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Accommodation Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce UK & Europe

About Us Nest is a private independent British company established in 2001. We provide accommodation consultancy and deliver accommodation services for the business world in line with our clients’ needs, policies, workforce models, assignment types and internal financial infrastructure. We believe that the traditional systems of accommodation supply and demand coupled with their related service models are out of date and out of sync with the way today’s truly national, multinational and global companies need to deploy their mobile workforce.

OUR CLIENTS Our clients are national and international corporate employers in a range of industry sectors such as hi-tech, financial, legal, construction and energy industries,

Our response to this has been to design an unparalleled range of integrated accommodation services that put companies back in

government, health, travel and global relocation companies as well as independent business travellers.

control of their budgets and deliver true care and on-going support for employees and their families.

Our clients value the fact that we operate independent of any supplier and hold them – the corporate tenant – at

Whatever your mix, frequency or level of usage of accommodation for business, Nest can deliver a service that evolves as your needs evolve. We deliver solutions for every type of assignment: frequent or ad hoc business travel, short-term assignments, medium- to long-term assignments, permanent relocations and localisations. Nest solutions are flexible, scalable - down as well as up - and efficient. Our people are professionals who take great pride in their work and who care about the final outcome. Robust and secure technology based on sound and tested methodologies form the foundation that assures our clients that we are their business partner for today and the future.

the heart of our service. Our expert advice is impartial, we consistently deliver a high standard of service, and we help control costs and reduce overspend.

OUR GOAL IS UNDERSTANDING YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS We measure our success by our client’s success, be that an improved employee experience, improved profit margin, a more competitive bid or significant on-going cost management. We are as passionate about your results as you are. Our goal is to understand how your company operates

Our Approach The concept of engaging key stakeholders for maximum benefit is by no means a new one. However, the ability to do so from the start and consistently throughout our service partnership is

internally: your company’s assignment policies, communication between departments or units and the diversity of your people. We design, deliver and monitor all our solutions day-in and day-out and that includes actively seeking feedback from both you, our corporate client, and your employees.

something we believe we excel at. Our periodic strategy assessments include powerful We facilitate regular Account Management meetings with you to discuss and review all aspects of our service delivery including:

analyses of past, current and future accommodation needs and costs. This involves highlighting anomalies between your company policy and what is actually

• The latest Nest Management Information Reports (MIR) • Our recommendations

happening on the ground, and bringing to your attention employee preferences that could prove more costeffective if only you knew about them.

for improved performance • Policy breaches and developments • Sign-off on tenancy acquisitions & terminations

Michael Caselberg, Co-Founder & Company CEO

• Feedback from employees & other key stakeholders • Requirements & strategies for the near future We are in daily and weekly dialogue with all stakeholders on matters of immediate and more long-term concern to them. This approach ensures that Nest continue to deliver business value.


Their Primary Needs


Outsourcing partner delivers value for money, cost control & measurable performance improvements.

Human Resources & Assignment Teams

Company policies applied consistently, people treated fairly & supported for assignment success.

Unit / Project Head

A reliable, responsive partner to estimate & plan accommodation requirements for the team, & then deliver on schedule and to budgets.

Facilities / Operations

Service partner understands how the business operates & can be trusted to make the best recommendations, to get the job done & to respond to peaks in demand without fuss.

Employee (& Family)

Comfortable & welcoming accommodation while on assignments with total maintenance & emergency assistance, a place to recharge for maximum focus on business.


