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NOV. 10-16, 2011 » VOL. 19, NO. 7

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8 SOCRATES IN SODOM Black and white 9 KNAPPSTER What?! Obama says there is no

10 THE WEEK 12 A few more museums we could use 13 Occupying the occupiers

20 FILM The Skin I Live In — arty and creepy 25 ART NOTES A new mural project; pairing writers and artists

26 DINING Gringo-friendly Mexican food exactly where you expect to find it: in the suburbs 29 CRAWL Fremont Street, as the tourists do it


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46 ON THE SCENE Lortab vs. Vicodin on the fast

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Some hang time with the man who’s re-envisioning downtown Las Vegas

evidence of aliens? Shocking!

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Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society High dynamic range photography by Cameron Grant


Unexpected Nevada W

e Las Vegans like to think of ourselves as adventurers, testing our bodies on our urban playgrounds or outlying desert terrain. But we’re amateurs compared to photographer Cameron Grant. There is no vista inaccessible enough to thwart his drive to capture the grandeur that surrounds us seemingly everywhere, whether scaling the backstage scaffolding of a Las Vegas showroom or hiking atop a mountain before sunrise to document the construction of the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge in Boulder City. He does not kid around. I initially took in his most recent exhibit, Unexpected Nevada, hoping to catch his photography from last year’s Burning Man festival. While



50,000 of us were reveling on the expansive playa, Grant, a regional rep for the annual event, camped on a nearby mountain named Trego to take panoramic pictures that would put the enormity and visual spectacle of our temporary Black Rock City in perspective. A few of those photos surface in Unexpected Nevada, a sample of Grant’s experiments with high dynamic range photography, which incorporates alternative and layered displays of natural color. But they do not capture the subject (or your breath) like when Grant is at his most eagle-eyed: up close and personal at the canyons at Red Rock and off-trail spots on Mt. Charleston, peering down on Casino Center Drive during First Friday and during the construction

of the O’Callaghan-Tillman Bridge — the artist amazingly transferring his awestruckness of his manmade muse to print. And then there’s my favorite, “Mister Boom”: a burst of rays as the sun begins to break through a cloud cover high above the mountains — and an explosion of possibility. Thanks to Grant, one has a compelling reason to expedite their visit to the new Nevada State Museum, now over at the constantly evolving Springs Preserve, and remind themselves of the physical wonders we either rarely venture toward and/or simply take for granted. Mike Prevatt. Friday-Monday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., through April, 2012; Nevada State Museum, 309 S. Valley View Blvd., 486-5205, free with $9.95 (Nevada resident) admission to Springs Preserve.

Have you turned on the TV lately? Between American Idol and XFactor, it seems like everyone thinks they’re a singer. Not just a singer, but a star. The Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society is what happens when real singers shelve the ego and perform together classic works that have endured through the centuries. This Sunday, they perform Felix Mendelssohn’s St. Paul Oratorio at Artemus Ham Hall. The performance will have 80 singers and 40 musicians. That’s right, it’ll have twice as many singers as musicians. In other words, it’s going to be a lot better than karaoke at the corner bar. Amy Kingsley. 3 p.m.; Artemus Ham Concert Hall at UNLV, 4505 S. Maryland Parkway, 451-6672, $18 for adults.

Get in, get out, get a great deal. [SEE AN UP-AND-COMER] TUESDAY, NOV. 15

BLU A couple weeks ago, Lupe Fiasco told us his favorite new rappers. Among them was BLU, who’s really a rapper/producer from L.A. named Johnson Barnes. For quick reference, BLU reminds us of Mos Def if Def were part of a sentimental version of Dilated Peoples and constantly worried about paying his phone bill. That starving-artist mentality comes through on top of clever, heavily melodic instrumentals, most of the best produced by L.A.-based Exile on their collaboration Below the Heavens (a clear reference to the everydude vibe he conveys in his hooks). Having big-name vouches usually worries us, since it probably means there’s some level of piggybacking happening, and that piggy probably isn’t talented. But Fiasco isn’t steering anyone wrong with BLU. Listen to “Dancing in the Rain,” his 612,000-plus-viewed video on YouTube, and figure it out for yourself — then see him live during “Hip-Hop Roots” this week. Max Plenke. 10 p.m.; LVCS, 425 Fremont St., 382-3531, $8.



Oyster & Beer Festival



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Ann Road

Drexel Road

You’ll rarely see the descriptor “first annual” in a newspaper. It’s too optimistic — events aren’t annual until their second year, and we don’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt. In this case, I’m breaking the rules because P.J. Clarke’s is holding its first annual Oyster & Beer Festival and, dammit, I want the celebration of this beautiful combination to return. The fest will feature pot pie, chowder and novelty dishes, all with the first name “Oyster,” as well as a half-dozen special, shucking and chugging competitions, and a beer tasting by Tenaya Creek Brewing Company. There’ll be burgers and tacos, too, but do the right thing and stick to the shellfish. Kristy Totten. 1-4 p.m.; P.J. Clarke’s, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 434-7900 or, prices vary.


US 95 at Ann Road

The Apple Sisters

Have you ever noticed how, in this era of cynical, world-weary comedy, everything’s all ironic, and unenthusiastic in its hilarity? Well, not everything! “In an era of cynical, world-weary comedy, The Apple Sisters are refreshingly unironic and enthusiastically hilarious ...” Whew! Thanks, Apple Sisters! Just when you thought you’d never see a variety show structured in the genuine style of a WWII-era radio show hosted by three women named Candy, Cora and Seedy, complete with musical acts, comedy gags and live radio ads — all keyed to “the imagined innocence of a by-gone age” — well, now you can. Tell ’em FDR sent ya. Scott Dickensheets. 10 p.m., Onyx Theatre, 953 E. Sahara Ave., No. 16, 732-7225, free.

Life is better in the Quick Lane.


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FEEDBACK Um, you might try actually reading the column before popping off, Richard ... Last week, columnist Hugh Jackson commented on the many inadequacies of the Democrats running for federal seats in Nevada — including several non-Democratic stances Dina Titus has taken. How this guy construed that as some kind of endorsement for her is a mystery lost in the wiring of his brain ... DINA TITUS VOTED FOR OBAMACARE, despite pleas from seniors to oppose the deduction of half a trillion dollars from Medicare. Seniors will not forgive such hypocrisy. Your explanation and excuses are unconvincing to those of us being denied health care because of the medical disaster called Obamacare. Richard Wine (FROM THE WEBSITE)

Or maybe not everyone thinks in such lamely outmoded concepts as “yuppies” Last week, Max Plenke took a crawl through Lady Silvia, a newish downtown bar, finding it promising, but with a few problems still to overcome.


HOW CAN A BAR that’s in a gentrified condo aimed at yuppies be “cool”? I forgot, you’re the mag that proclaims a corporate sponsored FF an independent arts festival and thinks that the Beauty Bar is somehow “alternative” ... Never mind. Juan Enrique

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(702) 877-0087 6 CITYLIFE | NOVEMBER 10, 2011


Criticizing the critic through the withering use of anonymously posted web comments A few weeks ago, our theater critic, David McKee, judged Evil Dead The Musical to be boring and insular. Well! WOW. HEY MCKEE, next time you go to review a show, pull your head out of your rear so you can actually see and hear the performance. What a wet rag! YorkshirePudding (FROM THE WEBSITE)

DAVID MUST BE great fun at parties. He seems to have missed the whole point of the show. It was outstanding. seriously (FROM THE WEBSITE)

Our favorite letter of this or any week MY HUSBAND AND I are over from Europe for a month or so and have been impressed with your paper while we have been in LV. It’s good to know there is intelligent life and critical journalism alive and well in LV. We found [Oct. 20 cover story] “Death and The City” illuminating and rewarding. I absolutely agree with the blog a couple of weeks ago, that if LV wants to be taken seriously as a world-class city, education is the way to go, not fussing about how Nevada is pronounced. On that last subject I am much more curious why so many natives here pronounce the “Las” in Las Vegas as “Los.” Is it an affectation or have they come from Los Angeles and are just being lazy? Liz (BY E-MAIL)

Al Mancini on shark fin vs. foie gras Following an Oct. 6 story by CityLife food critic Al Mancini about the widespread, if covert, serving of shark-fin soup on the Strip, a reader wrote in to ask that Al similarly rip the lid off of another culinary trend, foie gras. AL MANCINI RESPONDS: Unlike many shark species, ducks are not endangered. As for the issue of cruelty, while I’ve never visited a foie gras farm myself, I’ve interviewed numerous chefs who have, and seen video footage of the modern feeding process. I’m confident that the cruel methods and conditions that once defined foie gras farms have been eliminated in the U.S. In fact, those ducks live far better lives than the vast majority of farm-raised poultry.

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WE THINK The news, in snack form Whew! We were sick of hearing about the stupid economy: “The fact

is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth,” the Obama administration announced this week

Then again: The Obama administration tells us bipartisanship can work

173: Varieties of plant and animal life found only in Nevada

174: Counting Wayne Newton 15: Percent of those species threatened by climate change, population growth

283: Streams in Nevada More than half: Stressed by groundwater withdrawal, grazing practices

$121,000: Median home price in Las Vegas for October, according to the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors

$123,400: Median home price in September At those prices, no shit: “...home sales

continued locally in October at a brisk pace,” according to Vegas Inc.

New lyric to “Put On a Happy Face”?: “GLVAR President Paul Bell said the sales decline in October from September is a normal seasonal development.” — Vegas Inc. for a goddamn house

322,322: Taxi loadings at McCarran in October, a new record “Spice”: Street name for synthetic marijuana, according to Sun ”Bath salts”: Street name for synthetic cocaine, according to Sun “Spice”: Only made illegal in May, accord-


A less normal development: $121,000

ing to Review-Journal

“God gave pedestrians legs so they could get outta my way!”

“Bath salts”: Still legal, according to

The past couple of weeks have been tough, sometimes deadly ones for people afoot in what’s been ranked as America’s sixth worst city for pedestrians.Ours is a car-oriented place,filled with distracted people who feel only a transient,whyshould-I-care? connection to the community. So some days, driving feels like the best defense against other drivers.






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Black like me


ike Steve Martin for one of the richest men in The Jerk, I was in America. Not coinciborn a poor black dentally, Andre became child. Raised by one of the richest men in sharecroppers in Alabama, America. I didn’t find out until I was Recently, Andre has 12 years old, however, that I been criticized in the had been abandoned on their media for reportedly putting doorstep as a baby. And I said on blackface and dressing up the same thing to my momma that as Mr. T. for a Halloween party. Steve said to his in the movie when he found Apparently he missed the memo about out he wasn’t black: “You mean I’m gonna those 400 years of violent racism plaguing stay this color?!!” most blacks in American history. A real white “Don’t feel sad, baby. It’s what’s inside guy going around in blackface to draw attenthat counts,” my momma said. tion is not the wisest choice in costuming. So I set off to look for America and make Yet, lest ye think I’m playing the race card my fortune, white handicap and all. It hasn’t here, I think he, inadvertently, has stumbled turned out very well, though, because I endonto a good idea. ed up becoming a poor public-school teacher Perhaps Andre should buy more blackface, in Las Vegas. Which sometimes seems like dress up as other famous black Americans being a black sharecropper in Alabama durand give some lively history lessons to the ing hard times. largely black student body at his Andre Given my background, Agassi College PreparaI’ve had to struggle with tory Academy. With falsies ANDRE AGASSI certain issues. Often I’ve and a wig, he’d make a been tempted to put on fine Harriet Tubman or SHOULD some blackface just to be Sojourner Truth. Even betBUY MORE myself. But the world, even ter, with his celebrity status BLACKFACE, with its diversity programs, he could help establish a doesn’t seem quite ready for national White-Black HisDRESS UP that. So, instead, I simply tory Month, where all white AS OTHER paint my ass with blackface, Americans wear blackface FAMOUS BLACK where no one can see it. Ocfor a month to honor their AMERICANS. casionally when I’m sitting favorite black Americans. in the teachers’ lounge at You know, to show gratitude school, a colleague will ask for all the nameless blacks me how things are going. (slaves) who gave so much for our country to “Oh, working my black ass off for this become great and wealthy. damn school district,” I say. Which isn’t Malcolm X once said that, for a black entirely true. Mostly the black has rubbed person in America, the fact that you are black off my ass onto my underwear from sitting never goes away. You are never allowed to around too much, thinking about working forget it. And that is true. How do I know? my black ass off for the damn school district. Because, like Steve Martin in The Jerk, I, too, Which brings us to Andre Agassi. He was was born a poor black child. born a poor white child whose dad worked CHIP MOSHER is a simple classroom teacher.



— are tough to dispute. The Big Disclosure that UFO researchers have clamored for is simply not going to happen. It would be political suicide for whichever president tried it. But an announcement that we lack proof that ETs are here is not the same as saying there isn’t a genuine mystery to consider.

No aliens? No surprise.


nyone who expected the White coln bedroom. I mean, how would that kind House to confirm the existence of of thing play in the 2012 campaign? Millions extraterrestrials or to fess up to 50 of Americans seem to think Obama is an years of lies and coverups was not alien himself. Imagine the kind of attack ad thinking too clearly. You’ve probably seen that could have been crafted had the White the story by now, right? It’s been reported House said anything other than what it did. in pretty much every paper in the country, Second, I think the statement as written is including a well-written, slightly whimsical factual, so far as Mr. Obama knows, anyway. piece by Steve Tetreault in the Review-Journal. The assumption that the president would I don’t blame those who were tempted to necessarily know about such a secret — if it make fun of the whole alien scenario or to were real — is naïve. Compartmentalization is speculate on what this might do to tourism the rule. If you don’t have a need to know, they out by Area 51.It isn’t every day that the White won’t tell you. A Democrat who happens to be House issues formal statements about ETs.Aca temporary occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania cording to the R-J story,this Ave. doesn’t really have a is the first such declaration need to know. OBAMA WASN’T in American history — from Every president since GOING TO ADMIT the Oval Office,that is. Truman has said someBut similar non-denial TO ALIENS, EVEN IF thing in public about denials have been issued UFOs. The sainted Ronald THERE WERE SOME Reagan had two sightings over and over by military IN THE LINCOLN and intelligence agencies and a keen interest in the over the years. Anyone who subject. Jimmy Carter had BEDROOM. follows the UFO field can a sighting and promised recite them word for word. to open the files, then reThe Obama administraneged after being elected. tion denied a petition signed by thousands of One of Bill Clinton’s first acts in office was Americans who demanded that the governto assign a trusted friend and aide the job of ment open up “the secret files” and admit finding out what’s the deal with UFOs. The what so many already seem to know. “The aide came back and reported that he could U.S. government has no evidence that any not find out anything, which is different than life exists outside our planet,” the statement saying there’s no evidence to find. said, “or that an ET presence has contacted In a downstairs room in my house, there any member of the human race.” are several thousand pages of documents This is very similar to statements issued by squeezed out of the U.S. government the military over the years that there is no proof through the Freedom of Information Act. UFOs represent a threat to national security, Not one of them contains absolute proof which is the reason used to justify the cancelthat any UFO is from another planet or that lation of the piss-poor PR project known as space aliens exist. But the secret studies Project Blue Book.I would offer a couple of conducted by all branches of our military observations that might not have occurred to concluded long ago that UFOs are not only those who don’t live and breathe this stuff. real, but are from somewhere else, not First, there was no way in hell the Obama here. Skeptics can bitch and moan all they administration was going to issue an anwant, or make fun of the UFO guy in the ET nouncement about aliens, not even if they beanie, but the reports prepared by military had a couple of reptilians bunking in the Linagencies — not for public consumption

Nothing is going to keep Hank Vogler from testifying before the state engineer about the proposed water grab, not even pancreatic cancer. Vogler is the sheep rancher from White Pine County who made a splash many months ago when he petitioned the state to allow hundreds of his sheep to testify about the possible effects of the water grab. He was mostly kidding. There are some who have looked at Vogler and mistakenly thought they knew him based on appearances. Just because he has dirt under his fingernails and uses country witticisms, don’t assume Vogler is a bumpkin. Far from it. He is sharp enough to have been appointed by two governors to serve on three state boards. Even the Southern Nevada Water Authority — which Vogler considers to be the enemy of all Nevada ranchers — tried to hire him last year, though Vogler turned them down in the belief that they were actually trying to buy his silence. Vogler was scheduled to speak to the state engineer a few weeks ago and was expected to put on quite a show, but he was sidetracked — temporarily — by an unexpected diagnosis. His doctor found cancer in Vogler’s pancreas. Hank emerged from surgery at nearly the same time Steve Jobs died of the same disease. But there is no way he is going to allow his medical challenges to deprive him of the chance to bang heads with the Southern Nevada Water Authority and its czar, Pat Mulroy, referred to by Vogler as “Patty Pah.” Vogler is now set to testify on Nov. 14 and is promising to at least stir the pot with an argument that no one else has yet considered. If I told you what it was, it would spoil the surprise. By the way, Vogler’s docs say they expect him to make a full recovery.


GEORGE KNAPP is a Peabody Award-winning investigative reporter for KLAS channel 8. Reach him at






Can Tony Hsieh deliver happiness to downtown Las Vegas? BY AMY KINGSLEY

“The culture of Zappos is very much in line with the culture of downtown,” he says. “That’s what drew us here.” Hsieh owns several condominiums in the Ogden. The one he lives in is really more like a floor — a warren of bedrooms and living spaces linking the back of the building to the front. He wears a Zappos T-shirt and jeans, an outfit as understated as his demeanor. His apartment is less lavish than you’d expect, with the exception of his liquor collection, which looks like it belongs in front of the mirrors at Griffin. And a bizarre living area with a hanging bed and walls covered in plastic vines. It’s Friday, and Hsieh and two friends had planned to tour downtown before First Friday. But rain moved in over the mountains, dropping a gray curtain around the city and compelling the group to stay inside. Hsieh lives on the 23rd floor, giving him a panoramic view of the urban




City Hall won’t be City Hall anymore when Zappos moves there in 2012. But that doesn’t keep CEO Tony Hsieh from sounding almost mayoral when he talks about the company’s new digs, which fill the view from one of his living room’s windows.

Tony Hsieh in his Ogden apartment

Manual for building downtown: the book that inspires the Zappos team


core. From an unfurnished living room, he can see City Hall and the empty lots around it, which he dreams of filling with Zappos employees. Another living room, the one he uses, looks out over the rest of downtown, from the El Cortez to the arts district. He wants to fill that part with ideas. Hsieh and his friends have covered part of a wall in the other living room with Post-It notes that lay out plans for downtown businesses. The general categories include food, family and lifestyle. Beneath that, the ideas are as diverse as affordable housing and a baked potato black box. “That was a late-night drinking idea,” Hsieh says. Here’s how it would work: You enter a cold, impersonal room — almost like a bank lobby — and slide your baked potato order into a slot. Three or four minutes later, the spud pops out of a hole in the wall a few blocks away. “People will make the journey downtown just to get the experience,” Hsieh says. Hsieh lived in Henderson until May, when he relocated to downtown. But unlike a lot of Southern Nevada suburbanites,he sees downtown as a place where a baked potato black box might actually work, and not as a place where you’d probably get mugged for your food. Hsieh is not your typical corporate CEO, and Zappos, an online retailer of shoes and other goods, isn’t your typical company. It’s based on the premise that happiness is the best business model. Employees are carefully screened to determine whether they fit with the corporate culture. In a way, the move downtown is a logical extension of the same principle. Zappos was outgrowing its Henderson headquarters. In seeking a new home, the company looked for a place that shared its values. Zappos provides a lot of perks to its employees, including complimentary life-coaching and incentives to create businesses. It’s bringing the same things to downtown. Zappos will help people — its employees and others — start businesses in the area. Its support will range from providing small amounts of seed money to helping with organization and permitting.It sounds a little bit like a redevelopment agency, only zanier and on a smaller scale. Zappos may use happiness as a business model, but how would it work as a development tool? Downtown may have some cool bars, but it also has poverty, crime and urban blight. It’s easier to banish bad things from a workplace than from a neighborhood. But Hsieh’s initiative isn’t necessarily about

removing the bad stuff. He and his partners But some gallery owners quietly expressed want to create more positive things to build reservations about the new owners, who were on what’s already there. Projects have to meet virtually unknown in the arts community until four criteria: The person must be passionate the surprise purchase. (It’s hard to find someabout the project and must have the ability one to talk on the record, of course.) to do it, and the project must be good for the Hsieh’s flood of downtown start-ups raises community and sustainable. more questions. If his hand-picked businesses Ultimately, the decision about whether a are successful,then he will exert a huge amount projectisgoodforthecommunityisuptoHsieh of control over the downtown experience. In and his friends. It spans a pretty wide variety of fact, his impact on downtown could rival forventures,fromacharterschooltoabeergarden. mer Mayor Oscar Goodman’s. Only Hsieh isn’t It’s easier to define what doesn’t fit the bill. beholden to Las Vegas voters. “Another bail bondsman, Hsieh seems sensitive to a check-cashing place, adult “WE’RE NOT these concerns, and says he entertainment — in terms of isn’t trying to exert his viTRYING TO investment, we’re probably sion on downtown Las Vegas. PARACHUTE not going to help with that,” He is recruiting people who says Zach Ware, campus are passionate about their INTO A PLACE development manager for ideas, and passionate about AND CHANGE Zappos. the community, and helping IT.” Of course, it’s a free marthem achieve their dreams. ket. A bail bondsman can “These are other people’s TONY HSIEH passions,” he says. “I am just open a business without Zappos’ help. But business helping to integrate all of owners who don’t go through Zappos may find them together.” themselves at the back of the line. Not only They are moving downtown because of the is the company bringing 2,000 employees progress that’s already been made on East Fredowntown, it’s also bringing as many as 75 mont and in the arts district. Zappos doesn’t start-ups. want to change that,just make it better. Hsieh frequently hosts friends from the And there is a sense of giddy possibility on Bay Area. But he says he is not interested in the top floors of the Ogden. As the afternoon reverse-engineering downtown San Franturns rainy and cold, Hsieh and two friends cisco here in Las Vegas. from the Bay Area scotch their plans to tour “We’re not trying to parachute into a place the neighborhood. Instead, they drift to a and change it,” he says. “We don’t want to friend’s condo down the hall. Augusta Scott is copy another city because Las Vegas already a goals coach for Zappos Insights, a corporate has its own unique culture.” training offshoot. Hsieh has heard through the grapevine that By the time they get to Scott’s, Hsieh’s some people are concerned that his company original group has grown from three to almost is staging a downtown takeover. In September, 30. The group includes several recent Las VeHsieh and several Zappos executives bought gas transplants and a few people considering First Friday. Many people supported the move. the move.

Don Welch and his fiancee just arrived four days ago from New York City. They will be in charge of helping start-up businesses in the downtown area. Both left good jobs to come work for Zappos. They practically glow with excitement. “It’s pretty consistent that downtown just sells itself,” Welch says. “I loved where we lived in New York, but there was no sense of community down there at all. I walked past thousands of people every day, and I didn’t know any of them.” One of Hsieh’s most immediate contributions to downtown may be the brainpower he is bringing to it. He has convinced a handful of Internet start-ups to relocate to Las Vegas, and he’s bringing smart friends (Hsieh went to Harvard) into the valley. The irony of all this is that it may be easier to convince someone from San Francisco or New York that downtown has potential than it is to convince a resident of Summerlin. Hsieh and his friends have already lured several start-ups to Southern Nevada. Ecomom, an online marketplace for environmentally and health-conscious parents, is relocating; Walls 360 is already here, making graphic stickers to decorate walls; and Not Safe For Work Corp., an Internet publisher, is just getting started. Hsieh has been so successful bringing start-ups to Southern Nevada, he should be getting a commission from the Nevada Development Authority. Paul Carr is creating NSFW Corp. to make publications that can be purchased directly on tablets and e-readers.His first will be called The New Gambit, and he has described it as a cross between The Economist and The Daily Show. Las Vegas isn’t known for its media companies, like New York, or its Internet start-ups, like the Bay Area. But it’s close enough to both places to make it a reasonable alternative,he says. And it’s not just the convenience factor, but the sense that downtown Las Vegas is on the verge of something big. “You can have great ideas here,” Hsieh says. “Here, there’s money, sex and people. What stories can you not tell with money, sex and people?” Of course, Las Vegas has seen its share of dreamers — and schemers. Zappos was founded by out-of-towners and located in Henderson. Why should anyone believe Hsieh is really committed to downtown? When the company decided to relocate, it had two options, Ware says. It could build a self-contained campus, a la Apple, or it could » CONTINUED ON P12 a





relocate. Instead of building a Zapposthemed Town Square, the company decided to move downtown and integrate with the community. To that end, Hsieh and company are supporting projects that can exist regardless of whether Zappos does. “People ask, ‘What’s your master plan?’” Ware says. “We don’t have a master plan. We have a master vision. We want to make this an interesting place to live.” Unless he’s the best actor on the planet, Tony Hsieh is not a megalomaniac. He’s soft-spoken, unassuming and polite. In fact, if he’s anything, he’s more like a mad scientist of social interaction. He likes to throw groups of people together to see what happens. The 23rd floor of the Ogden feels a little like a college dorm. As the party grows, you can see the mad scientist at work, pulling people together and making sure everyone gets introduced. Sample interaction: Hsieh drags two men together. “Photographer,” he says and points to one. “Filmmaker,” and points to the other. He slinks away and lets the pair figure out the rest. The move downtown is the same thing on a grander scale, an attempt to see what happens when you bring a lot of interesting people together in a very small space. It’s kind of like the ultimate Hsieh introduction: Zappos, meet downtown. We’ll see if they find some common ground.

