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Highlights A New Normal T

he world is awash in clamoring voices, conflicting data, in authorities and powers beyond our control. The news, it seems, is unusually bad: Foreclosures. Jobless rates. Policy debates. Two thousand years ago, some startling news drew the attention of shepherds, wise men and a king: A child was born. A child who fulfilled a long-studied, wellknown prophecy that was seven centuries old. Few knew then, but that child, Jesus Christ, was bringing a new normal to Earth. A normal built on good news, not bad. On love, not punishment. On sacrifice, not selfishness. Some feared it, and they feared it greatly. King Herod, Matthew tells us, called together the chief priests and teachers of the law, the best and brightest of his kingdom. They recited the prophecy. They pointed Herod toward his perceived threat.

Herod used all his earthly powers to bend the wise men to his will. To help him track down the baby. To erase the perceived threat. Herod failed. Repeatedly. In fact, Jesus lived to turn the world on its head. He touched the untouchables and healed the lame. He comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable. He died to redeem our sins – and arose from the dead, proving His power. In this new year, headlines and leaders clamor for our attention. They fuel our earthly fears. But like the wise men, our attention is drawn to a boy, a Jewish boy, who established a new, amazing normal. This Christmas season, the new normal of Christ remains a guiding star for all Christians, and for the world. May God grant you a new year of blessings and of grace. A new year of a new normal — one wrapped in the love of the Father and the Son.

“After Jesus was born in Bethlehem, in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asked, ‘Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star, and have come to worship him.’ ” — Matthew 2:1-2

News About Lutheran Homes of Michigan And Related Services

Our Mission As Christ’s servants on earth, Lutheran Homes of Michigan serves the elderly and their caregivers with compassion, respect, spiritual support and an unwavering focus on independence, personal dignity and service excellence.

Our Values Excellence Christ-centered Integrity Empowerment Sanctity of Life

Verse of the Year “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God, and not from us.” — 2 Corinthians 4:7


The Best of Times


e all know the classic opening words from “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times … .” He was speaking of the French Revolution, but we could apply those same words to the era we are in: The best of times, the worst of times … all at one time.

Headlines and newscasts inescapably make the case that this is the “worst of times.” I won’t repeat them here; you know them well enough. Instead, let’s look at how this is “the best of times.” To do so, we first must understand that the lens we Christians look through is the lens of Hope. Without this focus, we can easily despair into the “worst of times” mentality. As people of faith, we know that God is always at work in the lives of His people. We know that in trying times, people explore the big questions of life, questions deferred in times of plenty and seemingly easy wealth. As Christians, God gives us the answers to those big questions. In tough times – if we live as people of Hope – we have the opportunity to share His most precious gifts. At Lutheran Homes of Michigan, we stand amazed that despite tough times, God continues to bless us in every way. Lean times provide us the opportunity to serve more seniors and their caregivers, as diminished resources require additional support. We see

increased commitment in our growing list of volunteers, driven by their faith and desire to serve. We’ve been blessed with an expanding roster of folks who give financially to support our work. And finally, due to careful stewardship provided by the Board of Directors and many within the Lutheran Homes of Michigan team, we are enjoying a strong financial era, even as others struggle. That’s an amazing trend: In this time of personal financial struggles, serious state and federal cutbacks and high unemployment, Lutheran Homes is being blessed with more volunteers, more donors and more financial stability to serve more people. To God be the glory! Perhaps it’s time for you to make – or increase – your commitments to God. Maybe that means volunteering or supporting our ministry of care financially. By doing so, you just might help someone experiencing the “worst of times” to see “the best of times” through the true Hope you can offer.

Together in Service,

President & CEO


Lutheran Homes of Michigan’s 2010 Verse of the Year Since 1998, Lutheran Homes of Michigan has selected a verse to be its focus for the year, sharing it with residents, clients, staff, volunteers and supporters. The purpose of the verse is to center the heart of the ministry on one spiritual truth. This year, as we move through challenging and uncertain times, we are reminded of God’s power, and His unwavering love and blessings in our lives. With that in mind, the verse chosen for 2010 is 2 Corinthians 4:7:

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God, and not from us.”

