option complete with a patented split sprocket / split bush and suitably compatible wear strips.

In the past the plant had used standard low friction ‘LF’ acetal table top conveying chains throughout the site. The ‘LF’ series chains did the job, however this busy plant was consuming over 11 Million litres per annum in potable water in order to constantly lubricate the acetal conveying chains. The significantly increasing cost of water plus the social imperative to preserve what is the most precious and often taken for granted resource on our planet, were driving factors in the site’s decision-making process. The self-lubricating properties of the TS Series have resulted in the plant ‘turning off the taps’ as the need to water lubricate no longer exists. In straight water saving this saves the site over $15,000 per annum in water consumption costs alone. An additional benefit of moving from the ‘LF’ chains to the TS Series is the 240% - 270% extra life that will be achieved thanks to the harder-wearing nature of the special TS material. The TS Series table top conveying chain has proved to be a significant weapon in the battle to reduce ongoing operational costs in the areas of resource consumption and maintenance expenditure.

HabaCHAIN® Slat and Conveyor Chain INDUSTRIES | Food processing | Packaging

HabaCHAIN® is a high quality range of new slat and conveyor system chain products. HabaCHAIN® products are suitable for a wide range of applications in beverage, bakeries, packaging and many other industries.


Available in numerous material variations, including LF (low friction) and TS (ultra low friction). A choice of straight running or radius, tabbed, bevel or magnetic options and material specifications provides the ideal belt for most environments. Ultra low friction provides smooth operation reducing wear and energy costs.

Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

PRODUCTS Conveyor Chain

VC720S Chain INDUSTRIES | Water Treatment

VCSS700 (Stainless Steel Chain also available). 6.00� Pitch Heat Treated Pin 304 Stainless Steel Cotter Meets ANSI Standards Cottered or Riveted For use in primary clarifiers, secondary clarifiers, bar screens and grit applications. VC720S Cast Iron Chain offers maximum strength in harsh environments. This chain is interchangeable with other chains manufactured under ANSI standards. Heat treated pin and 304 stainless steel cotter supplied specifically for wastewater applications.

VC720S Non Metallic INDUSTRIES | Water Treatment

Glass filled nylon / polyester material. Steel reinforced pin. F226 & F228 attachments available. Collector chains for primary and secondary clarifiers.

CC600 Case Chain INDUSTRIES | DAIRY | Food processing | Packaging

Plastic and malleable iron crate conveyor chain. Lugs, pushers, closed top styles also available.


PRODUCTS Conveyor Chain


Used to convey timber with maximum grip and minimum penetration Available in Simplex to Multi strand ANSI & BS standard from 3/4 “ pitch to 1 1/2” pitch Sharp-top chains give you: • Faster processing • Higher productivity • Higher profits • Less elongation • Longer chain life • High tensile strength • Reduced chain wear • Less wood damage

Welded Steel & Drag Chains INDUSTRIES | TIMBER

• Heat Treated Rivets • Fully Heat Treated Welded steel chains move very heavy loads and are design to withstand shock load and abrasion typically associated with the timber process environment. Drag chains move wood chip / saw dust for timber and pulp. Drag Chains combine strength, precision, impact resistance, and wear resistance. These chains are built for strength, Impact and wear resistance.

Conveyor Chain 81X, 81XH, 81XHH & 81X Rooftop INDUSTRIES | TIMBER

Commonly used to convey timber, transfer and through trimming lines


INDUSTRIES Agriculture

The Agriculture Industry The agricultural market has a unique challenge from the typical industrial market in the seasonality for peak roller chain use. If an agricultural customer misses the season, there is no recouping the time lost. For this reason, many agricultural chain customer elect to change roller chains on machinery with each new season rather than running a chain until it “wears out”. This maintenance schedule means that these customers can get satisfactory results by using an economy style chain. Before Diamond-AG chain was available, some customers “made-do” – but now they have a different choice – a quality economy roller chain. Diamond-AG Chain is made with attention to detail and a stringent set of specifications to ensure that the quality of the material and the workmanship meet with the standards expected when one purchases a Diamond Chain Company roller chain. Our range includes • Diamond AG Roller Chain • Diamond AG Roller Chain Heavy Duty • Diamond AG O-Ring Chain • Diamond AG Double Pitch • Feeder House Chains



The Beverage Industry Several segments make up the beverage industry including the filling of beverages and liquids in PET, glass and cans as well as the packaging and case handling. The one thing all of these processes have in common is conveyor belts. Conveyor belts build an essential part of the production line right from the start until the end, when the finished product leaves the factory.

