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Luke Smith, Sophia Flynn, Luca DiSmith

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Ta k i n g i t F r o m t h e S t r e e t s Zachary Kussin looks at the movement of art from the streets into galleries.

006 Sunday Funday We disucss our favourite activites to indulge in on o u r f a v o u r i t e d a y.

010 Lights and Music The Empire gets in contact with up and coming, local DJ/producer Audageous.

016 Loud Noises the best activities this summer: festivals, concerts and all loud things in general

020 Perth Abandonded 6000times looks at the P e r t h ’s b e s t u n k n o w n tourist attractions.

024 Maphead the name says it all: having a map, tattooed onto your head is awesome.

030 Ski Cortina Our resident travel expert looks at the new hottest place to go for a cold holiday

036 South Living in Western Australia, we look at our most visited tourist attraction: the Margaret River wine region.





São Paulo’s Choque Cultural Gallery prides itself on exhibiting

angry, they’re a far cry from “tag” graffiti—hastily sprayed words

of the outdoor artwork is preserved, some argue that moving it

works of pop art, photography, and sculpture by Brazil’s top

on outdoor property that convey social and political messages.

indoors and changing its scale compromises its integrity and

contemporary artists. But its current exhibit, Coletiva Choque,

São Paulo is not the only place where street art has made the

mission. Indeed, during Choque Cultural’s Trimassa! street-art

featuring works by the artists Zezão, Jaca, and Presto, looks

leap from the inner city to the gallery. Exhibition spaces in Los

exhibit last fall, vandals broke in and spray-painted pichação, or

like it’d be more at home on the walls of a favela. It consists of

Angeles, London, and New York City have all commissioned

tag graffiti, all over the works to protest the mainstream marketing

large, colorfully embellished murals, known as street art, that

street artists to apply their talents to murals rather than on

of the art form. Street artists themselves are ambivalent about

have been transferred to canvases. More inspirational than

building façades or concrete barriers. Although the artistic style

shifting their venue. Eltono, an artist from Spain who paints

taking it from the streets

the american__2009 Luke Smith


the first rule__2009 Luke Smith


taking it from the streets

innocence lost__2009 Luke Smith



lights and music


The Aston Shuffle hits Perth and Villa this Saturday as a part of their national tour ‘Won’t Get Lost’. The house electro duo feature alongside local favourites, Sun City, Jus Haus? and Audageous. Last week Empire of Perth’s Sara Mattsson met up with Audageous, alias Ben Robinson, to discuss travelling, fictional biographies and to get the low down on what DJing is all about. I caught up with Ben in Leederville last Tuesday night during a break from completing the last chapters of his Master thesis on the coastal vulnerability in Lancelin. Ben is a busy man he says. Soon to be a graduate civil engineer after six years at UWA, he has already secured a job and is due to start in a couple weeks. Moreover, he is preparing for plenty of up-coming gigs. I get the impression that Ben doesn’t take himself too seriously. The fake bio on Audageous’ MySpace site is a good example. Ben reveals this was his cousin David’s composition, who at an early stage was a member of Audageous. But Ben admits he is just the same. “Most of


the time when people ask me for bios I just make things up,” he laughs. “I’m actually pretty disappointed that they didn’t put the one up I wrote for Parklife. I think I said I was a part-time werewolf for something.” Ben also values his privacy: “I try my hardest to distance myself as a musician.” The artist page on Facebook is updated with everything he does musically, but he tries to keep his personal page limited in that respect. “I get quite frustrated,“ he explains. “I guess I’m a major source of it myself, but people are spamming you out on Facebook pages to go to events.” 2008 was the year Ben had his first gig. It was an end-of-exams party for UWA, down at the OBH in Cottesloe. The hosts Ignition and Borgeoius Bogan had invited American electro duo LA Riots and Parisian disco house king Joakim. “They were at the time massive electro producers,” Ben explains. He played at Shape nightclub that same night. The host Josh McAuliffe from Tick Tock [the label] liked what he heard and offered Ben residency at the nightclub. “Back then [Shape] was sort of the biggest nightclub in Perth. It was huge!” Ben supported new acts every Saturday night, and he describes it as the most enjoyable year of his life. After one year as a resident at Shape, Ben departed Australia to do some solo travelling. He got a job on a backpacking cruise around Turkey and the Greek Islands. He then travelled to Rome, London, Edinburgh, Berlin and Prague, across to North America and finished off in South America. “I actually played a show when I was in Berlin,” he said. The record label Kitsune Records, who he came in contact with during his time at Shape,


lights and music



You want to spend all your time playing music but it’s not always easy.


lights and music

To mark the 35th anniversary of the shell toe, adidas has given friends and fellow sneaker lovers from the music, art and fashion worlds the chance to create their own unique pair of Superstars, resulting in a 35-strong collection of shoes in celebration of one of the world’s most recognizable and ubiquitous fashion items.