Lutheran Homes of Michigan


The People Behind the Numbers S

tatistics. We hear so many statistics in our everyday conversations, and many are related to current economic conditions. But are we becoming numb to the numbers? How often do we consider the actual people behind these numbers? Let me give you an example. Every year, Lutheran Homes of Michigan’s Hospice of Hope has a yard sale to raise money for underfunded programs and services for the people and families we serve. This year, one family donated an autoharp. Recognizing its value, one dedicated yard sale volunteer pulled the autoharp aside. As a result, it made its way to our music therapist, who now uses it for sessions with residents at The Manors, Lutheran Home Frankenmuth, and in the homes of Lutheran Home Care Agency clients. Enter Bill. Bill has Parkinson’s. He used to play string bass in a band and at his church, but the advance of his disease ended his bass playing. Our music therapist took the autoharp to Bill’s home and engaged him in music therapy sessions. Even with his limited dexterity, Bill was able to play the instrument, and his outlook changed for the better. “The thing I like the best is it gets me back into music,” Bill said. He had missed playing instruments, and the compact autoharp fits easily into his home and routine.

The world’s “new normal” would have us focus on bad statistics about our state and national economy. The world’s new normal drags us down. It tells us what is not possible. Heaven’s “new normal” instead focuses on God’s love and His blessings. It uplifts us and those around us through generosity, caring and service, just as it did in Bill’s case. Heaven’s new normal makes the impossible possible. In 2010, why not make God’s new normal your new normal? Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the joy of serving and helping someone this year.

Having an LHCA caregiver and the music therapist in their home and their lives “has made a huge difference,” said Bill’s wife, Rita.

Together in Service,

Executive Director

“It’s a wonderful program,” she said.

LHM Foundation

Bill with the donated autoharp.


Bill easily could have become a statistic: one of the countless individuals living with Parkinson’s, a home care AL KAUL services recipient, another person missing a beloved activity. But Bill’s life has been touched in significant ways by a chain reaction of caring people. That includes the family that owned the autoharp, the volunteer, the music therapist — and the donors who fund 100 percent of Lutheran Homes’ music therapy program. Every day at Lutheran Homes of Michigan, God uses gifts to bring others closer to Him in simple but powerful ways.

Leadership as a Norm

For Lutheran Homes of Michigan, leadership is the norm. Two very special gatherings prove it:

An invitation to the future

A thank you to the past

In October, the first Lutheran Homes of Michigan Leadership Institute class graduated after 10 months of individual homework, regular group sessions, readings, studies and mentoring.

November brought another special gathering: A luncheon for past Lutheran Homes of Michigan board members.

Members of the class were drawn from throughout Lutheran Homes campuses and ministries, from all sorts of jobs. The express purpose: Helping to train the next generation of LHM leaders.

The idea was sparked by Bob Krueger, a longtime former board member and chairman. He now resides at the Lutheran Home Monroe.

Two attendees at the luncheon for former board members reminisce over past literature.

“Our aim with the Institute is to identify people who have shown good leadership in their current positions, and help them grow with us,” said David M. Gehm, CEO and president. “The Institute did that, but it also did much more: It created and improved bonds between our campuses and ministries. That helps us serve seniors, their families and caregivers better.” “In these challenging times, that’s a very big deal.” Based on the sometimes emotional comments of graduates — who said the Institute helped challenge them as students, workers and Christians — the coursework had a distinct, positive impact.

Board members and their spouses caught up, reminisced and found out how Lutheran Homes of Michigan has grown since their tenures.

They were taken on a virtual tour of Lutheran Homes sites, campuses and ministries, and briefed on future plans and strategies. “As a former LHM board member myself, and now a corporate team member, it was great to catch up with people I served with and those who helped build Lutheran Homes from the ground up,” said Dennis Krafft, who is in charge of LHM Asset Management, a new venture to help manage LHM’s 10 campuses and facilities across the state.