You’re not gonna believe what we heard this week

Inspired by the Mob Museum, here are a few ideas to get the cultural renaissance going BY GLEN A. MEEK

FIRST, IT WAS THE MOB MUSEUM. Then it was the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. Maybe it went into the Museum Protection Program and had to change its name. One thing seems certain: If it succeeds we can expect even more monuments to dubious aspects of our city’s history. Like these. THE CLARK COUNTY MUSEUM OF GRAFT AND CORRUPTION This commemoration of political venality features an animatronic version of former County Commissioner Lance Malone that greets visitors while simultaneously picking

THE LAS VEGAS OUTCALL EXPERIENCE The city’s newest attraction highlights its oldest profession. Upon entry, guests are beset byhordesofmeninK-martclothingandbombarded with pamphlets promoting“Barely Legal Blonde Asian MILFs.” Then they’re ushered into replica hotel rooms and given their choice ofmorethan1,000phonenumberstocall—all going to the same illegal business. A short time later, “entertainers” arrive and hilarious high jinks ensue.As an added bonus, every 10th patron will be rolled and robbed. Former Mayor Oscar Goodman will preside over opening ceremonies, assuming he’s still standing by the 6 p.m. start time. THE SOUTHERN NEVADA GALLERY OF HOCUS POCUS A historical celebration of magic on the Las Vegas Strip, from bunnies bouncing out of hats to tigers pouncing on gay Austrians.

FOUR QUOTES FROM “CAN’T SOMEBODY GET VEGAS RIGHT? THE TRUTH (AND FICTION) ABOUT LAS VEGAS,” A PANEL AT LAST WEEK’S VEGAS VALLEY BOOK FESTIVAL 1. “Vegas is a double-edged sword as a setting ... when I was in graduate school ... [an author leading a workshop] said three times in the workshop, ‘I just want to see a scene in a casino. I want to see a scene at a strip club.’ And after the workshop, my response was that I’m purposely trying to stay away from that territory because I don’t want to lean on these clichés, lean on these tropes, these stereotypes. So, I think that on one hand, people expect to see these things in a Vegas story. On the other hand, they don’t want to see them because they are clichés. And it seems to me that maybe a reviewer would say about a Vegas book that didn’t contain those clichés, you know, ‘Where is the real Las Vegas in there?’ But if [a book] did contain those clichés, the criticism would be, ‘Well, it’s full of Vegas clichés.’” — David Philip Mullins, Greetings from Below 2. “I feel like my publisher was more, sort of, a little bit ashamed [my book] was in Las Vegas. [My publisher] was, like, a literary Norton, so they wanted to hide that it was in Las Vegas, and I kept saying, ‘We should have it on the cover,’ and [they said], ‘No, that’s going to repel more readers than it will attract.’” — Heather Skyler, The Perfect Age 3. “Literature about Las Vegas ... it’s still sort of culturally unexplored. I pity a writer from New York City, because I have no interest in reading another word about New York City. You



In fact, hologram versions of Roy Horn and Montecore (who sounds a little like Tony the Tiger) are your guides for this fascinating journey through the history of dinner-show prestidigitation. Exhibits take you from the first trick ever performed on Block 16 in early Las Vegas (something called “make the salami disappear”), to the latest high-tech illusions that enable a performer to allegedly grope an underage intern without being caught on surveillance video. Handling the ribbon-cutting duties for this museum will be former Mayor Oscar Goodman and current Mayor Carolyn Goodman, who’ll be propping him up. DR. DIPAK DESAI’S HEPATITIS C-WORLD The good doctor gets a taste of his own medicine in this theme park, which has former patients and their lawyers climbing up his ass with a microscope, looking to make him pay through the nose. Of course, you don’t have to be a victim to pay the $5 entry fee and take a whack at a wax figure of Dr. Desai with an endoscope. At least we think that’s a wax figure — with Desai it’s hard to tell. Former Mayor Oscar Goodman will be on hand for the park’s opening and will perform a colonoscopy on himself using his own head, something he’s done metaphorically many times before. THE SHOOTING GALLERY Sponsored by various local police unions, this gallery pays tribute to 30 years of coroner’s inquests and a near-perfect record of clearing officers involved in shootings. Visitors are asked to take part in a shooting

know, I just — I got it. It’s a lot of tall buildings that I’m not allowed in. I don’t know what else there is to be said about it.” — Claire Vaye Watkins, Battleborn 4. “The fantasy is over. The jobs are gone, the construction industry has imploded, even the service industry is suffering. So my question to them as fiction writers is, why are we not seeing this story? Why isn’t anyone writing about this? ... Watkins In a way, the panel was still talking about this idea of fantasy as ‘What Happens in Vegas Sort of Stays in Vegas.’ I think the question that I have, the need that I have as a local and as someone who really wants to read more about Vegas, is: What happens in Vegas? And what happens in Vegas right now is not really so much about the Strip. We’re over 2 million people now in the suburbs. ‘What happens’ are: economic hard times, loss of jobs, loss of houses. That’s what I want to know about. Those are the stories which for me as a writer are much more compelling.” —Joshua Kryah, poet, We Are Starved GIGI GENERAUX



We need more museums!

their pockets. The lifelike robot is made entirely of plastic, just like the real Lance Malone. Former strip-club mogul Mike Galardi narrates an interactive exhibit where schoolchildren are invited to insert a dollar bill into the G-string of a female automaton. Kids can then track the cash as it flows from topless dancer’s thong to politician’s pocket to offshore account. Dollar bills donated to the exhibit will go to defray the cost of the museum and take care of a couple of pain-in-the-ass city inspectors who weren’t crazy about the electrical wiring in the building. Celebrities slated to appear at the opening include former Mayor Oscar Goodman and a dancingbottleofgin.AtleasttoOscarthebottle will be dancing.

simulation that puts them in the boots of an officer on patrol. Armed with guns that fire “bullets” of light, participants watch a hostage situation unfold before them on giant video screens, and are forced to make that same split-second “Shoot/Sure, go ahead and shoot” decision that cops all too frequently have to make. Just as in real life, there are no bad shootings here. After popping the perp, visitors exit through a mock courtroom, where they’re officially “cleared” by a coroner’s jury and handed a shiny plastic medal by former Mayor Oscar Goodman.

THE FLASH MOB MUSEUM Did you see that? Man, you missed it. It was here and then gone. The crowd was unbelievable. Don’t worry, though. There’ll be another one soon. Somewhere. We’ll tweet you with details. Not you, Oscar.



“Foot Safety Tips for Black Friday from Dahn Yoga.”


THE MUSEUM OF FORECLOSURES AND BROKEN DREAMS From the top of the Fontainebleau to vast sections of Summerlin, this movable feast takes place in multiple locations around the valley. Wherever you are in Las Vegas, you’re not far from a monument to the foreclosure crisis. Visitors are carried along on moving walkways through empty homes left in various states of disrepair. As part of the hands-on experience, feel free to yank out the plumbing, wiring or appliances and take them with you. Doesn’t matter if the house is ransacked, there’s plenty more just like it on the same block. Former Mayor Oscar Goodman was invited to take some responsibility for this one, but wisely avoided it.

Most I welcome Occupy’s ‘asshole rule’ fends off unwanted visitors BY KRISTY TOTTEN

HOW TO SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE You ask someone what they’d bring to the Apocalypse, and it’s always the same: guns, bullets, big-ass Hummers. Wrong, says Max Brooks, author of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Guns run out of bullets and trucks run out of gas. Brooks presented a stand-upcomedy-grade survival guide Nov. 10 at the Clark County Library. You probably weren’t there, but you still deserve to live. Here’s what you’ll need when we go to war with the living dead: 1. Water. Yeah, we know, no one gets thirsty in action movies or dies if they drink from black puddles — but you probably will. Stock up on

t’s 7 at night. Occupiers huddle in circles,chatting and trying to stay warm in below-40 temperatures. The common area is mostly deserted, save for a few who are used to the cold. The majority, 30 or so others, hide out in their tents. Those who are around drop everything when newcomers arrive. They hold out their hands and introduce themselves. They lift their Guy Fawkes masks to offer tea and tours and to take you to their leaders. The campers are kind and accommodating, so long as guests are the same. The group has a policy: If you’re not there for the greater good, you shouldn’t be there at all. They refer to their vetting process as the “asshole rule”: Don’t be one, and you’ll be fine. In its 25 days here, Occupy Las Vegas says it’s had problems with Tea Partiers, anti-Zionists and the Sin City Militia, a Libertarian group they say opposes police and advocates violence — tenets occupiers don’t agree with. The fringe groups have tried to overrun meetings, bringing in crowds as large as 20 to spread off-topic messages and recruit members for their causes, says Sebring Frehner, a community organizer who’s camped since Day 1. “They think because the movement has the slogan of ‘We are the 99 percent,’ and ‘We will not be silenced,’ that that gives them the right to be an absolute insufferable asshole to everybody,” » CONTINUED ON P14

a few bottles and lots of purifying tablets. You’ll need to replenish your supply as you travel. 2. Weapons, duh. But not just any weapons. You want the oldest and most reliable kind — tools. Real, sturdy tools, not World of Warcraft junk. Brooks would choose an ax over a battle ax, a hammer over a war hammer, any day. 3. A bike. Bikes are simple to fix and won’t run out of gas. Besides, he says, “It’s the only vehicle that runs on fear.” 4. Wilderness survival skills. Brooks calls it “going native.” Go somewhere remote-ish, but not too remote, and learn how to live on the land. Kind of like Man vs. Wild, but without the film crew. Good luck. KRISTY TOTTEN

CAN YOU SAY ‘CAFETERIA’? We miss the Wolfgang Puck Café at Springs Preserve. What was once a spendy-but-worthwhile upscale lunch spot is now a student-run test kitchen. The menus are deceptively similar — Oooh, nature burger. Oooh, prosciutto and argula salad — but the quality and service have taken a turn for the worst. We know, they’re students. We know, they deserve a chance to learn. But how about dropping the prices with the diminished food quality? Eight bucks still felt like a stretch for a dry hamburger, served without seasoning and topped sparingly with veggies. And for $11, we want microgreens on our salads! Luckily, the view is still there. KRISTY TOTTEN






Frehner says. “It doesn’t. “We live in a civil society — we’re still in one, regardless if we’re in a movement or not — that will not tolerate bullying, will not tolerate harassment and will not tolerate people trying to push their agenda above the agenda of the Occupation Movement.” Thusfar,OccupyLasVegashascalledthepolice and given trespassing warnings to members oftheSinCityMilitia;they’veaskedanti-Zionists to take their racist ramblings elsewhere; and they’ve pushed out Tea Partiers. “They were coming and disrupting meetings,” says Johnathan Abbinett, a Vietnam veteran and Occupy organizer.“They had no manners and were not respectful in general. People tried every polite, civil way to explain to them, ‘We don’t yell at each other. We don’t use hate speech. Wait your turn to speak. You can’t just change the topic and cause discontent.’” But the groups didn’t comply. The disturbances went on for about a week before fizzling out. Abbinett believes some of the antagonists

were hired by Libertarian and former conI know. 78 people. A majority on my side. I was gressional candidate Jim Duensing, and other told a vote on my situation would not be taken “radical-right, Koch Brothers types,” whom because the movement was being co-opted. he also believes outbid Occupy on the first TheissueshouldbeontheagendaforThursday. lease space they sought. Mark it on your calendar.” Currently, Occupy Las Vegas is leasing The movement has drawn other unexcounty land on Paradise Road between Tropipected visitors: the homeless. Of the dozen cana and Harmon avenues or so people hanging around for a nominal fee. “I think it “ ‘WE DON’T the common area Monday was a dollar,” Abbinett says. night, Frehner says, about YELL AT EACH They plan to renew the lease five are homeless. And he’s OTHER. WE once it’s up, and also open OK with that. He wants an indoor activism-training DON’T USE HATE the camp to be a safe place headquarters. where they can get a meal. In SPEECH. WAIT Jim Duensing couldn’t be other cities, occupiers have YOUR TURN TO reached for comment, but complained about homeless a Facebook profile with the participants, but Frehner SPEAK.’ ” name Jim Duensing and the says helping them is part of JOHNATHAN ABBINETT Occupy Las Vegas’ cause. URL sincitymilitia shows posts “We’re planning on dothat seem to corroborate ing all the stuff that social Occupy’s story, if in fact the Facebook page services and health services was designed to belongs to the man in question. do but can’t afford to do and doesn’t do any“Still in Exile from the Occupy Las Vegas more,” he says. paved campsite,” a Nov. 1 post reads. “Many Last week, the group reserved the name supporters showed up. Biggest GA yet as far as Occupy Las Vegas with the Secretary of State.

They plan to become a nonprofit that provides social services, like feeding the homeless and fighting foreclosures, while still going after big banks. Abbinett and Frehner say it will be a volunteer-only operation funded by community donors. So far, they’ve collected a few hundred dollars here and there, and are confident they’ll raise more. If the occupiers think their goals are lofty, they don’t show it. Three hundred fifty volunteers working two-hour shifts per day is their plan to pick up where the government has failed them. It all comes down to the people, Frehner says — people in the flesh, not Facebook fans and those who pass around online petitions. Virtual occupiers, he says, are flattering but inconsequential. He urges people to come down for an hour or two, volunteer, donate food or money. “We need more community support,” Frehner says. “We only make progress if the whole community helps. We’re trying to help the whole community, but to do that, we need them to help us.”

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macy of the corporations-are-people idolatry. It is not, however, something that its disciples wish to take to the people as an election issue, because, well, because it’s pure poppycock, and it would be resoundingly rejected. So, let us praise this chucklehead for inadvertently injecting the right-wing fiction of corporate personhood directly into the 2012 presidential election. The good news is that across the country, the overwhelming majority of people despise the anti-democratic domination of our elections and, therefore, of our government, economy, media and environment by a relatively few self-aggrandizing corporate behemoths. This public anger has intensified since the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v FEC.


“It’s coming from the feel // That this ain’t exactly real, // Or it’s real, but it ain’t exactly there … // Democracy is coming to the USA.” — Leonard Cohen, Democracy To the USA? No, Cohen’s got it all wrong. As our leaders loudly preach, democracy is something we export to the rest of the world — to certain monarchies and autocratic regimes that rule Arab nations, for example. And it’s understandable, though regrettable, they tell us, that there would be eruptions of pent-up anger at aloof upper classes in India, Greece, Spain and Israel. But a genuinely populist uprising to bring democracy, economic and political, to the USA? No way! Yet, there it is: the sassy, brassy and savvy Occupy Wall Street movement, active in nearly every ZIP code. It is real. Yes, it’s youth-driven, broad-based, determinedly demo-

cratic and deeply grounded in the most basic American values of economic fairness, social justice and equal opportunity for all.It’s not about left-right ideologies but top-down realities. It’s focused directly on the narcissistic greed of today’s financial and corporate elites and on their gross corruption of our political system by a flood of money from corporations that now masquerade as persons. Is it exactly there? No, not by a long shot; but it has a shot. The spunk, motivation, idealism, creativity and passion of these young people are genuine, not the product of partisan consultants, think tanks, rich funders or large organizations. So the movement’s direct street action is turning

out to be the spark that millions of disgusted grassroots people have needed to stop moaning and start acting. Which is why Occupy Chicago, Occupy McAllen and hundreds of other Occupies sprung up spontaneously within three weeks of the Wall Street initiative. These people are on target and on the move. If you doubt it, note the edgy tone of Mitt Romney, who recently expressed alarm about the rising rabble daring to confront the corporate order: “I think it’s dangerous, this class warfare.” This was hardly the first plutocratic pronouncement by Romney, a dedicated warrior for the corporate class. In August, the well-heeled seeker of the GOP presidential nod, dressed in preppie-casual togs, hopped atop a hay bale at the Iowa State Fair. He looked as natural as a goose in a tuxedo. But then, after a somewhat testy exchange with fairgoers who had challenged him to end corporate tax breaks rather than cut benefits for people, Romney blurted out one of the stranger tenets of right-wing theology: “Corporations are people, my friend,” Romney said, with a little condescending chuckle. Actually, corporations are nothing but pieces of paper issued by state governments. Nonetheless, the rising supremacy of America’s corporate plutocracy is based on courts and politicians having blind faith in the legiti-

CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE? WHO CAME UP WITH THAT? Sam Alito, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas. On January 21, 2010, these five Supreme Court justices defied the Constitution, common sense, the expressed will of the American people and nature itself to distort hundreds of years of judicial precedent in a case titled Citizens United v FEC. The five decreed that — shazam! — artificial, lifeless corporate entities are entitled to the First Amendment rights of people, and are endowed with more electioneering rights than us real-life persons, enabling them to buy public officials and intimidate others by dumping unlimited sums of corporate cash into our elections. In one abrupt blow, these five men reversed more than a century of campaign-finance law and more than 200 years of broad public agreement that corporate interests should be subjugated to the public interest. Talk about your judicial activism. Now, not only can the living, breathing executives of corporations continue dumping millions of their own dollars into elections — money that totaled more than a billion dollars in the 2008 election cycle — but henceforth, the trillions of dollars held by the corporate entities themselves can also be poured into electioneering ads and other forms » CONTINUED ON P16 a





of speech. All big-money corporations, from Wall Street to Walmart, now have permission to open the spigots of their corporate treasuries to elect or defeat candidates of their choice for any and every office in the land. Big Insurance, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Box Store, Big Banking, Big Whatever have suddenly been armed with unlimited, devastating spending power. Their lobbyists can bluntly say to a lawmaker, governor, mayor or other official, “After you support this little bitty tax break for us, we will spend a million bucks to re-elect you.If you don’t,we’ll spend the same amount to see you defeated.” Ironically,Citizens United v FEC has united America’s citizenry in broad, deep and vehement opposition to the absurd notion that a corporation is entitled to inclusion as one of us in We the People. In poll after poll, huge majorities consistently scream against the ruling and demand strong action against it. A Hart Research survey in January 2011 — a year after the Court’s edict was issued — found that 87 percent of Democrats, 82 percent of independents and 68 percent of Republicans favoring passage of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. Supreme Court cases and arcane matters of campaign finance don’t usually move the needle of public awareness from “Huh?” to “Hot damn!” But the perversion of our politics and government by deep-pocket corporations has been like sticking the public’s tongue in an electric socket. People are energized by it, and they’ve turned such terms as Citizens United, the Roberts Court, the Koch Brothers, SuperPACs and corporate personhood into curse words. The issue has even become a comic punch line: “If corporations are people,” asked a letter writer to the New York Times, “can I marry one? Is General Electric single?” And here’s one from my state: “A corporation is not a person until Texas executes one.” WAITING FOR THE POWERS THAT BE Given such strong public outrage, our elected stalwarts in Washington have responded decisively, by doing exactly nothing. Republican leaders, long wedded to the corporate plutocracy by ideology and money, openly cheered the Court’s move. President Obama squawked briefly about the judicial hijacking of our democracy, and the Democratic party’s congressional leaders flapped their arms in anger — but then they just let it go,



“This legal prohibition against coordination is absolute. And it’s absolutely a farce and a fraud.” So-called SuperPACs were intended to be independent entities, unassociated with the candidates they support. Why is the law ineffective? Because of people like Mike Toomey, who’ve worked both within a presidential campaign, as well as on the SuperPAC funding the same campaign.

MIKE TOOMEY Advisor, fundraiser for candidate Rick Perry PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN

slinking quietly away from the issue. (Importantly, a feisty Progressive Caucus in Congress continues to push the issue aggressively.) The new Tea Party Republicans, who had barged into the congressional club with thundering claims that they had come to “take our country back” and “restore power to the people,” have been conspicuously silent on this most fundamental issue of the people’s power. Instead, they’ve slipped comfortably into it, with not a peep of protest over the fact that five unelected government officials have dictated that Big Money is a person with political rights to buy our government. Now comes 2012, and Tea Partiers, Re-

“A CORPORATION IS NOT A PERSON UNTIL TEXAS EXECUTES ONE.” publicans and corporate Democrats alike can be seen scurrying around like hunger-crazed squirrels in a frenetic grab-fest for the millions of dollars that Mitt’s people are gleefully throwing around. The money dump is well under way, and it’s massive. The tip of this destructive iceberg is a legalistic gimmick known as the SuperPAC. Authorized by Citizens United, these are super-sized, super-energized political-action committees. Unlike the regulated PACs of yesteryear, SuperPACs can invest tens of millions of dollars right out of corporate coffers — as well as from unions and individuals, but corporations are the monster players — and put the whole load directly into ads

Backer of Make Us Great Again, raising $55 million for Perry SUPER-PAC

and other efforts to elect or defeat candidates they choose. How big of a load? Karl Rove’s American Crossroads raised a whopping $28 million from corporate interests to elect Republicans in last year’s elections. But that’s a mere trickle compared to the tsunami headed our way; Rove’s Crossroads PAC is amassing a democracy-shattering $240 million for 2012. Every major presidential candidate has at least one of these things sacking up and spending money on their behalf. Rick Perry has six. Technically, SuperPACs are independent entities that must not coordinate their spending with the candidates they’re supporting. This legal prohibition against coordination is absolute. And it’s absolutely a farce and a fraud. Perry’s top SuperPAC, modestly named Make Us Great Again, intends to put $55 million behind the Texan’s effort to win the GOP presidential nomination. It was created and is headed by Mike Toomey, a top corporate lobbyist in Texas before sliding over in 2002 to be Perry’s gubernatorial chief of staff. In 2004, Toomey slid back into lobbying, using his tight ties to Perry to become Austin’s preeminent corporate influence-peddler and a fundraiser for the governor. This year, Toomey helped Perry set up his presidential campaign, serving as both advisor and fundraiser. Now he runs the Make Us Great Again outfit, insisting that it is entirely separate from Perry’s campaign.Helloooo! The PAC and the campaign don’t have to coordinate, because both are embodied in Toomey. IT’S UP TO US. WE ARE IT. Do politicians think that people can’t see their cynical and deliberate scamming of our democratic process? If so, they might peek

at some of the letters, e-mails, and Facebook messages I get practically every day. Not only do folks see it clearly, they’re looking to join in some serious butt-kicking: • “CEOs represent a clear and present danger to the overall well-being and security of our country. Big money has plucked our eagle.” – Larry • “We need to get under one umbrella. How can we do it? I’m so angry at the state of things. Still, I’m trying to stay positive.” – Melody • “The most effective campaign to launch is to get every org to focus lobbying, dollars and message on the one issue: End corporate influence and power.” – Christine This is not just another issue. It is central to practically every one of our issues, for it amounts to surrendering our democratic authority to, in Jefferson’s words, “the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations.” The Court and the political elites have forced you and me into another of those when-in-the-course-of-human-events moments that Jefferson wrote about in the Declaration of Independence. This is a time in which ordinary people are called forth by history to do what our leaders won’t: Assert the American people’s independence from authoritarian rule by corporate plutocrats. JUST SAY YES The Powers That Be want us to believe that this effort is hopeless,that we can’t really undo the legal scaffolding of artificial personhood that the corporados have erected over us fleshand-blood citizens. How insulting to say that Americans today are too small to achieve big democratic results. And how erroneous. As a friend of mine notes, those who say it can’t be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. Here’s a partial menu of actions that are under way or that you could start right where you live: Amend. Two major coalitions are aggressively organizing grassroots power from coast to coast to demand and pass a constitutional amendment to prohibit corporations from buying our elections. Yes, this is a difficult and lengthy process, but the people have passed amendments before and we can again, especially for a cause that starts with such broad and passionate public support. proposes a straightforward amendment to repeal the Supremes’ infamous Citizens United ruling. proposes a broader

amendment to declare that only human beings, not corporations, are persons with constitutional rights. Both have grassroots organizers, do-ityourself toolkits for raising the issue locally, petitions to be circulated and sent to public officials, videos and a wealth of other organizing ideas and resources. Uncover. One of the little-noticed and unfulfilled promises included in the Citizens United ruling is that corporations should at least have to disclose to shareholders and the public how much political money they spend onwhom.CongressionalRepublicans,however, have blocked proposals to implement this, and President Obama so far has not issued administrative rules to shine even a little sunlight on secret electioneering by corporations. But you don’t have to wait on Washington. Citizens groups in Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin and Colorado have pushed disclosure requirements into law, and at least nine federal courts have ruled that these requirements pass constitutional muster. Groups in Los Angeles, Fort Wayne and Chicago, in New Mexico, Connecticut and elsewhere, are

pushing conflict-of-interest laws to ban or restrict campaign donations by corporations that seek government contracts. Impeach. At least two of the corporatecoddling Supremes — Justices Scalia and Thomas — had undisclosed ties to the Koch brothers and other secretive corporate plutocrats at the time the Court was considering the Citizens United case. Two national organizationshaveextensiveinformationaboutthejustices’ blatant disregard of basic ethics and are collecting petitions to hold them to account. seeks a Justice Department investigation of the two, and proposes that Supreme Court members be subjected to the Judicial Code of Conduct that applies to all other federal judges. goes farther, calling for impeachment proceedings against Thomas for accepting gifts from participants in cases before him and for filing false financial reports. Connect. It’s not all bad news in Washington. Many members of Congress are pushing national policies to end or at least curtail the corrupting power of corporate political cash. It’s important to have an inside-outside

strategy on these policies, linking grassroots strength(ideas,courage,energyandnumbers) to those fighting inside for real reform. One of the best points of connection is the Progressive Caucus, co-chaired by Reps. Keith Ellison of Minneapolis and Raul Grijalva of Tucson. Find them at Confront. The time to get the attention of Congress critters is now, when they’re running for office. Every candidate — incumbent, challenger, Republican, Tea Partier, Democrat — should be confronted politely but insistently on the corporate money issues.Make appointments, attend their campaign events, send queries and disseminate their responses, even if all you get from them is gibberish. Localize. Across the country, clean-election coalitions have passed laws to give local and state candidates the alternative of using a public pool of money to finance their campaigns rather than having to kiss the ring of corporate interests. Learn about these successes and how you can launch a similar effort where you live by going to Likewise, get information and inspiration from the Program on Corporations,

Law and Democracy ( and about communities that are restricting or outright rejecting the fiction of corporate personhood. From such small towns as Arcata, California, to cities like Pittsburgh, people are uniting to prohibit assertions of a corporate right to run over them. As Pittsburgh city council member Doug Shields said, “It’s about our authority as a community to decide, not corporations deciding for us.” Enjoy. Whatever you do, think fun: How could this be more humorous,more lively,more entertaining, more welcoming, more engaging and,therefore,moreeffective?Asmuchaspossible, turn your events into parties with a little food and drink, music, contests, stories and whatever else the group can think of. Democratic progress doesn’t come on the winds of history, but on the shoulders of a determined people. Occupy Wall Street offers millions of strong shoulders with which to shove corporate money out of our politics and make“people power”more than an empty slogan. While the Constitution says “We the People,” not We the Corporations, the people themselves must make that distinction real.