O N C E I N N O VAT I V E . . . N O W A C L A S S I C . . .

addidas superstar.

PERT H. 6000times

Built 1946, abandoned 1985. 34 years of life for a power station

seems kind of short. Call this part two, as most of this building has

been featured before on 6000times. A trip back down to Fremantle really

was worth it just to view the North West section of the structure, which I hadn’t

previously seen.Yes, Fremantle. Home of John Butler, Luc Longley, and about 24

thousand freaks. Far out man. I haven’t seen that many freaks permanent

chatting yesterday with a particularly

logical aquaintance of mine, I came to

a decision. “From now on, every photo I ever take for the rest of my life will be in


perth abandonded

black and white”. Analytically, he asked “why?”, with an intense, Vulcanic raise of his eyebrows. Already doubting my considered decision, I would need to

convey my reasoning in the most accurate and succinct way possible. “Because

it looks better”, I offered. “Yes, you are

correct”, my nerdy associate replied. Black and white photos, look better. Black and white film, even more so. Impeccable


Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, one of the world’s oldest

and most stylish ski resorts, sits 3 hours from Venice and can be reached via a steep and winding road.

The town is nestled in a valley at approximately 4,000 ft. and is surrounded on all sides by slopes. The

crags and cliffs of the rugged Dolomite Mountainˆs

do somewhat limit the skiable terrain (especially for

beginners and intermediates), however skiers have been flocking to Cortina for over 2 centuries to

In 1956, Cortina d’Ampezzo, served as the host city for the seventh Olympic Winter Games. The open-air ice rink constructed for the games has been adapted for year-round use. Ice is groomed in


ski cortina



ski cortina

ski cortina

both summer and winter for skating, curling, and “ice-bouldering”—an adventurous indoor climbing activity similar to rock-climbing. As a legacy of the 1956 games, Cortina claims Italy’s only Olympic bobsled track and ski jump, both of which still host national and international competitions. Decorating the slopes of Cortina are over 50 “rifugi,” small shelters built over the last century to shelter shepherds and hikers. (The Italian term roughly translates to shelter or refuge.) Today, these cozy refuges have been converted into pubs, restaurants and modest hotels. Their rustic interiors are complemented by roaring fireplaces that warm wet boots and mittens while hungry skiers and snowboarders order homemade traditional Italian fare. Rifugio Pomedes sports a large wooden terrace where dining is delightful on mild days. While many rifugios are only open for lunch, some, like Rifugio Averau, serve dinner and a hearty breakfast for those staying in the 10 bunk beds of theCortina’s dedication to luxury has produced several high-end, grand hotels. The Miramonti Majestic Hotel has been offering


upscale accommodations since 1893. Located just outside the village, the sprawling resort maintains several outdoor spaces dedicated to the art of après ski including a piano bar, billiards room and a small cinema that are not restricted to hotel guests only. The slightly less grand Hotel Meublè Oasi is located near the Faloria gondola, which services the Faloria peak (while there, stop for lunch at the Rifugio Capanna Tondi for fresh pasta and local wines). The hotel offers prices by the week, starting at ₏335 based on double occupancy. Cortina is a culinary sanctuary for every skier and snowboarder that has endured lunches at North American lodges consisting of overpriced bland chili, soggy pepperoni pizza or mystery-cheese nachos. While Europe as a whole has a leg up on the meals that accompany a day on the slopes, Cortina and its slope-side rifugios are in a class all their own. Away from the slopes in Cortina proper are several. high-end restaurants, like Tivoli and


ski cortina







Larry Rivera Western Australia’s wine region of Margaret River encompasses not only the town of Margaret River but the region between Cape Naturaliste in the north, Cape Leeuwin in the south, and Busselton in the northeast. Augusta, the town nearest Cape Leeuwin and the state’s south-westernmost point, is where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. Not only is the Margaret River region noted for its wines but more than 40 surfing locations along the coast provide conditions ranging from powerful reef breaks to fun beach breaks. These features make the Margaret River region a popular wine-growing and surfing destination.The town of Margaret River takes its name from the river than meanders just north of the town centre and flows west to the Indian. The river is believed to be named after Margaret Wyche, cousin of Busselton founder John Garrett Bussell. The name Margaret River first appeared in an 1839 map of the region. The 2001 Australian census placed the population of Margaret River at





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