The second Leadership Institute kicked off this month with a new group of future leaders.

“I think it was eye-opening for them to see how their hard work and sacrifices have paid off,” Krafft said. “They helped build the foundation for our financially strong, Christian organization, with a clear focus on serving seniors.”

Graduates and leaders of the first Lutheran Homes of Michigan Leadership Institute at their graduation ceremony.

Current and former Lutheran Homes of Michigan board members and chairpersons at a luncheon honoring their contributions.


A horse-drawn carriage offered rides between the condominiums and the apartments.

Alpena Village hosts open house


hristmas cheer was in high gear at Alpena Village in December, with an open house featuring The Willows condominiums and The Pines apartments. Vendors and the public enjoyed delicious snacks, and Girl Scouts caroled their way through the campus. Horse-drawn rides kept visitors moving between the condos and the affordable apartments.

At The Pines, Santa paid a special visit, and fresh-baked cookies were the order of the evening.

of Michigan. It is in Alpena, adjacent to Alpena Community College, in a wooded setting.

Alpena Village, an active adult community for residents 55 and better, is a joint project of Lutheran Homes of Michigan and Presbyterian Villages

If you or someone you know is interested in being “At Home, Up North,” please contact the Village toll-free at 866.757.0011 or e-mail For more information, you can also visit

Freshly baked and decorated cookies were enjoyed at a recent Alpena Village open house.


An infant visits with Santa Claus during the open house at The Pines apartments. Vendors provided delicious treats — and potential Christmas presents.

Back to Normal — With Respite Care at The Manors


ometimes, a little help goes a long way. – all just steps away from her suite. When Katy’s mother, Lillian, fell and “Everyone who came in my suite said broke her shoulder in the Saginaw area, ‘Wow!’” Lillian said. they both needed help — Lillian to recover, As they were considering options for and Katy to get some rest and start a new Lillian’s recovery, Katy said the hospital job in metro Detroit. That’s where the handed her a list of potential facilities. Lutheran Home Care Agency and The Along with the recommendation of the Manors’ respite care program came in to Lutheran Home Care Agency’s therapist help. — whose own mother had stayed at The Lillian received in-home therapy from Manors — Lillian and the family decided the agency and found a great place to stay on the respite stay at The Manors. at The Manors while she recovered. “We “I scanned through the list, and I see just needed something I call ‘gap coverage’ ‘Lutheran Homes of Michigan,’ and – — she didn’t need full nursing care,” Katy bingo! — I have my comfort level met said. right there (based on Lutheran Homes’ Lillian customized her suite with touches from home, and she enjoyed delicious, chefprepared meals and hairdressing services

reputation),” Katy said. Less than 90 days later, Lillian was home again, independent and feisty as ever, and completing her therapy. “This was the best experience,” Katy said. “It was truly stellar service. The level of comfort was huge.” Lillian said The Manors is her first choice for friends and acquaintances facing a similar situation or looking for a long-term senior living residence with excellent services. Find more information on The Manors, the Lutheran Home Care Agency and campuses with respite care at www. Katy and Lillian found the perfect respite care at The Manors in Saginaw Township.

Making your blessings count


ith a new year under way — and an April tax deadline approaching — now is a good time to start thinking about your charitable giving for 2010. Whether it is to your favorite church, charity or the Lutheran Homes of Michigan Foundation, your generous gifts have big impacts, especially these days. With matching programs through your employer and others, those gifts often can be leveraged into even larger amounts, reaching more people in the ministries, charities and areas you care about. Donating gifts such as stocks, insurance proceeds and other investments also can help ease your tax burden or the tax burden of your estate. Please check with a tax adviser for details about your personal situation and opportunities. As you decide how to disperse your blessings this year and beyond, please consider making a gift to the LHM Foundation. We’ve included an envelope in this issue of Highlights to make that easier for you. You also can contact the foundation directly at 989.262.7386 or via e-mail at lhmfoundation@


We’re in the neighborhood... Alpena Fairview

Bay City Saginaw Frankenmuth Livonia Westland Gibraltar Niles


At Lutheran Homes of Michigan, we’ve been serving seniors and their families for more than a century. We have flexible services and housing choices to fit every person and lifestyle — at your place or ours.