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Hip-hop party ‘Sunday Skoolin’ ’ returns after a five-year hiatus BY MAX PLENKE

Skool is back in session Ras One is in rare form tonight. Standing on the Beauty Bar outdoor stage, he’s rap music’s Don Rickles, a giddy, shit-talking bully trying to make up for five years of tongue-holding. “You have my full permission … to boo the fuck out of a wack rapper,” he shouts. To him, booing is educating. And tonight, educating is the point. Because tonight is the return of “Sunday Skoolin’, ” a hiatus’d hiphop weekly started in 2002. And because tonight, after the DJ plays Dead Prez banger “Hip-Hop,” school is back in session. “Sunday Skoolin’” evolved from a party called “Spitfire Lounge,” a weekly hip-hop show at the Cooler Lounge in the early 2000s. It was only after the promoter, Encore, started feeling burned out that it was taken over by Ras One and company, who were already doing shows at the Huntridge. He knew what




Vessel of Outside Looking In performs during Sunday Skoolin’ at the Beauty Bar.

the show needed. “We brought back battling when this still feels good.” people were scared to be competitive on the mic in the The good vibes weren’t Shane-centric. All over the wake of Pac and Biggie,” says Ras.“It became the spot patio, new and old faces from the scene hugged and on Sundays to experience hip-hop culture.” He picked fist-pounded with “how long has it been?” recollecSunday for its uncompetitive day of the week, thinktion. Some brought out albums. Others brought out ing no large hip-hop shows or other iPhone pictures of their newborns. All weeklies would pick it; it was a way to “WE ONLY while rappers from both generations keep the scene from separating. performed some of the most inspired DISCRIMINATE and nostalgic sets they’d put on in But like Encore losing steam, the BETWEEN “Sunday Skoolin’” team had to take a months. break.Ras and company felt their early But beyond the kinds of people who WHO DOES 20s punk-ass days escaping them as showed up and how peacefully and AND DOESN’T members got jobs, wives and offspring warmly they interacted, the big mark HAVE SKILLS.” — eventually forcing them to halt the of the party’s weight was the turnout. shows after six-plus years of hosting The Beauty Bar’s patio was jammed. RAS ONE every week. And it was jammed in below-50 Through the fog-breathing, hiatustemperatures, after-midnight-on-aending return on Nov. 6, older members of the scene Sunday sets, and on the first run of the show. Not back-slap through stories about how it used to be even Ras One expected that many heads through the while new-generation acts Mr. Ebranes and OLI take door, even though he had faith in the draw of headthe stage. They talk about the backpackers and the liners King Magnetic, GQ and Reef the Lost Cauze. gangsters playing the same shows. How the guys now But clearly he knew it had that potential, especially wearing wedding rings and the marks of parenthood with what is in store. “We want to bring it back,” he used to make lesser rappers cry in Cooler Lounge parksays. “Not just ‘Sunday Skoolin’,’ but bring back the ing lot battles. The elders sigh through smiles about essence of the culture to what it was. All genres of those days being over.“It’ll never be what it used to be,” rap are allowed. We don’t discriminate with who’s on says original Fresh Foundation member Shanestream the mic.We only discriminate between who does and during a set from now-Bostonian rapper Edo G. “But doesn’t have skills.”


Punk as folk Reno rocker Kevin Seconds defies the expectations linked with hardcore and veteran musicians BY MAX PLENKE

WHETHER SCREAMING about being young till he dies or singing over an acoustic guitar, Kevin Seconds is hardcore. The Reno-cum-Sacramentobased singer-songwriter (but not like that) is still on the road after 31 years fronting hardcore punk rock pioneer act 7 Seconds. And despite living meagerly and driving his own tour vehicle, he wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. Ever. CityLife: How do you avoid sleeping at the wheel? Kevin Seconds: When I travel I tend to listen to a lot of things that piss me off, to keep me awake. I’ve been listening to a lot of talk radio and podcasts. I’ll listen to right-wing talk radio that makes me so angry I want to scream. Then I drive really well. In talk radio it’s just a bombardment of idiocy that keeps me alert. Plus I’m yelling at my radio. It’s what I’ve used over the years of traveling. Sometimes my friends try it and get into car wrecks. So you have to be a seasoned vet like me to pull it off. What are your guilty pleasures? A lot of classic rock stuff. I couldn’t stomach it for years. But recently I’ve caught myself turning it up when I have a classic rock station on. Like Steve Miller or Doobie Brothers. It’s not half bad. But I’ll never admit to that. It’s stuff I detested, especially when I got into punk rock. That stuff was the enemy. I can listen to it now and find out what was the good in it instead of just thinking it’s mainstream American crap. Was it weird to realize that happening? I guess so! It’s one of those things where, when I was growing up with ’70s hard rock, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, I loved that stuff. But when I got into punk rock, there was this thing in me that said I had to destroy everything I loved. And now I regret it because I had great records. But I had to get rid of the stuff, I had to commit to this punk rock thing. It was ridiculous. But all along I was listening to that, I’ve had a fascination with Brian Wilson and Beach Boys and Motown. I’d make mix tapes with Black Flag and Circle Jerks, but then I’d sneak in Diana Ross. What makes an old punk guy take the folk music route? Strangely,Idon’tseethatmanydifferences.Istart-

CDS ed out on acoustic guitar. I wrote songs on a threestring acoustic guitar that just became 7 Seconds songs, and those became some of the fastest, most hardcore 7 Seconds songs. I didn’t have an interest in taking it on the road and making records until ’97, when my first solo acoustic record came out. I’ve always been a corny guy who says punk rock is folk for a younger generation. I always felt like you can hear elements of Woody Guthrie and protest stuff from the ’60s. It makes sense. I spent a good chunk of my life being just a singer in front of a super-loud,super-fast band. It took adjustments to slow down and realize this is something I’ve always wanted to do,and I need to go for it. Now it’s as natural as getting up and playing fast hardcore music. What’s up with 7 Seconds? Our situation is, we just hit our 31st year of playing, and it’s been the same guys for [most] of that. Those guys all have kids and families and jobs, and they’re committed to being good family guys, which I love and respect. Over the last 10 years it’s been an unspoken thing like, let’s go out and do what we can,it’s not like back in the day when we were trying to make a living doing it. I tried to start other bands, but it didn’t work out. To me, I’m in the best hardcore punk rock band on the planet,and I love the guys I play with. We’re still active, we played a lot of festivals this year, and we have a lot of new material I’ve been working on over the last two years. Probably two or three albums of material. Next year the idea is to release new material. Not a full-length, but a lot of EPs and vinyl. We’ve got two European tours booked for April and August, and in the U.S. [after that].Despite the fact that we’re older and grayer and have a little more weight added to our bodies, it’s still great fun, and we have a blast up there. After 31 years, what do you still want from music? I don’t know if it’s a matter of wanting anything from music. Music is the thing that makes me happiest. If I’m in a bad mood or depressed, if I can just grab a guitar and work on a song, it really changes the way I’m thinking and my mood. I feel so honored and humbled and blessed to be in a position to travel the world and get people to come see me. If I die penniless, which is likely, I know I’ve lived life as close as it comes to how I wanted to, and I’ve done the best I can. I don’t want to be that grumpy guy who just resents everything and young people because they’re doing it and I’m not. I am doing it. KEVIN SECONDS (with C*nt Sparrer, Shotguns ‘n’ Gasoline) Sunday, Nov. 13, 9 p.m.; The Bunkhouse Saloon, 124 S. 11th St., 384-4536, $8

Music like film New albums from Tom Waits and M83 sound like movies, imbued with drama and texture BY MIKE PREVATT

THERE’S A MOVIE in my head whenever I play Tom Waits’ Bad As Me and M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, two of autumn’s best musical offerings. It’s the hardscrabble characters and the dramatic imagery of the former, the cinematic sweep and technicolor ambiance of the latter. It’s the way both demand a start-to-finish experience and end with a sense of completion. Like the best films, they corral several moving parts into a cohesive work of discernible identity and interpretive purpose. You could say the same of their creators, too. Waits is restless on Bad As Me, his 17th studio album. With a lesser artist, the results would reek of desperation. But Waits knows the terrain well: early-to-mid 20th-century American blues and folk, bent and twisted to suit the persona of both song and himself, via instrument and voice. And so that restlessness translates to versatility, Waits as comfortable with guttural vamping (jaunty juke-rocker “Chicago,” lubricated well with licks by Keith Richards) as he is with lamented falsetto (the R&B protest “Talking at the Same Time,” where he assumes the role of the everyman with lines like, “We bailed out the millionaires/they got the fruit/we got the rind”),hiccuping libertine (“Get Lost,” one of two unofficial Elvis homages) and husky torch singer (“Face to the Highway”). That’s a juggling act, for sure. But there are few singers more assured in voice than Waits. And his affectations aren’t stylistic — they’re required by the people who populate his songs.The indignant growl in “Hell Broke Luce” isn’t some blues- or punk-like timbre, but a character traumatized and disenfranchised by war and politics.

(I swear I hear Keef teasing “Gimme Shelter” underneath.) “What is next?” Waits spits at the very end, leaving you almost as shell-shocked as the man he depicts. But the scene quickly shifts to reveal another character at wit’s end in “New Year’s Eve,” Waits playing this role all the way to the apt year-end setting of Las Vegas.Except this soul is arriving after the refrains of “Auld Lang Syne” have ended, a new beginning for another Waits character never too despondent or degenerate for redemption. Cue end titles. Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez is far more introspective on Hurry Up, a double album about his dreams,and it’s full of reverie, all right. Unlike Waits, Gonzalez takes solace in impressionism and sheen, owing more to European influences like Brian Eno and David Bowie. But like Bad As Me, Hurry Up is textural, cinematic and sonically capricious. If you’re familiar with M83’s name-making 2008 album, Saturdays = Youth, you’ll spot the John Hughesesque adolescent wonder in “Claudia,” though you may not expect the slap bass, as well as the 1980s Britpop fixation in the Thompson Twins/Simple Minds mash, “Reunion,” though this time, Gonzalez forgoes his usual vocal subtlety for stadium rock theatrics. “Splendor” mixes things up as well, Gonzalez channeling both synth composer Wendy Carlos (A Clockwork Orange) and gospel rocker J. Spaceman (Spiritualized). And to round out his ambition, Gonzalez works in acoustic guitar, strings and saxophone, the latter ending “Midnight City,” M83’s best single to date (thanks mostly to its yelping, four-note synth chorus). Gonzalez claims Hurry Up was also inspired by Smashing Pumpkins’ own two-disker, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. But if it has a kindred spirit, it’s this year’s keyboard-laden score to the movie Drive. But while that work is dependent on the neonoir atmosphere onscreen, Hurry Up is a soundtrack without a celluloid counterpart — except for the one screening in your head. a





King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his army search for the invincible bow that will assist him in overthrowing the Gods on Mount Olympus. But Theseus (Henry Cavill) vows to avenge his mother’s death caused by the evil king, leading to a battle of epic proportions. Opens wide. J. EDGAR (R, 137 mins) See review, this issue. Opens wide. JACK AND JILL (PG, 93 mins) Jack (Adam Sandler) hates Thanksgiving because that’s when his twin sister Jill (also Sandler) comes to visit. This time her stay is extended to appease Al Pacino (playing himself), who has gained feelings for her. Opens wide. MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE (R, 120 mins)

See review, this issue. Suncoast, Colonnade A MOTHER’S STORY (NR) After spending seven years in America, Medy (Pokwang) has come home to her husband and children in the Philippines. With no money and a young daughter in need of costly medical procedures, Medy has to put together her now broken family. Village Square THE SKIN I LIVE IN (R, 117 mins) See review, this issue. Village Square

NOW PLAYING 50/50 (R, 99 mins) More of a comedy than a dramedy, this Jonathan Levine cancer film doesn’t hit you over the head with the preciousness of most movies on the topic. It has

Pedro Almodóvar looks beneath the surface of obsession with medical mystery The Skin I Live In BY MATT KELEMEN

Captive embrace


edro Almodóvar has a firm grasp of magical realism and the ability to create a world where things may not be as they seem. Whether the situation involves a coma patient’s unusually devoted caregiver (2002’s Talk to Her) or a spirit who gives guidance to her still-living daughters (2006’s Volver), the prolific Spanish director can unfurl narratives like Rod Serling. The plot points may not be too surprising, but the novelty and sensitivity with which he presents them pull the viewer in like a tractor beam and don’t let go. His latest film, The Skin I Live In, is more like being stuck in a house of creeps designed by David Cronenberg. It’s as compelling as the best of Almodóvar’s work, but it’s hard not to think about where the emergency exit is as the film gets intensely weird. Things start out innocently enough as mad Dr. Robert Ledgard (Antonio Banderas) merely seems to be holding a beautiful woman named Vera (Elena Anaya) captive in his mansion. Vera either resembles his dead wife (which will cause any casual Hitchcock fan to start to associate the film with Vertigo) or actually is his wife,who the rest of the world thinks is dead after being burned in a horrible car accident. Ledgard has developed an artificial skin, which ostensibly he has applied to Vera with extraordinary results. She’s beautiful, with a glowing complexion.



Next time on Mad Almodóvar’s opening scenes with Vera doing yoga in a flesh-colored body stocking indicate some kind Scientist Makeovers ... of symbolism and foreshadowing of what’s to come, but the revelations come slowly. Ledgard doesn’t just hold her captive with the help of a servant Marilia (Marisa Paredes), who apparently raised him. He obsessively monitors her via floor-to-ceiling television, giving the first sign that his grip on sanity is tenuous. Vera has been there long enough to treat her captivity as routine, though, and Ledgard is sane enough to deal with his daughter, Norma (Blanca Suárez), who is in a fragile mental state after her mother’s accident. A surprise visit by Marilia’s antisocial son Zeca (Roberto Álamo) upends the balance at Ledgard’s mansion. He remembers Vera, who doesn’t seem to remember him. Despite a painful assault that she seems to willingly submit to, she still wants him to rescue her. The situation is resolved violently before Almodóvar flashes back six years earlier to when Norma meets a young man named Vicente (Jan Cornet) at a party. Vicente tries and fails to score, but his decision to leave Norma alone in an unconscious state leads Ledgard to seek revenge. It also gives Almodóvar a chance to spin the story into truly bizarre territory. Any message about the ambiguity of gender that Almodóvar may have intended to get across is lost once the movie goes macabre. Ledgard’s misled revenge on Vicente is horrifying, although Almodóvar gets to film his version of the mad scientist laboratory in mesmerizing fashion. Yet as discomforting as the film becomes, Almodóvar’s victims are courageous in their resolve, and the filmmaker reaches highs in cinematography and casting. His emphasis of Anaya’s own extraordinary skin makes the mystery of what lies beneath Vera’s external appearance even more shocking than it would read in the screenplay. Serling would be freaked out by her fate, but he surely would appreciate the originality in storytelling. THE SKIN I LIVE IN Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Marisa Paredes, directed by Pedro Almodóvar, rated R, 117 mins


some mesmerizing sequences, and the understated, naturally likable acting of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (MK: 09.29.11) ANONYMOUS (PG-13, 130 mins)Setin the ElizabethanEra, along unanswered question is posed:Who actually wrotethe workcreditedto William Shakespeare?The answer might beamong the lustfulactions, greedyscheming, and illicitactions thatoccurred on- andoffstage.Village Square, Green Valley Ranch THE HELP (PG-13, 137 mins) Skeeter (Emma Stone), Aibileen (Viola Davis) and Minny (Octavia Spencer) form a daring friendship in Mississippi during the 1960s. The Help gives off a scent of Spielbergian sisterhood sappiness from a mile away. But new director Tate Taylor gives it the right touch. And the cast gels as an ensemble brings the film to life without letting its themes overshadow its characters. (MK: 08.11.11) Colonnade, Village Square IDES OF MARCH (R, 101 mins) A governor (George Clooney, who also directs) is a populist presiden-

tial candidate guided by Paul Zara (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and a press spokesman (Ryan Gosling), who makes that one small compromise that threatens his career and the campaign. This political thriller has slight overtones of classic Shakespearean plays and references to many political headlines, causing the storyline to blur at times. MK (10.07.11) Suncoast, Colonnade IN TIME (PG-13 109 mins) AfuturisticRobin Hoodtype tale wheretimeismoney,literally.WillSallas (Timberlake) triesto tip theunfairscalesof wealth more towardstheworking classand out of thehandsof the fatcats.Themetaphor isa littleheavy-handed, but the metaphor is,pardon thepun, timely.(CB:10.27.11) MACHINE GUN PREACHER (R, 127 mins) A true story about Sam Childers (Gerard Butler) an ex-con who has repented for his sins and works on two causes, building a church in Pennsylvania and an orphanage for refugees on the Uganda-Sudan boarder. The fascinating narratives get short-changed, but the film manages enough miraculous moments to keep us engaged. KC (10.07.11) Village Square MONEYBALL (PG-13, 133 mins) Based on a true story, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), uses an unorthodox statistical approach to forming a baseball team for the Oakland A’s 2002 season. Moneyball doesn’t use the typical rah-rah sports narrative. But Beane is a fantastically well-written role, giving Pitt one of the best op-


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5111 Boulder Highway, In The Casino • Exp Code 945#


PUSS IN BOOTS - REAL D 3D ($3.25 SURCHARGE) [PG] 1205 110 225 ABDUCTION [PG13] 1200 230 500 735 1010


Roger Ebert / ChiCago Sun-TimES


Bonnie Laufer / TRiBuTE EnTERTainmEnT


Blast of Entertainment.” marshall Fine / huFFingTonPoST.Com

330 445 550 705 810 925 1030

CONTAGION [PG13] 225 720

J. EDGAR [R] i1130 1250 235 355 540 700 845 1005

JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN [PG] 1155 225 455 725 955

SARAH’S KEY [PG13]1140 210 440 710 940 TOWER HEIST [PG13] 113012301302153154155006007007458459451030

MONEYBALL [PG13] 1245 345 645 945

PUSS IN BOOTS [PG]1135 1240 155 300 415 520 635 740 855 1000

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 [R] i12251302353404455557008109151025

50/50[R] i1200 455 950

REAL STEEL [PG13] 1200 105 300 405 600 705 900 1005


851 S. Boulder HWY at Greenway Rd • Exp Code 958# CERTIFIED • ADULT MATINEES DAILY

IMMORTALS - REAL D 3D ($3.25 SURCHARGE) [R] i425 725 1030 A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS - REAL D 3D ($3.25 SURCHARGE) [R] i320 535 750 1000 PUSS IN BOOTS - REAL D 3D ($3.25 SURCHARGE) [PG] 125 340 555 810 IMMORTALS [R] i130 915 1000 JACK AND JILL [PG]1205 110 225 330 445 550 705 810 925 1030 A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS [R] i110


DOLPHIN TALE [PG]1200 240 FOOTLOOSE [PG13]125 405 700 940 IN TIME [PG13]1145 220 455 730 1005 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 [R] i1245 300 515 730 1000 PUSS IN BOOTS [PG]1215 230 445 700 REAL STEEL [PG13]125 420 715 1010 THE THREE MUSKETEERS [PG13] 520 800 TOWER HEIST [PG13] 1150 220 450 720 950

9090 Alta Dr. & Rampart in the Suncoast Resort • Exp Code 947#



IMMORTALS - REAL D 3D ($3.25 SURCHARGE) [R] i1100 140 300 420 700 820 940 A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS - REAL D 3D ($3.25 SURCHARGE) [R] i155 255 410 520 630 740 850 DOLPHIN TALE - REAL D 3D ($3.25 SURCHARGE) [PG] 1110am THE THREE MUSKETEERS - REAL D 3D ($3.25 SURCHARGE) [PG13] 1155 515 1040 IMMORTALS [R] i1220 540 1100 JACK AND JILL [PG]1130 1215 100 145 230 315 400 445 530 615 700 745 830 915 1000


A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS [R] i1135am SILENCED [NR]1150 320 645 935 TAKE SHELTER [R] i1120 205 450 735 1020 COURAGEOUS [PG13] 1230 330 650 950 FOOTLOOSE [PG13] 1200 340 715 1015 IN TIME [PG13] 1205 240 515 750 1025 THE IDES OF MARCH [R] i1210 235 500 730 955 THE RUM DIARY [R] i1105 150 435 720 1010 MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE [R] i1140 210 440 710 940 THE WAY [PG13]1100 145 425 705 945

i ID Required







portunities to show what he can do. (CB: 09.22.11) PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 (R, 84 mins) Two sis-

ters befriend a dark spirit in their home, in the horror franchise’s prequel. PUSS IN BOOTS (PG, 90 mins) Before his life with Shrek, the flamboyant Puss (Antonio Banderas) was framed for a crime by that ne’er-do-well Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifiankis). THE RUM DIARY (R 120 mins) Even though Johnny Depp is able to play a young journalist named Paul

Kemp with an appetite for hard liquor and married women, the story comes from Hunter S. Thompson’s first book, back when he hadn’t become the Gonzo personality as most remember him. Director Bruce Robinson focuses more on Kemp’s boozing instead of his transition from a newbie to a slightly experienced journalist, one reason why there just isn’t much of a story. (MK: 10.27.11) SARAH’S KEY (PG-13, 111 mins) A journalist (Kristen Scott Thomas) sets out on a journey of self-discovery when she uncovers a story of a Jewish family forced out of their home, a home she now calls her own.

DRIVE (R) 5:20, 10:00 CONTAGION (PG-13) 12:10, 2:40, 5:10, 7:40, 10:15 DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (R) 12:30, 7:00 OUR IDIOT BROTHER (R) 12:45, 3:00, 7:50 COLUMBIANA (PG-13) 1:00, 3:45, 7:10, 9:50 RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (PG-13) 12:00, 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, 10:05 COWBOYS AND ALIENS (PG-13) 4:00, 9:30 THE SMURFS (PG) 11:50, 2:20, 4:50, 7:20, 9:45

Information for November 11th through November 17th



SHOLEM ALEICHEM (NR, 93 mins) More than just

a documentary about a man’s life, Sholem Aleichem follows the life of a humorist whose work connected with Jews from Eastern Europe during a tumultuous time. (CB: 10.20.11) Colonnade THE SMURFS (PG, 100 mins) Fleeing from an evil wizard’s clutches, the Smurfs fall out of the magical world and into New York’s Central Park. Tropicana TAKE SHELTER (R, 120 mins) Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon) is slowly loosing grip on reality as his hallucinations slowly drive him crazy. Anyone who has seen Revolutionary Road knows Shannon can play the part of an insane person well, but the slow, confusing storyline keeps this film from being the masterpiece it could be. (MK: 11:03:11) Suncoast TOWER HEIST (PG-13, 104 mins)AfterlosingeverythingtobillionaireArthur Shaw’s(AlanAlda)financial scheme, Josh Kovacs(Ben Stiller) andhiscrewplan revenge.With EddieMurphy, Casey AffleckandMatthewBroderick. A VERY HAROLD AND KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS (R, 90 mins) After years of growing apart, stoners Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) get together for the holidays in New York. THE WAY (NR 115 mins) An American doctor travels to France to recover the remains of his son. He then

decides to finish the journey his son started: to The Camino de Santiago, as a way of honoring him. Colonnade, Suncoast


familyisconcernedaboutwhowillgetBig Daddy’s (BurlIves)millions.Anadaptationofa Tennessee Williams’ famousplay,this1958filmalsostarsasElizabethTaylorand PaulNewman. Tue,1p.Clark County Library, 1401E.Flamingo Road,507-3400.Free. DON GIOVANNI (NR, 240 mins) The Metropolitan presents the classic opera composed by Mozart, with Mariusz Kwiecien as the infamous anti-hero. Fabio Luisi conducts. Encore presentation. Wed, Nov. 16, 6:30p. For locations and tickets, visit $18. DOOMED TO CONSUME (R, 80 mins) A contagious virus turns people into flesh-eating zombies, and a small group hiding in a farmhouse have no choice but to relocate. Saturday, 8p. The Sci-Fi Center, 900 E. Karen Ave., Suite D-202, 792-4335, $5 DR. WHO NIGHT (NR) Episodes from the BBC

IF THE INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARDS gave an award for films with the most bullshit copout ending, Martha Marcy May Marlene would be a shoo-in for 2011. There have been few narratives that have fallen as frustratingly flat as writer-director Sean Durkin’s story about Martha (Elizabeth Olsen), who escapes from a cult-like “family” only to drive her sister Lucy (Sarah Paulson) and brother-in-law Ted (Hugh Dancy) insane during their two-week vacation at a rental house in Connecticut. It’s frustrating because Durkin’s ambivalence is deliberate but doesn’t create the enigmatic effect he seeks. To begin with, Martha doesn’t give Lucy and Ted any idea of the traumatic experience she just went through. Martha just disappeared two years prior, but since the film opens with her running through the woods to escape the cult compound, she is obviously in trouble. Durkin sets up some questions that draw the audience in: What happened to Martha? Is the cult leader (John Hawkes) a David Koresh-like would-be prophet or a Charles Manson-type thrill-kill guru? How did Lucy and Martha get separated in the first place? While Durkin sets about lovingly photographing Olsen, creating a lyrical cinematic language and giving his actors plenty of character-study space, he leaves half of the mysteries unsolved. We get a lot of our answers in flashback, but Lucy’s complete failure to effectively get through to Martha is a writer’s choice that hinders believability, as is the cult’s ambiguous reason for being. Martha definitely has reasons to be traumatized, but her semi-brainwashed state shouldn’t have prevented her from spilling her guts about her experience at some point, despite her justified terror of the cult members catching up with her. The “you decide how it ends” ending cheats the audience instead of provoking thought, if that’s what Durkin intended, but it cheats the actors worse by having the film better identified for its cop-out close rather than their performances. MATT KELEMEN

