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Issue 26 2017

Selectaglaze helps a Cambridge College to improve sustainability in a Grade II Listed building

Overbury completes refurbishment of public space at The National Archives




New Blowerproof Liquid set to transform air-tightness of buildings


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Issue 26 - 2017

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Latest News UK depends on immigrant labour, r research shows In new research commissioned by the Construction Industry Training Board, it shows the full extent of the UK’s dependency on immigrant construction labour.


he large-scale, GB-wide research, by CITB, IFF Research and the Institute of Employment Research at Warwick University, interviewed 248 migrant workers, 401 construction employers and 50 recruitment agencies across Great Britain to provide a detailed and up-to-date picture of the role migrant workers play in the construction industry. Key findings from the research included: 1 in 3 British construction firms employ migrant workers, citing skills and availability as top reasons Half of London construction firms heavily reliant on migrant workers 2 in 5 employment agencies expect staff shortages due to Brexit Migrant workers give flexibility but just 1% of firms specifically look to recruit them Half of firms with migrant labour expect impact from potential migrant caps

75% of migrant workers still expect to be in UK construction in a year’s time

London where one in two employers say they are ‘very dependent’ on migrant workers, compared to around one in six in Yorkshire and the Humber.

54% expect to stay in the UK until they retire. More than a third of employers who employ staff from outside the UK say they do so because there are not enough skilled applicants from the UK, rather than for cheaper labour. The issue is magnified in

The study dispelled some common misconceptions around migrant pay, skills levels and occupations. It showed that only 1% of employers say that migrants are cheaper and that the majority of non-UK construction workers are skilled, with over two-thirds holding

British consumers projected to spend £35bn on home improvements by the end of the year British homeowners are set to spend an estimated £35bn upgrading their homes by the end of the year.


espite the country’s current economic and political uncertainty, six out of ten Brits look set to splash the cash on home refurbishments and upgrades to the tune of about £1,500 per project.

Sprucing up walls with fresh paper or paint will be the priority for the majority of people (62%), while the kitchen (25%), bathroom (24%) and bedroom (23%) are the rooms most likely to be freshened up by adults who are tired of their cooking, washing and sleeping areas. The findings are part of a retail report commissioned by Manchester based mixed reality company DigitalBridge, which warned earlier this year that the home retail sector could be missing out on an extra £1bn a year due to customers walking away from purchases

because they couldn’t imagine what products or completed projects would look like at home. This “imagination gap” is a significant challenge for retailers, and could impact the industries financial prospects, with 36% of home owners admitting to already putting off or decided against making a purchase because of this problem. David Levine, CEO of DigitalBridge, which has won financial backing from John Lewis and innovation specialist L Marks, said: “The UK’s home retail sector is a major part of the economy – as these

Safety experts to meet Government to discuss fire regulations post-Grenfell Tower Leading safety bodies are set to meet ministers for talks on the UK’s building and fire regulations in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster, the House of Lords heard today.

RRNews - Issue 26



he Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), British Safety Council (BSC) and Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) are among organisations calling on the Government for ‘a change in mindset’ on safety regulations following the tragedy in which at least 80 people lost their lives.

In an open letter to Theresa May, they are among more than 1,000 signatories urging the Government to scrap its approach to health and safety deregulation and think again. “We believe it is vital that this disaster marks a turning point for improved fire safety awareness

and wider appreciation that good health and safety is an investment, not a cost,” the letter states.

awful tragedy of Grenfell Tower will make us rethink these issues and I hope it will change the culture that surrounds the way we look at regulation.”

The letter prompted a two-hour debate on 13 July 2017 in the Lords, led by Baroness Andrews, culminating in an agreement by Lord Prior, of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, that a meeting should take place between the safety industry and Government representatives.

IOSH, BSC and RoSPA have been working with Baroness Andrews ahead of the debate on the impact of deregulation on public services and health and safety.

“I think the crux of this debate is whether the pendulum has swung too far with deregulation, and that is a matter of judgement,” he said. “The

Speaking after the debate, the former chair of English Heritage said: “I am encouraged that the minister agreed that the culture should change and that the meeting should take place with the safety bodies behind the letter to Theresa May.”

Latest News a construction-related qualification. Two-thirds of employment agencies reported that migrant workers have similar skills to their UK counterparts. Professor Anne Green, who carried out the research at Warwick University’s Institute of Employment Research, said: “The UK construction sector relies on migrant labour alongside UK workers to meet demand. This is especially the case in London. Migrant labour plays a key role in offering flexibility for the sector to respond in a timely fashion to project requirements. This means that the future immigration policy matters, as does training of UK workers.” The research also showed that while the largest number of migrant workers (22%) are general labourers (22%), there is a wide spread across many skilled areas such as architects (15%), carpenters/joiners (13%), plasterers (13%), bricklayers (11%), and directors/managers/ supervisors (9%). Recruitment agencies reported that EU nationals are more commonly placed than non-EU migrant workers and two in five agencies are expecting staff shortages due to Brexit. One quarter of employers reported at least one impact of Brexit on their company to date, with the most common being increased costs (12%), followed by project delays due to uncertainty and a lack of client investment. The agencies interviewed placed an average of 18 individuals per week into construction and reported that on average 30% of these individuals came from the EU and 5% were from outside the EU. London-based construction firms were more likely to report impacts because of Brexit including a lack of client investment (23%), project delays (19%) and staff shortages (13%).

Independent building firms hitting a wall when it comes to council contract awards With school and local authority building contracts continually being awarded to the largest construction firms and best-known architects, proving that ‘biggest doesn’t necessarily mean best’ within the construction industry is becoming increasingly difficult.


maller, independent companies are being priced out of prestigious projects, particularly those tendered by councils. It means less-known contractors are not only missing out in terms of finance; the chance to carry out high profile work in the community and establish a reputation is also passing them by. It’s absolutely correct that local authorities or groups funding school building projects apply risk adverse policy and procedures when issuing contracts for tender. Unfortunately, these unyielding terms are applied blanket-fashion regardless of project size or value. For instance, a recent school building scheme was put out to tender via a consultancy firm which required the construction firm awarded the project to provide £5million personal indemnity cover - even though the scheme’s total build-cost was an estimated £500,000. On a build such as this, there is little or no chance of £5 million-worth of risk incurring. However it does rule-out smaller firms competing for such contracts despite being fully-qualified and able to carry out the work. Big benefits of small firms

spending predictions show – but retailers, especially those in the home décor market, shouldn’t ignore the potential hurdle this imagination gap could cause in the future. “While nearly 60% of homeowners are planning to spend money upgrading or refurbishing parts of their homes in the coming months, a significant number have already put off making any changes, meaning retailers are missing out on potentially millions, if not billions of pounds, of extra sales.”

There’s a perception that small companies carry greater risk, and whilst it’s understandable funding groups adhere to tried-and-tested architects or contractors, there are many benefits to seeking out an independent firm. A company such as Richardson and Peat, which provides turnkey solutions for a range of new-build and refurbishment projects, has the flexibility to tailor designs and construction to a client’s precise requirements. And whilst larger contractors subcontract work once a contract’s been procured at potentially greater cost to the client, Richardson and Peat takes care of every aspect of the construction process; from design and planning, through to building and the handing over of the property’s keys to yet another satisfied customer.

Reduced costs and personal, face-to-face service are two very good reasons to look beyond construction conglomerates when it comes to contractor specification. However, local governments are often bound by existing agreements with building firms, meaning planning committees’ hands are tied – they have no option but to offer a project to the name on the contract. It’s common practice, but maybe one that needs addressing if our cash-strapped councils are to get real value for money. For instance, I’m aware of a smaller building firm which recently tendered for a special needs school rebuilding project being run by a local council. It was work the company specialised in, having carried out similar refurbishment programmes at numerous such schools. Council members were astonished at the price quoted for the work – they couldn’t believe how low it was. However, as the independent building firm wasn’t on the council’s ‘tender list’ and didn’t meet its rigid criteria, the authority couldn’t appoint it. In cases such as these, where It makes financial sense to look outside ‘the list’, would it not be worth councils and the like appointing contractors or developers on a projectby-project basis? Perhaps the administration work involved precludes such an arrangement, but a degree of flexibility is worth considering. Support for all Of course, seemingly ‘open portals’, in which firms are invited to tender for work without the imposition of council-style procedures, may contain an element of favouritism – that’s life, I’m afraid. But there has to be scope for a more level playing field at local authority level regarding the issue of building contracts, especially in schools. After all, businesses are part of an area’s community that the council is employed to support.

H2O Development wins National Planning Award Specialist waterfront developer H2O Urban has gained a prestigious accolade at the Planning Awards. Aldcliffe Yard, a development on a sensitive heritage site in Lancaster, was awarded the title of Best Housing Scheme (for fewer than 500 homes).


he ground-breaking development was commended for its sensitivity to the historic site in which it is situated, and for the innovative development structure that allowed homeowners who wished to customise their houses to suit their own individual requirements.

The project featured a number of custom build homes, and was one of the first of its kind to be completed in the UK, setting a high standard for this new way to create high quality, bespoke homes that has been successful across Europe for decades. Buyers bought

H2O Urban is a joint partnership between specialist development company bloc and the Canal & River Trust, which owns the canalside site.

RRNews - Issue 26

The project is situated alongside the Lancaster Canal within a conservation area. The homes sit on a site covering approximately two acres; ten new build homes and four homes created out of Grade 2-listed, stone canal buildings.

their plot outright and controlled the design and internal layout, and then the homes were constructed by the development project’s professional builders - a less daunting version of ‘self- build’, offering potential savings on the final market value.


Vinci to serve up tennis centre revamp Vinci Construction UK has signed off a £34.5m project to redevelop Devonshire Park in Eastbourne to create a nationally important cultural and tennis destination.


ts two-year contract also involves restoration of three listed buildings, improved tennis facilities and a new congress theatre.

This includes internal refurbishment repairs to the Congress and Devonshire Park Theatres. Internal

refurbishment repairs to Winter Garden and remodelling of its front entrance as well as redecoration of tennis pavilion and creation of new show court. Max Fordham are building services engineers on the project with Edge acting as structural engineer. Vinci faces significant logistical challenges as parts of the building and park will remain in full operation throughout the construction process which must not disrupt local events such as the Eastbourne Air Show and the Aegon International Tennis Championships.

Vinci faces significant logistical challenges as parts of the building and park will remain in full operation throughout the construction process which must not disrupt local events such as the Eastbourne Air Show and the Aegon International Tennis Championships.

Major regen for Rotherham Rotherham Council has unveiled new plans to transform the town centre around the Forge Island area.


he masterplan sets out a framework for a new leisure quarter at Forge Island, including a new cinema, hotel, food and drink and potentially a theatre.

RRNews - Issue 26

Under the present plan, the core area plans will be taken forward by the council with a development partner after a open tender process.


A new landmark bridge would also be built to better connect the island to the main town centre.

and Lambert Smith Hampton, who have spent the last nine months consulting with local businesses and organisations to produce the plans.

The designs also showcase a major leisure attraction at Guest & Chrimes, redeveloped outdoor spaces, and 350 new-build riverside apartments.

Project director Andrew Clarke said the plans have already attracted the attention of a number of developers and investors.

The masterplan was developed by WYG Group

“Our challenge now is to translate that interest into built development on the ground and to do so quickly. Rotherham town centre requires transformational change and the masterplan will deliver this through a partnership of the Council and the private sector,” he added.

Denise Lelliott, councillor for the Local Economy, said: “The masterplan contains a series of proposals and plans, which brings to life how the town is moving forwards, utilising its river and canal, its open spaces and its feature buildings. At the heart of the plan is to create a much-improved visitor experience with more to do and to see.”

Trotec Laser Providing Precision to your Prototype Trotec is internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer of computer-controlled laser machines for laser engraving, laser cutting and laser marking. Laser technology offers the highest level of precision when creating architectural models. With the ability to mark inscriptions as fine as 1 pt., a Trotec laser aids in replicating even the most intricate of details. Filigree designs and the most detailed geometric shapes can be created to the nearest tenth of a millimetre due to the laser’s ultrafine beam, allowing you to work to the highest level of accuracy. Unlimited possibilities A Trotec laser can process with ease the wide range of materials used in the construction of architectural models including woods, textiles, cardboard, foam, polystyrene, acrylic, films and many more. The patented flexx series of Trotec lasers enables the user to mark metal by incorporating both fiber and CO2 laser sources in one job without the need to physically interchange tubes. Easy-to-use JobControl software enables different sections of the workpiece to be colour coded to identify which are suited to fiber or CO2 processing, saving both time and money. A multitude of benefits over traditional tools A Trotec laser offers a wide range of benefits over traditional cutting and engraving methods such as milling, plotting and saw cutting. As the laser evaporates the material, no swarf or shavings are produced, reducing disposal costs. The beam remains ‘laser sharp’ and can process a range of materials in varying thicknesses and shapes without the requirement for many different tool heads. Thus reducing production time and eliminating sharpening costs. Material processing using a laser cutter is contactless with no pressure

being exerted on the material, reducing preparation time and the risk of damage which is present when clamping material for milling. Laser cutting also produces crystal clear edges when handling acrylic, removing the requirement for manual flame polishing. Customers confirm that when cutting individual components using a Trotec laser, production times can be reduced by up to 80% compared to manual production methods. “The speed, quality of the finished product and efficiency are all far superior” confirms customer Phoebe Nickols, Architectural Assistant at Liddicoat & Goldhill. For more information and to request a sample demonstrating what a laser machine can achieve for architectural model makers, complete the contact form at or call 0191 580 1182 quoting activity number 7100. Trotec also manufactures and supplies a wide range of materials including laminates, wood and acrylic. Go to to see the full range.

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The Coast range from Hudson Reed features a stylish and innovative furniture design to solve all of your storage problems.


vailable in 2 stunning finishesWhite or Grey gloss and a contrasting natural wood finish open shelf, which provides additional storage and easy access to all your bathroom necessities. The sense of luxury is rounded off with the latest technology of touch open soft close doors and drawers. This is instigated when

you press lightly anywhere on the front of the cabinetry, and the same to close again afterwards. The doors and drawers open and close smoothly, silently and with minimal effect. The versatile range offers a selection of floor mounted and Wall Hung cabinets in sizes 500mm, 600mm and 800mm. The 800mm cabinet is ideal for larger bathrooms as there is

a additional storage in the form of a 350mm tall mounted cabinet. m T stylish shelf design is carried through to The tthe WC units providing even more additional s storage.

RRNews - Issue 26

T versatile range doesn’t stop there you can The ttailor your look by choosing from two basin sstyles - a slim 18mm profile or a deep 40mm profile, the ceramic basins complete the fuss p ffree look.


T Coast range is supplied rigid making The tthis quicker and easy to install. Reassurance of quality is essential, so for added peace of o mind we offer a 5 year guarantee on our Coast m ffurniture against manufacturing defects.

For more information or to request a brochure please call 01422 417099, or email news@ultra-finishing. Visit the Hudson Reed website on

Finest Quality Glass Screens

Beta Screens supply UK manufactured contemporary shower screens and doors of an uncompromising quality. We are able to produce both standard and bespoke sizes made to your exact specifications. For both commercial and domestic installations. For Trade Pricing please contact us using the details below.

Tel 01629


RR R RNe New wss - IIsssu sue 26 26

11 Princelet Street


11 Princelet Street located in the heart of Spitalfields has an interesting history of occupants.


r riginally erected by Daniel Bray, citizen and painter of B London in June 1719, it was L occupied d by a clergyman in 1724 and later the carpenter Alexander Christie in 1766. H Having collapsed in the nineteen n thirties, very little was left of the oriiginal 18th-century structure when the e architect Chris Dyson purchase ed the property in 2006. Using the e panelled staircase from the 1720s – th he only element of the original house leftt intact – as a backbone and point of in nspiration, Dyson reinvented the buildiing, mixing 18th-century style with a bold contemporary aesthetic. The radical resstoration involved rebuilding the front ffaçade, substantial alterations to the inte erior of the building, as well as renovaation of the existing workshop in the rear garden. The workshop, previouslyy a Bengali cooking school, was transform med as part of the renovation works into o a space for Dyson’s growing practice. This studiio was built into the former garden off the original house in 1840, with king post trusses resting on brick piers, spanning the garden walls and supportin ng a large lantern overhead. To make thiss space habitable, the rooflight was re-glazed and the building was prope erly insulated and heated. For many yeaars it was home to Chris Dyson’s architectu ure practice while the house became a thriving and fully-occupied home, mu uch as it would have been in Hugueno ot times. With the ccontinued growth of a successful practice, C Chris Dyson Architects began to o outgro ow the studio space in the rear garden. In n 2014 permission was granted t excavate the area below the studio to to create an additional level. Reconfiguring the workp th place into a gallery, p g y one of the

main challenges was to provide sufficient light into the depths of the space to create a gallery that is light and airy. To achieve the desired light in the space an open void was inserted into the ground floor fl oor level, echoing the shape of the

To achieve the desired light in the space an open void was inserted into the ground floor level, echoing the shape of the original rooflight.

original rooflight. This, together with the high floor to ceiling space, large glazed doors facing onto the newly created courtyard and a palette of light materials, has created a dramatic, light-filled gallery space. In order to celebrate the original structure, key elements have been retained, thus enhancing the aesthetic interest of the new space. The concrete ceiling was cast on timber boards, resulting in a dramatically textured ceiling, providing a strong visual reference to the old timber boards of the studio. Bright white >>

RRNews - Issue 26


terrazzo flooring helps bounce light around the space while rough metal stairs and balustrading to the stair and void create a dialogue between these contrasting textures. Working with an existing building is always challenging when comparing standards of energy performance required for new builds. However the opportunity to retain and work with the existing fabric not only creates exciting opportunities for design, but also enables environmental savings as large scale demolition and complete new construction is not required.

In order to celebrate the original structure, key elements have been retained, thus enhancing the aesthetic interest of the new space. 11 Princelet Street 11 Princelet Street is the creation of Chris and Sarah Dyson – a remarkable space within a restored Georgian town house. The Dysons have placed their living accommodation above the ground floor, leaving this space free to show art, in the process creating in one location a home, studio and gallery space in which to promote fine art and architecture, a perfect reflection of their shared interests.

RRNe RR N ws w - Is Issu suee 266

Chris Dyson Architects CDA was founded in 2004 by Chris Dyson, a former senior designer at Sir James Stirling and Michael Wilford Associates, and more recently at Sir Terry Farrell and Partners. The practice is based in the historic Spitalfields area of London, where Dyson has lived and worked for 20 years, and where many of the practice’s early projects are located.


There are two primary strands to the practice: the skilled conservation of historic and often listed structures, as well as a growing portfolio of ambitious cultural, civic and commercial commissions. Diverse projects across Europe and Asia range from small private commissions to larger-scale urban planning proposals. The practice prides itself on a high degree of attention to detail and a flair for innovative, contemporary design. Completed schemes typically surpass current building standards and incorporate environmental upgrades. CDA has an established reputation for the creative reuse and adaptation of existing buildings to create spaces that meet 21st-century needs. @CDAspitalfields

Latest News

Focus Hotels Management moves to expand portfolio in Scotland Focus Hotels Management Ltd, in partnership with InterContinental Hotels Group and developers Percor Capital, has announced the development of two new hotels at a historic site in Dundee.

Methven Wins Bathroom Contract for £18 million Hotel Expansion Global designer and manufacturer of premium showers and tapware, Methven UK, announces a new deal with Ten Square Hotel, a luxury property in Belfast which is undergoing an £18 million expansion.


ollowing phase one of the expansion in December 2016, which saw Satinjet™ showers fitted in 55 bathrooms, Methven has been re-commissioned to roll out its award-winning shower products into 60 more rooms in the fourstar hotel. Kaha concealed thermostatic shower valves were chosen for the renovations, with their slick aesthetic design and matching Kiri Satinjet® Shower Rail Kit and Satinjet Recessed Overheads.

Helen Scott, Bathroom Specification Manager at David Scott Tile, Bath and Stone Specialists who supplied

The multimillion pound upgrade of the property, which is located in Belfast’s central Donegall Square, is part of a total capital investment of almost £18 million by owners, Loughview Leisure Group.

Methven’s awardwinning Satinjet technology delivers advanced and invigorating showering, with colliding twin-jets of water that deliver more than 300,000 droplets of water per second for an invigorating, luxurious showering experience.

Hotel Indigo® Dundee, comprising 102 guest rooms and the 85 guest room Staybridge Suites® Dundee will open in 2018. Both hotels are only a short distance from the city centre, just a five-minute walk from the Wellgate Shopping Centre and Waterfront development, and offer easy access to the motorway network north or south via the A90 and A92. The hotels will form a key part of the Dundee Waterfront regeneration initiative which is driving forward the city’s economic revival. Its flagship is the new V&A Museum of Design Dundee, the first design museum to be built in the UK outside London. Opening in 2018, the museum will showcase Scotland’s rich design heritage as well as bringing V&A exhibitions to Scotland.

Focus Hotels Management is a leading independent hospitality company with a UK portfolio of 16 hotels, with more than 1,500 bedrooms. The boutique Hotel Indigo will provide a mixture of standard and executive rooms and suites, with large beds, elegant colours, bathrooms with underfloor heating, smart TVs and fully air-conditioned rooms, making it a perfect choice for guests staying for business or leisure. Focus Hotels Management is a leading independent hospitality company with a UK portfolio of 16 hotels, with more than 1,500 bedrooms. As well as operating independent hotels, including Sketchley Grange Hotel and Spa and Oxford Witney Hotel, the company also operates hotels under franchise agreements with Hilton, Accor and IHG.

RRNews - Issue 26

Methven’s award-winning Satinjet technology delivers advanced and invigorating showering, with colliding twin-jets of water that deliver more than 300,000 droplets of water per second for an invigorating, luxurious showering experience. The shower heads are also designed to perform exceptionally at lower flow rates, providing a saving on water and energy bills.

the products to the hotel said: “Any hotel specification requires longevity both in design and performance. Methven was the perfect choice for us with the added benefit of energy and water saving for our client. We were delighted with the shower fittings and Methven’s customer service made my job so easy.”


he impressive refurbishment project will see the Bell Mill and North Mill at the disused former Baxter Brothers jute mill complex off Constable Street transformed into two modern hotels.


g and good practice


By law (Equality Act 2010), venues need to make anticipatory ‘reasonable adjustments’ to the built environment to prevent disabled people being put at a ‘substantial’ disadvantage- that includes suitable toilets!


RRNews - Issue 26

o help all involved in the decisionmaking process get it right, Closo-Mat- Britain’s leading provider of toilet solutions to restore dignity to people who need help to ‘go to the loo’- has produced a new white paper. ‘Accessible Toilets, Washrooms & Bathrooms- The Provisions Beyond Building Regulations Approved Document M’ explains why Approved Document M type toilets do NOT meet the needs of up to 14million people*, and outlines the relevant British Standards and guidelines for compliance.


‘There is an assumption that a Document M type wheelchair accessible toilet ‘does the job’,” says Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “But for up to 14million people, who need more space, and/or more equipment, it doesn’t. It therefore precludes their ability to access the venue. So by not accommodating their needs, you are shutting the door on 20% of the UK population, who spend £86billion a year at least. Can you afford to do that, especially when all that is

needed to open the door to them is a minimum 7.5m2 (including a standard unisex wheelchair-accessible toilet), an adult-sized changing bench, and a hoist? Our white paper simplifies the legal and ‘best practice’ considerations, in one useful reference tool.” The new white paper is available free of charge for download from Clos-oMat’s website It is complimented by papers specific to the various accessible washrooms- Changing Places, Space to Change, hygiene roomsand to industry sectors, plus technical support material including CAD blocks, NBS specifications, dimension sheets and installation data.

Clos-o-Mat, founded over 55 years ago and family-owned, is the leading provider of toilet solutions for disabled people in Britain. It is unique in manufacturing its products in the UK, and in its ability to deliver, in-house, the complete package from design advice through project management, supply, install, commissioning, to after-sales service & maintenance. No other major provider of ‘away from home’ toilets with changing facilities can deliver that full ambit.

Clos-o-Mat tel 0161 969 1199; www.; e: info@clos-o-mat. com;; twitter: @closomatuk

Clos-o-Mat, founded over 55 years ago and family-owned, is the leading provider of toilet solutions for disabled people in Britain. It is unique in manufacturing its products in the UK, and in its ability to deliver, in-house, the complete package from design advice through project management, supply, install, commissioning, to after-sales service & maintenance.

