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The Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Showroom will help you bring your creative vision to life. It’s an inviting, collaborative space built to inspire you throughout your kitchen project – from planning with our product experts and your designers to making delicious memories in your home.

SCHEDULE A SHOW ROOM APPOINTMENT 127 West Worthington Avenue, Suite 180, Charlotte, NC 28203 • 704-375-6025 •

“If you want to Know Pinehurst, you need to Know Lin”

4 Augusta Way in Pinehurst.

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For your big day, and every day after. C H A R L O T T E AT S O U T H PA R K M A L L C H A R L E S T O N AT K I N G S T R E E T S AVA N N A H AT B R O U G H T O N S T








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PHOTOGRAPHY Jim Schmid EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Debra Kennedy Sharon Jane Allison Parker Nelia Verano John- Mark Mitchel Dr. Frank Lipman America Richmond Luis Machicao Susan Grey Claudia Ricciardone Cover model George Hodge on location at The Duke Mansion photography by Southern Elite / Ray Dunbar

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72 / PANTONE by Sharon Jane

78 / OUT OF AFRICA with Vania Leles



111 / RAILS TO TRAILS by Allison Parker


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.




BALANCE 16 / WEALTH with Rita Cheng


Confessions of a Lifestyle Connoisseur with Debra Kennedy

22 / BEAUTY Microneedling Hair Fitness



Ask the DR. - Dr. Frank Lipman



by Allison Parker

The LUX Report by John-Mark Mitchell





32 / FEAST









ART & CULTURE by Nelia Verano



by Sharon Jane



85 / CURATED BY CLAUDIA by Claudia Ricciardone

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



Aubrey Harley, one of the most sought after Beauty Guru Consultants, who has traveled the globe creating and educating professionals on beauty and chemistry. Aubrey has empowered his classic to trendy hair couture on mainstages for the likes of New York Fashion Week, Beauty Pageants and countless of movies, such as the the box office hit “Hunger Games”. Aubrey continues to share his knowledge as well as inspiration on beauty for the number one beauty brand, L’Oreal Professionnel. He is super excited to bring his expertise to the beauty column for Lux Magazine. Readers stay tuned, you are about to be enlightened as well as inspired.


Debra is most recognized as host of “The Debra Kennedy Show” a lifestyle talk show in which she is the producer and on-air host. She is also a regular on Fox TV Good Morning Charlotte and NBC Charlotte Today as a Lifestyle and Beauty Expert. Please visit her website to learn about Debra.

@itssharonjane As a 6 year old, little Sharon Jane followed her mother around at every fashion show, event, production and casting she would work in. As Sharon grew, she realized just how much she loves fashion and became her mother’s right hand at all of those productions. From watching fashion shows on little screens to witnessing the fun chaos of backstage, Sharon Jane just loves the fashion world in all of its layers. After she received her Bachelor’s in Creative Advertising at the age of 20, she used her newfound experience in visual arts to continue her work in fashion as Sharon Jane Productions as well as part of Embellecerte, a company she started with her mother, working as personal shoppers, producers, content creators, model coaches, and fashion editors. As a fashion editor and content creator, Sharon hopes to express her love for the ever-changing fashion industry and show how fashion increasingly becomes a pioneer for positive change from selflove, sustainability to a wider acceptance of diversity.


John-Mark M. Mitchell is Owner/ Founder of Mitchell Prime Properties, a North Carolina-based brokerage that specializes in selling to high-net-worth individuals. He has lead his forward thinking luxury brand to winning several international awards while competing with the biggest names in the industry. John Mark has made it clear that while he has broken sales records in multiple markets, he always wants his company to be recognized for selling Luxury in all price ranges. He instills in his brokers that Luxury is not defined by price alone and wants his company to be known for the service they provide each of their clients. He is recognized as a national best selling author with his collaboration with Jack Canfield. He was awarded Concierge Auctions , Key to our Success Award in 2018 where he also serves as their Broker in Charge for NC. He has been recognized on the cover of several magazines including Top Agent Magazine and quoted in Fortune Magazine. He has also appeared on BRAVO and A&E. Travel, Italian cars and a constant quest to become a better bourbon snob makes for an exceptional and exciting lifestyle.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


A Native of Peru, Luis Machicao has shown his collections at fashion shows around the world since 1991.He was commissioned by the President and First Lady of Peru to serve his country because of his impeccable taste. He has dressed latin american dignitaries, celebrities and socialites among TV Miniseries, soap operas and Theatre. He has designed for 35 motion pictures worldwide. His public persona has been portrayed in 240 magazines including Southern Living, Society magazine and “Vanidades” the spanish version of Vanity Fair. He won the coveted “Best Designer” Award in Paris while showing his collection at Paris Tiffany Fashion Week, making him the most high-profile designer from Charlotte and the only one showing his collections in the fashion capital of the world .Mr. Machicao has launched his own Fragrance line. Homme for men and Femme for women. He is currently working in his Spring-Summer 2022 collection which will be shown in Barcelona and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



Jim’s grandfather was a Master photographer. His tradition was to give each grandchild a camera for Christmas the year they entered high school. Photography seemed to be in Jim’s DNA as 3 years later his portfolio won the “Best in the United States” Kodak award. Fast forward “a few” years, and he is still hard at work behind the lens. Jim’s images have graced the covers of more than 25 magazines focused on subjects as varied as airplanes, NASCAR, solar energy, human interest, opera, interior design, and home building. Online, his photographs can be seen on, and On, Jim is the highest ranked photographer in NC. His clientele ranges from international corporations to numerous craftspeople in the residential industry. Jim is a visual explorer who seeks diverse places to photograph and experience. He is affable, loves dogs, and hates pandemics. See his work at or on Instagram @jimschmidphotography. Email:


America is a New York based certified health coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) and CHEF coach (Institute of Lifestyle Medicine). She loves working with those who are looking to better their wellbeing by creating healthy eating and lifestyle habits. She specializes in creating easy, nutritious and tasty recipes as cooking has always been a strong passion for her. Now accepting new clients, she can be reached at You can also find her on Instagram, @ americaskitchen, where you will find some of her recipes and cooking tips..


Allison Parker has a MBA in marketing and human resources from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Always loving the written word, Allison has a knack for streaming her thoughts through to the keyboard. Her favorite part of freelance writing is meeting interesting people and discovering unique subjects to share with her audiences. Allison enjoys being a devoted mom to her 3 beautiful boys and volunteering within their schools and community. Allison embraces new adventures, loves to travel, and is always on the quest to learn more about the world around her.


Nelia Verano, better known as Neely in the Charlotte community, was introduced to music at an early age and became a classically trained vocalist at 16 years of age. Her musical pursuits cultivated a love and passion for the arts in its many forms, and she began a career in the arts. Following Nelia’s tenure as Chief Development Officer of the Mint Museum, Neely co-founded LaCa Projects in 2013, an art gallery that exhibits work by Latin American contemporary artists. She is also a founder of Sphere Series, a grass-roots initiative dedicated to offering arts education, discourse, and experiences to the broader community. In 2020, she founded Nelia Verano LLC, an art and home styling advisory that offers a wide range of services to both private and commercial clients. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the McColl Center, an advisory board member of the Arts Empowerment Project, and a member of the Contemporary Art Board at the Mint Museum. Nelia is “mama” to her three children, Luca, Leo, and Rosy, and her husband Michael, and adores cooking, travel, and dabbling in interior design.


Claudia Ricciardone is the owner and lead designer of Claudia Josephine Design, as well as a Maria Killam True Color Expert. Specializing in high-end residential design, Claudia creates magazine worthy homes that are classic, functional, and liveable. While Claudia credits her childhood summers in Italy and Art History studies as shaping her European influenced design esthetic, Claudia emphasizes the use of high-quality, American made, sustainable furnishings. During her free time, you will often find Claudia painting original art, visiting museums, or enjoying Charlotte’s farmto-table food scene with her husband and young daughter.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

J.J. OLSZOWY Our homes often represent a significant portion of our wealth. Guided by that understanding, I utilize my unique experiences as a corporate bond trader, real estate investor, and property rehabber to identify value and create wealth for my clients. Through my combined real estate and financial expertise, I help clients successfully navigate the Charlotte, North Carolina highend real estate market.

• •

20 Years Wall Street Experience Financial and Negotiating Expertise

Extensive Experience Rehabbing Properties to Create Wealth •

Investor, Personal Experience Buying and Selling High-End Real Estate •

Licensed Broker

Lived in NYC, Chicago, Cleveland and Charlotte

B roker/Re a l to r ® 704 -6 49 -3540 jjo l szowy @ hmp ro p e r t i e m h m p ro p e r t i e m


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

EDITOR’S LETTER As we assembled this issue, we viewed hundreds of images to select fashions, furnishings and accessories to cover. I thought of our remarkable design community, and how fortunate we are to report on in the pages of LUX magazine. The scope of talent, ideas, and influence is astonishing - from The Kips Bay Designer Show House on page 100 to Casual Elegance in the Low Country on page 95 showcasing a home that has it all. From sensors that turn lights on and off as you walk and shades down at dusk to an Alexa that turns on their fireplace by voice command, this home exudes casual elegance. One can’t discuss design without mentioning the incredible creativity that goes into creating the most important Monday in May - Sharon Jane shares the story of the Met Galas history and influence on page 48. As we have purposely included travel ideas and features inside our pages over the past year - let’s face it, we all enjoy a little armchair escapism. The time has come where we may actually enjoy laying on the beach, under the Mediterranean sun again. - “Is a Trip to the Mediterranean Possible this Summer” on page 124. The scope of ideas, craftsmanship, influence and talent is exceedingly inspiring. We shine a spotlight on these forces with much design envy.


Colleen Guilfoile Richmond



3440 Toringdon Way Suite 205 Charlotte NC 28277 704.457.0006 PAICPAPLLC.COM

Volume 5, Issue 3 |




Your parents, grandparents, aunts

The senior person may not

and uncles are growing older, and

know it’s being done. But the

you may be asked questions about

result is the same: it can deprive

their care. Physical health is a top

them of access to or use of their

priority, but financial health is an-

benefits, resources or belongings.

other important factor.

The abuse can go beyond the sim-

Elders are taken advantage of

ple taking of money or assets and

financially more often than you may

might include coercion, harass-

realize. You might have seen the

ment, and threats.

media reports about elderly folks investments, or home. The effects


can be devastating and long-lasting.

An estimated 37% of U.S. se-

being swindled out of their savings,

niors have experienced financial

As your loved ones age, they may need help managing their finances.

abuse. If someone you love is ad-

Unfortunately, knowing when to step

vanced in age, know the warning

in isn’t an easy decision. If you put


preventative measure in place and look for warning signs, you can protect your aging loved ones from elder financial abuse.

WHAT IS ELDER FINANCIAL ABUSE? When someone uses the resources of an elder for monetary or personal benefit, profit, or gain, it’s considered elder financial abuse or exploitation. As your loved ones age, they often have increased wealth, a more trusting nature, and declining physical and cognitive abilities. Those traits is what puts elders at risk for financial exploitation. However, even seniors who are cognitively aware and physically capable of managing their affairs on their own can fall victim to financial abuse.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

• Unusual bank account activity, including large, frequent, or unexplained withdrawals, transfers, or purchases • ATM withdrawals when the elder has never used an ATM or debit card • A new joint account suddenly being opened • Friends or family members insisting on accompanying the older person to the bank • Sudden appearance or increase of credit card balances • Unpaid bills or non-sufficient fund activity • New power of attorney your loved one doesn’t understand or remember making • Changes in the person’s mood or demeanor

BALANCE Remember that the abusers aren’t always who you’d expect.


It could be someone the senior knows personally, such as a caretaker, family member, neighbor, or friend. But abusers can also include professionals, such as attorneys, bank employees,

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) found the

pastors, and medical staff.

REPORTING SUSPECTED ELDER FINANCIAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION Even the best prevention won’t stop a determined scammer. If you see a warning sign or have concerns, don’t hesitate to take action. Calling 9-1-1 is best if the senior is suffering a life-threatening situation. For other situations: • Find your local adult protective services agency to report suspected abuse

risk is higher when a family member or friend is involved. The average loss was $17,000 for financial exploitation by a stranger, but rose to an average of $50,200 when the abuser was a family member or friend. But there are ways to stop elder financial abuse before it starts. If you’re a senior, take stock of your situation and identify areas in which you may be financially vulnerable. Consider adding a reputable and trusted financial advisor to oversee your financial transactions and decisions. A second set of eyes can help you spot red flags before they become financially devastat-

• Call the National Elder Fraud Hotline at (833) 372-8311 • Get help from the Elder Justice Initiative through the U.S.

ing. Setting up automatic bill pay and direct deposit can also decrease the chances of being taken advantage of. And, make

Department of Justice • Locate services and agencies with the Eldercare Locator It can feel overwhelming, but it’s crucial to report suspected elder financial abuse, even if you don’t think the money or property can be recovered.

Roughly $36.5 billion per year is lost to elder financial abuse.

sure to plan for future diminished capacity by creating a power of attorney or trust. Keeping in close contact with elderly friends and relatives can help prevent a financial scam. If you know someone who might be vulnerable, call them on the phone or visit them at home. If you don’t live nearby, ask their neighbors and close friends to check in on them. When you work together with relatives, neighbors, and community members, you can prevent and stop your aging loved ones from being a victim of elder financial abuse.

