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GRAHAM completes £21.8m

Senator refurbishment at St Paul’s


rejuvenates period home in Primrose Hill

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Issue 36 - 2019

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Latest News EU SETTLEMENT SCHEME PRESENTS CHALLENGES FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKERS Many skilled construction workers may not have the language or technical skills to understand how to apply for settled status.


he Home Office has launched the public test phase of the EU settlement scheme, before its full launch on 29 March 2019. EU nationals who have the following can now start to use the EU settlement scheme to secure their residence rights: • an email address, • a current EU passport, • a debit or credit card, and • an Android Phone with near-field communications (NFC) settings enabled - to scan EU passports. The Home Office will grant ‘settled status’ to applicants who have lived for a continuous period of five years in the UK. EU citizens applying for the scheme who have lived in the UK for fewer than five years will receive ‘presettled status’, allowing them to apply for full settled status once they accumulate the full five years or residence at no extra cost. The National Federation of Builders (NFB) has campaigned vigorously to provide certainty for the 164,000 EU nationals who work in the UK’s construction industry. Despite praising the Government for taking steps to reassure EU nationals, our concern is that many skilled construction workers may not have the language or technical skills to understand how to apply for settled status. The NFB would urge the Home Office to maintain a flexible and open attitude to ensure that no one is left behind.

Community Group Sues Council over £600m incinerator contract A community group is taking Gloucestershire County Council to court over the award of a £600m incinerator contract.


ommunity R4C, a non-profit mutual society which has had support from celebrities including Jeremy Irons, Jonathon Porritt, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Kevin McCloud, claims the contract was unlawfully awarded, resulting in a massive rise in costs to taxpayers and a breach of procurement law. They filed a lawsuit with the High Court on Friday. Campaigners have been opposing the waste incinerator at Javelin Park for years, saying the project wasted taxpayers money, was bad for health and the environment and that there were cheaper and better alternatives. Requests to see the contract, the largest the county has ever entered into, were consistently refused until a tribunal forced its disclosure in 2017, by which time a revised contract had been signed. This was only released on 20th December 2018. “It was a very difficult decision to take this course of action when so much taxpayer money has already been spent on legal battles”, says Patricia Watson, a waste consultant and volunteer director of the group. “The underhand behaviour of the

Richard Beresford, chief executive of the NFB, said: “The Government needs to make resources available such as translators to discuss applications with caseworkers on their behalf. An unintended consequence could be that we cannot build the 800 homes each day we need to meet demand – not because people do not have the right to work in the UK, but because they could not navigate the system.” Monika Slowikowska, director of NFB member Golden Houses, said: “Many of my employees who would need to apply don’t even have an

council and contractor has led to a far higher price than anywhere else in the country for the lowest possible environmental benefit.” Board member Sue Oppenheimer says: “The contract has increased by a staggering £150m making it 30% more expensive. By law, it should have been retendered. Instead Gloucestershire County Council has spent around half a million pounds keeping this information secret. With the support of the community, we had been working on a much cheaper waste processing plant and would have bid for the contract. Our plant would have increased recycling, reduced pollution and would have been a better deal for the environment and the taxpayer.” Tom Jarman, another board member says: “There is a strict 30 days limit to bringing this sort of claim and it seems to us that the council timed the disclosure of the relevant information strategically, just before Christmas, so to make it almost impossible for anyone to bring legal action in time. Keeping a 30% increase in cost secret from the public and its own audit committee is not the way we expect a public authority to conduct itself.”

email address, let alone a smartphone with the right operating system and features. They are just not used to this level of digital technology in their lives and the Government cannot give tech savvy applicants special treatment. “Based on what I have read and understood, I know that 80% to 90% of my employees would not be able to complete the EU settlement scheme process and would need help. The Government needs to do much better than this.”

A more skilled society needs employers who train If we want more social mobility, we must enable the companies to train to win work


he Social Mobility Commission has released a report on the adult skills gap in the United Kingdom.

RRNews - Issue 36

The report, entitled ‘The adult skills gap: is falling investment in UK adults stalling social mobility?’ highlights how the poorest adults with the lowest qualifications are the least likely to access adult training.


Key findings identified that: • more women are completing training than men; • more people from Black and Black British ethnic backgrounds are completing training than from white backgrounds;

• more young people are completing training than older people.

proportion of manual training.

Those who do complete training are more likely to come from professional or managerial backgrounds, with men in manual occupations least likely to have done training regardless of age.

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) welcomes the research, as it brings awareness on the need for more funding in adult education and an increased focus on those industries that are performing better than average.

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) had some of the lowest wage returns to education, whereas Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) qualifications had the highest, especially those in construction and engineering. Employers and government training schemes made up the largest

In construction, additional training is typically enabled by career experience. This is particularly prevalent amongst SMEs because apprentices may begin in one field, such as bricklaying, and throughout their career have an opportunity to retrain, for example, as a site manager.

Latest News UK GOVERNMENT MINISTER: UK FURNITURE INDUSTRY MAKES A ‘GREAT CONTRIBUTION TO OUR COUNTRY’ Ms Maggie Throup MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Furniture Industry Group (APPFIG), secured a Westminster Hall debate on 23 January 2019 that examined the contribution of furniture manufacturing to the UK economy.


s Throup used the opportunity to champion UK furniture manufacturing and raised some of the policy issues that the British Furniture Confederation (BFC) has been highlighting. During the debate, Ms Throup raised four key issues: trade and export; standards and regulations; skills and education; and the environment. All of these areas are key BFC policy concerns, which can be found in its manifesto. The debate was well attended by MPs from both sides of the House of Commons and from constituencies across the UK. Richard Harrington MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Business and Industry, responded for the Government. He acknowledged the economic importance of the furniture industry, commented how ‘furniture is fundamental to all our lives’ and provided clarity on the Government’s position on some of the BFC’s key policy concerns.

Mr Harrington mentioned that ‘the country has a rich history of producing world-class furniture’. On Brexit, he said: ‘The Government will do everything we can to ensure that the movement of goods remains as frictionless as possible to the benefit of industry across the UK.’ On safety and regulation, Mr Harrington said: ‘We need to maintain the industry’s reputation for excellence in both quality and safety’. On skills and education, he said: ‘The Government are keen to ensure that the industry has the skills it needs’. Mr Harrington concluded the debate by stating that he recognised ‘the furniture industry’s great contribution to our country and of the strong position it is in to make a positive contribution to a more sustainable future.’ The chairman of the BFC, Jonathan Hindle, commented: ‘The debate highlighted the important contribution of the UK furniture

Problems are mounting for builders, according to new FMB survey Growth in the construction industry could be held back by a weakening housing market, rising costs and an increasingly nervous banking sector, according to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).


he FMB’s latest State of Trade Survey showed that workloads for construction SMEs grew in Q4 2018. Despite this, there are serious concerns about the mounting problems facing small building firms, including: • 42% of builders have detected signs of a weakening housing market;

• 87% of builders anticipate that material prices will rise further in the next six months, slightly up from 86% in Q3 2018; • Two-thirds (66%) of construction SMEs expect wages and salaries to increase over the next six months, up from 58% in the previous quarter.

• Looking ahead, expectations for the future weakened for the third consecutive quarter, with just one third (33%) of construction SMEs anticipating higher workloads in Q1 2019. This is down from 36% in the previous quarter;

“Furthermore, a worrying one in five construction SMEs has had projects stalled in the past three months due to delays to loans, or loan refusals, from the banks. Together with ever-rising costs due to material price hikes and labour shortages, the headwinds

“I’m very grateful to Maggie Throup MP for seeking the debate and look forward to working with her, the APPFIG and Government departments to ensure that the British furniture industry continues to thrive.’ are blowing in the wrong direction for the UK construction sector.” Berry continued: “Carpenters and joiners overtake bricklayers as the trade in shortest supply for the first time in more than a year. Naturally, these shortages are resulting in workers commanding higher wages and this is causing issues for construction employers. These rising costs, coupled with steadily increasing material prices since the UK referendum, are squeezing the margins of constructions SMEs – making a profit has never been more challenging.” Berry concluded: “But more than anything, political uncertainty is the enemy of small building firms. Most construction SMEs work predominantly in the refurbishment sector and they rely heavily on the confidence of homeowners to spend their cash on home improvement projects. There is clearly a desperate need for political certainty but with less than two months to go until we leave the EU, we’re none-the-wiser about what lies ahead. “Brexit deal aside, the Government is also happily ignoring the views of business as it designs its post-Brexit immigration system. If the Immigration White Paper remains as is, the construction industry will not be able to hire sufficient numbers of tradespeople from abroad and the industry will stall. The Government’s house building targets will therefore be no more than a fantasy.”

RRNews - Issue 36

• Carpenters overtake bricklayers as the trade in shortest supply with nearly two-thirds (64%) of construction SMEs struggling to hire carpenters and joiners and 61% struggling to hire bricklayers;

Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “Workloads for small construction firms continued to rise in the last quarter of 2018 but after 23 consecutive quarters of growth, these latest results could mark a tipping point. Mounting Brexit uncertainty is starting to have a tangible effect and the indicators are not good with almost half of builders reporting signs of a weakening housing market.

• One in five construction SMEs have had projects stalled in the past three months due to delays to loans, or loan refusals, from the banks;

industry to the UK economy and allowed a number of the industry’s key policy concerns to be discussed.


Latest News Prevent another Carillion-like collapse: consultation needed on proposal to speed up payment to SMEs – University of Bedfordshire comments Following a proposal from MP Debbie Abrahams to incorporate a project bank account system to prevent another Carillion-like collapse, David Jazani, Senior Lecturer in Building Technology and Construction Management, University of Bedfordshire, calls for a government consultation to ensure SME contractors concerns are at the forefront of such a system:


he proposal from MP Debbie Abrahams for a secured contracts payment accounts to prevent a repeat of the Carillion crisis is a welcome, if overdue, move. However, it is imperative that the proposed system not only guarantees the payment, but also has the capacity to process this in a timely manner. “The fundamental problem with Carillion and the sub-contractors model was the delays in payments, which meant many SMEs could not function on 120 day terms. The ‘too big to go bust’ falsism certainly does not apply to SMEs. Being a few thousand pound overdrawn has major ramifications and often forces such businesses into liquidation due to the lack of cashflow - especially during these times of austerity, when access to credit and finance is problematic. “The proposal needs to ensure that the system processes the payment within the contract terms as set out by the signed document. Should there be items of variation that are not agreed within the valuation, instead of refusing the whole valuation there should be then a process of

deducting these to allow the majority of valuation to be processed in a timely matter. SME sub-contractors should also be issued with clear claim forms with contract documents and have clear explanations provided how to complete these. “A government consultation in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is required to draft out a robust series of measures to ensure that SMEs, who are vital to the industry and whose livelihood depends on such a measure, are fully conversant with the rules and are able to implement these.”

Homeowners told to plan 7 months ahead for home improvement projects, new FMB research reveals Homeowners must plan up to seven months ahead if they want a successful home improvement project, according to new research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).


xisting research from the FMB revealed that consumers should expect to wait at least four months’ for a quality builder to be available. However, the FMB’s latest research reveals that when this notice period is combined with the length of time various home improvement projects take to complete, homeowners will have to wait a total of: • Seven months for an extension; • Six and a half months for a loft conversion; • Five months to paint the entire interior of your home; • Five months for a new bathroom; • Five months for a new kitchen; • Five months to convert part of a master bedroom into an en-suite;

RRNews - Issue 36

• Five months to convert a cupboard underthe-stairs into a downstairs toilet; and


• Just under five months to remove an internal wall to create an open plan kitchen/diner. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “A successful building project requires careful planning and our research gives clear guidance to consumers on likely timelines. Not only do homeowners need to consider

how long a project takes to complete, they also need to remember how long they should expect to wait for a quality builder to be available to get going on their project. If homeowners want to work with a good builder, they should be expecting to wait at least four months and as a general rule, the larger the project, the longer the wait. When looking to appoint a builder, alarm bells should ring if they say they can start next week. Experienced and professional building firms are booked up far in advance and it’s always worth waiting for these firms if you want a stress-free experience and a quality finish.” Berry continued: “To bring this to life, if homeowners want a new extension fully completed in time for Christmas 2019, they should be contacting builders for quotes by May at the very latest. If you want your new kitchen installed by the start of the summer, you should be getting in touch with builders now. We’re urging homeowners who are keen to crack on with their renovation project to start getting in touch with prospective builders as soon as possible. We always recommend that homeowners ask for recommendations from family or friends, and ideally from those who have completed a similar project to the one you’re

planning. If no personal recommendations are forthcoming, approach a professional trade association like the Federation of Master Builders. New members are thoroughly vetted, and their work independently inspected, before they’re allowed to join. This gives consumers assurance that they’re working with a quality building firm.” Berry concluded: “Refurbishment projects don’t come cheap and it’s worth protecting yourself as much as possible to ensure a positive experience. Ask for references from the builder’s previous clients and if possible, speak to them directly about the builder. Furthermore, always use a written contract and never pay for the whole project up-front. If a builder is reluctant to use a contract, and demands a disproportionate amount of money up-front, alarm bells should sound. Professional building firms do not work in this way. In the longer term, we need to end the cowboy builders’ reign of terror once and for all. Currently, anyone in the UK can set themselves up as a builder and start offering their services to consumers and this is why there are so many dodgy outfits. We’re calling on the Government to introduce a licensing scheme for builders so that consumers know that all building firms have a basic level of skill, competence and professionalism.”

Bathrooms & Kitchens A brand new look for Cistermiser’s infrared urinal flushing control valve Cistermiser have updated their market-leading IRC® infrared urinal flushing control valve, with improved aesthetics and an array of practical new design features. The IRC® employs motion-sensing infrared to automatically control the flushing of cistern-fed urinals, minimise water wastage and ensure compliance with Water Regulations. The PIR sensor detects movement and activates the solenoid valve, allowing water into the cistern. Incorporating the same proven and robust brass valve, new IRC® design features include a stylish and compact body shape, an “economy” mode option to provide even greater water savings, a new-style mounting bracket for recessed installations and an improved design which allows clients to replace batteries with ease by simply removing the front fascia to access the battery compartment. The success of the IRC® is due in no small part to its design flexibility. Battery or mains-powered, the IRC® can use batteries as back-up power to mains supply if required. The sensor can be pipe, wall or ceiling mounted, surface-mounted or recessed to conceal the unit and reduce the risk of vandalism.

The IRC® reduces water consumption by over 80% and is ready to install straight out of the box. In “normal” mode, the unit operates with a 30-minute cycle which means the cistern will flush a maximum of 2 times per hour. In “economy” mode, an additional delay of 15 minutes is provided before the “normal” mode operating cycle is activated, to save even more water. WRAS approved, the IRC® guides installers and end users with communicative green, amber or red LED status alerts, for ease of commissioning, testing and confirmation of operational mode. “The IRC® is one of our best-selling products and builds upon the quality and innovation our installers and specifiers have come to expect from Cistermiser over the last 40 years,” says Managing Director David Jones. “We are proud to design and manufacture in the UK and the new IRC® demonstrates this. You could say that the best has just got better. We are confident that the enhanced design features of our new-look and improved IRC® will continue to help building owner clients to save both money and precious water resources for many years to come.” www.cistermiser.co.uk

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24/01/2019 16:31:54

Sleek with no leaks for the perfect wetroom

“A few manufacturers have attempted to create something similar but, in our opinion, Abacus Elements has really nailed it with this clever design making it one of the best wetroom trays we have seen.” Roger Bisby, Skill Builder. Designed to create sleek, stylish wetrooms, the Infinity single-fall wetroom tray by Abacus Elements is the only product of its kind on the market today where the slopes of the tray former and drain are fully integrated and sealed. This ensures straightforward design installation of a leak-free, secure wetroom which oozes class.

A leading trade wet room supplier

The Infinity single-fall wetroom tray helps achieve a subtle style statement and a minimalist look as the tiles fall seamlessly into the wall. The cleverly-conceived tray eliminates the need for fiddly floor tile cuts and grout lines, with their potential to look unsightly and trap dirt, while also avoiding the problem of damaging leaks.

Next day delivery

High quality products

Fantastic customer service

Fast and professional installation is easily achieved on both timber and screeded floors. The Infinity single fall tray can be installed level with the floor or raised using a sub-element to draw attention to the shower area. The tileable slot drain is perfect for fashionable, large format tiles and 700mm or 1000mm drain lengths are available, both featuring a high capacity drain trap.

Huge range including -

The competitively-priced Infinity wetroom tray kits from Abacus Elements are sup-plied with waterproofing tape and a comprehensive installation kit. Available in four standard off-the-shelf sizes, covering both left-hand and right-hand installations, the Infinity single-fall wetroom trays can also be manufactured in bespoke sizes and are backed by a 15-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Contact us for your free brochure/price list

Tel 01629-815500


RRNews - Issue 36

For further information contact 0345 850 50 40, or visit www.abacusbathrooms.co.uk or the Abacus Manufacturing Group YouTube channel to view the installation videos.

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14/02/2019 14:52:31

MASTERPIECE OF TECHNOLOGY GROHE RAPIDO SMARTBOX SYSTEM With its universal solutions, our GROHE Rapido SmartBox System is the answer for everything. Never before has a rough-in from GROHE offered so many different options and so much flexibility and freedom. And with the GROHE Rapido Smartbox System you can install the box now and decide on a trim in the future. grohe.co.uk

Latest News Alarm bells for construction as output plummets, says FMB Rising costs and uncertainty relating to Brexit are to blame for the sharp drop in output growth in January 2019, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has said in response to the latest PMI data.


he January 2019 PMI data revealed a fall from 52.8 in December to 50.6 in January, against the neutral reading of 50.0. January data pointed to a loss of momentum for the UK construction sector, with business activity growth grinding to its weakest for ten months.

commission home improvement projects.

Commenting on the results, published this morning, Brian Berry Chief Executive of the FMB, said:

Berry continued: “Alongside the political uncertainty, the cost of doing business is also rising for construction firms up and down the country.

“The latest PMI data shows a slowdown in growth in construction with business activity growth easing to its weakest for ten months. “The ongoing political uncertainty is partly to blame for this set-back. Political uncertainty is the enemy of construction firms that rely on the spending power of homeowners to

“The UK is set to leave the EU next month, and yet we are still none the wiser about what the future holds. Given these intense headwinds, it should not be surprising that the sector suffered such a sharp decline.”

“Material prices have been rising steadily since the depreciation of sterling following the EU referendum. “Looking ahead, material prices are expected to continue to cause a headache for the construction industry with recent research

from the FMB showing that 87% of builders believe that material prices will rise in the next six months. “What’s more the construction skills crisis means that key trades are extremely difficult to recruit and the upshot of this is rising wages in construction. “Tradespeople know they can command higher salaries than they did preciously as workers are scarce, and this means a squeeze in margins for firms. This will only worsen if the post-Brexit immigration system that the Government has planned goes ahead. “If the sector isn’t able to draw upon crucial EU workers of all skill levels, who have so far served to mitigate this shortage, the slowdown of growth will continue.”

NFB: Strategic housing investment is another positive step James Brokenshire has announced £250 million for housing deals, which includes £157 million for infrastructure funding for roads and green spaces.


he money will help deliver a range of projects across the UK, including 10,000 homes on 7 Ministry of Defence sites and more than 1,500 homes at the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park. The Government expects that the infrastructure investment, use of public land and targeted loans will help them build almost 25,000 more homes than the 222,000 that were built in 2017/2018. The National Federation of Builders (NFB) commends the Government on investing

directly in land, infrastructure and housing to unlock homes, but warns that many of the sites will remain locked unless it takes more serious steps toward planning reform. Many of the sites will require further strong leadership from Homes England, who have been more easily circumventing the planning and financial barriers that non-government partnered developers experience. Richard Beresford, chief executive of the NFB, said: “We need to build 100,000 more homes every year and this means better road networks

and more recreational spaces. This direct and strategic housing investment is very welcome.” Rico Wojtulewicz, head of housing and planning policy at the House Builders Association, said: “At the heart of the broken housing market is the broken planning process. “The Government must fix the barriers nongovernment partners face because we cannot fix the housing crisis with big and public sector builders getting the easier ride. Planning reform has to benefit the whole industry.”

NFB: Government sending mixed messages on late payment The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) will not be enforcing prompt payment on its £30 billion construction framework. The framework will be used by central government departments and local authorities.

RRNews - Issue 36

A 10

lthough the CCS has stated that 30-day payment terms would apply on its forthcoming framework, it confirmed there would be no sanctions on those who failed to meet them. The NFB believes that this is cause for concern. The £30 billion framework will hoover up the potential work opportunities of many SMEs who will end up being frozen out

of a lot of public work for the duration of the seven-year framework. If the supply chain is not paid promptly, it will have a detrimental effect on the health of those companies which no longer have a reliable pipeline of work outside the framework. Richard Beresford, chief executive of the NFB, said:

“This is a particularly puzzling stance from the Government which stated that, from the autumn of 2019, it will only do business with companies that pay suppliers on time. “With the £30 billion construction framework launching in September, it would be an ideal time for the Government to side fully behind prompt payment by having its various initiatives working together.”

WHEN HANDLING DIFFICULT LOADS USE THE BEST! GT Lifting provide high quality lifting solutions across the UK reinforced by excellent maintenance and support services to all our customers. • • • • • • •

Rotating Telehandlers up to 46m Heavy Lift Telehandlers 6t - 20t Specialist Attachments Hire & Sales Contract Lift Services Assistance with Lift Plans & RAMS CPCS Trained Workforce: Operators, Lift Supervisors, Slinger Signallers, Appointed Persons

• CPCS Training • Simulated Lifts

0345 603 7180


The Business Park | Maydwell Avenue | Slinfold | West Sussex | RH13 0AS

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Working Safer Together

Häfele launches latest edition of ‘The Complete Häfele: Architectural Hardware’

11/01/2018 14:15:55

Comprehensive reference guide showcases 5000+ core and new products Furniture fittings and architectural hardware specialist Häfele has launched the latest edition of its comprehensive reference guide, The Complete Häfele: Architectural Hardware. The guide showcases the company’s extensive portfolio of architectural hardware products. These include solutions that have been designed and manufactured by Häfele in-house, as well as the latest innovations from the company’s trusted partner brands such as Hawa, Accuride, GRASS and Vauth Sagel. Becci Pell, Marketing Communications Manager, Häfele UK comments: “At Häfele we offer a huge range of solutions to meet our customers’ design and manufacturing needs and we’re constantly working to expand on this further. “The Complete Häfele is designed to showcase our extensive portfolio for our customers, including architects, designers and other specifiers, who appreciate the ability to easily pinpoint the perfect products for

The Complete Häfele is available in three versions; the Architectural Hardware edition and its counterparts The Complete Häfele: Furniture Fittings Design and The Complete Häfele: Furniture Fittings Technology.

RRNews - Issue 36

their requirements, all from one comprehensive guide.”


gpad london ltd rejuvenates period home in Primrose Hill

Award-winning architecture and interior design practice gpad london has finished the complete refurbishment of an Edwardian fivebedroom house in Wadham Gardens, Primrose Hill.


he dated and dilapidated house has been transformed into a highly desirable, luxurious dwelling with an elegant mezzanine library, a modernist-inspired stained glass window, artisan-made chandeliers and a basement extension with a car dock, cinema, swimming pool and gym. All bedrooms have ensuites and the top floor can be divided into two suites with a concealed partition. Standout features

RRNews - Issue 36



Wadham Gardens originally had two ground floor reception rooms, which were timberpanelled in the 1970s. The flow has been improved by connecting the spaces with a mezzanine library which has been built above an opening between the rooms. The new staircase to the mezzanine, designed and installed by Wilder Creative, forms a sculptural piece of art in the corner and a

focal point between the two rooms. A roof light floods the living space below and an artisan-designed chandelier adds eyecatching detail. Statement main staircase A three metre-high stained glass window floods the brand new central staircase, which replaces three remote individual staircases. The original, garish 1970s window has been replaced by a design inspired by a leadlight piece seen in a Japanese museum by gpad’s Technical Director Jeremy Wiggins. It was handmade by Tenby & Penny Co. Ltd in Walthamstow Village. The staircase handrail is entirely made of timber, spray painted by a classic car specialist to achieve an opulent sheen. Wood flooring throughout the house is made of Merton Oak. Basement and opulent leisure suite Originally a coal cellar, the newly extended basement has high ceilings to give it the same feel as the rest of the house. It includes a cinema, car dock, pool, gym and steamroom, and a dramatically lit walk-in wine cave. Behind a frameless glass wall, the wine cellar is a design feature which allows for the display of an impressive collection of vintages. The car dock elevates up to the driveway and enables the occupier to showcase their vehicle to visitors. Accompanied by a steamroom and an overlooking gym, the swimming pool measures a generous 4x10m, with a Jacuzzi and a staircase connecting it directly to the garden. The extended basement also includes a plush 8-seater cinema with sparkling LED lighting, a guest bedroom with

a marble ensuite, a two-storey plant room and an AV room for controlling technology throughout the building. Kitchen To bring the outside in, new 20mm frame glazing by Sky-Frame was specified for the back wall of the garden-facing kitchen. Replacing the old-style casement windows, this ensures the occupiers can enjoy their garden even from indoors. gpad decided to keep the unusual, low yet wide window by the sink. The interplay between the window and the rectangular elements in the kitchen – the joinery, dining table and breakfast bar – combined with the natural textures in earthy shades, give the room a sense of movement. Jeremy Wiggins says: “In this line of work it is a little heartbreaking to see a beautiful period house fallen on hard times. The best


reward comes when you can make it fit for a family to live in whilst supporting local artisan makers in the process, such as the Walthamstow-based family business who made the stained glass window. The project was not without its challenges, however – a Network Rail tunnel three metres away from the basement extension forced us to rethink the basement plan, which serendipitously resulted in a more efficient layout.” Owner Adam Andrews explains: “This is not just another ostentatious house with a mega basement. It would have been far easier to knock down a building and start from scratch than the riskier and more detailed process of holding up an existing building whilst putting a basement in. From the outside it’s lovely, Edwardian, double-fronted and with all original features kept. Yet when you come in you have all these things you’d find in a house with an eight-figure price tag. I especially love the carlift; you just press a button to lift a curtain, and you see your beautiful classic car behind a glass, like a museum piece.” ABOVE IMAGE

© Aston Chase


© Peter Savage

KEY FACTS Location: Wadham Gardens, Primrose Hill, London Type of project: Complete refurbishment Client: Adam Andrews Architect: gpad london ltd Estate agent: Aston Chase Structural engineer: PJCE Pringuer-James M&E Engineer: Mendick Waring Ltd Main contractor: Knowles – Basement & Shell Superstructure and Interiors: MD Construction Joiners: Wilder Creative Stained glass window: Tenby & Penny Co. Ltd Glazing: Cantifix Kitchen units: Poggenpohl Kitchen floor tiles: Solus

RRNews - Issue 36

“From the outside it’s lovely, Edwardian, double-fronted and with all original features kept. Yet when you come in you have all these things you’d find in a house with an eight-figure price tag. I especially love the carlift; you just press a button to lift a curtain, and you see your beautiful classic car behind a glass, like a museum piece.”


Bathroom tiles: CP Hart Tender date: 25th Nov 2015 Start on site date: 30th Nov 2015 Completion date: 27th July 2018 Gross internal floor area: 650 sq.m. / 6,997 sq.ft.

