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20 1 9 FESTI VA L GU I D E

Luminato acknowledges the land we gather on is the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishinaabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples. We understand this territory is subject to Treaty 13 and the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Convenant. Today, Toronto is still the home of the Misssissaugas of the Credit, the Anishinaabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, the Wendat and many other diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples from across Turtle Island as well as many diverse allied nations. Luminato honours these territorial agreements to peaceably share and care for the resources of this territory. Luminato is also grateful to have the opportunity to work with many diverse Indigenous nations on this territory.





House of Mirrors


Forget Me Not


Maada’ookii Songlines


Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen)


The Drawing Room


Rite of Spring


KIRA, The Path | La Voie


Illuminating Ideas


The Full Light of Day


Monday Nights

34 Masquerade 36

Four Sisters


Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools

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Obeah Opera Triptych (Eyes of One on Another) Hell’s Fury: The Hollywood Songbook

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The Cave


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Photo by Taku Kumabe.


Welcome to Luminato 2019, where you will encounter stories that provide both solace and fuel, simultaneously provoking and entertaining. I am so excited by the array of artists we are hosting, from around the world and around the corner. The festival offers visions of the past, present and future, reflecting and refracting history and prophecy, through the wild musical, theatrical, physical, emotional and intellectual labour of more than a hundred artists. From spectacular to intimate, hilarious to poignant, you can see a remarkable range of work, and I am sure there will be something intriguing for everyone, and something else that will surprise, if you take the chance. I hope that you will be inspired to raise your voice in celebration and protest, to move your body to the rhythms, and be stopped still in your tracks by the sounds. Let’s take stock of the world together, and know that we will carry these stories and their strength with us, all year round. Have a wonderful festival. Bienvenue à Luminato 2019, où vous découvrirez les histoires qui sont des sources du réconfort et de l’énergie, à vous provoquer et divertir, présentées par une gamme passionnante d’artistes de l’étranger et de coin de la rue. Le festival refléte et réfracte l’histoire et la prophétie, à travers le grand travail musical, théâtral, physique, émotionnel et intellectuel de plus d’une centaine d’artistes. Du spectaculaire à l’intime, du désopilant au poignant, vous pouvez assister à une gamme remarquable d’œuvres ; j’en suis sûre qu’il y a de l’intrigue pour vous tous, et encore quelque chose d’autre qui vous surprendra – si vous le permettez. J’espère que vous serez inspirés à crier fort à célébrer et protester, à vous bouger le corps aux rythmes, et que vous vous trouverez captivés par les sons. Faisons-nous ensemble le bilan du monde, en sachant qu’on portera ces histoires et leur force en soi toute l’année. Je vous souhaite un merveilleux festival.

Naomi Campbell Artistic Director / Directrice artistique


Photo by Mark Savage.

A very warm welcome to Luminato 2019 – Naomi Campbell’s first as Luminato’s Artistic Director. This rich program brings to Toronto today’s most exciting international artists, many joining us for the first time. Canada’s own most distinctive creative voices share with us their latest projects. World and Canadian premieres are threaded excitingly through the program, and there are free events for our community to enjoy as both participants and spectators. Our Illuminating works program proudly promotes Canadian creativity on the world stage; in Illuminating Ideas our community of audiences, artists and activists share their creative responses to issues of urgent significance to us all as citizens, and our whole festival is developed through a rewarding tapestry of conversations between our artists, brilliant staff team, board members, supporters, investors, and local communities, without all of whom there would be no Luminato! Enjoy! Je vous souhaite une très chaleureuse bienvenue à Luminato 2019 – la première édition avec Naomi Campbell à titre de Directrice artistique. Son programme enrichissant présente des artistes internationaux les plus passionnants d’aujourd’hui et les voix distinctes du Canada qui partagent avec nous leurs plus récents projets. Le programme comprend plusieurs premières canadiennes et mondiales, et il y a des événements gratuits où notre communauté peut s’amuser, soit comme spectateur ou participant. Notre programme Illuminating Works [Œuvres d’illumination] met en valeur fièrement la créativité canadienne sur scène international ; Illuminating Ideas [Idées d’illumination] permet le public, les artistes et les activistes à partager leurs réponses créatives aux thèmes d’urgence importante à nous tous comme citoyens, et le festival entier se tisse par une complexité riche de discussions entre nos artistes, notre équipe exceptionnelle du personnel, les membres du conseil d’administration, les donateurs, les investisseurs et les communautés locales, sans tous lesquels Luminato n’existerait pas. Bon festival!

Anthony Sargent, CBE CEO / PDG

It’s an honour to welcome you to the 13th annual Luminato festival, the first under the artistic leadership of Naomi Campbell and my first as Board Chair. Luminato 2019 is full of ambitious work from Canada and around the world. The festival wouldn’t be possible without the generous and continuing support of our government partners, the donor community, our corporate partners, our loyal audiences and finally, Luminato’s wonderful staff. On behalf of Luminato’s Board and leadership team, thank you! Because of the remarkable talent and extraordinary productions Luminato has brought to Toronto over the past 12 years, I believe the festival has an incredible opportunity – over the next six or seven years – of become one of the top international arts festivals in the world, much like TIFF has been able to do with film. I hope you enjoy the 17 incredible days of adventurous programming that we have in store this year and look forward to seeing you there. J’ai l’honneur de vous accueillir à la 13e édition du festival Luminato, la première édition sous la direction artistique de Naomi Campbell, et ma première édition à titre du président du conseil d’administration. Luminato 2019 est marqué par plusieurs œuvres ambitieux du Canada et de l’étranger. Le festival ne serait pas possible sans le soutien généreux et continu de nos partenaires publics, nos donateurs, nos partenaires corporatifs, nos publics loyaux, et le merveilleux personnel de Luminato. Au nom du conseil de l’administration et de la direction, merci! Grâce au talent et aux productions extraordinaires que Luminato a apporté à Toronto pendant la dernière décennie, je crois qu’on a une vraie chance au cours des six ou sept prochaines années de faire en sorte que le festival devienne un des meilleurs festivals internationaux d’arts au monde, comme TIFF a réussi à faire en cinéma. J’espère que vous vous amusez bien durant les 17 jours incroyables de la programmation audacieuse qu’on vous présente cette année ; j’ai hâte de vous y voir.

Peter Herrndorf Chairman of the Festival Board / Chaise de conseil 3

Premier of Ontario - Premier ministre de l’Ontario


Dear Friends: I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to June 7-23, 2019 everyone attending Luminato 2019.

cross eativity. I am certain that This event brings Dear Friends:together artists and performers from y the performances planned

I’m delighted to extend greetings to everyone taking part June 7 – 23,Luminato 2019 Du 7 au 23 juin 2019 in the 13th annual festival.

A MESSAGE FROM DOUG FORD I want to thank the team at Luminato forPREMIER organizing this event. I’dI’m also like to recognize all those who helped to delighted to extend greetings to everyone taking part in the 13th annual make it aLuminato success,festival. including the participating artists, sponsorsI want and volunteers. ThisatisLuminato a terrificforopportunity toevent. I’d also like to to thank the team organizing this experience the richness the arts,toinmake theiritmany forms. recognize all those of who helped a success, including the

across Canada and around the world to share their talent I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to everyone attending Luminato 2019. that everyone in attendance and creativity. I am certain ringing this outstanding This event brings together artists andby performers from across will be entertained and inspired the performances participating artists, sponsors and volunteers. This is a terrific opportunity to Canada and around the world to share their talent and creativity. I am certain that d dedication ensure thatforthis planned this year’s edition of the festival. those who journey Toronto to take everyone in attendance will be entertained and inspired by the performances plannedAnd to all experience the made richnessthe of the arts, into their many forms. for this year’s edition of the festival. part in Luminato, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay in I would like to thank the organizers and volunteers And to all those who made the journey to Toronto to take part in Luminato, I would like to thank the organizers and volunteers for bringing this outstanding our province’s capital, and have a chance to take in some bringing thisshowcase outstanding creative showcase to the creative to the community. Your hard work and dedication ensure that this welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay in our province’s capital, and have a t wishes for anfor enjoyable event is a success, year after year. of the city’s many attractions. chance to take in some of the city’s many attractions. community. Your hard work and dedication ensure On behalf of the Government of Canada, I offer my best wishes for an enjoyable that this event isToronto. a success, year after year. Have a memorable and enjoyable festival. Have a memorable and enjoyable festival. festival in

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I offer my best Yours sincerely, wishes for an enjoyable festival in Toronto. Yours sincerely, The Rt. Hon. Justin P.J. Trudeau, P.C., M.P.