Please call us at

989.652.3470 or visit our Web site today!

...or just a phone call away!


re you a senior in the Saginaw Valley area who needs some help around the house, or a trusted referral for services?


Are you a family member or caregiver with concerns about a relative or neighbor? Help is just a phone call away! The CareTec Network Help Center, a service of Lutheran Homes of Michigan, can connect you with trusted businesses and services eager to serve seniors and their families.


The Help Center currently serves the Saginaw Valley area, in a 50-mile radius around Frankenmuth.

Our “smilers” answer your call, listen to understand your needs and issues, then offer solutions customized to your personal situation. Give the Help Center a call today at 888.652.8359! Or check out more details about the CareTec Network at

Save the dates! To help you plan ahead, here are some important Lutheran Homes of Michigan events coming up in 2010: Saturday, April 24, 2010 Lutheran Homes of Michigan Annual Meeting & Banquet Our annual meeting will again be at the Johnson Center, 3750 Cleary Drive, Howell. The center is part of Cleary University.

Monday, June 14, 2010 12th Annual Lutheran Homes of Michigan Golf Outing We return this year to The Majestic at Lake Walden, a lovely, challenging course. Our 2009 outing included more than 100 golfers and raised more than $39,000 for seniors in our care. Many thanks to our always generous sponsors, players and banquet guests!

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The Way You Cared The compassionate ministry and mission of Lutheran Homes of Michigan, and its subsidiary programs, are accomplished through the generous support of many. Please join us in recognizing the following individuals and organizations that have made a difference in recent months.

Bequests July — September 2009 Paul & Ruth Remer Endowment Fund Hulda Vates Charitable Trust

Donations July — September 2009 Ms. Claudia Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Norman Bergdolt Ms. Jennifer Beste Ms. Genevieve Blasko Ms. Thelma Bonner Ms. Ellen Boyse Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bratcher Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brown Ms. Traci Calkins Ms. Diana Campau Casey & Casey, Inc., Rochester Hills Rev. & Mrs. Carl Demeritt Mr. William Dennison Mr. & Mrs. Neil Derheimer Mr. Justin DeWitte Mrs. Esther Doletzky Ms. Gail Fairbairn Families Anonymous - ­Bay Area Chapter Mr. & Mrs. Burt Fettig Mr. & Mrs. Gary Flowers Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fournier Frankenmuth Credit Union Mr. & Mrs. David Gehm Mrs. Evelyn Gehm Ms. Mary Glynn Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Golden Mr. Lee Gonzales Ms. Marie Goodrow Mr. & Mrs. William Groulx Ms. Virginia Hausbeck Mrs. Arlene Headapohl Ms. Suzanne Heitzig Mr. Frederick Hicks Mr. & Mrs. John Hupfer In-­House Diagnostic Solutions, Southfield Mr. & Mrs. James Jakes

Rev. & Mrs. David Jung Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kamin Mr. Arthur Karam Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keinath Ms. June Klemko Ms. Diane Klosterman Mr. Raymond Kobylarz Mr. Dennis Krafft Miss Ruth Kroepel Ms. Janet Krupski Ms. Cecilia Lande Mr. Richard Langton Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Leibold Mr. & Mrs. Harold List Mr. & Mrs. Ralph List Ms. Christine List Lutheran Golf Fellowship Committee Lutheran Home Care Agency Lutheran Home Frankenmuth Lutheran Home Frankenmuth Auxiliary Lutheran Home Livonia Lutheran Home Monroe The Manors, Saginaw Mr. John Mathis Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Maurer Mrs. Patricia Maurer The Maurer Family Reunion, Frankenmuth McBrite Manor, Saginaw Ms. Agnes McCarty Meadow View Manor, Saginaw Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Meyer Millennium Medical Group West, Westland Ms. Julie Moore Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Olivier Optimist Club of Frankenmuth Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Orosz Peerless Supply, Adrian Mr. Richard Pichler Pioneer Network in Culture Change Ms. Patricia Premo Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Rademacher Ms. Jacqueline Reetz Mr. & Mrs. Mark Reschke Mr. Jeffrey Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Edward Robishaw