Short-Term Accommodation

“I was forced to make some last minute changes to my flight schedule and despite the short notice, the cab bookings were rearranged in time, saving me a lot of

Research into global movement of employees has identified a number of regional and economic factors that are driving companies towards greater use of short-term assignments than has historically been the case. This trend presents companies with a unique set of challenges: • A tendency to over-spend due to greater dependence on more expensive housing options • Revision of company policies & achieve balance between global & regional approaches • Tracking employees on extended assignments who unknowingly risk work permit & taxation exposure

headache (which is a welcome relief after the 16 hr travel from Bangalore!)” “The Nest email updates with map links and the WelcomePak™ with soap and clean towels at the apartment made staying there more pleasant than it normally would have been.” “You’ve been doing a superb job at keeping us as comfortable as possible in a new environment, culture and home setup. The promptness with which you have responded to my queries is simply awesome... we call it ‘Client Focussed Delivery’.”

Our Hotel & Serviced Apartment (HSA™) solution is a highly effective accommodation management service designed to meet the needs of employees on short business trips to extended shortterm assignments (from one night up to seven months). Our growing network of relationships with suppliers in major cities, smaller towns and remote locations means we can source a range of accommodation styles, from basic business to luxury. In addition, we can leverage the combined business bed-night volume of all our clients for greater purchasing power.



Hotels and serviced apartments offer a high quality temporary housing

A company portfolio of long-lease residential properties offers an

solution, especially at the start of a medium- to long-term assignment or

alternative to using hotels or serviced apartments for short continuous

for employees permanently relocating to the UK. They offer a welcome

stays or stays of 3-4 nights per week on a regular basis. Our medium-

rest until more permanent accommodation is secured either within your

term accommodation model – RPM™ – works because it delivers

company portfolio or as the result of a permanent relocation effort.

undeniable value for money and improved flexibility and comfort for your employees. And availability is guaranteed regardless of season or major local business and leisure events.


Medium-Term Accommodation

The Complete Circle of Service

Secure online MyNest™ accounts for all employees

One contact for all bookings

Extensions tracked & reported

While globally the trend is towards greater use of the short-

Employee tax & immigration alerts

term assignment model, the nature of business means that most

Accommodation throughout the UK

Tenancies acquired, managed & terminated

to 3 years in length. To rely solely on hotels or serviced apartments

HQ, branch & client locations

would either substantially erode your profit margin or increase costs

Transfers on arrival & departure

Nest UrbanPak™ & WelcomePak™

The Nest strategy for housing employees assigned to projects and

Emergency out-of-hours assistance

business ventures of this duration is to acquire accommodation on a

Issue & maintenance resolution

longer-term basis. This involves establishing a company portfolio of

Secure key delivery & retrieval

– and shed – on your company’s behalf on a just-in-time basis to

Regular cleaning & linen service

avoid unnecessary expenditure due to vacancy.

Management Information Reports

Cost centre, unit or project allocations

on an availability basis. However, unlike hotels or serviced

Rent & utility bill administration

apartments, this solution delivers substantial cost savings, greater

Consistent application of company policies

flexibility to meet changing business requirements and an improved

Optimised occupancy strategies

Installations on request & approval

We call this Residential Portfolio Management (RPM™), our flagship

Fixed period billing regardless of supplier


Extended payment terms

Complete supplier management

companies still have a substantial requirement for medium- to longterm accommodation for projects or business ventures of 7 months

for your client.

long-lease residential properties. Tenancies are then only acquired

As with hotels, we book your people in and out of these properties

quality of life for your employees.



Our flagship solution, RPM™, for medium-term accommodation further

A portfolio of residential properties is your company’s private virtual

comes into its own when employees need to extend their stay at very

hotel. Your people are rotated in and out of properties as vacancies

short notice due to business commitments. Unlike hotels or serviced

become available. Within 24 working hours, a property is given a top

apartments, in RPM™ the incumbent gets priority on extensions and

to bottom clean, fresh linen and a Nest WelcomePak™ ready for the

remains in the same property without any variation in cost.

next guest. Fast turnarounds mean occupancy levels are kept high and the ability to scale capacity up or down at short notice means no unnecessary overspends.