Choose your own ending

TOWN SQUARE 18 I-15 I-15 & & 215 215 (LV (LV BLVD. BLVD. EXIT) EXIT) Voted Best of Las Vegas 2011 by Review-Journal Readers



WAS J. Edgar REALLY NECESSARY? J. Edgar Hoover, the first head of the FBI, surely has a life worthy of a biopic, but in the hands of Clint Eastwood and with the appalling casting of Leonardo DiCaprio as Hoover,the mission fails.Eastwood goes back and forth in time at a dizzying pace with no real benefit or attainment of cinematic style. It’s just confusing, and emphasizes how much time DiCaprio and Armie Hammer (as Hoover’s longtime companion Clyde Tolson) spent in the makeup chair. A far more linear narrative might have saved the film. As it stands, Eastwood starts off with Hoover as a young man in the right place at the right time. His lack of family and friends gives Coolidge Administration Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone (Ken Howard) the impression that he is the right man to work tirelessly as head of the new organization that will replace the Justice Department’s Bureau of Investigation.His own observance of violent acts by communists and anarchists gives him the wherewithal to think of himself as the right man, but his sense of masculinity is undermined by his doting mother (Judi Densch) and unsuccessful attempt to court his soon-to-be long-term secretary, Helen Gandy (Naomi Watts). “I’m going to show her my old card-catalog system at the Library of Congress,” he says to his mother before his date. Tolson is seen in silhouette on the other side of a glass door at first, his appearance resembling a secretary complete with hair in bun. The message isn’t subtle, but neither is Eastwood’s directing or DiCaprio’s acting.All the major aspects of Hoover’s life — his sexuality,hypocrisy,hatred of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King — that have become part of his myth are dealt with, but the jarring back-and-forth kills any momentum before it happens. No Oscars for this one. MATT KELEMEN

television show, chronicling the adventures of the eccentric time-traveling alien and his friends. Friday, 8p. The Sci-Fi Center, 900 E. Karen Ave., Suite D-202, 792-4335, $5 THE EXORCIST (R, 121 mins) The 1973 horror classic about a young girl horribly, horribly possessed by the devil. Monday, 8p. The Sci-Fi Center, 900 E. Karen Ave., Suite D-202, 792-4335, Free. GODZILLA DAY (NR) Monster program includes All Monsters Attack, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus and Godzilla: Final Wars. Friday, 11:30a. The Sci-Fi Center, 900 E. Karen Ave., Suite D-202, 792-4335, $5 MONDAY MOVIES (NR) Comedy features presented on a big screen. Monday, 9p. Freakin’ Frog, 4700 S. Maryland Parkway. 597-9702. THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (R, 98 mins) The cult classic will be accompanied by a live cast. Sat, Nov. 12, 11:45p. The Sci-Fi Center, 900 E. Karen Ave., Suite D-202, 792-4335, www.thescifirockyhorror.c om. $10. WAXWORKS (NR, 65 mins) 1924 horror feature where a poet writes stories for a wax museum owner’s show -- and falls in love with his daughter in the process. Tuesday, 8p. The Sci-Fi Center, 900 E. Karen Ave., Suite D-202, 792-4335, $2.50

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$6 TUESDAYS all shows, all times* $6 EARLYBIRD 1st matinees before 2pm* *upcharges apply

Showtimes for Friday 11/11 ONLY ROCK STAR BOLLYWOOD (PG) 1:50p, 5:00p, 8:10p J. EDGAR (R) 11:00a, 12:35p, 2:05p, 4:10p, 5:30p, 7:20p, 8:40p, 10:30p, 11:40p IMMORTALS 3D (R) 11:05a, 1:40p, 3:00p, 4:45p, 7:30p, 10:15p, 11:15p JACK AND JILL (PG) 10:45a, 11:25a, 12:15p, 1:10p, 2:10p, 3:30p, 4:35p, 5:15p, 6:30p, 7:10p, 8:10p, 9:00p, 10:05p, 11:25p IMMORTALS (R) 10:30a, 12:10p, 1:00p, 3:45p, 5:45p, 6:35p, 8:30p, 9:15p, 11:59p ANONYMOUS (PG-13) 12:20p, 7:45p, 10:40p A VERY HAROLD AND KUMAR CHRISTMAS (R) 5:50p A VERY HAROLD AND KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS (R) 11:35a, 1:55p, 4:15p, 7:00p, 8:05p, 9:30p, 10:25p, 11:59p TOWER HEIST (PG-13) 10:45a, 11:50a, 1:20p, 2:30p, 4:20p, 5:25p, 7:15p, 8:20p, 9:45p, 10:50p, 11:59p PUSS IN BOOTS (PG) 11:15a, 12:45p, 1:35p, 3:10p, 4:00p, 6:40p, 8:55p, 11:10p THE RUM DIARY (R) 3:55p PUSS IN BOOTS 3D (PG) 12:00p, 2:20p, 5:10p, 7:40p, 9:55p IN TIME (PG-13) 10:50a, 1:25p, 4:30p, 7:05p, 9:40p PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 (R) 10:35a, 2:45p, 5:40p, 7:50p, 10:00p, 11:59p FOOTLOOSE (PG-13) 2:40p, 10:35p REAL STEEL (PG-13) 11:00a, 11:20p THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-13) 11:55a *Denotes special engagement (no passes)

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Twilight Saga Tuesdays - Tix On Sale Now! Twilight Cups and Tubs available for A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS(R) Twilight Tuesdays, also for the Midnight show of Breaking Dawn on 11/17/11. 1:00 3:15 5:30 7:50 10:00 TOWER HEIST (PG–13) 11:30 12:00 2:00 2:30 4:30 Twilight: Breakin Dawn Part 1 tix are ON SALE NOW! 5:00 7:00 7:45 9:30 10:15 11:59 PUSS IN BOOTS (PG) 12:00 12:30 IMMORTALS 3D (R) DBox Motion Seating 11:30 2:00 PUSS IN BOOTS 3D(PG) 2:15 2:45 4:30 5:05 7:00 4:30 7:00 9:30 11:59

7:30 10:00

7:30 9:15 9:45

IN TIME (PG–13) 2:15 5:00 7:35 10:15 IMMORTALS 3D(R) 12:00 2:30 5:00 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 (R) 12:40 2:45 5:00 7:00 9:05

IMMORTALS 3D (R) 12:30 3:00 5:30 8:00 10:30 J. EDGAR (R) 12:00 1:00 3:00 4:00 6:00 7:00 9:00


JACK AND JILL (PG) 12:15 12:45 2:30 3:00 4:45

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 1 (PG–13) Advance Tickets Available

10:00 11:59

5:20 7:15 7:45 9:20 10:00 11:59

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The acerbic Sheridan Whiteside and the eccentric Sycamore family appear in two Kaufman & Hart plays being staged simultaneously BY DAVID MCKEE





Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Rob Kastil, left, and

lthough George S.Kaufman Scott Caster in The Man (1889-1961) and Moss Hart Who Came to Dinner (1904-61) wrote far more plays separately than together, the phrase “Kaufman & Hart” has become shorthand for classic Broadway comedy. By happy coincidence, their two most famous collaborations—1936’sPulitzerPrize-winningYouCan’tTakeItwith Youand1939’sTheManWhoCametoDinner—areenjoyingsimultaneous productions at CSN and Las Vegas Little Theatre, respectively. The Sycamores of You Can’t Take It with You are an extended family of dilettantes, social dropouts and misfits who blissfully pursue hobbies. The black sheep of the brood is daughter Alice (the adorably vexed Brenna Folger), who has taken a job on Wall Street and fallen for young exec Tony Kirby (Aaron Barry). Tony’s CEO father (Douglas H. Baker) and mother (Sonja Finley-Tratos) are exceptionally straitlaced, so when they’re invited for dinner the stage is set for what used to be termed “madcap antics,” involving explosives, snakes, Leon Trotsky and the FBI. The Man Who Came to Dinner reprises the culture-clash formula bydepositingfearsomeshowbizcolumnistSheridanWhiteside(Paul Kastil) on an Ohio stoop.The acid-tongued critic has suffered a slipand-fall while visiting industrialist Ernest Stanley (Scott Caster). He orders the plutocrats around like serfs and abets their kids’ nonconformist tendencies. Whiteside’s extended convalescence draws a flock of celebrities, ex-cons, journalists, broadcasters and wannabes — along with an Egyptian sarcophagus and a crateful of penguins. On paper, The Man Who … sounds hilarious and You Can’t Take

… comes off potentially trite,with its motto,“Life is pretty simple if you just relax.” But The Man Who’s heavy reliance upon 1930s topical references as zingers time-stamps it with a vengeance and may leave contemporary audiences mystified. Also, one production far exceeds the sum of its parts while the other doesn’t quite tally. You Can’t has the edge from the moment one sees designer Gary Carton’s realization of the Sycamores’ nest. It’s so full of period accoutrements, overstuffed furniture, floral-print wallpaper and sundry bric-a-brac that you’ll want to take up residence. Even on its own terms, Ron Lindblom’s The Man Who set looks cheap and unfinished. (A few extra coats of paint wouldn’t have hurt.) Co-directors April Holladay and Douglas H. Baker cause You Can’t to fairly float with unforced high-spiritedness and sunny optimism. This is radiantly embodied by mother-hen and amateur playwright Penny Sycamore (Jane Walsh, evoking memories of Carol Burnett). Kaufman and Hart’s plentiful punchlines are given a light, throwaway delivery, and nobody’s better at it than Ken Kucan as tax-protesting grandfather Martin Vanderhof. Presiding from his easy chair like a curmudgeonly monarch, Kucan casually scatters zingers and movingly renders Vanderhof’s climactic monologue. By contrast, Mario Mendez’s LVLT staging of The Man Who labors mightily for its laughs. Its sum effect is a manic competition of brilliant comedians. Holladay and Baker’s cast is variably talented: Kiha Akui’s Paul Sycamore is adequate,Aaron Barry’s Tony is a blank,Cody Scheppmann’s imperious Russian dancing master rants unvaryingly and some of the bit players are calamitous. But the tight ensemble work and immense likeability of CSN’s players ultimately prevails. A better director of actors, Mendez gets firm, memorable performances right down to the smallest role. Only Penni Mendez’s blandness as Whiteside’s quick-witted Girl Friday and the strenuous, unfunny hamming of Caster disappoint outright. (As costumer, Ms. Mendez has created an inexhaustible profusion of natty 1930s ensembles.) It’s a gem-studded cast, including: John Ivanoff’s obsequious physician; Gillen Brey and John Lind exuding professionalism as the Stanley’s servants; the wraith-like, otherworldly characterization of Susasn Breene as mysterious Harriet Stanley; or every delightful utterance of Andee Gibbs as Whiteside’s put-upon nurse. Ryan Balint (Bert Jefferson) makes a crisp,understatedly virile romantic lead. Whitesideenjoysbothhavingtheworlddanceattendanceuponhim and being an agent of mischief. To create a personage before whom all showbiz trembles is a daunting task and Kastil is persuasive. He’s the gravitational force keeping the production’s many planets in orbit. That’s impressive when scene-stealers like Mick Axelrod, Steve McMillan and Amy Seddon — playing characters modeled upon Harpo Marx,Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence — are poised to strike. Seddon’s Lorraine Sheldon seesaws amusingly between nymphomaniac banshee and great lady of the “theatuh.” Tickling the ivories and funnybone simultaneously, the playful charm of McMillan’s Beverly Carlton is topped only by Axelrod’s zany shtick. Axelrod’s Banjo appears late and his ingenious physical comedy is worth the delay. But one does wait, and LVLT’s lengthy succession of star turns finishes a stately second to CSN’s merry sprint. THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER Thursday-Saturday, 8 p.m., Saturday (Nov. 12 only) and Sunday, 2 p.m., through Nov. 20; Las Vegas Little Theatre, 3920 Schiff Drive, 362-7996, $21-$24. YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU Saturday, Nov. 12 and Friday, Nov. 18, 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 13 and Saturday, Nov. 19, 2 p.m.; Nicholas J. Horn Theatre, College of Southern Nevada campus, 3200 E. Cheyenne Ave., 651-5483, $10-$12.

ART NOTES A live interpretation of 10X10


The art of change Big plans for a downtown block; plus, pairing artists and writers A NEW FRONT DOOR?

Spray paint puffs into the night air like warm breath as artists work on the new mural at 916 Casino Center Dr., undeterred by the drop in temperature. Greg Brown fills in the white tooth of a three-eyed alien while Nate Murray fleshes out the steam exploding from the ears of an irate cartoon character. The image pairs Murray’s artistic passion with his Las Vegas art-scene frustrations.“We’re trying to get something happening here,” he says. The murals are just the beginning of the changes in store for 900 Casino Center Drive. Inspired by the model of Artspace Projects Inc., known for teaming up with cities to create live/ work spaces for artists,Royce Realty,owners of the 900 block property,wants to transform the area with artist lofts,galleries,performance spaces,landscaping and other amenities. “With Whirlygig being bought, we felt this was the right time to start this,” explained Kevin Plencner, vice president of Royce Realty. “This is the front door to the arts district. We want to follow in [Artspace’s] path.

We’re looking for a Band-Aid from the city for some short-term redevelopment.” Several artists have already moved into 916, forming the beginnings of a new First Friday destination. JENESSA KENWAY


The microphone was perhaps overkill, as the witty and transcendent prose of Las Vegas writers reverberated around the Clark County Rotunda Gallery. On Friday, the 10x10 exhibit partnered with the Vegas Valley Book Festival to highlight creative collaborations between artists and writers. Viewers chuckled as writer Becky Bosshart regaled them with a tale of bondage and the lesser-known fetish of “trampling” an individual beneath a sofa. Her prose was aptly paired with the weighty timbers of Jason Adkins’ sculpture, “Suckerpunch.” Dressing as a black-winged beetle enhanced Alissa Nutting’s reading of her Kafkaesque tale about the morbidly fascinating first date of a woman and an entomologist. The oversized “Emerging Derobrachus” sculpture by Jesse Smigel looked ready for a date with her. And Danielle Kelly and David Sanchez Burr’s “nowhereradio” reprised the medium of radio drama, the unusual chords of buttons, pine cones and hubcaps twanging an accompaniment that at times overpowered Kelly’s apocalyptic broadcast. The exhibit (sans writers) shows through Dec. 2 at the Government Center, 500 South Grand Central Parkway. JENESSA KENWAY

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One for the gringos


Mi Tierra owner Efrain Mendoza prepares Fajitas Supremas.

While the quality of Mexican food in Las Vegas has improved a bit over the past decade, there’s one niche in the market that has remained sadly lacking: mid-priced, sit-down restaurants. Yes, this town has a handful of great high-end casino Mexican restaurants,such as Border Grill,Diego and Dos Caminos. We also have a few exceptional, inexpensive counterservice joints that give you a real taste of authentic Mexican cooking, like Los Antojos and Los Jarochos. We’ve even had some very cool, midThe suburbs are underserved in priced Mexican fusion restaurants set up shop here, such as Agave. But the Mexican dining department. we’re sadly lacking in decent, sit-down places where you can get a wide variety of gringo-friendly Mexican dishes at reasonable prices. Perhaps Enter Mi Tierra. that’s why the sub-par Lindo Michoacan chain is so popular. And that’s BY AL MANCINI why I like Mi Tierra — a restaurant I would find fairly unremarkable in most other towns, but which fills a void in the Vegas ’burbs. Mi Tierra occupies a large corner space in a strip mall, which means it has lots of nooks and crannies. It’s decorated with a simple Mexican theme. It’s not fancy, but it’s nice. The menu is fairly extensive, but rather awkwardly arranged. The first page concentrates on predictable appetizers($6.95-$10.95)andunusualsalads($3.95-$11.95)scatteredamongstaprettylargevarietyofseafood.It has five types of soup: four large seafood versions ($10.95-$12.95) and a cup of chicken tortilla ($3.99). They’re followed on the menu by fish or shrimp offered in either garlic,“Mexican” or diabla style ($13.95-$15.95). Next up are Mexican “cocktails” of seafood choices, such as shrimp, octopus, oysters or clams served with shrimp broth, pico de gallo and avocado ($10.25-$14.50). And there are three seafood tostadas ($4.95-$6.95). Page 2 is where you’ll find all of the basic entrees like tacos, tamales, enchiladas, chile rellenos, chimichan-



gas and fajitas, either a la carte or on various combination platters ($3.25-$15.95). On the third page, you’ll find burritos ($7.95-$11.95), larger combination plates ($11.95-$14.95) and “house specialties” like slow-cooked pork ($13.95), breaded steak or chicken ($12.95) and two types of chile ($11.75). And on weekdays, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the restaurant offers 15 lunch specials priced between $7.50 and $9.50, including rice, beans, tortillas and a beverage. If you’re looking for a cocktail, Mi Tierra offers six margaritas ($4.50-$9) that can be made with any of 18 top-shelf tequilas. They also have a wide assortment of specialty cocktails ($6-$6.50), 20 types of beer ($2.75-$3.75), sangria ($4.75) and several wines by the glass ($4.95-$5.75). THE STAFF When my wife and I ALREADY paid Mi Tierra a visit on a recent weeknight, she SEEMS TO ordred the tortilla soup KNOW MANY with chicken to start, OF THEIR and I was surprised to learn a cup of the same REGULAR without chicken CUSTOMERS. soup was complimentary with my entrée. Neither was very good. Each was an extremely bland tomato broth with very little in the way of seasoning. Thankfully, things got better from there. My chicken tamale appetizer was simple but extremely good. I felt the same way about all of the components on the combination plate my wife ordered as her entrée: a beef burrito, a chicken taco, a cheese enchilada, rice and beans ($11.95). Each was a clearly Americanized version of a Mexican staple. But they hit the spot. The most impressive dish of our evening was my entrée. The seafood chile relleno was made with a large poblano pepper stuffed with shrimp and snow crab meat and sour cream sauce ($10.75). While poblanos are generally mild peppers, mine had a little kick to it. That made for a perfect contrast to the sweet seafood and the slightly sour sauce. Where all of my other dishes (except the disappointing soup) had been fairly predictable, the relleno stood out as a real signature item. The service was excellent. The place feels like a family-run operation. And while it’s still relatively new, the staff already seems to know many of the regular customers. The first words on the menu are “bienvenidos amigos” (“welcome friends”), and it’s a sentiment Mi Tierra takes seriously. MI TIERRA 1780 N. Buffalo Drive, 233-8018. Read more about the Las Vegas dining scene on Al Mancini’s blog,




BORN AND RAISED 7260 Cimarron Road, 685-

10271 Eastern Ave., Suite 109, 492-0216; 4480 Paradise Road, Suite 900, 641-7772. Putting a fusion spin on sushi, Kaizen’s choices range from the traditional to the bizarre. Their barbecued rib roll may be one of a kind, which is probably a good thing. SEN OF JAPAN 8480 W. Desert Inn Road, 8717781. This off-Strip Japanese fusion restaurant offers delicious food at far less than you’d pay in a casino. The menu features sushi, tempura, kushi yai skewered meat and both hot and cold fusion dishes. Can’t decide what to order? Try one of their two “omakase” tasting menus, reasonably priced at $50 or $80 per person. SWISH 5115 W. Spring Mountain Road, Suite 121, 522-9345. Swish offers shabu shabu, in which customers cook their own meat, seafood and vegetables in a pot of broth, and sukiyaki, where the same foods are cooked in a flat pan with sauce. Both are easy for newcomers to enjoy, and the restaurant’s staff is more than willing to lend first-timers a hand. KAIZEN

CHINESE 5300 W. Spring Mountain Road, 876-3838. Better-than-average Chinese food and great service in an elegant setting. The restaurant’s east wall is made up entirely of plate-glass windows, providing a wonderful view of the Strip’s parade of lights. CHINA MAMA 3420 S. Jones Blvd., 873-1977. This unassuming little Chinatown restaurant offers one of the most diverse selections of Chinese food in Las Vegas. Their soup dumplings have become legendary and should be a staple of any visit. But don’t stop there. The menu is massive and worth exploring — and thankfully written in English. Dine family style with a large group and you can easily get out of the place for between $10 and $15 a person. DIAMOND CHINA 3909 W. Sahara Ave., 873-6977. Our top pick for late-night Chinese food. HARBOR PALACE 4275 Spring Mountain Road, 253-1688. An open, bright atmosphere surrounds the fresh food and fast service. A wide variety of seafood, chicken and beef selections are supplemented with an interesting fruit drink menu.


VIETNAMESE 3400 S. Jones Blvd., Suite 2A, 418-1931. Forget the pho. You won’t find it on the menu at this hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant. They specialize in something different: broken rice platters known as com tam. They come topped with a large variety of meats, sausages and rice patties, all at unbelievably reasonable prices. (Even the most massive feast is less than $9.) If broken rice isn’t your thing, you can also substitute vermicelli.



KOREAN 4355 Spring Mountain Road, 383-3392. This tasty establishment departs from traditional Korean barbeque in that your server cooks the meat for you at the table instead of allowing you to do it yourself.


THAI 953 E. Sahara Ave., 731-6542. One of the longest-lived and most popular Thai restaurants in town. Watch out for the hot stuff, though. Even “medium” is blazingly spicy. LOTUS OF SIAM 953 E. Sahara Ave., 735-3033. The emphasis is on stellar Thai cusine rather than the décor. Monstrous menu, reservations recommended. MARNEE THAI 5600 W. Spring Mountain Road, 873-4831. Damn good Thai food, reasonably priced. KOMOL

FILIPINO 3400 S. Jones Blvd., 220-4488. A quirky little restaurant that feels like a small catering hall and serves primarily as a dance hall for Filipino expatriates. Some of the fare may be a bit exotic, but there’s something for everyone.


INDIAN 2218 Paradise Road, 366-0222. Simple décor, classic menu, good service and reasonable prices. INDIA PALACE 505 E. Twain Ave., 796-4177. Perhaps the best traditional Indian food in town, and a good value compared with its competitors. MINT INDIAN BISTRO (Formerly Himalayan CuiINDIA OVEN

sine) 730 E. Flamingo Road, 894-9334. This modest restaurant offers food native to India, Nepal and Tibet. You’ll find familiar dishes like vindaloo and tikka masala, as well as more exotic offerings like a broth made of jwanu seeds or a yogurt-and-herb marinated version of tandoori called kawab.

FUSION Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 693-7223. Martin Heierling’s restaurant boasts both innovative cooking and a stunning décor. The experimental and sometimes challenging menu incorporates Asian, Italian, grilled and raw elements in a way that will thrill more adventurous diners, but might frustrate the more traditional.

0258. While this popular west side video poker bar never shies too far from tavern basics, Chef John Courtney has put in time at a Michelin-starred Paris restaurant, and his talent is obvious. He offers a small-but-well-rounded menu, with an emphasis on gourmet sliders. There are a total of 15 on B.A.R.’s menu, and they include pulled pork, Philly cheese steak, prime rib and the Black Friday — a Thanksgiving concoction made with sliced turkey, incredible stuffing and cranberry sauce. BOSTON PIZZA 1507 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 3852595. One of the city’s best old-time pizza joints. Don’t order extra cheese unless you really mean it. BRAND STEAKHOUSE Monte Carlo, 3770 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 730-6700. Light Group’s venture into the steakhouse world is a hip, multi-level dining room set up for people-watching. The menu is modern, fun and comfortable, with a focus on steak, of course. Aspiring competitive eaters should try the 120-ounce porterhouse, which is intended to serve six, but is free if a single diner can consume the entire thing. Those with more modest appetites can choose from wide variety of other cuts. COFFEE PUB 2800 W. Sahara Ave., 367-1913. Sandwiches, salads, quiches and desserts, all fresh and tasty. One of the best outdoor dining places in the city. A top power-lunch spot, with routine celebrity sightings. CROWN & ANCHOR 1350 E. Tropicana Ave., 739-


AMERICAN Bally’s, 3645 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 964-4111. One of the finer dining experiences of its kind in Las Vegas — fabulous food and tons of it. BIG DOG’S DRAFT HOUSE 4543 N. Rancho Drive, 645-1404. Brats, beer and a warm décor make this Wisconsin-themed bar and restaurant a favorite for Midwesterners and locals. The original property in the Big Dog’s chain. BLT BURGER Mirage, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 792-7888. Yet another entry into the upscale hamburger world, BLT Burger is the brainchild of celebrated chef Laurent Tourondel. The menu isn’t as varied or as high-end as some of its competitors’, but it offers innovative, quality hamburgers in a casual-but-classy environment. And their spiked milkshakes aren’t to be missed. Unfortunately, they got off to a rough start in the service department, but that may improve with time.

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• 100% pure premium beef


• Gourmet toppings prepared by Chefs

• Fresh baked euro buns

2291 S. Fort Apache Suite#102 702.570.7560 (across from Chicago Brewing) buldogislv






8676; 4755 Spring Mountain Road, 876-4733. Great British fare served by English-accented servers amid a nautical décor. HASH HOUSE A GO GO 6800 W.SaharaAve.,8044646; 3535LasVegasBlvd. South, 254-4646.Open forbreakfast, lunch and dinner,Hash House A GoGo promises“twistedfarmfood,”which means theirchef putsa classyspin on down-homefavorites.Their real trademark, however,ismonstrous portions. PEPPERMILL INN 2985 Las Vegas Blvd. South,

describe as “everyday opulence.” Dine indoors or outside in the winding patio area, which features private cabana tables and trees strung with stainedglass lanterns.

