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Key Business Benefits  Business value driven prioritization  Functionality is prioritized and delivered according to business value to the client enabling faster realization of business benefits  Pay for DONE  Developed functionality is regularly demonstrated to the Client and accepted only if all conditions of „definition of done” are satisfied  Change without penalty  Built-in change management approach provide the framework for fast and objective impact assessment and freeof-charge change control process  Client is in full control of the project  Operational transparency combined with early and frequent delivery keep the client in full control of the project including changing project scope, delivery milestones and up to finishing the project early if market conditions change  Project delivery risks are revealed early and addressed fast  Short delivery cycles and reduced batch complexity combined with atmosphere of trust and collaboration enable project risks to be easily revealed and eliminated

Proven Success in Large, Multi-year Initiatives  20+ ongoing projects  50+ completed projects  Distributed Agile setup across 4 locations with over 150 people in more than 12 teams

Building Agile Adoptions with Leading International Companies

Luxoft Agile Framework for Large Scale Organizations

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System approach

Luxoft’s ultimat e goal is to set up managed delivery services with the shortest lead time, highest performance and quality, and a constant focus on optimizing the client’s budget. Luxoft has developed senior experts, set up an environment with enterprise-compliant infrastructure and tools, and built comprehensive expertise in large-scale Agile & Lean transformations.

Seniority Over 100 Cer Masters Over 700 Agile Practitioners Active participant and supporter of Agile communities in Russia and Ukraine Sponsor and participant of Agile, Agile Eastern Europe, Agile BaseCamp, Agile Days,ACE!, QCon and SECR international conferences

Infrastructure and Tools  team communications:  Video Polycoms  SMART Boards  Corporate chats Integrated project management environment:  Tasks tracking  Wiki Advanced continuous integration and delivery instruments Built-in quality approach:  Visual instruments for continuous statusmonitoring  Automated Quality Assurance frameworks  Culture of Stop-and-Fix and Done-is-Done

Luxoft Agile Community: High Priority on Company Level  Dedicated Agile practice  Internal Agile coaching for teams and individuals  External coaches sessions & CSM trainingsfor employees  Advanced framework for team assessments  Regular Agile workshops, gatherings, openspaces, and Agile Cafés  Communities of practices and agile knowledge base  Active support of internal and external Agile events

Luxoft Agile Framework 2011  

Luxoft Agile Framework 2011

Luxoft Agile Framework 2011  

Luxoft Agile Framework 2011