* Potential users of a wheelchair-accessible toilet with space, bench and hoist include:

t 1.5m wheelchair users t 6.5 million people who t t t t t t t t t t t t t

have either bladder or bowel incontinence 1.5million people with a learning disability 1.2million people living with stroke 62,000 amputees 30,000 people with cerebral palsy 13,000 people with acquired brain injuries 8,500 people with multiple sclerosis 5000 people with motor neurone disease 8,000 people with spina bifida 120,000 people with a stoma 3.8million adults morbidly obese 0.8million disabled children 8.7million people with osteoarthritis 400,000 people with rheumatoid arthritis


LUNES 2.0: ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL DESIGNS No matter if we are talking about a dwarf wall, a recess or a UZQJDBMshower space, -VOFToffers a wide range of model combinations to enhance the style of UIFbathroom and shower area. Following in the footsteps of the previous Lunes range (a Novellini Best Seller for over 15 years), you will fall in loveXJUI itsBGGPSEBCMF refined and minimal TUZMFT"WBJMBCMFXJUIIJHIRVBMJUZDISPNFGSBNFXPSLBTTUBOEBSE Designed and manufactured in *5"-:



Latest News Woodhead takes home two regional construction awards

Robert Woodhead Ltd has been named winners of two awards at this year’s Constructing Excellence in the East Midlands Awards.


he East Midlands Constructing Excellence Awards focus attention on some of the most important issues for the sector. They recognise the very best companies, collaborations and projects sharing best practice and inspiring others to adopt new and better ways of working that deliver outstanding results. Woodhead’s work on the already award-winning King Edward Skate Plaza, was recognised with the Value Award, for its commitment to offering wider social value on such a short timescale and low value project. This is the second consecutive year Woodhead have won the Value Award. The Nottingham City Council scheme, which was procured through the empa ii Minor Works Framework, has already been named the Most Considerate Site in the UK by the Considerate Constructors Scheme, and is now serving the skating community of Nottingham. The King Edward Skate Plaza was also this year named the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s Most Considerate Site in the UK (under £500,000). This success was followed by the restoration of Delapre Abbey for Northampton Borough Council, which was handed the Preservation and Rejuvenation Award. This is the third year in a row Woodhead have been recognised for their heritage and preservation works. The £6.1m restoration of the Grade II* Listed 12th Century building (supported by £3.6m of Heritage Lottery Funding), was delivered by the company’s conservation specialists,

Woodhead Heritage. The project has engaged hundreds of people in the repair and conservation process. Working with the Trust, the Woodhead Heritage team delivered an ambitious engagement programme, which included supporting a documentary film of the project produced by local schoolchildren, 26 talks on the project delivered to local groups, four Public Heritage Skills open days and over 600 people taken on hard-hat tours. Craig Pygall, Construction Director for Robert Woodhead Ltd, said: “We’re delighted to be able to share these awards with our clients. Every project we work on is very much treated as a partnership, we all have shared goals and aim to deliver these to a high standard. “Each project awarded tonight could not have been so successful without the hard work and commitment of our site and project teams. From design to the finishing touches of a build, we all work together to achieve the best results possible. Congratulations to everyone involved.” With two other projects sitting as finalists in five other categories, Woodhead is now celebrating the accolades with its clients. The other finalists included:

t University of Nottingham - Ingenuity Centre (finalists in four categories) t Bolsover District Council - the B@Home Partnership

Student ends placement year with prize to celebrate exceptional achievement Adey Steel’s commitment to promoting the future of the country’s workforce was continued, as their latest Year in Industry student, Andy Leather, took home a prestigious prize at the Contribution to Business Awards 2017, which took place on Monday 3 July at The Manufacturing Technology Centre in Warwickshire.


ndy, a Mechanical Engineering BEng student at Oxford Brookes University, took home the Year in Industry Audience Choice Award, capping off an excellent placement year with the Loughborough-based steel group. Andrew Adey, Managing Director for Adey Steel Group, commented: “Andy has impressed us all throughout his year in the industry with us and this award is the perfect way to mark his contribution to the company.” With a construction industry that’s booming in the UK, Adey Steel’s commitment to apprentices and students is long-standing and focuses on developing a strong future for both the company and its employees. The company prides itself on its strong links with local colleges, including, Loughborough College and, Stephenson College, taking on four new apprentices every year. Former apprentices have gone onto become fabricator welders and draughtsmen, as well as fully qualified shop floor workers, CAD designers, and even project managers. It’s a commitment that Andrew recognises is very important: “With so many of our current staff having joined us via the apprenticeship route, it’s something we place a great deal of importance upon.”

Paul Schuler to succeed Jan Jenisch as Sika CEO

RRNews - Issue 26

Sika has appointed Paul Schuler, currently Regional Manager Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA), as Chief Executive Officer as of July 1, 2017. He succeeds Jan Jenisch who has accepted to become the new CEO at LafargeHolcim.



aul Schuler has been with Sika for 29 years and has been a member of the Group Management since 2007. He served as Regional Manager North America from 2007 to 2012 and as Regional Manager EMEA from 2013 until now. Paul Schuler has played a key role in developing and executing Sika’s successful growth strategy. His contributions

to Sika’s success include high growth rates, significant improvements in efficiency and profitability as well as responsibility for major acquisitions. Paul Hälg, Chairman of the Board: “I am delighted that the Board has appointed Paul Schuler as our new CEO. He has been a member of the Group Management for more than 10 years and has a highly successful track record in his leadership of two out of four Sika regions. His competent and energetic leadership style will ensure the continuation of Sika’s growth strategy. I look forward to working together with him and in achieving our strategic targets 2020.” Paul Schuler: “I am excited about my new role and look forward to working with Sika’s global leadership team. I am committed to continuing our growth strategy, meeting our targets for 2020 and further developing Sika’s global business.”

Jan Jenisch has been with Sika for more than 20 years and has been the CEO for the past five-anda-half years. Under his leadership, Sika has seen significant profitable growth and an accelerated expansion into new markets, with a build-up of supply chains and new national subsidiaries. Paul Hälg: “I would like to thank Jan Jenisch for his outstanding leadership and accomplishments over the past 20 years. As CEO he has led Sika to an accelerated growth strategy and to a new performance level. While I regret his departure I wish him all the best for his future.” Sika confirms its guidance for 2017 with sales growth of 6-8% to more than CHF 6 billion for the first time. EBIT and net profit should continue to increase at disproportionately high rates. The growth strategy will be pursued with the opening of eight new factories and the founding of a further three national subsidiaries.

Is now the time to invest wisely in roadworks? Construction contracts moving from London and south-east, says new report Construction contracts have shifted from being mainly in London and the South-East to a more even spread across the country, according to Barbour ABI and the Construction Products Association.


n previous years, London dominated the list of spots where the value of construction contracts was highest.

But Barbour ABI and the Construction Products Association found that last year investment in housebuilding, infrastructure and commercial property is increasingly spread across the UK. Scotland and the West Midlands had the highest growth in value of contracts last year. In the capital the total value of contracts awarded there was £13.1bn last year, down 14.6% on 2015. Just three areas of London appeared in the top 10 places with the highest-value construction contracts. Michael Dall, an economist at Barbour ABI, said: “The Government is focused on raising the levels of major infrastructure projects, in particular public sector schemes such as offshore wind farms, energy plants and motorway upgrades have considerably boosted construction value in more rural regions. “Districts such as the Isle of Anglesey and Norwich and East Norfolk have experienced year-on- year construction contract value growth of 916pc and 744pc respectively.” The report also found the nation’s cold spots, where investment into construction projects is well below average, were the result of a slowdown in housebuilding in the South-East, Yorkshire & Humber and the East Midlands.

With a suggested £4 billion in Roadworks Contracts, It is argued that now is the time to look at alternative solutions in the UK.


ith Highways England Chief Executive, Jim O’Sullivan announcing an anticipated increase of roadworks contracting to reach £4 billion at the next review, there have been calls to ensure that there is a greater focus on alternative, environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions. Phil Sutton, Managing Director of EconPro, the company that developed the award-winning DuraKerb range, an environmentally friendly roadside kerb made from recycled polymer, believes that serious focus needs to be shifted in order to benefit both the environment and the workers tasked with such an increase in activity. DuraKerb, which has recently reached a major milestone of 400,000 kerbs installed in the UK, is one of a the few products tackling both environmental and health and safety concerns within our industry. “Jim O’Sullivan has highlighted the expected increase in expenditure on roadworks. They are doing a great job in ensuring road safety and we firmly believe, as I am sure they do, that the focus should be on

what solutions are best for both the environment and for the safety of the workers tasked with the job of implementation. Environmentally friendly, health and safety conscious products are sustainable and proven cost effective.” “The willingness of the government to continue to improve the road network is greatly encouraging, naturally, with that comes the challenges posed by congestion and disruption. With the committed investment, we have the opportunity to lead the world in progressive roadworks thinking.” Phil Sutton continued. “Last year a study showed that British roads were the most congested in Europe with over 20,375 traffic hotspots compared to second placed Germany with only 8,517 (according to a survey carried out by data company Inrix). Products such as DuraKerb and DuraDrain are significantly quicker to install than traditional products, meaning they are cost effective, but also as they are made from recycled materials have the added advantage of being considerably better for the environment. The speed of installation means that road disruption is kept to a minimum which will only help congestion at a time when the investment is on the increase whilst also reducing our impact on the environment.”

NFB welcomes new chair Clare Watson Clare Watson, director of Preston based construction company Bernard Watson, became chair of the National Federation of Builders (NFB) on Thursday 8 June at the NFB AGM which was followed by a celebratory gala dinner.


onstruction industry professionals and guests gathered at the historical Clifton Arms Hotel in Lytham for an evening of dinner, entertainment, and networking.

The NFB’s annual general meeting which took place earlier in the afternoon saw the outgoing NFB chair, Simon Girling, director of Ipswich-based construction firm SEH French, hand the ceremonial chains of office over to Clare to mark the beginning of her twelvemonth term. Guests were entertained all evening by former Manchester City footballer Jim Whitley, who serenaded those in attendance with a medley of classic hits. Clare Watson delivered an outstanding speech at the event. She said: “During my tenure as the National Chair of the NFB, I will work with our chief

executive, Richard Beresford, and the NFB team to build a federation that is relevant to the needs of a digital construction sector; one that helps members gain, and maintain a competitive edge, ensures they feel supported in the challenges they face and inspires them to speak up and be heard.” “Following in the spirt of Simon’s legacy, I will work tirelessly to promote the ethos of ‘together we are stronger’ and build on the ambition of the NFB to be an inclusive federation with clear values of addressing the issues our industry faces, improving and developing the businesses of NFB members, and fighting to ensure equal opportunities for SMEs within the sector. “The challenges the sector faces around skills, diversity and sustainability will be the three pillars of my chairmanship. I look forward to working with you all in the coming year to place the NFB at the heart of efforts to overcome them.”

Students renovate properties in innovative partnership College students are gaining real-life experience in renovating properties as they prepare for trades careers thanks to a new partnership.


ocial housing provider Acis has teamed up with the Construction Career College in Gainsborough to give hands-on opportunities to the future generation of tradespeople.

The project, funded by Teach Too, sees groups of around 20 students work alongside tradespeople from Acis company Prime, giving them practical, reallife skills as they train for their qualifications.

Work on a further two properties is planned before the summer, including a major redevelopment to turn a three-bedroom property into a more spacious twobedroom property. Jill Dickson, Volunteer and Employability Coordinator,

said: “This project is all about giving young people direct experience of today’s industry so they’re ready to hit the ground running when they qualify and enter the workplace. We’re committed to developing the next generation of multi-skilled tradespeople.” Rick Long, Head of Career Colleges at Lincoln College, said “This is a perfect example of real collaboration between employer and educator, both investing to create inspiring opportunities for young people.” Kieran Cowan, one of the College students to participate, said: “It has been a privilege to be part of this project, I have gained valuable on-site experience.”

RRNews - Issue 26

Students from the College, which is part of the Lincoln College Group, are being given the chance to renovate and refurbish some of Acis’ empty properties so they can be re-let to people in the area.

The first renovation was completed in May, with students fitting a new kitchen, refurbishing a bathroom, and undertaking plastering and decorating in a flat in one of Acis’ sheltered accommodation schemes in Gainsborough. Participating students were presented with a certificate and Screwfix vouchers by Acis Chief Executive Greg Bacon at a small ceremony following the work.


Ceilings, Walls & Partitions JUST 48 HOURS FROM START TO FINISH WITH BRADITE’S TOUGH NEW FLOOR PAINT SYSTEM Bradite have introduced a tough, fast drying new protective coating system for the commercial and industrial sectors that allows contactors to complete a job in just 48 hours from start to finish – allowing clients to be back in business fast. Part One of the system is high performance two-pack, water-based ES40 Floor Primer designed for use on interior dense, power floated, non porous concrete, ceramic and terracotta tiled floors. Touch dry within one hour, Bradite ES40 Floor Primer has a recoat time of just two and a half hours allowing both primer and top coat to be applied in the same day. The product, with its low odour and non-taint qualities, is ideally suited for use in food areas and hospitals. The product is easily applied by brush or roller and one litre will go a long way covering up to 25cu.m. Part Two of the system is Bradite’s new Rapid PW74 Coating and Floor Finish, which used in combination with ES40 Floor Primer can provide a traffic ready floor space in just 48 hours.

A single pack polyurethane coating and finish for internal use, for concrete, wood or steel floors it provides a tough, hard-wearing flexible film. Incredibly quick drying it is suitable for forklift traffic after just 48 hours. Recoat time is 8 hours and cures as low as -5°C.

Rapid PW74 can also be used be used clear as a floor sealer. All Bradite are manufactured under the auspices of ISO 9001:2008 quality and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems.

PLASTERING SIMPLIFIED WITH NEW KNAUF PROROLL With its brand-new roller-applied range of finishing and surface-levelling ready-mixed plasters, Knauf has introduced ProRoll, a new quick, clean and efficient way of plastering residential homes and smaller projects. Suited to both smooth and textured backgrounds, Knauf ProRoll is applied to surfaces using a 9-inch medium pile roller and extension pole as required, ensuring a quick and easy installation while reducing the physical effort required to plaster. Ready-mixed, Knauf ProRoll can be applied directly from the tub, producing only a fraction of the mess of a traditional plaster product. In additional, any excess material can simply be removed from a surface and recycled into the container, reducing wastage even further. Knauf ProRoll is available in two variants, Knauf ProRoll Light and Knauf ProRoll Max. Knauf ProRoll Light can be applied in coats of up to 1mm, providing a fine finish when applied over gypsum boards, sand stone blocks and other smooth surfaces. Conversely, Knauf ProRoll Max is a surface-levelling compound that is ideal for the preparation of irregular and uneven surfaces prior to a final finishing with Knauf ProRoll Light. Highly versatile and adaptable to a number of decorating scenarios, ProRoll Max is an ideal solution for surface levelling, with coats as thick as 4mm possible.

RRNews - Issue 26

With a fast-drying time of between 12 and 18 hours, Knauf ProRoll allows painters and decorators to prepare their projects for the final finish with a minimum of snagging required.


Unlike traditional plaster products, Knauf ProRoll can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months, provided a lid is applied, meaning it is ready for use at any time when the need arises. All of these properties combine to create a product that will save both time and labour for DIY projects, painting and decorating jobs and smaller plastering situations.

ww www w ww w .k .kn knauf k u co uk k




Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.

01484 421036 l l

/GraftSealants l







TOUPRET UK T 2 North Row - London W1K 6DJ 25 P Phone: +44 (0)203 691 6747 F Fax: +44 (0)20 3691 6751 E Email:

Norcros Pro-Gyp Base Fast Track Sealer enables faster, simpler tiling on to anhydrite screeds Norcros Adhesives, manufacturer of tiling adhesives, grouts and surface preparation products, speeds up tiling on to green screeds with its latest system solution.


orcros Adhesives, manufacturer of tiling adhesives, grouts and surface preparation products, speeds up tiling on to green screeds with its latest system solution. Pro Gyp-Base Fast Track Sealer greatly reduces the minimum drying times normally applicable for anhydrite (calcium sulfate) screeds. The new product comprises a three-stage preparation system for fixing ceramic and porcelain tiles on to screeded surfaces. It is sold as a kit containing all the elements necessary to achieve a successful bond, including a primer, moisture suppressant and gritted primer. Used together, the system allows for fast track tile installation without detracting from the overall screed strength. It also avoids the need for a special tile to gypsum adhesive, which is normally required for tiling on to anhydrite screeds to prevent the tiles from debonding.

“This new system from Norcros Adhesives is designed to tackle one of the key issues associated with the increasingly popular anhydrite screeds, namely extended drying times, which can be up to 80 days for a 60mm screed.” Mandy Searle, head of technical services at Norcros Adhesives

Pro Gyp-Base Fast Track Sealer can be used on either heated or unheated anhydrite screeds. A 15kg kit contains everything required to prepare and seal approximately a 25sq m area. In an ambient temperature of 20oC, drying times are down to two hours for the first primer coat and 24 hours for the second primer coat. The moisture suppressant and gritted primer require a total of three hours drying y g time

before tiling commences. Screeds need to be a minimum of seven days old and have a maximum relative humidity of 95 per cent. After drying, tiles may be fixed with the new Norcros Pro Gyp-Base Adhesive. This is a white cement-based, flexible, fibre-reinforced, thin bed cementitious adhesive specially formulated for fixing fully vitrified porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles to Norcros Pro Gyp-Base Fast Track Anhydrite Screed Sealer. It has a setting time of three hours at 20oC permitting early trafficking of the tiled installation. The adhesive has excellent thermal ageing properties making it suitable for use on heated floors. It is sold in a 20kg pack. “This new system from Norcros Adhesives is designed to tackle one of the key issues associated with the increasingly popular anhydrite screeds, namely extended drying times, which can be up to 80 days for a 60mm screed,” says Mandy Searle, head of technical services at Norcros Adhesives. “This new system solution from Norcros Adhesives should prove a real benefit on-site for flooring contractors and tile fixers.”

Norcros Adhesives, Harewood Street, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., ST6 5JZ Tel: 01782 524140

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Latest News Brighton Corn Exchange £5.8m refurb underway The Grade I listed Brighton Dome Corn Exchange has begun a £5.8m refurbishment.


he scheme was backed by The Arts Council England three years ago following a bid by Brighton &

Aldershot Catholic Cathedral’s Roof gets a Refurb A major re-roofing project to preserve one of Aldershot’s most iconic buildings gets underway this week.


he existing roof of St Michael’s & St George’s – the Roman Catholic Cathedral for the Forces, located on Queens Avenue – is being replaced, with 48 tonnes of slate tiles due to be laid over coming months.

Around 60,000 nails and 3.5 miles of roofing batten will be used in completion of the works on the listed building, which dates from 1892 when Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone. The project is being delivered by Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL) (funded by Aspire Defence Limited), contracting with Southern Counties Roofing Contractors Ltd and Abbey Scaffolding. ADSL is contracted under Project Allenby/Connaught to maintain the defence estate at Aldershot and several Salisbury Plain garrisons on behalf of the MOD; the company refurbished the Cathedral’s spire in 2009. Mark Bassett, Project Manager for ADSL, says, “The tiles on the current roof are of the original construction, are visibly worn and have become compromised over time, allowing water seepage into the church’s roof space. These works will ensure that the building is weather-proofed for decades to come.”

RRNews - Issue 26

The project has taken two years to plan, including annual condition surveys of the building to test for water tightness. Bespoke slates were procured from a 400-year old Cumbrian quarry, to ensure the new roof is in keeping with the building’s distinctive gothic revival design. Surveys have also been carried out to assess the Cathedral’s resident swift population and safeguard the birds’ habitat.


Scaffolding is now being erected and is likely to take ten weeks to complete; roofing contractors move onto site in six weeks. The Cathedral will remain open as usual during the project, which is due to finish at the end of the year. “This building holds great historical and current importance, both for Aldershot and the wider military community, and ADSL is proud to be responsible for its renovation and ongoing maintenance,” says Mark. “We will work very closely with all parties to ensure that any potential disruption is minimised during this significant project.”

New £30 million Science Teaching & Research Centre completed in Lincoln The ISAAC Newton Building – an historic addition to the University of Lincoln – has been completed, transforming the university’s science offering.


he building was delivered by Pick Everard – the independent property, construction and infrastructure consultancy – Maber Architects, BAM Construction and Yonder, and has marked a significant milestone in the university’s STEM investment.

The second phase features new engineering, testing and research facilities including EMC (Electromagnetic Capability) rooms and semi anechoic chambers as well as laser labs, virtual reality spaces for computer sciences, robotic teaching spaces, and a 500 seat lecture theatre.

“This project was completed in two phases and has created a new home for the university’s schools of computer science, engineering and maths and physics – transforming the site and creating a modern, state-of-the-art centre for generations of students to benefit from,” said Shirley Ashford, associate at Pick Everard.

“We delivered quantity surveying services to complete the 8,000m² building – which sits as a major extension to the existing Engineering Hub at the Brayford Pool campus in Lincoln city centre. The Engineering Hub also required remodelling to allow for this addition, whilst remaining fully operational which was successfully managed,” continued Shirley.

Latest News Hove City Council and Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival, the joint custodians of the Royal Pavilion Estate. Built in 1803 and previously home to the Prince Regent’s 44 horses, the building is undergoing a number of improvements including a new retractable and balcony seating (increasing capacity by 500) cutting edge technical equipment and sub-floor storage, new heating/cooling systems using thermal insulation and enhanced soundproofing. The transformation will also restore natural light and reveal previously hidden heritage features such as the original timber and cast-iron trussed roof structure.

Brighton Dome’s Studio Theatre will also undergo refurbishment. The Grade II listed building will receive new retractable and balcony seating, as well as contemporary bar facilities, improved access and foyer spaces and a café opening on to street level. A brand new meeting space for smaller events and break-out sessions will also be available for those booking the Studio Theatre. The project is due for completion in 2018.

Morgan Sindall bags Ayr riverside revamp Morgan Sindall has secured the first major project to kick-start the regeneration of an historic part of Ayr town centre in Scotland.

£2.2M redevelopment of historic Lincoln University unveiled Contemporary design and flexible teaching spaces are at the heart of Bishop Grosseteste University’s £2.2m redevelopment, which has now completed on site.


outh Ayrshire Council has appointed the firm to develop council offices at the Riverside Block, which will act as the first part of the site’s wider development.

Morgan Sindall will be supported by architect Keppie Design, which delivered original designs for the offices. Ayr Renaissance submitted a masterplan for a mixed development between High Street and the River Ayr last year. This includes office accommodation and housing, as well as shops, cafes, restaurants and public spaces. Demolition of the existing site now well advanced and Morgan Sindall will start on site in spring 2018.


elivered by Lincoln-based architects LK2 and local construction company Robert Woodhead Ltd, working with Sutherland Consulting and Price & Myers. The project was carried out in two phases and saw a circa 7,770 sq ft extension added to the Constance Stewart Hall to accommodate new, flexible teaching space. Andrew Kitchen, director at LK2, said: “We are delighted to have worked on this iconic >>

Pick Everard’s services were procured under the Scape Project Management and Quantity Surveying framework, which has since been superseded by the Scape Built Environment Consultancy framework. Pick Everard has worked across a number of higher education projects including project managing the creation of the University of Warwick’s awardwinning Oculus teaching and learning building, as well as the new biomedical and life sciences department at the University of Lancaster. “Our experience in this sector means that we’re able to create first-rate facilities which are delivered on budget and on time. We’ve been involved in this project from the beginning and we’re delighted that the new building has now been handed over, ready for students to begin using it,” added Shirley.

“The building, which represents an investment of almost £30 million, is the first major project to be

completed from our current £130 million capital investment programme which will deliver stateof-the-art new academic buildings and facilities for our students, staff and industry partners across our campuses.

“We are sure our students and staff will be impressed with the finished building and very much look forward to hosting the first teaching sessions.”

RRNews - Issue 26

Simon Parkes, deputy vice chancellor (finance and infrastructure) at the University of Lincoln, said: “We’re delighted with the completed Isaac Newton Building and grateful to our contractors for their professionalism and quality of work, which is reflected throughout.


Latest News scheme which has transformed the cityscape. We have worked closely with Bishop Grosseteste University to create a modern teaching space which complements the design of the original building. “These new facilities will provide improved work spaces for staff and students and bring the university into a new era.” Steve Deville, director of resources at the university, said: “This fantastic new building reinforces BGU’s commitment to invest in our students and their learning experience. “This building is to be opened just a few months after our new Centre for Enhancement in Learning and Teaching facility and will provide students with flexible teaching spaces and stateof-the-art facilities to aid their learning.”

The extension is supported by an impressive steel framework made from locally-sourced steel and erected by Robert Woodhead Ltd. Throughout the project, contractors pledged to use local resources wherever possible. Steve Gribby, construction director at Robert Woodhead Ltd, said: “We erected an impressive steel frame, in just 14 days. Built to overhang the existing structure and enable both buildings to blend into each other, the design offers a contemporary and modern twist on the original fifties design. It makes a fantastic statement as you drive in to the city and is will be a great landmark for Lincoln. “From working with local suppliers and using as much local labour as possible, to operating closely alongside the university project team

and LK2, we have done our best throughout this project to deliver a site which best suits the needs of the client, while ensuring sensitivity to the design of the new and old parts of the building. I look forward to seeing the building in full operation.” The university’s Centre for the Enhancement or Learning and Teaching (CELT building) was completed earlier this year and is already being used by staff and students. The space has a modern, contemporary feel whilst still respecting the character of the original Victorian building. The project was procured through the empa framework which is managed by Scape Group.

Works to create boutique student homes within 17th century mansion now complete – with images showing its transformation revealed A major renovation project to create stylish student homes within a Grade II listed 17th century mansion in Bristol has completed – with nearly half of the apartments already let.


ristol-based developer Urban Creation is behind the revamp of The Manor House, which has seen careful attention paid to the preservation of the building’s original character and period features. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ images illustrate the transformation of the property, which has seen new life breathed into it.

The Manor House, a hidden gem which was built in 1691 as a family residence behind St Michael’s Hill, has been converted into 12 studio and onebedroom student apartments, with a new building having been created on site to house a further six apartments.

Jonathan Brecknell, director and owner of Urban Creation, which is experienced in bringing often derelict or disused historic properties back to life, said: “It is fantastic that the renovation of The Manor House is now finished as this beautiful hidden gem can now be returned to its original use as a home for people to enjoy. “What I fell in love with when I first viewed this property was its unique charm and character, its far-reaching views and its fantastic location: a secluded spot yet right on the doorstep of Bristol University and close to Bristol’s buzzing city centre. I’m glad that it won’t be long now before students get to experience all of this for themselves!” The apartments will be bright and airy places to live, full of character, but also fitted out to a high standard with all the modern touches including en-suite shower rooms and ultra-fast internet connections. Surrounded by Bristol University buildings on three sides, The Manor House also benefits from a communal terrace and landscaped gardens.