Expanding market for brick slips The rising popularity of brick slips is evident from the growing number of companies now selling them. Once considered a niche product, the speed and flexibility brick slips offer has made them a popular choice across the building industry as a whole and has resulted in a rapidly expanding market.


urobrick has been supplying brick slips independently and as part of their own cladding systems for nearly 30 years. In recent years, they have noticed an increase in enquiries for larger projects from construction companies who are now opting to use brick slips and systems. Director Richard Haines tells us more, “The on-going housing crisis along with construction skills shortages, have resulted in a move towards modern methods and off-site construction. Companies are actively looking for ways to do things quicker, meet challenging deadlines and hopefully save on costs, without compromising on build quality. The brick shortages experienced a few years ago forced the building industry to look for alternatives. At the time, we were able to maintain our supply chain, as historically, brick slip manufacturers formed a small, specialised market and were generally less prone to the pressures being experienced by the industry at that time. However since then, those companies have realised the many advantages that come with brick slips and cladding systems, they have returned time and time again, even when brick shortages

also be applied using semi-skilled labour, which helps with any issues related to skills shortages too.

Companies are actively looking for ways to do things quicker, meet challenging deadlines and hopefully save on costs, without compromising on build quality.

were becoming less of an issue. As a result, here at Eurobrick, we have just had our best two years trading ever. Whether it’s a new build, refurbishment or interiors project, there are flexible solutions that can be applied to different substrates and installed on- or off-site. Application in a factory environment has the appeal of allowing for greater quality control and increasing the speed of installation, and means the weather is no longer an influencing factor. Many systems can

People may not always think of brick when they think of modular building or modern methods of construction, and yet brick is still a highly sought after and popular finish within the UK building industry. While modern methods may not necessarily work so well alongside traditional brick building, brick slip cladding provides an alternative that is fast, flexible and easy to transport and we believe the sector will continue to expand in the coming years. Retrofit or refurbishment projects can also benefit from an ever evolving range of brick slip colours and finishes. Whether you want to blend in with an existing building or have to comply with a planning requirement, brick matching or sourcing can help. Older buildings may need insulation and this can be added by retrofitting an insulated system to dramatically improve the thermal performance of a building. Leisure and retail markets have long recognised the benefits of brick slips and cladding systems for interiors too. Whether applied directly to the substrate or as part of a system, the slimline profile minimises loss of valuable floor space and provides a finish that is characterful and indistinguishable from traditional brickwork.

Eurobrick was first to introduce a comprehensively designed brick cladding system to the UK in 1990 and include a 25 year guarantee with all of their systems. Find out more at www.eurobrick.co.uk.

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Just to be clear, our brick slips are still real bricks. Some of our slips are manufactured as slips (extruded slips) using natural clay and fired in the same way as traditional bricks, and some are cut from whole bricks. They provide a real brick finish with the same low maintenance and durability benefits.�


People on the move VELUX appoints new managing director to lead roof window business from UK headquarters in Scotland VELUX® Company Ltd has appointed a new managing director to lead its roof window business from its UK headquarters in Fife, Scotland.


ick Schou Rasmussen joins the company, which recently unveiled plans for a £7 million expansion at its UK and Ireland head office building at Woodside Way in Glenrothes. The 41-year-old brings more than 15 years’ experience of the roof window industry having worked for VELUX as Managing Director in Denmark, Russia and several Eastern European countries. Prior to moving to the UK, Mick spent four years as Managing Director of VELUX Denmark. Before that, he was heading up the Eastern European region where he was responsible for seven sales subsidiaries including Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Belarus. He also spent five years as the Managing Director of VELUX Russia based in Moscow.

Mick, who will lead a team of over 250 staff across the UK and Ireland, will be responsible for growing the business through Brexit and devising a clear business strategy that will grow the roof window market. Commenting on the new appointment, Mick said: “What sets VELUX apart in the industry is our 60-year history in the UK, our customer relationships and continued commitment to making innovative products. “We are determined that 2019 will see us grow the roof window market. By focussing on the needs of our customers I am confident that we can execute a strategy to see VELUX continue to strengthen its presence throughout the UK.”

SIKA APPOINTS NEW INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGER FOR THE SOUTH Stuart Whitmore has been appointed Sika’s Infrastructure Manager for the south.


aving taken-up the role in January, Stuart will be supporting and advising engineers and specifiers on the best life care service refurbishment plan for the concrete repair and structural strengthening of infrastructure projects such as bridges, car parks and wastewater treatment plants. Stuart, who previously worked as Sika’s Technical Advisor for repair and structural strengthening products, said: “It’s fantastic to be presented with this exciting new challenge. I was looking to expand my role within the concrete market. Therefore, the prospect of being involved in the more technical side of things, whilst building

relationships with key contractors, really appealed to me.” When not journeying across southern England as part of his new role, Stuart will be based at Sika’s Welwyn Garden City HQ. He’s in his ninth year with the company and his latest appointment sees him working closely with Sika’s Senior Infrastructure Manager for the northern region, Ronnie Turner. Stuart is very clear about what he wishes to achieve in his current position. “I want Sika to become the go-to manufacture for concrete repair and structural strengthening projects. And the best thing is, we have the products, expertise and diligence to make it happen.”

SD Sealants appoints Financial Controller to senior team Peter Penfold, formerly of global coatings firm Hempel is joining the UK’s leading sealants and cosmetic repairs provider as its Financial Controller.

P RRNews - Issue 36

eter has a wealth of experience in finance, having spent 16 years working with large global groups in the construction, FMCG sectors, as well as working with owner-managed businesses that supply retailers and merchants.


He joins SD Sealants as it heads towards the conclusion of a second consecutive record year of business, and will be forming part of the senior management team that aims to drive the company forward through its next objective cycle. The UK-wise business, which provides sealant application, cosmetic repairs and tiling for

house builders and commercial businesses, has seen rapid growth in the past two years, creating over 30 jobs and launching new patches in London and Leeds. SD Sealants’ Managing Director, Nick Jones, explained: “Peter joins the team at a time of continued growth for the business. As well as rounding off another record year, we have some exciting and ambitious plans for the next 12 to 18 months centered around recruitment and expansion into new areas. Having somebody of Peter’s calibre joining the senior team - who brings with him a great deal of knowledge and experience in finance and construction - will be vital in improving

our business decisions as we continue to expand. We’re certainly very excited to have him on board with us.” On his new role, Peter said: “I’m delighted to be joining SD Sealants during this period of rapid growth and new developments for the business. It’s a very uncertain time for both the sealants and wider construction industry – with the ambiguity around Brexit and how this might influence everything from trade and the availability of materials to recruitment, and so it’s more important than ever that businesses in this sector are considering their decisions carefully and planning for the future.”

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Coatings, Sealants & Paints HERE COMES EVERFLEX The Everflex range of Professional Sealants has had a make-over, incorporating the same great performance your customers expect from Sika Everbuild with a fresh new design that looks great on the shelf. With professional trade quality products to suit almost any application including sanitary, glazing, roofline and interior finishing, the Everflex range really is the ultimate collection and the only one you need to stock. To support the release of the new look Everflex range, an array of merchant support and point of sale will be available along with a full media campaign and promotional animated video for in store display. Discover the answer for practically everything today by visiting Everbuild.co.uk/ everflex or contacting your local Sika Everbuild sales representative. RRN319048 Everbuild Sika HP.indd 1 Hippo Hooray - accent your space with Hippo-Hooray, a modern, mid-grey. Best paired with zesty pops of colour

13/02/2019 10:30:44 Hobgoblin - this colour carries ‘extraordinary’ appeal. Evocative of nature, Hobgoblin charms and rejuvenates.


RRNews - Issue 36

Earthborn has launched its new classic colour card. Overstated colour is trending and with Earthborn’s 7 new hues, each imbued with fresh, fluid energy, you can carry your space to a new, contemporary realm.


The new colours are: Bobble Hat – With its roots firmly in nature, Bobble Hat is a majestic blue. Hippo Hooray – An honest, well balanced grey. Hobgoblin – An easy-going green with a subtle hint of blue. Delilah – This delightfully flattering coral hue sits between orange and pink. Flutterby – Nearly white but not quite, Flutterby is inherently versatile. Lady Bug – A richly toned burgundy, both classy and considered. Tick-Tock – A timeless shade offering warmth, freshness, light and shade. RRN319033 Earthborn HP.indd 1

Delilah - With a nostalgic nod to the fifties, Delilah offers the warmest of welcomes. Cooler tones complement and balance her exuberant edge.

Earthborn has also renamed Claypaint ‘White’ to ‘White Clay’ to reflect its uniquely soft, creamy look, and made Eggshell No.17 available in ‘White Clay’ to match it. Cathryn Helsby, Marketing Manager of Earthborn commented “Carefully curated to help you live better, each of the seven colours brings something unique to your home: a story, a mood, a memory.” The 7 new colours are added to the classic range of 72 colours, available in Claypaint, Lifestyle, Eco Chic & classic Eggshell finishes. Our high performing, breathable paints are naturally beautiful. No oils or acrylics mean no nasty emissions and high breathability. The Earthborn range of distinctive designer paints is available in a variety of colour palettes and a range of finishes, which are better for you, your home and the environment.

www.earthbornpaints.co.uk 13/02/2019 12:07:11


British manufacturer of high quality protective coatings Bradite is set to take the specialist paint market by storm with the launch of a new multipurpose product that is suitable for use on all surfaces. Bradite One Can, the first all-purpose water-based primer and finish in one can, will be available at merchants from Spring 2018. The unique product is an interior and exterior, anti-corrosive, quick drying, low odour, low VOC, primer, undercoat and finish. It offers the decorator a single pack, direct-to-substrate paint that provides superior stain locking and adhesion properties. The high-performance coating will give protection to many substrates including: cladding, UPVC, powder coated metal, steel, and timber including fencing, garden furniture and sheds.

In addition, One Can has excellent stain locking properties. It will block stains and lock them in the coating even hiding tanning, knots and resinous bleed when applied to hardwoods, as well as locking in water stains.

The product is also compatible with all water and oil-based finish coats. No longer will three different cans be required, and its superior adhesion properties means One Can may be used with confidence on all manner of substrates.

One Can also provides excellent anti-corrosive protection making the product ideal for application to all metals, both ferrous and nonferrous, including brand new galvanised steel.

It will be available in eggshell finish in the full BS and RAL colour range.

One Can is easy to apply and is touch dry after one hour and recoatable after four. There is no need for buying additional primers and undercoats, One Can can be used as both a priming and finish system, so each job can be completed in double quick time.

RRN319069 Bradite HP.indd 1

Beautiful inside and out all year round with TeknosPro Whether for a brush-up for summer or protection for winter, exterior wood can be treated all year round. It’s important to consider the weather conditions however, because as every decorator knows, rain will ruin your finish and there’s a risk of blistering from paint in direct sunlight. It’s also essential to use quality, innovative paints so that the professional’s hard work will look fantastic and last for years to come.

RRNews - Issue 36

The go-to brand, developed specifically for the professional decorator, is TeknosPro (www. teknospro.co.uk). A host of products are available for exterior wood and metal applications.


Examples include the Futura Aqua portfolio of waterborne finishes which provides varying sheen levels with Futura Aqua 20 and Futura Aqua 40 offering semi-gloss finishes while Futura Aqua 80 is a gloss option. These topcoats can be tinted to any colour including BS, NCS and RAL and primed with the versatile Futura Aqua 3 primer. Package sizes are 0.9, 2.7, 9 litres.

Developed with sustainability in mind and low VOC levels, the paints provide excellent resistance to weather and UV rays, and they retain their colour and gloss over time. The paint may be thinned with water and is easy to apply by brush, roller and spray, which makes the application effortless. The surface is touch dry after one hour, and overcoatable in four hours. Another option is Woodex Aqua Solid for an opaque finish; or Woodex Aqua Classic for a translucent option. The wood stain is ideal for use on all doors, window casements and furniture indoors and outdoors. The waterborne acrylate/alkyd based coating offers a durable finish and the non-film forming Woodex Aqua Classic can be tinted so that it protects timber from UV. Again, these smart, sustainable stains have low VOC levels, can be applied by brush, roller or spray and have a spreading rate of 8-10m³/l. Package sizes are 0.9, 2.7, 9 litres. For further information on Teknos, contact 01608 688925 or visit www.teknospro.co.uk.

Bradite National Sales Manager James Burton says: “Whether you are painting a small domestic radiator or the end of the pier the One Can system will handle it. There’s no reason why any decorator or maintenance person should not have this product in their van.” www.bradite.com 15/02/2019 14:33:06

Every paint job made easy SX Premium innovative paintable caulks & fillers decorators can use easily with confidence to minimise the risk of paint cracking and staining

For more information call us on 01226 771600 or email info@siroflex.co.uk


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Project News Hammersmith hotel refurbishment submitted for planning approval FBM Architects have just submitted a planning application on behalf of Abercorn Investments Ltd for the refurbishment of Abercorn House at 28-30 Bute Gardens in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Built as nurses accommodation in 1917, the site has operated for many years as a hotel.


he existing courtyard will be enclosed by a striking ETFE roof and will house a cafe/lounge area creating a new focal point to the building. Internally, the floor plan will be reconfigured throughout to offer en-suite accommodation, with the size of the rooms increased to improve resident comfort and allow for the introduction of new services. Accessibility will be enhanced with a new lift providing access to additional bedrooms in a new extension to the fourth floor. Externally, the facade will be upgraded with high performance windows and new ceramic cladding. The design intention is to provide Abercorn House with two distinct yet complementary identities – while the

brickwork along the Bute Gardens is to be retained and refreshed, the cladding of the courtyard and the building’s south and east elevations will boast a sharp contemporary look. Location: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Type of Project: Hospitality/Hotel Client: Abercorn Investment Ltd Planning Consultant: ROK Planning Structural Engineer: David Dexter Associates M&E Consultant: Maurice Bird Gross internal floor (including proposed extension): 3464sqm Total cost: £4.8m Visuals by: Wiktor Kunicki / KUWIMA

New independent cinema announced for £50m St Catherine’s Place regeneration Independent cinema group Scott Cinemas - which owns the popular Henleaze Orpheus cinema - is planning to open a new three-screen cinema in South Bristol.


he South West cinema operator has signed an agreement with Bristolbased developer Firmstone Consortia One to run a new cinema at St Catherine’s Place, a beleaguered shopping centre in Bedminster. Subject to planning permission, Firmstone will invest £5M in refurbishing the shopping centre, which currently has several vacant units - including injecting £1.5M into the new cinema - as part of its proposed £50M redevelopment of the site. Scott Cinemas is set to invest an additional £1.5M in the cinema. Scott Cinemas expects the new cinema to attract similar numbers of customers as its Henleaze Orpheus cinema - about 145,000 a year from the local community. The new cinema will have the latest technology including Dolby Atmos sound and 4k laser projection in all screens, as well as a bar/cafe.

RRNews - Issue 36

Scott Cinemas operates a tiered pricing structure to ensure it is accessible to all local customers. It also makes the cinema available to community groups, and holds many different events at its cinemas, so they become social hubs at the heart of each community.


A planning application for the redevelopment of St Catherine’s Place, which will create a further 271 homes and a reinvigorated shopping centre include provision for Scott Cinemas, has been submitted. It is expected to go before one of Bristol’s planning committees in April. So far Firmstone Consortia One has created 54

new apartments in Catherine’s House, which was formerly offices and is part of the wider St Catherine’s Place scheme. Most of the homes have already been sold at prices starting at £158k with 80 per cent already occupied by their new owners. This conversion was completed under ‘Permitted Development Rights’ where unused commercial buildings can be changed into new homes. The external appearance of the building, which had long been an issue with the local community, has been upgraded with a new modern residential façade. Firmstone Consortia One’s wider plans for St Catherine’s Place form the gateway to a major regeneration scheme called Bedminster Green which the City Council has identified for building about 2,000 new homes. The City Council is one of several landowners involved in Bedminster Green.

“This is fantastic news for Bedminster. The new cinema will become a social hub for the local community and is set to be a catalyst for the wider regeneration of East Street,” said developer Francis Firmstone. “We jumped at the chance to be involved. Bedminster is probably the only area of Bristol where the majority of local residents need to travel into the city centre or much further afield to visit the cinema,” said Scott Cinemas’ director Dan Harris. “It’s fantastic to see these plans to regenerate this part of Bedminster - and I have no doubt our cinema will be vital in the area’s renaissance. We are keen to get cracking and share our love of films with people of Bedminster, so hope that these plans will be supported by the local community and wider city.”

Project News Willmott Dixon Interiors to refurbish former factory into a cutting edge film school for London Screen Academy Willmott Dixon Interiors has followed up its recent success at the National Gallery by being chosen for a contract to refurbish 80,000 square feet of space at 62-66 Highbury Grove in Islington to create the London Screen Academy (LSA).


he school will be based at Ladbroke House, a former factory that will now be transformed to create a world-class environment for 16-19 year olds to learn about film production techniques such as behind-the-camera roles, costume design, production management, distribution and marketing.

supporting facilities. The scope of works also includes new windows and façade repairs to the existing building.

Procured through the Southern Construction Framework, Willmott Dixon Interiors is working closely with the design team to deliver the project ready for the first intake of 300 students in September 2019, with the LSA expanding eventually to a capacity of 800-1000 pupils.

The creation of the LSA comes as a recent report published by the British Film Institute suggested the money spent on production in the UK in 2016 reached a record level of £3.16bn across all sectors, including film, TV and console games. Production investment in the UK has grown by 63% over the four years to 2016.

The refurbishment will give the building a major internal reconfiguration as well as adding a new steel frame structure which will provide a three-storey film production studio and

This latest contract follows Willmott Dixon Interiors’ appointment by the National Gallery to refurbish Room 32, the largest within the National Gallery, as well as update parts of the

existing basement and ground floor areas. The company has delivered over 200,000m² of new interior space in London over the last five years, and this includes new hospitality facilities at Twickenham’s East Stand and a new home for the Design Museum. Willmott Dixon Interiors Managing Director Graham Shaw says, ”This is another example of the scope and complexity of work we deliver. The LSA will become a key driver to cement London’s position as a world class destination for the film industry, and our team of specialists will ensure we create an environment to guarantee the UK continues to produce awardwinning film makers of the future.”

Hardies appointed to Scottish Procurement Alliance Framework Hardies Property & Construction Consultants has been appointed to the Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA).


framework covering all of Scotland created for organisations that buy products and services for the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of social housing and public buildings, SPA is backed by LHC, a leading provider of free-to-use framework agreements used by local authorities, social landlords and other public sector bodies.

Murray Warner, strategic partner at Hardies, said: “We have worked hard to secure a place

Graham Collie, Technical Support Manager at SPA, said: “Everyone at SPA welcomes Hardies onto the Consultancy Framework and we look forward to delivering many successful projects together.”

RRNews - Issue 36

Buildings and properties included in the framework include residential properties ranging from individual houses and flats, care homes, hostels and student accommodation to such commercial properties as offices, schools, colleges, universities, sports facilities and various community buildings.

on the Scotland-wide SPA framework and are well-represented across most regions for a number of services, including Project Management, Employers Agent, Energy Performance, Clerk of Works, Building Services Engineering and Health & Safety. This framework win illustrates the breadth and depth of expertise across our business, with the ability to provide our public sector clients numerous surveying disciplines which we can service from our 10 offices across Scotland. We continue to add value by delivering our national strength with local knowledge and presence.”


Project News AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES CARRIES THE LOAD ON ‘FIRST OF ITS KIND’ NENE BRIDGE REPAIR Landmark completes extensive refurbishment of eight sites across the UK


andmark, the UK’s leading provider of professional workspaces, has completed the refurbishment of its buildings in Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester - Spinningfields and the city centre - as well as four in the City of London, at Cannon Street, the Royal Exchange, Gracechurch Street and Bishopsgate and one in the West End on Devonshire Street. These projects form part of a portfolio-wide refurbishment programme and follow a pilot scheme designed to create and test the optimum workplace environment, informed by feedback from existing clients and prospective occupiers. A total of 13 buildings have now been enhanced. As a result of these improvement works, throughout 2018 Landmark’s member numbers have doubled.

The concept for the office was created by Design Command. A unique zoning concept combines social, collaborative, private and meeting spaces – all designed to keep clients at their most productive throughout the working day. John Spencer, CEO, at Landmark, said: “We are making a significant investment in our portfolio at a time when demand for flexible workplace options is rapidly increasing, from small and large firms alike. Serviced offices are now a key part of the real estate mix and we are committed to providing businesses with the professional space they need, based on their feedback. We’re already experiencing a higher number of enquiries from businesses that favour our approach to professional working.”

Strengthening its position as the goto supplier for complex renovations, Aggregate Industries’ unique Lytacrete solution has played a pivotal role in the £5 million structural refurbishment of Nene Bridge in Peterborough.


onstructed over the River Nene in the 1970s, Nene Bridge is an awardwinning structure, iconic for its ‘v’ shaped pier. As a major traffic route, it provides access to vehicles travelling from the A1 to A47, as well as pedestrians and cyclists going between the north and south of the city. The bridge is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment, including reinforcing the bridge piers and replacing bearings, as part of a repair programme being carried out by Skanska. Recent inspections of the bridge revealed signs of structural distress to the bearings and cracking to the saddles of the piers. Traditional

BAKERHICKS TO SUPPORT REGENERATION OF COVENTRY CULTURAL LANDMARK BakerHicks, the Warwick based multi-disciplinary design and engineering company, will deliver a range of innovative civil and structural engineering solutions over two phases to support the regeneration of the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry in 2019.


ith an overall brief to engineer significant improvements to the existing theatre to attract new visitors whilst still appealing to its

IDF Aluminium Choo, Choo, Chooses Jack Aluminium for Strood Station Revamp

RRNews - Issue 36

A full suite of Jack Aluminium Systems’ products were used in a £2.59m revamp of Strood Railway Station, part of the National Station Improvement Programme (NSIP).



he 37-week refurbishment programme was part of Medway Council’s plans to regenerate the area and the new station is a bright, modern building with a new larger waiting area and booking hall. Essex-based IDF Aluminium Ltd fabricated and installed Jack Aluminium’s JD47 Non-thermal

Shopfront System, JCW Curtain Walling System, TD68 Thermal Emergency Exit Door Suite and TW70 TruEnergy Window system as part of the project. Will Woods, Managing Director at IDF Aluminium explains: “We always use Jack Aluminium doors for these kinds of projects. Contractors and customers are pleased with the

result and they usually want to use the same products for other stations in the NSIP. As well as offering great thermal efficiency and security benefits for big refurbs, Jack Aluminium delivers product fast, so we can keep to strict deadlines on public sector projects.” Daniel Ready, project manager at WPB Contractors – the Kent-based civil engineering, building and maintenance contractor that was responsible for a major part of the work said: “The TD68 Thermal Door is a revolutionary product, which is robust and has great thermal

Project News methods of replacing the bearings were not possible because the ornate architectural design of the original piers did not allow space on top of the piers for jacks to be positioned beneath the superstructure replacing the bearings. In addition, jacking points were not provided within the box girders.

kind in the UK to deploy this method, Aggregate Industries suggested the use of Lytacrete, a concrete mix using the innovative lightweight secondary aggregate, Lytag, which can effectively reduce the dead load by approximately 25% over normal weight control, while offering the same level of structural performance.

As such, the designers at Skanska considered various options for replacing the bearings and strengthening the piers, whilst remaining sympathetic to the appearance of the original piers. This led them to develop the solution of encasing the piers in reinforced concrete jackets, to strengthen the piers and also to provide jacking platforms for the superstructure lifted to enable the bearings to be replaced.

Throughout the project, Lytacrete was placed around the piers, and owing to its high strength and self-compacting nature, this meant the mixture needed to be free flowing to ensure it could be placed around the complex and congested steel reinforcement. As a result, the solution proved ideal for strengthening the pier as well as maintaining its unique ‘v’ shaped design. The concrete can also withstand the jacking of the deck of the bridge to replace the bearings - a core process of the refurbishment.

For this solution to work, the concrete used in the jackets needed to be strong enough to strengthen the piers and to carry the jacking loads, self-compacting, to flow around the dense reinforcement, and lightweight, to minimise the additional load on the foundations. As the first bridge repair of its

Over the next 12 months, Aggregate Industries’ robust delivery framework will also ensure all concrete arrives on time and to the exact specification to ensure the concrete is available to surround, rebar and form the required shape.

traditional audiences, BakerHicks is working closely with architects Corstorphine & Wright and consultants Tandem Projects to make their vision a reality.

retail premises, the theatre management recognises the importance of harnessing these investments to maximise their own revenues and opportunities.

This vision includes the upgrade and refurbishment of theatre’s main auditorium, café, restaurant and front of house areas, to provide visitors with an improved experience and allow for the stage area to be more easily adapted for different performances. The design will also support the theatre’s sustainability requirements, incorporating a number of highly sustainable features to improve the theatre’s carbon footprint.

Although it is still early days, Steve Pinnegar, the lead civil and structural engineer on the project for BakerHicks, does not underestimate the scale of the task ahead: “Working safely and efficiently in the tight confines of an existing building where there is limited space will be a test for our teams,” he said. “The structural alterations being discussed will require an innovative approach and close consultation to deliver a result worthy of such an historic building. As a local company ourselves, we are delighted to be helping to bring the theatre to life.”

Coventry will become the City of Culture in 2021 and is undergoing substantial regeneration of its city centre. Significant investment has already been made in new student accommodation, hotels and

with liberal use of heavy concrete and brutal architecture. A prominent and well-known destination in the city centre, the building is Grade II Listed, adding another layer to the challenge of its regeneration. Close attention is being paid to retaining and re-using existing fixtures and fittings as far as possible. The theatre last underwent major refurbishment in 2007 and is one of the largest regional producing theatres in the UK.

Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre was built in 1958 and is very much a building of its time

efficiency and security benefits. It is extremely well designed and is highly effective, especially when you want to install customerfriendly air conditioning and a hi-tech heating system.”

Daniel adds: “The newly-improved station gives visitors a fantastic first impression of the area, as soon as they step off the train. That makes us feel very proud and we’d like to thank Jack Aluminium Systems.”

RRNews - Issue 36

By choosing a remote access TD68 Thermal Door option with a built-in electric strike, staff at the railway station have full remote access control. The door can be locked internally and externally with a key to ensure it is secure on the outside. It can still be opened in an emergency from the inside using a standard panic door exit device.


Project News T. GUNNING COMPLETES MAJOR RENOVATION PROJECT AT FAIRFIELD HALL T. Gunning Ltd, the Chartered Building Company specialising in interior/exterior refurbishment, has completed a major project to refurbish and renovate Fairfield Hall, a magnificent, historic building in Bedfordshire.


cCoy Pearce was appointed on behalf of the management company to deliver the planned maintenance programme and to invite tenders from a selection of suitably qualified Contractors. T. Gunning was subsequently appointed to carry out works to the Grade II Listed former hospital on the maiden major works contract known as Phase 1. Working closely with Chartered Building Surveyors McCoy Pearce, T. Gunning has helped to transform the building, cleaning and repairing masonry and undertaking an extensive series of repairs to the building’s timber-framed windows. It has also conducted repairs to the roof, replaced guttering, and redecorated throughout – all of which has been done using materials appropriate to the building’s historic status. After successfully completing Phase 1, T. Gunning was invited to tender for the successive phases and has since successfully completed Phase 2 (in 2017) and Phase 3 in 2018.

RRNews - Issue 36

Built in the middle of the nineteenth century, the hospital is now the magnificent site for some 350 luxury apartments, set in private land amid well-manicured gardens. Although the works were predominantly to the external fabric, it still required an awareness of the sensitive local residents’ needs, especially in terms of logistics to cause the minimum disruption.


