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June 2013

Whatcom County

Health Care Guide A Guide to Preventative Health Care and Well-Being

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Complete a full exam and and x-rays with us edit cr RECEIVE $100 xt ne ur toward yo t en tm ea tr

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Dear Reader, The 2013 Whatcom County Health Care Guide contains a questionand-answer forum supplied by local health care providers. The Lynden Tribune and Ferndale Record have joined in obtaining the information available in this magazine. This medical guide should not be used as a substitute for advice from a medical professional, but it may help people learn how to seek advice and from whom. This directory provides general information and is not intended to replace your own doctor’s advice. Enjoy your reading. Thank you, Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Lynden Vision Clinic

When should children have their first eye exam? The American Optometric Association recommends a first eye examination between the ages of 6-12 months. InfantSEE™ is a program developed to eliminate amblyopia (not seeing 20/20) and strabismus (eye turns). Optometrists nation-wide volunteer to provide eye exams FREE of charge for babies between 6 and 12 months of age. If all is normal at the InfantSEE exam, the next recommended exam should be at age 3, 5 and then yearly until they are 18. Vision changes the most during the childhood and teenage years. Children’s vision is different than adult vision, as it does not fully develop until 6-8 years of age. Children can have eye problems that do not have any symptoms, such as ambloyopia (not being able to see 20/20), or focusing problems. They may have headaches or difficulty reading, but still see 20/20. 85% of learning is done through vision and visual processing. Early testing and treatment can restore good vision and improve learning.

Lynden Vision Clinic 201 S. 19 St. Lynden, WA 98264 (360)354-2222 2

Dr. Swiecicki now seeing patients in 2 convenient locations.

Spyglass Optik 11 Bellwether Way #104 Bellingham, WA 98225 (360)671-7107

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Lynden Family Physical Therapy

Health Care Guide - June 2013

Osteoarthritis I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I have heard that exercise helps, but I am concerned that it will make my symptoms worse. How does exercise help? Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is one of the most common types of arthritis. It is characterized by wear and tear of the joint’s cartilage. Cartilage is the part of the joint that cushions the ends of bones. When the cartilage breaks down, it causes the bones to rub against each other, causing pain and loss of movement. For many years, it was thought that people with arthritis should not exercise because it would further damage the joints. Now doctors and therapists know that people with arthritis can improve their health through moderate exercise without hurting their joints. Exercise can be very beneficial. One slogan frequently used with arthritis is “motion is lotion”, meaning movement of the joint helps to lubricate it and keep it mobile. Exercise also keeps the muscles surrounding the joints strong which aids in protecting the joint. Other benefits of exercise include improving your energy level, helping you sleep better, and improving your sense of well-being. With osteoarthritis, one general rule to follow is, if you have more than two hours of increased soreness after exercise, then you have done too much. Back down on the amount of exercise during the next session. Along with your prescribed medications, rest and other parts of your arthritis treatment program, regular exercise can help keep your joints in working order so you can continue your daily activities.

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Rebound Physical, Occupational & Hand Therapies What’s new for Tennis Elbow? With tennis elbow, you get very small tears to the tendons, which then form scar tissue.  Scar tissue restricts blood flow and causes pain.  Therapists use stainless steel Graston tools to locate and massage problem areas.  Graston tools and techniques are 90 % effective for breaking up scar tissue to allow healing.  Graston tools and techniques require specialized training and are available at ReBound PT, OT, and Hand Therapies.  If you have been dealing with tennis elbow for a short or long time this treatment may be the ticket for your recovery! I heard Rebound Physical Therapy is starting an aquatic program. What are the benefits of aquatic therapy vs. the more traditional land-based setting? Performing therapy in the water provides several added benefits for patients. First, the buoyancy of water decreases weight-bearing, putting less stress on joints and bones.  This environment allows for earlier mobility and consequently less atrophy of muscles. Second, the water produces a natural resistance to movement ideal for whole-body strengthening.  Finally, most patients report a decrease in pain when comparing to land-based exercise making for a quicker progression and recovery.

“Experts in Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention.”


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Olson Family Chiropractic

Health Care Guide - June 2013

Once I start chiropractic care will I have to keep going? NO, most often episodes of back and neck pain resolve within a few treatments. However, long standing problems or serious injuries such as whiplash may require more follow up as well as other forms of treatment such as massage therapy and physical therapy to fully recover. The keys to keeping your spine in optimal shape through the years include regular exercise, good nutrition and an occasional chiropractic adjustment. Keeping your spine healthy will allow you to get the most out of life. A motto we have adopted is “Getting you out of pain and keeping you out of pain, so you can enjoy life”. Let us get you out of pain quickly and provide you with an exercise program to keep you feeling good. Don’t let fear or misunderstanding keep you from enjoying life!