Prime chers Minister of Canada Chères amies, amis,

Je suis heureux de présenter mes salutations les plus chaleureuses à tous les participants au festival Luminato 2019. Ce festival réunit des artistes et des interprètes des quatre coins du Canada et du monde entier pour faire découvrir leur talent et leur créativité. Je suis persuadé que les spectacles au programme de cette année divertiront et inspireront toutes les personnes présentes. Je tiens à remercier les organisateurs et les bénévoles qui apportent à la communauté une vitrine créative exceptionnelle. Votre travail sans relâche et votre dévouement assurent le succès de ce festival, année après année. Au nom du gouvernement du Canada, je vous souhaite un agréable festival à Toronto. Cordialement,

The Rt. Hon. Justin P.J. Trudeau, P.C., M.P. Prime Minister of Canada / Le très hon. Justin P. J. Trudeau, C.P., député Premier ministre du Canada



Je suis heureux de saluer les participants et Je suis heureux de saluer les participants et participantes de la 13e édition du participantes la 13e édition du Festival Luminato. Festivalde Luminato.

Je remercie l’équipe derrière Luminato d’avoirorganisé organisé Je remercie l’équipe derrière Luminato d’avoir cet événement. Et je tiens à reconnaître le travail de toutes lesle personnes qui ont contribué au cet événement. Et je tiens à reconnaître travail de succès de cette grande manifestation, les artistes, les commanditaires e toutes les personnes qui ont contribuédont au succès les bénévoles. Elle est l’occasion idéale de découvrir la richesse des arts sous de cettetoutes grande manifestation, dont les artistes, les ses formes. commanditaires et les bénévoles. Elle est l’occasion à Toronto! J’ose espérer que vous apprécierez votre séjour dans idéale deBienvenue découvrir la richesse des arts sous toutes notre capitale provinciale et que vous profiterez de ses formidables ses formes. attractions. Bienvenue à Toronto! espérer que vous apprécierez Je vous souhaiteJ’ose un joyeux festival! votre séjour dans notre capitale provinciale et que vous Le premier ministre, profiterez de ses formidables attractions. Je vous souhaite un joyeux festival! Doug Ford Premier

The Honourable Doug Ford Premier of Ontario / l’honorable Doug Ford Premier ministre de l’Ontario

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am delighted to welcome everyone to Luminato 2019.

It is my pleasure to extend greetings and a warm welcome from the Mayor to everyone attending the 13th annual LuminatoMessage festival.

Now in its 13th year, Luminato is one of the most anticipated and highly regarded arts festivals in North America. It is a source of pride for Ontarians and provides a wonderful opportunity for everyone to experience cutting-edge performances and programming from Canada and beyond.

is my pleasure to extend greetings and a warm welcome to every Best wishes to the Canadian andIttheglobal artists whose work is 13th annual Luminato festival. being featured in the festival’s unique platform that reflects Best wishes to the Canadian and global artists whose work is being the festival's unique platform that reflects the cultural characteristic the cultural characteristics of Toronto andcountry. the entire country. and the entire

This spectacular event highlights our province’s vibrant arts and cultural sector, attracts visitors from around the world and boosts our economy. Thank you to the talented artists, dedicated volunteers, event supporters and organizers who make this festival such a success every year. Best wishes for a memorable 17 days. Sincerely, Au nom du gouvernement de l’Ontario, je suis ravi de souhaiter à tous la bienvenue au festival Luminato 2019. Luminato, qui en est à sa 13e édition, est l’un des festivals artistiques les plus attendus et estimés en Amérique du Nord. Ce festival est une source de fierté pour les Ontariens et constitue une merveilleuse occasion pour permettre à tous de vivre une programmation et des prestations de pointe en provenance du Canada et de l’étranger. Cet événement spectaculaire met en relief le dynamique secteur artistique et culturel de notre province, attire des visiteurs de partout dans le monde et stimule notre économie. Merci aux artistes talentueux, aux bénévoles dévoués, aux supporteurs de l’événement et aux organisateurs qui font de ce festival une telle réussite chaque année. Meilleurs vœux pour ces 17 jours mémorables. Veuillez agréer l’expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs,

The Honourable Michael Tibollo Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport of Ontario / l’honorable Michael Tibollo Ministre du Tourisme, de la Culture et du Sport de l’Ontario

I am delighted that wonderful events like this are taking place in To I am delighted that wonderful events like this are taking Luminato plays an integral role in Toronto and has always advance culture scene. People from all over the world gather at this place in Toronto. Luminato playsarts anandintegral role in Toronto learn more about Canadian artists and our beautiful city. and has always advanced Toronto’s arts and culture scene. The arts are an integral component of Toronto's cultural and econo enriches the lives of many. Arts and culture can be incredible force People from all over the world gather at this event to learn development of an individual, group or community, and they promo including tolerance, understanding, friendship and soc more about Canadian artists andconnections our beautiful city.

On behalf of Toronto City Council, please accept my best wishes fo

enjoyable and continued success. The arts are an integral component of event Toronto’s cultural and economic fabric that enriches the lives of many. Arts Yours truly, and culture can be incredible forces for the development of an individual, group or community, and they promote intercultural connections including tolerance, John Tory understanding, friendship and social cohesion. Mayor of Toronto

On behalf of Toronto City Council, please accept my best wishes for an enjoyable event and continued success. OFFICE OF THE MAYOR 100 QUEEN STREET WEST, TORONTO, ONTARIO, M5H 2N2

C’est mon plaisir de vous accueillir chaleureusement à la 13e édition du festival Luminato. Mes meilleurs vœux aux artistes globaux et canadiens dont les œuvres sont mets en valeur dans la programmation unique de ce festival qui reflète les caractéristiques culturelles de Toronto et du pays entier. Je suis ravi que des événements merveilleux comme ceci se déroulent à Toronto. Luminato joue un rôle important à Toronto, ayant toujours fait avancer le scène artistique et culturel de Toronto. Les gens du monde entier se réunissent à cet événement pour en savoir plus sur les artistes canadiens et notre belle ville. Les arts font partie intégrante du tissu économique et culturel de Toronto, lequel enrichit les vies de tous. L’art et la culture promeuvent les liens interculturels y compris la tolérance, la compréhension, l’amitié et la cohésion sociale. Au nom du conseil municipal de Toronto, je vous prie d’accepter mes meilleurs vœux pour un festival agréable et du succès continu. Sincères salutations,

John Tory Mayor of Toronto / Maire de Toronto


CURATE YOUR NEXT GETAWAY Up Here Festival, Sudbury

From Hamilton’s Supercrawl and Ottawa’s CityFolk, to Sudbury’s Up Here and the Toronto International Film Festival, eclectic art fests across Ontario are bringing artists, art lovers and communities closer than ever before. DISCOVER THEM ALL


Bringing Canadians together through art and storytelling Investing in culture means highlighting our creativity to better showcase our artists. The Government of Canada is a proud partner of the Luminato festival.

Unir les Canadiens au moyen des arts et du conte Investir dans la culture, c’est mettre en valeur notre crÊativitÊ pour mieux faire rayonner nos artistes. du festival Luminato.


AUSTRALIA illusion

Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney



June 7 - 23


$10, kids under 5 FREE


Harbourfront Centre, East Campus

Tickets available in person only. CREATED BY Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney SUPPORTED BY

OLG is proud to return for our 12th year as a Festival Partner. Join us for Luminato’s Opening Weekend presented by OLG with free access to House of Mirrors (Saturday, June 8 – Sunday, June 9) and free music performances.

From Narcissus to Alice, reflections have fascinated and intrigued us throughout the ages. House of Mirrors is a reality-bending, sensory-altering, mind-dizzying experience that has enchanted audiences across the southern hemisphere. Over 12.5 feet high, and weighing in at over 55 tons, this reflective wonder will make its North American debut, taking Toronto by storm, simultaneously mesmerizing, disorienting and delighting audiences of all ages. Optical illusion meets vanity in this house-sized kaleidoscope where reflections are fragmented: shadow, ghost, stranger, or is it just you? Nothing is quite what it seems as you stumble through thousands of bewildering reflections. Seeing is believing…or is it?

“Joyously fun.” — The Sydney Morning Herald

“A thrilling blend of delight and paranoia” — Weekender


Photo by Remi Chauvin/Mona.