Personal RELO™ Consultant

Online questionnaire

Market search & vetting

RELO™ Report on best matches

Viewing & tour appointments

Chauffeur pick-up, tour & drop-off


Desk RELO™

Repeat viewing & tour days


Desk RELO™ is ideal for individuals or couples looking to rent

Tenancy negotiation assistance

property in the UK, who are very short on free time and are happy

Professional purchase assistance



Nest Settling-in Pack

employee’s arrival, and the viewing itinerary scheduled for very

First day onsite assistance



soon after their arrival.

Quality childcare cover



Premium RELO™

Pet relocation



Premium RELO™ offers employees, who are joined by family, a more

Shipping & storage



personal approach to locating property to rent or buy, and all home

Furniture purchase or hire



Relocating home and family represents a major decision for both

RELO™ Services

your employee and your company. You need to be confident that your employees are getting the best opportunity to succeed. Our tiered relocation programmes supported with regular progress updates will provide consistent support when and how they need it most.

to attend Nest organised viewings unaccompanied. The needs assessment, research and property vetting can begin ahead of the

viewings are accompanied. A family relocation requires greater preparation and greater support for all the family members, and naturally takes longer to complete from start to finish.

School RELO™ Changing schools is one of the most disruptive experiences in

Personal RELO™ Consultant

Online questionnaire

professionals with over 25 years teaching, training and inspection

Follow-up consultation


RELO™ Report on recommendations


Accompanied viewings & tours

schools (fee paying) and the best state schools (government


Chauffeur pick-up, tour & drop-off

funded). Our assessments take into account school facilities, class


School application assistance


School purchases & clothes labelling


First day onsite assistance

a child’s life and the stress can impact the whole family. School RELO™ is an innovative service delivered by experienced education

We guide parents in making the best choice between independent

sizes, pastoral care, discipline, and extra curricular activities. We also provide advice on special talents and interests, cultural and linguistic opportunities as well as the schools best able to support children who experience learning difficulties.


School RELO™


✓ Included (✓) Optional

Management Information Reports

“Nest give us transparency into our cost base, the movements of employees as well as recommendations for improvements. They have improved the service we offer our employees and, bottom line, save us money.”

Our Management Information Reports (MIR) put in-depth business critical information at the fingertips of your key decision makers.

Head of Global Operations, International IT Firm

Nest AMS is geared for handling large volumes of complex data and, as it is our own system, it enables us to tailor reporting to your business needs.

Summaries allow at a glance monitoring of the company’s biggest

Typical reports that we produce for our clients include:

expenses and primary trends including current average per person per night rates, while the underlying detailed performance reports

• Reservation volumes & ratios between hotel, serviced

allow finance and operations teams to dissect data down to the

apartment & company portfolio bookings

level of an employee, cost code, date and time.

• Occupancy levels & employee movement across all types of accommodation • Spending by cost centre, property & employee in date order

As part of our ongoing commitment to partnership with our

• Rent & utility transactions on long-lease residential properties

clients, we also deliver accommodation cost projections and

• Tenancy, maintenance, dilapidation & other service charges

estimates for prospective new projects on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Your statement organised & viewed by location, cost code or employee.

Line items attributed to a business unit, team, project or employee.

Break-down business unit expenditure further using your cost codes or names.


Service Category



Employee or Unit

Cost Code

8 Horizon House

4011 - RPM Service Fee (2BR)



Business Unit: R&D


4221 - Scheduled Clean (2BR)


Business Unit: R&D




Business Unit: R&D



4225 - Change Over Clean (1BR)


Business Unit: R&D


4260 - Airport Collection


Peck, Gregor


£66.30 £59.80

27 Nest Court


4260 - Airport Drop-off



Lee, Frank


4320 - Furniture



Business Unit: R&D





Rent cost calculated by number of resident days and split between sharing employees.