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Rockwell Larry Rorke, LLC, Monroe Rupp Funeral Home, Inc., Monroe Ms. Beryl Rytlewski Ms. Dorothy Scannell Olga Schiefer Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schilling Rev. & Mrs. John Schinkel Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Todd Seibt Shattuck Manor, Saginaw Ms. Maxine Smith Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Soukup St. John Lutheran Church, Midland St. Michael Lutheran School, Richville St. Michael’s Mary Martha Guild, Richville St. Paul Lutheran Church, Niles St. Paul Lutheran Church, Caledonia Ms. Brooke Taylor Thrivent - Central Wayne Chapter Thrivent - East Macomb Chapter Thrivent - Eastern Wayne Chapter Thrivent - Livingston Chapter Thrivent - Monroe Chapter Thrivent - North Macomb Chapter Thrivent - North Oakland Chapter Thrivent - Northeast Saginaw Chapter Thrivent - West Macomb Chapter Thrivent - West Saginaw Chapter Thrivent - Western Wayne Chapter Ms. Chrystal Toft Trinity Lutheran Church, Monroe United Way of Saginaw County Ms. Tammi VanAken Mr. & Mrs. Charles Volz Mr. Raymond Wagner Ms. Patricia Wagner Emil Walter Charitable Foundation Ms. Elizabeth Wertenberger Ms. Gaye Wilt Ms. Frances Wisniewski Mr. Richard Wyman Ms. Verna Zemanek Zion Lutheran Church, Monroe


Honorariums July — September 2009 ANNE ALDERTON Ms. Jane Ryan ANNE ALDERTON & ALEX SAGE Ms. Marian Ulmer MR. & MRS. RUBEN BIERLEIN Mrs. Hilda Bierlein TOM & CAROL HAREMSKI Ms. Bernice Curtis STEVE HETZMAN Mrs. Ann Stueber DON & MARGE KNOLL Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Schmitt Mr. Dave Schmitt Mr. & Mrs. Jim Schmitt COURTNEY LICAVOLI Ms. Jane Ryan ESTEVEN ROCHA Ms. Betty Peters ALEX SAGE Ms. Betty Fischer Ms. Martha Lichon Ms. Jacqueline Reetz DON SECORD Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stanifer MCBRITE MANOR STAFF Mr. Virgil Levi

Memorials July — September 2009 ARNOLD BAKER Ms. Mary I. Ferguson WILBERT GUGEL & BARBARA GUGEL Mrs. Eleanor Gugel RAYMOND BIERLEIN Mrs. Marie Bierlein EDWARD BONNELL Mr. & Mrs. Paul Clark DOUGLAS BRADFORD Mr. & Mrs. Norman Gansmiller John Carroll University Ms. Sandra Snodgrass Ms. Rheta Watson ALBERTA BUCKNER Mr. Michael Popp Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Shaffer Mr. & Mrs. John Spero MARCIA CARICO Ms. Anita Miller JEANNE COMPLO Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stanifer MARGRETTA CONZELMANN Mr. Richard Bernthal Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Knieling Mr. & Mrs. Harold Schian


