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Photography: Aly Wight

Welcome to The Lyceum

In this time of division reaching out and connecting with others is more vital than ever.

This season all our shows ask what divides us and what unites us – how each of us become ‘we’. From barber shops around the world, to a book shop in Edinburgh, from behind the walls of an infamous psychiatric hospital to the invisible below-stairs world of a Jane Austen novel, this season brings new voices and perspectives to our stage to ask who are we? And could love, faith, books, music, and ideas bring us closer together. We can promise you a year full of pleasure and joy, wee delights and big questions, a shared experience in a fractured landscape.

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David Greig, Artistic Director

The paintshop floor of the Royal Lyceum Theatre Workshop. The floor is used as a palette when painting sets and cloths, creating transient patterns which change with each passing production. Photography by Scenic Artist Kevin Leary.

The Plays

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12 September – 5 October 2019 PAGE 4 – 5

Barber Shop Chronicles 23 October – 9 November 2019 PAGE 6 – 7

An Edinburgh Christmas Carol

28 November 2019 – 4 January 2020 PAGE 8 – 9

Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) 23 January – 15 February 2020 PAGE 10 – 11

Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti

28 February – 21 March 2020 PAGE 12 – 13

Barefoot in the Park 3 – 25 April 2020 PAGE 14 – 15

Life is a Dream

15 May – 6 June 2020 PAGE 18

Love Song to Lavender Menace 9 – 12 October 2019 PAGE 19

Wind Resistance 25 – 28 March 2020 PAGE 20

Castle Lennox 1 – 2 May 2020 TICKETS 0131 248 4848




“We call them ‘visitors’… they seem to be formed by our dreams.” Within hours of arriving on a space station in orbit around the mercurial planet Solaris, psychologist Kris is troubled by the evasive habits of her fellow scientists who each seem haunted by ghosts. It’s not long before she herself is confronted by the spectre of an old love. At first these interactions are unnerving but soon they become addictive. Are these apparitions real or is the planet conjuring them to communicate with the spaceship’s crew? Soon the team’s research mission becomes derailed by psychological odysseys of their own. Following Tarkovsky and Soderbergh’s cult films, Lyceum Artistic Director David Greig, brings Stanisław Lem’s classic sci-fi novel to the stage for the first time, joining with Director Matthew Lutton, of Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre, to create a stylish 1960s space-scape for a story which explores the nature of love, loss and consciousness. Lyceum audiences will remember Lutton’s thrilling production of Picnic at Hanging Rock. Solaris will similarly showcase his ability to play with genre and translate the power of literature and film into the visceral experience of the theatre. Solaris follows David Greig’s recent run of smash-hit adaptations including Touching the Void and Local Hero. Solaris is a co-production between the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne and the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre. After opening in Melbourne in June and receiving its UK premiere at The Lyceum, Solaris will run at Lyric Hammersmith Theatre from 10 October until 2 November 2019.

12 September – 5 October 2019 DIRECTOR

Matthew Lutton


Thursday 12 and Friday 13 September, 7.30pm £10 (Preview tickets on sale from 12 August)


Tuesday through Saturdays, 7.30pm £16 – £33

Matinees from 18 September

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 2pm £14 – £29

Season Ticket Saving See pages 16 – 17


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Talk Show

Monday 23 September

Post-Show Discussion Tuesday 24 September

LYT Curtain Raiser

Friday 27 September See pages 25 – 29 for more details

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES Thursday 26 September, 7.30pm Saturday 28 September, 2pm Wednesday 2 October, 7.30pm For icon key see pages 36 – 37 For more information

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A new play by

Directed by

Photography Dean Chalkley

Inua Ellams Bijan Sheibani

“One day. Six cities. A thousand stories.”

23 October – 9 November 2019

Following two sell-out runs at the National Theatre in London and a world tour, Inua Ellams’ acclaimed Barber Shop Chronicles comes to The Lyceum this October.

Bijan Sheibani

Newsroom, political platform, local hotspot, confession box, preacher-pulpit and football stadium. For generations, African men have gathered in barber shops to discuss the world. These are places where the banter can be barbed and the truth is always telling.


Directed by Olivier Award-winning director Bijan Sheibani and designed by Rae Smith (War Horse), Barber Shop Chronicles is a heart-warming, hilarious and insightful new play that leaps from a barber shop in Peckham to Johannesburg, Harare, Kampala, Lagos and Accra over the course of a single day. Don’t miss this “joyous and life-affirming” (The Independent) smash-hit.


PERFORMANCES & PRICES Wednesday 23 October, 7.30pm £10 (Preview tickets on sale from 23 September)


Tuesday through Saturdays, 7.30pm £16 – £33

Matinees from 26 October

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 2pm £14 – £29

Season Ticket Saving See pages 16 – 17


Free events tailored to the show

LYT Curtain Raiser “Throbs with energy and heat” Daily Telegraph “Exuberant. A debating chamber where you shed your locks but gain your identity” The Guardian “Funny, fast, thoughtful, moving. An absolute cracker” Financial Times Barber Shop Chronicles is a co-production between Fuel, National Theatre of Great Britain and Leeds Playhouse. Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland. Production supported by Brenda Rennie. Co-commissioned by Fuel and the National Theatre of Great Britain. Development funded by Arts Council England with the support of Fuel, National Theatre Studio, Leeds Playhouse, The Binks Trust, British Council ZA, Oran Mor and A Play, a Pie and a Pint.

