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Morwell Bowling Club’s Tylan Effenberg pours a beer as pubs and clubs across the Latrobe Valley slowly return to some normality following the relaxation of lockdown restrictions on Monday. FULL STORY - PAGE 5




LATROBE City Council has lodged its own submission to the state’s Planning Minister Richard Wynne over a proposed 75 megawatt solar farm on Frasers Lane in Glengarry North. Latrobe City has stated it will only support the application Mr Wynne can address a list of concerns raised by council from the community.

Some of the concerns surrounded noise, landscaping - particularly around glint and glare and visual impacts - bushfire risk, removal of productive agricultural land, traffic and surface water run-off. Latrobe City is also asking him to consider assessing renewable energy projects on a wider criteria, including the suitability of a location from a community perspective and the degree of community support.

The submission was included as a matter of urgent business at council’s June meeting on Monday night in order to lodge it by deadline the following day. Developer South Energy is proposing to build the Frasers Solar Farm to power approximately 29,000 homes. It chose the 110-hectare site as it is on flat, cleared land in a sunny location not prone to flooding and near main roads with an existing high voltage power

line adjacent to the site. However, the application garnered objections from some nearby landowners, some of who had circulated a petition against the proposal last year. Council undertook a process of community engagement with residents living within close proximity to the site, as well as supporters and objectors to the proposed development. Continued on page 2






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Cr Kellie O’Callaghan said council was not the authorising body for renewable energy applications, but was obligated to ensure the community was heard on significant planning matters. “Community perspectives in relation to large-scale developments are important,” Cr O’Callaghan said. “We wanted to ensure the minimum standards we would regularly apply to a project of this scale and scope, and we don’t believe some of these have been met in some basic ways.” Cr Graeme Middlemiss said that if council was the authorising body, it would still be “some way away” from making a decision as there were still “so many unanswered questions”. Cr Middlemiss described the landscaping plan as a “farce” and had some concerns about bushfire risks in the area. “In the last decade, I’ve seen three-or-four major bushfires in the hills behind the site which turned into massive grass fires which ran through the area beside the site,” Cr Middlemiss said. “There is a major bushfire risk and I don’t see anywhere they’ve been able to answer that. There’s a lot that needs to be looked at in some detail here.” Other councillors raised the need for a site remediation bond for when the solar farm reached its use-by-date in 25 years. “What happens to the solar panels once they have completed their task, and how will they be disposed of?” Cr Darrell White said.

Community invited By MICHELLE SLATER

FRIENDS of Latrobe Water is inviting the community to a webinar to discuss concerns surrounding how water would be used in mine rehabilitation plans. Spokesperson Hayley Sestokas said the group had formed about two months ago out of concerns that plans to fill Latrobe Valley mine voids with water could impact local communities. Ms Sestokas said the group was also raising concerns about potential contamination and the safe remediation of coal ash pits. She said the group was made up of members from the Latrobe Valley as well as those further downstream of the Latrobe River and towards the Gippsland Lakes. “Water for the pit cannot come at the expense of ecosystems, needs of the Gunaikurnai people and others downstream whose livelihoods depend upon it,” Ms Sestokas said. “Where will this water come from? We need to know that these sites will be rehabilitated to the highest standards.” Ms Sestokas said they wanted to reach out to others with similar concerns, particularly as the Latrobe Regional Rehabilitation Strategy was due to be delivered at the end of the month. She said she felt the community was being “short changed” on the issue and accused mining companies of taking the cheapest option by filling the mines with water so they could walk away. “There are big chunks missing out of the rehabilitation strategy, there still needs a lot of work to be done to identify the safest option and we want to activate the community to speak up on this issue,” she said. The Friends of Latrobe Water webinar will be on June 11 from 5.30pm-7pm. For more information, visit FLOW’s Facebook page.



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THE Environment Protection Authority has agreed to investigate potential contamination from the former Hazelwood Power Station coal ash ponds. The investigation follows concerns raised by newly-formed community group Friends of Latrobe Water after analysis of environmental audits revealed there may be contamination from the ash ponds. The group, represented by Environmental Justice Australia, was concerned there may be potential contraventions of the EPA’s guidelines on landfill management and the Environment Protection Act. Friends of Latrobe Water spokesperson Hayley Sestokas said she was pleased the EPA was going ahead with the investigation.

Ms Sestokas alleged the Hazelwood ash ponds were inadequately lined and seeping into waterways, posing an “incredible risk” to the Latrobe River and downstream users. “The fact that the EPA are undertaking this investigation is clearly an indication that something is wrong and it is particularly worrying as ENGIE are ploughing ahead with plans to fill the pit with water as early as next year,” Ms Sestokas said. “How much further can rehabilitation plans go until we are certain the risk associated with coal ash have been adequately addressed?” Environmental Justice Australia lawyer Bronya Lipski said the investigation may have important implications for the rehabilitation of other power station sites throughout Victoria.

MEMBER for Morwell Russell Northe has raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians at the McNairn Road, Traralgon railway crossing. Mr Northe said the McNairn Road crossing, in the eastern part of Traralgon, had attracted increased pedestrian and vehicle activity as a result of sustained growth in the retail and residential sectors. “In previous years the retail sector has really been transformed in the eastern part of Traralgon with outlets such as Bunnings, McDonalds and Aldi amongst a range of retailers now prominent in the area,” he said. “This has led to increased traffic, including from pedestrians who walk to and from these same premises and often this can be across the McNairn Road rail crossing. “I know many local residents would like to see improved safety access for pedestrians around the crossing precinct including footpath infrastructure and an actual pedestrian crossing on the rail intersection itself.” Mr Northe has previously made representations to Latrobe City Council, Public Transport Victoria and Vic Track but said “little progression” had been made. “It seems odd that the Liddiard Road, Traralgon rail crossing just down the road does have safe pedestrian crossing infrastructure in place, yet the McNairn Road crossing does not,” he said. “The government has often stated the importance of its half a billion dollar Gippsland Line Upgrade program that interestingly states more train services will be delivered to the region, which ultimately means the McNairn Road crossing will experience even more rail traffic into the future. “One would hope that the state government could see fit to ensure pedestrian safety is considered within this same program including improved safety at the McNairn Road crossing.”

Concerns: Member for Morwell Russell Northe has raised questions about the safety of the McNairn Road crossing in Traralgon.

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RESEARCH into future lowemissions products from Latrobe Valley brown coal has been given a shot in the arm with $600,000 of Victorian government funding for Australian Carbon Innovation. The funding will allow ACI to seek additional partnerships to research and develop new, highvalue products including hydrogen, carbon fibres, graphenes and fertilisers. The state government’s Statement on Future Uses of Brown Coal sets the parameters to ensure only low-emission product development can take place around the use of coal. The not-for-profit research group is working with Federation University on a feasibility study for establishing a Regional Carbon Innovation Centre in Gippsland. Minister for Resources Jaclyn Symes said it was important to back innovation in the pursuit of new jobs and industries. “I know the Gippsland Regional Partnership has flagged that Latrobe Valley locals want to see investment in new technologies,” Ms Symes said. “The work of Australian Carbon Innovation and CarbonNet is vital in placing Victoria at the forefront of global low-emission technology development.” ACI chief executive officer Brian Davey welcomed the state government support and said different forms of carbon would be central to developing a modern economy and advanced manufacturing society. He said this was particularly true in the Latrobe Valley where the economy and community was transitioning from coal-fired power. “Carbon is an essential element in the transition to a new lowemission sustainable economy,” Mr Davey said. “Gippsland’s vast resource of carbon, whether from coal, timber or hydrocarbons represents an invaluable asset to its citizens. Our objective is to find ways to sustainably utilise this resource for current and future generations.” ACI chairman Gerry Morvell congratulated the state government for the “foresight in looking past old uses for lignite and embracing what is possible into the future”. “Victoria’s lignite provides a low cost, low emission and low contaminant feedstock for the development of new industries and products that are in demand not only in Australia but also the rest of the world,” Mr Morvell said. “Future investment will lead to new commercial opportunities in these and other technologies that will result in more jobs for more people of Gippsland.”

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“What we need now is an independent investigation into all the coal ash dams in Victoria, including at Angelsea, to ensure that the EPA is imposing comprehensive obligations to protect the surrounding community and environment from contamination of this toxic waste, and that the operators are complying with those obligations,” Ms Lipski said. ENGIE Hazelwood previously issued s statement that it was continuing to proactively manage its ash landfills with the support of specialised external environmental consultants and auditors. It said it was routinely reporting to the EPA on the status, management and remediation of these landfills throughout the Hazelwood Rehabilitation Project.

Concern over pedestrian safety


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Case: Safer Care Victoria and the Coroner’s Court of Victoria are investigating the death of a baby boy during childbirth at LRH in March last year.

photograph supplied.

Baby’s death in spotlight By TESSA RANDELLO

THE death of a baby boy during childbirth at Latrobe Regional Hospital in March last year is under investigation. LRH conducted an internal review into the death, their processes, the level of experience in the obstetrics department and the capacity of staff to manage challenging and complex births. A further independent investigation is being undertaken by government watchdog Safer Care Victoria, which has highlighted areas for improvement in the obstetrics department at LRH as part of its interim report. Safer Care Victoria chief executive

officer Professor Euan Wallace said SCV’s investigation started at the end of last year after it received the medical examiner’s report to the Coroner, which showed the baby had sustained head injuries. “We looked at that review and thought that LRH’s own review was of good quality,� Prof Wallace told the ABC. “What the review (by the SCV) did find is that the hospital, in our view, didn’t have processes in place for themselves to be certain that the doctor had the required skills and experience. “He (the obstetrician) was qualified ... the hospital didn’t have formal processes whereby when a new

consultant joins the hospital, the hospital has a process to say are we confident, are we certain that this consultant can do all these things that we require them to do. And this isn’t necessarily only obstetrics they apply to all branches of healthcare.� Prof Wallace said the SCV believes the baby’s head injuries were sustained while forceps were being used and added the report would be finalised within a fortnight. Latrobe Regional Hospital chief executive officer Peter Craighead said changes have already been implemented including “better communication with parents about the risks associated with complex births, enhanced education on the

use of birthing instruments and the need for more monitoring equipment in birthing suites.� He added that the hospital is awaiting the results of the coronial investigation. “The loss of a child is an unthinkable tragedy. Our hearts and sincere condolences go out to the family,� Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said. “Safer Care Victoria and the Department of Health are working closely with Latrobe Regional hospital to ensure any lessons that need to be learned from this tragedy are brought to light and acted on in full.� The Coroner’s Court of Victoria confirmed their investigation is ongoing.

Valley has no active COVID-19 cases

THERE are no active cases of coronavirus in the Latrobe Valley. The region’s seven cases have all recovered from COVID-19. The total number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Victoria as of yesterday was 1670. To date, 19 people have died from coronavirus in Victoria.

“Thanks to Victorians playing their part, staying at home and getting tested - we have made some great progress in slowing the spread of coronavirus,� Victoria’s chief health officer, Professor Brett Sutton said. “Our low rate of community transmission means we have been able to ease some restrictions.

“You can have up to 20 people in your home or in a public place. Restaurants, cafes and pubs can have up to 20 customers dine in, and businesses such as beauty therapists can see clients again. “Although it’s tempting to rush out and book that weekend away or have your friends over, it is important that

we use our common sense. In all your activities, be considered, be cautious and stay safe. And if you don’t have to do it - don’t. “We need to continue to follow physical distancing rules and practice good hygiene - wash your hands regularly and cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.�










The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 — Page 3
























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Page 4 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020

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Business boost as restrictions ease


PUBLICANS and patrons rejoiced on Monday as hospitality venues across Victoria opened doors for the first day of dine-in trading in more than two months. Eased restrictions mean pubs, cafes and restaurants can now serve up to 20 people per space after being limited to takeaway service only during COVID-19 lockdowns. Moe Racing Club marketing officer Amy Balmer said staff at the Turfside Bistro were eagerly gearing up for a hopeful return to business as usual. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re still finding our feet with all the new requirements, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been brilliant, all the staff are really happy to be working again,â&#x20AC;? Ms Balmer said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had the whole place deep cleaned as well as having our staff do food and safety training. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had heaps of staff helping out, because we had renovations as well so theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had to build the new tables and chairs and then move them all for the cleaning.â&#x20AC;? The bistro offered delivery and online orders throughout lockdown as well as takeaway, which proved a triumph. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re still doing delivery for now, and orders online or over the phone, but we wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be getting rid of takeaway any time soon because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been so popular,â&#x20AC;? Ms Balmer said. The bistro at the Morwell Bowling Club has also done a roaring trade thanks to its takeaway offerings, which â&#x20AC;&#x153;will now be a mainstayâ&#x20AC;?, according to operations manager Simon Wilson. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had to try and change the way we do things and have a look at it from a different angle,â&#x20AC;? Mr Wilson said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We went the click and collect route and that was more for moving forward so that we could add another string to the bow. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve kept quite a tight bunch with our staff behind the scenes and theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been having a hand in reinventing the business, so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been really enjoyable.â&#x20AC;? The bistro opened to the public on Monday along with many others and churned out about 50 meals across its lunch and dinner sittings. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re starting to see all the regular members, so thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the really exciting part of the job,â&#x20AC;? Mr Wilson said. The Moose Head Cafe owner Mercedes Pitcher was thrilled to be able to offer her loyal customers dine-in service once again.