DORIS CREGER Ms. Judith Creger EUGENE DERHEIMER Mrs. Betty Bamberg Mrs. Pearl Dengler DOROTHY DIERCK Mr. & Mrs. Roy Aven Mrs. Dorothy P. Bierlein Ms. Sue Bierlein Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Bierlein Mr. Gerald Fournier Mr. & Mrs. O.J. Jammer Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert Keinath Mr. & Mrs. Leo Marr Neighborhood Missionary Society Mr. & Mrs. Gary Peters Mr. & Mrs. John Spero LUELLA EHRLINGER Bavarian Inn Lodge Mr. & Mrs. Ruben Bender Mr. Randy Bierlein Ms. Sue Bierlein Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Bierlein Mr. & Mrs. Dan Bierschbach Mr. & Mrs. Robert Craft Ms. Bethany Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Curtis Mr. Jacob Daenzer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dietrich Mrs. Marie Duff Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Faerber Frankenmuth Dart Association Mr. & Mrs. Martin Gugel Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Haubenstricker Mr. & Mrs. Phil Haubenstricker Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Ittner Mr. & Mrs. Dalton Kaul Ms. Shirley Keinath Ms. Kathryn Kern Mr. & Mrs. James Kribs Mr. & Mrs. Michael Laux Mrs. Esther Lienerth Mr. & Mrs. Roland Loesel Mr. & Mrs. Junior Maurer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Maurer Mr. & Mrs. Donald Maurer Mrs. Lillian Mueller Mr. & Mrs. Alan Nuechterlein Ms. Cheryl O’Brien Ms. Sharon Patton Mr. & Mrs. Lance Peterson Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rau Mr. & Mrs. Arnold H. Rogner Schaefer & Bierlein Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Schmitt Mr. & Mrs. Louis Schuler Ms. Magan Techentien Mr. & Mrs. Donald Techentien Mr. & Mrs. John Voss Ms. Carolyn Weiss Mr. & Mrs. James Ziegler ROBERT FOSTER Ms. Lois Dunn Mrs. Rose Foster Ms. Ilean Lurvey Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Madison Ms. Sharon Lee Martin

Mr. & Mrs. David Martin Mr. & Mrs. Alex Michalski Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Przybylski VIRGINIA FRYSH Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ill MRS. MARGIE GEYER Mr. & Mrs. Robert German WILLIAM “SLIM” GILMOUR Mr. & Mrs. James Bierlein Ms. Sue Bierlein Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Spencer MAXINE GNATKOWSKI Ms. Bernice Curtis RHEA CHISM GOODMAN Ms. Marie Atkins HERB GRUEBER Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bauer JOSEPH GUALDONI Ms. Pauline Carroll Mr. & Mrs. William Eggenberger Mr. Terry Glowicki Ms. Laura Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Welch RICHARD HARRAS Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Applin Mr. Joseph Bellino Mr. & Mrs. James Bernhold Ms. Laurie Berry Ms. Loretta Bronson Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Eby Mrs. Bonnie Finzel-Doster Mr. & Mrs. Victor Fleure Ms. Patricia Gonyea The Richard Harras Family Mr. & Mrs. William Kipf Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lambrix Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Mahalak Ms. Paula Miracle Ms. Linda Myers Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nogar Ms. Mary Ann Pancone Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pawlak Ms. Mary Pigott Mrs. Marilyn Raymond Ms. Rhonda Reece Ms. Linda Roberts St. Mary Church, Monroe Mr. & Mrs. William Ziegler FRED HEIDENREICH Mr. Harold Baker Mr. Gerald Fournier Ms. Jean Friend Ms. Katherine Heidenreich Ms. Virginia Glew Jaeger Mr. & Mrs. Richard Litobar Mr. & Mrs. James Steggall Ms. Phyllis Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Philip Wuori LEONA HEIN Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bird Ms. Clara Casey Ms. Eleanore Casey Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Dettloff Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Hansen Ms. Joyce Kraskiewicz