Marguerita (Rita) Cheng helps educate the public, policy makers, and media about the benefits of competent, ethical financial planning. As a Certified Financial Planner® professional and chief executive officer of financial advisory firm, Blue Ocean Global Wealth, Rita helps people meet their life goals through the proper management of financial resources. She is passionate about helping them navigate some of life’s most difficult issues—divorce, death, career changes, caring for aging relatives—so they can feel confident and in control of their finances. Rita is a regular columnist for Kiplinger and MarketWatch, and a past spokesperson for the AARP Financial Freedom Campaign. Rita volunteers her time as a SoleMate, or charity runner for Girls on the Run, raising money to win scholarships for girls. She is also a coach for 261Fearless, a global supportive social running network which empowers women to connect and take control of their lives through the freedom gained by running.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



2342 ROCK CREEK DRIVE IN SOUTHPARK 4 BR | 6.3 BA | 11,018 SQ FT | 2.19 ACRES | $5,590,000



5 BR | 6 BA | 5,239 SQ FT | $3,999,000

6 BR | 5.2 BA | 7,637 SQ FT | 1.12 ACRES | $3,950,000



4 BR | 5.1 BA | 8,143 SQ FT | 37 ACRES | $3,495,000

4 BR | 4.1 BA | 4,896 SQ FT | $3,295,000

PAT T Y H E N D R I X Broker/Realtor® 704-577-2066






ESTIES, WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Have you been wondering because I know it certainly has been on my mind. I want to re-cap what I have learned about myself over the past year and you may want to do the same. At first, I was a little more than excited to have a break

from life. I am a social butterfly and enjoy all things glamorous! COVID put a halt to any social activity involving groups and I had to navigate life behind “the mask”. In pageants you smiled with your eyes while on stage and that is exactly what I have been doing for the past year, smiling with my eyes! I know you may wonder how exactly do you smile with your eyes? First, you add a little extra effort in glamming up your eyes with eye shadow/mascara and second, you inhale a small breath through your nose and exhale through your eyes. Do that a couple of times and Walaa, your eyes sparkle. Think of it as yoga for your eyes. These masks may be an accessory we use for a little while longer (even if the mandate is lifted) so give it a try, you too can sparkle like a diamond!!!!! Another learning curve was discovering the “Zoom” life. Thank goodness for technology!!! Many of us are fortunate enough to have laptops and smartphones. So, I found it very exciting to still be able to see my friends, families, and co-workers. Now this is where I really learned how ZOOM worked.

After par-

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


BALANCE ticipating on one or two ZOOM calls, I realized not only do I have to look presentable but my surroundings do as well. It is never too late to learn a new trick or two, so I am happy to share a few tips to enhance your ZOOM experience. Besides you know me, presentation, presentation, presentation. We all need to put our best face forward!!!!

TIP #1: Lighting is your best friend. Amazon has great “ring lights” for under $25. If you are near a window, the light needs to face you. You can use a lamp directly on your face or near it if you don’t want to invest in a ring light. If you sit with your back to a window, you will have a shaded face and why have a shade when you can sparkle?

TIP #2: Your Surroundings. I have bragging rights here because I won the “Zoomie” Award for best background for our National Sales Meeting via Zoom. So here you go, you want the focus to be on your face we do not want the viewer to be distracted by your surroundings. I have a spot that has a nice painting behind me without clutter or trinkets. You can set up for Zoom in the kitchen, just make sure it is tidy because I will be focusing on your dirty dishes way more than I will on your interesting stories. The dining room works as well and once again make sure it is tidy please. You get the idea, make sure the area you pick is clean and tidy, even if the rest of your house is a disaster.

TIP #3: Placement of your computer/smartphone can be tricky. Do’s and Don’ts: DO NOT place your device camera under your face. DO place your computer or phone at eye level or slightly above (I place my computer on a box) so there is eye to eye contact. You can also use a stack of books under your laptop for height until you see eye to eye. Eye contact is always very important for good communication.

TIP #4: Dress the Part! The great news is the only visible part of your wardrobe is your top half. It is important to not get lazy and look like you just rolled out of bed (even if you just did). Put a little extra effort into glamming yourself up and finding a cute top and/or jacket. Yes, even our workout clothes today make for cute viewing. This all helps to keep a little normalcy in our day. Clearly, I learned all things Zoom this year and wanted to share so you too could be A Zoomie Pro on your calls for Business, Family, or Friends! Navigating life (as you hear me refer to in many of my articles) TO WEAR a MASK or NOT TO WEAR a MASK. On a recent work trip I was shocked to see how many people have made the decision not to wear a mask whether they have stopped or never started. Really??? I don’t love wearing a mask but who really does? We do it to protect others and hoping we will stay protected as well. However, it did provoke some serious brain power and energy on preparing myself for the next year. Who really knows how much longer masks will be required (states are lifting mandates as I write this) but I am fairly certain I will continue doing my part. Giving someone a nasty glance that is maskless does not change the situation or maybe it can…my friend forgot her mask in a grocery store and when this lady gave her a LOOK she realized she forgot to put one on and went to the customer service desk to get a paper mask. Problem solved for both parties!!! So, I need to remind myself to stay in my lane but if a veer out of my lane giving the EYE, I will remind myself I am not here to judge! I have to learn to shift and pivot as I can only control what I do and my happy energy will not be zapped! Lastly, I have learned that I am a little too comfortable being socially inactive. Who Me, the social queen? Yes, I kind of like being Zen. Who would think that back to back social events exhaust me? We all have been relearning life and adjusting to the new norm as it is today and just keep in mind it may be a different norm tomorrow. Maybe we all needed a reset button in our lives. I am definitely reset and will be working at a slower pace to get back to the things I once did socially. You can learn a lot about yourself when you are in lockdown!


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

Let’s all hold hands and help each other. Let those eyes sparkle and maybe even bedazzle your mask. Try out my Zoom Tips so you


can be the star of your Zoom call. You may even have a tip or two you can share with me. I am always looking for opportunities to

May 1 - June 12

better myself! Together, we can get through anything. Thanks for all of the amazing questions and please continue. I will answer a few at the end of each article. I love how inspiring you are, MY READER.

DEBRA, DO YOU HAVE ANY FAVORITE SHOWS YOU CAN RECOMMEND AS I BELIEVE WE HAVE THE SAME TASTE? – MAGGIE H Maggie, there are so many shows now that are streaming and I find myself addicted. A few of my favorites are Ginny & Georgia, Bridgerton and I cannot wait for the next season of Ozark. Let me know if you enjoy these shows.

DEBRA, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NEW BEAUTY PRODUCT? – JENN P Jenn, I am a beauty junkie so I have a few favorites. I am obsessed with the new beach wave look hairstyle and found a nifty tool that is easy to use and inexpensive called Amika High Tide Deep Waver. I love Hair Vail Powder Filler by FHI Heat for in between hair color. (I get a shade darker than my hair color and it is an easy brush on method.) This product is under $15 and of course available on Amazon. The bonus is it gives me 2-3 extra weeks. For my puffy undereyes, I use Patchology Flashpatch Eye Gels. I keep them in the frig and place the patches underneath my eyes for 10 minutes in the morning before starting my makeup routine. ‘ “Self confidence is a Super Power!” Once you start believing in yourself, MAGIC starts happening. Keep Shining my Fabulous Besties! Until Next Time!!!

STIRRING SHORE, 2020, Oil on Linen, 55 x 35 inches

Meditations On Imaginary Trees As Seen Through Veils Of South Carolina Lowcountry Heat

Follow me on Instagram:

@debrakennedyshow Facebook:

debraannkennedy You Tube:

The Debra Kennedy Show Channel Website:

625 South Sharon Amity Road Charlotte, NC 28211 704-365-3000 M-F 10-6 Sat 10-4

Volume 5, Issue 3 |




VIVACE RF MICRONEEDLING With the Vivace RF microneedling experience on your side,

but it can also help revitalize the skin on your neck and body.

it’s easy to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ag-

Your esthetician can help you figure out the best treatment ar-

ing. This innovative beauty treatment promises to restore your

eas to focus on at your visit. We recommend OVME in Char-

youthful appearance and leave you feeling more refreshed than


ever before. Furthermore, it’s safe, chemical-free, and provides quick results.

WHAT TO EXPECT DURING THE PROCEDURE The Vivace RF microneedling experience starts with a visit to one of OVME’s locations for a consultation. During that visit, they will learn about your goals, figure out your target treatment areas, and help you decide if this procedure is right for you. If you decide to move forward, a topical anesthetic, numbing cream will be applied to your selected treatment areas for 10 or 15 minutes to numb your skin. Then, they will run the wand over the treatment areas to create the micro-wounds and apply the RF waves. The Vivace platform combines microneedling with radio frequency (RF)

WHAT IS VIVACE RF MICRONEEDLING? Also referred to as collagen induction therapy, Vivace RF

to stimulate skin tightening, improve skin texture, and minimize fine lines. Simply put, it’s the cutting edge of microneedling technology. The Vivace has also been FDA-cleared for your safety.

microneedling combines the power of radiofrequency with mi-

The entire process takes about 45 minutes, depending on

croneedling practices. Using sterile microneedles, your beauty

which areas you are treating. Even better, there’s virtually no

practitioner gently opens the surface of the skin to get to the

pain thanks to the topical anesthetic and rapid healing times.

lower layers. By doing so, your epidermis can produce collagen

Once you’re done with the Vivace RF microneedling experi-

to fill the microscopic wounds and restore your skin’s youthful

ence, you’ll be able to go back to your normal activities within a


day or two. Alyssa from OVME recommends a total of 3 treat-

To speed up the process, RF energy is used to stimulate all

ments 4 to 6 weeks apart to achieve your desired results.

the layers of skin and encourage them to begin healing. The RF

You’ll likely see a reduction in fine lines and an overall

waves boost the production of collagen and elastin while using

smoother complexion even after the first treatment. You will

electrocoagulation to heal the wounds.

continue to see results up to 3 months after the procedure as

Vivace RF microneedling is performed most often on the face,


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

the full effect of collagen regeneration increases over time.

8055 WINDSONG ROAD, DENVER NC 28037 $2,200,000

Gorgeous private executive home located on a 1.31-acre lot tucked away at the end of a long culde-sac. This 5 bedroom/4.5 bath custom one owner home has over 300 linear feet of water frontage. Amazing flagstone hardscape leads to the shoreline to create a park-like setting. Multiple flagstone patios and decks make the outdoor living space of this home perfect for relaxing and entertaining. The covered pergola is solar powered. The interior is filled with natural light. Hardwood floors throughout the 1st floor. The chef ’s kitchen is the central hub of the home opening to the large keeping room with a beautiful fireplace and built-ins. The lovely owners’ suite overlooks the lake, has Fireplace and a private deck. Endless closets and storage. There is also room to expand if needed. 8236 BAYPOINT DRIVE | DENVER, NC | $2,895,000 Exclusive private gated estate located on a peninsula lot. Over 800 feet of waterfront.

2810 CHERRY LANE | DENVER, NC | $2,995,000

Located on the shores of Lake Norman. This elegant gated estate home offers panoramic views for miles.


2810 CHERRY LANE | DENVER, NC | $2,995,000



Located on the shores of Lake Norman. This elegant gated estate home offers panoramic views for miles.

LD 8236 BAYPOINT DRIVE | DENVER, NC | $2,895,000


Exclusive private gated estate located on a peninsula lot. Over 800 feet of waterfront.



8236 BAYPOINTE DRIVE, DENVER NC 2730 LAKE SHORE ROAD SOUTH | DENVER | $1,375,000 $2,290.000 Inspired by the famed architect C.G. HookSOUTH this home is an edited| replica of his 2730 LAKE SHORE ROAD | DENVER $1,375,000

2810 CHERRY LANE, DENVER NC $2,900,000

Inspired by theMediterranian famed C.G. Hook this home is an edited favorite design, Thearchitect VanLandingham Estate of Located Charlotte. One of a kind exclusive. private gated estate. on a replica of his

Gracious Southern Manor located on the shores of Lake Norman. This eloquent

1.19-acre peninsula lot with 1100 linear feet of waterfront located on the main

gated estate home offers panoramic views for miles. Meticulously appointed with

channel with views for miles. Wonderful floorplan flows throughout the home

exquisite craftsmanship and finishes. This home will delight absolutely everyone.

with over 1700 sq ft outdoor living areas. Perfect for those who value security

This estate would also make a wonderful Bed and Breakfast or corporate retreat.

favorite design, The VanLandingham Estate of Charlotte.

and privacy.

a rhlaortl ot et t e• • B B l ol owwi ni ngg RRooc k L a k eL N a koer m N oarnm a•n C •h C


BBoooonne e • • B aBnannenr eErl kE l k

Susan SusanDolan Dolan

Local Expertise. Tailored Service. Christie’s Credibility.

Local Expertise. Tailored Service. Christie’s Credibility.

REALTOR® ® REALTOR (704) 560-7201 (704) 560-7201



HAIR FITNESS Greetings Lux Magazine subscribers. Welcome to another luxurious issue where we will take a deep dive into beauty. Topic of discussion,”Hair Fitness”. Could your hair use some personal training? Just like our bodies, our hair requires a fitness plan as well. Lets take this opportunity to capitalize on some pro tips that will surely result in improvements and maintain a healthy appearance with glow.

PRO TIP ONE Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. What your put into your body will reflect on the outside of your body. It is recommended to intake a very high protein diet paired with alkaline water 9.0 or higher. The protein will provide inner hair strength, alkaline water will provide more oxygen to hair cells leaving a lustrous healthy appearance.

PRO TIP TWO Upgrade your water. It’s recommended to add a filter on your shower head, why? This will aid in minimizing any harsh minerals found in your water that could strip hair color as well as shine, leaving the hair with a very dull appearance. Shower filters have been known to make a vast improvement, soft water is gentle, known to eliminate brassy tones, and will prolong the life of hair color.

PRO TIP THREE Top coat. When visiting your salon professional, it is recommended that you strongly request a “Clear Shine Color Top Coat”. The Clear Shine Treatment will offer an essential layer of protection from aggression due to environmental damage( sun exposer), excessive heat (blowdrying), and harsh minerals found in water. The Clear Shine Treatment will also lend hair more body as well as a healthy shine that will last up to 6 weeks.

BONUS Make sure you invest a great shampoo and conditioner recommended only by a salon professional. 9 out of 10 bad hair days are due to unprofessional products that were used and not recommended by a license salon professional. Now to everyone that has taken time to educate yourself from this article lets make a commitment to follow through with consistency and best practices. Lets stay inspired and connected. Until our next issue, I would like to wish you and your love ones health, wealth, and prosperity. Warmest Regards, Aubrey Harley


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TO PROTECT YOUR GUT MICROBIOME A happy, trouble-free gut is a key to a strong immune system and to keeping your entire body healthy. A disruption in the microbiome, known as a dysbiosis, leads to inflammation in the gut, and if not addressed, leads to systemic inflammation and consequently to all sorts of chronic diseases. The stronger and more resilient your gut is – and the more harmoniously balanced the trillions of bacteria that live there — the better your heart, brain, immune system and just about every other part of your body will function. In short, the better you protect your gut from the stuff than can do it harm, the better it can protect you from the countless diseases that are capable of wrecking your quality of life. Sound like a plan? What follows is my list of gut-busters – the things that can wreak havoc on the intestinal tract – and how to avoid them:


2) GO WITHOUT GLUTEN. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but … gluten is bad

They both do a number on the gut which is one big reason

news for many, many guts. And if you eat a Standard American

most Americans develop at least one chronic disease in middle

Diet (SAD), you’re eating gluten – think wheat, barley and rye –

age. The problem is, sugar and starch (which breaks down into

multiple times a day. Cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch,

sugar in the bloodstream) decrease the number of beneficial bac-

and pasta for dinner is, besides being low on nutrients, a recipe

teria in the gut while feeding the overgrowth of non-beneficial

for a leaky gut and a hop-skip to inflammation and/or gastro-

(aka ‘bad’) bacteria. The net result is microscopic leaks in the gut

intestinal complaints like gas, bloating and constipation. (The

wall’s one-cell-thick lining. That allows partially digested food

catch-all term is irritable bowel syndrome.) While there is a wide

particles and toxins to slip into the bloodstream, triggering an

spectrum of reactions to gluten, from minimal annoyance to

immune system overreaction and inflammation throughout the

potentially life-threatening allergies and autoimmune disease,

body. One common consequence? Metabolic syndrome which

your best bet is to give it a wide berth. Less gluten means less

puts you at much higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and obe-

irritation of the gut wall, less gut permeability, less inflammation

sity. That same inflammation is also associated with increased

and ultimately, less illness and disease risk for you in both the

risk for arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many types of cancer. The

near and long term.

unavoidable take-away: avoid (or strictly limit) the sugar and starch!


