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Caesarstone forecasts four key global interior design trends




Darren Hopkins on emerging trends for 2019



Enviable entrances illuminated by Vibia



Tang Interiors appointed to deliver new offices for Hive360

THE NEXT BIG TREND: Bringing nature into interior design




Normann Copenhagen and Tivoli announce collaboration


Portview scores again with One Twenty Club

Sanders Hotel, Copenhagen


Vesta Interior Design discusses demand for multi-generational living



The Modern Classic Splendor of Savage Ground House

Armstrong Ceilings shows its global head for heights

Finchatton launch £120m Knightsbridge townhouse development

Bourne & Hollingsworth design all day brasserie & bar in Clerkenwell

Marthe Armitage commissioned at West Middlesex University Hospital

GRT Architects creates New York office with millennial-pink kitchen

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Design Feature

New design trends through the eyes of ANARCHITECT – Jonathan Ashmore Jonathan Ashmore, founder and director of the international architecture and design practice ANARCHITECT predicts the new design trends following last month’s Milan Design Week. Influence of the Tropics “I have spotted a subtle influence of the Tropics. Statement pieces by Dimore Studio used highly lacquered cane and bamboo framed within machined metals and alloys, while new Lebanese designers, like Khaled El Mays seen at the Nilufar Depot, further challenged traditional use of rattan and cane with his bold contemporary pieces.” Natural and earthy tones “Whilst bold, pristine colours were still prominent, there appears to be a noticeable shift towards natural and earthy tones and a definitive movement towards handmade rather than machined perfection. Pigments offer less uniformity but add depth and character to plasters finishes and concrete tiles for both interiors and exteriors. Examples include Gypsum Arte’s new collections and Matteo Brioni’s Stratigraphies. Technology is the new craft “On the other hand, some companies, like Cedit, have embraced technology as the new craft with their Rilievi collection. They use advanced manufacturing techniques to create textures and 3D geometric forms which play with colour consistency and rely on light and shadow to add depth to forms. They have used technology to evoke a ‘manmade’ aesthetic.” Glass is back “Glass is one of the materials making a strong come back. One of the great examples of this trend is the Bouroullec brothers’ collaboration with Wonderglass on hand-blown coloured objects with purposeful imperfections and organic forms. Glas Italia used coloured reedglass and Mattiazzi dichroic glass to create formal room dividers, which blur vision between spaces and unify them with strong colour rendering.” State of stone “Materiality and superlative detail are a deep passion of mine, particularly when it comes to natural stone. The craftsmen at Vaselli Marmi are capable of crafting stone like a skilled carpenter can work wood. They defy logic and material weight to produce kitchens and bathrooms which express the raw, natural state of stone with refinement and precision.”

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Caesarstone forecasts four key global interior design trends Caesarstone, the world leading designer and manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces is renowned for being at the forefront of industry innovation, with an unrivalled ability to bring new designs to market that set rather than follow interior trends. The ability to launch new products with such accuracy stems from Caesarstone’s continual research into future trends on a global scale, coupled with 30 in-house years’ experience of designing and manufacturing premium engineered quartz material.

Calm Luxe

Caesarstone shares the results of its in-depth research, distilled down to four key concepts that will define the global commercial and residential interiors markets in the coming years; presented and explained in detail in the newly launched Kitchen Trends Book. The book is the fruit of the brand’s significant investment in Research & Development which includes working with world leading colour consultants and understanding the macro trends – socio, demographic, cultural and political - impacting on design and interiors. It is also experience and knowledge acquired by Caesarstone’s in-house design team via years of collaborations with world-renowned designers and architects, including Jaime Hayon, Todd Bracher, Tom Dixon, Philippe Malouin, Japanese studio Nendo and Sebastian Herkner. The brand’s ability to understand the cultural context of the markets it operates in positions it at the forefront of its industry, which it why it is always the first to launch ground-breaking new surface designs. For example, its award-winning Rugged Concrete, launched at the beginning of 2017, is a first that the interiors industry has eagerly awaited and embraced, as is its new Metropolitan Collection which fulfils designers’ needs around all the key industrial trends happening right now, offering finishes never before available on the market. Four global trends forecast by Caesarstone Each of the four themes are based on different lifestyle contexts, with its own unique creative direction, colour palette, lead materials and finishes. These are respectively: Calm Luxe, Urban Industrial, Timeless Classic and Wild Living.