Not enjoying your passions as much as you use to? We can help! We invite you to

Olson Family Chiropractic VOTED BEST CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE OF LYNDEN 2012 by the readers of the Lynden Tribune Dr. Todd Olson

8304 Guide Meridian, Lynden • 318-1240

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Mount Baker Kidney Center Did you know‌ 1. One in 9 Americans will be diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. 2. Americans with diabetes, high blood pressure, or family history of kidney disease are at increased risk for Chronic Kidney Disease. 3. Kidney dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment. 4. Nearly 400,000 Americans depend on dialysis treatment for survival. 5. Dialysis treatment artificially replaces your normal kidney function that keeps the body in balance by filtering unneeded fluid and chemicals, and removes waste from the body. At Mount Baker Kidney Center, we offer two types of dialysis - hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


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Health Care Guide - June 2013

keys to getting kids to eat more veggies (BPT) - Incorporating veggies into your family’s diet this summer can be easier than you ever thought. How? Creative parents know that adding flavor and making veggies a crunchy, fun treat can result in pleas for “more veggies please!” Keep your kids busy on warm summer days with activities like picking vegetables out of the garden or creating a platter of your family’s favorite veggies for dipping in fun-flavored dips. Here are some tips to making certain those veggies will be eaten: • Nearly 80 percent of parents say veggie dip helps their kids eat more vegetables, and that having dip handy in the fridge helps everyone in the family eat more vegetables, according to a recent study. Marzetti Veggie Dips make veggies taste delicious with multiple flavors including light and fat-free varieties. • Mix veggies into your family’s favorite recipes for additional flavoring. For example, add zucchini to breads or blend it up into spaghetti sauce. Mix some corn kernels into salsa or homemade soups. Your entire family may be surprised at how delicious their favorite recipes end up tasting. For more recipe ideas, visit • Add some vegetable creativity to pasta salads this summer. Add veggie dip to a chicken pasta salad mixed with apples, chopped celery, scallions, pecans and dried cranberries for an unforgettable taste. • Switch up your spreads. People often top their sandwiches with mustard and mayonnaise. Add some zing to a turkey wrap with ranch dip or try dill veggie dip as a spread on a wheat roll with chicken and arugula. • Who says you can’t play with your food? Build an edible veggie creation with your kids. Lay out an assortment of raw veggies and fruits and let imagination run wild with faces, figures, places and more. When your child’s creation is finished, take a photo for posterity (share it socially), and then enjoy eating with delicious dips. • The summer months are when fresh vegetables taste best, so be sure to take advantage of the selection available from your garden, farmers markets and in JOIN THE Y TODAY the produce section at your grocery store. Consider The Y is for everyone, at every stage & fitness level. introducing the family to a new vegetable each week Sign up for your membership today. or laying out a “dip bar,” exploring new tastes in the BELLINGHAM, FERNDALE & LYNDEN ACTIVITY CENTERS process. Soon you’ll have all members of your family WHATCOM FAMILY YMCA asking for more vegetables.


1256 N. State Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 360 733 8630

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Pam Hanson Insurance Solutions I am on Medicare and have had the same supplement & prescription plan for quite some time. Should I review my coverages to make sure I’m getting the most for my money? Yes, there are always changes happening with Medicare and it is wise to review with an agent who is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the changes and different options. I specialize in senior health and keep myself current with what is available for seniors.


Health Benefits Tailored to Your Needs. • Leaving your job? • Coming out of a group plan? Call us for medicare supplements, long-term care insurance, and short-term health insurance!

NEED HELP? • Medicare Advantage Plans • Medicare Supplements • Prescription Plans • Long Term Care Insurance

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Independent Apartments Assisted Living Apartments 24-hour Staffing with meals provided Surrounded by Homestead Golf Course & Panoramic Mountain Views

301 West Homestead Blvd., Lynden

(360) 354-8200

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Lamphere Insurance, Financial & Estate Planning Who will take care of me when I need Long Term Medical Care? Who will pay for my Long Term Care bills?

With our longer life expectancies, we are now experiencing a new kind of health crisis in our country. An individual will now have a greater than 50% chance of needing some form of help with their physical and mental long term health care needs. Without the proper pre-planning for the occurrence of this likely event, the results can be devastating to both the person in need of the care as well as their family members, negatively impacting the lives of their loved ones. People often think that Medicare and Medicaid will pay for their long term care expenses. But, the truth of the matter is, Medicare was never intended to pay for this type of care. The Medicaid program is designed to help the poor pay for long term care in a facility only. And since most people want to stay at home as long as they can, Medicaid, if a person qualifies, would defeat that purpose. Planning ahead provides alternatives which can allow you to keep full control of your health care needs while simultaneously protecting your assets. With the ratio of taxpayers to each person on Medicaid equaling 2-to-1 (Kaiser 4/11), it is very risky to trust that Medicaid services will be available when needed. A solution to this social and stressful family epidemic is to plan ahead, by using a Financial Advisor who is well versed in both the financial and insurance side of this issue. If you have any question or would like to make an appointment with a professional, feel free to give us a call.

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Our Local, Experienced Team offers Personal Service for:

• Insurance & Financial Consolidation • Medicare Plans • Long-Term Care • Retirement • Special Needs

• Estate Planning • Pre-Retirement • 401K Rollovers • Charitable Giving • Final Expenses

113 Third Street • Lynden Neither LIFE Planning, nor their employees are associated with the US Government or the Medicare program.