To this end, T. Gunning established a methodical system of working from initial site set-up and scaffold erection, through to repair surveys and final completion. A dedicated site management team meant that any issues that were identified could be swiftly dealt with. Regular surveys and cost analysis reports ensured the project could be closely monitored, and any sub-contracted packages strictly managed for quality and compliance. Terry Pearce of McCoy Pearce says that the collaborative approach of T. Gunning is what made them a natural choice: “The quality of their work is consistently high, and external repair and refurbishment work is clearly their forté,” he explains. “But what really set them apart is their partnership approach to working. The team genuinely cares about doing a good job for the client. To this end we share the same values.” Being a listed building, there was a significant focus on repairing rather than replacing masonry and window frames as far as possible. Indeed, only a handful of timber frames have

been replaced, the rest having been renovated using approved wood repair systems on which T. Gunning’s team is fully trained. “Masonry repairs have been completed using lime mortars, natural stone and reclaimed bricks,” Terry continues, “and any of the products and materials used have to be appropriate to a building of this status and agreed with the Local Authority Conservation Officer. It is important, therefore, to work with a contractor that truly understands the specific requirements of working on historic buildings and is able to work within those parameters.” To date, three wings have been refurbished – the East Wing, South Wing, and Bedford Wing – in three phases, and future phases will continue to be put out to competitive tender. Each phase has been completed on time and on budget, even though neither Terry nor the T Gunning team is always completely in control of the start and completion dates. It means being flexible: “The team at T. Gunning is very conscientious and a pleasure to work with,” he concludes.

A world of possibilities with Vicaima doors The eagerly anticipated 2019 edition of the Vicaima Interior Door Selector (IDS) has now arrived, with an array of products designed to inspire creative interiors for modern living. Whether for homes, commercial environments, health or educational establishments, Vicaima offers original style coupled with outstanding performance.


he 2019 IDS provides specifiers and distributors with an easy to navigate, priced guide through a myriad of styles and finishes that demonstrate the sheer breadth of possibilities available with Vicaima interior doors and doorsets. All doors are available in a variety of performance cores, extensive choice of dimensions and of course a colour palette that allows real creative flair for new build and refurbishment projects. Whether the vision calls for wood veneers displaying their natural specie or stained in a contemporary tone, originally designed laminates and innovative foils or even a spectrum of paint lacquers; Vicaima has one of the most comprehensive selections available. As if 80 pages of door models were not enough, the Vicaima 2019 Interior Door Selector goes one step further, offering a wide assortment of additional modifications.

ABOVE Ambiente Lacado Claret Violet

RIGHT Vicaima 2019 Interior Door Selector

All doors are available in a variety of performance cores, extensive choice of dimensions and of course a colour palette that allows real creative flair for new build and refurbishment projects.



Vicaima customisation provides the opportunity to select a door of choice from any of their Essential exstock solid core designs and to transform them with grooves, inlays and glazing plus many other factory servicing options. Effectively this creates thousands of additional doors patterns, all available with shorter lead times than conventional bespoke doors.

RRNews - Issue 36

Exclusive EX73 Dark Taupe








Naturdor Stained Rustic – Carob Brown

Dekordor HD Colours in medical application

Download a copy of the 2019 Interior Door Selector today by visiting the Vicaima website www.vicaima.com. Alternatively call 01793 532333 for further possibilities.

Naturdor Walnut with black grooves

Doors, Windows & Fittings SWA specifications ensure a British supply chain Britain’s long and well regarded engineering heritage continues to flourish across a number of sectors; and can be seen fully represented by the businesses, of different sizes, which belong to the Steel Window Association. The SWA membership undertakes a wide range of work, from replica refurbishment, and even in-situ repair, to the fabrication and installation of new, high performance fenestration and doorsets, which are fully compliant with current building regulations. All of them, however, manufacture their products here in the UK using a mainly British-based supply chain. Covering the whole country, they enable clients from individual homeowners to large corporations to, in effect, ‘minimise their window miles’. SWA members manufacture their windows and doors in UK factories and therefore can help specifiers cut their carbon footprint. In addition, the SWA’s home-grown expertise offers a variety of benefits with special skillsets being passed down, primarily through in-house training initiatives, though some of the larger companies do offer college linked apprenticeships in trades such as welding. Another dimension to the Steel Window Association’s strong heritage is that the manufacturers’ design and technical personnel are fully familiar with most of the window types common to the UK’s often unique backdrop of buildings. Members can help to conserve properties varying in architectural style from old warehouses and factories to the very distinctive buildings of the Art Deco and 1950s periods. They are also in big demand to supply fenestration for retro-style minimalist dwellings that revisit the work of the Modern Movement with rectilinear walls and large windows beneath flat roofs. Whatever type of steel window which consultants, contractors or owner clients are seeking, they can ensure they achieve a ‘home grown’ solution by contacting a member of the SWA. Members of the Steel Window Association offer a UK wide service for the repair and replacement of various types of old metal windows, doors and screens, as well as being able to manufacture new fenestration which fully meets the requirements of the Building Regulations. Choosing an SWA member to manufacture and install your steel windows and doors ensures that you are receiving the highest standard of fabrication, Installation and customer service. For further information on the Steel Window Association, please visit www.steel-window-association.co.uk or call 020 8543 2841.

RRN319019 SWA QP.indd 1

FIRE DOOR HARDWARE As important as the door

A fire door is an essential part of a building’s passive fire protection system. A critical component of every fire door is the hardware on it. At ZEROplus we have been independently fire testing door hardware for over 20 years, to be able today to offer an extensive range of tested products. Seals Hinges Locks Euro Cylinders Lever Handles Door Closers Letter Plates

Door Stays Vision Frames Louvres Door Viewers Flush Bolts Panic & Emergency Exit Hardware


14/02/2019 15:26:22


RRNews - Issue 36

• Period Property Specialists. Suitable for Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings • Supply Only, Supply and Install, Repair and Refurbish


Previous prestigious projects include: St James’ Palace, The Admiralty Buildings, Clandon Park, The Grove Hotel, and Oxford Wildlife Trust.

01344 868 668



Garador Design Range 200 Steel Up & Over Garage Door in Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)

Enhance Your Build With a Garador Garage Door Call 01935 443798 to discuss your project requirements and request a brochure. Visit www.garador.co.uk to view the full range of garage doors.

Doors, Windows & Fittings Aspex develops bespoke doorsets for student accommodation Aspex, one of the UK’s leading architectural ironmongery and doorset companies, has secured a contract to supply a bespoke range of doorsets to the 900 bed Paradise Street student accommodation scheme in Coventry. Working alongside FBM Architects, Aspex has created a custom-built version of its Novista Riser Steel Doorsets. The system features a bottom and over panel to create a full height door with a slim flush frame allowing more space for the M&E equipment for the project. Over 700 Novista Riser Doorsets are being supplied and a project specific fire test was carried out at BM Trada. This included a 50mm high Nullifire Batt board above the overpanel for the M&E services to pass through. Aspex is also supplying the internal timber doorsets and the access control system which includes an electronic lock on all of the bedrooms, allowing students to access the building and their rooms with a card or their smartphone for enhanced safety. Ashley Burberry, Managing Director at Aspex, says: “The student accommodation sector has been hugely successful for us. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to create a bespoke version of our doorsets which emphasises the versatility of our Novista Riser system. The access control system ensures students remain safe, allowing us to take safety to new heights.”

FINE ITALIAN DESIGN Rosso Maniglie is our exclusive range of Italian inspired designer levers. Produced using a zinc base material and manufactured to the highest standards, this range takes designer levers to the next level.

For further information on this range visit our website or call one of our friendly sales team.

Created with a sleek and incomparable aesthetic appeal, our contemporary style Rosso Maniglie range has quickly become the first choice for home owners, architects and house builders throughout the UK.

David Taylor, Senior Architect at FBM Architects, adds: “For this particular project, we required a frameless doorset that we could paint on site to match the walls. The Novista system met our requirements and we are really pleased with how the doors look and blend into the surroundings.” For more information, visit www.aspex-uk.co.uk

T : +44 (0) 1228 672 900 E : sales@zoo-hardware.co.uk W : www.zoohardware.co.uk Rosso Maniglie is part of Zoo Hardware Ltd.

CRITTALL STEEL ORIGINALS EXCHANGED FOR MODERN VERSIONS 100 Queen Street, formerly known as Royal Exchange House, occupies a prominent corner site across the road from Glasgow’s neo-classical Gallery of Modern Art. The six-storey office building has been refurbished on behalf of property developers Esson with Crittall steel windows as a prominent feature of the façade. The transformation included removal of an outmoded sixth-floor extension and construction in its place with a new two-storey rooftop addition. The strong period feel of the 1970 elevations has been retained while building performance standards have been enhanced.

RRNews - Issue 36

Some 100 Crittall Corporate W20 fixed light windows have been installed in the front elevations replacing the original, single-glazed Crittall profiles.


Lucy Addison, Project Director for Comprehensive Design Architects (CDA) explains: “ When designing the refurbishment we looked at various options – secondary glazing, replacement double glazed steel framed windows matching existing, or replacement with aluminium windows.” She continues: “Secondary glazing with existing windows refurbished was rejected on the basis of appearance from inside, and performance. Replacement with aluminium was rejected on the basis of thicker frames and different proportion RRN319068 Crittall Windows HP.indd 1

of glazing bars, reducing the character of the building. “Crittall windows were chosen to offer improved performance over and above the existing windows, while maintaining the aesthetics and offering a historical continuity.”

Corporate W20 windows offer strength with slim outlines, are low-maintenance, durable and energy efficient. Website: www.crittall-windows.co.uk 14/02/2019 14:14:22

Landmark Neo-Palladian Hall once thought ‘not fit for purpose’ transformed into St Albans Museum + Gallery - a vibrant cultural hub Built in 1830 and designed by George Smith, the Grade II* Listed St Albans former Town Hall is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks.


he elegant venue has been recently extended and repurposed to designs by John Mc Aslan and Partners as a world-class centre for arts and culture at the heart of one of Britain’s most historic cities. As part of the refurbishment Selectaglaze, a specialist designer of Secondary Glazing systems that has operated in St Albans for over 40 years, was approached by the consultants to consider ways of improving environmental controls. Very large tripartite single glazed windows in the impressive 1st floor Assembly Room offered extremely poor thermal insulation. Other windows required significantly improved security to meet Arts Council guidelines for inclusion in the Government Indemnity Insurance scheme. This meant that units which had been tested and met LPS1175 standards had to be used. The design had to meet exacting conservation requirements and working closely with contractor Willmott Dixon Construction, a sample window was first produced for the Assembly Room. This was a special 3-part

vertical sliding unit measuring 4.3m (h) x 1.7m (w) designed to be as sympathetic as possible to the original window design. It was constructed with powder painted aluminium sections to match existing paintwork and 6.8mm low emissivity laminated glass. Low emissivity glass reduces heat loss by more than 60%, frame seals eliminate draughts and the laminated glass not only removes 99% of UV light, which can cause fade to fabrics and paintings, but also provides additional safety. Windows in other areas were treated with a certified security range using specialist glass. The new St Albans Museum + Gallery is free to visit and showcases over 2000 years of heritage with permanent displays telling the story of St Albans from the pre-Roman era through to modern times and will also host changing exhibitions and events. A number of historic places have been restored including the courtroom and prison cells and the main entrance houses a café which will also cater for special events at the museum.

This project, financed in part by the Heritage Lottery Fund, has transformed an underused building which had fallen into disrepair and repurposed it into a vibrant cultural centre for the City. Founded in 1966, Royal Warrant Holder Selectaglaze has worked on all buildings of all types from Listed to traditional and even new build.

Contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271, email: enquiries@selectaglaze.co.uk or visit: www.selectaglaze.co.uk

As part of the refurbishment Selectaglaze, a specialist designer of Secondary Glazing systems that has operated in St Albans for over 40 years, was approached by the consultants to consider ways of improving environmental controls.

RRNews - Issue 36


THE COMPLETE HERITAGE WINDOW SOLUTION The heritage windows market is growing all the time – and as more windows in historically-sensitive areas reach an age and condition that mean they need replacing, homeowners are increasingly faced with the dilemma of finding suitable alternatives.


o many living in and restoring period homes, it can often feel like they have only one choice – pay for timber replacements that cost the earth and require a lot of maintenance, or put up with draughty original windows. Thankfully, though, there are other options – and two fast-growing Buckinghamshire businesses have thrived by offering a solution to exactly these issues. Founded in 1977, and now into its fortysecond year in operation, Olney window manufacturer Roseview is the first name in UK timber-alternative sash windows. In 1985, the firm collaborated with systems house REHAU and London’s Peabody Trust to create Britain’s first uPVC sash window product – and, in the intervening three decades, they’ve worked tirelessly to perfect that formula.

“Roseview are known throughout the glazing industry for their integrity, expertise, and uncompromising commitment to making the very best products they can. That’s exactly the approach we’re bringing to secondary glazing at Incarnation.”

The result is the Rose Collection - widely regarded as the highest performing and most authentic uPVC sash window suite in the UK. Competitively priced and highly versatile, the Charisma Rose is the perfect fit for everything from upgrading existing windows on older properties to installing on ambitious Grand Design-style projects. The superbly authentic Heritage Rose has been accepted for use in a wide array of conservation areas, including the London Borough of Chelsea and Kensington, Lincoln, Worcester, and Cambridge, plus dozens more. And the company’s Ultimate Rose does what it says on the tin – it’s the most authentic timber-alternative sash window ever created. With its slim, timber-like profile and 35mm midrail, no other uPVC sash window comes close in terms of original authenticity. But even Roseview acknowledges that there are some instances where replacement sash windows won’t pass stringent planning regulations – and that’s why, in 2012, the company created Incarnation Secondary Glazing.

RRNews - Issue 36

Secondary glazing is undergoing a serious resurgence, with a huge increase in demand for a product that can bring modern thermal


and acoustic benefits to a home without touching the original windows. Incarnation has benefitted massively from that growth, and is now one of the leading providers in the field. But while the two businesses are distinct, as part of the same group they work closely together. As Marketing Manager Mike Bygrave explains, that allows them to offer a complete conservation glazing solution. “We strive, and have invested extensively, to make our sash windows the most authentic products of their type available anywhere in the world. “We’re constantly improving them, not because our customers ask us to – usually they’re already delighted with the products as they are – but simply because we want to make them as good as they can possibly be. “But we also acknowledge that while our sash windows are widely accepted in conservation areas, they’re not appropriate for all historic and listed building renovation projects. “Luckily, in these circumstances, there’s a fantastic alternative – Incarnation’s outstanding secondary glazing.” Paul Bygrave, Incarnation Director comments: “Roseview are known throughout the glazing industry for their integrity, expertise, and uncompromising commitment to making the very best products they can. That’s exactly the approach we’re bringing to secondary glazing at Incarnation. “Like Roseview, we’re dedicated to driving the heritage windows market forward with products that combine the very best modern thermal and acoustic performance with the sought-after aesthetics of traditional windows. And we’re confident that, before long, we’ll be just as well-regarded in the world of secondary glazing as Roseview are in the sash window realm.” To find out more, visit www.roseview.co.uk or www.incarnationwindows.co.uk.



The Rose Collection – British-made uPVC sash windows, carefully crafted for a truly stunning and authentic look.

Maintenance Free

A Rated Energy Efficiency

Part Q Available

Wide Range of Colours

Authentic Woodgrains

Mechanical Joint Option

Authentic Sash Horns

35mm Midrail Option

Call today on 01234 712 657 www.sashwindowsuk.com

Visit us on stand C273 – Hall 12


Want a sustainable 2019? Specify timber Sustainability in construction is already huge – it’s been a major talking-point for years. But in 2019, it’s bound to get even bigger.


ast year’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report called for urgent action to tackle global warming over the next 12 years, and stricter government regulations are likely to follow. So, what can you do to maximise the sustainability of your projects this year? Use the most sustainable building material of them all – timber. Here are four key reasons timber is the most sustainable construction material of them all. 1. It doesn’t just help stop climate change – it helps actively reverse it Trees suck carbon out of the atmosphere at a rate of 1 tonne per every cubic metre of growth – and unless it burns or rots, wood holds and stores that carbon. Source that timber from a provider practising sustainable forestry – essentially planting more new trees than are cut down – and you’re effectively removing carbon from the atmosphere. The timber in the windows, doors, or any other products you specify is storing carbon that might otherwise be released – and the trees that replace the ones felled to manufacture those products continue to remove carbon from the air. 2. Timber is an exceptional insulator Timber is a fantastic natural insulator thanks to its low thermal conductivity and high thermal mass. The tiny air pockets in its cellular structure make it 15 times more insulating than masonry, 400 times more than steel, and a whopping 1,770 times better than aluminium. Timber-framed windows, timber doors, and a whole host of other timber products are all fantastic choices if you want your next build to be as thermally efficient as possible. 3. Of the big building materials, it takes the least energy to process and transport Of all the materials commonly used in construction, timber has the lowest embodied energy – it uses far less energy to produce, process and move than any of its rivals, especially steel, concrete and aluminium.

RRNews - Issue 36

That’s because timber is far simpler to prepare for use than most other building materials, and far easier to transport – processed timber is much lighter than most alternatives.


4. It’s genuinely renewable The raw materials that go into making plastics and metals are the result of complex geological processes that took place over millions of years. In other words, once they’re gone, they’re gone for a very, very long time. Trees, by contrast, can be grown to a suitable size to harvest in just 25 to 80 years.

Timber-framed windows, timber doors, and a whole host of other timber products are all fantastic choices if you want your next build to be as thermally efficient as possible. Talk to West Port If you’re interested in specifying expertly-crafted, British-made sustainable windows and doors on your next project, talk to West Port. We only use A+-rated timber from Forest Stewardship Council and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification-approved sources. Our team of experienced craftsmen can produce anything from wildly unusual custom creations to identical copies of hundred-year-old heritage windows, right down to specific sash horn shapes and other unique quirks particular to the original designer. And our range is one of the widest you’ll find anywhere. We do casements, verticalsliding sashes, tilt and turn windows, entrance doors, French doors, in-line sliding patio doors and more – and thanks to our stunning and sustainable timber, every one of them will offer outstanding thermal efficiency and easy maintenance for decades to come.

For more information contact West Port on 01900 814225 or visit www.west-port.co.uk

Project showcase: Wembley Park Wembley Park is one of the UK’s largest urban regeneration schemes. Situated in the cosmopolitan North West London borough of Brent, it encompasses the iconic Wembley Stadium and SSE Arena at its heart.


he exciting development offers a vibrant hub where people want to live, companies want to grow, and neighbourhoods come alive. Hello Wembley

Tipi is designed to create a renting community, offering no fees, no deposits, all-inclusive utilies and fully furnished state-of-the-art apartments. Residents can expect stunning social spaces, superfast ultra-fibre broadband, John Lewis furniture and Samsung kitchen appliances. 24-hour concierge teams are on hand, alongside a broader team of dedicated customer service staff.

The breath-taking £3bn renewal project is led by development firm Quintain, which purchased the plot in 2002 and then achieved outline planning consent for 8.8 million square feet of mixed-use development. Following a successful key supplier agreement, Reynaers has been named as a preferred supplier for window systems across the Wembley Park site. Reynaers will assist on the development of further projects following the triumph of completed Emerald Gardens in 2016 and Alto in 2017. Wembley Park will provide a total of 7,500 homes in addition to the thriving London Designer Outlet, advanced office and retail facilities, hotels and community spaces bustling with activity. Mary Kelly-Mannion, Head of Procurement with Quintain comments: “We look to engage with first class suppliers who can offer high quality products which complement the development at Wembley Park. In our selection of Reynaers as a Key Supplier we recognise their strong history in the field of research and development. This history, together with the range and quality of their products, means that they are an ideal contributor from the early design stages right through to provision of the window and door systems on our projects.”


Reynaers has successfully completed the supply of aluminium windows and doors for the Alto development, which offers 120 apartments available to rent through Tipi.

Crowd pleasers Since construction began in 2006, Quintain’s approach was to create a desirable district filled with amenities before populating the area, creating a welcoming sense of community first and foremost. London Designer Outlet has been ranked amongst the top 10 outlets in Europe with annual footfall at 7.0 million. Visitors to Wembley Park can also enjoy a nine-screen cinema, over 70 shops, restaurants, coffee spots and a children’s all-weather play park. The aesthetic of the Wembley Park project has been designed to enhance the skyline and allow residents to view the sweeping boulevards that lend an openness to the development. Reynaers has utilised systems that create a maximum presence of space and natural light, resulting in seamless integration between the indoor and outdoor environments. Throughout the project, making a feature of the iconic Wembley Stadium, as well as facilitating unrivalled views of across the site has been a priority when considering the glazing systems. Tipi

Emerald Gardens The Emerald Gardens development is inspired by London’s flourishing garden squares. The plot surrounds almost an acre of private grounds, accommodating 475 apartments spread across a number of buildings. As Wembley Park continues to evolve, we are set to see the community flourish. Upcoming development plans include the opening of London’s biggest Boxpark in December 2018, which will be host to street food traders offering cuisines from across the globe. Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre, a 2,000 capacity immersive theatre, is also set to open in Wembley Park in 2019. To discover more about the project visit: http://www.quintain.co.uk For more information about Tipi apartments visit: https://www.tipi.london For more information on the Reynaers products used in the completed projects, see below: Concept System 77 aluminium window: https://www.reynaers.co.uk/en-UK/ products/cs-77 Concept System 77 aluminium door: https://www.reynaers.co.uk/en-UK/ products/cs-77-0 Concept Patio 155: https://www. reynaers.com/en/products/cp-155-ls Concept Wall 50: https://www.reynaers. com/en/products/cw-50

RRNews - Issue 36

Quintain has utilised the world class development at Wembley Park as an opportunity to revolutionise its business structure, focusing on BtR (Build to Rent) by creating Tipi, a wholly owned residential rental management business. Of the 7,500 homes built, the majority are will be exclusively Build to Rent, managed by Tipi. In London’s economic climate, many find the prospects of purchasing a property in the cosmopolitan capital unobtainable, whilst renting can often result in many additional complications such as absent landlords and hefty upfront payments.

Reynaers has successfully completed the supply of aluminium windows and doors for the Alto development, which offers 120 apartments available to rent through Tipi. Completed to the highest spec, external features include private garden terraces fitted with privacy screens and communal spaces including an elevated private landscaped garden.


Awards News Success for tremco illbruck at ASFP awards The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) announced the winners of the annual Passive Fire Protection Industry Awards at a ceremony in London recently. Award categories included innovation, installation and individual contribution to the industry.

Moores receives WPA certificate for quality kitchen products and services Moores is delighted to announce that it has received certification of appointment to the Welsh Procurement Alliance (WPA) Kitchen Framework Agreement.


remco illbruck is delighted that Ian Outram, Technical Manager, Passive Fire Protection Solution division, won the Advocate of the Year award. The award recognises an individual’s work in raising awareness, educating and promoting high quality passive fire protection by demonstrating that they are a major advocate of high quality installed PFP. Ian has vast experience in assisting customers in dealing with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, providing best practise advice on site and guiding specifiers and main contractors to the most appropriate solutions. Ian received his award from BBC Business TV presenter, Steph McGovern, and ASFP COO, Niall Rowan.


oores Furniture Group and its products have met the requirements of WPA’s rigorous evaluation process for technical capability, product quality, financial standing and experience of high levels of performance in the public sector. Kate Jenkins, Business Development manager says: “We are very pleased to have been recognised for our high-performance levels in key areas such as product quality and technical capability. Our design team work hard to produce practical, good quality and innovative products that are not only easy to use but are stylish too. This certificate is testament to all the hard-working staff at Moores who do an exceptional job at maintaining high levels of performance across the board.”

MGS Penta from Grange Design shortlisted for Bathroom Product Innovation of the Year Leading UK based specialist distributor for the bathroom industry, Grange Design, has a momentous start to the New Year by having its exclusive MGS tap nominated as a finalist for the prestigious kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2019.

RRNews - Issue 36



tarring in the Bathroom Product Innovation of the Year category, Grange Design made the cut with MGS Penta, a truly neoteric Tap Collection that is characterised by its angular shape and pentagonal handles.

best retailers, designers and manufacturers in the kitchen and bathroom industry, the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards are by far the longest running awards in the sector and expectant winners will be announced on the night.

The kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2019 will take place on 4th April 2019 at Victoria House in Manchester and mark the 25th anniversary of this event. Celebrating the very

Clive Griffiths, Manager at Grange Design says “To be announced as a finalist for any award is a true achievement but with kbbreview being recognised as a market leader, it

only adds significance to this nomination. Having started in 1991, Grange Design is fundamentally a design company that also exclusively represents quality companies like MGS in the UK market. MGS love to collaborate with architects and designers to create innovative products and we have a custom made option at Grange, that allows MGS the freedom to creatively customise products like Penta, which can be tailored to the individual or market trends.”

VELUX ROOF WINDOWS Did you know that a common regret amongst homeowners who have an extension is not installing roof windows?


hen building an extension, homeowners can at times overlook adding roof windows, believing that bifold and patio doors will provide enough daylight. In fact, when a new extension is built, the original room is usually longer, meaning the natural light has further to travel into the house. All too often, the original room becomes dark and gloomy and even on the brightest days artificial lights have to be switched on.

Extension with VELUX roof windows

VELUX roof windows maximise the way light moves throughout the day, and also allow more natural daylight to penetrate deeper into the existing part of your home. By using natural light from above, you can bring twice as much daylight as vertical windows and doors, creating a much brighter, lighter extension. Retrofitting roof windows Making a new opening in an existing roof and retrofitting VELUX roof windows is a simple job for experienced builders. The location, size and quantity of roof windows should also be considered. VELUX recommends roof windows make up the equivalent of 15-20 per cent of the room’s floor space to let in the perfect amount of natural light. Once the number and position of the windows are decided, it’s important to help the homeowner choose the right style of roof window for their extension depending on the size and shape of the extension.

Placed high in the ceiling, VELUX roof windows will fill a room with daylight and open up the space. Providing the perfect combination of natural light

Extension with no VELUX roof windows

VELUX curved-glass rooflights in white polyurethane look as good inside as they do outside. The unique CurveTech glass top lets rainwater easily drain off the surface, even on 0° pitched roofs, to let daylight shine through without raindrops getting in the way.

and fresh air, they also funnel steam, smoke and cooking odours, perfect if the space is being used for a new open plan kitchen and dining room. VELUX curved-glass rooflights in white polyurethane look as good inside as they do outside. The unique CurveTech glass top lets rainwater easily drain off the surface, even on 0° pitched roofs, to let daylight shine through without raindrops getting in the way.

VELUX flat glass rooflights start at £589, VELUX curved-glass rooflights start at £675, VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows start at £543. Suitable for roof pitches between 15° and 90°, VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows can be connected to the VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate kit, and costing £183.33.

Website: www.velux.co.uk

RRNews - Issue 36

Homeowners who want to make the most of the latest automated smart home technology can opt for VELUX INTEGRA® electric and solar roof windows and blinds which, when connected to the VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control starter kit, work to continuously monitor the indoor environment, closing and opening roof windows automatically to make sure the home’s climate is healthy and comfortable.