MEXICAN 4175 S. Grand Canyon Drive, 579-3017. This quaint, homey restaurant manages to make you forget it’s located in a massive strip mall complex. More importantly, they offer great Mexican basics and some incredible house specialties. But call ahead for a reservation, because its reputation has obviously spread through its westside neighborhood, leaving it packed most nights. MUNDO World Market Center, 495 Grand Central Parkway, 270-4400. Fans who miss the Mexican avant-garde cuisine chef Robert Solano used to cook up at his southwest restaurant La Madonna will be happy to know he’s found a new home in the World Market Center. Mundo offers similar food in an equally similar modern atmosphere. Despite the World Market Center’s outdated reputation of being off-limits to the general public, Mundo’s doors are open to everyone for both lunch and dinner.



735-7635. An absolute Vegas treasure. This ’70sera coffee shop will keep you fed and happy until Dan Tanna returns. Huge portions. R.M. SEAFOOD Mandalay Place, 3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 632-9300. This fine seafood restaurant can boast a celebrity chef who actually works there and a wide variety of excellent, if pricey, dishes. Friendly service completes the experience. SAMMY’S WOODFIRED PIZZA Various locations. This fast-expanding chain serves weird-but-excellent pizzas and salads. SLIDIN’ THRU Various locations, The urban mobile food truck trend has finally come to Las Vegas. The first entrant, Slidin’ Thru, offers a wide variety of delicious, inexpensive sliders. Once you taste the seasoning on the kalbi rib version, you’ll understand why tech-savvy fans from all walks of life rabidly follow the location of this truck via Facebook and Twitter to chase down chef/owner Ricardo Guerrero’s sandwiches. TINOCO’S KITCHEN Las Vegas Club Hotel & Casino, 18 E. Fremont St., 385-1664. An eclectic menu at reasonable prices. You’ll find plenty of delicious Italian pastas, such as lobster ravioli. Other highlights include chicken satay and a filet mignon with foie gras in a port reduction. TRIPLE GEORGE GRILL 201 N. Third St., 384-2761. Patterned after a classic seafood and steakhouse, it offers a large selection of steak, chops and seafood as well as many more casual choices. There’s even a piano lounge where you can enjoy an after-dinner drink. VINTNER GRILL 10100 W. Charleston Blvd., 2145590. Contemporary American cuisine with Mediterranean influences in an atmosphere the owners


7185 W. Charleston Blvd., 3635988; 1820 N. Nellis Blvd., 438-0005. A familyowned restaurant that’s been operating since 1975. The specialty is catfish; they offer filets or fiddlers either fried, blackened or grilled. You’ll also find other Southern specialties, including frogs legs, alligator, oysters, ribs and fried green tomatoes at extremely reasonable prices, as well as daily all-youcan-eat specials. MEMPHIS CHAMPIONSHIP BARBECUE Various locations. Wonderfully realized, upscale barbecue joint. HUSH PUPPY


CUBAN 2055 E. Tropicana Ave., Suite 11, 795-7070. Buoyant atmosphere with deliciously prepared traditional Cuban cuisine. Serves wine and beer. Try the Cuban-style fruit shakes called batidos. FLORIDA CAFÉ Howard Johnson’s, 1401 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 385-3013. Real Cuban fare, seafood specialties and mild, mellow Latin American flavors. RINCON CRIOLLO 1145 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 3881906. Cuban mom-and-pop diner serving honest, simple food at reasonable prices.

EL SALVADORAN 720 N. Main St., 385-3600. Comfortable and sophisticated, with a distinctly Salvadoran menu.


PERUVIAN 845 S. Rainbow Blvd., 731-0826. If you don’t know how much fun Peruvians have, this place will be a revelation. Semi-exotic food that’s beautifully presented.


ARGENTINIAN 5300 Spring Mountain Road, 257-3331. Authentic Argentinean cuisine with Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese influences.


ETHIOPIAN 252 Convention Center Drive, Suite 8B, 732-4250. Adventurous diners should look up this hidden gem. The staff is extremely friendly and accepting of neophytes to Ethiopian cuisine.


FRENCH 2620 Regatta Drive, Suite 106, 804-8008. New management, same reliable French bistro cuisine on a man-made lake in the Desert Shores community. Delicious appetizers and entrees, liberal corkage fees and 950 varieties of wine. RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 731-7731. Tailored to the “money is no object” crowd, a bowl of soup will set you back $68, while the 10-course prestige menu runs $290 per person without wine. But you get what you pay for, and French master Guy Savoy’s sublime cuisine is perfectly prepared. With hip, modern décor, presided over by a young friendly staff, it’s not as intimidating as you might expect – until the check arrives. MARCHÉ BACCHUS


BRAZILIAN Mirage, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 791-7337. This Brazilian dining spot offers an all-you-can-eat parade of grilled delights. Meat lovers will salivate over skewers loaded with sirloin steak, teriyaki chicken, Portuguese sausages and much more. YOLIE’S BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE 3900 Paradise Road, 794-0700. Great house specials, including the Famous Grill, an extravaganza featuring excellent meats. SAMBA GRILL

732-1424. Old World-style Italian restaurant with an incredible memorabilia collection reflecting the Vegas of yore. Try the massive mound of scampi with linguine. NORA’S CUISINE 6020 W. Flamingo Road, 8738990. Originally a sub and pizza joint, Nora’s has expanded into a full-service, upscale dining room serving traditional Southern Italian and Sicilian dishes you won’t find many other places. PASTA PIRATE California Hotel-Casino, 12 E. Ogden Ave., 385-1222. The silly name and bizarre décor don’t take away from the quality Italian dishes, steaks and simple seafood. STRINGS ITALIAN CAFÉ 2222 E. Tropicana Ave., 739-6400. Classic Northern Italian food and a pleasant outdoor dining area. Elegant appetizers and affordable prices. VALENTINO Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 414-3000. Piero Selvaggio’s award-winning room serves great contemporary Italian dishes.

SPANISH The Plaza, 1 Main St., 380-1352 (temporarily closed); 3900 Paradise Road, 369-3971; 9560 W. Sahara Ave., 834-3814. This upscale bar offers a wide variety of tapas items, but a limited selection of entrees. What it lacks in authenticity it makes up for in taste. JULIAN SERRANO Aria, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd., 590-8520. Gourmet chef Julian Serrano, best known for his award-wining Bellagio restaurant Picasso, takes a more casual approach in his eponymous CityCenter tapas restaurant. The varied small plates include soups and salads, vegetarian dishes, meat and poultry, seafood, ceviches and their Peruvian cousins tiraditos, cheese and charcuterie. There are also some amazing larger portions of paella and a hodgepodge of modern concoctions referred to as “new tapas.” If you really want to splurge, however, try the pata negra, Iberico’s famed black ham. FIREFLY


4041 Audrie St.,

GREEK 5239 W. Charleston Blvd., 878-6393; 7660 W. Cheyenne Ave., 658-9729. Adding a little variety to the fast food world with Greek dishes rather than burgers and tacos. The menu features gyros, souvlaki and falafel, as well as side dishes of spinach or cheese pies. Good enough for those times when you’re probably going to eat fast food anyway.


GERMAN CAFÉ HEIDELBERG 610 E. Sahara Ave., 731-5310.

One of the only real German eateries in town. It offers all of the traditional dishes, plus good beer and a complete deli and store.

IRISH J.C. WOOLOUGHAN JW Marriott, 221 N. Rampart

Blvd., 869-7777. Even though the hotel that houses it has changed hands several times, this finest of real Irish pubs is still doing it right. SEAN PATRICK’S 8255 W. Flamingo Road, 2279793. A wonderful mix of Irish pub and family restaurant.

RUSSIAN RED SQUARE Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd.

South, 632-7407. Classically upscale Russian food served in an almost-Gothic space especially designed to encourage the consumption of vodka.

MIDDLE EASTERN 9890 S. Maryland Parkway, Suites 16-17, 450-1030. This Lebanese Green Valley hot spot brings in belly dancers and DJs to perform for packed houses every Friday and Saturday night, and has an attached hookah bar. But the star attraction is the Middle Eastern food. Expect all the basics, including falafel, kabobs and shawarma, as well as several varieties of manaish, Lebanese pizza. You’ll also find an impressive selection of beer and wine.




chine, thus finding it difficult to choose the least of many well-liquor Technicolor evils. “Uh, I’ll have the … Island Tea.” The bartender is black-clad and eyelinered, incongruous with the tropical atmosphere. “What size? The large is $20, the football is $15 and the small is $12.” She shrugs.“Or I can make you a regular Long Island for four bucks.” “Yes, please.” I take a sip — powerful, even more so without the novelty slush. Drinking Companion orders a football full of cheap beer as an unusual yet familiar sound rings out: a flurry of silver coins tumbling from a nickel slot jackpot. A woman in a housecoat stares at her win, hands rising up and curled in a gesture that is half-prayer, half-boxer. Strong drink and payout in coins: Screw the Rat Pack, that’s classic Las Vegas. We drift back out onto Fremont. A pack of European tourists pass, dangling boxy, oldfashioned Nikon cameras. A man walks by in a full Smurf costume, even though Halloween was last week and his companions are in civilian gear. I’m contemplating my next signature beverage — $1 Margarita, $2 Corona, unRick James and Elvis live on convincing cheap rum cocktails — but then I at Fremont Street Experience notice a pair of passing cowboy hats carrying worth 10, kid in a stroller past midnight is five, malt liquor energy drinks in their non-Marlmidget is five, nun is 10 ... you get the idea. boro hands, and it all becomes clear. “Wedding party.” My Drinking Companion So here I am, wiping powdered sugar off gestures at a girl in a fluffy white dress with of my fingers, the deep-fried Oreo’s cookie/ a small flotilla of Black Swan bridesmaids. cream maintaining its textural integrity even “Fifteen?” in the center of a wad of hot dough. Four Loko “Only if you can find a groom. ... Whoa!” tastes like Colt 45 with a packet of grape KoolSaid groom is dressed in an orange tuxedo. Aid. As the hair-metal tribute band opens Jacket, pants, vest, shirt, tie, all Sunkist-vivwith a Bon Jovi number, Drinking Companion id. Two groomsmen attired in yellow and accepts the rest of the Oreos and gestures at pink tuxes trail behind. the scene. “This is the 99 “I should ask where I AM DEEPLY DUBIOUS percent.” they got their suits …” “More like 90. Eighty. OF ANY COCKTAIL “Father of the Bride Who the fuck wants to go THAT COMES OUT rolling with the joke,” I the Strip anymore?”I take add. “Five points.” Yup, a swig of my malt liquor OF A WASHING there he is, bald, retired beverage and chuckle. MACHINE. and game for head-to-toe The more I drink this baby-blue polyester if it stuff, the better — or less makes his little girl happy. bad — it tastes. “This is We head for Mermaid’s (32 Fremont St., where the white trash of Nebraska can mingle 382-5777), sidestepping the greeters in their with the white trash of Florida …” bedsheet Carmen Miranda outfits. Every “Onalevelplaying field.Freefromdiscrimisurface seems to be sticky and, even though nation and fear,” added Drinking Companion. it’s November, the place still reminds me of “… and perhaps give birth to the white Coney Island in August. We meander through trash of Arizona.” drunks and slot machines to the bar. The We clink plastic cups as something whitedrinks come in blue, green, orange, two pinks and-red catches my eye. A bearded guy with and three yellows, all doused with Everclear long hair, wearing a white robe and Teva or Bacardi 151. I am deeply dubious about sandals, heading toward impersonator alley. any cocktail that comes out of a washing ma“Jesus. Ten points.”

There’s nothing like watching shameless tourists while drinking like them, too BY LISSA TOWNSEND RODGERS

Fremont freak experience


live here. Not that you’d think so. Standing on the corner of First and Fremont streets on a Saturday night, deep-fried Oreo in one hand, tallboy of grape-flavor Four Loko in the other, gazing up at the KISS montage overhead like any other outtatowner. But it’s what I do sometimes: Head downtown and gawk at life’s rich pageant. When it stays in Las Vegas, here’s where they leave it. Where church ladies strut in stiletto heels and Daisy Duke shorts. Where people eat hot dogs reminiscent of John Holmes in full public view. Where Fake Fat Elvis uses the camera of a middle-aged Midwestern couple to take their picture with Fake Rick James — that one’s worth 10 points, I believe. Yes, the Fremont Street Weird Watch,

a point-based game to play alone or with friends, by using a homemade bingo card while having a latte, or trying to do math in your head while drinking a vodka Red Bull ($3 at the Fremont; it also sells Jäger bombs for $4). The overfroth of mediocre celebrity impersonators means a mere appearance doesn’t rank: It’s gotta have a twist. Like one Rascal mobility scooter gets you nothing, but when pompadour-and-windbreaker old guy is passed on the left at breakneck speed by jogging-suit-and-watch-cap old guy, that’s 10. Maybe 20 if there’s trash-talking. A catfight is 10 points, 20 if either combatant removes their earrings/nails before tussling, but lovers’ quarrels are only five. A bachelorette party is five, with a bonus five if the bride is carrying/ wearing a pink plastic penis. Puddle of vomit





LIVE MUSIC [ N O V. 1 0 T O 1 6 ] Average White Band (8p, $19.95-$32.50) STAR OF THE DESERT ARENA @ BUFFALO BILL’S

Melissa Etheridge (8p, $43.95-$87.95)



Saint Paul Oratorio (3p, $8-$18) ARTS FACTORY

Reggae Fest: HaleAmanO, ONEness Vibe, Lady Reiko (12p, free) BEAUTY BAR

High on Fire, Indian, Demon Lung (9p, $10-$15) THE BUNKHOUSE



NOV. 10


Mack, Bird by Bird, Trophy Fire (10p, free) BOOK & STAGE @ COSMOPOLITAN

Bushwalla (10p, free)



Candy Warpop, Close to Modern, Lipstick Killas (9p, free)

Big B, Moonshine Bandits, Ceekay Jones, others (11p, $15-$30)



Hemoptysis, Tim Raldo, Reverend Lord’s Unholy Saints, others (9p, $5)

Santana (8p, $151-$191)



Minor Suns, Aurea Verba, White Orange (10p, $5) BOOK & STAGE @ COSMOPOLITAN

Mates of State (10p, midnight, free) BOOMERS

A Night of Thickness (11p, $5-$10) THE BUNKHOUSE


Tarah Grace &The Magnetics (10p, free) MEATHEADS

False Purpose, Nebula X, Mr. Caine, others (9p, cover) MOTOR CITY CAFE

Monster Zero, World Record (9p, cover) OVATION @ GREEN VALLEY RANCH

Mates of State (10p, midnight, free)

Rooftop Ridicule, Black Beans & Hippie Liver, Jack & The BFish, others (9p, cover)

Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine (8p, $35-$99)




Impiety, Predatorial, Vesterian, others (9p, $10)

Putrid Pile, Rottenness, Meat Shits, others (8p, $10)

Our Lady (12a, free))




Shake N Bake, Glass Elevator (10p, cover) THE CLUB @ THE CANNERY

Felix Cavaliere (8:30p, $23.95) DOUBLE DOWN SALOON

Standing Strong, Conversation Kills, Danger Friends U.S.A., others (10p, free)

Santana (8p, $151-$191) MANDALAY BEACH


Bonded By Blood (7p, cover) LVCS

Hip Hop Roots: Blu (10p, $8) YAYO TACO

NOV. 16


NOV. 12


Yellowcard, others (6p, $20-$23)



Common War, I Omega, Rule of Thumb, others (9:30p, $5)

Naked City Romeos, Stainless Steel Ride, Sensitive Side (9p, cover)






Orgone (10p, free)

Thunderfist, The Involuntarys, Lambs to Lions, others (10p, free)


Santana (8p, $151-$191)

Gary Sinise & The Lt. Dan Ban (2p, $20)


FnkyOmGrwn (8p, free)




Pierce the Veil, Miss May I, Woe Is Me, others (5p, $15-$17)

Andre Nickatina (8p, $22-$27)

Rare Earth (8:30p, $19.95)

Parker Roads, Two Point Suspicion (8p, free)



Substance (8p, cover) Mac Miller (7p, $22.50-$26)

Kevin Seconds, Cunt Sparrer, Shotguns N Gasoline, others (8p, $10)

Kowloon Walled City, Atlas Moth (8p, free)


Bypassing Oblivion (7p, $8)

7300 AlianteParkway, 6927777, Lounge: Thu:JohnnyDouglas,8p.Fri:RickDurante,8p. ElliotSzabo,12a. Sat:AcousticSoul,7p.Wed:Live music,8p.MRKTSea&Land:Fri-Sat:DaveRitz,7p. ARTIFICE 1025 S. First St., 489-6339 or Open Thu-Wed, 5p-1a. BAR+BISTRO COURTYARD Arts Factory, 107 E. Charleston Blvd, 202-6060, BEAUTY BAR 517 Fremont St., 598-1965, Thu-Sat: Local and touring bands, 9p, free unless noted. BIKINI BAR 3355 Spring Mountain Road, 4855401. Tue: Rockin’ Blues and Classic rock with The Blues Storm Nation, 9p, free. BLACK DOOR BAR AND GRILL 4640 Paradise Road, 369-9279. Wed: Live music. BOOMERS BAR 3200 Sirius Ave., 368-1863, Fri-Sat: Live music, 10p, $5 unless noted. Mon: Open blues jam session with host band Four Until Late, 9p, free. BOOTLEGGER BISTRO 7700 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 736-4939, m. Live music nightly. Tue-Thu: Gus Mancuso, 6: 30p. Second and fourth Wed: Jerry Lopez and friends, 10p. Fri-Sat: Live music, 9:30p. Mon: Open mic with Kelly Clinton, 9p. All shows free. BOULDER DAM BREWING CO. 453 Nevada Highway, Boulder City. 243-2739, www.boulderdamb Thu-Sat: Live music. BOULDER STATION 4111 Boulder Highway, 4327777, Kixx Bar: Thu, Sat: Van De Guzman, 7p. The Railhead: Thu: Swing with Jerry Tiffe, 2p. First and third Thu: Boulder Blues series, 8p, $5. Fri: La Nueva Live Mix, 10p, men $5. Sat: Yellow Brick Road, 10p, free. Sun: Latin night, Noche Nortena featuring El Moreno Carrillo Y Su Banda Tierra Sagrada, 9p, $5 ladies, $10 men. BUNKHOUSE SALOON 124 S. 11th St., 384-4536. Thu-Sat: Local and touring bands, 9p, free unless noted. Wed: Wednesday Night Hype hip hop show, 9p. Tue: Blues jam with Lipz and Bunkhouse blues band, 10p. CHEYENNE SALOON 3103 N. Rancho Drive, 6454139. Wed-Sat: Live music, 9p. Sun: Live music, 6p. Cover varies. CHOICES PUB AND SHOWROOM 6720 W. Cheyenne Ave., 547-3747, Fri-Sat: Live music, 9p, free. Tue: The Chicago Blues Busters, 8p, free. Wed: The GP Entertainer Tribute Artists Show, 8p, $5. THE COSMOPOLITAN 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 698-7000. Book and Stage: Touring and local acts, 10p and midnight, free. COUNT’S VAMP’D 6750 W. Sahara Ave., 2208849, Thu: Local music, 10p. Fri-Sat: Live music, 10p. Wed: John Zito Band, 9p, free. DADDY MAC’S 2920 N. Green Valley Parkway, 272-0913. DON’T TELL MAMA 517 Fremont St., 207-0788.



Cabaret-style piano bar.

Toto Zara,7p. Fri-Sat:TotoZara,9p,free. Rocks Lounge:Thu: Acousticjam,8p. Fri:ZowieBowie,10p. Sat: PartyontheRocksconcert series, 9p,$30. Franky Perez,10p.Sun:JazzwithTheSteven LeeGroup featuringRoccoBarbato,7p.Mon:DianDiaz,8p. THE RIVIERA 2901 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 7345110, Queen Victoria Pub: Sun: Acoustic Open Jam, 8p. Tue: Jamaica Me Crazy with Bonafide, 8p, free for locals.

DOUBLE DOWN SALOON 4640 Paradise Road, 791-

5775. 2031 E. Sunset Road, 437-8764, Sat: Real Old School Jazz, 2p, $10. Mon: Jazz, 7:30p, $10. Tue: The Ryan Whyte Maloney Band, 8:30p, $10. Wed: Blues night, 8:30p. FREAKIN’ FROG 4700 Maryland Parkway, 5979702, Thu: Singers and songwriters, 9:30p. Sat: Live music, 9:30p. Tue: Freakin’ Jazz Jam, 9:30p. Skip Martin and Niles Rivers hosts JamCast, 10:30p. All shows free. GOLD COAST 4000 W. Flamingo Road, 367-7111, Lounge: Tue-Thu: Gold Coast Classics, 2p. Fri: Variety Caval Code, 2p. TueSun: Live music, 7:30p-1:30a. Fri: Live music, 9-2: 30a. Sat: Latin. $10. GOLD MINE TAVERN 23 S. Water St., Henderson, 478-8289, ThuSat: Live music, 9p, free. GORDON BIERSCH BREWING COMPANY 3987 Paradise Road, 312-5247, Sun: Jazz Brunch, 12p-3p. GREEN VALLEY RANCH RESORT 2300 Paseo Verde Parkway, 617-7777, www.greenvalleyranchr Lobby Bar: Fri: Jeremy Cornwell 8:30p. Sat: Ryan Calhoun, 8:30p. Hank’s Steakhouse: Thu: Kelly Christian on guitar, 6:30p. Tue, Fri-Sat: Peter Love, 6:30p. Wed: Guitarist and singer Dave Ritz performs Top 40 hits from 6:30p. Ovation Lounge: Thu: Rotating acts, 8p, free. Third Thu: The Guilty Pleasures, 8p. Fri: Yellow Brick Road, 10p. 2nd, 4th Fri: Strung Out acoustic sessions, 6p. Sun: Zowie Bowie The Vegas Show, 6p, $10. Pond: 1st, 3rd Sat: Reggae with Michael Black, 6p. 2nd, 4th Sat: Reggae with HaleAmanO, 6p. Quinn’s Irish Pub: Thu, Sat: Darby O’Gill and The Little People, 9p. Fri: ’Nuff Said classic rock, 10p. THE GRIFFIN 511 Fremont St., 382-0577. Wed: Live music, 10p. HARD ROCK CAFE 3771 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 650-8590, HENNESSEY’S TAVERN 425 Fremont St., Suite 110, 382-4421, Fri: Live music, 9p-2a. HOUSE OF BLUES Mandalay Bay 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South, 632-7600, lasvegas. Courtyard: Thu: Acoustic Strip, acoustic showcase hosted by Michael Soli, 8p, free, all ages. Fri-Sat: Live blues, 9p, free. Sat: Azul Latin night, 11p, 21+, free. Sun: Gospel Brunch and music, 10a1p. Adults, $37; kids, $17. Motown, Rhythm and Blues: Ronnie Rose Band, 8p, free, all ages. Mon: Live blues, 8p, free. Tue: Alternative Tuesdays, rotating bands, all ages, 8p, free. Wed: Nothin’ But The Blues, all ages, 8p, free. Crossroads: Thu: Kalleton, music by AJ El Kallejero, 10p, free. Sun: Hana Hou Sundaze, live Island Reggae bands, 10p, $5. ITALIAN AMERICAN SOCIAL CLUB 2333 E. Sahara, 457-3866. Thu: Throwback Thursdays. Swanky Supper Club Experience, 6p, $10. LINDO MICHOACAN 10082 W. Flamingo Road, 8389990, Thu, Sat-Sun, Tue-Wed: Pianist, 6p. Fri: Mariachi Nuevo, 6:30p.