RRNews - Issue 26

Jonathan added: “We are creating these apartments to meet a known demand from students who want a real ‘home from home’ experience whilst studying. Those who have snapped up the apartments so far represent a real mix of people, from couples to individuals, and including both undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as both UK-based and international students – we look forward to welcoming them all to The Manor House soon.”


Urban Creation develops and manages high quality developments, with its current focus on homes for students and professionals in the heart of Bristol. It bought The Manor House, which was vacant at the time, in March 2015 from Bristol Charities – a charity which improves the quality of life for older people living in Bristol. The 5,600 sq ft building was last refurbished in 1980 to provide nine flats for elderly residents following a fire in 1979 which destroyed the interior.

Selectaglaze helps a Cambridge College to improve sustainability in a Grade II Listed building Jesus College, part of the University of Cambridge, is known for its Listed buildings, sustainable design projects, and modern architecture. In 2014 it embarked on the West Court development by purchasing the Grade-II Listed buildings belonging to its neighbour, Wesley House.


he College commissioned Niall McLaughlin Architects to design the plans and Cocksedge Building Contractors to carry out the refurbishment. The College wished to sensitively refurbish the Grade II Listed building to make it heat efficient and sustainable, while also keeping its original features.

However, as a Grade II Listed building, creating a specific sustainable agenda with the introduction of insulation and secondary glazing posed some challenges. The main contractor, Cocksedge, approached Selectaglaze, the UK’s leading provider of secondary glazing, for advice and assistance. The primary windows were draughty, allowing heat to escape and suffered from noise ingress and egress. The secondary glazing had to be considerate with regard to the architectural heritage of Jesus College. Selectaglaze had previously worked on the College’s Chapel Court student accommodation refurbishment, where it treated over 300 openings. Selectaglaze subsequently installed over 100 secondary glazing units in West Court. It was important that the secondary glazing did not detract from the original primary

Established for fifty years, and a Royal Warrant Holder since 2004, Selectaglaze is the leading specialist in the application of secondary glazing for all building types, from Listed buildings to new build hotels, working closely with clients to meet their requirements.

windows, iron casements set into stone mullions. A combination of casements and horizontal sliders matched the original design to avoid the introduction of new sightlines. Finished in anodised bronze, they complement the overall feel of the building. The College hopes to reduce its annual energy costs as a result of Selectaglaze’s work. In addition, secondary glazing is widely used to reduce noise ingress. Therefore, those staying there have found the accommodation to be far more peaceful, with little or no distraction coming from the outside. Secondary glazing traps an insulating layer of air, which can reduce heat loss by 50%. With the introduction of low emissivity glass, U-values of around 1.8 can be achieved. High performance twin seals help to virtually eradicate draughts. Furthermore, noise ingress is significantly reduced. A gap between the primary and secondary glazing of at least 100mm achieves a reduction of 45dB - rising to more than 50dB if specialist acoustic glass is specified. Established for fifty years, and a Royal Warrant Holder since 2004, Selectaglaze is the leading specialist in the application of secondary glazing for all building types, from Listed buildings to new build hotels, working closely with clients to meet their requirements.

Contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271/e mail: enquiries@ or visit:

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Doors, Windows & Fittings AMERICAN SHUTTERS Over 20 Years Experience


Renowned for a bespoke top quality product, service and attention to detail with short lead time from order

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Zero Seal Systems Ltd Units 43 - 45 Ladford Covert, Seighford, Stafford, ST18 9QG, United Kingdom Tel : +44 (0)1785 282910 E-mail :


01730 89 47 45


Paul Winch Furness. Source D&D London

Traditional style outside. Exceptional performance inside. When converting a Listed C19th gym into a restaurant for the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership, architect Allies and Morrison found that the Janisol Arte steel renovation window from Schueco Jansen delivered the perfect combination of appearance and performance. With narrow face-widths of just 25 mm or 40 mm, a wide range of opening types, multi-point locking and Uw values from 0.8 W/m2K, Janisol Arte is also soon to be available in stainless steel and Corten steel.


Replacement aluminium windows for period and new homes

A matching front door and garage door can give a great first impression to the front of a house and also adds value to the property. Garador is the only manufacturer offering matching designs for its front doors and garage doors, with many of the styles in Garador’s most popular Up & Over and Sectional garage door ranges designed to complement its FrontGuard front door range. With a huge number of styles and colours available in both its FrontGuard front entrance doors range and its Up & Over and Sectional garage door ranges, the choice of doors on offer is massive. There are 16 attractive colours for FrontGuard front doors, 19 colours for Up & Over garage doors and 19 colours to choose from on sectional garage doors. Garador places high priority on security - all Garador FrontGuard doors feature multi-point locking for extra security – plus they offer excellent thermal insulation.

The Conservation Range ‹ Single or dual RAL colours ‹ (YH[LKLULYN`LMÄJPLUJ` ‹ Fit into timber or direct to stone ‹UK manufactured

For expert advice call 08008 401 508 Showrooms at: Sevenoaks Dorking Beaconsfield Loughton

To find out , ask your local Garador stockist for the new Garador Range brochure, visit or call 01935 443798.


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• Suitable for Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings • Supply Only, Supply and Install, Repair and Refurbish


We have worked on various prestigious projects, including: St James’ Palace, The Admiralty Buildings, Clandon Park, The Grove Hotel, and Oxford Wildlife Trust.

01344 868 668

Town Hall is a People’s Palace The refurbishment of an ornate Victorian Town Hall has breathed new life into a Grade I listed building and allowed it to open its doors as a place of celebration as well as administration.


EZE UK has helped restore a sense of civic pride to Wakefield Town Hall which has undergone a major refurbishment and added a touch of modernity to its grand interiors. The installation of automatic doors – powered by GEZE operators - within the redesigned interior has given the building, which originally opened in 1880, additional safety, security and convenience while maintaining the authenticity of the elaborate Victorian decor. The old and the new are subtly blended – each contemporary element gives a nod to its surrounding heritage. The creation of a glazed inner lobby, within an original open archway which frames the town hall’s traditional heavy, wooden-leaf doors, provides access to a waiting area and beyond into offices and function rooms. A Slimdrive SL NT operator powers these bi-parting doors which incorporate etched glass panels. These allow visitors to see the

ornate detail of the building’s interior while providing a practical draught lobby. The pattern of squares on the glass mirrors the ornate plasterwork in the ceiling above. They are one of the attentions to details that blend together, the old and new so seamlessly. Another key aspect in the design has been to make the mechanisms of modern-day convenience as unobtrusive as possible. Due to their slim design and a drive unit height of just 7cm, the Slimdrive range can be discreetly installed so they are barely noticeable, and as with all GEZE’s automatic operators, they assist with the demands of the Equality Act and are BS 8300 compliant – helping make the town hall accessible to all. The work on the automatic doors was undertaken through Laidlaw and Door System Installations which GEZE UK has worked with on many occasions. Also, fitted to the building are six pairs of Slimdrive EMD-f electromechanical swing door operators, two pairs to each floor. Like the Slimdrive SL NT, at just 7cm high, the Slimdrive

Founded in Germany in 1863, GEZE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of door and window control systems. Investing millions in research, development and manufacture of innovative solutions, GEZE sets the global standard for advanced door and window technology.

EMD-F operator is extremely discreet and sits neatly on the frame. It provides assisted manual or automatic opening using the operating button with guaranteed constant opening and closing speed. Despite their period appearance, the sets of double doors were a bespoke addition manufactured from hardwood by Longdon Doors to blend with the original Victorian design aesthetic. They are fire-rated and were independently tested with the ironmongery and have intumescent seals which expand in the event of a fire and seal off the gap between the door and the frame - preventing the spread of fire and smoke. This combined fire and smoke seal prevents the spread of smoke prior to the fire seal activating. The Slimdrive EMD-fs have also been fire tested and holds the Certifire Certificate of Approval CF 860 and has fire resistance of up to 120 minutes. The ornate leaded fanlights which sit over each set of doors are also new additions and reflect the geometric patterns within the original glazing around the front doors. The operators for the swing doors were completed with brass covers to compliment the finish of the original ironmongery.

For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic operators, manual door closers and window technology products call 01543 443000 or visit

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Access control was fitted to each of the Slimdrive EMD-fs which incorporate rebated electrical shear locks, hidden within the frame. This was for aesthetic reasons - the architect did not want to see anything more than was absolutely necessary on the ornate doors. Proximity readers allow staff to flash a fob at a reader on the wall to open the door – providing a vital security element to safeguard the council chambers and offices.


Latest News Orbit picks Start date for £70m Broadgate team for £73m refurb estate regen A £70m refurbishment scheme at the Broadgate development Housing association Orbit has appointed Wates Residential to work on its proposed £73m regeneration of the Arthur Street housing estate in Bexley, south east London.


ates is already working with Orbit on the £128m regeneration of the neighbouring Erith Park estate.

Arthur Street consists of three late 1960s built 13-storey tower blocks and a number of low rise blocks. Many components are now failing and the blocks no longer meet modern standards. The proposed new scheme will feature around 280 new homes, of which 80% will be for affordable rent and shared ownership with associated parking and public open space. Wates will manage the design process and build of the new homes. Maggie McCann, development director at Orbit, said: “We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Wates.

in the City of London is set to start on site next month.


o-owner British Land has confirmed the start date for work at 1 Finsbury Avenue.

Sir Robert Mcalpine will carry out the work under its framework agreement for the Broadgate complex.

new shops, a cinema and roof terrace to the building. British Land added that it is in exclusive discussions regarding 78,000 sq ft of improved office space – representing 27% of the total available – with technology company Mimecast.

The revamp of 1 Finsbury Square will add improvement in their surroundings and Erith Park becoming a highly desirable place to live. “Wates’ relationship with Orbit has gone from strength to strength, working collaboratively as one team. It also reinforces how well the partnership is doing and the team on site at Erith Park should be commended. We very much look forward to continuing the good work and seeing the ongoing transformation at Erith.” International architectural practice HKR Architects will deliver the masterplan and design of the scheme. In the coming months Orbit and Wates Residential will consult with the local community before submitting a planning application to London Borough of Bexley in summer 2018.

“We want the Arthur Street estate to be a great place to live now and for future generations.

Northern lights inspire refurbishment for Glasgow’s Aurora Building The reception of an iconic Glasgow office building has undergone a light-inspired makeover costing £380,000 and project managed by JLL.


“The regeneration of Arthur Street looks beyond bricks and mortar and will encourage an inclusive community for people who wish to work in London and live in a neighbourly community.”

he Aurora Building, bought for £72.6m in 2015 underwent the refresh after its owners decided to modernise the buildings dated, worn and bland corporate principal entrance.

Paul Nicholls, Wates regional managing director, added: “The regeneration of the Larner Road Estate and subsequent development of Erith Park is the perfect example of what good really looks like with both the area and community having seen a vast

Originally featuring a natural limestone floor and light stone cladding, the building’s owners wanted to introduce colour, texture and good lighting to create a spark of excitement that would lure people to use

Rising construction costs spark growth in UK office refurbishment Savills’ World Research spotlight on Office Refurbishments in UK Regional Cities Summer 2017 reveals that rising construction costs, along with build cost inflation, is causing developers to switch their attention to refurbishments.


RRNews - Issue 26

efitting, often a key element of refurbishment, has also become a key component of many of today’s office upgrade. Formica Group, aware that a war on talent is feeding office design, is increasingly seeing the delivery of creative internal fit-outs that aim to inspire staff and entice millennials. The addition of attractive reception areas and the installation of gyms and bars being prime examples of the extra dimension being added to offices to secure top tier talent.


Research indicates that over the next three years, 38% of the total speculative office space in the UK will be delivered in the form of refurbishments. As a result, the average rent of UK offices will rise. Savills believes we are now at the stage in the cycle where landlords have an opportunity to refurbish secondary stock to secure rental uplift.

Phil Wise, European Marketing Director at Formica Group, comments: “Attitudes to refurbishment are changing with landlords and facility managers viewing the process, when executed correctly, as being on par with the build of new stock. “The material properties of the interior and exterior surfacing specified for office projects is integral in terms of ensuring functionality and aesthetic. Office builds need to look good to set the right tone for occupiers and clients alike. At the same time, materials need be durable, hygienic and low maintenance to ensure value for money and for the investment in the refurbishment to be an attractive proposition for landlords.” Just as the life cycle of a building deteriorates over time so too does office aesthetic, often at a faster rate. Manufacturers that offer easy to install surfaces with substantial décor options facilitate the freedom for

Latest News

Facelift for Piccadilly Gardens LGIM Real Assets (L&G) has submitted a planning application for the improvement of Piccadilly gardens. Its proposed £2m investment aims to transform the well-used public space and major City thoroughfare into a vibrant area that is more attractive and welcoming to families, while deterring anti-social behaviour.


he plans for Piccadilly Gardens have been developed in partnership with Manchester City Council to improve the public Gardens and create a new covered public realm, as part of the redevelopment plans for the Pavilion building which will provide space for family orientated restaurants and a new coffee shop. The proposals have been widely publicised, including a well-attended public consultation which took place over two days in December 2016. People also had the opportunity to give their feedback online. A significant proportion of respondents welcomed the plans and the feedback has been considered when building the plans. All of the feedback was then presented to the Council’s Executive Committee who gave the go-ahead for plans to be developed and a planning application to be submitted. The full planning application was submitted this week to the Council for determination by the planning committee in the coming months.

The plans include:

t Removing the existing Pavilion building and t t t t t

feature wall and replacing them with two new Pavilion buildings linked by a covered area of new public space for year-round use Improving lighting around the Gardens to deter anti-social behaviour and improve natural surveillance. Greater Manchester Police have been consulted on the design Creating extra seating throughout the Gardens for public use Introducing extra ‘soft landscaping’ including new shrubs and plants Addressing damage to pavements and grass by raising the grassed areas and re-laying pedestrian thoroughfares Bringing family-themed restaurants and a new coffee outlet to the new Pavilion buildings, seven units in total

The plans will complement the investment which has already taken place in and around Piccadilly Gardens, including work the Council has carried out to bring the fountains back into use.

the entrance as an extension of the business facilities within the building. The refurbishment, based on designs by architects Holmes Miller, was inspired by the building’s namesake – the Aurora Borealis.

International Financial Services District. Existing tenants in the fully let building include Barclays, AECOM, BNP Paribas, Burness Paull, Marks & Clerk, and Aggreko Plc.

The new reception area includes a series of unique and classic ring style LED suspended lights forming infinite bands of light floating above the lounge. Lighting was supplied by Kelvin Lighting.

Gordon Rogerson, Associate Director from JLL said: “We’re very pleased with the final result at the Aurora Building. Through the clever use of lighting and materials, we’ve been able to create a new reception which increases the available space and depth, while providing a more contemporary look and feel for occupiers and their employees.”

Work completed earlier this year with JLL acting as Project Managers, Holmes Miller acting as Architects and Hulley & Kirkwood as Consultant Engineers. Built in 2006, the 176,500 sq ft office scheme is located on Bothwell Street within Glasgow’s

offices to change and adapt their look to support increased productivity and comfort. Smart surfaces with a versatility of application that include properties such as anti-fingerprint and thermal healing, thereby permitting the revival of burnished surfaces, are also being increasingly specified for their aesthetic durability. Over the last five years the UK refurbishment market has grown. In 2016, refurbishments accounted for 25% of Manchester’s Grade A take-up and is expected to continue growing over the next year. With many cities expanding, fringe locations which were once undesirable are also experiencing significant refurbishment activity, Birmingham’s inner ring being a prime example. Furthermore, in Bristol refurbished rental growth has exceeded new build rental growth.

Bill Hughes, Head of LGIM Real Assets, said: “Through our partnership with Manchester City Council and our investment in Piccadilly Gardens our aim is to create a better-used and more welcoming public space. L&G has a longstanding track record of working with progressive local authorities to bring forward regeneration and improvements to social infrastructure projects. We see Piccadilly Gardens as a prime example of this kind of collaboration in action.”

Monument refurbishment and expansion decision due today Plans are mounting for The Monument in London to receive a £1.5 million refurbishment, which includes opening up Sir Christopher Wren’s underground laboratory for the first time in decades.


tanding over 200 feet tall and originally opened in 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London, Sir Christopher Wren and Dr Robert Hooke designed the tower to double as a telescope. It is planned that visitors will be able to look into the chamber than these esteemed minds sat and peered into the night sky.

At present a grate looking down into the chamber is covered by a left-luggage locker. A new two-storey visitor centre is estimated would raise an extra £500,000 each year from tourists. The 1,200sq ft visitor centre will be wrapped around the existing pavilion, with extra space for exhibits, shops and corporate events. The capacity of the tower would also be increased. Councillors will make a decision today whether to fund a £15,000 study to assess whether to go ahead with the project.

RRNews - Issue 26

Increasingly landlords are refurbishing secondary space to attract and retain tenants. With UK regions at their lowest level of Grade A availability on record, it is understandable why investment is moving away from new builds to the lower relative risk of refurbishment projects. Since refurbishment projects also present an opportunity to refit an office to further appeal to occupants, the benefits of versatile surfacing that offers the freedom of adaptive design is an attractive proposition.

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, said: “Piccadilly Gardens is a major thoroughfare used by hundreds of thousands of people a week and for all the debate it generates it remains a well-used public space. Clearly, though, there is potential for improvement and we look to ensure that this is achieved to deliver a welcoming and attractive destination in its own right.”


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New Blowerproof Liquid set to transform air-tightness of buildings


Airtightness is a dominant factor affecting a building’s energy performance. It can be argued that airtightness is more important than insulation in terms of thermal performance. Even small gaps in doors and windows can cause significant heat loss and once a building is constructed, stemming unwanted air flow can prove difficult and expensive.


hen deciding how to seal construction gaps, one common option is to use a polyurethanebased, spray foam filler or silicone or acrylic sealant to ensure air-tightness, but there are acknowledged problems, with shrinkage and adhesion being the main disadvantages. A new, BBA-certified, liquid air-tight membrane called Blowerproof is a clever, quick, easy and cost-effective way to ensure outstanding air-tightness. Blowerproof has been used widely across Europe for many years as a proven and effective method of achieving high levels of airtightness, in many different buildings on a wide range of substrates. Simply brushed on, Blowerproof quickly forms a permanent, secure and continuous air-tight seal across a range of draught-prone points: wall/floor/ceiling connections, fenestrations, pipe connections including water, electricity, gas and data; all with no need for primers. Applied as a blue, thick liquid, fibre reinforced ‘paint’, Blowerproof Liquid Brush quickly cures to form a black sealed membrane which is highly resistant to punctures. Blowerproof is also available in white, so it doesn’t show through a plaster finish. Brushes rinse out under cold water, making Blowerproof Liquid Brush quick to deploy and pack away. It’s safe to use in high risk environments such as food, childcare and medical environments as it is free from both volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful chemicals.

A new, BBA-certified, liquid air-tight membrane called Blowerproof is a clever, quick, easy and cost-effective way to ensure outstanding air-tightness. Blowerproof has been used widely across Europe for many years as a proven and effective method of achieving high levels of airtightness, in many different buildings on a wide range of substrates.

A building that leaks air is always thermally inefficient. These air leaks cost the building owner, so it’s easy to make the case for using Blowerproof. It quickly justifies both its product and labour costs. An easy way to ensure leaks are sealed, helping limit applicator error is a major step

forward to improving building performance. Blowerproof can’t be beaten for how quickly, easily and effectively an applicator can achieve a permanently secure and continuous seal. Blowerproof helps deliver energy performance well beyond building regulations. Blowerproof has recently been awarded BBA (British Board of Agrément) Certificate 17/5410. Jack Georgiou, project manager at BBA, says: “Blowerproof was subjected to a rigorous assessment by the BBA. The results of stringent tests were assessed including fatigue testing after accelerated ageing to verify the efficiency and durability of the air-tight seal. “Blowerproof performed satisfactorily in all aspects of the assessment and tests so we’ve certified it as being an effective way to improve the airtightness and consequently the thermal efficiency of buildings.” BBA certification is recognised by Government departments and throughout the construction industry as confirmation that a product is fit for purpose. Only products and systems that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments – including laboratory tests, onsite evaluations, quality management checks and inspection of production are awarded a BBA Certificate. Once a Certificate has been issued, six monthly surveillance of production and comprehensive three yearly reviews are required to maintain its validity. In addition to the BBA, Blowerproof has Certification from a wide range of recognised European bodies, a full list can be found on the Blowerproof website. Blowerproof is also available as a roller application which can be used directly on blockwork, brick, masonry and as a spray which is ideal for larger areas such as walls and roofs. It can be directly applied to mineral wool, sprayed set foams or PIR insulation.

For further information, or to purchase Blowerproof in the UK, please visit:

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Editor’s Choice NEW PRODUCT

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New Wall Liner provides improved thermal performance for refurbishment of solid walls SPACETHERM WL

Be in control of your working enviroment. Autoslide screens put you in control at the touch of a button

The A. Proctor Group has extended its range with an innovative RI[XLMRMRXIVREP[EPPPMRIV[LMGL[MPP WMKRM½GERXP]MQTVSZIXLI thermal performance of solid wall dwellings. Spacetherm WL (Wall Liner) is a high-performance high perfformance laminate WTIGM½GEPP]HIWMKRIHXSFI½\IHXSXLIMRXIIVREPWYVJEGIWSJ I\MWXMRKWSPMH[EPPW[MXLSYXXLIRIIHJSVQIGLERMGEP½\MRKW Spacetherm WL consists of 10mm Spacethherm aerogel insulation blanket bonded to 3mm Magnessium Oxide Board (MgO), for use in applications where impro oved thermal performance is required with limited spacee.

Autoslide electrically operated reception screens provide solutions for all reception areas, from simply closing off an administration ofďŹ ce from a noisy corridor, whilst still retaining the ability to quickly respond to a visitor, to creating a protective barrier in a more challenging environment, without compromising the welcoming feel. Autoslide screens can be supplied with any glass type to match the project requirements. From all levels of safety and attack resistant glass, to ďŹ re resistant glass. Fire resistant screens can be supplied with an electronic control unit, linked to the building alarm system to close automatically in event of ďŹ re.

3mm Magnesium Oxide Board (MgO) Spacetherm


Spacetherm WL can achieve similar performance to traditional plasterboard laminates, but at a fraction of the thickness, EPPS[MRKKVIEXIVžI\MFMPMX]JSVVIJYVFMWLQIRXTVSNIGXW%XNYWX QQXLMGOMRQER]GEWIWXLIVIMWRSRIIIHXSVIQSZIWOMVXMRK boards and cornices, saving time and cost. 8]TMGEPP]EWSPMH[EPP[MPPLEZIE9ZEPYISJEVSYRH 2.1 W/m2K. Following the application of Spacetherm WL this can be reduced to around 0.8 W/m2K, dependent on the wall WXVYGXYVI7TIGM½GGEPGYPEXMSRWGERFITVSZMHIHYTSRVIUYIWX 8LI7TEGIXLIVQ;0W]WXIQGERFIYWIH[MXLEZEVMIX]SJ HIGSVEXMZI½RMWLIWWYGLEWTEMRX[EPPTETIVERHXMPIWERHMWIEWMP] installed in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

View more Spacetherm Case Studies on our website...

For a free quote, contact us on 01635 239647, email or visit Remmers Sets Sail at Red Wharf Bay

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Red Wharf Bay Sailing & Watersports Club is set in an area of outstanding beauty at Traeth Bychan on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. The member’s clubhouse has been sited here for over 50 years due to its suitable sailing waters.


The members of the committee decided that the exterior of the building was looking a little tired and a refresh was needed before the new season started at Easter. Remmers Compact Opaque PU topcoat was selected for the job due to its performance characteristics and suitability to coastal locations. Over two weekends of good weather, the clubhouse was transformed and the new colour gave the clubhouse the refreshed look it deserved. | Email: | Tel: 01293 594010 | +44 (0) 1250 872261 -WWYIH1E]




Robin Mackenzie Partnership Excellence in Acoustics Established in 1969 Robin Mackenzie Partnership is one of the UK’s Žƒ”‰‡•–•’‡…‹ƒŽ‹•–ƒ…‘—•–‹…’”ƒ…–‹…‡•™‹–Š‘Ƽ…‡•–Š”‘—‰Š‘—––Š‡ and in France. RMP has the experience and knowledge to meet every architectural ƒ…‘—•–‹……ŠƒŽŽ‡Â?‰‡Č‚ˆ”‘Â?–Š‡†‡•‹‰Â?‘ˆÂƒÂ–Â”Â‹ÂƒÇĄ‘Ƽ…‡•ǥŠ‘–‡Ž•ǥ•…Š‘‘Ž halls, courtrooms and multipurpose spaces through to concert halls, exhibition centres and special needs schools. We achieve the very best results through a combination of experience, the latest computer modelling techniques and a full suite of on-site testing services. ‡ƒŽ•‘‘ƥ‡”’”‡•‡Â?–ƒ–‹‘Â?•‘Â?ƒ˜ƒ”‹‡–›‘ˆ‹Â?’‘”–ƒÂ?–ƒ…‘—•–‹… ‹••—‡•–Šƒ–…ƒÂ?„‡–ƒ‹Ž‘”‡†–‘›‘—”•’‡…‹Ƥ…Â?‡‡†•–‘ƒ††”‡••ƒÂ?› particular issues.