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center PeaceHealth St. Joseph Ranked Among the Top 5% in the Nation for Clinical Performance Studies Point to the Importance of Consumer Access to Objective Measures of Quality Comparing Whatcom County’s performance to local and national benchmarks, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical is one of just three hospitals in the state to receive the 2013 Healthgrades Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence™. This prestigious distinction places PeaceHealth St. Joseph among the top 5% of hospitals nationwide for clinical performance (2012-2013). Hospitals with this designation have the best outcomes in the country across a range of 26 procedures and treatments. To put it simply, people are more likely to have successful treatment, fewer complications and lower mortality at these Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence. In our state, PeaceHealth St. Joseph is also ranked number one for cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, and for the second year in a row, overall pulmonary services.  These results were derived from a study conducted by Healthgrades, America’s most trusted, independent source of physician information and hospital quality outcomes. The study shines a light on how more than 4,500 hospitals nationwide performed on clinical outcomes for nearly 30 of the most common conditions and procedures. Results provide patients with an unbiased and thorough examination of hospital quality data, giving them the power to differentiate the likelihood of a better health outcome.  Additionally, Healthgrades groups hospital performance into three performance categories; the highest achievement, a five-star rating, indicates clinical outcomes are statistically better than expected. PeaceHealth St. Joseph received five-star ratings of excellence for quality outcomes in 18 areas of patient care, including cardiovascular, neuroscience, pulmonary, orthopedic, surgical and critical care services.   Taking the time to carefully review a hospital’s performance can directly influence outcome of care – and statistics show that, in some cases, can mean the difference between life and death. 10

Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record

Health Care Guide - June 2013

PeaceHealth St. Joseph provides our community with some of the best health care in the nation.

A second nationwide study, also conducted by Healthgrades, surveyed 7,700 consumers in 27 metropolitan areas across the country. This study revealed a stark contrast between the importance Americans say they place on their choice of a doctor or hospital and the little amount of time they actually spend researching their options. It found that more than 90% of Americans think that choosing a physician or hospital is at the top of the list of significant life decisions, but most of them spend more time selecting a new car than they do in choosing a physician. Specifically, 42% spend 10 or more hours researching a car and 34% spend less than one hour researching a physician. “Today’s report is an important resource that provides relevant and reliable information in a responsible way that empowers Americans to make educated decisions about their physician and hospital selections,” explains Roger Holstein, CEO of Healthgrades. “More than 20 million people turn to every month to find, evaluate and make an appointment with a doctor or hospital, and we are committed to making objective measures of quality more accessible to all Americans.”   These ratings provide us with an important third party validation of the high level of care available to us, close to home.

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Gentle Acupuncture If I’m scared of needles, can I still be treated with Oriental Medicine? If you are terrified of needles, but you’re tired of suffering and want to try Oriental Medicine, you can be treated without needles. Tui Na is “massage-style” technique. Cupping and GuaSha involve cutaneous stimulation to increase blood flow. And there is Herbal medicine. These applications treat a variety of health issues. What is Facial Rejuvenation or Cosmetic Acupuncture? Using acupuncture needles or other tools you can look refreshed or years younger. Theory maintains that as we age, we have less qi (energy) in our bodies causing skin to wrinkle and sag. Treatments can boost qi and blood circulation, increase collagen, tone skin & diminish fine lines.

GENTLE ACUPUNCTURE When you're ready to feel your best! Pain Management Stress/Emotional Issues Facial Rejuvenation

Gayla Woodenlegs, L.Ac., EAMP (360) 739-9272 FERNDALE


Provider for Most Insurances Visa/Mastercard

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Visiting Angels My parents are at the point of needing help in their home. This is new and uncharted territory for us. How do you go about finding caregivers to work with people like my parents? We know that this is a difficult decision to make.  We approach this as if it were our home and our parents.  In our hiring process we first look for caregivers that have the compassion and skill to do the job. They must have the heart to care like family and the knowledge and ability to give the care. Secondly, caregivers must be dependable. Their dependability has a domino effect, they must show up and be on time! Life has enough challenges without you having to worry about help that doesn’t arrive on time. Finally, a caregiver must be trustworthy. Having someone new in your home can be scary.

That all sounds great. But how do you assure that this is true about your caregivers? At Visiting Angels we not only value these things, we actually test for them. We are the only ones in our area to use a nationally recognized Caregiver Assessment tool that measures for a caregiver’s ability to work well one-on-one, and measures their character for reliability and trustworthiness. And for your peace of mind, we assign a specific Case Manager to meet with you and your family, to get to know them, and the client’s needs. That same Case Manager introduces our caregivers to you on the first visit, as well as monitors the ongoing care.

Call for a FREE

in-home consultation

“W e m easu


y th e re o u r su ccess b

liv es w e to u ch .”

• On call 24/7 • Personalized case-by-case care • You choose your care giver • All levels of care • 1 to 24 hours of care • Comprehensive Caregiver Screening & Testing

Bellingham Office

Mount Vernon Office

1222 Riverside Dr. 4213 Rural Ave. (360) 424-6777 (360) 671-8388 Everett Office Toll Free 866-522-6435 2532 Wetmore Toll Free 888-264-3528 (425) 348-9914 Toll Free 866-348-9914

We serve Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan, Island & Snohomish Counties

Visit our website at

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Take My Hand At-Home Care We think Mom may need a bit of help at home, but we’re not sure how much. Can you help our family come up with a plan? Yes, we can! No two senior’s needs are the same, so Take My Hand At-Home Care offers free and confidential in-home care assessments. In your case, the assessment would take place in your Mom’s home - we would use the time to talk about her personal care needs, address any questions your Mom (or other loved ones) may have, and talk about payment options like Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare, private pay, and more. I am the primary caregiver for my husband but sometimes I need a break. Can Take My Hand At-Home help? Caring for a loved one can be rewarding and exhausting all at the same time, so it’s important to take regular breaks to rest and relax. Take My Hand At-Home Care provides respite services for family caregivers like yourself. We would be happy to relieve you for a few hours at a time, a day each week or for longer periods of time, like if you needed to travel out of town.

