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by Luis Filipe

Based on the video game by Bungie

Copyright © 2018 This is a fan script

FADE IN: INT. BRIDGE - FORERUNNER SHIP A dimly lit bridge. Some kind futuristic, but the design tell us that it's not human-made. MASSIVE WINDOWS encircle the front of the room, but the filter is dark enough not to allow us to see the outside. CAMERA PANS ACROSS this wide space, just to find... ... a lonely FIGURE standing at the main CONSOLE. Barely visible in the shadows. Back to us. At first glance, it resembles a human form. But larger, at least three meters in height. And wearing an advanced armor. The only source of light comes from the console he works on, bathing his front side. Seeing closely, we realize that it's an ALIEN - more precisely, A FORERUNNER. Sinewy, pale-gray skin. His face is long and narrow. And this one is the MASTER BUILDER. A high-ranking Forerunner engineer. He mans floating holographic screens that surround him, which display texts and codes in a language never seen before. A door opens with a whoosh. Another Forerunner joins Master Builder: FORTHENCHO, LORD OF ADMIRALS. Unlike Master Builder, Forthencho's armor is more tactical, military-like. His helmet opens. [NOTE: All the dialogue between the Forerunners are in their ALIEN LANGUAGE, SUBTITLED.] FORTHENCHO Do you still know the word "rest"? Master Builder keeps focused on the screens. FORTHENCHO (CONT'D) You will not win the war if you not in your total disposal.

2. MASTER BUILDER And maybe not anyone else alive if I try to rest. FORTHENCHO We lost another troop. The hardest part is not knowing whether there were survivors or not. MASTER BUILDER There is not. FORTHENCHO How can you be sure? MASTER BUILDER Because everything the Flood touches, dies. Believe me. With his hands, the engineer ENLARGES one of the 3D images showing a kind of RING SCHEMATICS that he works on. FORTHENCHO Do you think that will be ready in time? MASTER BUILDER It has to be. All life depends on it now. FORTHENCHO The other six are ready, but there are many who are still suspicious whether it will work or not. MASTER BUILDER We have no options, right? It's the Flood or us. FORTHENCHO What we come? We fight for survival of our species... and we are at disadvantage. A beat. From Forthencho's forearm, a small hologram of a FORERUNNER SOLDIER materializes. FORERUNNER SOLDIER (on hologram) My Lord, the commander requires your presence in the C-16 sector.




FORERUNNER SOLDIER (on hologram) Immediate reinforcement. FORTHENCHO I'm on my way. The hologram fades away. MASTER BUILDER You know... I think you’re wrong, after all. About what?


MASTER BUILDER We still can reverse the tides of the war. Master Builder taps a key on his console. And the light levels dial up. The bridge brightens gradually. Both Forerunners stare at something beyond the camera, AMAZED. FORTHENCHO It is the first time I see one so close. MASTER BUILDER It’s beautiful, isn’t? FORTHENCHO No... it's divine. REVERSE ANGLE REVEALS to us what they refer A HALO UNDER CONSTRUCTION IN SPACE. Almost complete. Innumerable Forerunner ships swarm the ring-world, building it piece by piece. It is the birth of the greatest weapon in the universe. CUT TO BLACK. Over a black screen, the first of the CREDITS appear under the SOUND of heavy fast-paced FOOTSTEPS.

4. CUT TO: INT. CORRIDOR - COVENANT CAPITAL SHIP TRACKING at floor level, following GREEN-ARMORED LEGS racing down the hallway. As PLASMA FIRE erupts HARD CUT TO BLACK: More credits appear on screen. As it fades, the growing sound of plasma gunfire takes us back to... INT. CORRIDOR - COVENANT CAPITAL SHIP That armored man is a SPARTAN. We know who he is, but for now he always has his back to us. Suddenly, a JACKAL surges from a corner slamming the Spartan on the wall. The Spartan yanks the Jackal away and draws his SHOTGUN. But as he pulls the trigger - CLICK - no ammo. The Jackal charges to attack again. The Spartan wields the shotgun like a baseball bat and BASHES the Jackal's head against the wall... ... splashing it with alien blood. BACK TO BLACK: Silence. More credits surface. Then fade again. INT. CORRIDOR - COVENANT CAPITAL SHIP In another corridor, our Spartan stops next the door of a room. Inside, it's possible to hear Covenant's GROANS. He grabs a PLASMA GRENADE and tosses it into the room. As the bomb DETONATES, we BACK TO BLACK: The last credits appear.

5. INT. BRIDGE - COVENANT CAPITAL SHIP It's dark. THREE ELITES, standing back to us, fire down their blasters into the corridor ahead. But all are mortally hit by a hail of rounds, ripping through and shredding them. They drop to the ground revealing the Spartan coming in, SILHOUETTED against the corridor light. He holds Covenant weapons in each hand, smoking. As the Spartan enters the bridge, he seals the entrance door being covered totally by shadows. The Spartan walks toward the central bridge console, still barely seeing him in the dark. Arriving at the console, the panel light illuminates the warrior revealing him to us for the first time: MASTER CHIEF. Armor scratched and damaged. Dirty by Covenant blood. It is presumed he fought very hard to get here, and we only saw a fraction of that. Calmly, Master Chief presses a key on the console and: MASTER CHIEF This is Sierra-117 for any nearby human fleet. Requesting reinforcements immediately. Then SNAP TO A BLACK SCREEN. And FADE UP TO: EXT. OUTER SPACE A constellation of stars, thickening into a belt of Milky way. And a gas-giant PLANET in background named THRESHOLD. This region is familiar to us.

6. A COVENANT ASSAULT CARRIER glides sweetly across the screen. PAN WITH IT 180 to reveal HIGH CHARITY. The Covenant holy city. Orbiting the planet like a half-destroyed moon. Hundreds of Covenant ships prowl around it. In addition, there is the HALO - at least what's left of it. The same as Master Chief destroyed in the first movie, now it's just space junk. With pieces of varying sizes wandering through space. SUPER: "HIGH CHARITY, COVENANT CITY" INT. PRISON CELL - HIGH CHARITY Meet - THEL VADAM. One of the most devoted Covenant Elite warriors. But here he’s just a prisoner, seated on the edge of his bed thoughtfully. The cell door SLIDES open. We see only the shadow of the visitor, who tosses an armor at Thel Vadam's feet. VOICE (O.S.) Suit up. It's time. Thel Vadam nods. The other Covenant leaves. As Vadam begins to wear his armor, we HEAR: THEL VADAM (V.O.) There was only one ship. INT. COUNCIL CHAMBER - HIGH CHARITY Standing in the center of the large hall is Thel Vadam, handcuffed. Around him, a gallery full of COUNCIL MEMBERS in bleachers watch. Rows of ELITE HONOR GUARDSMEN stand at attention. TARTARUS - gorilla-sized, furry, chieftain of the Brutes eyes Thel Vadam. Thel Vadam speaks to three HIGH PROPHETS in their hoverchairs: PROPHET OF TRUTH, PROPHET OF MERCY and PROPHET OF REGRET. Just the Prophet of Regret is a HOLOGRAM.

7. PROPHET OF REGRET One? Are you sure? THEL VADAM Yes. They called it... Pillar of Autumn. PROPHET OF MERCY Why was it not destroyed with the rest of their fleet? THEL VADAM It fled as we set fire to their planet. But I sent our best armada after it. PROPHET OF REGRET When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty? Blinded?


PROPHET OF REGRET Paralyzed? Dumbstruck? No.


PROPHET OF REGRET Yet the humans were able to evade your ships, land on the Sacred Ring, and desecrate it with their filthy footsteps! THEL VADAM Noble Hierarchs, I received calls for reinforcements claiming that the Flood had proliferated. Surely you understand that once the parasite attack -He's drowned out by angry shouts from the gallery. Tartarus watches all that with amusement. PROPHET OF MERCY There will be order in this council! PROPHET OF REGRET You were right to focus you intention on the Flood. But this demon... this "Master Chief"...

8. THEL VADAM Unfortunately, when I and my troops arrived at the scene, the demon had already ruined the sacred ring. Only when he invaded the ship did I realize his true intentions. PROPHET OF MERCY And you ran away from your duties like a coward. Indignant clamoring of the gallery. THEL VADAM He gave our location to humans. We were in smaller numbers. Scarce Arsenal. There was no way to -PROPHET OF REGRET (cuts in) Noble Prophet of Truth, this has gone on long enough. Make an example of this bungler! The council demands it! PROPHET OF TRUTH You're one of our most treasured instruments. Long have you led your fleet with honor and distinction, but your inability to safeguard Halo was a colossal failure... COUNCIL MEMBER (yells) Heresy! The chamber erupts in an enraged uproar. THEL VADAM I will continue my campaign against the humans! PROPHET OF TRUTH No! You will not! Soon the Great Journey shall begin. But when it does, the weight of your heresy will stay your feet... and you shall be left behind. TIGHT ON Thel Vadam, flinching ever so lightly.

9. EXT. EARTH - OUTER SPACE Our blue world spins slowly and majestically. THREE MAC STATIONS orbit the planet: MALTA, ATHENS and CAIRO. They are defensive weapons platform equipped with a powerful cannon. UNSC SHIPS fly here and there, patrolling the territory. Next to Cairo Station there is a COVENANT CAPITAL SHIP under human domain. SUPER: "EARTH DEFENSE PLATFORM, CAIRO" INT. HALLWAY - CAIRO STATION SERGEANT MAJOR AVERY JOHNSON - an UNSC war veteran - strides down the corridor toting a TABLET in hands. All the soldiers he passes by greet him. But when a YOUNG MARINE spots Johnson, he starts to follow him excitedly. YOUNG MARINE Hey Sergeant! Johnson keeps walking, ignoring him. YOUNG MARINE (CONT'D) Wait a minute. JOHNSON What is it, soldier? YOUNG MARINE You're going to see him, are not you? Who?


YOUNG MARINE "Who?" You know who I mean, sir. Johnson remains silent. YOUNG MARINE (CONT'D) The Spartan, Sergeant! The man who ended the war! Johnson shoots him a gruff look.

10. JOHNSON The war is still going on, boy. Put this in your head. The Young Marine backs to his tracks after that. YOUNG MARINE But you’re going to see him, right?


JOHNSON (sighs)

YOUNG MARINE Can I go with you? I promise that...


JOHNSON (cutting in)

They stop at the elevator door. YOUNG MARINE Please, Sergeant! You know my dream is to know one of them. The elevator door opens. Johnson gets in. The Marine awaits his response. A moment as they stare each other. YOUNG MARINE (CONT'D) Can I consider this as a "yes"? JOHNSON Keep dreaming, soldier. As the elevator door closes CUT TO: INT. MASTER CHIEF'S ROOM - CAIRO STATION Johnson enters and talks with Master Chief OFF CAMERA. Not so bad.


MASTER CHIEF (O.S.) It's more comfortable than the old one.

11. JOHNSON This armor came directly from Sondheim. There the bastards know what they do. By the way, what happened to your old armor? MASTER CHIEF (O.S.) Be more specific. JOHNSON (reads the tablet) The plating was about to fail. There’s viscosity throughout the gel layer. Optics fried. And let’s not even talk about the power supply. You know how expensive this gear is? PAN DOWN to show MASTER CHIEF'S HELMET lying on a coffee table. Then, Master Chief's hands take the helmet and he puts it on still O.C. REVEAL: a good and new Master Chief in full armor, the opposite of when we last saw him. MASTER CHIEF Tell that to the Covenant. JOHNSON If you had not contacted the cavalry, you'd probably be as bad as the old armor. (beat) You’re not really into suits and ties, isn't it? MASTER CHIEF This is my suit. JOHNSON Of course. The important thing is not to fall behind. After all, it’s not every day that you receive a medal for saving the universe. MASTER CHIEF Where is Cortana? JOHNSON Apparently you two have become good friends. MASTER CHIEF Without her I would not be here now.

12. JOHNSON Well, she’s helping our analysts to examine that Covenant ship that you bring to us. INT. LOADING BAY - COVENANT CAPITAL SHIP Several UNSC TECHNICIANS, ENGINEERS and ANALYSTS are scouring the entire Covenant ship. They use high-tech laser cutters to hack metal plates. Others carry several crates with Covenant equipment. Auxiliary robots help humans at work. Amidst that commotion is CORTANA - holographically manifested thanks to a track-robot that projects and follows her with its lens. Cortana supervises the whole operation, coordinating everything that happens there. CORTANA Be careful with this. (to other workers) Do not use too much energy, you can damage the device. (to another) This box must go for an immediate analysis. Ma'am!


She turns around to a UNSC ENGINEER coming for her. CORTANA Some problem? UNSC ENGINEER We found something that you might want to take a look. JUMP CUT: AN ANTIMATTER CHARGE - a Covenant weapon utilizing antimatter as an explosive. It works like a nuclear bomb. The technicians surround the bomb, just facing it. Without knowing what to do. Cortana and the engineer approach.

13. UNSC ENGINEER (CONT'D) By the energy analysis from the scanners, we believe this is a Covenant bomb. CORTANA How much power does it have? UNSC ENGINEER Well, by energy analysis, we can say that its destructive power resembles our atomic bomb. Cortana touches the bomb smoothly. DATA starts to scroll across her skin as she studies it. Seconds later, she steps back. CORTANA It's disabled. Take it to Cairo, we’ll look this thing better there. Understood.


The engineer waves to other teammates come help him. INT. MIRANDA KEYES' ROOM - CAIRO STATION A clean and tidy room. The bathroom light is on, someone uses the sink in there. Moments later COMMANDER MIRANDA KEYES - daughter of Captain Keyes - leaves the bathroom dressed with ceremonial clothes. She sees the hat on the bed, the only missing piece. But her eyes slip to the nightstand, where are some framed pictures. And among those pictures is CAPTAIN KEYES' DOG-TAGS. Miranda grabs one of the pictures and sits on the bed. She stares at it with nostalgia and emotion. ON THE PICTURE: Captain Keyes with a twelve-years-old Miranda in a happy moment of their life. Holding her tears, Miranda puts the photo back in its place and recomposes herself.

14. She puts on the hat and takes her father's dog-tags, wrapping it around her hand. Then leaves. INT. HALLWAY - CAIRO STATION Master Chief and Johnson walk together. Beside them, wide windows provide an amazing view of space and the Earth below. An odd view. JOHNSON It’s wonderful, isn’t? Master Chief just glances out the window. JOHNSON (CONT'D) (re: Earth) And to think that we came close to losing it forever. If wasn’t for you. MASTER CHIEF I was just doing my job, Sergeant. JOHNSON A great job, by the way. MASTER CHIEF Unfortunately, the result was not the same with Reach. JOHNSON C'mon, the circumstances were different. We could never have predicted that. (beat) Look, I was there too. I lost good soldiers... good friends. No need to blame yourself forever, Chief. You were not the one to fail in that day. Master Chief stops and stares at our planet for a moment, remembering Reach. MASTER CHIEF Yeah... maybe you're right A beat. Then they back to walk.

15. INT. EXHIBITION CHAMBER - HIGH CHARITY Tartarus escorts Thel Vadam to the edge of the chamber. Ahead of them, the council boo the Elite. TWO BRUTES fix Thel Vadam’s arms onto floating cuffs that raise and spread, leaving him on a cross pose. The council members increase the jeers. TARTARUS You’ve drawn quite a crowd. THEL VADAM If you want me to beg, you will be disappointed. TARTARUS Are you sure? The cuffs send an ELECTRIC CHARGE that electrocutes Thel Vadam. He endures the pain like a brave warrior. When the charge ends, Vadam falls on his knees breathing hard. The two Brutes remove his damaged armor leaving the Elite naked. Tartarus enjoys every moment. He activates something in the control panel beside. And a long, twisted, spiky SPEAR rises from the floor near him. Tartarus grabs it and strides forward. Thel Vadam raises his head weakly. Tartarus gives him a fierce look. TARTARUS (CONT'D) Come on Vadam, let me hear your voice. The chieftain of the Brutes presses the spear against Vadam's chest. He screams in pain as his skin BURNS. Tartarus marks him like cattle, printing the MARK OF SHAME. INT. ELEVATOR - CAIRO STATION The elevator descends with Master Chief and Johnson inside. Johnson looks at his reflection in the wall constantly, checking his clothes.


Am I good? Yes.


JOHNSON Come on, be honest with me. I do not want to look like an idiot in the most awards of my life. MASTER CHIEF You’ll be fine. Everybody will only have eyes for the medal. I think so.


The elevator stops and the door opens. The two men come across with UNSC OFFICERS and CREW standing in formal uniform clapping. Automated cameras float above the crowd. MASTER CHIEF You told me there wouldn't be any cameras. JOHNSON And you told me you were gonna wear something nice. Let’s go. INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION CHEERS welcome Master Chief and Johnson as they come in. FLEET ADMIRAL LORD HOOD awaits them. Despite his advanced age, he still imposes much respect. Miranda stands with him, also part of the ceremony. Master Chief and Johnson salute Hood and take a step forward. LORD HOOD Gentlemen. We’re lucky to have you back. JOHNSON Thank you, sir.

17. LORD HOOD (to Master Chief) There is someone else who came to see the ceremony too. Cortana. Cortana’s avatar emerges from a hologram pedestal. CORTANA Oh, you look nice. Thanks.