Our range includes

BSC stock a carefully selected range of products aimed at reducing maintenance, delivering high levels of resistance to wear, fatigue and corrosion.

• Diamond Stainless Steel Chain

• Diamond Special Lubricated Chain – DURALUBE® Chain

• HabasitLINK® / KVP® Plastic Modular Belts

• Diamond Special Lubricated Chain – RING LEADER® O-Ring Chain

• Habasit Rinser Chain & Finger Grippers

• HabaCHAIN® Slat and Conveyor Chain

• Diamond ACE Corrosion / Moisture Resistant Chain


DIAMOND DRIVE CHAIN Empty Bottles infeed unit

Cap placement unit

Cap feeder

Cap Sealing Section

Filling Station

Filling & Closing Machine




Preform feeder

Bottle inspection

Single file line

Cap feeder

MODULAR BELT Accumulation table/Mass conveying




Inspection Shrink wrapping





Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

The Dairy Industry Chain solutions for your conditions

Australian dairy farmers produce 9,388 million litres of whole milk per year with the farm-gate value of milk production being $4 billion and the wholesale value being $12 billion. As Australia’s third largest agricultural commodity, dairy farming is firmly established both at home and on the world stage, particularly since the introduction of refrigeration techniques in the 1880s. Driving on-farm innovation and using cutting-edge technology, Australia’s dairy sector is a leader in creating and responding to new and emerging consumer demands. Although Australia accounts for only around two per cent of the world’s milk production, it is an important exporter of dairy products. Australia has a nine per cent share of the world dairy trade—ranked fourth behind the European Union, New Zealand and the US.

Typical Chain Application Bottle & carton conveying

Type of Chains used Plastic & Stainless steel flat top chains 3 1/4” to 7 ½” wide Diamond ½” to 1” pitch anti-corrosive chain

Crate Conveying

Cast malleable iron CC600 Plastic CC600 & CC1400 chains Diamond ½” to 1” pitch anti-corrosive chain

In floor conveying

Cast malleable iron CC600 Plastic CC600 & CC1400 Steel multi flex, 3498, 3500 & 3910 chains Diamond ½” to 1” pitch anti-corrosive chain

Carton Filling (Dairy & Fruit Juice)

C2040 Special 400 stainless steel Series round parts increases chain life and adustment intervals by up to 4 times. Chain uses special extend pins with spring clip grooves to accomodate carriers (as per photographs above).

Our range includes • Diamond Attachment Chain • Diamond Standard Series Chain • Diamond ACE Corrosion/ Moisture Resistant Chain • Diamond Stainless Steel Chain (AP, 400 & 600 series) • Habasit Plastic Modular Belts • Habasit LF Flat Top Chains & TS Ultra Low Friction Option • Ewart CC600 Chain


INDUSTRIES Drilling & Exploration

The Drilling & Exploration Industry Drilling rigs can be massive structures or mobile equipment mounted on trucks, tracks or trailers. Used to drill Blast holes, Water wells, Mineral exploration, Diamond coring, they sample sub-surface mineral deposits, test rock, soil and groundwater physical properties, and also can be used to install sub-surface fabrications, such as underground utilities, instrumentation, tunnels or wells.


Roller chains used for drill rigs are subjected to some of the greatest loads and harshest environments. These conditions are far more severe than usually found in industrial applications.


Our range includes • Diamond “Pull down chains” ANSI & British standard up to 3” pitch in Simplex or Multi strand. • Multi strand with slip fit centre plates has been used for decades and are most suitable for drives of moderate severity

• Heavy and High Strength options, use heavier link plates with case hardened or through hardened pin for additional fatigue life and / or greater tensile strength.

• Multi strand with press fit centre plates were originally developed by Diamond for service in applications that require the utmost in multi strand capacity. These chains should be ordered to exacting lengths. BCL (Bushed connecting links) are supplied standard with this option.

