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JULY 2018 Galliford Try awarded ÂŁ67m Highways England contract

Interview with Colin Heal Director of ZEHo Projects

Lanes Rail selected to deliver Elizabeth Line maintenance

Stephen George + Partners completes first phase of sustainable Exeter Business Park

Almost six million claimed back in tax by construction workers

GRAHAM Construction completes major upgrade on UCL’s Kathleen Lonsdale Building


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Almost six million claimed back in tax by construction workers


Pioneering ‘happiness’ programme wins water award


James Butler of PURA Facades discusses cladding culture


Regent Trist Hydraulics wins supplier award


WSP appointed as designers to the Stirling Station redevelopment project


GRAHAM Construction completes UCL’s Kathleen Lonsdale Building


Galliford Try awarded £67m Highways England contract


Interview with Colin Heal, Director of ZEHo Projects


Forum for the Built Environment appoints new National Chairman


ENGEL WORKWEAR has you covered


Construction scheme extended after creating jobs for apprentices


Extortionate Hire charges crippling fleet insurance premiums


VAT Reverse Charge for Construction Services


BE DESIGN reveals secret to success for five year anniversary

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Latest News

Homes shortfall report puts an even greater emphasis on offsite, says Actis Insulation specialist Actis says increasing the number of offsite homes will form part of the solution to housing shortage issues raised in a report commissioned by The National Housing Federation and homelessness charity Crisis. The recent report, carried out by Heriot Watt University, says 340,000 new properties must be built in England every year until 2031 - significantly more than the government’s current annual target of 300,000 homes. Of these, 145,000 must be affordable, compared with previous estimates of around 78,000. The NHF, which represents housing associations, and Crisis are now calling on the government to increase funding, prioritise the sale of public land for social

Actis national sales director Jemma Harris says a report saying the government needs to increase its housing targets still further means offsite development will have to play an even greater role in addressing the housing shortage.

housing and explore ways to reduce the cost of private land – actions they want considered in the social housing green paper due in the summer. Actis regional sales director Jemma Harris suggests that increasing the number of offsite homes will play a vital role in meeting targets. “Even if the policy changes suggested are adopted there is also the very real logistical issue of how we are going to deliver enough homes. In today’s climate of not enough skilled tradespeople then speeding up construction has to play a key role in achieving this. And that means increasing our production of offsite homes which are around 30% faster to build than brick and block houses.”

Almost six million claimed back in tax by construction workers UK construction workers have claimed back almost £6 million in overpaid tax this year, according to figures from tax recovery specialist Brian Alfred.

“On average, workers who come to us recover around £1,500 in tax rebates. This year though we saw some rebates as big as £10,000!”

The leading tax recovery firm for workers using the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) or Pay As You Earn (PAYE) schemes, has reclaimed rebates of more than £5.7 million in the last 12 months.

Brian Alfred has broken down the average rebate claim by region over the last 12 months. Workers in Northern Ireland came out on top, receiving an average of £1,979 from the HMRC as a result of overpaid tax. However it was a worker in Gloucester who received the biggest windfall of £10,200 from the HMRC.

Derek Kelly, CEO of Brian Alfred said: “It’s been another big year for rebates, with almost six million reclaimed for our clients, and to be honest that’s the tip of the iceberg. Around a third of workers on PAYE and CIS schemes are overpaying tax, but often don’t reclaim money which is rightfully theirs.” Since Brian Alfred started they’ve recovered more than £36 million in overpaid tax and Derek added: “Workers often forget to claim back expenses such as travel, uniforms and equipment they’ve had to purchase or even food bought during their working day. There’s a huge range of work expenses where you can claim back the VAT and end up with a nice windfall.

The breakdown on tax rebates by region is as follows: Northern Ireland - £1,979.16 South West - £1,727.93 Greater London - £1,712.99 Wales - £1,706.50 North West - £1,683.09 South East - £1,681.96 Scotland - £1,678.07 East Midlands - £1,635.61 North East - £1,635.27 West Midlands - £1,631.61 Workers who are either part of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) or Pay As You Earn (PAYE) are all eligible to apply and rebates can be claimed for the last four tax years.

04 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Workers often forget to claim back expenses such as travel, uniforms and equipment they’ve had to purchase or even food bought during their working day. There’s a huge range of work expenses where you can claim back the VAT and end up with a nice windfall. On average, workers who come to us recover around £1,500 in tax rebates. This year though we saw some rebates as big as £10,000! Derek added: “You can claim refunds for a range of things, but regulations are complicated, and it can take an expert to get the correct amount of rebate from the HMRC.” Brian Alfred is one of the UK’s leading CIS and PAYE tax rebate specialists and has helped thousands of people get their tax rebates, some in as little as 24 hours. To find out if you could qualify for a tax rebate visit their free online tax rebate calculator www.brianalfred.co.uk/ calculator

Latest News Areas in England with the most and least new build properties on sale Figures from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government show that there were 163,250 new build dwelling completions in England, the year ending December 2017; representing a 16% increase from the previous year. With governmental initiatives such as Help to Buy, more and more Brits are interested in purchasing new build properties around the country. This is evident from governmental figures, which identifies a 28.2% increase in sales, from April 2017 to April 2018. With this in mind, sellhousefast.uk who are online housing agents sought to investigate the rate at which new build properties are selling. Sell House Fast extracted data from Zoopla, using their ‘New homes for sale’ search tool, and counted the number of flats and houses listed for sale, as part of larger new build developments per county in England in May 2018. Bearing in mind, several flats or houses may have been listed from one development. Sell House Fast, also wanted to compare figures for the capital as well as which have been included in the research. Which areas in England have the most and least new build flats and houses for sale? Sellhousefast.uk can reveal the following areas had the highest count of individual new build properties for sale: London (8,552), Merseyside (1,978), Greater Manchester (1,280), Surrey (1,132) and Hampshire (964). And on the other end of the new build spectrum, Sell House Fast found the following areas to have the least number of individual new build properties for sale: Bristol (144), Herefordshire (93), Rutland (53), Isle of Wight (24) and Durham (23). Outside of the capital, there is a whopping difference between the area with the highest number of new build flats/and or houses for sale and the area with the lowest number of individual properties for sale – with Merseyside offering more than 1,950 new build properties than Durham. Robby Du Toit, managing director of Sellhousefast, comments: “ While older properties have their charm, there are plenty of reasons people choose to buy new builds. New build properties are increasing in popularity due to a competitive off-plan price, and governmental Help to Buy initiatives, making it a more prosperous and modern appeal to young individuals and couples who are looking to get onto the property ladder. One of the most popular reasons new build properties are

attractive is due to the minimal work prospective buyers need to do. And should issues arise, new builds are typically covered for a few years which means you do not have to pay for any work that needs to be carried out. As well as this, homeowners can expect

lower energy bills and running costs if the property is built to the correct standards. Lastly, most new build properties come with a 10-year NHBS warranty. “ www.sellhousefast.uk

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Latest News

Builders Could Recycle Waste Thoughtless builders could do more to recycle the 120 million tonnes of waste they throw away each year in the UK, according to experts.

Yet Mr Rarthnayake says that the majority of construction sector companies fail to consider using a service such as his or taking other steps to recycle their waste.

The building and construction industry is the UK’s largest user of natural resources, and is responsible for more than a third of the nation’s rubbish.

The amount of waste material generated by the sector is slowly falling, but Mr. Rathnakaye says by sorting through rubble, metal and wood and selling on any unused materials, builders could make a positive difference to the environment.

Now a leading expert is urging the construction industry to clean up its act by doing much more to recycle waste and minimise landfill. The bulk of what they disregard could and should be recycled and reused, according to expert Harsha Rathnayake. Mr Rathnayake is the founder of JunkHunters, a UK waste management service that has been collecting commercial rubbish in London for over a decade and recently opened a second centre in Birmingham. The company works with many construction sector clients, visiting sites and collecting waste, 75% of which is subsequently recycled.

Mr. Rathnayake said: “Businesses are slowly becoming more conscious of the waste materials they produce but this change isn’t happening quickly enough. In a sector like the building industry, where it is possible to recycle the bulk of materials, then there really should be no excuse. If materials can’t be reused, then we assess whether they can be recycled and we work closely with contractors across the UK to ensure materials reach the relevant processing and recycling centres. We’ve been operating in London for over ten years now and have seen the demand for our service grow rapidly. Having just opened in Birmingham as part of our UK expansion plans, we have had plenty of commercial enquiries already. Where we

stand out is that we offer a personalised service that is a lot cheaper than hiring a skip and you can be sure that materials are reused and recycled if possible.” JunkHunters provides a fully accredited and reputable building waste disposal service that helps remove all building materials from construction sites as quickly and ethically as possible. All waste clearance teams adhere to strict green business credentials which guarantee the recycling of materials where possible. Since its beginnings in 2008, the company has seen the number of customers in the construction industry grow and its existing customers in the sector include Renlon Limited, Michael Brady Ltd, Refurb It all and PMP Construction Ltd.

73% of tradespeople waste more than 30 minutes cleaning customer homes before starting work Research by Heat Insulation Ltd, a company offering grant-backed home insulation, suggests that the majority of tradespeople are wasting more than 30 minutes every day making their work area in customer homes accessible by effectively tidying up. This is all before commencing work. When asked what they’d be rather doing, 62% of tradespeople responded in saying they’d rather be doing their skilled job. Coming in second with 17% was finishing earlier, with one carpenter specifically stating they’d like to spend time with their family as opposed to working past 7pm most nights. A total of 172 tradesmen and women were surveyed across the UK and the survey was aimed at understanding the frustrations tradespeople have in their working day. How much time is wasted by tradespeople who must ‘clean’ customer homes? • • • • •

1+ hours (8%) 30 minutes to 1 hour (65%) 20-30 minutes (13%) 10-20 minutes (9%) Under 10 minutes (5%)

Ricky Swann, Managing Director of Heat Insulation Ltd, conducted the survey as he often hears from fellow tradesmen on how annoyed they are at effectively wasting their time doing cleaning work. He had this to say: “I’ve personally fallen victim to it a few times and I decided to start a little side project to understand how much time is wasted by tradespeople who I work with across the country for their opinion.” “We can all appreciate that we are sometimes performing emergency work or going into a space that isn’t often visited, such as the loft, but that shouldn’t really be an excuse. Homeowners could save money by preparing a workspace beforehand. My funniest encounter was roughly 2 years ago when I was installing loft insulation. The house was spotless, and I expected the job to be like any other; easy. However, the loft was crammed full of items the owner wanted to keep but didn’t know what to do with. I found children’s clothing in boxes with dates on in the 1970s. The owner thought they’d come in handy if they had grandchildren, but evidently that wasn’t the case, despite the owner saying their grandchildren are now old enough to have kids themselves.” Added Ricky.

06 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

With a tidy home, how much could a customer save by not wasting the time of tradespeople? According to the Office for National Statistics, individuals employed as a tradesperson earn on average £498 per week. With the average working week being 38 hours, that means they could earn an additional £32 to £65 per week if they all workspaces were free of clutter before the tradespeople arrived on-site.

CONSTRUCTION DUST: DO YOU KNOW THE FACTS? 97% of construction workers are not fully aware of the risks associated with dust created on building sites Take our online quiz to see how much you know about the hazards of construction dust – and for your chance to win one of our new M class wet and dry vacuum cleaners which features improved filter technology to help control dust and protect you and others around you. www.karcher.co.uk/dust

Awards News Pioneering ‘happiness’ programme wins water award

Wastewater engineer Ryan Curle shows off Lanes Utilities Wellbeing app

Lanes Group plc has won the Health and Wellbeing category in the Water Industry Achievement Awards for its pioneering work to support its people in the workplace. It has developed a wellbeing app for measuring happiness at work combined with a practical support programme led by a qualified wellbeing and mental health practitioner. The initiative, developed by Lanes Utilities, the wastewater network services maintenance partner for Thames Water, was recognised at the Water Industry Achievement Awards held in Birmingham on 21st May 2018. Guests at the ceremony were told judges had been so impressed by the strong submissions that they split the Health and Safety Initiative Award, giving the Health and Wellbeing Award to Lanes and the Safety Award to Affinity Water. Judges were impressed by the way Lanes combined novel digital app technology with determined practical support to transform the lives of many colleagues. The initiative aims to give genuine help to colleagues in need. For the company, this has the beneficial effect of underpinning high customer service standards, and retaining skilled and experienced colleagues, significantly reducing recruitment and training costs. Lanes Utilities Director Andy Brierley said: “We’re delighted that the people delivering our wellbeing programme have been recognised with this prestigious award.