TICKETS 0131 248 4848

Friday 1 November

Talk Show

Monday 4 November

Post-Show Discussion Tuesday 5 November

See pages 25 – 29 for more details

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES Saturday 2 November, 2pm Wednesday 6 November, 7.30pm Thursday 7 November, 7.30pm For icon key see pages 36 – 37 For more information


Adapted and directed by Tony Cownie, from the novel by Charles Dickens


“Humbug! You think I have nothing better to do with my money than squander it on that manky halfwit dog!” Edinburgh folklore tells us that when Charles Dickens was visiting the city on a reading tour, a stroll through a kirkyard brought him to the tombstone of one Ebenezer Scroggie, inspiration struck and A Christmas Carol was born. Writer and director Tony Cownie (The Venetian Twins, The Belle’s Stratagem) brings this famous festive story back to the city of its birth with a guest appearance from Edinburgh’s bestloved Victorian – Greyfriars Bobby! Join us on the snowy streets of the Old Town for a festive comedy as we revisit this celebrated Christmas tale of a miser redeemed. We’ll be increasing the festive fun by recruiting a choir of Edinburgh residents to sing carols as part of the show. If you are over 18, in fine singing voice and can commit to rehearsals and approximately 10 shows then visit to find out more. An Edinburgh Christmas Carol is a Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh production. DAY



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28 November 2019 – 4 January 2020 DIRECTOR

Tony Cownie


Thursday 28 November, 7pm £10 (Preview tickets on sale from 28 October)

TICKET PRICES Children’s ticket price appears in brackets

Grand Circle and Stalls Gold dates £32 (£20) Silver dates £28 (£18)

Upper Circle | Stalls and Grand Circle Side View Gold dates £22 (£12) Silver dates £20 (£10)

Grand Circle Boxes Gold dates £100 Silver dates £90 Includes all 4 seats

Festive Four Ticket Deal

Gold dates £90 Silver dates £80 Four tickets which must include at least one guest under 18

Season Ticket Holder Offer Save up to £7* per ticket

This production is not included in the Season Ticket for 2019/20 See pages 16 – 17 *Saving based on full ticket price on a peak performance.

Recommended for all ages 5 and upward

For icon key see pages 36 – 37 TICKETS 0131 248 4848


“Love’s irrelevant - we’re talking about marriage.” An adaptation like no other, drawing on over two hundred years of romantic pop history, this is Blood of the Young’s unique take on a beloved novel - the hugely acclaimed Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of). Six young women have a story to tell. You might have seen them, emptying the chamber pots and sweeping ash from the grate; the overlooked and the undervalued making sure those above stairs find their happy ending. Of course, they’ve always been running the show - after all ‘You can’t have a whirlwind romance without clean bedding’ – but tonight, the servants are also playing every part. Men, money and microphones will be fought over in this loving and irreverent all-female adaptation of Jane Austen’s unrivalled literary classic. Let the ruthless match-making begin!

23 January – 15 February 2020 DIRECTOR

Paul Brotherston


Thursday 23 January, 7.30pm £10 (Preview tickets on sale from 16 December)


Tuesday through Saturdays, 7.30pm £16 – £33

Matinees from 25 January

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 2pm £14 – £29

Season Ticket Saving See pages 16 – 17


“Unfettered joy from start to finish” The Herald “Clever, funny, feminist, and not even shy, in the end, of a few powerful moments of true romance” The Scotsman “A have-your-cake-and-eat-it adaptation in which the gags are plentiful even when the stakes are high” The Guardian “A hell of a night out” The List Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) is a co-production between the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, Tron Theatre and Blood of the Young with partners Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, Leeds Playhouse, Northern Stage, Nuffield Southampton Theatres and Oxford Playhouse. Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) is brought to The Lyceum stage through the generous financial support of Principle Supporter Stephen W Dunn.

Free events tailored to the show

Talk Show

Monday 3 February

Post-Show Discussion Tuesday 4 February

LYT Curtain Raiser Friday 14 February

See pages 25 – 29 for more details

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES Thursday 6 February, 7.30pm Saturday 8 February, 2pm Wednesday 12 February, 7.30pm For icon key see pages 36 – 37 For more information

TICKETS 0131 248 4848



“Money stinks. I wish I had nothing.” Brecht’s classic master and servant comedy is given a gender-switched adaptation by award-winning novelist and playwright Denise Mina (The Detective Alex Morrow, Garnethill and Paddy Meehan series). When sober, landowner Mrs Puntila is a ruthless and avaricious capitalist overlord, but the minute drink is taken she becomes a kind and generous benefactor. Her shrewd chauffeur Matti divides his time between extricating her from drunken mishaps and wooing her wayward daughter Eva - a match which will only be possible if Mrs Puntila can get over the class divide. The role of Mrs Puntila will be taken by beloved Scottish actor Elaine C. Smith, well known for her comic small-screen creations in City Lights, Rab C. Nesbitt and Two Doors Down (BBC), but also a celebrated stage presence whose work includes a national tour of Calendar Girls, This Wide Night (Tron Theatre) and Guys and Dolls at The Lyceum. DOT Theatre’s Murat Daltaban returns to direct this entertaining classconscious comedy (think Karl Marx crossed with Groucho Marx) after his barn-storming production of Rhinoceros for The Lyceum which also sold out its performances at The Edinburgh International Festival. Mrs Puntila and Her Man Matti is a coproduction between the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and Citizens Theatre in association with DOT Theatre, Istanbul.

28 February – 21 March 2020 DIRECTOR

Murat Daltaban


Friday 28 and Saturday 29 February and Monday 2 March, 7.30pm £10 (Preview tickets on sale from 27 January)


Tuesday through Saturdays, 7.30pm £16 – £33

Matinees from 4 March

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 2pm £14 – £29

Season Ticket Saving See pages 16 – 17


Free events tailored to the show

Post-Show Discussion

Tuesday 10 March

LYT Curtain Raiser Friday 13 March

Talk Show

Monday 16 March See pages 25 – 29 for more details

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES Thursday 12 March, 7.30pm Saturday 14 March, 2pm Wednesday 18 March, 7.30pm For icon key see pages 36 – 37 For more information

TICKETS 0131 248 4848



“I love you darling… keep singing, Paul. Keep singing.”

3 – 25 April 2020 DIRECTOR

A romantic comedy about love, life and living together.