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BALANCE 3) DITCH SO-CALLED ‘VEGETABLE’ OILS. The oils you cook with, drizzle over your salad, and sauté your veggies in matter, and if you’re using super-processed crap oils made from stuff like corn, soy, cottonseed, safflower seed or rapeseed (aka canola oil), you’re barking up the wrong plant. These oils, despite their ‘health-washed’ reputations, can do far more harm than good, especially in the gut. Their high levels of omega-6 fatty acids make them highly susceptible to oxidation, both on the shelf and inside your body, an inflammation-promotor. All that excess omega-6 also tends to reduce the availability of inflammation-reducing omega-3s in your tissues. And the industrial chemicals that manufacturers use to process these oils are no health bargain either. What to drizzle instead? Minimally processed, truly health-supportive oils, like extra virgin, coldpressed olive, coconut and avocado.

4) PROCESSED FOODS – AND ALL THEIR ADDITIVES – YOU REALLY CAN DO WITHOUT. There is no shortage of reasons why you should purge your life and pantry of processed, ultra-processed and additive-doused foods. But let’s start with this one – they all disrupt the health of your gut! Convenient as it may be to fill your cart at Trader Joe’s with ‘time-saving’ pre-made, processed frozen meals and shortcuts, they’re loaded with food additives of questionable or scary provenance and virtually devoid of fiber and/or nutritional value – the very definition of empty calories. Worse yet, while we have some idea about the gut-busting, inflammatory effects of extremely common food additives like carrageenan, polysorbate-80, maltodextrin and so on, most of the additives, preservatives and chemicals baked into processed foods react and interact in our systems over time in ways that we can’t even guess at. Well, I can guess. It’s nothing good! By contrast, when you opt

er gut. Take, for example, the particularly frightening glyphosate (aka Round-Up herbicide). Glyphosate actually messes with your gut and the bacteria that live there by behaving like the powerful antibiotic it is, wiping out beneficial bacteria and promoting the growth of the bad. Or BPAs, which turn up in plastic containers, water bottles, toys and on register receipts. They leech toxins which promote bad bacterial overgrowth and, ultimately, leaky gut. Hardly the ideal scenario for cultivating a healthy belly! But, by removing as many of these toxins, pesticides and chemicals as you can, not only do you keep your microbiome healthy and your gut wall strong, you’ll avoid these dangerous substances which are thought to be responsible for a host of behavioral, neurological, autoimmune and respiratory problems. As with the processed foods additives, a lot of the long-term health effects of these chemicals, and their effects in combination, have not yet been pinned down. Feel like rolling the dice? Didn’t think so.

6) GUT HEALTH DOESN’T COME IN A BOTTLE (OF BOOZE). An entirely avoidable toxin is one that many people have leaned on a bit too heavily this past year – and that’s alcohol. Understandable, for sure, but I strongly advise you to start tapering off ASAP. Alcohol is a toxin that harms the liver, kills brain cells, messes with sleep and, you guessed it, alters the microbiome. Though your gut bacteria do help metabolize the alcohol you drink, too much ‘liquid courage’ can inhibit digestive enzyme production, which not only makes it harder to properly digest and absorb nutrients from food but also inflames the gut. It’s a simple equation: the less you drink, the less risk of bacterial overgrowth and dysbiosis, and the stronger, better balanced and healthier your gut will be.


for fresh, whole foods, from the farmers’ market or organic aisle,

One big gut-destabilizer you may not be aware of are medica-

you’ll have none of those concerns – and no gut demolition either.

tions. Be they over-the-counter or prescription, many everyday


meds can throw off your bacterial balance and encourage the bad

Shifting to toxin-free foods, greener cleaners and cookware and far away from plastics is one of the most important things you can do for your gut. Less exposure to toxins equals a healthi-

guys to thrive. Among the top offenders: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), proton pump inhibitors (or PPIs), oral contraceptives and antidepressants like Prozac. And those antibiotics you pop like candy? In a word, stop! Antibiotics kill off both beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria, leaving you po-

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


BALANCE tentially even more vulnerable to the next infection that crosses

belly bacteria telling you it’s time to pay attention to how you’re

your path – not where you want to be in a pandemic! For some

treating them. Shortchanging yourself of sleep disrupts your nat-

people in some situations, drugs may be deemed medically nec-

ural circadian rhythms, leading to changes in gut permeability,

essary. But I urge you to minimize their use – particularly PPIs

and reductions in beneficial bacteria. Poor sleep and chronic

– to help keep your microbiome in top shape. If they’re unavoid-

stress can also negatively impact the diversity of the bacteria in

able, work with your doc to keep the dosages to an absolute min-

your gut, as well as the other microorganisms – including vi-

imum and follow my prescription for repairing a troubled gut.

ruses, protozoa and fungi – that live there, while also triggering

8) BUGS UNDERMINE YOUR GUT TOO! Not surprisingly, illness-making bugs, be they bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic, also alter the bacterial balance in your gut, weakening your immune defenses and leaving you more vulnerable to disease. A case in point: if you’ve ever had a bout of food poisoning, you know it may take quite a while to feel ‘normal’ again. For some people, a particularly bad bout can even alter the microbiome so much so that longer lasting problems like irritable bowel syndrome can result. And when it comes to COVID-19, a recent study by the Department of Microbiology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong found that patients with the infection had higher numbers of bacteria associated with inflammatory bowel disease and lower numbers of other potentially protective bacteria species, compared with those without the virus. That only underscores the importance of keeping the gut healthy and strong, before, during and after the pandemic.

9) YOUR GUT NEEDS GOOD SLEEP – AND LESS STRESS — TO THRIVE. Ever notice how when you’re short on sleep and/or stressed out, sniffles, colds and flu are almost sure to follow? That’s your

inflammation. That reduced diversity means increased susceptibility to pathogens that can make you very ill. To fight back, and stay well, make good rest, relaxation and stress reduction a priority that will benefit you head-to-toe – and gut.

10) TOO MUCH EXERCISE OR TOO LITTLE MOVEMENT IS BAD NEWS FOR THE BELLY. As with most things, balance is key, and when it comes to maintaining a balanced microbiome, movement, is terrific for increasing the numbers of good bacteria in your gut, modifying gut microbiota with positive health effects, while also helping to keep inflammation at bay. Keep in mind though that too much of a good thing – i.e. movement – is not better for your belly either. Over-doing it with intense physical exercise according to a recent study, was shown to have a negative impact, causing changes in gut bacteria. On the flip side, remaining sedentary will not do your microbiome any favors either, with sedentary lifestyles being associated with a increased risk for inflammatory bowel disease, a disturbed microbiome, and a significantly less diverse and robust microbiome when compared to those with more active lifestyles.

Recognized as a vocal pioneer of integrative and functional medicine (or what he calls “good medicine”), Dr. Frank Lipman is the founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center and the Chief Medical Officer at The Well. He is the best-selling author of five books—How to Be Well, The New Health Rules, Young & Slim for Life, Revive and Total Renewal—as well as a sought-after international speaker. Dr. Lipman has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Women’s Health, New York Magazine, and O, The Oprah Magazine, and has appeared as a guest on TODAY, Extra, and The Dr. Oz Show. His newest book, The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality, will be out on October 27, 2020.


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Sleep is the very best form of meditation.

S PEC IA LTY SHOPS SOUTHPAR K 6 4 0 1 Morrison B lvd | Charlo tte, NC 28277 | 704. 442. 4006 w w w.bedsidemano r. co m




LUX REPORT by John-Mark Mitchell

If you just woke up from a long

every market, unites a distinguished

winter’s nap....Good Morning! If you

collection of leading real estate

have been awake and don’t believe the

agents and brokers and highlights

real estate market can get any better...

the most extravagant properties in

Bam....Welcome to Spring 2021!


leading markets around the globe

riously, it is the Best Market we have

for affluent buyers , sellers, and

ever seen! IF you’ve ever thought about

real estate enthusiasts.

selling I suggest do it now! If you are

an International zoom call hosted

thinking about buying, it is still one of

out of Miami, Florida. I was one of

the best times that I’ve seen! One bit

three agents on the live zoom. I was

of warning that I want to share....there

joined by Ernie Carswell of Douglas

are currently more real estate agents in

Elliman Real Estate from Los Ange-

America than there are houses for sale!

les, and Darlene Streit of Sotheby’s

This is across the entire country not just

International Realty from Santa Fe,

on the East Coast!

New Mexico. We all concluded that

This was

Last month I was fortunate to be on

while the real estate market has been

a national “Coast to Coast” zoom panel

incredible on the East Coast it has

hosted by Haute Residence. HR is an in-

been just as incredible on the West

vitation-only luxury real estate network,

Coast. When watching the national

which partners with just one broker in

news and hearing about California


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


being shut down for so long, it could be assumed that it has

actually doing real estate daily. Some people like to believe

negatively affected real estate. But it did not! The luxury real

that getting your real estate license makes you a Realtor, but

estate market has boomed larger than ever during the pan-

that’s like having a medical degree and never seeing a patient

demic in Los Angeles. The biggest issue that is facing the real

and calling yourself a Doctor. A Realtor can only become

estate market across the country is Inventory! Now that we

educated in the business by working in it all the time. The

are seeing the Spring market take hold, I predict that it will

best brokers are constantly wanting to improve their busi-

encourage more people to make their move...sell their prop-

ness and constantly educating themselves to the market and

erty....and find another great residence.

its conditions. That is the type of broker that you need on

Now let me address the elephant in the room. Since the

your side and many times they’re not your best friend or your

market is so spectacular and agents keep talking about get-

neighbor. I recommend that you do your due diligence in

ting 47 offers in 15 it really important to have a

finding an agent to represent you in either buying or selling

broker represent you? Could we just save that commission?

your home. It is as important as the actual home that you are

The short answer is NO! What we are finding is that it is

selling or wishing to purchase.

more important than ever to have an experienced, educated

so good that the agent is less important is a ridiculous idea

and well respected real estate broker as your greatest friend

because the broker that you choose has to fight today to get

in todays market. While there has even been fear in the RE

your offer accepted and/or they need to negotiate to get you

world that making real estate so internet-accessible to buy-

the best offer for the property that you currently are selling.

ers, could possibly make the job of Realtors less important

That is not something you want to do on your own, or choose

in a transaction. I know for a fact that it is just the opposite.

to do with a discount real estate company. My belief is that

While we all have a lot of knowledge at our hands, a large

if a broker will discount know they will dis-

portion of the information online is not accurate. There are

count your property.

The idea that the market is

multiple websites that create value estimates that do not have

In conclusion, as I tell all my sellers and buyers when I

the knowledge of the true market. I know it is our job as Real-

meet them, hire me....not because we are friends, which a

tors to know all avenues of value for properties. In addition,

lot of times we are….but select me because I am the absolute

while there are a lot of real estate agents in the market as I

best person to get you the highest value and best deal in to-

mentioned before, there are a smaller percentage of The ex-

days market. I make this the reason for anyone to select any

perienced agents in the market. Early on in my career, actu-

of the outstanding brokers in our firm or any firm that places

ally when I had just started, I was asked in an interview what

the same emphasis on outstanding service. If you have any

was one thing in the industry that I wish could change. With-

suggestions for future reports or any questions, please feel

out hesitation I said that I wished 50% of the agents would

free to reach out to me by email:

drop out of the Business. Trust me, that got some attention.

or follow me on Instagram:

The sad truth is that 50% of all folks holding a license are not

Thanks for letting me be a part of your story. Cheers!

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Photography by America Richmond


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VONGOLE RECIPE by America Richmond

A light and zesty take on an Italian favorite. Pair with a crisp and dry white wine, perfect for a warm summer evening. Serves 4, Cooking time: 45 min


• 1 lbs spaghetti

• 2 tbsp butter

• 2 lbs of clams scrubbed and rinsed

• 1/3 cup parsley chopped

• 4 cloves of thinly sliced garlic and 2 cloves of

• 1 lemon juiced and zested

chopped garlic

• 2 cans chopped clams

• 3 tbsp olive oil

• 3 slices of baguette

• 1 ½ cups clam juice

• 1 teaspoon paprika

• 1 cup white wine

• 1 teaspoon red crushed pepper

• 3 anchovies

• Salt and pepper to taste

METHOD: 1. For the breadcrumbs: preheat the oven to 400. Drizzle bread with olive oil and chopped garlic. Place in the oven and once toasted (about 7 min), sprinkle with paprika and red crushed pepper. Set aside to cool. Once cooled, break apart into breadcrumb pieces. 2. Sauté sliced garlic in 2 tbsp of olive oil until it starts to lightly brown at medium heat. Add anchovies and mix until they have dissolved. 3. Add wine and clam juice and bring to high heat until liquid has halved. 4. Once reduced, add whole clams. 5. Cover and cook for 5-7 min or until clams have opened. 6. Cook pasta until al dente per the instructions on the box, once cooked set aside 1 cup of pasta water. 7. Remove cooked clams from the sauce and set aside. 8. Add lemon, lemon zest, chopped clams, butter, pasta, parsley, salt, pepper and red crushed pepper (set aside some lemon zest and parsley for garnish). 9. Mix ingredients and cook for 1 minute. Add in pasta water if more liquid is needed. 10. Transfer to serving platter. 11. Pour whole clams over pasta and top with breadcrumbs, parsley and lemon zest.