There are no boundaries for us when it comes to finding new ways to support our staff and deliver excellent and safe customer service.” Lanes Utilities, based in Slough, Berkshire, employs more than 1,400 people and operates 390 specialist vehicles to maintain 70,000 miles of sewers and drains on behalf of Thames Water, completing more than 1,100 jobs per day. Field workers must answer the wellbeing app’s question - How Happy Do You Feel? - at the start of every shift. They are also asked if they want to talk to someone about any concerns. If they do, they are contacted by the wellbeing practitioner. The combination of the app data, and the practitioner’s work, is tackling an otherwise largely hidden issue of colleagues struggling with significant worries that can affect their performance at work and blight their lives out of work. Most of the causes of unhappiness are not

related to work. In some cases, they are associated with mental health problems, including depression and anxiety. Through the wellbeing practitioner, supported by the management team, Lanes Utilities is now building links with external wellbeing and mental health providers including MIND, deliver long-term support to its people. In recent months the scheme has been extended to office workers. Since the wellbeing app was first introduced, the number of colleagues identifying themselves as unhappy or very unhappy through the app, has fallen from 8 per cent to around 1per cent. Dozens of colleagues have been helped with often complex wellbeing and mental health problems, greatly improving their lives. The employment churn rate has fallen. Learning from the initiative has also informed the development of a wider wellbeing strategy, called Well.Me. It has led to additional people skills training across all staff groups and has helped introduce a new pay structure and careers pathway for all colleagues within Lanes Utilities. Andy Brierley said: “The wellbeing app came from a discussion one evening about how happy people deliver better customer service. That has mushroomed into an initiative that’s transforming our whole organisation, both in performance and culturally. “I’m proud that our teams have been brave and open-minded enough to start this exciting journey.” The Water Industry Achievement Awards are organised by Water and Wastewater Treatment magazine, Water Effluent and Treatment News, and Utility Week Live.

Lanes Health & Wellbeing Initiative of the Year MED

08 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Lanes Group: www.lanesfordrains.co.uk

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ACCESSING QUALITY High quality, innovative access products from Lyte Ladders & Towers

Established in 1947, Lyte have been manufacturing aluminium and glassfibre access equipment for over 70 years. Ladders and towers from Lyte have been used in many countries all over the world and for all sorts of reasons. One of the most famous expeditions in the world, the ascent to the summit of Mount Everest in May 1953, was completed by Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay and involved the use of a Lyte sectional aluminium ladder. This was used to negotiate the crevasse they encountered and we believe that ladder is still there today!

The Lyte Product Range With a wide portfolio of products ranging from the ever-popular ELT extension ladder range, used throughout the country and beyond, through to our innovative and versatile Hilyte Tower range. Lyte have a highly skilled production department and excellent team of engineers who successfully build our current product range to the highest quality as well as dealing with bespoke.

Fully Tested & Certified

Made in the UK

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Always staying up to date with the Work at Height Regulations and product standard changes, Lyte take the duty of care to all customers and users of the products very seriously.

BRITISH MADE Manufactured in Swansea, Lyte are proud to be one of the only companies still producing products in the UK. The majority of the Lyte portfolio is manufactured at the factory in South Wales.

In an ever changing world of Health & Safety, Lyte are fully aware of the issues our customers face. With this mind, we have a fully PASMA & Ladder Association accredited training centre, giving customers and users of Ladders & Towers the opportunity to ensure they are fully competent to safely use the equipment they have!

Our experienced sales and customer services team are available to deal with any queries and can guide any customer through the process of buying the ‘correct tool for the job’.

All products are tested and certified by BSI, where standards exist.

With products being delivered throughout the UK, Lyte have a fleet of vehicles ready to deliver, as well as a reliable courier service.


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Manufacture and supply of a large range of high quality domestic, trade and industrial steps, ladders, towers and bespoke access equipment.

Tel: 01792 796666 Email: sales@lyteladders.co.uk


Latest News RAMSEY PARK HOTEL DEVELOPMENT AIMS TO CREATE JOBS Construction work to double the size of Ramsey Park Hotel, the contemporary hotel in Mooragh Park on the Isle of Man, has reached a crucial stage with the foundations completed and steelwork half finished. Opened five and a half years ago under the Classic Lodges ‘Partner’ hotels umbrella, the popularity of the 30-bedroom property has soared. An application to extend the hotel with a function room for up to 250-people, and the addition of a further 30 bedrooms, was approved in April 2017. Richard Grime, Managing Director of the Classic Lodges chain of hotels, says the development of Ramsey Park represents a multi-million pound investment by the Group into the local community: “We are thrilled that Ramsay Park has been such a tremendous success. The Isle of Man has proven to be an incredibly popular destination over the last few years, especially with the growth of the staycation.

“This development will enable the hotel to hold more weddings and become an even more integral part of the community. We are full to capacity on many occasions throughout the year, so doubling the number of rooms will help us to accommodate even more visitors to the island.” General Manager of Ramsey Park, James O’Neill, says bookings are being taken now in time for TT Practice Week that starts on 25th May 29th 2019: “This development is great for local businesses and local people alike – we will be taking on a further five permanent staff and up to a dozen or so to help with events and weddings. “The hotel will have 60 bedrooms consisting of 39 Deluxe Sea View rooms and 15 Deluxe Lake View rooms and six executive family suites – that are M3i Rated – the only hotel on Isle of Man to be rated at this level – available in time for next year’s TT race.” www.classiclodges.co.uk

Alarm bells over construction output fall, says FMB The Beast from the East, rising costs and Brexit are to blame for the sharp drop in construction output, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) had said in response to the April 2018 construction output figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Commenting on the construction output figures for April 2018, Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “The UK construction sector declined by 3.4% in the three months from February to April compared with the previous three months. This is the biggest fall since the latter stages of the recession in August 2012. The Beast from the East has certainly played its part as it forced many construction sites to close in March. Indeed, builders were reporting that it was too cold to lay bricks.” Berry continued: “Alongside the cold snap, the drop in construction output can also be attributed to rising costs for construction firms large and small. While wages are continuing to rise because of the acute skills crisis in our sector, firms are also feeling the pinch thanks to increased material prices. The depreciation of sterling following the EU referendum has meant bricks and insulation in particular have become more expensive. We expect material prices to continue to squeeze the construction industry with recent research by the Federation of Master Builders showing that 84 per cent of builders believe that they will continue to rise in the next six months.” Berry concluded: “In the medium to longer term, with nine months until Brexit-Day, the future is uncertain for the UK construction sector. The Government is still to confirm what the post-Brexit immigration system will look like. The construction sector is largely reliant on accessing EU workers with more than 8 per cent of construction workers coming from the EU. It is therefore imperative that the sector knows how, and to what extent, it can recruit these workers post-Brexit.”

12 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Latest News


James Butler – PURA

Prime minister May’s announcement last month (16 May 2018) to spend £400m on the refurbishment of 158 high rise buildings identified within England’s social housing estate has been widely welcomed by the construction industry and housing chiefs alike. However, the considerable war chest earmarked by government to bring these dwellings up to standard should also be used to create a new culture in UK housing, which treats residents in the private and public sector with equal respect. That is the view of James Butler, commercial director of PURA Facades, part of Vivalda Group, the UK’s largest independent distributor and fabricator of high performance cladding systems. ‘Based on the average cladding area of 3,000 sq.m for a high rise, this budget suggests a figure of over £2.5m per tower, which on the face of it appears generous,” he said. “Our calculations indicate that it’s more than enough to dismantle the existing cladding and replace this with quality, market-leading incombustible facades. And this includes all the elements of a through-wall rainscreen cladding system comprising fireproof linings and fire breaks, insulation, weatherproof sheathing boards and all the necessary associated fixing systems.” “There should also be enough within this budget to install the necessary fire protection measures as long as each tower’s needs are carefully assessed on a case by case basis,” said Butler. “While ensuring all of these homes benefit from the very best safety precautions the industry can offer, it’s also an opportunity for councils and social housing organisations to send a strong message to both residents and the construction sector in general; that there should be no gap in the quality of products being used on public or private housing. The Grenfell enquiry, led by Sir Martin Moore-Bick, has shown that there is a definite class theme running through this sorry chapter – and this funding provides us with

While ensuring all of these homes benefit from the very best safety precautions the industry can offer, it’s also an opportunity for councils and social housing organisations to send a strong message to both residents and the construction sector in general; that there should be no gap in the quality of products being used on public or private housing. the opportunity to change that divisive culture.” James Butler highlighted the fact that Pura had significant experience supplying high performance products to the private sector, and that there was no reason why this ‘quality first’ approach should not replace the recently discredited ‘value engineering’ process, which was widely used in the public sector as a cost cutting tool. He said: “While the image of cladding may have been tarnished by association with the Grenfell tragedy, the fact remains that there are many excellent, fireproof products out there that would be ideal for the 158 high rise residences awaiting refurbishment. We have the budget now, all we need is the will power and imagination from local council leaders and their appointed architects to change the culture of cladding within social housing.”

Pura has now begun working in the social housing market, demonstrating how products and methodologies used in the private sector can be adopted by public sector developments. Butler said: “While we have already worked on a couple of social housing projects that have used non-flammable natural cladding including terracotta or glass reinforced concrete (GRC) cladding from manufacturers such as Rieder of Austria, we’re also excited to see a new generation of aluminium cladding now coming onto the market.” “Valcan is a well-established, respected manufacturer of aluminium panels that has developed Vitracore G2, which comprises exclusively layers of aluminium which form an internal, non-flammable honeycombed centre. This type of innovation shows that the market is responding positively to Grenfell and this should enable architects to consider this new generation of cladding for the social housing sector.”

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Awards News

Regent Trist Hydraulics wins supplier award for outstanding performance BFPDA member Regent Trist Hydraulics has been presented with a Niftylift Supplier Award for outstanding supplier performance. Regent Trist Hydraulics, state-of-the-art distributor and assembler of hydraulic hoses assemblies, kits, manipulated tube assemblies and supplier of hydraulic engineering services has won a Quality Supplier Award from Niftylift in recognition of its outstanding performance.

Celebrating the design and development of Kent’s built environment Celebrating the best of the Kent property and construction industry, the search is now on for nominations for the Kent Design & Development Awards 2018.

the best possible advantage. There is a lot to be proud of in this county, and having good quality buildings and structures is a way of showing to the world that Kent is the place to be.”

Jointly organised and sponsored by DHA Planning, Kent County Council and PR and marketing agency Maxim, the Kent Design & Development Awards take place every two years.

The winners of the six categories will go forward to compete for the Project of the Year trophy, sponsored by DHA Planning, which will be awarded to the building or scheme with the greatest level of design quality in Kent. In 2016 this was won by The Wing at Capel-le-Ferne.