Drilling Services Provider An Australian based, drilling services provider, who owns and operates drilling and well service rigs in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe has standardised using Diamond Chain. This company with over 50 years experience, trialled various brands of chain, including well known brands from Germany, Japan & USA, to establish which chain could provide superior reliability and longevity. The product was required to operate in arduous conditions, such as Heavy Load, Shock Load, Dirt & Grit, all typical of a drilling rigs environment.

The challenge when selecting roller chain is the difference between industry leading and other’s isn’t readily visible, and only really becomes apparent after use. Diamond has mastered the design and manufacturing process necessary to create consistently high quality, and performance. Outperforming all other brands trialled, Diamond is the chain of choice, providing exceptional wear and fatigue life.


Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

The Food Industry Keeping production levels at their highest is the challenge for one of the largest and most diverse industries imaginable. BSC have extensive experience working with some of the biggest companies in the food industry across Australia. Our experience enables us to understand the special needs that relate specifically to the production processes including the processing, manufacturing and packaging of food products.

Our range includes

BSC stock a carefully selected range of Chain aimed at reducing maintenance, delivering high levels of resistance to wear, fatigue and corrosion.

• HabaCHAIN® Slat and Conveyor Chain

• Diamond Special Lubricated Chain – DURALUBE® Chain • Diamond Special Lubricated Chain – RING LEADER® O-Ring Chain • Diamond Corrosion Moisture Resistant Chain – Diamond ACE • HabasitLINK® / KVP® Plastic Modular Belts

Chain solutions for your conditions


Washdown Corrosive conditions – Mild (pH between 5 and 7)

The Chain Solution ANSI


Diamond ACE

Renold Hydro Service

Diamond Stainless Steel

Diamond Stainless Steel

Washdown Corrosive conditions – High (ph below 5 and above 7: temperatures above 60 C) Lube Free

Diamond DURALUBE Diamond RING LEADER® O-Ring

Renold Syno

Direct contact with food

Diamond Stainless Steel

Diamond Stainless Steel

High shock loads

Diamond HS

Convert to ANSI.

Temperature: Hot or Cold (Between -40 C and 180 C. Above 180 C special lubrication would be required).

Diamond STD Chain

Diamond STD Chain

High humidity

Diamond ACE

Renold Hydro Service

High speed

Diamond RING LEADER® O-Ring

Convert to ANSI.

Indexing / moulding applications

Diamond Attachment Chain

Diamond Attachment Chain

Allied-Locke C Series Combination

Allied-Locke C Series Combination

Allied-Locke SS Series

Allied-Locke SS Series

High Abrasion



The Mining Industry Chain solutions for your conditions

There’s only one real measurement in the mining industry: how many tons came out of the ground today, what got loaded and what got shipped. To support this BSC source quality products and brands from carefully selected manufacturers around the world to meet the heavy demands of the mining industry. Our range includes • Diamond Special Lubricated Chain – RING LEADER® O-Ring Chain • Diamond Corrosion Moisture Resistant Chain – Diamond ACE • Conveyor Chain • Bushed Chain • Attachment Conveyor

Typical Chain Application

Type of Chains used

Feeder breaker conveyors

Steel bushed chain with ext’d pins

Shuttle car conveyor

Steel bushed chains with various attachments

Under cutters

Roller chains

Scoop / Loader

Roller & heavy duty drive chains

Power shovels, draglines & blasthole drilling m/c’s

Roller & heavy duty drive chains

Wash box / jig washers

Steel bushed chains

Crushers, pulverizers & screens

Roller, conveyor & apron chains

Surface Mining

Underground Mining

Power Shovels / Draglines / Excavators/ Road Graders • Diamond HS (High Strength) Roller Chain. • Ewart Heavy Duty Drive Chain.

Feeder Breakers • Feeder Breaker conveyor chain, can be manufactured using alternative materials to accommodate the harshest of environments. Optional flight bars also available.

Drilling Rigs • Diamond Roller Chain. • Diamond High Strength Roller Chain.

Shuttle Cars • Shuttle car conveyor chains work in arduous conditions transferring raw product to transport conveyors.

