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COMET ELECTRIC COMBI BOILER The Complete Electric Heating & Hot water Solution

AG Hard Landscaping products found in the best locations

Schรถck ComBAR reduces acoustic vibration noise at rail crossovers

The new SG2 Slimglaze Rooflight for external or internal fixing, more security and optional trickle ventilation!

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Eurovia Design, Build and Deliver Race of Champions Circuit in London

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Contents SEPT/OCTOBER 2016


Schöck ComBAR reduces acoustic vibration noise at rail crossovers


Eurovia Design, Build and Deliver Race of Champions Circuit in London


Remote Aerial Surveys By Richard Allitt Associates Limited


City & Guilds auditors praise unique drainage course


The new SG2 Slimglaze Rooflight for external or internal fixing, more security and optional trickle ventilation!


Housing Minister joins Places for People to break ground at Shrubhill


London Build 2016 Expo Join the Discussion in October


Chilstone Architectural News


Actis welcomes RIBA’s 20 point plan to address housing crisis


Scaftec is one of the largest scaffold design consultants in the UK


Rinnai goes solo for continuous flow with a store….


Comet Electric Combi Boiler The Complete Electric Heating & Hot water Solution


AG Hard Landscaping products found in the best locations












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Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016 03

Schöck ComBAR reduces acoustic vibration noise at rail crossovers

Installation Overview Twelve metres of glass fibre reinforcement are installed in a Bielefeld Stadbahn crossover system

The use of Schöck ComBAR glass-fibre reinforcement on the Bielefeld Stadbahn (light rail) network in Germany, greatly reduces noise levels at crossover sections in built-up areas; and unlike steel solutions, poses no threat of interference to sensitive electronic track control systems.

vibration noise levels by up to 30 decibels. Mass-spring systems for fixed tracks typically consist of a rail carrier plate and a U-Trough shaped foundation of reinforced concrete; the two components being isolated to prevent mechanical vibration. Carsten Heidrich, Key Account Manager at Schöck explains: “This isolation is firstly achieved through the large and inert mass

of the rail carrier plate. In addition, the spring element, made from elastomer, dampens the vibrations of this high-mass component. As a result the effects of a passing tram on nearby buildings are much less significant”. Safety is paramount

The Bielefeld Stadbahn, part of the Steel reinforcement is traditionally used transportation network serving over 33 as part of the million commuters a year in the German city ComBAR units have a smooth base and no crossover’s concrete of Bielefeld, is effectively a hybrid system of components. sharp detailing, so there is no risk of them tram and subway, similar to those operating However, the penetrating the elastomer layer and causing sensor system in Stuttgart, Cologne, Frankfurt and acoustic bridges. nearby Hanover. Where the track passes of modern pointthrough heavily blocking circuits built-up areas, works by creating Installation Detail it is necessary a resonant circuit The use of glass fibre reinforcement ensures troubleto prevent in the area of the free operation of the crossover system unacceptable crossover. As a levels of acoustic tram approaches vibration emissions the crossover, its generated at the large steel mass crossover sections. affects the resonant This is particularly circuit, which is the case where sensed by the track the ‘frog’, also control system. If known as the the carrier plate is common crossing, reinforced using is negotiated. Now, steel, this disturbs for the first time in the resonant Bielefeld, the rail circuit in a similar system uses a twoway. This may dimensional masslead to faults in spring system – the point-blocking designed to reduce circuit – making it

04 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

much more difficult for sensors to identify the presence of the rail cars – and putting safety at risk. ComBAR is the effective alternative to steel reinforcement Reinforcement for about 12 metres of the track adjacent to the point-blocking circuit had to be achieved – but without the use of steel in the carrier plate and U-Trough. The solution was to use Schöck ComBAR (composite rebar) glass fibre reinforced polymer. Glass fibre reinforcement has a proved record over steel in track construction: “It was for this reason that, in collaboration with the designers, we decided to use glass-fibre reinforcement in the mass-spring plate for the new crossover system”: comments Volker Quest, Head of the Department Tracks and Lines at moBiel GmbH.

Cutting ComBAR to size ComBAR reinforcement bars are cut to size by hand saw

Where the ComBAR was installed in the area of the U-Trough and rail carrier plate, elastomer sheeting was used to completely isolate the carrier plate from its surroundings. The elastomer layer also served as lost formwork within the trough, where the ComBAR elements were installed crosswise, using cable ties. Concrete, strength class C30/37, being poured in the respective section. ComBAR units have a smooth base and no sharp detailing, so there is no risk of them penetrating the elastomer layer and causing acoustic bridges. After the trough had cured, the 25cm carrier plate, also reinforced by ComBAR, was then poured using concrete of the same ComBAR is a ribbed reinforcing bar made of corrosion strength class. Overall, around resistant glass fibres, bound by a vinyl ester resin. It is three tons of glass stronger than steel and significantly lighter; neither electrically fibre reinforcement or thermally conductive; and is corrosion resistant, extremely was used in these durable and easily machinable. areas. Schöck ComBAR – is a safe and effective reinforcement alternative to steel

ComBAR Glass fibre reinforcement hand saw

Steel rebar has traditionally been used as the reinforcement in concrete construction. However, steel is not the ideal solution for reinforcement, especially in corrosive and electromagnetically sensitive environments. ComBAR is a ribbed reinforcing bar made of corrosion resistant glass fibres, bound by a vinyl ester resin. It is stronger than steel and significantly lighter; neither electrically or thermally conductive; and is corrosion resistant, extremely durable and easily machinable.

Spacers Spacers ensure stability of the multi-layer reinforcement

Typical applications are: Bridges, marine and harbour construction… for newbuild and reparation work, even where there is heavy exposure to de-icing salts.

High voltage transformers… transformers and reactors generate inductive currents within the reinforcing steel. If located too close to the coils, the excessive heat will result in a loss of rebar strength. As ComBAR is not conductive, foundations, walls and ceilings reinforced with the product can be built close to transformer coils and reactors. So enclosures for these coils can then be much smaller without hindering performance. Research facilities...the functionality of highly sensitive instruments can be signifcantly affected by conductivity from steel as a reinforcing material. ComBAR offers a completely non-metallic and nonmagnetic research environment. Shaft walls of tunnels…where a tunnel boring machine (TBM) is used, it cannot drill through the steel reinforced shaft walls. These have to be opened manually and the soil behind stabilised. All of this is avoided with ComBAR as the TBM cuts directly through the head wall.

For initial enquiries contact:

design@schoeck.co.uk t: 01865 290 890

Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016 05

Armstrong Ceilings hit the heights at Farnborough

The total amount of tiles recycled by Armstrong Ceilings at the airshow has risen again. Armstrong Ceilings continues to break the mould for recycling building materials at the Farnborough International Airshow. The UK manufacturer has again exceeded the amount of ceiling tiles it recycles at the bi-annual show it has supplied for the past four events, this year some 14,769m2 compared to the 13,400m2 it recycled in 2014 Not only that, the amount of mineral ceilings recycled from the potential from more than 200 temporary corporate hospitality and business chalets and exhibition halls on site rose from 61% in 2014 to 79.8% this year, winning praise from the show’s head of operational development and Health and Safety. The ceiling tiles recycled from this year’s Farnborough airshow help to bring the total amount of recycling by Armstrong since 2009 to more than 500,000m2.