There are six categories to enter, giving built environment professionals a range of opportunities to demonstrate how they are using their skills to develop and regenerate the county. The categories are: Commercial, Industrial and Retail; Conservation; Environmental Performance; Infrastructure and Renewables; Public Buildings – Education and Community; and Residential – Minor and Major. Paul Carter, leader of Kent County Council, commented: “These awards showcase Kent’s built environment and epitomise the longstanding spirit of partnership between the public and private sector, through the skills of our local architects, construction companies, developers and surveyors. “There have been many changes to the economic landscape since the last awards in 2016 and Kent is determined to show itself to

Alex Hicken, managing director at DHA Planning, based in Maidstone, said: “I really look forward to years when the Kent Design & Development Awards take place. These awards are a great opportunity to showcase the wealth and breadth of talent in Kent, and I’m always impressed by the high standard of projects that are shortlisted. There are some really remarkable developments in the county and it’s only right that we celebrate them.” DHA Planning, Kent County Council and Maxim are joined in delivering the awards by category sponsors Cripps; CTP Consulting Engineers; Kent Construction Focus Group; the Rochester Bridge Trust and Sibley Pares. Further support is provided by Quinn Estates, Gallagher, and Penenden Heath Developments.

14 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Regent Trist beat more than 200 suppliers to win the award which scored each supplier on delivery times, quality of the products and cost optimisation. The award recognised Regent Trist’s excellent customer support particularly in the following areas: high quality product, delivery success as measured by timing and quantities to match Niftylift’s schedules and competitive pricing for the previous 12 months.

Photo: Lloyd Newbury (third from left) receives the Niftylift Award on behalf of Regent Trist Hydraulics Lloyd Newbury, Regent Trist Business Manager commented:” It is a very proud day. Regent have been a supplier to Niftylift since they started in 1985. Winning this award shows what can be achieved with the right team and supply chain behind your business. This is a perfect example of what can happen when you successfully join forces with a valued customer, sharing experiences and lessons learned. Everybody is a winner”. Niftylift is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile elevating work platforms (also known as cherry pickers) in Europe. They specialise in compact, low weight articulating booms that offer maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. As part of the ITW group, Regent Trist Hydraulics supplies many different market sectors. The company is committed to its customer-focused strategy of delivering the highest quality products, expert support and service. The company has held ISO 9001 accreditations since 1994 in line with its commitment to the highest quality standards. www.regenttrist.co.uk


For advice on System Chimneys, Flues & Vents Please contact us today 0191 4161150

With you every step of the way Complete design and implementation service Unrivalled range Proven experience

Schiedel can trace their involvement in the design, manufacture and fitting of commercial and industrial chimney systems in the UK for more than 25 years. Our experienced team can provide anything from site analysis and advice, to design and installation, through to ongoing technical support, management and even training.

Find out more at www.schiedel.co.uk Where you can see our many case studies and view our various videos and 3D animations

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3 Megawatt Biomass Boiler Flue A major project for Schiedel was the installation of a chimney system to flue a biomass boiler, working inconjunction with Strong Energy. From the 800mm flanged outlet of the fan unit the 600mm ID flue ran horizontally for approx. 8 metres to penetrate through the building and then a further 1 metre to connect to a 135 degree tee. The flue rose vertically for approximately 11 metres to eventual termination. The horizontal section of the flue incorporated a 90 degree tee with draught stabilisers. There were also BSP Sockets, BSP Pipes and a PN6 DN65 flange. These connections were designed into the system to suit the customers’ requirements, as well as to accommodate a CEM system.

Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium Redevelopment Anfield is one of the great historical stadiums in the world. It evokes such passions and dreams from fanswatching from the old stands, to renowned players dominating on the turf. During the recent re-development Schiedel Chimney Systems supplied the ICS 5000 flue to a Dieselec generator. It again shows that Schiedel are the choice of all the major contractors and boiler manufacturers in important commercial projects. The reputation and the reliability, as well as durability, of all their products means that they are the only choice for critical projects.

More case studies online at Schiedel.co.uk

The vertical section of the flue was fixed to the flue mast. This was the first stage of the installation and was done prior to the mast being erected into position. The second stage of the installation consisted of the horizontal flue from the flanged outlet.

Project News GRAHAM Construction to deliver new commercial hub for U+I in Brighton Specialist regeneration and property developer, U+I has appointed GRAHAM Construction to deliver a new commercial hub for start-up and SME businesses as part of its Preston Barracks redevelopment in Brighton. Construction of the 50,000 sq ft building will mark the first phase of works on the overall Preston Barracks project, a significant mixed-use regeneration scheme that will radically transform this part of Brighton. The £200 million project has been designed by awardwinning architects, Studio Egret and tp bennett, and will include 369 new homes, 534 student beds, shops, cafes and workshops. The wider masterplan which encompasses two of the University of Brighton sites will provide further student accommodation and academic facilities. It is estimated the whole masterplan will deliver over 1,500 new jobs and bring £281 million into Brighton & Hove’s economy over the next ten years. GRAHAM Construction will build the seven-storey concrete-framed workspace building, which will target a BREEAM Excellent rating. Geared towards small businesses and start-ups, the building will provide a variety of flexible workspaces, as well as prototyping facilities, events

spaces and a landscaped roof garden. It is expected to complete by the end of 2019. The building will be part-funded by Coast to Capital a Local Enterprise Partnership. Sarah Chitty, Development Manager at U+I said: “We are excited to be underway with the construction of Preston Barracks, delivering a project that will breathe new life into a derelict site, and will support the economy, academic life and growth of Brighton. We’re proud to be working with GRAHAM on the first phase of the project. Their commitment to supporting local communities and economies is closely aligned to our own vision to create long lasting benefits for the places in which we work. This building will provide much needed flexible office space for growing businesses and start-ups that will ultimately boost the business economy of the city.” Rob Joyce, Development Director at GRAHAM Construction, said: “Our main objective is to create a high-quality commercial building that will attract enterprising, high-growth companies to the area. We will work closely with U+I and the project team to ensure that it provides a range of functioning spaces that are tailored to the needs of the individuals using it, while fostering entrepreneurship and excellence in innovation.”

Balfour Beatty awarded Beauly to Keith overhead line and cabling works worth c. £43.5 million Balfour Beatty, the international infrastructure group, has been awarded two contracts worth c. £43.5 million for the Beauly to Keith 132kV modernisation programme. Both contracts have been awarded by Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission plc, part of Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), through the existing F2 Overhead Line General Works Framework and the 132kV Underground Cable Works Framework. The first contract is worth c. £36 million and will involve the design, supply, installation construction and commissioning of the overhead line works across a 103km route running between Beauly, Nairn, Elgin and Keith. The second contract worth c. £7.5 million will include the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of underground cabling sections of the route. Balfour Beatty has been collaborating with SSEN through the feasibility and development stages of the project since early 2017; and, will be supporting SSEN to achieve its 50 by 20 safety target of reducing the number of injuries by 50% by 2020. Andy Smith, Operations Director for Balfour Beatty’s Power Transmission and Distribution business in Scotland said, “These two contracts are testament to Balfour Beatty’s ability to support our clients through the development stages of projects, identifying design solutions and value engineering opportunities. This project shows our ability to bring together both overhead line and cabling capability under a single programme of works, reducing the risk to our client of managing design and operational interfaces as the project progresses.” SSEN Lead Project Manager, Ian Clark, added: “The Beauly to Keith reconductoring project will increase the 132kV electricity network capacity whilst replacing assets which are nearing the end of their working life, further securing the supply of electricity in the north of Scotland. Balfour Beatty have been integral to the development of the project and their significant experience in delivering similar projects will be invaluable over the next three years.” The contract is due to start this Spring with completion for the whole works due early 2021. At its peak, the project will employ a workforce of around 110 people including a number of graduates, trainees and local contractors.

18 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Project News

016892A1_DFM_PSE 180 x 132 APR & JUN editions_F2.indd 2

21/05/2018 11:20

Lanes Rail selected to deliver Elizabeth Line maintenance Transport for London has instructed Lanes Rail to carry out the reactive and planned premises maintenance for the underground section of the new Elizabeth Line through central London. Lanes Rail, part of Lanes Group plc, will be responsible for maintenance at six new stations along the central section of the route: Paddington, Farringdon, Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road, Liverpool Street, and Whitechapel. Transport for London (TfL) had already awarded Lanes Rail a four-year framework maintenance contract on the eastern section of the Elizabeth Line, once part of the Great Eastern Main Line, between Maryland and Brentwood stations. Work includes high level maintenance and cleaning, and drainage maintenance. A decision on maintenance contracts for the western section is yet to be made. The Elizabeth Line will provide a fast and efficient new rail route across London. It opens in phases from December 2018, and is due to be fully operational by December 2019, with services running from Reading and Heathrow in the west through the tunnels to Abbey Wood and

Shenfield in the east. The maintenance work on the central section, due to begin in the autumn, represents an extension of a wider facilities management contract, known as 1FM, won by Lanes in 2017. Work will include maintaining roofs, windows, doors, signage, locks, drainage, pest control, and vegetation control. Lanes Rail Commercial Director Matthew Todd said: “TfL designed the 1FM contract to give the flexibility it needed to add further work packages to contractors it could trust to deliver good quality service.

maintenance services on the eastern section of the Elizabeth Line since January 2018, through a dedicated team of rail operatives led by experienced project managers. It has cleaned canopies at eight stations and replaced a 15-metre section of canopy at Brentwood Station. Drainage maintenance work has included CCTV surveying, drain unblocking and pipe collapse repairs. Other maintenance projects have included replacing lighting columns, repairing brickwork, and de-vegetation.

“We’re delighted that TfL has instructed us to deliver this additional work and see it as testament to the excellent work done by our teams already in delivering the 1FM contract over the last 12 months.

Previously, maintenance had been delivered by Carillion. Lanes Rail Project Manager Aaron Turner said: “We have appreciated the chance to show what we can do.

“It is too early to say whether this extra work will require us to taken on additional staff, but I can see us going through a process of upskilling our teams to deliver a seamless service on what will quickly become one of the busiest and most highprofile rail routes across the capital.” Lanes Rail has been providing

“The timescales set for us to get teams into place were challenging, but by working in partnership with TfL colleagues we could quickly achieve the work throughput they were looking for.” Lanes Group: www.lanesfordrains.co.uk

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Rap Interiors Celebrates 30 Years of Trading Interior design, fit out and refurbishment company Rap Interiors is set to mark its thirtieth birthday in August 2018. The idea for Rap Interiors started when the company’s director, Rick Anderson, took over the management of a project after the contractor he worked for went bust. Following the successful completion of the project, Rick decided to capitalise on the demand for good project management by starting his own business. The company has grown considerably since it started trading in 1988 and now has offices in London, Maidstone, Croydon and Brighton. In addition to managing fit out and refurbishment projects, Rap Interiors has its own in house design team overseen by design director Julie Anderson. Julie comments: “We have a very strong design department which helps us to deliver the wow factor on projects. The creativity and commitment they bring is key to the growth of the company.” Since forming, the Rap Interiors team has worked on all manner of projects across the UK. The sectors Rap covers includes offices and commercial properties; schools, colleges and universities; leisure and retail outlets; warehouses and healthcare facilities.

20 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Julie comments on her favourite projects: “I love any projects which are a bit different, especially when we can really put our stamp on it with the latest trends and colours. The creation of a winery and visitor attraction at Simpsons Wine Estate was a good one because it’s got some amazing colours and a high end design. We also got the chance to install a slide from the wine tasting room to the winery – something we’ve always wanted to do.” Having helped to keep the business going for thirty years, Julie says the secret to success is “the ability to keep momentum and find your strength when times are tough.” As for the future, with plenty more projects in the pipeline and an expanding team, business at Rap is showing no signs of slowing down!

The Rise of Office Pods Over the last few years we have seen an acute rise in the demand for office pods. This has resulted in Rap’s in-house design team being inundated with requests to integrate pods into their 3D office renders.

In addition to their functionality, office pods are a great way to help create a modern working environment. For companies with creativity at their core, the addition of a modern office pod can serve to reflect a forward thinking ethos.

There are a number of reasons why pods have become so popular. First of all, they are extremely practical: their integrated USB ports make them ideal for collaborative and individual working, and the fact you can assemble them means you can place them wherever you want. Some pods even have wheels for ease of portability.