PVC-U is perfect for prestigious property’s 46 sash windows Long-standing VEKA Group customer SWC Trade Frames was proud to act as a ‘onestop-specification-shop’ for a stately six-bedroom new build in the Yorkshire Dales.


he Scarborough-based company fabricates high quality Halo products from VEKA Group and was able to supply the 46 Vertical Sliders and 3 sets of French Doors needed for the prestigious job. SWC Sales Director Mark Catchpole explains: “We were delighted to provide everything necessary for our client Selby Glass to complete this Yorkshire manor house to a beautiful standard. “We’ve worked with Selby Glass for years, and the team there know they can rely on the quality of our products without question. We use VEKA Group profile, so we can vouch for the standard of our systems right from raw materials to finished frames, and we can offer enviably swift lead times. These products combine stunning good looks with perfect performance; they look much like traditional timber but offer the additional modern energy-efficiency benefits and low maintenance of PVC-U.

RRNews - Issue 36

“SWC also has an in-house spraying facility, so alongside VEKA Group’s great Variations lamination offering, we can provide any other colour the customer requires and ensure a


“This sprawling rural manor house is a great example of how modern materials and classic aesthetics can be combined to create a ‘timeless’ finish. Selby Glass and SWC trade frames have put VEKA Group systems to great use for their client, showcasing the versatility of these systems for all types of properties.” VEKA Group Sales Director Neil Evans

perfect colour match and cohesive overall finish across all our ranges. “We pride ourselves on going ‘above and beyond’ for our customers. For example, the Halo Vertical Sliders for this job were supplied to an A+11 rating, effectively ‘future proofing’ this project by going beyond the standard specification requirements, and the windows and doors were supplied to Approved Document Q standards for security.” Arthur Fenn, Director of Selby Glass, commented: “This 7400 sq ft stone-built manor house was a pleasure to work on. It had been designed and built to an exceptionally high standard by one of our long-standing developer clients, Neil Battye, who knows that quality is key. “Neil works with Selby Glass on a regular basis, and has done for the last 20 years or so, because he knows we constantly strive to exceed his already high expectations. Neil approached us to do the job with the design in mind, and trusted us to find and fit the highest quality products to meet his specification.

“We tend to use a number of suppliers, but we knew in this case that SWC would be best able to meet every single one of the specialist requirements. We also trusted the SWC team to operate with speed and professionalism, so that we could – in turn – offer our client a swift turnaround, and we weren’t disappointed. “The job involved 46 Halo Vertical Sliders sprayed Pebble Grey (inside and out) and 3 sets of coordinating French Doors from VEKA Group. “The project looked great and the quality of products we installed from SWC means that they will offer phenomenal performance for years to come. The beauty of PVC-U windows and doors in this day and age, means that we can offer the traditional, classic style of timber sash windows, but they will never need sanding or repainting and they offer ease of operation, along with energy efficiency, acoustic insulation, and security. “The Vertical Sliders and French Doors from VEKA Group were simple and easy to fit. The most difficult thing about the job was not getting distracted by the view!”

220 PVC-U windows approved for historic town hall Essex-based Halo fabricator Masterframe Windows has supplied 220 sash windows for a striking renovation project at Barking Town Hall, for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham (LBBD). The long-standing VEKA Group customer worked with Asset Fineline to demonstrate that the company’s PVC-U heritage-style sashes were the perfect timber alternative to replace the original windows of this iconic building. Masterframe invited the team from Barnes Construction, architects from LAP, and LBBD representatives to visit the factory and see first hand, the company’s commitment to quality products, performance, and aesthetics. A factory tour allowed in-depth demonstrations and insights into the many features that make Masterframe’s products suitable for prestigious projects such as this. Masterframe’s Managing Director Carol Slade said: “We were delighted that, as a result of the visit, we were successful in persuading all parties concerned in the refurbishment of this historic landmark to specify our sash windows. This is a very prestigious contract for us and we were happy that all stakeholders were convinced that our windows would aesthetically be the perfect replacement for the original sash windows and also satisfied that our windows would provide all the performance factors required in terms of energy efficiency, longevity, security and low maintenance.” It is estimated that one in four commercial windows in the UK comes from VEKA Group and the specified product, in this case, was Masterframe’s Conservation sash window with a cream outer frame and white inner. These windows provided a ‘like for like’ solution that was sympathetic to the exterior of the building as well as ensuring superior performance

VEKA Group Sales Director Neil Evans added: “This sprawling rural manor house is a great example of how modern materials and classic aesthetics can be combined to create a ‘timeless’ finish. Selby Glass and SWC trade frames have put VEKA Group systems to great use for their client, showcasing the versatility of these systems for all types of properties. “VEKA Group is proud to work with fabricators and specifiers on everything from sleek city skyscrapers, to historic heritage properties and everything in between. As we often highlight, our products are designed to meet all the

and complementing the new, modern interior work spaces. The ‘extra large’ windows featured a slim GRP mid rail, Timberweld® butt-jointed corners and special solar controlled glass. In 2018, Masterframe was named ‘Fabricator/ Manufacturer of the Year’ at the National Fenestration Awards and also won ‘New Product of the Year’ for Timberweld®. (Timberweld is a patented method of jointing frames to create an authentic timber buttjoint effect – on both sides of the window). The architects, who were initially cautious about specifying PVC-U, were impressed with Masterframe’s products and the team’s attitude. Salvatore Genco, Architect from LAP Architects and Interior Designers said their “passion and willingness to engage was refreshing.” Salvadore explained: “We’ve always been incredibly sceptical about the use of PVC-U in window manufacture, especially on high profile projects where aesthetics are paramount. [However] the initial

factory visit, presentation on Masterframe’s product and readiness to provide technical information/ certification changed my perception of PVC-U windows and provided LAP Architects with the confidence to supply the product.” VEKA Group Sales Director Neil Evans added: “With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, Masterframe is a great example of a VEKA Group customer that meets every new challenge with professionalism and efficiency. Masterframe shares VEKA Group’s thorough commitment to quality and customer service and it comes as no surprise that the company secured this prestigious and challenging contract, as Masterframe was named ‘Best Timber Alternative Company’ at the 2017 National Fenestration Awards.” Client: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Fabricator: Masterframe Installer: Asset Fineline Contractor: Barnes Construction Architect: LAP Architects and Interior Designers

specifications you would expect from such an industry-leading supplier, ‘for now, for the future, for life.’” Fabricator: SWC Trade Frames Ltd Installer: Selby Glass Developer: Neil Battye

VEKA plc Phone: 01282 716611 Website: www.vekauk.com Email: salesenquiry@veka.com © Madeline Settle Photography


RRNews - Issue 36


Public Sector News ‘Surrey Homes and Property Enterprise’ (SHAPE) Partnership receives £635k in funding to support new property development projects in Surrey from the Government’s One Public Estate funding programme The government has announced today that new funds have been awarded to 57 public sector partnerships taking part in the One Public Estate programme. The new funds will provide support to use publicly-owned land and buildings more efficiently.


HAPE Surrey received the highest award in the South East and East region and the second highest award nationally. Councillor Moira Gibson, Leader, Surrey Heath Borough Council and Chair of the SHAPE Board said: “We are very pleased that we have achieved this very positive outcome for the whole of Surrey today. These projects will unlock key opportunities which will provide new homes and deliver new investment. It is a significant step forward for our vision for SHAPE”

about these key projects will be shared as the proposals and plans are developed.” Karen Whelan, Chief Executive, Surrey Heath Borough Council and SHAPE Programme Sponsor said; “This recognition from One Public Estate demonstratives the strength of the development opportunities in Surrey for both the private and public sector.

SHAPE has received support for four of their bids including Weybridge, Camberley town centre, Horseshoe-Banstead and North Tandridge.

“We look forward to working with our partners on key strategic projects for the county. This funding will unlock key development sites across Surrey which ultimately will provide new homes and savings for residents. We look forward to sharing more information about the projects as they develop.”

Councillor Tim Oliver, Leader, Surrey County Council said; “This funding is great news for the Surrey Partnership and will enable the delivery of one of Surrey County Council’s key priorities to provide homes and optimise property. We look forward to developing our proposals and plans for the county. More information

About the One Public Estate programme The One Public Estate programme is a joint initiative between the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and the Local Government Association. It now covers 95% of all local authority areas in England.

The One Public Estate programme was launched in 2013 to make better use of publicsector sites, free up space for new homes and create jobs. It encourages the emergency services, local councils and government departments to work more closely together by sharing sites and creating public-sector ‘hubs’ where services are delivered in one place. So far, the programme has saved taxpayers £24million in running costs, created 5,745 new jobs and released land for the development of 3,336 new homes. Development plans which could see more than 10,000 new homes built across England and 14,000 new jobs created by 2024/25 are to be brought forward through a £15million government project. The latest round of the programme will see money and support given to more than 100 local public-sector partnerships across England, to bring forward proposals for a range of new projects on public-sector sites.

Braeburn Estates hands over innovative social housing scheme to Homes for Lambeth – with “game changing” new development model Central London developer, Braeburn Estates, a joint venture between Qatari Diar and the Canary Wharf Group, has delivered what Lambeth Council Leader, Lib Peck, described as ‘the new benchmark for affordable homes in the borough’ at its Lollard Street development.


hrough close partnership working between Developer and Council the innovative ‘off-site’ delivery model has enabled both regeneration of an old council estate and many more genuinely affordable homes to be built (including 4 bedroom townhouses), which are to be retained by Homes for Lambeth.

RRNews - Issue 36

Overall, Braeburn has been able to deliver one and a half times as much affordable housing in total by using the off-site location, as well as delivery on-site.


The delivery model, which has focussed on the available developer subsidy being 100% allocated to construction costs, has also released sufficient funds to complete a new purpose built school building and play space for the Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ Ethelred Nursery and Children’s Centre, for

local residents. Rolling out this model across London could deliver many more genuinely affordable homes to be owned and managed by local authorities, in addition to a range of wider public benefits. Braeburn Estates shouldered all construction and regeneration costs/risks with Lambeth Council celebrating taking handover of the completed project at an event on 18th January 2019, attended by Howard Dawber, Managing Director Canary Wharf Group, Tariq Al Abdulla, Chief Development & Project Delivery Officer at Qatari Diar, and Lib Peck, Leader of Lambeth Council. Lambeth Council leader, Cllr Lib Peck, said: “The Lollard Street development is a fantastic example of us working with developers, through the planning system, to provide the

council-level rent homes we need to help tackle our housing crisis. “By agreeing to allow the developer to build off-site from the Shell development in Waterloo, we managed to revive this neglected site and secure many more family-sized social rented homes than the 17 proposed on-site units which would not have met local family needs. The interiors of the homes employ the features and characteristics synonymous with newbuild design, setting the benchmark for modern, affordable housing. Clean lines, open-plan areas and rooms have been designed to a high-specification, incorporating contemporary fixtures, fittings and integrated appliances, which work together to create a feeling of luxury and a comfortable, new place to live.

Public Sector News COUNCIL ANNOUNCES £1.177 MILLION ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT TO IMPROVE ROADS Wokingham Borough Council has revealed details of how the £1.177 million announced by the Government in November 2018 will be spent to improve the road network for drivers and cyclists across the borough.


list of additional schemes in 2019 has been announced as well as a dedicated pothole budget to allow the council to address issues across the road network that develop during the winter. Throughout the year the council surveys the highways network, through visual inspections, technical assessments and analysis. This information generates an annual road maintenance campaign, so the council can ensure investment goes where it is needed the most. Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, executive member for highways and transport said. “Our residents’ safety is our number one priority and we carry out essential maintenance work on the roads, throughout the borough, that most require our attention to keep our road network safe for all our road users. “With more than 457 miles of road within our Borough to maintain, we are delighted

to receive this additional funding from central government that will allow us to extend our annual road maintenance campaign. This funding will allow us to carry out work not just the main roads but also smaller residential roads that we have not had the funding to do before. “We will also be allocating £113,000 to fix potholes to deliver additional improvements to our roads especially as a result the freezing cold conditions we have experienced recently” This additional funding has been allocated by the council based not only on information provided in the usual condition surveys, undertaken as part of the annual road maintenance campaign, but also taking into consideration the deliverability of these projects within the timescales provided. It was also essential to consider any planned projects taking place within the surrounding areas to minimise both cost and disruption.

Cabinet to consider revised Keynsham Town Centre improvements Plans to help future proof Keynsham town centre by making its High Street more attractive and accessible for everyone are to be discussed by Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Cabinet when it meets today (Wed 6 Feb).


ast year the council published plans to enhance the public realm in Keynsham, building on the introduction of the one-way system in the High Street. Keynsham has been declared an Air Quality Management Area because of high nitrogen dioxide levels from traffic. High Street air quality has been improved to safe levels as a direct result of the change to traffic flow without it increasing NO2 where traffic has increased in other areas.

Councillor Paul Myers, cabinet member for Economic and Community Regeneration, said:

“Improving Keynsham town centre’s streets and spaces will make shopping, doing business and visiting the town a more pleasant experience which in turn will help to strengthen the local economy. We have listened to residents, taken on board their comments and updated and revised our plans accordingly.”

£3.5m upgrade to “crumbling” Prescot Road (A57) to start


ork is to begin next week on a highways scheme to upgrade a major arterial route in and out of Liverpool city centre. Improvement works along Prescot Road (A57) will begin on Monday, 18 February, and will run from Low Hill, near the Royal Liverpool Hospital, to Newton Road by Newsham Park. The first phase will start between Shiel Road and Laurel Road. The £3.5m scheme, which will run until the Autumn, will consist of replacing the existing road surface, which has deteriorated over the years, and upgrading highway drainage, pedestrian facilities, footways and traffic signals. The work forms part of Liverpool City Council’s £500m highway investment programme Better Roads - in conjunction with the council’s commitment “to deliver a strong and growing city” and provide a “connected and accessible city with quality infrastructure”, as set out in the Inclusive Growth Plan. The successful tenderer for this scheme, Huyton Asphalt, will carry out the programme which will involve lane closures, diversionary routes, night working, temporary traffic lights and off-peak working. At certain times there may be road closures required to allow for safe working. These planned closures will be limited to overnight only (between 8pm and 6am) - unless there are unforeseen circumstances or an emergency situation arises. Diversion routes will be in place and road users are advise that delays will be likely and to explore alternative journeys for those travelling to and from the Islington, Fairfield and Kensington and Old Swan areas. The A57 programme has received £2.7m from the Local Growth Fund (LGF). LGF funding is awarded to the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and invested through the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority through its Strategic Investment Fund.

“This project forms part of our ongoing commitment to invest in our town centres including Midsomer Norton and Bath city centre.” Councillor Charles Gerrish, cabinet member for Finance and Efficiency, added: “These public realm improvements form one of the many initiatives, including the £10m refurbishment of the leisure centre and the 95 new riverside homes that will help future proof the economy of the centre of our town as Keynsham continues to grow.”

RRNews - Issue 36

Plans to improve the town centre have now been refined in response to the feedback received from residents, local businesses and stakeholders during a recent six –week consultation and technical and safety auditing.

“Across the UK high streets are struggling. We want to ensure our local high streets thrive.

Major highways improvement scheme to begin


Public Sector News OVER £9,000 AWARDED TO HERITAGE PROJECTS IN SOUTH KESTEVEN InvestSK, South Kesteven District Council’s economic growth and regeneration company, has made the first five awards under its Heritage Alive! funding programme. Grants totalling £9,200 have this week been presented to community groups, charities and places of worship across the district.


he first five groups to receive funding for their projects are: The ChristChurch Community Project, The Lincolnshire Rivers Trust, Grantham Civic Society, Stamford Community Orchard Group and The Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society. Grantham Civic Society will use their £2,000 grant to carry out a public archaeology project to investigate the former chapel and Eleanor cross which once stood on St. Peter’s Hill.

ecology of the River Witham and how this has been shaped and altered by Grantham’s mills over time. The Stamford Community Orchard Group was awarded a £2,000 grant to produce botanical drawings of the six variations of apples developed by Brown’s Nurseries in Stamford and Grantham in the 1850’s. The drawings will highlight the loss of traditional apple varieties and encourage the planting and conservation of more local types.

The ChristChurch Community Project was awarded a £2,000 grant to produce a booklet, a short interpretation film and some displays to explain the history of Finkin Street Methodist Church in Grantham.

And The Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society will use their £700 grant to fund seven vintage buses to visit Grantham on 14th September for the Heritage Open Day festival, with free trips on the buses being offered around Grantham and the surrounding area.

The Lincolnshire Rivers Trust will use their £2,500 grant to produce a geocache train and ‘treasure map’ interpreting the history and

Chief executive of InvestSK, Steve Bowyer, said: “South Kesteven’s rich heritage is a huge asset to the district. With funding made

available through the Council, we’re delighted to support projects that conserve and protect this heritage so it can continue to be enjoyed by visitors and residents for years to come.” Councillor Matthew Lee, the Leader of South Kesteven District Council, said: “I am delighted to see such a fantastic range of Heritage Alive! awards being made in this first round. “These grants provide very practical help to community groups and charities that work tirelessly to conserve South Kesteven’s heritage and I would urge other local groups working within the sector to consider applying for funding too.” InvestSK’s Heritage Alive! funding programme is designed to celebrate South Kesteven’s built and cultural heritage. Applications can cover a range of projects - from inspiring engagement with local heritage, intervening to protect heritage or making heritage more accessible.

Woking Community Stadium development moves a step closer Further detailed agreements that secure the long-term ambitions of Woking Football Club have been signed.

RRNews - Issue 36



he agreements between Woking Borough Council, GoldDev Woking Ltd and Woking Football Club allow for the development of the club’s ground and adjoining land. It will include the reconfiguration of the football ground, a new stadium and construction of residential properties. Rosemary Johnson, Chairman of Woking Football Club, said: “This is a really exciting time for Woking Football Club and our supporters. We are an ambitious community-focused club with huge potential, shown by our recent FA Cup run. Whilst there is still a long way to go,

these agreements signify the next chapter for our football club. Not only do they secure the long-term future of Woking Football Club, but will also enable us to continue and develop our much-valued community work.” Wayne Gold, Managing Director of GolDev Woking Ltd, said: “We are immensely proud to be working with Woking Football Club and the borough council on this exciting project to provide a new permanent home at Kingfield for the Cards. “With the agreements now in place, we will be reaching out to supporters and the local

community to help put together a detailed proposal that reflects the future ambitions of both the club and the town. It is important to us that their voice is heard ahead of submitting our formal planning application. The future is very exciting.” Cllr David Bittleston, Leader of Woking Borough Council, said: “As an important part of our community, Woking Football Club brings enjoyment to many within our Borough and beyond. Supporting the club’s long-term vision and securing its immediate financial future through these agreements will bring many benefits to the whole community.”

Editor’s Choice Cinderella Incineration Toilets the Burning Questions Answered by LeeSan

What are they: Cinderella incineration toilets burn biological waste at high temperatures, leaving only an insignificant quantity of fine, harmless ash, amounting to the equivalent of about one teacup for four people during one week of use. The toilet may be used around 70 times before emptying is required. Cinderella incineration toilets are currently installed by over 60,000 users worldwide. How Do they work: Waste is burned in an integral combustion chamber. The harmless gases from this combustion are dispersed through a vent pipe. In contrast with other toilet systems, incineration toilets eliminate all waste on site without the need for connection to the main sewer or a septic tank. Correctly used, Cinderella incineration toilets are odourless, hygienic and safe, providing a user experience similar to a normal domestic system. The user simply inserts a paper bowl liner, uses the toilet then presses a button or lever to evacuate and incinerate the waste. Cinderella toilets are suitable for all ages including children. Where can they be used: Available around the world for decades, incineration toilets are a commonly used alternative in residential and commercial

applications without easy access to public utilities. These include mountain cabins, remote areas, tiny homes, off-grid structures, mobile homes, boats and many more. They do not require a water supply or septic system.

LeeSan are the sole UK distributors for Cinderella Eco Solution incinerating toilets. Phone: +44 (0)1295 770000 Website: www.leesan.com

Power Requirement: Cinderella incineration toilets use either 240v electricity or gas as the combustion energy source.

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Consort Claudgen has launched their first BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects which include panel heaters, fan heaters, recessed ceiling heaters and air curtains.

The BIM objects featured in the NBS National BIM Library also includes technical details such as dimensions, ratings, insulation standard classes and electrical specifications to aid architects and specifiers in their design process. For details, visit www.consortepl.com/bim-modelling

RRNews - Issue 36

Architects and specifiers can now access the BIM models for their BIM projects from Consort Claudgen’s website or the NBS National BIM Library. The objects are authored and developed to the trusted NBS BIM Objects Standard and are free to download in both Revit and IFC format.

45 RRN319077 Consort QP.indd 1

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05/12/2018 15:50:46

gpad completes stylish Old Street office redevelopment in former gramophone factory Award-winning architect and interior design practice gpad london ltd has completed Stylus, a highend office redevelopment in the St. Luke’s Conservation Area in Old Street.


ating from 1886, the façade is the only original feature retained. The 37,000 sq. ft. of new floorspace responds to demand for contemporary office space in Silicon roundabout. Echoing the building’s origins as a Victorian gramophone factory, the entrance includes ‘The Dream Machine’, a custom-made, steampunk-inspired reception desk. Designed alongside Mamou-Mani Architects, it consists of 3D-printed glowing flutes attached to the salvaged goods lift motor. The entrance and lower floors create a sense of space and set the tone for the rest of the building, which remains sympathetic to its industrial past. Exposed services and black steel beams throughout act as a nod to the building’s history, while the otherwise neat, contemporary style caters for the tech and media companies which are highly concentrated in the area and require flexible working space. Terrazzo floors flow seamlessly throughout the building creating a unified, elegant look. Large areas of glazing maximise the amount of daylight flowing into the interior. On the west elevation, powder-coated Crittal-style windows emulate the original fixtures. Brick was used as a key material to respect the surroundings and the 19th century façade. Protruding patterns and a mixture of different colour bricks add detail and texture.

RRNews - Issue 36

Maximising the floorspace was key and Stylus now comprises of six floors of column free B1 office space. A new fourth floor includes a green roof with views over the vibrant area. Living walls both on the basement floor courtyard and roof terrace create a link to the large amount of green spaces within close proximity and make for pleasant breakout spaces for office workers. Improved amenities in the basement include cycle storage, lockers, showers and changing facilities, provided in line with BCO and council requirements.


Architect Graeme Winestone says: “This project came about because the client was really interested in the building. The challenge was how to bring it back to life for the busy media and tech community in Old Street, while still respecting the building’s Victorian past. We had the opportunity to put a real creative twist on it. The anachronistic feel of steampunk presented itself as the perfect way to connect the two eras.“ Photography: Matthew Chisnall

Echoing the building’s origins as a Victorian gramophone factory, the entrance includes ‘The Dream Machine’, a custom-made, steampunk-inspired reception desk. Designed alongside Mamou-Mani Architects, it consists of 3D-printed glowing flutes attached to the salvaged goods lift motor.

On the west elevation, powder-coated Crittal-style windows emulate the original fixtures. Brick was used as a key material to respect the surroundings and the 19th century faรงade. Protruding patterns and a mixture of different colour bricks add detail and texture.

People on the move David Appleton

Gira UK introduce New Team Members Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management, is pleased to welcome three new team members to its prestigious UK brand and business.


his new trio will join as Trade Sales Representatives across key areas of the UK and will each be responsible for: • Visiting and developing business relationships with the electrical wholesale: new and existing

Benjamin Middleton

• Promoting the Gira product portfolio via its relevant business channels • Promoting key promotional offers by Gira • Offering basic in-store Gira training for respective customers

Mr. Matthew Ireland

David Appleton, Trade Sales Representative [Midlands], Gira UK Appointed 7th January 2019 - David comes with a great background and working knowledge of Trade-Counter operation, having worked for the UK’s largest electrical wholesaler and supplier, CEF for over a decade. Since 2009, David’s role covered all aspects of the business including the warehouse and trade counter, to developing into the role of Business Development Manager at CEF. This position involved safeguarding current business relationships by regularly visiting customers and implementing new tactics for generating first-hand leads and sales. Benjamin Middleton, Trade Sales Representative [London], Gira UK Appointed 7th January 2019 - Ben also brings a formidable knowledge of B2B relations via the Trade-Counter, benefitting from 6 years’ experience at CEF, when he then moved to a smaller

Schiedel starts 2019 Ontop

RRNews - Issue 36

Schiedel Chimney Systems, leading manufacturer of flue ducting, stoves and ventilation systems in Europe, has an exciting start to 2019 including a dual brand strategy with gas flue experts, Ontop and changes to the management team to accommodate this new approach.



hil Lowe, who was responsible for customer service, training and OEM sales has been promoted to Sales Director and David Wright is now Product and Export Sales Manager, moving from his role as Residential Sales & Marketing Manager.

In his new position as Sales Director, Phil will take the lead in the development of sales in both the residential and non-residential sectors, continuing to work with existing customers, as well as exploring new markets driven by Schiedel and Ontop’s combined offering. David has worked for Schiedel for 35 years and will be using his considerable experience to help rationalise the new product range, as well as introducing innovations to the UK market. With five languages under his belt, David is the ideal candidate for dealing with export sales. Phil, who will be taking up his post on 1st January 2019, said, “this is a very exciting time for me and the companies involved. The range of products offered by Schiedel and Ontop allow us to deliver to a greater cross-section of the building services

independent supplier which concluded in a role at the UK’s largest electrical distribution company, Edmundson. During this process, Ben gained valuable insights into the different approaches taken by each Trade-Counter: how it operated, the company structure and unique business strategies to secure new business, partners and achieve set goals. Mr. Matthew Ireland, Trade Sales Representative [London], Gira UK Appointed 7th January 2019 - Matthew impressed Gira UK in the initial stage of interview, substantiating his expert sales approach, process and industry knowledge of the electrical retail sectors: bolstered by palpable sales. Matthew’s career history includes a variety of relatable positions to Gira, starting with his role as Sales Representative for leading UK distributor, DAB pumps. Matthew was involved in driving target based sales, elevating industry awareness for both brand and business, as well as being responsible for hosting breakfast mornings, events and attending exhibitions to generate leads and purchasing. Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK says “We’re happy to welcome three new additions to the UK team, offering a sound knowledge of electrical wiring components, extensive sales experience and strong collaborative mentally. Their keenness to progress is vital to the development and increased specification of Gira products and services, helping our business further understand this segment of the market and encourage a new level of market endurance.”

engineering marketplace, pooling the wealth of experience that these two organisations bring to the table. “One of my first tasks will involve restructuring and recruiting my department in readiness for a dual brand approach. A new Ontop external sales team, supported by a technical department will be set-up. Based in Schiedel’s UK headquarters, our warehouse will also take on the distribution of Ontop products.” David added, “as a long serving member of the Schiedel team I have seen the company grow and evolve over the last 35 years. This latest collaboration provides a great opportunity to move into new product ranges and applications, allowing both Schiedel and OnTop to develop innovative solutions. I am looking forward to helping both companies move forward with their ambitions, both in the UK and Europe.”

People on the move CME Builds on Growth with New Account Manager Specialist marketing company, Construction Marketing Experts (CME), has appointed Eleanor Cessford to the role of account manager, signalling the business’s growth just weeks after its move into Liverpool.


he new hire follows a busy year for CME after a number of new account wins and an extended remit for some of the company’s existing clients, all of which are companies operating within the built environment sector. Eleanor joins an existing six-strong team, which services clients across the UK from its Old Hall Street offices, providing strategic direction and branding along with delivery of all elements of marketing activity including design, websites, PR, e-marketing and social media. An experienced marketing professional and University of Liverpool graduate, Eleanor brings a broad range of expertise to CME, including strategic planning, client journey mapping and campaign management.