Master Chief and Johnson exchange looks. EXT. JOVIAN MOONS - OUTER SPACE Far in the Sol system, 67 natural satellites orbit the gas giant Jupiter. Some of the moons have been colonized by humanity. SUPER: “JOVIAN MOONS, HUMAN COLONY” Orbiting the third largest moon of Jupiter is the IO STATION - another UNSC military platform. INT. MONITORING CENTER - IO STATION A NAVY OFFICER oversees rows of TELEMETRY SPECIALISTS dutifully manning their data terminals. An ALARM goes off. The mood instantly tenses. TELEMETRY SPECIALIST Sir, we got another whisper. The Navy Officer reaches up the specialist. NAVY OFFICER What do the probes say? TELEMETRY SPECIALIST Probably a small fleet. Slip-space energy was detected. NAVY OFFICER What? That’s impossible. This is a UNSC territory, no one would be crazy enough to enter this perimeter without prior notice. Do the reading again.


Yes sir.


The Officer walks away carefree, problem solved. However, as the telemetry specialist makes another analysis, the results make his eyes widen in fear. S-Sir...?


The Navy Officer turns around. NAVY OFFICER Do we have the confirmation? But NOBODY in that room answers, because all eyes are caught by something beyond the camera. They gaze MESMERIZED. The Navy officer doesn’t understand until he turns around too and his reaction is the same as that of the others. NAVY OFFICER (CONT'D) (under his breath) Holy Christ. A beat as the horror arises in everyone's eyes. AN ENORMOUS SHADOW creeps across the room, from right to the left, covering all officers in there in DARKNESS. We do not see what's out there, but it's certainly an unexpected threatening spaceship. The Officer turns to his men. NAVY OFFICER (CONT'D) (urgently) Contact the UNSC Home Fleet and send the alert. Now! INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION A Lord Hood's AIDE approaches with a red-clothed case containing three Colonial Cross medals. He picks up one of the medals.

19. LORD HOOD Sergeant Major, The Colonial Cross is awarded for acts of singular daring and devotion, for a soldier of the United Earth Space Corps. (beat) We will be eternally grateful for your efforts on Planet Reach. Hood pins the medal on Johnson's uniform. Johnson salutes. Miranda takes a step forward and Hood turns to her. LORD HOOD (CONT'D) Commander Miranda Keyes. Your father's actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of military service. His bravery in the face of impossible odds reflects great credit, upon himself, and the UNSC. The Navy has lost one of its best. Hood hands her the Colonial Cross medal. Miranda holds back tears as she accepts it. MIRANDA Thank you, sir. Now it's Master Chief's turn. Hood takes the last medal. LORD HOOD Master Chief. You are... BUT - klaxons start to blare interrupting the ceremony. LORD HOOD (CONT'D) Cortana, report. CORTANA (processing beat) Slip-space ruptures, directly off our battle cluster. Show me.


Lord Hood spins to a LARGE SCREEN DISPLAY which shows some slip-space ruptures in the space.

20. EXT. OUTER SPACE Fifteen flickering bursts of light, a rip in space. Out of each fissure, Covenant Cruisers appear followed by two Capital Ships - the SOLEMN PENANCE and the DAY OF JUBILATION. The Earth’s defense ships begin to mobilize. MAC GUNS prepare to shoot. But no enemy ships react. INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION FLEET ADMIRAL HARPER appears on the screen. ADMIRAL HARPER (on screen) This is Fleet Admiral Harper. We are engaging the enemy. LORD HOOD Negative, Admiral. Form a defensive perimeter around the cluster. (to Miranda) Commander, get to your ship, link up with the fleet. Yes, sir.


LORD HOOD Cortana, you take our MAC gun. As soon as they come in range, open up. Roger.


EXT. OUTER SPACE UNSC Cruisers and Destroyers move toward the Covenant fleet. A deadly battle is about to happen. A beat. Then, the Covenant ships expel hundreds of BOARDERS CRAFT that head toward the ships and stations of the UNSC. They spread like a swarm of bees.

21. INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION A moment as Lord Hood surveys the actual situation. He seems intrigued by something. LORD HOOD Something’s not right. The fleet that destroyed Reach was fifty times this size. A TECHNICIAN detects something in his computer. TECHNICIAN Sir, additional contacts! Boarding pods -- and lots of them! ON THE SCREEN: Hood sees several Covenant pods swarming through the space. LORD HOOD They’re going to try to take our MAC guns offline, give their capital ships a straight shot at Earth. Master Chief, defend this station! Master Chief gives him a nod and turns to Johnson. MASTER CHIEF I need a weapon. JOHNSON Come with me. CORTANA Chief, in your head. Now. Master Chief touches the pedestal, and Cortana downloads directly into his armor. Johnson and Master Chief leave the bridge. EXT. CAIRO STATION - OUTER SPACE Dozens of Covenant’s boarders reach the station. They engage in the structure to release their passengers. INT. CAIRO STATION - VARIOUS An alert sounds throughout the station.

22. CAIRO DEFENSE COORDINATOR (over loudspeakers) All hands report to battle stations. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. At all levels of the station, ENGINEERS and MEDICS scramble to position. MARINES grab hardware from weapon racks, pulling on helmets and flak jackets. INT. ARMORY - CAIRO STATION Master Chief takes the classic MA5D ASSAULT RIFLE while Johnson wears his combat outfit. JOHNSON It makes no sense. If they came to attack us, why would a small number? MASTER CHIEF I don't know. Maybe the real attack is not us. After the rifle, Master Chief grabs a M6H MAGNUM and magnetically attaches it on his thigh. JOHNSON Are you sure? MASTER CHIEF Let's ask them. INT. TRAM STATION - CAIRO STATION An intense commotion occurs there. All officers on alert running for their positions. Miranda arrives with her Navy Officers and they step into the TRAM, which just waited for them. MIRANDA To the flight deck. The tram speeds away into the tunnel. INT. RECREATION R-01 - CAIRO STATION A MARINE SQUAD storms into the room and mobilize in defense position up in the balcony.

23. Among them is the young Marine we saw earlier. All rifles aim at the main access door. The MARINE LEADER turns to his men: MARINE LEADER It is our duty to prevent those bastards from passing through that door at any cost! The young Marine is nervous, but he knows he can't run away now. He looks out the huge windows and sight ships of the UNSC and the Covenant battling in the space. AT THAT MOMENT - BOOM! The door BLOWS UP. And from the smoke comes a group of GRUNTS, firing their plasma guns. The Marines take cover. Open fire!


Plasma fire mix with the projectiles of the Marines. The whole room becomes a war zone in seconds. Most Grunts are being defeated, but when it seems that the Marines are at an advantage... ... JACKALS pour into the room increasing the Covenant numbers. Some Marines get hit by enemy fire and die. ANGLE ON: THE YOUNG MARINE, crouched and shaky as he tries to reload his rifle. One of his comrades gets hit and falls flat right to his side. Looking at that corpse, his nervousness only grows. YOUNG MARINE Jesus Christ. (to himself) You can do it. You can do it, damnit! Determined, the Marine takes a deep breath and gets up ready to shoot at the enemies. But in that same second... ... he's JUMPED by Master Chief roughly to the ground, saving the Marine from a plasma round just in time.

24. YOUNG MARINE (CONT'D) What the hell...? (realizes Master Chief) Oh... After seeing the Spartan a few inches of him, the Marine FREEZES, speechless. Stay down.


Master Chief stands as Johnson joins them. MASTER CHIEF (CONT'D) (to the Marines) Cover me. The Spartan pulls a SMOKE GRENADE and throws it in the middle of the Covenant group. It detonates, engulfing the Jackals and Grunts in a cloud of smoke. Master Chief leaps from the balcony to land among the enemies. We see him acting fast and fluid. He combines blows with gunshots, making incredibly skillful COMBOS. One shot, one kill. The smoke prevents the Covenant fight with precision. ON JOHNSON AND THE MARINES JOHNSON All right, boys, shoot them down! Johnson and the others rain down fire. The Grunts that Chief did not shot down, they do it. ON MASTER CHIEF Killing his foes like an unstoppable machine. But he doesn't notice a Jackal coming from behind. CORTANA Chief, behind you! As Master Chief whirls, the Jackal takes a HEADSHOT. Instant kill. Master Chief turns to Johnson and nods. Thanks.

25. Finally, quiet. All the intruders were defeated. CORTANA (CONT'D) Chief, the situation is still critical. We have a team surrounded in the northern sector. MASTER CHIEF (as reloads his rifle) Sergeant Johnson, form a perimeter around the Command Center. If the invasion succeeds, you escort Lord Admiral out of the station. Okay.


(chooses three Marines) You three, come with me. The others remain in position. I’ll send reinforcements soon. Alone, Master Chief rushes off through the door destroyed by the Covenant. Johnson exits with his small group back to the Command Center. INT. HANGAR A-01 - CAIRO STATION A two-story Pelican hangar bay on the port side of the Cairo Station. One Covenant boarder craft is attached to the glass-wall, which it made a huge hole where the Covenant enter the station. Grunts and Jackals hop out craft, as well as two Elites. One of them checks his ARM COMPUTER. ELITE #1 The package is not too far from here. ELITE #2 Is it still functional? Yes. EXT. OUTER SPACE THE BATTLE IS RAGING.


26. And it's a chaos. The artillery of all spaceships form a tangle of energy blasts that cross space from all directions. SERAPH FIGHTERS (from the Covenant army) and LONGSWORD AIRCRAFT (from the humans army) move like flies near the giant warships. They are locked in an intense DOGFIGHT among the big ones. As a Seraph manage to shoot down a Longsword, another Longsword does the same with another Seraph at that moment. UNSC Frigates sail firing their cannons into enemy ships. Thousands of DEBRIS and WRECKAGE from wrecked ships of both factions roam through space. That's when THE UNSC IN AMBER CLAD streaks through these debris also attacking the Covenant armada. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD In the command chair is Miranda, determined. MIRANDA Engage the auxiliary MAC. They are distracted by the larger vessels and will not see us coming. Looking out the viewport, Miranda spots a Covenant Capital Ship obliterating an UNSC Cruiser. INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION Lord Hood has his wise eyes locked on the main display, always coordinating everything. LORD HOOD Direct the energy of propellants for the shields. Don't let them come up to the cannons or we’ll be with unlimited defense. (beat) Malta, what’s your situation there?

27. MALTA DEFENSE COORDINATOR (over transcom) The bastards are on board, but I think we managed to reverse the situation. LORD HOOD I’ll send reinforcements. Get ready to... MALTA DEFENSE COORDINATOR (over transcom) Wait... the Covenant are retreating. Oh my God, we did it! What?


Despite those words, Hood does not hear that with a good feeling. He turns to a tech: LORD HOOD (CONT'D) Put Malta on my screen. Seconds later we have a satellite image of MALTA STATION, and some Covenant boarders departing it. Hood watches that suspiciously. INT. PANORAMIC HALLWAY - CAIRO STATION A gleaming hallway with windows to the stars. It’s possible see all the war going on outside. Master Chief's moving fast through the hallway. But Chief, wait.


He stops. What?


CORTANA I’m intercepting the call of Malta Station. It seems that they managed to kick out the Covenant intruders. Master Chief steps close to the window and spots Malta Station in the distance.

28. CORTANA (CONT'D) Malta, what is your status, over? MALTA DEFENSE COORDINATOR (over transcom) I don’t believe it -- They’re retreating, we’ve won! IN THIS MOMENT - the entire Malta Station EXPLODES INTO A FIREBALL. In a matter of seconds, the station becomes thousands of chunks that scatter all over space. INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION Lord Hood and everyone else in the room stare at the remains of Malta on the screen, in SHOCK. A beat. LORD HOOD (quiet) Any survivors? TECHNICIAN No drop pods detected, sir. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Miranda and her crew see the wreckage of Malta flowing not far from them. Everybody perplexed with that. INT. PANORAMIC HALLWAY - CAIRO STATION Although we don't see Master Chief's expressions, it's remarkable that he felt the loss of Malta. CORTANA (quiet) We need to hurry, I detected more Covenant Boarders. Lead me in.


He turns, and starts to move.

29. EXT. OUTER SPACE The Day of Jubilation fires its ENERGY PROJECTOR - a single mighty plasma beam - that TEARS APART an UNSC Destroyer in seconds. INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION There is a real mess. Lord Hood receives several emergency alerts on his screen. CAIRO DEFENSE COORDINATOR (over transcom) Security Station Four and Three are under attack! LORD HOOD Hold on, I’ll send backup. Then Miranda appears on Hood's display. MIRANDA (on screen) Lord Hood, that capital ship is wiping out all our fleet. I ask permission for a direct attack. LORD HOOD Negative, Commander. With the size of that thing, it would be too risky. MIRANDA (on screen) If we wait too long, we will have no choice, sir. Hood thinks about it. Even not like the decision, he knows someone has to do it. LORD HOOD All right, Commander. But wait for the support. MIRANDA (on screen) Roger that. Hood closes the connection with Miranda and opens another link with Johnson. LORD HOOD Sergeant Johnson.



JOHNSON (over transcom)

LORD HOOD Commander Keyes has a plan of counter-attack, I need you to escort her cruiser and ensure the success of the mission. JOHNSON (over transcom) I'm on my way, sir. INT. HANGAR A-01 - CAIRO STATION Grunts and Jackals exchange gunfire with a few Marines resistance. ON THE CATWALK A bit above the combat, Master Chief emerges and finds that situation. The Marines are about to die. Here it is.


Without thinking twice, Chief jumps off the catwalk to... ON THE MAIN FLOOR Master Chief lands mighty. Marines and Covenant are surprised by the Spartan. Rifle raised, he empties all his clip into the Grunts, knocking them down. Master Chief uses a pillar as cover as the Jackals return fire. Nervous, some Jackals enter back into the boarder craft to use it as their protection. Master Chief has an idea and LASHES INTO a Jackal; he disarms it and uses its body as a shield to advance through the hangar, towards the others. Covenant gunshots cut into the poor Jackal in the hands of Master Chief, who keep going forward unharmed. When he gets near the entrance of boarder...

31. ... Master Chief THROWS the Jackal's corpse into it. What the Jackals do not realize is that Master Chief left a GRENADE trapped in the body of the dead Jackal. Before they can react... ... BOOM. The grenade blasts inside the boarder killing every Covenant there. The fight it's over. The surviving Marines gather, amazed by what just happened. MASTER CHIEF Is anyone hurt? No, sir.


MARINE #2 We tried to contain them, but they were many. More than we could handle. MASTER CHIEF How many made it out of the hangar? MARINE #2 Three or two of them, if I’m not mistaken. They went straight to that door. The Marine #2 points to a mechanical door opened. CORTANA It makes no sense. If they wanted to destroy the MAC gun, they would not go that route. Unless... MASTER CHIEF ... Unless the MAC gun is not the real target.


MARINE #2 (puzzled)

CORTANA Oh No -- Chief, I know where they are going. Without saying a word, Master Chief runs away through same path that the other Covenant were.


Hey, wait!


EXT. CAIRO STATION - OUTER SPACE FIVE YSS-100 SABRES roar aloft from the flight deck into the battle. CLOSE ON A SABRE COCKPIT: Johnson pilots, leading his squad. JOHNSON Our duty is to prevent these son of bitches from destroying the Commander's ship. Follow me. Not too far from them... ... the UNSC In Amber Clad is targeted by enemy spacecraft. EXT. UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - OUTER SPACE Several cannons fire at the Covenant combat spacecraft, but they are many. Some Covenant pilots use the kamikaze tactic to destroy those cannons. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD The entire bridge ROCKS with the constant attacks. Miranda remains firm in her position. MIRANDA Damage report. BRIDGE CREWMAN We are the shields at 41% and down, Commander. If we continue like this, the ship will not last long. Miranda looks through the viewport and sees a Covenant spacecraft coming straight for them. MIRANDA (shouts) Incoming! The crew prepares for an imminent impact, but... ... MISSILES explode the Covenant spacecraft into oblivion before that.

33. JOHNSON (over transcom) Excuse the delay, ma’am. MIRANDA (grins) Welcome to war, Sergeant. EXT. ATHENS STATION - OUTER SPACE Establishing. INT. HANGAR BAY - ATHENS STATION A Covenant team and a Marines team turned the hangar into a battlefield. Corpses of humans and aliens adorn the floor. The noise of their weapons is deafening. And the deaths are bloody and brutal. On the Covenant side, two Jackals are activating an ANTIMATTER CHARGE while more others protect them. But the tide of combat is in favor of humans. The Covenant are slaughtered little by little. Suddenly the Jackals are also hit, interrupting the activation of the bomb. The Marines see a little hope. Keep moving!


The men advance synchronized as they shoot, knocking down the Covenant who are still standing. With a hard effort, an injured and weak Jackal near the antimatter charge crawls practically climbing the bomb, using only its arms. Behind it, the Covenant drop like dominoes. At the top of the bomb, the Jackal uses its last breath to push the DETONATION BUTTON.