OLG is all for fairs, festivals and fun across Ontario, including Luminato.

Pour OLG, c’est tout pour les foires, les festivals et le divertissement en Ontario, comme Luminato.



Contributing to the cultural fabric of our community.

BMO is proud to support Luminato and bring you Ronnie Burkett’s world premiere of Forget Me Not.



Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes


June 5 - 23

tickets from: $65 venue:


Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre 1hr 45min

Forget Me Not is unsuitable for audiences under 16 years of age. CREATED AND PERFORMED BY Ronnie Burkett Forget Me Not was commissioned by Luminato. PRESENTED BY

This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.


Welcome to “The New Now,” where written words are forbidden and an underground movement of hand-drawn love letters is a powerful act of defiance. Those determined to compose or read a written declaration of love must first make a treacherous journey to a secret illegal camp to find She, The Keeper of the Lost Hand, and one of the last people to retain the knowledge of reading and writing in cursive. While pilgrims brave harsh conditions to find their way to She, the tale of Zacko Budaydos and His Dancing Bear unfolds in parallel, illustrating the turmoil of “The Before” when all the travelling performer had to rely on was his wit, love and knowledge of the outlawed language of Polari to survive. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, Forget Me Not is a tender, absurd, romantic, and provocative call-to-arms for poetry and the enduring power of love.

“Ronnie Burkett is one of the

geniuses of the world… seeing his troupe every few years has just become a necessity of civilized theatergoing.” – The Village Voice, NYC (on The Daisy Theatre)


Photo by Jorge Ayala-Isaza.



A Luminato Production





June 23




Harbourfront Centre, Lakeside


1hr 45min

Maada’ookii Songlines was commissioned by Luminato. COMPOSER Cris Derksen DIRECTORS Tim Albery, Michael Mori MUSICAL DIRECTOR David Fallis CHOIRS Bruised Ears Choir, Canadian Arabic Orchestra Choir, Coro San Marco, Darbazi, Faith Chorale, Oakville Choir, Vesnivka, Yip’s Children and Youth Choir with City Choir, Common Thread Community Chorus, and The Element Choir SOLOISTS Bryden Gwiss Kiwenzie, Jennifer Kreisberg, Alanna Stuart, Maryem Hassan Tollar PRESENTED BY


Made possible in part by Luminato’s Board of Directors

“Maada’ookii” is an Ojibway word, with several slightly different meanings. It is a genderless word. He/she distributes something; he/she gifts something; he/she shares something with others. “Songlines” in crossIndigenous tradition are songs that help to guide the way.

Stand by the water and close your eyes; listen. Is there a drum-like pulse in the sound of the city? A single voice raising its melody to the stars? Or a noisy fury blaring out a cacophony of frustrations and dreams? Maada’ookii Songlines features 200 voices from eleven diverse choirs, four soloists and an Indigenous musical ensemble in a massive choral experience composed by Luminato veteran, Juno Award-nominated Cris Derksen. As the sun descends and this free outdoor event begins, Toronto’s waterfront will be enveloped in sound coming from the land, water and from above. A soundtrack for the city, the performance comes with a powerful history and a promise that will last: “as long as the sun shines, as long as the waters flow downhill, and as long as the grass is green.” Maada’ookii Songlines is a reminder that whatever our backgrounds may be, we all come from the stars.

“Derksen’s singular and eclectic

music…taps her Indigenous roots and classical training, fusing folkfriendly sounds with electronic looping gear” — Ottawa Citizen (on Orchestral Powwow)



Image features Bryden Gwiss Kiwenzie.


Proud to support

Luminato Working to bring communities together and amplify all voices in the arts.

Learn more at




La Compañía del Cuerpo de Indias



June 19 - 22

tickets from: $45 venue:

Bluma Appel Theatre




Marie France Delieuvin, and Ricardo Bustamante PERFORMERS La Compañía del

Cuerpo de Indias ORIGINAL MUSIC Leonard Cohen PRESENTED BY

Cheryl and Rob McEwen YPO Toronto St. Joseph Communications

At first glance, Kazuo Ohno and Leonard Cohen might seem like an unusual pairing, but their combined genius provides the inspiration behind an exciting piece of Colombian contemporary dance. Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen) is a poignant and spirited homage to the legendary Japanese Butoh dancer and the iconic Canadian artist, created and performed by Colombia’s most exciting contemporary dance company, La Compañía del Cuerpo de Indias. Set to some of Cohen’s most transformative works and elevated by choreography inspired by the passionate and subtle movements of Ohno, Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen) captivates, inspires, and sweeps audiences away, one beautiful and exhilarating song at a time.


Rena Bedard and Bill Dillane Tiana Koffler Boyman and Marc Boyman Gretchen and Donald Ross, O.C. And many other friends of Luminato

“... it was stunning – sensual,

mysterious and deeply moving, just like Leonard Cohen’s songs.” — Sylvie Simmons, Cohen’s biographer


Image features the company of Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen). Photo by Carlos Lema Posada.


NORTH AMERICA visual art

A Luminato Exhibition


June 8 – 23




Harbourfront Centre, Artport Gallery



12pm – 6pm


CURATED BY Sally Frater ARTISTS Lesley Loksi Chan, Nathaniel Donnett, Shelley Niro, Robert Pruitt, Syrus Marcus Ware PRESENTED BY


Using traditional and unexpected materials in their drawing and drawing-based practices, the artists of The Drawing Room explore issues of representation, community, and portraiture while expanding the boundaries of medium and genre. Often depicting subjects whose narratives and histories are frequently overlooked, these large-scale renderings elevate both subject and theme, leading viewers to engage more deeply in the works before them. The exhibition’s title alludes to the artists’ approach to image making, the transformative effect of the displayed works on the exhibition space of the Artport Gallery, and the way in which drawing rooms have historically functioned as spaces where individuals convened and conversed. PROPS, the tandem showcase of assemblage sculptures by Lesley Loksi Chan, addresses themes of self-representation and issues of privacy while offering a different approach to the genre of portraiture. Together, the artworks in the separate installations create a visual conversation surrounding resilience, resistance, and belonging.

(above) PROPS Lesley Loksi Chan. Math & Science & Geography, 2018. Mink hat, cardboard, wheels. Courtesy of the artist.


Shelley Niro. Spirit, From the series: Resting With Warriors, 2001. Woodcut on wove paper, ink, acrylic paint, and conte. 42” x 84” Nathaniel Donnett. When Time Thought About Time. Acrylic paint, graphite, conté on paper. Courtesy of the artist. Robert Pruitt. Creator and Redeemer, 2016. Conté, charcoal and coffee on prepared paper. 84” x 60” unframed. Courtesy of the artist and Koplin Del Rio Gallery. Syrus Marcus Ware. Their Borders Crossed Us, 2016. Graphite on paper. 12’ x 16’. Courtesy of the artist.



Yang Liping and Peacock Contemporary Dance Company


June 20 - 22

tickets from: $55 venue:

MacMillan Theatre


70 min


Yang Liping VISUAL DIRECTOR Tim Yip COMPOSERS Igor Stravinsky,

Xuntian He PERFORMERS Peacock

Contemporary Dance Company PRESENTED BY

Joan and Jerry Lozinski SUPPORTED BY

Eleanor and Francis Shen


For the first time in North America, one of China’s most prolific choreographers, Yang Liping, well-known in China as the Peacock Princess, presents her incredible new work, Rite of Spring. Created for 15 dancers, Rite of Spring is set to the Igor Stravinsky score of the same name with additional original compositions inspired by traditional Tibetan music. Yang’s choreography breathes new life into Stravinsky’s epic masterwork, using ancient Tibetan and Chinese symbols and rituals to illustrate themes of incantation, sacrifice and reincarnation. Celebrated for her distinct choreographic style, Yang’s work has been lauded and praised internationally. Her most recent, Under Siege, received widespread critical acclaim when it toured internationally in 2016/17. Rite of Spring not only marks the North American premiere of the work but also the first time Yang’s work has been presented in Canada.

“What awaits audiences is a tour de force on a magnificent scale.” A Peacock Contemporary Dance Company Production; Co-Produced with China Shanghai International Arts Festival; Sadler’s Wells, London; DYRS Group; Melbourne International Arts Festival; Brisbane Festival; Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd.; Edinburgh International Festival; and Stanford Live


— Japan Times (on The Peacock)

“Dancing is in her blood.” ­— China Daily (on Yang Liping)

Photos courtesy of Peacock Contemporary Dance



Lua Shayenne Dance Company



June 6 - 9

tickets from: $35 venue:

Fleck Dance Theatre




Lua Shayenne (Shayenne Productions) CO-PRESENTED WITH

Lua Shayenne Dance Company CHOREOGRAPHY & MUSICAL COMPOSITION Fara Tolno

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council and supported by Dance Umbrella of Ontario.