Elizabeth Newman

Springtime in New York City. Fresh from a blissful, six-night honeymoon stay at The Plaza, newlyweds Paul and Corie move into their top floor Manhattan apartment. Paul’s a straitlaced, ambitious attorney focused on climbing the corporate ladder; Corie’s a passionate, free spirit, always looking on the bright side of life. Their small flat is her latest find and she’s determined to create a romantic vibe despite bare walls, bad plumbing, eccentric neighbours and a hole in their skylight.


It’s not long until Corie’s Mother arrives to cast her eye over their expensive apartment. Corie decides to play matchmaker and during dinner with their eccentric neighbour-in-the-attic, Velasco, things begin to unravel. If only Corie could be more pragmatic and see things as Paul does. If only stick-in-the-mud Paul could be a little more spontaneous. Running “barefoot in the park” would be a start… Author of The Odd Couple, Pulitzer prize winning playwright Neil Simon is one of America’s best loved writers. Barefoot in the Park is one of his greatest works. Award-winning Artistic Director of Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Elizabeth Newman, will direct. Barefoot in the Park is a co-production between the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and Pitlochry Festival Theatre.


Friday 3 April, 7.30pm £10 (Preview tickets on sale from 2 March)


Tuesday through Saturdays, 7.30pm £16 – £33

Matinees from 8 April

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 2pm £14 – £29

Season Ticket Saving See pages 16 – 17


Free events tailored to the show

Talk Show

Monday 6 April

Post-Show Discussion

Tuesday 14 April

LYT Curtain Raiser Friday 24 April

See pages 25 – 29 for more details

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES Thursday 16 April, 7.30pm Saturday 18 April, 2pm Wednesday 22 April, 7.30pm For icon key see pages 36 – 37 For more information

TICKETS 0131 248 4848


“The king dreams he is a king, and lives governing under this deception.” Following a prophecy that he is destined to become a tyrant, Prince Sigismund is imprisoned by his own father. Released for a day as an experiment, he proves the omens only too right and, as a result, is incarcerated once more and convinced by his jailors that his day of freedom was all just a dream. Originally conceived to delight everyone from Philip IV of Spain to the meanest of his subjects, Life is a Dream is an extraordinary mixture of high adventure, low comedy, love, intrigue, and intense philosophical and moral speculation, all wrapped up in an astonishing and beautiful web of words. Calderón’s classic of the Spanish Golden Age is the favourite play of celebrated Scottish playwright Jo Clifford (Faust Part 1 & 2, Anna Karenina, The Lyceum; Eve, National Theatre of Scotland and Traverse Theatre). Her lucid adaptation was a smash hit at the 1997 Edinburgh International Festival and this season it will return to The Lyceum in all its riotous and fantastical glory. Lyceum Associate Artist Wils Wilson (Wind Resistance, Cockpit and Twelfth Night at The Lyceum) will direct bringing the spirit of fiesta and feria to this intoxicating tale. “I’ve rarely come across a play that so brilliantly combines profound ideas, neat plotting and blazing dramatic passion.” The Telegraph Life is a Dream is a Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh production.

15 May – 6 June 2020 DIRECTOR

Wils Wilson


Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Monday 18 May, 7.30pm £10 (Preview tickets on sale from 13 April)


Tuesday through Saturdays, 7.30pm £16 – £33

Matinees from 20 May

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 2pm £14 – £29

Season Ticket Saving See pages 16 – 17


Free events tailored to the show

Post-Show Discussion

Tuesday 26 May

LYT Curtain Raiser Friday 29 May

Talk Show

Monday 1 June See pages 25 – 29 for more details

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES Thursday 28 May, 7.30pm Saturday 30 May, 2pm Wednesday 3 June, 7.30pm For icon key see pages 36 – 37 For more information

TICKETS 0131 248 4848


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*£54 for Under 26 Season Ticket

SEASON TICKET PRICING Prices subject to change




















All prices and savings based on Premium seats.


Book your Season Ticket at or call the Box Office on 0131 248 4848 Season Tickets are only available to purchase until 5 October 2019.

Season Ticket Holders also benefit from discounts on all additional Lyceum shows in 2019/20


SOLARIS A new play by David Greig Adapted from Stanisław Lem’s novel Directed by Matthew Lutton


BARBER SHOP CHRONICLES By Inua Ellams Directed by Bijan Sheibani




By Isobel McArthur after Jane Austen Directed by Paul Brotherston

28 FEBRUARY – 21 MARCH 2020

MRS PUNTILA AND HER MAN MATTI By Bertolt Brecht, adapted by Denise Mina Directed by Murat Daltaban

3 – 25 APRIL 2020

BAREFOOT IN THE PARK By Neil Simon Directed by Elizabeth Newman

15 MAY – 6 JUNE 2020

LIFE IS A DREAM By Pedro Calderón , translated by Jo Clifford Directed by Wils Wilson

TICKETS 0131 248 4848

9 – 12 OCTOBER 2019 *

LOVE SONG TO LAVENDER MENACE By James Ley Directed by Ros Philips

28 NOVEMBER 2019 – 4 JANUARY 2020


Written and Directed by Tony Cownie Based on the novel by Charles Dickens

25 – 28 MARCH 2020


By Karine Polwart Directed by Wils Wilson Dramaturgy by David Greig and Liam Hurley