34. EXT. ATHENS STATION - OUTER SPACE In a second, the station is intact. In the other... ... IT'S BLOWN APART. The station explodes into two, sending large chunks flying into space as well as its own inhabitants. INT. BRIDGE - SOLEMN PENANCE The image is not very different from that seen in humans’ ships. But here there is only Covenant. Jackals and Elites in the control of the ship. Commanding this vessel is the shipmaster RHUL SALMUTEE, and beside him the Prophet of Regret in his hover-chair. They watch the destruction of the Athens Station in the distance. RHUL SALMUTEE Human station destroyed. Draw direct course to the planet. INT. LOADING DOCK - CAIRO STATION Inside the dock, those two Elites and the antimatter charge found in the Covenant Capital Ship. One of them works at the bomb while the other stays on guard, monitoring everything. A beat. Everything seems to occur as planned. But the battle-sense of the Elite seems to have felt something. In a quick move, he ignites his ENERGY SWORD and turns around to find - Master Chief, who was approaching stealthy for a surprise attack from behind. But his plan failed. The Elite swings his sword trying kill Master Chief, but the Spartan DUCKS skillfully. The Elite at the bomb hurries his work. The energy sword opens SCARS in the walls and columns as the Elite wields it, making sparks fly everywhere.

35. Dodging the sword moves, Master Chief tries to fire, but the Elite SWERVES the gun with a hand... ... making Master Chief miss the shots. The Elite continues to hold the rifle while the Spartan tightens the trigger, but only hits the walls and ceiling. The rifle ammo runs out. Master Chief looks for a reserve clip but it's over too. The Elite SWINGS DOWN his energy sword toward Master Chief for a deadly attack. Almost instinctively, Master Chief lifts his rifle in order to block the sword with it. But the sword SPLITS the rifle in half as they make contact. The Elite grabs Master Chief's throat and slams him on the wall. With the other hand, he tries to stab him with his sword, but Chief grasps the Elite’s forearm. The tip of the sword is a few inches from Master Chief's visor. CORTANA Chief, if you do not act fast, the other Elite will explode the bomb! MASTER CHIEF I'm working on it. Master Chief looses the Elite’s arm and DIVERTS his head letting the energy sword EMBEDS into the wall. Then he HEADBUTTS the enemy backwards. The other Elite moves away from the bomb - which is now triggered and ready to detonate. He pulls his sword and attacks Master Chief too. Master Chief rolls backwards narrowly escaping the blade. He grabs the sword from the wall and uses it to defend himself. The two blades CLASH - the friction expelling more blueenergy sparks. When he realizes a chance, Master Chief DECAPITATES the Elite in a single swipe of his sword. His head falls to one side and the body to another.

36. The second Elite charges towards Master Chief. Master Chief drops the sword and runs to the Elite as well. Both accelerating toward at each other. They are about to collide when... ... Master Chief SLIDES past to the back of the Elite already pulling his pistol and firing at the enemy KNEES, then finishing with a headshot. The second Elite falls face down on the ground. After a short beat: CORTANA The bomb’s still there! Almost in a jump, Master Chief reaches the antimatter charge and presses the button at the top of its panel, shutting it down immediately. A moment of relief. MASTER CHIEF How much time was left? CORTANA You don’t want to know. Master Chief looks at the bomb and then to the cargo lift in the room. Off Master Chief, having an idea in mind... INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION Back at Lord Hood commanding everything without losing his posture. LORD HOOD We have lost two stations, the Earth is exposed. We need to reestablish the comms network as soon as possible! Then a familiar voice sounds:


MASTER CHIEF (over transcom)

37. LORD HOOD Master Chief? MASTER CHIEF (over transcom) ... permission to leave the station. LORD HOOD For what propose? INT. LONGSWORD LAUNCH BAY - CAIRO STATION The cargo lift reaches an empty Longsword craft launch bay. The doors open revealing Master Chief and the antimatter charge. MASTER CHIEF To give the Covenant back their bomb. INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION A moment as Lord Hood considers. Then agrees. LORD HOOD Permission granted. Good luck. INT. LONGSWORD LAUNCH BAY - CAIRO STATION Master Chief grabs the bomb by two of its pointy protrusions and DRAGS it across the floor, causing sparks to erupt as it scrapes across the metal plating. CORTANA I know what you want to do but I’m still not believing. MASTER CHIEF Stay here, if you prefer. CORTANA You know that’s crazy, right? (beat) Unfortunately for us both... I like crazy. Master Chief positions the bomb near the huge hangar doors. It’s possible to see the UNSC fleet as it streams down toward Earth, chasing the Covenant ships outside. Master Chief then steps up to the door’s release handle.

38. CORTANA (CONT'D) Just one question. What if you miss? I won’t.


Then he pulls down the handle and the bay doors cycle open, with the bay decompressing rapidly. Everything lifts off the floor and hurtles into space, and the bomb slowly begins to slide toward the doors, scratching more sparks across the floor. Master Chief clutches the Covenant bomb as it takes off, and is pulled out into SPACE. EXT. UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - OUTER SPACE The cruiser makes its way while the Longswords escort, shielding it from enemy ships. A few miles above them, the Day of Jubilation is overwhelming all UNSC fleets. No one is a match for that ship. INT. COCKPIT - JOHNSON'S SABRE Johnson’s eyes open wide as he sees the Day of Jubilation. JOHNSON Commander, I do not want to sound pessimistic, but perhaps it would be better have a plan B. MIRANDA (over transcom) We have no time to more plans, Sergeant. We lost another defense station, we have to do something. Suddenly one of the Sabres at his side explodes thanks to a Covenant Seraph. Only Johnson and another jet left over. JOHNSON You damn bastard! Johnson's eyes track that Covenant spacecraft as it moves away. That's when he spots something.

39. JOHNSON (CONT'D) What the hell...? INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Miranda remains stern, like her father. They approach the great threat of the Covenant. BRIDGE CREWMAN Commander, I spotted one of ours quickly approaching of Covenant Capital Ship. Miranda looks more closely at the main screen but doesn’t believe it. Zoom in.


The image on the screen ZOOMS in revealing Master Chief in a free-fall riding with the Covenant bomb. MIRANDA (CONT'D) Master Chief...? EXT. OUTER SPACE WE FOLLOW Master Chief as he plunges hard. Like a torpedo, he descends through the battle, dwarfed by the massive ships around him. Meanwhile, the Solemn Penance is miles below Master Chief, entering the Earth's atmosphere. But the Day of Jubilation passes right below his position. INT. COCKPIT - JOHNSON'S SABRE Miranda SOUNDS to Johnson. MIRANDA (over transcom) Guess what, Sergeant, you just won a plan B. Protect Master Chief and protect that bomb. Copy that.


40. Johnson BANKS toward Master Chief, followed by the other Sabre. EXT. OUTER SPACE Back at Master Chief as he keeps going down. An UNSC cruiser rockets past below him, between Chief and the Covenant Day of Jubilation as it FIRES its energy projector... ... taking the round right through its spine. Immediately, the UNSC frigate suffers a catastrophic damage that generates chain explosions by all its hull. The ship SHATTERS IN HALF in an EPIC and silent destruction. Master Chief plummets past it as the two massive parts of the cruiser separate from each other. The debris rains through him during the journey. Seraphs that prowl the Day of Jubilation target Master Chief. When it looks like the Covenant spacecraft are going to take down the Spartan... ... the Sabres appear in time to shoot down the Seraphs and allowing Chief to make a clear way for the Capital Ship. Master Chief crawls up the bomb, pushes its activation panel, and spins around. His legs flex, and he vaults off the bomb, aiming for the carrier. He departs from the carrier, straight for Earth, as behind him minor BLUE EXPLOSIONS flicker up and down the alien warship. And then - A BURST of light from inside the Covenant ship. Master Chief glances up and sees the Day of Jubilation COLLAPSING. Like the UNSC frigate, the entire ship detonates in a huge plasma conflagration. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Miranda sees the Capital Ship being swallowed by the flames, turning into wreckage.

41. MIRANDA Let’s take the Spartan before he enters in the Earth’s atmosphere. Full speed. The cruiser accelerates. EXT. OUTER SPACE Falling like a meteorite, Master Chief is about to burn in the atmosphere. But the In Amber Clad passes beneath him, matching trajectories. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Moments later... ... a big THUD resounds throughout the ship. Master Chief landed. MIRANDA (into transcom) Chief. Johnson. Enter the In Amber Clad. Lord Hood contacted me a few minutes ago. We’ll take the fight to the ground. EXT. OUTER SPACE In Amber Clad banks hard and dives towards the Earth, toward the African continent. EXT. NEW MOMBASA - AERIAL - DAY An opulent and beautiful metropolitan city. One of the most influential capitals of Earth. The mammoth skyscrapers rise to the skies like monoliths made of glass and steel. A futuristic and sophisticated design. SUPER: "NEW MOMBASA, EAST AFRICAN PROTECTORATE"

42. EXT. NEW MOMBASA STREETS - DAY Citizens follow their lives and routines. High-tech cars fill the streets. Children, women, men stroll on the sidewalks. BUT SUDDENLY - everything starts to SHAKE. Each glass around shudders like in an earthquake. People get scared, cars stop. A moment later, the shake ceases. People look around, still confused. The windows of shops and buildings are cracked. Drivers leave their vehicles trying to figure out what happened. A MOTHER checks if her child is fine. MOTHER You okay, son? But the child only has eyes for the skies. The mother doesn’t understand until a MASSIVE SHADOW engulfs them, covering the street. Soon everyone on that street begins to look up, gaping. It's THE SOLEMN PENANCE. Skimming slowly over the buildings. EXT. SKY - DAY In Amber Clad rockets across the sky toward New Mombasa. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY Miranda types fast in her display. MIRANDA We’re intercepting a signal coming from the Capital Ship in New Mombasa. Cortana, can you translate? CORTANA (over transcom) I’m already on it.

43. MIRANDA Great. I want a team in the air. Johnson and Master Chief, it's up to you. Find out what those bastards want here. INT. FLIGHT DECK - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY Marines mobilize for three PELICAN DROPSHIPS, including Johnson and Master Chief. JOHNSON C’mon, ladies! We have some intruders in our home and I don’t intend to leave them too long there. EXT. SKY - DAY The three Pelicans jettison from the In Amber Clad. Jet engines thundering. EXT. NEW MOMBASA - DAY The utopian city has now become a WAR ZONE. Smoke towers billow from different parts of the city now. Most of the buildings are damaged. Explosions and gunfire ECHO everywhere. INT. BRIDGE - SOLEMN PENANCE - DAY The Prophet of Regret examines something in his screen. We don’t know what it is, but by the expressions of the Prophet, it seems to be something important. PROPHET OF REGRET (almost a whisper) Finally... here you are. Rhul Salmutee walks up behind him. So?


PROPHET OF REGRET We have confirmation of the artifact. It’s in the human world. Send the message.

44. RHUL SALMUTEE Understood. But there’s something you should know. Prophet of Regret turns to Rhul, listening. RHUL SALMUTEE (CONT'D) The human army located us. And they’re coming. PROPHET OF REGRET All right, we have the exact location. Prepare to an emergency jump. Rhul Salmutee nods. EXT. NEW MOMBASA - DAY At the height of the buildings, the three Pelicans ROAR through the city. CORTANA (V.O.) I translated the message, the most repeated word is “Regret”. EXT. SKIES ABOVE NEW MOMBASA - DAY The In Amber Clad is hovering some feet above the city as a huge silent fortress. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY Miranda, sitting in her chair, talks to Cortana by through the transcom. MIRANDA Regret? What does that mean? CORTANA (over transcom) Regret is a name, Commander. The name of one of the Covenant’s religious leaders. INT. CARGO HOLD - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY Master Chief and a group of Marines prepared for the combat. Cortana continues:

45. CORTANA ... A Prophet. He’s on that carrier, and he knows that we are coming. Johnson makes his way through them, down the vessel... INT. COCKPIT - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY ... standing where two pilots man the controls. Johnson looks at the city almost in ruins, with fury and vengeance in the eyes. JOHNSON These son of a bitches. I'll make them regret having stepped into my world. INT. CARGO HOLD - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY Back to Master Chief, as Lord Hood contacts him. LORD HOOD (over transcom) Master Chief, get aboard that carrier, and secure the Prophet of Regret. This is the only place on Earth the Covenant decided to land. That Prophet is going to tell us why. Yes, sir.


INT. COCKPIT - SECOND PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY Two other pilots fly the aircraft next to the lead dropship. PELICAN PILOT Thirty seconds out. Stand by to... Suddenly, they hear a BOOM. It wasn’t like an explosion, but a solid impact on the ground. The two pilots share a look. They don’t say a word, but we can clearly see what both are thinking: you hear that? A beat. THEN -

46. - A HUGE SCARAB lumbers into the street among the buildings, smashing everything in its way. This machine is a heavily armored walker mechanical fourlegged - like a giant spider with a PLASMA CANNON underneath it. Holy shit!


EXT. NEW MOMBASA - DAY The three Pelicans make a sharp detour to escape as the Scarab fires its plasma cannon. Two of the Pelicans SOAR up in time, but the second is not so lucky and is HIT. The aircraft SPINS wildly and PLUNGE into the ground, exploding in a fireball. The Scarab aims at the other Pelicans, but it only hits the buildings. INT. COCKPIT - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY Johnson holds himself in the bulkhead as the two pilots do their best to get out of range of the Scarab. Shit!


PELICAN PILOT What is that thing?! CORTANA (over transcom) It’s called Scarab. A Covenant ultraheavy assault platform. INT. CARGO HOLD - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY Master Chief strides to the rear of the Pelican and opens the back door, giving a beautiful view of the city. Johnson approaches him. MASTER CHIEF Sergeant, I’ll knock down that Scarab.

47. JOHNSON Wait -- what? MASTER CHIEF If that thing continue walking around the city, our ground team will not survive long. I need to give a chance to them. JOHNSON Are you sure about that? MASTER CHIEF Let me above the Scarab. It will not see us coming. Of course he is. Johnson walks back to the cockpit. EXT. NEW MOMBASA STREETS - DAY The Scarab moves slowly, heavy, crushing everything in its path. The UNSC Ground Team fires at it, but it’s useless. The machine keeps advancing. EXT. BUILDING ROOFTOP - NEW MOMBASA - DAY SNIPERS and INFANTRY constantly fire upon the Scarab down the street. But nothing seems to have effect, its hull is thick. The Scarab notes them on top of the building. Then takes aim. Its plasma cannon starts to GLOW, building to release a massive discharge of energy. And the soldiers realize that. MARINE Get out the roof!! The men run as fast as they can. EXT. NEW MOMBASA STREETS - DAY When the Scarab charges up to the maximum - it FIRES a single and powerful ENERGY BLAST toward the Marines... ... BLOWING THE TOP OF THE BUILDING APART. Simply disintegrated. There is no chance that someone has escaped.

48. Then the Scarab returns to march through the city. As it moves, CAMERA TILTS UP TO REVEAL - a few meters above the Scarab, where is Johnson and Master Chief’s Pelican. Its back door is opened. Master Chief stands at the edge. Then he leaps off the aircraft, dropping toward the Covenant war-machine. EXT. SCARAB PLATFORM - NEW MOMBASA - DAY BAM! Master Chief LANDS onto the upper deck of the Scarab with a big impact, leaving a DENT on the floor. When the Grunts notice him, they get terrified. As the Spartan opens fire CUT TO: INT. CARGO HOLD - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY At the edge of the back door, Johnson finishes set up the triangulated MACHINE GUN. JOHNSON Okay girls, unload everything you got in that thing! Johnson and all the Marines inside in the Pelican fire a VOLLEY of bullets at the Scarab in unison. INT. SCARAB CONTROL CORE - NEW MOMBASA - DAY Dead grunts already scattered on the floor. Master Chief kills the last one sending a bullet to its head. The room falls in silence. Master Chief reloads his rifle. CORTANA Do not lower your guard. I have the impression that we are not alone here.


I know.


Master Chief moves cautiously scanning for some enemy inside. It's all quiet, eerie. All we hear are the heavy steps of the Scarab. But he doesn’t realize SLIM ELONGATED SHAPES close to the wall. Just waiting. Master Chief stops... he senses something. A couple of beats. Then - THREE ENERGY SWORDS erupt from the walls, and THREE STEALTH ELITES rushing in. Master Chief fires damaging their CAMOUFLAGE ARMOR and making them visible again. We see more of the Spartan skills in a melee combat. One of the Elites knocks the rifle out of Master Chief's hands, but there are still his fists left. He uses all his martial ability to survive. As Master Chief strikes one Elite, he PARRIES the blow of the second and then the third. At the same time, he diverts from the energy swords that rip everything they touch in there. But the Spartan isn't fast enough to prevent a blade from GASH his arm, causing some blood to drain through the armor. Master Chief ELBOWS the Elite that hit him squarely in the face, knocking him down. Instantly, he EVADES from another attack. INT. CARGO HOLD - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY After a while the Marines concentrating their firepower, Johnson notes that they have managed to make a GAP in one of Scarab's legs. JOHNSON We did it! Fire in the hole! Moments after that...