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“DUKE OF EARL” INSPIRED BY BRIDGERTON – AT 700 DRAYTON AT MANSION ON FORSYTH PARK Drink away your sorrows that Regé-Jean Page isn’t reprising his role for season two and join Mansion on Forsyth Park for a spiked afternoon high tea, worthy of a Bridgerton or anyone partaking in London’s high society… it’s the talk of the ton and sure to keep his memory alive. This pastel-hued, fruity Earl Grey inspired cocktail, fitting even for the Duke of Hastings (cue the waterworks), is festively garnished and prepared for the most sophisticated palate. Some might say this cocktail is this season’s “Diamond of the First Water.” Ingredients: • .75 oz. Earl Grey Syrup • .5 oz. Lemon Juice • 1 oz. Dry Gin • 1 oz. Lillet Blanc Instructions: For the Earl Grey syrup: Bring 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and 2 tbsp loose leaf Earl Grey tea to a simmer in a small sauce pot and remove from heat. Allow to steep for 2 minutes and then strain and cool. For the cocktail: Combine ¾ oz earl grey syrup, ½ oz lemon juice, 1 oz dry gin, and 1 oz Lilet Blanc into a shaker half filled with ice and shake vigorously. Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a chilled coupe and garnish with a lemon twist or a sprig of lemon verbena.


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John B and friends (and foes) will be back soon for Season 2 of the Netflix coming-ofage hit, and local Bogue Sound Distillery is ready with summery cocktails inspired by the show - which is set within the destination - including Pogue Tea.

Ingredients: • 2 oz. JAPC Salted Caramel Spirit • .5 oz. Triple Sec • Top off with ½ sour mix & ½ Coca Cola

Instructions: Pour all ingredients into a highball glass over ice. Pour into mixer and then back into glass; garnish with lemon slice.

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Samantha Keely Smith

Jeannine Marchand

Mariella Bisson

“Simply Breathtaking!”

© Chihuly, 2020 Spring Green Persian Studio Edition


YOUR SOURCE FOR MUSEUM QUALITY ART Paintings | Sculpture | Original Prints | Studio Furniture

52 Broadway | 828.505.8550 | momentumgalleryasheville



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Arthur Brouthers a well known artist in the world of social media as a pioneer of the abstract fluid painting

layers of acrylic paint, pigmented inks, and spray paint to create visual depth and a multi-dimensional. 3D effect.

technique that achieves cellular like separations, with the

Throughout his career, he has been featured in galleries

use of acrylic paints and other chemical agents. In his fig-

throughout the US and Europe. In recent years, Brouthers

urative works, these unconventional methods are used as

has had solo exhibitions in Charlotte, Gothenburg Swe-

bottom layers or the “skins” of his subjects. Arthur uses

den, New York City and was a featured artist at New York

anywhere from 4 to 15 layers of clear resin between layers

Art Basel Week’s in Switzerland and Miami. His work has

of acrylic paint, pigmented inks, and spray paint to show

also been highlighted in a number of feature films includ-

depth, giving a 3D effect.

ing Jordan Peele’s seminal breakthrough thriller, Get Out

Arthur Brothers has been a prominent visual artist and a central figure in the Charlotte, NC community for

in 2017 and upcoming in Hugh Jackman’s film, Reminiscence.

more than a decade. Now distinguished worldwide, he has

Arthur created a series of pieces themed The peoples

gained recognition for pioneering his abstract fluid paint-

Vaccine. This series is a part of the “Dear Frontline” exhib-

ing technique using the acrylic paints and other chemical

it at The Brooklyn Collective located in Uptown Charlotte.

agents to create what has become his signature style of vi-

The show spotlights the courageous and heroic efforts of

sually stunning designs and wildly unique textures. In his

the frontline workers who have been sacrificing them-

figurative works, these unconventional methods are used

selves to get us all through the Covid crisis. The bottle used

as bottom layers or the “skins” of his subjects. Brouthers

as inspiration was provided by Sarah Francis, an opera-

coats more than a dozen sheets of clear resin in between

tional leader for Atrium Health’s vaccine distribution.

“I wanted to put a colorful and positive spin on the idea of vaccination. The resin allowed me to create a 3D effect, similar to the bottle itself. Along the layers of intersecting multicolored curvy lines, a new style I developed during quarantine, which represents my twist on the ingredients: Love, Kindness, Empathy, Compassion, Hope, Peace, Happiness, Fortitude, Gratitude, Fulfillment, Immunity, Patience, Optimism, Serotonin, Wisdom and Creativity.”

- Arthur Brouthers

exhibit on display until June 30 | Pieces also viewable at instagram: @arthurbros


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

ART & CULTURE photo by Mark Borja

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ART & CULTURE “Simply Breathtaking!” by Susan Gray When longtime Asheville art insider, Owner and Direc-

materials – wood glass, metal and clay as well as light fix-

tor Jordan Ahlers and his wife Shifra opened the doors of

tures that play off the architecture – all elements combined

Momentum Gallery in downtown Asheville they committed

for a stylish and luxurious space.

to share their passion and commitment to area artists and

Momentum Gallery houses collections from partnerships

the City of Asheville, a city they call home. For Jordan, the

with dynamic artists throughout 2 levels and 15,000 sq. ft.

selection of key partnerships was imminent to solidify their

of space. The intent was to showcase more expansive col-

standing in the vibrant art scene. Now, with the move to 52

lections and larger individual works by the talented artists

Broadway, the duo has solidified their stake in not only be-

Momentum Gallery represents.

ing the curator of amazing collections, but are forging their

For the opening of the new space, Momentum Gallery

own legacy as part of the history that makes Asheville a

partnered with Chihuly Studios were a showcase of the

mainstay for world-wide recognized and local artists alike.

renowned artists work including three brand new Studio

Their new space at 52 Broadway offered Momentum

Editions for 2021 a month before their release date for a

Gallery an enhanced presence in the downtown area with

special presentation on the second floor of the gallery.

prominent street frontage along with close proximity to

Ripple, an iconic sculptural piece adorns the entry to

area galleries, shops and museums. The historically sig-

the Gallery, a work by artist Hoss Haley. This piece was

nificant, yet, state-of-the-art venue is fully accessible with

uniquely selected as it offers patrons and guests a glimpse

an elevator as well as recognized as a green and smart

of what’s inside. Hoss Haley is one of the area’s most dy-

building. A full catering kitchen adds to the diversity of the

namic sculpturers and Momentum Gallery maintains a

space and allows for Artists Openings, parties and special

long-standing relationship representing the artist. (A Rip-

showings. Jordan and Shifra complimented the materiality

ple from the artist’s White Series is in the permanent col-

in much of the work shown by their selection of building

lection of The Mint Museum in Charlotte).

MOMENTUM GALLERY 52 Broadway Downtown Asheville, NC


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One of the misconceptions I

for our purposes, we are discussing

held when I first began my career

fine art prints created and endorsed

in the arts was surrounding fine

by the artists themselves. They have

art prints. While printmaking has

become some of the most in-demand

a history that dates back thou-

types of artwork on the market, not

sands of years and is a celebrated

only for the more oft attainable price

and respected art form, techno-

point, but also because fine art prints

logical advancements, complex

are the ingenious result of a unique

innovations, and the movement

and collaborative partnership be-



tween the artist and printmakers,

played a role in mystifying exact-

who are highly trained, creative tech-

ly what a fine art print is, how the

nicians in their own right.



artist is involved in the creation of

Some of the most renowned mas-

that print, and its identity as an

ter artists were pioneers in print-

original form of art.

making in their time, including

Perhaps the biggest of all myths is that prints are merely cop-

Rembrandt, who began etching early in his career, and Picas-

ies—either photographed or duplicated paintings for the masses

so, who created more than 1,000 prints (including lithographs,

to access and purchase, or duplicates of “originals.” Until I be-

etchings, and engravings) over the course of his life. By defini-

came immersed in the arts, most of my knowledge of prints was

tion, a print is a work of graphic art which has been conceived

limited to what I bought long before I started collecting: post-

by the artist to be realized as an original work of art—and here’s

ers of Monet’s Water Lilies and Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and

the important part—rather than a copy of a work in another me-

mass-produced copied prints on canvas, taken from paintings,

dium. Prints are produced by drawing or carving an image onto

at The Home Goods Store in my early 20’s when it was all I could

a hard surface (known as a matrix) such as a wood block, metal

afford (the original was out there somewhere, right?). However,

plate, or stone.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

ART & CULTURE It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that an astonishing rise in printmaking occurred, among some of the most well-known artists of our time. Those innovations carried into modern (postwar art) and contemporary (art created today) practices, and continues to remain a sought-after medium by artists. Creating prints, especially by those who haven’t traditionally used this medium, also represent an artist’s desire to hone their craft, and adds dimensionality, breadth, and meaning to their work and oeuvre. Those are traits collectors should be looking for when considering artists to collect. So, what are prints? How are they made? And are they duplicates? Originals? Copies of originals? Photos of originals? All of the above? Or none of the above? Here are some common myths, and the accompanying truths for each. MYTH: Fine art prints are copies of “original” works of art TRUTH: Prints are not reproductions of a work in a different medium. Fine art prints are the result of a complicated, detailed process that produces multiple iterations of a work of art, typically through a transfer process. While there Torse de Femme (1969), Rufino Tamayo, Lithograph on Rives paper This lithograph, currently in Nelia Verano’s collection, is impression 95 from a 150 limited edition print (left corner). It is signed by the artist in pencil in the right-hand corner. Tamayo, a Mexican painter, was a pioneer in figurative abstraction and remains one of the most well-known Latin American artists and printmakers in the world. Photo courtesy of LaCa Projects (

The oldest-known technique is engraving, when Sumerians in 3000 BCE designed inscriptions on cylinder seals and made relief impressions using soft clay. They were the original creators

are many types of prints, the four most commonly used and known are lithographs, etchings, screenprints, and woodcuts. The most important component to note is that each piece is considered an “original,” and should therefore be referred to as an impression rather than a copy, because there are original elements in each impression (color and texture variations and paper size, for example). No two impressions are the same.

of both the idea of duplication and of using a roller to accomplish

MYTH: Fine art prints are created ahead of time by an art-

that duplication—what we know today as the printing press.

ist, and then sent to a printmaker to reproduce en masse,

Woodblock printing was another very early print method, which

made without the artist present, from an existing “original”

began in China in the 13th century as a way to print on cloth.

and through the use of simple reproduction technologies.

The arrival of paper in Europe around this same time catapulted opportunities for new mediums on which to create, and as paper became more widely available, other forms of printing began to emerge and evolve—including engraving, etching, mezzotints and aquatints, lithography, serigraphy, screenprinting—and a number more. Engraving, for example, really started with goldsmiths and metal workers, who were designers in their own right and professional craftsman. The first European woodcuts on paper were playing cards.

TRUTH: A print is the result of a closely-wound, collaborative partnership between the artist and the printmaker—the artist is the creator of the print plate and is involved in the entire process, from start to finish. Furthermore, methodologies can still be highly experimental for both the printer and the artist, so the end result (if done well) often presents astounding visuals, full of texture, variations, and characteristics only attainable through the print process and on paper.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



This screenprint, Marilyn II.22, was created in 1967 by Andy Warhol and is part of a limited edition set of 250. Hand-signed by the artist, this print is a unique impression, and is stamped and numbered on the back verifying its authenticity. Andy Warhol, obsessed with pop culture and celebrities, created some of the most iconic images of the 20th century through screenprints and lithographs. Photo courtesy of OSME Fine Art (


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


MYTH: Prints are created solely for the intention

MYTH:The little fraction in the corner of the print

to commercialize and monetize the artist’s work,

indicates what “copy” it is.

and make the work available to as many people as TRUTH: Again, prints are not copies, but multi-


ples from the originally created plate or matrix. The TRUTH: Prints are generally not created in large

little fraction in the corner of the print indicates the

quantities, but rather in limited editions, and have

size of the edition (the number on the bottom or to

specific vehicles for which they are sold—galleries,

the right) and that particular impression number

publishers, or the artists themselves. (Open edition

(the number on the top or to the left).

printing is how posters are created, for example). The process of creation through printmaking, and

MYTH: The paper is all the same.

the final print, is as significant to the artist as any other medium they employ (painting, drawing,

TRUTH: The type and weight of paper is hugely

sculpture, etc.).

important, and can significantly influence how the final printed image looks. Additionally, the best print specialists have a strong interest not only in the artistic process, but also in the type of paper (and there are hundreds).

Fine art prints represent some of the best, most innovative forms of creation in the history of art production, and continue to rise in both prominence and demand. They serve as a remarkable complement to an artist’s repertoire, and feature themes, compositions, and explorations that the artist can share in new and interesting ways. Perhaps the best part of prints is that they serve as an excellent entry point to collecting the masters, and at a much lower price tag. And it’s no myth that people love to tout owning a big-name artist without the 6-figure cost.

Nelia Verano is owner of Nelia Verano LLC, an art advisory and home styling firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. To inquire about Nelia’s services, please visit her website at or e-mail

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Met Gala 2019 Camp: Notes on Fashion Celebrity: Lady Gaga | (Designer: Brandon Maxwell) Credit: Neison Barnard


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.