Every now and then we see a new trends that take the design world by storm, and pods are a classic example. Having seen a vast array of pods at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week the UK’s leading independent design festival - there is no doubt in our minds that they are here to stay. For more examples of office pods and other inspirational design ideas, make sure you check out the Rap Interiors website.

Tel: 0333 600 1234 . Web: www.rapinteriors.co.uk . Email: refurb@rapinteriors.co.uk

London Fit Out

Design and Fit Out

School Refurbishment

Kent Refurbishment



We LOVE Changing Spaces

Working Nationally

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Project News WSP appointed as designers to the Stirling Station redevelopment project Scotland’s Stirling Station forecourt is set to be transformed following the appointment of leading engineering consultants, WSP, as designers for its redevelopment project. The project will involve the creation of a new station forecourt area, which aligns with improvements already being made by Stirling Council to enhance routes to the city’s centre and its bus station. WSP and experts from the consultant’s Glasgow based rail, development and landscape teams will collaborate to successfully provide detailed design services for the forecourt. David Campbell, Development Technical Director at WSP, said: “We are delighted to be appointed as designers for the station forecourt and look forward to working with

ScotRail and their partners in delivering this project. This complements our involvement with Stirling Council on the Falkirk, Clackmannanshire and Stirling Framework which aligns with the areas masterplan. “Our multi-disciplinary experience of rail stations and public realm/placemaking, means that we can provide ScotRail with the design solutions that will benefit the area and its people.”

ScotRail Alliance Programmes & Transformation Director Ian McConnell said: “We look forward to working with WSP and seeing the designers for the redevelopment. Stirling is ready for a railway station that matches the dynamic and forward-looking development of the cityscape.With brand new electric trains on the way, we want customers travelling from Stirling to do so from a modern station.”

Planning granted for £40m tourism destination in North Yorkshire Scarborough Borough Council has granted planning consent for a high-quality tourism destination in North Yorkshire that will deliver significant economic benefits to the area. Designed by architect and masterplanner, Holder Mathias, the Raithwaite Bay Resort in Whitby will include the development of new, luxury holiday accommodation and leisure facilities, including 71 holiday cottages, 82 holiday apartments, 37 forest lodges, restaurant, and welcome hub. Holder Mathias was appointed as architect and masterplanner owing to its expertise and sensitive design approach. Working responsively with the local authority, the practice delivered a design concept that respected the area’s unique character

through the careful design of buildings within the valleys to minimise any impact on the woodland. The result is a high-quality contemporary design using traditional forms that captures the area’s local character and setting. The holiday apartments will resemble traditional Yorkshire barns, clustered together and designed to appear as though they have evolved and aged over time. A mix of traditional and contemporary materials and finishes will be used to make each apartment unique. The holiday cottages will be placed in open areas and designed to resemble buildings familiar in North Yorkshire coastal villages. Like the apartments, these will feature a range of materials to reflect the mixed

style of cottages along the coast. The forest lodges have been designed using high-quality tactile materials to blend into the forest landscape. To ensure its long-term success, a 30-year management scheme will help protect and enhance the estate’s ancient woodland, enabling Scarborough Borough Council to protect its countryside while bringing sustainable economic and tourism initiatives to the borough and wider area. Richard Jackson MBE, Chairman of Yorkshire Ventures, said: “We are delighted to have secured planning consent for Raithwaite Bay; the quality of design that Holder Mathias has developed has been essential both in achieving this consent and in creating a successful resort”. Peter Gamble, Partner at Holder Mathias, said: “Our aim is to create a destination of real delight and significance to Whitby and the wider region. Opportunities of this kind and quality are rare, but together we can create something very special while providing employment for generations to come. Based on our reputation and approach to designing in sensitive locations, we are confident that our plans reflect a long-term commitment to the area so this unique destination can thrive and succeed.”

22 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Fabricating A Future RCM announces the latest addition to their already successful operations – a new Sigma SCM Impact 90 Beam saw and a new Palamatic mechanical lifting device, both installed at RCM’s main fabrication unit. RCM, a major supplier of complete through wall solutions opens up a new chapter in their business growth. Continuous investment has seen RCM grow their capabilities and their reputation as a reliable supplier resulting in an ever growing customer and project base. As well as RCM’s complete through wall solutions and building board offerings, its growing facades division has equally bolstered business. Today, RCM are delighted to announce the latest addition to their already successful operations – a new Sigma SCM Impact 90 Beam saw and a new Palamatic mechanical lifting device, both installed at RCM’s main fabrication unit.

The new Sigma SCM Impact 90 Beam saw, as well as the Palamatic mechanical lift device have allowed RCM to double their fabrication capacity overnight. The highlyefficient panel saw with its 90mm saw blade projection, as well as the Palamatic mechanical lifting device ensures a safer operation for both people and materials. Further, as the saw is specified with a laser line, RCM are even able to offer cutting custom decorative print and raked panels for their customers. These extra capabilities are also sure to encourage additional enquiries in due time. In order to keep up with the demand for supply and fabrication of facades in particular, RCM have not just invested in new machinery but have also hosted a special recruitment drive, increasing their workforce in order to successfully handle new projects and opportunities in the future. “Once again RCM are in a good position to offer our customers a highly efficient service by increasing our ability to fabricate even more boards and facades than ever before. Our recent successful recruitment drive has also benefitted RCM by adding extra staff, who are highly experienced in their respective roles. As our business grows, we look forward to an exciting future ahead.” - (Ian Quinton, Managing Director RCM)

About RCM Established in 2004, RCM is a major supplier of complete through wall solutions to the UK construction industry. Supplying specialist building boards, façades, breather membranes and airtightness solutions, RCM offers a fully integrated approach to the building envelope whilst delivering on time and budget. RCM are a market leader in providing innovative products and solutions designed and tested to meet the demanding needs of construction. Specified for use in external façades, fire protection, acoustic, airtightness and decorative applications, RCM’s extensive portfolio has been installed on many of the UK’s largest projects. CPD Seminars For those interested in finding out more, RCM provides informative CPD sessions including a guide to materials, applications and specification considerations for building boards, internal and external linings and rainscreen façades, covering: • What a specifier needs to consider • Board materials and benefits • Board applications • Work on site For more details call 0800 612 4662 or email info@rcmltd.biz.

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Project News

GRAHAM Construction completes major upgrade on UCL’s Kathleen Lonsdale Building GRAHAM Construction has completed work on University College London’s (UCL) Kathleen Lonsdale Building, with a construction value of £14 million. Located on Gower Place in King’s Cross, it is one of the first major projects to complete as part of the university’s £1.2 billion ‘Transforming UCL’ capital programme. Named after Dame Kathleen Lonsdale, an Irish Crystallographer who was the first woman to be elected to the Royal Society of London in 1945, the building was originally constructed in 1915 as the first purpose-built chemistry building for UCL but has become fragmented in recent years because of ad hoc works. In 2015, UCL appointed GRAHAM Construction and architect Levitt Bernstein to carry out extensive upgrade works and transform the building into a cutting-edge laboratory, learning and research facility. The newly refurbished building now accommodates the entire Earth Sciences department, open plan offices, a shared studio space called ‘Hubs’, and a variety of breakout areas. Other improvements have been made to teaching, research and social learning spaces for the existing Chemistry group,

an Astro Physics departments and a new Radio-chemistry GMP suite as well as the Faculty Office. The original form, spaces and features of the Grade II Listed building have been carefully restored where possible to preserve its historic character, while new layouts have been introduced within the building to create high quality workspaces with modern facilities to support learning. Detailed phasing was adopted throughout the project, with the programme broken down into five main phases and sixteen sub-phases which enabled the building to remain in use throughout the construction period. Owing to the university’s heritage status, attaining higher sustainability standards was also challenging but the team achieved a 23% reduction in overall carbon emissions. This was achieved by incorporating natural ventilation to all non-technical spaces and using sustainable materials. At completion, 96% of construction waste was recycled, recording 385 below the industry recommended target, and is on target to be awarded a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating.

UCL’s Director of Estates Development, Kevin Argent said: “As part of the Transforming UCL £1.2bn capital programme, UCL Estates have refurbished and restored the historic features of the building respecting the original design. New layouts have opened up spaces to create high quality workspaces with modern facilities, sensitively blending the old and new. The project has also delivered a substantial improvement in the environmental performance of the building with much reduced energy consumption and natural ventilation in many areas. I am delighted with the finish and quality of what’s been delivered by the project team” GRAHAM Construction’s London office director, Rob Joyce said: “The Kathleen Lonsdale Building is a renowned building that has become somewhat tired over the years, but this transformation has brought it back into the 21st century with intelligent design, construction and collaboration. We worked closely with UCL throughout the programme to ensure that the space was maximised in terms of efficiency, while taking care to restore the building’s period features that evoke so much of its history. The result is a building that essentially blends old with new and repositions it as a leading facility for education once again.”

24 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

90% of outdoor wood problems “feature wrong fixings” says TDCA When a timber decking or cladding project does not go to plan, the Timber Decking and Cladding Association experts often get called in to review the issue, mediate between various parties and advise on the best resolution. From this specialist work, the association states that in 9 out of 10 cases, fixing problems are at play. A simple issue that can be costly to rectify.

Janet continues: “It’s disheartening when we are called out to problems that could so easily be avoided by selecting the right materials and taking due care during application. We always advise using fixings specifically designed for timber decking or cladding.

Resound Acoustic Board

High Density Mineral Wool



Call on 01296 481220 or learn more at osmouk.com




Tel: 01977 558147 Web: www.tdca.org.uk

New from Trim Acoustics



The TDCA provides independent guidance to architects, specifiers and contractors, via its online portal and expert services. Driving high standards across the industry, the TDCA operates the DeckMark® and CladMark® accreditation schemes.







Resilient Bars Timber Stud

Trim Resound Board Peel Back Self Adhesive Strip

Board Overlap Joint

Standard Plasterboard Plaster skim

Suitable for wall and ceiling applications. The 22mm thick board provides high performance airborne noise reduction in an easy to handle size. The board incorporates a unique self adhesive jointing system.

With more than twenty five years technical expertise and practical experience Trim Acoustics can offer a wide range of solutions

sales@trimacoustics.co.uk www.trimacoustics.co.uk

Similarly, if a board becomes detached from the wall or substructure, something is wrong. The fixings used must be correctly specified and placed at specific intervals to properly secure the timber. Only then will they perform their function.

They must be rust resistant and capable of a long service life in outdoor use; in line with the design life of the structure.”

Tel: 020-8443-0099

“Poor specification is resulting in the use of galvanised nails that are not suitable for outdoor use. The outcome will always be corrosion and the swift development of black streaks on the timber. Certain timber species warrant stainless steel fixings due to their density and inherent properties – yet this is often being overlooked,” says Janet Sycamore, Director of Operations at the TDCA.

This image illustrates two issues; black streaks caused by galvanised nails not suitable for outdoor use plus the top board is fitted through the bottom board which does not allow for the natural movement of the timber and is not good practice.

Resound Acoustic Board System

Unsightly black stains are often a tell-tale sign. The effect is extremely damaging to the aesthetic and not easy to eradicate. Neither the architect nor the customer will be satisfied with the deterioration of the finish.

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Project News Stephen George + Partners completes first phase of sustainable Exeter Business Park Stephen George + Partners LLP has achieved practical completion of Number One Tiger Moth Road, a 1,790m2 speculative Grade A office building and the first phase of the £210m Exeter Skypark development. Working with client St. Modwen, Stephen George + Partners (SGP) has created three storeys of energy efficient office space, designed to be divided into three sub let units, one of which is already let. Exeter Skypark is a cutting-edge Business Park Development and the cornerstone of the Exeter and East Devon New Growth Point and one of the South West’s most significant business park developments. Number One Tiger Moth Road creates the gateway into the core office quarter and anchors the southern edge of enterprise Square, a

The Sainsbury Gallery at the V & A.

vibrant landscaped area with water features and communal areas for employees to meet and relax.