She also has a proven track record in digital marketing; including data and analytics, social media, pay-per-click and website projects. She will be responsible for managing day-to-day client relationships and activity across a broad range of accounts, including fire and security specialist, WLS, contract kitchen company, Commodore kitchens, and groundworks contractor, Shanco. Eleanor comments: “I’m delighted to have found a role with an agency that has a clear focus on a defined sector. CME approaches

Axim PR-7200 Series - Full Width Panic Exit Emergency and Panic Exit Devices must provide an easy method of escape for building occupants in the event of a fire or other emergencies, as well as provide security against intrusion and burglary. Within these scenarios there are two types of users: • Those that are not trained in the emergency evacuation of the building, e.g. shoppers in a retail outlet • Or those that have been trained to use the device, e.g. office workers Within these standards, it is classed that a horizontal bar device should be used for buildings where it is envisaged that the users will not have been trained in evacuation techniques. The Axim PR 7200 Series provides solutions which comply to both standards ensuring that, whatever the project type, specifiers can rely on Axim PR 7200 Series to supply the solution. The Axim PR-7200 Full Width Series is compliant to BS EN 1125. Features:

Visit: www.axim.co.uk

RRN319089 Axim QP.indd 1

Email: axim@parksidegroup.co.uk

Sarah Reay, founder and managing director of CME adds: “It was important for us to find the right person in terms of both skill set and a dynamic, enthusiastic and commerciallyaware approach. Eleanor is an ideal fit for the business and she’s already proved that she can hit the ground running as we plan for a busy year ahead in 2019.”

New Imperial Brick Tiles for feature walls at Homebuilding & Renovating Show Imperial Bricks will showcase its new range of Brick Tiles for decorative feature walls on stand E204 at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show, 28th-31st March, NEC Birmingham. This will include latest additions to the range, such as the premium Glazed Brick Tiles, with an artisan finish, plus a selection of new wooden Feature Wall Panels. Imperial’s expert team will be on hand at the show to discuss brick matching, review project plans and offer samples and advice for internal and external applications. Imperial has the widest selection of handmade, wirecut and pressed bricks with reclamation/weathered options, regional varieties and more. The Brick Tile range – driven by demand from architects and interior designers - is suitable for use on internal feature walls, kitchen splashbacks, decorative fireplaces or externally as cladding. Brick Tiles create an authentic brick wall effect, but don’t require costly labour or bricklaying skills for installation. Seven standard options are available, from Victorian Limewashed to the metallic blue Designer Linear. Jason Hughes, Managing Director, comments: “Homebuilding and Renovating has always been a really successful exhibition for us to connect with self-builders and homeowners and show them the possibilities traditional handmade bricks offer. We’re looking forward to another buzzing atmosphere!” Free tickets for the show are available directly from Imperial Bricks, or £18 on the day. For more information on the Brick Tile range, visit www.imperialhandmadebricks.co.uk/products/types/imperial-brick-tiles/ follow @Imperial_Bricks on Twitter and Pinterest or call 01952 750816.

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• The Axim PR-7200 is a concealed, vertical rod panic exit device which secures the top and bottom of the door, except during the operating cycle when the rods are retracted with cylinder key or when the touch bar is locked down with an Allen key (dogged) • The internal mechanism is manufactured from stainless and plated steel, with 8.5mm diameter steel operating rods that provide a 16mm bolt throw • Optional external key access is also available • The Axim PR-7200 is a full width soft touch panic exit device • Non-handed • The push bar is extruded aluminium in an anodised finish with coloured alloy end caps to match • All mounting screws are concealed • Available in 3 standard sizes PR-7200-36, PR-7200-42 & PR-7200-48 all of which can be cut to suit your required sizes

marketing with proven processes and accountability for delivering against established KPIs and I’m excited to play a key role in the next stage of the agency’s growth.”


14/02/2019 14:42:29

Floors & Flooring A sound specification for Bona Craft Oil 2K Bona Craft Oil 2K has been specified for the restoration of the Beech floor in the world’s largest purpose-built recording studio. The work was undertaken by Bona Certified Contractors, CMT Wood Flooring of Birmingham, contracted to commercial fit out specialists, Prestige Interiors. The London based studio is in constant use by orchestras and choruses. It was therefore essential that a highly durable finish was applied, that would not only protect the surface from the high levels of traffic but would also dry quickly to minimise downtime in this very busy space. CMT flooring initially recommended the use of Bona Traffic HD, the toughest waterborne lacquer manufactured by Bona, and which dries so quickly that the floor can be put back into full use in just 12 hours. However, the studio team were concerned that using a lacquer finish on the floor, which had been previously oiled, might change its acoustic properties. Consequently, the specification was changed to highly durable Bona Craft Oil 2K, a penetrating, two component oil with an equally impressive drying time of just eight hours for the ‘Neutral’, uncoloured version. Bona Craft Oil 2K is a unique formula based on modified plant-based oil and has a very low VOC content of less than 4%. It’s the perfect treatment for a wide variety of wood species including tricky ones such as cherry and walnut, and it produces a strong water and stain resistant surface that is ready for use in 8 or 12 hours (depending if neutral or coloured versions are used). In situations where supreme surface durability is required, Bona Craft Oil 2K can be overcoated with any version of Bona Traffic lacquer. Alec Stacey, Technical Manager at Bona Limited, said, “It was unusual for us to have to consider the acoustic properties of one of our finishes before creating this specification, but understandably this was of paramount importance for the studio team. Another beneficial property of a ‘traditional’ oil finish, is the ease with which local repairs can be made, usually without sanding. Any areas that become worn or discoloured can be corrected by simply buffing more oil into these areas and removing the excess. info.uk@bona.com | www.bona.com | 01908 525 150 RRN119059 Bona HP.indd 1

28/11/2018 14:06:40

DON’T MISS OUT ON A TICKET FOR THE TILING INDUSTRY’S BIG NIGHT OF THE YEAR! The annual TTA Awards take place on Friday 12 April at The Hilton Birmingham Metropole at the NEC. This is the occasion when the tiling industry celebrates its achievements from the past year. In all there are Awards in 17 categories to be presented this year, ranging from Tile Fixer of the Year to Excellence in Marketing, Wall and Floor Tile of the Year and Best Heritage Project.

RRNews - Issue 36

For the first time all Award categories have had input from the public vote this year, as well as expert scrutiny by a high calibre judging panel.


The judges this year are: Dan Kyle (winner of Tile Fixer of the Year 2018); Rebecca Talbot (Instarmac); Joni Tyler (head of CPD at RIBA); Dave Stott (Elite Tiling); Brian Linnington (Topps Tiles); Jeremy Harris (Tile Mountain); John Harris (Harper & Edwards); Peter Bale (Freelands Tiles); Edoardo Matarazzo (Sidcup Tile King); Billy Valler (TTA Director); Ian Crowther (Tiles UK); Paul Luff (TTA Chairman); Dave Rowley (Building Adhesives Ltd); Robert Howard MBE (Director TTA); Joe Simpson (Editor Tile & Stone Journal); Brian Newell (Shackerley Holdings Group Ltd). The Awards night will have the theme

of a Masquerade Ball, so be prepared for what is bound to be a memorable visual spectacle! This year the Awards have a record 11 Gold sponsors, reflecting the way they have become a key part of the fabric of the industry, with leading companies now viewing TTA Awards sponsorship as an integral part of their annual marketing activities. This year’s Gold sponsors are: Banks & Lloyd, Jackoboard, Mapei, Norcros Adhesives, Shackerley Holdings Group Ltd, Tilemaster Adhesives, Topps Tiles, Trimline Group, UltraTileFix, Walls and Floors and Warmup. Lithofin are a Silver sponsor.

Tickets to attend the event are available from the Awards website or by calling TTA on 0300 365 8453. Tickets cost £175 + VAT per person or £1,575 + VAT for a table of ten. Second tables of ten are available at £1,400 + VAT. All information on the Awards is available on the Awards website at www.ttaawards.com or by calling TTA on 0300 365 8453 or by emailing awards@tile.org.uk


Students in Architecture, Building and Planning Have Fallen -19% in the Last Decade

Setcrete, the market-leading manufacturer of high-performance floor preparation products, has redesigned the product packaging for its popular range of floor levelling compounds to enhance its ‘on shelf’ visibility and simplify product selection.

• Veterinary Science has seen the most significant increase in the past decade. • Combined Subjects has seen the most significant decrease in the past decade. • In 2016-17, there were 1,012,425 entrants to higher education institutions in the UK. • Business and Administrative Studies saw the highest student participation rate in 2016-17 (333,075.)


The design of the product packaging has been refreshed and emboldened with distinctive colour coding used to differentiate the products in the range. Highlighting the key benefits of each product, the new packaging works to facilitate product selection, making prominent use of both the product name and its primary application.

er the report Patterns and Trends in UK Higher Education (Universities UK), in 2016-17 there were 1,012,425 entrants to higher education institutions in the UK; 56,400 fewer than in 2007-08. However, total student numbers have fluctuated over the period across different types of study, with record numbers of full-time undergraduates and postgraduates in 2016-17. To better understand how student subject choices have changed over the last decade, global training providers and further education advocates, theknowledgeacademy.com analysed Universities UK’s latest report in detail, with a view to forecast the subjects that may be of interest to learners in 2019. The Knowledge Academy found, between 2007-08 and 201617, changing student demand has been reflected in the courses universities offer.

The strong colour coding of each product makes visual identification fast and straightforward, ensuring the right products are selected when out on a job. For example, the packaging enables users to easily differentiate between Setcrete’s Rapid Set 30 - a superfast-setting levelling compound, Setcrete Deep Base for raising floor levels up to 50mm, and Setcrete High Performance, which is designed to go over flexible subfloors such as plywood. Other products in the range to feature the new packaging include Setcrete Latex, Setcrete Universal and Setcrete 2K Pro, which can be applied over old adhesive residues. Commenting on the new packaging design, Setcrete Brand Manager Peter Wilson said: “The new packaging makes product identification and selection quick and simple for busy tradespeople, ensuring they get the right product for the job. The redesign also presents the products consistently to reassure buyers that the high level of performance they experience using any specific product will be replicated in other products from the range.” Website: www.setcrete.co.uk

Revealed: These are the UK business hotspots for Architecture RRN319084 Setcrete QP.indd 1

07/02/2019 12:52:19

According to Gov.uk more than £20 million is being injected into the UK’s increasing number of creative industries, in order to attract new talent, scale up businesses, boost skills and provide further education.


he creative industries are currently a motor of growth within local economies spanning across the UK, not just in London and the South East of England. With increasing productivity and growing workforces, creative industries have the potential to play a role in closing the UK’s productivity gap. Moreover, British creative industries have made another record contribution to the economy in 2018 with £101 billion (Creative Industries Policy and Research Centre). This comes as no surprise considering film, TV, radio, music, IT services, publishing, photography and advertising are all part of this dominating sector. British business and consumer marketplace, OnBuy.com sought to identify which areas across the UK have an above average specialism within the creative industries detailing the highest employment rate and number of businesses.

The top towns and cities with the highest opportunities in architecture with the most businesses with an above average specialisation include: London (4,128), Manchester (525), Glasgow (285), Edinburgh (228), Guildford & Aldershot (238) and Bristol with 205.

Where can you find the most architecture specialists in the UK? OnBuy.com discovered that the following six towns and cities had the highest employment*, with an above average number of employees specialising in architecture: London (26,395 employees), Manchester (3,695), Glasgow (1,695), Leicester (1,835), Edinburgh (1,510) and finally Bristol with 1,140. Furthermore, OnBuy assessed the areas with the highest employment rate, and its overall added value to the local specialism. This revealed that although London has the highest employment number, Leicester has the highest gross added value (GVA) in reference to the number of people employed in this sector. Indicating that the value of architecture within Leicester has increased by 1.75%. Thereafter the order is as follows: London (1.74%), Edinburgh (1.44%), Glasgow (1.38%), Manchester (1.35%) and finally Bristol (1.24%).

RRNews - Issue 36

The data was obtained using the Nesta ‘Creative Nations’ interactive tool, selecting each creative industry (seven in total) and using the tool to collate data and statistics on the towns and cities with an above average local specialisation in each selected industry.

The industries included in the tool are as follows: Advertising and Marketing, Architecture, Design (product, graphic and fashion design), Film, TV, Video, Radio and Photography, IT Software and Computer Services, Music, Performing and Visual Arts and finally Publishing.


Karndean Designflooring announces heritage tile collection Karndean Designflooring has introduced a creative new collection featuring a range of exquisite designs inspired by the architectural tiled floors of grand Victorian and Regency villas and townhouses.


he brand-new Heritage Collection is designed to give the opulent look of classic geometric tiles. From striking monochrome designs to beautifully blended traditional patterns, the collection reflects both the classic elegance of historic homes and the boldness of contemporary trends. Ideal for recreating the original character of elegant period interiors or for a contemporary statement look, the new collection features a tasteful mix of shades that can be used to create a totally individual look. Perfect for busy rooms where highly durable flooring is required, Karndean’s Heritage Collection reinvents historical style with all the benefits of luxury vinyl tiles, offering a practical choice for an on-trend, modern floor.

ABOVE Karndean Designflooring Heritage Collection Clifton CLIF-04 Presenting ten exclusive new colours, from RIGHT Karndean Designflooring Heritage Collection Clifton CLIF-01 timeless terracotta, crimson and gold to contemporary dove grey, taupe and baby blue, alongside two Opus designs Luna and Nero, the Heritage Collection features square, triangular and octagonal tiles, available in all 12 shades, which can be mixed and matched in any combination to create a truly individual floor.

The versatility of the new Heritage Collection is amply demonstrated with 18 pre-assembled colour combinations in four tile patterns– Clifton, Lansdown, Montpellier and Mayfair. Clifton is a timeless classic pattern using square and triangular tiles to create a star and square effect, presented in four suggested colourways. A pattern that looks stylish in traditional monochrome, Clifton also offers calm neutral combinations in taupe or dove grey and white, or a contemporary mix of dove grey and azure blue balanced with soft-white and black highlights. Lansdown presents a clean and contemporary grid effect which looks stunning in a simple yet elegant black and white or highlighted with bold blue or green inset tiles. For a more modern look, a softer, understated option is offered in a combination of dove grey and white. Karndean Designflooring Heritage Collection Lansdown LANS-02 LEFT

BELOW Karndean Designflooring Heritage Collection Montpellier MONT-06

The opulent Montpellier mixes octagonal tiles with square insets in a contrasting shade for a neo-classical style. Presented in eight suggested colourways,

traditional colours such as terracotta, black and white are combined for a classic look, or offered in a statement design with contemporary blue, grey, pink or taupe shades. Finally, Mayfair recreates a traditional pattern historically found in the entrance halls of grand Victorian homes and is offered in a classic colour combination of blue and terracotta or as a modern interpretation with a combination of blue, crimson and gold. A selection of border options and infill tiles is available to provide a sophisticated finish to each floor design, with brick and diamond shapes in a choice of sizes and corresponding corner sections.

RRNews - Issue 36

The Heritage Collection has been designed to enable home decorators to create a bespoke statement floor with any combination of colours, or to be combined with full-sized Karndean wood planks or stone tiles to create a focal point in any room.


Like the original Victorian tiles, Karndean’s new Heritage Collection is hard-wearing and waterproof but, unlike the original floors that required regular waxing and buffing, is easy to maintain and will resist spills and stains.

For more information visit www.karndean.com/heritage

World Beating Adhesive Technology

For Every Flooring

Installation THE UK’S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF FLOORING ADHESIVES F Ball’s specialist range of industry leading flooring adhesives provides solutions for

every - from temperature extremes with the

highly innovative Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS to adhesive technology for textile, resilient and wood flooring.

And F.Ball has adhesive recommendations for over 5000 florcoverings from 200 leading floorcovering manufacturers.


F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7RS, UK

Tel: 01538 361 633 • email: mail@f-ball.co.uk • web: www.f-ball.co.uk

Keeping your surface preparation equipment healthy Prior to the second world war, machines were basic, bulky and slow running. Because production demands were low, machine downtime did not cause considerable problems. However, with technological advancements they have become lightweight and run faster, and businesses have become heavily reliant on them. Simultaneously, production demand has soared, so that machine downtime can have detrimental consequences for businesses.


ere Pete Miller, territory sales manager at surface preparation expert National Flooring Equipment, explains how best to maintain machinery. Like any machinery, surface preparation equipment must be looked after and maintained for several important reasons. Firstly, it maximises the lifespan of machines, reducing the need to spend large amounts of money replacing them. Secondly, contractors rarely have spare surface preparation equipment. If their machine is down, they have no choice but to do the work manually. A job that usually takes one piece of machinery may then require the labour of several people, which is certain to have a negative financial impact on the business.

Every machine supplied by National Flooring Equipment has a warranty. The company has territory sales managers who travel to customers to perform maintenance work and provide demonstrations, giving end users the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the machines and ask questions. Pete Miller, territory sales manager at surface preparation expert National Flooring Equipment


How often? Many machine components, such as hydraulic fluid, batteries and wheel motors, must be replaced before reaching the end of their lifespan. New machines have a break-in period. During this phase, maintenance work is performed more regularly. For example, the hydraulic filter on a new machine should be replaced after 100 hours of operation, whereas on an older machine this is not necessary until after 200 hours of operation. To keep machines on a regular schedule for maintenance, National Flooring Equipment provides checklists highlighting the areas that need regular and recurring work. Prevention Because of the inconvenience caused when a machine is not usable, the best approach to maintenance is prevention. Contractors should familiarise themselves with the normal appearance and performance of each piece of equipment. They will then be able to spot any issues before the machines break down. Key things to look out for Surface preparation generates large amounts of dust and debris that can block machines and prevent them from running effectively. Contractors can avoid this by regularly cleaning their equipment and ensuring all moving parts are working smoothly. Regular checking for loose nuts and bolts is also key to preventing major machine downtime.

RRNews - Issue 36

Scrapers are either self-propelled or hydraulically driven. It’s important to check for leaks coming from the hydraulic line and tighten the fitting if necessary. The lubrication around the fittings must also be maintained. In addition, build-up of sticky substances on the blades can diminish their effectiveness, so this should be avoided with regular cleaning.


Shot blasters can also be self-propelled but are often electrically driven. These machines have many moving parts and it is crucial to check for binding and misaligned, improperly mounted or broken components that may affect the machine’s operation. The blast wheel is a common wear part and should be replaced regularly. Who is responsible? It’s the contractor’s responsibility to know when maintenance work on their equipment is required. However, they should only

carry out the work themselves if they have the suitable tools and knowledge. We recommend that contractors begin by reading the operating and service manuals that come with their machine. Though maintenance work on surface preparation equipment is advised but not forced, some hire companies may set a requirement that it be performed. How National Flooring Equipment can help Every machine supplied by National Flooring Equipment has a warranty. The company has territory sales managers who travel to customers to perform maintenance work and provide demonstrations, giving end users the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the machines and ask questions. National Flooring Equipment also offers regular training sessions, giving existing and potential customers an in-depth insight into how best to operate and care for equipment. In addition, the company has a repair centre at its manufacturing plant in Minneapolis and manuals that customers can refer to for advice on maintenance. Preventative maintenance must be carried out for all surface preparation equipment to avoid the problems associated with machine downtime. For more information visit www.nationalequipment.com

The Contract Flooring Association The Contract Flooring Association is one of the leading trade associations within the contract flooring industry. Members of the Association include contractors, manufacturers, distributors and consultants — both large and small, operating from locations throughout the UK. With such a high level of commitment from so many companies and individuals, the CFA has a wealth of resources at its fingertips. It is this breadth and depth of information that makes it so much more than just a trade association.

Specify CFA Tmembers and

he objectives of the CFA are to promote the highest standards of professionalism, safety and training while at the same time, providing essential services and expert information to ensure the quality and productivity of our members’ businesses.

own challenges and options in terms of installation specification. A quality contractor will know the correct adhesive for the flooring product, or the right primer for the subfloor and so will help maximize your investment and minimise flooring failures.

The CFA produces industry-leading publications annually together with the Contract Flooring Journal, the official journal of the CFA, to ensure that the flooring industry has up-to-date information to hand:

Architects, specifiers and main contractors require the quality of service, installation and support that CFA members can provide. Consequently, many public and private organisations and an increasing number of local authorities are now specifying that CFA members must be used.

• CFA Members’ Handbook – is a guide to all the CFA member companies and gives confidence that you are selecting professionals throughout the contract flooring supply chain. An online directory is available to search for CFA members by location or by flooring type at www.cfa.org.uk • CFA Training Guide – offers the latest information about flooring training opportunities in the UK • CFA Guide to Sustainability – is the definitive source of the latest information about sustainability within the flooring industry

All our contractor members have passed the CFA membership vetting process and are annually audited to ensure that they continue to meet our membership criteria. They are all established quality companies offering high standards of installation. Through the CFA they all have access to up-to-date technical, environmental and quality Standards and all adhere to the Contractors’ Code of Conduct.

QUALITY BY ASSOCIATION All our contractor members have passed the CFA membership vetting process and are annually audited to ensure that they continue to meet our membership criteria. Specifying a CFA member for your next flooring project could mean the difference between success — or a flooring failure. Being a CFA member is a mark of quality. It will provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that you are dealing with a quality company.

Additionally, the CFA Guide to Contract Flooring The CFA supports members with is a unique reference guide which is updated a wealth of knowledge to assist every 5 years and gives the latest information with both flooring installation and and best practice for the installation of common Specifying a CFA member for your next flooring project could mean the running a business, including: floorcovering types. • British Standard success Institute (BSi)— or a flooring failure. Most of the UK’s largest difference between CHOOSE a CFA member - the difference between Codes of Practice and best• known Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors and Consultants success and a flooring failure Employment Law • Health and Safety are CFA members — and for good reason. Flooring is a major element in most contracts • Insurance and, with more products to choose from than • Technical support and advice ever before, obtaining the right installer has • CFA members promote high standards, knowledge and expertise • Training never been so important. Flooring is diverse and • Specifying CFA members will maximize your investment and technically demanding: each product type has its • Dispute resolution

minimize costly flooring failures Architects, • All members have to pass a vetting process specifiers and main contractors require the quality of service, installation and support that CFA members can provide.

LEFT Image kindly supplied by Interface TOP RIGHT Image kindly supplied by Junckers Ltd

Image kindly supplied by Junckers Ltd

Image kindly supplied by Karndean Designflooring BOTTOM RIGHT Image kindly supplied by Karndean Designflooring

Tel: 0115 941 1126 www.cfa.org.uk

Email: info@cfa.org.uk

Contract Flooring Association, 4c St Mary’s Place, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1PH

Image kindly supplied by Interface


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GRAHAM completes £21.8m Senator refurbishment at St Paul’s GRAHAM has completed work on Senator in St Paul’s. Developed by Vantage, a joint venture partnership between Legal & General Capital and PGGM, the building provides 150,000 sq ft of premium commercial space in one of London’s most sought-after locations.


esigned by Ben Adams Architects, the building has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment that capitalises on its prime location with a new seventh floor pavilion and rooftop gardens offering unrivalled views of London’s skyline. During the construction programme, GRAHAM reconfigured the building’s atrium to provide more natural light to the internal areas and introduced a new grey granite cladding to frame the building’s exterior. In addition to seven floors of commercial space, the development also benefits from a new flexible dining area, cycle storage and 5,700 sq ft of landscaped gardens featuring wild flower meadows to enhance the arrival experience for visitors. Digital tools played a major role in streamlining work flows throughout the different stages of the programme. For example, BIM 360 enabled the site team members to visually analyse the progress of the snagging phase and make evidencebased decisions, which ultimately sped up delivery. The building’s energy performance has also vastly improved, achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating. Nigel Fuller, Senior Fund Manager at Legal & General, said: “Senator’s refurbishment has transformed the building and is testament to our team’s ability to reshape existing buildings in prime urban locations to make them suitable for today’s modern working environment. There is a huge demand for this type of work space from blue chip occupiers who recognise the importance of its work environment to improve its staff’s well-being and productivity.” Rob Joyce, GRAHAM’s London office Director, said: “This new commercial development in the heart of St Paul’s provides outstanding office space for occupiers and benefits from some of London’s best views. Throughout the construction programme we have worked closely with the wider project team to give Senator a new lease of life and improve its energy p erformance, which will reduce its future running costs.”

“This new commercial development in the heart of St Paul’s provides outstanding office space for occupiers and benefits from some of London’s best views. Throughout the construction programme we have worked closely with the wider project team to give Senator a new lease of life and improve its energy performance, which will reduce its future running costs.”

INTRODUCING LYNDHURST GARDENS A Grade II Listed Renovation in North London

RRNews - Issue 36



uilt in 1886 and subdivided into flats in 1935, the Lyndhurst Gardens project received status as a Grade II Listed building in 1998 and has recently benefitted from a full refurbishment by London architecture firm LBMV Architects. Located within the stunning Fitzjogns/ Netherhall Conservation area, the project involved the complete redesign of the original ground floor flat layout, with the result revealing a contemporary glass extension that increases the homeowner’s living space and maximises views to the landscaped garden outside. LBMV Architects were tasked with turning the 161sqm 4 bedroom flat into a spacious and comfortable 3 bedroom home with generous living space for every aspect of family life. By introducing a rear extension to the property, a large

By displaying large panels of glass and a striking black frame, the extension creates a contrast to the traditional Victorian brickwork and establishes a statement focal feature that can be enjoyed from the garden.

RRNews - Issue 36

open-plan kitchen is created and sliding glass doors allow the option of alfresco entertaining in the summer. By displaying large panels of glass and a striking black frame, the extension creates a contrast to the traditional Victorian brickwork and establishes a statement focal feature that can be enjoyed from the garden. The design also ensures that the interaction with the listed building is minimal, with clear boundaries between old and new. Once inside, the interiors are carefully considered to interact with the historical features of the rooms and feature storage and design details handmade by fine joiners. As part of the project, LBMV Architects completed a full refurbishment of the interior, introducing luxury materials and a contemporary aesthetic that continues the balance between tradition and modern innovation that is evident throughout this impressive period renovation.



Panasonic are Finalists in the 2019 H&V News Awards Panasonic is pleased to announce they have been shortlisted in two categories in the upcoming and highly regarded H&V News Awards for 2019. The two categories are for Renewable Project of the Year with the holiday bubble style Dome project and in the Air Movement Product category with the new Hybrid VRF. The H&V News Awards is celebrating their 25th Anniversary during 2019 and have become a ‘must attend’ event in the industry calendar to commend and showcase the achievements throughout the year within the HVAC industry. The awards celebrate the accomplishments in meeting with today’s environmental challenges through innovative products and projects. The awards ceremony will be held on the Thursday 25th April 2019 at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

Consort Claudgen has launched the CRXSL wireless controller which is compatible with all Consort’s RX and SL heaters. It is mains or battery-powered and offers up to six temperature settings a day, seven days a week. It has three different operating modes and features a 15-minute Boost with temperature control to provide the maximum comfort quickly. The optional open window detection feature is fully automatic and, once enabled in the setup menu, it does not require further intervention to be activated. This feature when active helps to minimise heat loss, thus reducing energy wastage and saving money. Other features include child lock, large backlit LCD display and touch screen. The CRXSL can also control multiple RX and SL heaters at the same time. Supplied with a security wall bracket and a table top stand, the CRXSL can be placed anywhere in a room. For details, email sales@consortepl.com or call 01646 692172.