THE MET GALA Sharon Jane @itssharonjane & @embellecerte “Fashion can create a dream, create a fantasy... it’s a kind of theater,” says Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of Vogue, Conde Nast Artistic Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art Board Member and Chairwoman of the Met Gala) about the Met Gala in the invigorating documentary, First Monday in May. The first Monday in May marks a very important date in which fashion’s biggest night out is held - the grandiose Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The busy and ubiquitous chatter, the magical, theatrical and seemingly otherworldly designs gracing the red carpet, priceless artwork surrounded by thematic decorative elements, and the most renowned actors, musicians, designers, film directors, artists, fashion models, athletes, entrepreneurs, cultural and high societal figures, and the biggest

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



Met Gala 1974 : Romantic and Glamorous Hollywood Design Celebrity: Cher & Bob Mackie (Designer: Bob Mackie) Credit: Ron Galeila | Getty Images


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


First Monday of May (documentary) Film Still, Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton working behind the scenes Credit: Magnolia Pictures/The Metropolitan Museum of Art

global superstars gather to showcase some of the most

earned by year upon year finding new ways to improve

avant-garde garments ever seen. Either you have seen

the efforts to raise more funds for the Metropolitan

the First Monday in May or you have had your social

Museum of Art’s Costume Institute as well as aware-

media flooded about it before, the Met Gala is irre-

ness of the greatest fashion works of art.

futably the most monumental fashion event to take

It all began in the roaring 20’s in New York when

place every year. From the Gala’s origin, the growth

Irene Lewisohn (theatre director) and Aline Bernstein

of relevance and benefit it has on the fashion industry,

(stage designer) decided to begin collecting costumes

the incredible attention to the experience of it all, the

so that they can look back for inspiration for their pro-

celebrity-designer collaboration, to the way this event

ductions. With the rising glitz and glamour of the Jazz

has convinced many that fashion is truly an art form

Age and its razzle-dazzle performances, an inventory

- it is understandable why the world stops for one day

of glittering costumes was certainly necessary. This

and prepares itself for the first Monday in May.

collection then grew to be over 8,000 pieces by 1946

Every year on the first Monday in May, our social

which served as inventory for the newly founded Cos-

media feeds are filled with celebrities wearing the

tume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In

most magnificent haute couture looks with the most

1948, the renowned fashion publicist, Eleanor Lam-

mind blowing details. Excited to see who will wear

bert who founded New York Fashion Week, the CFDA

what, what designer each celebrity will collaborate

(Coty Fashion Critics’ Award), and the International

with, and how they will interpret the given theme for

Best Dressed List among many other fashion indus-

that year is one of the main reasons many tune in to

try changing accomplishments, also founded the Met

see this event. Of course, the artistry of the dazzling

Gala, then known as the Costume Institute Gala or

design elements that goes along with a celebrity wear-

the Costume Institute Benefit. This glamorous Gala is

ing it and bringing it to life is part of the magic of it

not so different from how it is today, with New York’s

all. The prestige the Met Gala is known for, has been

most elite (versus its global star-studded guest list

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


STYLE today) attending to raise funds for the Costume Institute. Although the ticket price has changed (from $50 to about $30,000 today), the cause remains the same - to raise funds for the Costume Institute and expand its efforts to exhibit and archive some of the world’s greatest fashion pieces. In 1971, Diana Vreeland - fashion icon, visionary, and inspiration for many - became a consultant for the Costume Institute in which she certainly shifted some gears for. The Met Gala continued to evolve under her consulting by introducing themed Galas, with its first themed event in 1971, which was “Fashion Plate.” She also shifted this event from being solely a societal event into one that also invited celebrities such as Cher, Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Harry, Bianca Jagger, and Diana Ross just to name a few. Thanks to Vreeland, during her reign as consultant the Metropolitan Museum of Art became the Met Gala’s official home venue that it continues to be today. Fast forward to 1995 and beyond and you have the A-list couture spectacle and boundary-pushing fashion “Super Bowl” that it is known for being today. Under Anna Wintour’s direction since becoming chairwoman for the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Diana Vreeland Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Met Gala 1981 : The Eighteenth Century Woman Celebrity: Diana Ross Credit: Bertrand Rindoff | Getty Images

and the Met Gala in 1995, she has focused heavily on evolving the event for it to accomplish its main purpose: create lots of buzz that in turn helps raise funds for the Costume Institute. She has accomplished this very successfully, raising 8 figure amounts yearly (and it is ever increasing). Although she has successfully raised hefty amounts for the Costume Institute under direction, she has also given a whole new purposes for the Met Gala. Since Wintour, the Met Gala has increasingly inspired admiration and appreciation for couture craftsmanship, embellishment, interpretation and tailoring. It has also created a platform for self-expression and embraced the exciting chemistry between renowned fash-


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

STYLE ion designers and celebrities that wear their designs.

nal “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, the Costume Institute

Fashion’s biggest night out has accomplished to entice

Conservation Laboratory keeps garments like a festival

people to visit the exhibition once it is released to the

dress from the 19th century Qing dynasty (exhibited for

general public and of course it constantly reminds us

the China: Through the Looking Glass Met Gala 2015)

that fashion is truly an art form.

or a Yves Saint Laurent evening dress from Fall/Winter

The Met Gala excels in being a celebration of the finer

1969–70 Haute Couture with bird-of-paradise feathers

things in life, an event dedicated to showing admiration

(exhibited for the Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age

towards one of our favorite visual inspirations: fash-

of Technology Met Gala 2016) safe and sound.

ion. Andrew Bolton, the genius Costume Institute Head

Each year, the Met Gala is held with a specific and

Curator, looks over 33,000 articles of clothing and ac-

elaborate theme which results in attendees going all

cessories that span over 7 centuries of fashion, from

out to represent this theme creatively with designers

the 15th Century up until today. Priceless fashion relics

choosing their muses to showcase the custom-made

from our past like iconic pop culture looks or global pe-

garments. The craftsmanship that goes into making

riod pieces are exhibited every year right after the Met

most of these designs is absolutely astounding, with

Gala until around early September. The Costume Insti-

one of the best examples being the golden yellow Guo

tute serves as an exhibit and archive (The Costume In-

Pei couture cape gown Rihanna wore for the 2016

stitute Conservation Laboratory) for fashion’s greatest

Met Gala. This magnificent gown took almost 2 years

moments across the globe, showcasing and conserving

to make just for RiRi made primarily of golden thread

the most magnificent works of art and intricate couture

and fox fur, resulting in a over 55-pound dress. Rihanna

designs. Just like one would like to keep safe an origi-

and the legendary Chinese couture designer, Guo Pei,

Guo Pei for China: Through the Looking Glass

Volume 5, Issue 3 |




did not know much about each other but when Ri-

done, the world’s greatest superstars glamorously

hanna came across the gown online in Pei’s 2010

climb the MET stairs and walk into all of the exhib-

Couture show, she knew that she had to wear it.

its prepared for that day’s theme. Anna Wintour

Refreshed with Rihanna’s personal touches and

and her incredible team work tirelessly each year

style, the designer-musician duo created so much

to create the perfect atmosphere that best fits for

buzz together. The silent shock of awe that was

the selected theme by choosing the finest decor, art

the second Rihanna stepped on the red carpet

and historic and contemporary fashion garments

wearing that dreamlike cape gown followed by

to be exhibited to further enhance the experience.

the burst of excitement as the press and audience

As seen on the film “First Monday in May”, every

realized that this look would later on become one

little bit of the Gala is selected so carefully under

of the most memorable Met Gala looks of all time.

thorough investigation with the efforts of being ac-

Just like Rihanna’s own unique power fused with

curate and most respectful as possible.

Guo Pei’s unmatchable talent and craftsmanship

With the magic and mystery that the Met Gala

created such an unforgettable moment in fash-

holds, there is no doubt that this global event also

ion, these celebrity-designer duos are a big part

has the power to set the tone for future fashion

of making the Met Gala what it is today. Zendaya

trends as well. At the epitome of luxury and high

wearing that childhood-dream-come-true Tommy

fashion, the Met Gala is an intriguing and spell-

Hilfiger Cinderella gown, Lady Gaga’s 4 looks-in-1

binding fashion affair that many dream of attend-

Brandon Maxwell performance art extravaganza,

ing one day and seeing this magic first hand. Wit-

Zayn and Gigi’s first red carpet together wearing

nessing the silent awe as each design is seen for the

armored Tommy Hilfiger gear, and the iconic spar-

first time on the world’s greatest stars, followed

kly sheer jumpsuit by Bob Mackie that Cher wore

by the clicks and pops of camera shutters and the

are all examples of the power these celebrity-de-

sudden bursting of shouting, all trying to cap-

signer collaborations hold.

ture the enchanting moment. Although the About

With fashion’s ever growing connection with

Time: Fashion and Duration 2020 Met Gala was

celebrities and social media, it gives the fashion

cancelled, fashion lovers around the world unite in

industry a whole new dimension, one that travers-

the hopes that the 2021 Met Gala will still occur.

es any barrier high fashion seemingly had in the

The theme for this year has not been announced

past. The fashion realm increasingly becomes a

(at the time of print) but we certainly look forward

powerful force that inspires us boldly and moves

to the possibility of seeing once again on the first

us deeply. Each moment a celebrity steps in with

Monday of May some of the greatest designers,

the designer, it’s like the world stops and bursts

unforgettable designs, and the theatricality of it all

back again, with social media feeds and the press

with erupting excitement - not forgetting that all

buzzing about their interpretation of the theme.

is done for a good cause of course, as fashion will

Of course, the 4-D fashion art experience doesn’t

forever remain as the most adored and empathetic

stop there since as soon as the red carpet frenzy is

art form.

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) Celebrity: Ariana Grande | (Designer: Vera Wang) Credit :Teen Vogue -Frazer Harrison - Filmmagic Volume 5, Issue 3 |




TINY GODS --Susan Gray, Owner of GrayBlackBook for Lux Lifestyle Magazine Photography by Jim Schmid Lux Lifestyle Magazine recently caught up with Jewelry Designer Mary Margaret Beaver who, within the past year, actualized her dream of opening her own fine jewelry store. Tiny Gods, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers customers an unparalleled jewelry buying experience through its cleverly curated collection. Combine an accomplished background in the jewelry industry with a collaboration on a collection of her own - Love thy Rival – Mary Margaret’s passion is evident. From the unique displays of various mediums of art and the eclectic collection of talented designers from around the world, one finds it easy to find their own unique style and taste represented within Tiny Gods.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


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The beauty of each meaningful piece of jewelry reflects the unique style and personality of the thoughtfully selected artisans featured. Mary Margaret’s collections afford her beloved clientele the benefits of her trained eye and flair for both traditional and thought-provoking design. Further, Tiny Gods exquisite collections are available worldwide through their extensive online presence.

Mary Margaret showcases designs of the highest quality craftsmanship and each piece is a statement of personal expression that authentically conveys love and significance. Mary Margaret’s valued expertise in recognizing the organic elements of various stones and precious metals from a piece within a Client’s own personal collection is of added benefit to new or existing Clients. She is instrumental in guiding them through the creative process to re-envision an existing heirloom into a design statement that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


Tiny Gods 2325 Crescent Avenue Charlotte, NC 28207

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OSCAR DE LA RENTA by Luis Machicao Photography by David Superville


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

STYLE Óscar Arístides De La Renta Fiallo (De La Renta) was

Decades later, in 1993 he became the first Latin Amer-

born in beautiful Dominican Republic on July 22, 1932.

ican to design for a French House, the prestigious firm

Sadly, 82 years later, the fashion world lost one of the most

Pierre Balmain.

prolific and avant-garde designers of the 21st century.

It is well known that Pierre Balmain and Oscar De La

His family was well known in elite social circles due to

Renta became close friends in the ‘60s, after they met in

their insurance family business. It’s not commonly known

Paris. They were considered “Houte Couture Ambassa-

that De La Renta’s childhood passion was painting, having

dors.” However, it was in 1992, after the death of Pierre

been taught by his mother, the best possible teacher, his

Balmain that De La Renta became the main designer for

father was not thrilled about it, however. After a normal

the French House.

and happy childhood, his family forced him to leave his

De La Renta launched his first collection using corset

beloved Santo Domingo at the young age of 18 and sent

and wide skirt suits in the traditional French style and that

him to Madrid, Spain with the aim to study painting in the

earned him the applause and admiration that the Fashion

prestigious Spanish art school Real Academia de Bellas

House had been missing.

Artes de San Fernando. Living in Spain was a remarkable

The Balmain House is known for sparkles in dresses,

time for the young designer because it was then that he

shiny Chinese applications, and tight silhouettes, but there

discovered his interest in the world of fashion, something

was a time when the French Fashion House shined for

that had not been considered until then.

their classy simplicity... this was the time under the cre-

However, not everything in his life was wonderful, after

ative direction of Oscar De La Renta!

a while his father stopped sending him money because he

He dressed every celebrity worldwide and every First

was not joining the family business, which forced De La

Lady in the USA. His successful and global career was sup-

Renta to get a job for the first time in his life. He began

ported by several awards and important positions since

drawing sketches that he sold to all the fashion magazines

he was elected twice President of the Council Designers

in the city. It wasn’t long before his talent was noticed by

of America, owning the Aguja de Oro Award in Spain, the

world-renowned designer Cristobal Balenciaga, who hired

Living Legend Award, the American Coty Fashion Critics

De La Renta as an apprentice in this atelier, turning him

Award, as well as the Coty Hall of Fame Award, just to

into one of his best students with seemingly astounding

name a few.


In 1977 he launched “Oscar,” his first fragrance for wom-

In 1961, international designer Antonio Castillo decided

en. But he didn’t stop there, he dedicated himself to create

to hire De La Renta to work in Paris, the City of Lights.

perfumes for men as well. For example, “Lui” fragrance

Shortly after having moved to Paris he went to work with

was released in 1980 and the super famous “Oscar” for

Elizabeth Arden.

men was launched in the late 1990s, followed by “Volupt,”

Things went incredibly well for him. His intellect and talent continued to flourish exponentially, so much so, that in 1965 he accomplished his dream of establishing his own fashion house, thus building his own empire.

and “So,” were as acclaimed and accepted by the public as his first essence. I can continue to write for hours about this true Latin talent who paved the way for other Latin American design-

Oscar De La Renta knew how to use the glamour of his

ers but, I believe the best way to honor Oscar de la Renta

creations and make an international name for himself

is to showcase these Charlotte, NC philanthropists who are

among the greatest fashion brands of that era. He became

dedicated to supporting the arts, just as he did himself.

a global success and his boutiques were popping up worldwide, a total Sensation!

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


STYLE DONNA DEMOLINA Luis – How did you meet Oscar de la Renta? Donna - My husband and I were invited to the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute Gold Medal Gala in November 2007. Our dear friend Carmen Hilton, who is a native of Spain, introduced us to this annual event which took place at the Spanish Institute on Park Avenue in New York City. At the time, my husband was the CEO of GMAC, and he too is of of Spanish descent, so it was quite a pleasure to support this non-profit organization which aims to celebrate the close ties between Americans and Spanish speakers all over the world. Oscar de la Renta was the Chairman of the Institute at the time and the host of the gala. I had Dress provided by Christine Matthews from Neimans Marcus

the opportunity to briefly meet with him and thought he was most gracious and debonair. The Gold Medal was awarded to President Bill

Clinton and Penelope Cruz in recognition of their contributions to the betterment of relations between the United States and the Spanish Speaking World. I will never forget the gorgeous gown Penelope was wearing that evening designed by none other than Oscar himself. She looked so stunning and confident in the style he created for her. (See photos below… the last close up pic may possibly be the back of my head!!) Luis -Since our culture is beginning to change before our eyes, why is it important to keep Oscar’s fashion alive? Donna - It is clear to me that Oscar de la Renta was inspired by authentic beauty. He recognized and celebrated women’s achievements. If he were alive today he would be creating great fashion that would continue to celebrate the beauty and confidence of today’s woman. His creations would continue to appeal to our senses and bolster our self-confidence, while being deeply respectful of a woman place in society. As Oscar de la Renta once said, “We live in an era of globalization and the era of the woman. Never in history of the world have women been more in control of their destiny.” May his brilliant vision and style live on forever.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


Chief Advancement Officer for the Mint Museum of the South Luis - What was it like meeting Oscar? Hillary - Meeting Oscar de la Renta was a dream come true. Oscar was the epitome of elegance, grace, kindness, and all things beautiful. He was charming, generous, talented, and full of life. It was an honor and privilege to have met him and a highlight of my career with The Mint Museum. He made everyone feel special which is why he was so admired and beloved. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with such a legend and will never forget his magical visit to Charlotte. Luis - How did The Mint Museum and city of Charlotte benefit from the exhibition – The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta?