KIRA, The Path | La Voie celebrates humanity as one village, and its sacred bond to nature. It features a dynamic cast of dancers and percussionists whose evocative chants and powerful drum beats invoke Mother Earth’s wisdom and echo her auspicious warning: the invisible cord that links us to her is wasting away. The performers follow the voices of our ancestors – the guardians of our moral code and spiritual guides. Choreographer and composer Fara Tolno is one of the most influential African artists of his generation, actively increasing the professional recognition of African dance in North America. He brings an innovative perspective to African dance and music, steeped in his knowledge of Guinean culture.

“Lua Shayenne Dance Company is a small group of gifted, fearlessly energetic young dancers.” — Toronto Star


Image features the company of KIRA, The Path | La Voie. Photos by Ken Ewen.



A Luminato Production


June 14

tickets from: $40 venue:

Koerner Hall


2hr 30min

FEATURING Marie Gaudet, Pura Fé, Lido Pimienta, Jeremy Dutcher, Digging Roots HOST ShoShona Kish FILM SCREENING The Ballad of Crowfoot, directed by Willie Dunn (1968 – National Film Board of Canada)

Luminato is grateful for the support of the National Film Board. NEW ARRANGEMENT

Raven Kanetakta (single, The Ballad of Crowfoot) CREATIVE PRODUCER Denise Bolduc SUPPORTED BY

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages to raise awareness of the global crisis Indigenous languages face. BIZIINDAN! inspires all people to take action by supporting Indigenous language retention and revitalization.


‘Biziindan’ means ‘listen or listen to’ in Anishinaabemowin, the language of the Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe peoples).

Inspired by the surge of the Indigenous global revolution, BIZIINDAN! features the diverse music and voices at the forefront of this movement. Through the power of music, BIZIINDAN! encourages listeners to actively consider their roles and responsibilities to the land, water, and Indigenous ancestral territories. The relentless activism of the featured artists will reflect their truths and determination to shift, disrupt and make change. A highlight of the evening will be a tribute performance to the legacy of Mi’kmaq and Scottish artist, Willie Dunn, a pioneer of protest ballads and advocate for Indigenous rights. This finale performance will feature a newly commissioned arrangement of Dunn’s single written for his prolific film and Canada’s first music video, The Ballad of Crowfoot (1968-NFB).

Image features: Lido Pimienta, photo by Alejandro Santiago; Pura FĂŠ, courtesy of the artist; Jeremy Dutcher, photo by Matt Barnes; Digging Roots, courtesy of the artists; Marie Gaudet, courtesy of the artist.




Harbourfront Centre, Studio Theatre


Luminato’s 2019 film series is curated in partnership with Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

Illuminating Ideas is a series of panel discussions and films designed to frame the festival within a real world context and engage audiences in meaningful, thoughtprovoking conversations that carry on well after the final curtain. Illuminating Ideas takes a deeper look into LGBTQ+ censorship in art, climate change in the North, building healthy male communities through sport, and witch hunts through history. Visit our website to see the full Illuminating Ideas program.

The program is comprised of a combination of free and paid events, including:




Directed by Ryan Sidhoo, 2018, 2hr 30min June 15, 5pm | $15

Directed by Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, 2018, 1hr 22min June 16, 2pm | $15

This riveting docu-series follows 5 of Toronto’s young hopefuls as they navigate the pressures and potential stardom of their hoop dreams. As courtside cameras and intimate exchanges reveal, it takes more than athletic ability to navigate their paths to success. As fast-paced and engaging as the game itself, this striking series takes us into the very heart of Toronto’s basketball scene.

Frustrated by misinformation and silence, Inuit activists fight back against mainstream media’s condemnation of their traditional seal hunt. In this stunning exposé documentary, award-winning filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril battles ignorance with knowledge, and fame-factory furore with facts. Angry Inuk reveals how a far more vulnerable community than seals is facing extinction – the Inuit themselves.

Immediately following the True North film screening, we will host a panel discussion to look at the resources, activities, and community support groups that men can use to build healthy communities. With facilitators including athletes from True North, we will discuss the accountability and actions needed, from all genders. How can we as a community reframe locker room talk and build healthier interactions in male sports?

(followed by)

CHANGING TIDES FREE FORUM June 16, 4pm There is no denying that climate change is real, and if we don’t turn our attention to shifting our behavior, things will only get worse, especially for our neighbors in the North. This discussion will delve deeper into the themes of Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools and Angry Inuk; artists working on water issues and Indigenous community leaders will share how our western lifestyle affects the world, and asks what our collective responsibility is.

SOUTHWEST OF SALEM: THE STORY OF THE SAN ANTONIO FOUR FILM Directed by Deborah S. Esquenazi, 2016, 90 min June 22, 2pm | $15

True North (Parts 1-4)

Texas, 1994; four Latina lesbians are charged with sexual assault. Though the prosecutor lacked key evidence, all four were found guilty. Fifteen years later, filmmaker Deborah S. Esquenazi researches the role of homophobia in witchcraft, and captures one of the accusers – now an adult – recanting her testimony. Her stunning admission could lead to the exoneration of the imprisoned women in this riveting legal exposé. (followed by)

WITCH HUNTS THROUGH HISTORY FREE FORUM June 22, 4pm With the term “witch hunt” still being used today, we will look at what this term has meant through history. Thinkers and academics discuss why our current patriarchal structures need to be dismantled, and how we might learn from our mistakes to build a more inclusive society free from vilification. Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

MAPPLETHORPE: LOOK AT THE PICTURES FILM Directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, 2016, 1hr 49 min June 21, 6pm | $15

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures

Sexually explicit and unapologetically shocking, Robert Mapplethorpe’s controversial photographs are reexamined in this documentary. With unparalleled access to his archive, this striking account of a career cut short by AIDS in 1989 turns up not only the infamous pictures, but the stunning floral and portraiture work of a seminal modern artist. From censored to sold out, Mapplethorpe’s photography shows and life alike are fascinatingly reframed. (followed by)

LGBTQ+ CENSORSHIP IN ART FREE FORUM June 21, 8pm On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which marked the beginning of the LGBTQ+ movement, we look at how far society has come. We’ll hear from activists and educators with lived experiences around the world and reflect on how LGBTQ+ activism has influenced art in recent history and what role art plays in the future of queer expression. 29 Angry Inuk


Electric Company Theatre, Co-Presented with Canadian Stage


June 7 - 13

tickets from: $51 venue:

Bluma Appel Theatre


2hr 40min

The Full Light of Day is an Electric Company Theatre production in association with The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, co-presented by Luminato and Canadian Stage. WRITER Daniel Brooks DIRECTOR & DRAMATURG Kim Collier SET DESIGN Julie Fox LIGHTING DESIGN Michael Walton PROJECTION DESIGN Jamie Nesbitt COSTUME DESIGN Nancy Bryant ORIGINAL COMPOSITION Peter Allen FEATURING Jillian Fargey, Dean Paul Gibson, Jim Mezon, John Ng, Gabrielle Rose, Jenny Young, Jonathon Young

This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada. Developed with support from the NAC’s National Creation Fund. CO-PRESENTED BY

Part theatre, part film, The Full Light of Day tells the story of Mary, the aging matriarch of a wealthy Canadian family. As the end of her life draws near, Mary refuses to continue turning a blind eye towards the misdeeds that helped her family amass their great wealth. The story reflects on the moral choices facing Canadians today and forces us to confront the systematic corruption and ethical paradoxes that underline most of modern-day society. Does our ignorance make us complicit? The production blurs the boundaries of media and theatre, using live film, cameras, and image and video projections to produce an integrated and visually-stunning experience. Questions of perception and truth are accentuated through this blending of live and cinematic content. Vancouver-based Electric Company Theatre (ECT) has built a reputation for ground-breaking productions including Betroffenheit, Tear the Curtain!, and No Exit. The Full Light of Day continues ECT’s exploration of how concept and form illuminate content, with a roster of Canada’s most exceptional and award-winning talent.