Local Lynden Business - Trusted and Recommended

“We Help You Carry On” Visit our website for senior resources and caregiver info Does your loved one need extra help at home? We offer companion services, family respite, personal care, medication & safety monitoring, meal prep, transportation & much more!

Sue Sorensen, Owner 14

Call today! 360-543-5777


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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Lynden Manor

Bellingham Denture Clinic

What is Lynden Manor? • Lynden Manor is an Assisted-Living retirement home. • Residents are as independent as they want to be. • Meals are provided restaurant style for the residents in a common dining room. • Apartments are cleaned weekly. • An assortment of activities are offered and available on a daily basis. • Residents have access to licensed nursing staff 24 hours a day. • Lynden Manor has a separate, Dementia care wing.

When should dentures be replaced?

Why Lynden Manor? • Lynden Manor is Independent, Assisted and Dementia care all in one. • Privately owned by a local partnership. • Highly recommended by local physicians. • Excellent Reputation in Whatcom County. • Next door to Christian Health Care Center, a skilled nursing facility with a rehabilitation department.

Every five to 10 years. The oral structures in our mouths change continuously; when a denture becomes worn and ill-fitting, damage can occur to gums and tissues. Appearance is affected when an old denture causes the facial structures to look very flat and worn – referred to as “over-closure”. How will implants help me? Dental implants can increase fit and biting force by up to 300% and help rid denture wearers of the struggle of loose, ill-fitting dentures. Dentures attached to implants improve quality of life by increase in function, improved speech, and ability to chew. Call 647.0395 for a Consultation (no charge).

Would you like your dentures to fit 300% better? Denture implants may be more affordable than you think.

• Precision Dentures • Partial Dentures - Cast Metal, Resin & Flexible • Implant-Supported Dentures • Repairs, Relines & Soft Liners • Emergency & New Patients Always Welcome Clayton Sulek, Licensed Denturist Since 1986

Free Consultations & Evaluations

360.647.0395 Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record

1610 Grover St. Ste. B9 • Lynden 2003 N. State St. Ste B • Bellingham


Health Care Guide - June 2013

WHATCOM COUNTY Retirement Centers, Adult Family Homes, In-home Care & Assisted Living

Alternative, 24-hour care for your loved one, in a safe, secure environment. Medical assistance, wholesome, nutritious meals and attention to personal needs.

Emeritus at Fairhaven The premier Assisted Living Community on the south side.

We offer: Medication Assistance, Personalized Care & Services & Respite Care. We are passionately committed to making a difference in people’s lives by providing service of the highest quality and value in a safe, supportive environment, promoting the health, independence and social interaction of seniors. Our Family is Committed to Yours. • 2600 Old Fairhaven Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225 360-647-1254

Belfern Adult Family Home Zella M. Chapman, LPN

Specializing in Dementia Care, Respite, Elderly. 24-hour nurse on-site. Private rooms. 5309 Bellaire Way, Bellingham, WA 98226 360-384-3981

Meadow Greens

Independent and Assisted Living Apartments. 301 W. Homestead Blvd., Lynden, WA 98264 360-354-8200


Lynden Adult Family Home

Bring your loved one to a home with family atmosphere and professional care. Specializing in Dementia and Alzheimers care. 1772 Eastwood Way, Lynden, WA 98264 Call Lana for more information. 360-393-9222

A Loving Heart Adult Family Home Inc.

We offer personalized care for seniors with Dementia and other Elder Care limitations in a family-based home setting. We have homes located in Bellingham and Everson. For more information feel free to contact Janet at (360) 303-8336 or visit our website Our staff has received multiple awards for “Someone Who Cares,” “Caregiver of the Year,” and a Visionary Award from outside agencies. 6339 Noon Rd., Everson, WA 98247 4205 Ridgewood Ave., Bellingham, WA 98229

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

WHATCOM COUNTY Retirement Centers, Adult Family Homes, In-home Care & Assisted Living

Alternative, 24-hour care for your loved one, in a safe, secure environment. Medical assistance, wholesome, nutritious meals and attention to personal needs.

Sweet Golden Years

Conveniently located on the Hannegan Road, between Kelly and Smith Road intersection. Staffed by nurses and certified caregivers, trained in Dementia Care. Cozy setting with a barn, garden and apple trees. Call for a tour! 4952 Hannegan Road, Bellingham, WA 98226 360-933-4728

Lynden Manor

Assisted Living and Dementia Care Wing

Lynden Manor is an assisted living residence, designed for seniors who may struggle to live completely on their own, but don’t need the high level of care provided in a nursing home. Home is where your heart is‌Make Lynden Manor your home. 905 Aaron Drive, Lynden, WA 98264 360-354-5985

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

ClearView Eyecare

Lyon & Associates

I don’t have any problems with my vision, so why do I need an eye exam?

I am turning 65 in six mos. Where do I begin with Medicare A&B?

A comprehensive eye exam is needed for EVERYONE at least once a year. This exam is essential to monitor your eye health and detect any changes in vision. Early detection of eye diseases is important to help deter those diseases from advancing and to maintain proper vision and quality of life. Untreated medical eye issues can lead to decreased vision that may be so subtle that a person may not even notice that there is anything wrong. These vision changes can lead to potential accelerated vision loss or even possible blindness.