Calm Luxe

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Calm Luxe Calm Luxe is inspired by the paring back of an oversaturated design market. Our world is moving faster than ever and time comes in short supply, so we try to live more slowly, design more thoughtfully, and find joy in quieter, softer environments. In a world of constant connectivity, time is the ultimate luxury. Our need to “switch off ” is pressing and the benefits of slowness, stillness and silence are increasingly recognised. Scientific research on the subject increases, meditation movements strengthen and mindful retreats have never been more popular. Even boredom is acknowledged to provide a blank canvas for our imagination and to kick-start creativity. With Calm Luxe, we pare back to the essentials to make room in our minds, lives and homes. Living spaces have a peaceful, calming quality that provide a visually light haven that soothes the eye but also the mind. This is an acutely minimal direction, elevated by careful details and high-quality finishes.


Calm Luxe embraces modest material qualities & humble shapes. Interior components – whether a sofa or a surface – promote anonymity, focus on functionality, and offer fewer operating options. Silhouettes are as minimalistic as can be but are further softened by matte finishes or dulled angles – never harsh or cold. Assembly is also made simpler through elements that easily slot together or fit into each other. Everyday items are elevated to objects of beauty with precious metallic accents or ultra-careful detailing that highlight the quality of its craftsmanship. Urban Industrial Caesarstone forecasts that the industrial trend will continue to be important in seasons to come but will evolve towards a more urban and yet increasingly poetic and light-hearted direction. Heavy construction materials such as concrete or cement will be softened by light, feminine tints; new composites will be crafted with colourful industrial waste; and fanciful constructions will add a fun element to rough silhouettes. Designs borrow the stark volumes and rugged textures of Brutalist architecture – translating these into bare, sculptural items. Finishes that focus on tactility warm this industrial look; surfaces remain rough and untreated; and light tones of colour soften contours. Taking its cue from industrial workshops, the Urban Industrial kitchen illustrates the artisanal aspect of this trend. Cooking accessories such as mortars and pestles or nutcrackers illustrate the importance of manual work. Their shapes remain solid and uncomplicated. The kitchen space features concrete or cement elements that are softened by light tints and rounded shapes that moderate the rough surfaces. Timeless Classic Past and future, work and leisure, fashion and interiors, home and retail, craft and digital; we live in a time of blurring boundaries – a time where opposites balance, inspire and complement one another. With Timeless Classic, spaces and products draw inspiration from the Modernism of the 20th Century, updating it with fresh tones that create a vintage, yet highly modern look. The Timeless Classic kitchen space combines period features, rich patterns and materials such as marble, warm wood and fabrics. New technological appliances are moving past black, white and grey and shifting towards a delicate colour palette, tactile textiles and retro references. Surfaces are soft and warm to the touch and take us away from the less-inviting aesthetic of many modern technologies and back towards a more sensitive experience. Wild Living With Wild Living we bring the outdoors indoors – via lush vegetation or textured finishes that play to our senses and answer our longing for real, rough – even feral – tactility. Technology takes a more low-key direction – ancient crafts and natural materials are combined with technological advances to create new, contemporary products and appliances. The home reflects this with mobile furnishings that can adapt to our needs and easily transfer from one nest to the next; household objects are complete with details and fastenings borrowed from the world of camping. Warm finishes add subtle depth and texture to the kitchen environment. Think thick natural woods and sleek stones with enhanced natural grains. These traditional surfaces pair with a wide range of beautiful new composites. The new goods have rustic-chic qualities and make use of natural waste. Shots of fiery orange bring life to harmonies of deep browns, dark greys and forest greens.