Â†Â˜Â‘Â…ÂƒÂ–Â‡ÇŻÂ•Ž‘•‡ǥ‹Â?ƒ‰‡…‘—”–‡•›‘ˆ ‘”‰ƒÂ?Â…‘Â?Â?‡ŽŽ”…Š‹–‡…–•

‘Â?ƒŽ†•‘Â?ǯ•‘ŽŽ‡‰‡ǥ‹Â?ƒ‰‡ …‘—”–‡•›‘ˆ

Telephone: 0345 062 0000



Twitter: @RMPsoundtesting

Editor’s Choice COMAR CASE STUDY - PARK REGIS HOTEL, BIRMINGHAM International hotelier Park Regis have opened their first European hotel in Britain’s second city Birmingham. Towering over the skyline at 16 storeys the £50 million pound hotel offers 254 rooms, a gym, various bars, business and conference centres and a 2 storey glazed terrace sky bar delivering high end dining to Birmingham. Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems were selected to provide the façade with curtain walling, windows and entrances. The key element of design for the Rofuto Sky Bar was to allow diners to enjoy clear uninterrupted views across the city, a double height Comar 6EFT Curtain wall was selected as it offers strength with a sleek 50mm sight-line. This ground breaking system, leads the way by offering a 50mm stick system with the capability to span further as the mullions and transoms have the highest Ix and Iy values on the market today.

Developer: Colmore Tang Construction Architect: BDG (Building Design Group) Tamworth Project Value: ÂŁ50million

The profiles where finished in RAL 7016 Matt Grey which seamlessly blends into the mahogany, cream and gold interior. All structural calculations were carried out by Comar’s Special Projects Team who ensured all Comar bracketry and fixings will withstand any sway, dead or live loads. Comar’s interface range of adaptors allowed the Comar 5Pi Advanced Windows to seamlessly integrate with the differing cladding elements.

Moving to the base of the building, Comar 6EFT capped curtain walling was used. Comar 6EFT interfaces with the dramatic angled cantilevered entrances. For this element of the face design the detailing and installation had to be precise to ensure that drainage and seals create a future-proof water tight solution. Integrated into the curtain wall the entrances have to provide both a statement of welcome and ensure uninterrupted access. Often the first experience of a hotel is the entrance, which needs to provide form as well as function. The Comar 7P.i Commercial Door system is one of the most comprehensive on the market today. Sections are robust and offer an ideal solution for high traffic entrances. The doors selected were auto sliding which allow uninterrupted passage into the double storey entrance lobby. For further information about Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, please visit k call 020 8685 9685 or email

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York Handmade Brick are an award winning UK based manufacturer of genuine handmade FOD\EULFNVSDYHUVVSHFLDOVKDSHVDQGWHUUDFRWWDÂľRRUWLOHVSHUIHFWIRUUHFUHDWLQJEXLOGLQJ tradition in a modern environment. For further information please contact us: T: 01347 838 881

Search: York Handmade Brick



Editor’s Choice

Working with nature Sioo:x are leaders in wood protection using silicate technology. We provide a highly effective proven system to protect wood of all types. It gives long life and a beautiful natural surface with even colouration and is friendly to people and the environment. An example is this cedar clad house in the Lake District.

Maade M Made a e in SSwed Swe Sw w den weden en

Sioo Wood Protection AB | Tel: +44(0)7788 542859 | E: |

Environmentallyy friendly

STRASEAL COMMERCIAL USES REHAU GENEO FOR £1M LANDMARK BERKELEY HOMES PROJECT Astraseal Commercial completed the latest Waterfront phase of Berkeley Homes’ landmark Royal Arsenal Riverside development in Woolwich using windows and doors fabricated in the innovative REHAU GENEO 6 chamber fibre composite system. Berkeley Homes switched to REHAU GENEO from the aluminium and timber composite systems which had been used on the earlier phases of the project because REHAU’s commercial team were able to work with Astraseal to convince them of the thermal, acoustic and security benefits of the Passivhaus certified and fully recyclable GENEO window system.

Specialist commercial fabricator Astraseal installed 660 windows and 124 doors on the project, as well as working on other elements which would not normally be contained within the window package in order to give the client a ‘one stop shop’ supplier solution. This included aluminium cloaking of reveals, soffits and the underside of balconies. All of the window and doors were finished in smooth Anthracite Grey on the exterior and white on the interior to match the finish of the aluminium frames used on the earlier phases of the development.

RRNews - Issue 26

The 86mm GENEO system is among the most energy efficient profile systems available - with Uw values from 1.1 W/m2K for low energy houses to 0.73 W/m2K for Passivhaus installations without the need for high specification glazing. It also offers break-in protection up to resistance class 2 without reinforcement and class 3 with reinforcement, and sound insulation to class 5 without steel reinforcement.

One of the key factors for Berkeley Homes was that the REHAU GENEO system has slim sightlines of just 115mm, replicating the look of aluminium and giving residents of the £440,000 - £750,000 apartments almost uninterrupted views of the Thames. It also has inherent strength because it is extruded using the RAU-FIPRO® fibre reinforced composite material which is similar to material used in aircraft construction and Formula 1 race cars. This means it could be used to fabricate windows and doors at Royal Arsenal Riverside with full height glazing up to 2.3m and full widths of up to 1.2m without the need for steel reinforcement.


Clyne Castle Repair This case study shows an example of joists being repaired without removing the roof covering. A low disturbance repair using Rotafix manufactured timber replacement units being bonded into place using Rotafix Structural Adhesive removes the need to take the roof covering off the castle.

Bolted Ceiling Joists


listed building situated on a hill overlooking Swansea Bay, near Blackpill, Swansea. It was originally built in 1791 by Richard Phillips.

It is a two-storey castellated mansion, built of randomly laid local sandstone with Forest of Dean stone dressings situated on the outskirts of Swansea. The Castle with its many annexes has a complex roof structure made from slate. These annex roof structures drain into the interconnected valley drainage system formed from lead sheeting. The failure of the valley drainage system has resulted in a prolonged exposure of parts of the roof structure to sustained water ingress leading to wet rot in the underlying span beams, hip rafters and ceiling joists. The suspended ornate lath and plaster ceiling has suffered localised damage but is a period feature that must be retained.

Complete Hip & Dragon Tie

RRNews - Issue 26

Protectahome, approved Rotafix contractors, were subcontracted by RM Williams to undertake the specialist repairs required to restore this beautiful building to its original glory with minimal disruption to the integrity of the existing building features.


Protectahome, in conjunction with Rotafix and Ian Jones Associates, Structural Engineering Consultants, developed a series of low disturbance repairs to the roof timber members using Rotafix Structural Adhesive, (RSA), Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) rods, and KERTO structural engineered timber sections to replace in situ the timbers that had been ravaged by the ingress of moisture over time.

Span & Truss End

Protectahome, approved Rotafix contractors, were subcontracted by RM Williams to undertake the specialist repairs required to restore this beautiful building to its original glory with minimal disruption to the integrity of the existing building features. badly damaged at the wall plate and bearing ends. Once the structure was supported it was possible to remove the damaged and decayed timber. Measurements were then taken and an oversize KERTO replacement prepared off site. The Rotafix Timber Resin Splice (TRS) side slot design was chosen as the preferred method of joining the original and replacement timbers as access was limited. Span Tie with Brake

Structural calculations showed that 6 number 16 mm diameter high tensile rebar connections would be required to meet the requirements of the design. Once the Rotafix TRS section was on site the experienced craftsmen of Protectahome cut and fitted the new timber to the exact requirements. The slots in the KERTO and existing parent timber were then injection filled with the RSA.

Bolted Ceiling Joists Resin Rods for Ceiling Joists

Rafter & Span Tie

The span beams were repaired by removing the damaged timber. Holes were then drilled up into the ends of the parent timbers to allow high tensile strength 20mm rebar rods to be bonded in place. New sections of KERTO were made to measure that featured 6 side slots to receive the protruding 20mm diameter rods. The slots in the timber were filled with RSA. KERTO engineered timber was used to give guaranteed strength consistency to the joist repair. Bonded in rods were also used to repair joists in the ceiling. In this instance it was possible to achieve the design specification using 12mm GFRP rods and replacement grade C24 softwood timber. Once the ceiling joists had been repaired the lath and plaster restoration work commenced in the knowledge that the roof structure was rigid and sound. This project has demonstrated that with good retrofit disciplines coupled with materials specifically designed for the job in hand and experienced skilled craftsmen it is possible to repair in situ complex structures with minimal disruption, saving time and money as well as preserving the building heritage and original design.

RRNews - Issue 26

For further information about products used in this project or any queries with respect to structural adhesives and onsite bonding please contact us on +44 (0)1639 730481 where one of our technical team will be happy to assist.


Innovation and learning at this year’s Build Show The UK’s biggest show for tradespeople, housebuilders and contractors


he Build Show, which forms the largest show as part of UK Construction Week, returns for the third year to the Birmingham NEC, 10-12 October 2017. The Build Show continues to establish itself as the voice of the industry by showcasing the latest products and solutions that support the sector.

In light of recent tragic events, safety, quality and fire prevention in buildings has become a topic for national debate and the industry needs clear, unbiased, factual guidance. The Build Show has taken the proactive step of providing this information in the form of one-hour workshops delivered by industry experts who will be covering topics from the latest regulation on building materials to advice on fire prevention. These workshops will be free of charge to help ensure that the industry is kept abreast of this fast moving topic.

RRNews - Issue 26

The Build Show has also announced a significant sponsorship deal with leading roofing manufacturer EasyTrim Roofing & Construction Products Ltd. The British manufacturer has signed a four year deal as headline sponsor to support The Build Show, recognising its importance and popularity within the industry, which attracts thousands of construction professionals from tradespeople to housebuilders and contractors.


Jamie Govier, Managing Director of Easy-Trim, said: “Since launching three years ago, The Build Show has managed to carve out a reputation as one of the largest and most popular trade events in the country. Its popularity is based on showcasing the latest products and innovation in the construction sector, and the

opportunity to meet with leaders in the built environment. We’re proud to be supporting The Build Show and look forward to bringing everyone together for what is set to be the most significant show yet.” In addition to leading industry debate and discussion, The Build Show will also focus on educational opportunities for the sector with a ‘How to Theatre’ sponsored by providers of surface, personal and jobsite protection products, Trimaco, that will feature product demonstrations and advice for SMEs. An Education Hub will offer CPDs in partnership with BSI, attendees can benefit from learning new skills during the show. In light of recent tragic events, The Build Show will also have a dedicated hub to provide free education, guidance and advice on building safety and quality.

“The Build Show 2017 comes at a crucial time when there are many questions in people’s minds over building safety, quality and regulation. The Build Show can provide the industry with a much-needed space to network, develop and learn.” Nathan Garnett, Event Director at Media 10 Other New features for 2017 include a Regional Development Hub,

which will explore development opportunities in the Northern Powerhouse, Midlands Engine, and major cities across the UK. Speakers already confirmed to appear include Pat Smith, Councillor & Cabinet Member for Homes at Bristol City Council, Edward Rowberry, Chief Executive of Bristol and Bath Regional Capital CIC, and Jamie Kerr, Managing Director of HS2 Growth Partnership. A new and improved layout for 2017 will feature additional zones and theatres, including Health and Safety, Windows & Doors, Roofing & Insulation, Tools, as well as the Builders Merchants Federation Pavilion, Offsite Theatre in association with the Modular and Portable Building Association, and the BIM Prospects Theatre delivered by BRE. A diverse range of exhibitors including Gripple, Jigtech, Knauf Insulation, Portakabin Group, Screwfix, and Velux Modular Skylight are already signed up to showcase the newest products and solutions for construction, with more signing up every day. Nathan Garnett, Event Director at Media 10, which runs the show, added: “The Build Show 2017 comes at a crucial time when there are many questions in people’s minds over building safety, quality and regulation. The Build Show can provide the industry with a muchneeded space to network, develop and learn. We aim to bring people together from across construction so they can benefit from the new solutions and products on offer that will enhance their businesses. We can already tell that this will be our busiest show to date and we’re committed to making it the best platform for collaboration, innovation and education in the built environment.”

Latest News

Stanton Williams awarded planning for Tintagel House Stirling Prize winning architects Stanton Williams have been granted planning permission for the redevelopment of Tintagel House in London.


he architecture studio have been commissioned by The Office Group to transform an existing 12-storey office block into a flexible setting for a variety of work styles, creating affordable office space and ancillary supporting facilities over 10,000 sqm. The design will expand and improve the existing office accommodation within Tintagel House, which was built in 1960 and has been vacant for several years. Key to achieving the aims of The Office Group is the opening up and expansion of the ground and first floors to engage both visually and physically with the public space around the building. The proposals adopt a sustainable approach consisting of the reuse and upgrade of the existing building with the creation of generous communal

spaces in the new extension at ground and first floor as well as the conversion of the panoramic top floor from plant room to office space. The site around the building is also transformed with new hardlandscaping, five new trees along Albert Embankment, and richly planted areas along the riverside path and on the upper floors terraces for enhanced biodiversity and visual amenity. The material palette of facing brick and glazed tiles of the new façade references the original concept of the

building, as well the site’s history of pottery and glazed ceramic production, most notably the presence of the Vauxhall Pottery, active in the area between the 17th and the 19th century. Tintagel House is located on the Albert Embankment, near to Vauxhall Bridge. The riverside location has panoramic views across central London, and towards the nearby Riverwalk residential scheme also designed by Stanton Williams completed in 2016. Construction work on Tintagel House is due to complete by the end of 2017.

The proposals adopt a sustainable approach consisting of the reuse and upgrade of the existing building with the creation of generous communal spaces in the new extension at ground and first floor as well as the conversion of the panoramic top floor from plant room to office space.

Chapman Taylor behind the first volumetric modular hotel to be completed in Manchester Chapman Taylor’s new 220 bedroom Holiday Inn Express, built off-site from purpose built steel shipping containers, has been completed at Manchester’s Trafford City.


The hotel, located next to Manchester’s EventCity venue on a 1.75 acre site, is a joint venture between Topland, Marick and Mill

Lane Estates and is the first Holiday Inn Express ‘Generation 4’ in the UK to be built using a ‘modular’ construction process.

“This is the first modular hotel that the practice has delivered and it has been built on time and to budget.” Andy Carroll , Chapman Taylor Director Chapman Taylor’s Manchester studio, alongside the main contractor, Bowmer & Kirkland, developed the detailed design for the off-site hotel adopting a completely different design

process, which was informed by the modular provider’s system. All 220 guestrooms have been constructed off-site from purpose-built steel shipping containers; complete with fully factory finished interior furniture, fixtures and fittings, including carpets, curtains, wallpaper and full-height windows. Chapman Taylor Director, Andy Carroll commented: ‘This is the first modular hotel that the practice has delivered and it has been built on time and to budget. Moving forward we are excited about continuing to build on our expertise in offsite fabrication and construction methods which offer innovative new building solutions for the future’.

RRNews - Issue 26

t is the first hotel in the North West to be built using this particular type of volumetric modular construction. Volumetric modular construction is a method of off-site construction which sees a large portion of a building being constructed as a series of separate modules (or pods) in a controlled environment; typically a purpose built factory or large manufacturing warehouse. The individual modules are then transported to the site where they are assembled to create the finished building.


External Works CHARCON SUPPORTS AWARD-WINNING QUARRY GARDEN AT RHS CHATSWORTH Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has supported the Institute of Quarrying by donating quality commercial flag paving and kerbs to the largest show garden that featured at the inaugural RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, held this week from 7-11 June 2017.

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01296 481220

To mark its centenary, the Institute of Quarrying entered the ‘Quarry Garden’ which celebrates the essential role of quarrying and mineral extraction in modern life. Designed by award-winning professional garden designer, Paul Hervey-Brookes, the garden garnered a hat trick of successes, winning 'Best in Show', a coveted Gold Medal and 'Best Construction' from esteemed RHS judges.


600mm x 600mm EcoPave® Textured flag paving in Grey Fleck has been used throughout the garden. This sustainable product, containing 50% recycled or reclaimed materials, incorporates uniquely formulated Cornish aggregates to optimise performance, durability and the aesthetic appeal of granite.

In addition, Eco Countryside® Kerb served as the garden edging and likewise replicates the look of natural granite. Being manufactured here in the UK from 82% recycled or reclaimed material content, it boasts excellent environmental benefits and is highly durable Horticultural students from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) were also involved in the project by being challenged to produce the initial garden concepts which Paul Hervey-Brookes then developed into a completed design. Earlier in the year, three of the NTU students involved in the project took part in a tour of the Hulland Ward factory, home of Charcon, to understand the manufacturing process of both domestic and commercial landscaping. For full information about EcoPave® and Eco Countryside® Kerb, including technical data sheets, or to view the full Charcon range of products, visit For more information about the Quarry Garden, visit

POLYX®-OIL TINTS: Highest quality colour and protection for wood











'ƌŽƵŶĚZĞŝŶĨŽƌĐĞŵĞŶƚ^ŽůƵƟŽŶƐ from Suregreen Suregreen have been dedicated to creating affordable products that are not only free draining and SuDS compliant but also help retain the natural beauty of Britain’s grassed areas. We offer permanent and temporary ground protection and reinforcement VROXWLRQVFDSDEOHRIGHDOLQJZLWKHYHU\WKLQJIURPSHGHVWULDQWUDIÀFWR+*9ORUULHV Our latest product is the PP50, a 50mm paver capable of dealing with heavier and more IUHTXHQWYHKLFOHWUDIÀF$ORQJVLGHRXUSRURXV pavers we also supply grass reinforcement mesh, a solution that reinforce grassed areas to support cars and pedestrians whilst PDLQWDLQLQJWKHQDWXUDOJUDVVÀQLVK To see our full range of ground reinforcement solutions please visit our website or call:

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01840 212 242



Internal paints and plasters have an allimportant role to play in a building’s aesthetic make-up, writes Nikolaos Mantelis, Product Manager at global buildings manufacturer, Baumit.

In terms of internal paints and plasters, these should be of sufficient calibre to enhance interior air quality, q y ensuring g it’s not too dryy or moist and pollutant-free. Baumit’s healthy living product range helps stabilise the humidity level of indoor air, quickly absorbing excessive moisture, storing it and, if necessary, quickly releasing it back into the indoor air. The result is a year-round interior climate which offers maximum comfort to the occupier.

hese materials are also known to affect interior air quality, which in-turn could have a detrimental influence on the occupier’s health, or in the case of a commercial building, their productivity. This feature looks at available paint and plaster systems that help create comfortable environments and in doing so; enhance the health and wellbeing of the occupiers.

Moisture-regulating, mineralic and free from pollutants, products within the Baumit Klima range solely regulate the interior climate; being lime-based, these perfectly complement natural building materials. Containing a microporous texture, which forms a huge climate-regulating surface with tiny pores, the plasters regulate moisture in a similar way to the human lung. Compared with other building materials, Baumit Klima plasters absorb a large quantity of moisture within a short time, and when room humidity is low, gradually release the moisture back into the surrounding environment. This leads to a significant reduction of humidity peaks in the room and ensures a pleasant and balanced indoor climate. As well as lime sand, which is the main raw material, the bonding agent, slaked lime, is also useful and effective.

Balancing act


It’s estimated we spend at least 90% of our lives indoors, therefore the creation of interiors that excel in terms of occupier comfort and wellbeing ought to be of the highest priority. The quality of the indoor air we breathe can affect the way we work, rest and play. Pollutants in buildings commercial and domestic range from volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and emissions from products and cleaning products, to gases such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone and carbon

Baumit stands for innovation, safety, partnerships and trust in building. It is now one of Europe’s leading brands with a presence in more than 30 countries.

monoxide, particulate matter and fibres, and biological particles such as bacteria, fungi g and p pollen. The better the indoor air quality, the happier and more productive we are at work and school, and the more content and healthier we feel at home. For example, airborne VOCs and reduced oxygen percentages can interrupt sleep cycles and have a negative impact on the quality of rest. Outside influence

Due to the range’s climate-regulating properties, Baumit Klima plasters act as large moisture buffers and consistently ensure a balanced indoor climate, reducing the risk of mildew and mould. The plaster’s high pH value of 12-13 offers superb anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, Baumit Klima’s anti-static surface means it cannot gather fine dust. There is no doubting the significance of indoor air quality in creating interiors in which occupiers can live and work happily, healthily and productively. We breathe an estimated 11,000 litres of air per day, the majority of which will be contained within an interior environment, highlighting the importance of absorbing pollutant-free atmospheres with the potential to instigate and exacerbate long-term health issues. There is no clouding the fact: selecting interior paints and plasters which facilitate an ideal indoor climate will help us breathe easier.

RRNews - Issue 26

Achieving an optimum, stable humidity and room temperature can make a significant contribution to a person’s commercial or residential wellbeing, therefore it is first essential to consider a building’s wall structure, as what happens on the outside of a building greatly influences events inside. Well-insulated walls with a high thermal storage offer heat emissions in winter and a cooling effect in the summer to help improve a property’s feelgood factor. Good thermal insulation also ensures a balanced wall temperature, which prevents draughts. If the wall temperature is too low, the room needs to be heated to excess in order to ensure that its occupants are comfortable. If the temperature varies, this generates airflows across the floor, wall and ceiling, which can result in unpleasant build-ups of condensation on cool wall surfaces - thermal bridges; window reveals - as well as an increased risk of mildew. It is also advisable to move cupboards away from exterior walls in order to optimise air circulation.


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(.1145 TO DELAY

1%%72#6+10 6*'7.6+/#6'(#5664#%-51.76+10

STOPGAP F77 rSolvent free one coat application Epoxy system rIsolates residual construction moisture up to 98% RH rPigmented black for easy application r >˜Li>ÂŤÂŤÂ?ˆi``ÂˆĂ€iVĂŒÂ?ĂžÂœĂ›iĂ€Ă•Â˜`iĂ€yÂœÂœĂ€  heating screeds up to 90% RH




The affordable Protimeter AquantTM or Protimeter MMS2 quickly indicates whether a full test for moisture is required.

The Digital Hygrometer accurately measures the relative Â…Ă•Â“Âˆ`ÂˆĂŒĂž­,ÂŽÂœv>ĂƒĂ•LyÂœÂœĂ€ and it tells you precisely what solution is required.

Specify one of the F. Ball range of market-leading Stopgap Waterproof Surface Membranes and Isolator Membrane.

F. Ball and Co. Ltd. 6GNrGOCKNOCKN"HDCNNEQWMrYGDYYYHDCNNEQWM Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7RS, UK

Latest News

Gender diversity in senior roles regressed in 2017 Women Count 2017, the second annual report by the Pipeline, has tracked and analysed the number of women on Executive Committees of FTSE 350 companies.


hey found that progress on gender diversity in senior roles has regressed. With only 16% of members on Executive Committees being women, the same percentage as 2016. More companies have no women on their Executive committees and have no women executives holding roles with profit and loss (P&L) responsibility than in 2016. Results from the report show: 6% of construction companies in the FTSE 350 have Executive Committees which are at least 25% female, which is nineteen points below the average. Construction companies are below average in the proportion of women executives that operate in P&L roles (27% compared to 35% across the FTSE 350). The construction sector is slightly above average in terms of women executives that sit on main plc boards (22% compared to 16% across the FTSE 350).

Analysis from Women Count 2017 also showed the demonstrable economic benefits for companies who have women in more senior roles. Net profit margins almost double in companies with at least 25% females on their Executive committee compared to those with none.

“This report is ringing a very loud alarm bell for business. With agendas dominated by Brexit, the focus on gender diversity at senior levels has been slipping. Women Count shows there is an increase in profit for companies who have over 25% women on their Executive Committees. In this post Brexit era can this return be ignored by construction companies?” Lorna Fitzsimons, co-founder of The Pipeline If all FTSE 350 companies performed at the same level as those with at least 25% females on their Executive Committee, the impact could be a £5bn gender dividend for Corporate UK.

Committee which is at least 25% female (double the number found across the FTSE 350). Again though, this sector like others, can do more to increase gender diversity at the top, as the baseline is low. Donald Brydon, chairman of the London Stock Exchange Group said: “Women Count 2017 continues to confirm that FTSE 350 companies with 25% or more women on their Executive Committees perform better financially. It is therefore concerning that the percentage of women on Executive Committees has stagnated at 16% for the second year. It is clear that companies will have to do more systematically to meet the Government’s target of 33% by 2020.” Lorna Fitzsimons, co-founder of The Pipeline said: “This report is ringing a very loud alarm bell for business. With agendas dominated by Brexit, the focus on gender diversity at senior levels has been slipping. Women Count shows there is an increase in profit for companies who have over 25% women on their Executive Committees. In this post Brexit era can this return be ignored by construction companies?

Companies with a female CEO have, on average, almost twice the number of women on Executive Committees than those run by men and more than three times the number of female executives in P&L roles than those led by men.

“This is a wake-up call for everyone who supports the Hampton-Alexander recommendation to Government to achieve 33% representation of women on FTSE 100 executive committees and their direct reports by 2020. This target is in danger of being missed. Businesses and Government need to renew their drive and be relentless to achieve this goal.

Retail performed better than other industries at appointing women to executive roles. One in two companies have an Executive

“This is not an equality issue. This is an economic issue and there are signs we are starting to slip back. This report should serve as a call to arms for us all.”