Dress provided from Hillary's personal collection.

Hillary - Our fashion exhibitions are always hugely popular with our community and beyond. The Oscar show attracted thousands and thousands of members and visitors from across the region. The exhibition was so well received that we were fortunate enough to be able to extend it for an extra month due to high demand. Oscar’s first visit to the Mint, in the spring of 2011, served as the catalyst for the Museum being one of only 3 venues in the country to present The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta in 2018. Beloved Mint supporter, the late Marianna Sheridan, co-chaired Oscar’s first fashion show The Art of Style in 2011 in the then newly opened Mint Museum Uptown. Marianna’s genuine love for Oscar, fashion, and the Mint wondrously intersected in her transformative role as Oscar de la Renta’s first archivist. The incredible archive she established became the cornerstone of the House of Oscar’s exhibition program The exhibition, curated by fashion icon Andre Leon Talley, also resulted in a strong relationship between Talley and the Mint. He has continued to be an advocate and champion for fashion at the museum. The exhibition, sponsored nationally by Wells Fargo Private Bank, helped highlight and enhance the Mint’s commitment to fashion and reinforced Charlotte’s image as a fashion-forward, sophisticated, and stylish city. It was the ultimate “win-win” for the Mint and Charlotte. Volume 5, Issue 3 |



Chair of Opera Carolina Board Luis - Just like Oscar, you support the Arts and the community leaders that support the Arts...what do you think is necessary to do in order to preserve our beloved Opera? Arlene - Thriving beyond the pandemic will require Opera Carolina to leverage everything we learned during the pandemic. Over the last year, our company closely examined every aspect of how we conduct business and cleverly re-imagined new forums to deliver our programming. We created some wonderful, smaller-scaled pop-up and outdoor events to keep performances going and re-engage with live music. Internet performances through our iStream series have helped us expand our reach, and now we’ve launched our new Virtual Opera House to showcase our works and talented resident artists. I am especially proud of the work we have been able to evolve through our Voices Engaged civic engagement platform. Going forward, it will take that same level of ingenuity and inspired thinking to cultivate new partnerships and collaborations which ensure our 73-year-old opera company remains relevant. Opera and the classical arts must be responsive to the important social changes that are taking place. Striking the right balance between traditional and innovative works will be key to maintaining our core base while we further Dress provided by Christine Matthews from Neimans Marcus

efforts to attract new, more diverse, and younger audiences.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.



Charlote Ballet

Advisory Board member Luis - What is the thing that you admire most about Oscar de la Renta? Midge - Oscar De La Renta lived his life in the spirit of philanthropy and he loved making women feel beautiful! Giving back to the world around him enriched not only his life but his artistic creations as well. In 2014, Oscar de la Renta sent his Spring Collection of gowns to the ballet dancers and participants of the Inaugural Year of Charlotte Ballet's DWTS of Charlotte Gala. This gift made fashion headlines in Charlotte and the DWTS event has been a huge success ever since.

Dress provided from Midge’s personal collection.

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704. 241. 7072



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HILL HELICOPTER HX50 “The HX50 interior is designed from the ground up to make flight a simple, luxurious, and engaging experience,” said Hill Helicopters President and CEO Jason Hill. “Traditional helicopters were designed to be utilitarian, with comfort as an afterthought. The HX50’s interior design is built around experience and comfort in the same manner as premium automobiles. For the pilot, the design is enticing, secure, and opulent with streamlined, intuitive flight controls and instruments. For the passenger, it is luxurious and comfortable while inspiring awe and wonder.”


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OUT OF AFRICA STILETTO EARRINGS by Vanleles Earrings crafted in 18K Rose Gold, White Diamonds and Mozambican responsibly sourced Rubies and Rubelites.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.





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PANTONE SPRING/SUMMER 2021 By: Sharon Jane | @itssharonjane @embellecerte


The breeze is warmer, the days are longer, summer

the grand effort to observe, create and report what col-

is nearer, and the runways are getting brighter! The

ors are moving what we see, consume, and the colors

Pantone Color Trend Report has arrived for Spring/

that will determine what we will see and be inspired

Summer 2021 Ready-To-Wear New York and London

by in the future. By announcing the Color of the Year,

fashion week. “Pantone Provides A Universal Language

Fashion Week Color Trend Reports, Graphic Design

Of Color That Enables Color-Critical Decisions Through

Trend Report, creating colors for good causes like the

Every Stage Of The Workflow For Brands And Manu-

Lacoste Everglades shade and so much more, it is ev-

facturers…” - this is how Pantone describes themselves

ident that one should look to Pantone when it comes

in their website and they cannot be any more accurate.

to stepping out of the monochromatic black and white

Pantone is perhaps the most important color company

and into a world of refreshing colors that could provoke

that leads industries visually into the colors that make

excitement, exhilaration, encouragement, empathy and

us. From interior design, textiles, paint coatings and

many more emotions with shades we are familiar with

pigments, stage design, film post-production, graphic

and colors we have been introduced to for the first time.

design, makeup palettes, products packaging, branding,

Before creating a graphic or choosing a color spectrum

color psychology, fashion design and so much more -

mood board for a film, visual artists and directors look

over 10 million global visual art industries look to Pan-

to Pantone for inspiration. Some visual artists and pro-

tone “to help define, communicate, and control color

ducers actually create trends and create a special mood

from inspiration to realization” ( – about

that Pantone will notice and keep record of that will

pantone). With their advanced technology, they make

eventually lead to future inspirations.

Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

Just like Pantone brings colors to life in the paint shades

For Spring/Summer 2021, designers got together and

we choose for our homes, the RGB color value we like for

opted for colors that are sweet, blissful, and everything we

our logo, and the HEX tones we determine to be our brand

expect spring/summer fashion to bring with bright and pas-

aesthetic, Pantone also reports on the trending colors for ev-

tel pinks, fresh-cut lawn greens, tropical ocean blue-greens,

ery fashion week. They certainly recognize the power colors

and floral hues like lavender purples and daisy yellows.

hold and the emotions they invoke in us (like blues makes

Finding inspiration from Easter sweets, tropical getaways,

us feel calm and reds inspire us to feel hungry), designers

blooming gardens, and the hope for a more free and open

are also aware of the importance of colors by being selective

outside world as things seem to slowly get better since the

in the shades they use to tell the story they want their col-

pandemic, the colors most seen this season represented

lection to tell. A perhaps more moving phenomenon is that

this new wonderland breath of fresh air we are all so ex-

every season there are colors that are used multiple times in

cited for. Some fresh neutral colors were also seen, giving

various collections for different labels across the globe, thus

classic tones a more lightweight and airy atmosphere to

becoming the trending colors for that season. Like destiny,

those timeless shades. Let’s have a picnic, smell the roses,

these colors collectively represent the mood and inspiration

and enjoy the Pantone Spring/Summer 2021 New York and

designers and the fashion industry have felt and looked for

London Fashion Week Color Trend Report.

in common.

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK PANTONE COLOR TREND REPORT: NATURE INSPIRED In New York, many nature-inspired tones were seen like the “clear skies ahead” Cerulean and France in the springtime inspired French Blue. Some refreshing minty-greens were also seen on the runways like the soothing pastel-hued Green Ash and the brighter, more vibrant classic Mint. These lively summer day tones were seen at Bottega Veneta, Versace, Balmain, Mugler, Proenza Schouler, Gucci, Chanel, Off-White, Hermes, Max Mara, Fendi and more.

CATCH SOME RAYS! From the golden hour orange Marigold, optimistic and sunny bright yellow Illuminating, and the autumnal (and unexpected) burnt orange-brown Rust - warm shades of orange and yellow were seen a lot throughout New York Fashion Week. These balmy shades can certainly make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside by perfectly reflecting summer sunshine - even the autumn leaf shade Rust with its evident golden undertones. Off-White, Gucci, Proenza Schouler, Altuzarra Credit: Timothy Nesmith / Courtesy of Altuzarra


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

Versace, and more labels have embraced these colors.

Fendi Credit: Alessandro Lucioni Volume 5, Issue 3 |


FLOWER POWER The color spectrum for this season remained hopeful, optimistic, and full of wanderlust and wistfulness for warmer times. Many colors seen in New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021 Ready-To-Wear remained in the pink and purple spectrum like the fragrant purple Amethyst Orchid, blooming and delicious fuchsia Raspberry Sorbet, and the friendly and inviting Burnt Coral. With more vibrant pinks and purples than London Fashion Week, these flower power pinks and purples are certainly serotonin boosting and will bring a smile to anyone that embraces these trending shades. Brands that included these colors into their collection include Gucci, Raf Simons, Miu Miu, Balmain, and many more.

THE CLASSICS The classic shades most seen was Inkwell, a great black shade

blue-green sea shade Beach Glass, and the surf-ready and more vibrant blue-green, Blue Atoll. Designers that decided to catch some waves and include these ocean blues are Proenza Schouler, Raf Simons, Chanel, Alaia, Balenciaga, Balmain, and Burberry.

IN FULL BLOOM Unlike New York, softer, more pastel versions of the pinks and purples that are trending were seen in London Fashion Week, as well as the perfect flower stem green shade. You can almost smell the flowers with the tender and delicate Sakura pink Pirouette, the enchanting and spell binding Purple Rose, and the garden fresh Pickled Pepper natural green shade. Proenza Schouler, Raf Simons, Mugler, Chanel, Victoria Beckham, and Fendi are some of the many brands that were in full bloom with the garden pinks, purples, and greens trending for Spring/Summer ReadyTo-Wear 2021.

with a delicate blue undertone, Ultimate Gray, a pure and prim grey shade, Buttercream, a sweet and effortless off-white shade, Desert Mist, a light sandy and peachy color, and Willow, a beigegreen shade that peacefully reflects nature impeccably. These uncomplicated and elegant neutrals were seen at Bottega Veneta, Off-White, Brandon Maxwell, Saint Laurent, Carolina Herrera, Hermes, Alexander McQueen, Celine, Balmain, and Max Mara among many others.

LONDON FASHION WEEK PANTONE COLOR TREND REPORT: HEAT WAVE London Fashion Week brought on the heat with the spicy and fiery red Lava Falls, the down-to-earth ember-like Orange Ochre, the comforting soft glow yellow-orange Marigold, and the joyful baby duckling bright yellow also seen in New York Fashion Week, Illuminating. Raf Simons, Altuzarra, Mugler, Gucci, Balenciaga, Burberry, Hermes, and Fendi raised the temperature along with many other designers that embraced these electric reds, oranges, and yellows.

IN THE TROPICS London wistfully longed for a vacation in the tropics where the sand is bright and pure and the oceans are crystal clear with those alluring blue-greens most long to jump into during hot summer days. Some of these Miami ocean inspired shades include the summer afternoon blue sky Indigo Bunting, the serene


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

Carolina Herrera Credit: Kevin Tachman / Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

Proenza Schouler Courtesy of Proenza Schouler

THE CLASSICS Of course, London did not disappoint with its timeless and elegant looks with the most inviting shades. The classic colors in London made us feel nostalgic about the cozier occasions Spring and Summer bring us like the camping reminiscent mossy green Sphagnum, the twilight-black

starry midnight sky shade Polar Night, the off-white tropical sandy color Baby’s Breath, the “let’s have a cup of coffee” Macchiato, and the tranquil pure grey shade also seen at New York Fashion Week, Ultimate Grey. Chanel, Altuzarra, Alaïa, Balenciaga, and Hermes are some of the countless designers that includes these classic shades into their collections.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


VANIA LELES VANLELES the world’s first, female founded, african high jewelry house. What do you get when you combine the vibrant heritage of Africa and one, fierce, driven female? Vania Leles shows us with her exquisitely designed collections of jewelry, all inspired by the rich colors and textures of African culture. Founder, Vania Leles is striving to tell the stories of her homeland through ethically sourced gemstones. VANLELES’ Founder and Creative Director, Vania Leles, is a Gemmologist and world citizen who exudes a rare mix of vibrant African heritage, European sensibility, American dynamism and a global flair for design and creativity.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


An Afropolitan born in Guinea Bissau and educated in

to share the stories and rich culture of Africa through her

Lisbon and London, Vania’s multi-faceted career in the

collections, as she applies a global flair for creativity, to

world of international luxury took her to Paris and New

all of her work. Named after some of Africa’s most iconic

York, where she lived for several years. She now calls Lon-

landmarks, each collection takes you on a captivating jour-

don her home, and has established her brand and built a

ney of discovery as you travel from the legendary flow of

family. A true citizen of the world, Vania Leles has made

the Nile, to the breath-taking heights of Kilimanjaro and

VANLELES a global brand.

the yellow heat of the Sahara.

After graduating from the Gemological Institute of

The African mining industry has grown in reputation

America and spending over a decade working for renowned

over recent decades, receiving it’s share of negative press

fine jewelry brands GRAFF, De Beers and Sotheby’s, Vania

as media attention and the film industry has shone a light

Leles decided to launch her brand in 2011 with an atelier in

on the darker side of gem mining and trade. With civil un-

London’s New Bond Street, the very heart of the interna-

rest and human rights exploitation often at the forefront

tional fine jewelry world.

of media coverage, the natural resource of stunning gem-

Based on London’s prestigious Brook St, the VANLELES atelier sits in esteemed company, just a stone throw from

mining conversation.

iconic jewelers Cartier and Harry Winston. The brand’s

Boasting a rich and plentiful source of gemstones, Af-

presence in London’s fine jewelry district is a statement,

rican mining locations such as Zambia and Mozambique

Leles insists, that African jewels and the stories they tell

attract gem dealers and jewelry designers from across the

belong in the premier jewelry sphere. The Afropolitan im-

globe, vying for the natural beauty excavated from the con-

plores young Africans to follow her lead in building the

tinent’s rich earth. Africa is revered for its wealth of exqui-

reputation of Africa’s creativity and gemstone authority.

site gemstones, including rubies, emeralds, diamonds and

Inspired by her birthplace of Guinea-Bissau, Vania seeks


stones offered by Africa has arguably fell behind in the

Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

sapphires. So often, global dealers and designers deliver

the gemstones sourced from Africa to Western customers,

has seen her assist countless charitable campaigns to sup-

where prices can soar and any connection to the gems’

port communities and young women through education and

source as well as the communities whose livelihoods are de-

health programmes, creating collections to fund essential

pendent on them, are lost.

aid and empowerment efforts in Africa.