Looking up: The Moose Head Cafe owner Mercedes Pitcher is happy to see customers return for dine-in service after the easing of restrictions.

photographs hayley mills

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The last few months have been the most mentally horrible thing Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever gone through,â&#x20AC;? Ms Pitcher said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Both financially and mentally, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been the hardest thing, and if I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s help I wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be here today.â&#x20AC;? As many shops shut and people based in the Morwell CBD started to work from home the customer base at Ms Pitcherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s George Street business took a hit. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ninety per cent of my business is from everyone else (in the Morwell CBD),â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It has picked up a little bit and last week was slightly busier and this week so far, even though itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s early days, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s busier which is really nice.â&#x20AC;? Traralgonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Grand Junction Hotel manager

Annette Vogt said the venue had enjoyed a bustling couple of days reopening to the public for lunch and dinner services in line with new regulations. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve actually been fully booked out the last couple of days, so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been really good,â&#x20AC;? Ms Vogt said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There was a lot of work involved getting the place up to government regulations and standards. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had our fantastic regular customers coming in as well as some new ones all honouring us re-opening, and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re really happy to be back and have a bit of normality again. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was exciting to open (on Monday) and it was just nice to see our customers back again and how happy everyone was.â&#x20AC;?

Welcome back: Traralgonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Grand Junction Hotel has been bustling with diners this week.


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!   !  $     "   !$ 


The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Page 5



Work of art finds a home at Apex Park

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Labour of love: The installations were crafted by Fulham wood sculptor John Brady.



WOOD sculptor John Brady created his most recent body of work at Moe Apex Park â&#x20AC;&#x153;with small children in mindâ&#x20AC;?, but the enchanting new play ground has already captured the imagination of all ages. The Fulham-based artist helped bring to life the vision of Latrobe City Council, which set out to create the first nature play space of its kind in the region. It features new trees, shelter and barbecue area, park furniture, a network of pedestrian paths and play elements installed by Gippslandbased Filmer Landscaping. A menagerie of native Australian fauna, picnic seating area, totem poles and a tree house make up the 30 whimsical centrepieces of the








Come and play: Play elements were completed by Gippsland-based Filmer Landscaping.

photographs hayley mills

park, lovingly hand-crafted by Mr Brady. Using timbers from the trees on site at Apex Park, each piece was carved using a variety of chainsaws and power tools before the finished product was treated. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They had an idea of what they wanted which was the native animals and totem poles and specific animals and then I just made up the designs,â&#x20AC;? Mr Brady said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Separately the animals took probably two or three days each, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just the carving, and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a lot more work in the finishing and oiling, which takes quite a while. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The tree house was the hardest one, there was a lot of work in that because the stump had rocks in the crevices. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You might only do 10 minutes

carving and then hit a rock, so that was the most intricate piece.â&#x20AC;? The large stumps from the original Monterey cypress trees at the park proved the perfect material for Mr Bradyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sculptures. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a really good type of cypress and probably the only suitable one we have in Australia because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll stand up to the weather and it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t split like a lot of other timbers,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in between a hard wood and soft wood, so it carves cleanly. The Apex Park was a good job and I quite enjoyed it.â&#x20AC;? A Latrobe City spokesperson said the playground at Moe Apex Park was â&#x20AC;&#x153;uniqueâ&#x20AC;? to the region. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is our first nature playground which we are incredibly proud to be able to bring to our community,â&#x20AC;? the spokesperson said.

Whimsical: A tree house is one of the most intricate pieces of the new nature play playground at Moe Apex Park.














dĹ˝ Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻ ŽƾĆ&#x152; Ä?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x152;Ĺ˝Ć?Ć&#x2030;Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ć&#x;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E; ĨÄ&#x201A;ĹľĹ?ĹŻĹ?Ä&#x17E;Ć?Í&#x2022; Ç Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; >Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻÄ&#x201A; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;ŽůĹ?Ä? ŽůůÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E; Ä?ŽžžƾŜĹ?Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021; Ç Ĺ?Ć?Ĺ&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; ĹśÄ&#x17E;Ç&#x2020;Ć&#x161; Ć?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E; ŽĨ Ç&#x2021;ŽƾĆ&#x152; Ä?Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ?ĹŻÄ&#x161;Í&#x203A;Ć? Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;ĹśĆ?Ĺ?Ć&#x;ŽŜ Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ć?Ä&#x17E;Ä?ŽŜÄ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ç&#x2021; Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;ĆľÄ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ Ĺ?Ć? Ć?žŽŽĆ&#x161;Ĺ&#x161; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ä&#x17E;Ç&#x2020;Ä?Ĺ?Ć&#x;ĹśĹ?Í&#x2DC; dĹ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĨŽĆ&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Í&#x2022; Ĺ?Ć&#x161; Ĺ?Ć? Ç Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161; Ĺ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161; Ć&#x2030;ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161; Ç Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;ŜŜŽƾŜÄ?Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161; >Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻÄ&#x201A; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;ŽůĹ?Ä? ŽůůÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E; Ĺ?Ć? Ä?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161;ĹŻÇ&#x2021; Ä&#x201A;Ä?Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x;ĹśĹ? Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x152;ŽůžÄ&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜĆ? ĨŽĆ&#x152; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; ĎŽĎŹĎŽĎ­ Ä&#x201A;Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹľĹ?Ä? Ç&#x2021;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Í&#x2DC;


^Ĺ&#x161;ŽƾůÄ&#x161; Ç&#x2021;Žƾ Ç Ĺ?Ć?Ĺ&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä&#x161;Ĺ˝Ç ĹśĹŻĹ˝Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x161;Í&#x2022; Ä?ŽžĆ&#x2030;ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ć?ĆľÄ?ĹľĹ?Ć&#x161; Ä&#x201A;Ĺś Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ ĨŽĆ&#x152;ĹľÍ&#x2022; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ç&#x2021; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;Ĺ?ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ä?ĹŻÄ&#x17E; ŽŜ ŽƾĆ&#x152; Ç Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ć?Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Í&#x2DC;


WĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć?Ä&#x17E; ŜŽĆ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161; Ä&#x201A; ĹśÄ&#x17E;Ç Ĺ˝ĹśÍ˛ĹŻĹ?ĹśÄ&#x17E; Ć?ĆľÄ?ĹľĹ?Ć?Ć?Ĺ?ŽŜ Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x152;Ĺ˝Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć?Ć? Ç Ĺ?ĹŻĹŻ Ä?Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;Ĺ?ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ä?ĹŻÄ&#x17E; Ä?Ç&#x2021; Ď­Ć?Ć&#x161; :ƾŜÄ&#x17E; ĎŽĎŹĎŽĎŹÍ&#x2DC;

! " "$ $   "$ 

,Ĺ˝Ç Ä&#x17E;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Í&#x2022; Ĺ?Ĩ Ç&#x2021;Žƾ Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x161;Ĺ?ĸÄ?ƾůĆ&#x161;Ç&#x2021; ĹľÄ&#x201A;ĹŹĹ?ĹśĹ? Ä&#x201A;ŜͲŽŜůĹ?ĹśÄ&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ Ĺ˝Ć&#x152; Ç&#x2021;Žƾ Ç Ĺ˝ĆľĹŻÄ&#x161; Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĨÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x152; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä?ŽžĆ&#x2030;ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x152;Ĺ˝Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć?Ć? Ä?Ç&#x2021; Ć&#x2030;Ĺ&#x161;ŽŜÄ&#x17E;Í&#x2013; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ?Ć? Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ĺś Ä?Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;ĹśĹ?Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ä?Ç&#x2021; Ä?ŽŜĆ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ä?Ć&#x;ĹśĹ? ŽƾĆ&#x152; ZÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ĺ?Ć?Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Í&#x2DC;

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dĹ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ä?ĹŻĹ˝Ć?Ĺ?ĹśĹ? Ä&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E; ĨŽĆ&#x152; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜĆ? Ĺ?Ć? dĆľÄ&#x17E;Ć?Ä&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x2021; ĎŻĎŹĆ&#x161;Ĺ&#x161; :ƾŜÄ&#x17E; ĎŽĎŹĎŽĎŹÍ&#x2DC;



tÄ&#x17E; Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ĺ˝Ĺ?ĹśĹ?Ć?Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ?Ć? Ĺ?Ć? Ä&#x201A;Ĺś ƾŜĆ&#x2030;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ć&#x;ĹľÄ&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ä&#x201A;Ä?Ä?Ĺ˝Ć&#x152;Ä&#x161;Ĺ?ĹśĹ?ĹŻÇ&#x2021; Ç Ä&#x17E; Ç Ĺ?ĹŻĹŻ Ç Ä&#x201A;Ĺ?Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; ΨϭϏϏ Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x152;ŽůžÄ&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x161;ĹľĹ?ĹśĹ?Ć?Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ ĨÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x17E; ĨŽĆ&#x152; Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻ Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜĆ? Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ĺ?Ä&#x17E;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ä?Ç&#x2021; dĆľÄ&#x17E;Ć?Ä&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x2021; ĎŻĎŹĆ&#x161;Ĺ&#x161; :ƾŜÄ&#x17E; ĎŽĎŹĎŽĎŹÍ&#x2DC;

WĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć?Ä&#x17E; ĨÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x17E;ĹŻ ĨĆ&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä?ŽŜĆ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ä?Ć&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; ŽůůÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E; ZÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ĺ?Ć?Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152; Ĺ˝Ć&#x152; DĆ&#x152; ŽƾĹ? Ĺ˝Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021;Í&#x2022; Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x2030;ĆľĆ&#x161;Ç&#x2021; WĆ&#x152;Ĺ?ĹśÄ?Ĺ?Ć&#x2030;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻ Í´ ^Ć&#x161;ĆľÄ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161; tÄ&#x17E;ůůͲÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?ĹśĹ? Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; KĆ&#x2030;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜĆ?Í&#x2022; ĨŽĆ&#x152; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÇ&#x2021; ĨƾĆ&#x152;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152; Ä&#x201A;Ä&#x161;Ç&#x20AC;Ĺ?Ä?Ä&#x17E;Í&#x2DC;



tÄ&#x17E; Ç Ĺ?Ć?Ĺ&#x161; Ä&#x17E;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ç&#x2021;ŽŜÄ&#x17E; Ä&#x201A; Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĆ&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ç&#x2021; ĨƾĆ&#x161;ĆľĆ&#x152;Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; ůŽŽŏ ĨŽĆ&#x152;Ç Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ĺ?ĹśĹ? ŽƾĆ&#x152; Ć?Ć&#x161;ĆľÄ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161;Ć? žŽÇ&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E; ĨĆ&#x152;Žž Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;žŽĆ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;ĹśĹ?ĹśĹ? Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ĺ?ĹśĹ? Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ä?ĹŹ Ĺ?Ĺś ŽƾĆ&#x152; Ä?ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ć?Ć?Ć&#x152;ŽŽžĆ?Í&#x2DC;





          !   !  $     "   !$ 




Page 6 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020







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Poignant: Latrobe City conducted a private flag raising ceremony to commemorate National photograph tessa randello Reconciliation Week.