RRN319078 Consort QP.indd 1

Panasonic worked in collaboration with architects, engineers and designers to ensure the innovative glamping bubble style Domes in Northern Ireland at the beautiful Finn Lough Resort are heated and cooled efficiently, are sustainable and cost effective to run. Every Dome is kitted out with Panasonic Aquarea Fan Coils which are connected to air to water Panasonic Aquarea Monobloc heat pumps for quick reaction heating and cooling as well as domestic hot water. The Panasonic new Hybrid VRF continues to impress, combining electric (EHP) and gas-driven (GHP) heat pump technology for optimal efficiency. The new Hybrid VRF reduces energy costs whilst providing free hot water from the waste heat of the GHP engine making the unit both efficient, sustainable and reliable. The new Hybrid VRF solution steers heating and cooling technology in a new direction, partnering two solutions to create a fusion for the future. As a global leader in pioneering electronics, Panasonic has shaped a diverse network of production and R&D facilities on a global level, enabling the distribution of cutting-edge technologies that set the standard for all other products worldwide. For more information on the above please do get in touch with our team via email, uk-aircon@eu.panasonic.com or telephone 01344 853182.

13/02/2019 RRN319040 12:40:50 Panasonic QP.indd 1

18/02/2019 14:46:07

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09/05/2018 12:03:23


Heating, Ventilation & Insulation ALL OF A TWITTER OVER ENVIRONMENTAL RECOGNITION A unique design of ventilation grille from Gilberts Blackpool has helped Twitter achieve its first platinum level LEED (leadership in energy & environmental design) award in the world. The social media brand’s European, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) headquarters in Cumberland Place, Dublin, is Twitter’s biggest office outside the US. The six storey, 1970s building has been refurbished in partnership with its owners Hibernia REIT to be as eco-friendly as possible. As a result, Cumberland Place has now been awarded the highest LEED certification available- platinummaking it Twitter’s first office to achieve this level of LEED certification, and one of the few offices in Dublin to attain it. Key elements of the eco refurbishment, designed by MCA architects, have been green roofs, optimised use of glazing, and an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system. The ventilation throughout uses Gilberts’ circular GSFE swirl diffusers with a supplementary coanda plate integrated into exposed building services, supplied by Keane Environmental. Explained Keane Environmental’s Patrick Keane, “Exposed building services were chosen to optimise the floor to ceiling space and create an airy feel to the offices. The consulting engineers METEC realised whilst this approach suited the modern, open ambience the client wanted, it had repercussions-ultimately, without a ceiling effect there would be no way for the air to leave the diffusers, along the ceiling and drop naturally without draughts onto the people below.

RRNews - Issue 36

RRN319067 Gilberts HP.indd 1

“Using a coanda plate around the diffuser gives enough surface area for the air to attach horizontally, and fall naturally, and comfortably for the space occupants. We added Gilberts’ extended acoustic inlet plenums to the grilles to mirror the acoustic modulation effect of the ceiling without affecting the airflow volume. Thus we stayed true to the architectural design and the environmental criteria.” Added Sean Boyle, head of real estate and workplace, Twitter EMEA, “Cumberland Place is a fantastic office space…the high quality indoor air circulation allows our employees and partners to do their best work, in a world-class setting.” Gilberts’ circular GSF fixed swirl diffuser - a patented design- uses radial vanes behind a perforated face to allow the introduction of high levels of air horizontally across the ceiling with rapid entrainment and intermixing delivering

an omni directional discharge with high room induction. The E variant of this diffuser used at Cumberland House features fixed blades in a circular, rather than square, perforated fascia with removable core; air entry can be top or side, with airflow volumes from 0.025m/3s to 0.477m/3s dependant on diffuser size and neck velocity . Gilberts is the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist. Alongside its comprehensive range of grilles, louvres and diffusers, it has the ability, in-house, to design, manufacture, and test bespoke solutions to meet specific project requirements. It also has one of the most technically-advanced in-house test centres in the country- which it designed and built using internal resources- at its 90,000sq ft Blackpool headquarters. Gilberts - T: 01253 766911; E: info@gilbertsblackpool.com 13/02/2019 11:24:55


Renowned for their easy lighting and startling control of fire. Clearview Stoves pioneered the clean burning dual control stove to provide a crystal clear fire view combined with rapid response and efficiency. Clearview Stoves have gained a reputation over more than 30 years for building the very best stoves available. All Clearview’s stoves are entirely built at their Shropshire factory where all parts are always kept in stock. Clearview Stoves can advise on flues and chimneys, their extensive knowledge has been gained from many thousands of installations and satisfied customers. Clearview owners will often say “their Clearview is the best thing they have ever bought” Clearview Stoves, More Works, Bishops Castle, Shropshire SY9 5GB – 01588 650123 www.clearviewstoves.com

62 RRN319091 Clearview QP.indd 1

19/02/2019 09:24:08

ComfortFilm is typically used in areas where a flat, homogenous and easy to handle heating film is required, such as residential or commercial buildings for flooring, wall and ceiling heating installations.

ComfortFilm is perfectly seamless and sustainable heating system plastered into the surface matrix or placed directly under surface finish for proximity to surface ensuring efficiency.

No Running Parts

Easy to Install

Environmentally Friendly

ComfortFilm provides a choice of convective or radiant systems for maximum comfort preference and customization. ComfortFilm is an ideal heating solution for refurbishments and renovations that will save you time and money.

99.97% Efficiency

INQUIRE NOW brichardson@laminaheat.co.uk www.laminaheat.com +44 (0)1269 542123

Proximity to Surface

Radiant Heat

IT’S NO MIRAGE, THE INDUSTRY IS CHANGING FAST… Says Tony Gittings, managing director of Rinnai, a global leader in the manufacture of hot water heating units and systems. And it is the end user that is emerging as the determining force in making changes to suit today’s demands and expectations.


n the past several years we have seen some extraordinary changes in our little patch of the wide heating and plumbing arena. Gone are the established supply lines, gone too, is the dominance of the ‘traditional’ products in the supply of hot water in commercial and institutional sites.

Commercial systems of hot water provision come mainly via the traditional style ‘stored’ system – or the Rinnai continuous flow method where hot water is delivered instantly, economically and efficiently in an engineering sense. But the consumer and the installer - domestic or commercial – are beginning to demand a complete service now. We have seen and even anticipated these changes.

We have very deliberately aimed the bulk of all marketing communications direct to these sectors offering instant technical support, design service, comprehensive training courses at either our own tailor-made facility or at a venue of a customer’s choice. We have also initiated five accredited CPD courses. We believe that we are the best valuefor-money units and systems of hot water delivery currently available to the UK commercial and residential market. And we have proof of that in two independent reports from AECOM which show continuous flow as being at least more economic than any other type of system or unit.

Rinnai has made considerable financial investments in the two critical areas of any commercial enterprise - high quality of products and service excellence aimed solely at the installer and their end user. We espouse the concept of complete system efficiency in terms of hot water delivery and we practise that every single working day.


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It really does look like the days of boxshifting are gone.

Our products are of the highest possible quality, offering long term, robust performance giving useable hot water on demand at the turn of a tap, all at an economic and energy efficient level. Coupled with that is our service – we have a dedicated salesforce dealing directly with installers, contractors, designers, consultants and facilities & estate managers.

Jennifer Williams looks at how continuous flow hot water delivery systems are fast overtaking the old technology of heating and storing water ready use.

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At the moment, domestic hot water provision is provided via the boiler, usually a combi type, although those homes with renewables tend to use a water heating appliance as an

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So, there is no doubt that hot water consumption is rising and, given the rapid development of techniques building energy efficient homes which require less than 10kW heating, means that hot water provision is getting more and more driven by the end user.


One of the biggest water companies has a consumption guide on its website and it estimates that just one person will use almost 180 litres of water daily. A quick website also shows the per person consumption of hot water when they are away from home. When someone stays at a hotel or hospital, they consume 160 litres of hot water each day! Offices use a measly 22 litres in comparison!

auxiliary supplement. But the biggest development in the last few years has been the launch of installing companies which are wholly and totally based online. These typically give the consumer a quote, a date for installation and provide finance. The installer is given a date and time to do the installation - no buying of materials - the domestic heating marketing is now thinking inside the Box because of innovations like Boxt.

Reports from the market on hot water heating system delivery in the commercial sector are showing a transition away from older technologies, which commonly use large volumes of cylinder stored and reheated hot water, are reaching a ‘tipping point’ with continuous flow units vastly out-perform them in terms of capital costing, economy of fuel, plant room space and lifetime efficiency. Each family is said to use 80 litres of hot water daily and the older technologies employed by traditional means of stored hot water heating systems are increasingly unable to economically and sustainably meet these market demands. Stored types of systems feature an insulated cylinder or container that keeps large quantities of water heated by either a boiler or immersion heater, and reheated when temperatures drop below a useable temperature. Thus, when there is demand, stored water is released and used, and then the cylinder refilled and reheated to remain at optimum temperatures (above 60°C) until next use. The market today requires and expects instant access to hot water, and in most domestic and light commercial applications there is no need for an inefficient system that can have a significant lag in recovery time to fully reheated water reserves. The major claimed benefits of storage systems lie in large commercial applications, such as a gyms or hotels, which need very large volumes of water at peak times – however, this can be easily accommodated by using a cascade system of continuous flow units. According to an AECOM independent study (AECOM is the largest building services consultancy in the world) the life cycle costings of continuous flow systems in comparison to equivalent storage systems, on average a ‘continuous flow water heating system can be up to 7% more economical’. At 89% efficiency on average, a storage system will encounter heat loss and wasted energy - reheating at times when there is no demand, for example. A continuous flow unit will maintain an efficiency level of 96%, increasing the returns on investment; or in other words, major savings on ongoing costs. Continuous flow hot water delivery is disrupting the old ways with new ways of doing it better, faster and more economically. The continuous flow units and systems offer heating efficiency, reliability, space saving, Legionella prevention and environmentally conscious Low NoX outputs - plus a Limescale Check system which ensures optimum performance throughout the life of the unit by constant monitoring and alerts for any buildup of lime-scale residue. Limescale can build exponentially if left and ignored, where a 1.6mm depth of limescale on a heat exchanger means a drop in efficiency of at least 12% - and a cut in the efficiency of any system means higher running costs. ‘The payback investment over the 10 years-plus life of a single Rinnai unit can be measured and shown to out-perform cheaper and much less efficient water heaters in a matter of months’, adds Chris Goggin, Operations Director.

Pay as you go A4.indd 1

Water is the stuff of life, simple as that. It is a very precious commodity that is the foundation of our entire quality of life. In 2013 the Energy Savings Trust completed and issued a major report titled ’At Home with Water’. The report detailed our domestic use of water. It came up with some stunning figures re: the amount of water used domestically – each person uses approx. 140 litres of water daily with the average household using almost 350 litres per day. Just think of a one litre bottle of water, then multiply it 350 times – it’s a huge amount and it is not decreasing.

Water is the stuff of life, simple as that. It is a very precious commodity that is the foundation of our entire quality of life. In 2013 the Energy Savings Trust completed and issued a major report titled ’At Home with Water’. The report detailed our domestic use of water. It came up with some stunning figures re: the amount of water used domestically – each person uses approx. 140 litres of water daily with the average household using almost 350 litres per day. Just think of a one litre bottle of water, then multiply it 350 times – it’s a huge amount and it is not decreasing.

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High-performance insulation keeps 500 Cornish-type homes warm in Herefordshire

Underfloor Heating & Press Plumbing

A programme of energy efficiency upgrades to housing association houses in Herefordshire has passed a major landmark, with 500 Cornishtype homes having significantly improved energy efficiency thanks to high-performance insulation.

500 of the 600 homes using high-performance insulation from SuperFOIL Insulation. Director of Merriman Roofing Contractors Ltd, Mike Merriman said: Underfloor Heating

Radiator Heating

Plumbing Products

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“We were given the target of decreasing the thermal T: 01455 555930 F: 01455 555931 E: enquiries@maincor.co.uk conductivity of the insulation in SuperFOIL Insulation is working the Mansard roofs to a u-value with Merriman Roofing Ltd and of 0.30 W/m²K. Because of the Herefordshire Housing Association narrow space between the interior on a major project that aims to rooms and the exterior roofing, upgrade the energy efficiency of traditional insulation that would the association’s homes. meet this target was too thick, so we needed a more space-efficient While many of those homes are solution. traditional units, a proportion of them are so-called Cornish Type “SuperFOIL’s SF40 multifoil 1 properties. These homes are insulation was the only product one of the most recognisable on the market that could do the affordable housing designs of the job and we’ve used it on every post-war period with a distinctive one of the 500 homes to great Mansard roof. Tens of thousands effect. Using SuperFOIL, we’ve of the homes were built across the exceeded our target and cut UK between 1946 and the 1960s the u-value to just 0.26 W/m²K. but the unusual structure means SuperFOIL’s SF40 insulation has it’s very difficult to significantly been quick and easy to install and improve the energy efficiency it should cut residents’ heating of the homes using traditional bills significantly. I’m really materials and tools. pleased with the results.” Herefordshire-based, Merriman Website: www.superfoil.co.uk Roofing Ltd has now upgraded

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The wood burning stove perfected

CLEARVIEW SHOWROOMS Ludlow, Stow-on-the-Wold and Whitchurch, plus stockists throughout the UK Manufactured at More Works, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, SY9 5GB Brochure Line: 01588 650 123 www.clearviewstoves.com

Building for the future By Mark Deeney, sales director, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation


ne change happening in the built environment is the move to constructing more mixeduse buildings, especially in our towns and cities. This can assist to alleviate some of the housing shortages as well as providing a way to regenerate city centres and create aspiring spaces fit for the future. The housing shortage is certainly a concerning issue — Full Fact suggests that we need to build an extra 240,000 – 250,000 houses each year to meet demand. Some ‘futurists’ envisage that these houses will be in buildings that act as mini-cities or be low cost constructions that replace windows with VR screens. However, the immediate future is likely to be less revolutionary in building design —but there does need to be changes. Part of these changes involve the drive to improve sustainability and reduce carbon

Electric heating can give you a way to futureproof your building. While the perception has been that this technology is old, modern heaters come in a range of aesthetic designs to fit in with buildings for the future. They can also have inbuilt sensing technology which can detect situations such as an open window.

RRNews - Issue 36

BELOW Mark Deeney, sales director, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation


emissions in new developments as well as making houses and commercial spaces better places to live and work. Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) technology is one area that can help to keep pace with developments of the future by aiding buildings to achieve better compliance standards and improved thermal comfort. However, there are some important challenges to overcome when meeting these needs. Whether Part L, Part F, The London Plan, SAP 10, Scottish pertinent sections or the Welsh low carbon pathway; no building of the future can ignore the requirements for energy efficiency, fuel and power conservation, limiting heat gains and losses, reduced carbon emissions and improved ventilation. So, where do you start and which technologies should you be looking at?

Overcoming the challenges with electric heating, ventilation and cooling solutions Electric heating can give you a way to future-proof your building. While the perception has been that this technology is old, modern heaters come in a range of aesthetic designs to fit in with buildings for the future. They can also have inbuilt sensing technology which can detect situations such as an open window. An investment in electric energy solutions for your upcoming projects will not only enable you to pass current building regulations but will also support your business to meet future regulations and their ever-tightening CO2 targets. Heat pumps are also a way of meeting the requirement for low carbon technologies. With the potential to reduce OPEX and CAPEX they provide a low carbon solution which can be used for heating, cooling and hot water. Able to improve building efficiency by reducing overheating issues while providing compliance with building regulations and SAP 10, they provide a viable alternative to traditional systems for a building fit for the future. Another technology which promotes

efficiency and sustainability is air curtains. They not only contribute significantly to the lower running costs of a building but also lead to greater energy efficiencies and a more comfortable environment. In fact, fitting an air curtain over frequently opening entrances can reduce whole building heating costs by up to 30% as a result of less heat escaping the building. Cooling and heating solutions which can integrate with a variety of emitters should be considered. In this way, they can be adapted to meet the varying requirements in design for buildings of the future. Indeed, choosing the right emitter may not only benefit in reduced carbon emissions, there can also be benefits in terms of reductions in pipework, wiring, installation and commissioning. Where mechanical ventilation and heat recovery is required, it will become increasing important to consider solutions that utilise waste heat, therefore protecting your building from overheating issues while still delivering on reduced carbon targets and increased energy efficiencies.

Conclusion It’s not going to be an easy task to ensure that all buildings for the future meet demand, expectations and regulations — and in a cost-efficient manner. In the residential sector, modular housing may be one way to meet demand, but these houses will also require heating, ventilation and cooling solutions. One advantage of electric heating solutions is that with correct design and guidance, piped heating and cooling systems can be integrated into the module and then connected on site — saving both time and cost. Choosing an HVAC system to meet your current and future demands doesn’t need to be complex. Working with the right supplier — one that innovates and provides solutions for the future — can help you navigate the regulations and requirements; to design and build a development truly fit for the future.

Learn more about creating energy efficient spaces with new REHAU TABS CPD Polymer specialist REHAU has launched a brand new CIBSE accredited CPD for its Thermally Activated Building Structures (TABS) product delving into the creation of energy efficient spaces.


ABS form an integral part of a green building and work by circulating cold or warm water through PE-Xa pipe circuits embedded in the concrete slab of a building. This ultimately increases the efficiency of energy usage as the concrete becomes a giant thermal accumulator, extracting heat from the space during the day and cooling the building at night. This process is far more energy efficient than traditional air-conditioning due to the elevated water temperatures involved, and therefore contributes to energy and cost savings in buildings using TABS.

There are also clear benefits for developers and building owners, for example there is a 30% lower investment cost and 50% lower capacity operating

cost, quick and easy installation and efficient performance of alternative energy sources due to low-flow temperatures. Drew Clough, Product Manager at REHAU said: “We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer a CIBSE accredited CPD for our TABS product. It is a system that provides so many benefits, both to the end user of the building and also to the developers and the environment in terms of its energy efficiency. “The product is also easy to install thanks to the REHAU EVERLOC jointing system, which plays a central role to the system, providing a clear benefit to installers as well. “So far REHAU TABS has been installed and is now being utilised at universities around the country and at the new Tate building in London. “We look forward to meeting with people also interested in making use of this system within future energy efficient spaces.”

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer a CIBSE accredited CPD for our TABS product. It is a system that provides so many benefits, both to the end user of the building and also to the developers and the environment in terms of its energy efficiency.“ During the CPD attendees will receive an introduction to TABS, an overview of the principles of installation, a run through of important design considerations and details on possible cost and energy savings that TABS can support in buildings. There will also be information provided on case studies where TABS has been successfully installed. Anyone interested in undertaking the CPD can do so at their own premises or at REHAU offices – and the session takes around one hour to complete.

For more information please visit www.rehau.uk/cpds

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Other benefits for users of the building as a result of installing TABS include, comfort cooling without draft effects, no sick building syndrome and reduced air exchange in combination with ventilation systems.

“The product is also easy to install thanks to the REHAU EVERLOC jointing system, which plays a central role to the system, providing a clear benefit to installers as well. So far REHAU TABS has been installed and is now being utilised at universities around the country and at the new Tate building in London.”













eight centuries of cornish craftsmanship


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Landscaping & External Works Drive to Success with Resin Drives Choose a resin bound installation team with BBA certification and over 10 years experience: ✔ Ideal for public pathways, hotels, car parks and leisure facilities ✔ Quick drying time to allow access as soon as possible ✔ 10 times more environmentally friendly than concrete ✔ Wheelchair friendly with anti-slip surface and great tyre traction for public safety Alternatively, order resin supplies online for your landscaping business ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Guaranteed next day delivery Two optional pick-up points Expert advice and hands-on training Huge range of dried aggregates, rubber mulch and resin grid systems

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SIKA FASTFIX – ALWAYS STRAIGHT TO THE POINT Sika® FastFix All Weather is a new selfsetting paving jointing compound from Sika Everbuild, providing the ideal solution to perfect pointing on paving, paths and patios. With a unique formula containing Active Resin Technology for advanced durability, Sika FastFix is supplied ready to use with no mixing required, is easy to apply in all weather conditions; even in the rain and won’t shrink or crack over time. Suitable for use on all joints from just 20mm deep, Sika FastFix can be used for a range of applications including footpaths, stone setts, cobbles and Indian sandstone paving slabs and once opened can be stored in water and reused to reduce waste.

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To coincide with the launch, a range of merchant support is available including an eye-catching display stand complete with an applied product sample, in store display boards and a full online and print media campaign.


For straight to the point information about Sika FastFix All Weather visit Everbuild.co.uk/FastFix or contact your local Sika Everbuild sales representative. RRN319049 Everbuild Sika HP.indd 1

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Altecnic strengthens its trade support team Heating and plumbing supplies specialist Altecnic is strengthening its market-leading position by restructuring its trade sales team and recruiting two new area sales managers.


he two new additions to Altecnic’s 16-strong team add to the diverse and vast experience of the Trade Sales Team gained in a variety of roles in the plumbing and heating industry, as well as maximising the coverage of the UK. Dave Bond joins as area sales manager for London and the South and Robert Bellingham will cover Scotland and the North East. Both have many years’ experience within the plumbing and heating industry, including running merchant branches. Dave, who was previously at Reliance Water Controls, will support the team in offering domestic and commercial products to merchants and contractors in the south of the country. Robert, who recently ran the Hamilton branch of Scottish independent plumbing supplies merchant, Richmonds, is looking to develop Altecnic’s presence in Scotland and the north of England. Steve Boyd, who heads up Altecnic’s national trade sales team, says, “We have a very exciting 2019 ahead of us, with plenty of change as we continue to grow and build our presence in the market. I’m delighted to welcome Dave and Robert to the trade sales team. These guys have been Altecnic’s customers for many years and not only know the products inside out, but also know the merchants and installers and

appreciate their unique needs and the issues they face.” Under Steve’s management, Altecnic’s trade sales team will focus on relationship selling by allowing more time to build strong relationships regionally with both contractors and merchants. Steve adds, “We’re committed to quality in all areas and are working to set the benchmark for pre- and post-sales support. The strength of our team will continue to drive Altecnic forward.” Altecnic is committed to providing high quality

heating and plumbing components for both the commercial and domestic sectors. The company has recently achieved a number of firsts in terms of product and training developments. Its range of Intaball gas lever ball valves was the first to be certified to EN 331:2015 (Class C), while its technical and specification teams have recently been awarded CIBSE accreditation as heat consultants and the company has developed a series of CIBSE-approved CPDs. In addition, Altecnic has just received a coveted award from NSF International, with its thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) being the first to be accredited to the new TMV2 quality scheme.

Perkins+Will welcomes sustainability director to London studio The London studio of global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will have announced the appointment of a new sustainability director, Asif Din, who joined in late January.


sif will be leading strategic initiatives for sustainable building across the firm’s practice areas, including urban design, architecture, hospitality, and workplace design. With over 20 years of experience working on a number of PassivHaus and Zero Energy Developments both in the UK and Asia, Asif brings both a unique expertise and perspective to the leadership team.

Throughout his career, Asif has been dedicated to low-carbon building and development. From Exmouth Market in London to Jubilee Wharf in Cornwall, Asif’s involvement has taken a proactive approach to identifying and integrating energy-efficient building solutions into architectural design. During his time in China, Asif supervised on internationally recognised design projects such as the London Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010. Here, Asif was responsible for developing energy solutions ranging from biodigesters, which produce renewable energy from waste products, to solar-powered cooling systems.

The appointment of a dedicated sustainability director in London further cements the global

Steven Charlton, managing director of Perkins+Will’s London studio said: “As a practising architect and environmental expert, Asif joins Perkins+Will at a time of growing global demand for leadership in sustainable design that looks at the entire lifecycle of a building. We are excited for our sustainability initiatives to have a strong director at their helm. Asif is perfect for the newly created Sustainability Director position, and I look forward to working with him to create designs that are economically and environmentally resilient, built to last, and focus on the occupants’ experience.” Asif Din, sustainability director said: “It is imperative that the architecture profession takes a proactive, not reactive, approach to tackling the realities of climate change through building design. I’m excited to join Perkins+Will to explore the range of sustainability opportunities in the London office, while also engaging with the firm’s breadth of research and expertise at a global level.”

RRNews - Issue 36

Following the Mayor of London’s goal of making the capital a zero-carbon city and at least 50 per cent green by 2050, Perkins+Will’s new appointment comes at an apt time. As London’s developers are facing increasing pressure to produce energy-efficient buildings, architects are taking a more proactive approach to future-proofing their designs.

practice’s reputation as a leader in green building, with expertise in sustainability, resilience, health and wellness, and mobility.


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spike. are



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Professional Solar Lighting by Lumena Lights Lumena’s Reliable Pro-Solar 365 Range Illuminates 365 Days a Year - Rain or Shine

Freeway 5 - Triple Function PIR - Wall or Post Mount

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Latest News A commitment to fix the system the government’s response to the Grenfell Tower Report We all recall the horrors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy on 14 June 2017 which resulted in the loss of 72 lives and many more being made homeless.


he fire, which breached compartmentation of the block, represents the greatest loss of life in a residential fire in a century. Following on from the tragedy, the government commissioned an independent review of the building regulations and fire safety to be led by Dame Judith Hackitt, an engineer and civil servant. On 18 December 2017 Dame Hackitt published her interim report in which she diagnosed issues with the current building safety regulatory framework and concluded that it was “not fit for purpose”. Subsequently, in May 2018, she published her final report which set out 53 recommendations to the government in order to address the deficiencies in the current regulatory regime. Dame Hackitt’s recommendations are wide in scope and cover everything from the planning phase of a higher risk residential building which is 10 storeys or more in height (and in some cases other buildings too) right through to BIM and building materials. The government’s implementation plan On 18 December 2018 the government published its long awaited ‘Building a safer future - an implementation plan’ (the Plan), the government’s formal response to the recommendations set out in Dame Hackitt’s Independent Review of the Building Regulations and Fire Safety (May 2018) (the Review). The general response is that the government agrees in principle with the majority of the recommendations put forward by Dame Hackitt and will consult on the specific details in Spring 2019. The government has also confirmed that it “has not hesitated” to go beyond the scope of the Review where deemed appropriate and this is shown by

NEW Controls for Simply Saving Energy DANLERS Limited have recently launched an extensive range of reliable, easy to install, controls for Lighting and HVAC including: NEW HIGH BAY CONTROLS An extensive range of controls suitable across a wide spectrum of high bay applications. NEW EASYZAPP SWITCHING CONTROLS Remotely programmable PIR Occupancy switches by mobile phone / tablet from up to 100m away. Standard ceiling flush or surface mount and high bay mounting options. NEW EASYZAPP DIMMING CONTROLS Remotely programmable controls suitable for either DALI, DSI or 1-10VDC dimmable ballasts. Easy to install, easy to configure. Standard ceiling flush or surface mount and high bay mounting options.

RRNews - Issue 36

NEW DAYLIGHT LINKED DIMMING PIR SWITCHES With adjustable run-on for lower light level when areas are not occupied. Versions for DALI or 1-10VDC ballasts. Standard ceiling flush or surface mount and high bay mounting options.