“A tour de force of multimedia inventiveness.” — Vancouver Sun

“Daniel Brooks’ newest and, arguably, most ambitious work to date.” — Vancouver Observer


Image features Gabrielle Rose, Scott Belis, and Jenny Young. Photo by Brian Johnson.



6th Man Collective and The Theatre Centre


June 6 - 16

tickets from: $25 venue:

291 Lake Shore Boulevard East


2hr 20min

Monday Nights is suitable for anyone old enough to play basketball, though some of the stories contain coarse language. Running shoes are highly recommended – playing is not mandatory but it’s more fun if you do! CREATORS & PERFORMERS

Byron Abalos, Colin Doyle, Darrel Gamotin, Richard Lee, Jeff Yung, Sarah Miller LIGHTING DESIGNER David DeGrow SOUND DESIGNER

Christopher Stanton Made possible in part by Luminato’s Board of Directors

Who you are on the court reveals who you are off the court. Five men came together every Monday night and stayed until the lights turned off. They didn’t come to watch; they came to play. Based on the ongoing real-life pickup basketball games played for the better part of a decade, Monday Nights is an interactive basketball and theatre experience with the performers recreating their stories for the stage and exploring how a simple game can help us understand ourselves and connect to our community. No matter your age, skill, knowledge or passion for basketball, lace up your sneakers, get off the bench and get into the game – the ball is in your court.

“A cleverly conceived experiment.” — The Globe and Mail

“Good-natured entertainment with plenty of excitement on the court.” — The National Post THE RESIDENTS PROJECT At the 2017 festival, Luminato announced an exciting new creative development and presentation initiative to support artists who have come through The Theatre Centre’s Residency Program. Established in 2004, this unique multi-disciplinary, long-term development program has led to the creation of many significant works by Canadian performing artists. Each year, this partnership between Luminato and The Theatre Centre will provide a past Residency artist with the means to revisit their work and have it presented as part of Luminato. We’re proud to present Monday Nights as the 2019 Residents Project, following the success of Out the Window in 2018.


Image features the company of Monday Nights. Photos by Dahlia Katz.



Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre of Russia


June 9 - 10

tickets from: $72 venue:

John W.H. Bassett Theatre


2hr 30min

Performed in Russian with English surtitles. Masquerade is presented by Luminato and Show One Productions. WRITER Mikhail Lermontov DIRECTOR Rimas Tuminas PERFORMERS Vakhtangov State

Academic Theatre of Russia


One of Moscow’s oldest theatre companies returns with a show that will sweep you off your feet and into a storm of intrigue, hidden truths, and heaps of snow. Based on the writings of Mikhail Lermontov, one of Russia’s most important 19th century poets, the tragifarce Masquerade uncovers the real moralities of modern society behind the masks that everyone wears. Discover scandalous love affairs and squandered opportunities; exposed lies, truths, and the words that can kill. Literally. Vakhtangov’s Artistic Director Rimas Tuminas, whose critically-acclaimed Uncle Vanya, sold out at Luminato in 2017, applies his signature style to Masquerade, a melancholy Commedia dell’Arte with opulent costumes and entrancing music, set in mysterious, snowy Saint Petersburg. Often compared to Shakespeare’s Othello, Masquerade is a ruthless and ribald study of jealousy and pride within a gossip-ridden community, portrayed by a cast of some of Russia’s most celebrated actors. Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

“It is a cold and beautiful place; here, everything is not what it seems, everything is seduction and perdition.” — Radio Svoboda

“Mercurially brilliant import from Moscow’s Vakhtangov Theatre.” — The Guardian UK (on Uncle Vanya, 2017) 34

Image features the company of Masquerade. Photos by Valeriy Miasnikov and Dmitriy Dubinskiy.



PARADIGM productions


June 11 - 16

tickets from: $39 venue:

The Theatre Centre



Four Sisters was commissioned by Luminato. WRITER & DIRECTOR


Kaitlin Hickey, Steph Raposo and Christopher Ross-Ewart in collaboration with Susanna Fournier. CREATIVE PRODUCER Alison Wong SUPPORTED BY

The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada.


Sarah, a former madam, is 279 years old. She has defied Death, survived the toppling of regimes and centuries of war. When a mysterious plague breaks out, she is forced to relocate to a quarantined zone with her four young wards – girls who have been orphaned by the women she once employed. When a strange doctor arrives and discovers the girls are plaguepositive, Sarah must choose between treating the girls with an experimental new drug or no treatment at all. Four Sisters culminates Susanna Fournier’s criticallyacclaimed trilogy, The Empire, and also stands on its own as a single riveting play. Chronicling 500 years of the rise and fall of an empire, these works crash into today’s world, disrupting ideas of theatrical realism, history, and civilization. Four Sisters shifts between narrative and movement, darkness and light, through the synthesis of Fournier’s provocative text and direction and Amanda Acorn’s choreography. Join a stellar ensemble of women, including Krystina Bojanowski, Yolanda Bonnell, Jennifer Dahl, Aria Evans, Virgilia Griffith, Ximena Huizi, Chala Hunter, Claudia Moore, and Bea Pizano, as they hurtle you into a fractured world, where grief and injustice provoke a cry for revolution.

“There are ambitious independent theatre makers and then there’s Susanna Fournier... Keep your passport to the Empire Trilogy handy; this appears to be a journey worth completing.”

— Toronto Star (on The Philosopher’s Wife, part one of the Empire Trilogy) 36

Image features Claudia Moore, Bea Pizano, Ximena Huizi, Krystina Bojanowski in Four Sisters. Photo by Tanja Tiziana.



Buddies in Bad Times Theatre


June 12 - 16

tickets from: $50 venue:

Berkeley Street Theatre, Downstairs


1hr 50min

Originally developed and co-produced by Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and Theatre Passe Muraille. WRITERS & PERFORMERS

Evalyn Parry & Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory DIRECTOR Erin Brubacher LIVE VIDEO Elysha Poirier LIVE MUSIC Cris Derksen & Evalyn Parry

In the Inuktitut language, when a knife is dull it is said to “have no face.” The word “kiinalik” translates to mean the knife is sharp, or, “it has a face.”

Inuk artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory and queer theatre-maker Evalyn Parry met on an Arctic expedition from Iqaluit to Greenland. Now they share the stage in Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools; a concert, dialogue, and symbolic convergence between the North and the South of our country. These two powerful storytellers map new territory together in a work that gives voice and body to the lived histories, culture, and climate we have inherited, and then asks how we reckon with these sharp tools. Williamson Bathory and Parry, accompanied by cellist Cris Derksen, engage each other with music, stories, and an urgency to work together to cultivate understanding, however unsettling it may be. The performers combine their artistic arsenals to convey the complexity of the North and its past through folk songs, throat-singing, storytelling, historical and autobiographical material, and uajeerneq (Greenlandic mask dancing). Used together these tools create powerful moments, some “astonishing and almost frightening in [their] transgressive power” (NOW Toronto).

“A bracing, beautiful,

thought-provoking, unsettling, challenging show” — Intermission Magazine

“Astounding…Another example of

how working together rather than in conflict can lead to the best theatre” — The Globe and Mail


Image features Evalyn Parry and Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory in Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools. Photos by Jeremy Mimnagh.



Asah Productions – A Nicole Brooks Vision


June 13 - 22

tickets from: $36 venue:

Fleck Dance Theatre



Obeah Opera is a Nicole Brooks Vision commissioned by Luminato. CONCEIVED, WRITTEN & COMPOSED BY Nicole Brooks DIRECTOR Lezlie Wade CO-DIRECTOR & CHOREOGRAPHER



Renette and David Berman This is one of the 200 exceptional projects funded through the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program. With this $35M investment, the Council supports the creation and sharing of the arts in communities across Canada. Developed with support from the NAC’s National Creation Fund.

Obeah Opera is a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, spiritlifting, musical sensation. Steeped in Black music and sung entirely a cappella by a powerful all-female cast, Obeah Opera tells the story of the legendary Salem witch trials from the spellbinding perspective of the first woman accused, the young Caribbean slave Tituba. The cast of 20 serves as both orchestra and vocal leads, as Obeah Opera redefines the traditional opera form away from its European roots, using an array of Black musical genres including spirituals, jazz, ska, calypso, and traditional African and Caribbean folk. With an inter-disciplinary approach that incorporates musical theatre, opera, dance and carnival costumes, Obeah Opera is “an inspiring work. Uplifting, original, as athletic as it is musical, one can’t help but get swept up in the show’s infectious, refreshing spirit. A must see.” (Grammy Award-winner, Dan Hill) Although many operas, films, plays, and novels have been written about the Salem witch trials (most notably Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible), Tituba’s own story has never been told. Obeah Opera is a musical odyssey that offers a new take on the witch trials, slavery, and the operatic form itself.