Reconciliation Week

people to attend the yearly ceremony. National Reconciliation Week runs from May 27 until June 3 each year. The dates recognise two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey - the successful 1967 referendum and the High Courtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mabo decision, respectively. May 26 marks Sorry Day, to commemorate and remember the mistreatment of Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s indigenous peoples. Latrobe City adopted an updated Statement of Commitment to Reconciliation in 2012. In 1998, council established the Braiakaulung Advisory Committee which meets six times a year to discuss issues relating to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


LATROBE City conducted a private flag raising ceremony to commemorate National Reconciliation Week. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags were raised between the Latrobe City flag, Australian and Victorian flags. Uncle Lloyd Hood, a Gunaikurnai elder from the Gippsland Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation provided the Welcome to Country and Laurie Marks, a member of the Braiakaulung Advisory Committee, raised the Aboriginal flag, while Mayor Dan Clancey raised the Torres Strait Islander flag. The flag raising was shared to the Latrobe City Council Facebook page and YouTube channel, since coronavirus restrictions did not allow for





 #( #      # #   #  #     #    &!   ' #    & #    %$ %$ %   %$ The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Page 7


Retention payment system discussed in state parliament MEMBER for Morwell Russell Northe has this week called on the state government to review its retention payment system for government led-projects. During Question Time on Tuesday Mr Northe urged Treasurer Tim Pallas to “urgently consider” changing the payment process, which he said is “adding to the economic burden of local businesses”. “Today, I asked the Treasurer to urgently consider reviewing the system that allows the government to withhold payment from contractors and in some cases sub-contractors’ months and months - or even years - after a government project is completed,” Mr Northe said from Spring Street. “These guys have already been obliged to pay their workers, pay their suppliers ... but they still don’t get paid in full themselves, for up to a whole year, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. “Locally, we have already witnessed the economic downturn that COVID-19 has caused, with some devastated businesses sadly shutting their doors for good. “I’m asking the Treasurer and the state government to seriously consider my initiative as it may very well be the difference between a

business keeping the doors open - or not.” Mr Northe said the pandemic had brought into focus the notion the “cash flow is king at the moment” for local business. “The current system may well be a huge barrier to our local small to medium enterprises even putting in a tender for these opportunities in the first place”, he said. “I see the release of retention payments as a real and practical opportunity to provide a cash flow injection and meaningful, immediate support to businesses that are feeling the pinch right now and will do over the coming months as we gradually ease out of the COVID-19 restrictions. “The government has stated that to improve cash flow they intend to pay supplier invoices within five business days and that’s terrific; however I would argue the government needs to address same on Government-led projects.” Mr Northe said he was buoyed by Mr Pallas’ response and the willingness of the state government “to not only review the overall system to make it fairer for contractors, but to also consider any specific cases where contractors need to be better supported through these challenging economic times”.

World first: Dystech co-founder and chief financial officer Jim Radford, co-founder and chief executive officer Hugo Richard and server architect Andrew Burley.

Appy days for local creators By TESSA RANDELLO

A WORLD-FIRST app developed in Traralgon was launched on Monday to test for dyslexia from a smartphone. Dyslexia Screening - Dyscreen has been created for children over the age of eight to screen for dyslexia and motor dysgraphia using artificial intelligence. The app is designed for English speakers, for now, and is available on all devices around the world. Dystech co-founder and chief executive officer Hugo Richard said the app provides a screening process that is easy to use and accessible. “We have built a system from thousands of audio recordings and the texts from children who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and those without, into an algorithm so that artificial intelligence can figure out the difference,” Mr Richard said. “There are apps using computer vision

where you can track the the eye of the child; what we have made is world-first because we don’t use computer vision and instead of relying upon expensive hardware you can screen directly on your phone in a matter of minutes.We are the first to use this approach.” Mr Richard said the idea for the app was spawned four years ago and the project “really kicked off in Traralgon”. Dystech now has offices in Traralgon and South Melbourne. “The goal is to make dyslexia screening available for children all over the world,” he said. Mr Richard said the team was working on options to make the app available to people who do not speak English or are not fluent English speakers. He added the team has been in discussion with schools to implement the technology. Dyslexia Screening - Dyscreen is a free app to download with in app purchases.

Accessible screening: the world first app Dyslexia Screening - Dyscreen launched on Monday by Traralgon-based company Dystech. photographs supplied


RUSSELL NORTHE Thankfully we are starting to see the easing of some restrictions that have been in place to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The patience and resolve of individuals, families, employees, employers, organisations and communities has really been tested in recent weeks; and there is still a long road ahead of us. As a community I think we should all be extremely proud of how we have generally handled this unique crisis. From the impacts upon businesses, employment, family, educational and recreational activities it has been incredibly difficult to effectively change our way of life. But from my perspective we have done extremely well thus far!! It has been pleasing to see a number of COVID-19 testing facilities open up within the Latrobe Valley and ensure those who require testing have access. Many parts of Regional Victoria have been blessed to have very few or no active COVID-19 cases and its imperative it remains that way during the recovery phase. Again I thank all those who are providing health and other necessary services during these uncertain times. So many people are regularly going over and beyond the call of duty to ensure the health and well-being of local residents and in the continuing provision of goods and services. It has been an extremely tough time for those in the hospitality sector with significant restrictions imposed upon many businesses including entertainment venues, pubs, clubs, cafés and restaurants. As restrictions are eased slightly it’s important to not only respect the guidelines in place, but make the effort to support our local businesses where we possibly can. It is going to be tough journey back for many of these same organisations and their employees and they will need our support ongoing. Some of our local enterprises who have been able to remain open in some capacity have found innovative ways to keep operating and provide their goods and services in a different manner which has been terrific to observe. And as always it is crucial to be informed and keep up to date with health information along with community and business supports. In this context you should find the following websites helpful:


As I constantly say, the Latrobe Valley has experienced a number of significant challenges over previous years, and we have continually demonstrated our resilience during those difficult times. This current challenge is clearly a different proposition and it’s therefore imperative that appropriate Government supports and assistance are making a positive difference to employers, employees, individuals, families and communities. I thank all levels of Government for their efforts thus far in the most difficult of circumstances. However like private enterprise Governments need to be flexible and innovative in the current economic climate, and one area to which there could be increased support, is ensuring that locals and local businesses are supported in Government related ed projects and procurement opportunities. In closing, once again a big thank you to all who ho are assisting in this crisis across a whole range of different industries and sectors. Your efforts have not gone one unnoticed. Our thoughts are still well and truly with those persons who are working reduced hours,, or who have lost employment altogether due to this pandemic. andemic. These extraordinary times call for extraordinaryy care and generosity for those around us. Call up or check ck in on family, friends and neighbours to make sure they are okay. And just as importantly, make sure you look after you during ng this period of time.

Take care everyone

https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus https://www.business.vic.gov.au/ https://www.business.gov.au/

12-14 George Street, Morwell VIC 3840 / PO Box 214, Morwell VIC 3840 p. 03 5133 9088 | f. 03 5133 9388 | e. russell.northe@parliament.vic.gov.au w. www.russellnorthe.com.au Authorised by Russell Northe, 12-14 George Street, Morwell VIC 3840. Funded from Parliamentary Budget. Page 8 — The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020

Member for Morwell








Call 5174 3540 to book your table 20 Customer limit Takeaway and Delivery available, order via phone or the Hogs Breath website. LUNCH: 12pm to 5pm DINNER: 5pm to 9pm



photograph supplied.

7 Days a Week! For Dine In, Takeaway & Delivery


Sharing stories: Dr June Alexander, pictured, and Sarah Cannata compiled Art Beat of the Country, which was released on Monday.


Art Beat of the Country

Network ran the The Uniting Our Rural Communities Cultural and Community Leadership Project in 1997 and the Women Who Mean Business several years later. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Threads in womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stories weave a rich tapestry of social history that preserves the voices, thoughts and feelings of making do and finding solutions during difficult times,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Besides addressing issues of financial hardship and low selfesteem, the art projects provided relief from undercurrents of mental health issues, domestic violence, loneliness and isolation. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We believe the book unearths important takeaways that can be applied during challenging times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.â&#x20AC;? Art Beat of the Country is available to buy in a PDF format via this link: https://bit.ly/2TgKVg6.


A NEW book featuring stories about the way in which Gippsland women used art projects to gain business skills and self-confidence has been released. Compiled by Dr June Alexander and Sarah Cannata, Art Beat of the Country is filled with stories that document the firsthand accounts of the women involved in two art and community projects in the Gippsland region from 1997-2007. Dr Alexander was born and raised on a dairy farm beside the Mitchell River and came to know women involved in the projects through her work as a journalist for the Great Southern Star and Weekly Times. Dr Alexander said she met Mary Salce, a founding member of the Gippsland Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Network, through work.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is about 20 years on from the work that Mary Salce and the women at Gippsland Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Network started,â&#x20AC;? Dr Alexander said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They contacted me and said â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;we would like to do something worthwhile, it would be nice to gather up all of the storiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, and we were fortunate enough to get some more money to create the e-book. â&#x20AC;&#x153;More than 30 women across Gippsland shared their stories and what they got out of the projects... a lot of it was selfconfidence and many went on to do amazing things, I just found it so uplifting to put together. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It has got messages for today in overcoming adversity and in being resilient. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In the country art was looked at as a waste of time and money, but actually art has so many benefits.â&#x20AC;? The Gippsland Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s






The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Page 9














Artist creates magnificent mural

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WHILE Liddiard Road Primary School students were at home undertaking remote learning, artist Simon White was busy painting a mural in the school grounds for all to enjoy on their return to onsite study. What was once a dull green shed wall is now a vibrant and beautiful artwork depicting and celebrating features of the school grounds and community. Liddiard Road is an all embracing and inclusive primary school with a diverse community of students and Simonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work celebrates all the school stands for. The mural took shape over the period of a week, following consultation with Junior School Council Representatives who fundraised for the project and provided input into the design. Beginning with sketches on paper and finishing with bright splashes of colour, the mural encompasses a range of cultures as well as the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s chickens and therapy dog Kora. It also features the corellas that frequent the school and the beautiful native gums. The feedback from the school community and neighbouring areas has already been overwhelming. Simonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work is a welcome addition to the school, which will be enjoyed for years to come.

**& *:&2 "9 ( *$(! :&& $( ,( *1 5%:< 85 5" (&&5$*( * 5" &<',$2 "2 &5 5"' :$5" "8! 25*%2 * 852 5"5 :$&& 5% '(< '(< '*(5"2 5* *(28'. ( *1 2*' * 5" 15$& "<,1#'152 1 1,*15$(! 6>$(122 $( 51$(! 85 2$'$&1 5* 8251&$ $502 '*1 *85 &*:1 ,1$ $5'2 15"1 5"( &*$( 852. &< $5 2'2 *81 &*<& 825*'12 $( 5" &$9$( 12*15 '1%5 1 2"855$(! 8, 2"*, :$5" (* ,1*2,52 * 5*81$252 81$(! 7>7> 5 &25.

Mural magic: The new mural at Liddiard Road Primary School that was painted while students were remote learning.

Masterpiece: Sections of the mural at Liddiard Road Primary School depict things the students experience every day.

Together: The new mural at Liddiard Road, Primary School, Traralgon.

photographs supplied

Chairo welcomes back younger students

*8 :$&& "9 &$%&< 1 *85 5" '5 ,1*22$(! ,&(52 $( 5" ($5 552 ( ( 5"5 "9 &*2 *1 18 ,1*85$*( 8 5*  #+) $(5$*(2 '*(! 25. "$1 *'25$ ,1*85$*( $2 *:( 6># >- :"$" "2 2( 5 51$'2 2*'5$'2 51$(! "$!"1 5"( 5" ("'1% )> . " 2,*5 '1%5 $2 2$(! 2*' :$& 2:$(!2 ( 5112 1 &22 &$%&< 5* 5% *1:1 ,*2$5$*(2 9( 5"*8!" 5"< 1 2"*15 * '5. ( $5$*( $11$!"5 2, $2 25$&& ,1$ 5  ,1'$8' $ $502 9$&& 5 &&.




All smiles: Year 2 student Alyssa was pleased to be back at Chairoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Traralgon campus.

DESPITE students having been successfully engaged in online and remote learning since the final week of Term 1, it felt very much like the year was starting all over again when the first group of students resumed face-to-face learning last week. Kindergarten children had continued to attend throughout the term but those in Prep to Year 2 at the Traralgon campus were very pleased to finally be back at school, where they were welcomed by excited staff members. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was just so refreshing and gave me a lot of joy to see the students face-to-face, and also to see how much they have grown and developed over the past couple of months,â&#x20AC;? Prep teacher Hettie Duke said. Year 1-2 teacher Hannah French shared similar thoughts. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I loved seeing my students

Good to see you: The Prep to Year 2 students were given a warm welcome back at Chairo. walk into the classroom with big smiles on their faces and excited to be back,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They have just been so happy.â&#x20AC;? All other year levels are currently continuing with online and remote learning but will return on Tuesday, June 9.

Fun in class: Year 1 student Lucas was overjoyed to be back learning.





Handiwork: Prep student Summer was busy when classes resumed.

Friends: Year 1 students Anastasia and Nevada.