RRNews - Issue 26

Electricity, Oil, Gas, Steam, Waste and Water appeared in the top quartile for companies with at least 25% women on Executive Committees, proportion of women executives in P&L roles and companies with women executives on main plc boards. Although this is based on a low baseline (ie disappointing numbers of women in senior roles) it does show that companies, where STEM based skills are important to their business, are making progress. This means, we know it is possible for construction companies, who also recruit employees with STEM based skills, to make the right interventions

to achieve higher numbers of women in senior roles.


porcelain paver system Transform T ransfform m an any y outside outs tsid de space spac sp ace e with wiith w h LEVATO LEVAT EV VAT ATO O MONO MO ONO N Por Porcelain orce c la ain i p paver avver aver e system sys yste te em from fro fr om the om the Deck Dec ck Tile Tiile Co. T o Ltd d. Th T h he e sy yssttem m offer e s flexib ex xib ibililit i y an it a d ch hoi oice ce for o eve en th the e mo m s stt cha hallllen engi en ging gi ing ng of a ap pplic pllicat p ic cat a io ions ns - from ro om ro roof of of t rraces te e and d bal a co coni nies with itt mu ulttip ple e falls allls to a o pa pati tios o and res esta ta aur u an a t pi piaz azza az za’s ’s s whe here re e we ea ar re r si sist s ance an nce ce is ke key. y. y. Wiitth W h many fi fini nish ish hes s and forrma atss ava aililab ab ble e, th he 2 20 0m mm m pa av ver ers s co omb bin ne in ncrred edib i lle e tec echn h ic hn cal al p op pr per e ti t es e wiitth unco c mp prro omi misi sing aesth esth es he ettic ics s an a d th than nks ks to th he in ntuit tu uit itiv ivve he h ig ight h adj dju us sta tabl ble bl e and sl and an slop ope c ope op co orr rrec ecti ting ng g fac a iliity on n the h sup ppo portt sy ys ste tem, m, itt iss pos ossi sibl si b e to cover ovverr mosst wa w te erp rpro roof of me m emb em mb bra r ne nes orr uneve ne eve en su s bb su s rffac ce es s.

20mm porcelain pavers 40x80 45x90 60x60 75x75 30x120 40x120 60x120 ‘Floating floor’ – installation over single ply membranes Eternal product - zero maintenance required – offering massive over-life savings

Highly abrasion and stain resistant Highly slip resistant ; R11 and achieved up to +65 wet in the BS pendulum test Lightweight – 45kgs per m2 High load bearing and impact resistance Timber & stone effects; 40+ finishes available t: 0118 391 4120


Completely non porous Ideal for balconies, roof terraces and piazzas, for both commercial and residential use Fire & frost proof Height-adjustable supports from 9mm up to 550mm




Howe Green supplied specially manufactured floor access covers for Sweden’s premier art and design museum. The Nationalmuseum of Art in Stockholm is currently closed whilst undergoing an extensive restoration programme.




The aim of the renovation is to create a more modern environment that will enhance the overall visitor experience whilst retaining the museum’s architectural heritage. The National Property Board of Sweden, who are responsible for the preservation of Swedish state-owned cultural heritage sites, are the developers. They are working with architects Wingürdh Arkitektkontor AB and Wikerstül Arkitekter AB. Howe Green’s Swedish distributor, Elkington AB, was contracted to supply floor access covers for the project. As well as extensive knowledge of the range of standard access covers that can be supplied the team has a full understanding of the bespoke access solutions that Howe Green can design and manufacture. Howe Green’s 7500 Series Medium Duty Floor Aluminium Access Covers were fitted as duct runs in the museum to provide easy and safe access to the cabling and services concealed underneath the floor. The majority of the covers were infilled with limestone floor tiles to provide a virtually invisible finish. The remaining units have a visible concrete finish. All the covers were supplied double sealed to ensure the highest performance and quality.






QUICK, CLEAN RENOVATIONS WITHOUT CLOSURES With SwitchTecÂŽ by UZIN it is now possible to renovate floors without causing unnecessary disturbances or closing premises. Floor coverings can be replaced quickly, quietly and cleanly, then years later can be removed without leaving any residues. The tape adhesives enables floor coverings to be replaced almost anywhere from shops, offices to hospitals and care homes. Ensuring that floors always look good means replacing them on a regular basis. Decision makers hesitate to take this step, since it usually involves either reducing working hours or closing premises during refurbishment.

UZIN solves these problems with its SwitchTecÂŽ range of adhesives. SwitchTecÂŽ offers a solution that meets the needs of customers and is designed to be used discretely so that normal working conditions are not disrupted during installation. New floor coverings are ready for foot traffic immediately and all areas are available for use without interruption. What is SwitchTecÂŽ? SwitchTecÂŽ is a range of self-adhesive tapes which are wound onto rolls. All SwitchTecÂŽ products provide an alternative to wet adhesives or loose lay systems when installing floor coverings or skirting. SiganÂŽ is one range of products from switchTecÂŽ whereby a variety of floor coverings such PVC, luxury vinyl tiles and carpets can be fitted onto subfloors or existing floor coverings.

For more information please visit

RRNews - Issue 26

A new floor covering can easily be applied onto an existing floor covering (or subfloor) without having to remove the old covering. This not only avoids the normal disturbances caused when renovating, but also saves time and money. The new floor covering can then be used and walked upon immediately. When the covering applied becomes worn after years of use, it can be removed quickly and easily, without leaving any adhesive residues.


Latest News

Multi-million pound renovation for former Fenwick store The former Fenwick store in Leicester is to become a mixed use scheme of leisure and retail – creating much-needed city centre apartments and around 150 jobs, it was announced today.


eveloper Aimrok Holdings has completed its purchase of the iconic store in Market Street in the city for a seven-figure sum and will be seeking planning approval for four retail units, a Champagne bar, restaurant and gym across the basement and ground floor. Aimrok has plans for 90 high end apartments for rent in the building’s upper floors. The new development is expected to create 150 jobs during the build – and following its completion. James Coningsby, head of commercial property at Nelsons Solicitors, acted for Aimrok. Funding for the deal was provided by the Leicester-based Cambridge & Counties Bank, whose team was led by its business development manager Adam Jolley.

Vijay Patel of Aimrok said: “The purchase of this iconic building in Leicester is really important to us. It has a great deal of history and our plans will create an exciting concept for Leicester and will secure the building’s future. By creating a mixed use scheme, the building has a future which is sustainable for many years to come. “The scheme will include high end apartments for the private rental sector, as well as a Champagne bar, and retail units. We are working on scheme drawings now, ready for planning late summer.”

RRNews - Issue 26

James said: “Nelsons was pleased to work on this deal. Fenwick of Leicester Ltd closed for the last time at the end of March and the purchase of the building by Aimrok was agreed last week.”


Aimrok has a proven track record in Leicester, having developed other schemes in the city – the Bishop Street Post Office site where it created 74 student bed spaces and a major residential development in Hotel Street. Adam Jolley said: “As a Leicester-based bank, it’s great that we teamed up with several Leicester-based advisers to secure a bright future for a Leicester landmark.

The new owners are highly experienced and their vision of developing this iconic city centre building will breathe new life into Market Street and attract further investment into this area of the city.” James added: “The new development will invigorate the Market Street area. The Aimrok plans will secure the building’s future, create employment during the building and after its completion. “The new owner will be creating a significant development in an employment district. The gym will be an excellent addition for the Market Street area. This, coupled with a high end bar and restaurant, will really appeal to office workers and fit well with the surroundings.”

James Bradley of RG+P, the Leicester-based firm of architects, said: “This is a very wellknown building in Leicester. We intend maintaining the façade, while modernising parts of the building to increase its longevity. In order to ensure the building is sustainable and that it is around for another 100 years, we want to adapt it so it is suitable for a range of uses.” Martin Herbert of Space Retail Property Consultants advised Aimrok. He said: “We have interest from several occupiers. We look forward to working with all stakeholders in creating a special mixed use scheme to help to further regenerate the southern sector of the city centre feeding off the recent office lettings and commercial activity in New Walk and Welford Place.”

“The new owner will be creating a significant development in an employment district. The gym will be an excellent addition for the Market Street area. This, coupled with a high end bar and restaurant, will really appeal to office workers and fit well with the surroundings.” James Coningsby, head of commercial property at Nelsons Solicitors

O ee fr


ur yo


er rd


pl m sa

y! da



Pewter Oak

Glasgow T: 0141 427 8456 Gateshead T: 0191 482 7373 Manchester T: 0161 786 6800 Birmingham T: 0121 421 9131 Cambridge T: 01954 782 224 London, Bow T: 020 8525 5691 London, Colindale T: 020 7127 6770 London, Camberley T: 01276 672100 Chatham, Kent T: 01634 668 668 Cardiff T: 029 2099 0460

CFS Eternity Commercial is a high performance LVT, designed for the commercial environment. Available in 15 stylish designs with bevelled edges for a natural wood effect finish. Eternity Commercial; the smart choice for your flooring project. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Ideal for heavy domestic, heavy commercial and general industrial use 0.55mm wear layer 30 year commercial warranty Bevelled for a true-to-life finish PU coating which gives extra surface protection Easy to clean and maintain

Bristol T: 0117 316 0555

Glass & Glazing Kawneer glazing is inSpired Aluminium glazing systems by Kawneer feature on Spire Healthcare's flagship hospital. Architectural aluminium glazing by leading UK manufacturer Kawneer was a "first point of call" for Halliday Meecham Architects for the £65 million new flagship Spire Hospital in Manchester. Kawneer's AA®100 SSG (Structurally Silicone Glazed) mullion-drained curtain walling, some of it curved on plan, features on the third-storey conference suite and is complemented by the AA®100 zone-drained capped system used elsewhere including internal screens around the reception areas. These are additionally complemented by Kawneer's AA®720 top-hung casement windows as courtyard windows, AA®720 doors as internal doors at upper levels and series 190 heavy-duty entrance doors at ground level. The systems by Kawneer, part of the Arconic group, were installed by approved specialist sub-contractor APiC UK for main contractor VINCI Construction, with the building receiving its first patient in January 2017.

education and conferencing.

The new hospital, which is BREEAM "Very good" rated, replaces Spire Healthcare's old facility in Whalley Range and aspires to provide an international centre of excellence in the delivery of private healthcare and medical innovation.

Halliday Meecham developed the scheme around their expertise in medical planning and experiences gained from the successful delivery of healthcare projects across the United Kingdom and Europe. The form of the building responds to the urban context and provides an iconic gateway to the City of Manchester.

Situated on the Siemens UK campus, the development is a key component in the regeneration of Manchester as an international hub renowned for science and innovation as well as medical excellence,

Facilities include six operating theatres including a specialist hybrid theatre, an endoscopy suite, four minor treatment rooms, and a full suite of diagnostics including MRI and CT scanners, X-Ray,

mammography, fluoroscopy and ultrasound. More than 40 in-patient bedrooms are provided along with 29 day care bedrooms. In addition, an international conference space (where the Kawneer curtain walling is curved on plan) provides high-quality and flexible facilities for learning and innovation within a 15-minute transfer from Manchester international airport. The architect concluded: "The external envelope of the building has been really well received by the client."

WRIGHTSTYLE SUPPLIES TO NIGERIAN STOCK EXCHANGE Wrightstyle, the advanced glazing company, has supplied fire rated curtain walling for the redevelopment of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in Lagos. The contract for DBH Solutions was for the company’s SR60 system, providing EI120 performance, for one of Nigeria’s most important economic and financial centres. The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) services the largest economy in Africa and is championing the development of Africa’s financial markets. Wrightstyle was chosen because of its proven systems ranges, its international experience, and ability to meet tight delivery timetables. The SR60 system solution has a unique construction which allows for any thickness and type of fire rated glass to be accommodated. This enables different fire ratings to be achieved without changing the system arrangement. In addition, due to the simple substitution of pressure plates and gaskets, any of the standard aluminium or stainless steel capping options can be used to finish the facade, or to match in with adjacent non-steel/non-fire rated systems.

RRNews - Issue 26

The NSE, a registered company limited by guarantee, was founded in 1960 and is a founding member and executive committee member of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA).


“This contract underlines how our specialist systems continue to be specified both here and internationally, reflecting tighter fire regulations and the need for robust threat management,” said Tim Kempster, Wrightstyle’s managing director. “In the recent past, we have supplied our systems to the USA, Australasia, Far East and Middle East, underlining our reputation for dependability and innovation in this extremely important market,” he said.

Heating News

Armstrong and Nevill Long work together to tie it up at Tisbury The new-look community campus features Armstrong Ceiling Solutions.


rmstrong Ceiling Solutions has marked its 55-year partnership with specialist distributor Nevill Long with a £5.4 million community project at the heart of a county council’s transformation agenda. To create a monolithic ceiling in the new sports hall at Tisbury Community Campus near Salisbury in Wiltshire Armstrong’s Metal T Clip F grid system was installed across 700m2, providing a downwards demountable solution for easy access to the ceiling void. This was complemented by 120m2 of anti-microbial BioGuard boards in the toilets and changing rooms and 1,540m2 of Sierra OP laminated mineral boards in other areas as their Class A acoustic performance helps with sound absorption (at 0.90aw).

RRNews - Issue 26

The new sports hall, at what is also known as Nadder Community Campus, replaces an old leisure centre and is connected to the rear of the main campus facility with access into it from the main campus building. All the existing and new buildings are linked to provide a single-point access facility.


Designed by architects Kendall Kingscott, the Tisbury project comprised a mix of refurbishment and new build, the latter of which included the sports hall and fitness suite, to bring a variety of services onto a single site. These also included Sure Start, business incubation, library services,

neighbourhood policing and 16+ education. There is also provision for a local pre-school provider to be accommodated on site.

“We pride ourselves on the service we provide in regards to full and on-time deliveries, speedy response times and on-hand technical expertise. Working with likeminded suppliers such as Armstrong, who have been our valued partner for 55 years, ensures the customer receives consistent top-class service.” Nevill Long managing director Dave Bonner The existing fabric was upgrade to provide improved thermal performance and all existing glazing was replaced. The site had no mains gas services so a biomass heating system was used as part of Wiltshire Council’s wider sustainability policy of ensuring the carbon output of the new campus portfolio achieves savings of 40% over current benchmark figures.

Kendall Kingscott were appointed by Wiltshire Council following a process of competitive interview between framework providers. The project forms part of the wider Transformation Agenda approved by the council, part of which involves the formation of new locality campus sites to serve all the local board areas within the county. Armstrong secured involvement with the project as a result of its value engineering and strong working relationship with the specialist subcontractor GHT. The products specified offered costeffective solutions which matched or exceeded the performance of rival brands with easier installation on site. When asked why Nevill Long was GHT’s distributor of choice for Tisbury Campus, director Justin Knibb commented “Competitive pricing within the market, coupled with efficient response times along with a consistent level of customer service, means Nevill Long has always been one of our preferred suppliers.” Nevill Long managing director Dave Bonner said: “We pride ourselves on the service we provide in regards to full and on-time deliveries, speedy response times and onhand technical expertise. Working with likeminded suppliers such as Armstrong, who have been our valued partner for 55 years, ensures the customer receives consistent top-class service.”

Heating, Ventilation & Insulation PANASONIC GENERATES SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS IN RESTORED WATER TOWER An abandoned water tower on the outskirts of Harrogate, Yorkshire, has been converted into a stunning family home by Carol and Majid Nadry from Bradford. Sustainability and energy efficiency were at the heart of the project, so they chose an air source heat pump from Panasonic to provide a low-Carbon heating and hot water solution. The four-storey water tower, which was built in the 1940s to supply a nearby village, was in need of significant refurbishment, as it had lain derelict for several years. However, this offered the Nadrys a blank canvas on which they could design their home - and exactly the way they wanted it. Energy efficiency was one of the core principles of their restoration project, and this presented a number of challenges to Cumbria-based renewable heating firm Heacol, who were asked to design and install the heating and hot water system. Heacol installed two Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP heat pumps to provide the necessary capacity for the house. The T-CAP includes weather compensation controls as standard, so that when the outside temperature falls, the water temperature rises, meaning the system is always running at peak efficiency. Heacol also installed proportional thermostats so that when the outside temperature drops below 17°C the system will run 24 hours a day. This enables the system to run at a much lower flow temperature when providing heating and hot water, and therefore it consumes significantly less energy while still performing at peak efficiency. Heacol also installed a thermal store, which heats the water as it flows through a pipe rather than in a tank, which not only reduces the risk of legionella but also lowers the running costs of the system. Completely restored, the Pannal Water Tower is equipped with an efficient, fully-controllable heating and hot water system. With monitoring equipment recently installed, Carol and Majid Nadry will soon be able to see the significant savings on their energy bills generated the Panasonic Aquarea T-CAP. For more information on Panasonic’s range of heating systems, please visit








For more details, email or telephone 01646 692172.

Our MRX1 Multizone wireless controller can control up to 8 heating zones using the existing CRX2 controllers, where each CRX2 can control multiple Consort RX heaters in the same room or zone.

Find out more at e: t: 01646 692172


central controller great energy and cost saving can be retrofitted to RX systems ideal for home or commercial property owners

RRNews - Issue 26

commercial fan heaters and large air curtains to be wirelessly controlled by a separately purchased CRX2 controller. With an RXREC installed, the CRX2 controller replaces the existing remote switch, expanding the heating control options to include 7-day time control with up to 6 temperature settings per day. Additionally, the Time/Manual mode in a CRX2 controller takes advantage of the RXREC long range performance to allow heaters to be controlled from a different room. The RXREC can be retrofitted to existing compatible Claudgen products. Multiple heaters can be controlled by a CRX2 provided each heater is connected to an RXREC.



Latest News

Work to start on £8.5m theatre revamp Willmott Dixon will transform another cultural landmark after being appointed for a £8.5 million project to enlarge and modernise the 1960s built Octagon Theatre in Bolton.


he company’s refurbishment specialists are already restoring a number of local attractions across the country, including Darlington Civic Centre, Plymouth’s History Centre and the east wing at Alexandra Palace. In June, it was also chosen to refurbish the world-famous Old Admiralty building to create a new head office for the Department of Education.

£50m refurb to start at Old Admiralty Building Willmott Dixon has won a £50m refurbishment deal at the Grade II listed Old Admiralty Building in Horseguards Parade.


AM was originally handed the pre-construction services job in 2015 to fit-out a new home for The Department for Education. But both sides were unable to agree a main construction deal and the project stalled. Now Willmott Dixon has stepped-in via Scape Group’s National Major Works framework.

Now Willmott Dixon has been appointed by Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council to create a bigger, more modern Octagon Theatre that will enable thousands more people to enjoy watching leading artists for another 50 years. Procured through Scape Group’s Major Works Framework, the project will enlarge and modernise the building to improve accessibility and accommodation for the Theatre’s on and off-stage theatre projects. This will involve demolishing large sections and rebuilding around the core of the theatre’s auditorium. Working with architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and project manager Gardiner & Theobald, the scope also includes refurbishing the existing theatre, studio, foyer, back of house and administration areas and creating two multipurpose studio spaces for rehearsals, participation activities and performances. The project will

also provide improved audience comfort with air conditioning and better seats. Subject to planning permission, it further enhances the redevelopment of Bolton town centre. Elizabeth Newman, artistic director, said, “The artistic and social benefits to Bolton for the project will be incredible, as it will enable the theatre to expand its community and artistic provision and therefore our reach in the coming years. The aim of reimagining our building is to ensure accessibility to all including audiences, participants and artists.” The contract follows Willmott Dixon’s redevelopment of Bolton Albert Halls, a Grade two listed building which formed part of a wider town centre master plan to encourage more visitors and investment into the town centre. The company is also on site nearby building Horwich Leisure Centre, also for Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council. Anthony Dillon, managing director of Willmott Dixon in the North, said, “We are delighted to be back in Bolton as part of the team that will restore such a cultural landmark. Redeveloping buildings to create a lasting benefit for communities is a specialism we are proud of at Willmott Dixon.” Last year the company brought back to life the iconic former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington, which is now home to the Design Museum.

A sacred conversion – Bellis Homes brings Grade II listed convent school house back to life A recent survey undertaken by RICS and YouGov identified that 9 out of 10 British people think that historic buildings are a symbol of national heritage, with 89% believing it is of a high importance to protect them.

The Department for Education Commercial Director and EFSA Director of Capital, Mike Green, said “The Old Admiralty Building is important for Government as a large and strategically placed freehold. “By renovating and upgrading the building, we are maximising the value of this important heritage asset and providing a good home for the Department.” Mike Hart, chief operating officer for Willmott Dixon Interiors, said, “We are excited about being tasked with such an important contract and we’ll work to ensure the refurbishment is complete so that the DfE can move into their new home in autumn 2018.

RRNews - Issue 26

“It will be delivered by an experienced team who are familiar with the security, logistical and technical challenges that working on high profile London projects provide.”


Willmott Dixon will transform 23,000 m² of space at the Old Admiralty into a modern working environment, including upgrading the building services to introduce new mechanical ventilation and environmental controls, plus future proofing space for government offices in the long-term.


ill Hill in Barnet, North London is home to several historic buildings worthy of protection. One of London’s hidden gems, oozing with historic flavor, the villagecum-suburb of Mill Hill is ideally situated between Finchley and Edgware and is said to be the London district most influenced by the Christian faith. This Christian influence can be clearly seen in the historic Rosary Manor Estate in the heart of Mill Hill village. An altered house of late 17th-century origin,

Rosary Manor was purchased by Thee Sisters of Charity St Vincent in 1887 and expanded it into a convent. The neighbouring St Vincent’s Romaan Catholic School opened in 1896 and was run until 20 007. Now, the abandoned schoolhouse and West Lodge (a detached property left in a dilapidatted state) is set to be brought back into use by luxury housebuilder Bellis Homes through the development off 11 high quality apartments and a detached house fo or completion in 2018. As well as being a Grade II Listed buiilding, the Rosary Manor Estate is ideally located within the Green Belt, the

Latest News Meldrum wins contract to renovate Auckland Castle North East contractor Meldrum Construction Services Limited has landed a £12m contract to restore 900-year-old Auckland Castle in Bishop Auckland.


he award from the Auckland Castle Trust is part of a wider £70m programme to regenerate the historic site.

Meldrum has an annual turnover of around £30m and specialises in Grade I and Grade II listed buildings. Managing Director Dave Meldrum said: “We are delighted to have won this prestigious contract and are now looking at ways in which we can involve the local community and maximise the opportunities we can offer them while working in Bishop Auckland.” Around half of Meldrum’s current 190 employees, including time-served carpenters, bricklayers, welder/fabricators, ground workers, plant operators and electricians, will be involved in the Auckland Castle project. Meldrum will be working alongside overall project managers, Turner & Townsend and lead consultant and conservation accredited architects, Purcell. Geoff Brown, Area Manager for Turner & Townsend, said: “The restoration of Auckland Castle is a significant project for us, incorporating both a wide range of repairs, replacements and redecoration to the existing castle, and the construction of an extension to create contemporary gallery space.” Work is set to start on site in September.

Work gets underway on Welshdesigned Indian temple Construction begins in Karnataka, India, on new temple in 800-year-old Hoysala style


fter almost eight years of designing and planning, construction has finally begun on an ancient Indian temple designed by Cardiff architect Professor Adam Hardy. The first carved soapstone block was laid by the Maharaja of Mysore at a special ceremony earlier this month in Ventakapura in the Indian state of Karnataka. The block now stands on a platform of granite blocks, already erected, with the full construction of the temple expected to take around 12 years to complete. Spanning over seven acres with the main tower reaching over 108ft tall, the temple is intended as a new manifestation of the ancient Hoysala style that became prominent between the 11th and 14th centuries in south western parts of Karnataka. There are over 100 surviving Hoysala temples scattered across that region. Once built the temple will revitalise regional cultural traditions, becoming a religious centre and providing a setting for music and dance performances, as well as hosting thousands of worshippers and tourists every year. The temple has been dedicated to Shree Venkateshvara, a form of Vishnu. Professor Hardy’s recreation of the tradition aims to go a step beyond the grandest monuments of that era. The temple will be made of blue-grey soapstone and its glories will include the detailed iconography and beautifully carved ornament that characterise the Hoysala style.

was looking to build a new Hoysala-style temple, it became clear that Professor Hardy was the right person to design the project. It took eight years of designing and redesigning before construction began a couple of weeks ago. Prof Hardy’s big remaining job concerns the finer details of the temple, designing the external mouldings, numerous pillars and ceilings, and miniature temple designs adorning the exterior walls. Professor Hardy said: “This involves drawing all the details in full-size to make sure that the profiles are right, and coordinating all the proportions in relation to an astrological calculation of the breadth of the plan. As such, very few of the dimensions turn out to be whole numbers – an added complication!” A group of master craftsmen proficient in the Hoysala style of sculpture has been identified to work on the project and to train apprentices. Professor Hardy said: “I have tried not so much to design the temple as to let it emerge out of the architectural principles by which the medieval tradition developed. Those, together with the iconographic requirements – the images of the gods and their placement – generated the temple form in a way that seemed natural and inevitable.”

As a world authority on Indian temple architecture, Professor Hardy, a Professor of Asian Architecture at Cardiff University’s Welsh School of Architecture, has been studying the subject for over 35 years. His work uniquely combines historical research with a creative design approach. After a chance encounter between one of his PhD students and a public trust based in India that

Refurb plans for power depots Speller Metcalfe has been awarded £9.7m in construction work for the refurbishment of Western Power Distribution’s depots in Birmingham, Bristol and Llanfihangel.

North Barnet Area of Special Character and Mill Hill Conservation Area. It is understood that Charles II often visited the estate in the 16th century to shoot on the grounds and on Milespit-Hill, there is the non-denominational Mill Hill cemetery which was formerly known as the ‘Paddington District Cemetery’ where the iconic 1960’s pop singer Billy Fury is buried!

in Aston, Birmingham which is located on a historic, industrial site. The project has involved working closely with Network Rail as the site sits just 4 metres from the main railway line in to the city. Significant investigation has also been undertaken by Speller Metcalfe into the risk of contaminated land.

Speller Metcalfe has worked to fast-track deadlines and achieved outstanding BREEAM scores for WPD, including its award-winning Spilsby depot which was awarded the highest BREEAM score in world at 101.9%.

Speller Metcalfe has been highly involved in various design elements including cladding, steel connection, concrete repair, insulation and taken full responsibility for M&E. The project is targeted to achieve BREEAM Very Good.

The largest of the newly awarded projects is the £8.5m redevelopment of the WPD site

The refurbishment of WPD’s Birmingham depot is due for completion in August 2017.