Number One Tiger Moth Road sets the benchmark for development across the park and establishes the vision for a high quality public realm and built form. The overall proportions of the building are particularly successful in creating a balanced, lightweight, contemporary form which merges masonry with the crisp aesthetic of glass and aluminium. Says Ian Yallop, Chairman of SGP: “Number One Tiger Moth Road sets the benchmark for development across the park and

A UZIN system was used to install the ‘herringbone’ wood floor with the new Sainsbury Gallery at the V&A. The Sainsbury Gallery opened in June 2017 as a part of the V&A Exhibition Road Quarter. The expansion created a beautiful and unique space for London, and a world class gallery space for the V&A’s internationally acclaimed exhibition programme. The 1100 square metre columnfree Sainsbury Gallery, is one of the largest temporary exhibition spaces in the UK and was created by excavating 18 metres below ground, directly beneath the V&A’s Grade I listed buildings. The flooring contractor Architectural Flooring Specialists decided to use UZIN products because a high quality finish was vital at this prestigious project. UZIN provide fail safe installation systems. UZIN also provided exceptional technical service and back up throughout the installation to help with any queries during the project. Firstly UZIN PE 404, resin DPM was used to protect the floor from residual moisture within the concrete substrate. UZIN PE 280 a rapid drying primer was then applied to the floor before UZIN NC 150, a heavy duty smoothing compound was installed. UZIN MK 92 wood adhesive was then used to install the intricate herringbone parquet floor. The new Sainsbury Gallery provides a spectacular, dynamic and flexible exhibition space and the floor helps create an outstanding, unique and atmospheric environment. www.uzin.co.uk www.architecturalflooringspecialists.co.uk

26 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Project News establishes the vision for a high quality public realm and built form. The overall proportions of the building are particularly successful in creating a balanced, lightweight, contemporary form which merges masonry with the crisp aesthetic of glass and aluminium.” The design for Skypark demonstrates an integrated approach to sustainability, embracing social, economic and urban design, together with consideration of environmental impact. SGP’s design for Number One Tiger Moth Road takes a holistic three stage approach: utilising the building orientation and fabric to reduce energy, plus using smart technology such as BMS and intelligent LED lighting systems to further reduce energy use. Thirdly a site wide district heating system, based on combined heat and power, serves the entire development along with the adjacent Cranbrook housing development. As a result, Number One Tiger Moth Road

achieves both BREEAM Excellent and is EPC A rated with a 30% reduction in the building’s carbon emissions and 25% more energy efficient electricity consumption.

Skypark is a partnership between St. Modwen, the expert developer and regeneration specialist, and Devon County Council. The scheme provides much needed development on a brownfield site and aims to create a business park environment providing space for a range of businesses from starter companies to large inward investors benefiting the local economy and business community. Continues Ian: “Skypark is a partnership between St. Modwen, the expert developer and regeneration specialist, and Devon County Council. The scheme provides much needed development on a brownfield site and aims to create a

business park environment providing space for a range of businesses from starter companies to large inward investors benefiting the local economy and business community. And it’s already proving successful. Number One Tiger Moth Road’s first commercial sub-let (to a cloud-based software provider) was finalised within three months of build completion, bringing 40 jobs to area. And the office has already set a new rental level for Exeter with £20 per square foot quoted on the vacant space.” Number One Tiger Moth Road is the first phase of a wider business park that will ultimately provide up to 1.2m square feet of B1 and B2 floorspace along with a hotel and ancillary facilities. Skypark will create a new business community of up to 7,500 employees which will be served by the on-site carbon neutral district heating system and set within a landscaped environment of more than 100 acres.

LINCOLN HOTEL AND RESTAURANT GETS GREEN LIGHT PLANS for a six storey hotel and luxury restaurant in Lincoln city centre have been approved following a meeting of the City of Lincoln Council’s planning committee last month (23 May). Designed by Lincoln-based architects LK2, plans for the 5,371 sq ft site include a 63-bedroom hotel and a top floor independent restaurant, offering fine dining and stunning views of the city.

We have worked closely with Lincoln City Council to ensure the building design reflects the character of the surrounding area, whilst offering a modern contribution to the city.

Plans were submitted by Mike HayesCowley of APS Properties, who currently leases the New Theatre Royal Lincoln. In order for work to start on site, the current building will be demolished to make room for the new build, which has a contemporary Art Deco design. Adam Skidmore, architectural designer at LK2 said: “We’re delighted to be working on this scheme. As a Lincoln-based firm, we’re proud to be part of the transformation of the city, boosting the tourist economy and bringing in more visitors. This new development will revitalise this area and improve the streetscape with a

fresher, more contemporary appearance, whilst providing visitors to Lincoln with quality hotel accommodation and a unique dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Lincoln. We have worked closely with Lincoln City Council to ensure the building design reflects the character of the surrounding area, whilst offering a modern contribution to the city.” LK2 is a unique company of chartered architects and sports and leisure business advisors. It specialises in using sport and leisure as a vehicle to blend together a range of sectors including mixed use developments, residential, retail and urban regeneration schemes.

Galliford Try awarded £67m Highways England contract Galliford Try has been awarded a £67m contract by Highways England to design and construct a Smart motorway scheme on the M56 between junctions 6 and 8 to the west of Manchester Airport. Works include upgrading pavements, barriers and drainage as well as installations of gantries, emergency refuge areas and technical equipment. Start on site is set for next spring with completion in approximately 12 months. Duncan Elliott, Managing Director of

Galliford Try Highways, said: “We’re delighted for this opportunity to further strengthen our relationship with and commitment to Highways England as a leading and critically important client. Highways is the key growth sector for Galliford Try infrastructure.” Galliford Try has recently completed a Smart motorways scheme on the M1 in Northamptonshire and is currently progressing a similar scheme on the same motorway in the East Midlands. Earlier this month Galliford Try secured a place on

Highways England’s £3.3bn pavements framework for minor works in the northeast.

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New premises for Construction Materials Online Creating a space for success

How does a leading retailer of construction materials - used to supplying products to architects and contractors – design a headquarters fit for its future? Construction Materials Online (CMO), parent brand of UK leading online builders merchants, Roofing Superstore, Drainage Superstore and Insulation Superstore has invested in a dynamic office space for its 70 staff (and growing) at new premises based in Burrington Business Park in Plymouth. The company’s growth has led to a need for new premises, which in turn has offered CEO Andy Dunkley a blank canvas on which to paint a future vision, of snowballing and sustainable success. Andy Dunkley has commissioned an innovative space to put the company’s values of high quality materials, design and workmanship into practice. With a background in fashion (as former CEO at Lee Cooper jeans), it’s not surprising that a commitment to the right aesthetic for the right purpose has impacted the project. Putting people at the centre was the key to success, he explained: “We have made Devon a home for our headquarters and we want good, talented people and graduates to stay here in the workforce in the South West. Employers like us need to recognise that staff spend a significant portion of their time at work. “Our headquarters needs to be somewhere great, somewhere our teams are comfortable, and with the right surroundings and facilities to enable them to do their best work. “We have a fantastic culture that supports innovation and rewards excellence, and we wanted to create spaces to reflect that.” The project has been planned and delivered by Broadbase, specialists in prestigious end-to-end workplace design, build and fit-out. With offices in London and Devon, Broadbase has completed high-profile projects for clients including Princess Yachts, Brand Opus and RSPB. Managing Director Stephen Galvin from Broadbase said: “It’s an ideal project for us because we’ve been involved right from the start and are able to utilise all our areas of expertise,” “It’s great to be supporting Construction Materials Online during their exciting journey of growth and development. Our businesses share many core values, not least the positive impact of a first-class working environment on employee wellbeing and productivity.”

Over the years, many research projects have evidenced the link between smarter workplaces and happier, more productive employees. According to studies by American architects Gensler, for example, the most successful workspaces balance the need for employees to be able to focus with facilitating greater collaboration. At the same time, the studies show that providing employees with a choice of tools and spaces for when and where to work drives innovation and performance. For Construction Materials Online, Broadbase has specified specialist techniques for soundproofing in open plan areas, such as high-backed chairs and wall dividers. The state-of-the-art, future-proof range of furniture has created social spaces, event spaces and formal and informal meeting spaces that encourage collaboration and positive working relationships across teams. The complete fit out cost in the region of half a million pounds. Roofing Superstore was set up 10 years ago and, combined with its partner brands, Drainage Superstore and Insulation Superstore, has over 50,000 products on its websites. CMO’s founders were early entrants to selling building materials online and have been dubbed ‘positive disruptors’ in the industry. To find out more about Construction Materials Online, visit www.constructionmaterialsonline.co.uk.

Friendly and cooperative

Friendly and cooperative. Cheap prices. Quick delivery. Huge range. Great!

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to atten d CPD cer tifie worksho d ps







Specially adapted Liner FE220 For Fife College


Refractory Mixers supplied to Pyemetric Ltd

Multi Marque Production Engineering Ltd are based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and have been manufacturing Pan Mixers and ancillary equipment for 27 years under their LINER brand name. The range includes roller pan mixers, forced action mixers and multi-purpose mixers. The Liner roller pan units are used for recycling and mixing lime based building materials and consist of two road towable diesel models, the DM220 and the DM100, along with three static electrically driven machines, the FE50, FE100 & FE220. Making up the Liner forced action range are two road towable diesel models the MFA400 and the MFA1000 as well as two static electric mixers the FA500 and the FA1000. These mixers are used to mix a wide range of modern building products. The road towable Liner Contractor completes the offering with its interchangeable mixing elements enabling it to mix all types of construction products. www.multi-marque.co.uk | 01924 290231

MFA400 for concrete repairs at Universal Sealants Ltd

Liner MFA400 Limecrete Mixer for UK Restoration Ltd

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Interview Biography: Colin Heal MCIOB, MAPM Director of ZEHo Projects Ltd. a sustainable project management consultancy Having had a career working for both small and large contractors and consultancies, Colin’s passion for sustainability developed over many years. While part of the London 2012 Olympics’ delivery team, the importance of ‘legacy’ was behind every decision, from design, to Planning and construction methodologies. By then, sustainability was the buzzword heard at the concept stage of every project, but that was often as far as it got, as all too often the bottom line drove all decision making and the government backtracked on their requirement that every new house built after 2016 would be zero carbon. Frustrated, at this policy change, Colin put his (and his wife’s) money where his mouth was, to demonstrate that sustainability was relatively simple and affordable. In early 2014, a plot was found, Planning granted and demolition started in the November. Eight months later they moved in and have been enjoying the benefits of a sustainable and zero carbon house ever since. Winning the 2016 Building Futures Award for the Most Sustainable Building Project was a great honour and came as a complete surprise, being pitted against established architects and contractors. This award validated the philosophy for the project and led to the formation of ZEHo Projects Ltd., a project management consultancy specialising in sustainable construction. Projects to date have varied from initial advice on improving the carbon footprint of existing residential properties, to new a build energy efficient new build office building heated and cooled via a water source heat pump and a £25m BREEAM Excellent refurbishment and extension to an existing office building constructed in cross laminated timber.

Interview with Colin Heal 1. Have you always been interested in the construction/project management? Yes, I went into construction after leaving college on a management training scheme. Working in various departments gave me an excellent grounding in the core areas of both site and commercial practices, which has proved invaluable as a consultant project manager, in understanding how contractors operate and what’s required of the design team to ensure the successful delivery of projects.

sustainability became the next big issue on everyone’s radar after health and safety, especially working with CLM, the delivery team for the London 2012 Olympics. It was disappointing to see how far behind these standards residential developers and house builders were. The Government’s decision to scrap the requirement for all homes to be zero carbon by 2016, was a massive retrograde step, when so much work had been towards achieving this goal by the industry as a whole.