Everyone’s situation is a little different, depending on whether or not they are working beyond 65. I tell them to get Medicare A&B first and then I can help with getting them a supplement and RX. How can I protect myself if I am sick or injured for a long period of time? We insure our house, auto, but not always the wage and income earner. There is a way to protect the paycheck and it’s called disability insurance. This can have a 30-, 60- and 90-day elimination period and can pay two years, five years or to the age of 67. It can replace 65% of loss wages. It keeps the individual’s savings in place, yet one can still make house payments.

Dr. Darlene Anker, Optometric Physician Formerly at Sears Optical

410 W. Bakerview Rd., Suite 107 Bellingham, WA 98226


Photo L-R: Jaina, Dr. Anker, Tami and Erin.

Bonnie Lyon

Aflac & Insurance Benefits


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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Cascade Prosthetics & Orthotics Will I be able to return to my normal activities with my lower leg prosthesis? Yes, depending on the level of amputation, most are able to resume their normal daily activities including driving. Some activities may require personal and equipment adaptations to perform them. Normal progression of walking is to use a walker, then transition to a cane, and finally without an assistive device. This varies with each patient. What types of shoes can I wear with my ankle foot (AFO) brace? Most styles of walking and athletic shoes can accommodate braces, as can many kinds of casual shoes. Snug fitting dress shoes usually are not able to be worn with braces. There are also specialty shoes known as depth shoes that can accommodate braces, and these are available in a variety of styles and colors.

P&O_healthcare-guide.indd 2 Lynden Tribune & Ferndale Record

1360 Sunset Avenue Ferndale, WA 98248 ph: 360.384.1858

17670 Dunbar Road Mt. Vernon, WA 98273 ph: 360.428.4003

6/5/2013 10:30:29 AM


Health Care Guide - June 2013

Hearing Health Clinic I have ringing in my ears. What is this and will it go away? What you’re experiencing is known as tinnitus. Tinnitus is defined as any noises you perceive in your ears and can be described as ringing, roaring, rushing, chirping, buzzing, etc. It is a very common condition and can often be associated with noise exposure, head trauma, medications, stress and hearing loss, just to name a few. It is very common for people to have tinnitus on occasion and it usually only lasts for a few moments and then goes away. However, if you suffer from tinnitus that does not go away, you should make an appointment with an otolaryngologist and audiologist for a full medical evaluation to rule out any serious medical conditions.   I have tinnitus and been told there is nothing that can be done except to live with it. It is very bothersome and makes it difficult for me to sleep. Is it true that nothing can be done? Fortunately, tinnitus can often be treated. However, many physicians and primary care providers are unaware that treatment is available for tinnitus sufferers. Advancements in research and technology have opened the door in understanding tinnitus and provided ways to treat tinnitus successfully. We begin by evaluating and categorizing your tinnitus. This is done through careful questionnaires and one-on-one questioning from our audiologist to determine the severity of your tinnitus, how the tinnitus is affecting your quality of life and what coping strategies you may be using. We will then perform a diagnostic audiogram (hearing test) to determine if any hearing loss is present, to what degree and determine if a medical referral is necessary. Once this is complete, we will spend time educating you about the causes and theories of tinnitus, as well as discussing which parts of the brain are involved in tinnitus perception and how the brain affects the way we react to tinnitus. Lastly, we will put together an individualized tinnitus management plan tailored to your needs.


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Asthma & Allergy Center of Whatcom County

Health Care Guide - June 2013

My five-year-old son with asthma, who was in the ER one month ago, feels fine now, but has a cough with activity, and sometimes at night. Does he need daily medication? Your son likely has persistent rather than intermittent asthma and may need a daily controller medication for his optimal bronchial airflow. Cough is an important indicator for asthma. Airflow evaluation such as peak flow, FEV, or spirometry is important to determine if asthma could be present, even if there are no symptoms. What over-the-counter medications are useful in treating seasonal allergies? Non-prescription products that may be beneficial include NeilMed or NetiPot for nose airway irrigation. Eye rinses are also available. A name brand or generic antihistamine such as Claritan, Allegra or Zyrtec is recommended. An eye drop containing Ketotifen is often recommended. Nasalcrom used 2-4 times daily may be helpful. For moderate to severe allergy symptoms, prescription anti-inflammatory medication is usually needed.

“putting you in control of your allergies and asthma” William H. Anderson, M.D. Board Certified, Allergy - Immunology Children and Adults

Located in the Barkley Medical Center 756-2000 •

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Summer snacking:

As American as baseball, apple pie ... and jerky (BPT) - Summer snacking is among the most popular of American traditions - right up there with baseball and apple pie. When the sun is shining and the weather is wonderful, we love to feast on our favorite treats at ballgames, picnics and outdoor activities. Yet the desire for indulgent taste can often get in the way of making good nutritional choices, especially while out and about. Here are a couple easy tips for planning flavorful, healthy and satisfying snacks that you and your family can pack for any activity this summer.