1 – 2 MAY 2020


By Linda McLean Directed by Maria Oller


Photography: Aly Wight

Love Song to Lavender Menace By James Ley

9 – 12 October 2019 DIRECTOR

Ros Philips


“You want books, I’ll give you books!” Cast your mind back to 1982 - Margaret Thatcher sends the British Fleet to the Falklands, Channel 4 comes to the living room and Prince William is born, but this play has nothing to do with all that. This play is about activism, community and fighting for acceptance with words, music, humour and heart. On Edinburgh’s Forth Street, two friends Bob and Sigrid are opening their new lesbian, gay and feminist bookshop, ‘Lavender Menace’. A trailblazing venture that will become the beating heart for Edinburgh’s LGBT+ community. Now on the eve of the shop’s closure, sales assistants Lewis and Glen take a look back at its 80s origins ... and straight away, the arguments begin! Love Song to Lavender Menace is a beautifully funny and moving exploration of the love and passion it takes to make something happen and the loss that is felt when you have to let it go. After a sell-out success in The Lyceum’s Rehearsal Studio and a critically-acclaimed run at the Fringe and in New York, Love Song to Lavender Menace returns to The Lyceum main stage. “Hilarious, heartful and provocative” The Scotsman 18


Wednesday 9 October, 7.30pm £10 (Preview tickets on sale from 9 September)


Thursday through Saturday, 7.30pm £17 – £20


Saturday 12 October, 2pm £17 – £20

Season Ticket Holder Offer Save £2 per ticket See pages 16 – 17 This production is not included in the Season Ticket for 2019/20 Please refer to pages 36 – 37 for Performance Diary and pages 34 – 35 for booking information Love Song to Lavender Menace is a co-production between the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and James Ley.

Photography: Laurence Winram

Wind Resistance

25 – 28 March 2020

Dramaturgy by David Greig and Liam Hurley Sound Design by Pippa Murphy

Wils Wilson

By Karine Polwart



“You know I don’t believe it’s true, that in this world there’s nothing new, for darling you have just begun, rivers flow and rivers run.” Every autumn, two and a half thousand pink-footed geese fly from Greenland to winter at Fala Flow, a protected peatbog south-east of Edinburgh. From this windy plateau, writer and singer Karine Polwart surveys the surrounding landscape through history, song, birdlore and personal memoir. Ideas of sanctuary, maternity, goose skeins, Scottish football legend and medieval medicine all take flight, in this compelling combination of story and song. First produced for the 2016 Edinburgh International Festival, Karine Polwart’s exquisite piece of gig theatre has become a favourite with audiences all over the country, winning plaudits, awards and inspiring a record shortlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year. Wind Resistance returns home by popular demand to enchant yet more audiences and satisfy established fans. “remarkable and beautiful” The Scotsman

TICKETS 0131 248 4848


Wednesday through Saturday, 7.30pm £28


Wednesday and Saturday, 2pm £28

Season Ticket Holder Offer Save £3 per ticket See pages 16 – 17 This production is not included in the Season Ticket for 2019/20 Please refer to pages 36 – 37 for Performance Diary and pages 34 – 35 for booking information Wind Resistance is a co-production between the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and Karine Polwart and was originally presented in association with Edinburgh International Festival, supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund.


Photography: Peter Dibdin

Castle Lennox By Linda McLean

1 – 2 May 2020 DIRECTOR

Maria Oller

“You said small spaces encourage large thoughts and... then you locked the door.” When Annis, a young girl with autism, finds herself incarcerated in Lennox Castle Hospital, an institution which might as well be a prison, designed for the incarceration of ‘the feeble minded’, her first impulse is to try and escape the brutal regime of punishment and medication. However, as she gets to know her fellow patients they introduce her to another world – a world exploding with colour and song. This is an enchanted castle in which the once-a-month disco offers an alternative reality to the daily doses of pills, punishments, and restraint. Linda McLean (Glory on Earth) has written a play with songs (by MJ McCarthy) about the strength, wit and resilience of those who were sent to Castle Lennox during a regime of segregation from the 1930s to the 1990s. This inspiring tale, based on a real institution, is brought to the stage in collaboration with the brilliant Lung Ha Theatre Company (Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery, We Are All Just Little Creatures). Supported by Margaret Duffy and Peter Williamson.



Friday and Saturday, 7.30pm £17 – £20


Saturday, 2pm £17 – £20

Season Ticket Holder Offer Save £2 per ticket See pages 16 – 17 This production is not included in the Season Ticket for 2019/20 Please refer to pages 36 – 37 for Performance Diary and pages 34 – 35 for booking information Castle Lennox is a co-production between the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and Lung Ha Theatre Company.

THE The Lyceum in London LYCEUM IN LONDON 9 November 2019 – 29 February 2020 at Duke of York’s Theatre, London

18 June – 22 August 2020 at The Old Vic, London

Fiery Angel and ATG Productions present the Bristol Old Vic, Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, Royal & Derngate, Northampton and Fuel production of

A Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh & Old Vic production

Touching the Void

Based on the book by Joe Simpson Adapted by David Greig Following critically acclaimed runs at The Lyceum, Bristol Old Vic, Royal & Derngate, Northampton and Hong Kong Arts Festival, our adaptation of Touching the Void directed by Tom Morris will open in the West End at the Duke of York’s Theatre for a limited run.

Joe Simpson’s memoir Touching the Void, an international bestseller and BAFTAwinning film sensation, charts his struggle for survival on the perilous Siula Grande mountain in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. “Triumphant” The Guardian “great theatre” The Times “a stirring testament to human fortitude and the power of theatre” The Telegraph Supported by the Stephen W Dunn Creative Fund

TICKETS 0844 871 7623 TICKETS 0131 248 4848

Local Hero

Book by Bill Forsyth and David Greig Music and lyrics by Mark Knopfler Based on the Bill Forsyth film

After its sell out world premiere here at The Lyceum Local Hero transfers to our co-producers The Old Vic in London. The hit comedy film Local Hero takes to the London stage as John Crowley (Brooklyn, The Goldfinch) directs a new musical adaptation by Bill Forsyth and Lyceum Artistic Director David Greig with music and songs by the legendary Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) “laced with sharp comedy” Edinburgh Evening News “marvellous musical” Financial Times “joy on tap” The Guardian This production is presented by special arrangement with Neal Street Productions and Patrick Daly of Caledonia Productions.