2. How did the idea for your sustainable home come about?

Living in an area where knock-down and re-builds are increasingly common, the lack of environmental awareness and vision of these clients/developers, their designers and the contractors was obvious, sticking with tradition heavy, high embodied energy methods of construction and ignoring the many simpler ways of building sustainably.

Like many people in the construction industry, I have always wanted to build my own house. While working at Mace,

When the opportunity to build our house came up, sustainable construction was a no- brainer, giving us the opportunity

I get a great deal of satisfaction from my work, not only when things go well, but also when challenges arise and being able to successfully work through the issues to a successful resolution.

32 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Interview to build an exemplar property that could demonstrate how easy and cheaply a zero energy house could be built.

3. What was the planning process like? Relatively straightforward. Even though the house we were proposing was significantly larger than the existing small two bedroom it was to replace, similar, if not larger buildings had been approved locally, and so this was not expected to be a problem. We engaged with the neighbours and agreed to move the house 2m nearer to the road, to reduce the over-shading on those who live on the north side. We also presented our proposals to the Parish Council (a Consultee in the Application process), which were well received, though they surprisingly noted afterwards that this was the first time anyone had done this. We only had to compromise on the height of the ridge of the garage in the front garden, which we were not surprised about, which meant that we couldn’t use this space for an office, as we had hoped. The Planning Officer did made reference to “the benefits of the eco design and build” in his report though this did not appear to have much influence on their decision.

Living in an area where knock-down and re-builds are increasingly common, the lack of environmental awareness and vision of these clients/developers, their designers and the contractors was obvious, sticking with tradition heavy, high embodied energy methods of construction and ignoring the many simpler ways of building sustainably.

4. Did you come across any hurdles on the road to completion? The main issue we had resulted from the delay of the delivery of the coloured render, which was three weeks late in arriving. The effect of this was that we could not commence striking the scaffold until the Wednesday, seven days before we were due to move in. The flat roof was completed on the Friday and the bi-fold doors installed on the Monday and we moved in on the Wednesday, the day the lease expired on our rented house. This was the most challenging period of the project.

5. Tell us about ZEHo Projects, what are your main aims for the business? Having proven that building sustainably and achieving zero energy is relatively simple, we want to help others do the same with their projects, whether a one-off house or larger residential or commercial scheme. We are driven by commitment to reducing the construction industry’ impact on the environment through using modern construction methods and technology, to help phase out the use of old heavy, high embodied carbon, traditional materials and techniques, which have changed little in the last 100 plus years.

6. What do you think of the current environmental impact the construction industry has?

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Interview The recent amendments in Building Regulation standards have improved the performance of buildings, though the industry is still a long way from being zero carbon. Many commercial developers continue to use BREEAM for their schemes, which helps with their marketing as well as their environmental footprint, though the residential sector appear to be a long way behind. The Greater London Authority’s (GLA) 2016 requirement for Zero carbon homes in major development applications, is an excellent step in the right direction. Developers can prove that if they are unable to do this they will have to pay a levy to offset their Regulated CO2 emissions in order to be ‘zero carbon’ on paper. While this is still in its infancy this is a step in the right direction, though there is little evidence to date of how effective this policy actually is. Unfortunately, unless the Government step in and make sustainability compulsory, as the GLA are trying to do, saving the environment is still considered a ‘nice to have’ and the decision to incorporate such features that would be of benefit are generally decided by the developers’ ‘bottom line’.

7. How did it feel for your own home to win the Most Sustainable Construction Award? We were shocked to win this prestigious award and it came as a complete surprise, as we were up against much larger projects and some medium to large contractors. We set out to prove that zero carbon did not have to be complex or expensive and this award has verified the achievement of this objective. The Building Futures Awards is a fantastic event and all credit to Hertfordshire Building Futures for recognising and rewarding sustainable development across the county. It would be wonderful to see this replicated by other councils across the UK, to help raise the awareness of sustainable development and construction. I am delighted to say that I am going to be a judge for the 2018

We were shocked to win this prestigious award and it came as a complete surprise, as we were up against much larger projects and some medium to large contractors. Building Futures Awards, and I cannot wait to visit and celebrate those developments that demonstrate innovation and sustainable design and build quality. Any project can be nominated regardless of size, and nominations are open until Friday 6th July. I, along with my fellow judges, will then review all the nominations and announce the winners at the Award ceremony on 4th October at Knebworth House. We have had an amazing amount of interest in our house and it is very rewarding to receive such positive feedback from those who have been to seen it, as well as from those who have seen it when they drive past. The success of our house and winning the Hertfordshire Building Futures Most Sustainable Construction Award, have

34 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

certainly been a significant stepping stone to getting the ZEHo Projects consultancy off the ground.

8. Do you have any words of advice for someone looking to go into project management? A project manager, as the saying goes, has to be “a jack of all trades and master of none”. My advice is not to rush into the role, but to take time to get experience in as many different disciplines as possible, to broaden your knowledge and experiences. This will pay dividends in understanding the whole development process from inception to completion and will provide confidence when dealing with the different challenges that arise on all projects. Project management is a great career for those with a practical and methodical mind and while sometimes frustrating, it brings a lot of job satisfaction. After more years than I like to remember, I still bounce out of bed in the mornings, as every day is different and you never stop learning.

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Viv Turner, Project HSE Manager MidMac Contracting Qatar

Siobhan Crawford Sector Risk Analyst, Crossrail

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For the past 34 years, Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates has been at the forefront of the specialist aggregates industry, supplying a wide range of materials, bespoke mixes and blends for an ever-increasing range of projects in the construction industry. We are involved in a variety of sectors ranging from resin bound to decorative aggregates, pre cast and decorative concrete to pebble dashing, flooring to roofing, anti-skid and thermoplastic road surfacing to coloured quartz. The company works closely with, construction companies, contractors, surfacing companies, architects and specifiers and can meet the most specialised of briefs or challenging of timescales.

the changing trends and requirements of customers. For example:

RESIN BOUND Today, the company is witnessing rapid growth within resin bound, the fastest growing surfacing solution in the last 5 years. Driven by government legislation, resin bound provides a permeable, fully SUDS compliant solution for driveways, paths and patios. It does not require planning permission, making it ideal for new builds and renovations. It is also suitable for car parks, parks, station platforms and swimming pools.

Sam Buckley, Managing Director of Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates comments: “Our business is built on a reputation of problem solving and we go the extra mile to help our customers source the unusual or to process difficult materials. By working closely with customers, we can, when required, help develop new products, solving any issues at the design stage.

Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates is the manufacturer of high quality DALTEX dried aggregates and supplier of DALTEX UVR resin. DALTEX dried aggregates offer the widest choice of colours and sizes in the UK and, keen to promote the highest standards of installation, the company also runs one day resin bound training courses. Sample boxes are available on request and more advice is available from the resin bound helpline: 01629 636500.

The company has invested heavily in the latest machinery and continually adapts to reflect

For more information: resinbondedaggregates.com

THERMOPLASTIC AND ANTI-SKID Our range of high quality aggregates used in thermoplastic road markings and anti-skid applications are immediately recognisable. They are used extensively in towns and cities in the UK and Europe on traffic calming schemes, cycle ways, bus lanes and many other projects which require a high friction surface and decorative coloured finish that delivers real visual impact.

DECORATIVE AND PRE-CAST CONCRETE Long gone are the days of boring, plain, grey concrete! Pre-cast and decorative concrete is being increasingly specified in a wide range of new buildings including commercial and civic office schemes, residential, retail and leisure developments as well as hospitals and schools. Our extensive product range, with its choice of colours and textures, provides versatility, durability and affordability for all uses. Technical and operational support is available for all sectors so if you would like to discuss a project, why not give us a call on 01629 636500? We would love to help. For more information: www.derbyaggs.com

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WE COVER ALL THE BASES! Resin Bound & Resin Bonded The widest range of colours in the UK

Decorative Aggregates

Coloured Quartz

Decorative Concrete

Cobbles, pebbles, granite, slate and garden features

Bespoke grades and mixes available

Precast concrete for building, civil engineering and bespoke applications

Thermoplastic and Anti-Skid

Industrial and Dried Minerals

Flooring/Terrazzo Flooring

Skid resistant aggregates in many colour combinations

Bespoke industrial aggregates with flexible production capacity

Commercial, residential and industrial flooring aggregates

Rubber Play and Landscape


Pebble Dashing Aggregates

The ideal range for playground and landscaping applications

Decorative and technical designs and coatings for substrates and roofing construction

Washed and graded specifically for external building finishes

Come direct to the UK’s premier manufacturer of specialist aggregates

TECHNICAL HELPLINE Tel: 01629 636500


Arbor Low Works, Youlgrave, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 lJS

People on the move Rudridge promotes Richard Mansell to Assistant Manager at Brentford Groundwork and materials supplier Rudridge has promoted Richard Mansell to the position of Assistant Branch Manager at its Brentford branch, following Rachelle Wiese’s transfer to Rudridge Horsham. Richard has been working for the company for over 4 years, joining Brentford as a Sales Executive in 2014. Richard said: “I am delighted to be taking up the role of Assistant Branch Manager at Brentford and taking the next

step in my career. We have an excellent team and I am very much looking forward to continuing to support them in delivering an unrivalled service to our customers.” Commenting on her move to Horsham where she’ll continue in her role as Assistant Branch Manager, Rachelle added: “My warmest congratulations to Richard on his promotion, which is thoroughly deserved. I am really excited about the future. I look forward to working with the team at Horsham and getting to know the customers.”

Forum for the Built Environment appoints new National Chairman

LEADING CONSTRUCTION BODY ELECTS NEW PRESIDENT The Association for Project Safety (APS) the 4,750-strong national professional body dedicated to reducing injury and ill-health across the construction industry, has announced Jonathan Moulam has been elected President to lead APS from 2020. Mr Moulam, who runs his own Construction Health & Safety and Disability consultancy for clients across the UK, will take the helm of the organisation after incoming president, Stella Saunders’ two-year term, which begins this October, comes to an end. During this time, Mr Moulam will act as President Elect. “The construction sector faces a number of critical challenges over the next few years: Brexit; an effective response to Grenfell; and promoting proportionate health and safety risk management right down to delivery at the grass roots. I believe the Association for Project Safety can help make construction healthier and safer. And I will work to help

APS secure its place as the premier health and safety risk management body working closely with partners across the whole construction field. “I am committed to build on the good work that’s been done in recent years and I will work tirelessly to represent the views of the membership”, he added. The Association for Project Safety APS aims to improve and promote professional practice in design and construction health and safety risk management helping members, including architects and technologists, manage risk and implement building regulations effectively and proportionately. The Association provides training, education and support - as well as networking opportunities - throughout the UK working with other bodies and partners to improve - through good design and throughout the whole life-cycle of projects and buildings - health and safety for everyone involved in construction and use.

38 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Thirty 30 Media Managing Director and leading communications specialist David Jones has been appointed National Chairman for the Forum for the Built Environment (fbe) - the multi-platform national networking group specialising in construction, property and development. David, a well-known communications professional in his main role as Managing Director of Thirty 30 Media Ltd, oversees marketing, PR, design and event management for clients in the construction and property sector via his Manchester based media agency. David commented on his appointment “It’s a great honour to be asked to move from my current position to take on the role of National Chairman for this fantastic organisation. As National Chairman I look forward to being able to increase awareness and membership, all while focusing on our core function of championing and facilitating business and networking across the construction industry.” Outgoing National Chairman Howard Gadd who will

now take on the role of President for the organisation commented “I’m so pleased to see David transition from Vice to National Chairman. “David is a well-known face, in both the North West and London construction networking scenes and has worked with some of the biggest names and companies throughout his career. We look forward to utilising David’s extensive knowledge of the sector and his wider expertise on a national scale as we continue to provide a platform for the UK’s ever-growing construction industry.” Established in 1946, fbe has 25 branches nationwide. Branch committees work hard to provide an array of networking opportunities within the construction sector, from breakfast seminars and lunch meetings; formal awards evenings and dinners. The fbe’s branches include the Black Country & Telford, Coventry & Warwickshire, Lancashire & Cumbria and Liverpool together with fbe’s flagship presence in Manchester and Birmingham.