Keep protein-packed snacks on hand Snacks high in protein will keep you and your family feeling energized throughout the day’s activities. Ever since Native Americans and early settlers sought portable, satiating foods, jerky has been a popular take-along choice. Today’s jerky is conveniently packaged and requires no refrigeration. And, while jerky may be as American as apple pie, it is often a better choice. A slice of apple pie can have nearly 20 grams of fat, more than 400 calories and only 3 grams of protein - whereas a 1.25-ounce serving of beef jerky has 18 grams of protein with only 1 gram of fat and 100 calories. Jerky is so popular that it even has its own holiday, National Jerky Day, celebrated annually June 12. Celebrate summer snacking the smart way this year. Create on-the-go feasts by taking healthier snacking choices with you - wherever you go under the sun.


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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Lynden Family Medicine

Emergency Numbers

When is my blood pressure too high? High blood pressure is a risk factor for strokes and heart attacks. For adults from 20 to 65 the top number (systolic) really should be below 135 mmHg. The bottom number (diastolic) should be under 85 mmHg. Can I lower my blood pressure without medicine? Lifestyle can influence blood pressures. Limiting salt in the diet, regular modest exercise and limiting the consumption of alcohol and caffeine can be helpful and should be tried. If blood pressures are repeatedly elevated, it is important to consult your health care provider regarding this risk factor.

Alchohol and Drug Helpline................1-800-562-1240 Arson Reporting Hotline.....................1-800-552-7766 Child Protective Services (DSHS)......... 360-647-6100 Forest Fire Reports.............................1-800-562-6010 Naval Criminal Investigative Service - NCIS................................1-360-257-3359 Oil Spill Hotline - U.S. Coast Guard Oil Spill Response..........................1-800-424-8802 Poison Info. Center.............................1-800-222-1222 Power Outages...................................1-800-321-4123 Suicide Prevention..............................1-800-273-8255 To Report Drunk Drivers........................ 360-676-2076 U.S. Border Patrol Western WA............ 360-332-8781 Washington State Patrol........................ 360-676-2076 Whatcom County Search & Rescue..... 360-676-6681

Family Care Network

We Take Care Steve Alexander, MD Hannah Bujak, MD Oliver Bujak, MD Margaret Burden, MD Robin Caldwell, MD Karen Goodman, ARNP John Gunningham, MD Larry Hartwell, MD John Hiemstra, DO Bruce Pederson, MD Teresa Reiger, ARNP Sarah Stewart, ARNP

Lynden Family Medicine and Birch Bay Family Medicine are dedicated to meeting the medical needs of the north Whatcom County community. The Physicians are all Diplomats of the American Board of Family Medicine, and our Nurse Practitioners are nationally certified in the specialty of family medicine. As family physicians and practitioners, they serve people in several areas of expertise, including pregnancy care, women’s health care, health care for children, adult medicine, care of the elderly and minor surgery. Local clinics, community connections for compassionate and coordinated care. For more information about Family Care Network clinics and locations visit

Lynden Family Medicine

1610 Grover Street, Suite D-1, Lynden • (360) 354-1333

Birch Bay Family Medicine 8097 Harborview Rd., Blaine • (360) 371-5855

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Edwin Thorp

How long do dentures last? Dentures need to be relined every three to five years and replaced every seven to ten years.

Why are dentures expensive? There are many different materials available for denture construction. Often important steps are not done or less time is spent; therefore, quality is diminished.

Washington State Society of Prosthodontists Edwin Thorp - Qualified Specialist With Two Additional Years Advanced Education • • • • • • •

Restoration of natural teeth Replacement of missing teeth Crowns Bridges Partial Dentures Complete Dentures Dental Implants

3628 Meridian #1A • Bellingham WA • 360.733.2303 24

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Premier Dental

Yeh Orthodontics

Do you offer teeth whitening at Premier Dental Center?

How do I know if orthodontic treatment is needed?

Yes, we are excited to announce our new non-sensitive whitening. It’s fast, easy, comfortable and affordable. Our whitening consists of a 20-minute in-office visit for immediate results, plus a whitening pen for 60 days worth of touch up. Now you can have the bright smile you’ve always wanted!

A lot of children need to see an orthodontist long before they need braces. Not all crowded teeth nor bite problems are obvious. Some conditions can cause future problems. All children should have an orthodontic evaluation at age seven. Complimentary consultations are provided. What are some of the conditions that might indicate my child should be seen by an orthodontist? • Early or late loss of primary teeth • Difficulty in chewing or biting • Mouth breathing • Thumb or finger sucking • Crowded, misplaced or impacted teeth • Improper fit of jaws


• Biting cheeks or biting into the roof of the mouth Implants • Surgery • Dentures Nitrous Oxide • Orthodontics Periodontics • Invisalyn

Voted best Dentist in Ferndale in 2012

New Patients - Emergencies Welcome (Evening and Saturday Appointments available)

2086 Main Street Ferndale | 360-380-4553


360-389-3198 Fax: (866)501-0671 In-office sedation We accept all insurance including DSHS Serving 6 months to 19 years old

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Can braces be placed on a child too early? Monitoring growth and development is an important component of orthodontics. Early treatment may be recommended to help reduce or eliminate complexities in the future. Sometimes children benefit from expanding devices or removal of primary teeth in conjunction with using space-maintaining devices.

Matthew S Yeh,  BDS, MS, MSPH   Orthodontics

LYNDEN 8862 Bender Rd, #203 Lynden, WA 98264 (360) 354-1349 BELLINGHAM 3100 Squalicum Pkwy Bellingham, WA 98225 (360) 676-9222

FERNDALE 2141 Washington St Ferndale, WA 98248 (360) 393-3675


Health Care Guide - June 2013

Walk-In Health Clinic Inc.

