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Welcome home, to a sanctuary. A place designed to help you switch off, connect and breathe deeply using the balance of nature. Here, life is easy and intuitive. Welcome to Natura.

LIVE BY NATURE Feel the seasons change in a setting that is uniquely green. Come home to lush gardens, and the canopies of long-standing trees arching overhead.

CONNECT BY NATURE Connect, in soulful spaces designed to help you think, dream and create. Breathe, stretch and grow. Retreat alone or share a transformative moment.

Master Club Business Lounge Reflective pond Outdoor Lounge Outdoor Dining and BBQ Saltwater Pool Spa Fully-equipped Gym Sauna Yoga room Library Meditation zone Fruit Garden Sky Lounge

THINK, DREAM AND GROW AMONGST NATURE Connect, in one of the many spaces within Natura’s five floors of private amenities. Immerse yourself in literature in the outdoor library, meditate in a hammock in the breeze, or strip away the day in our deep saltwater pool. This is a place to think, dream and grow amongst nature.

Exceptional places to meet, learn, share and discover, are right on your doorstep.

Walk to rail, bus, and road links in the area. Include the 25-minute to the CBD.

SMART BY NATURE Come home to a beautiful haven where life is comfortable and convenient; enjoy a home designed to help you move effortlessly through your day.

STRETCH, AND SWITCH OFF Shrug off the hectic outside world and focus on exercising your physical form as a tool for relaxation, health and wellbeing. Run off the day on a treadmill, take a moment for yourself in a meditation corner, stretch your limbs practicing aerial yoga, or rejuvenate in a hot mineral or thermal spa.

SHARE, IN A COMMUNITY SPACE Reap the freshly picked rewards of a garden designed to both eat and enjoy. Prepare meals, and dine alfresco, in all seasons; gather around a fire pit or sip fresh loose-leaf tea from a brewing station.

SHRUG OFF THE HECTIC OUTSIDE WORLD Strip away the day in a deep saltwater pool, indulge in a hot mineal spa or waterfall massage, or simply recline on a luxurious daybed for a moment of tranquility.

Everything has its own place in NATURA residences. All aspects were thoroughly considered to enhance the enjoyment and usability of the home. The design concept focuses on living in comfort and simplicity, being amongst natural elements, restoring the mind, body and soul whilst also embedding convenient technology into the facilities.

TECHNOLOGY FOCUSED ON CONVENIENCE, COMFORT AND SECURITY. Enjoy a living experience designed to ensure we feel the freedom and ease smart design can bring to life. Door locks that sense our approach, lifts that message you to let us know our guests have arrived, and elegant electric car charging stations are all luxuries that make life feel refreshingly simple.

SMART DOOR LOCK Every apartment is fitted with a Samsung Push Pull lock. Ease of use and a safe robust design are complimented with wake-up on approach, locking notification, intruder warning alarm and quiet latenight entrance functions.

ELECTRIC CAR CHARGER Convenient electric car charging destinations can deliver up to 93 kilometers of range per hour to compatible vehicles. An elegant construction and minimal footprint fit neatly into the aesthetics of our Natura apartments.

SMART LIFTS Smart lifts are connected to the wall pad in each apartment, with capability to send messages regarding community events to every resident. A text messaging service is also available, letting us know when guests arriving.

Natura Macquarie Park  
Natura Macquarie Park