Toil: Prep student Asher was hard at work in the classroom.

Happy days: Year 1 student Nevada was pleased to be back.

photographs supplied

Studying: Prep student Wesley was soon hard at work when classes resumed.



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Page 10 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020

Classroom: Year 2 student Steve was happy to see his friends.

Working hard: Prep student Grace settled back into school.




                              The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Page 11


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MAVROFRIDIS (Tanti) - Olympia was born on March 5 at LRH to Con and Kayla of Morwell.

HOLCOMBE (Stewart) - Marinette was born at LRH on November 27, 2019 to Tiffany and Bryan of Churchill.

PLOZZA-CLARKE - Allie Julia was born on May 13 at LRH to Lee, Terri and sister Lola of Traralgon.

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Page 12 — The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020

d digital editions online www.latrobevalleyexpress.com.au w online photo sales o express.photographyorder.com e GP1608341

(Train Station)

GRAHAM (Paglinawan) - Connor Lincon was born at LRH on March 5 to Cherryneth and Lindsay of Newborough.

27 Princes Highway, Traralgon

HARDY (Watson) - Nathan Daniel was born on April 30 at LRH to Joel and Alice of Morwell.

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STAMMERS (Johns) - Bindi Martha was born on May 10 at West Gippsland Hospital to Brad and Amber of Trafalgar.


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

The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Page 13

IN the wake of the demolition of the eight chimney stacks at Hazelwood Power Station on May 25, it’s important to recount some points that have been overlooked in the excitement and kerfuffle of the occasion. “The local historical society (Morwell) ... is working towards preserving Hazelwood’s history,” WIN News reporter Alice Pohlner stated on the broadcast that evening. Morwell Historical Society president Bruce McMaster added, “We’ve got to record today, because tomorrow today is history”. It is somewhat ironic then to recall that Labor Planning Minister Richard Wynne ‘called in’ the heritage listing process for Hazelwood. “The process was open for the public to make submissions although the decision was ultimately up to the Planning Minister, who said Hazelwood Power Station ‘does not warrant inclusion on the register’.” It was reported in The Express on August 30, 2018. “Heritage Victoria executive director Steven Avery recommended the site not be included on the register in May, however, the Heritage Council made a recommendation earlier this month that it should be included.” The article also stated, reiterating a press release from the office of the Premier. The press release offers some comments from Labor Member for Eastern Victoria Harriet Shing. “It is vital in light of this decision that the community is part of finding meaningful, respectful and engaging ways to celebrate the contribution Hazelwood has made to our history and identity.” How can we celebrate when our voice has been truncated by the current Labor government? An added irony is that despite the heritage listing of the older Morwell Power Station, none of our local historical societies, including Yallourn North, Traralgon and Morwell, lodged a submission to the heritage listing process for that plant. What history are these organisations preserving if not the rich history of our brown coal industry? The oldest, largest, and most unique elements of our history are being reduced to rubble, and the organisations charged with preserving their memory

Online comments End of an era: The demolition of the chimneys at the former Hazelwood Power Station sparked a range of reactions throughout the Latrobe Valley community. photograph hayley mills didn’t bother to respond when asked. Those that cared enough to share their view, were treated with total contempt by the state government process. Anthony Wasiukiewicz, Yallourn North

Power and pride

HOW strange that people should be so sentimental about the destruction of the Hazelwood towers and yet object to the grace of wind turbines slowly turning in the landscape. During operation, Hazelwood was one of the dirtiest power stations in the world. Power station workers have on average a life expectancy 10 years lower than the rest of the population. But for some reason, decades of coal-generated electricity is a source of pride and hosting state-of-the-art wind turbines is not. Truly we live in strange times. Penelope Swales, Boolarra

Get over it and move on

I REFER to Rosemary Parker’s letter “Developments on Delburn” published in The Express on May 28. It seems to me that someone is going to protest against EVERY proposal that is ever put forward for renewable energy whether it be wind farms or solar panels. And they ALL say “we are NOT against wind farms but against the site of this wind farm which is near my home or where I can see it”. Similar protests are now emerging against the Star of the South offshore wind farm and the proposed Glengarry North solar farm. You people need to decide if you want electricity or not.

It’s as simple as that. I live in Traralgon. I support all of these proposals. So what if I can see 25 or so wind turbines from my backyard? Unless society gives up on electricity altogether eventually we may all have to look at wind turbines and solar panels from our kitchen windows. I say “get over it and move on”. Tony Willman, Traralgon

Letter provokes thought

THE Letter to the Editor from Rosemary Parker in this newspaper on May 28, about the proposed Delburn Wind Farm provokes some serious thought. Her objections to the wind farm seem to be based on biodiversity concerns and ignorance by locals of what is going on. Regarding biodiversity, the proposed wind farm will be entirely within the plantation area of Hancock Victoria Plantations, and not on private land. As far as native flora goes, that fact that pine trees now grow there means that there are only extremely small fragments of the indigenous vegetation left in this area and OSMI, the developers of the project have taken steps to protect as much of this as possible, probably guaranteeing that these pockets survive well into the future, when they otherwise may not have. The fact that they withdrew and then re-submitted their application to the EPBC is good thing, because it is now improved. On Rosemary’s other concern that locals don’t know about the wind farm, they would have to be blind not to see all the anti-wind farm signs put up by the Strzelecki Alliance

Thank you for the poetry competition MANY thanks for the poetry competition run by The Express. It was great to have a different type of challenge in these uncertain times. I enjoyed reading all the poems and was delighted to hear I was a winner. Now the restrictions have eased, I will have pleasure in spending my prize locally. Also a big thank you for keeping The Express going. As senior citizens, highlights of our week are the twice delivered local paper and the delivery of requested books and DVDs from the Morwell library. You are the stars in the Corona sky. Rose Williams, Churchill

Steel Sales





CONDITIONS • Available Monday - Saturday • Retail Purchases only - No timber/ trade or site delivery* • Completely contactless

- probably by Rosemary herself. They must also have avoided visiting the OSMI office in Boolarra, which started operating in the middle of last year to be a sounding board for local concerns and to disseminate information about the project, or responding to the mail outs that OSMI have sent through Australia Post. It is up to the residents to avail themselves of these opportunities to be informed, so really, there is no excuse for feigning ignorance. I think when misinformation is put into the public sphere, then it is open to factual challenge, which is what this letter is about. The community can judge for themselves what the truth is. Dan Caffrey, Latrobe Valley Sustainability Group

‘GLORY DAYS: WHEN LOVELESS SNAGGED THE LVFL GOALKICKING RECORD’ Tom Maher: Shane kicked 15 against Mid Murray Football League, he was playing for the Goulburn Valley League (Shepparton). Played at Tatura and kicked a 100, so comprehensively controlled games. Only things he didn’t do was to wave the goal flags or to throw it in from the boundary. Gary Cake: Clearly remember watching Shane Loveless as a kid at Moe. He was so much bigger than everyone else, with glue on his hands. ‘MIXED EMOTIONS AFTER CHIMNEYS FALL’ Tyler Spicer: Makes me not look forward to my next Valley trip. Lived in Churchill most of my life and would always look at it while driving past, really think it should’ve been heritage listed not destroyed. Bill Vanderstaay: Drove past today, I miss them already, so different without them. Peter Morris: The stacks gave Hazelwood its size. When you drive past now it looks like a little old barn. Glenn Kerr: The sooner they level the rest of it the better it will look. Dylan Ritchie: Imagine people being sad over a bunch of chimneys. ‘GROUNDED: GIPPSAERO STAFF TO BE CUT’ Lynne Neil Boskma: They got what they wanted ... a way into boeing, now they couldn’t care less. Julie Hunt-Brown: Should be Australian owned, these big companies don’t care about the small subsidiaries. Vera Miles: Maybe the business being for sale has something to do with it? Dave Ryan: Could always use .... oh I don’t know, JobKeeper? What’s the real story? ‘BOM WARNS OF WET WINTER AHEAD’ Mark Bourke: Gee it was never going to rain again because of climate change. Good thing Hazelwood closed. Damien Poynton: Climate change = more severe weather. Wendy Magee: They said during fires and drought that there was no good rain coming for a long time, go figure the science. Mother nature will always throw in surprises. ‘VIDEO STAR STILL STRONG’ Mandy Leary: It’s always a pleasure hiring DVDs at Rick’s store, staff are always friendly, great place. Keep up the fantastic work. Shannen Hayes: I miss when video stores hired out current games. I remember hiring The Sims 2 repeatedly from Civic when it was next to where Hungry Jacks is now. Good times. Becky Wootton: Bloody legend! I grew up in Moe and used to go every weekend and school holidays to pick out some flicks with the fam. Rick and the team are always so awesome. So keen when I can go back home (currently overseas) to say hi and rent a new release whilst waiting for my chippy order from George’s across the road. Rebecca Boyes: My family have been enjoying DVD rentals for a good decade or more... we are extremely lucky to have a great store in Moe.

• • • •

Free Delivery - 10km Radius of the store $5 Delivery - 20km Radius of the store $10 Delivery - 30km Radius of the store Minimum spend of $30 for delivery

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MOE PH: 5127 2155 Page 14 — The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020









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The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 — Page 15



High achiever: Lavalla Catholic College’s Mubasshir Murshed was one of 28 students across the state to receive a Top All-Round VCE Achievers award.

photograph supplied

Mubasshir’s top accolade

THE 2019 dux of Lavalla Catholic College in Traralgon has been recognised for his academic excellence with a Premier’s VCE award. Mubasshir Murshed was among 28 recipients of the Top All-Round VCE Achievers award. To receive the accolade, students had to achieve a study score of 46 or higher in at least five VCE subjects. Lavalla Catholic College principal John Freeman said Mubasshir epitomises the school’s motto of ‘Strong Minds, Compassionate Hearts’. “We are proud of Mubasshir and his achievements. He has always demonstrated determination, a commitment to hard work, creativity and a strong community spirit,” Mr Freeman said. “We look forward to seeing what he achieves as he continues his learning journey.” Catholic Education for the Diocese of Sale director Maria Kirkwood said she was pleased to see students within the Diocese striving to reach their full potential. Mubasshir achieved an ATAR of 99.85, including a perfect score of 50 in Chemistry and Further Mathematics, which he completed when he was in Year 10. In 2019, he was published in the Australian Mathematics Journal for writing an equation that proves a parabola is the only shape that has one focal point. Mubasshir received a scholarship to study a double degree in Engineering and Computer Science at Monash University as he pursues a career that fully utilises his talents.

Raising funds: The St Paul’s Traralgon Junior School 2019 Year 6 Relay for Life team.

St Paul’s secures coveted award ST Paul’s Anglican Grammar School recently received a Research Award for the 2019 Year 6 Relay For Life team after raising around $7300 at the Relay For Life held late last year at Tyers.

Research Awards are a chance to fund a specific type of cancer research and the Cancer Council of Victoria have established the award in the team name ‘St Paul’s AGS Year 6 Traralgon Research

Back to school bottles: Trafalgar High school students Azahra Mitrovic and Abigail Baker were welcomed back to school with drink bottles.


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Book online Download our MAACG App - SMS reminders Follow us @ maacgmedical Page 16 — The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020


Award’ in recognition of the outstanding fundraising efforts of last year’s Year 6 students, of which will now go towards Bowel Cancer Research. In 2019, St Paul’s was recognised for their 10-year

participation having raised over $50,000 for the Cancer Council during this time, with many students taking part over the years to fundraise and learn about giving back to the community.

Drink to that

photograph supplied

TRAFALGAR High School has welcomed its students back with a practical gift of drink bottles adorned with “Welcome Back 2020” and the school logo have been issued to Year 11 and 12 students. Year 7 to 10 students will receive the drink bottles after their return on Tuesday, June 9. As well as a thank you to the students on their approach to remote learning, the gift has a practical purpose, with COVID-19 restrictions closing drinking taps on site, the drink bottles are a practical way to support students with drinks across the day. At a time when so much of the high school experience has been changed for students, with opportunities for events, camps and excursions postponed, students have shown great resilience and earned all the thanks that school and community can offer.