Define Laser MediSpa, LLC

Do I need an appointment?

Define Laser MediSpa: A New Path to Health

No. Just walk in 7 days a week between 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. We accept most insurance and are preferred by many. We also accept private pay at a discount at time of service.

There’s an intelligent alternative to Surgical Liposuction called i-Lipo and it is now available in Lynden, Wash., at Define Laser MediSpa. Define is the first Medically Directed Spa in Northern Washington utilizing the i-Lipo Therapeutic Laser. i-Lipo has become the Gold Standard in body shaping and fat reduction in Europe over the last seven years. i-Lipo is a noninvasive, pain-free, drug-free body sculpting and fat reduction system that targets stubborn fat areas and provides immediate and long-lasting measurable results. Scientifically proven and FDA approved, i-Lipo gets rid of stubborn fatty areas that won’t go away through diet or exercise alone. It is an easy, safe and comfortable way to achieve inch loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles or downtime.

Do I need antibiotics? Are you aware that colds, flu, most sore throats, and bronchitis are caused by viruses? Did you know that antibiotics do not help fight viruses? It’s true. Plus, taking antibiotics when you have a virus may do more harm than good. Taking antibiotics when they are not needed increases your risk of getting an infection later that resists antibiotic treatment.

2220 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham Bunk’s Medical Center Providing quality, affordable healthcare services for 20 years Please See Us at Our New Location, One Block North of Assumption Church (360)


Call for Approximate Wait Time

7 Days a Week No Appointment Necessary Board Certified M.D.s on Staff Most Insurance Plans Accepted Medicare & DSHS Patients Welcome


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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Custom Rx Shoppe How can the Synchronized Prescription program help me with my medications?

How much does it cost to have my medications delivered?

The Synchronized Prescription program saves you time and multiple trips to the pharmacy by aligning all of your medications to be due on the same day each month. Custom Rx Shoppe will automatically fill them on the specified day and deliver them to your home-it’s easy, convenient and free!

Custom Rx Shoppe offers free delivery throughout Whatcom, Skagit and Island counties! We can deliver your medications, incontinence supplies, durable medical equipment and home health supplies, such as gloves, masks or diabetic supplies, right to your home or work. We’re proud to be your one-stop-shop pharmacy!

Your Family Friendly, Locally Owned & Operated Retail, Long Term Care and Compounding Pharmacy • FREE Daily Deliveries • Medicare & DSHS Billing • L & I Claim Filing • Customized Medication Assistance for Retail & Long Term Care Customers • Compounded Medications for You & Your Pets • Wide Variety of Over-the-Counter Medications & Home Health Equipment • Immunization Clinic - more than 15 vaccinations available

(360) 685-4242 • 1313 E. Maple St. Suite 101, Bellingham, WA 98225 Located behind Boomers Drive-In, just off Samish Way. Mon-Fri 8am-6:30pm • Sat 10am-5pm • Closed Sundays

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anywhere in Whatcom, Island & Skagit Counties 6 Days a week!

Home of the Synchronized Prescription Program Are you having a hard time remembering to take your medication? We have the solution. Do you ever go to the pharmacy and have no refills? We manage refills, so you never run out. Do you have to go to the pharmacy every week for another medication? We have free delivery to Lynden.


Health Care Guide - June 2013

Planned Parenthood What services do you offer? Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood offers annual exams, cancer screenings, Pap tests, birth control, urinary tract infection testing and treatment, STD testing and treatment, and vasectomies to all who come to us. We accept most insurances and have payment options and programs available to those who qualify. What about Health Care Reform? Come to Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood starting October 1 and we will help you enroll and understand your options. Everyone deserves high quality, affordable health care. We are here to help.

A house is not a home without delivery of the Lynden Tribune We cover the town... in fact, we cover several of the local communities. Week after week, people in-the-know turn to our pages for the latest coverage of community news and events. We’re a great resource for finding sales and services, things to do, and things to see.

Don’t miss out! Call 354-4444 and subscribe today! 28

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Mt. Baker Vision Clinic When should my child have their first eye exam? Most professional eye organizations recommend a child have their first eye exam by five years old. However, if you suspect a problem with your child’s eyes, exams can be done at any age, including soon after birth. Should my children wear sunglasses? Experts say 50 percent of our lifetime exposure to UV rays may occur by age 18. Given that cumulative UV damage to eyes cause diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration later in life, make sure your kids’ eyes are protected from the sun with good quality glasses.


BELLINGHAM • New, state of the art building • Best selection of eyewear and sunwear in NW Washington 720 Birchwood Ave.

733-1720 Mon. - Fri. 8am-5:30pm

Jeffrey Larson, O.D.

Brian Koning, O.D.

LYNDEN •Personalized vision care since 1989 • Small town flavor 1610 Grover


Mon., Wed., Thurs. 8:30am-5pm Tues., 10am-5pm Fri., 12-5pm

You deserve the best in optical and medical eye care!