• Ewart Heavy Duty Drive Chain

Stacker / Reclaimer • Reclaimer chains are offered in various pitch sizes, and a multitude of attachment types, which include, Deep side plate, outboard rollers and K attachments. Coal Preparation Plants (Wash plant) • Using Conveyor and roller chains, this plant washes coal of soil and rock in preparation for transport. Bucket elevator • Bush style conveyor chains c/w A or K attachment types to secure bucket



Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

Collation unit

Tray flaps sealing unit


Overwrapping unit

Tray feeding station

Shrink wrapping Palletizer

Case packing

Warehouse Transport

The Packaging Industry Due to a great number of stringent regulations and increasing market competition, packaging industry is


faced with major challenges. Companies must conform with statutory and market requirements, especially when handling delicate materials, such as foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or dangerous goods. These circumstances tend to incur increasing costs while customers demand a wider array of innovative products, higher quality standards, more flexibility and speed. The goal of packaging companies is therefore to achieve highest productivity with lowest marginal costs.

To secure a competitive advantage, improve their productivity, and avoid unexpected production halts, companies within the packaging industry are well advised to embrace innovative technologies. Choosing the right conveyor, processing belts and chain will make the difference in the achieving major process improvements, higher productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Our range includes • HabasitLINK® / KVP® Plastic Modular Belts • HabaCHAIN® Slat and Conveyor Chain • Diamond Attachment Chain used in case packaging

Packaging Machine A packaging machine bulk plastic wraps, into 5 and 10 packs. The 2 x Slow ~ Medium speed machines package most of the Australia demand. Existing Japanese origin chains had little adjustment and therefore required replacement every 6 months.

Tolerance matched, pre-loaded chains with 50% more allowable load coupled with Diamond quality has extended the chain life x at least 400%. This solution has saved the customer over $10,000pa in maintenance and change out costs.

BSC inspected the application and found that the existing 40-1, hollow pin chain in a Japanese quality, was rated at half the allowable load of Diamond standard solid pin chain. We replaced the existing chain with Diamond extended pin chain, modifying the plastic conveyor roller to suit the extended pin.



The Sugar Industry Chains & heavy duty roller chain are widely used in various applications in the Sugar Industry. The sugarcane is ground, milled and conveyed in the process of becoming sugar. The leftover fibre from the milling process is known as bagasse, which is used as fuel in the mill’s boilers for steam production and the cogeneration of electricity. On average, 1 t of sugarcane billets yields 300kg of bagasse.

Our range of Heavy Duty Drive Chain from Ewart includes:

TYPE Drive Chains

The Chain Solution Ewart Sugar Drive Chains are of an all steel construction, built for operation under exposed conditions where dirt, oil and corrosion are present. The Ewart ‘COBRA’ Apron Conveyor System. The outboard roller chain provides numerous advantage over the conventional type roller chain.

Main & Auxiliary Cane Carrier

Intermediate Carrier Chain

Cast in Copper Lepaz as standard. This range of chains has been developed to combat the extreme corrosion created by continuous operation in raw sugar juice. For increased resistance to corrosion Stainless Steel articulating components are available. Where severe conditions are encountered all these chains are available in a Stainless Steel material.

Immediate Carrier Roller Chain

When high loads dictate a stonger chain all steel roller vesions will meet the need. Slat type carriers with K2 attachments or Scraper type with AS2 attachments, both with stainless articulating parts will ensure trouble free intercarriers.

Trash Conveyor

Pintle Chains for use primarily in juice strainer and trash elevator applications. Where the application requires resistance to severe corrosion Stainless Steel versions can be selected.

Juice Strainer

Bagasse Conveyor Chain


Cane Carrier Roller Chains. A wide variety of carrier roller chains are available for selection. All are manufactured from high quality steel and heat treated to obtain the optimum characteristics of strength, and wear resistance.

Either stainless steel or standard iron, cast 4103 proves very simple and reliable to use. A wide variety of Bagasse Conveyor Roller Chains are available for selection. All are manufactured from high quality steel and heat treated to obtain optimum characteristics of strength and wear resistance.


Chain Solutions for Australian Industry











Chain solutions for your conditions

Typical Chain Application

Type of Chains used

Cane bundle slings

Forged round link chain

Wash / Feed Table

Combination, steel bushed / roller, forged rivetless chains

Trash / spilled cane elev.