Crucial to the VANLELES brand and ethos is the responsible sourcing methods employed. Leles’ unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing of gemstones and precious metals, and an unparalleled belief in responsible mining, is leading the way for a new era of mindful and engaged luxury. Dedicated to providing a fare wage and working environment, VANLELES source gems from Africa and mines that adhere to environmental and human rights, as well as pay local taxes and treat miners decently with fair wages. This dedication to ending exploitation in her homeland also inspires Vania Leles’ philanthropic endeavours. This

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


VANLELES celebrates the beauty and landscapes of Africa, using Zambian-sourced emeralds, Mozambique-sourced rubies, rubellites and diamonds, Paraiba tourmaline and sapphires in collections such as Legends of Africa, Out of Africa and Enchanted Garden. Leles’ heritage is explored further in designs inspired by African prints and traditional desert dwellings. Ultimately, Vania Leles is seeking to showcase the talents and resources from a culture and landscape that has been long-overlooked. Her work highlights the beauty and creativity of a strong and multi-faceted heritage.

“The true beauty and highest value of jewelry shouldn’t start at the shop floor. It should start where it all began, and for me, that’s at the community level. My intention has always been to bring the voice of these communities to fine jewelry, and part of this is ensuring that, where possible, I source gems from mines that adhere to environmental and human rights, as well as pay local taxes and treat miners decently with fair wages.”


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

– Vania

Charlotte and nationwide design services @jlaytoninteriors 704.506.6159 2500 Distribution St. Suites 10/11 Charlotte NC 28203

NEW GAUGED PORCELAIN The look of real Marble with the durability of tile.



11220 Mt. Holly Huntersville Rd. Huntersville, NC 28078

1146 Biscayne Drive Concord, NC 28027

STARTING AT $1,999 980-221-2939


PORCELAIN • GRANITE • QUARTZ Call for more information.





Design by Claudia Josephine Design Photography by Laura Sumrak Photostyling by Kendra Surface

By Claudia Ricciardone

How to Get the Designer Look


Dear Claudia,

My husband and I just bought our dream home and will be hiring an interior designer. This is our first time though and we are a little nervous about finding someone who is a good fit. We are full of questions…What does it cost? Can they decorate in any style? Do designers sell furnishings and décor? How long does it take? We’ve heard that to design a large home could take at least a year! That’s a long time to work with someone and we want to be sure it’s a good fit. Please help! Thank you, Laura


Dear Laura,

I could write a book on your ques-

tion! But since I only have a couple of pages, here is the Cliff Notes version of my answer. Finding a suitable match is key to enjoying your experience working with an interior designer, especially because cost and processes can vary dramatically from designer to designer (or firm to firm). Volume 5, Issue 3 |


RETREAT Let’s talk money. It’s not often a comfortable topic but it’s an

thetic. Instagram or referrals from friends and family can be a

important one when choosing a designer. What is your budget? I

great place to find newer designers who may not yet have a pro-

usually recommend clients budget around 15-20% of their home

fessional website. Their rates are typically lower and they are hap-

value for furnishings and décor if you’re starting from scratch;

py to source products from retail stores and websites, which can

however, that amount will vary based upon home prices in your

save on procurement fees. However, unless they are exceptionally

area. But Claudia, you bemoan, that’s a big investment! Yes, it is,

talented and have access to trade resources, I typically do not rec-

which is why it’s crucial to find someone who is a good fit for your

ommend brand new designers for large or high budget projects. It

style and budget.

takes time and experience to develop the skills necessary to man-

If you’re working with a tight budget, find a newly trained designer with a portfolio of work that appeals to your design aes-

age the potential pitfalls of substantial projects and to create a beautifully designed look. For higher budget projects, look for an experi-

Design by Claudia Josephine Design Photography by Laura Sumrak Photostyling by Kendra Surface

enced solo designer or design firm whose portfolio you love. While designers will often adapt their designs to a client’s preferred style and the architecture of their home, if their body of work doesn’t appeal to you, find another that does. When interviewing a potential designer, ask them what kind of budget it took to create a few of the spaces you admire from their portfolio. This will give you a good idea of the investment required to achieve a similar look for your home. Designers typically charge either a flat or hourly rate for their design services. Full service designers, like myself, will also sell furnishings and décor that are only available to the trade (not sold directly to consumers). This allows clients access to product not readily accessible to the general public. It also opens up a world of gorgeous custom design choices! We manage the hassles consumers often encounter when designing on their own, such as backordered and discontinued products, or those that arrive with shipping damage. We also help create a luxury experience for our clients, including the HGTV style “big reveal.” Procuring furnishings and décor is a crucial role in an interior design business, so most designers (myself included) work hard to ensure that trade items are sold at a


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

RETREAT Design by Claudia Josephine Design Photography by Laura Sumrak Photostyling by Kendra Surface

fair price. However, if you’re a bargain hunter and prefer to purchase items yourself, you may be better off with a design consultant versus a full service designer or firm. If you’re a working professional, busy parent, or would just rather not deal with the project management involved in good design, then a full service option is a great solution to free up your valuable time. There are many factors that determine how long a project may take, including the number of revisions a client requests, a client’s level of involvement, how many projects a designer is working on at any given time, and factors outside of a designer’s control, such as the recent pandemic. For a larger home, expect the design process to take at least a year or more from the initial consultation to the final installation. Good design cannot be rushed. Because design is a creative process, we need time consider all the options and develop a plan that is right for our clients’ needs. However, it is reasonable to ask for an estimate of time, so don’t be shy. Good communication is key to building a satisfying working relationship with your designer.

If you have design queries, feel free to reach out.

It’s important to find a designer who is a good fit for your budget and needs because you’ll be working with her for months, if not years, to come. I hope my advice helps you to find your perfect match. Best of luck with your home!

Send your questions via direct message on Instagram @claudiajosephinedesign. Please be sure to include photos, if applicable. Your question may be answered in my column!

XOXO, Claudia Volume 5, Issue 3 |



Design – and Customer Service – to Envy…. J. LANDON DECORATIVE LIGHTING by Susan Gray, of GrayBlackBook, photography by Jim Schmid For Matt Launspach, his decision to acquire J. Landon, a family-owned business located in Charlotte, NC, was made after a labor of careful research. He was drawn to the fact that this company had already set a precedence for providing exceptional customer service that paralleled his own philosophy. However, it was Matt’s passion for luxury design as well as the location of the business in North Carolina, that solidified his decision to confidently purchase and further develop the brand. Today, J. Landon is one of the area’s most dynamic resources for luxury products and services and remains family owned.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

RETREAT LIGHTING Now, under Matt’s direction J. Landon is committed to fur-

best possible end result.

Not only do they feature a show-

ther instilling a high-level client experience. Matt’s team has

room and inventory of high-end design statement lighting

successfully accomplished this while maintaining and attract-

fixtures and supplies, their attention to detail and client ser-

ing an immense client base. Clients, including designers, home

vice is unsurpassed. From Matt’s background in managing

owners, and builders more continually seek the full-service de-

high-value financial portfolios for his clients, his focus has

sign expertise of Matt and his trained staff at any stage of a

shifted to cultivating high level relationships to effectively


produce an impressive and sustainable end result for each

For every client, the J. Landon experience is a fully integrated process and the team is committed to providing the

client – both with the products selected and with the service provided.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



Matt and his team have carefully curated the most coveted designers and manufacturers. To stay on point with market trends and to stay competitive with current market pricing, J. Landon has created programs tailored to interior designers and custom home builders that give access to all the top lighting manufacturers that they may in turn pass their expertise and savings to their clients. J Landon design team worked with Hudson Valley Lighting Group to create a dynamic and luxurious lighting statement in a kitchen that perfectly complemented the open floor plan and furnishings of the adjacent great room. This shows how lighting not only ties a room together, but can bring harmony to an entire area. J. L. Landon offers the expertise of in-house designers to guide each customer through the entire process of selection, installation and operation. A fully trained staff of installation technicians complete the process as part of the enhanced client experience offered by J. Landon. Whether a client has selected an internationally recognized designer from the vast collection of featured manufacturers to collaborating with one of their in-house expert designers on signature track lighting, the attention is in the details. Matt and his team are committed to growing their business to include clients all along the East Coast. Part of the enhanced client experience is catering from beginning to end -- their emphasis is on implementing a continual process from inception through completion. Matt’s dedication to growing the business to be one of the most sought-after carriers of dynamic fixtures from leading designers is apparent by satisfied clients as featured on Houzz as well as comments on Social Media. Now, more than ever, this is an important time to support independently owned small businesses and Lux Lifestyle Magazine has outlined a significant resource here: “J Landon not only offers a creative collection of decorative lighting for every design aesthetic to satisfy tastes from classic to eclectic, they have created a dynamic customer experience offering lighting for all lifestyles combined with exceptional customer service.”

J. LANDON DECORATIVE LIGHTING 2504 Dunavant St., Charlotte, NC 28203 | 704-376-4522


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

More than lighting. An experience.

2504 Dunavant St., Charlotte, NC 28203 704.376.4522 | | @jlandondecorativelighting


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.



Volume 5, Issue 3 |



As president of Jim Phelps Collections, Phelps has been able to develop and create living spaces that capture every nuance of his clients’ imagination.

The Palmetto Bluff home encompasses so much creativity and captures the feel of the South Carolina low country. Warm and inviting gas lanterns welcome visitors at the home’s front entrance. Carefully curated stonework make the entrance impressively regal as one ascends up to the open covered porch. A seat in a wooden rocking chair beckons on the opposite end porch, whether it be to enjoy a morning tea or an evening cocktail with a friend. From a distance the clean, light roof line is a work of art in itself with sharp lines and gentle curves. Inside the home, with breathtaking views from the floor to ceiling windows, the living space radiates in natural light. Airy and bright, the floor plan is open and views of the natural landscape are prevalent wherever the eyes wonder.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


Clean and spacious, the home is open for entertaining with a wine bar wall that embraces modern style as well as traditional esthetics. Roomy areas between the living areas allows for graceful movement throughout the entertaining arena. The open dining area and view allow for delightful dinner gatherings. The flow between the light and merging kitchen and living area allow for a synergistic living environment. The contrast between the dark flooring and light walls gives a classic tasteful immersion blend. Phelps notes his favorite area of the home is the kitchen family area.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

Sleeping areas include expansive viewing win-

When asked about his relationship with custom-

dows to embrace the beauty of the low country.

ers in building process, Phelps shares “Well, the

Exposed brick provides a textured backdrop wall

clients are super good friends of ours now so one of

nook accented by exquisite lighting accent piece.

my favorite things is actually being able to stay in

Ample walk-in closet space with carefully selected

this home from time to time. That never happens

shelving complements a spacious clean, modern

as we design homes- so seeing how it lives and how


they live in it and, most importantly how happy they are in it, is by far the biggest payoff.”

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


Phelps adds, “This is the second home I have designed for these folks, and they really wanted to raise the bar

How does Phelps find his inspiration? Per his website,

for that area. Needless to say, I treated this home like

“I re-energize my creative thinking by returning to my

my “9th symphony”! With huge overhangs and incor-

other passions. Often times this includes kicking back

porating giant brackets around the home, it really gives

on our small farm with our furry friends, working out-

it a “modern low country” feel!”

side, traveling, and taking in architecture from around the world.”


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

Going further into detail, Jim explains, “My background goes back from a child in the business

Phelps himself has recently moved from North Carolina to Montana.

loving the idea that if you dream up amazing, fun

“We moved to Montana just over a year ago and

and unique ideas people will build it. I expand on

love it! Running my business here has been tested

this daily and live by the principle that we have one

with COVID-19, however, everything has worked

shot to get it right. Every time I sit down to design a

out great. Zoom is a wonderful thing and our clients

new home, it’s my hope that my work inspires many

are very excited about the designs we are putting

generations to come just as many great designers


and architects did for me.”

JIM PHELPS COLLECTION, LLC 16 Lazy HM Road, East Helena, Montana 59635 704.239.5372


BUILDER Richard Best Custom Homes

DESIGNER S | Wilkins Interior Design

Volume 5, Issue 3 |






photography by Sargent Architectural Photography


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


Volume 5, Issue 3 |


RETREAT 20 of the nation’s most prominent design firms came together to design The Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach. The fourth annual Florida iteration of the esteemed Show House program in New York City, launched in April. In Just under three months, the group of talented designers transformed a 4,400 sq. foot Mediterranean villa on South Flagler Dr. consisting of five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a formal living and dinning room, together with lushly landscaped grounds. The home features breathtaking water views of the Intracoastal waterway from every room in the house. Three outdoor terraces, a tropical pool area and direct access to sandy Flagler beach bring together the most luxurious elements of both indoor and outdoor Florida living. The show home benefits the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County.

