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Charlotte, NC. Jackson Hole, WY. www.anneburesh.com

How would someone be able to tell the design was yours? What makes your style significantly you? My goal is to always design a space that celebrates the clients’ parts and pieces that make our lives. My designs tie those elements together for a unified and authentic story. I want your spaces to cultivate emotions and feelings that resonate when one’s life experiences are expressed through design. Your home should be a space where people feel comfortable and relaxed – where you can kick your feet up, enjoy each other’s company, and share a toast to the beauty of life. I want to create serenity that is calming and fulfilling for our clients. I always complete a project with a gift of a bowl of nuts – a nod to Southern hospitality. Do you recommend the whole home to have similar colors or should each room be very individual? Your home should have cohesive unity and balance. While each room may have its distinct use, the entire space should work together. I start my process by seeing the outside environment, the exterior landscape, and the home’s architecture. I like to come through the front door, whether in-person or virtually, to get a sense of the home’s aesthetics. My goal is to bring in the soft, serene colors from the environment that are naturally soothing. I like to introduce calming colors at the beginning in the foyer. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the entrance is the introduction for the feeling of the home and sets the tone and the connection that flows throughout the rest of the home.


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