TICKETS 0844 871 7628


The Lyceum at the Festivals For the third year running we present Playing with Books, a co-production with Edinburgh International Book Festival. A theatrical exploration of scenes from three bestselling books with music, followed by a discussion with the creative teams and the novelists.

This is Memorial Device By David Keenan Saturday 10 August, 3.30pm

Under Another Sky

By Charlotte Higgins Saturday 17 August, 1.45pm

Women Talking

By Miriam Toews Saturday 24 August, 6pm

PERFORMANCES & PRICES All performances take place in The Spiegeltent at Edinburgh International Book Festival in Charlotte Square Gardens.

£15 [£12 concessions]


Early 1980s Scotland: a former mining village just east of Airdrie whose main employer is the banana warehouse. This is the setting for David Keenan’s achingly evocative fictional history of local postpunk band, Memorial Device. It’s a hallucinatory love letter to the shipwrecked youth of this Central Belt hinterland whose lives contained little other than music – and Benny’s chip shop. Writerdirector Graham Eatough presents a theatrical response to Keenan’s cult hit with music by Stephen McRobbie of The Pastels. When Guardian chief culture writer Charlotte Higgins set out to explore the Roman occupation of Britain, not only did she embark on a work of serious history: she began a personal odyssey with her partner (and fellow classicist) in his ageing VW camper van. The hugely entertaining result, Under Another Sky, offers clues about the origins of Britain’s current political landscape. David Greig and director Elizabeth Newman present a theatrical response to Higgins’ triumphant work of non-fiction. ‘Brave,’ ‘scorching,’ ‘a tour de force’: just a few of the words used in the reviews of Miriam Toews’s unforgettable story of oppression and resistance in a Bolivian Mennonite community. Women Talking has now been optioned by Brad Pitt’s film company for a movie starring Francis McDormand. Playwright Linda McLean will produce a theatrical response to this classic of feminist fiction. In partnership with the Toronto International Festival of Authors, this event will also be presented in Canada in October.

Edinburgh International Book Festival events go on sale to the general public on 25 June but a limited number of tickets to these performances are available to Lyceum audiences now via our Box Office. Playing with Books is supported by Sir Ewan and Lady Brown and through the PLACE Programme (funded by the Scottish Government, City of Edinburgh Council, and the Edinburgh Festivals, and supported and administered by Creative Scotland).

The Departure Lounge

5 – 24 August The Lyceum Rehearsal Studio Part of Edinburgh International Festival in collaboration with Fuel and the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh Across the three weeks of the International Festival, a series of performances and discussions bring together thinkers, artists and you, to consider and challenge the themes and ideas presented in the You Are Here Festival programme.

5 – 23 August, 11am

Morning Manifesto


By Liz Lochhead, from Molière’s comic masterpiece Directed by Tony Cownie

1 – 25 August at Assembly Rooms

Over three weeks, 15 writers from around the world each write a manifesto for the future. You are invited to debate their ideas and vote for your beliefs. After three weeks, a collectively authored manifesto will be launched into the world: a love song to our shared humanity. This project is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, collectively authored by representatives from all regions of the world, and part of Fly The Flag, a celebration of it’s 70th anniversary

5 – 24 August, 2pm

Part of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Liz Lochhead’s irreverent, rude and rhyming cut of Molierie’s Tartuffe brings theatres most famous con artist back to the stage for a hilarious one-hour classic now set in a Scottish living room. “The cast give it pure laldy.” The Herald

Call and Response

A series of performances by UK-based artists that offer and opportunity to explore ideas in the International Festival programme and encourages audiences to join the conversation. Including a new Lyceum commission from Hannah Lavery – Lament for Sheku Bayoh. The works reflect connections and contradictions, the parallels and paradoxes in how we see the world and understand our place in it.

5 – 24 August, 6pm

“Molière himself might well have relished its pace, flair and earthy hilarity.” The Scotsman

Breaking Bread

Ed Littlewood Productions in association with Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and The Stephen Dunn Theatre Fund

Come for a meal hosted by an artist, inviting you to think and talk together. Each meal starts with a short performance or provocation to get the conversation going – and the rest is up to you. Be our guests at a meal with a difference.

TICKETS 0131 226 0000

TICKETS 0131 473 2000

TICKETS 0131 248 4848



Photography: Aly Wight

Free Family Open Day Saturday 19 October 2019 10am – 4pm FREE

“A beautiful introduction to the magic of theatre” “Well run and ageless, interactive all the way round – just fab!” “Great event that packed in tons of fun” Participants from last year’s Free Family Open Day


Join us as we throw open our doors and welcome you for a free, fun family day out inspired by our Christmas show, An Edinburgh Christmas Carol.

Featuring a range of activities for both adults and children, there’s plenty to get involved in. Get creative with some themed craft activities, explore our beautiful building on a guided backstage tour or transform yourself into a character by trying on some of our most extravagant costumes. There’s even the chance to WIN a family ticket to a selected performance of An Edinburgh Christmas Carol when you take part in our everpopular treasure hunt!

All activities are free to attend and most are open on a drop-in basis. Backstage tours have limited capacity and require a ticket. Booking for these events will open mid-September and we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. For more information, please keep an eye on our website


Photography: Chris Scott


Talk Show Fresh insight, music and ideas from unexpected places. We invite artists, authors and thinkers to come and watch a show with us. Hosted by David Greig, they take to the stage to share their response to the themes of the play with our audiences. Expect ideas, insight and stimulation through short talks, song, music, poetry and conversation.

Last season’s contributors included climber Jamie Andrew and ultra-runner Jasmine Paris talking about the will to survive for Touching the Void; folk singer Karine Polwart lending musical accompaniment to the theme of Scottish stories for Local Hero and Val McDiarmid discussing women and victimhood for The Duchess [of Malfi].