RRNews - Issue 26

“We are seeing more and more clients interested in converted historical properties and the stunning architectural qualities they carry. They want all the charm and character of an older property yet all the convenience and amenities of a new build home. Rosary Manor offers the best of both worlds and with such stunning views out across green fields to London and rich history, we know this conversion will be in high demand.”


he individually tendered projects are part of a series of works for long-standing client WPD to refurbish and update facilities nationally across the electricity distribution network, including remodelling and extending workshops and offices and extensive external works.



| GAS |

| M U LT I - F U E L | E L E C T R I C

Latest News

Overbury completes refurbishment of public space at The National Archives National fit out and refurbishment specialist Overbury has completed a £780,000 refurbishment at The National Archives in Kew, London to create a vibrant and versatile new public space. The 4,700 sq ft project by Overbury represents the biggest change in the 40-year-old building in a decade.


he refurbishment project, which started in January, is one of the ways that The National Archives is redefining its public areas and breathing new life into the space. The National Archives is a nonministerial government department, and is the official archive of the UK government. With over 180 kilometres of shelving, it is also home to some of the nation’s most iconic documents dating back more than 1,000 years, including the Domesday Book, Shakespeare’s will and tweets from Downing Street. The refurbishment saw the upgrade of the building’s mechanical, electrical and data infrastructure, as well as the creation of a double-height auditorium and new modern, open plan areas for reading and research.

2.5 tonnes of data cable was safely removed and disposed of, supporting the buildings upgrade to fibre optic data connectivity It took 246 hours to remove 8 tonnes of concrete, which was cut with a hydraulic, high-pressure diamond saw Building a 250 seat double-height auditorium that The National Archives will be able rent for private lectures and workshops, opening up a new revenue source Exposing 2,066 sq ft of the original coffered concrete ceiling to highlight its architectural merit All construction materials used throughout the project had to be nonorganic to deter moths 95% (7 tonnes) of all construction waste was recycled. Another consideration was making sure that the experience of visitors was not hampered by the refurbishment – a total of 2,700 hours were worked after closing time to ensure minimal disturbance to visitors and staff. In addition, the project team made sure that the reading rooms could be used throughout which meant changing the access routes regularly, and in some weeks daily. Noise, dust and logistics were all carefully managed to ensure that the project wasn’t an inconvenience.

The refurbishment saw the upgrade of the building’s mechanical, electrical and data infrastructure, as well as the creation of a double-height auditorium and new modern, open plan areas for reading and research. Bob continues: “Accommodating researchers, students and employees of The National Archives was a cornerstone of the project. We needed to remain as flexible as possible and make sure that the public still had a great experience when visiting the archives. The overall success of the project is a real credit to the entire consultant and subcontractor team and we hope that The National Archives and community will enjoy the space for many years to come.” Lee Oliver, head of venue management for the National Archives, adds: “This major new space is exciting as it will change the way visitors engage with The National Archives’ collections on site. It allows us to expand our public programme and increase the range, capacity and frequency of public talks, events and other activities. This will in turn allow us to serve a wider audience including more families, students and teachers, community and arts groups as well as national and international researchers.”

RRNews - Issue 26

Transforming any public space in an occupied building with historic gravitas is a big task, says Bob Banister, managing director at Overbury: “We’re used to working in sensitive environments, and throughout the years we’ve worked within many listed buildings, however this project posed an entirely unique challenge. Managing the potential risk of water, fire or dust damage and maintaining the integrity of the documents in the building were principle concerns, as was keeping the archives open to the public with as little fuss as possible.”

Highlights of the project included:


Evolved Supplies offer the New ERFURT- KlimaTec The Naturally Efficient Interior Insulation System Many buildings cannot be insulated externally and extensive internal insulation might not be an option either. ERFURT-KlimaTec is a simple and economically useful system for energy-saving refurbishment of buildings on the inside of the wall. The system offers the following key benefits:

t Thin layer & Breathable t Can be wallpapered over with all breathable wallcoverings t Easy to use

The NEW 1mm UeƪeFWLYe FRDWLQJ A practical alternative to IWI & EWI systems


W heD

W heD

: D O O


Wh\ XVe AerRTherm? mLQLmLVeV VpDFe lRVVV ... only 1mm thick k when applied wDrmer, r FRVLerr rRRmV ... reduces energy use by up to 30% WhermDl FRmIRrWW ... rooms heat up faster and stay warm for f longer helpV elLmLQDWe FRQGeQVDWLRQ ... improves health

IInteri In e or insula latio tion ti n pane nells ne ls Kli KlimaT m ecc IP 25 maT 2 0+/ 250 +//IP +/IP P 350 35 50 00+ 0 hav have e uniq que u the th rrma maal ins nsulaatin ns ting g prop prop ropert ert erties r ies i , the int interi eriior o ins nsula ulation laa pane ne els ERF ERFURT URT RTT-KlimaTec IP P 25 2500+ 0+ +/ IP 350 00+ 0 imp mprov rove e the the he U-v U-valu all e of exis alu exis isstin ting buildings ting gs,, tth gs, he ere reby by savvin ing consider errab era ab e abl amo mount mount nts ts of ene n gyy ope ner enin ni g new ni w possib sibili ibi ties forr interi er or o insula l tion la tio ion, since itt no no lon onger ger er re requi quirin r ng rin g ins nsulat nsu la ion of the exterior walls. lat

Whe FRRl wD\ WR wDrm wDllV

Pro P roduc ductt char char aract acteri e stics

t Hig Highly hly ly therm th hermal mallyy insu n lat ating ing λ = 0.03 .035 035 W/(m W/(m /( K) t Minimall llayer thickness t Breathable t Simple and fast to use t Versatile design options, i.e. it can be plastered over t No dewpoint d

For more information please call: 01691 707 100 email:


Latest News

Bristol Uni launches £300m regen plan

Design team appointments for Our Town Hall scheme announced

The University of Bristol has revealed its initial vision for a £300m campus next to Bristol Temple Meads.


nown as the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus, the development will be one of the city’s most significant regeneration projects in recent history. The University unveiled the plans in the first part of a two phase public consultation before submitting for planning towards the end of this year. Construction work is scheduled to get underway in 2019 allowing the campus to open in time for the start of the 2021/22 academic year. The seven-acre site spans the derelict former Royal Mail sorting office and part of Arena Island. The University will also expand its successful Engine Shed enterprise hub and build a new student village together with improvements to the public realm, including new cycle and pedestrian links to the surrounding area and high-quality landscaping. Professor Hugh Brady, ViceChancellor and President of the University of Bristol, said that although designs for the campus were in their infancy and would be informed by the outcome of the consultation.

Manchester City Council has announced a list of successful tenderers for contracts relating to the Our Town Hall project.

T t

he successful tenderers are as follows:

Architecture - Purcell Miller & Tritton

t Structural and Civil Engineers - Ramboll UK Ltd t Landscape Design - Planit IE LLP t Building Services & Engineering - Ove Arup & Partners Ltd t Quantity Surveying - Faithful + Gould

The Our Town Hall project will result in the repair and upgrade of the Grade I-listed Manchester Town Hall, which will be 140 years old this year. While it has been maintained and remains structurally sound, it is now seriously showing its age, with many elements reaching the end of their natural lifespans.

Without significant work to address damage and defects, its condition will deteriorate to the point where it will become unfit for ongoing use and would need to be ‘mothballed.’ The building, designed in the 1860s by Alfred Waterhouse, also needs work to bring it up to modern access and safety standards while preserving its heritage. The works will take place over a seven-year period. Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said: “The work required to repair and upgrade the Town Hall will demand real expertise and dedication, so we have selected our consultants with great care. We look forward to working with them on this once-in-a-lifetime project, which will secure and enhance the long-term future of Manchester’s treasured civic centrepiece.”

We are excited to be moving into the next stage of the project and to be working alongside a first class team.”

RRNews - Issue 26

Paul Candelent, Project Director, Our Town Hall, said: “We were immensely impressed with the quality of the bids across all lots and the passion displayed for the Our Town Hall project and its objectives.


Tried. Tested. Proven. Beautifully Invisible. Air Diffusion’s FlowBar is an architecturally designed high capacity linear slot diffuser. It is engineered to combine a very high air handling capacity with maximum flexibility and is suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications. The system can blend into a design or provide contrast with its striking but simple appearance. FlowBar can provide straight lines or curves to blend with other architectural elements and enhance the overall concept of the project.

Latest News

Rooftop milestone for £41 million university building

A £41 million university building in Birmingham has taken a major step forward as the finishing touches have been made to the development.


ontractor BAM and local stakeholders were joined by staff and students from Birmingham City University at the institution’s new Health Sciences and Education building to mark the traditional ‘topping out’ ceremony and celebrate a key milestone in the delivery of the facility. The 10,500m² extension on Westbourne Road in Edgbaston forms part of the University’s City South Campus.

The new development, set to open in 2018, will also enable the relocation of the University’s School of Education, consolidating the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences on to one site. Designed by architects Sheppard Robson, the building will help reinforce Birmingham City University’s status as the region’s largest provider of qualified health and social care professionals to the NHS and producer of more teachers than any other institution in the West Midlands. The space will offer teacher training and specialist facilities for health sciences including provision for research, a new lecture theatre, a multipurpose hall, speech therapy, physiotherapy and ultrasound suites, art and technology classrooms and IT hubs.

“Today marks an exciting new chapter in the University’s long and proud history. Not only will this new building allow us to strengthen

“The new Health Sciences and Education building offers students and staff the highest quality facilities available to ensure that we are best equipped to provide for the next generation of public health and education professionals in the West Midlands.

“This could be Birmingham’s most advanced construction scheme. Our sector is undergoing a quiet technical revolution. Digital techniques are helping us and our supply chain deliver both the speed and quality we need for complex modern buildings, like this one for Birmingham City University.” Colin Harper, BAM Project Manager “The new building also strengthens our student experience and University community by allowing us to house our health and education offerings on one site for the first time. In doing so, we are creating a significant hub for our public service contracts and professional development provision in Edgbaston, offering

more consistent support services and facilities for both students and staff.” The building forms part of the University’s £260 million investment into new state-of-the-art facilities which will be strengthened with the opening of the new £57 million Birmingham Conservatoire later this year. As part of the City South Campus extension, students from the University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment have been working alongside BAM to gain real-life experience of working in the construction industry, by putting the theory learned in the classroom into practice. Colin Harper, BAM Project Manager, said: “This could be Birmingham’s most advanced construction scheme. Our sector is undergoing a quiet technical revolution. Digital techniques are helping us and our supply chain deliver both the speed and quality we need for complex modern buildings, like this one for Birmingham City University. “It is especially pleasing this is happening on a higher education project, thus demonstrating the future to our next generation of construction professionals. Even more impressive is the depth of understanding we have formed with our client. Whatever the technology, strong partnerships are always the secret behind successful construction.” BAM currently employs 160 people at the Edgbaston site, with 80 per cent coming from the West Midlands.

RRNews - Issue 26

Speaking at the topping out ceremony on Thursday 4 May, Professor Graham Upton, ViceChancellor of Birmingham City University, said:

our existing education teaching and research programmes, we will also be offering a wide range of new health, nutrition and biomedical science courses.


ReChill® & NuChill® - Alternative options for your Chillers The predominant air-conditioning cold source on many medium to larger commercial buildings is Chilled Water. The water chiller/s providing this service invariably represent the largest single point load within the building, and can account for 25 - 35% of total building power consumption.


owever, chillers sitting on the roof, or in the basement are largely overlooked when considering energy savings. Indeed TM44 merely requires a check of function, overlooking opportunities to make significant energy savings. A 40% energy saving at the chiller, means a significant saving for the whole building. 40% is not an unusual achievement. Sadly the past decade or so has seen a general reduction in equipment quality and life expectancy as trade off for lower capital outlay at fit out. Consequently many chillers plague their owners not only with crippling energy bills, but unreliability, especially when needed most. Repairs are expensive,

inconvenient and invariably only alleviate problems for the short term, and rarely address issues of efficiency & longevity at all.

ThermOzone have been recycling / upcycling chiller equipment since 1994, with a wide range of techniques for most chiller makes to not only resolve reliability, but with a keen focus upon longevity and energy efficiency. ThermOzone have been recycling / upcycling chiller equipment since 1994, with a wide range of techniques for most chiller makes to not only resolve reliability, but with a keen focus upon longevity and energy efficiency. We are also widely experienced with the perennial requirement to change refrigerants, having been originally involved with gas retrofit in 1995 when R12 was phased out, since then we have seen R22 go. Now we are actively working upon HFC phase down. ReChill® is our trade name for Chiller upgrades where we offer a bespoke and varied selection of individual techniques tailored to the requirements of a particular chiller on a particular site. A sample of the techniques promoted are … Inverter Screw Compressor conversion Piston / Scroll / Screw

RRNews - Issue 26

Refrigerant Gas retrofit - R22 / R407C / R410A to R134a / low GWP options


t Bespoke Condenser replacement t EC Condenser fan conversion t Evaporator replacement t Controls replacement - Magnum is THE BEST chiller controller available today t Electronic System control - in conjunction with the Controls package t RODEM - the ability to remotely access and monitor our Chillers via the internet As mentioned any individual chiller will likely have some major assemblies perfectly serviceable, and indeed most have at least

the evaporator working and reliable. ReChill is invariably a combination of the above techniques. So what if we were to replace ALL the functioning parts ? The other trade name promote is NuChill®. This applies where we provide a bespoke NEW chiller either within an existing chassis, and sometimes where we also provide the chassis too. Awkward sites Invariably the space the chiller occupies is low grade space of little value to the architect, so consequently many installations are found in places rendering them very difficult to replace, or where space constraints mean a standard production ‘Box’ chiller simply will not fit. For the former ReChill® techniques can be applied often without the need for a crane. Even for extensive refurbishments the whole chiller can be broken down and tackled one sub-assembly at a time. For NuChill® being bespoke in nature means we can design a solution to fit a specific need, after all a chiller does not have to be laid out within a ‘Box’ format.

ThermOzone offer all site surveys and assessments free of charge and can include a energy footprinting service allowing our predictions to be correlated later. 0118 918 1400

Transfform your existing ch hiller wiith little mess, little fuss and best of all no major disruption to you ur building CALL TODAY FOR A BROCHU URE OR A FREE NO OBLIGATION SITE SURVEY

0118 9181 400 www.ttherrmagroup.ccom rech hill@thermagroup.ccom

Major energy savings 35% - 60% Life extension ~ 10 years

FREE energy survey

Up to 5 years warranty

Installed in ~ 1 month A ThermOzone Ltd Product

TherrmOzo one Ltd Kelvvin House Preston Ro oad Reading RG2 0BE

SWIGA Guarantee The Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) is a notfor- profit guarantee provider for solid wall solutions. Set up by industry to encourage continuous industry quality improvements through the use of its unique quality framework. SWIGA provides direct support to the customer through its extensive network of member’s expertise.


he SWIGA guarantee offers cover for; external wall, internal wall and hybrid systems for traditional solid wall properties, non-traditional properties such as no-fines concrete and frame buildings. As well as providing cover for low and high rise apartments. Andrew Champ, Executive Director of SWIGA, commented; “SWIGA’s commitment to provide the consumer and the insulation industry with a dependable Guarantee is shown in the quality of the over 250 companies that have joined SWIGA to date.

RRNews - Issue 26

“We differ from insurance companies in that in the unusual event of installation issues, we will arbitrate directly with the home owner and installer on any disputes, working with our network to obtain the best outcome




for the owner in a timely manner. SWIGA is not an insolvency only guarantee our prime focus from the outset has always been on prevention, not cure. Our Quality Assurance framework is key and our pre-vetting procedures do more than any other to avoid issues from the outset. “SWIGA’s Contractor and System holder membership has to meet stringent entry criteria prior to joining to ensure they are trained correctly, understand the systems and installation techniques needed to fit the systems correctly as well as ensuring the companies that join are financially viable as business’s to carry out solid wall insulation work.


“The SWIGA warranty is backed by a robust 25-year guarantee with an industry-leading Quality Assurance framework and at a cost of £150 plus VAT per standard house; we believe this represents fantastic value for money. “SWIGA’s high rise offer covers all purpose built flats from 3 storeys to 20+. The process limits the contractors who can carry out these works based on experience. It also involves a third-party AAA rated insurer who checks the property using RICS surveyors at three critical stages of the installation, thus ensuring the system being applied is correct for the substrate and quality and installation are fit for purpose. Andrew added: “Not only does SWIGA provide consumer protection with our independent 25-year Guarantee we can offer the consumer independent industry expertise – our membership includes all major system designers who we can draw on, but we also have an independent approach and can offer expert opinion on client projects.”



“The SWIGA warranty is backed by a robust 25-year guarantee with an industry-leading Quality Assurance framework and at a cost of £150 plus VAT per standard house; we believe this represents fantastic value for money.” Andrew Champ, Executive Director of SWIGA

SWIGA is here to help you with expert opinions and comments on SWI. SWIGA, and third parties have worked together in the development of this SWI industry infrastructure to bring about a major expansion in industry capacity whilst ensuring the highest levels of quality and standards are maintained. The Founder Members of SWIGA are Knauf Insulation, Saint-Gobain (British Gypsum, Weber and Isover), Wetherby Building Systems, Kingspan Insulation, the Insta Group and Rockwool.

For more information about SWIGA contact or call 01525 854977 After

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SWIGA provides consumer protection and an independent 25-year Guarantee for internal, external and hybrid solid wall insulation installations carried out under the SWIGA framework by accredited installers.


Diapol is one of the North Europe’s largest stone worktop fabricators and has supplied over 500,000 natural stone, quartz and ceramic worktops since 1997 The customer will benefit from Diapol’s extensive experience of two decates by getting access to top quality stones and outstanding service to suit every design and budget!


e offer all of the four main stone worktop materials:

t Quartz t Ceramics t Granite t Marble Being the Platinum Partner of the world’s largest quartz and ceramics producer Cosentino, Diapol has exclusive access to all newly launched materials. Quartz stone worktops are the most popular choice in kitchens today. Diapol works with the worlds no. 1 brand Silestone that is highly consistent regarding colour and pattern. Quartz requires little maintenance and is much harder than any natural stone.

RRNe RR N ws ws - IIsssu suee 26 26

Ceramics have been available to be used as kitchen worktops only quite recently. The biggest innovation in the stone worktop material industry takes place in the ceramics sector. New


stunningly beautiful colours with many mimicking patterns of natural stone are available at Diapol.

from the initial quotation all the way to the final installation of your kitchen worktops

Granite and marble have been the choices of stone worktops many years in high end kitchens. Every natural stone worktop is unique. Granite and marble worktops are traditionally the preferred choice for a classic style kitchen.

During fabrication our highly experienced team of stone masons will ensure your worktops are manufactured to the highest standards in our stateof-the-art factory, and our qualified teams of installers will put the finishing touches to your worktops in your home

Our easy order processing system ensures that minimal additional input is required from the client.

Diapol offers a 30-day no-quibble full money back guarantee for their worktops. In the event that the customer is not tot ally happy, Diapol will uninstall the worktop free of charge, and will refund the cost of the stone worktop in full with no aggravation to the customer.

Samples of the different materials and colours are available and can be posted out to you on request. Diapol will work with you through the entire process –

Diapol offers a 30-day no-quibble full money back guarantee for their worktops. In the event that the customer is not totally happy, Diapol will uninstall the worktop free of charge, and will refund the cost of the stone worktop in full with no aggravation to the customer.

Our technical experts and sales staff are available Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm. Email us: or call on +02081441870 or +02081444690 to start your journey, and let us help you turn your dream kitchen into reality.

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Don’t hesitate, get in touch now to discuss your options.


ESSE’s British technology! The UK’s oldest stove and range cooker manufacturer, ESSE, has been granted yet another patent for its industry-leading technology; this time for the innovative ‘surround heat’ system used on the company’s electric range cooker models.


develop ever more pioneering and energy-efficient models; pushing the boundaries of modern cooking and living, even after 163 years. ESSE’s electric cookers benefit from elements that ‘wrap around’ each oven for completely even temperatures. These surround elements have been recognised as completely unique and granted ‘patented’ status to illustrate this ingenuity.

“Since 1854, ESSE models - both stoves and cookers - have continuously evolved to suit the needs of the modern British home. Carefully considered details mean that our products offer a host of benefits.” Mark Blewitt, Sales Director What does this mean for customers? Sales Director Mark Blewitt explains: “ESSE range cookers have always been known for their fuel economy and even temperatures. We wanted to make sure that there was absolutely no compromise on ESSE’s reputation for perfect performance. “Our surround heat system means that the elements in our electric ovens offer the same radiant heat as our solid fuel, oil, woodburning and gas models. Temperatures are consistent throughout the space, which means you don’t need to turn dishes or swap shelves during cooking, and you can even place dishes directly on the base of the oven to cook.

RRNews - Issue 26

“The additional benefits of ESSE’s electric models include the fact that they are fully controllable, they offer fast heat up times, simple installation (just plug in and cook), a full-width grill, dual hotplate and versatile ovens, as well as low running costs.


“Since 1854, ESSE models - both stoves and cookers - have continuously evolved to suit the needs of the modern British home. Carefully considered details mean that our products offer a host of benefits; these may be relatively small details, like easy-shut doors on our range cookers, but they make all the difference when you lift a hot dish out and you can nudge the door closed with your knee!

“We are proud to have achieved yet another patent on our coveted range cookers. It goes to show we’re not content to rest on our laurels, even after more than a century and a half of Great British manufacturing.” ESSE range cookers are available in a choice of sizes, fuel types and 20 stunning colours. The NEW electric 990 EL has a huge dual hotplate (cast iron and induction), a full-width grill, two independently-controlled ovens and a warming oven which is perfect for slow cooking melt-in-the-mouth casseroles and more. This model also includes a beautifully cast adjustable vent to maintain more or less moisture in the oven, depending what your recipe requires. It retails from £6825. 01282 813235

ELPS Series 4

Point of use power for Emergency Evacuation Lifts Established in 1986 and with significant experience in providing back-up for lifts, as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005.

ͻ New 40kVA and 60kVA options available ͻ It is small and lighter with a Third less footprint and weight ͻ Larger more interactive menu screen ͻ It comes with a RS232 option to allow remote monitoring ͻ We have added wheels to the bottom to allow for more maneuverability ͻ Integrated battery monitoring ͻ Large ability to handle in-rush currents making it suitable for a wide range of applications

ͻ Designed for positioning as close to the lift ͻ Installation is quick and simple ͻ The cable runs are short and less exposed ͻ It comes in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 & 60kVA (other sizes available on request) ͻ The inverter is designed to accommodate the unpredictable load of most passenger lifts with weights up to 1,600kg.

ͻ Designed for 10 upward and downward journeys, longer times are available

The ELPS is the obvious solution>>>> The ELPS “point of use” product from Power Systems International is the more secure and better cost effective means of providing power to make the difference for emergency evacuation lifts:

ͻ The ELPS delivers power when it is needed. ͻ The ELPS delivers power to the point where it is needed. No exhaust fumes, no smell, no diesel fuel or gas storage, no risk of fuel spillage, no noise, no environmental pollution......The ELPS just needs a little energy to keep the internal batteries charged ready for the emergency!....Perhaps, a “no brainer” choice for the decision maker!


Equitone specified for new Digital Academy A brand new state-of-the-art digital academy has undergone a £13 million rebuild, using EQUITONE fibre cement facade material to create a standout development.


orthampton College Daventry Campus facilitates the teaching of software and coding, web development, games design and social media. The campus also offers a range of workshops and dedicated facilities for students with learning difficulties.

Specified by Pick Everard, various colours of EQUITONE [pictura] and [tectiva] have been installed to create a modern exterior to the 2500m2 digital academy. Eelin Loo, Associate Architect at Pick Everard, commented: “Having worked with EQUITONE on previous projects, we knew this would be the perfect material for the brand new campus. EQUITONE offers a crisp aesthetic and the colour palette complements the additional building work, making the material ideal for this project. Northampton College Daventry Campus has been completely transformed and is now a state-of-the-art building offering the perfect place for students to further their education. “We were extremely pleased with the overall look of the project and EQUITONE allowed us to be versatile in our designs. We would highly recommend using EQUITONE as we found it very easy to work with.” EQUITONE [tectiva] is a through coloured fibre cement material that offers elegant shades of natural colour which provides a unique aesthetic effect. Characterised by the fine sanded lines and naturally occurring hues within the material, these enhance the natural matt appearance which comes to life with the effects of light and shade. EQU EQUITONE [pictura] a] offers a selection of contempor porary ary collour coat oating ingss with with a smooth h an a du ultr ltraa matt finis n h. The e UV cu cured red top laayer of EQ to E UIT UITO ONE [p [pict ictura ura raa] is smooth oth h a ea and easil s y cleanab sil ble e acttin ing as an n antititi-gra i-gra gr ffi ffiti tii coa oaatin ting. g. All EQ A Al EQUIT UITONE ONE ma mater t ial ter iaa s are e ava vaila i ble in a ila ran an nge of o ccol olour ours, s, finis ish shes ess and fi fixin xing g opti opt ons giving full giv fu l cre creati ative ve sc sco cope. pe

RR RNe News ws - Is Issu sue 26 26

For mo m re e inform matiion o on Mar a ley ey Et Etern ernit’’s ran nge e off EQU EQ ITO TONE N facade a mate terials visit it www w.eq .equittone or ca call ll 01283 722588.


EQUITONE [pictura] offers a selection of contemporary colour coatings with a smooth and ultra matt finish. EQUITONE facade materials from Marley Eternit evoke the unique nature of fibre cement - a mineral composite material with outstanding physical and aesthetic properties. EQUITONE materials are available in a range of through colours and offer an extensive palette of subtle and inspiring colours in a variety of textures and finishes. EQUITONE materials provide architects with the ability to bring inspirational designs to life, for both new buildings and refurbishment projects. For more information on Marley Eternit’s range of EQUITONE facade materials visit or call 01283 722588.