“[Obeah Opera] powerfully

delivers a score that mixes calypso, spiritual and gospel with blues and jazz.” ­— The Globe and Mail



Image features the company of Obeah Opera. Photos by Osato Erebor.


USA music




June 22

tickets from: $35 venue:

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts



This production contains sexually explicit images from the Robert Mapplethorpe collection and language that may be inappropriate for audiences under 18. COMPOSER Bryce Dessner DIRECTOR Kaneza Schaal LIBRETTO Korde Arrington Tuttle, featuring words by Essex Hemphill & Patti Smith FEATURING Roomful of Teeth with Alicia Hall Moran and Isaiah Robinson

Produced by ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann in cooperation with The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.* This project received a workshop through “Opera Fusion: New Works,” a joint venture between Cincinnati Opera and the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, and made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, as well as a residency development through MassMOCA, North Adams, MA. SUPPORTED BY


Thirty years after Robert Mapplethorpe’s death, the world still cannot turn away from the compelling nature and emotional complexity of his influential photographs. Nestled between erotic heat and cool classicism, his controversial works were images of a generation, shattering mainstream conceptions of conventional beauty. In this new work, composer Bryce Dessner (The National), in collaboration with librettist Korde Arrington Tuttle and director Kaneza Schaal, explores Mapplethorpe’s uncanny ability to make the viewer question the commonly held beliefs on race, gender and politics that underpin most of society. Featuring poetry by Tuttle, Essex Hemphill and Patti Smith, sung by the Grammy Award-winning choral ensemble Roomful of Teeth with Alicia Hall Moran and Isaiah Robinson, Triptych (Eyes of One on Another) sets Dessner’s music against some of the most electrifying and divisive images in contemporary art. Through music and large-scale projections of Mapplethorpe’s work, Triptych is a bold take and close examination of one of the most brilliant photographers of the 20th century.

*Produced in Residency with and Commissioned by University Musical Society, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Co-produced by Los Angeles Philharmonic, Gustavo Dudamel Music and Artistic Director. Co-commissioned by BAM; Luminato Festival, Toronto, Canada; Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Athens, Greece; Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati, OH; Cal Performances, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA; Stanford Live, Stanford University, Stanford, CA; Adelaide Festival, Australia; John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for performance as part of DirectCurrent 2019; ArtsEmerson: World on Stage, Emerson College, Boston, MA; Texas Performing Arts, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX; Holland Festival; Celebrity Series, Boston, MA; Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; and the Momentary, Bentonville, AR, as well as a residency development through MassMOCA, North Adams, MA.

Image features the company of Triptych (Eyes of One on Another). Photos by Maria Baranova.



Presented by Luminato, Soundstreams & Pinkhouse Productions



June 19 - 23




Harbourfront Centre Theatre



DIRECTOR AND DEVISER Tim Albery BARITONE Russell Braun PIANO Serouj Kradjian DESIGN Michael Levine

Based on Hanns Eisler’s song cycle Hollywood Songbook. SUPPORTED BY


Hell’s Fury: The Hollywood Songbook is a new music theatre production featuring internationally-renowned baritone Russell Braun portraying the life of Hanns Eisler, one of Europe’s most gifted mid-century composers. Braun is joined by Juno Awardwinning pianist Serouj Kradijian. A Jewish Marxist born in Austria, Eisler fled Nazi Germany in 1933 for Hollywood. During the 1940s, Eisler achieved great success, composing music for many films, including Academy Award-nominated scores for Fritz Lang’s Hangmen Also Die and Clifford Odets’ None but the Lonely Heart. In private he wrote Hollywood Songbook, an evocative song cycle full of anger, melancholy and wit with many songs based on poems by his friend and frequent collaborator Bertolt Brecht. Hollywood Songbook helped to establish Eisler’s reputation as one of the 20th century’s great lieder composers. At the beginning of the Cold War, Eisler was blacklisted by Hollywood film executives, labelled an “unperson” by the House Un-American Activities Committee and exiled from the United States. He returned to East Germany where he was initially revered, writing the new country’s national anthem, but growing increasingly disillusioned, he retreated into silence.

“If there are three key elements to the

evening’s success, they are: Russell Braun, Russell Braun, Russell Braun.” — Opera Today (on Braun’s performance in Louis Riel)

“Kradjian’s arrangements were suave

and crisp, classy and strikingly effective.” — The Globe and Mail


Photo of Hans Eisler by Ralph Crane.



The Cave Collective

THE CAVE dates:

June 18 - 23




Tank House Theatre, Soulpepper



MUSIC John Millard LYRICS Tomson Highway ORIGINAL CONCEPT Martha Ross,

John Millard, and Tomson Highway DIRECTOR Adam Paolozza MUSICAL DIRECTOR Gregory Oh MUSICIANS Rob Clutton,

Germaine Liu, Karen Ng, Matti Pulkki, Gregory Oh, John Millard SINGERS Neema Bickersteth, Andrea Koziol, Derek Kwan, Alex Samaras SUPPORTED BY

The Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter program, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council, with the generous support of Soulpepper Theatre Company.



While the forest fire rages all around, destroying everything in its path, a group of animals escapes to what they believe will be the safety of The Cave. As they try to wait it out their anxiety grows. Some animals retreat into memories, others become increasingly aware of the centuries of human activity that has led to the obliteration of their homes. An entertaining apocalyptic cabaret created by celebrated Canadian artists John Millard (composer), Tomson Highway (lyrics), and Martha Ross (dramaturg), The Cave is an intimate, urgent response to our changing environment that poses the question who is responsible for this land and the lives that inhabit it. An evening of riveting storytelling and music, told by the innocents, challenges us all. The Cave will be live-streamed to locations near and far on Saturday, June 22nd. Partners include The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Rumble Productions in Vancouver and Nakai Theatre in Whitehorse. The livestream will be simultaneously watched all over Canada and the world.

Images courtesy of The Cave Collective.


INDIGENOUS ARTS FESTIVAL JUNE 21 - 23 TORONTO FREE FORT YORK Featuring Quantum Tangle, Amanda Rheaume, Midnight Shine & Jah’kota



Presented by

HOW TO LUMINATO WHO is Luminato for WHAT to bring Everyone! Luminato is committed to being a festival that is as inclusive as possible. Find out more about our Accessibility Programming on page 53.

Your tickets! On-site box offices open one hour before each performance.

HOW to buy your tickets

Online Box Office: 416 368 4849 Box Office Hours: Your patience! Some shows are general admission Until June 5: so it is good to arrive early to ensure Monday to Friday, 12 – 5pm WHEN to visit you and your friends can sit together. June 6 – 23: Tuesday to Sunday, You may encounter line ups during 12 – 8pm; Monday, 12 – 5pm Luminato runs June 7 – 23 so In person: There will be an on-site clear your calendar! Our festival is busy periods at House of Mirrors. Check the House of Mirrors FAQ on box office at each venue, opening designed so you can sometimes one hour before each show. our website for more information. see more than one show in a day, and many in a week. Turn to Your weather gear! House of Mirrors page 60 to see the full festival Some of our events are outside and Tickets available in-person only schedule. at the House of Mirrors box office, take place rain or shine, so check Harbourfront Centre, East Campus. the weather before you head out so you can enjoy the event! For group sales (20+) please contact Stephen Barber at 416 368 4849

WHERE to festival

Luminato takes place all over Toronto, in theatres, concert halls, found spaces and the open air. Find out more about Luminato: Festival Central at Harbourfront Centre on page 50. 291 Lake Shore Boulevard East 291 Lake Shore Boulevard East Monday Nights

Harbourfront Centre, Lakeside 235 Queens Quay West Maada’ookii Songlines

Berkeley Street Theatre 26 Berkeley Street, Downstairs Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools

Harbourfront Centre, Artport Gallery 235 Queens Quay West The Drawing Room

Bluma Appel Theatre 27 Front Street East The Full Light of Day Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen)

