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Information Technologies II. Computing & society

GLOSSARY Here you will find a short explanation of some words you will find in this Unit.  Browse: search, look for, find.  Network: Internet  Assignment: tasks, activities, work  Reason: think carefully, in a logical way  Submit: hand out, give, send, deliver  Single: one  Copy: duplicate  Paste: stick, glue  Term: word, sentence, expression  Gap: hole, breach  Tools: equipment  Blog entry: comment, news  Avoid: try that something doesn’t happen  Turn: a place in a queue  Paperwork: doing something with administrative documents, official documents, etc.  Nowadays: in the present, today  Double entry-table: a table with two rows and two columns  Sentence: judgement, punishment, veredict  Imposed: obligation  Accused: suspect  Switch on: start  Topic: theme, matter, area  Section: chapter  Cover: first page  Onwards: ahead, forward on Florida Secundària. Computer Science Department


Information Technologies II. Computing & society

 Header: information at the beginning of a page (on top of the page).  Footer: information at the end of a page (on bottom of the page). Usually contains the page number, etc.

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Glossary for Unit 1. Information Technologies II