ROCK ‘N ROLL WINE TASTING ROOM & SOUND BAR M Resort 12300 Las Vegas Blvd. South,

MELISSA ETHERIDGE: Nov. 12 at Star of the Desert Arena

MUSICVENUES The Aruba 1215 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 383-3100 Beauty Bar 517 Fremont St., 598-1965 Book & Stage The Cosmopolitan, 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 698-7000 Boomers 3200 N. Sirius Ave., 3681863 Boulder Dam Brewing Co. 453 Nevada Hwy, Boulder City, Nev., 979-3976 The Box Office 1129 S. Casino Center Blvd., 388-1515 The Bunkhouse Saloon 124 S. 11th St., 384-4536 Charleston Heights Arts Center 800 S. Brush St., 229-1012

Cheyenne Saloon 3103N.RanchoDrive,6454139 Crown Theater Rio, 3700 W. Flamingo Road, 733-8229 Double Down Saloon 4640 Paradise Road, 791-5775 Freakin’ Frog 4700 Maryland Parkway, 597-9702 Griffin 511 Fremont St., 382-0577 Hard Rock Cafe 3771 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 650-8590 House of Blues Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 6327600 The Joint Hard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise Road, 693-5066

425 Fremont St., 382-3531, Thu: Local and loud, 10p, free. Fri-Sat: Live music, 10p, free. Sun: The Funtastics: King Vs. Cash, 50s rockabilly band, 9pm, free. Mon: Surf City with The Swank Bastards, 8p, free. Tue: Hip Hop Roots hosted by HighDro and Jay R Beatbox, 10p, free. Wed: Jamboree hosted by The Vagabonds, 8p, free. MANDARIN ORIENTAL Mandarin Bar, 3752 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 590-8888. Thu: Chandler Judkins Quartet, 7p. Fri: The Definitive Trio, 10p. Sat: “Trio Caribe,” 10p. Wed: Brian Czach Jazz Trio, 7p. MCMULLAN’S IRISH PUB 4650 W. Tropicana Ave., 247-7000, Fri: Live music, 9p. Sat: John Windsor, 8p. Sun: Irish McSessions, 6:30p. Wed: Darby O’Gill and The Little People, 10p. MEATHEADS 1121 S. Decatur Blvd., Suite 120, 8704440, Fri-Sat:


Las Vegas Country Saloon 425FremontSt.,382-3531 Las Vegas Hilton 3000 Paradise Road, 7325755 Mandalay Bay Events Center 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 632-7580 MGM Grand Garden Arena 3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 891-7777 Orleans Arena 4500 W. Tropicana Ave., 284-7777 The Pearl The Palms, 4321 W. Flamingo Road, 944-3200 Planet Hollywood Theatre for the Performing Arts 3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 785-5055

The Railhead Boulder Station, 4111 Boulder Highway, 432-7777 Star of the Desert Arena Primm Valley Resorts, 31900 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 386-7867 Vamp’d 6750 W. Sahara Ave., 2208849 Winchester Cultural Center 3130 S. McLeod Drive, 455-7340 Yayo Taco 4632 S. Maryland Parkway, 262-0201 Zia Record Exchange, East 4225 S. Eastern Ave., 735-4942, all ages Zia Record Exchange, West 4503 W. Sahara Ave., 233-4942, all ages

Live music 10p. 4500 W. Tropicana Ave., 365-7111. Brendan’s Irish Pub: Wed: Sixties Mania, 8p. Thu: Killian’s Angels, 8p. FriSat: Killian’s Angels, 9p. Bourbon Street Cabaret Lounge: Thu-Fri, Sun: San Fernando Band, 9p. Tue: Crush, 9p. Wed: Sounds of Detroit, with The Nite Kings, 4p. All shows free. PALACE STATION 2411 W. Sahara Ave., 367-2411. Jack’s Irish Pub: Thu: Wild Celts, 7p. Fri: Darby O’Gill and the Little People, 9p. Sat: Finnegan’s Wake with the rock o’ the Irish from 9p. Showroom: Sat: Sante Fe and the Fat City Horns, 12a. Tue: Jerry Tiffe, 2p. PALMS LOUNGE 4321 W. Flamingo Road, 9427777, Sun: Franky Perez, 10p, free. Mon: Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns, 10:30p, $7. Tue: Frankie Moreno with guests, 10p, $7. RED ROCK CASINO 11011 W.CharlestonBlvd., 7977777, Tue-Thu: Fri: Live music, 5p and 9: 30p. ROYAL RESORT HOTEL 99 Convention Center Drive, 563-2795. Thu-Sat: Boardwalk Nites! 50sMotown, 9p. Adult $19.95, kids $5. Sun: Sunday Sermon, open mic hosted by Bryan Todd and Ryan Pardey, 9p. Mon: Rocket 8p. SUNSET STATION 1301 W. Sunset Road, 547-7777, Club Madrid: 500-seat showroom. Fri: Sin City Sinners, 9p. Sat: Nawgahyde, 9p. Rosalita’s Cantina: Fri-Sat: Shawn Eiferman, acoustic power duo, 6p. TEXAS STATION 2101 Texas Star Lane, 631-1000, A-Bar: Thu: Justin Mather, 5:30p. Fri-Sat: Darrin Michaels, jazz, 7p. Sun: Darrin Michaels, 5:30p. Martini Ranch: Wed: Sideshow 5:30p. Fri: Betsy Holm, 6p. Sat: Kelly Christian, 5: 00p. South Padre Lounge: Thu: La Nueva 103.5 Live Mix with Jesus Chuy Espiricueta, Latin night, 9p, ladies $5 after 11p, men $10. Fri: Latin with Hermanos Padillas, 9p, ladies $5, men $10. Sat: Escencia Colombiana, 10p, $5-$10. THUNDERBIRD LOUNGE Aruba Hotel, 1215 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 383-3100, Fri-Sat: Live music, 7p, free. Fri: Aruba Swings, 7p, free. Swing dancing lessons, 6p-7p, free. TOMMY ROCKER’S 4275 Dean Martin Drive, 2616688, Fri-Sat: Rock-N-Roll Sing Along, 9:30p. Tue: Open Jam with John Zito. YAYO TACO 4632 S. Maryland Parkway, 262-0201, Live music nightly. Mon: Cumbia and dancing, DJ Que Curado, 5p-11p. Tue: Jazz, 7p. Fri: Music and comedy monthly, 8p. First Sat: Music and poetry. Second Sat: Acoustic in association with Pet Rescue Project, 12p.


DJS/NIGHTCLUBS 4633 Paradise Road, 7910100, Thu-Wed, opening times vary. Thu: “Thrust Thursdays,” DJs. Fri-Sat: DJs. Sun: “El Deseo,” Latin country and dance music. Tue: “La Noche Latin” Latin dance music. Every 1st Friday: “Glomo,” DJs. ARTISAN HOTEL 1501 W. Sahara Ave., 214-4000. Thu, Wed: saxophonist Martin Mancuso, 5:30p. Fri: “Shake and Pop” with DJ Mike Attack, Justin Baule and others. Sat: afterhours with residents DJ Mike Attack, Steller and others, spinning electro, house/ progressive, techno, tech, 2a. AREA 107 3281 N. Decatur Blvd., #170, 302-8377 or ARTIFICE 1025 S. First St., 489-6339 or 8 1/2 AND PIRANHA





CONT. FROM P31 Open Thu-Wed, 5p-1a. Fri: “Free Flow Fridays” with Gables and Doodle, 10p. Sun: “Black and White,” with Doug De Nada and Rex Dart, 9p. Tue: “So You Think You Can DJ?” 10p. AZUL TEQUILA NIGHTCLUB 111 N. 7th St., 4766498. Fri: Kinky Reggae Fridaze, 10p, $5-$10. AZURE LUXURY POOL Palazzo, 3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Fri-Sun, 11a6p. Fri: Femme Fridays with femals DJs. Sat: Stereo Love Saturdays with global house DJs. Sun: Dolce Vite Sundays with house DJs. BACKDOOR 1415 E. Charleston Ave., 385-2018. THE BANK Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 693-8300. Thu: DJ Eddie McDonald; house, hiphop, soul. Fri-Sat: DJ David Christian; mash-up, house. Sun: “Industry Sundays” with DJ Karma; hip-hop, mash-up, house. 10:30p-4a. THE BEATLES REVOLUTION LOUNGE Mirage, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 692-8383. Thu: “Throwback Thursdays,” with DJ Earwaxxx. Fri: “Chick!,” DJ G Minor. Sat: “Celebrity Saturdays” with DJ Trenz; hip-hop, R&B, top 40. Sun: “Closet Sundays” gayfriendly dance party. Mon: “Le Maison,” Cirque du Soleil cast after-party with DJs Shane Thomas and Sarah Fab, mashups to start, house to close. Wed: “Rocket,” Industry night with DJ Spair. BEAUTY BAR 517 Fremont St., 598-1965, Nightly; most events 10p. Mon: Monday Night Karaoke. Thu: Ladies night, unless noted. 1st Fridays: “The Get Back” funky soul dance party with DJ John Doe and special guests. 4th Saturdays: “Say What?!” featuring DJs and bands, 10p. BLACK DOOR BAR AND GRILL 4640 Paradise Road, 369-9279. Sat: Ladies night with DJ Jack Slammy. BLUE MARTINI Town Square, 6593 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 948-6438. Thu: “Noches Azul Latin Thursdays,” 10p. Fri: “Undisputed Grooves” house/ electronic party with DJ Damien Jay, 11p. Sat: “Ultimate Saturdays,” 11p. Mon: “Manic Mondaze,” 8p12a; “Industry Night,” 12a. Tue: “Top 40 Tuesday,” 9p. Wed: “True Blue Ladies,” 11p. CASA FUENTE 3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 7315051. Thu: “Ritmos Caliente,” 8p-11p. CATHOUSE LOUNGERIE Luxor, 262-4228, Blue Room: “Madame Mondays” house party with resident DJ Ikon. Red Room: Hip-hop with DJ Kram. Mon., Sat., DJ Ikon. Wed: “Vanity” with DJ Relapse, 10:30p. Thu: “Stiletto” with DJ AL3, electro, house, mash-up, 10p. Locals free. Fri: “Lush Fridays” with DJ Audiomoe, hiphop, old-school, top 40, house. THE CHANDELIER The Cosmopolitan, 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 698-7000. DJs daily. . CHATEAU Paris, 3655 Las Vegas Blvd. South. 7767770 or Open FriSun, Tue, 10p. Tue: Industry night. $20-$30; local ladies free. CHI/FORBES KTV 3400 S. Jones Blvd., 368-2801. CHOICES PUB AND SHOWROOM 6720 W. Cheyenne Ave., 547-3747, Sat: “An Afterhours Boogie Down,” top 40, house, rock, reggae, 11:59p, $5.



Rio, 3700 W. Flamingo Road, 733-8229. Thu: top 40, hip-hop, dance. $20-$30. Fri: “Ladies Night,” hip-hop, R&B, 10:30p, $20. Sat: “Sinful Saturday,” with DJ Dre Dae, Hip Hop and R&B, 10:30p. $30. Wed: Latin Libido Night, 10: 30p. $15-$20. DADDY MAC’S 2920 N. Green Valley Parkway, 2720913. Sat: “Gen X” 80s party. Wed: “Higher Level” with DJs GanjaBoat and Two Fish spinning reggae, dubstep, ska, dance hall. DANCE CHARISMA BALLROOM 3650 S. Jones CROWN NIGHTCLUB

3430 E. Tropicana Ave., 458-8662. Wed, Fri-Sat: Underwear Night, 10p-4a. ESCAPE LOUNGE 4213 W. Sahara Ave., 364-1167. Open daily. Thu-Sat: DJ Fantasy, dance, pop, 10p. EYECANDY SOUND LOUNGE Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 632-7777. DJs Presto One, Remedy, Enoc, Goodvybe and friends. Nightly, 10p-3a. FLEX 4371 W. Charleston Ave., 385-FLEX. Thu: Latin night, 10:30. Fri: Miss Frankie drag show with amateur strippers, 10p. Sat: “Klub Diablo,” darkEAGLE

MAC MILLER: Nov. 10 at House of Blues

Blvd., Ste. 16, 364-8700, “Friday Night Dance Party” feat. all musicals styles from waltz and tango to salsa and merengue. No partner needed. 8:15p-10:15p. $12. DA VINCI’S MUSE 2650 S. Decatur Blvd. Thu: Siren’s Song, various underground electronic styles, 9p. Fri: “The Factory,” Goth, industrial, 80s with DJ Malice, 9p. Sat: “Cloister,” ethereal Goth with DJ Disdain, 9p. DEJA VU SHOWGIRLS 3247 Industrial Rpad, 3084605. “Exotic Afterhours” with guest and resident DJs: Fri-Sat, 3a. DIABLO’S CANTINA Monte Carlo, 3770 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 730-7979, FriSat: DJs, 11p. DOUBLE DOWN SALOON 4640 Paradise Road, 791-5775, Mon: The Bargain DJ Collective. Wed: DJ Beelzebozo. DOWNTOWN COCKTAIL ROOM 111 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 880-3696, DJs spin house, lounge, downtempo, house, funk and classics, Thu-Sun, Tue, 10p. Thu: “LoDown Thursdays” with Lenny Alfonzo. Fri: “Friday Night Social” with Carlos Sanchez. Sat: “Saturday Night Vibe” with Douglas Gibbs. Wed: DJ Rob Alahn. DRAI’S Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall, 3595 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 737-0555, Thu-Mon. After hours party spot, 1a-dawn. Thu: “After Life” DJ battles and resident Jack Lafleur. Fri: DJ Hoffman, Chris Garcia. Sat: “High-end Saturdays” with DJs Chris Aurelius, Chris Garcia; house. Sun: “Sunday Sheer Energy” with Chris Garcia. DUE FORNI 3555 Town Center Drive, 586-6500 or Thu: “Music and Wine” with DJ Douglas Gibbs and guest DJs spinning Latin, lounge, world beat, and A. Leo Echazabal on sax, 9p, free.

wave and electro with DJs Pierrorist and Sylvia, 11p. Sun: Little Liquor Beer Bust, 12p-4a. Mon: Male strippers, 12p. Tue: Tiffani St. John drag show, 10p. Male strippers, 12a. Wed: Male strippers, 10p. FLIRT Rio, 3700 W. Flamingo Road, 777-7777, Ultra lounge designed by women for women, with music by female artists and an all-male wait staff. Thu, Sun-Wed: 8:30p; FriSat: 10:30p, Chippendales ticket holders: 6:30p. FOUNDATION ROOM Mandalay Bay, 632-7631. Sun: “Maison de Burlesque” dance show with live jazz, 11p. Mon: “Godspeed” featuring DJs Guy and L-1, 11p. Wed: ‘The News,” featuring new underground DJs every week, 10p. FREEZONE 610 E. Naples Road, 794-2310, Thu: “Boyz Night,” 8p. “Naked Frat Party,” 9:30p. Fri: Martini social, 5p-9p. Queens of Las Vegas drag show, 10p. Sat: Queens of Las Vegas drag show, 10p. Tue: “Ladies Night” with wet T-shirt contest, 8p. Wed: “Gone Wild With Talent.” THE GALLERY Planet Hollywood, 3500 South Las Vegas Blvd., 818-3700 and Wed-Sat, 10p. Cover varies. Wed: “Gallery Wednesdays” industry party; locals free. GHOSTBAR Palms, 4321 W. Flamingo Road, 9389999, Thu-Wed, 9p. Fri: DJ Tino Sanchez, 9p. DJ Five, 12a. Sat: DJ OB-ONE, 9p. DJ Tino Sanchez, 12a. Sun: “Ghostbar Sundays” house night, 10p. Mon: DJ Ikon, 10p. Tue: DJ OB-ONE, 9p. DJ Five, 12a. Wed: “Snitch Wednesdays” with DJ 88, 10p. DJ Tino Sanchez, 12:30a. GOLD DIGGERS Golden Nugget, 129 E. Fremont St., 800-848-5336. Thu: “Latin Night,” with DJ Leo. Fri-Sat: Hip-hop and Top 40 with DJ Phat Al. TueWed: DJ Phat Al, free. Tue-Sun, 7p. GOLD LOUNGE Aria, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South,

693-8300. 1775 E. Tropicana Ave., 736-9494. Open daily. Thu: “Sinabar,” hip-hop, dance, pop, 10p. Fri: “Vaquero Fridays,” Latin., 10p. Sat: “Noches Calientes,” Latin, 10p. Sun: “Fuego Latino,” Latin, 10p. THE GRIFFIN 511 Fremont St., 382-0577. Mon-Sat, 5p-4a. Sun, 9p-4a. Fri: DJ Rex Dart, 10p. Sat: DJ Aurajin, 10p. HARD ROCK CAFE 3771 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 733-7625. HAZE Aria, 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 6938300. Thu-Sat, 10:30p-4a. Thu: Industry night, hip-hop, mash-up, top 40. Fri-Sat: hip-hop, mashup, top 40. HOUSE OF BLUES Mandalay Bay, 632-7600, HUNTRIDGE TAVERN 1122 E. Charleston Blvd., 384-7377. Sat: DJ Lucky LaRue’s ’50s Rock-NRhythm Revue, 12a. KRAVE Planet Hollywood Resort, 3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 836-0830, Alternate lifestyle nightclub. Thu: “TEMPTation THURSTdaze” with DJ Javier Alba, 11p. Fri: “Flesh,” with VJ Alpyne in the main room. “sKizoFrenia” in the lounge with DJ RustRyu and friends. Sat: “Candy Bar” girls’ party in the Lounge. Main room: DJ Morningstar and friends. Sun: SINdaze, 11p. Mon: “Meat Market.” Wed: “WTF? Wednesdays” with DJ Earwaxxx, 11p. LAS VEGAS LOUNGE 900 E. Karen Ave., 737-9350. Mon-Sat: Transsexual go-go dancers, occasional drag shows and DJs Rachel, Carmen and Foxy. LAVO Palazzo, 3325 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 7911818. Open Fri-Wed. Sun: DJ Vice. Tue: DJ Five, industry night. Wed: “Old School Wednesdays” with guests. LAX Luxor,3900Las VegasBlvd.South,262-4LAX. Fri-Sat,Wed.Fri:DJHope. Sat:DJCasanova.Wed:IndustrynightwithDJCasanova;hip-hop,house. LAYALINA 6870 W. Spring Mountain Road, 2276776. Thu, Wed: house, electro, new wave and hiphop with DJs O, Smalls and Tino G, 9p. MANDARIN BAR Mandarin Oriental, 3752 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 590-8888. Thu, Sun-Wed, 5p-1a. FriSat, 5p-2a. Thu: Lady dK, 7p. Fri-Sat: DJ DDouble, 10p. MARQUEE NIGHTCLUB AND DAYCLUB The Cosmopolitan, 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 333-9000. Nightclub: Thu-Fri, Mon, 10p; Sat, 9:30p. Fri-Sat: house/trance. Mon: industry night, open format. Dayclub: Daily, 10a-6p, opens April 9. MIX Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 632-9500. Nightly, 5p. Fri-Mon: DJ P-nut, 10p. Thu, Tue-Wed: DJ Frankie, 10p. MOON/PLAYBOY CLUB Palms, 942-7777. Moon: Thu-Sun, Tue, 11p. 2nd Sat: “Awesome Party” with DJ Clinton Sparks. Tue: “Bang!” and locals-oriented Satellite Bar with DJs. Playboy Club: Thu-Wed, 9p. NORTH FORTY BBQ SALOON & DANCEHALL 5990 Centennial Center Blvd., 309-6015. Open daily. NU SANCTUARY Town Square, 6605 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 527-7851 or DJs in lounge, 11p, nightly. POSH NIGHTCLUB 3525 W. Russell Road, 6731700. Fri-Sat: DJs, midnight-dawn.


Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 212-8806. Open Thu-Sat, Tue, 10p. Thu: DJ Hope. Fri: DJ Casanova, DJ Slip, Joey Mazzola. Sat: DJ Slip, Joey Mazzola, DJ Hope. Tue: “Pure Tuesdays” with DJ CyberKid, DJ Slip and Joey Mazzola. RA SUSHI BAR Fashion Show Mall, 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste. 1132, 696-0008, RAIN Palms, 4321 W. Flamingo Road, 940-RAIN, Fri-Sat. “Perfecto” trance/ house party with Paul Oakenfold and friends. REHAB Hard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise Road, 6935555. Dayclub with DJs. Sundays, 11a. Cover varies. REVOLVER Santa Fe Station, 4949 N. Rancho Drive, 658-4900. Thu-Fri, Wed: country and rock spun by DJ Sinner. ROK VEGAS New York-New York, 3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 800-689-1797. Thu-Sun, Wed, 10p5a. Thu: ‘80s, new wave, hip-hop with guest DJs. Fri: “Patio Nights with DJ SmashBox; house. Sat: ‘80s, new wave with DJ X.L.T. Sun: “Rok Vegas.” Wed: “The Show,” house, rock, hip-hop. RHUMBAR Mirage, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 792-7615. DJ events nightly. SAVILLE ROW Luxor, 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 222-1500. Private, public events; open daily. Wed: “The Cut” underground party. STONEY’S ROCKIN’ COUNTRY 9151 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste. 300, 435-2855. Open daily. STUDIO 54 MGM Grand, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 891-7254, Thu-Sat, Tue-Wed, 10p. Thu-Fri, Wed: open format with DJs Eric Forbes, Ricco. Sat: “Electric Dreams” with DJ Loczi, mash-up, house, electro. Tue: open format with DJ Scene. SURRENDER Encore, 3130 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 770-7300 or Open Fri-Sat, Wed, 10:30p. Fri: “Aoki’s House” with Steve Aoki. Wed: “Surrender Your Wednesdays” industry night. Every 4th Wed: Lil Jon. $30-$40. TABÚ MGM Grand, 3799 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 891-7183. Fri-Mon, 10p. Fri: open format with DJ Eric Forbes. Sat: open format with DJ Jose 2 Hype. Sun: “Confession” industry night. Mon: “X-Level Mondays” industry night with DJ Ania and guests. TAO Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 3888588. Nightclub: Thu-Sat, 10p-5a. Lounge, daily, 5p-close. Thu: “Worship” with DJ Five. Fri: DJ Reach. Sat: DJ Vice. TAO BEACH Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 388-8588. Open daily, 10a-6p. Sun: Beatport Sundays with guest and resident DJs. THUNDERBIRD LOUNGE Aruba Hotel & Spa, 1215 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 383-3100. Wed: “Bounce Back Wednesdays” hip-hop, funk, R&B with DJ Rockstar. Last Friday of month: “Smash!” dubstep party, 10p. V BAR Venetian, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 4143200. Thu: “Case of the Classicks” with VJ Andrew B, 10p Fri: VJ Jace One, 10p. Sat: “Spin City” local talent with VJ Andrew B, 10p. Sun: “Evolucion” Latin night with DJ Lian. Wed: “Fusia Night” with DJ Chino and friends, 10p. VANGUARD LOUNGE 516 Fremont St., 868-7800. Open Thu-Sat, Mon-Wed. Thu: K(Squared), Kid Funk and Kid Conrad, 10p. Every 3rd Thu: “SoulPURE

kitchen” house party with Edgar Reyes and guests. Fri: DJ McKenzie, DJ 88, 8p. Sat: DJ Soxxi, 10p. Wed: DJ Pookie, 10p. XS Encore, 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard. South, 7705350. Fri-Mon, 10p. Fri: DJ Pizzo. Sat, Mon: DJ Create. Sun: “Night Swim” poolside party with DJ Warren Peace.


THEATER 3200 E. Cheyenne Ave., 651-5483. You Can’t Take it With You, Fri-Sat, 7:30p, Sun, 2p, through Nov. 19, $10-$12 FAMILY MUSIC CENTER 8125 W. Sahara Ave., 7426109, Avenue Q, Sat, 8p, Wed, 7p, Nov. 12-26, $25. GATEWAY GALLERY 2004 Spring Gate Lane, 2550695, Meet the Fulcos, Sun, 3p, Nov. 13, $8-12. LAS VEGAS LITTLE THEATRE 3920 Schiff Drive, 362-7996, TheManWhoCameforDinner,Fri-Sat,8p,Sun2p,throughNov.20,$21-$24. ONYX THEATRE The Rack, 953 E. Sahara Ave., Suite 16, 732-7225, Sin City New Play Contest Readings, Fri, 8p, Sat-Sun, 5p, 8p, Nov. 11-13, $5. The Apple Sisters: Thanks for Stuffing, Fri, 10p, Nov. 11, $15. STARBRIGHT THEATRE 2215 Thomas Ryan Blvd., 240-1301. Backstage Canteen-A Senior Salute to the USO, Fri, 7p, Nov. 11, $11-$13. COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN NEVADA

SUMMERLIN LIBRARY & PERFORMING ARTS CENTER 1771 Inner Circle Drive, 878-7529. Oh What a

Night!, Thu-Sat, 7:30p, through Nov 19, $15-$25. 9090 Alta Drive, 6367111, Hit Parade variety show, Thu, 2p, must be a B Connected Club member. THEATRE7 1406 S. 3rd St., 568-9663 and The Will Edwards Show, Wed, 7p, $10.


Vegas Blvd., 632-7600. Laughter Hours Comedy, Sun, 8p, $10. HARMON THEATER Planet Hollywood Resort, 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 836-0836, The Amazing Johnathan, Thu-Sat, Tue-Wed, 9p, $59.95-$69.95. Naughty Boys Hypnosis Show, Fri-Sat, Mon-Wed, 9p, $47.97-$67.97. Singing impressionist Larry G. Jones, Fri-Sat, Mon-Wed, 7p, $45-$69. Hypnosis Unleashed, Fri-Wed, 9p, $45.94. THE IMPROV Harrah’s, 3475 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 369-5223. Mac King Comedy Magic Show, Thu-Sun, Tue-Wed, 1p, 3p, $29.95. Defending the Caveman, daily, 7p, Sun-Mon, 3p, $39.95-$64.95. Improv, Tue-Sun, 8:30p, 10:30p, $29.05-$44.95. Dat Phan, Larry Brown, and Joan Fagan, Nov. 8-13. Shelley Berman, with Brant Von Hoffman and David Gee, Nov. 15-20. LOUIE ANDERSON THEATER Palace Station, 2411 W. Sahara Ave., 495-4248. Louie LOL, Tue-Sat, 8: 30p, $49.95-$99.95. Bonkerz Comedy All Stars, Fri, 8:30p, $34.95. Marty Allen, Sat-Sun, 4p, Nov. 12-13, $49.95-$99.95. MEATHEADS BAR 1121 S. Decatur Blvd., Suite 120, 870-4440. Mange Comedy open mic comedy hosted by Tawdri Hipburn, Tue, 9p-11p. NEON VENUS ART THEATER 1404 Third St., 7872481. Improv Challenge, Sat, 8p, $10 ORLEANS SHOWROOM Orleans, 4500 W. Tropicana Ave., 284-7777. Don Rickles, Sat-Sun, 8p, Nov. 12-13, $88-$110. THE PALMS LOUNGE 4321 W. Flamingo Road, 9443200. Thu-Fri: Playboy Comedy, Thu, 10p; Fri, 10p; Sat: 8p, 10p, Jim Dore Nov. 10-12, $46.74-$67.74. ROYAL HOTEL 99 Convention Center Drive, 7844712. Rock ‘n’ Roll Comedy Show, Fri-Sat, 9p, $30.95-$49.13. Comedy Live, with Michael Wheels Parise, Thu, Sun-Wed, 9p, $39. THEATRE7 1406 S. 3rd St., 568-9663 and The Will Edwards Show, every 2nd, 4th Wed, 7p, $10.