It also decreased the time required for the temporary roof because of the single, wet-on-wet application process that doesn’t require the base coat to cure before subsequent site visits and further coatings are applied, unlike wet-on-dry systems.”

A popular East London church has regained its post-war glory thanks to the solventfree and odourless liquid waterproofing solution from Kemper System.

Steve Henderson, technical manager at Kemper System, added: “We worked closely with Capital Roofing and architects, A&RME, to develop a specification which met the needs of the project and we are delighted with the result.

The manufacturer’s Stratex Warm Roof system and Kemperol 2K-PUR liquid waterproofing solution was specified to refurbish the Calvary Charismatic Baptist Church in Poplar.

“The Stratex Warm Roof system and Kemperol 2K-PUR liquid waterproofing solution was a perfect choice for the church, and its completely odourless solvent-free qualities were a bonus for the contractors and congregation alike.”

The church, which was experiencing severe water ingress due to the failure of the existing asphalt waterproofing and glass skylights, was built in 1951 as a ‘Live Architectural Exhibition’, part of the Festival of Britain. The building is a heritage site with an unusual design to the structure of the roof. For many years, financial challenges meant the church had to carry out temporary repairs, which included a timber structure built over the entire roof area, and a felted covering on top of the original roof surface. The initial single-ply specification was changed to Kemperol 2K-PUR by architects, A&RME, to provide a liquid waterproofing solution capable of addressing the complex design of the building with its concrete gutters and columns, as well as a number of round rooflights - meaning Kemper System’s seamless waterproofing solution was ideal for the level of detailing required. The Stratex Warm Roof system, comprising Kempertherm insulation and Kemperol 2K-PUR cold applied liquid waterproofing membrane, was quick and easy to apply, minimising possession times on site and allowing the community to enjoy the church at its best once more. Roofing contractor, Capital Roofing Co Ltd of Blackheath in Greenwich, installed the roof system which involved removal of the timber structure and felt layers to reveal the 40 original circular skylights. The contractor then applied a primer and vapour control layer, followed by a hardtop insulation board over the whole roof area. The build-up included a substantial amount of insulation to fill the void in between the concrete beams. Insulation was also installed to the upstands of the beams and walls, and a cut to falls scheme was laid over the whole roof area to reroute the drainage into the existing side concrete gutters. The Kemperol 2K-PUR liquid waterproofing system was then installed on the flat roof area, providing a seamless membrane around the skylights and around the concrete upstands. A bespoke, aluminium trim was then fixed to cover the insulation and the Kemperol 2K-PUR system at all the abutments.

“A temporary roof had to be erected prior to installation of the system to help keep the building as watertight as possible. Thanks to Kemperol’s quick and easy application, we could tackle the high level of detailing required on site with ease.

RRNews - Issue 26

Commenting on the project, Chris Shulver at Capital Roofing Co Ltd, said: “This was a challenging refurbishment not only because the church is a heritage site, but also due to the amount of detailing required with its 40 circular skylights. A long-term waterproofing solution was needed following many failed refurbishment attempts in the past, using alternative waterproofing systems. We have installed Kemperol many times before and its versatility made it the ideal choice.


Roof fires caused by gas torches, no matter how minor, pose a serious threat to life, property, the image of the roofing industry and possibly even the long-term future of torch-on as an accepted method of covering a roof. Developed in partnership with contractor and manufacturer members of the NFRC, the Safe2Torch campaign seeks to significantly reduce the risk of roof fires when using gas torches, either to dry out roofs or when used to install torch-on membranes. NFRC believe that by working together, fires of this nature can be prevented and for this reason have launched the Safe2Torch campaign. Architects to Roofing Contractors can pledge their support to the campaign which means they are committed to promoting and implementing the Safe2Torch guidance.

For further information and to pledge support, visit #Safe2Torch

Multi-skilled approach has award-winning results Contour Roofing was brought on board by Berkeley Homes to install a complex new roof on the former St. Joseph’s College, a Grade II listed building (1866), home to 49 luxury apartments set in seven acres of mature parkland.


his striking site was used as a filming location for the hit BBC series ‘Call the Midwife’ and the gold statue of St. Joseph that tops the building is a much-loved landmark. Requiring both refurbishment and new build work, it was important that the roofs blended in with the beautiful surroundings and picturesque views of Mill Hill, as well as ensuring historical continuity. Furthermore, the building’s bat population also needed to be accommodated when thinking about the roof design. Demanding a wide range of roofing disciplines, it was a challenging project that would depend on high performance products married with the best workmanship.

For such a complex project, the specification required the flexibility of Sika Sarnafil and Sika Liquid Plastics waterproofing systems, alongside traditional SSQ Del Carmen First slates and leadwork – the perfect combination for the varied, intricate flat and pitched roofing areas. From start to finish the installation was extremely challenging, as the existing chapel roof needed to be stripped,

inspected and re-laid, and had to blend into the new build works added to the development. Three different types of ridge needed to be used, from angled to roll top, and at all different pitches to accommodate the frequent changes of the roof design. The curved section of roof was especially challenging and required the utmost skill from Contour’s craftsmen, who were able to comfortably deliver a quality finish. A Sarnafil single ply membrane was used on the 500sq m flat roof of the car park area, over which a landscaped garden was added, accessible to residents. The durable, flexible system worked well for various vertical boxes and details that had to be covered. After inspection by Sarnafil the roof was awarded a 20 year guarantee.

For such a complex project, the specification required the flexibility of Sika Sarnafil and Sika Liquid Plastics waterproofing systems, alongside traditional SSQ Del Carmen First slates and leadwork – the perfect combination for the varied, intricate flat and pitched roofing areas. For tricky areas on the tower and the curved roof gutter on the chapel, a Sika Liquid Plastics liquid applied membrane was used, replacing lead on the specification as it was more flexible and gave the client the aesthetic results they wanted at good value. Bat vents were fabricated and designed by Contour’s skilled lead plumber and were fitted to various elevations, to the delight of the resident bats, who could access the belfry freely. T internal co-ordination and sequencing The with the Contour contracting team and operatives, which included daily communications with site management, carpenters, scaffolders and bricklayers was paramount to the success of the build. Thanks to excellent planning, no water penetrated the buildings below at any point. The pictures of this project speak for themselves. The Contour team delivered the project on time and on budget, maintaining the stunning original character of the Grade II listed building.

Testament to this, St Joseph’s won Contour the prestigious Roof Slating category in 2017’s NFRC Roofing Awards.

RRNews - Issue 26

It was thanks to Contour’s mastery of multiple roofing trades, and its partnerships with high quality suppliers, that led to such beautiful results. With such a high profile and complex design there was no room for error, and the outcome has been applauded by both the local community and local authority.


SureClad® Provides Lightweight Engineered Stone Solution in Edinburgh Brian Newell Founder and Chief Executive of ventilated façade specialist, Shackerley, discusses the SureClad® engineered stone façade specification for The University of Edinburgh’s Appleton Tower


ccredited as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1995, Edinburgh has more than its fair share of heritage buildings. The city’s architectural legacy reaches much further than the traditional sand stone edifices that dominate Princess Street, however, and includes important examples of Post War Scottish architecture. One such building is Appleton Tower, an eight storey facility that currently serves as part of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. Constructed as part of the University’s George Square development in the 1960s, the Alan Reiach, Eric Hall and Partners-designed building has been controversial since it was first built. Indeed, opposition to the stark modernism of the George Square scheme was such that some of the proposed buildings were never constructed. It continues to divide opinion today: Historic Scotland proposed that it should be listed in 2005, while in the same year it was nominated as an eyesore for Channel 4’s ‘Demolition’ programme. Much of the building’s interior was refurbished in 2006 and the latest scheme to update p and upgrade the building has seen a comple ete renewal off the bu build ilding envelope pe, alon along g with with con nstruction of an additiona onall stor storey ey at roo r f level and nd a new new w fe turre en fea enttrancce at grou grou o nd floo floor levvel. The bu lding bui ng’ss cera ng’ cera raamic ti tile le fac faced, ed, pr pre-c pre e cast concr e-cast ncrete ete and alum umi mini mi nium niu m fram me g glaz a ed d faç façade ades have b be een s ipp str ped out out an and d repl e ace a d with with Sh Shack ackerl e ey’ y ’s SureCl Sur eCl Clad ad® d®® en engin gineer eered e sto ed stone ne ven ntilate ted te d faça çade de system sys tem..

Slimli Sl Sli mlline m mline n and an nd d Light Light Li g weiight gh ght ghtweight The ne new w clad addin d g was din wass spe specifi fied ed by Ed Edinb inb burg ur hbased bas ed LDN Archi h tec tects te ts in con onjun ju cti jun ction n witth B o Happ Bur appold old E En ngin ginee eer ering ing g.

RRNews - IIsssue 26 26

As Rosss Crichton C from LDN explainss: “We “W specifi spe cified e Shacker erley’ss SureClad®® engineere r d stone ne sys system t to refere erence nce the bu build ilding g’s origin ori ginaal aesthetic and complement other George Square


developments, while upgrading it to create a sleek, contemporary look.” Several approaches to renewing the façades were considered and LDN Architects worked closely with structural and façade engineers, Buro Happold, to identify a system that would address the limited loading capabilities of the structure while delivering the required aesthetic. A SureClad® system comprising engineered stone facade panels cut to 1363 x 1200mm and 1080 x 2123mm formats, with a thickness of just 15mm, proved the ideal response to these requirements.

“We specified Shackerley’s SureClad® engineered stone system to reference the building’s original aesthetic and complement other George Square developments, while upgrading it to create a sleek, contemporary look.”

Ross Crichton, LDN Architects Because engineered stone does not have the inhrerent flaws and defects of natural stone in its quarried i d state t t it is i a hard h d and d strong t matterial. i l This Thi means mea ns tha thatt Shac Shacker kerley ley’ss Sur SureCl eClad® ad® en engin gin neer eered ed stone panels can be manufactured wit wi h a mo m re unifor uni form m fini nish sh and a far far sl slimm immer er pro profi file, le, result resulting ing in mucch ligh g ter pa p nel els. s Instal Ins tallat lation-Re -Ready Ready dy While Whi le tes tests ts to the concre con cre ete te bui buildi ld lding din env nvelo nv elope elo pe e

revealed that it was still structurally sound, it was nevertheless coming to the end of its design life. Furthermore, there were problems with the single glazed windows. Some of the opening elements were failing and the glazing was contributing to the building’s poor energy performance. An elaborate working platform was erected around the building to ensure the required functions within the building could remain fully occupied and operational throughout the programme. On the North and South elevations, the concrete façade has been replaced by solid insulated panels that have been toggled into the new curtain wall façade which is supported off the face of the existing concrete slab. On the East and West elevations where there is little glazing, the façade has been infilled with insulated structural metal frame and board, which supports the SureClad® engineered stone façade. These new super-insulating substrates have been enveloped with the SureClad® engineered stone ventilated façade, which was installed using Shackerley’s y ‘Hang g On’ system, y a robust and sturdyy cladding substructure specifically designed to cater for laarger, heavie hea vierr faça façade de pan panels. The entire sy tem was pref sys efabr abrica icated offsite at Shackerle ey’s ISO ey’s 9 1 quality accrredit 90 900 dited pr duc pro uction facilitty in Lancas Lan cashir hi e, and hir d wa was d ive del ivere re to red o site site as an instal alla laation rea eady dy packaage. The ind individual in ndivi i duallly barcoded large form lar mat enginee ered stone façade panels were aall supplied with installation brackkets attacched to the rear usiing sturdy staainless steel undercut anchors to ccreate a safe, secure and stressfree fix.

Stoddart Way, Edinburgh


Before Having successfully completed another project for the client, ICB (Projects) Ltd were asked if they could do anything with a sorry looking failed installation of some planters. The results speak for themselves.

Visit to see how we may be able to help you with: 9 SOLAR PV 9 GREEN ROOFS 9 ROOF SAFETY 9 BESPOKE FABRICATIONS 9 ROOFLIGHTS.

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KEMPEROL KEEPS LONDON’S SILOS FUNCTIONAL Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR solvent-free and odourless waterproofing membrane has been used to refurbish an 85 metre high food silo on London’s River Thames.


orking in conjunction with Capital Roofing Co Ltd of Blackheath in Greenwich, the client, ADM UK, needed a swift refurbishment of one of its silos containing linseed, as water was leaking in.

Capital Roofing Co Ltd chose Kemperol 2K-PUR to refurbish the roof and expansion joints around the perimeter of the silo because of its ease of application and difficult to access project location. The contractors were able to install Kemper’s liquid system on top of the existing felt roof. After cleaning and priming the substrate, the Kemperol 2K-PUR resin was then applied in a single, wet-on-wet process.

RRNews - Issue 26

Reinforcement fleece was laid directly onto the first application of wet resin, immediately followed by more resin on top to ensures complete saturation of the reinforcement fleece. Once cured, the system forms a seamless elastomeric waterproof membrane seamless, that cannot delaminate, is UV stable, and creates a strong bond directly to the substrate.


Kemper System’s Kemperol 2K-PUR waterproofing membrane has been used to refurbish an 85 metre high food silo on London’s River Thames.

Because of the exposed location of the silo, contractors were faced with high winds during installation. The handling and laying of sheet membrane materials would have increased the health and safety risk, so Kemper’s twocomponent liquid applied system was ideally suited to the conditions. Chris Shulver at Capital Roofing Co Ltd, said: “This tricky project required a durable waterproofing solution that was quick and easy to apply given the location of the silo. Not only did Kemper’s Kemperol 2K-PUR system offer these benefits, but we could also provide peace of mind to the end client that the solution would ensure a completely seamless and durable waterproofing solution for many years to come – even in its exposed location. “Operatives had to work at greater heights than normal on this project, facing the elements as well as strong winds. Application of Kemperol doesn’t require any hot works needing gas bottles or boilers so it was easier to tran transport nsport product to site, site and we could complete the job quickly and to the full satisfaction of the end client.”

Capital Roofing Co Ltd chose Kemperol 2K-PUR to refurbish the roof and expansion joints around the perimeter of the silo

“This tricky project required a durable waterproofing solution that was quick and easy to apply given the location of the silo.” Chris Shulver, Capital Roofing Co Ltd

Stuart Hicks at Kemper System Ltd, added: “The plant was first built in 1902 and has expanded over the years to provide more milling and processing silos for speciality feed ingredients. Because this particular silo contained food, a solution to stop the water ingress needed to be devised as quickly as possible. Kemperol 2K-PUR’s speed and ease of installation meant the plant could continue to function with very little disruption.” ADM mills tonnes of wheat per year at its London site as well as six other facilities in England and Scotland.

Rise in Expectations of Student Living Fuels Demand in Cladding Expertise The continued growth in both domestic and international students moving on to higher education has seen an increased focus from universities on delivering accommodation which offers a safe and conducive home away from home.


ew design opportunities, brought about by innovations in cladding, have enabled project teams to deliver modern student living solutions, which complement the local skyline, and facilitate the planning process.

Specialist Cladding Systems (SCS), CA Group Limited’s specialist cladding division, has seen a rise in demand for expertise, not only in the new-build sector but also from those looking to redesign and reinvigorate existing buildings. The company has completed work on two major student accommodation sites over recent months. These include the redevelopment of the former Midland Bus Depot in Leicester, for students at De Montfort University, and The Helix, an eight-story student accommodation building situated in Selly Oak, for students at the University of Birmingham. Mike Cinnamond, Divisional Manager for SCS, explains: “A lift on the cap of student places means the number of students studying in the UK is expanding and consequently, there is an increased demand for student accommodation. But today’s fee-paying students are looking for much more from their university experience than their predecessors. “Many higher education facilities are quickly learning that for the modern student it is all about the experience.

Where once decisions would be based solely on the courses on offer and standards of teaching available, today’s student demands the whole package. This includes every element from the teaching standards, to the nightlife and of course, the room where they will spend their downtime. And if the University cannot deliver, then the student will look elsewhere.” Over the past few decades the role of cladding in building design has evolved. While its main purpose of protecting the building from the elements remains, cladding has more recently come into its own as a key driver in the overall aesthetic and design of the build, something which has resonated with architects looking to bring their visions to life. This, coupled with the speed at which the cladding can be installed and the

“Many higher education facilities are quickly learning that for the modern student it is all about the experience. Where once decisions would be based solely on the courses on offer and standards of teaching available, today’s student demands the whole package.” Mike Cinnamond, Divisional Manager for SCS

wide range of effects available - from the affordable to the state of the art - are ensuring demand for specialist cladding solutions continue to rise. Cinnamond continued: “As part of building envelope specialist CA Group, we have access to expertise at all stages of the process including manufacture and delivery of quality materials to site with minimum disruption. This capability ensures we can work with the client from concept through to completion.”

The company recently added Achilles accreditation to its existing Construction Line certification.

RRNews - Issue 26

In addition to supporting CA Group and it’s Roofing Services division, SCS works with a range of external partners to deliver a wider variety of rainscreen cladding solutions including timber, terracotta and stone products, complemented by single ply and standing seam roof systems.


Call to end ‘one in, three out’ deregulation gains wide support More than 700 organisations and individuals have now signed an open letter to UK Prime Minister Theresa May which challenges arbitrary deregulation of health and safety.


n the wake of the Grenfell Tower blaze, global health and safety professionals, leading academics and some MPs have joined leading organisations in signing the letter. Sent to 10 Downing Street on Wednesday 21 June, it calls for a shift in politicians’ attitudes towards health and safety regulation and fire risk management in the aftermath of this latest tragedy.

“We believe it is totally unacceptable for residents, members of the public and our emergency services to be exposed to this level of preventable risk in modern-day Britain,” the letter says. It also urges the UK Government to complete its review of Part B of the Building Regulations 2010 – which cover fire safety within and around buildings in England – as a matter of urgency, and to include a focus on improved safety in the forthcoming Parliament.

Charles Leon announced as new BIID President The BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) has announced its new President for 2017-18, Charles Leon, founder of Leon Black Architectural Interior Design and BIID Council Member. Charles will be inaugurated into the role at the BIID Annual General Meeting on Thursday 6th July, succeeding current BIID President, Susie Rumbold.


harles Leon is a highly experienced member of the BIID council, joining in 2013 as the organisation merged with the Interior Design Association (IDA) where he was formerly Chairman. Charles now leads the Professional Practice Committee, working with both students and interior designers alike through the BIID Professional Pathway. As an Associate of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) and guest lecturer at Middlesex University, Charles is a renowned speaker and an expert in his field. Beginning his career as a set designer for the National Theatre and the English National Opera, Charles worked on productions both in the UK and abroad. He then moved into film design, working for Golan Globus and Working Title on a number of feature productions. In 1988, he was invited to join the UK’s foremost international hotel design company where he remained for

five years, working on luxury hotels across Europe. In 1994, Charles established his own design practice specialising in hospitality and residential design, Charles Leon Associates. After partnering with Nicholas Black in 2014, this company is today known as Leon Black, offering a comprehensive design service and unique solutions to the hospitality and residential sectors. Charles is an expert speaker, regularly leading talks and discussions on design theory at events across the country and internationally, most recently speaking at the BIID’s Inside Knowledge Conference. A strong believer that design is a behavioural, emotional and practical skill, Charles aims to fuse design across other domains including technology, science and art. His talks provide a new,

powerful and persuasive way of understanding the creative mind. “I feel privileged to be chosen as the next President of the BIID following such a successful year led by Susie Rumbold”, comments Charles Leon. “As BIID President, I will ensure our members are supported as a community of designers, in developing their professional skills and encouraged in their creativity. I am looking forward to the year ahead and will continue to work closely with the BIID council in raising the profile of the Institute’s work with interior design professionals.”

One in three trade workers enjoy their job, new research shows A survey of 1,220 workers, commissioned to mark the launch of the One4all Spotlight Awards, has revealed almost 1 in 3 (30%) of workers in the trades and construction sector enjoy their job and plan to remain with the company “for the foreseeable future”.


total of 13% of the trades and construction workers surveyed said that they like where they work so much that they hope to stay in their existing company for the rest of their working life.

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Careers were rated third when asked about the most important things in life, after family and romantic relationships.


Half (50%) of trades and construction workers said they would be happy to work longer hours than they are contracted for, while a similar number (41%) would take on more responsibility than their job role requires.

More than 1 in 4 (26%) of trades and construction workers confessed they would be willing to travel more or further for work. However, only 11% said they would be prepared to take a pay cut if it meant they could stay in their current role. Declan Byrne, UK managing director at One4all Rewards, said: “It’s great to see how many trades and construction workers truly enjoy their jobs and the companies they work for. We spend such a huge portion of our lives in work so it’s really important to feel that you are in the right role and company.

“Employers in the trades and construction sector need to take this statistic seriously – while it is fantastic that the majority claim to enjoy their jobs, there is still 24% of the trades and construction work force that can’t say this is true, and these people need their morale and happiness at work to be addressed. Byrne concluded: “It is interesting, however, that while workers in the trades and construction industry are willing to go the extra mile – working longer hours, taking on more responsibility and even travelling more or further – to ensure their employers are successful, ultimately being remunerated and rewarded for their efforts is still crucial.

Latest News The four organisations that originally signed the letter – the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH); Park Health & Safety; the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA); and the British Safety Council – have now been joined by other leading professional bodies.

Before it was sent, the total number of signatories reached 70. In just two days, this has now increased to over 700. Many who visited IOSH’s stand at last week’s major Safety & Health Expo in London added their names there and then.

They include the Association for Project Safety (APS), Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM), National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), Trades Union Congress (TUC), and Unite the union.

Lawrence Waterman OBE CFIOSH, of Park Health & Safety Partnership who led health and safety for the London Olympic Delivery Authority, said: “Over the last few days, we’ve seen organisations review and recalibrate their buildings’ fire protection arrangements, postGrenfell Tower.

“In effect, Grenfell has raised doubts in the minds of the decent-minded over whether building safety regulations are stringent enough, whether the Government is setting the bar too low. “And that’s why we, in the safety sector, want Theresa May and her Ministers to rethink their ‘one in, three out’ approach to deregulation that includes health and safety. “We’re very willing indeed to sit down with the Government to help ensure it promotes smart safety regulations that protect people without being overly burdensome – but it’s time to scrap the red tape initiative.”

Copyright infringement now top priority for property developers following high court landmark judgement Property developers should ensure that compliance with copyright law is given high priority, following a recent landmark judgment in the High Court. Jonathan Hyndman, Partner at solicitors Rosling King reviews the findings in the case of Signature Realty Ltd v Fortis Developments Ltd and proposes some steps which property developers can take to avoid infringing copyright law.


s property developers know all too well, the acquisition of a new site is just the first step on a long road to the disposal of the developed asset and there is usually an extensive list of issues to be addressed both pre-commencement on site and during the construction phase. Now, following a recent judgment in the High Court, in the case of Signature Realty Ltd v Fortis Developments Ltd, the Court has confirmed that an architect’s drawings, which were used to obtain planning permission, qualified for copyright protection and that use of those drawings without permission could constitute copyright infringement. In the case, the claimant developer exchanged contracts to acquire office buildings in Sheffield, with the intention of converting them into student accommodation. The claimant developer instructed an architect to prepare design drawings and planning permission was subsequently obtained. As is usual practice, the planning permission stipulated that the development was to be constructed in accordance with the architect’s drawings.

A key requirement for something to be protected by copyright is “originality” and this requires that the work in question is created

The defendant also argued that because it had paid a premium to acquire a site with planning consent, there was an implied licence in place to use the original architect’s drawings. The Court also dismissed this argument: the claimant, in whom the benefit of copyright was vested, never acquired the site and the grant of a copyright licence by what was essentially a third party, could not be implied.

A key requirement for something to be protected by copyright is “originality” and this requires that the work in question is created through the author’s / designer’s own skill, judgment and effort. On the issue of infringement itself, the Court compared the original architect’s drawings to those prepared by the defendant’s architects and looked at whether they were sufficiently similar and / or whether a substantial part of the original architect’s drawings was reproduced in the new drawings. Whilst not all the new drawings were deemed to have infringed the copyright in the original architect’s drawings, the claimant was largely successful and the Court held that where there existed sufficient similarities between the two sets of drawings to constitute “copying” and there was therefore an infringement. Purchasers of sites which benefit from planning permission should not assume that, on completion of their acquisition, they have a right to develop the site in accordance with

existing plans. This case highlights the need to be particularly careful where the seller of the site is not the party who instructed the existing plans to be drawn up. If the claimant in this case had in fact acquired the site and subsequently sold it to the defendant, the defendant’s submissions in relation to the grant of an implied copyright licence would have been much more persuasive before the Court. Property developers should ensure that they check the copyright position on any pre-existing plans prior to purchasing a site which benefits from planning permission to avoid a risk of copyright infringement if the intention is to use the pre-existing plans to develop the site. Developers must also remember that remedies for copyright infringement include injunctive relief which could bring development works either temporarily or, in the worst-case scenario, permanently, to a halt. Rather than rely on the possibility of an implied licence to use any pre-existing plans or have completely new plans drawn up, developers should consider obtaining an assignment of the benefit of copyright from the author of the pre-existing plans, an express licence from the author of the pre-existing plans granting the right to use the copyrighted material for permitted purposes or a transfer from the seller of the site of an existing express licence granted by the author of the pre-existing plans in favour of the seller. The availability of an assignment, an express licence or a transfer of an existing express licence will ultimately depend on the parties involved and the specific circumstances of the site acquisition. Dealing with copyright issues at an early stage during the site acquisition due diligence will help ensure that developers protect themselves from future copyright infringement claims and allow them to focus on commencing and completing the development works.