Digital Construction

Paint a thousand words to tender documents, bid submissions, interview shows and pre-construction presentations with Marsotti’s digital construction service From logistics layouts to phasing diagrams, our graphics will help you clarify tenders, win bids, convey intentions and improve planning Visit www.marsotti.co.uk or call 0114 345 0323

Armstrong pioneered ceiling recycling in the UK in 2003 and since then the programme has evolved to include all mineral tiles, no minimum quantities, a growing network of “Green Omega” installers and partnerships with national distributors to further support customers’ local recycling requirements.

01895 251122 | www.armstrongceilings.co.uk

nora® nTx – The Revolutionary Fast Moisture Tolerable Installation System nora® nTx is a new and unique technology for professional installers. The powerful adhesive is factory-applied to the covering and so the system is as simple as it is ingenious. In a few steps, the flooring can be cleanly and safely installed, even high levels of residual moisture in the screed are no problem for nora® nTx. The adhesive acts as a suppressant to 99.9% RH and is completely alkaline resistant. The moisture in the slab slowly declines through minimal VTR and also through the process of crystalline hydration. It can be laid on all common concrete or cement screed surfaces, as well as directly on top of existing floorings. Typical installations of, let’s say, 400m sq which would usually take 4 days including the application of a 2 coat DPM, can now be completed in I day and used immediately.


06 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016


Glass Bending Excellence

Toughened Glass Bends Firman Glass new toughening plant includes two bending chambers which work alongside the standard flat bed. The smaller chamber will bend glass from 5mm to 12mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 1000mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 5mm, 6mm = 450mm 8mm, 10mm = 1000mm 12mm = 1200mm The large chamber will bend glass from 6mm to 19mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 3600mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 6mm = 1500mm 8mm, 10mm = 1800mm 12mm, 15mm = 2000mm 19mm = 2500mm

Working in conjunction with the flat toughening facility to a maximum flat size of 2850mm wide x 5000mm long. Firman Glass can now offer the Architect, Designer and Contractor a complete service for multiple uses such as balustrades, partitions, shower screens, revolving door enclosures, full height barriers, partitions and shopfronts. Curved Glass can be processed as with flat glass and can be decorated by sandblasting and back painting.

To find out more visit www.firmanglass.com Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: sales@firmanglass.com www.firmanglass.com

Eurovia Design, Build and Deliver Race of Champions Circuit in London

The Race of Champions (ROC) is an annual end-of-season contest which has been running for over 25 years. It brings together some of the world’s greatest drivers from motor sport’s major disciplines – including Formula 1, Le Mans, IndyCar, Rallycross and Touring Cars – and sets them free to battle head-to-head in identical cars. In recent years ROC has visited the Stade de France in Paris (2004-2006), London’s Wembley Stadium (2007-2008), the ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic Stadium in Beijing (2009), Düsseldorf’s Esprit Arena (2010-2011), the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok (2012) and Bushy Park Barbados (2014). For the 27th running of the event the contest returned to London and the venue of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games in Stratford.

Eurovia Contracting had just four weeks to design the track, complete trials and mobilise for the project following the contract award. The circuit itself was constructed in one week, allowing the organisers three days for driving practice ahead of the event on the weekend of 20th and 21st November. Afterwards, the project team had 36 hours to remove the track, but accomplished this major feat in just 25 hours, a ROC record. To make things more challenging, ROC decided to adopt a more innovative approach to the track layout. Unlike previous ROC layouts, the new track adopted a similar style to a pursuit cycling design (12% cross-fall), consequently widening the track and removing the need to divide the track in two with a barrier.

Sector 16 Training Course Eurovia are proud of their award winning, in-house Sector 16 training programme which was developed in-house to improve the knowledge, understanding and skills required for the future to ensure that they operate to the highest standards in all areas. This innovative training enforces the company ethos of “Right first time” and supports Eurovia’s commitment to the delivery of works safely and to specification every time. The first Pilot Course was delivered to delegates from Eurovia’s surfacing division including Supervisors, General Foremen, Machine Foremen and Operatives.

Eurovia used feedback from the delegates to shape the in-house training program into one and two day workshops to ensure that all areas were covered in the time. The course is delivered by a team of Eurovia employees who are in house subject experts and has been assessed to ensure that it meets industry standards. John Matthews from South West Highways Training department who assessed the course said “this will raise competency levels above the industry standards and develop Eurovia’s surfacing operatives to become multiskilled Paving Technicians for the future. It will also incentivise their workforce and offer recognition for what is a very skilled discipline.”

08 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

The highways industry has suffered from huge budget cuts over the last few years which has left the road network in a poor state of repair. Clients have had to go for ‘cheaper’ options to repair their networks, leading to poorer road surface treatments and early life failures. As a result, the industry has suffered from under investment, which has led to a reduction in the numbers of experienced and skilled operatives in our sector. There is also a lack of young people coming into the industry, with no formal training program that ensures they are equipped to lay asphalt to the highest standards. This new training course will help contribute to improving the knowledge, understanding and skills required for the future to ensure that asphalt laid by Eurovia

base & 2,000 tonnes of asphalt were used in the construction of the 8,000m2 circuit. To ensure the required seamless surface was achieved two state of the art pavers paved the surface course material in echelon prior to compaction by two HAMM DV65 VO tandem rollers fitted with HAMM Compaction Quality software (HCQ), the latter provided assurance to the client that the materials had been sufficiently compacted. All the asphalt was supplied by Eurovia Roadstone’s plant at Dagenham where close monitoring of the material constituents and temperatures were implemented to ensure a homogenous surface was achieved.

Working in conjunction with the Race of Champions team, the track was designed by Jean Lefebvre (UK). Constructed on 1,000 aluminium trackway panels to protect the pitch’s undersoil heating, the pavement layers consisted of a 150mm depth of unbound Type 4 sub-base material (100% reclaimed asphalt “The capabilities of our divisions in pavement design, pavement (RAP)) overlaid with a 40mm depth of production and surfacing were critical in achieving the SMA 14 BIN 50/70, and finally a 30mm depth of AC 10 BBM Surf PMB, consisting of granite track’s all-important racing surface, which was praised by aggregates with an Evatech U binder. In all approximately 3,000 tonnes of Type 4 sub-

the drivers for its smoothness and safety,” says Eurovia Contracting Business Manager Dave Boswell.

is done to the highest standard. The implementation and deployment of this bespoke training programme is in support of Eurovia’s ethos of ‘Right, First Time’, however it goes further than to just get it right but to exceed the standard specifications and to deliver above and beyond the expected quality of work by giving the workforce the necessary competencies, up skilling where required so that their knowledge, training and experience is the company’s biggest asset. This is a themed initiative to drive increasing quality and integrity through all aspects of highway design, installation and maintenance; raising the standard of materials, plant and equipment used across the company.

The implementation and deployment of this bespoke training programme is in support of Eurovia’s ethos of ‘Right, First Time’, however it goes further than to just get it right but to exceed the standard specifications and to deliver above and beyond the expected quality of work by giving the workforce the necessary competencies, up skilling where required so that their knowledge, training and experience is the company’s biggest asset.

Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016 09

UAVs are quick to mobilise and can survey areas that are usually difficult to reach, furthermore surveys can be carried out quickly and deliver highly accurate data.

Remote Aerial Surveys By Richard Allitt Associates Limited Information gathered using a UAV (aka “drone�) can assist the construction & engineering process right through from start to finish complementing other sources of data. Specialised UAV surveys are a real asset for both construction and engineering projects with the data being available in many different formats e.g. CAD format, as well as in suitable formats for integration into the BIM process. Their uses are many and varied ranging from surveying to monitoring sites and from inspecting structures to showcasing aerial overviews of completed projects; there is no doubt UAVs are increasingly becoming a vital tool for the construction industry. UAVs offer the most spatially accurate aerial survey data currently available The data they provide is as accurate and in some cases more accurate than that from other sources plus they have a range of additional benefits not least of which is cost saving. Data can be gathered as straightforward imagery or in formats that allow mapping and 3D modelling.

t t t

Raw Imagery: Aerial Photography, Video Flythroughs, Thermal & Multi-Spectral Imagery 2 D Mapping: Visual Mapping, Near Infra-Red & Digital Elevation Models 3D Data: RGB Point Clouds, Topographical Surveys, As-built Surveys, Interactive 3D Models, Visualizations, Animations

How can this data be used? Data from a UAV survey can be used to inform at every stage of the construction process


t t t t t t

Strengthen planning applications Assess & document land condition Plan & schedule construction works Conduct health & safety assessments Measure site dimensions Use as a Base Model for CAD designs

During Construction

t t t t

Track construction progress Verify Levels and positions Measure stockpile volumes Inspect hard to reach Places

Post Construction

t t t t t

To produce BIM data directly via Scan2BIM process Record & Verify construction works/as-built surveys Produce marketing material Assess neighbouring land condition Measure land movement

On Going Maintenance

t t t t

Routine Asset Inspections Condition Surveys Evaluate damage and fatigue Plan & schedule maintenance work

10 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

Remote Aerial Surveys By Richard Allitt Associates Limited

Why use a UAV in Construction? UAVs are quick to mobilise and can survey areas that are usually difficult to reach, furthermore surveys can be carried out quickly and deliver highly accurate data. Because of their speed and efficiency UAVs are a highly cost effective solution. As a specialist operator with CAA permissions Remote Aerial Surveys not only has the equipment required to carry out surveys but is highly skilled in GIS and remote sensing so can offer a full survey and mapping service as well as more straight forward photography and videos.

Contact pilot@remoteaerialsurveys.co.uk 01444 401840 www.remoteaerialsurveys.co.uk

UAV Construction Services Remote Aerial Surveys By Richard Allitt Associates Limited



Topographic Surveys Condition Surveys As Built Surveys 3D Site Models Progress Images Building Visualisations Industrial Inspections Roof Surveys

☑Real World Data to Desktop ☑Enhanced Data ☑Access all Areas ☑Reduced Risk ☑Less Survey Time ☑Cost Saving

Remote Aerial Surveys By Richard Allitt Associates Limited

Contact Us: 01444 401840 www.remoteaerialsurveys.co.uk pilot@remoteaerialsurveys.co.uk


Remote Aerial Surveys @RAerialSurveys


City & Guilds auditors praise unique drainage course City & Guilds has re-accredited Lanes Group plc’s unique drainage engineer’s course while praising it for setting high standards and for the quality of its teaching materials after the recent audit. The City & Guilds course, the only one of its kind in the UK, is designed to ensure Lanes Group drainage engineers achieve a uniform and verifiable standard in blockage engineering across all depots. In the re-accreditation audit report, Lanes Group was praised for the rigour of its management controls, the quality of its course materials and the “very effective” feedback system for capturing ideas from candidates. Paul McParland, Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Manager for Lanes Group, said: “The re-accreditation process was very positive and confirmed that our approach to drainage engineer education and training is correct. “We are continuing to build our City & Guilds education programme, with a commitment to carrying out eight courses in the next 12 months. This training gives our teams a recognised qualification and additional confidence that they have the know-how and

capability to work to a high and safe standard.” The City & Guilds auditor was particularly impressed with the rigorous approach to testing that that skills have been learned during the

“The re-accreditation process was very positive and confirmed that our approach to drainage engineer education and training is correct.” Paul McParland, Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Manager for Lanes Group

two-day course which includes classroom, practical education and field inspections. Paul MacParland explained: “Candidates have to pass three tests to gain their qualification. They have to achieve a high pass mark. Also, for five key questions, focussed mainly on health and safety, it is mandatory that they get the right answers. Finally, the practical application of what candidates have learned is tested later in the field.”

Minister confirms support of Prompt Payment Code and success in changing payment culture New measures to support the Prompt Payment Code (PPC) and drive a culture of better payment practice have been confirmed in a letter to PPC signatories from Margot James, Minister for Small Business and Philip King, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM). The letter highlights the significant success of the Code to date, and in particular highlighting the challenges against Code signatories that it says have been ‘hugely successful in achieving fast settlement of invoices, creating dialogue between parties, improving contract terms, and providing constructive assistance welcomed by suppliers and signatories alike’. The correspondence also confirms the future appointment of a Small Business Commissioner to provide help and advice to business, including on achieving prompt payment, and the Statutory Duty to Report for large businesses to report on payment practices that comes into force from 6 April, 2017. Further strengthening of the Code will follow the implementation of the Duty to Report measures. The authors of the letter confirm that

signatories should be paying within 30 days where possible and that this should increasingly be the norm. The Code Compliance Board will not be enforcing 30 day terms but states that paying invoices within 60 days will be a requirement unless there are exceptional

circumstances that will be considered on a case by case basis. An example of ‘exceptional circumstances’ might be where a company is able to demonstrate that it applies different terms to the benefit of their smaller suppliers.

The authors of the letter confirm that signatories should be paying within 30 days where possible and that this should increasingly be the norm.

Philip King, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM)

12 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

Margot James, Minister for Small Business

0333 600 1234 . WWW.RAPINTERIORS.CO.UK

We love changing spaces We are a creative bunch of experienced people who are passionate about making your interior dreams come true. Our team design and deliver the perfect workspace for your business and your staff, making your office the best place to come to work. With our knowledge in the latest fit out trends for offices, schools and even care homes, we transform workplace environments with no fuss – it’s simple for us, we are the experts!

We are obsessed with creating fantastic interiors Rap was established in 1988 and delivers a complete, all-encompassing design and fit out service to our clients, whether they want to make big changes or small ones.

For tru uly exceptional results it ca an only be Rap Interriors

Working nationally

“B es D t fo Win es r n BU ign Off ers IL - ic of D U e - K In N 20 te EW 1 ri 6 o S ” r

Our entire focus is to provide the hands-on approach, whether it’s a full design and fit out service you need or space planning and design to allow you to tender your project. We pride ourselves on being proactive, reliable, accurate and inspiring no matter what elements of our service you need.