Circle, 369-9944. Bugs and Neon: The Drawings of Brian Swanson, artist’s reception Thu, 6:30p, through Nov. 30 for more info visit http://www.bria BELLAGIO GALLERY OF FINE ART 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 693-7871. A Sense of Place: Landscapes from Monet to Hockney, through January, 2012. Sun-Tue, Thu, 10a-6p. Wed, Fri-Sat, 10a-7p. $15, discounts for NV residents, seniors, students and military, free for children 12 and younger. Every Wednesday is locals night, $8 discount with I.D. BIG SPRINGS GALLERY Springs Preserve, 333 S. Valley View Blvd., 822-7700, Daily, 10a-6p. Trophy Hunter Exhibit, sculptures by Bryan Christiansen, through Jan 22. CHARLESTON HEIGHTS ART CENTER 800 S. Brush St., 229-1012. Thu-Fri, Wed, 12:30p-9p, Sat, 10a-7p. What Continues the Dream: Contemporary Arts and Crafts from the Powwow Tradition. WedFri, 12:30p-9p, Sat, 10a-7p, through Dec. 21, free. DONNA BEAM FINE ARTS GALLERY UNLV’s Alta Ham Fine Arts Building, 4505 S. Maryland Parkway, 895-3893, Mon-Fri, 9a-5p; Sat, 10a-2p. EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM 3275 Industrial Road, 369-6442, www.eroticheritagemuseumlasvegas.c om. Thu, Sun, Tue-Wed, 11a-4p, Sat-Sun, noon-10p. $15, $10 for students, military, seniors and locals. LIED DISCOVERY CHILDREN’S MUSEUM 833 Las Vegas Blvd. North, 382-KIDS. Thu-Fri, 9a-4p; Sat, 10a-5p; Sun, 12p-5p; Tue-Wed, 9a-4p. $8.50 adults; $7.50 children. Children under 1 free. MARJORIE BARRICK MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY UNLV,4505S. MarylandParkway, 895-3381,,8a-4:45p; Sat,10a-2p. UrbisOctaptych,by LincolnMaynard. WEST LAS VEGAS ARTS CENTER COMMUNITY GALLERY 947W. LakeMeadBlvd.,229-4800.

Tue-Fri,11a-9p; Sat,9a-6p.Sat:ArtistSeries,featur-

COMEDY Orleans, 4500 W. Tropicana Ave. 365-7075. Thu-Sat, 7:30p, Fri-Sat, 9: 30p. Open mic, Sun, 9p, free. Brian McKim and Traci Skene, Thu-Sat, 7:30p, Sat, 9:30p, through Nov. 26, $15.99. BIKINI BAR, 3355 Spring Mtn Rd, 485-5401, CUI: Comics Under the Influence: Here We Cum... Again, Thu, 9p, free. BRAD GARRETT’S COMEDY CLUB Tropicana, 3801 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 739-2417. Sun-Sat. 8p. Fri. & Sat. 10p. CHOICES PUB 6720 W. Cheyenne Ave., 547-3747. First, Third Fri: The Future Icons of Comedy hosted by Louie Muhammad, 8p, $5. 3rd Thu: The G Spot female comedy show, 8p, $5. CLUB TEQUILA Fiesta Rancho, 2400 N. Rancho Drive, 631-7000. Wed: Rancho Comedy Jam, 8p, $5-$10. DADDY MAC’S NIGHTCLUB 2920 N. Green Valley Parkway, 272-0913. Wed: The LMAO Free Comedy Show, 10p, free. FOUNDATION ROOM Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las BIG AL’S COMEDY CLUB

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2207 W. Gowan Road, 647-7378, Tue-Fri, 12p-5p; Sat, 10a-2p. Free. SIN CITY GALLERY Arts Factory, 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 100. Voluptuous, by Gia Ray, through Nov. 26. TRIFECTA GALLERY 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 135, 366-7001, Keep on the Sunnyside, works by Anthony Freda. LEFT OF CENTER ART GALLERY

ing Vanessa Williams-Jackson, 3p, free.Art Comingto Life/Visual ArtsExhibit,byNia Onê,ThroughNov5.

THE DOWNTOWN ARTS SCENE 105 W. Charleston Blvd., 387-8688, Thu-Fri, 8a-5p; Sat, 9a-5p; Mon-Wed, 8a-5p. BLACKBIRD STUDIOS Commerce Street Studios, 1551 S. Commerce St., 742-6241. Celebrating Existence: A Show of Atheism, works by various artists, through Nov. 26.


BRETT WESLEY CONTEMPORARY FINE ART GALLERY 1112 Casino Center Blvd., 433-4433, Tue-Sat 12-6p and by appointment. Stream of Consciousness, works by jonny Detiger, Nov. 3-26. Pop Arts, by Giovanni Morales through Nov 29. CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER Arts Factory, 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 120, 382-3886, Thu-Sat, 12p-5p; Tue-Wed, 12-5p, and by appointment. Affect/Effect, works by Scott Carter, through Nov. 19. EMERGENCY ARTS 520 Fremont St., 686-3164. Mon-Thu, 7a-7p, Fri, 7a-10p, Sat, 9a-10p, Sun, 9a3p. Several artist nooks, small shops, other creative spaces. HELLPOP! COMICS AND ART Arts Factory, 107 E. Charleston Road, Studio 222. Featuring art by Brandon Lin. New/used comic books, action figures and graphic novels.


Tenaya Way, 656-8250. Every Sat: Open mic poetry with Barbara Sindelir, 6:30p-8p. THE BEAT COFFEEHOUSE 520 Fremont St., 3006268. Mon: Human Experience poetry night, 7p-9p (live DJ 9p-12a). COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF 4550S.MarylandParkway, 944-5029. Tue:“WordUp”openmicpoetry, 7p. MICHAEL’S USED BOOKS 3430 E. Tropicana Ave., Ste. 9, 434-1699. michaelsusedbooks. Second Tue: Literature Club discussion group, 7p. SAHARA WEST LIBRARY 9600 West Sahara Ave., 507-3630. Author to Author, nov. 12, 2:30 p.m. SUNRISE COFFEE CO. 3130 E. Sunset Road, Ste. A, 433-3304. Wed: Seldom Seen Poets, 7p. UNLV 4505 S. Maryland Parkway, 895-5542. Barrick Museum Auditorium: Dylan Thomas, 19, Nov. 15, 7:30 p.m., free.


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there you plucked a strange and beautiful flower, and what if when you awoke you had the flower in your hand? Ah, what then?”


The title of this week’s movie is Uproar of Love, starring the Fantasy Kid and The Most Feeling Machine In The World. It blends romance and science fiction, with overtones of espionage and undertones of revolution for the hell of it. Comic touches will slip in at unexpected moments. When you’re not up to your jowls in archetypes, you might be able to muster the clarity to gorge yourself on the earthly delights that are spread from here to the edge of the abyss.

TA U R U S (APRIL 20-MAY 20)

How’s your relationship with your muse? Don’t tell me you’re not an artist so you don’t have a muse. Even garbage collectors need muses. Even farmers. Even politicians. All of us need to be in touch with a mysterious, tantalizing source of inspiration that teases our sense of wonder and goads us on to life’s next adventures. So I ask you again: What have you and your muse been up to lately? I say it’s high time for you to infuse your connection with a dose of raw mojo. And if for some sad reason you don’t have a muse, I urge you to go out in quest of new candidates. (P.S. A muse isn’t necessarily a person; he or she might also be an animal, an ancestor, a spirit or a hero.)

G E M I N I (MAY 21-JUNE 20)

Funky pagan scientists at Zen State University have found the regular consumption of Free Will Astrology can be effective in smoothing unsightly wrinkles on your attitude, scouring away stains on your courage, and disposing of old garbage stuck to your karma. They’ve also gathered testimony from people who claim to have experienced spontaneous healings of nagging ailments and chronic suffering while under the influence of these oracles. If I were you, I’d try to take advantage of such benefits right now. You could really use some healing. Luckily, it looks like there’ll be an array of other curative options available to you as well. Be aggressive about seeking them out.

C A N C E R (JUNE 21-JULY 22)

Given the lush and exotic astrological factors now coming to bear on your destiny, and due to the possibility something resembling actual magic may soon make an appearance, I am taking a leap of faith with this week’s horoscope. Are you game? There is a hypothetical scene described by the English poet Samuel Coleridge (1772-1834) that would normally be too outlandish to take seriously, but I suspect it’s a possible match for your upcoming adventures. “What if you slept,” he wrote, “and what if in your sleep you dreamed, and what if in your dream you went to heaven and

L E O (JULY 23-AUG. 22)

I was musing on how slow I am to learn the lessons I need to master — how hard it can be to see the obvious secrets that are right in front of me. But I felt better after I came across the logo for the Jung Institute in San Francisco, which is dedicated to the study of psychology and psychotherapy. The symbol it has chosen to embody its ruling spirit consists of four snails creeping their way around a center point — a witty acknowledgment of the plodding nature of the human psyche. I bring this to your attention, Leo, because it’s important for you to give yourself credit for how much you’ve grown since the old days — even if your progress seems intolerably gradual.

V I R G O (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22)

It will be a good week to have nice long talks with yourself — the more, the better. The different sub-personalities that dwell within you need to engage in vigorous dialogues that will get all their various viewpoints out in the open. I even recommend coaxing some of those inner voices to manifest themselves outside the confines of your own head — you know, by speaking out loud. If you feel inhibited about giving them full expression where they might be overheard by people, find a private place that will allow them to feel free to be themselves.

half-wrong. Just one caution: As you embark on your crusade to make the world over in your image, do it with as much humility and compassion as you can muster.

S A G I T TA R I U S (NOV. 22-DEC. 21)

In Mongolia,there’s a famous fossil of two dinosaurs locked in mortal combat.Forever frozen in time,a velociraptor is clawing a protoceratops, which in turn is biting its enemy’s arm.They’ve been holding that pose now for,oh,80 million years or so.I’m shoving this image in your face, Sagittarius,so as to dare you and encourage you to withdraw from your old feuds and disputes.It’s a perfect time,astrologically speaking,to give up any struggle that’s not going to matter 80 million years from now.(More info:

C A P R I C O R N (DEC. 22-JAN. 19)

“In your experience, who is the best-smelling actor that you’ve worked with?” TV host Jon Stewart asked his guest Tom Hanks. “Kevin Bacon,” replied Hanks. Why? Not because of the bacon-as-a-delicious-food angle, although that would be funny. “He smells like a mix of baby powder and Listerine,” Hanks said. Keep this perspective in mind, Capricorn. I think you should be engaged in a great ongoing quest to put yourself in situations with pleasing aromas. I mean this in both the metaphorical and literal

sense. To set yourself up for meaningful experiences that provide you with exactly what you need, follow your nose.

A Q U A R I U S (JAN. 20-FEB. 18)

According to my reading of the omens, Aquarius, you can finally take advantage of a long-standing invitation or opportunity you have always felt unworthy of or unready for. Congratulations on being so doggedly persistent about ripening the immature parts of yourself. Now here’s an extra bonus: This breakthrough may in turn lead to you finding a lost piece to the puzzle of your identity.

P I S C E S (FEB. 19-MARCH 20)

My acquaintance Bob takes a variety of meds for his bipolar disorder. They work pretty well to keep him out of the troughs, but he misses the peaks. Last time he saw his psychiatrist he told her he wished he could stop taking the complicated brew of drugs and just take a happy pill every day. The psychiatrist told him if he ever found such a thing, she’d love to take it herself. Wouldn’t we all? I’m pleased to report you are now very close to locating the next best thing to a happy pill, Pisces. It may require you to at least partially give up your addiction to one of your customary forms of suffering, though. Are you prepared to do that?

Go to to check out Rob Brezsny’s EXPANDED WEEKLY AUDIO HOROSCOPES and DAILY TEXT MESSAGE HOROSCOPES. The audio horoscopes are also available by phone at 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700.

L I B R A (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22)

During the reign of President George W. Bush, many Americans viewed France as being insufficiently sympathetic with American military might. So enraged were some conservatives they tried to change the name of French fries to freedom fries and French toast to freedom toast. The culminating moment in this surrealistic exercise came when Bush told UK’s Prime Minister Tony Blair, “The French don’t even have a word for entrepreneur” — unaware that “entrepreneur” is a word the English language borrowed from the French. The moral of the story, as far as you’re concerned, Libra: Make sure you know the origins of everyone and everything you engage with, especially as they affect your ability to benefit from entrepreneurial influences.

S C O R P I O (OCT. 23-NOV. 21)

The Cunnilinguistic Dicktionary defines the newly coined word “mutinyversal” as “rebellion against the whole universe.” I think it would be an excellent time for you to engage in a playful, vivacious version of that approach to life. This is one of those rare times when you have so many unique gifts to offer and so many invigorating insights to unleash, that you really should act as if you are mostly right and everyone else is at least

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Sum Sudoku Put one digit from 1 to 9 in each square of this Sudoku so that the following three conditions are met: 1) each row, column, and 3x3 box (as marked off by heavy lines in the grid) contains the digits 1 to 9 exactly one time; 2) no digit is repeated within any of the areas marked off by dotted lines; and 3) the sums of the numbers in each area marked off by dotted lines total the little number given in each of those areas. For example, the digits in the upper-leftmost square in the grid and the two squares directly beneath it will add up to 13. Now do what I tell you — solve!!


If you have looked all over for it, it’s probably in

7 2 8 7 6 3

9 6


2 8 8 2 7 5

4 2 7 5

4 1 9 5 8 7 5



To solve the Sudoku, each row, column and 3x3 box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9 once and only once.

Solution to last week’s Psycho Sudoku

4 6 2 8 1 3 5 7 9

8 9 5 4 7 6 2 3 1

3 1 7 2 9 5 6 8 4

2 3 4 9 6 1 8 5 7

9 7 1 5 8 2 4 6 3

5 8 6 7 3 4 9 1 2

6 2 3 1 4 8 7 9 5

1 4 9 6 5 7 3 2 8

7 5 8 3 2 9 1 4 6

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LOOK NO FURTHER! SWF, 27, looking for SWM, 18-50, for LTR. I enI’M MISSING IN YOUR LIFE joy going to movies, dining and just having fun! SBM, 38, 6’ 1”, 180 lbs, spiritually, mentally and 335229 physically attractive, seeks woman, 29-50, who’s LET’S GO OUT! financially secure, and one the same wave length to Single mixed race female, 27, no kids, never mar- share experiences together. 341298 ried, easygoing, N/S, seeks a nice man, who’s kind, LET’S CELEBRATE! honest, financially secure, for friendship first maybe Let’s share the experience. SWM, 58, 162lbs, athmore. 336088 letic build, emotionally/financially stable, seeking LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE SWF, 30-50, for dancing, movies, conversations SWF, 38, N/S, casino employee, likes to have fun, and travel. Open for LTR. 878321 go out and dine, seeks outgoing WM, 35-55, for LET’S MEET SOON! dating maybe more. Please no games. 337177 SWM, 77, looks very young, 6’, 240lbs, N/S, likes LET’S MEET! to bet on horses, football, casual dinners, good SWF, 40, 5’6’’, 120lbs, sexy green eyes, looking for conversations, watching movies, cooking. Seeking friendship or more. I like shows, night clubs, hiking. SW/AF, race unimportant, 45-65, for possible LTR. Seeking SM, 30-50. 336032 243150 DANCE WITH ME! NO HEAD GAMES SHF, 66, slender, outgoing persoanlity, 5’5”, likes HM, 60, 5’10’’, brown eyes, looking for SF, 46-50, dancing, traveling, movies, holding hands, weekfor friendship, movies, dining out, listening to oldies end getaways, dining out. Seeking SM, 65-73, and more. Please be sincere, honest and trustworrace unimportant, for friendship first maybe more. thy. 335092 325083 LOOK NO FURTHER EAST COAST TRANSPLANT SWF, 50, 5’5”, 135lbs, smoker, easygoing, seeks SHM, 45, 5’7’’, medium build, nice looks, cleanWM, 55-68, smoker, honest, financially secure, to shaven, wants to meet a SF, 30-45, who likes movies, fine dining and more. 336322 share love and more. 339181







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GROW WITH ME A WALK ON THE PARK SBF, 36, 5’ 6”, slim build, N/S, professional worker, Retired WM, 60s, N/S, N/D, N/Drugs, homeowner, self-sufficient, looking for a fun woman with a passeeks a nice, honest man, 35-50, N/S, for friendship, dating, possible LTR. Please be respectful and sionate heart. 336531 kind. 341268 ARE YOU OUT THERE? SWM, 47, smoker, no children, looking for an interHOT-LOOKING WOMAN esting SH/WF, 23-38, for friendship possibly leading SWF, 21, 5’8”, 195lbs, brown hair, crystal blue eyes, smoker, loves partying, going out, gambling, boat- to more. 336533 ing, animals, fishing, seeks a nice guy, to share LET’S TALK! freindship, maybe more. 335795 SWM, 46, smoker, 5’11”, 240lbs, muscular build, blue eyes, seeks WF, 18-50, to share conversations TRU LOVE AWAITS YOU SBF, 43, 5’8”, slim build, light brown eyes, light- and leading to possibly more. 337805 skinned, short haircut, I work in the medical field, I’M HERE FOR YOU N/S, seeks an honest single man, 65-80, who ap- SWM, 56, smoker, 6’6”, 220lbs, articulate, kind, preciates life and a good woman. Please no drama honest, realistic, seeks sincere, compassionate or games. 339837 woman, 20-50, to share what life offers us and more. 338259




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LIFE IS SHORT SM, 65, N/S, clean, healthy, eductaed, seeks a kind, serious woman, 40-55, to go out dating, leading to serious LTR. 338352


SEEKS GIRLFRIEND SWM, 50, 6’2”, 200lbs, N/S, seeks a feminine woman, 25-65, for traveling, outdoors, romance, for LTR. 338467


LOVE IS A GAMBLE SM, 43, 5’ 7”, shaved head, green eyes, half Mexican, half Italian, N/S, seeks a kind, sweet woman, 18+, N/S, any race, to go out and have fun, companionship, leading to possible LTR. 341104




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men seekinG men LET’S MEET SWM, 52, neat, clean, seeks man, 65-75, for a variety of interests. Please call. 338316


NEW TO VEGAS SWM, 55, likes going out, movies, outdoors, hiking, being at home, seeks SM, 30-60, for friendship first possible LTR. 338033


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vAriAtions ENJOY GOOD TIMES SM, 50, seeking SWM, 45-60, straight acting, well-endowed for erotic times. Must be clean, healthy and discreet. My place or yours. %1019 HOT AND READY! I’m a mature bad girl, 50, brunette, 5’1”, 110lbs, 34C-26-34, seeks men, 18 and over, for intimacy, companionship, laughter, fun and hot good times. %1961 READY TO ROCK TS Beautiful down-to-earh TS, 30, 5’8”, 145lbs, likes to party with a cute, young, skinny, white bi-male, 18-40, please call anytine. %8448 “ORALLY YOURS” WM ISO D/D-free females, 21-59, who would love to receive oral sex until you are satisfied. Straight, bi, lez ok. No reciprocation necessary. Satisfaction guaranteed. LTR possible. %5694 FOR HOT TIMES Single white ex-show girl, fun over 50, old fashion but kinky, mature babe wants older sugar daddy with warm heart and straight desires for a total package. %7618

LET’S BE HAPPY SWM, 70, looking for SWM or SWF or couple for fun and relief. Must be discreet and in good health. I answer all calls. %7760 BOTTOM SEEKING TOP SHM, 40s, bottom seeking top for one-on-one sessions. I’m a virgin-bottom, looking for someone discreet and who can host at their place or who is interested in health clubs. For hot, fun, sensual times. I’m open to new ideas. Age and race open. D/D-free, no drinkers or smokers, please. %7845 SIZZLIN’ HOT BLONDIE! Beautiful blonde chick, 24, German/Hawaiin mix, very busty, hot smokin’ body! A good girl in the streets but a freak in the sheets! Looking for a much older man to baby me. Please be upscale, discreet, financially secure, open-minded and clean! You’ll be amazed when we meet and have fun! %7727 SUGAR DADDY HERE BM, mid 40s, tall, very handsome, seeks sugar daddy/sugar mamma arrangement with attractive SH/BF, 30-45, outgoing, D/D-free, must be fit, serious replies only. %7821

SOME NUDE ADVENTURES SWM, 43, N/S, in shape, medium build, looking to meet a fit, fun, N/S female who enjoys spending time in the nude and would like to visit some clothing-optional destinations. %8450 LOOKING FOR A FLY GIRL Atrractive Black male, seeks a hot fly girl to spoil and enjoy hot erotic times together! I have it all so come and get it! %7791 SEXY, SENSUAL 40S... ...really needs sugar daddy. Cute, petite, brunette, 46, 34 D, 5’4”, 125lbs, exotic, classy and educated. Lady in the parlor, all woman behind closed doors. Available for steamy, sensual rendezvous, escort, fun, etc. Prefer older gentlemen. %7777 BI MALE LOOKING FOR FUN Bi married WM, 48, in good shape, just under 6’, well stacked, looking for couples, single females or males, sometimes my wife will join in, into all types of servitude, domination, kinks, golden showers, I love to give oral, let’s get together and have some fun, anytime night or day. %7731

THREESOME VIRGIN Hot sexx woman, part Asian part Hispanic, 31, 5’5”, 155lbs, brunette, brown eyes, nice lucious curves, looking for a female/male couple or two straight guys for a hot threesome encounter. Please be clean, no drugs, discreet and respectful of all limits. %7792 HAIR COVERED BODY! Sensual WF, all natural, seeking extremely hairy men! Let’s get together, let’s talk! Must be very hairy all over! %7928 PRACTICE YOUR KICKS SWM, 32, 6’, 170lbs, seeking cheerleading type girls for ball busting and foot worship. Demanding personality a plus. %7820 BEDROOM EYES BOY WM, seeks a submissive, sexual WF who’s not afraid to be pleased. Being discreet and D/D-free is important. %7818 BENEFACTOR Wealthy businessman, 56, tall, and active. Seeking to assist a young, beautiful, sexy female, 1830, with her living expenses in exchange for occasional companionship. %2443

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WILD GROUP ORGY LUST! Extra hot Latino male, 32, 6’ 2”, 200lbs, excellent muscular build, looking for couples, threesomes, foursomes, for hot erotic wild orgies. Please be clean and no drugs. I’m also Bi. Let’s hook up now! %7875

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702-395-9244 X 415 AVAILABLE NOW! Franchise a 5000sf bead store est. in ‘07 2500+ members, profit increase 5-10-% per yr, low operating cost, 25% owner finance, GBM 1335 E. Sunset 616-6809 .

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Automotive Sales Findlay RV #1 RV Dealership in Nevada now accepting applications for RV sales experience not necessary but sales experience a must. Training will be provided. Earn up to 30% commission plus vacation and health benefits. Please apply in person: 4530 Boulder Hwy Las Vegas, NV 89121. No Calls.

Qualified candidates must possess a master's degree in computer science, computer engineering, or closely related field and 3 years of experience in the occupation of applications software engineer. Years of experience must include: l Developing and maintaining data warehouse applications using PL/SQL l Advanced SQL tuning l Working closely with data warehouse team to deliver user requirements


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2280 Corporate Circle, Ste. 100 Henderson, NV 89074 .


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Your Paycheck Is Waiting

We sell B2B. Business Supplies/Ink/Toner. Exp. pref. but desire to make a nice paycheck critical. Up to $15.00 based on experience. Work hard - make money. M-F, 7am-1pm. Near McCarran. 739-8129


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Miscellaneous Attention: Wanted Immed. MUST HAVE OUTSTANDING PERSONALITY THE SHY NEED NOT APPLY. $500 TO $750 A WEEK AVG. PART-TIME EVENING HOURS WITH A FULL TIME PAYCHECK Call Mr. Bucks for interview 702-762-4627

Develop, create and modify applications software for data warehouse/database reporting. Develop and maintain data warehouse/ database.

Call Center/ Customer Service

in Las Vegas is GROWING! Inbound Sales/Order Entry Reps needed for fast paced call center. The ideal candidate should have call center or high volume phone experience, be computer literate, able to type 35 wpm, have good customer service skills and can work 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, Mon - Fri. A dependable, quick learner with professional phone manner, strong verbal and written communication skills and a positive attitude is required. $12.00 per/hr plus monthly and annual bonus opportunities.


Sr. Oracle PL/ SQL Applications Software Engineers (Henderson, Nevada)

Full Time Sales Positions.




Office & Clerical GENERAL OFFICE

$375 a week

Must fill 10 positions in all depts. No experience. Start Immed. 257-7804 .


OPC’s/Greeters l Established Company l Top Pay l Daily Cash l Advancement Oppty l Experience preferred but

not required. l Call today, Start tomorrow! Call 624-6385. Email: arodrigues@ Too busy to call and place your ad? Try faxing to us at 383-0326 or email it to call 383-0301

FRONT DESK OR OPTICAL SALESPERSON We are looking for a self-motivated, hard working multitasker. Must be flexible & willing to help wherever and whenever needed and work well under pressure. Optical sales or front desk exp. in a health profession office a plus. We are hiring for 3 offices (Seven Hills, Summerlin, NW). If you are interested, fax your resume to 341-9541.




Open House 100 Openings! Up to $12.35/hour

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Integrity Staffing Solutions is seeking:

Warehouse Associates

to work at Amazon Fulfillment in Las Vegas. When you work with Amazon at Integrity Staffing Solutions you get * Weekly pay * Medical Benefits Available * Day and Night Shifts to choose from * Possibility for temp to hire based on business need

Picking, Packing, Receiving, Gift Wrap and more available.

If you have a HS Diploma/GED, a steady work history and a great attitude – apply today by visiting us at our OPEN HOUSE Appointments: 8am to 4:30pm Monday--Friday; Walk in applicants accepted 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday after online application is completed 5860 South Pecos Road, Building G, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89120 Complete your application before coming by visiting www.integrityjobslasvegas. com Please bring HS Diploma/GED copy and ID with you. Have questions? Call us at

702.824.9353 EOE.

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SW LINDELL APTS - MOVE-IN SPECIAL! Age 55+ 2Bd 2Ba $603 Income guidelines apply 796-7770 - Equal Housing Oppt’y HHHHHHHHHHHHH

Hot Fragrances! Hot Clothing!