Urban Industrial

Timeless Classic

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CONCORD REINVIGORATES LONDON OFFICE Concord Lighting has created a bright and welcoming environment at a recently refurbished office block on Jermyn Street in central London. With its prime location, the building offers 38,000 sq ft of Category A office space over six impressive floors. Its modern feel is accentuated by a variety of lighting solutions from leading architectural lighting brand, Concord by Sylvania.

D.W. Electrical Ltd (www.dwgroupuk.com) was the electrical contractor on the project and worked with Concord to specify the new lighting scheme. “The office block has been refurbished from top to bottom to reinvigorate the space and give it a fresh décor,” comments Justin Goodwin, Contract Manager at D.W.

Electrical Ltd. “It was important that the lighting reflected the contemporary ambience of the new building, and this is why Concord was selected for the project. They were able to supply a number of different products that suited the individual spaces.”


have been installed. The Myriad Adjustable downlight has a title flexibility of 25 degrees in any direction and can be adjusted from the front once installed.

features no swing out elbow component. The internal colour is white with a matching rotating sphere and comes with a bezel included.

Once in place, the downlight still ensures there are clean lines along the ceiling as it

Lumistrip LED is supplied in 5m-long flexible reels which can be cut to a preferred length.

Concord’s Mini Continuum LED has been installed in the main office spaces on all floors to offer continuous, highly uniform lines of light across walls and ceilings. Recessed versions of the Mini Continuum LED have been installed on this project to blend seamlessly into the office space but surface mounted and suspended options of the Mini Continuum LED are available and the luminaire can be both vertically and horizontally recessed, depending on the lighting requirements. The project also features Concord Myriad square downlights in the circulation areas, which are ideal for low level orientation lighting. The LED light engine provides an energy-efficient solution, complete with electronic control gear allowing staff and visitors to tailor the environment accordingly. To create the right ambience within the bathrooms, Concord Myriad Adjustable downlights along with Lumiance Lumistrip

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Versions are available in 4000K neutral white, 3000K warm white, red, green, blue, yellow and RGB options. With a Life expectancy of 50,000 hours, Lumistrip LED has an easy to fit installation kit which includes 25 x 200mm clear PC mounting strips with 3M adhesive tape, screw kits and 10 end caps.


Lighting Project

Enviable entrances illuminated by Vibia An entry area is an opportunity to make a strong first impression, and businesses often use this space strategically to telegraph their unique culture and set an immediate mood. A key component in establishing this atmosphere is the lighting design – both to complement the furnishings and décor and to draw attention to specific spots and architectural details.

GAIA A new landmark building in Quito, Ecuador, the Gaia building by KPMB Architects is a mixed-use space known for its distinctive ribbon-like façade. Adamson Associates and ERA Architects created an interior that’s equally dramatic with a double-height

entrance that mixes rich materials such as marble, wood and leather. Hovering overhead is Arik Levy’s Wireflow chandelier, its slim black cables forming an ethereal, threedimensional outline that echoes the sleek staircase railings and the foyer’s open feel.

INRES At the five-storey Inres offices in Florence, Italy, the entrance acts as a transition between indoors and outdoors with floor-toceiling windows and a profusion of natural materials. The open space is anchored by a reception desk, above which hangs a trio of sleek Skan pendants. Designed by Lievore, Altherr, Molina, the lamp’s striking simplicity and pure form is perfectly in keeping with

the room’s minimalist mien and organic sensibility.

NH CIUDAD DE SANTIAGO Located in Santiago, Chile, the elegant NH Ciudad de Santiago hotel welcomes visitors with a dramatic entryway featuring a sweeping, circular staircase panelled in brass. Lighting design firm Opendark deployed Toan Nguyen’s Algorithm pendant, affixed to the ceiling with a striking tubular steel lattice. Suspended over the steps, its long cables are studded with glowing, hand-blown glass spheres that recall a sparkling constellation and draw the eye upwards to a clear focal point.

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