50. ... a Marine approaches the edge of the aircraft with a ROCKET LAUNCHER and fires into the Scarab’s gap. That Scarab leg BLOWS UP. With one leg less, the machine fights to keep its balance. INT. SCARAB CONTROL CORE - NEW MOMBASA - DAY The Scarab JOLTS with the explosion, interrupting Master Chief's fight with the Elites. Due to a damaged leg, the Scarab loses its balance and SLANTS sideways abruptly... ... making Master Chief and the Elites slide down the floor that now looks like a ramp. Master Chief pulls out the Magnum from his thigh and SHOOTS the Elites in mid-fall, still skidding. A precise shot into the head of two of them. Dead. The third Elite collides on a wall. He glances up and sees Master Chief sliding for him. Before he could do anything... ... Master Chief blows the Elite's brains out, painting the wall behind in blue blood. He hits the wall in the next second, beside the Elite dead body. MASTER CHIEF Cortana, where are the main controls of the Scarab? CORTANA Considering our current position... down there after this wall. Master Chief leans and surveys the site. He takes two FRAGMENTATION GRENADES and tosses toward the controls. INT. CARGO HOLD - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY Moments later - the Scarab BURSTS from inside out, thanks to Master Chief. The machine gives up and TUMBLES motionless in the street. Black smoke rising.

51. The Marines celebrate. EXT. SKIES ABOVE NEW MOMBASA - DAY Suddenly the Solemn Penance engines COME TO LIFE, blossoming with light. The cruiser starts to move. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY A WARNING alert flashes on the monitors. Something is wrong. BRIDGE CREWMAN Commander, the Covenant ship is moving right now. MIRANDA They are running. (urgently) Engage the engines at full power, we’ll intercept that ship! JEAN MAWIKIZI - Miranda's executive officer - approaches his Commander. MAWIKIZI Commander, our orders were to provide support for the Spartan and the others. We will be easy targets. MIRANDA We have no time to wait. Our priority is not to lose that ship. The Mawikizi sees that his commander will not change her mind. MIRANDA (CONT'D) (into transcom) Sergeant Johnson. INT. CARGO HOLD - LEAD PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY The Pelican hangs near the Scarab wreckage. Master Chief comes out of the Covenant machine preparing to back to the dropship. Meanwhile, Johnson listens up Miranda.

52. MIRANDA (over transcom) Extract the Chief, and return to In Amber Clad. EXT. SKIES ABOVE NEW MOMBASA - DAY The Solemn Penance is rising toward the heavens gradually. Far behind it, the In Amber Clad is coming like a black spot compared with the Covenant ship. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY Admiral Lord Hood appears on the video screen. LORD HOOD (on screen) Commander Keyes, status. MIRANDA Sir, the Prophet is bugging-out. Request permission to engage! LORD HOOD (on screen) Affirmative, Commander. Bring down that ship. EXT. SKIES ABOVE NEW MOMBASA - DAY The acceleration of Solemn Penance increases. A purple glow appears in front of the ship - the SLIP-SPACE PORTAL. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY The bridge crewman turns nervously to Miranda. BRIDGE CREWMAN Ma’am, slip-space rupture off the target’s bow! It’s going to jump, inside the city! Miranda glances at the screen and sees the cruiser entering the portal. Damn it!


53. EXT. UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY While the UNSC Cruiser pursuits the Covenant Capital Ship, we see the two Pelicans coming in. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY The Prophet's ship is already halfway inside the portal and Miranda knows she has to hurry. MIRANDA Punch it! Get us close! BRIDGE CREWMAN Ma’am, without a destination solution -MIRANDA (cuts in) We're not going to let that ship slip away! EXT. SKIES ABOVE NEW MOMBASA - DAY And finally the assault carrier enters slip-space, but pulling In Amber Clad with it in time. However, the jump creates a massive SHOCK WAVE and ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE that engulfs the whole New Mombasa. It radiates OUTWARD at incredible speed. Looks like a MINI-SUPERNOVA that obliterates EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH - wiping out buildings, streets, bridges of the existence. It's white-hot corona WASHING OVER CAMERA before we CUT TO: INT. THEL VADAM'S CELL - HIGH CHARITY A defeated and demoralized Thel Vadam is sitting on the floor, hanging head. A beat. The cell door opens by Tartarus and two more Brutes.

54. TARTARUS Wake up, traitor. We’re not done with you yet. INT. DETENTION CENTER CORRIDOR - HIGH CHARITY Cells on both sides, all filled with alien figures churning inside. Unstoppable fierce moans. Tartarus walks down the corridor with the two other Brutes carrying Thel Vadam behind him. THEL VADAM If you want to kill me, do it at once. Do not be procrastinating. Tartarus just smirks. TARTARUS Believe me, I wanted so much. But it’s not for me to decide. (beat) The Hierarchs have something special in mind. Thel Vadam reacts, surprised. INT. MAUSOLEUM OF ARBITER CHAMBER - HIGH CHARITY The Brutes and the Elite move out onto a platform overlooking the MAUSOLEUM OF ARBITER. A massive chamber within the Covenant holy city which housed the remains of the previous ARBITERS. We can see the old concrete STATUES on the walls of the ancient Arbiters. The Brutes and Thel Vadam ride a gravity lift down to a... ... walkway, leading up to it and passing by dozens of ELITE HONOR GUARDSMEN standing at attention. Energy staves ready. They are the personal protectors of the Prophets. INT. MAUSOLEUM OF ARBITER - HIGH CHARITY They enter the Mausoleum, where the High Prophets of Truth and Mercy await. The three Brutes bow, forcing Thel Vadam to do the same.

55. TARTARUS Noble Prophets of Truth and Mercy. I have brought the incompetent. PROPHET OF TRUTH You may leave, Tartarus. Tartarus looks up, taken aback. TARTARUS But... I thought... PROPHET OF TRUTH And take your Brutes with you. Tartarus hesitates, and then bows again. TARTARUS Release the prisoner. The Brutes drop Thel Vadam to his knees leave the room. Thel Vadam covers the mark of shame on his chest, embarrassed before the Prophets. PROPHET OF TRUTH The Council decided to have you hung by your entrails and your corpse paraded through the city. But ultimately, the terms of your execution are up to me. THEL VADAM I am already dead. PROPHET OF TRUTH Indeed. Do you know where we are? THEL VADAM The Mausoleum of the Arbiter. PROPHET OF TRUTH Quite so. Here rests the vanguard of the Great Journey. Every Arbiter, from first to last. Each one created and consumed in times of extraordinary crisis. PROPHET OF MERCY The Taming of the Hunters, the Grunt Rebellion -- were it not for the Arbiters, the Covenant would have broken long ago!

56. THEL VADAM I do not deserve to be in this place. Neither alive nor dead. PROPHET OF TRUTH Halo's destruction was your error, and you rightly bear the blame. But the Council was... overzealous. We know you’re no heretic. This is the true face of heresy, one who would subvert our faith and incite rebellion against the High Council. Truth taps a button on his chair and a miniature hologram of an Elite in abnormal equipment appears - SESA REFUM. SESA REFUM (on hologram) Our Prophets are false! Open your eyes, my brothers! They would use the faith of our forefathers to bring ruin to us all! The Great Journey is a -Truth cuts off the hologram. PROPHET OF TRUTH This heretic, and those who follow him, must be silenced. PROPHET OF MERCY The impure ones tarnish the image of the Council. THEL VADAM What use am I? I can no longer command ships, lead troops into battle -PROPHET OF TRUTH Not as you are, no. But become the Arbiter... and you shall be set loose against this heresy with our blessing. A large pod floats into the center of the room, opening to reveal a SUIT of ancient armor surrounded by white light. Thel Vadam glares at it as if it were something divine. THEL VADAM What of the Council?

57. PROPHET OF TRUTH The tasks you must undertake as the Arbiter are perilous, suicidal. You will die, as each Arbiter has before you. The Council will have their corpse. Thel Vadam gets up and approaches the suit, touching it gently and with great respect. For a moment he feels he can regain his honor back. Beat as Vadam makes a decision. THEL VADAM What would you have your Arbiter do? EXT. HIGH CHARITY - OUTER SPACE Two PHANTOMS - a large, twin-engine combat dropship - fly across the screen and swoop past the ruins of Installation 04. They go toward THRESHOLD - the gas-giant planet next to Halo. VOICE (pre-lap) When we joined the Covenant, we took an oath! INT. PHANTOM DROPSHIP Flying the Phantom: SPEC-OPS ELITES, along with Thel Vadam now know as ARBITER - line the wall. The white-armored Spec-Ops Elite Commander RTAS VADUM, walks among them. The jaws on the left side of his face were replaced by mechanical. RTAS VADUM On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons... we swore to uphold the Covenant! SPEC-OPS ELITES Even to our dying breath!

58. RTAS VADUM Those who would break this oath are Heretics, worthy of neither pity, nor mercy! Even now they use our lords’ creations to broadcast their lies! SPEC-OPS ELITES We shall grind them into dust! RTAS VADUM And continue our march to glorious salvation! EXT. THRESHOLD ATMOSPHERE - DAY Red skies. Crackling clouds. It’s as if several storms are about to fall. The Phantoms ROCKET fast downwards. Below, in the distance: A FORERUNNER GAS MINE. A floating mining facility in the planet. INT. PHANTOM DROPSHIP - DAY Rtas Vadum comes face to face with Arbiter, intimidating him. RTAS VADUM This armor suits you. But it cannot hide that mark. ARBITER Nothing ever will. RTAS VADUM You are the Arbiter, the will of the Prophets. But these are my Elites. Their lives matter to me. Yours does not. ARBITER That makes two of us. EXT. FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY The Phantoms hang over the Forerunner platform and touch down toward another structure dangling below it on a long cable. An intense storm swirls the facility.

59. PHANTOM PILOT (V.O.) The storm is making the mine unstable. We can’t delay or it will interfere with the Phantoms. We won't.


EXT. PLATFORM - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY In one of the towers of the structure, a Phantom deposits a group of Grunts. The second one drops Rtas Vadum, Arbiter and the Spec-Ops Elites. RTAS VADUM We are the force of the High Council, we do what is necessary for the good of all! Rtas Vadum leads his warriors into the Forerunner gas mine. INT. AIRLOCK - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY The group gathers in there while two Grunts work to unlock the door. RTAS VADUM The storm has masked our approach, and it should have their local Battle-net in disarray. We have the element of surprise... for now. (beat) When we pass this door, engage the camouflage. The Elites nod. Rtas Vadum turns to Arbiter. RTAS VADUM (CONT'D) You know your armor’s system is not as... new as ours. Your camouflage will not last forever. Yes, I know.


As the hydraulic door opens, the Elites activate their camouflage, making them invisible.

60. INT. LARGE CHAMBER - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY Some HERETIC ELITES do their sweep around the chamber, all of them armed. Then we launch into a succession of quiet kills: ARBITER - camouflaged, approaches unnoticed behind the heretic and SNAPS his neck in a quick move. RTAS VADUM - uses one hand to cover the mouth of another heretic as he IMPALES his energy sword through his chest. A SPEC-OPS ELITE - slams a heretic against the wall and slides his energy sword through the heretic’s throat. ANOTHER SPEC-OPS ELITE - we only see the silhouette of his camouflage jumping over the heretic and striking him. After all the dead heretics, the Elites and the Grunts advance down the ramp. INT. HANGAR - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY An entire troop of heretic Elites protect their leader, Sesa Refum, who talks to a FLOATING ROBOTIC DEVICE. In fact, we've seen this robot before. 343 GUILTY SPARK. The same we saw in the first film, now allied to Sesa. They go toward an elevator. 343 GUILTY SPARK As I have warned before, this installation can be from Forerunners but is still vulnerable. The storm will not forgive it. SESA REFUM Yeah, I know. The time always change. SUDDENLY - the entrance door EXPLODES, knocking the heretics near down to the ground. Both Sesa and 343 Guilty Spark don’t worry about it, they just keep going to the lift. 343 GUILTY SPARK Oh, they arrived.

61. SESA REFUM (to the heretics) Defend the Oracle! All heretics in the room take a defensive position around Sesa Refum and 343 Guilty Spark as they move toward the lift. The Grunts are the first to pass through the door like chess pawns, shooting everywhere. Several of them are overthrown by the firepower of the heretic Elites. Then come the Elites. In the midst of plasma gunfire, Arbiter and Rtas Vadum take cover behind pilasters. Some of Vadum’s Elites are hit and drop dead. Carefully, Rtas Vadum leans over and sees Sesa Refum inside the lift with Guilty Spark, about to escape. Then turns to the Arbiter. RTAS VADUM Sesa Refum is using the cargo lift to escape. Go after him, Arbiter. ARBITER Are you sure? RTAS VADUM That's what you're here for, is not it? Do your work and I will do mine by occupying these heretics here. Arbiter nods. Without hesitation, he RUNS off his cover narrowly escaping from enemy gunfire. Rtas Vadum SIGNALS for his warriors to shoot in sync, helping Arbiter with the cover. We follow Arbiter as he makes his way through some heretics who try to stop him. But none of them is a match for him. Using his energy sword, Arbiter slashes all heretics in front of him... ... swinging his weapon fluidly and deadly, splashing the blood of heretics with every movement.

62. INT. LIFT - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY The lift rises. Sesa Refum stands as 343 Guilty Spark hovers in the air near his head. INT. ROUTE TO THE ROOF - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY Arbiter races hard from corridor to corridor, climbing ramps and turning in dark corners of the abandoned facility. He’s steady, unstoppable. INT. HANGAR - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY The combat's still raging. The number of heretics is decreasing as they exchange gunshots with the Elites. ANGLE ON: RTAS VADUM, as he fires accurately at the heretics, he FEELS something. Whatever it is, it makes him stop. RTAS VADUM (to himself) That stench... I’ve smelled it before. Rtas Vadum looks up to face - FLOOD INFECTION FORMS gushing from gaps in the wall and air ducts. FLOOD!


Rtas Vadum immediately changes his focus to the Flood, and his Elites too. The infection forms fall on some Rtas Vadum’s Elites and even the heretics. PANIC erupts in the hangar as the Flood swarm the Covenant. The few remaining heretics SCREAM desperately as the Flood heaps into their bodies. No matter how much they kill those creatures, it always seems that more of them appear. EXT. UPPER PLATFORM - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY The door SLIDES open.

63. Sesa Refum and 343 Guilty Spark pace toward Refum’s BANSHEE - a Covenant standard ground assault aircraft. Just waiting for them. On the horizon, we’re glimpsed of a dense storm barrier coming for the facility. It's like a sandstorm, but a hundred times bigger. But before he reached the vehicle... ... Arbiter appears on the platform. ARBITER Face me, heretic. The Heretic Leader turns slowly to Arbiter. SESA REFUM Arbiter. I would rather die by your hands than let the Prophets lead me to slaughter. ARBITER Who has taught you these lies? SESA REFUM Ask the Oracle about Halo, Arbiter. When we found it wandering in the wreckage of the ring, it said it all. How they would sacrifice us all for nothing! 343 GUILTY SPARK Hello! I am 343 Guilty Spark. I am the Monitor of Installation 04. I would love to help you with any question. ARBITER You still have issues to deal with the High Council! Arbiter ignites his energy sword and CHARGES Sesa Refum. With no choice, Sesa Refum also draws his sword and advances for Arbiter, starting a SWORD FIGHT. 343 GUILTY SPARK Huh... gentlemen, I think it's not the right time to solve this situation. The two Elites appear to be on the same level.

64. Arbiter COUNTERS. Then Sesa Refum. Back and forth it goes. Determined to win, the Arbiter is fiercer and fearless than his opponent. Sesa Refum RUBS his energy sword across the floor, throwing sparks into Arbiter's eyes, blinding him momentarily. Arbiter staggers back grabbing his eyes. Sesa Refum prepares to give the final strike. He raises his sword. SESA REFUM Forgive me for this. But Arbiter recovers in time and DEVIATES from Sesa Refum's blow... ... retaliating right after that, hitting the heretic with a KICK in his chest. Sesa Refum goes down. His sword falls out of his reach. Arbiter steps on the heretic's chest, with the tip of his energy sword within a few inches of Sesa's throat. ARBITER You have turned your back on your own people, now you will pay for it. SESA REFUM Tell me, Arbiter... how did the Prophets buy your loyalty? With a new command, a new fleet,... or was it the promise... their "Great Journey�? Arbiter pauses for a second - those words make him reflect about that. ARBITER What do you mean? SESA REFUM You need to open your eyes. The prophets are against us... against everyone. Even a little hesitant, the Arbiter's duty prevailed at that moment.

65. ARBITER We will find out the truth when I take you back to the Council to be judged. Arbiter hauls Sesa Refum as his prisoner. SESA REFUM You'll only be sealing my death if you do, Arbiter. Do not allow yourself to become blind to -When they least expect it, Sesa Refum is hit twice in the torso by PLASMA SHOTS, falling on his knees next to Vadam. Shocked, Arbiter turns to... ... Tartarus and his Brutes on the platform. Their ship hovering a few feet above. While the Brutes team approaches their target, Tartarus uses his GRAVITY HAMMER to capture Guilty Spark - using an energy force that pulls it into the hammer. Spitting his own blood, Sesa Refum turns his head to the Arbiter. SESA REFUM (CONT'D) The truth can not be hidden forever, Arbiter. Don’t... Sesa Refum is cut off by a plasma shot from Tartarus that rips through his head, splashing blood out as the corpse falls on his stomach. Stunned, Arbiter turns to Tartarus as he takes 343 Guilty Spark. ARBITER He was a prisoner. He should be judged before receiving his penalty! TARTARUS Don’t be dramatic, we're just rushing the bureaucracy. Come on, we are leaving this system. Tartarus and his team back to the ship. Before doing the same, Arbiter looks one last time at Sesa Refum’s body. Those words still echoing in his mind. A beat.