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The claimant developer was unable to complete on the acquisition of the site which was ultimately acquired and developed by the defendant. The defendant subsequently instructed their own architects and carried out and completed the development in accordance with the planning permission, subject to two minor material amendments. The claimant, who had obtained an assignment of the benefit of the copyright in the original architect’s drawings, then brought a claim against the defendant for copyright infringement in connection with the defendant’s marketing of the site, development and construction of the site in accordance with the planning permission.

through the author’s / designer’s own skill, judgment and effort. The defendant was found to have used the original architect’s drawings but maintained that the drawings did not fulfil the “originality” requirement. This argument was quickly dismissed by the Court and the defendant was reminded that the bar for “originality” is a low one.


British and Barrier British MadeMade GateGate and Barrier Solutions Solutions SinceSince 19841984

We are the UK’s leading supplier of robust and reliable automatic and manual barriers, gates and height restrictors. Whether you’re looking for a simple barrier, large commercial gate or a bespoke designed solution Newgate can help. From design concept, to manufacturing, installation, service, maintenance and spares, we provide the complete solution every time.

Engineering Excellence & Innovation Newgate is dedicated to technical innovation and we pride ourselves on our design led ethos. Our team consistently delivers pioneering security solutions and we have set the pace with our designs for the last 30 years. From our complex of three factory units we can deliver a complete solution from design concept with state of the art CAD software to manufacture.


Experience With over 30 years expertise within the sector we have worked with organisations from a wide variety of sectors, retail developments, business parks, airports, ports, MOD installations, education, health and leisure services, you can be assured we know what we are doing.


‘Exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering without compromise’

Here to help Whatever your requirements our expert team are on hand to provide you with an outstanding end to end service. Get in touch now for a complimentary site survey and no obligation quote.

Product Range We have an extensive range of security products suitable for any sector designed by our dedicated design team. However, if a client has very specific requirements we can deliver a bespoke solution too. ¤



Swing Gates


Sliding Gates


Pedestrian Gates


Telescopic Gates




Road Blockers



Quality Assurance Guaranteed All our products are designed and built in the UK. We are extremely proud of our exceptionally high quality engineering and the long lasting durability of our products.


Safety We pride ourselves on the high level of accreditations we hold. Safety is at the forefront of our product development to meet industry standards, regulations and codes of practice. ¤

ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015


OHSAS 18001


Made in Britain


DHF Safety Assured


Construction Line


Safe Contractor Approved


Gate Safe

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A selection of of A selection our clients... our clients...


As technology develops, so too do the products designed to safeguard the home. For those managing or specifying safety systems, it’s crucial to stay abreast of the latest solutions, and to go above and beyond legislation in order to offer the greatest level of protection for consumers. Adrian Keats, from Honeywell’s Home Safety business, explains why interconnected alarm systems are the future of home safety.


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ccording to recent figures, there are a rising number of CO poisoning incidents throughout the UK, with a 10 per cent increase in suspected cases over the last two years.1 In addition, there has been a 21 per cent increase in the number of house-related deaths in the same time period.2


In October 2015, the Government introduced new smoke and CO regulations for landlords in a bid to tighten parameters on home safety in the rented property sector. This legislation requires that landlords install a smoke alarm on every floor of each property, and a CO alarm in any room which contains a solid fuel burning appliance. The penalty for non-compliance is £5,000, and although no price can be put on the cost of lives put at risk by not having an alarm, it is hoped that this financial penalty is a great enough deterrent against failing to specify the relevant products. However, this legislation is just a foundation level, and more can be done to ensure the safety of tenants. For example, this legislation does not currently cover the

ind divi vidua vi dualls may not be alerted to a hazard in their dua bu building bu until it has developed into a seriously threatening situation. use of ga gass appl ap iances in properties and the majority of CO incidents in the home are still caused by gas appliances. The potential for fire or CO leakage to spread from one residence to another has always been a concern for those specifying alarms. The challenge presented here lies in alerting an entire building to a problem which has developed in an individual home. For example, in the case of a CO leak or outbreak of fire, an alarm within the affected residence might alert the immediate tenants, and potentially their neighbours, but not those on apartments which are further away from the danger. This poses a serious issue, as it means that certain

Honeywell’s wireless system, for example, uses a flood type network, which ensures its interconnected alarms send and receive information from each alarm in the network. Therefore, the time taken for every alarm to sound is significantly reduced, allowing more time to evacuate in an emergency.

A connected system offers full scale protection by linking every smoke, heat and CO alarm in the building together, so that if one is triggered all the others will also activate. This ensures that every occupant is alerted to the danger no matter where in the building they are. Honeywell’s wireless system, for example, uses a flood type yp network,, which ensures its interconnected alarms send and receive information from each alarm in the network. Therefore, the time taken for every alarm to sound is significantly reduced, allowing more time to evacuate in an emergency. Despite some preconceptions, wireless systems which incorporate high-quality, sealed units are easily just as reliable as wired variations, especially if the alarms can be locked to the wall for protection against damage or tampering. Our X-Series alarms, for example, can all be connected wirelessly using a plug-in module to form a full alarm system of up to 32 connected alarms. The XW100 module simply clicks into any X-Series alarm, offering full protection to a building within minutes and features easy-to-understand LED indicators to ensure the tenants and facilities manager can be confident that the residence is protected.

For more information on the full range of Honeywell smoke and heat alarms available, please visit http://www.homesafety. X-Series OpticalThermal Smoke Alarm with lights

1 2

Safety & Security LOFT CONVERSION â&#x20AC;&#x201C; THE WAY TO SAVE MONEY


THE UKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ONLY CHOICE

Loft extensions are now one of the most common methods of increasing living space in the domestic housing sector. Building Regulations offer clear guidance on the fire protection requirements specific to loft conversion projects; which often requires upgrading walls and ceilings to a 30 minute fire rating, as well as the installation of fire doors to FD20 rating as a minimum.


Conventional methods of upgrading ceilings and walls usually includes fitting a new layer of plasterboard resulting in the re-plastering and decorating of these areas. Upgrading doors usually results in discarding the old original doors and installing new expensive â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;off-the-shelfâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; fire doors. Both of these requirements add to the overall cost to the development through the large amount of labour and material expense of a loft extension project. EnvirografÂŽ have now developed a series of fire protection products for loft extension developments which replaces these costly methods with fast and cheaper options for fire upgrading for both walls, ceilings and doors. 1SPEVDU&1$1JTBO*OUVNFTDFOUDPBUJOHXIJDI XJUIDPWFSBHFPGDPBUTBU TRVBSFNFUFSTQFSDPBU VQHSBEFTNNBOENNQMBTUFSCPBSE MBUIBOEQMBTUFS UPPWFSNJOVUFT1SPEVDU)83BOHFGFBUVSJOHDMFBSXIJUFDPBUJOHT VQHSBEFT PMEUZQFQBOFMEPPST EPXOUPNNUIJDLTUZMFTBOESBJMT UPBOENJOVUFGJSF QSPUFDUJPO XIJMTUSFUBJOJOHUIFJSPSJHJOBMBQQFBSBODF Contact our Technical Team for more info on 01304 842 555 or email





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Stone & Stonework


and natural variation. The versatile tiles were used on the poolside, in the steam room, changing rooms and vanity areas with a mixture of 1200mmx600mm and 1200mmx200mm large format tiles. “In addition to the large format pieces, Solus Ceramics also supplied bespoke cut pool edging, corner pieces and step treads. These uniquely fabricated pieces were crafted from the same material as the main tile, which allowed us to completely maximize the potential of the marble tiles. These pieces were vital to the project as they helped us to retain the flowing sense of classical continuity that was so important.” The Spark range is populated with realistic veins, speckles and tonal variations, exposing a charming rustic and natural aesthetic that suits a variety of project types from residential spaces and spas through to leisure suites and commercial environments Taking inspiration from the most attractive and palatial features of natural marble, the new Spark range is created in hard-wearing porcelain stoneware offering a worthy alternative to genuine stone. Boasting fantastic technical qualities, from durability, stain resistance and thermal endurance.

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Leading tile supplier, Solus Ceramics has revitalised a 39 Bedroom boutique hotel with the use of its bespoke tiling throughout its spa refurbishment.


Situated on the majestic Falmouth coast, Merchants Manor Hotel has undergone a three-year refurbishment plan, solely mastered by commercial interior architecture and design practice, Helen Hughes Design Studio. The most recent development has seen the remodelling and refurbishment of the existing pool area into a classically chic and modern luxury spa, where Solus Ceramics’ Spark tile range takes center stage. Helen Hughes, Creative Director at Helen Hughes

Design Studio, said: “A key requirement of the client’s brief was to create a refined and luxurious space which meant a full strip out and redesign of both the pool and changing areas. “The main aim of the design was to create an elegant, functional space with a distinctively classic yet modern ambience that is also easy to maintain. Therefore we decided to use a singular tile range thought the entire project echoing the classic aesthetics of traditional Roman spas. “This project took inspiration from the stonework at the Victoria & Albert Museum that features monolithic marble slabs, which led to the tile selection of the Spark range, chosen for its beautiful and faithful marble effect boasting dynamic and realistic veining

Since the opening of the spa, the hotel has jumped from a 3* to a 4* rated property and the feedback from both the client and the guests has been overwhelmingly positive. Michael Irvine, Area Sales Manager at Solus Ceramics, said: “Merchants Manor has been a fantastic project to work on with Helen Hughes Design Studio, and has delivered fantastic results. “One of our favourite aspects of this classically chic design was the way in which the two large format tiles were used. The Spark range provides a tactile anti-slip finish, which is ideal when a project requires something more refined than a typically austere anti-slip finish.” For more information, call Solus Ceramics on 0121 753 0777, email or visit

How to get … …from this …

…. to this … without dramas! Perhaps better known for D&B developer, custom and self-build new homes, we also specialise in building higher Penthouse floors, Remodelling and Extending existing property. Adding more space by replacing roofs, building upwards – and outwards - creating ancillary buildings like garages, carports, garden rooms, granny annexes and more besides.

Welcome to  We absolutely stand behind these words and believe our dedication to quality, workmanship, & customer service drive our success

Benfield ATT Group, 5-6 Castle Way, Caldicot, Mon. NP26 5PR, 01291 437050


Architects, Developers & Builders


Our Blue Morpho Butterfly epitomises our quest for the very best in Low Energy buildings. Instead of pigmentation, cone-shaped structures on top of its wings scatter light to create a vivid shade of iridescent blue. Likewise, our ‘can do’ approach to ‘Off-Site’ Design & Build, delivers innovative, systems and solutions as one of the UK’s leading environmentally sustainable building groups. . Our Heritage goes back over 80 years and covers logging, milling, joinery, merchants, technical design, planning, turn-key projects, and many housing developments .Established in 1995 to build Scandinavian style high efficiency homes for Scandia-Hus, Advanced Timber Technology (ATT) was acquired by Benfield in 2002. Consequently we think we know a bit about timber construction. Today, literally thousands of families enjoy the comfort and security of living in Benfield Homes, while our design and build facilities produce eco-buildings for education, healthcare, industrial, commercial, retail, and leisure sectors from our factory delivering ….

   Make things easy for you & your architect Access specialist timber engineering ‘know-how’. Get help with timber design and talking to planners. Buy drawings, planning, engineering, project management and other Professional Building Services for your project.

Enjoy more space for the whole family Ground floor, first floor, roof conversions, complete remodeling, granny annexes, garden studios – whatever you want choose the most affordable, eco-friendly, energy saving extension for you. Ensure you understand the different stages of construction and how to avoid the common pitfalls with our useful guides. Call us now

Create Your New Energy Saving Home Eco- Build Comfort, Quality and Affordability. Standard & bespoke houses and bungalows; special features and components; traditional green oak buildings, soaring cathedral entrances and more. SIP, Timber & CLT frames. Full design, engineering, technical support, QS & project management. Gallery of ready to build homes.

Easy to Build ‘Heritage’ Post & Beam System The UK’s largest range of standard garages & car ports - on-line, all rationalised for speed, efficiency and economy. Highly customisable. Rooms in the roof, raised eaves, bespoke designs, garden rooms, outdoor kitchens, stables, and more. Wide range of roof coverings, claddings, windows, insulation, etc. for your perfect ‘Traditional’ building.

Traditional Green Oak & Douglas Fir Trusses Design doesn’t have to stop at the walls. A large eye-catching feature green oak truss, or entrance frame, will add a bright, open, airy feel to your home. Choose from standard or bespoke designs for new or replacement structurally engineered trusses, beams & components. Full height entrances, orangeries, porches. Check our prices now.

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Tools, Plant & Equipment SNICKERS ‘FLEXIWORK’ CLOTHING – BETTER WORKING CLOTHES THAT REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE While Fabric, Functionality and Fit have always been hallmarks of Snickers’ working clothes, it’s the innovation and technology in the design of FLEXIWork garments that really sets them apart from other brands.

Secure Storage Containers For Rental

They’re designed for fast-paced working environments with body-mapping designs that ensure superior freedom of movement on site. There’s Waterproof Jackets, Fleeces, T-shirts and Hoodies plus market-leading WorkTrousers made from a durable, stretch and rip-stop fabric and polyamide reinforcements. As well as fashionable looks, all these clothes are packed with comfort and functionality, specially designed for professional craftsmen who are always on the go, always delivering top class work and always a step ahead on site. Designed for professionals who rely on their gear in demanding environments, they’re a must for everyone who takes a pride in their work on site. To get more information on Snickers’ FLEXIWork working clothes, visit the website at where you can download a digital catalogue - or call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788.

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Sizes Available 8ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 30ft & 40ft Full Side Access Available New Containers Clean, Dry & Secure Padlock Protector Fitted Craned delivery & collection / 0800 8620388


Start every job with ZipWall ®. Sets up in just a few minutes


No ladders, no tape, no damage


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Total Service Solutions One Stop Hire Ltd is the fastest growing hirer of Power Tools, Access Systems and Small Plant in the North of England.


ne Stop Hire Ltd was formed in 2009 by Steve and Danni Hitchen with a view to providing clients with a complete service solution. The couple purchased SJS Hire Tools Ltd and PSL Ltd, two tool hire companies based in the Northwest. These two businesses were merged into one, renamed and rebranded as One Stop Hire Ltd, and since its conception, the company has led the way in specialist tool, equipment and access rentals in the North of the UK. One Stop Hire was originally conceived by Martin Ainscough in 2003, as a concept ‘Virtual Hire’ business under the name However, the project was put on hold when the family sold the crane business. Steve & Danni acquired the name & created the physical entity that is now One Stop Hire Ltd. The company’s depots are strategically placed throughout the region and they are well stocked with the latest equipment the market has to offer. Coupled with a modern fleet of delivery and service vehicles, a rapid response and reliable service is assured for all their clients. Locations include Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Bolton, Blackpool, Ulverston, Wigan, Widnes, Chorley, Blackburn & Wythenshawe.

One Stop Hire has recently expanded its portfolio to include a competitive tool sales division. The company continues to evolve year on year, and its total turnover has increased from £1.5m in 2010 to £11.1m in 2016/17 & projected revenues for 2017/18 are in excess of £12m. Steve and his team take pride in exceeding their clients’ expectations, achieving exemplary standards of service by always staying up to date with their clients’ changing needs. Clients who open a Trade Account with One Stop Hire benefit from good credit terms and low deposit hires. Trade Account customers qualify for a discounted rate at all branches and access to the company’s online Hire Management System to manage their hires remotely..

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One Stop Hire is the largest independent tool hire, equipment and access rental company in the North West. In mid-2015, the company sat down and assessed what


“During 2013, many of our clients were asking about training, particularly in the growing field of Working at Height. We formed a partnership with a new company called WHS Safety Solutions, which was set up by one of our most loyal customers. WHS offer over 100 training courses for IPAF (International Powered Access Federation), PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturers Association), SSSTS, IPAF, First Aid, Working at Height, Confined Spaces, Manual Handling, and multiple other construction based requirements.

“The One Stop Promise is “The answers YES, now what’s the question?”, and all our staff have this engrained in them. We invest in the best equipment and the best people, and our intention is always to exceed our client’s expectations with our friendly and personal service.” Steve Hitchen, Managing Director

were the most profitable and complimentary aspects of their full service offering. Steve continued: “As One Stop Hire has grown, we’ve experimented with and looked at lots of value added services to complement our core hire offering. “Last year, we came up with HIRE, SALES & TRAINING, rebranded our logo and marketing tools, and launched a new website to support our development. The updated website also includes a downloadable brochure that details fully comprehensive information for all of our products and services. “We have clients from across the UK asking us to source all kinds of equipment. Our hire fleet now consists of approx. 12,000 items, ranging from Power Tools, Mini Plant, Alloy Access Systems, Small Powered Access, Lifting Equipment, Survey Equipment and Generators, to Lighting and M&E Equipment. “We hire Cranes, Diggers, Accommodation, Large Access Booms, Power Tools, Access, Mini Plant, Lifting & Survey and various other specialist equipment, and our comprehensive offering eradicates the need for our clients to source suppliers and open accounts with more than one company. They can make one call and source everything from us, saving a lot of time. On many occasions, our clients also save money as we have great re-hire supply deals in place which wouldn’t normally be offered to “one off” hirers. The development of our Re-Hire service has contributed £1.5m to our turnover so far this year.

“One Stop Safety Training Solutions is able to deliver over 100 courses nationally from our Blackburn Training Centre. Our Training portfolio offer ranges from IPAF, PASMA and SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) to First Aid and Manual Handling. This specialist service ties in nicely with our client’s needs, especially in access. The addition of the Training Centre is also the perfect environment to train our own staff. It ensures that all our employees have the training they need to be safe and moves us another step closer to becoming a ‘Total Solutions Provider’.” Safety is of paramount importance in all areas of industry and One Stop Hire Ltd makes no exceptions. The safety of their employees, customers and the public is a number one priority at all times. Steve commented: “Health and safety drives our business in many ways; Dust, HAV (Hand arm vibration) and Working at Height for example, have all influenced the products we hire and sell and has also driven our Training business. Steve concluded: “The One Stop Promise is “The answers YES, now what’s the question?”, and all our staff have this engrained in them. “We invest in the best equipment and the best people, and our intention is always to exceed our client’s expectations with our innovative, professional and personal service.

For more information, please visit:

Tool, Equipment & Access Specialists

Whether it’s Tools, Equipment, Access, Repairs, Consumables or Training; we are your One Stop call. The North of England’s Newest One Stop Trade Solution. One Stop Hire Limited Chorley West Business Park, Unit 9, Ackhurst Road Chorley, Lancashire PR7 1NL

Latest News

Britcon expands team in Yorkshire Building and civil engineering business, Britcon has made three new senior appointments at its offices in Wakefield. This brings its total team to 12 at the Yorkshire base which opened in April 2014, doubling its size in the last 12 months.

B Wincanton announces new home delivery contract with Wickes Wincanton, the largest British logistics company, has announced a new three-year contract with Wickes which will see the logistics provider undertake home delivery of big and bulky items requiring specialist vehicles.


ickes, part of the Travis Perkins Group, had operated an in-house solution for the home delivery of big and bulky items, which includes products such as ton bags of building materials, bricks and blocks, from its store hubs. Following the agreement with Wincanton, the logistics provider has assumed responsibility for the majority of this operation across the country with the capability to scale up or down depending on seasonal demand. Wincanton will be implementing new technology to support Wickes multichannel strategy, commencing with the Flexipod in-cab solution to enhance customer experience and improve efficiency.

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Paul Durkin, Director of Home & DIY, Wincanton, commented further:


“We are delighted to be partnering with Wickes in their multichannel strategy. As market-leading providers of home delivery and specialist transport solutions we offer a range of services to

customers across the retail sector. The contract represents a synergy between Wincanton’s retail and construction expertise to meet Wickes specific transport requirements. By effectively utilising our specialist fleet we will be able to provide efficient home delivery to Wickes customers whilst ensuring the Wickes customer experience remains market-leading.” Duncan Kendal, Supply Chain Director, Wickes, added: “When choosing a logistics partner, it was vital for us to work with someone who not only had the capability and capacity but also understood the importance of the great customer experience Wickes delivers. We found Wincanton to be the best fit on all counts and we look forward to a productive and successful relationship with them, supporting the continued growth of our multichannel business.”

rian French has joined as senior quantity surveyor bringing over 40 years’ experience within the building, civil engineering and fit-out sectors. In particular, he brings expertise in project cost management for private commercial, local authority and NHS projects. At Britcon he is initially taking commercial responsibility for Eddie Stobart and York University.

Tony Mulcrone has also joined the Britcon team as site manager. With a strong engineering background Tony will add value on construction projects with a heavy emphasis on substructures and external works. Craig Bell has been recruited to the Britcon Engineering Services (BES) division of Britcon as structural steel 3D (Tekla) draftsman. He has worked for a number of Yorkshire steel fabrication firms in draughtsman, buyer and estimator roles. At BES Craig is currently working on a Bulk Store for ABP in Kings Lynn, and Rolls Royce in Lancashire. The appointments reflect continuous growth in Yorkshire for Britcon with major client instructions from York University, BASF, Eddie Stobart, Cepac and Bradford City Council. It has also recently secured a place on the contractors framework for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust. Paul Clarkson, Managing Director at Britcon said, “We are delighted to bring Brian, Tony and Craig on to the team at Wakefield where they will be a great asset to the existing structure. This is a result of continuous growth for us in the region and will help to facilitate our plans in the near future. The Wakefield office supports our Lincolnshire office well and also provides a more local base for some of our team.” Britcon is £40 million turnover business headquartered in Scunthorpe and directly employs 90 people on its project sites across the UK. Key contracts secured in the last six month includes a £13.5 million contract to deliver a new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Dagenham for food waste recycler ReFood (UK) Ltd, a series of new developments, extensions and refurbishment projects valued over £10 million for Lidl, and contracts worth over £4 million for global chemicals business Kemira. Britcon, which has been established for more than 26 years, is currently listed by the London Stock Exchange in its latest report of ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Europe’.

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RRNews - Issue 26

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Latest News

Neo-Byzantine style Mausoleum is restored to its former splendour

The restored mausoleum

One of London’s most elaborate mausoleums situated at St Mary’s RC Cemetery in Kensal Green has been carefully restored by Cliveden Conservation.


he project to preserve the Mausoleum of the family of John Campbell, which has recently been upgraded to Grade II* and is currently listed in Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register, was funded by Historic England, with support from The Pilgrim Trust.

The Campbell Family Mausoleum built in 1904 to the designs of CHB Quennell is of great architectural interest and a high-quality example of an Edwardian mausoleum

in a striking neo-Byzantine style. However, due to water penetrating the roof, along with major structural damage caused by a jungle of buddleia roots, both the structure and architectural features of the mausoleum had seriously deteriorated. Specialist conservation skills were required to repair the external structure of the building and stabilise the micro-climate of the interior of the mausoleum. Restoration of the decorative elements such as the gold mosaic ceiling, stained glass windows, marble clad walls and stone floor were also needed to save this building. Cliveden Conservation began by removing all the vegetation and repairing the damaged roof. Other external works included resetting the two stone arches and repairing cracks and open joints with appropriate

mortars. The layers of sulphation covering the red brick and Portland stone were removed with specialist poultices and all the elevations were cleaned. Inside the mausoleum, Cliveden Conservation repaired and cleaned the mosaic ceiling created from golden tesserae (gold leaf embedded between layers of glass): all the loose pieces collected from the floor were carefully reset. Conservators also recovered broken pieces of marble collected from the floor and spent days identifying them. Kris Zykubek, one of Cliveden Conservation’s most experienced conservators, explains the challenge: “This project required highly skilled conservators and stonemasons every step of the way. Each section of marble we found was assessed for repair using stainless steel dowels, resin and modified plaster. Ones which could be repaired were reset on the walls but the main hurdle was sourcing replacement marble. Ashburton and Belge Rouge marble are no longer quarried but luckily we found an antiques and ancient marble expert who had a limited supply.”

RRNews - Issue 26

With the cladding complete, Cliveden Conservation carried out repairs to the damaged floor, replacing sections with new stone slabs where required. The whole floor was established on appropriate mortar bedding. Other works included restoration work to the stained glass windows and the copper clad doors.


Before (left) and during (right) restoration

Verena McCaig, Heritage at Risk Project Officer for Historic England reflected on the project: “This has been a very special project, not only in practical conservation terms but also in what we have learned about the construction of the mausoleum and the social history of the family. Campbell was a major figure in the nitrates industry in Peru and many of his extensive family are interred here. We were thrilled to meet a direct descendant just before works began, and Cliveden Conservation enthusiastically welcomed his visits to see work in progress. We are delighted that the mausoleum has now been repaired and conserved – it is certainly worthy of the care that has been taken, and we hope that a wider audience will be able to appreciate its intricacies.”

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We can produce complete panels to order including cutting, shaping and lipping or we can veneer our customers own panels. Whatever your veneering need we can help. Services D Grain matched panel sets D Short grain panels D Radial matched panels D Hardwood lippings D Marquetry and inlays D Hi quality veneered sheets made to order with consistent colour and grain pattern and defect free in standard and non-standard sizes 8x4, 10x4, 10x5, 8x6, 10x6 etc. D Veneer backed ďŹ&#x201A;exi layons D Laser cut fretwork D 44mm and 54mm Doors

Veneers D We always keep a large stock of standard veneers from North America and Europe like Ash, Beech, Maple, Oak and Walnut. D Figured veneers D Fumed (Smoked) veneers D Pre Dyed & Engineered veneers from Tabu and Alpi D 1.5mm extra thick veneers D Burrs D Bamboo veneers D South American, African and Asian veneers

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Refurb Renovation News Issue 26  

Refurb Renovation News is the UK's leading product magazine designed as a useful tool for professional specifiers and buyers who are involve...

Refurb Renovation News Issue 26  

Refurb Renovation News is the UK's leading product magazine designed as a useful tool for professional specifiers and buyers who are involve...