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Luiza Rauleac Landscape Architect

Luiza Rauleac 0476.03.48.32 Schaerbeek, 1030 -Bruxelles

education Landscape Architecture, ISIA Huy Gembloux, Belgium Illustration & Bd, Arts Academy of the City of Brussels, Belgium Photography course, Ixelles Academy of Arts, Brussels, Belgium work experience "Inspire the neighborhood" project Brussels Environment Freelancer in illustration, photography, painting Assistant in the Amartgallery-Brussels art gallery Trainee Landscape Architect - CYDesign, Landscape Architecture Office Horticultural Assistant, Horticulture Technical Center Gembloux Assistant librarian, Haute Ecole Charlemagne, Gembloux Assistant in a silkscreen textile workshop, Bucharest exhibitions Illustrated cartography, Les Marolles, ALB, Creative art days Colors of a moment, painting exhibition, Amartgallery, Brussels Contemporaries, painting exhibition, Amartgallery, Brussels software competences Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, Flash AutoCAD 2D & 3D Artlantis SketchUp Pro languages French - fluent language English - fluent language Romanian - native language

Selected works

Integrated urban water management Shared space

Between blocks



INTEGRATED URBAN WATER MANAGEMENT Bruxelles, Belgium New urban rivers, Senne river and Wiels marsh

Project description In this project located in the Forest commune of Bruxelles is proposed an integration of the Senne river, the Wiels Marsh and also the rainwater which causes often problems of flooding in this low side of Bruxelles. A connection between all these elements is developed through a more holistic water management, thus linking them in an organic and natural

way. In addition, in response to flooding problems, a significant part of this project is allocated to the phytopurification basins, where the water after being purified is then directed towards the Senne River.

Senne in 1830

Exustant situation

Main buildings

Intention map


Zoom existante situation

Project execution plan

Composition plan

Profil-elevation Wiels marsh

Profil-elevation Senne river

Phytoepuration basin

Profil-elevation New urban rivers

Stabilized gravel rolled

Water retention 1.1

Grass slab turf

Water retention 1.2

Profil-elevation New urban rivers

Water retention 2.1

Water retention 2.2


Meux, Belgium

Creation of a convivial and green public space, Zone 20

Project description Shared space is a project in the municipality of Meux, where is proposed the implementation of a soft mobility and the planification of all the central areas where could be developed a wider range of activities and green spaces. The design proposal maximises the pedestrian cir-

culation and green open spaces and also enhances the biodiversity. The transformation of the library, play, garden areas and the forest are combined with seating and playful elements to create a dynamic environment that gives a identity to Meux municipality.

Situation analyse map

Diagnostic map

Programmation map

Intention map

Composition plan

Integrated management plan

Demolition plan

BETWEEN BLOCKS Namur, Belgium Development of an urban area at the periphery of Namur city

Project description This urban landscape project aims to explore part of Namur City as to develop and create a green area conceived as a multifunctional space. The site of intervention which is found at the periphery of the city needs to respond to a demand for citizen projects and as a place for meetingsharing. Also, the project it’s designed as a relaxation park, walkway, playground where the landscape shapes gives more character to the environnement. In this way, this residential area brings a more vivid

public space for the community.At the same time also bring public more awareness to the ecological side of this park by the use of native plants and by the creation of a collective vegetable garden. As a result, the park is designed as an open space, multifunctinal and where nature finds the place in the city.

Masterplan Diagnostic map

Indigen plants selection

Achillea millefolium

Allium Deschampsia Sphaerocephalon cespitosa

Artemisia vulgaris

Stipa tenuissima

Calluna vulgaris

Trifolium repens

Filipendula ulmaria

Galium odoratum

Carex 'Buchanani'

REGENERATION Le Roeulx, Belgium Transforming the adjacent place around St Nicolas church

Project description Usually, the church represents the central place of a village. This project aims to connect the places around it by creating a platform for social life. Therefore there is searched a homogenity between the main street of Le Roeulx village and the adjacents streets by the use of a characteristic pavement and vegetation. In this project there is searched an achievement

of more biodiversity and ecology by integrating indigen species. Another characteristic of this projects is that the place around the church is thought as a multifunctional space, where different events like a market area can be organized.

Technical drawing A-A’’

Technical drawing B-B’’

Composition plan

Technical drawing C-C’’

Technical drawing - Laying stone slabes

Technical drawing D-D’

Other works

Workshop Bezdin

Workshop University courtyard

Zero waste - Give-box

Autocad 3D

Illustrated cartography



WORKSHOP BEZDIN Arad, Romania Construction of the suspended pontoon at the Mures floodplain Natural Park

WORKSHOP Bucharest, Romania Landscaping the courtyard of the university

ZERO WASTE - GIVE-BOX Bruxelles, Belgium Sensibilising people to waste problem by creating a give-box Call for projects ‘Inspirrons le quartier’- Bruxelles Environnement Project in progress - Implementation in December

PROGRAMS: AUTOCAD 3D Modelisation of a house in 3D

ILLUSTRATED CARTOGRAPHY Bruxelles, Belgium Creation of an illustrated map of Marroles neighbourhood - Collaboration with the landscape architect Bianca Fanta, ALB

ILLUSTRATION Gouache, watercolours, coffee, adobe illustrator, photoshop, mixed-media

PHOTOGRAPHY Digital and film photography

Luiza Rauleac - Landscape Architect Portfolio  
Luiza Rauleac - Landscape Architect Portfolio