66. Then he enters the Brutes' ship. It flies off. EXT. PLATFORM - FORERUNNER GAS MINE - DAY Rtas Vadum leads what is left of his team to the landing site of their ships. They hurry for their lives. Don't stop!


At the same time as they run, they also shoot the infection forms that chase them. Some Grunts are not quick enough and are swallowed up by the Flood, moaning as they are devoured. The survivors enter the Phantoms and TAKE OFF immediately. At that moment - the dense storm spills through the entire gas mine gulping it gradually. As the Phantoms depart from the facility... DISSOLVE TO: EXT. OUTER SPACE Vast and infinite. Wandering through the stars we see remains and debris of the city of New Mombasa. Among those debris, the In Amber Clad. Still intact. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Miranda enters the bridge. Sits on her chair. MIRANDA Alright. Tell me the news. BRIDGE CREWMAN #1 Both engine cores have spun to zero. We’re drifting. BRIDGE CREWMAN #2 Archer pods are cold. I’ll need to re-key the system.

67. MIRANDA Do it, and find out where we are. INT. HEV PODS HANGAR - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Johnson lights a cigarette as his Marines take a break in the hangar. Master Chief sits away from the others without his ARM PLATE, treating a small wound. There is an open MED KIT in the seat next to him. MIRANDA (over intercom) Sorry for the quick jump, Sergeant. Is everyone one piece? JOHNSON We are still here, Commander. Chief? We're fine.


Master Chief grabs a kind of STAPLE GUN from the med kit. He places it over the wound, but before he uses CORTANA Chief... remember morphine. I will.


As a METAL STAPLE fires into his flesh INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Miranda relaxes a bit after learning that the soldiers are well. Then a crewman turns to her. BRIDGE CREWMAN Ma’am, there’s an object. Coming into our view. Miranda leans on her chair and look at what it is. Incredulous, she stands up as her eyes open wide with something incredible.

68. MIRANDA Cortana, what exactly am I looking at? REVERSE ANGLE REVEALS to us A HALO. Just like the first we met, but in another region of the galaxy. This one is called DELTA HALO. CORTANA (over transcom) That... is another Halo. MIRANDA So this is what my father found before. (beat) I thought Halo was some sort of super weapon. CORTANA (over transcom) It is, Commander. If activated, this ring will cause destruction on a galactic scale. MIRANDA I want all the information you've got on the first Halo. Schematics, topography, whatever. I don't care if I have the clearance or not. CORTANA (over transcom) Yes, ma'am. MIRANDA (to a crewman) Where is the Prophet’s ship? BRIDGE CREWMAN The enemy ship has stopped above the ring, ma'am. We're going to pass right over it. MIRANDA Given what we know about this ring, it's even more important that we capture the Prophet of Regret. Find out why he came to Earth, why he came here.

69. INT. HEV PODS HANGAR - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Master Chief fits back the armor plate in its place as they hear: MIRANDA (over intercom) Chief, take first platoon. Hard drop, secure a landing zone. Sergeant, load up two flights of Pelicans and follow them in. Aye, ma'am.


Johnson spits his cigarette and turns to his men. JOHNSON (CONT'D) You heard the lady, gentlemen! Back to work! Master Chief and the Marines enter the HEV PODS as Miranda speaks with them. The HEV are a single occupant vehicle to deploy an individual from high orbit to the surface. MIRANDA (over intercom) Until I can move and fight, I'm going to keep a low profile. Once you leave the ship, you're on your own. The HEV pod doors shut. INTERCOM Over the target in five. CORTANA Hang on to your helmet. Five seconds later... ... the pods are launched in a blink of an eye. EXT. UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - OUTER SPACE The tiny HEVs power away from their mother ship, arcing down to the Delta Halo below.

70. INT. MASTER CHIEF'S HEV POD Everything shakes. Master Chief watches all the way down through the small window on the pod door. EXT. HEV PODS We follow the platoon in the HEVs as they enter Halo’s interior curve, like miniature meteor shower, burning in the atmosphere. As we get close to landscape, we see jutting out of rolling hills, Forerunner structures, jungle - just like in the first movie. EXT. ANCIENT RUINS - DELTA HALO - DAY A Jackal and a Grunt maintain an outpost on the remains of an old Forerunner structure that has had its glory days. They are bored in that deserted environment. Until... ... the Grunt gets on alert looking up at the skies. He shouts at Jackal in its alien tongue but it doesn’t care. The Jackal continues to ignore it until it hears the SOUND of the HEV pods nearby. It turns quickly and finds the pods burning in the atmosphere, coming down. The HEVs fall scattered, but one descends toward the Jackal and the Grunt. Quickly, the Grunt runs to a TYPE-27 SHADE - a Covenant anti-infantry gun turret. The Jackal raises its plasma rifle. The Grunt fires a hail of plasma, shooting down two HEV pods in the air. Meanwhile, the lone pod touches down near the ruins hard enough to blow a CRATER on the ground... .... lifting a cloud of dust around the crash-site. Silence.

71. As the dust settles, reveal the HEV pod stuck on the ground. For now no sign of the passenger inside. Hesitantly, the Jackal takes cautious and nervous steps toward the pod - always with its weapon glared at it. Before he could get to the pod... ... its door EJECTS at a rampant speed, and rams the Jackal full on. As if it were hit by a vehicle. Master Chief jumps out the pod wielding his rifle. Once the Grunt sees him, he fires the turret. The plasma rounds TEAR through the earth towards Master Chief. The Spartan rolls away from the turret shots. As he takes a safe distance, Master Chief empties half clip into the Grunt. Master Chief stands with the barrel of his rifle smoking. CORTANA (sarcastically) I think we have not made noise enough. MASTER CHIEF Sorry. I'll do my best next time. Master Chief starts to walk into the Halo's forest. EXT. VALLEY - DELTA HALO - DAY The aftermath of a battle. The surviving Marines are grouped there taking care of wounds and reloading their weapons. Around them, some Covenant corpses lying on the ground. Moments later, Master Chief joins them. Sir.


MASTER CHIEF Someone down?

72. MARINE Luckily not, sir. We fell not far from each other, then we can regroup and take down the Covenant without many problems. Master Chief just gives him a nod. CORTANA Chief, I detected an intense Covenant activity north of those hills. MASTER CHIEF All right. Lead me in. (to the Marines) Let's move. Master Chief leads that small troop across the valley toward the hills. EXT. RIDGE - DELTA HALO - LATER The assault team's moving up the hill, cautiously into defensive positions and making as little noise as possible. Stealthy, Master Chief and the Marines clear the edge of a knoll, seeing below... ... A TEMPLE. A small, old structure made by the Forerunners thousands of years ago. MASTER CHIEF’S VISOR POV: He ZOOMS in with his technological HUD to see in the temple - two turrets, one Grunt for each. Some Jackals and three Elites. And parked near them are THREE GHOSTS. CORTANA Oh, it’s a big party. Master Chief turns to the Marines. MASTER CHIEF There is a Covenant troop, but we can handle. Our goal is to reduce their firepower, the Ghosts and turrets are the majority targets when we move down. He turns to the SNIPER of the team.

73. MASTER CHIEF (CONT'D) You keep an eye on everything. On my mark, take down the Grunts in the weapons. The Sniper nods and shifts to a new position. MASTER CHIEF (CONT'D) The rest come with me. EXT. TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY A short bridge leads to the entrance of the temple. The Elites are always vigilant, focused. The Jackals talk to each other in their alien language. The Grunts are going numb on the turrets. A long beat. Then one of the Elites comes on alert, like a dog sniffing its prey. But he doesn’t know what it's about yet. That's when the two Grunts see something on the bridge, two METAL OBJECTS arching down. They bounce across the floor of the bridge, revealing to be two SMOKE GRENADES. Both explode covering a section of the bridge in a cloud of smoke. One of the Elites shouts to the others in an authoritative tone. We don’t understand a word, but we know it's an order for them to prepare for the fight. ON THE BRIDGE Inside the smoke, Master Chief comes up with his team.


MASTER CHIEF (into transcom)

EXT. RIDGE - DELTA HALO - DAY The sniper, discreetly among the foliage and rocks, aims directly at the temple. And fires.

74. EXT. TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY The Grunts are about to open fire on our gang. But the sniper round blasts the head of the first Grunt. Startled, the second Grunt tries to escape from there as soon as possible, but it's hit in the back by the Sniper. Two Marines hurl fragmentation grenades in the two turrets and tear them down. As the Jackals open fire against the Marines, the Elites bolt to their Ghosts to have some advantage. Each Elite rides a Ghost. But before they could start the engines... ... ANOTHER GRENADE comes out nowhere and sticks on the first Ghost of the queue. As the Elite bends over to see what happened... ... KA-BOOM! The Ghost explodes into a huge fireball. For being close to each other, the blast radius reaches the second Ghost on the side, destroying it also with its pilot. But the third Elite manages to take flight and escape the explosion just in time. He hovers in mid-air on his Ghost, gazing at the other two flaming wreckage on the ground. IN THAT MOMENT - Master Chief LUNGES through the smoke curtain of the destroyed Ghosts from one bound - CLINGING on the floating Ghost. His weight LURCHES the vehicle sideways. The Elite keeps the machine in the air while Chief hangs up there. As Master Chief and the Elite swap PUNCHES there, the Marines and the Jackals swap gunfire. But we focus only on the Ghost fight now. Master Chief’s punches make the Elite spit some blood on the Ghost panel, but the Covenant doesn’t give up easily and retaliates with his energy sword.

75. Master Chief TILTS his head away in time letting the energy sword just SCRATCH the surface of his helmet. He then yanks the Elite’s arm and headbutts him. Then AGAIN. And AGAIN. ON THE MARINES Using the structure of the temple to cover as the plasma fire blow holes in their protection. Few Jackals are left, but they shield themselves behind a circular PLASMA BARRIER that deflects all bullets against it. MARINE We’ll never bring down the bastards if we continue like this! EXT. RIDGE - DELTA HALO - DAY The Sniper takes aim at the temple. RIFLE SCOPE POV: He tries to hit the Jackals, but the temple structure prevents him from seeing his targets. Shit.


(into transcom) I have no clear shot. EXT. TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY ANGLE ON: MASTER CHIEF, lying on the Ghost's hood while holding the Elite's forearm with the energy sword. He realizes that the Elite will not let go of the blade so easily. Then Master Chief JERKS its arm down... ... plunging the energy sword into the Ghost board, damaging its controls. The Ghost SPINS as it dives. Black smoke exhales from where the sword is stuck. Master Chief leaps out of the Ghost hitting the ground in a standing position. At the same time, behind him... ... the damaged Ghost CRASHES squarely where the Jackals were gathered, killing all of them in the explosion.

76. The Marines just stare, everyone in awe. MASTER CHIEF Cortana, give Sergeant Johnson our location. This area is clean. Of course.


Master Chief walks into the temple. INT. TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY Master Chief enters toting his rifle, ready to kill more enemies. But it’s just an empty place. Except... ... a Prophet of Regret’s hologram in the holo-projector speaking in his alien tongue, in tone of a great praise. MASTER CHIEF What’s he doing? Giving a speech? CORTANA A sermon, actually. I’ve been listening to it since we landed. Cortana manifests in front of Master Chief. She steps closer to the holo-projector and analyses that words for a while. The data on her skin scrolls a bit faster. A moment later, Cortana's eyes widen, worried. She turns to Master Chief urgently. CORTANA (CONT'D) The Prophet of Regret is planning to activate the Halo! MASTER CHIEF Are you sure? Cortana snaps her fingers, the hologram starts speaking in English. PROPHET OF REGRET (on hologram) -- I shall light this holy ring, release its cleansing flame, and burn a path into the divine beyond!

77. Cortana snaps her fingers again, and the hologram freezes. CORTANA (smugly) Pretty much. MASTER CHIEF (into transcom) Commander, we’ve got a problem. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Seated in the command chair, Miranda examines all about the Halo on her multiple screens while listening to Master Chief. MIRANDA So I hear. But from what I understand, the Prophet will need an object... As Miranda taps a button on her chair keyboard, the image of the INDEX pops up in one screen. It’s an alien artifact. 60 centimeters long. Vaguely tshaped, with a faint green glow emanating from a stripe on each side. MIRANDA (CONT'D) ... the Index. According to the Covenant's translated files, the Index is a safety measure if any of the rings suffer critical damage. If it does, only the Index can activate Halo subsequently. She switches the image of the Index for THE LIBRARY. MIRANDA (CONT'D) I've located a Library similar to the one you found on the first Halo. If the rings work the same way, the Index should be inside. MASTER CHIEF (over transcom) I'll bet the Covenant are thinkin' the exact same thing. MIRANDA Then, we'd better beat them to it.

78. INT. COCKPIT - PELICAN DROPSHIP - DAY Flying across the Halo surface, Johnson gets the call of his Commander. MIRANDA (over transcom) Sergeant, we have an emergency. I need you to meet me at Halo’s Library. Library?


MIRANDA (over transcom) Yes. I’ll send you the coordinates. JOHNSON Roger, ma'am. Johnson grabs his RADIO and speaks: JOHNSON (CONT'D) Two-four units: seek Master Chief in the ordered place. I’ll join the Commander. We’ll meet in the final venue. EXT. DELTA HALO - DAY Four Pelicans streak in formation a few feet above the Halo surface. Only Johnson’s Pelican banks to another destination, distancing itself from the others. INT. TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY Master Chief and Cortana head toward the exit. MIRANDA (over transcom) Chief, you take out the Prophet. He’s given us all the intel we need. Understood.


79. MIRANDA (over transcom) Keyes over, and out. MASTER CHIEF What do you know about the Prophets? CORTANA There are three Prophet Hierarchs: Truth, Regret and Mercy. They are religious leaders who govern the Covenant holy city, High Charity. MASTER CHIEF So if we kill one of them, we will shake up the Covenant leadership. CORTANA And if we kill all three, the Covenant will be lost as bees without their queen. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD Miranda gets up from her chair. MIRANDA Prepare an HEV for me now. I'll go down there myself. But Officer Mawikizi does not like this idea much. MAWIKIZI Commander, you're risking yourself too much doing this. MIRANDA My father and many other soldiers died because of such a ring. If I have the chance to destroy one, I'll do it. He has no response after that.Miranda marches out of the bridge. EXT. TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY While the Pelicans do not arrive, the Marines take that moment to rest for a moment. As Master Chief and Cortana step out the temple...

80. ... everyone hears distant slip-space NOISES. They look up to see uncountable number of slip-space ruptures, and hundreds of Covenant ships come out that gaps swarming the skies followed by HIGH CHARITY itself. The Marines stare skyward, THUNDERSTRUCK. MARINE #1 What hell is that thing? MARINE #2 Look the size of it! CORTANA That’s the largest Covenant fleet I’ve ever seen... the largest anyone’s ever seen. MASTER CHIEF We need to hurry. EXT. CHAMBER ENTRANCE - DELTA HALO - DAY In a desolate area of Halo, Miranda and two Marines approach the entrance of a huge chamber that gives access to a tunnel. A few meters back we can see their drop pods planted on the ground. MIRANDA (into transcom) Hold position. I do not want to take the risk of the Covenant finding out my location. She checks her ARM COMPUTER that displays some SCHEMATICS of the Forerunner structure. Miranda glances up and sees the Covenant fleet in the sky. She knows there's no time to waste and walks into the darkness, followed by the Marines. EXT. FORERUNNER TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY Another temple situated on a large LAKE. This here appears to be of greater importance than the other we have seen previously. Its design is robust, angular. Clearly a place where great worships were made.

81. The Solemn Penance hangs a few kilometers above the temple. A Covenant squad surrounds the place, protecting the main temple. But then - a FAMILIAR ROAR ripping across the lake. The Covenant turn, confused: coming toward them across the water, THREE PELICANS at top speed. Quickly, the Covenant begin to mobilize for the onslaught. EXT. LAKE - DELTA HALO - DAY The three Pelicans rocket side by side toward the temple, each weaponry ready to attack. PELICAN PILOT (V.O.) All right, spread and kick some asses down there! As the Covenant's artillery start to fly, the Pelicans break the formation and spread to an aerial attack. EXT. FORERUNNER TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY The Covenant have no chance against the UNSC aircraft. The Pelicans soar around the temple STRAFING everybody down there mercilessly. It's grim and brutal. Bullets rip through the Covenant bodies as if they were made of paper, sometimes even SEVERING their limbs off in the process. INT. FORERUNNER TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY All we hear is the intense massacre taking place outside. Gunshots and Covenant despair screams. The Honor Guards assume a defensive position around the Prophet of Regret to protect him. PROPHET OF REGRET Protect me! Do not let those impure enter this room! The commotion outside seems to decrease.