John W.H. Bassett Theatre 255 Front Street West Masquerade

Fleck Dance Theatre 207 Queens Quay West Obeah Opera KIRA, The Path | La Voie Harbourfront Centre Theatre 231 Queens Quay Hell’s Fury: The Hollywood Songbook Harbourfront Centre, Studio Theatre 235 Queens Quay West Angry Inuk True North Southwest of Salem Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures Harbourfront Centre, East Campus 235 Queens Quay West House of Mirrors

Canadian Opera Company’s Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre 227 Front Street East Forget Me Not Koerner Hall 273 Bloor Street West BIZIINDAN! MacMillan Theatre 80 Queen’s Park Rite of Spring Sony Centre for the Performing Arts 1 Front Street East Triptych (Eyes of One on Another) Tank House Theatre 50 Tank House Lane The Cave The Theatre Centre 1115 Queen Street West Four Sisters

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House of Mirrors

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KIRA, The Path | La Voie The Drawing Room Obeah Opera

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Harbourfront Centre Artport Gallery

Tickets from $36 Fleck Dance Theatre

Hell’s Fury: The Hollywood Songbook

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Harbourfront Centre Theatre

Maada’ookii Songlines


Harbourfront Centre Lakeside




Hot Docs Film Program

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Harbourfront Centre Studio Theatre



Harbourfront Centre Studio Theatre

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Marilyn Brewer Community Space

11am 11am Room - 11pmMiss Lou’s - 11pm

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True North (Parts 1-4)


Angry Inuk

(2pm) Changing Tides



Look at the Southwest of Salem Pictures



LGBTQ+ Censorship in Art

Witch Hunts Through History




NATIONAL CREATION FUND Paving the way for a new model of creation in Canada’s performing arts.

By supporting productions like Full Light of Day and Obeah Opera, the Fund is proud to develop the ambitions of Canadian creators. The National Creation Fund is fuelled by funds raised from generous donors to the National Arts Centre Foundation’s Creation Campaign, who believe in investing in Canadian creators.


The National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund invests in the opportunities that risk and innovation demand.

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Specialized performances The following symbols have been used throughout this guide to indicate specialized performances. Relaxed Performances House of Mirrors Monday, June 10: 11am-12pm Sunday, June 16: 11am-12pm Friday, June 21: 11am-12pm Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools Friday, June 14: 7pm Audio Described Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools Sunday, June 16: 1pm Rite of Spring Saturday, June 22: 2pm Hearing Assistance Devices Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen) The Full Light of Day BIZIINDAN! Triptych (Eyes of One on Another) Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools

Surtitles Masquerade


At Luminato, we and our artistic and venue partners are committed to offering a festival that is accessible to as many people as possible. Our programming features a variety of specialized performances such as American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreted Performances, Audio Described Performances for patrons who are blind or have vision loss, and Relaxed Performances for patrons who benefit from a more informal environment, including those who are neuroatypical, with a sensory or communication disorder, ADD/ ADAHD, a learning disability or anyone who would benefit from a relaxed atmosphere.

Closed Captioning True North screening ASL Interpretation Illuminating Ideas: True North includes closed captioning, followed by a panel discussion with ASL interpretation. Monday Nights Sunday, June 9: 1pm

If you require an assistance device or specialized seating, please book in advance. A limited number of devices are at each venue. To reserve, please email or call 416 368 4849 53

Slaight Music is proud to support BIZIINDAN! as part of Luminato 2019.

DISCOVER WHAT A MODERN SEDAN CAN BE The road ahead demands full control. With a highly refined chassis, the All-New 2019 Volvo S60 delivers a precise and dynamic driving experience defined by effortless performance and comfort. Inside, a thoughtful blend of intuitive technology and Scandinavian refinement creates an engaging and connected drive on any road.

THE 2019



Date: April 2019

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Agency Docket: 31018163-9

Mechanical Size: 5.5”x3.8125”

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FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS Image features Luminato’s festival volunteers. Photo by Emily McLennon.

On behalf of Luminato a sincere THANK YOU to this year’s amazing volunteers. Year after year our volunteers enhance the festival experience through their commitment, hard work, talent and enthusiasm. We are forever indebted to each of them for sharing our passion for Toronto’s arts and culture community. We also wish to extend our gratitude to the corporate and community partners of the 2019 Volunteer Program. We acknowledge and thank Uken Games for the generous donation of their facility for hosting Luminato’s volunteer orientation and training sessions. And our First Circle Mentorship program would not be possible without CultureLink’s ongoing support in developing volunteer opportunities for Canadian newcomers. Finally, hooray to the entire Volunteer Award for Arts & Culture Toronto committee, for helping to recognize the wider festival volunteer community. About the Luminato Volunteer Program: Since its inception in 2007, Luminato volunteers have played an integral role in the success of every Luminato event. Those who donate their time to the festival do so in a variety of ways that provide onsite support to Luminato audiences, staff and artists. Our volunteers reflect Luminato’s core values of integrity, collaboration, creativity, excellence and respect. We welcome you to join our enriching and supportive volunteer team in 2019 and beyond. For more information or to volunteer, visit 55

Complete your Luminato experience with a visit to the Shop at Harbourfront Centre. Browse through a mix of extraordinary accessories, gifts and one-of-a-kind objects inspired by artists in our Craft & Design studio, local community and across Canada.

Located in the Main Building (corner of Queens Quay and Lower Simcoe) Hours: 11am – 6pm



From the very beginning, donors have been at the heart of Luminato. Among the first to stand behind the festival were the Founding Luminaries: art patrons and civic builders whose shared vision of making Luminato one of the most celebrated annual multi-arts festivals on the world stage. We remain truly grateful to the following individuals, organizations and companies for their generosity: Mohammad and Najla Al Zaibak* Kate Alexander Daniels and David Daniels* Tony and Anne Arrell, C.M. Salah Bachir, C.M. Charles Baillie, O.C. and Marilyn Baillie, C.M.* Avie Bennett, C.C., O.Ont.* BMO Financial Group Helen Burstyn, C.M. and David Pecaut, C.M.* Dancap Productions Inc. The David and Stacey Cynamon Family Foundation Joan T. Dea and Lionel F. Conacher* Ian and Kiki Delaney, C.M. Cam and Alexandra di Prata John Donald and Linda Chu* Gail Drummond and Bob Dorrance The Duboc Family Foundation* Lonti Ebers and Bruce Flatt Falls Management Company Margaret Fleck and Jim Fleck, C.C.* Kevin and Roger Garland*

The Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky Gluskin Charitable Foundation Anthony and Helen Graham* Jay and Barbara Hennick and Family Ian Ihnatowycz and Marta Witer Ivey Foundation Lucille and Urban Joseph, O.C.* Patrick and Barbara Keenan, C.M. Michael and Sonja Koerner, C.M.* Tiana Koffler Boyman and Marc Boyman Joan and Jerry Lozinski MacLaren McCann Manulife Financial Chetan and Clara Mathur* Judy and Wil Matthews* Sloan Mauran and Adrian Tauro Cheryl and Rob McEwen, C.M.* Joseph Mimran and Kimberley Newport-Mimran David and Audrey Mirvish, C.M., O.Ont. Pierre L. Morrissette* Gordon and Janet Nixon, C.M., O.Ont. Nancy Pencer

Sandra Pitblado and Jim Pitblado, C.M.* Jonas and Lynda Prince* RBC Richard Rooney and Laura Dinner* Gary and Donna Slaight* Geoff and Megan Smith Howard Sokolowski, O.Ont. and Senator Linda Frum* Marisa and Edward Sorbara* St. Joseph Communications Larry and Judy Tanenbaum, O.C.* Eli and Philip Taylor TELUS The Roy Thomson Family Tourism Toronto Taylor Thomson John and Elizabeth Tory Q.C. The Hon. Hilary M. Weston, C.M., C.V.O, O.Ont and W. Galen Weston, O.C., C.V.O, O.Ont Robin and David Young*


Thank you to our donors

* These visionary donors supported Luminato before its inaugural season.