DANLERS Limited, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ U.K. Tel: 01249 443377. E: sales@danlers.co.uk


the government’s recent ban of combustible cladding material from the external walls of new high rise homes over 18 metres, which the Review did not include. The government’s response is not surprising given the enormous political pressure to ensure that the tragic loss of lives caused by the Grenfell Tower fire is not repeated. This article summarises the government’s response to the recommendations set out in chapters 1 (Parameters and principles of a new regulatory framework) and 2 (Design, construction and refurbishment) of the Review as they represent the recommendations most relevant to organisations active in the design, construction and refurbishment of higher risk residential buildings which are 10 storeys or more in height (HRRBs). Affected parties should also be conscious of the government’s response to the recommendations set out in chapters 5 (Competence), 6 (Guidance and monitoring to support building safety), 7 (Products) and 8 (Golden thread of building information) of the Review as they are also relevant to the industry. The Plan includes a useful consolidation of the government’s response to each recommendation at Annex A, which is available for further reading here. The government’s response to chapters 1 and 2 of the Review We have set out the recommendations made in chapters 1 and 2 of the Review, the government’s responses and our commentary in the table here. Some of the key recommendations include a new regulator for HRRBs, the JCA, as well as a new JCA Gateway approval process for HRRBs whereby developers will be required to obtain JCA clearance during three phases of development: the planning stage, before construction works commence and before occupation commences. In addition, Dame Hackitt also recommends a new change control process whereby variations during the construction phase of an HRRB will require prior approval by the JCA. What does this mean for the industry? There is no doubt that, if implemented in full, Dame Hackitt’s recommendations represent fundamental regulatory reform in the manner in which HRRBs are regulated in England and Wales. Whilst the construction industry welcomes the concept of safer homes, it will have to prepare itself to comply with any new regulatory regime and to take on board that the new regulatory regime may well result in additional cost, disruption and administration, particularly during the teething stage of the new regime. Developers and funders should also be conscious that the Review suggests extending aspects of the new proposed regulatory regime, such as items (10) and (13) in the table, to cover MORBs which will result in even wider ramifications for the industry. For now, the government has merely indicated its agreement in principle to some of the recommendations at this stage. The full extent and form of its implementation will be unclear until the consultation phase in the Spring. It is however interesting that the government has not indicated its unequivocal support for all of the recommendations made in chapters 1 and 2 of the Review. Only time will tell the precise extent of implementation by the government but, in the meantime, affected parties should continue to monitor developments and fully participate in the consultation process in order to shape the government’s decisions.

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Company News SIG ROOFING PLEDGES SUPPORT TO ROOFCERT A four-year accreditation scheme that is set to transform the industry has received backing from the UK’s leader in roofing supplies.


oofCert, which is jointly funded by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC), is seeking to establish a formal standard for roofing operatives that will be recognised by consumers and companies across the construction supply chain. SIG Roofing is supporting the CITB and NFRC in their mission to provide workers within the industry with a much-needed boost. RoofCert’s focus will be on capturing the current qualifications and experience in the workforce, together with a five-point plan looking at upskilling where required; attracting new talent; improving efficiency; encouraging the use of new technology; and improving roofing’s image. The programme’s objective will be to achieve an initial 5,000 accredited roofing installers by completion in 2021.

Stuart Base, marketing director for SIG Roofing, commented: “We know our customers are facing many challenges across the board such as an ageing workforce through to lack of available training. RoofCert will help to bridge those gaps and will provide a certification delivering opportunities for career progression and continued development.” Registration for installers is to launch in 2019 and is available for individual operatives. SIG Roofing joins companies across the supply chain, trade federations and training providers to pledge its support to RoofCert.

Damien Carr, content and publications manager, added: “The RoofCERT accreditation programme could be a game-changer for the roofing industry because individual roofing installers will now have the means to gain essential skills, increase their technical knowledge and demonstrate their competence to the client. This is about professionalising roofing and to do that we need to develop accreditation collaboratively, with all of the industry coming together to support the principles of professionalism. That is why the support of SIG Roofing and other suppliers is so important.”

Crabtree: 1919 to 2019 and Beyond One hundred years ago John Ashworth Crabtree designed and patented a quick make and quick break switch. This innovation, which safely managed electric arcs that can occur in switching devices, was the beginning of the philosophy that became the culture of electrical safety for Crabtree.


ne hundred years later and Crabtree remain at the forefront of electrical safety, this time with digital technology in Arc Fault Detection Devices. Crabtree AFDDs automatically detect and disconnect arc faults and prevent fires occurring in electrical cables and final circuits, providing higher levels of safety for homes and workplaces.

RRNews - Issue 36

A lot can change in 100 years. Technology develops, new challenges emerge, solutions are found. But despite it all, the earth continues to turn, and those with a passion continue to design and innovate.


For a business that has weathered the storms of time, changed ownership, evolved its working methods and undoubtedly over 100 years, engaged many staff; one thing hasn’t changed, and that is the drive for new product development – a vital ingredient in the success of the brand. We’re now on the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations, but back when the 12th Edition of the wiring regulations was just being published in 1950, Crabtree had been operating for over 30 years. It had launched during that time a number of innovations, including one still used today - British standard 13A twin sockets.

Now a staple in homes and businesses across the UK, British standard 13A twin sockets first introduced by Crabtree in 1947. In 1956, Crabtree introduced its first earth leakage circuit breaker, the voltage operated E.60 range. Earth leakage circuit breakers (or RCDs as we now know them) are standard products these days, but they were new in the 1950s when Crabtree developed this technology for devices that protect people from risks of electric shock. Fast forward 60-odd years to the very latest earth leakage devices and you will find innovative “A Class” Miniature RCBOs that include two-pole switching as standard for even higher levels of personal protection. Mike Cash, Group Marketing & Channel Manager at Electrium commented: “When Crabtree launched, we had a motto: That which is built soundly endures well. It was inscribed onto the company plaque and rightly so. Crabtree was built soundly enough to provide 100 years of electrical safety for our customers. And with a 100-year solid foundation what else can we do in the years to come?”

Company News A-Plant supports Capital’s New Year celebrations A-Plant, the UK’s leading equipment hire company, helped to strengthen safety and security during The Mayor of London’s New Year celebrations.


o keep members of the public safe from overcrowding, Live, a leading supplier to Europe’s events industry, deployed 5,500 barriers, 7km of Heras fencing and 100 hoarding panels across the capital. Live also deployed five crews who were on hand throughout the evening to ensure barriers were in place as and when they were required. Mark Fisher, Head of Contract Sales at Live, said: “Every year, over 100,000 visitors travel to London to enjoy the city’s annual firework event and we were absolutely thrilled to be asked to provide a crowd control system for such an exciting event. Our equipment was also used the following day for London’s New Year’s Day Parade and the client was very happy by

how smoothly both events were handled.” A-Plant Lux, the UK’s largest hirer of portable traffic signals and a leading supplier of temporary traffic management, also helped to assist with pedestrian management, supplying 29 variable message signs ahead of the New Year celebrations. Signs were installed over three days prior to New Year’s Eve and located near to key firework viewing areas including, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and along the embankment

as well as key access points leading in and out of London. Each sign held 77 messages and Michael Baird-Parker, Regional Operations Manager for A-Plant Lux, worked alongside the client on the evening to ensure that the correct messages were being displayed. He said: “It is an honour to have been asked to provide equipment for a fifth consecutive year and also a reflection of the company’s continuing commitment to excellence and innovation.”

Crown Paints celebrates decade of success with earthbalance Crown Paints is celebrating ten successful years of its award-winning earthbalance sustainability scheme, which aims to limit its impact on the environment.


rown’s earthbalance scheme, which was launched in 2008, sets out the company’s commitment to being more sustainable and less wasteful as well as helping customers and staff make responsible decisions. The earthbalance scheme touches on all aspects of Crown’s business from manufacturing to packaging and applies to all staff and operations at Crown’s two UK manufacturing plants in Darwen and Hull as well as its network of

more than 150 Crown Decorating Centres in the UK. Over 10 years through the earthbalance scheme, Crown has reduced its overall electricity consumption by 15 per cent, reduced packaging waste by approximately 15 per cent, recycled more than 800 tonnes of paint cans and donated 112 benches made using recycled paint cans through social enterprise NIMTECH. Its popular ‘Can Back’ service, which is run through its network of Crown Decorating Centres in partnership with NIMTECH has seen thousands of empty cans recycled rather than being thrown away. Crown has also reduced the amount of waste going to landfill with 65 per cent of waste being reused or recycled in some way, including 39,000 litres of paint, benefitting a number of deserving community projects

through its ‘Kick out the Can’ initiative. As a member of the global Hempel Group, Crown is committed to working towards reducing CO2 by 12 per cent in the next two years – a target it is on track to achieve. As part of the earthbalance scheme, Crown holds Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) through BRE on its most popular products, demonstrating their compliance with the European Standard EN 15804. And to top off a successful decade of earthbalance, last year Crown became the first paint manufacturer in the UK to launch paint containers made from 100 per cent recycled post-consumer waste (PCW) plastic, which marks a significant improvement to the plastic paint containers manufactured from 25 per cent recycled plastic currently available in the UK.

Covers to continue sponsorship of Alresford Rugby Club Covers Timber and Builders Merchant has agreed to continue its sponsorship of Alresford Rugby Club during 2018/2019.


support. Sponsorship is one of the most pressing issues facing sports clubs such as ours. Having the support of Covers makes a major and positive difference to the Club – not just today, but well into the future. Thank you from ARFC.”

Mark Manley, Fixtures and Joint Sponsors Secretary at Alresford Rugby Club, said: “We are delighted that Covers will be continuing its sponsorship of the Club again this year. We would like to thank them for their ongoing

Michael Sheath, Depot Manager at Covers Alresford, added: “We are delighted to be continuing our support of Alresford Rugby Club, and wish them every success for the coming season.”

RRNews - Issue 36

he company, which is based on Prospect Road in Alresford, will support the Club’s operations with the Covers logo displayed throughout the Club’s grounds and clubhouse, and on their website.


Company News BRENTWOOD PURSUES NATIONAL GROWTH Consulting engineers practice Brentwood has announced an expansion with new offices in Yorkshire and the Midlands. It has acquired new creative workspace in the Grade I-listed Leeming Building in Leeds city centre and Historic Alpha Building in Birmingham City Centre.


hilst it retains its headquarters in Harrogate, Brentwood is embarking on a national growth strategy which has already seen new office bases in Manchester during 2018. Since a senior management buyout took place in 2013 the Brentwood Partnership has changed its status to become a Limited Company to help structure for growth. It was also selected for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK Programme which identifies and gives support to small companies with a strong business model and high growth potential.

Brentwood has since set out an ambitious three-year strategy to achieve 50% annual growth in both team members and turnover. It is currently on target to achieve an 80% increase in just one year as it works towards year end in March 2019. Mark Johnson, Director at Brentwood, said, “We are delighted to announce our expansion into Leeds and Birmingham. With a presence now in the three core business cities outside of London we can provide more physical connectivity with our local markets and indeed nationally. With this physical growth we are also expanding our team and capabilities having recently announced new principal specialists in lighting and building physics. “Mechanical, electrical and public health design services are at the heart of buildings, providing sustainable, controllable and appropriate environments. As a single disciplinary consulting practice, we are

gearing the business to be better placed for market growth and our longer-term business plan is to increase our UK and international presence.” Brentwood is an award-winning practice which has been established for more than 40 years. It offers expertise in mechanical engineering design, electrical engineering design, lighting design, public health design, condition and site surveys, energy and communications infrastructure design, feasibility studies, planning support and post occupancy evaluation. It also has a dedicated resource to energy assessments. Key projects include the new Barbara Hepworth Building for art, design and architecture at the University of Huddersfield, The University of York’s Advanced Structural Imaging Facility, £30m student scheme International House in Birmingham, Cheshire Oaks, Mercedes Benz in Stockport and Chaucer House in Portsmouth.

ERA RAISES OVER £11,000 FOR MIDLANDS AIR AMBULANCE 2018 saw ERA, the Wolverhampton-based security expert, raise £11,262.86 for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, having made the organisation its chosen charity for the year. At the outset ERA had set a £10,000 target, and staff at the company are over the moon to have exceeded this figure.


ach life-saving mission undertaken by the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity costs it approximately £2,500. The money raised by ERA therefore is enough to cover four such missions.

RRNews - Issue 36

Employees used their ingenuity to come up with a broad variety of fund-raising activities, including a book sale, a Valentines’ raffle, a


Grand National competition, a World Cup raffle and sweepstake, a Christmas raffle, a sponsored Snowden walk and the use of collection tins. In addition, ERA’s suppliers kindly made donations. Darren Waters, ERA’s CEO said: “As we do every year, we asked employees to vote from a selection of charities and Midlands Air Ambulance Charity was the unanimous choice

for 2018. To be able to do something positive for the local community is extremely gratifying and I’m very proud of our staff’s efforts in this regard. Every flight costs £2,500 so it’s great to know that the money we’ve raised will make a difference to people’s lives in the Midlands region.” Commenting on the donation, Jon Cottrell of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity said: “Many people are unaware that we are reliant on donations to keep us operational as we receive no government funding. We’re extremely grateful to ERA’s staff for this contribution, which will help to keep our aircraft airborne. For anyone wishing to know more about how to get involved with the charity, please visit www.midlandsairambulance.com for more information.” Midlands Air Ambulance Charity is responsible for funding and operating three air ambulances serving the communities of six Midlands counties: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. Since 1991, the charity has responded to more than 49,000 missions averaging 2,000 per year, making it one of the longest established and busiest air ambulance organisations in the UK.

Roofshield chosen to protect Belfast college roof


The historic buildings of Roofshield saving for Sea View properties St Malachy’s College in Belfast have been fitted CONDENSATION CONTROL with an added layer of protection in the form The superior quality and breathability of Roofshield has delivered significant savings of Roofshield, whichinhas time and cost to a series of sea facing properties in northeast England. long been recognised The 35 semi-detached properties at Sea View, Berwick form part of a wider as one of the highestprogramme of housing stock upgrades to over 200 homes across the region on performing roofing behalf of leader developer Bernicia Homes. Matt Rowley, Operations Director for contractor Spring Roofing commented on membrane solutions, reason for selecting Roofshield for the project: “when the initial exploratory providing a pitched the examinations were undertaken we identified that the roof structure was fully roof underlay, whichboarded and that the original specification for a traditional membrane would not have worked without the need for additional roof vents. Roofshield was selected is both air and vapour because of its superior quality and breathability. It has an extremely high degree of vapour permeability, as well as air permeability, without the need for additional permeable. ventilation. The use of Roofshield provides savings in time and cost and eliminates the need to incorporate a large number of roofing vents. It is alsoofmore pleasing The roof structures historic buildings can he College, a Catholic Grammar Roofshield’s fromonan aesthetical perspective, with no needbefor penetrations to the and felt, complex in nature androof demand School for boys was opened patented and also avoiding the potentialair for future weaknesses in the performance of the careful consideration of moisture St Malachy’s Day 3rd November permeable roof.to ” management and condensation control. 1833. A major refurbishment project Many vapour permeable underlays use an structure allows preserve the heritage of the buildings was Roofshield is recognised as oneof of the highest performing roofing membrane airtight VP film layer to achieve their led by Belfast based Gregory Architects, high levels solutions, and has become the preferred choice of architects, developers and jacket. performance rather like a Gore-Tex with Derryleckagh Contracts of Newry airflow, in addition contractors. Many vapour permeable underlays usewater an airtight VP film layer to While resistant, they cannot appointed as the roofing contractor for to the transport of achieve their performance, whilst Roofshield’s patented SMS (Spunbond Meltblown the project. Gregory Architects specified completely prevent condensation within Spunbond) structure allows high levels of airflow, in addition to the transport of moisture vapour. Roofshield for the roof refurbishment. the roof space; meaning additional moisture vapour, making the formation of condensation in the roof space virtually impossible. It has an extremely high degree of vapour permeability, as well as air permeability, so will still perform in conditions in which air tight alternatives will not.


Since 2012 NHBC has issued technical guidance which acknowledges that there are some vapour permeable roof underlays that permit both vapour and air to pass through them. Where an underlay can be shown to provide suitable ventilation, i.e., at least the equivalent of a continuous 5mm high-level slot, NHBC will accept that underlay without the need to provide any further ventilation. Now, reputable roofing contractors and leading housing developers backed by the NHBC, and independent industry research, agree that some underlays perform at an exceptional level, providing a failsafe option, without the need for additional ventilation.

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ventilation has to be introduced in order to allow air to circulate. Roofshield’s patented air permeable structure allows high levels of airflow, in addition to the transport of moisture vapour, making the formation of condensation in the roof space virtually impossible and will still perform in conditions in which airtight alternatives will not. There is also no requirement for a separate vapour control layer. The high performance of Roofshield, backed by two BBA Certificates & LABC / LABSS, has been successfully used in preserving and protecting the fabric of a wide range of historic and listed buildings for more than 21 years. The buildings of St Malachy’s College include a distinctive tower above the main entrance and are home to O’Laverty’s Library which contains almost 5,000 printed works, a few from as far back as the 17th century, and even a unique set of Gaelic manuscripts. Roofshield has been used in the restoration of a number of significantly important heritage buildings including; Belfast City Hall, Derry Guildhall, Hamilton Hall – St. Andrews, Lynn Library Queens University Belfast.

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Issued November 2018

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Roofing Awards News INSPIRING ROOFER RECOGNISED AS LOCAL HERO A Falkirk roofer has been hailed as a ‘Local Hero’ for his commitment to raising the standards of the roofing industry by supporting new and young talent.


ark Cattanach of Rooftec Scotland was nominated in the National Federation of Roofing Contractors’ 2018 UK Roofing Awards, sponsored by SIG Roofing, for his dedication to keeping the trade alive by never sacrificing quality for profit. When he started Rooftec Scotland more than 10 years ago, Mark was fed up with the “cowboy” nature of some roofers and was determined to build a business that gives customers exactly what they pay for, without cutting any corners. Mark’s wife, Nicola, who put him forward for the award said: “He wanted to grow the business on a sound moral ethos of getting the job done right. With so many cowboys out there, it has always been important to Mark that he never allows the opportunity for profit to obscure his commitment to doing the best job possible.” Aware of the current lack of skilled craftsmen available in keeping traditional slating alive, Mark has been dedicated to promoting the trade to young people in order to close the skills gap – to great success. Mark said: “It’s great to be recognised in this nomination for the work we’ve been putting in to getting young people into careers in roofing. It has certainly been difficult at times, but it finally seems to be working and the kids are starting to pay attention.” For a number of years, Rooftec Scotland has been involved in outreach programmes designed to encourage young people into the industry. As representatives of the NFRC in the Forth Valley area, Mark and his staff, including apprentices, dedicate two to three days at a time to attend the many events organised by the Scottish Traditional Building Forum, attended by local school children.

RRNews - Issue 36

Mark said: “These events are great because the pupils can engage directly with people of the same age, who can give first-hand accounts of life as an apprentice. It shows them the wide array of careers available to them in the industry and means they can ask questions to people who will be able to give them an honest answer.”


His passion for developing young people is already paying dividends with Rooftec’s own apprentice, Connor Liddell, recently being awarded NFRC Scotland’s Apprentice of the Year 2018. Through Mark’s mentorship Connor has not only excelled within his postition he is following in the firm’s footsteps by giving back and passing on his experiences to the next generation of roofers. In 2016, Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce approached local companies with the opportunity to become a board member for

its Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) regional group. Rooftec took on the role as it was an opportunity to open up a channel of communication between schools and businesses. He said: “For a number of years we could see how the young workforce is instrumental in closing the skills gap but we were getting frustrated because we were unable to reach them. We tried to engage with schools but the uptake was quite poor. The DYW has changed this and opened up some fantastic partnership opportunities, some of which we are thrilled to have secured.” In April 2017, by arrangement of the DYW, Mark met with a pastoral teacher at Falkirk High school, who wanted to inspire a group of disengaged fourth years who were ready to walk out the door as soon as their final exam was over. “I could totally relate to that, as it had been me in exactly the same position, at the same school, many years before. I remember what it’s like to not feel invested in your future because you don’t know which way to turn. I think it’s so important to show kids what’s available to them.” Mark and Nicola gave a 45-minute talk in

which he spoke to the kids about the many advantages of pursuing a career in the roofing industry. One boy was so enthused by Mark’s talk that he became the first modern apprentice to be employed by Rooftec as a direct result of DWY Forth Valley’s efforts. Mark continued: “Even after just a few weeks in, he was amazing everyone with his enthusiasm and has been out promoting apprenticeships and careers in construction at industry events. This is what it’s all about: showing kids there’s something out there for them, then they’ll do the rest for you!” Finally, to further support local schools Mark has adopted a “Roofing in the Classroom” lesson plan, which has been piloted with five local schools. The initiative was supported by Historic Environment Scotland with a £5,000 grant to launch it and Mark matched this to deliver the sessions. The annual National Federation of Roofing Contractors UK Roofing Awards recognises the best of the best in the roofing sector. As the awards’ headline sponsor, SIG Roofing was also pleased to support the Local Hero awards as a way of acknowledging outstanding roofing contractors who go the extra mile for their local community and are so often unsung heroes.

Roofing & Cladding BauderROCK - Noise Reduction and Sound Absorption BauderROCK insulation within a waterproofing system provides exceptional benefits for airborne sound and rain noise reduction, and sound absorption within a building. This insulation is suitable for all flat roofs utilising single ply or bitumen membranes in a warm roof construction. BauderROCK is particularly beneficial where projects need to deliver a high level of sound diminution for the building occupants. Addressing the acoustic performance of a flat roof early in the design process is key in ensuring an effective solution. The three

considerations in acoustic design are airborne sound, rain noise intensity and sound absorption. Airborne sound Airborne sound, such as road, rail and air traffic, and surrounding industrial operations, is transferred from a building exterior envelope into the building interior. The BauderROCK mineral wool insulation significantly reduces noise transmission by 47-48dB (235mm255mm) for noise transmitted through the roof.

Rain noise intensity Rain noise reduction is a separate consideration, relating to the impact rainfall can have on the indoor noise levels. The BauderROCK predicted Rain Noise Intensity reduction measures between -52.0dB and -52.5dB (235mm and 255mm). Sound absorption Reducing this noise level is especially crucial in buildings such as sports halls and manufacturing plants where there is often a great deal of noise generated from within the building. BauderROCK Acoustic Infill provides high performance sound absorption when utilised with perforated metal decks. Bauder are exhibiting their range of insulations as part of their flat roof waterproofing solutions at Futurebuild from 5th – 7th March at the ExCel. Find us on stand D100 in the Buildings Hub. For more information, contact Bauder on 0845 271 8800

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A new multi-million pound casino has opened its doors in Bath, further transforming the Saw Close and Kingsmead areas of the City, which are already a hub for bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Younique® by Formica Group was chosen for Century Casino’s new washroom cubicles, vanities and duct panels and were supplied by laminate fabricators Laminform. The Younique service allows architects and designers to create a unique pattern or design, capture a photograph or corporate logo in Formica® laminate. The service offers both screen and digital print solutions to ensure the optimum replication of any design. In this instance, the use of Younique digitally rendered panels enabled the design team to deliver cubicle doors that matched the floral carpet design inside the casino, providing the venue with a visual consistency from casino floor to washroom.

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The Colorado Springs-based company Century Casino currently owns and runs casinos all over the world including America and Argentina, Poland, the UK and on-board cruise ships. Website: www.formica.com

RRNews - Issue 36

The entertainment and leisure centre has 18 game tables, 35 slot machines and 24 live gaming terminals. The complex also includes a four-star hotel and a number of restaurants. Neil Priscott, Head of Marketing at Visit Bath, said: “Bath is a city rich in history but with a dynamic contemporary culture that is often underplayed. The addition of Century Casino to Bath complements the many and varied attractions that are on offer to visitors and residents alike, and will help us to attract people from all over the world.”

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Performance and Buildability are the Verdict on Birmingham Law Court Decothane Ultra Project Designed by renowned architectural practice, Aston Webb & Ingress Bell in 1886, Victoria Law Courts is one of the most celebrated and admired buildings in Birmingham. The Grade I listed building is now home to Birmingham Magistrates’ Court; where an average total of 500 cases per month are held in 22 courtrooms.


he Victoria Law Courts features a combination of slate pitched roofs and flat roof areas, where the existing asphalt covering was coming to the end of its service life. A roof refurbishment was required as part of a preventative maintenance strategy and the decision was taken to use a cold-applied liquid roofing system. Thanks to the specification of Sika Liquid Plastics’ Decothane Ultra odour liquid roofing system, the project team was also able to avoid any nuisance odours for the building’s occupants. A mineral grit walkway was also applied to selected areas to provide a non-slip route for maintenance teams in the future. Ian Sumner, Area Technical Manager from Sika Liquid Plastics comments: “Health & safety are important for any roof refurbishment but it was particularly vital on this project due to the public nature and size of the building. It was also vital to protect the building fabric of the heritage structure. “As a virtually odourless cold-applied liquid system, Decothane Ultra also provided the added advantage preventing disruption to enable court proceedings to continue as normal.”

“Health & safety

are important for any roof refurbishment but it was particularly vital on this project due to the public nature and size of the building. It was also vital to protect the building fabric of the heritage structure”

Performance and Buildability The Decothane Ultra system was specified by the project’s chartered surveyors, CS2, for project manager, Fraser Lamont, following a CPD presentation from Sika Liquid Plastics. James McKenzie from CS2 comments: “We needed to consider the conservation requirements of the project, along with the operational and performance criteria. “The Decothane Ultra system offered an ideal solution for carrying out the project as an overlay. The building has multiple flat roofs, with extensive and complex detailing and interfaces with the tiled pitched roofs.

“As a virtually odourless coldapplied liquid system, Decothane Ultra also provided the added advantage preventing disruption to enable court proceedings to continue as normal.” The cold-applied liquid system was ideal for this detailing and enabled each area of roof to be made watertight, protecting the building fabric beneath quickly.” Sika Liquid Plastics’ Quality Assured (QA) contractor, Absolute Roofing Solutions Ltd, was appointed to carry out the project. The contractor’s team carried all materials and equipment up to the roof areas through internal access routes, avoiding the need for any scaffolding, which would have added cost to the project and been unsightly for the landmark building.

RRNews - Issue 36

Lee Yates from Absolute Roofing Solutions comments: “It would have been difficult to have carried out the project with anything but a liquid system. The roof areas involved are irregular in shape and size with a wide range of detailing including lantern roof lights, parapet walls, upstands, guardrail supports and rooftop supports. Using the Decothane Ultra system meant we were able to work around these challenges.”


A Sika field technician visited site at regular intervals throughout the project to troubleshoot on tricky detailing and support consistent installation quality and the system’s 25-year guarantee was issued following the final inspection. Since being completed, the project has also been recognised as a finalist in the LRWA (Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing Association) Awards 2018. Web: https://gbr.liquidplastics.sika.com

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KEMPEROL® Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing Long term protection for flat roofs, buildings and critical structures Warm roofs, inverted roofs, green roofs, podium decks, walkways, balconies, terraces, car parks... • • • •

No hot works Sustainable Solvent-free Odourless

Whatever your requirements, we have a certified and proven solution to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your next project.

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Roofing & Cladding WE’LL BE WORKING OUR GREY BACK TO YOU! 2019 has got off to a good start for Freefoam customers, with the addition of Square and Ogee gutter in the popular Anthracite Grey colour option, to help them gain market share in a growing sector. Designed to complement the existing Round and Deep gutter systems and manufactured to Ral No. 2016 the ranges offer an exact match to door and window systems, giving customers the range to satisfy the growing demands of homeowners and developers.