Welcome back: Favour Ijiyera with her drink bottle. photograph supplied


Get to know your recycling

MANY of us are spending more time at home at the moment and, like most, you may be cooking more, ordering things online and receiving more deliveries than usual. This means you are likely to end up with a lot more waste than you normally have. You may also find yourself and members of your household wondering which is the right bin to put everything in. Resource Recovery Gippsland executive officer Matthew Peake said knowing what can and can’t go into each of your bins will help make sure that what you sort for recycling is not contaminated with items that can’t be recycled. “Recycling is such an important household practice, and Gippslanders do a great job of it, but it can be confusing to know exactly what should go into your recycling bin. For instance, we associate plastic with recycling but for some plastics there currently aren’t viable recycling options available to councils,” Mr Peake said. “To help households ensure that what goes into their recycling bin can be recycled, Sustainability Victoria has launched ‘Know Your Recycling’. “And a key resource offered by the campaign is a website that allows us to search for specific items and find out which bin they belong in.” Around 25,000 tonnes of recyclables are collected from Gippsland kerbsides equating to around 200kg per household per year. To make Gippsland’s great recycling efforts even more effective, Resource Recovery Gippsland encourages householders to make use of the information and resources ‘Know Your Recycling’ offers. “As you stand in front of your bins, contemplating what goes where, there are some easy-to-remember tips that will help simplify your sorting process and keep some of the most common contaminants out of the recycling bin,” Mr Peake said.


Walhalla is prepared for visitors By MICHELLE SLATER

Polystrene belongs in the red bin: Know Your Recycling is a new resource aimed at simplifying the sorting process when it comes to your recycling. photograph supplied Firstly, always remember to keep your recycling out of plastic bags and place your recyclables loose in your recycling bin. Following on from that, soft plastics like bread and pasta bags can be taken to a supermarket that offers a collection point or service, otherwise these items will need to go into the landfill (rubbish) bin. If in doubt, do the scrunch test - if you can scrunch the plastics in your hand, they do not go in the recycling bin.

Polystyrene packaging does not belong in your recycling bin, it goes into the landfill bin as do clothing and shoes that cannot be repaired or passed-on to others. Garden waste such as grass clippings, leaves and prunings go in your kerbside green waste or organics bin. Food that is not used as left-overs, compost or to feed the worm farm, goes into the landfill bin. However, households in Bass Coast, where council

implemented a FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) collection service in September 2017, can put food waste into the organics bin which is collected each week and taken to be processed into nutrient-rich compost. “What we put in our bins makes a difference,” Mr Peake said. “Get to know your recycling by visiting recycling.vic.gov.au and also check your local council’s website for the latest information particular to your area.”

WALHALLA is inviting visitors back to the historic mountain town as tours and certain businesses are re-opening after enforced lockdowns. Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine tours are re-starting tomorrow, while Walhalla Ghost Tours are kicking off again on Saturday in preparation to welcome visitors back for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Walhalla tour guide Ben Holmes is encouraging tourists to book ahead to secure their spot as places will be strictly limited due to protocols in place to comply with COVID-19 rules. A smattering of businesses and attractions are tentatively opening their doors again, but Mr Holmes said visitors should ring ahead to double check what is open. “We are looking forward to the public coming back to support us, the lockdowns have been dramatic. This is the light at the end of the tunnel and bit-by-bit we are getting there,” Mr Holmes said. “We rely on the public to come and visit us as this is our bread and butter, we have people come and take delight in the town.” Mr Holmes said some locals had described Walhalla as a “ghost town” during the lockdowns, as the usually bubbly tourist spot had been “eerie and quiet” with the odd car going past. “It’s now a matter of welcoming people back with open arms,” Mr Holmes said. To book a place for the Walhalla Ghost Tour, phone 5165 6250.

The Range Retirement Village is a retirement living estate in Moe, boasting high quality bespoke residential villas set inside a secure, gated community. Set in attractive, well-manicured surrounds, retirees have been pleasantly surprised with The Range’s elegant two and three bedroom independent living villas. Each villa is self-contained, including a private garden and locked garage, suitable for individuals wanting greater independence. Residents are offered a range of activities, scheduled shopping outings, while they are encouraged to continue their regular activities and associations outside the village.

Resort style club house and new 2 and 3 bedroom villas opening June 2020

Indoor Pool, Billard Room, gold star cinema, beautiful dining area, business centre and luxurious library are just some of the fantastic feature that you and your friends will enjoy at The Range Retirement Village..

42 Mitchells Road Moe Sales and Inspections Phone: 1800 531 956 www.therangeretirementvillage.com.au The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 — Page 17



Ben Cruachan Walking Club Promising pilot program

THE shorter days and crisp weather in June are a great time to ease your way back into walking and the Ben Cruachan Walking Club has a variety of Gippsland local walks for this month. Walks are available to members and the general public, but prior registration with the walk leader is a must. Many walkers who join for a day become involved in the club by taking overnight hikes, and joining in Bushwalking Victoria events. Walks are conducted with a commitment to the safety of everyone, and social distancing, good hygiene, and a cap on numbers is applied to all walks. Visit www.bencruachan walkingclub.com for details. On June 6, the club will explore Metung, and the picturesque views of Bancroft Bay, yachts, boats and bushland. The walking path is right at the water’s edge in sections, and there is usually


Morning tea: The club members stopped for a well-earned break a great variety of birdlife to see. On June 13, the club’s walk takes us to the Rail Trail at Bruthen. The group will head along the river flats towards Wiseleigh, then get fantastic views back over Bruthen and the river flats as they head upwards. They will follow the old railway line through farmland and forest. On June 20, the group heads for the Boys’ Camp, below Mt Taylor in the Bullumwall area. The track rises steeply

through lovely regional bushland towards Mt Taylor on a designated walking track and then meander down the hill on quiet roads in the area. The last weekend of the month (June 27) begins at Mt Erica car park, and follows the Australian Alpine Walking Track through spectacular mountain ash forest to the Mushroom Rocks and on to the summit of Mt Erica where the forest changes to snow gums. The group will have a break for lunch at the Talbot Hut ruins before their return.

STRZELECKI Bushwalking Club is back on the track with a number of day walks being held since the recent easing of restrictions. Although limited to 10 participants per group, walks have been very popular as members are more than ready to stretch their legs and share their walks with others. The club meeting in May was held via Zoom and was attended virtually by a number of members and one visitor. The June meeting will be

also be conducted via Zoom at 7.30pm on Wednesday, June 10 and will include a recent trek on McMillan’s Track. Members will be emailed a link to the meeting. Non-members who are interested in being part of the June meeting are encouraged to register on the SBWC Facebook page or by contacting publicity@sbwc. org.au. Visitors are welcome to join in the club’s walks program if the activity is suited to their ability.

After three walks the Club encourages visitors to join as Members. Walks coming up in June are as follows: Sunday, June 7: Mirboo Nth to Darlimurla. Grade - Easy. Monday, June 8: Wirilda Track to the Pipeline and return. Grade - Easy. Sunday, June 21: Knotts Siding to Thomson (return). Grade - Easy. Saturday, June 27: Sale Wetlands. Grade - Easy.

For more information you can contact Jo at publicity@ sbwc.org.au.

– Main and inset: Strzelecki Bushwalking Club members on the move.


and support services, can access them locally,” Ms Proposch said. “Clinics involved in the pilot (program) are continuing to increase patient participation rates of cervical, bowel and breast cancer screening within general practice.” Ms Proposch said the innovative activities implemented at the practices included systems to remind patients to attend screenings, training nurses to become nurse cervical screen providers, clinic-led bowel cancer campaigns and creative

messages displayed in waiting rooms. “The Collaborative project supported the clinics to put sustainable systems in place to ensure the message of the importance of cancer screening is a priority,” Ms Proposch said. “Within Latrobe City 12,000 people are not up to date with their bowel screening through the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program and it is recommended that all women aged 25 to 74 have a Cervical Screening Test every five years.”

photographs supplied

THE derelict community hall in Flynn will be replaced and a brand new facility built thanks to $804,000 from the federal government. Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester said the grant would enable a complete rebuild of the hall located at the Flynn Recreation Reserve. “The Flynn community have been advocating for a new hall for a long time and now their hard work has paid off,” Mr Chester said. “The current structure is very run down and a new hall will give the community a new modern facility that is accessible and user friendly. “A hall is a place for locals to come together and enjoy each other’s company, whether it be a community fundraiser, performance or social gathering. “These works will give the wider Flynn community a gathering space to use throughout the year.” This funding is part of a Federal Government initiative to support drought-affected regions. “Gippslanders have had a challenging few years with drought, bushfires and now coronavirus,” Mr Chester said. “This funding from the Federal Government is designed to improve community infrastructure while keeping locals in jobs and helping to stimulate our local economy.

Hall is all: Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester, with Member for the Eastern Victoria Melina Bath, said the $804,000 grant would enable a complete rebuild of the hall at Flynn Recreation Reserve. photograph supplied “Supporting local jobs is essential during challenging times and projects such as this provide benefits both now and into the future. “I will continue to work with Latrobe City Council and communities to secure projects that improve local infrastructure and address the community’s needs.” Latrobe City Mayor Dan Clancey said the hall rebuild was identified as a priority for the community. “The new hall will give locals a safe space to gather, participate in sports and celebrate,” Cr Clancey said. “This project will not only improve local infrastructure

but will also support local jobs throughout the building process. “I am pleased to work together with the Federal Government to support community groups and upgrade infrastructure within our region.” The federal government’s Drought Communities Program funding has been available to Latrobe City, Wellington Shire and East Gippsland Shire to undertake local infrastructure projects and other drought-relief activities. The program provides shortterm support to affected areas by boosting local employment and procurement, while also addressing social and community needs.

Medical & Aged Care Group Responds To The Community

Prevention is the key: Collaborative WAVE chair Dr Wayne Thompson at a workshop for clinics participating in the Latrobe photograph supplied Cancer Screen Collaborative.

Strzelecki Bushwalking Club New community hall for Flynn

THE Latrobe Cancer Screen Collaborative 10-month long pilot program has finished with promising results. The Collaborative’s aim was to increase cervical, breast and bowel cancer screenings in Latrobe City. The pilot program was co-delivered by Gippsland Primary Health Network and the Improvement Foundation. Four general practices in the Valley participated in and sought innovative ways to improve patient screening; webinars, workshops and in-clinic design and implementation of projects designed to improve participation in cancer screening. Gippsland PHN chief executive officer Amanda Proposch said the Latrobe community was underrepresented in cancer screening programs that could possibly save lives. “The Latrobe Cancer Screen Collaborative aims to support people to prevent illness before it occurs, detect illness early and ensure those who need treatment

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• Secure 24 hrs per day • Experienced with infection control processes • Emotional wellbeing and socialisation • Home cooked meals with access to basic essential items We would like the opportunity to offer assistance to all within the community who may require support with placement of loved ones during these difficult times. Traralgon Aged Care will offer 1 month free to all permanent admissions to assist during this time of uncertainty. Respite care is also available T&C’s Aged Care approval is required Contact Traralgon Aged Care Admissions Coordinator on 0438 984 299 to discuss or visit www.maccg.com.au

COVID-19: FREE Marketing Strategy & Creative Services

Come Back Stronger Dear local business partners, The Coronavirus has triggered a major economic shock, and local businesses are doing it tough. However, throughout history when transformational shocks to the economy occur, they always create opportunity too. In times of crisis, we need to push panic aside and make calm, clearheaded decisions – and look for OPPORTUNITY! • The JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments will assist in supporting the local economy • For some, this could provide a greater opportunity to spend • Initial surveys show much of this money will be spent locally • Restrictions are slowly easing, so expect consumers to be more active • The restrictions have created pent up consumer demand across our region • Demand for local consumer goods and services is likely to be higher than normal given continued severe restrictions in other sectors There is plenty of opportunity! And the businesses that are most proactive will seize it. It may seem counter-intuitive, but there has never been a better or more important time to work on your next marketing move. Now is the time to plan! We’re ready to help, by offering free no obligation advertising strategy consultations and creative services in May and June. Call us NOW on 5135 4444 - we’d like to help you COME BACK STRONGER! Regards, Bruce Ellen General Manager bellen@lvexpress.com.au

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The team will travel from East Gippsland to West Gippsland to get you what you need with high quality equipment at hand like the first-class Dahua security cameras which capture quality images day and night.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;C A

Come and visit Pantac Commercial and Residential Security Services at 209-213 York Street in Sale, where ample parking at the front and rear is available, call (03) 5144 7696, email admin@pcrss.com. au or check out the website at www.pantacsecurity.com.





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Each alarm package contains everything you may need in one

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PANTAC Commercial and Residential Security Services offers free quotes and a personalised service for the best possible protection for your home or business.