Luminato is grateful for our generous annual donors who have helped us create a unique festival that is curious about the world, and that is engaged with the vibrant communities that comprise Toronto and Canada today. THE DISCOVERY FUND ($200,000+) Anonymous MUSE ($100,000+) Renette and David Berman Joan and Jerry Lozinski LODESTAR SUPPORTER ($50,000+) Gretchen and Don Ross, OC Eleanor and Francis Shen SUPERNOVA SUPPORTER ($25,000+) Robin and David Young

GOLD PATRON CIRCLE ($10,000+) Bruce Bailey, in honour of Peter Herrndorf John and Leanna Bayliss Rena Bedard and Bill Dillane Holly Coll-Black and Rupert Duchesne, C.M. Tony and Lina Gagliano Kevin and Roger Garland The William and Nona Heaslip Foundation Eva Czigler and Peter Herrndorf, C.C., O.Ont. Lucille and Urban Joseph, O.C. Tiana Koffler Boyman and Marc Boyman Cheryl and Rob McEwen, C.M. Greg and Kate Sorbara

PATRON CIRCLE ($5,000+) Anonymous Helen Burstyn, C.M. and Family Michael Bregman and Katie Osborne Gordon and Jennifer Cooper Michael Foulkes Claudia and Sven Grail Heather and Greg Hogarth Grant and Anne Hood Lorraine and Neville Kirchmann Leslie MacLeod and Allan MacEwan Gilles and Julia Ouellette Maureen and Warren Spitz Pamela and Larry Stevenson Kingsley and Christine Ward Sandy and John Welton Luminato Staff Campaign

LIMELIGHT ($2,500 – 4,999) Anonymous Helen Stevenson and David Allgood Bill and Dawne Benson Paul and Lynn Damp Robert and Tracy Elder Bill and Sharon Fielding Don K. Johnson, OC LLD Edita and Graeme Page Bill and Judy Stewart Carol Wilding STARLIGHT ($1,000 – 2,499) Walter Bowen and Lisa Balfour Bowen Nova Bhattacharya and Mark Hammond Liz Kohn Helen and Don McGillivray Anthony Sargent, CBE FOUNDATION PARTNERS The Bennett Family Foundation SOCAN Foundation







Anthony Sargent, CBE CEO

Naomi Campbell Artistic Director

Christine Achampong Communications Manager

Peter Herrndorf, C.C., O. Ont. (Chair)

Liz Kohn Vice President, Stakeholder Relations & Business Strategy

R Allan Ross Executive Producer

Saskia van Rijk Marketing Manager

Tony Gagliano (Co-Founder, Chair Emeritus)

SeĂĄn Baker Technical & Production Manager

Stephen Barber Ticketing & CRM Manager

Lucille Joseph (Vice-Chair)

Derek Aubichon Graphic Designer

Rupert Duchesne, C.M. (Vice-Chair)

Jorge Ayala-Isaza Web & Digital Officer

Mohammad Al Zaibak

Alex Rand Programming Associate & Producer

Jenni Grandfield Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Helen Burstyn, C.M.

Caoimhe Whelan Programming & Production Coordinator

Lorraine Kidd Ticketing Coordinator

Anthony Graham

Sarah Brown Social Media & Digital Communications Assistant

Roberto Dante Martella

Marcia McNabb, CPA, CA Vice President, Finance & Admin Monique Danielle, CPA, CA Finance Manager Erin Echlin Executive Assistant Jenny Cheng, CPA, CA Production Accountant Katia Ghanem Finance Coordinator DEVELOPMENT Edita Page, CFRE Vice President, Philanthropy Graeme Page Vice President, Strategic Partnerships Natasha Udovic Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships

Cathy Gordon Festival & Community Engagement Manager

Bobby Beckett Venue Producer Denise Bolduc Creative Producer Sally Frater Curator Caroline Hollway Creative Producer

Michael Foulkes Peter Mansbridge, O.C. Judy Matthews Mark Mulroney

Special thanks to the following people who have each made invaluable contributions to our 2019 festival.

Gretchen Ross Greg Sorbara Carol Wilding, FCPA, FCA Peter Wilkinson

Imagic Associate Producer

Winston Tang Lisa Becar


Anne Rawn Development Manager, Individual & Foundation Giving

Felicia Daisy Volunteer Manager

Kim Moreira

Salah Bachir

Alonso Melgar Volunteer Coordinator

Leona Thomas

Alvie Bennett

Leanna Shoniker

Julia Deans

Kelsey Muldoon Donor Relations & Development Coordinator

Stephanie Tonietto Company Manager

Ewa Kubric

Jim Fleck

Jessica Grant Assistant Company Manager

A very special thank you to Josephine Ridge, Luminato’s Artistic Director for the 2017 and 2018 festivals. The 2019 festival was curated, in part, by Ms. Ridge.

Alexandra Lomax Stewardship & Event Coordinator Rachel Martine Corporate Partnerships & Government Relations Assistant Leah Faieta Consulting Grant Writer & Government Relations Consultant

Angeline St Amour Logistics Coordinator Christine Karcza Accessibility Consultant Producers Denyse Karn Lani Milstein Oz Weaver Production Managers Pip Bradford Duncan MacMillan David Ship Arun Srinivasan


John Bayliss

Robert Foster Chetan Mathur Susan McArthur Rob McEwen Jonas Prince Javier San Juan Gary Slaight





Our partners bring Luminato to life






CORPORATE SUPPORTERS The Boston Consulting Group KPMB Architects Solotech Stikeman Elliott LLP Uken Games The Westin Harbour Castle



WED 5 (previews)

THUR 6 (previews)




Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre

Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not (preview) (preview) 7pm 7pm 4pm 7pm 7pm

Bluma Appel Theatre

The Full Light of Day 8pm

The Full Light of Day 2pm & 8pm

The Full Light of Day 2pm

East Campus, Harbourfront Centre

House of Mirrors (opening) 11am-8pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

Fleck Dance Theatre 291 Lake Shore Blvd E Harbourfront Centre, Artport Gallery John Bassett Theatre

MON 10

Koerner Hall Tank House Theatre, Soulpepper Harbourfront Centre Theatre MacMillan Theatre Sony Centre for the Performing Arts Lakeside, Harbourfront Centre

Studio Theatre, Harbourfront Centre



House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

The Full Light of Day 8pm

The Full Light of Day 1pm & 8pm

The Full Light of Day 8pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm Obeah Opera (preview) 8pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

Masquerade 7pm

Masquerade 7pm

Monday Nights 8pm

Monday Nights 8pm

Monday Nights 8pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools 7pm

Four Sisters (preview) 8pm

Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools 7pm Four Sisters (preview) 8pm

Berkeley Street Theatre, Downstairs The Theatre Centre

WED 12

Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not 7pm 7pm 7pm

KIRA, The Path KIRA, The Path KIRA, The Path KIRA, The Path | La Voie | La Voie | La Voie | La Voie (preview) 8pm 8pm 3pm 8pm Monday Monday Monday Monday Nights Nights Nights Nights (preview) (preview) 8pm 1pm 8pm 8pm The Drawing Room 6pm (opening)

TUE 11

Four Sisters 8pm


JUNE 7-23


FRI 14

SAT 15

SUN 16

MON 17

Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not 10pm 7pm 4pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

Obeah Opera (preview) 8pm

Obeah Opera 8pm

Obeah Opera 2pm

Monday Nights 8pm

Monday Nights 8pm

Monday Nights 1pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

TUE 18

WED 19


FRI 21

SAT 22

SUN 23

Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not Forget Me Not 7pm 7pm 7pm 10pm 7pm 4pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen) 8pm

Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen) 8pm

Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen) 8pm

Flowers for Kazuo Ohno (and Leonard Cohen) 8pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

Obeah Opera 8pm

Obeah Opera 8pm

Obeah Opera 8pm

Obeah Opera 8pm

Obeah Opera 8pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Drawing Room 12pm-6pm

The Cave 8pm

The Cave 8pm

The Cave 8pm

The Cave 8pm

The Cave 8pm

The Cave 2pm

House of Mirrors 11am-11pm

Kiinalik: These Kiinalik: These Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools Sharp Tools Sharp Tools 7pm 7pm 1pm & 7pm Four Sisters 8pm

Four Sisters 2pm & 8pm

Four Sisters 2pm


Hell’s Fury: Hell’s Fury: Hell’s Fury: Hell’s Fury: Hell’s Fury: The Hollywood The Hollywood The Hollywood The Hollywood The Hollywood Songbook Songbook Songbook Songbook Songbook 7pm 7pm 7pm 7pm 2pm Rite of Spring 8pm

Rite of Spring 8pm

Rite of Spring 2pm & 8pm Triptych (Eyes of One on Another) 8pm Maada’ookii Songlines 8pm

True North (Parts 1-4) 5pm

Angry Inuk 2pm Changing Tides FORUM


Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures 6pm

Southwest of Salem 2pm

Witch Hunts LGBTQ+ Through History Censorship in Art FORUM




Show dates and times are subject to change. Visit for an up-to-date schedule.


JUNE 7-23



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