Encountering Aliens MONDAY 4 NOVEMBER, 7PM

Barber Shop Chronicles

The History, Art and Science of Hair MONDAY 3 FEBRUARY, 7PM

Pride and Prejudice* *(sort of)

How Jane Austen Invented The Modern World


Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti

We Need To Talk About Capitalism MONDAY 6 APRIL, 7PM

Barefoot in the Park

The Future of Love


Life is a Dream

The events are free but ticketed and we welcome donations to support future events.

Dreams, Nightmares and How They Shape Us

Keep watching our website for information and updates on themes and guest speakers.

This project is supported by James and Morag Anderson

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Photography: Alan McCredie




Join us in the stalls post-show to meet members of each production’s cast and creative team and delve deeper into the stories on stage.

Our workshop programme aims to give our audiences added insight into the processes behind each main stage show, through a range of practical workshops and discussions on disciplines such as acting, writing, directing and devising. Workshops are ideal for theatre enthusiasts and we welcome people of all skill levels, abilities and experience.

TUESDAY 24 SEPTEMBER Solaris TUESDAY 5 NOVEMBER Barber Shop Chronicles

TUESDAY 4 FEBRUARY Pride and Prejudice* *(sort of) TUESDAY 10 MARCH Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti TUESDAY 14 APRIL Barefoot in the Park TUESDAY 26 MAY Life is a Dream Tickets: FREE! No ticket required When: After the evening’s performance Where: Stalls

BACKSTAGE TOURS We are delighted to be able to offer backstage tours of the The Lyceum, subject to availability and prearrangement. Led by a member of the Creative Learning team, you’ll explore the spaces not usually open to members of the public and learn about the history of our grand Victorian building located in the heart of Edinburgh’s West End. Visit our working costume room, find out about the technical side of a production, and even grace the stage. Suitable for anyone aged over 5. Tours are only available by prearrangement for groups of a minimum of 10, £5 adults, £3 under 18s. Visit to learn more


‘The leader was excellent; he was very clear and informative and the content was very well thought out.’ ‘I thought it was a strong workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it - great to find out different perspectives from different practitioners. A great day!’ FULL DAY WORKSHOPS • Suitable for all ages 14+ • All workshops run on Saturdays from 10am – 4.30pm • Price per workshop: £50 (£30 concessions)

Barber Shop Chronicles: Storytelling

Saturday 2 November 2019 Stories make up part of our everyday life, but how are they collected, passed down and presented in plays? Using extracts from Barber Shop Chronicles and other storycentred plays, you’ll explore the different ways playwrights tell stories and have the opportunity to let your own tales flourish under the expert guidance of a Lyceum professional.

Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of): Acting

Saturday 25 January 2020 ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.’ But what must a woman want? Working with a professional actor, you’ll explore the idea of multi-role performance in this all-female adaptation and bring the script alive with a focus on honing your comedy acting skills.

Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti: Brechtian Directing

Saturday 14 March 2020 Perfect for budding directors, you’ll work on extracts from a range of Brecht plays including The Lyceum’s adaptation, Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti, exploring Brecht’s groundbreaking directorial style and his influence on the theatre world over the decades.

Barefoot in the Park: Comedy

Saturday 18 April 2020 Exploring the use of comedy and how this has adapted and changed throughout the years, participants will learn and develop key skills such as improvisation, comic timing and characterisation when working with comedic text. Participants will also get the chance to explore the text of Barefoot in the Park and bring it to life with their newfound skills.

HALF DAY WORKSHOPS • Suitable for all ages 14+ • All workshops run on Saturdays from 10am –12.30pm • Price per workshop: £15 (£9 concessions)

An Edinburgh Christmas Carol: Acting Dickensian Caricatures Saturday 30 November 2019 Dickens is well known for creating vibrant, larger-than-life characters, particularly in the ever-popular tale of A Christmas Carol. From crotchety old Scrooge to the vibrant Ghost of Christmas Past, this practical acting workshop will allow you to bring them to life!

Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of): Feminist Theatre Saturday 1 February 2020

Perfect for theatre makers, actors, budding writers or lovers of classic literature, this workshop will explore what it takes to modernise a classic text, with a particular focus on feminist theatre.

Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti: Epic Theatre Saturday 22 February 2020

In this practical acting workshop, participants will explore how Brechtian acting styles differ from traditional ways of working, and bring key scenes of Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti to life.

Life Is A Dream: Clowning Saturday 23 May 2020

Life Is A Dream is a celebration of the Spanish golden age of theatre, involving multiple performance styles. Focusing on comedy, this workshop will look at the art of clowning and how to enhance your skills as a comic performer.

Solaris: Screen to Stage adaptation

Saturday 21 September 2019 Working with a Lyceum professional, explore how cult film Solaris was adapted for the stage by working practically on key moments of the script, and gain an insight into David Greig’s ideas around his most recent adaptation.

Love Song to Lavender Menace: Untold Stories

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Photography: Aly Wight

Saturday 12 October 2019 In this practical writing workshop, you will get the chance to explore true and untold stories by bringing them to life and giving them a voice. Working with writer of Love Song to Lavender Menace, James Ley, you will also look at key moments within the play which explores the untold stories of the Edinburgh LGBT+ community.



Our 60+ Acting Course offers practical performance workshops for theatre enthusiasts who would like to explore performance skills and techniques whilst having great fun. Previous terms have included one-off workshops with professional theatre directors such as Joe Douglas (The Arabian Nights, The Cheviot, The Stag & The Black, Black Oil) and actors such as Grant O’Rourke (The Belle’s Stratagem, Outlander).

In partnership with the University of Edinburgh Centre for Open Learning, The Lyceum is delighted to be offering this short course for the second year.

In May 2019, the 60+ groups performed as The Lyceum Original Sixty company in a devised piece titled Harbour, inspired by David Greig’s adaptation of Local Hero. This premiered at the Traverse Theatre as part of the Luminate Festival.