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Rosedale premium firewood. We also sell IBC 1000lt food grade tanks, premium top soil and 1000, sedan or ute, suit mushroom compost. restoration. 0448 354 586. full account is held with BARE-ROOTED Fruit tree Phone 5199 2869. the Latrobe Valley Express. sale Meetings 1.5m, available in winter $18 each. Pink Lady, cherries and more, native plants $2.50 per Collectable Ned Kelly Acacia, Callistemon, pocket knife in a gift box classifieds@lvexpress.com.au tube, eucalyptus and more, worth $30. When you PLEASE NOTE: Confirm avail. now. 0402 029 708. purchase any knives in the range from Bowie your email if you have Trafalgar Cricket pocket knives, that totals not received a Club Inc. $150 or more in one confirmation email from transaction, offer for the The 124th Annual ECHO Prolite chainsaw month of June only. Must us, emails ARE NOT General Meeting be 18+ to buy. Phone 660, 19'' blade, v.g.c. ALWAYS RELIABLE and $300 o.n.o. 0499 190 387. 0413 244 955. of the Trafalgar we don’t always receive Cricket Club will be them. held on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at the Trafalgar Cricket Club Latrobe Valley Express, Clubrooms, 15 Reserve Rd “Attention Classifieds’’ *FREE farm clean ups Trafalgar at 7pm 21 George Street, In line with State Morwell 3840 Government regulations, appropriate gathering 7 day service restrictions, hygiene www.bandhscrapmetals.com.au and social distancing *Conditions apply - LMCT 10304W will be practised Most Newsagents act as For any enquiries or our agents and will accept proxy forms, please your advertisements up email Secretary, until the same deadlines Liam Durkin at: lcdurkin@outlook.com as above.





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Career Opportunities We are seeking applications from suitably qualified and experienced people for the following position at our Yallourn Power Station: â&#x2014;? Projects & Outage Team Leader For further information on this opportunity and to apply, visit: http://careers.energyaustralia.com.au



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A full time position is available within our busy Office National & Newsagency Store. We are seeking an energetic sales person who is ready for a new challenge in retail. The applicant must have knowledge in stationery sales, retail experience and excellent customer service. Must have driver's licence. Looking for immediate start. Salary includes vehicle and phone. Please send resume to: jobs@officenationalmoe.com.au



Start Date Negotiable If you are looking for a new career opportunity with a business that delivers quality plumbing, a challenging yet rewarding environment for an employer that expects the best from you, with realistic and achievable timelines, then MIB Plumbing could be the workplace for you. If you have the following skills - roofing, gasfitting, water, drainage, sewerage, storm water and general plumbing and maintenance experience - please read on. What we need to see is you: â&#x2014;? Respond well to instruction and you are assertive in implementing instruction â&#x2014;? Are confident in decision making â&#x2014;? Enjoy brainstorming decisions or ideas to carry out a job â&#x2014;? Have fun whilst getting the job done in a timely manner â&#x2014;? Like the security and confidence in working for a business with high quality control measures â&#x2014;? Cleanliness and respectful in the ways you work What you need to do: If you think you are the right person for the job contact Mick by sending your most recent resume to mibplumbing7@gmail.com. GP1608556

A fantastic opportunity exists for a contract management team (two people) milking 280 cows in the Macalister Irrigation District. Improvements include:16 aside swing over dairy with ACR's, well laid out paddocks for irrigation, three bedroom brick house close to services. Some machinery is required, with a provision allowance, milk quality and production bonuses also apply. Key responsibilities include: â&#x2014;? Milking and maintaining a high standard of milk quality â&#x2014;? Herd health and husbandry â&#x2014;? Overseeing farm labour â&#x2014;? Maintaining accurate stock records â&#x2014;? Pasture management â&#x2014;? Irrigation management â&#x2014;? General farm maintenance. Annual remuneration $133,000-$151,000. Applications in writing, outlining previous industry experience and contact details for two referees, can be emailed to: admin@maffracheese.com.au by Monday, 8 June 2020. A copy of the contract outlining key performance indicators will be available at the interview.

>Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻÄ&#x201A; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;ŽůĹ?Ä? ŽůůÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E; Ĺ?Ć? Ć?Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x17E;ĹŹĹ?ĹśĹ? Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;Ĺ˝Ĺ?ĹśĆ&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ç Ĺ˝ Ć&#x161;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻÄ&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Í&#x2022; Ć&#x2039;ĆľÄ&#x201A;ĹŻĹ?ÄŽÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x161;Í&#x2022; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ć&#x2030;Ä&#x201A;Ć?Ć?Ĺ?ŽŜÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x152;Ĺ˝Ç&#x20AC;Ĺ?Ć?Ĺ?ŽŜÄ&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻÇ&#x2021;ÍŹ s/d Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ĺ?Ĺ?Ć?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ä?Ä&#x17E;ĹľÄ&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ä?Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152;Ć? Ç Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÇ&#x2021; Ä?ŽžÄ?Ĺ?ĹśÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ ŽĨ Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ä¨Ĺ˝ĹŻĹŻĹ˝Ç Ĺ?ĹśĹ? Ć?ĆľÄ?ĹŠÄ&#x17E;Ä?Ć&#x161;Ć?ÍŹ Ć&#x2039;ĆľÄ&#x201A;ĹŻĹ?ÄŽÄ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜĆ?Í&#x2014; Íť Íť Íť Íť Íť Íť








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ĹśĹ?ĹŻĹ?Ć?Ĺ&#x161; ,ƾžÄ&#x201A;ĹśĹ?Ć&#x;Ä&#x17E;Ć? DÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;ĹľÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x;Ä?Ć? ZÄ&#x17E;ĹŻĹ?Ĺ?Ĺ?ŽƾĆ? Ä&#x161;ĆľÄ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ ,Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĆ&#x161;Ĺ&#x161; Î&#x2DC; WĹ&#x161;Ç&#x2021;Ć?Ĺ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;ĹŻ Ä&#x161;ĆľÄ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ >Ĺ?Ä?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ĺ?Ä&#x201A;Ĺś Ĺ˝Ć&#x152; dÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ä?Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152; >Ĺ?Ä?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ĺ?Ä&#x201A;Ĺś

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The ideal candidates have either dozer, grader or excavator experience. Remuneration based on experience. Both full-time and casual roles available. All enquiries to either: Email: admin@mquarry.com.au PO Box 340, Traralgon 3844

Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Gippland Lakes, beaches, snowfieldsâ&#x20AC;Ś Want these to be part of your everyday? Make it happenâ&#x20AC;Ś Head East! Applications are sought for the following roles:

â&#x2014;? Senior

OHS Advisor Worker - Grade 1 and 2 â&#x2014;? General Physician â&#x2014;? Postgraduate Nurse Educator & Resuscitation Coordinator â&#x2014;? Undergraduate Clinical Supervision Educator â&#x2014;? Social


Visit www.brhs.com.au or phone (03) 5150 3637 for more information







4x4, 2005, single cab, canapy with roof racks, snorkel and nudge bar, GC, XWH847. $7,000ono. Phone 0417 027 504

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MILLARD, 11ft, reg'd, air lift pop top, annex, 4 burner top and oven, bunk beds, 3-way fridge, 2 batteries, easy towing, $4850.SOLD Ph 0456 422 666.

SLIDE-ON campervan, 2002 BA Ford tray ute, 300,000km, regularly serviced, dual fuel tank retested $12,000 o.n.o. Phone 0418 510 730.


Caravans and pop-tops, 1970s - mid 2000 models. Tired of waiting for buyers? Phone now, cash paid. Affordable Caravans 0418 336 238, 5623 4782.



WĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć?Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĨÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x152; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ ŽƾĆ&#x152; Ç Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ć?Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Í&#x2014; Ç Ç Ç Í&#x2DC;ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻÄ&#x201A;Í&#x2DC;Ç&#x20AC;Ĺ?Ä?Í&#x2DC;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;ĆľÍ&#x2DC;Ä&#x201A;Ćľ ĨŽĆ&#x152; Ä&#x201A; Ć&#x2030;Ĺ˝Ć?Ĺ?Ć&#x;ŽŜ Ä&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć?Ä?Ć&#x152;Ĺ?Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x;ŽŜ Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ĺ˝Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152; Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĹŻÄ&#x17E;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;ĹśĆ&#x161; Ĺ?ŜĨŽĆ&#x152;ĹľÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜÍ&#x2DC;

2007, 123,000km, drives well, g.c. NWC-912 $4000. Ph 5134 2504 after 6pm.

 Ä?ŽžžĹ?Ć&#x161;ĹľÄ&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ˝Ć? ŽĨ Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;ŽůĹ?Ä? ^Ä?Ĺ&#x161;ŽŽůĆ? Ĺ?Ć? Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x2039;ĆľĹ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ä&#x201A;ůŽŜĹ? Ç Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161; Ä&#x201A; Ç Ĺ?ĹŻĹŻĹ?ĹśĹ?ĹśÄ&#x17E;Ć?Ć? Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä?Ä&#x17E; Ĺ?ĹśÇ&#x20AC;ŽůÇ&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ĺ?Ĺś Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ä?ŽͲÄ?ĆľĆ&#x152;Ć&#x152;Ĺ?Ä?ƾůÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x152; ĹŻĹ?ĨÄ&#x17E; ŽĨ Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; ŽůůÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E;Í&#x2DC; dĹ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ć?ĆľÄ?Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć?Ć?Ĩƾů Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;ĹśĆ&#x161;Ć? Ç Ĺ?ĹŻĹŻ Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x201A; Ä&#x161;Ä&#x17E;žŽŜĆ?Ć&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ä?ŽžžĹ?Ć&#x161;ĹľÄ&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;ŽůĹ?Ä? Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;ĆľÄ?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ć?Ä&#x201A;ĨÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021; Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ç Ä&#x17E;ůůͲÄ?Ä&#x17E;Ĺ?ĹśĹ? ŽĨ Ä?Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ?ĹŻÄ&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĹśÍ&#x2DC;

8 Editions (Monday and Thursday)

Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ĺ?ĹŻĆ? ŽĨ Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x2030;ĹŻĹ?Ä?Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x;ŽŜ Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x152;Ĺ˝Ä?Ä&#x17E;Ć?Ć? Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E; ŽƾĆ&#x161;ĹŻĹ?ĹśÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x161; ŽŜ Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; ŽůůÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E;Í&#x203A;Ć? Ç Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ć?Ĺ?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Í&#x2DC;

8 Editions (Tuesday and Friday) in the

ĹŻĹŻ Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x2039;ĆľĹ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ä&#x161;Ĺ˝Ä?ƾžÄ&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x161;Ć? Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ä?Ä&#x17E; Ä&#x161;Ĺ?Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä?Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161; Ć&#x161;Ĺ˝ Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; WĆ&#x152;Ĺ?ĹśÄ?Ĺ?Ć&#x2030;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĆ? W Ä?Ç&#x2021; Ä&#x17E;ĹľÄ&#x201A;Ĺ?ĹŻ Ć&#x2030;Ä&#x201A;Î&#x203A;ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻÄ&#x201A;Í&#x2DC;Ç&#x20AC;Ĺ?Ä?Í&#x2DC;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x161;ĆľÍ&#x2DC;Ä&#x201A;Ćľ ĨŽĆ&#x152; Ä&#x201A;ĆŠÄ&#x17E;ĹśĆ&#x;ŽŜ ŽĨ Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; WĆ&#x152;Ĺ?ĹśÄ?Ĺ?Ć&#x2030;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻÍ&#x2022; DĆ&#x152; :Ĺ˝Ĺ&#x161;Ĺś D &Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x17E;ĹľÄ&#x201A;Ĺś Ä?Ç&#x2021; ŜŽ ĹŻÄ&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć&#x152; Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ĺś Ď°Ć&#x2030;Ĺľ dĆľÄ&#x17E;Ć?Ä&#x161;Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x2021; ĎľĆ&#x161;Ĺ&#x161; :ƾŜÄ&#x17E; ĎŽĎŹĎŽĎŹÍ&#x2DC;

$53.00 $66.90

dĹ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; >Ä&#x201A;Ç&#x20AC;Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻÄ&#x201A; Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;ŽůĹ?Ä? ŽůůÄ&#x17E;Ĺ?Ä&#x17E; Ä?ŽžžƾŜĹ?Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021; Ć&#x2030;Ć&#x152;ŽžŽĆ&#x161;Ä&#x17E;Ć? Ć&#x161;Ĺ&#x161;Ä&#x17E; Ć?Ä&#x201A;ĨÄ&#x17E;Ć&#x161;Ç&#x2021;Í&#x2022; Ç Ä&#x17E;ůůͲÄ?Ä&#x17E;Ĺ?ĹśĹ? Ä&#x201A;ĹśÄ&#x161; Ĺ?ĹśÄ?ĹŻĆľĆ?Ĺ?ŽŜ ŽĨ Ä&#x201A;ĹŻĹŻ Ä?Ĺ&#x161;Ĺ?ĹŻÄ&#x161;Ć&#x152;Ä&#x17E;ĹśÍ&#x2DC;

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CAMM, Keith. Passed away peacefully on the 24 May 2020. Aged 94 years Loved husband of Florence (Florrie). Much loved father of Jill, Geoff, Graham, Paul and their partners Colin, Judy, Helen and Teresa. Loved Pop of all his grandchildren, and Old Pop to all his great grandchildren. Hope they have the 'Bold and Beautiful' up in Heaven Dad, There's a place in my heart That is yours alone, A part of my life that no-one else can own. Tears in my eyes will wipe away, But the love in my heart Is there to stay. You worked so hard And those strong working hands, Led me through life And helped me understand. That life can be hard And tough, and sad, But through it all I had my Dad. I hope you can hear me So I can let you know, That you were and will forever Be my hero. So yes, today I am full of sorrow, But I will smile a little more With each tomorrow. Thank you for being an amazing Dad, mentor and mate. I'll always cherish the great memories, the chats, and lunch with the boys on a Friday. So please Dad Be at rest, And know, to me you were always the best. We love you Paul and Teresa XX. At Keith's request, a Private Family Funeral has been held.