Mr. & Mrs. Randy List Ms. Joanne Oppat PHD Network Rev. & Mrs. John Schettenhelm Mr. & Mrs. Gary Witt EVELYN HEINLEIN Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rodammer Mr. & Mrs. Dan Royal Ms. Clara Sautter Mr. & Mrs. Dale Sautter Ms. Nancy Wilke LILLIAN HOEFT Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stanifer EVELYN HOPPING Ms. Diane Bueker CARL KEINATH Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Frank Mr. & Mrs. Otto Rodammer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zehnder WINFRIED KNOLL Mr. & Mrs. Merton Roberts GLADYS LIST Ms. Barbara Graham Mr. Arthur Karam Ms. Christine List Ms. Romelda Olson Mr. & Mrs. Craig Povich Ms. Jacqueline Reetz Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stringer Ms. Maxine Trussler EDITH LONG Mr. & Mrs. Paul Scott ROBERT LUTCH Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bailer Ms. Debra Bauer Mr. & Mrs. Jason Bickel Mr. & Mrs. Michael Caswell Mr. & Mrs. Donald Compton Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Conzelmann Mr. & Mrs. Gary Conzelmann Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fouts Frankenmuth Credit Union Frankenmuth Teachers Professional Organization Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hiles Ms. Diane Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Bartley Jenniches Mr. Arthur Karam Mr. & Mrs. Donald Keller Ms. Cynthia Kociba Mr. & Mrs. Walter Koester Ms. Laverne Lankey Mr. & Mrs. John Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Loomis Mrs. Vivian Lutch Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Maurer Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Nauss Mrs. Helen Owens Mr. & Mrs. James Pace Mr. Dale Poellet Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Popp Mr. & Mrs. David Ramm E. F. Rittmueller Middle School Mr. & Mrs. Walter Roenicke Mr. & Mrs. Paul Strobel Mr. & Mrs. James VanDevelde

Mrs. Irene Wanke Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wargel Ms. Diane Wenn Mr. Ralph Worden Mr. Harold Zells Mr. & Mrs. Ron Zissler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zuellig EMMA MACH Mrs. Elizabeth Kalis Mr. & Mrs. Roger Swarthout LUCY NEALL Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Headapohl MRS. PELAGIA NOVAK Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Loesel LOUISE PALMREUTER Ms. Ann Allardyce Mr. & Mrs. Gary Haske Mr. & Mrs. Larry Huber Mr. & Mrs. David Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keinath Lutheran Home Frankenmuth Auxiliary Mr. & Mrs. John Reiff Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wells HOWARD R. PETERS Ms. Betty Peters Z. PHILLIPS Ms. Sue Bierlein MARGARET & DONALD RESCHKE Mrs. Dorothy Reschke HARLOW RUDD Ms. Donna Rudd ERVIN SCHAFER Ms. Loretta Gebhard Ms. Marjorie Hedges Mr. & Mrs. Robert Juchartz Mr. & Mrs. Dale Kregel Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Peterson Mr. Floyd Schafer Ms. Lauren Schafer Ms. Thelka Vetter ELLEN SCHELLHAS Mr. Herman Schellhas

EARL SCHLEGEL Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Weiss

Ms. Judith Harris Mr. & Mrs. John Kilby

Ms. Donna Stankewicz Ms. Elizabeth Yoskovich

BRIGETTA SCHLUCKEBIER Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Abraham Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Abraham Ms. Ann Allardyce Mr. & Mrs. James Bickel Ms. Dorothy Brenner Mrs. Irene Bronner Mrs. Ruth Clark Mrs. Eraine Collins Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Conzelmann Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Curtis Mrs. Lenore Galsterer Mrs. Eleanor Gugel Mrs. Vera Haubenstricker Mr. & Mrs. Larry Huber Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Knoll Miss Ruth Kroepel Mr. & Mrs. Paul List Dr. & Mrs. David Luhring Mrs. Loraine Rummel Mr. Arnold Scharrer Mrs. Erna Schellhas Mr. & Mrs. Larry Schluckebier Mr. & Mrs. Carl Schneirla Mrs. Elizabeth Trinklein Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilson Ms. Barbara Wojtowicz Mrs. Dorothy Zehnder Ms. Irene Zeilinger Mrs. Elizabeth Zeilinger