Since 1951. One Clinic. Two Locations. Give us a call or check out our website •

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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Healthy summer skin: tips for every age (BPT) - As people show more skin with the summer season, it is important to get into a skincare routine that fits your lifestyle. Extended time in the sun can result in unwanted wrinkles, blemishes and sagging skin, not to mention more serious consequences - melanomas, scarring and skin cancer. Current estimates show that one in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. Fortunately, it only requires simple steps alongside a protective mindset to prevent skin damage at every stage of life. To maintain a healthy exterior this season, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Stanferd L. Kusch provides the following tips for strong, glowing skin at any age:

If you’re in your 20s:

Though you may not be worrying about wrinkles yet, your skin may start to show warning signs of damage. Now is the time to focus on prevention. • Stay hydrated: Drinking water helps delay the appearance of wrinkles. • Quit smoking: Smoking strips your skin of elastin and collagen, leaving you at the risk of severely premature facial wrinkling. • Eat smart: Foods that are high in vitamin C and antioxidants help prevent wrinkles by reflecting UV radiation from the sun.

If you’re in your 40s:

Years of sun exposure can leave your skin with noticeable lines, blotchiness or dryness. • Limit exposure: Decreasing sun exposure is the best way to prevent skin cancer. • Moisturize regularly: While moisturizers won’t slow down the aging process, they can help soothe increasingly raw or irritated skin and can help strengthen collagen. • Add a little pep: Skin creams with peptides (small chains of protein molecules) can stimulate collagen and plump sagging skin.

If you’re 60-plus:

For people age 60 and older, it’s critical to be aware of changes in your skin that may reflect the status of its health. • Self check: Monitor changes in your skin and look out for persistent pink, scaly patches and red or black pearly spots or bumps - these can sometimes be indicators of skin cancer. • See a dermatologist: By age 50, everyone should have a total body skin check to screen for skin cancer. • Continue good habits: Sunscreen is still an absolute must for this age range, and moisturizers and hydration are even more important than ever.


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Health Care Guide - June 2013

Northwest Dental

When getting an initial set of complete dentures, do I have to go without teeth after my extractions or do I leave with my new dentures in place? We make your dentures first so that when you leave our office on your extraction day, you leave with your new smile! This process is called immediate denture placement and it allows you to avoid the embarrassment of going without teeth. Call us today for your free consultation. Does your office offer general dentistry in addition to denture services? Yes! At NW Dental and Denture we offer both dental and denture services. In addition to these services we also have an on-site denture laboratory that allows us to offer our patients complete in-house care from start to finish. We also offer mini implants which keep your dentures in place.

Eric Hansen, L.D.

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Jonathan J. Henry, D.M.D. 31

Health Care Guide - June 2013

Good Samaritan Society - STAFHOLT

360-332-1501 Ext 204 456 C Steet, Blaine, WA 98230

Good Samaritan Society - STAFHOLT: Personalized care in a beautiful facility delivered by an OUTSTANDING team of dedicated health care professionals who will help you achieve your highest level of functioning and reenter the community as quickly as possible. The greatest thing about having a CHOICE is the freedom to choose Stafholt, a 4-star skilled rehabilitation and nursing care center.

“Over the years, I have visited friends at many other facilities and I was more than impressed with Stafholt. From the time I arrived to the time I left it seemed like any challenge I had they would take care of it...from Dr’s appointments, insurance questions, to transportation. The food was great - it was like going home. I was able to have dinner every night with my wife. I would recommend Stafholt to all of my family and friends.” Everett Thompson - Blaine, WA “Everyone went out of their way to help me. It really was exceptional care by exceptional people. No matter what the problem was - I was never ignored. I spent three weeks at a different facility in Bellingham and I can tell you the experience at Stafholt was as different as night and day! The little things at Stafholt make it so nice - beautiful flowers, friendly staff, comfortable rooms, excellent food. Go to Stafholt if you are recovering from a surgery - you won’t regret it!” Sally Coulthurst - Bellingham, WA “I was so pleased with Stafholt! Mike, the Physical Therapist, is one great guy! I can’t say enough about Mike, he is very conscientious, he really knows his job and he takes such great care of people. All of the staff at Stafholt are the greatest people in the world! If I wasn’t injured, it would have been like staying at a resort!” Roy Morrell - Blaine, WA “They treated me so well and the food was 100 times better than any hospital food! They were so helpful, if I wanted ice cream at 3 am they gave it to me! I was there for almost two weeks and they went out of their way to help me get the aids I needed (cane, walker, bench for my bathtub and shower) so I could be comfortable at home, too. The people that work at Stafholt are wonderful, no matter what the problem was they took care of it and they always went above and beyond. I was never neglected.” Michael McConnell - Blaine, WA


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It’s Your Choice - It’s Your Life... Good Samaritan Society - Stafholt will help you get back to it sooner!

Your Doctor says you aren’t sick enough to stay in the hospital but you aren’t strong enough to go home. What do you do? Tell your family and hospital discharge planner that you want to go to STAFHOLT for Short Term Rehabilitative care…It’s your choice. 24-hour care delivered by compassionate and dedicated health care professionals including a certified wound care nurse, physical therapist, and occupational therapist all fulltime on-staff, as well as a speech and respiratory therapy services available on-call. A Medicare 4-Star rated facility, Good Samaritan Society - STAFHOLT is uniquely commited to your recovery, seven days a week.

Stay Here - Get Stronger - Go Home Contact our Admissions Coordinator; Laurie 360-332-1501 Ext 204 456 C Street Blaine, WA 98230 360-332-8733 Most Major Insurances Accepted, including Medicare

2013 Health Care Guide  

A question and answer publication from local Whatcom County health care providers.

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