4340 - Nest WelcomePak



Business Unit: R&D


4501 - Rent (2 BR)



Jones, Tom






Lee, Frank






Peck, Gregor




4504 - Utilities (Broadband)



Business Unit:London



4508 - Utilities (Telephone)



Business Unit:London



4506 - Utilities (Electricity)



Business Unit:London



4510 - Utilities (TV Licence)



Business Unit:London



4512 - Utilities (VoIP)



Business Unit:London



4011 - RPM Service Fee (2BR)



Business Unit:London



When you take an old concept and remodel it with fresh eyes for an existing growing market as we have done with the accommodation industry, you can only truly succeed by developing a service delivery methodology and associated benchmarks that are capable of scaling to your client’s needs. Sehaam Caselberg, Co-Founder & Director of Business Development

Why Nest? We are proactive in making it our business to understand the

Best of Breed Technology

demands on businesses when it comes to operating a mobile

We have defined and designed a proprietary Activity Management

workforce. Because of this, we are able to help our clients achieve

System (AMS) to support our unique service offering. It has

higher performance and continuity by delivering measurable

been built by the best systems architects, developers and project

improvements to their mobile workforce accommodation

managers who have years of experience developing multi-million


pound business to consumer and business to business solutions for government and multi-national firms.

We are committed to building a services business of the future that is capable of exceeding and anticipating our clients needs better

AMS has automated the very complex and inter-dependent processes

than any of our competitors. To do that we believe it is essential

of our HSA™, RPM™ and RELO™ services such as property and utility

to invest in our people, our technology, our methodologies and

administration, employee reservations and transfers, employee tax

benchmarks, and in our supplier relationships.

and immigration alerts, issue logging and tracking to financial and operational reports and cost-centre billing.

Our People We look to employ people who are multi-lingual, adaptable, highly

The key strengths of Nest AMS are scalability, flexibility and security

self-motivated, culturally aware, passionate about service and

as well as the capability for remote service delivery. We use best

creative team players.

of breed industry hardware and software to ensure a robust and highly secure environment for our clients, their employees and our

We expect our people to be able to: • Operate with a high degree of professionalism & commercial awareness

service teams.

Methodologies & Benchmarks nest rated™ is our own residential accommodation benchmark tool

• Innovate & improve on existing processes & tools

designed to bring coherence to an otherwise unregulated property

• Approach their tasks with dedication, care &

market. It offers our clients an independent assessment of the

a can-do attitude • Apply integrity, common sense & lateral thinking

quality of residential properties and allows Nest to establish our client’s minimum requirements.

in all matters • Handle all client information with complete confidentiality

Nest’s own NEAR™ methodology lies at the heart of our short- to medium-term accommodation services. It enables the rotation

In our world, change happens several times a day, every day.

of your people through accommodation and between different

The desire to harness that momentum for the benefit of mobile

accommodation types (from hotel to serviced apartment to

business professionals and their companies is what defines our people.


company portfolio), and helps our teams to manage occupancy levels across your entire accommodation provision. With NEAR™,

Strategies to Control Costs We regularly advise clients on:

you will always know where your employees are.

Supplier Relationships Nest operate as an independent company without any affiliation to property or accommodation providers. We do, however, believe in building strong working relations with property agents and service suppliers for the sole purpose of delivering the best possible experience and service to our clients.

• Tracking employee assignment changes • Quality, rates & location of accommodation • Furniture, appliance & utility inclusions • Employees sharing accommodation & related cultural & gender issues • Employees accompanied by their spouse, partner or family • Additional requirements of senior management, contractors & clients

Our Procurement Policy outlines our supplier selection process and service monitoring procedures. The qualities we look for in all our

• Irregular, counter-policy requests • Relocation preferences of real impact & value

suppliers are flexibility, reliability, communication skills, intelligent use of technology, high delivery standards and performance, competitive rates, professionalism, geographic coverage, company values, financial strength, client references, and company history. We also encourage and rely on direct feedback from the employees

Strategies to Improve ROI

we look after regarding the experience they are having and use

Our associate team of experienced and qualified professionals

this valuable information to review both the services Nest deliver

can advise on key policy deployment and assignment issues:

directly and the services delivered by our suppliers. Our Operations Team invests a great deal of time ensuring suppliers understand

• Tax equalisation, compliance & planning

how we operate and what our expectations are so that you and

• Cross border social security issues & pension plans

your teams can focus on business.