Big Wipes Hand Cream – a mighty defence against skin damage

Instarmac Products at the Touch of a Button

Dry skin and cracked, painful hands are a common ailment among the trade, but Big Wipes has come to the rescue with the launch of its new, specially formulated Hand Cream. Solvents, paints and varnishes all strip the skin of its natural oils and can be difficult to avoid when working out on site. Harsh substances can break the skin’s protective barrier and contact dermatitis can develop with symptoms ranging from mild dryness, itching and redness to painful cracks, skin ulcers and red fluid filled blisters. Cracked and broken skin can also allow bacteria to enter your body and nasty infections to take hold. Instarmac are proud to announce the launch of their new product planner App. The App has been developed using the latest mobile app development technology and has been designed with their customers’ needs in mind. Have you ever been stuck on site with no internet connection and need to find out how quickly your tile adhesive will set? When your pothole repair can be trafficked? Which smoothing underlayment you should use? The new Instarmac Product Planner App completely solves this problem! Each of Instarmac’s 6 brands - UltraCrete, UltraScape, UltraTile, UltraFloor, Wondertex and Granfix - have dedicated product pages allowing the user to find information easily and quickly. What’s more, each product has its own enhanced product calculator and technical and safety datasheets which can be accessed and

downloaded without the need for an internet connection. The App boasts many features including tutorial videos, an easy to use search function and a ‘Favourites’ list where the user can keep a list of their most favoured products and brands, allowing them to access information even more quickly when on-site. Users can also be kept up-to-date with all the latest product developments at Instarmac via the App notifications. The Instarmac Product Planner is FREE to download on Google Play and in the App Store now. For further information please call +44 (0) 1827 871871 or email enquiries@instarmac. co.uk. You can also follow Instarmac on Twitter @InstarmacGroup.

Bocker AK35-3000 Painted Pink for Charity Carlisle-based PMS Fabrications are raising money and awareness for cancer charities in a more unusual way. They have had their Bocker AK35-3000 truck crane painted pink and are donating a percentage of hire revenue to Macmillan Cancer Care and The Charlie Bear Cancer Care in Newcastle. The crane has been a big hit, especially with housing construction projects and is now a familiar sight in the local area. Staff will also be running the Great Cumbrian Run, a half marathon taking place on 2nd October. Donations can be made via their Just Giving Page and they are hoping to keep raising money for many years to come.

14 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

 ZĂƚŝŽŶĂůŝƐĞĚWŽƐƚΘĞĂŵdŝŵďĞƌ&ƌĂŵĞ ... building with solid timber the EASY way!

Traditional Timber Frame Annexes & Facilities in Oak, Douglas Fir or Redwood - Hand Crafted for you!

Standard & Bespoke Designs +/- Rooms in Roof

«2XWVWDQGLQJ9DOXH Complete “ŶǀŝƌŽŶŵĞŶƚ&ƌŝĞŶĚůLJ͟ kits include plans for self or contract build. ^ĞŶĚƵƐLJŽƵƌĚƌĂǁŝŶŐƐĨŽƌĂĨƌĞĞĞƐƚŝŵĂƚĞ SolidLox, Benfield ATT Group, Castle Way, Caldicot NP26 5PR

01291 437 050 SolidLox@BenfieldATT.uk www.SolidLox.co.uk

Founded back in 2015, VR Access Solutions is a new player in the market for Access Solutions, Scaffolding and Associated products, yet, simultaneously, the company is founded upon a great deal of industry expertise which has allowed for the company to achieve great success in a short period of time.

KES is a leading British supplier of power and electrical equipment, providing a fast and friendly service to customers throughout the UK and world-wide:

t High quality PCE industrial plugs, sockets, and adaptors in 16amp, 32amp, 63amp & 125amp, 110volt, 240volt & 400volt.

t Comprehensive range of festoon lighting can be made to your

specific requirements in our factories. KES also stock and make other portable, floodlight and emergency lighting in both 110v and 230v. t Custom-designed distribution units or boxes and electrical cabinets can be manufactured to meet your need. t Outdoor Events electrics made to your specification or items from our comprehensive stock range. t Transformers – from small portable power tool transformers to large 10kva site transformers. t Site electrics, including cable, extension leads, outlet units, 110v kettles and heaters are available from stock. t From its offices in Southampton, Dartford and Wakefield, KES is ideally situated to supply all your power and lighting requirements.


As a sole manufacturer of non-mechanical access products, VR Access Solutions enters the market at the very top. Not looking to add yet another range of standard products to the market, the VR approach is one of quality and innovation; in essence, with the company bringing a range of products which stand head and shoulders above those already present in the market.









0 12 9 6 3 2 3 7 7 0 w w w.organowood.co.uk

Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016 15

DIYrooflights.com t Quality Glass Flat roof rooflights from £248 exc Vat t Fixed & Opening rooflights – various designs. t Large stock holding for quick delivery

t Bespoke shapes and sizes also available t Easy to fit – details & prices on website

The new SG2 Slimglaze Rooflight for external or internal fixing, more security and optional trickle ventilation! Now available from £248

Slimglaze Rooflights are designed for installation on flat roofs and come glazed and silicone sealed ready for screwing onto upstand

plus VAT. Find out more here! The new SG2 Slimglaze Rooflight is a brand new extrusion that fits over the upstand in the usual way. What’s different about the SG2 is that it is specially designed to give you the option to fix either externally or internally and can be machined to give you trickle ventilation. For a limited time, the SG2 is available at the same price as the standard Slimglaze

rooflights. Unbeatable value! Suitable for use as a flat roof DIY rooflight, the SG2 can be installed by professionals and end-users. It’s easy to fit and comes glazed and silicone sealed ready for assembly to a conventional timber kerb with your chosen roof covering.

Standard Product Rooflights

Don’t forget our Double and Triple Glazed Slimglaze Rooflights You can buy these directly from the dedicated website, with prices starting from just £248 for Double Glazed and £284 for Triple Glazed, all excluding VAT and delivery.

10 good reasons you should ask Anglian Architectural Limited to tender for your next project t Expert sub-contractor with big reputation for quality and efficiency

t Integrated capability includes design,

surveying, manufacturing and installation

t Complete start-to-finish solution t In-house design, fabrication and project Fixed Skylight

Opening Rooflight

Access Hatch

AA Glazing Systems was formed in 2008 to supply trade Aluminium windows, doors and rooflights to architectural glazing companies, main contractors and Architects. Standard sizes and bespoke options to meet your specific requirements are available.


t Critical product specification t Problem solving t Industry recognised systems and components

t All Quality Accreditations ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, CHAS

This new website gives you an extensive choice that includes:

t Long experience working with major

t Fixed skylights t Walk-on rooflights

t Competitive prices and value for money,

Fixed Skylight

t Opening and access hatch roof windows t Pyramid and lantern rooflig

Opening Rooflight

Contractors and High Street brands guaranteed.

Access Hatch

All AA Glazing Systems rooflights are perfect for allowing maximum natural light into any room or dark space, whilst creating that big wow factor.

Dedicated manufacturing

Working from a dedicated 7000ft2 factory, AA Glazing Systems shares resources and expertise with Anglian Architectural, a widely respected architectural glazing sub-contractor, carrying out projects up to the value of £1.5m nationally.

Reputation, quality and service

Both companies pride themselves on their reputation for quality, attention to detail and customer service. Raw materials are responsibly sourced from suppliers that hold ISO14001 certification and as you may know, Anglian Architectural won an award for sustainability excellence in 2014.

It’s easy to buy online

Products are suitable for both commercial and domestic installations and buying direct from the website is very easy.