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AGOSTINO, Megan. The Gippsland Orthopaedic Group are saddened by the passing of our friend and colleague Megan. We would like to extend our sincere condolences to all the family. Megan will hold a special place in our hearts where she will stay forever.

GUZZARDI, John. 7/6/2010. The world changes from year to year, our lives from day to day, but the love and memory of you, shall never pass away. Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday. Love Marj and family.

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Julie Harwood

HEASLEY, Pat. It is with great sadness that the Morwell RSL Women's Auxiliary acknowledges the passing of Pat, who has been a member of the Auxiliary for 18 years. Pat assisted at many activities supporting our Auxiliary over the years. She will be sadly missed by the Auxiliary and everyone who knew her. Our thoughts are with her family. RIZZETTI, Theresa May. Of Tura Beach, NSW and formerly of Trafalgar and Melbourne, passed away on Thursday, 21 May 2020. Aged 90 years Loving wife to Leslie (dec.). Much loved mother to Carl, Irene and Alf.

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DONOGHUE, David. Happy 60th Birthday 3 June 2020. It has been 11 years now since you left us. Remebered always Love Greg.


COLVILLE, Jeanette Maree. 4 June 2020. Happy Birthday our beautiful Mummy Not a second goes by that we don't think of you and wish you were here. We love you more that the whole entire world our Mummy Wummy. Love your girls, Terri-Ann and Kristy-Lee XXX. Forever in our hearts

Local family-owned independent funeral directors. Bringing 25 years experience to the Valley. Based in Traralgon, we care for client families from Melbourne to Sale and everywhere in between.

FITZGERALD, Anita Lorraine. 6/6/1982 - 28/5/1996. Remembered with love We all miss you so very much on this your 38th birthday. Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts, words and prayers. Love Mum, Dad, Matthew, Caitlin, Jacinta, Willow and Eli.

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CLARK, Simon. We are shocked by your sudden passing, you were a respected neighbor, valued friend and all round great bloke. You will be dearly missed Barry, Gail, Becc and HANSFORD, Erin Elizabeth. Daniel XX. 7/7/1986 - 6/6/2007. COUSINS, Darryl Jeffery. Thirteen years have 1947 - 2020. passed. We feel your Aged 73 years presence every day. Passed away peacefully In our thoughts always at home. Loved and loving Forever in our hearts husband of Julie, much Love Mum, Claire and loved father and father- Peter XXX. in-law of Trent and Mikhala. Adored Poppy to VIOLI, Paul Anthony. Annabelle. Loved brother 3 June 2010. and brother-in-law of Ten years ago, you left us. Garry and Christine, friend The void in our hearts, too vast to fill. Our love for you to Margie. knows no boundaries. Your Forever in our hearts impact on us is your lasting legacy. We remember you today and every day. You will ever be our beloved Husband, Father and DOUGLAS, Barry Nonno. RAAF Until we meet again A311779 Rosina and family. The President, Committee and Members of the Traralgon RSL deeply Birthday regret the passing of their Memoriam esteemed Service Member Barry and extend sincere condolences to his family. LEST WE FORGET


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What can you do when words are not enough? When you lose someone close to you, it can be hard to put your thoughts and feelings into words A personal message in the Latrobe Valley Express can say so much For friendly advice on how to place your message contact

The Classified Department

5135 4455

When you lose someone close to you, it can be hard to put your thoughts and feelings into words A personal message in the Latrobe Valley Express can say so much For friendly advice on how to place your message contact

The Classified Department 5135 4455 The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 — Page 25

Gippsland secures district success


BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic, a team of more than 100 Gippsland swimmers were successful in claiming the title of Country Junior District Champions at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. The team consisted of 35 swimmers from South Gippsland Bass Swimming Club, 20 swimmers from Warragul Swimming Club, 15 swimmers from Sale, 17 swimmers from Traralgon, 15 swimmers from East Gippsland Water Dragons, two swimmers from Moe, and five swimmers from Morwell Swimming Club. At the conclusion of the day, Gippsland were declared the overall champions with a total of 2586 points, ahead of rival Barwon South West (1352 points). Throughout the meet, the swimmers won 26 firsts, 12 seconds and 17 thirds. The team also produced nine firsts and seven seconds from 16 relay events. The team was led by captains Ainsley Trotter and Ashley Nicholes (Traralgon). Coaches for the day were Cameron Juha (Traralgon), Lorri McKenzie

Success: Team manager Cindy Munro (South Gippsland), coaches Lorri McKenzie (South Gippsland) and Cameron Juha (Traralgon), team captains Ashley Nicholes and Ainsley Trotter (both Traralgon), coaches Paul Myers (Warragul) and Gary Cole (East Gippsland), and team manager Steve Nippers (Traralgon). photographs supplied (South Gippsland), Gary Cole (East Gippsland), Paul Myers (Warragul). Team Managers were Steve Nippers (Traralgon) and Cindy Munro (South Gippsland).

Placegetters for the day were: 12-Year-Old Girls: Ainsley Trotter (Traralgon): 1st 50m & 100m Butterfly, 1st 50m & 100m Backstroke, 1st 50m Freestyle, 2nd 100m Freestyle; Olivia Baillie (Traralgon): 3rd 50m Backstroke; Sienna Matheson (South


WE continue the series of excerpts from the book Gippsland Facts & Figures penned by local sporting historian LAURIE WILLIAMS. Chapter 9 (this is part one) is titled amazing facts.

YOUR NUMBERS UP JUMPER numbers were introduced in Gippsland around 1911, some clubs then issued cards with the player’s numbers. During this time admission costs were set for men (6d), women (3d) and horses (1d). Club memberships included the horse cost.

1992 TAC CUP FORMED in 1992 after the AFL’s Under-19 competition was disbanded. It was sponsored by the Transport Accident Commission as an avenue for young players (Under-18) to eventually play AFL. For the first season there were five city clubs (Northern Knights, Eastern Ranges, Southern Stingrays, Western Jets and Central Dragons) and one country club (Geelong Falcons).


IN 1993, Gippsland Power were admitted to TAC Cup along with Murray Bushrangers, Bendigo Pioneers and North Ballarat Rebels. Gippsland Power’s first squad: Neil Morris (Sale), Matt Giliam (MDU), Damien Guengerich (Heyfield), Adam Mabilia (Kilcunda-Bass), Steven Crisp (Bairnsdale), Craig Biddiscombe (Traralgon), Antony Ljubic (Yarram), Mark Stevens (Heyfield), Trent Churchill (Kilcunda-Bass), Jason McFarlane (Morwell), Travis Miller (Warragul), Don Veale (Leongatha), Glen Campbell (Sale), Dean O’Loughlin (Pakenham), Tim Roscoe (Traralgon), Matthew Watson (Warragul), Tom Hallinan (Newborough), Ben Robbins (Maffra), Steven Somerville (Wy Yung), David Johnston (Sale City), Daniel Lunn (Philip Island), Craig McGannon (Fish Creek), Henry Lui (Morwell) and Craig James (Welshpool).

GST A BIG WORRY FOR CLUBS IN 2000 ALL clubs were concerned with the introduction of the GST in 2000.

Pathway to the big time: Gippsland Power were admitted into the TAC Cup in 1993. file photograph Most thought that it would “break” clubs with the extra 10 per cent. Gate prices and canteen costs would have to rise due to the added tax. Tax Officials organised to meet clubs to discuss the new GST.


ON June 20, 1998 in a round of the Under-11 age group (Central Gippsland JFL) all the away teams failed to score. Bulldogs 3.5 Colts 0.0; Mirboo North 2.11 Yallourn North 0.0; Hill End 13.9 Hawks 0.0; Saints 7.11 Yarragon 0.0; Trafalgar 9.5 City 0.0.


ROD Lucas was secretary of the Mid Gippsland Football League for 26 years (1990-2015) breaking the previous record held by Cliff Greenwood for 25 years (1965-1989). Rod stepped down in 2016 after taking over from Cliff in 1990 and continued on as assistant secretary until the end of the 2019 season. In 1998, Cliff Greenwood passed away in Queensland aged 72.


HERE is the match report from the first Waterloo Cup in 1896. The battle of Waterloo (Yarragon versus Trafalgar) took place on Saturday last, in Mr. L. Fisher’s paddock. This was the first time these clubs met, and they were both

Gippsland): 1st 100m Butterfly; Chloe Joiner (Warragul): 2nd 50m Butterfly, 1st 50m Backstroke, 1st 100m Backstroke, 2nd 50m Freestyle, 3rd 100m Freestyle; Rahni Matheson (South Gippsland): 2nd 50m Breaststroke, 2nd 100m Breaststroke; Layaleeta Pannu (Moe): 3rd 100m Butterfly; Hannah Strickland (South Gippsland): 2nd 100m Butterfly. 11-Year-Old Boys: Corbin Blake (Warragul): 1st 50m Butterfly, 1st 100m Butterfly; Joshua Newstead (East Gippsland): 3rd 100m Backstroke, 1st 50m Breaststroke, 1st 100m Breaststroke. 10-Year-Old Girls: Lilian Canfield (Sale): 3rd 50m Freestyle; Layla Chapman (East Gippsland): 2nd 50m Butterfly; Morgan McConville (Traralgon): 3rd 50m Breaststroke.

10-Year-Old Boys: Kade Cannon (Warragul): 3rd 50m Freestyle; Brody Cargill (Traralgon): 1st 50m Butterfly,1st 50m Backstroke, 1st 50m Breaststroke, 1st 50m Freestyle; Kael Frith (East Gippsland): 3rd 50m Butterfly. 9-Year-Old Girls: Phoebe Balcombe (Traralgon): 2nd 50m Freestyle; Sienna Hunt (South Gippsland): 3rd 50m Butterfly. 9-Year-Old Boys: Anson Law (Morwell): 2nd 50m Backstroke; Cooper Beckman (Sale): 3rd 50m Backstroke. 8-Year-Old Girls: Adelaide Ripper (Sale): 3rd 50m Breaststroke; Erynn Thomas (Warragul): 2nd 50m Butterfly. 8-Year-Old Boys: Max Auteri (Traralgon): 1st 50m Backstroke; Campbell Edlington (East Gippsland): 1st 50m Butterfly.

Amazing facts from country football

Gippsland): 2nd 100m Breaststroke, 3rd 50m Breaststroke. 12-Year-Old Boys: Ashley Nicholes (Traralgon): 1st 50m & 100m Butterfly, 1st 50m & 100m Backstroke, 1st 50m & 100m Breaststroke, 1st 50m & 100m Freestyle; Patrick Griffin (Warragul): 3rd 100m Butterfly, 3rd 100m Backstroke, 3rd 50m Backstroke, 3rd 50m Freestyle; Teddy Ripper (Sale): 2nd 100m Breaststroke, 3rd 100m Breaststroke. 11-Year Old-Girls: Asha Chalmers (South

Making a splash: The Gippsland Junior District Team.