COL @ The Lyceum: An Introduction to Theatre

Tuesdays, 24 September – 10 December 2019 (no session 15 October) 2pm – 4.30pm at The Lyceum What does it take to be a civic theatre in 21st Century Scotland? Using a mixture of lectures, practical workshops and group discussions over the 10 week course, participants will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes and discover the workings of Scotland’s leading building-based producing theatre. Topics covered will include:

‘I enjoyed it so much and I can’t wait to be back for next term!’

• Approaches to theatre and theatre production

‘I enjoyed the sessions and most of all it was fun! It was also challenging in a good way.’

• Participation, engagement and communication with audiences

‘I’ve enjoyed working with the group – the trust, openness and warmth has made it easy to participate fully and let go. Thank you!’

During this learning experience, participants will be asked to consider the directors’ and designers’ approach to plays and review the impact the staging and creative decisions have on a production and the audience experience.

We welcome people of all skill levels, abilities and experience. New members are always welcome. If you have any questions then please email • Duration 120 minutes

• Programming and planning a theatre season

• Set and costume design • Exclusive tours

For further course information and details of pricing and how to book please go to Booking opens Monday 22 July

• £70 per term • Autumn 2019 term begins week commencing 2nd September 2019 • We run two groups per week: Tuesdays 11am – 1pm and Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm

Booking is via our box office on 0131 248 4848. Please keep an eye on our website for more information and term dates

Photography: Aly Wight

Photography: Mihaela Bodlovic

FOR SCHOOLS The Lyceum Creative Learning department also has a dedicated schools programme bursting with resources and opportunities to enrich the creative potential of students and teachers, as well as offering workshops and tours to international groups. If you’re interested in any of these opportunities please contact one of the creative learning team at or visit

Photography: Mihaela Bodlovic

LYCEUM YOUTH THEATRE The Lyceum Youth Theatre is one of Scotland’s biggest youth theatre companies and is renowned as a producer of high quality contemporary theatre, by young people. Our weekly classes for ages 5-18 offer the opportunity to develop performance skills in a fun, inclusive and engaging environment. LYT WEEKLY CLASSES PLAY: AGES 5 – 7 Imagine, make friends and learn drama skills through weekly interactive stories and creative play activities. MINI: AGES 8 – 10 Develop skills as young theatre makers and build your confidence as an actor through creating devised performances.


LYT 16 – 21

We are delighted to launch our new LYT 16+ group. This is a class for 16-21 year olds who are serious about pursuing a career in theatre, and those interested in applying for drama school. Join us if you want to work as a professional ensemble, learn monologue technique and grow as a performer.

JUNIOR: AGES 11 – 13 Learn to work as an ensemble and broaden your understanding of theatre through a variety of different practices. From physical theatre to improvisation you will learn a wide range of theatrical skills. SENIOR: AGES 14 – 18 Take your skills to the next level and find out what it takes to create high quality performance work. In 2019, all Senior groups will create a devised ‘Curtain Raiser’ performance for The Lyceum main stage.

LYT Curtain Raisers LYT will be creating a series of short performances in response to our season on the main stage, just before selected performances at 5.30pm. Check the relevant production pages for dates.

How to book Autumn Term booking for all LYT groups opens on Friday 2 August at 10am. Places can be booked by calling our Box Office on 0131 248 4848. Bursaries LYT is for everyone; don’t let cost be a barrier. We offer full and partial bursaries for LYT classes and courses. For more information on class times, bursaries and how to join LYT visit or email

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Artistic Director’s Fund Your support of Lyceum Artistic Director David Greig brought critically-acclaimed productions of Touching the Void and Local Hero to the stage. Your next donation will let this Local Hero continue making world-class Scottish theatre.

Be our hero. Give today.

HOW TO DONATE Call 0131 248 4811 Online at At our Box Office

David Greig pictured in Pennan, Aberdeenshire during the making of Local Hero. Photography by Mihaela Bodlovic. Royal Lyceum Theatre Company Ltd is a Scottish Charity No SC010509 30

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Thank You for playing your part We would like to thank each of the corporate supporters and partners, trusts, foundations and individuals who have generously chosen to support The Lyceum’s Season 2019/20.

Corporate Supporters

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Trusts and Foundations Binks Trust Cruden Foundation Limited The Educational Institute of Scotland The Ellem Foundation The Garrick Charitable Trust John Watson’s Trust The Nancie Massey Charitable Trust Ponton House Trust The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo The Russell Trust The Sportsman’s Charity The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation UK The Sym Charitable Trust The Tay Charitable Trust The Turtleton Charitable Trust.

Individual Supporters The Lyceum gratefully acknowledges the following donors: James & Morag Anderson Margaret Duffy & Peter Williamson Stephen Wilson Dunn Mark Laing Brenda Rennie Claire & Mark Urquhart

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Lyceum Patrons LUMINAIRE David & Judith Halkerston SPOTLIGHT Geraldine Gammell Richard Findlay & Gerald McColgan INCANDESCENT Joy Barnard Barbara Dickson OBE Mathew & Lucy Charrington Williams Margaret Duffy & Peter Williamson Anne & John Graham Eileen Henry Muriel & Malcolm Murray Mark McLeod Brenda Rennie Ken Slatford & Alan Jacques Jenny Stewart ROUNDEL Carola Bronte-Stewart Kevin Roderick Brown Linda Hutchison John & Jacqui Longstaff Donald & Louise MacDonald Helen and Bill Magee Ian & Maureen McLennan Martin & Mairi Ritchie Bruce & Eileen Ritson Muir & Eileen Russell Ewan G Scott John & Pilla Scott Moncrieff Prof J M Wardlaw Paul Watts ARC John Bradshaw & Shiona Mackie Jann & Tony Brown Sue Brown Annette H.M. Chapman Kirsty and Seumas Connell-Skinner Iain & Elizabeth Currie S. Edwards D J & F M Fettes Mark & Elspeth Fleming Isabel & Peter Graham Chris and Jerry Gregson L Greig Celia Hague Richard & Kate Love Roddy & Mary Maclean Jean Macphail Alexander & Elizabeth McCall Smith Ian & Margaret McLeish Graham & Fiona Meikle Fiona Reith James & Janet Rust David & Dianne Smith Paul & Terri Thomson Ian & Judith Wall Allan Wilson TICKETS 0131 248 4848

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The Lyceum gratefully acknowledges the support of these individuals – and those who wish to remain anonymous – for placing their faith in us and giving generously. Thank you all for your support.