82. Eventually, there's no more shots or screams. Just the humming of the Pelican turbines. A beat. Held. BOOM! The entrance door EXPLODES. A cloud of smoke swells. And from the smoke, Master Chief emerges with a rocket launcher resting over his shoulder. As he aims at the Regret, the Honor Guards assemble shielding him, making a barrier with their bodies. Master Chief fires. The rocket hits the barrier of Honor Guards followed by a massive BLAST that covers those Elites and Regret with a cloud of dust. All that remains of the Honor Guards are mutilated pieces of their bodies that are raining in the room. They are just flesh and armor. Master Chief walks over to... ... Prophet of Regret, lying on the ground - out of his hover-chair - bathed in his own blood and of his Guards. On the brink of death. He mumbles something, Master Chief leans to hear. PROPHET OF REGRET (CONT'D) (weak) Your very existence offends me, Demon... you and... your entire filthy race does not deserve the Great Journey... CORTANA Finish with his suffering, Chief. Master Chief stands and grabs his Magnum. As he fires into the head of Regret CUT TO:

83. INT. BRIDGE - SOLEMN PENANCE - DAY The crew is bustling after the attack. Rhul Salmutee stands coordinating everything. An ELITE enters the bridge. RHUL SALMUTEE Charge the energy projector with maximum force. If we stand here, we'll be next. Shipmaster! Tell me.


ELITE The humans -- they overcame the sacred temple. And the Prophet... The Elite breaks off, unable to complete his sentence. Then he recomposes. ELITE (CONT'D) The Demon is here. RHUL SALMUTEE Fire the energy projector. But sir...


RHUL SALMUTEE The Prophet is dead, there is no turning back. So it behooves us to give the same fate for the Demon who took his life. (beat) Fire the energy projector. Now. EXT. FORERUNNER TEMPLE - DELTA HALO - DAY Master Chief leaves the temple. He walks past the corpses of the Covenant and waves to one of the Pelicans in the air. The aircraft u-turns, coming for him. CORTANA (urgently) Chief! We have a problem!


I know that.


CORTANA No, I mean -- a big problem! Master Chief doesn’t follow until... Above us!


Looking overhead, a huge and ominous PURPLE BEAM glows underneath the Solemn Penance. And it's getting stronger. THEN - the Covenant ship FIRES the mighty ENERGY PROJECTOR straight into the temple. It's like an overpowering and dazzling tower of light that VAPORIZES everything it touches. And it's expanding, more and more intense. The Pelican that was coming to Master Chief is engulfed by the massive light, vanishing into the kingdom come. The other two Pelicans move away from the temple as soon as possible. Master Chief whirls and races in the opposite direction of the beam like hell... ... rounds a corner, jumps a ledge, landing about several feet where he was... ... keeps running across the entire length of the temple as it starts to CRUMBLE around him. The path is ending and there is no turning back. Arriving at the edge of the temple... ... Master Chief jumps as the energy projector blast flings him into the lake. INT. UNDERWATER - LAKE - DELTA HALO - DAY SPLASH! Master Chief sinks with other bits of stone from the temple. The Spartan continues to descend, motionless.

85. It's like he fainted. All we see from underwater is the intense brightness of the energy projector, which brightens the entire surface. As the Chief continues to sink, a pair of TENTACLES come up from the bottom, dragging Master Chief deep in the lake until we lost sight of him. INT. SANCTUM OF THE HIERARCHS - HIGH CHARITY The Sanctum's consisted of many rooms, the most important being the inner chamber. The Sanctum features unique architecture, highly ornamented doors and various other luxuries. The Arbiter strides through the main corridor. Following him, the Brutes. As they pass by the Elite Honor Guardsmen, the Brutes take Honor Guard equipment from the Honor Guards. Some try to resist but the Brutes are stronger. We follow Arbiter, climbing the stairs to the... ... PROPHET’S INNER SANCTUM. Where the Prophets of Truth and Mercy speak with Rtas Vadum and two of his Spec-Ops Elite. RTAS VADUM This is unprecedented... Unacceptable. PROPHET OF TRUTH A Hierarch is dead, Commander. RTAS VADUM His murderer was within our grasp. If you had not withdrawn our Phantoms -PROPHET OF TRUTH (indignantly) Are you questioning my decision? RTAS VADUM No, Holy One! I only wish to express my concern that the Brutes... Prophet of Truth holds up a hand for silence. PROPHET OF TRUTH Re-commissioning the guard was a radical step. (MORE)

86. PROPHET OF TRUTH (CONT'D) But recent events have made it abundantly clear that the Elites can no longer guarantee our safety. RTAS VADUM I shall relay your... decision, to the Council. Rtas Vadum and his Elites leave. He nods to the Arbiter, who returns the nod. The Arbiter stands before the Prophets. ARBITER We have always been your protectors. For ages. PROPHET OF TRUTH These are trying times, for all of us. PROPHET OF MERCY Even as the humans' annihilation filled us with satisfaction, the loss of one of the Sacred Rings wracked our hearts with grief. PROPHET OF TRUTH Putting aside our sorrow, we renewed our faith in the prophecy that other rings would be found. And see how our faith has been rewarded. They turn to a large view screen showing the Installation 05 - Delta Halo. PROPHET OF MERCY Halo! Its divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation. PROPHET OF TRUTH For ages, we searched for one who might unlock the secrets of the ring. An Oracle. And with your help, we found it. They turn to 343 Guilty Spark, who seems to have been suspended in a gravity beam.

87. PROPHET OF MERCY With appropriate humility, we piled the Oracle with questions. And it, with clarity and grace, has shown us... the key. Mercy triggers a hologram of the ACTIVATION INDEX. PROPHET OF TRUTH You will journey to the surface of the ring, and retrieve this Sacred Icon. With it, we shall fulfill our promise. (beat) The Great Journey. Arbiter just nods. ARBITER I will not disappoint you. EXT. SKY - DELTA HALO - DAY A Phantom Dropship ROCKETS across the open sky. INT. TARTARUS' PHANTOM DROPSHIP - DAY In the cockpit, Tartarus walks up behind the pilot. TARTARUS Once the shield is down, we will head straight to the Library. I do not wish to keep the Hierarchs waiting. CUT TO The Arbiter, as he tests his energy sword. Everything okay. Tartarus steps out the cockpit and approaches. ARBITER The Demon... it was he who killed the Prophet? TARTARUS Why? Looking for a little payback? ARBITER Retrieving the Icon is my only concern now. Tartarus faces Arbiter directly into his eyes.


I hope so.


EXT. THE LIBRARY - DELTA HALO - DAY WIDE ON: A high-tech and vast archive complex and research facility. Tartarus’ Phantom heads to the Library. EXT. THE LIBRARY ENTRANCE - DELTA HALO - DAY The Phantom hovers next to Library’s outer perimeter. Its back door opens, and Arbiter jumps out onto the floor. He surveys his surroundings - no sign of life. The Phantom flies off, leaving Arbiter alone. Arbiter walks toward the main door of the Library. There's an eerie silence around, and he does not like it. In addition to the sound of the Elite's steps, there is only the HOWLING wind. Midway, Arbiter FREEZES. He seems to have heard something close by. And waits. Arbiter realizes an INCREASINGLY MECHANICAL SOUND incoming. It seems from inside the structure. The Arbiter's hand slides to his energy sword on his hip, ready to use it when needed. The sound is louder. A PANEL on the wall opens with a hiss, revealing pure darkness behind it. Arbiter assumes a battle pose. He grips his sword, but still keeping it on the hip. A tense beat. Then - A SENTINEL appears from the darkness. Predatory, hawk-like. A machine that no one wants to face, but Arbiter has no choice.

89. He draws his sword and ignites it. The Sentinel immediately opens fire with LASERS. Arbiter rapidly evades as the lasers LACERATE through the floor. He hides behind a column and waits. Arbiter notices something on his arm - a small wound made by the laser. The Sentinel wafts in search of the Arbiter, ready to kill him. When the machine rounds the column where he is... ... the Arbiter is GONE. SENTINEL’S POV: Its digital scan sweeps the area in search of the Elite. But no sign of him. The machine begins to float around that perimeter, seeking its prey. It halts for a second. AT THAT MOMENT - A CAMOUFLAGED FIGURE jumps on the top of the Sentinel. It's the Arbiter, invisible. He becomes visible as the Sentinel shakes and wobbles its to get rid of him, but Arbiter holds himself there. Arbiter pulls his energy sword and ignites it again. In the next second... ... he SINKS the blade into the Sentinel's hull. Sparks erupt. The machine power FLICKERS. Arbiter PUSHES his sword deeper into the Sentinel. Thanks to this, the damage increases by causing the Sentinel to randomly fly through the place - bumping into the walls and on the columns, with Arbiter on top of it. Until finally... ... the Sentinel SLAMS on the ground, sliding to a stop. The Arbiter gets off the Sentinel and stares at it for a moment. Then he turns to the door ahead, and goes for it. With his energy sword still on, Arbiter jams it into the thin crack between the doors and begins to force an opening.

90. With a lot of effort, he can open enough to allow a passage. And he enters. INT. CHAMBER - THE LIBRARY - DELTA HALO - DAY The only light comes from outside when Arbiter opened the doors. Doing a quick scanning, Arbiter finds only one passage there - a ramp that leads down. Using his energy sword as a flashlight to lighten the path, Arbiter begins to descend the ramp. INT. LOWER LEVEL - THE LIBRARY - DELTA HALO - DAY PITCH BLACK. In the deepest area of the facility there is no trace of luminosity. Only darkness and silence. Moments later, the silence is broken by the sound of the door squeaking as it opens. It's the Arbiter. As the Elite enters this new chamber, he feels he’s stepping on a strange surface. Gooey, wet. He then decides to bring his sword closer to the ground to illuminate and discover... ... COVENANT CORPSES scattered everywhere. But not only blood and bodies that are there, a layer of moss covers the floor and walls. THEN - A NOISE from somewhere in the darkness. Scuttling. Or slithering. Soon the noise seems to involve the whole room in all directions. Arbiter stretches his arm with the sword using its luminosity to reveal - THE FLOOD INFECTION FORMS. They come from vents and holes in the walls and ceiling in countless numbers, surrounding the Arbiter. Arbiter prepares himself, fearlessly. ARBITER You will not catch me so easy.

91. As the Arbiter swings his blade into the Flood CUT TO: INT. INDEX CHAMBER - THE LIBRARY - DELTA HALO - DAY A chamber destroyed by the time where only ruins remained. We can notice pieces of other Sentinels and the structure itself. But in the middle of everything is the INDEX - hanging in mid-air inside its container. Just below it, a deep and dark SHAFT. FLASHLIGHT beams approach from a cave. Miranda finally reaches the end of her quest, followed by the two Marines. MIRANDA Finally. (into transcom) This is Miranda Keyes. I found the Index. MAWIKIZI (over transcom) All right, we are heading to your position. Miranda steps on the edge of the shaft and reaches out to grab Index, but it is out of range. Shit.


MARINE #1 How are we gonna get this thing out of here now? A moment as Miranda thinks in a way. Then she spots a power cable from a Sentinel wreckage. MIRANDA You two, cover me. The Marines stay on alert as Miranda holds onto the cable and leans her body towards the Index, this time closer. The container whirs, clicks, then releases the Index. She grabs it. But suddenly, the cable SNAPS.




When it looks like Miranda will fall into that deep shaft... ... someone GRABS the cable just in time. She looks up and finds Sergeant Johnson holding onto the cable. The Marines breathe relieved. Need a hand?


Miranda puts the Index in her belt. MIRANDA The Index is secure. Just pull me back. Miranda climbs back onto the floor. JOHNSON You should have waited us to arrive before entering. This place is full of damn disgusting parasites. MIRANDA Given the current circumstances, we cannot wait anything more, Sergeant. JOHNSON (into transcom) McKenzie, Perez, how’s our exit? He waits. But there's no reply. Marines?


One of the Marines there turns to his comrade. MARINE #2 Did you hear that? What?


That's when something HEAVY lands on the ground near the two men. Before they can react... ... AN INVISIBLE FIGURE CHARGES the Marines as an energy sword IGNITES. It's the Arbiter.

93. Both Marines can only CRY OUT as the Elite SLICES them with his sword. Johnson and Miranda draw their assault rifle and pistol, respectively. She SHOOTS the camouflaged figure first, revealing the Arbiter in flickering strobes. He then leaps in one bound toward the duo. Johnson YANKS Miranda away as he fires at the Arbiter, but in vain. The Arbiter lands right in front of Johnson and CUTS his rifle in two in one swing of his sword. Off Johnson’s stunned look, the Elite BACKHANDS him, knocking the Sergeant out. Miranda gets up and fires. Arbiter walks toward her as the bullets BOUNCE off his silver armor until the ammo runs out. He cornered Miranda at the edge of the pit, there is no escape. ARBITER Give me the Index and I’ll make your death be quick. MIRANDA Do you worse, asshole. Before the Arbiter could do anything... ... an ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE courses through Miranda's body. She screams in pain. The she's pulled away from Arbiter... ... to Tartarus, across the room, using his hammer. She lands flat on his shoulder, unconscious. He catches her in his grasp. TARTARUS Excellent work, Arbiter. The Hierarchs will be pleased. ARBITER Tartarus. The Icon... is my responsibility.

94. TARTARUS Was your responsibility. Tartarus takes the Index from Miranda’s belt. TARTARUS (CONT'D) Now it's mine. Arbiter tries to get closer to Tartarus but the other Brutes aim their guns at him. Arbiter stares in disbelief. TARTARUS (CONT'D) (to a Brute) Take the other human. The Brute goes to a fainted Johnson and catches the Sergeant. TARTARUS (CONT'D) You know, for a moment I thought you’ll even die when you find the Flood. But I’m glad you got here... Tartarus points his hammer at the Arbiter. TARTARUS (CONT'D) ... because I want to have the pleasure of killing you myself. ARBITER When the Prophets learn of this, they will take your head! TARTARUS (chuckles) Fool. They ordered me to do it. CLOSE ON THE ARBITER: He jerks his neck up in horror. Tartarus unleashes a BLAST from his hammer that knocks the Arbiter into the shaft. TARTARUS (CONT'D) Let’s get out of here. Tartarus and his Brutes head off. ANGLE ON: THE SHAFT, dark. Impossible to see the bottom. HOLD on that shot for a few seconds. FADE TO BLACK

95. Then FADE IN: EXTREME CLOSE-UP OF MASTER CHIEF'S HELMET Filling the screen. Hanging head. Motionless. He appears to be unconscious. Still impossible to have a notion of where he is now. A beat. Chief?


Silence. CORTANA (CONT'D) Chief, wake up. Silence. CORTANA (CONT'D) Come on, Chief, don’t play the sleeper now -- wake up! Moments later, Master Chief finally stirs. Moaning even so slightly. PULL BACK to reveal that we are... INT. DELTA HALO UNDERGROUNDS - DAY A vast and cavernous space. The darkness gives us an impression of infinity. Thin beams of light leak through cracks and holes around. Master Chief rests on the ground with his back against the wall. A bit dazed, he climbs to his feet. He takes a moment to examine exactly where he is, scanning around. Everywhere in that environment there is a strange and alien form of PLANT-LIFE growing in each corner, forming a tangle of vines and tendrils over the walls and the ground. As we have seen something similar before, these vines and tendrils are subtly curling, sliding, tightening.

96. MASTER CHIEF What place is this? CORTANA We're probably in the depths of Halo. Strangely this space is not in the structure of the first Halo we encounter. Without his rifle, Master Chief grabs his pistol to guard himself while walking there. CORTANA (CONT'D) Warning: movement detected at two hundred meters from here. Carefully, Master Chief steps at the edge of a BOTTOMLESS ABYSS right ahead. He leans a little forward but sees nothing but darkness. MASTER CHIEF Are you saying there's someone down there? CORTANA Or something. Without Master Chief's noticing, some vines are curling around his legs softly. Tightening increasingly. And when he finally notices it... ... the vines suddenly LUG Master Chief into the air, making him loose his pistol. Chief!


Hanging in mid-air, the vines meander over the Spartan's body, wrapping him up to the neck. He tries to break free, but the vines keep him tied tight. CLOSE ON MASTER CHIEF'S VISOR: From a REFLECTION in the glass, we get the glimpse of something MASSIVE snaking in front of him. Long and pliable. Still seeing through Master's visor, we see just a blur of a CREATURE emerging in front of him. Unfolding. He tilts his head back, speechless.

97. CORTANA (CONT'D) What... is that? MASTER CHIEF I was going to ask you the same thing. WIDER TO REVEAL A behemoth plant-like creature facing the tiny Master Chief. It's called GRAVEMIND. The Collective Flood consciousness. 280 feet tall. Master Chief hangs near that giant head, a mass of fleshy mandibles. It speaks in a deep, gravelly voice. GRAVEMIND I...? I am a monument to all your sins. As the Gravemind talks, it breathes out FLOOD SPORES. Two tentacles bring forth a struggling ARBITER, still alive. He shakes himself, trying to get rid of the tentacles. But in vain.


ARBITER (realizes Master Chief)

GRAVEMIND (re: Master Chief) This one is machine and nerve, and has its mind concluded (re: Arbiter) This one is but flesh and faith, and is the more deluded. ARBITER Kill me or release me, parasite. But do not waste my time with talk! GRAVEMIND There is much talk. And I have listened. Through rock, and metal, and time. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen. It raises one tentacle, one wrapped around a red Monitor, the 2401 PENITENT TANGENT.