The choice of colour for windows, doors and roofline is now on average nearly 30% of sales, with some window companies seeing sales of over 50% in colour - and growing. Homeowners buying high end dramatic grey windows and doors do not want the standard white roofline - they want everything to match. Which is why Freefoam made a strategic move into manufacturing the complete roofline range in Anthracite Grey.

the supply chain sell more and grow faster than the competition. And our approach is working. Freefoam customers Alan Sutherland, Managing Director of General Building Plastics explains: “There’s been an increasing demand for colour, but the biggest growth has been in the last three to four years. Greys are the most popular now, particularly anthracite grey, and most customers want a full suite of colour matched products, which Freefoam does very well!”

Freefoam’s approach is to help every company in

Discerning homeowners want the complete solution, so Freefoam also manufacture a wide range of PVC fascia and soffit in Anthracite Grey providing a suite of colour roofline products. With most colours available off the shelf or on short lead times Freefoam customers have access to all the products they need to meet the demands of today’s consumers and gain valuable market share. Colin St John, Freefoam Commercial Director, summarised “These new additions to our gutter range are a great example of how we continually introduce products to maximise the success of our customers. Providing a grey rainwater and roofline range will give customers opportunities with housebuilders and big ticket refurbishment projects and illustrates our commitment to helping our customers grow” For further information on Freefoam products please contact us on +44(0)1604 591110 or email us at ukmarketing@freefoam.com. Alternatively visit our website at www.freefoam.com

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MARLEY EXPANDS DRY VERGE RANGE Marley has launched a new dry verge specifically designed to complement its popular Ashmore double interlocking plain tile. Developed to meet housebuilder demand for a slimmer aesthetic, the Ashmore Dry Verge has a sleek and stylish design and comes in sections, so it can easily create a maintenance-free, traditional stepped verge appearance. In addition, the new Ashmore Dry Verge is much narrower in comparison to other existing products on the market, yet still has the inbuilt features that make it easier to fix to British Standards.

RRNews - Issue 36

The new dry verge includes incorporated features, such as multiple drainage channels, extra nail holes and an internal rail system, to


make it quicker and simpler for housebuilders to meet BS 8612 and BS 5534 requirements. Its outstanding weather performance also protects against water run-off, preventing staining on the verge and gable end walls. Rebecca Ball, Campaign Manager – Roof Systems at Marley, said: “While a great deal of attention has been paid to the appearance of interlocking tiles, until now, more focus has been on the function, rather than the aesthetics of dry verges. Yet, dry verges are very important to the overall look of the roof, particularly since the introduction of BS 5534 has reduced the use of mortar. Until now, the dry verges that have been available on the market are quite bulky and large in comparison to the tiles.

13/02/2019 11:40:06

“So, in response to housebuilder demand, we have developed a brand new dry verge that has been specifically designed to complement the plain tile aesthetic and exceed all of the requirements of BS 8612.” The Ashmore Dry Verge is supplied in individual units, rather than a continuous verge, to easily create a traditional stepped verge appearance. Available in grey, terracotta and brown the Ashmore Dry Verge is compatible with Marley’s existing range of Ashmore tiles, and can also be used with other manufacturers’ concrete interlocking plain tiles on the market. For more information visit www.marley.co.uk/ashmoredryverge

StoneClad® Transforms Revamped Office Building Originally a six-storey office building located within a 10-minute walk of 10 Tube stations, Senator House has undergone a complete transformation, with the addition of a 7th floor pavilion and roof terrace, internal remodelling works, extensive external landscaping and a revamp of the façade.


natural granite StoneClad® ventilated façade system, manufactured and supplied by Shackerley, was selected for areas of key façades, including the main front entrance to the building on the north elevation, and parts of both the west and east elevations.

“Matching the aesthetic of the original choice of granite material was very important and Shackerley worked with us to ensure the finish was just right.” - Ben Sharman, Century Facades

Safe & Robust Safety was an extremely important factor and the project team was impressed with the robust nature of Shackerley’s granite panels and the company’s StoneClad® ‘Hang on’ system used to install them. The Hang On system allows the panels to be lifted into position onto horizontal rails and provides full support while they are being levelled, ensuring that high levels of safety are maintained both during the installation process and throughout the lifespan of the façade. Ben Sharman from the project cladding contractor, Century Facades, explains: “We had worked with Shackerley before and knew that their StoneClad® (ventilated stone façade) system is a completely natural granite, which is always non-combustible (Class A1), and is also extremely robust and easy to install.” Overcladding The new façade elements were installed as an overclad project. Century facades secured the new StoneClad® support system to the pre-cast concrete structure by drilling through the existing façade. Ben continues: “Technically the installation was quite challenging because of the need to anchor the StoneClad® system back to the pre-cast building envelope. Shackerley were extremely helpful, inviting us up to their production facility and installer training centre in Lancashire for training and delivering every element of the façade to our programme of works.” High End Aesthetics

Ben continues: “Matching the aesthetic of the original choice of granite material was very important and Shackerley worked with us to ensure the finish was just right. “Despite the large format of most of the façade panels at 1236mm x 450mm and 1490x1048mm, Shackerley was able to supply them at just 20mm thick, which reduced the structural loading of the facade.” Ben adds: “The StoneClad® system has been a key element in the transformation of this high-quality office building and the collaborative approach between Century Façades as the contractor and Shackerley as the system supplier has been critical to achieving the right finish and an exemplar installation.” www.shackerley.com Tel: 01257 27314

RRNews - Issue 36

Shackerley also worked closely with the cladding contractor to ensure the new façade system delivered the right aesthetic, paying particular attention to both the colour and the texture. An 842m2 area of façade was installed using Shackerley’s StoneClad® system, in a steel grey colourway that is subtly mottled with mid and light grey

tones. This was provided in a honed, matte ‘leather’ finish, that was created specifically for this project.


OUTSTANDING DURABILITY FROM LATHAMS The UK’s largest independent timber and panel products distributor, James Latham, now offers the next generation of timber and panel products through all nine of its nationwide panel depots with both Accoya® and Medite®Tricoya® Extreme. Accoya®


ourced from fast growing sustainable forests, Accoya® wood, which spans eight decades of research, is a certified softwood which uses Accsys’ proprietary wood acetylation technology to deliver exceptionally high levels of performance, stability and durability. Boasting a 50-year guarantee for exterior use and 25-years when used in the ground, Accoya® wood offers all kinds of new possibilities and solutions for outdoor projects which may involve challenging and demanding applications. It can be used for virtually any joinery project and is a perfect solution for exterior cladding, siding and façades where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability, durability and insulation value are key factors. Plus, for window frames, Accoya® wood is the material of choice. Not only does it have extremely low thermal conductivity but it matches or exceeds the durability and dimensionally stability of the best tropical hardwoods. It can be opaque coated or, for those wishing to enjoy the natural look of wood, translucent coated.

ABOVE RIGHT With a 50-year guarantee Accoya® wood is perfect for exterior windows

For window frames, Accoya® wood is the material of choice. Not only does it have extremely low thermal conductivity but it matches or exceeds the durability and dimensionally stability of the best tropical hardwoods. It can be opaque coated or, for those wishing to enjoy the natural look of wood, translucent coated. Accoya Modified Wood stands up to every application challenge


Accoya® wood’s low maintenance requirements add to its cost effectiveness and environmental credentials.

However, it maintains all the design, fixing and machining flexibility of medium density fibreboards.

Medite®Tricoya® Extreme

Using sustainably sourced FSC® timber, Medite®Tricoya® Extreme is made using a high-performance resin which has zero added formaldehyde in its formulation, ensuring the product is also suitable for environmentally sensitive areas.

This panel exhibits outstanding durability and dimensional stability, allowing it to be used in applications once limited to products such as concrete, plastics or metals. With the added benefits of light weight, sustainable raw materials and a guarantee of up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground, Medite®Tricoya® Extreme provides architects, specifiers and designers with an entirely new construction material, allowing greater design flexibility and endless opportunities for creativity. The combination of acetylated wood fibre with the manufacturing technology of Medite MDF means it can be used in situations and applications where normal MDF panels cannot.

James Latham’s Technical Timber Sales Development Manager, Justin Hayward explained, “These products offer ground breaking levels of performance in both stability and durability as well as outstanding environmental standards and they are fast becoming recognised by architects, joiners, specifiers and the construction industry as the materials of choice for exterior applications. “

W: www.lathamtimber.co.uk E: marketing@lathams.co.uk T: 0116 257 3415

LEFT Accoya® wood’s low maintenance requirements add to its cost effectiveness and environmental credentials.

Medite®Tricoya® Extreme is perfect in environments where humidity and weather are usually concerns.

RRNews - Issue 36



RRN116048 The Stonyard HP:RRN Quarter Page Template 4/2/16 16:40 Page 11 RRN116048 The Stonyard HP:RRN Quarter Page Template 4/2/16 16:40 Page 11 RRN116048 HP:RRN Page Template 4/2/16 16:40 1 RRN116048 The Stonyard HP:RRN Quarter Page 4/2/16 16:40 RRN116048 The Stonyard HP:RRN Quarter Page Template 4/2/16 16:40 Page RRN116048 The Stonyard HP:RRN Quarter Page Template 4/2/16 16:40 Page Page 1 RRN116048The TheStonyard Stonyard HP:RRN Quarter Page Template 4/2/16 16:40 Page Page 1 RRN116048 TheQuarter Stonyard HP:RRN Quarter Page Template Template 4/2/16 16:40 Page 1

TheStoneYard.co.uk is your premier source for granite - we offer a full range granite products including setts, kerbs, posts, building and paving products at affordable prices as well as custom machined and polished items. All our high quality stone is quarried and fabricated in-house at our EEC approved quarry site in Portugal by our team of experienced stone masons. By buying from us you are choosing the ethical alternative to unregulated Chinese and Indian stone. Granite seets 10x10x5cm £22 per m2 + VAT With nationwide delivery service. RRN917065 The Stoneyard Half Page.indd11 1 RRN319004 The StoneHalf Yard HP.indd RRN917065 The Stoneyard Page.indd RRN917065 The Stoneyard Half Page.indd RRN917065 The Stoneyard Half Page.indd 11

Snickers’ NEW Street-Smart Stretch Trousers For Maximum Mobility on Site

11:22:01 07/09/2017 18/02/2019 12:34:14 11:22:01 07/09/2017 11:23:17 11:22:01 07/09/2017 11:23:17 11:23:17 11:22:01 07/09/2017 11:23:17

These NEW slim-fit stretch trousers deliver extreme working comfort. Hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs in the NEW FlexiWork SoftShell Trousers from Snickers Workwear ensure maximum working mobility wherever you are. The brand new 4-way stretch comfort fabrics integrated into these Work Trousers deliver enhanced freedom of movement as well as improved ventilation and overall comfort.

So check out these and the other Stretch Garments from Snickers Workwear – the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get every job done comfortably on site. Getting information on the Snickers’ new Comfort garments is easy. You can call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website and download a digital catalogue at www.snickersworkwear.co.uk or email info@snickersworkwear.co.uk

RRNews - Issue 36

With great fit and superb value for money, they also have a slimmer tailored fit for better all-round looks and protection against snagging, plus Armortex Kevlar reinforced stretch fabricin the KneeGuard Pro System for greater flexibility, comfort and durability.

89 RRN319026 Snickers work wear Edit QP.indd 1

18/02/2019 RRN319038 15:49:36 Application Engineering QP.indd 1

18/02/2019 14:04:52

Lime Based Building Products Preserving the past and protecting the future

EcoRight manufactures a comprehensive range of ecologically sound lime based building products, supplying throughout the UK.

www.ecoright.co.uk 0845 8733888

Eco-minded architects and home builders are increasingly using lime mortars, plasters and renders in new build projects and building conservation. EcoRight products are suitable for most applications for brick and stonework and provide superior aesthetics and technical performance. EcoRight manufactures a range of highly durable lime products that can be used without specialist knowledge, “just add water, mix and serve�. They have been used in many high profile projects such as Chelsea Barracks, The Tombola Building, Ram Brewery and Camden Lock. EcoRight offer a range of textures, finishes and colours meaning a perfect solution is available for any project. The EcoRight team has unrivalled knowledge and experience of lime based building materials and are available for advise, site visits and education. EcoRight are a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and offer a variety of presentations covering all aspects of lime mortars, plasters and renders.

EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS UNVEILED IN LATEST SCREWFIX CATALOGUE The latest Screwfix catalogue is out now and is packed full of ‘Trade Rated’ products and exclusives, including 450 NEW products, all offering great value and peace of mind.


he new catalogue’s range of trade essentials and exciting new products includes everything from power tools and workwear to sealants that reduce waste. The ‘Trade Rated’ endorsement provides an additional level of confidence and reassurance, having been independently tried and tested by Screwfix customers. One of the stand out products featuring for the first time is the DeWalt 18V Brushless Combi Drill. Available at the special introductory price of £119.99, it comes complete with 2 x 2.0Ah Li-Ion batteries so users should never be without charge. This powerful and versatile drill offers 15 different torque settings, alongside all-metal gearing, making it a robust, efficient and powerful combi drill. Its bright white LED light with a delay feature gives improved visibility. Rhian Bartlett, Trading Director at Screwfix, says: “Our latest catalogue is jam packed with over 16,000 products and enhanced ranges, with over 450 new products having been added to give our customers the products they need and can trust. It’s loaded with a host of ‘Trade Rated’ products to ensure our customers can be confident they’re getting the best each and every time. “The products in our new catalogue are all available via our 24/7 contact centre, online and from one of our 620 stores. Our Click & Collect service allows customers to order via the phone or online and pick up their goods in store in as little as one minute.” Other highlights in the new catalogue include Smart Home ranges, sealants, an enhanced selection of power tools and safety & workwear. KEY HIGHLIGHTS No Nonsense 8 in 1 Hybrid Sealant

RRNews - Issue 36

The all-new No Nonsense 8 in 1 Hybrid Sealant is perfect for a wide variety of applications including sanitary, GP, glazing, gap filler, builders, grab, lead


DeWalt 18V Brushless Combi Drill


“The products in our new catalogue are all available via our 24/7 contact centre, online and from one of our 620 stores. Our Click & Collect service allows customers to order via the phone or online and pick up their goods in store in as little as one minute.” No Nonsense 8 in 1 Hybrid Sealant

& gutter seal. This new hybrid formulation gives its highest performing, most versatile product ever. X8 replaces eight tubes with one single 290ml tube. Available in three colours – white, black and grey. It costs £6.99 or any two for £10. Kudox Premium Radiators The Kudox Premium Radiators come complete with a 15 year manufacturer’s guarantee (T & Cs apply) plus, brackets, wall fixings and plug & vent are included. The radiators feature factory fitted side panels and top grilles. There is a free Drayton RT212 TRV and Lockshield (worth £21.99) with any Kudox steel panel radiator. Type 11 Single panel 600 x 1000mm costs just £37.79 and type 21 Double-Panel Plus 600 x 1000mm costs only £48.89 and Type 22 Double-Panel 600 x 1200mm costs just £61.99.

The twin pack features both an 18V Combi Drill and Impact Driver, along with two 18V 2Ah Li-Ion batteries and a one hour charger, making this a great value package for only £149.99. Timberland Sawhorse Safety Boot The ‘Trade Rated’ Timberland Sawhorse Safety Boot is known for its durability and comfort. A 200J steel toe cap, penetration resistant insert for underfoot protection and an oiled leather upper combine to create a strong safety boot suited to all situations. Now available with a 20% saving, the Sawhorse Safety boot comes in a variety of sizes, costing £54.99.

Erbauer Twin Pack


BELOW Erbauer Twin Pack

The Erbauer Brushless Twin Pack is supported by the innovative 18V Keep Cool Erbauer EXT battery technology. The 18V EXT battery platform gives tradespeople the freedom to share batteries and chargers across 14 different power tools and also boosts run time by 25% compared to non EXT batteries. The Erbauer power tools range also benefits from brushless motor technology, which delivers longer motor life, more power and up to 200% higher torque.

ABOVE Kudox Premium Radiators

LEFT Timberland Sawhorse Safety Boot

SCREWFIX BOOSTS ERBAUER POWER TOOLS RANGE Screwfix is offering tradespeople and serious DIYers greater choice and value with significant additions to its range of Erbauer power tools. This very popular and trusted range has undergone an upgrade, focussing on new battery technology with improved ergonomic design, all at very competitive prices.


crewfix has introduced 68 new Erbauer power tools, supported by the innovative 18V Keep Cool Erbauer EXT battery technology. The 18V EXT battery platform gives tradespeople the freedom to share batteries and chargers across 14 different power tools and also boosts run time by 25% compared to non-EXT batteries. Erbauer power tools also benefit from brushless motor technology, which delivers longer motor life, more power and up to 200% higher torque. Erbauer’s Keep Cool Technology has also been engineered to reduce friction and heat build-up. The new technology ensures tradespeople can work for longer, without the need to stop to charge or carry additional, costly batteries. Key power tools in the enhanced range include the improved 18V Brushless Combi Drill, which benefits from Keep Cool Technology, 19 torque settings, a maximum torque of 50Nm and 50 minute charge time. All for the great value price of just £99.99. The 18V Brushless Twin Pack (Combi and Impact Driver) is also now available from Screwfix. Featuring both an 18V Combi Drill and Impact Driver, along with two 18V 2Ah Li-Ion batteries and a one hour charger, this package is only £149.99. Other key new additions include the 210mm and 255mm DoubleBevel Sliding Mitre Saws. Priced at £129.99 for the 210mm version and £179.99 for the 255mm saw.

Review: The improved Erbauer Combi Drill & Impact driver We take a closer look at the new and improved Erbauer ECD18-Li-2 combi drill and EID18-Li impact driver set.

control of finding the perfect setting for various drilling/fixing jobs. All in all this is a great easy to use combi drill.

This impressive pair of power tools comes in a sturdy case which also holds the battery charger, a great first impression of this set as this keeps everything together when travelling from job to job. Another nice touch is the removable belt clip; providing ease and convenience by having two free hands, whilst having these tools instantly available.

The EID18-Li impact driver is the other part of this set, some folk may at this stage be asking “do I really need an Impact Driver?” well the simple answer is YES you do! Would you want to spend all day hammering in 6inch nails with a toffee hammer? No you wouldn’t! Again this tool is ergonomically good and weighs just 0.1 kg more than the combi drill, with forward/reverse rotation and lock control plus variable speed control meaning you are always in charge. The ease in which this tool will screw in or take out large screws, hex bolts and various anchor fixings is truly remarkable; it is also very capable for installing a large number of small fixings that may need that extra control to avoid damaging the finished article. This is a great tool for a combination of professional jobs.

Both tools use 18v brushless technology which gives a longer motor life, more power and greater torque. This set comes with 2 x 18v 2Ah Li-Ion batteries and a one hour charge, if your particular task involves using one tool it’s nice to know that you can swap batteries for an extended working time. The ECD18-Li-2 combi drill is ergonomically good and weighs in at just 1.5kg (including the battery) with a torque of 50 N.m. There is a drilling capacity of 35mm for wood, 10mm for steel and 13mm for masonry. The keyless chuck makes changing drill bits quick and easy. Additionally, with its torque adjustment ring, function selection ring, two speed gear control and forward/ reverse rotation controls, you are in total

In conclusion there is a broad range of combi drill and impact driver sets out there, however the Erbauer twin pack offers exceptional value in terms of its competitors, and these tools did an exceedingly good job at everything we threw at them. Paul Attwood Publishing Editor

Rhian Bartlett, Trading Director at Screwfix, commented: “The 68 new power tools in the new Erbauer range demonstrate our focus on offering value and a wide choice of high performing and adaptable power tools for tradespeople and serious DIYers. This new range is designed to offer reassurance and improved flexibility with the innovative battery platform, all with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Erbauer power tools make a great addition to any tool box.” The Erbauer range of power tools is trusted by many tradespeople and more than 50 per cent of the products already available are Trade Rated, an independent accolade showing they are highly rated by other trade customers.

For more information on Screwfix’s range of products, visit www.screwfix.com or pick up a copy of the new catalogue at a local Screwfix store.

RRNews - Issue 36

Tradespeople can get hold of Erbauer power tools online at www. screwfix.com, from one of over 600 Screwfix stores nationwide or via its 24/7 contact centre on 03330 112 112. Screwfix’s Click & Collect service allows customers to order over the phone or online and pick-up their goods from a store in as little as one minute.



Scotland’s leading and largest building & construction show, Scotland Build, returns to the SEC Glasgow on the 20th & 21st March.


his is not your average construction show. Scotland Build believes doing business should be fun and includes within the event the Festival of Construction, featuring entertainment, competitions, prize giveaways, live music and much more!

RRNews - Issue 36

The free-to-attend show attracts thousands of decision makers from across the Scotland’s construction industry including all Tier 1 contractors, house builders & associations, developers, subcontractors, architects, specifiers, civil engineers, local councils, government, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers and many more.


The extensive exhibition will feature over 150 exhibitors showcasing their latest innovation, products and services, including A13 Steel, Aarsleff Ground Engineering, ACO Technologies, EPSM, Catnic, DuoTools Direct, Gripple Ltd, Home Renewables, Fosroc Limited, Natural Cement, Rockwool Limited, Emtec Energy, Core Conservation, Openreach, Revizto, Plastic Surgeon, Screwfix, Siemens Limited, Tascomi, Wheatley Group, Scotia-Supplies and many more.

Scotland Build is extremely active in the promotion of inclusivity, diversity and equality in the in-dustry. The annual Women in Construction Networking Event in Glasgow, now in its third year will take place on March 21st, attracting thousands of empowering women working in construction for an open panel discussion session and plenty of networking.

The exhibition plays host to 5 dedicated conference theatres with over 150 hours of free CPD conference and workshop sessions discussing the latest developments, challenges and opportunities across Scotland’s built environment. With sessions on the Future of Construction, Sustainability, BIM & Digital Construction, Architecture, Skills & Development and more, this is your onestop-shop to gain all over your CPD points over two days. With over 150 speakers from BAM Construct UK, Mitie, Wheatley Group, Galliford Try, Mott MacDonald, BDP, Holmes Miller, 3D Reid, Arup, Balfour Beatty, Amey, Clyde Gateway, Wates Group, Aecom, Morrison Construction, Kier Construction, Mace Group, Morgan Sindall, The Scottish Government and Multiplex Construction and many more. Scotland Build is extremely active in the promotion of inclusivity, diversity and equality in the industry. The annual Women in Construction Networking Event in Glasgow, now in its third year will take

place on March 21st, attracting thousands of empowering women working in construction for an open panel discussion session and plenty of networking. The involvement of 50+ high profile partners, enables Scotland Build to continue delivering on the exciting content and high-level networking for all in attendance. The Built Environment Networking Hub will host free-to-attend exclusive networking events across two whole days, including the Builder’s Breakfast, Architects Hub, Festival of Construction and more. Build your connections, gain inspiration from industry thought-leaders and win business at the show which offers it all. Join the Scotland’s building and construction industry and register today for your free tickets: www.scotlandbuildexpo.com or email selena.moseley@oliverkinrossevents.com for further details.








Email: marketing@scotlandbuildexpo.com

Phone: +44 (0) 203 058 2350










The largest UK event where the entire Roofing, Cladding & Insulation supply chain comes together

Exhibition of leading suppliers Conference stream featuring expert speakers RIBA accredited CPD workshops FREE ENTRY | FREE PARKING | FREE WI-FI

Headline sponsor

Gold sponsor

www. rcishow .co.uk


26 & 27 MARCH

, EXP O • 2019















@SmartHomeExpo #SmartHome19

OSMO PROTECTS PREMIUM SHEPHERD HUTS When Norfolk-based hut builder, The English Shepherds Hut Co, was looking for a product that would enhance the exterior of their bespoke huts, they turned to Osmo UK to provide them with a hardwearing, weather resistant, and aesthetically pleasing wood finish.


RRNews - Issue 36

he English Shepherds Hut Co has manufactured shepherd huts for the past seven years. Originally designed to accommodate shepherds guarding their flock, the huts are now used in a range of residential and commercial settings including luxury accommodation. By combining tradition with comfort, The English Shepherds Hut Co create bespoke huts tailored to individual requirements. The made to order huts consist of cedar, larch or redwood cladding and can be built in a range of sizes. Once built, they are hand-finished by a team of skilled craftsmen in the company workshop in Norfolk.


Protection of exterior wood is of the upmost importance as the colour can fade after harmful UV rays damage the lining within the wood. With this in mind, The English Shepherds Hut Co applies Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Extra 420 to the huts. This finish delays the greying process by shielding the wood against harmful UV rays, algae and fungal decay. Additionally, it ensures a professional finish that will enhance and protect wood for many years to

“It was important to us to use high quality materials to reflect our premium price-point” comments Rob, Operations Manager at The English Shepherd Hut Co. “We’ve been using Osmo finishes for around three years now – and haven’t looked back. What I like about Osmo UK is the standard of finish, the clear coating enhances the natural wood grain without discolouration, peeling or flaking”.

come. Osmo UK finishes are also used inside the huts on kitchen worktops and wooden shelves to complement the classic wooden interior. “It was important to us to use high quality materials to reflect our premium price-point” comments Rob, Operations Manager at The English Shepherd Hut Co. “We’ve been using Osmo finishes for around three years now – and haven’t looked back. What I like about Osmo UK is the standard of finish, the clear coating enhances the natural wood grain without discolouration, peeling or flaking”. Osmo UV-Protection-Oil contains active ingredients perfectly blended in order to reduce algae and fungal decay and provide optimal protection during winter periods. The finish is absorbed in to the wood, preventing it from drying or becoming brittle. The finish does not crack, flake, peel or blister and provides a clear satin finish. The water and dirt resistant oil reduces wood swelling or shrinkage, protecting the surface for many years to come. The product is extremely easy to apply,

two coats are needed for untreated timber whereas only one is required for surface renewal. The product can be applied evenly by flat brush or roller and dries within 12 hours. Osmo UVProtection-Oil provides hard-wearing protection against UV rays whilst improving the overall appearance of the exterior timber.

By combining tradition with comfort, The English Shepherds Hut Co create bespoke huts tailored to individual requirements. The made to order huts consist of cedar, larch or redwood cladding and can be built in a range of sizes. Once built, they are hand-finished by a team of skilled craftsmen in the company workshop in Norfolk. For more information and to view the complete product range, visit www.osmouk.com and to find out more about The English Shepherds Hut Co, visit www.englishshepherdshut.co.uk or phone 01603 397777.

180° tiltable bracket

360° rotatable bracket Rotatable PIR sensor

FLEXIBLE FLOODLIGHTS Designed with true Collingwood quality and performance at their heart, this range hugely efficient, colour switchable and flicker free lights are perfect for illuminating both residential and commercial spaces.






For our full product range visit www.collingwoodlighting.com or call 01604 495 151

Mastering light together collingwoodlighting.com




jjI-JOISTS. SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE I -JOIST. JJI-Joists have an answer for everything built-in. No matter how demanding your job, JJI-Joists are in a class of their own. Solid timber flanges and OSB web make them light but very strong and easy to work with (creating service holes couldn’t be simpler). Our environmental credentials are also second to none. Add to that our technical brains - on hand to answer questions - and our design software that gives smart cost-effective answers, and your choice has to be intelligent JJI-Joists. Well, you’d be daft not to.

WEB: www.jamesjones.co.uk/ewp

EMAIL: jji-joists @ jamesjones.co.uk

Profile for Lapthorn Media

Refurb Renovation News Issue 36  

Refurb Renovation News is the UK's leading product magazine designed as a useful tool for professional specifiers and buyers who are involve...

Refurb Renovation News Issue 36  

Refurb Renovation News is the UK's leading product magazine designed as a useful tool for professional specifiers and buyers who are involve...