ENGEL WORKWEAR HAS YOU COVERED Experts in Textile Solutions Ever since its establishment in 1927, ENGEL WORKWEAR has been producing specialist textiles of the highest quality. The family-run Danish business was originally founded by Mr Carl J. Engel Senior and is currently managed by the fourth generation of the Engel family, having gone from strength to strength over its many decades in operation. The company, which is based in Haderslev, Southern Denmark and has two additional factories in Lithuania, where it designs and manufactures long-lasting products adaptable to a variety of industry sectors. We asked Mark McBrayne, UK Sales and Marketing Manager at ENGEL WORKWEAR to discuss the services provided by the Engel team in more detail: “Basically we sell the workwear you need – be it traditional, modern or specially certified, for almost any type of working environment,” he said. “Our growing success is down to our constant program of development as well as a firm conviction to stand on our tradition to never compromise on producing the highest quality products.”

Recognised the World over for its comprehensive range of comfortably fitting, stylish and practical workwear, ENGEL WORKWEAR build further on their reputation with their collection of slim-fit, stretchable work trousers which allow wearers to be especially comfortable in any work situation – and look and feel smart at the same time. Called ‘X-treme’, the trousers are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton incorporating a specially developed mechanical stretch factor; they can be supplied both with and without useful hanging pockets. Designed to offer as much

comfort and functional, day-to day uses as possible, each garment has a smooth, innercrotch seam panel and patches of highly stretchable and ventilated material at the backs of the knees and seat areas to help keep cool and provide maximum flexibility whilst bending or kneeling.

with extra sections for tools, tool straps and Velcro-fastened, knee-reinforced pockets with two knee pad positions for height adjustment. Reflector strips are built in behind the knees for greater visibility and the trousers have an extra deep hem so the length can be increased if required.

There are two spacious slanted pockets at the front, two back pockets and a mobile phone pocket with a flap on the right thigh; there’s a standard one on the left which has an extra inner, zipped compartment.

Depending on the model number chosen, the Engel ‘X-treme’ Slim-Fit Stretchable Work Trousers are available in a black, black/anthracite grey, Forest green/black and Mocha Brown/ black in sizes 42-66. Item numbers to look for are: 0360186, 0361-186, 0362-740 and 0363-740.

Engel seem to have thought of everything with more useful features including a ruler pocket

“As a privately owned family company we are able to offer flexible solutions and we really care about our customers’ needs. Our workwear is constantly being adapted to meet market demands, and in addition to our popular leading ranges, we can also produce bespoke items to suit clients’ requirements (which can include branding and logos of their choice). Our high stock holding and fast delivery service differentiates us from our competitors, as does our firm commitment to protect the environment however we can.” The company has an impressive seven collections (along with a large range of accessories), all of which are ‘tailor-made’ for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, offshore, building & construction and the commercial sector. Each item of clothing is designed to be a perfect, comfortable fit whilst giving maximum freedom of movement and reliability, and all are fully certified to EN ISO 20471:2013 standard. As an example, one of the main brand names from the company is ‘Combat’; geared to cope with any season and designed for action, this durable, value-for-money and stylish, uni-coloured collection has contrasting and reflective piping for greater visibility on jackets and trousers, many of which are made from 100% cotton. Almost all the trousers feature such useful detail as ruler-pockets, hammer straps and mobile phone pockets, whilst the leg-length can be extended an extra 4-6cm if required. Other names to look out for, each with their own unique benefits, include ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Work Zone’. Says Mark: “At ENGEL WORKWEAR two of our policies on which we place particular importance are that one - we offer advice to every relevant industry on the most effective ways by which they can comfortably protect their personnel, and - two - to be in constant touch with our customers and end-users to ensure that we always design and supply the products which they need to allow them to do their work as efficiently and comfortably as possible. We are continually researching, gaining new and helpful ideas, - from the locker room, to closely examining and testing all the other practical aspects of wearing and using our garments to maximum advantage in the workplace. Our aim is always to ensure that our customers have the best possible support in any working environment.” When asked about what the future holds for the company, Mark concluded: “We are constantly expanding and continually looking to open new markets in more countries, with the UK being especially important to us. We are very proud that over the years we have established an enviable reputation for supplying a very high standard of quality products with a customer service second to none, and we will be building on these principles throughout 2018 and beyond.”

Firmly established into the UK workwear and PPE market is Danish company ENGEL WORKWEAR, one of Europe’s leading workwear manufacturers; workforces across the UK recognise Engel for its high quality, long lasting and superbly fitting clothing ranges and their suitability for almost any kind of work situation or outdoor use. One of the best-selling labels under the Engel banner is the COMBAT collection which includes the Engel COMBAT ‘Tradesman’ work trousers with hanging tool pockets (2761-630) and the COMBAT Pilot jacket (232-107). Designed for action to give maximum comfort and flexibility, both items have the brand’s instantly recognisable contrast stitching and reflective piping and are offered in a choice of colours. The work trousers have been designed to be as practical and useful as possible with many

functional and easily accessible pockets including a Cordura hanging tool pocket either side and thigh pockets with flaps. In addition there are two flapped back pockets, a reinforced ruler pocket with extra sections, an adjustable hammer strap and Cordura reinforced knee pockets with two knee pad positions. The trousers have an extra deep hem so the length can be increased if required. Made from 65% polyester, 35% cotton, 280 g/m2 and available in a wide range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Often sold alongside matching trousers, the COMBAT pilot jacket is made from 100% Oxford Polyester with PU coating 260g/ m2, a quilted nylon lining and soft fleece collar; the jacket has pockets for almost every purpose required throughout the working day so that everything is kept both safe and to hand when needed. It has adjustable cuffs with Velcro, a storm placket and a detachable hood with zipper.

All Engel garments are available from The Workwear Trade Centre, Milton Keynes; Telephone: 01908 561569; email: sales@wtc-workwear.co.uk and Anchor Safety, Ipswich; Telephone: 0800 328 5028; email: sales@anchorsafety.co.uk For more information visit: www.engel.eu/en email: Mark McBrayne at mmc@f-engel.com or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197

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Our all aluminum box, the Ultralite Mixer, is more durable and lighter than any other volumetric mixer. This allows you to save on fuel and meet weight regulations. Ask us how we can provide a solution for your business. www.BayLynx.co.uk Phone: 0161-403-0003 Unit 6 Aragon Court Manor Park Industrial Estate Runcorn, Halton, WA7 1SP United Kingdom


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Construction scheme extended after creating jobs for apprentices

Chris Toon (front centre) of Gateshead College with PlanBEE students

An innovative training programme designed to tackle construction skills shortages has reached a notable milestone, the first students to graduate from the scheme all securing fulltime positions in the industry. The students have been offered positions with some of the sector’s leading companies, including Bowmer & Kirkland, 3E Consulting, Sir Robert McAlpine, Ryder Architecture, Patrick Parsons, Tolent and Brims. They will be employed in various roles including quantity surveying, civil engineering, design and project management. PlanBEE was launched in September 2016 when Gateshead College and Ryder Architecture formed a powerful alliance with a network of architects, designers, contractors and engineering specialists. Together they developed a unique, flexible training programme designed to attract and retain the brightest new talent in the region, plug skills gaps, and create a more flexible workforce capable of working across various disciplines in the construction and built environment sectors. The first group of twelve students enrolled onto the programme back in September 2016 and, having now completed it, have been offered permanent positions at firms involved in the scheme. A second group of students embarked on the programme last September and the plan is to enrol a new group every year so that construction firms can continually recruit people equipped with the skills they need. Madeleine Lees, from Teesside, landed her dream job as an assistant structural engineer at full-service consultancy Patrick Parsons. She said: “I always wanted to go into construction but I didn’t want to specialise in any particular discipline. That’s why PlanBEE was so appealing; it allowed me to learn about

several different elements of the industry. While on the programme I completed work placements at 3D Consulting, Ryder and Tolent – a consultancy, an architect and a civil engineering specialist – so I got to work on all sorts of projects. This is really important because in my new role at Patrick Parsons many projects cover more than one discipline.” Rather than follow a traditional training model where students complete their qualifications while working in one company, PlanBEE gives trainees the chance to work across several companies and therefore gain a more rounded understanding of the built environment industry. Working with Gateshead College, industry leaders have created a bespoke higher-level skills programme that provides budding professionals with study and off-the-job training at the college’s Skills Academy for Construction on Team Valley, along with a job working with some of the region’s leading companies. It has been tailored specifically for and by the North East construction sector, providing students with a starting salary of £11,383 per year, a professional qualification and a guaranteed job opportunity on graduation. Mark Clasper, director at Ryder Architecture, said: “This inspirational partnership is radically

reshaping the way we go about attracting new talent into the industry and providing a pathway for young talent to forge a career. Employers across the built environment sector are no longer acting in silos and this new collaborative approach is helping to drive efficiencies and tackle key skills shortages.” Chris Toon, deputy principal at Gateshead College, said: “The key benefit of PlanBEE is that it’s tailored to and led by the specific needs of industry. Employers say they need a better way of working – particularly in relation to recruitment – and this programme is a revolutionary diversion from traditional training models that have become unfit for purpose. It’s well known that the sector has suffered from serious long-term skills shortages. This makes it even more important that companies have access to a skilled pool of talent that enables them to become more productive and competitive, both now and in the long run.” A report by the Construction Skills Network said an extra 179,000 UK construction jobs will need to be filled from 2017-2021 to meet rapid growth in demand for infrastructure and housebuilding across the country. For more information about the programme, or to get involved, visit www.gateshead.ac.uk/ planbee/ or contact Helen Whitfield at Ryder on 0191 269 5454.

Extortionate Hire charges crippling fleet insurance premiums Businesses with vehicle fleets are being hit hard by insurance premiums due to huge claims from greedy claims management companies. Experts at ConstructionInsure.co.uk have warned that fleet premiums have rocketed due to claims management companies putting in big bills for hire vehicles They claim less people are claiming for personal injury after a crash and claim management companies seem to be replacing this with excessive hire charges. Examples cited by the ConstructionInsure. co.uk experts include a scaffolding company’s

van which was involved in a minor collision with a parked motor cycle. The motorcycle, worth £1,500 was parked and hit by a van. The claims management company placed the motorcyclist on a hire bike at a cost of £150 a day. By the time the management company had finished with their delay tactics the hire bill came to £45,000 - far higher than the cost of the actual repair. The subsequent insurance claim forced the scaffolding companies Fleet Insurance premium up from £12,000 to £60,000 the following year - an increase of 500%.

42 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

In another case a haulage vehicle knocked a parked Jaguar which incurred wheel rim damage and a punctured tyre (pictured) costing around £1,000 to repair. To avoid any hire charges, all the claims management company had to do was replace the tyre and wait for repairs to be authorised. Instead they claimed the car was undriveable and the hire costs of the replacement car came to £10,000. On another occasion a fleet van reversed into a Bentley continental causing minor damage to the rear bumper.

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Work starts on first modular home bound for innovative research project A home destined for Tyne and Wear is being brought to life in a Yorkshire factory as work on an innovative housing research project gets underway. Gateshead Innovation Village, a live research project led by Home Group, one of the UK’s biggest providers of homes for sale and affordable rent, will see a range of house designs take shape on the one site. Working with an external research partner, the scheme will allow Home Group and its partners to robustly compare and contrast modern methods of construction. The project aims to highlight potential and viable solutions to the housing crisis in a bid to grow confidence in off-site builds within the sector. ilke Homes, a British modular homes business specialising in the latest off-site manufacturing techniques, has started work on the first

modular volumetric unit that will be delivered to the Gateshead site in just ten weeks’ time. In contrast to the traditional ‘start on site’ launch, key stakeholders from Home Group, funding partner Homes England and development partner ENGIE, joined colleagues at ilke Homes for a sneak preview of its new factory where work has begun just this week, Joy Whinnerah, Head of Delivery, Home Group said: “We’re all incredibly excited about this project as it will see a wide range of homes and construction methods being tried and tested together on the one site. “Not only that, but we are really keen to understand what our customers like and don’t like about living in these types of homes. So we will be monitoring a range of aspects to check how these homes perform for the customers who live in them.”