IRENE SPIASER Mr. & Mrs. Frank Spiaser

VINCENT URBYTES Mrs. Betty Bamberg Ms. Cheryl Bierlein Ms. Suzanne Hall Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keinath Lutheran Homes of Michigan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Zuellig

CLARA STONE Ms. Edna Kinsey Ms. Patricia Martin Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Nash Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Waltz F. ROBERT STRUBLE Mr. & Mrs. David Wigley IRENE SZYMANSKI Mr. & Mrs. Donald Courvisier Mrs. Helen Olivier

ERWIN SCHROEDER Mrs. Marie Bierlein Ms. Margaret Bird Ms. Rosemary Hoff Mr. Arthur Karam Ms. Jean Keeler Ms. Joan Koski Ms. Ruthann Leach Rev. & Mrs. Richard Mundt Ms. Jacqueline Reetz Ms. Grace Schroeder Ms. Evelyn Tompa Ms. Mary Zahn

BARBARA TATAR Ms. Loretta Baumgartner Ms. Thelma Bertee Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bertee Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Block Ms. Gale Brown Mr. & Mrs. David Brusie Ms. Catherine Bushey Ms. Mary Jane Diegel Ms. Janet Finn Mr. & Mrs. Richard Griffin Mr. & Mrs. A. Robert Groenke Mr. & Mrs. George Gugel Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William Kalbfleisch Mr. & Mrs. Gary Kaufman Ms. Virginia Krieg Ms. Carol Landskroener Ms. Lori Longmore Ms. Mary Mantey Mr. & Mrs. Roy Messink Dr. & Mrs. Vladimir Pyatenko Mr. & Mrs. William Stiglich Ms. Carol Tacey Ms. Lynn Tekiele Mr. & Mrs. Doug Tuttle Ms. Jacqueline Willertz Mr. & Mrs. W. Don Zehnder

DOROTHY SMITH Ms. Karen Collins Mr. & Mrs. Gary Fuller

NORMAN TWORK St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran School, Ann Arbor

ELEANOR VIETTI Ms. Adeline Goldynia JOHN VIEU Ms. Barbara Coakley Ms. Kathleen Dutcher Mrs. Marlett Grueber Ms. Katherine Janson Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Kern Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rogner Ms. Jill Stern Ms. Nancy Vance Ms. Laura Vieu Mr. Jonathan Vieu Ms. Jennifer Watson Mr. & Mrs. Peter Weiss JOYCE VINTON Mr. & Mrs. Peter Adelman Ms. Cheryl Arbuckle Ms. Teresa Beeny & Family Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cline Mr. W. Edward Cline Mr. & Mrs. David Erway Mr. & Mrs. Todd Galgoci Mr. David Hemker Mr. Chuck Hoef & Family Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McCardel Ms. Deana Sedlar Mr. Peter Stikovich & Family Mr. & Mrs. Walter Sutkowi ROY WELLHOUSEN Mr. & Mrs. William Ferguson Ms. Elnora Miller JAMES WILLIAMSON Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Bekemeier KENT WILSON Citizens Bank Wealth Management

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The Manors McBrite Manor • Shattuck Manor Meadow View Manor 5935 Shattuck Road Saginaw, MI 48603 989.792.7979 Alpena Village The Pines • The Willows The Cottages 217 Woods Circle, No. 6 Alpena, MI 49707 866.757.0011 Lexington Pointe at Longmeadow 103 Lexington Pointe Drive Niles, MI 49120 269.615.0631 Gibraltar Manor 14486 Middle Gibraltar Road Gibraltar, MI 48173 734.676.4802

Hampton Meadows 700 Pine Road Bay City, MI 48708 989.892.1912 Our Saviour’s Manor 29495 Annapolis Road Westland, MI 48186 734.595.4663 Creekside Village 1450 S. Monroe Street Monroe, MI 48161 734.241.3906 AuSable Valley Community 1390 Maple Drive Fairview, MI 48621 989.848.2241

2010 Winter Highlights  

This is the winter 2010 Highlights for Lutheran Homes of Michigan.