Combination, steel bushed / roller, forged rivetless chains

Auxilliary / Main Cane Carrier

6” – 12” pitch roller chains, 12” pitch outboard roller chain, 6”-9” forged link chain

Shredded cane elevator

Steel / st.stl bushed or roller chins, cast block link chain

Intermediate carriers

Steel / st.stl bushed or roller chins, cast block link chain

Mill / Pressure feeder drive

4”,5”& 6” pitch heavy duty rotary drive chains

Cush Cush conveyors

Pintle / st.stl bushed chains

Bagasse elevators / conveyors Bagasse bine / reclaim

4”,6”8”&9” pitch roller chain

Bagasse to boiler, metering conveyors

Cast malleable iron, combination & steel bushed chains

Wet ash conveyors

Steel bushed / roller chains

Wet & Dry sugar elev.

Steel bushed / roller chains

Boiler stoker grate conveyor

4” pitch steel bushed chain

Dryer / conveyor drives

Heavy duty drive chain

Cane Diffuser

250mm/500mm pitch chain



The Timber Industry Chain solutions for your conditions


The timber industry is a diverse, multi-faceted industry. From felling trees to grinding and milling, loads, accuracies and working conditions vary and manufacturers must have products that excel in these varying environments.

Typical Chain Application Log haul & log deck conveyors

Welded steel, engineered roller or bushed / roller, light duty 81X, Forged rivetless chains.

De Barking drum drives

Rotary drive chains

Refuse & chip conveyors

Welded steel, combination, Diamond Roller Chain / bushed 81X chains

Saw conveyors

Welded steel, comination, bushed / roller light duty, 81X chains / Diamond Roller Chain

Bucket elevators

SS102B, SS111, SS1110 & S132 chains

Reconstituted Wood Products Manufacturer A manufacturer of reconstituted wood products was having to replace chains on their forming line for Particle press board (120 Riv) at 12-18 months. The short wear life and uneven wear of the OEM chain was costly, and unacceptable. The customer wanted a chain that would last longer, provide even wear between chain sets, and was readily available. The Roller Chain was provided by the OEM out of Germany. The initial upfront cost of the chain was low but had a long lead time and had not performed well in the past, lasting only 12-18 months. Diamond 120 Riveted Roller Chain was supplied in cut-to-length strands which were matched and tagged specifically for this application. While slightly more expensive on the front end, the price


Type of Chains used

difference was expected to be made up by the improved wear and service life of the chain. Diamond provided cut-to-lengths strands which were matched and tagged in pairs for this application. At the time of this report, the Diamond chains have been in operation for nearly 4 years and based on their current condition, are expected to last an additional 2-3 years. The long and even wear of the Diamond chains have more than made up for the initial price differential. As a result of the success with this chain, this customer has been changing out “metric� chains to ANSI standard so that they will be able to use Diamond Chain. They are extremely happy with Diamond and will be using Diamond for a long time to come.


Chain Solutions for Australian Industry


The Water Treatment Industry Chain solutions for your conditions

Components for Municipal and Industrial Water & Wastewater applications including Chain, Sprockets, Flights, Wear Shoes, Bearings, Shafts and Statick Sleeve Bushings. Clarifiers, Grit Channels, Bar Screens, Travelling Water Screens for all water and waste water applications.

Typical Chain Application

Type of Chains used

Sedimentation tank conveyor

720S cast malleable, cast steel, plastic or stainless steel.

Conveyor Drives

Plastic chain will often use NH78 plastic drive chain


Engineered to match system requirements and special tank layout considerations


Non-metallic stainless steel and cast iron drive chains

High Strength non-metallic

Shear pin drive hub assemblies with replaceable non-metallic sprocket rim

403 Stainless Steel

Cast Iron

Solid or split body non-metallic or cast iron driven sprockets

6 or 8 inch flight attachments


• Engineered Specific Options:


High strength fibreglass

• Materials matched to specific application based on load and abrasion:

Ultra high-strength aluminium

Nylon and UHMW available

Laminate fir to replace existing redwood also available

With or without integrally moulded chain saver rim

Stainless steel hardware

Hunting tooth design

6 or 8 inch available for standard F26 or F28 attachments

Split or solid construction

High-strength hub designs have non-binding hardware to prevent accumulation





Chain Solutions for Australian Industry

Partnering our customers to achieve optimum plant reliability through the application of knowledge and technologies which deliver the highest level of service and results.

Sustainability Solutions BSC recognises the positive impact that our specialised products and services can, and do, have in helping our customers become more sustainable across economic and environmental objectives. Actively working with our customers to achieve these outcomes for several years has developed a level of experience and market leadership across all segments.

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