As well as instilling confidence in the sector to build at scale using modern methods of construction, the project aims to tackle negative public perceptions based around modular homes. We recently commissioned YouGov to carry out research into public perceptions of modular homes. We found that only around 50% of respondents said they would be happy to live in a modular home, however, almost 90% could not identify a modern modular product. This shows that whilst perceptions are low, they are not based on reality.” With that in mind, Home Group is planning to use a wide range of communications tools and digital technologies to allow the public to go behind the scenes of modular builds and see with their own eyes what’s involved. Bjorn Conway, CEO, ilke Homes said: “Visitors to Gateshead Innovation Village will be blown away by the high quality of our homes, which we will install in just one day. Using the latest offsite manufacturing techniques, we supply developers, local authorities and RPs with homes which are attractive, energy efficient and designed with real families in mind. We are proud to partner with Home Group to create sustainable communities, bringing additional housing capacity to help solve the housing crisis.” Andrew McIntosh, regional managing director for ENGIE, said: “Not only is this unique project creating a step change for the way in which people view modular homes, but it is allowing us the opportunity to upskill the next generation of industry trainees, apprentices and graduates on modern methods of construction. In doing this, we are not only supporting to change perceptions which could lead to the provision of more homes, but we are working to alleviate the skills crisis we face within the sector.” Neil Graham, Head of Accelerated Delivery, Yorkshire, North East and The Humber, Homes England, said: “In addition to ilke Homes, Home Group is also working with Premier Modular, Xella UK and Icarus Light Steel Framing. There will also be six traditionally built, semi-detached homes on site. All homes will be for affordable rent and residents will have the opportunity to trial and test a wide range of smart technology products and green energy solutions.”

The damage was estimated at £3,000 but the claims management company took the Bentley away although still drivable and eight weeks later billed insurers for £25,000 of car hire costs as well as the £3,000 repairs. Mark Herbert of ConstructionInsure.co.uk said claims management companies were to blame for this worrying trend. He said: “As a broker we try our very best to keep down the cost of client’s fleet insurance premiums every year with fleet management techniques. As a result, loss ratios for these clients are kept to a minimum, meaning premiums are bearable for the client and the cost of their fleet insurance is not eating into their profits and gives them a better bottom line.

“It’s difficult for clients to take when they manage their vehicles and fleet policy well. A fleet renewal gets looked at by an individual who looks at how the fleet performs. When a fleet gets hit with a hire of over £20k on their claims history, their premium soars. There is no control over what these companies believe they can charge and how their actions have a huge impact of a company’s premiums by trying their luck to get these extortionate figures paid. “It is circumstances like this which is putting pressure on the industry to line nonparticipants pockets. The end is good honest companies are going out of business due to their greed.”

Construction UK Magazine - July 2018 43

Awards News

Swedish Steel Prize: CTE conquered the second place at the prize with the innovative CTE MP 32.19 The Swedish Steel Prize, the SSAB international prize focused on engineering in the steel industry, for 20 years he has been attentive to reward excellences and innovations. Voted as a finalist (with other 3) last March, on May 24th during the ceremony in Stockholm, CTE conquered the second place at the prize with its truck-mounted platform CTE MP 32.19. There were as finalists also the Australian company Trufal Global with a flexible grain auger wagon; the Finnish Jak Metalli Oy with an innovative lightweight cutter head for vegetation; and the Italian Mantella Srl, winner of the price, with a next generation trailer. The winner of the 2018 Swedish Steel Prize will receive a cash prize of SEK 100,000 (Euro 9.700) to be donated to the winner’s charity of choice – a memorable gesture of goodwill. FOCUS ON PRODUCT: The innovative truck-mounted platform CTE MP 32.19 is mounted on 7,5 ton truck, it reaches 32 m of working height, 19 m of outreach, 300 kg of basket capacity. Its main feature is the boom configuration, both telescopic and articulated, that allows excellent overcome and flexibility to work as pure telescopic. It is equipped with the innovative S3 Smart Stability System, the geometrical machine performance limitation system that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, load and geometry, independently allowing maximum performance for each position of the boom. The judges, when appointed CTE as finalist,

said: “CTE Spa, Italy, has developed a small truck-mounted sky-lift of extraordinary versatility, height and reach. The compact boom system has a unique, elevated slewing mechanism that provides the added capability of maneuvering around corners, giving access to confined spaces where traditional solutions fail. A carefully considered design as well as the optimization of all boom cross sections and use of high-strength steel made this possible”. Roberto Fenner, CTE Operation Manager, declared after the nomination: “CTE has always invested heavily in quality and reliability of its products based on new technical and constructive solutions. In recent years, all manufacturers have increasingly approached the technological limits of aerial working platforms.

Landmark Place awarded Gold by Considerate Constructors Scheme Barratt London’s Landmark Place project team has been awarded a Gold Considerate Constructors Award at the National Site Awards 2018.

an accolade at Landmark Place is even more significant, as it sits next to one of London’s most popular tourist sites, The Tower of London.

This recognition is awarded to sites for outstanding contributions towards improving the image of construction. To win an award, judges look at what measures a site has put in place to be more considerate towards local neighbourhoods and the public, the workforce, and the environment.

Stephen Thompson, managing director, Barratt East London, remarks: “Building a new development in an environment as constricted as the City of London is very difficult and inevitably causes some disruption. At Landmarks Place, the site team has gone well beyond what was expected to ensure that our neighbours and the public have experienced as little disturbance as possible, which makes this award especially significant.”

This award is coveted by developers, but for Barratt London, achieving such

44 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

CTE Spa, Italy, has developed a small truck-mounted sky-lift of extraordinary versatility, height and reach. - The judges Nevertheless, thanks to the new high performance materials that allowed new design and production process technologies, CTE has succeeded in designing state-ofthe-art machines such as the new CTE MP 32.19. This model, in addition to the innovative content it is equipped with, can also be fitted on vehicles that do not have excessive tonnage, while maintaining the characteristics of compactness and versatility that are unique to the sector. It therefore represents a synthesis of how CTE stands on the market and how the desire to innovate and team spirit at all levels can bring results at the highest levels of technology”.

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VAT Reverse Charge for Construction Services To tackle VAT fraud in the construction industry a domestic reverse charge will be introduced with effect from October 2019. This means that the buyer will be responsible for bringing VAT to account rather than the supplier. HMRC have issued a consultation on the draft statutory instrument. The implementation of this legislation is to remove the opportunity for missing trader fraud within the construction industry that has been steadily increasing over the past few years. This measure specifically tackles the supply of construction services between construction businesses. WHAT SUPPLIES DOES THE REVERSE CHARGE APPLY TO? The domestic reverse charge only applies on specified supplies of construction services between businesses and not supplies made to consumers. This is because the legislation is designed to prevent missing trader fraud which can only be perpetrated by businesses. Under the new law, specified supplies subject to either the standard rate or reduced rate will be subject to the domestic reverse charge. The reverse charge will

also apply to goods supplied with specified services. WHAT ARE SPECIFIED CONSTRUCTION SERVICES? Specified construction services are determined based on the definition of ‘construction operations’ used in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) under section 74 of the Finance Act 2004. These are:


01698 711177 enquiries@raeburndrilling.com www.raeburndrilling.com

HMRC will issue official guidance once the final legislation is finalised. There is a one year period between the final legislation being published and the date the legislation comes into force. HMRC say that this is to allow small businesses, which are the most heavily impacted, time to adapt to the changes. HMRC will also operate a light touch for genuine mistakes for a 6 month period.

If a supply contains a mixture of specified and other construction services it will be classed as a single supply of specified services and the domestic reverse charge will apply. WHAT SUPPLIES ARE EXCLUDED? The new rules only capture supplies between construction businesses and therefore purchasers of construction services that are not making an onward supply of construction services (for example, they are commissioning the services to build an office) will not be impacted. Additionally, there will be an exclusion for connected businesses. The normal VAT rules will apply where a scenario is excluded from the new rules.

Author: Alison Birch, VAT partner at NW accountancy firm Mitchell Charlesworth

Construction UK Magazine - July 2018 45

News Stories BE DESIGN REVEALS SECRETS TO SUCCESS FOR FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY FIVE years ago, BE Design was founded by three directors with more than 60 years of combined experience and a passion to offer truly multidisciplinary expertise and design excellence within the built environment. In that time Anna Tsartsari, Simon Powell and Stephen Oakden have grown a team of 30 architects, civil and structural engineers delivering high-quality projects across key sectors.

Milestone met by UK Roofing & Plastic Supplies Ltd UK Roofing & Plastic Supplies ltd have reached an important milestone with the opening of their new Branch in Leyton, East London, which adds to their successful branch in Slough, Berkshire. With the company celebrating its 40th Anniversary year, our rich history began with Amersham Roofing Centre in 1977 and was based in Slough. The business developed quickly, and grew in reputation for providing an honest and dependable supply source for the surrounding area. Amersham Roofing also developed its own roofing services which were successful for many years, and provided key services for the residents of Berkshire. UK Roofing and Plastics has developed to be at the leading edge of supply, with a vast choice of Tiles, GRP, EPDM and Flat Roof

solutions and many new and innovative products and tools. The commitment of our talented staff to keep the shine on our products and maintain the relationships with our clients has been our constant goal.

The multi-award-winning practice - which operates across the UK, Europe and internationally celebrated its five-year milestone with an exclusive event in London attended by staff, clients, contractors and suppliers where the secrets of its success was revealed. Simon Powell, director at BE Design said: “At BE Design we are passionate about our industry and have developed five ingredients which have been key to our success. We focus on our people, our clients, our values, our technological infrastructure and on working hard. “It’s this simple approach that has helped us to develop a strong portfolio of work across our key sectors. Our clients tell us they value the in-house expertise we have across architectural, civil and structural disciplines. Because the BE Design family work in project and client centric teams in a single office, we can be more responsive to our clients’ needs. “Our aim is always to be exceptional, exciting our clients so that they are delighted and inspired with our service.” Now with an impressive portfolio featuring Rushden Lakes retail development in Northamptonshire, Olympic Park regeneration and the Bear Grylls

Our new venture in Leyton, East London, is key to the exciting development of the company, which specialises in supplying London with GRP, EPDM, Felts, Fascia and Soffits, Rainwater and Velux windows. Managing Director Neil Price commented `My commitment to our employees is to continue to develop and grow the business, bringing security and future employment for our dedicated and loyal colleagues. Leyton is just the start of the next chapter in the growth of the business`

46 Construction UK Magazine - July 2018

Adventure theme park at NEC in Birmingham – to name only a few - the practice plans to more than double the size of its team in three years and help more clients achieve their built environment aspirations. Stephen Oakden director at BE Design said the hard work and commitment of the team at BE Design was testament to what had been achieved in such a short space of time. “We’re proud to orchestrate projects on behalf of clients to help them achieve their goals. I want to thank everyone who has supported BE Design in reaching this important milestone, our people, our suppliers and our clients,” he said. “Our transparent approach harnesses trust with clients and, as a result, we are now working with the same clients on new projects. It’s a very exciting time for the practice as we’re delivering more projects further afield in Germany, Spain and Italy, together with delivering more large-scale projects across the UK. We very much look forward to growing our family of experts in line with our portfolio of work.” Find out more about BE Design at www.bedesign.co.uk or join the conversation on Twitter @B_E_ Design.

Stephen Oakden, Anna Tsartsari, Simon Powell





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