Page 26 — The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020

short-handed, but taking all things into consideration, a very fair game resulted. The ground was anything but suitable for football, and at times the game was unpleasantly rough and a little baiting took place. Considering the wind’s influence upon the ball, together with the heavy state of the ground it was the best local game of the season. It was evident from the first that the Yarragon team had heavy work before them if they held their own against Trafalgar, as the latter team handled the ball with more skill than their opponents. The scores at the finish were Trafalgar 4 goals 5 behinds to Yarragon 2 goals 4 behinds. The most prominent players for the visitors were S. Munro, A. Slater, H. Kilday, W. Matthews, E. Betts, Hough, Mathieson, E Matthews and H. Matthews. Yarragon’s best players were Nelson, Gullick, Woodlands, Greig, Smith, Gill, Pierce, and Bullock. For a young club the whole team played well. The umpire although not experienced, did remarkably well and decided fairly in all matters of dispute. Behind posts were installed with “goalies” issued with two flags (red for goal-white for behind), goal (six points), behind (one point). Boundary umpires were introduced in some leagues/associations (major), but usually a free kick was paid if the ball went out of play).


IN 1987, Boolarra Football Club

signed up 100 players, which included many from the disbanded Maryvale club.

War-Time FL inscribed with the names of local footballers killed in World War II.



IN 1898, Sale was supposed to play Walhalla in a two-match series with funds going to the local hospital. Matches were arranged for May 24 and May 28. Walhalla failed to turn up as the players were threatened with the “sack” if they played football and took time off work to travel. The after-match Smoke Night went ahead as planned with invitations extended to the local football clubs.


IN 1891, the Gippsland FA employed VFA umpires, they came from Melbourne by train, met at the station by taxi. Same on the return journey but if the match/taxi/train was delayed and the umpire couldn’t make the return journey home then the home club would have to “put him up” until the next train. Umpires were paid, £1/1/(guinea) plus a meal plus their 2nd class rail fare.


IN 1915, notices appeared in local newspapers regarding the recruitment of men (18-45) to join the armed forces. Many football clubs in Gippsland were decimated as they lost players to the war effort. The entire Hazelwood team enlisted.


IN 1892, Traralgon FC were invited to join the Feilchenfeld Cup competition (between Sale, Bairnsdale and Warragul). Traralgon declined as they were in conflict with Warragul over previous games citing that Warragul were “importing” players. Traralgon did not return to play Warragul for another 13 years (1906).


IN 1944, a collection was taken (by passing the president’s hat around) and £8/4/2 was taken which went towards buying a perpetual shield for the Central Gippsland

FORMER Morwell player Vin Waite kicked two goals with his first two kicks in VFL football playing with Carlton.

MORE BOYS FOR THE SOUTH IN 1967, St Michaels FC (Traralgon Junior FL) cleared 22 players to the newly formed Southside Football Club which catered for players in the Southern zone in Traralgon.

NO SHORTS FOR WALLY IN a match between Traralgon Imperials and Traralgon Creek in 1931, Wally McKenzie captain of the Creek team arrived at the game but had forgotten his shorts so instead of wearing his good suit pants, he cut leg holes in a hessian bag and wore that, tied around his waist with twine.

SHOO BESSIE DURING the 1926 final of the Mirboo/Morwell Football Association a big jersey cow wandered onto the oval at halftime at Yinnar and settled in the centre of the ground. Police and players prodded the cow but it wouldn’t move. Play was held up until a farmer was notified and he led the cow off.

POO KICKERS AT MIRBOO IN the 1930’s, small boys were employed by the Mirboo North Club to rake the ground to remove cow and kangaroo poo before the start of their home games.

SNOWSTORM LEADS PLAYERS TO THE PUB A RARE snowstorm in 1910 interrupted a match between Mirboo East and Mirboo North and players decided that it was too cold to play football and so they adjourned to the pub over the road.

TEAMS DROP TWO PLAYERS IN 1900, the number of players on field were reduced from 22 to 20 depending on local circumstances. There were no replacements.

Vital step in return journey



Some progress: Latrobe Valley Soccer League clubs were this week given the green light for a return to training although doubt still remains whether the 2020 season will resume. photograph gregor mactaggart the LVSL would return to senior and junior action in mid-July, with the league board resolving that the 2020 season would end on Sunday, October 11. “The best case scenario for us is a half-fixture and play a top six finals series, with our finals on Saturday and Sunday,” he said. “We’ll also play our cup matches midweek.

“There was discussion on midweek league fixtures, but three games in seven days is tough on amateur players. “But that will only be possible when we get some clarity with dates on a return to contact training, direction from Sport and Recreation Victoria and whether we could get a proper season away by mid-October.” Another factor is whether crowds

can attend matches, but that would need the federal government to relax restrictions on gatherings of 500 or less. Mr Roberts said that the financial viability of clubs was of utmost importance. “Certainly some of our smaller clubs need people at the games and also generate revenue through their canteens,” he said.

LVA support to build new clubhouse GOLF

LOCH Sport Golf Club will have a new clubhouse well ahead the planned Victorian Sandgreen Championships in August 2021. The Championships were scheduled to be held this year but have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien congratulated

the club on successfully receiving $163,000 from the Latrobe Valley Authority to build a new clubhouse. “I visited the club last year in support of their application and saw first-hand how poor their existing facilities were,” Mr O’Brien said. “The current clubroom is literally rotting away and is no longer fit for purpose. “The new barn-style facility will have inside toilets for the first time,

a disabled toilet, a bar, kitchen, captains’ room, store room and social area as well as direct access to a four-metre veranda overlooking the course.” Mr O’Brien said the club had done a lot of fundraising itself and would be contributing around $30,000 plus significant in-kind support to the project. “This will be a great facility for Loch Sport and will help the club

attract new members and host more events like the Victorian Sandgreen Championships next year,” he said. “I was pleased to support the club’s application for funding and look forward works getting underway in July.” Mr O’Brien said the club was placing an emphasis on using local contractors and tradesmen in the project and would welcome any volunteers to help with the building.


Vet’s & vetette’s stableford, May 19. Vets: R Williams (21) 20pts. Vetettes: M Noppert (45) 25pts. Birdies: R Williams. Vet’s & vetette’s stableford, May 26. Vets: G Kerr (20) 24pts. Vetettes: J Beath (28) 17pts. Birdies: G Kerr. Women’s par,Wednesday, May 27. Div 1: K Middlemiss (13) -1. Div 2: J Beath (33) +3. DTL: +1 L Saggers; -3 M Lang, H Stanlake. Nine-hole newbees: E Lau (36) 10pts. Stableford,Thursday, May 28. A grade: W Yeomans (8) 38pts. B grade: J Polo (15) 39pts. C grade: K Beath (24) 35pts. Birdies: 4th M Fyfe, J Condon; 14th K Beath. DTL: 38 C Weir; 36 S Cunningham; 34 N Azzopardi, E Beveridge, D Halkett, B Howard, N Webb. Women’s stableford, Saturday, May 30. Div 1: L Clarke (40) 32pts.

GRAND campaigner Moss ‘N’ Dale flies the flag for Moe trainer Peter Gelagotis in the VRC Heritage Handicap (1400m) at Flemington on Saturday. The seven-year-old, who boasts a sterling record of 14 wins and more than $1 million in earnings, resumes from a spell in the $100,000 Quality. The assignment is the first in 2020 for Moss ‘N’ Dale, who last raced in the Group 3 Eclipse Stakes at Sandown in November 2019. A Group class performer on his best form as highlighted by his victory in the Group 3 Craven Plate (2000m) in October 2018, Moss ‘N’ Dale has the services of jockey Anthony Darmanin for his return to the track. Moss ‘N’ Dale has drawn barrier four for this assignment against a field headed by the Danny O’Brien-trained Iconoclasm. Moss ‘N’ Dale’s full-brother Moss ‘N’ Bolt has accepted for a 2000m Benchmark 64 event at Donald tomorrow. Although he has not hit the heights of his older brother, the six-year-old has been building towards a peak run in similar company this preparation. But he also holds a nomination for the Apsley Cup, being run at Casterton on Saturday and the stable has nominated some other runners, including Spiritofthevalley and On The Tiles, for other races on that program.

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Stroke monthly medal, Saturday, May 30. A grade (medal): M Fyfe (7) 70 nett. B grade: G Wilson (12) 71 nett. C grade: G Jamieson (20) 76 nett. Scratch: M Fyfe 77. DTL: 74 S Stephens, N Muirhead; 75 L Wilson, N Skicko, R Tomlinson, L Polo; 76 S Borg, A Gauci, C Weir, B Thomson. MORWELL WOMEN

Stableford, May 27. Div 1: D Vuillermin (15) 34pts. Div 2: I Yoshimura (24) 24pts. Birdies: C Peter, N Te Paa 11th. DTL: S Pearson, C Peter, N Te Paa, J Griffiths, J King. TRAFALGAR

Men’s & women’s stableford, Friday, May 29. Winner: P Hobson 39pts. Runner-up: M Hiriart 36pts on c/b. DTL: I Miles 36; R Dyt, R Parsonage, P Rosenboom 35. Birdies: 2nd R Anderson, G Jansen; 5th I Miles, R Anderson; 11th P Hobson; 13th R Dyt. Stableford, Saturday, May 30. A grade: J Hasthorpe 39pts. B grade:

R Parsonage 40pts. DTL: H McNair 38; T Cross 37; J Hayward 36; R Barnes, R Borg 35; L Ellis, P Burghardt 34; P Moss, J Tabuteau, P Heathcote, J O’Brien 33. NTP: 2nd B Aplin, 5th R Anderson, 11th B Aplin, 13th P Town, 15th D Sheehan. TRAFALGAR SENIORS

Stableford (32 players),Tuesday, May 26. Women’s winner: B Keily 20. Runner-up: C Deppeler 18. DTL: S Balfour 16. NTP: K Ludlow. Bradman’s: D Bayley. Men’s winner: V Hill 21. Runner-up: D Baker 20. DTL: R Davie, L Pearce, L Snowball, I Grant 17. NTP: R Davie. Bradman’s: R Barsdell. Stableford (54 players),Thursday, May 28. Women’s winner: S Balfour 23. Runner-up: J Baker 21. DTL: N Fordham 20; O Robinson, S Roberts 19; J Griffin 18. NTP: J Tickell. Bradman’s: A Owen. Men’s winner: I Grant 21. Runner-up: A Kerekes 20. DTL: J Robinson, G Doolan, D Scambler, D Baker 19; J Kerr, R Williams 18. NTP: D Baker. Bradman’s: R Pyke.


Men’s stableford (122 players), Tuesday, May 26. A grade: G Hayes 4 37. B grade: B Platt 15 33. C grade: B Hazelman 22 35. D grade: G Ferrel 25 35. DTL: 36 C Sykes, J Simic; 35 D Reynolds, I Truscott, R Paterson; 34 D Logan, J Blackman, D Bullen, M Murphy; 33 K Jones, E Whiting, G Duncan; 32 A Charnley, C Couling, R Smith, J Landels, A Richardson, B Muir; 31 G Leeson, F Fitzpatrick, D Wight. Men’s stableford (147 players), Saturday, May 30. A grade: D Trease 3 36. B grade: N Ransome 15 38. C grade: K Garlick 17 38. D grade: J Sleswick 25 39. DTL: 37 T Tulloch; 36 E McNulty, M Buckley; 35 R Jennings, J Pledge, M Murphy, J Cameron, A Axford, J Swenson, D Dalrymple, M Jacobsen; 34 B Wells, P Clark, R Gilham, S Makowski, I Lowe, D Velderman, O Kerr; 33 C Couling, B Melbourne, M Coad, J Blackman; 32 T Darby, J O’Rouke, D Trengrove.

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LATROBE Valley Soccer League clubs were this week given the green light for a return to training although doubt still remains whether the 2020 season will resume. The LVSL board, following the Return to Training guidelines released by Football Victoria and developed under the direction of Sports and Recreation Victoria, said senior men’s and women’s sides could return to non-contact training on Tuesday night. Junior training will recommence on Tuesday, June 9. LVSL president Allan Roberts told The Express it was a significant step, but admitted that a number of hurdles remained when it came to a return to full competition. “This is a start for our clubs,” Roberts said. “But the return to training does not necessarily dictate a return to competition.” Mr Roberts said the LVSL was working with FV and SRV to obtain a clearer picture of whether completing the season which kicked-off in March was possible. “We’ve got different scenarios in place, but like every sport across the state we are aiming to get some clarity because we are totally at the behest of Sport and Recreation Victoria,” he said. “The LVSL has always held the view that the welfare and safety of our players, coaches, referees, volunteers and spectators is our most important outcome and that view has not changed.” Mr Roberts said in an ideal world,

Stable favourite prepares for a Flemington task

The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020 — Page 27


Page 28 — The Latrobe Valley Express, Thursday, 4 June, 2020

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