16 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

AA Glazing Systems was formed in 2008 to supply trade Aluminium windows, doors and rooflights to architectural glazing companies, main contractors and Architects. Standard sizes and bespoke options to meet your specific requirements are available.

t Architectural Glazing t Curtain Walling t Aluminium Windows and Doors t Fire rated & blast approved systems t Rainscreen Facades & Complete Envelopes t Rooflights - DIYrooflights.com t London & South East t Reputation for High Quality and Reliability

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Housing Minister joins Places for People to break ground at Shrubhill tPhase 1 will include Scotland’s largest NHT development

Scottish Housing Minister Kevin Stewart MSP today [Tuesday 13 September 2016] joined property developer Places for People and council officials at a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the start of construction work on 374 new homes at Shrubhill on Edinburgh’s Leith Walk. Phase one will include 93 of a total of 150 new homes to be delivered at Shrubhill under the National Housing Trust initiative (NHT), the largest single NHT development in Scotland. When the £75 million development is complete it will offer a range of tenure options for rent and sale. As well as the new-build properties, there will be flats available within the conversion of the existing Grade B listed former tram depot buildings. Shrubhill is the site of Edinburgh’s historic tram depot, built in 1898, where there were workshops and the engine room that housed the winding gear for the City’s famous cable-hauled trams, the last of which ran in 1923. The last of the electric trams arrived on its final journey on Friday the 16th of November 1956. The tram sheds, chimney and a large part of the boundary wall and gables, all listed, will remain part of the development.

Work begins on major drainage survey of Severn Tunnel Lanes Group drainage engineers have begun the task of carrying out a survey of tunnel drainage along the 7km-long Severn Tunnel. The company has been commissioned by Amey, working for Network Rail, to carry out the surveys in the tunnel, which for over 100 years was the longest main line railway tunnel in the UK. The work is one of a number of enabling

projects preparing the way for the electrification of the Great Western Main Line between London Paddington and the west of England and South Wales. In the first of yearly packages of examinations completing various sections, four teams of Lanes Group drainage engineers completed CCTV drainage surveys along 1,600m of track through the tunnel in 30 hours.

Quality commercial development at Nepicar Park, Wrotham, is a winner Strong confidence by SMEs in the West Kent economy is evident after most of the industrial units at Nepicar Park, on the A20 near Wrotham, were sold prior to completion of the development. In February 2015 Gallagher Properties secured planning permission to develop 15 industrial warehouse units totaling 42,000ft2, close to Junction 2a of the M26. Nick Yandle of Gallagher Properties, which is part of the Maidstone based Gallagher Group said: “It is a fantastic achievement to have nearly all the units sold prior to completion of the project, only 18 months from securing planning permission. “It clearly shows that there is demand for welldesigned, high specification and well located industrial units that are close to the motorways in Kent.

18 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

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KES specialise in the design, manufacture and sales of safe, convenient, and user-ĨƌŝĞŶĚůLJĞůĞĐƚƌŝĐĂůĚŝƐƚƌŝďƵƟŽŶĂŶĚƐŝƚĞůŝŐŚƟŶŐ͘

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Join the Discussion in October It’s been a busy year thus far; We’ve had the referendum, Theresa May’s appointment and the new Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Khan has highlighted his determination to continue investing in London’s construction industry, having pledged to meet a target of 50,000 new homes a year. Housing, Photography by Joe Brady. regeneration, London’s future plans and much more will Housing, regeneration, London’s future plans and much be discussed at the annual London Build at Olympia London, taking place on October more will be discussed at the annual London Build at 26th & 27th. Widely recognised as the Olympia London, taking place on October 26th & 27th. leading construction and design event for London and the South East, this free-toMae Architects, Sarah Wrigglesworth attend event is perfectly timed to drive the and design from leading architects, Architects, Natasha Reid Design, Fletcher demonstrations and trials of the latest industry forward. Priest Architects, Skidmore Owings & BIM and design software, conference Merrill (SOM), PLP Architecture, Squires presentations, CPD accredited training This year’s show introduces the Architects workshops along with endless networking and Partners, London Underground, Hub. Some of the features include 3D Maccreanor Lavington, Dallas Pierce opportunities with key developers, modelling of major projects across the Quintero, Bouygues UK, Avanti Architects, city, a project wall commending innovation architects, specifiers and contractors. Design Software Solutions, Honour, LABC and CIAT are just some of the key speakers presenting throughout the two day conference and CPD training workshops. Our Meet the Buyer VIP Luncheon will include a Business Card Exchange, announcements on the latest tenders and investment opportunities in London, oneon-one meetings and huge networking potential with hundreds of key decision makers including First Base, Heathrow Airport, Transport for London, Lendlease, Crossrail, Foster and Partners, Mace Group and Atkins Global amongst many others.

Free tickets are allocated on a firstcome, first-serve basis, so please visit www.londonbuildexpo.com, or contact kate.skinner@oliverkinross. com today for more information.

See you at the show!

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the leading construction expo for london FREE TO ATTEND

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Site Remediation Emissions and Boundary Monitoring human health. Monitoring of VOCs and Dust: Technical View Before the commencement of a project it is necessary to establish baseline conditions at the site. This step involves conducting Environmental Effects from Chemicals in Soil short-term air Introduction monitoring before any emissions-generating activities begin. It is important during this step The remediation of contaminated land sites can that consistency in sampling methodology is prove to be a challenging undertaking. maintained throughout the remainder of the There is considerable risk of chemical works, otherwise baseline or subsequent results exposure to both the onsite workforce and to may be called into question. This step allows surrounding communities. To offsite receptors, any unanticipated difficulties to be addressed the remediation process itself can become prior to commencement of full-scale remedial a significant route of exposure, with the activities. excavation and uncovering of otherwise trapped contaminants resulting in potential volatilisation For VOCs initial sampling will normally entail and aerosolisation of organic and inorganic toxic the use of sorbent tubes. These will be placed compounds. at a number of locations along the perimeter of the site. VOCs present in the air are trapped As such, it is often necessary to undertake onto absorbent material within sample tubes monitoring regimes for the early detection of over a 28 day period. The sample tubes will in field short-term emissions of site related then be analysed for the amount of VOC that chemicals. The early detection of these has been absorbed. This is then converted to emissions can be used to trigger associated concentrations of VOCs in the air. Alongside this, contingency measures. These measures can fence line monitoring utilising Photo Ionisation then help mitigate and/or reduce emission Detectors (PIDs) can be undertaken to identify exposure to surrounding communities to trends in VOC concentration to ppb levels. Such accepted regulatory and recommended instruments include the Ion Science Tiger PID guideline limits. When monitoring for emissions and Rae Systems ppbRAE. these normally fall into the two groups of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Dusts/ In a similar fashion, PM10 particulate monitoring Particulates (particulate matter). As a minimum must also be undertaken at this stage to it is expected that trigger levels for noise, dust establish its baseline. This can also be achieved and VOCs are provided and acted upon. through two techniques typically; the Frisbee Dust Deposit Gauge (outlined in BS1747 Pt1) In achieving this it is necessary to provide a and/or through the use of direct reading PM10 site specific plan for proposed activities. Where monitors, such as the TSI Environmental a risk assessment shows that emissions DustTrak. require control, monitoring must take place to demonstrate effective abatement, this should include details of:

at either end of the line - either inside or outside the site boundary. These instruments should provide data that can be downloaded in real-time. This ideally will report a 15-minute running average of concentrations generated during field activities which will subsequently trigger alerts or alarms if a trigger value is exceeded. Work may normally continue with dust suppression techniques provided that downwind PM-10 particulate levels do not exceed 150Îźg/m3 above the upwind level and provided that no visible dust is migrating from the work area. VOCs should be monitored and recorded at the downwind perimeter of the immediate work area, with further periodic measurements taken on the upwind site boundary to further establish background conditions. Typically VOC monitoring response and action levels are measured over a 15 minute average and if exceeded, work activities must be temporarily halted and monitoring continued. If levels subsequently drop below the trigger value commencement of work activities can normally resume with continued monitoring. However, if the organic vapour level remains sustained above the trigger value at the perimeter of the work area, activities must be shut down and work re-evaluated. Recent advances in technology have allowed for the live specific measurement of BTEX compounds, which commonly are of greatest concern and the primary factor for the imposition of VOC emission limits. As such, it is now possible through the use of the Ion Science TITAN and the Defiant Technologies FROG-4000 and TOCAM to quantify these live, potentially opening the fence line monitoring of these compounds to more rigorous techniques that will ultimately enable the timely remediation of contaminated land sites with less disruption of works.

t Pollutants to be monitored t Emission limits and Trigger levels for each pollutant

t Number and location of source emission points

t Monitoring protocol, which includes frequency

of monitoring, type of equipment, calibration, accreditation, sample collection and procedure t The experience and qualifications of personnel carrying out the monitoring and those responsible for interpreting and acting upon the results t Emissions action plan t A baseline monitoring programme might be required where other emission sources similar to the proposed activity already exist. From these prior steps boundary air quality monitoring, trigger points can be set for each parameter (for example, between 80% and 90% of air quality criterion) which provide adequate protection of each environmental medium or

Titan Benzene Specific Monitor and TOCAM Toxic Organic Chemical Air Monitor.

On commencement of remedial works it is then necessary to continue with the sampling of both VOCs and Dust/Particulate.

Finally, it is always important to remember that there is a distinction between concerns about odour and any toxicological effect from exposure to chemicals. The human nose is very sensitive and many substances that are perceived as odorous are usually present at levels below which there is a direct toxicological effect.

Dust and particulates should be monitored by determining prevailing wind direction across the site, the setting out of a line across the site according to the direction of the prevailing wind and operation of a minimum of two automatic particulate monitors to measure PM10 levels

This does not detract from the fact that odours can cause nuisance leading to stress and anxiety, with some people experiencing symptoms such as nausea, headaches or dizziness, as a reaction to odours even when the substances are not at harmful levels to health.

DustTrak Environmental Aerosol Monitor, real-time dust monitoring for any outdoor environment.

22 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

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The CompactPRO delivers the thermal imaging sensor quality, features, and software needed by experts and contractors in industrial and commercial building trades at an unprecedented price point of under $500 SANTA BARBARA, CA, JUNE 20, 2016 — Seek Thermal™ announced today the company’s first line of high performance, affordable, infrared thermal imaging cameras for experts and contractors in industrial and commercial building trades. Chilstone are delighted to reveal their new website and branding at www. chilstone.com to showcase their expertise in bespoke architectural stonework. We are proud to have worked on a large number of building projects from renovations to innovative new builds for private clients and stately homes. We were honoured to supply the Temple for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show People’s Choice Award winning Meningitis Now Artisan Garden, designed by John Everiss. Chilstone architectural stonework is perfect for detailing with excellent colour matching and a fine textured surface to look identical to carved stone. Stainless steel reinforcements can be incorporated for load bearing components. Chilstone produce a large range of products from window surrounds, stone coping, pier caps, balustrading to porticos to match your existing stonework or we can work with you to create a whole new look and add value to your home with bespoke solutions.

Our architectural products are estimated as a free service by our architectural estimating and CAD team. Please call us on 01892 740866

Available soon, the Seek CompactPRO weighs less than 0.5 ounces and plugs directly into an iOS or Android smartphone device for instant connectand-detect convenience. The CompactPRO is the first thermal imaging camera built for a smartphone to ever feature 76,800 measurement pixels, a thermal sensor array of 320x240, and an unprecedented price point under $500. The CompactPRO is also an innovative game-changer in helping to make thermal imaging technology more easily affordable and available to professionals working in building, electrical, mechanical fields and more. The Seek PRO Series is the first low-cost thermal imaging series to hit the market and break the cost barriers for its total capabilities. This provides new users in the commercial building trades and industrial segment the smart toolset they need to identify and locate the problem quickly, saving time on the job. The CompactPRO accurately measures object temperature between the broad range of -40°F to 626°F, with sensitivity levels <70mK, and contains an adjustable focal lens. The CompactPRO also easily stores and transfers all radiometric data into a file format for documenting, cataloging, and post-capture analysis of infrared data. The Seek CompactPRO sells for an MSRP of €499 (excluding VAT) and will be available through authorized distribution channels in all North American and EMEA markets

For more information, visit www.thermal.com

Considerate Constructors Scheme seeks new Board Directors Newly appointed Scheme Executive Chairman Isabel Martinson to recruit new Board Directors to take Scheme to the ‘next level’ London, United Kingdom, 19 September 2016: The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) – the national Scheme to improve the image of the construction industry - is recruiting for new Board Directors.

the environment, secure everyone’s safety and value their workforce. The Scheme is looking for new Board members who are committed to the Scheme’s ethos, and in particular, those with expertise in the areas of marketing and communications, finance, commercial contracts and outsourcing.

Isabel Martinson, who was appointed as Executive Chairman of the Scheme in July 2016, is looking for senior representatives from within and outside of the construction industry to expand the CCS to move to the ‘next level’, to further enhance the construction industry’s image and reputation. The CCS is an independent organisation formed in 1997. Since its formation, it has significantly altered the approach the construction industry takes to those affected by its activities, the construction workforce, and the impact construction has on the local environment. It has achieved wide recognition and is highly regarded and respected by those aware of and involved in the Scheme. Construction sites, companies and suppliers

Isabel Martinson

voluntarily register with the Scheme and agree to abide by the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice. The Code commits those registered with the Scheme to care about appearance, respect the community, protect

Considerate Constructors Scheme Executive Chairman Isabel Martinson commented: “The CCS provides a hugely important and influential role in helping to enhance the construction industry’s reputation to the public, those within the industry and the Government. I look forward to working with a team of newly appointed Board Directors to shape the future reputation of the construction industry through the Considerate Constructors Scheme.”

Terms of reference, person/skills specifications and the application procedure are available via the Scheme’s website here.

Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016 23


Actis welcomes RIBA’s 20 point plan to address housing crisis A 20 point plan drawn up last week by the Royal Institute of British Architects to address the housing crisis has been welcomed by innovative pan European insulation company Actis. The plan echoes some of the suggestions already put forward by Actis – including placing a greater focus on quick to build yet high quality thermally efficient homes – and adds some transformative, multi-agency ideas which involve sensible long term planning on a national and local level. RIBA’s plan calls for a new way of thinking about how to cope with growing household numbers in an economically difficult climate, with a focus on sustainability, community cohesion, aesthetic appeal, a transformation of regional planning powers and more emphasis on providing affordable homes. It also suggests removing stamp duty for those downsizing and a new planning category for housing for older people, to free up larger homes and address changing demographics. Actis UK and Ireland director Matthew King is particularly enthusiastic about RIBA’s call to ensure that an increase in build volume would not mean a decrease in quality. Earlier this year Matthew had proposed that the building industry address both the housing crisis and the construction skills shortage by focusing more on offsite construction. “Not only is off site construction quicker than traditional brick and block, it also requires fewer skilled man hours. By placing a greater focus on this way of building we can create more homes in the same period of time while ensuring excellent build quality and thermal

efficiency,” he explained.

“We were for many years at Actis regarded as something of a bête noir when it came to measuring thermal efficiency. Our insistence that thermal measurements needed to be made in situ as well as in lab finally bore fruit when the DECC recognised that there was indeed a performance gap between the predicted and real thermal efficiency of a building. “ Matthew King, Actis UK and Ireland director.

“Timber frame walls, floors and roofs, complete with electrical wiring, plumbing and insulation are built in factories at relative speed. The site crew ‘just’ has to erect everything in the right order with a typical build time of between seven and 12 days, depending

someone who has had minimal training which can even be delivered via an on line tutorial. As this three in one system is quicker to install than traditional insulation – many builders report savings of 25 to 50% - this in turn also frees up more man hours.” RIBA’s call to offer VAT rebates on thermal efficiency measures made to existing homes and research into how to eliminate overheating have also been welcomed, as has the suggestion that the current system of measuring energy efficiency and CO2 emissions should be reviewed.

Matthew King, Actis UK and Ireland director

on the size of house. The bricklayers only arrive after the house is erected, which means the on site element requires fewer skilled workers and takes less time – thus maximising the man hours available.

Actis UK and Ireland director Matthew King is particularly enthusiastic about RIBA’s call to ensure that an increase in build volume would not mean a decrease in quality. Earlier this year Matthew had proposed that the building industry address both the housing crisis and the construction skills shortage by focusing more on offsite construction.

“As for insulation, with closed panel systems this will have been installed off site. Indeed, the Actis Hybrid system, consisting of insulation, vapour control layer and breather membrane, can be installed effectively with ease by

26 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

Matthew explained: “We were for many years at Actis regarded as something of a bête noir when it came to measuring thermal efficiency. Our insistence that thermal measurements needed to be made in situ as well as in lab finally bore fruit when the DECC recognised that there was indeed a performance gap between the predicted and real thermal efficiency of a building. Which is why our Actis Hybrid products are tested via both methods – to ensure they do actually behave in real life as the calculations suggest. “Indeed recent thermal modelling trials carried out by certification body BM TRADA have shown that our Hybrid insulation products have a dramatic impact on counteracting thermal bridging and act as excellent thermal blankets. “By learning from measurement systems used in other countries – the RIBA cites Denmark and Germany – the building profession can help ensure that thermal efficiency becomes a norm rather than a bonus.”

Scaftec is one of the largest scaffold design consultants in the UK With over 100 years combined experience within the industry Scaftec can provide a cost effective design solution to meet your needs. They have 11 Engineers based in Glasgow but can carry out designs and visits UK wide & internationally. Scaftec have design experience in a wide variety of applications, including the following:

t Extensive on-site experience (U.K. & international)

t Design checks (independent design checks; Network Rail external checks)

t Formwork & falsework design t Nuclear installations (scaffold designs to aid building / maintenance / decommissioning)

t Petro-chemical & offshore scaffolds t Bridge refurbishment t Historical works t Façade retention / shoring t Temporary roofs & support scaffolds (Ubix, Haki, Coverplus, Layher etc.)

t System scaffolds (Kwikstage, Cuplok, Layher, Haki etc.)

t Tube and fitting access and support t Advertising banner supports (e.g. George Square, Glasgow montage & banner)

Access for restoration works to the 13th Century castle. The design proved challenging due to the castle’s topographical constraints. A complex scaffold arrangement was anchored to a low level rock face to form a supporting structure for the main access scaffold to be erected.

t Film & TV sets (including Ridley Scott’s Gladiator)

t Events (snowboard ramp, temporary stage) Scaftec can also carry out offshore visits & designs through their partner company Scaftec (Northern) Ltd.

Scaftec Ltd.

8 Lonmay Place, Panorama Business Village Queenslie, Glasgow G33 4ER Scotland, United Kingdom Phone +44 (0) 141 771 4400 Email info@scaftec.co.uk www.scaftec.co.uk

The Mingary Castle Preservation and Restoration Trust “The most intact thirteenth century castle in Scotland” is how archaeologist Tom Addyman describes Mingary Castle. Seat of Clan MacIain, commanding the sea route through the Sound of Mull, Mingary dates back to the thirteenth century and may be much older- there is some evidence, not least from the name, that the Vikings fortified the site. However, since it was last inhabited in the mid-nineteenth century, the castle has been deteriorating. A recent survey showed that, unless urgent restoration work was carried out, the castle was in danger of collapse. The Mingary Castle Preservation and Restoration Trust, which is Scottish registered charity SC043705 was set up in 2013 to address this problem. Work started on the site in April 2013, to have the building fully restored to its mediaeval grandeur.


Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016 27

RINNAI GOES SOLO FOR CONTINUOUS FLOW WITH A STORE…. Rinnai’s latest innovation in the energy efficient fast delivery of instantly useable hot water is the Infinity Solo Re-Circulator water heater. The Rinnai Infinity Solo condensing and low NOX water heater is the first of its kind for the UK to combine the advanced technology of wall mounted continuous flow water heaters with a stainless steel storage cylinder, all in one compact footprint. The design parameters of this product empowers specifiers, designers, installers and engineers to benefit from unique Rinnai technology in applications it was once not

previously possible. For instance, the Infinity Solo will have both 35kW and 54kW sized appliances, ensuring sites with a smaller gas meter can readily use this technology. The larger Infinity Solo model will also act as a high-efficiency alternative to gas fired storage appliances that exist in today’s market. The cylinder is stainless steel and this reduces the weight compared to glass lined models, and it makes transportation and installation a lot easier. As well as the difference in weight, the cylinders also have extremely low heat loss figures (as low as 1.41kW/h day), so the user pays less to maintain the heat within the tank.

The design parameters of this product empowers specifiers, designers, installers and engineers to benefit from unique Rinnai technology in applications it was once not previously possible.