FUN JOBS UP TO $500/WEEK | 257.9012

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$199 Move In Special


Studio. Quiet, Clean, Security, Laundry, Pool, 3 8 2 - 3 4 8 3


I’M AN EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN in a country where that is not a political statement. My husband and I have been married five years. We have great sex several times a week despite having two kids under age 2. We get along so well even a couple of my atheist friends have admitted they want what we have. What most of them don’t know is we waited until after the wedding to have sex — or even kiss. Most secular folk would consider it reckless to tie the knot before making sure we were “sexually compatible,” whatever that means. You seem like a pretty secular guy, so let me ask you: What exactly were we supposed to watch out for? Consider our specific situation: Two adult virgins, ready to promise to our God, friends, family and government we will stick together until one of us dies. Is there anything we could have learned about each other through sex that would have changed our minds? I’m not stupid (I’m a physician), but I can’t figure this one out. Please tell me what disaster we might have brought upon ourselves by not going for a test ride first. Happily Married Woman

YOU KNOW THAT SCENE atthe end of Inglourious Basterds when Brad Pitt’sNazi-killin’ character pulls out a hugeknifeand carvesa swastika into theforehead of the one Naziheisn’t allowedto kill, because hewantseveryone to know thedude wasa Nazi even after thewar? Unlessyour friend G iswilling to do something similar —carve her initials intothe foreheadof everyrando dude she fucks — shecan’tcomplain whenafriend accidentally hooks up with a guy she hooked up with twoyears, two months,two days ortwo hours ago. G is not right to make you feel like crap, HSF, and I recommend you fuck the shit out of this guy at least two more times to drive that point home.

THE WIFE AND I REGULARLY ATTEND a straight sex club here in Texas. There’s another couple who comes to the parties. They’re very attractive. They get naked, they have sex with each other, but they don’t play with others. Basically, they hang out with swingers, but they don’t swing themselves. We think that amounts to prick- and twat-tease behavior on their parts. Do we have a legit beef? Husband And Wife Together

FOR SOMEONE WHO CLAIMS she isn’t stupid, HMW, you’re doing a pretty convincing job of playing dumb. NO, HAWT, YOU DON’T. Youdamnwellknowwhat“sexuallycompatible”means, The website for the sex club you attend emphasizes more HMW,asyou’reluckyenoughtobemarriedtoamanwithwhom than once couples who attend are not obligated to swing or you’resexuallycompatible.Youwantthesamethingshewants play with others. It would be unfair to extend an invite like (I’mtakingyourwordforthat),yousatisfyeachotherequally that — come and enjoy the sexually charged atmosphere, (takingyourwordforthat)andyou’rebothcontent(takingyour play only with each other or not at all, it’s all good! — and then wordforthat).That’swhatpeoplemeanbysexuallycompatible. slap a “prick- and twat-tease” label on a couple who comes That you wound up married to a man with whom you’re and doesn’t play with others. sexually compatible despite not fucking him once or twice beAnd just because this couple isn’t swinging today, HAWT, fore marriage can be credited to one of two things: You were doesn’t mean they won’t be swinging someday. Perhaps after smart (you figured you two would be sexually compatible they see swingers really do respect their limits — once they’ve and those calculations proved correct) or you were lucky (you seen, again and again, they’re not going to be pressured into hoped you two would be sexually compatible and, as luck doing anything they’re not ready to do — they’ll become would have it, you were). But don’t pretend your happiness comfortable enough to start playing with others. Glaring at was guaranteed by waiting or by God. this hot couple from across the room, HAWT, will only serve It’s understandable you’re pleased everything worked out to delay the arrival of that happy day. for you, HMW, but your smugness and self-satisfaction seems Speaking of sex clubs: Last week the Portland Press a little un-Christian, if I may say so. Where’s the humility? Herald reported the closure of a club in Sanford, Maine, where Where’s some of that there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I opposite-sex-attracted adults were having opposite-sex sex stuff? There are plenty of people out there who made the in a building that was — THINK OF THE CHILDREN — kinda same choices you did — they waited, they close to a public library that wasn’t open made a solemn promise before God, family, when opposite-sex-attracted adults were Dan Savage’s sex-advice column appears in more friends, etc. — and their marriages fell apart gathering to indulge their sick opposite-sex than 70 newspapers in due to issues of basic sexual incompatibility. desires. The owners of the club didn’t have the United States, Canada Andfinally,HMW,Icanthinkofamillion a permit to operate an adult business in and Europe. Write him at examplesofthingsyou“couldhavelearned Sanford, and they’re not going to get one, abouteachotherthroughsex”onyourwedbecause Sanford doesn’t issue permits for dingnightthatmighthaveledyoutochange adult businesses. yourmindaboutwaiting.I’mjustgoingtotossoneoutthere: Anyway, this quote from the police spokesperson in the SupposeyourhusbandannouncedwhenyougottoyourhoneyPortland Press Herald’s report jumped out at me: “The ofmoonsuitehewouldn’tbeabletoclimaxunlessyoutookamasficers were appalled at the number and variety of sexual acts siveshitonhischestbeforevaginalintercoursecommenced. being performed — and one of the officers has worked vice Wouldthathavechangedyourmindabouttheadvisabilityof crimes — right out in the open where everybody was sitting.” marryinghimwithoutfuckinghimonceortwicefirst? My goodness! Opposite-sex-attracted adults were having opposite-sex sex in front of, gee, other opposite-sex-atI’M A 26-YEAR-OLD WOMAN wholiveswithtwoother tracted adults who paid to get in and wanted to watch. But womenaroundthesameage.MyroommateGhasaboyfriend. at least the children of Sanford are safe from the adult sex Sheintroducedmetotwoofherguyfriends.Thispastweekend, parties they couldn’t attend and didn’t know were going on Iwentbarhoppingwiththetwoguys.Longstoryshort,Islept until the details were splashed all over the front pages of a withoneoftheguys.AfterItoldmyroommates,Grevealedshe daily newspaper. Good work, everybody! hadsleptwiththeguybefore.NowGisupsetwithme.Iwould liketosleepwiththisguyagain,andIdon’tfeellikeGisrightto FIND THE SAVAGE LOVECAST (THE WEEKLY PODCAST) EVERY TUESDAY makemefeellikecrapormakethisallabouther.Anythoughts? AT THESTRANGER.COM/SAVAGE. Had Some Fun

Meadow Vista Apartments

$99.00 Move In

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments 1x1 $475 2x1 $625 Restrictions Apply Prices and Special Subject to Change

Sparkling Pool Small Community Covered Parking

Washer & Dryer in each unit


Meadow Vista Apartments 4555 E. Karen Ave (Sahara & Lamb)




Limited time only. WATER, TRASH & SEWER INCLUDED. We Accept Section 8 Vouchers

5400 S. Maryland Pkwy • Las Vegas, NV 89119


Maryland Park aPartMents Starting @ $450/mo Gas, Water & Sewer Included, Near UNLV, Park Like Setting, 2 Pools, On Site Laundry Facilities, Assigned Covered Parking, BBQ Area, Courtesy Patrol, Close to Bus Lines, Grocery, Library, Restaurants, Banks, Mall.

Maryland Park aPartMents


Move-In* OAC


Sorry, No Pets.

1101 dumont Blvd, las Vegas, nV. 89169

702-734-2910 “We are living the Dream @

Newport Village” 1 BDRM 748sf $695


2 BDRM 2 BATH 1130sf $799 • Washer/Dryer • Walk In Closets • Garden Tub, Ceiling Fans • Sparkling Pools • Volleyball Court • Garages $30 • Pet Deposit $300 • Picnic Area & More..

1827 W. Gowan Rd, N. Las Vegas 702-309-1000 **We Pay Water, Garbage, Sewer




Free Power, Cable, Phone,

NE Cozy Bungalow Apartments. Nellis/Lk Mead, New Remodel, Tile Floors/Ctrs, Appl,Water &Trash Pd, Only Pay Elec, 5 min to NAFB $450/mo Call Brent 323-376-5194/Julie 702-788-4390

ANTHEM SPECTACULAR VIEW!! 1-sty 3421SF, 3bd 3½ba+office, TV, FP, 3-car gar. Cov. patio, pool, Jacuzzi, atrium & B/I BBQ $3900+dep. includes gardener & pool maint. Call 702-364-4842


4 LARGE APTS LEFT 3BR-2BA $699, 2BR-1BA $599 MUST HAVE JOB CALL JOHN H 702-604-6088

NW Camden Hills fully furn.* Quality 1 bed & Studios. Flex. lease terms, price varies by lease. $466 mo. 866-950-2115 Jones/Lake Mead IMMEDIATE MOVE-IN AVAIL! NW - Charleston/Torrey Pines CLEAN - LARGE Studio Move-in Special $299;

SPRING VALLEY NEW HOUSE, for rent, $1200, Buffalo & Flamingo, 4BD, 4BA, schools, & shopping center. 702-767-6057

Apartments for Rent New Furn’d Condo’s 1bd, 1ba WEEKLY/MONTHLY Specials 2TV’s,WiFi, NO PETS, Gated Bldg 702-873-0458 or 702-526-9237



Studios &1 Bed Apartments

Immaculate 2sty 3bd, 2.5ba, 2car, all appliances, pets ok


CENT Across from Bally’s, H Lrg Studios, $425/mo. H Full Kitchen & Bath, H Lg 1bd, $525/mo. H 158 Albert Ave. Call 610-7214

2bd, 2ba, Call for Details Beks Group LLC 702-870-7920

CENT E-Z Qualify - Oversized Studios-2 Bd. Apts - $299 Moves you in! No Deposit o.a.c. 1 BEDROOM BLOWOUT $450 MO. Reduced Prices! Limited Time! Greystone Park, 702-735-3308

SE Pool Studios & 1Bdrms

Near Shopping, UNLV, Strip

$400 includes utilities. No dep. Small Pet ok. 369-0789 737-8982 HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Cent LIVE THE CITY LIFE! Studios 1 & 2bd Starting At $580 - Includes Util. Phone, Cable. No Dep.For Sr’s or Vets. $399 MOVE IN SPECIAL! 702-366-7600

SW 1 MONTH FREE! Spacious 2bd, 2ba, free basic cable. Water & trash paid. Dishwasher, ceiling fan, fridge, central A/C & heat, laundry facility & sparkling pool. Available now. $650/mo. Call 702-871-5642

CENTRAL Across from MGM NO DEPOSIT! Lg 1bd Apts, $525/mo. Lg Studios $475/mo. 93 E. Reno Ave. Call 400-0563

SW 2&3bd Avail Starting at $595


Credit Friendly! Pine Village Apartments 876-0929 SW 2bd, 2.5ba, 2car Attached Garage $845, Townhome, Ask About Move-In Special, Up to 1 Month FREE RENT

$149.99 MOVE IN

FREE Rent for Nov $99 for Dec Family Community, Pool, Spa, 1bd, 2bd, 3bd from $599 Bonanza Village MHC Stewart / Pecos *702-491-6098

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City Life

Call today!

NW RETAIL SPACE 1000sf Rent Ready .90 + CAMS

Pick up a Copy


Beks Group LLC 702-395-9244 x 413

Every Week


Beks Group LLC 702-395-9244 x 413 For Details


Beks Group LLC 702-395-9244 x 413

RETAIL SPACE HHH HHHH BARBER SHOP HHHH 1000-1200sf Retail Space 800sf Unit for Barber Shop HHH

SE Clean Spacious 3bd, 2ba

At A Loss for Words?



$895 All Tile/Hrdwd, Huge Lvg Rm! Roman Tub & Sep Shower Fncd Yd., Comm Pool, Pets OK. Storage. Avail Now! 429-3933

Beks Group LLC

702-395-9244 x 413 For Details

Call 395-9244 x 413 for Details


AWARD WINNING PERFORMERthat’s a Classified ad! You’ll be amazed at the fast results. Call today!

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Bus line H 1502 S. LV Blvd Linen Service, Microwave & TV Single Room $100/wk Shared Room $75/wk H Call 702-385-0809 H

Vacant Land & Lots WHITE HILLS Trustees Liquidation Sale 5 acres from $59,500. $500 Down $354/mo. @ 6% Guaranteed Financing POWER & WATER

CALL 1-800-621-4563

$!#"'!%& &$% "#!$%

FOR DETAILS, CALL 702-380-4549 OR 702-383-0301



Up to 1 Month FREE RENT





ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM. Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit:

Up to 1 Month FREE RENT

W 3bd, 2.5ba, 2car Attached Garage, $925, Townhome, Ask about Move-In Special,


3bd, 2ba, w/Home Office on 1 Acre. 360° Views! Asking $85,000. Low Down, w/Approved Credit.

Rooms to Rent/ Roommates

Garage. $845 Townhome, Ask me about Move-in Special,

FREE Unlimited Long Distance &

Homes for Sale

For Details


702-252-4161 SW 2bd, 2.5ba, Attached 2car


Local Calls Utilities 10 Starz, 16 HBO, 6 Spanish HBO Channels High Speed Internet available Completely Furnished 1 & 2 Bedrooms

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes For Rent

Space - Rent Ready 1000sf .90 + CAMS

ONLY .50 + CAMS 702-395-9244 x 413

For Details





300-1000sf Rent Ready

SUN CITY Summerlin 55+Comm 2837 Sungold Drive Cool Trees & Grass, 1350sf, 2bd 2ba, 2car, Remodeled, Golf, Pools, $1175/mo. . HHHH 702-755-9555 HHHH SW 4bd, 2ba, 1story, 1673sf 2car Attached Garage, , 1 acre, Beks Group LLC 702-395-9244 x 414 for Details



Real Estate

RE Announcements & Services RE Loans/Mortgages Age Restricted Housing Condos/Townhomes High Rise-Mid Rise Homes for Sale Up to $100K Homes for Sale $101-$150K Homes for Sale $151-$200K Homes for Sale $201-$300K Homes for Sale $301-$400K Homes for Sale $401-$500K Homes for Sale $501-$1M Mfg/Mobile Homes for Sale Mobile Home Lots Sale/Rent RV Lots Sale/Rent Open Houses Homes Wanted Mfg/Mobile Homes Wanted Out of Town Homes Commercial Property Income Property Industrial Property Investment Property Out of Town Property Ranches & Farms Re Wanted/Exchange Recreational Property TimeShare/Vacation Sales Vacant Land & Lots Warehouse Space Water Rights

1440sf & larger.30+ CAMS 1344sf .40 + CAMS 886sf .55 + CAMS 702-395-9244 x 413 Beks Group LLC

EXECUTIVE SUITES From $400. Monthly or Long Term. NO CAMS. All Inclusive. MD Zone SW. Call 702-650-6261

SUMMERLIN Beautiful & Super Clean!! 3000+sf, 4bd, Large Loft, 3ba, Vaulted Ceilings, 3car, Near Palo Verde HS, Bonner ES, Parks $1995, 1yr Lease, RENTED

SE 1st MO. free w/dep! Studios & 1 bd. from $490/mo Pets OK. Free Wi-Fi. Free Cable Our truck moves you in FREE! The best management in LV! Justin 249-8466; Willa 401-8682

CENT H Lg 2bd Apts, $495/mo. H H Lg 1bd Apts, $425/mo. H H Lg Studio Apts, $395/mo. H Across from the Hilton. Call 400-0789

Units w/combined Warehouse & Office Space & Units with Only Office Space Available.

City Life Classifieds really work 383-0301

Call Today!


NW Rancho/Cheyenne.

.49/sf Office/Warehouse, 2ksf -10ksf, dock/grade lev, near airport. 739-9258

Get extra cash by selling those outgrown items with a Classified Ad.



Office/Warehouse Rentals

$1150/mo. Call 243-9413

1 Bedroom $399 - Lrg. pet ok Work with Credit 878-5666

Call 702-933-5009



Pet Friendly “THE SUITES”


4855 BOULDER HWY Feeling Sporty? Watch these columns for the best buys in town on sports cars! Place your ad by calling a friendly Ad-visor today.

GV-NEW/GATED/FREE APP MOVE NOW! 1BD 1BA $600; 2BD 2BA $699; 3BD 2BA $800 UP TO 1 MONTH FREE! PETS UP TO 50 LBS. 95/RUSSELL Call 463-8053 Hend Oversized Studio Includes Utilities, ONLY $499 l l 469-1683 l l



H Breathtaking Townhome H

Spacious 2/3bd, All Appls, W/D


Granite Counters (702) 505-9755

Houses for Rent SUN CITY/Summerlin 55+ On Golf Course. Gorgeous Remodel, All appls, 1750sf, 2bd, 2ba, 2car, $1285/mo. 8905 Litchfield Dr. HHHH702-755-9555 HHHH



As $26Low 5/m As o

For Details Call!! 702-383-0383

Services Nevada State law requires contractors to include their Nevada State license number in their advertisements. Always ask to see a copy of the current license of any service providers before contracting work. .



All Lawn Maint TREE & Bush Trimming-Palms, Weeds, YARD Clean-ups, Free Est! Call or Text 788-3266 .

WE DO IT ALL 702-529-2027

All Types of Jobs and Repairs, 30 Yrs Exp, Cheapest and Best in Town, No Job Too Small! Call for Estimates. 438-3264

Kirkwood Stone, Tile & Carpet Supply & Install Carpet, Stone/Tile, or Laminate floors for your home. Free Est! From simple to high-end custom job. (702) 220-4036 NSCB License #s: 63465, 63460, 66182


DR. PAINT LLC Quality Painting Interior/ Exterior Res/Comm/Ind Lic #69558. Free Est. 702-449-9152 .





Tree Service X SONNY’S MR. TREE Lic #

2000147-511 All phases of tree work Specializing in removal & stump grind. Selective Trim & Pruning since ‘62. 401-6277 NEED MORE ROOM? List your items here. Classifieds get the job done! .


ROYAL FLUSH Masonry Lic51882 & 75604. Block Concrete, Patio-Driveway $2.89/sf. Spray Deck Stain/Stamp 539-0286 Affordable concrete No Down payment $800.00 10x21 Simple Creations in Concrete Lic# 61048 Free Est. 280-0137

Experienced, fast & friendly Lic#: Handyman w/truck. No job too big or small! John 540-2088 or Patrick 755-3167

COSTLESS with Plumbing Solutions Of Nevada

Landscaping/ Fertilization

All work guaranteed & Insured License #71790A

Pick up a Copy

1 HOUR RESPONSE TIME Gas Water Heaters, 40gal $475, 50gal $565, 75gal $895. $199 Leak/ Camera Service. 702-413-8088 Lic/Ins.

Every Week

* YARD MASTERS * Custom landscape & concrete. Pkgs to fit your budget, pavers, ponds, turf, etc., One Call Does it all! Free estimates & Design! Lic# 51545, 59005 * 461-0315 ARTIFICIAL GRASS $4.50/SF. Complete install. Restrictions Apply Lic#0076229/702-897-8873 NVLW, LLC / A TURF DEPOT QUICK-action Classified Ads are the answer to passing on your extras to someone who wants to buy.

(702) 463-2500 Plumbing repairs/ $49 Drains


Roofing H Titan Roofing FREE EST. All H

Types Emergency Serv 24/7 Lic# 0070552. Bonded/Ins. No job too small. 597-0878

Baccus Roofing LIC# 46956 Re-roof & Repair. Money back guar on leak repairs, A+ Rating w/ BBB, Reasonable! 566-9993

City Life FREE

Driveway-Patios- Walkways Company-Owned Ready-Mix to Save you Money $$$ Lic# 65492. 7 days 683-7767


Irrigation & Outside Plumbing Leaks, Valves, Shut-offs, Timers. Free Est. Marcelo 339-4631 NV Contractor Lic# 59069 ELLIOT’S Discount Sprinkler Repair. Drip & Lawn Irrigation. Free Est! Call Harry 338-8483 Member of BBB Lic# 131265


Wanted to Buy 24/7 CASH NOW

Gold&Silver Coins. Confidential. WE COME TO YOU. H 702-561-9431 H


RV’s & Transportation All Terrain Vehicles Boats & Motors Dune Buggies Equip. Srvcs & Supply Go Karts Motorhomes Personal Watercraft RV’s Wanted Snowmobiles RV Storage/Supplies Tent Trailers Travel Trailers/5th Wheels Truck Campers Utility Trailers Pitstop Aircraft Auto Finance Auto Parts & Accessories Auto Services Autos/Trucks Wanted Heavy Duty Trucks Limousines Mopeds Motorcycles Race Cars & Parts Sport Utility 2WD Sport Utility 4WD Trucks 2WD Trucks 4WD Utility Trucks/Vans Vans

Appliances APPLIANCES WANTED Washer-Dryer-Fridge Working or Not CASH PAID! We Pick-Up. 702-878-4293

Sprinklers A Discount Sprinkler Repair 1 yr warranty parts & labor, Guar savings 20-30% Honest & Reliable. Lic NV. All work by David Wheatcraft 286-8642 Shut-offs & all Leaks.


Merchandise Air Cond/Heating Antiques & Art Apparel Appliances Auctions Bicycles Bldg Materials & Supply Burial Plots Business/Office Equip Camping Equipment Collectibles Computer/Software Const Machinery & Supply Electronics-Misc Exercise Equipment Furniture Gaming Equipment Golf Guns Hospital & Medical Supply Jewelry Landscaping Supplies Misc For Sale/Treasure Hunt Musical Instruments Photo/Video Equipment Pools/Spas Restaurant/Bar Supply Sporting Goods Steel Buildings Stereos Store Fixtures Swap TV/Satellite Tools Wanted To Buy

We can do it... NOW! Colored Stucco & Block Walls Lic# 67266,73836. Insured. Performance Builders 547-0089

Painting AMERICAN PAINTING “Serving LV for 25 yrs” Paint, Stucco, Drywall. Visa/MC. Member BBB Lic #23549A & #68208A 259-6006

Free Estimates Always Licensed, Bonded, & Insured All work Guaranteed

We Repair ACs F refrigerators dryers F washers F wtr heaters electrical F plumbing F more! FF Free Est FF 702-773-9655 FF

HM CARPET in 3 rooms wallto-wall only $245 Up to 300sq.ft. Linoleum from $0.44 sf Laminate Flrg. $0.88sf 4700 W Russell Rd. LV 597-9020 lc # 59362


l 20% DISCOUNT thru Nov l

Appliance & Appl. Repair

Carpet / Flooring Services

Lawn Maintenance 2 WHITE GUYS Expert Tree & Yard Care, Tree Trim/Removal & Yard Maint. Call Dane Anytime 544-2355


Air Cond / Heating

TOO MUCH STUFF? Not Enough Room? List your items in the Classifieds!



“ Dave’s Electric ” Big job small job we do it all. FREE ESTIMATES, Comm/Res, SR. DISC. Lic#31484A 702-469-2515

WE DO A-C & HEATING, all repairs or new units, no jobs to small. Lowest Prices in Town. Lic 76152. Call 438-3264.


Electrical Services


Trucks 2WD TOYOTA TUNDRA '03 low mileage-72,200, excellent condition. $11,000. 702-348-7591

Treasure Hunt 2011 SPY PENS No one will ever notice LOL $45 get yours today! Call 702-788-4823

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Fast-ish times on the Henderson express BY AMY KINGSLEY




THE BUS GLIDES INTO BAY 4 of the Bonneville Transit Center. Actually,the word“bus”doesn’t do it justice.It’s a plasticized future tube on wheels, a low-slung, elongated ride with an accordion hip. And for most riders,it’s the only way to get from Point A to Point B. Points A and B are downtown Las Vegas and downtown Henderson, at least for this rider. The Henderson Express promises fast service between the two, with a smattering of stops on Boulder Highway. The line began service in September. Now, most people don’t joyride on the bus. Most people don’t know what they’re missing. A weekday ride on the Henderson Express is about as pleasant as a bus ride can get. Commuter lines that cover long distances and serve the suburbs don’t usually attract the unwashed masses most people associate with urban buses. They don’t smell like sweat or urine. Their passengers tend to ride with clear goals and a sense of purpose, like believers on a pilgrimage. In other words, you don’t get the kind of crazy people who ride the downtown buses. But the ride is long enough to expose some of the crazier parts of those people who YOU DON’T do ride. This morning, some of the bus ridGET THE KIND ers are on their phones, bitching about OF CRAZY overdue bills, car repairs and criminal PEOPLE WHO judgments. In the back, two men discuss the relative merits of Lortab and RIDE THE Vicodin. They stop when a man gets on DOWNTOWN with a little boy. BUSES. Another woman on the bus is looking for conversation. She chats up one of the guys sitting next to her. He wants to know where she is going. “I’m taking classes,” she says. “I ride it two times a week.” The final stop is at Nevada State College, so the man jumps to the obvious conclusion. “You’re taking college classes?” he asks. “No. Drug classes,” she says. The conversation peters out after that. The bus passengers aren’t all drug addicts. There are high-school kids, families and workingclass people. There’s an older Asian woman who asks me if the bus stops at Sunset. I tell her it does, and then realize that I’m much better at helping people ride the bus than I am at giving directions. I’m a much more competent transit user than driver, even if I don’t have any firm opinions about the recreational use of painkillers. And speaking as an expert, I’d take this bus again. It arrived on time and made the trip in 50 minutes. I couldn’t say it better than the drug-class lady. “I love this express bus. I love it,” she says.





We have the he best SELECTION, PRICES, QUALITY & SERVICE! Military Discount available to all m Milita military, police and fire fighters.




First One












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No limit on any one brand of carton of cigarettes purchased. Must be 18 years of age or older. Cannot be used to purchase Marlboro, Camel, Misty, Winston, Kool, Eve 120’s or Newport cartons. Cannot be combined with any other LV Paiute offer or discounts. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Prices subject to change without notice. No photo copies accepted. Expires 11/30/2011. LVCL


10% OFF 20% OFF Monday & Tuesday


Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, excludes cigarettes, filtered cigars and pipe tobacco. Must be 18 years of age or older. Cannot be redeemed for cash. No photo copies accepted. Expires 11/30/11. LVCL

Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts, excludes cigarettes, filtered cigars and pipe tobacco. Must be 18 years of age or older. Cannot be redeemed for cash. No photo copies accepted. Expires 11/30/11. LVCL

Premium Cigars, Bundles Premium Cigars, Bundles and Mass Market Products and Mass Market Products

Redeem this coupon at Las Vegas Paiute Cigar Shop or Snow Mountain Smoke Shop.

1225 N. Main St.

702.383.1516 North of Washington




95N @ Snow Mtn Exit 99

702.645.2957 Just North of Durango

The (unofficial) mayor of downtown  
The (unofficial) mayor of downtown  

Tony Hsieh is redrawing the city's core -- but is that too much clout for one man? Also: If companies are people, we're screwed, by Jim High...