LORNA GROSS DINNING ROOM The “Menagerie Dining Room” by Lorna Gross of the DC - based firm, Lorna Gross Interior Design, is a whimsical, enchanted space with a collection of unique antique, vintage and hand crafted pieces from around the world coupled with signature touches of sophistication and glam. The room is anchored by a custom Flora rug artfully designed and hand-knotted by New Moon Rugs, featuring 174 color combinations. Floating above the dining table is a dramatic gold leaf and rattan sculptured chandelier by Currey & Company.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


Volume 5, Issue 3 |



BENJAMIN DEATON - LIVING ROOM Inspiration for “Parlour Games” by Benjamin Deaton of Kentucky-based Benjamin Deaton Interior Design was derived from the azure walls of Bunny Mellon’s iconic Manhattan dining room. The silk-clad wall covering from Phillip Jeffries and chocolate lacquered mantel are cozy, yet maintain a feeling of cool that is suitable for the tropical climate. Curtains from The Shade Store in a crisp, yet casual white linen fabric of to the laid back lifestyle of Palm Beach and compliment the pops of color scattered throughout the room.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


MALLY SKOK SECOND FLOOR SEATING AREA Flattering tones of corals, pinks and apricots reign supreme in “The Sunny Spot” by Mally Skok of the Massachusetts-based

Mally Skok

Designs. Skok’s own “Secret Temple” wallpaper covers the walls with whimsy Benjamin Moore paint the the shade of “Golden Gate” adorns the trim. A custom bench invites one to relax and unwind to the sun drenched space among layers of pillows, artwork, and objects that complete the space.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


RETREAT BRITTANY BROMLEY - GUEST ROOM “Le Jardin des Perroquets” by Westchester-based Brittany Bromley of Brittany Bromley Interiors represents the designer’s favorite French inspired design elements, mixed with a soft, Plam beach style palette. The highly decorated respite features a stunning, hand painted, scenic wallpaper complemented with an overall color scheme of soft, feminine pinks, creams and aquas. The intricate cornices, created in collaboration with The Shade Store, draw the eye upward and give the overall impression of traditional European style window treatments. Other notable decorative elements include delicate, antique French crystal light fixtures, whimsical trim decoration and antique botanical prints. The room is grounded by a hand painted, Bunny Mellon-esque floor, and a soft pale Venetian plaster ceiling.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


NINA MAGON - GUEST BEDROOM When approaching the design of “Contessa’s Bedroom”, Houstan-based Nina Magon of Nina Magon Studio merged classical elements into a modern and futuristic design with distinguished furniture pieces. Benjamin Moore’s Rosy Tan color serves as a backdrop for the architecturally designed space which boasts a luscious rug by New Moon Rugs beneath a custom designed bed frame wrapped in Dekton by Consentino, complete with an upholstered headboard in a textile by Fabricut. The chic white bedding adds a subtle sophistication and the drapery fabricated by The Shade Store, creates an elegant refined statement for the room.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



ALEXANDRA NARANJO - GUEST BATH The guest bath underwent a dramatic transformation at the hands of Ontario - based Alexandra Naranjo of Alexandra Naranjo Designs. Titled “ Interlude in Indigo,” KOHLER’s Artifacts freestanding Tub in Indigo Blue is on display under an oversized gold chandelier by Currey & Company. Stunning wall coverings by de Gurney and Phillip Jeffries sweep visitors into an enchanted blue jungle while indigo and sapphire tones appear again in the drapery panels. The trim is drenched in Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy. A gold metallic raffia wall covering on the ceiling completes the look.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

RETREAT ELLEN KAVANAUGH - AWNING COVERED BALCONY Aptly named “ Bar Mustique,” Ellen Kavanaugh of Palm Beach - based Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors drew inspiration from chickee huts often found in the Caribbean islands, as well as organic, natural textures and handmade, artisanal pieces that celebrate the art of the craft. Finishes and materials like sun-bleached washed linens mixed with glamorous silk and antiques mixed with mid-century modern upholstery lend themselves to comfortable, chic living. The bar, made of brass and minimalistic in design, serves as the focal point while a variety of native plants, candles, and beautiful accoutrements offset the space.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.


GREEN By Allison Parker

Images of spring blossoms and vibrant trees, a spacious centrally located piece of nature that all residents and visitors alike can enjoy - Thinking Central Park? Think Charlotte with the movement for Queens Park.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |


With a plan to repurpose land owned by Norfolk Suf-

Being one of the most expanding cities in the U.S.,

folk Railroad, a group of active citizens have a vision for

it’s time for Charlotte to use this momentum to drive

the vibrant birth of a park worthy of Charlotte’s world

it’s planning to world class planning for a city of such

class city ranking.

great growth span.

With many pocket parks located throughout the city

For committee member, Mary Mac Stallings, feelings

limits, Charlotte is familiar with green space yet there is

about the planning of such a park has been a gleaming

not a centrally located green space of substantial sizing


to match Charlotte’s growth. It is a perplexing thought

Mac shares, “When I was coming home from Atlanta,

that the City has one of the most underperforming park

it struck me that Charlotte has a gap in green space in

systems in the United States.

a pivotal location, it’s been a ‘bee in my bonnet’ every


since to get involved to bring the idea to the right people and gather momentum to create one.” Working with committee members, Stallings has

• In 2019, Charlotte’s parks ranked 96th out of the 100 largest cities in America.

been instrumental in creating the web space to showcase park plans for Queens Park ( Stallings has utilized her marketing

• Only 6% of Charlotte’s land is used for parks and recreation. • The national average is 15%. The average American city spends $90 per resident on parks. Charlotte spends around half that amount ($48 per resident). Charlotte’s bars are dog friendly, but our dog parks are in the 21st percentile (0.5 dog parks per 100,000 residents).


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.

company, The Agency, and local influence to be a shing light to spread the word about the park movement. The committee has a plethora of active, successful Charlotteans eager to make the vision a reality. Members of the team include Eric Spengler, Executive Director (Attorney, Spengler and Agans, PLLC), Mary Mac Stallings, Director, Media Relations (Partner and Brand Director, The Agency), David Amalong, Director (Principal, Stewart) Rugel Chiriboga, Director

(Principal, ODELL) Nesha Pai, Treasurer (CPA, Pai

Where next? Active voices keep projects alive! If you

CPA PLLC), and Tony Kuhn, Director (President and

are reading this and like or even LOVE what you are read-

Founder, Flywheel Group).

ing (and who wouldn’t?), consider supporting the Queens

The visions for Queens Park include the creation of an

Park Initiative by checking out the plans on https://

outdoor gathering space in a railyard north of uptown and follow up with committee

into a 220-acre park. Queens Park would be the big-

members to share your support.

gest park in the metro region. The site is in a desirable

If you’d like to publicly be a promoter, you’re

location that borders the Lynx Blue Line, the Charlotte

welcome to share the love by wearing a Queens Park sup-

Rail Trail, and several of Charlotte’s idyllic neighbor-

portive T-Shirt available on https://www.queensparkclt.

hoods, including Noda, Villa Heights, Optimist Park, and


Druid Hills. A plus is that the park is in a Federal Economic Opportunity Zone, with tax credits for development.

Knowledge is power and spreading the word, big or small, helps promote the dream into a reality.

Queens Park would encompass three main areas of focus. The first being Quality of Life. Nature and neighborhood accessibity all encourage active living. Additionally, Culture and Identity would include public art, music, and authenticity with local artists. Finally, Community and Inclusivity give the park a platform to promote engagement, public gathering space and educational outreach opportunities for all residents and visitors.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |





.1 BA | 5,213 SQ F T | $2,195,0 0 0


5428 Carmel Park Dr. Charlotte, NC 28226






“With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, I thoroughly enjoy my career as a residential real estate agent and have learned that the most important thing I can do for my clients is to listen to what they have to say and then act on their behalf

Over 25 years of experience in the real estate

based on my training, experience and instincts.” A native Charlottean, I have also lived in San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Buying and selling homes for my family throughout


the United States has given me a unique insight of the ins and outs of relocation whether across town or across the country.

Volume 5, Issue 3 |



215 Inverrary Rd. in Prestigious Fairwoods on 7, a gated Community adjoining Pinehurst Resort and Country Club.


REALTY GROUP If you want to

910.528.6427 PRIVATE Estate on over 4 acres within the gates of prestigious Fairwoods on 7, a gated


Community adjoining the Pinehurst Resort and Country Club. Minutes from the Historic Vil-


and #15 of Pinehurst No 7. Short golf cart ride to the famed Pinehurst NO 2 course, home of

you need to KNOW LIN.

lage of Pinehurst. Surrounded by over 1000 feet of golf frontage including golf holes #13, #14 the 1999, 2004, 2014 and soon to be 2024 U.S Open. Gracious grounds, extensive covered porches, and gorgeous home with all the charm of a southern sanctuary. Open floorpan, lavish finishes, gourmet kitchen and walls of glass surrounding handsome dining room and large Carolina Room. An elevator goes to the second floor Home Theatre and Club room with entrance to roof deck for panoramic views of golf and private grounds. Spectacular! Golfing in the area since 1978, Lin knows the Pinehurst Real Estate market. Lin is a top local agent and in the top 1% of U.S. agents nationwide. Lin’s goal is to delight her clients and her focus is on finding the right LIFESTYLE.


Volume 5, Issue 3 | www.




8000 Wicklow H MLS 3626977 |



9002 Masters Court Waxhaw, NC, 28173

70 Lis Ive



704.620.0328 A former TV news anchor, Lisa believes the home buying and selling process should be as enjoyable as possible. She’ll make sure you find your dream home! With her wealth of real estate knowledge and a steadfast work ethic, Lisa has made it her mission to help her clients enjoy a stress-free transaction from beginning to end. Her ded-

Senior Broker, Christie’s International Real Estate Luxury Specialist, Certified

ication to going above and beyond for her clients has included donning a beekeeper suit to help remove honey bees from one home, to project managing numerous updates at a listing in just 3 short days. Lisa provides a complimentary staging consult for her seller clients and is committed to getting sellers top dollar for their homes in a timely manner. She wants your real estate experience to be an exceptional one. She is enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable and a strong negotiator who truly cares

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HM PROPERTIES My ultimate goal is to provide excellent service with perseverance, honesty and integrity to all clients by providing a happy and enjoyable buying or selling experience. Achieving that goal has created lifelong clients. 118


Patty was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is a 1983 graduate of the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Upon graduation, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and began her real estate career with Harry Norman Realtor®s. She has continued in real estate for 37 years. She has been a consistent Top Producer for many years – averaging $20–$40 million in annual sales. Patty was the co–founder of HM Properties in 2006.

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IVESTER JACKSON 704.560.7201 Susan Dolan has more than 10 years of experience in the luxury real estate market. As a multi-million dollar producer in the Lake Norman area, Susan sells some of the lake’s finest homes in the most sought after locations in the Charlotte region. She has extensive knowledge of the area schools, communities, and lifestyles, whether you are looking for country club amenities, lake living, or small town charm. Susan is committed to superior client service and satisfaction. She is an experienced ASP homage stager. and also offers complimentary home staging services as part of her representation.

Susan is committed to superior client service and satisfaction.

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Fall in love with Cayman’s flavours. Grace Byers


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8500 Longview Club Drive

8109 Skyecroft Commons Drive

MLS 3704267 | $1.895 M

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9002 Masters Court

1212 Venetian Way

MLS 3698091 | $1.55 M

MLS 3703804 | $ 1.155 M

Questions about buying or selling a home in today’s market? Call me today for a complimentary consultation!

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Resplendent at the entrance of Boka Bay, a Fjord-like idyll on Montenegro’s Adriatic Sea, One&Only Portonovi is a year-round haven where cultural wonders and fresh-air adventures meet the glamour of Europe’s most fashionable new Riviera. -One&Only If you are thinking about taking an exotic vacation this summer, you may have targeted the Med-iterranean. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has made international travel spotty at best. Italy, Spain, and France have closed their borders; however, other locations are open. There is a new hotel opening in Portonovi on the Adriatic Mediterranean that will be welcoming international travelers. What should travelers know about this new hotel?


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The One&Only Hotel Opens its Doors in Portonovi One&Only is a unique, luxurious Resort that is set to open this May. Recently, the hotel hosted a formal opening ceremony. As the staff works to perfect the details of this beautiful hotel, the first guests are going to be welcomed on the 1st of May 2021 in Montenegro. Which means you could be lying on the beach with the Mediterranean sun washing over you, sipping ouzo by Me-morial Day.


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The hotel itself has quickly positioned itself at the Crown Jewel of the Adriatic. Square in the middle of Boka Bay in Herceg Novi, the property itself sits on 60 acres of beautiful resort property. The resort is an easily accessible one-hour drive from Dubrovnik, with the airport served by a range of airlines as well as private jets. Guests who stay at the One&Only will also have amazing, dramatic views of the coastline, which includes both the mountains and the sea. One&Only is positioned in a region with incredible diversity. This includes ancient towns steeped with history, friendly people overflowing with energy, secluded beaches that beckon, and countless amenities that no other location will be able to match.

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If you decide to stay at the One&Only, you will enjoy a unique blend of modern, nautical living. Privacy blends beautifully with luxury, as the hotel works to give you everything you are looking for during your vacation. Whether you want to relax in your room, go on a hike, or take a dip in the Adriatic, One&Only has been positioned to offer it all. As you explore everything that One&Only has to offer, you have access to numerous choices. You can enjoy a large room, sweet, or Villa. Rooms are designed with windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, allowing plenty of natural light. The interior has been planned meticulously, making sure that you truly feel like you are surrounded by luxury.

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Finally, the staff at One&Only have been trained to make sure all of your needs are taken care of. With a single phone call, you can have your needs addressed by customer service teams that always place your desires first. The world famous Spa, Chenot Espace offers a multi-dimensional wellness experience. Even though the One&Only has already become known for its unparalleled views of the surrounding natural area, there is also plenty to do in this location. One&Only is positioned close to galleries, boutiques, and cafés. When you are not relaxing in your hotel room, you will have the opportunity to check out numerous Mediterranean-style villages in the area. You can simply take a stroll right down the block and explore shopping and dining opportunities in the region.


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ESCAPE Explore the Mediterranean Through Portonovi, Greece, and Turkey Right now, the international borders of Turkey and Greece are open, along with Portonovi. To access Turkey and Greece, You need to get a coronavirus PCR test taken within 3 days of arrival. As long as you can produce proof of a negative PCR test within 3 days of your arrival in Turkey or Greece, you should be let into the country. Importantly, a PCR test is different from a rapid antigen swab. Because vacation options are limited in the Mediterranean, you should act as quickly as possible if you are planning on exploring these exotic locations. Even though the hotel will open its doors on the 1st of May, it is possible reservations could get booked quickly. You may want to extend your vacation timeline to later this summer or early fall if you want to access the Adriatic along with its mountains, coastline, and vacation opportunities. The water will still be fantastic, the food will still be delicious, and the weather will still be warm. Even though there are some countries in the Mediterranean that have closed their borders this summer, the One&Only in Portonovi will be opening its doors to guests, providing numerous vacation opportunities to individuals and families from all over the world.


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2021 E 9th STREET IN CHARLOTTE, NC 4 B R | 3 .1 B A | 3 , 52 7 S Q F T | E L I Z A B E T H | $ 1 , 3 9 5 ,0 0 0 Located in the heart of Elizabeth, this home is a perfect blend of an original 1929 cottage and a 2021 new build. Charm abounds from the deep front porch to the gathering foyer with a fireplace, a study with paneled walls, formal dining room and gourmet kitchen with butler’s pantry that opens to the great room. Access the deck from the great room or master suite, complete with fabulous closet and luxurious master bath. Upper level features a media loft and 3 generous sized bedrooms each with bathroom access. The lower level is the perfect place for a playroom or home gym, and opens to expansive landscaped back yard.

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