Infinity Solo 16 One other benefit of the Infinity Solo using a stainless steel cylinder is that the life expectancy of the material is far greater than that of a glass-lined equivalent as glass suffers from thermal shock causing it to crack after a period of time. The Infinity Solo range is also renewables compatible and supplied pre-fitted with a coil, meaning that the primary energy source will always be from renewable gains and the complementary Rinnai water heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature. Rinnai manufactures the energy efficient Infinity range of gas fired continuous flow water heaters and space heaters. The Infinity brand carries the widest range of condensing water heaters on the market today with the most impressive efficiencies in operation, leading the field in technological innovation. Infinity Solo 20

28 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit www.rinnaiuk.com

Comet Electric Combi Boiler The Complete Electric Heating & Hot water Solution The Comet Electric Combi Boiler offers the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and domestic hot water for domestic properties with no access to mains gas. It is a fully packaged unit that is housed in an elegant enclosure and comes complete with the option of a 9kW, 12kW or 14.4kW Comet Electric Boiler with a 140 Litre Indirect Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder. It is pre-plumbed using the ‘S’ Plan configuration and has an in-built magnetic filter for boiler protection. Also incorporated within the unit are pre-wired Zone Valves and the Expansion Vessels for both the Heating and Domestic Hot Water. It is supplied with an external Tundish and Domestic Hot Water Control Valve and a fully programmable Twin Channel Controller and Room As the Thermostat to provide full control of both the central heating and domestic hot water. boiler is

also heating the Indirect cylinder, the re-heat times for the Hot Water is superior to that of a Direct Cylinder comprising of an Immersion Heater only.

The ‘S’ Plan configuration enables you to select Heating only, Hot Water only or both at the same time. As the boiler is also heating the Indirect cylinder, the re-heat times for the Hot Water is superior to that of a Direct Cylinder comprising of an Immersion Heater only. The Comet Electric Combi Boiler is compact in size (height 1745mm, depth 628, width 581mm) and has been designed to fit into a standard domestic airing cupboard making it ideal for a range of properties as there are no flue requirements.

Should you wish to talk to us about our Electric Combi Boiler or about any of our Electric Heating products, please call 01698 820533 or email info@ electric-heatingcompany.co.uk and one of our experienced team will be delighted to assist.

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Thermobile UK Ltd , 11&12 Buckingham Close , Bermuda Industrial Estate , Nuneaton , Warwickshire , CV10 7JT

Andy Wallis 07850 988382 | Steve Jones 07810 805935 | John Hall 07775 635527

Telephone 02476 357960 | Email sales@thermobile.co.uk


Friars Walk, Newport

AG HARD LANDSCAPING PRODUCTS FOUND IN THE BEST LOCATIONS AG (Acheson + Glover) is a successful Tyronebased business that has been delivering innovative concrete building solutions and materials for more than 50 years. Producing a wide range of high quality and innovative hard landscaping, structural precast and building products it has a strong commercial footprint throughout Britain and Ireland. AG employs more than 400 people across its various locations in Ireland and GB. It’s a company with a growing reputation for excellent levels of agility and responsiveness across the UK’s construction sector with its finely honed paving and walling products featuring in a range of impressive locations. Construction companies can access AG’s wide range of hard landscaping products through UK builders’ merchants. However, AG is always keen to work with specifiers to create bespoke solutions.

For more information on what AG can offer log on to www.ag.uk.com

BESPOKE PRODUCT SETS STAGE FOR STUNNING THEATRE SCHEME Case Study Marlowe Theatre, The Friars, Canterbury THE CHALLENGE ISG Jackson were awarded the £25.6M contract by Canterbury City Council to construct a new theatre designed by award winning KWA. The building and surrounding (hard) landscaping are of a contemporary striking design involving the use of extremely high quality materials. Due to the part public and private funding of the project, tight controls were necessary on the budget. It was identified that savings could be made within some elements of the hard landscaping package; KWA approached AG (Acheson + Glover) to provide a value engineered alternative to the flame finished natural granite stone specified for all of the hard landscaping areas. THE SOLUTION AG supplied many different samples and undertook trials of new colours mixes to allow KWA and the client design team to select the combination that best met their design concept. After extensive

32 Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016

consultation with KWA, AG developed a brand new TerraPave® product specifically for this project that would satisfy the client’s requirements. TerraPave® Natural Aggregate Flags in a Florento (Marlowe Special) textured finish were chosen as a high quality cost effective alternative to natural flame finished dark granite. TerraPave® flags are hydraulically pressed concrete flags manufactured with a base course of conventional durable concrete and a thick surface layer of reconstituted granite and other natural aggregates. Their exceptional appearance is achieved by using state-of-the-art manufacturing and finishing equipment with only the natural aggregates themselves providing the surface colour and not concrete dyes. KWA architect, Matt Green, said: “AG were extremely helpful during all stages of the project providing assistance, samples and technical guidance. We greatly appreciated the ‘bespoke’ service they provided by producing a new colour product to help us satisfy the client’s requirements. The paving products supplied were an excellent cost


Friars Walk in Newport, South Wales is a major shopping and retail centre incorporating a gamut of major stores and leisure facilities including a host of restaurants, multiplex, car park and even incorporates a new bus station. Adjacent to the city’s thriving arts quarter, university area and iconic footbridge it resides at the epicentre of a regeneration programme which has seen major swathes of the city dramatically revamped over the past 20 years. THE CHALLENGE This new signature retail showpiece, nestling within a vast site of 36,230 square metres, brought with it the anticipation of an estimated footfall of some ten to 12 million people each year. With such heavy pedestrian traffic projected its

ground cover had to provide maximum durability and slip resistance while also creating an attractive visual impact befitting a high-profile development integral to the city’s rebirth. THE SOLUTION AG’s TerraPave® products have succeeded in creating the most beautiful solution for the heavily pedestrianised centre of Friars Walk, with the visual effect being a natural thoroughfare from one end of the centre to the neighbouring retail hub of Commercial Street.

Creating an impression of an inviting winding path throughout the vast retail offering and the surrounding revamped environs AG’s premium natural aggregate Rimini Ground TerraPave flags provide a practical alternative to traditional stone paving with value engineering inherent in their production. The AG flags, with their distinctive visual effect, offer an attractive, cost-effective option, with recent trends demonstrating they have become a favourite with architects and specifiers. The Rimini Ground TerraPave chosen at Friars Walk has created seamless consistency, underpinned by its eye-catching and striking texture. Their unique treatment, which undergoes a grinding process using multiple diamond-tipped brushes, also ensures long-term colourfastness. The flags, which replicate the natural effect of granite underfoot, also mature beautifully with age, promising the aesthetic appeal of Friars Walk will endure for generations, within a city riding the tide of major investment in its future. Contractor on the scheme was Bowmer and Kirkland. The Landscape Architect was Edgar Hyland Davies.

effective alternative to the flame finished natural dark granite yet still provided a high quality appearance and feel. We would certainly look to specify AG products on future schemes.” Keith Williams said: “The Marlowe is that very rare thing-a major new contemporary theatre building within a magnificent historical cathedral city. Its architecture is clearly contemporary yet it has been conceived to fit comfortably within its historic surroundings and I am confident that it will have a transformative effect on art and culture in the South East and beyond.” Professional photography by Hélène Binet (www. helenebinet.com)

Construction UK Magazine - Sept/October 2016 33

A Breath of Fresh Air

srsafety.com We design and manufacture world class respiratory protection Sundström Safety’s product range and system is well designed, flexible and the applications are many. Based on the user’s requirements and needs, we find appropriate respiratory protection for every site.

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Construction UK Magazine Sep / Oct 2016  

The publication provides an extensive look at breaking news, analysis, features, projects, product launches, discussions and interviews from...

Construction UK Magazine Sep / Oct 2016  

The publication provides an extensive look at breaking news, analysis, features, projects, product launches, discussions and interviews from...

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