98. 2401 PENITENT TANGENT Greetings! I am 2401 Penitent Tangent. I am the Monitor of Installation 05. (notes Master Chief) A Reclaimer? Here? At last! We have much to do. This facility must be activated if we are to control this outbreak. ARBITER The ring will only work under the command of the Prophets. 2401 PENITENT TANGENT Not true. This installation has successful utilization record of 1.2 trillion simulated and one actual. It is ready to fire on demand. ARBITER But the Great Journey -2401 PENITENT TANGENT (cuts in) You continue using inappropriate terms! Containment should be initiated as soon as possible. GRAVEMIND The "containment"... and your "Great Journey"... are the same. Gravemind lowers its tentacles with the Monitor. GRAVEMIND (CONT'D) Your Prophets have promised you freedom from a doomed existence, but you will find no salvation on this ring. Those who built this place knew what they wrought. Do not mistake their intent, or all will perish as they did before. The Arbiter stops struggling against the tentacles. He stares somewhat curiously at the Gravemind. Master Chief turns to him: MASTER CHIEF This thing is right. Halo is a weapon. Your Prophets are making a big mistake.

99. ARBITER Your ignorance already destroyed one of the sacred rings, Demon. It shall not harm another. GRAVEMIND If you will not hear the truth, then I will show it to you. There is still time to stop the key from turning, but first it must be found. (indicates each in turn) You will search one likely spot, and you will search another. Fate had us meet as foes, but this ring will make us... brothers. Master Chief and Arbiter share a look. INT. UNDERGROUND PASSAGE - DELTA HALO - MOMENTS LATER Using the FLASHLIGHT of his helmet, Master Chief leads the way through a narrow passage followed by the Arbiter. MASTER CHIEF Are you sure about this, Cortana? CORTANA My scanners are not easy to miss, Chief. If there is some useful Forerunner technology down here, we'll use it to get out of here. A beat. MASTER CHIEF So, are you really against the Covenant or do I need to keep watching my back? ARBITER As much as I want to kill you, Demon, this recent affair with the Halos has become something... more urgent. MASTER CHIEF The sooner we stop the hierarchs, the better. ARBITER Is that why you destroyed that Halo? To save the universe?




Arbiter stares down, reflecting on all his actions over the years. ARBITER All these ages... me and my people blindly following the hierarchs, spreading their words across the galaxy... in order to be leading ourselves to damnation. MASTER CHIEF There is still time to fix it, but you need to focus when the time comes. CORTANA Turn left ten meters ahead. INT. FORERUNNER LAB - DELTA HALO - DAY Master Chief and the Arbiter enter a chamber. It's packed with SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT of Forerunner origin. But no one has been stepping there for millennia, it's completely forgotten just like everything in Halo. I knew it.


ARBITER What place is this? Master Chief and Arbiter spread out, scanning around the laboratory. It's a mess. Dust and vines dominated the place. Master Chief finds a row of cylindrical GLASS TUBES filled with a mysterious liquid. Inside each tube, a small weird MASS floats in the liquid. Whatever it is, it's organic. Master Chief steps closer to one of these tubes, looking at it more attentively. CORTANA That's what I'm thinking is it?


The Flood.


And that's exactly what it is: FLOOD VESSELS. Or rather, what's left of those. Inside those tubes they are now just experiments, dead carcasses. Cortana manifests in front of Master Chief, intrigued, as Arbiter approaches the tubes. ARBITER Were the Forerunners studying the Flood? CORTANA Apparently, yes. MASTER CHIEF To find a way to destroy them, maybe. ARBITER Time is running, we need to find Index soon. CORTANA You're right. Chief, that console. Cortana and Master Chief walk up to the central console of the lab. CORTANA (CONT'D) I detected teleportation rings when we arrived. It was probably how they transported all this equipment here. Maybe we can use them for our way out. At the console, she runs her finger across it, studying. Then: CORTANA (CONT'D) Dock me in. I think I can get the teleportation to work. Master Chief removes the CORTANA CHIP from the back of his neck and inserts it into the console. A moment later, the console comes to life with a HUM. Near the wall there are three TELEPORTATION PLATFORMS. But only one of them works now.

102. Lights come on, some still flickering. ARBITER The Brutes have taken the Index from me, maybe they're still in High Charity. MASTER CHIEF Or maybe they're already heading to the Halo's Control Room. ARBITER It's a possibility. MASTER CHIEF So we're going to have to separate and prune our chances at once. CORTANA I have the coordinates for the Control Room. Volunteers? I will.


Arbiter climbs on the small teleportation platform. CORTANA Preparing for the transport. The base of the platform begins to GLOW more and more intense. Then in a BURST OF LIGHT... ... Arbiter DISAPPEARS of there. CORTANA (CONT'D) I think it's our turn. Calculating coordinates for High Charity. After she does it, Master Chief collects Cortana Chip back, and inserts it into his armor. He stands on the teleportation platform and waits. CORTANA (CONT'D) Let's hope I have not thrown us right into a wall. The platform light rises. And -

103. - WHOOSH! The Spartan disappears in a burst of light too. EXT. HIGH CHARITY/DELTA HALO - OUTER SPACE The Covenant holy city is connected to Delta Halo's uppermost band. INT. OUTSIDE THE COUNCIL CHAMBER - HIGH CHARITY On the walkway outside the Council Chamber, Brutes Honor Guardsmen guard the gates from Grunts and Jackals rioters. PROPHET OF (pre-lap) The Elites have failed Prophets, and in doing all our lives at risk. us, gravely concerned.

TRUTH to protect the so, have put We are, all of

INT. COUNCIL CHAMBER - HIGH CHARITY A line of Brutes Honor Guardsmen stand at attention. A Grunt cameraman focuses a holographic CAMERA on Truth as he delivers his propaganda - holding the Index - while the Prophet of Mercy watches from aside. PROPHET OF TRUTH The release of the parasite was unexpected, unfortunate. But, there is no need to panic. In truth, this is a time to rejoice. A moment that all the Covenant should savor. (raises the Index) For the Sacred Icon has been found. With it, our path is clear, our entry into the Divine Beyond guaranteed! The Great Journey is nigh... Behind the Grunt cameraman, a TELEPORTATION PORTAL materializes. It’s like a slip-space gap, but much smaller. The Grunt looks that curiously, it seems that only it saw the portal. Then suddenly... ... Master Chief is hurled through the portal. As soon as he passes, it closes.

104. He rolls across the floor and stops in front of Grunt, face to face. A beat as the Grunt lingers to realize. Master Chief knocks the Grunt down and takes the NEEDLER GUN from it. That's when the Covenant realize his presence there. Master Chief aims at the Prophet of Truth, but some Brutes gather around him, shield their leader. PROPHET OF TRUTH (CONT'D) Kill the Demon! All Brutes try to hit Master Chief with their plasma weapons. The rounds fly within inches of him... ... as Master Chief dives for cover behind a column. CORTANA Those armors do not have shields. If you make a precise attack, will kill them fast. MASTER CHIEF I'll remember that. He waits for the right moment and returns fire. He manages to bring down two brutes in the process. The other Brutes scatter trying to save themselves. One of the Brutes lifts a Grunt using it as his personal shield as the Needler's spikes pierce its body. Another Brute tosses a PLASMA GRENADE toward Master Chief. As he sees the bomb, Chief jumps to behind a column. BOOM! It explodes right after that. BRUTE (O.S.) Come on, human, let’s play! Master Chief checks the Needler’s ammunition. Almost in the end. Damn it. EXT. HILLSIDE - DELTA HALO - DAY Like Master Chief, the Arbiter emerges from a teleportation portal onto the ground of a wooded hillside.

105. Arbiter gets on his feet... ... viewing Delta Halo's CONTROL ROOM in the landscape. It’s a triangular facility that control all of the installation’s operations, located on a mountainous region. Arbiter begins to move to his destination. EXT. COVENANT POST - DELTA HALO - DAY A Brute surveillance station in a clearing. In addition to the Brutes, we see some Phantoms and Banshees parked. Coming from the forest, Rtas Vadum and his SPEC-OPS Elites. The BRUTE LEADER approaches him. RTAS VADUM We did the patrol. There's a human cruiser ten miles away, if we hurry we can intercept them. BRUTE LEADER Of course, we'll get them. Rtas Vadum turns around, walking back to the forest. But he notices that all the Brutes are surrounding him and the Elites suspiciously. BRUTE LEADER (CONT'D) In fact... (Vadum stops) ... there is another mission taking place right now, Commander. For a moment Rtas Vadum glances at the Brutes around, who discreetly place their hands on their plasma weapons. There's something wrong there, and Rtas knows it. The Spec-Ops Elites slip their hands into their rifles, already expecting the worst. Rtas Vadum looks at the Brute Leader over his shoulder. RTAS VADUM Can I know what this mission is all about? The Brute gives him a wicked smile.

106. BRUTE LEADER Certainly. (shouts to the Brutes) Kill them all! Then all the Brutes circling the Elites pull their plasma weapons and fire to kill everyone right there. Quickly, the Elites ring their leader by protecting him while most are shot down, but they also retaliate against the Brutes. SPEC-OPS ELITE Get the Commander out of here! Among the gunfire, two Elites escort Rtas Vadum out of there as the rest exchange shots with the Brutes. During the escape, one of the Elites with Rtas Vadum is hit and drops flat. Dead. Vadum and the other Elite can escape to the forest. BRUTE LEADER He's running away! Take down the bastard! Two Brutes chase after the Elite Commander. Meanwhile, SpecOps Elites are massacred without a chance to win. EXT. FOREST - DELTA HALO - DAY In the middle of the race, Rtas Vadum stops in indignation. RTAS VADUM I will not run away like a coward and let my soldiers die alone there! SPEC-OPS ELITE They did that for you to flee! If you go back there, they will have sacrificed themselves in vain. SUDDENLY - plasma fire streaks past narrowly hitting both Elites. The pair of Brutes are coming. Spec-Ops Elite draws his weapon and pushes Rtas so he can continue the path.

107. SPEC-OPS ELITE (CONT'D) You need to go, sir! I'll delay them here. But Rtas Vadum remains hesitant; he doesn't want to leave his warrior alone. Please, go!


With a weapon in hands, the Elite advances toward the two coming Brutes. There is no other choice, so Rtas Vadum makes a decision. Even though he doesn't like it, he turns around and starts to run away. We STAY to see in the distance that Spec-Ops Elite fighting bravely the two Brutes alone. EXT. COVENANT POST - DELTA HALO - DAY In the center of the station, all the dead bodies of the Spec-Ops Elite are stacked on top of each other, full of plasma wounds and blood. BRUTE LEADER Everyone reload. I want two teams hunting Vadum. He's not one of those who resolves easy. A noise from somewhere in the forest catches Brutes' ears it's like a small thing, crawling through the leaves, snapping branches. And it's approaching the camp every second. Whatever it may be, it seems to come from all directions. Some Brutes JITTERS, because nobody sees anything in the forest. No apparent enemy. BRUTE LEADER (CONT'D) What the hell...? Finally... ... THOUSANDS OF FLOOD INFECTION FORMS GUSH out the forest swarming the Brutes in all angles. They open fire nervously, each vessel hit pops like a balloon. But those creatures seem endless.

108. The Brutes start to die in sequence, being swallowed by the numerous Floods wave. BRUTE LEADER (CONT'D) To the Phantoms! The Brute Leader runs followed by three more while his other companions die around. The leader rushes inside one of the Phantoms. One of the Brutes runs into the cockpit. INT. PHANTOM - COVENANT POST - DELTA HALO - DAY The Brute Leader shuts the back door of the craft as the Flood creep over the Phantom. Then the engines start and the craft begins to rise, taking off into the skies. EXT. SKY - DELTA HALO - DAY The Phantom pulls away from the Covenant post. INT. PHANTOM DROPSHIP - DAY The Brutes sit down, relieved to be inside this craft. BRUTE LEADER Let's go back to High Charity and warn the Prophets that we have this Flood infestation to deal with. The other Brutes just nod. As the Leader walks towards the cockpit... ... he HEARS that same noise from the forest, which makes him chill. Only he heard at that moment. He turns scanning the area, the other Brutes stare at him puzzled. FLOOD'S POV: From the ceiling of the Phantom, the Flood falls to the floor, scaring the Brutes as it rushes toward the Leader quickly. As it JUMPS INTO HIS FACE CUT TO:

109. INT. BRIDGE - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY One of the crewman detects something on his monitor. He turns to Mawikizi, who commands the ship now. BRIDGE CREWMAN Sir, the radar detected an unknown small-sized ship approaching us. One of ours?


BRIDGE CREWMAN Difficult to say immediately, much of our navigation was damaged in the forced jump. MAWIKIZI Try to make some contact. After a moment of trying, the crewman startles by what he sees. BRIDGE CREWMAN Oh my God -- it's not stopping, the ship's going to clash into us directly! MAWIKIZI Prepare the cannons! EXT. SKY - DELTA HALO - DAY Hovering in the air, In Amber Clad. And coming toward it, the Phantom Dropship we saw before, flying adrift for the cruiser. The In Amber Clad's cannons shoot - blowing up one of the Phatom engines. Smoking, the Phantom PLUNGES and CRASHES INTO THE UNSC CRUISER. INT. CORRIDOR - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY An alarm sounds as a troop of armed Marines run along the corridor toward the Phantom crash-site.

110. INT. CENTRAL BAY MAJOR - UNSC IN AMBER CLAD - DAY The door slides open. The Marines troop enter the large hangar, all weapons aiming at... ... the Phantom Dropship, with half of its body inside the bay and the other half out. Lying at a slight angle, its nose crushed on the floor. The Phantom gives a sudden SHUDDER. That makes the Marines STOP. They wait for someone to get out of there but nothing happens. Before the men took another step, the Covenant ship shakes again, this time STRONGER. They hold position. Another shake, as if a beast wants to get out of there fast. Something POUNDS the hull from inside. Harder and harder. Whatever it is, it really want to leave. And AT THAT MOMENT - AN INFECTED BRUTE BURSTS OUT THE PHANTOM. Charging the Marines like a BERSERK. With irregular movements. Following him, the other three Brutes that were aboard also infected - and dozens of Flood infection forms. Without thinking twice, the Marines fire at those creatures, but everything seems in vain. Seconds before we see Flood's small army reaching the Marines CUT TO: INT. COUNCIL CHAMBER - HIGH CHARITY One of the two Brutes grabs a plasma grenade and walks towards the column where Master Chief is hidden. BRUTE Apparently I'll have to force you out of there. The Brute raises his arm ready to throw the grenade, but -

111. - Master Chief comes out from behind the column before that and fires the Needler - one single shot straight into the GRENADE in the Brute’s hand. It detonates with its owner. Master Chief doesn’t waste time and advances to the second Brute. Furious, the second Brute spins his big AX above his head and HURLS it toward Master Chief. The weapon spins wildly through the air ready to slice Master Chief in half. Master Chief SLIDES over his knees and DUCKS under the ax. As the Spartan skids across the floor... ... he fires with the Needler in the Brute’s knees, making him fall over them in pain. In a flash of movement, Master Chief jams the Needler under the Brute's chin, then fires - blasting the top of his head up. The Brute falls on his back, dead. Master Chief stands up, looks at the Needler - the ammo is totally gone. CORTANA Chief, you have to hurry. The Prophets will flee the city! Master Chief drops the gun and runs toward the door which the Prophets and Brutes left. He tries to open but it’s locked. MASTER CHIEF I can't open it. CORTANA They must be sealed it to prevent us from leaving here. MASTER CHIEF Can you unlock it? CORTANA You know me, right? The Spartan approaches the door, picks Cortana Chip up and inserts it into a pedestal next to the door.

112. THEN - the door opens. She did it. Master Chief reaches out to take Cortana back, but she prevents. CORTANA (CONT'D) I will be faster to find the Prophets if I’m connected to their network. For a moment Master Chief hesitates. CORTANA (CONT'D) Don’t worry. You can pick me up later. Go. Master Chief nods and runs to beyond the door. INT. CORRIDORS - HIGH CHARITY We follow Master Chief making his way through the corridors of the installation. Turning in corners, going into another corridors. As he turns a corner, he comes across a Covenant squadron charging toward him. Before he could think of doing anything... ... the containment door in the hallway snap-seals shut fast as a blink of an eye, blocking the way. CORTANA You’re welcome. Nice trick.


He turns, and starts to run. JUMP CUT: As Master Chief travels through the corridors, continues closing the doors preventing the enemies from reach the Spartan. CORTANA Wait a minute! I’m reading Marine IFF transponders. Where?


113. CORTANA Chief, we may not have time to -MASTER CHIEF (cuts in) We make time. Tell me where is the place. CORTANA The signal is being sent not too far below us. Three lower levels. MASTER CHIEF Guide me to them. Master Chief moves to another direction. INT. DETENTION CENTER - HIGH CHARITY A bunch of MARINES are caged in glass cells, defeated. Two Grunts watch the prisoners near the entrance door. They argue in their language. When they least expect it - KA-BOOM! The entrance door EXPLODES, knocking down both Grunts. The Marines STARTLE. Master Chief emerges from the smoke, holding a Covenant plasma rifle. MINUTES LATER All Marines free now. The healthy help the more injured to walk. One of them finishes telling how they got there for the Spartan. MARINE ... and when those Gorilla-like Covenant found us, we had no chance to fight back. They said they were going to use us like bait for this Flood. MASTER CHIEF Now we have a chance to get out of here, but the situation is still critical. There is a weapon rack in the corridor. Those who can fight, take one.