If you would like to know more about supporting The Lyceum please call Mairi Rosko, Development Director on 0131 248 4831 or email 33

SEATING PLAN & HOW TO BOOK Seat numbers run from low to high, left to right. Seat 15 is the centre of the Stalls.


By Phone 0131 248 4848 Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

In Person Box Office, The Lyceum, Grindlay Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AX Monday – Saturday from 10am – 5pm (Open until show start times on performance evenings)

RESERVATIONS Reserve your tickets for up to five days or 24 hours prior to the performance (whichever is shorter). Group reservations may be held for up to two weeks prior to the performance. 34

LATECOMERS If you arrive late, to ensure your safe entrance and to avoid disturbing other theatre goers you will be asked to wait in the foyers until the interval or a suitable break in the performance.


The earlier you book, the better the price!

Ticket prices across all shows may be subject to change. Book early for the best price and a better choice of seats. Grand Circle & Stalls PREMIUM SEATS

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£10 (no concessions) – seating is unreserved

See individual pages for pricing of Love Song to Lavender Menace, An Edinburgh Christmas Carol, Wind Resistance and Castle Lennox.

Individual Discounts

Group Discounts

Available on Lyceum productions Tue – Thurs and Sat matinee. Valid identification will be required to verify age or status. Discounts not available on Premium Seats.

Available on Lyceum productions Tue – Thurs and Sat matinee. Group Discounts not available on Premium Seats.

Seniors (65+) & Arts Workers £3 off full price tickets

Students, Under 18s & People with Disabilities

All tickets £10. Assistants accompanying people with disabilities go FREE.

Registered Unemployed

All tickets £10 in advance or £5 on the day of the show.

Adult groups of 8+

£5 off Stalls & Grand Circle £3 off Upper Circle


£10 Stalls £9 Upper Circle tickets. One FREE adult helper per 10 pupils. Additional helper tickets at adult group rate as above. For full terms and conditions visit

Secret Seats

Multi-Buy Offer SAVE UP TO £24

Shhhh... it’s the best deal in town and it’s a secret! Test your luck and book an unreserved ticket. We’ll seat your booking (max. 4 tickets) together and, subject to availability, you’ll be seated in either the Stalls or the Upper Circle.

Buy tickets for three or more shows and save £4 per ticket.

A limited number of Secret Seats are available on every Lyceum Season show at just £10 each!


Shows go on sale at the same time as previews at

The discount is applied when purchasing. Simply select Premium Seat Tickets for three or more shows from the following selection: Barber Shop Chronicles Pride and Prejudice* *(sort of) Mrs Puntila and her Man Matti Barefoot in the Park Life is a Dream

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Preview Performances


Be among the first to see the shows!

All tickets (unreserved seating) £10. Preview tickets go on sale one month prior to the event and are limited to four per booking.


A range of free events tailored to each show Post-Show Discussions See page 26 for details LYT Curtain Raisers See page 29 for details

FREE! No ticket required. Details of other Creative Learning events can be found on pages 25 – 29.

Talk Show See page 25 for details. Please note talk shows highlighted in red do not take place on a performance day



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There’s street-level access to The Lyceum, lifts to all levels and dedicated wheelchair spaces in the auditorium. We keep a wheelchair and cushions for visitors’ use and several seats have opening armrests allowing wheelchair users to transfer to seats. We welcome all assistance dogs into the auditorium.


7.30pm 24 Sep

Wed 2.00pm 25 Sep Wed 7.30pm 25 Sep Thu

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7.30pm 27 Sep

When you book your tickets, please let the Box Office know of any access requirements and we will do our best to assist you.


2.00pm 28 Sep


7.30pm 28 Sep

If you would like to receive information in audio, Braille or large print format, please email Jacqui Nagib at

Mon 7.00pm


Wed 2.00pm 2 Oct

Artlink offers an escort service to help people with disabilities to enjoy the arts. Contact them directly on 0131 229 3555 or at ACCESS SCOTTISH THEATRE




7.30pm 1 Oct

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7.30pm 3 Oct


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2.00pm 5 Oct


7.30pm 5 Oct


For a full list of access performances at theatres in Scotland visit

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES Audio-Described Performances for visually impaired audience members

BSL Interpreted Performances for Deaf audience members

Touch Tours for visually impaired audience members

Captioned Performances for hard of hearing audience members

Listen to the action on stage being described via hearing enhancement receivers/ headphones (available free from The Lyceum Shop in the foyer).


Enjoy a guided tour of the stage set prior to an Audio-Described Performance. Evening: 6.15pm (5.45pm for An Edinburgh Christmas Carol) Matinee: 12.45pm

See the show interpreted by a British Sign Language signer who will stand at the side of the stage.

Read the actors’ words on screen. We have caption units in Grand Circle Boxes A & D, the best view of these is from the Grand Circle.









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A relaxed performance is adapted to contain less intense sound and visuals to reduce anxiety for those with autistic spectrum conditions and to support anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. Audience members may leave and re-enter the auditorium during the show and we are relaxed about involuntary noises in the audience. For more info, please visit


4 June

14 Feb

Relaxed Performance 3 Jan 2020, 2pm

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30 May

16 Mar

Patron Night

A chance for The Lyceum to thank Patrons for their support. These evenings include simple hospitality around the performance and are a chance meet fellow Patrons and, on occasion, the cast and creative team. Find out more about becoming a Patron, visit



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