• Assignment packages & policy structures • Lump-sum relocation & localisation programmes • Immigration strategies & work permit applications • Candidate selection assessments (pre-assignment) • Business justifications & ROI measures • Partner/spouse programmes: career transition & community involvement • Cross-cultural orientation: pre-departure & on arrival • Language training for business & socialising


JUST SOME OF THE ADVANTAGES • Online MyNest™ accounts for all your employees • Improved quality of life for your employees • Stronger cost control • Major savings for medium-term accommodation • Consistent application of company policies • Detailed Management Information Reports • Consolidated period billing regardless of location or supplier

Partnering with Nest

• Up to 45 day account payment terms (subject to credit checks)

We can take over an existing accommodation service or portfolio, manage your suppliers, or establish a new strategy and accommodation provision. Whatever your level or volume of requirements, we are confident that we can deliver a service that puts you in the driving seat by controlling costs and improving quality of life for your employees. A face-to-face meeting with our Business Development Team

As well as the tactical and strategic details, the Mobilisation

will provide you with an opportunity to analyse performance to

Plan also outlines our tasks with timeframes for completing

date, determine your MIR requirements, run through a number of

service set-up from the first booking request through to your first

solution models and forecasts, apply cost saving calculations, and

Management Information Report.

provide tailored tours of Nest AMS. It is at this stage that we can present you with a proposal for services that best suit the needs of

After Sales Support

your company and your employees.

Our hand-over period from sales to operations is typically 3-6 weeks to ensure smooth service set-up. During this period we are

Opening a Corporate Account

in frequent contact with you to ensure milestones are met, report

All it takes to open a Corporate Account is for an authorised

on progress, respond to any queries, solicit feedback and generally

company signatory to complete and return the Corporate Account

check that you are happy with our service so far.

Application Form for Short-Term Accommodation, MediumTerm Accommodation and Relocation Services. Our Terms and

Thereafter throughout our service period, our approach is to

Conditions of Business are attached to the form for clarity and

facilitate regular Account Management meetings with you to

convenience. It is at this stage that we can confirm the terms of

discuss and review all aspects of our service delivery and to gather

your account facility.

your additional requirements and strategies for the near future.

Service Mobilisation Plan

Call Us Today

Once your account is set-up, our Business Development &

To explore how your company could benefit from an outsourced

Operation Teams work closely on your Service Mobilisation Plan,

partnership with Nest, please contact our Business Development

including communicating with:


• Your internal teams to clarify financial, policy and key contact data • Your employees to encourage high service adoption & online MyNest™ account set-up • Your existing suppliers for redirecting bills, correspondence & queries for Nest to administer



0870 240 0 335


Who else should be reading our brochure? This brochure has been written for: • Financial Decision Maker • HR Decision Maker • Corporate Travel Decision Maker • Facilities Decision Maker • Operations Decision Maker • Senior Partner • Managing Director • Purchasing Decision Maker • International Assignee Manager • Delivery Manager • Logistics Manager • Programme & Project Managers & Directors To request additional copies of this brochure for yourself or your colleagues, please call +44 (0) 870 240 0 335 or email If you prefer, we can email you the PDF version of our brochure.

Nest Move Limited Leroy House 436 Essex Road London N1 3QP United Kingdom Telephone: Fax: Email: Website:

+44 (0) 20 7354 0088 +44 (0) 20 7354 0099

Company Reg. No.: 4448621 VAT Reg. No.: GB 802 4295 53 Š NestŽ and the Nest logo are registered trademarks of Nest Move Limited.

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