114. While the Marines leave the room... CORTANA Chief, I’m detecting the approach of the In Amber Clad in direction of High Charity. (beat) The strange is that I have not received contact response. EXT. THE CITADEL - HIGH CHARITY In the internal hub of High Charity lay an extremely large capital city with millions more of the Covenant’s denizens. Although still day on the ring installation, the interior of High Charity is a perpetual night do to its bulwark canopy. The only source of light comes from the apex of that canopy - an artificial star that simulates sunlight. Right below that is the landing pad for the FORERUNNER DREADNOUGHT - a geometric and angular warship. Tetrahedral shape, with a forward triangular prow. Sharing many aesthetic features with other Forerunner constructs. Gliding above the city, a GRAVITY PLATFORM. It carries the Prophets of Truth and Mercy, and Tartarus with the Brute Guards. But there are two prisoners among them - Miranda and Johnson, besides the 343 Guilty Spark. TARTARUS (to Truth) The vehicles are already waiting in the tower. Good.


EXT. GRAVITY BRIDGE - HIGH CHARITY LOCKED-OFF REVERSE ANGLE on a COVENANT position. Three Jackals and four Grunts - with their backs to us as they fire down at hallway exit to the front of them. And suddenly a hail of rounds are coming our way -

115. - ripping through the Covenant, dropping and shredding them. And when all of them drop, reveal to us Master Chief and the Marines. Rifles smoking. They cross the door into the gravity bridge - a horizontal anti-gravity field, often over a large gap, substituting a physical bridge. Master Chief leads the group across the bridge when - all they hear a not too distant a SLIP-SPACE PORTAL. Everyone stops and stares up, beyond the camera. Whatever that is, let the Marines happy. Thank God.


REVEAL: a slip-space rupture opening on their far left, miles above the city, and UNSC In Amber Clad EMERGES from it. The huge ship soars over their heads. EXT. OVER THE CITADEL - HIGH CHARITY ANGLE ON: THE GRAVITY PLATFORM, as the In Amber Clad passes above them. The Brutes snarl in fury. Johnson can not hold a sarcastic smile. JOHNSON The cavalry arrived, assholes. But Miranda doesn’t have the same satisfaction than Johnson. She notes her ship and know that there is something wrong. THEIR POV: The In Amber Clad declines gradually, its engines fail and try to relight themselves. Johnson breaks his smile. His hope vanishes after watching the ship falling. Until finally - the UNSC In Amber Clad IMPACTS into one of the towers of the city, leaving half of its body inside the building and the other half out. The sound of the crash echoes throughout the citadel.

116. EXT. TOWER ROOF - HIGH CHARITY Master Chief and the Marines arrive in the other side of the bridge, a tower. Chief awaits all the men leave the bridge as the sound of In Amber Clad crashing is heard. CORTANA Hailing... No response. The ship crashed into another tower ahead of our position. I’ll keep trying to make contact, but... I’m not registering any human vital signs. Master Chief turns and sees the smoke coming out from the cruiser crash-site. Then he returns to lead the men. CORTANA (CONT'D) Hang on! I’m picking up two more transponders. It’s the Commander and Sergeant Johnson! Where? Northeast.


Master Chief steps up to the edge of the tower overlooking all the capital city beyond. Searching. MASTER CHIEF’S POV: He finds the gravity platform carrying the Commander, Johnson and the Covenant to a tower. CORTANA (CONT'D) They’re closing on Truth’s position. Master Chief turns back to the Marines. MASTER CHIEF Listen up. I will rescue the Commander and Sergeant Johnson. Meanwhile, Cortana will lead you to a Covenant ship for everyone to get out of here. MARINE What? -- We will not leave without you! MASTER CHIEF This is not a request, it is an order. Roger that, soldier?

117. The Marines don’t like this decision, but they concede: Yes, sir. Go. Now.


Cortana opens the tower door and the Marines enter. Master Chief sets off in the opposite direction. EXT. PARKING AREA - TOWER - HIGH CHARITY A parking area of Banshees levels below the tower. Then - Master Chief DROPS onto the ground, SPIDERWEBBING the floor in the landing. Without wasting time, he goes to one of the Banshees. After checking the controls, Master Chief rides the vehicle taking off into the air. EXT. LANDING PAD - MID TOWER - HIGH CHARITY Four Phantoms landed waiting. The gravity lift arrives. Tartarus and his Brutes take Commander Keyes, Johnson and 343 Guilty Spark toward a platform. The Prophets go to the Phantoms. TARTARUS Split them up. One in each Phantom. The Brutes take Miranda and Johnson for the Phantoms. She glances at the wrecked In Amber Clad before being pushed into the Phantom. Johnson is placed in another. The two Phantoms take off with the prisoners and 343 Guilty Spark. Tartarus kneels before the Prophets. PROPHET OF TRUTH The hopes of all the Covenant rest on your shoulders, Chieftain. Prophet of Truth hands Tartarus the Index. TARTARUS My faith is strong. I will not fail.

118. But IN THIS MOMENT - FLOOD VESSELS spring up and rush them. The Brute Honor Guardsmen throw their pikes aside and stomp on several of them. Tartarus flattens one with his gravity hammer. The Brutes manage to crush most of the Flood, but one gets through and lodges itself to Prophet of Mercy’s throat, knocking him off his hover-chair. He screams in agony. Tartarus approaches to remove the infection form but... Let him be.


Tartarus turns to Truth in surprise. PROPHET OF TRUTH (CONT'D) (to Mercy) The Great Journey waits for no one, brother... not even you. Prophet of Truth boards the Phantom and the Brute Honor Guardsmen follow immediately, but Tartarus hesitates, staring at the dying Prophet of Mercy But he looks at the Index in his hand and makes a decision. As Tartarus enters the Phantom, they fly away. Moments later... ... Master Chief touches down with the Banshee on the tower. He spots in the distance the Phantoms flying over the citadel. CORTANA We arrived too late. Master Chief notes the Prophet of Mercy, lying on the ground as he fights the Flood. The Spartan takes a few steps closer but doesn’t care to help. MASTER CHIEF Your pal. Where’s he going?

119. PROPHET OF MERCY Earth... to finish what we started. And this time, none of you... will be left behind... Master Chief pulls the Flood form off of Mercy and pops it. Prophet of Mercy catches his breath, but lies still. Cortana’s hologram appears on Mercy’s throne. CORTANA That structure, at the center of the city... it’s a Forerunner ship! And Truth is heading straight for it! Master Chief turns around to the Forerunner Dreadnought, looming at the distance. CORTANA (CONT'D) If he leads the Covenant fleet to Earth, they won’t stand a chance. You have to stop him! MASTER CHIEF That Brute has the Index. And Miranda and Johnson. He can activate the ring. CORTANA If he does, I’ll detonate In Amber Clad’s reactor just like we did the Autumn’s. The blast will destroy this city and the ring. (beat) Not a very original plan, but we know it’ll work. MASTER CHIEF It's good for me. I'll get you as soon as possible. CORTANA No. I don’t want to chance a remote detonation. I’ll need to stay here. Then they hear PELICAN DROPSHIPS leaving the In Amber Clad, unguided toward the citadel. MASTER CHIEF I thought you said no one survived.

120. CORTANA And they didn’t. It’s the Flood, they dominated all the In Amber Clad, and will dominate High Charity too. (faces Master Chief) You need to go, Chief. Truth’s Phantom is nearing the Forerunner ship. After a beat: MASTER CHIEF I’ll come back for you. He then rides on the Banshee and flies off, chasing the Phantoms. CORTANA (grins) Don’t make a girl a promise... if you know you can’t keep it. Off Cortana, watching him go... EXT. OVER THE CITADEL - HIGH CHARITY We follow Master Chief as he overflies the city toward the Forerunner ship miles ahead. Below him it's a MAYHEM. Several Pelican Dropships CRASHLAND across the capital unleashing the Flood forms. ON THE PHANTOMS As they get inside the Dreadnought through its huge gates. When everyone enters, the mechanical gates begin to close. ON MASTER CHIEF After seeing the ship doors closing, he SPEEDS UP his Banshee. The Dreadnought’s engines start to ignite. The access gates are about to close and Chief knows that he will not arrive in time. But along the way, Master Chief stands up on the Banshee, flexes his knees and... ... PROPELS himself straight for the Forerunner ship.

121. The Banshee plummets as Master Chief flies toward the Dreadnought and into the ship through the portal... ... landing with scrapes flickering off his armor as the large gates close behind him. EXT. LANDING PAD - MID TOWER - HIGH CHARITY FIRE SHOOTS FROM THE BASE OF THE DREADNOUGHT, and the spaceship RISES slowly from the pad, into the sky. Cortana just watches. CORTANA Good luck, Chief. EXT. HIGH CHARITY/DELTA HALO - OUTER SPACE When the Dreadnought moves away enough from High Charity... ... it enters slip-space, and vanishes. EXT. FOREST - DELTA HALO - DAY A lonely Arbiter walks across the forest. But he feels something coming right behind him. He spins around drawing his energy sword ready to kill the opponent, but he finds Rtas Vadum. RTAS VADUM By the rings, Arbiter!? The Councilors! Are they -ARBITER Murdered... by the Brutes. RTAS VADUM Vile, disloyal beasts! The Prophets were fools to trust them! ARBITER What are you doing here? RTAS VADUM Because the brutes have attacked us. Me and my team. They did everything I could to escape... and I hope I was not the only one.

122. ARBITER I'm so sorry. They were brave warriors. RTAS VADUM Then I detected an energy lapse similar to a slip-space nearby. I came to check and here I am now. Both hear noise of familiar engines. They look up and see two Phantoms roaring over them. The ships head directly to the Control Room. ARBITER The Brutes. They will activate the ring. You come with me? RTAS VADUM If it's to kill them, I will. Rtas Vadum hands Arbiter his second plasma gun and so the two travel together for the goal. EXT. FRONT ENTRY - CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY Tartarus emerges from the gravity lift, with Commander Keyes and 343 Guilty Spark in captivity. From the second Phantom, another Brute appears with Sergeant Johnson. All they go toward the Control Room interior. However, a third and unexpected Phantom approaches the complex. Tartarus frowns, confused. TARTARUS Who’s in that Phantom? The Brutes exchange looks - nobody knows. The mysterious Phantom hovers a few feet above the complex. MARINE (over speakers) Commander, Sergeant -- Get down! Johnson recognizes that voice immediately.

123. INT. MARINES' PHANTOM - DAY All those Marines that Master Chief rescued are in there, one of them on the helm. The pilot triggers the gun system of the ship. EXT. FRONT ENTRY - CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY BENEATH the Phantom emerges a PLASMA TURRET, aiming at the Brutes below. TIGHT ON Tartarus as his eyes widen in horror. LOOK OUT!


Tartarus flees dragging Miranda and 343 Guilty Spark into the Control Room as the Phantom OPENS FIRE. The Brute that held Johnson pushes him to the ground and grabs his plasma gun. The Brutes from the outside try to resist at the Phantom but they will need bigger guns to overthrow that ship. Meanwhile, Johnson realizes he has a chance to escape while the Brutes are distracted. Quickly, he gets up and tries to run away. A Brute notices him in time and shifts his aim to the Sergeant. He's about to hit his back when... ... plasma rounds HIT him before. The Phantom lowers, approaching the structure. MARINE (over speakers) C’mon, Sergeant! Jump! Johnson thinks a moment. It’s crazy to do that, but looking at his left, he sees the Brutes coming. Shit!


He makes a decision and jumps off the balcony to the top of the Phantom in the middle of the enemy gunfire. Johnson holds on with all his strength on the Phantom as plasma fire WHIZ past him.

124. The Phantom turns around and flies off. INT. MARINES' PHANTOM - DAY The back door opens. Johnson slides through the roof of the ship and finally enters, breathing hard. The Marines join him. JOHNSON I thought all of you had died when they captured me. MARINE #1 And probably we would have... if Master Chief had not come to us. JOHNSON Master Chief? Where is he? MARINE #2 Last time we saw him, he was going after one of the Prophets. MARINE #3 What will we do now, Sergeant? We are unsupported, and the Commander is still with the Covenant. JOHNSON So let’s go back and get her back those fuckers. INT. CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY A large environment. The ceiling extends as far as the eye can reach. The only source of light comes from something in the center of the room. Tartarus and four Brute Captains stand in front of the CONTROL ROOM’S CORE - a high-tech console - holding Miranda and 343 Guilty Spark. TARTARUS Come, human, it is easy. He tries to get Miranda to insert the Index, but she resists. TARTARUS (CONT'D) Take the Icon in your hands and...

125. Miranda SMACKS Tartarus in the face. Obviously it did not cause him any harm, only made him more angry. He grabs Miranda by the neck and lifts her off the ground. TARTARUS (CONT'D) What I tell you to do, you obey and do. EXT. FRONT ENTRY - CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY The Arbiter and Rtas Vadum arrive at the complex, but all they find are a few Brute corpses scattered on the ground. Rtas Vadum crouches by one of them to examine the wounds. RTAS VADUM Plasma injuries. It was recently. Now the Brutes are killing themselves? Arbiter stares at the entrance door. ARBITER The door is sealed. Tartarus should inside. Rtas Vadum joins him. RTAS VADUM It will take a while to open the door with the weapons we have. Arbiter aims his plasma weapon at the door. ARBITER We have to try. Rtas Vadum aims too. When they are about to fire against that huge door - the Marines’ Phantom rises behind them. Arbiter and Rtas Vadum turn around. JOHNSON (over speakers) Step aside now if you do not want to become a mess of meat and guts. ARBITER I know that voice.




Arbiter raises his hands in surrender. ARBITER Don't shoot! We want to prevent ring activation as much as you do. INT. MARINES' PHANTOM - DAY Johnson speaks into a mic. JOHNSON And why the hell would I trust you? EXT. FRONT ENTRY - CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY Rtas Vadum looks to Arbiter, uncertain if this will work. ARBITER Because we are no longer allied with the Covenant. And before that, I met one of your kind -- which you call Master Chief. We decided to stop the Brutes. He must be after the hierarchs now. INT. MARINES' PHANTOM - DAY All Marines react. Johnson thinks a moment, considering. MARINE So... we will trust them? JOHNSON If Master Chief left the bastard alive, then it must have been for good reason. (beat) You'll guard the entrance while I enter with them. If I and the Commander do not get out of there, you can burn those aliens down. EXT. FRONT ENTRY - CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY Johnson sounds again.

127. JOHNSON (over speakers) Alright, freaks, let's do this. ARBITER The door was sealed from the inside. It will be difficult to open it. JOHNSON (over speakers) We brought a proper key. As the Phantom's plasma turret engages CUT TO: INT. CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY Tartarus drops Miranda on the ground after nearly killing her strangled. She takes a deep breath, recomposing herself. TARTARUS Now take the Icon in your hands... AND - there's a EXPLOSION in the entrance door. Tartarus knows he has to hurry. TARTARUS (CONT'D) (impatiently) ... and do as you are told! He slams the Index on the console, which flashes red lights. Never.


343 GUILTY SPARK Please, use caution! This Reclaimer is delicate! TARTARUS One more word, Oracle, and I’ll rip your eye from its socket! (to Miranda) Which is nothing compared to what I’ll do to you. Miranda grimaces defiantly.

128. ARBITER (O.S.) Tartarus, stop! Tartarus looks over his shoulder at Arbiter, Rtas Vadum and Johnson aiming their weapons. Arbiter.


ARBITER Put down the Icon. TARTARUS Put it down? And disobey the Hierarchs like you? ARBITER There are things about Halo even the Hierarchs don’t understand. The other Brutes step forward menacingly, Tartarus SIGNALS them to hold. TARTARUS Take care, Arbiter. What you say is heresy! Is it?


(to 343 Guilty Spark) Oracle, what is Halo’s purpose? 343 GUILTY SPARK Collectively, the seven -Tartarus grabs 343 Guilty Spark and jerks it around. TARTARUS No more word! JOHNSON Please, don’t shake the light-bulb. The Brute Captain growls. Johnson and Rtas Vadum raise their rifles at Tartarus’ head. JOHNSON (CONT'D) If you wanna keep your brain inside your head, I’d tell those boys to freeze. Tartarus barks a command, and the Brutes back off. The Arbiter continues...

129. ARBITER The Sacred Rings, what are they? 343 GUILTY SPARK Weapons of last resort, built by the Forerunners to eliminate potential Flood hosts, thereby rendering the parasite harmless. ARBITER And those who made the rings? What happened to the Forerunners? 343 GUILTY SPARK After exhausting every other strategic option, my creators activated the rings. They and all additional sentient life in three radii of the galactic center, died, as planned. Arbiter lowers his head in sadness. Johnson lowers his plasma rifle and looks on to the disillusioned Arbiter in acknowledgment. 343 GUILTY SPARK (CONT'D) Would you... like to see the relevant data? ARBITER Tartarus. The Prophets are the real traitors. Always they were. Tartarus pauses, mind churning and considering the Monitor’s words. BUT - he then grips Miranda’s hand and forces the Index into the console. TARTARUS No, Arbiter! The Great Journey has begun. And the Brutes, not the Elites, shall be the Prophets’ escort! Tartarus pushes Miranda away and grabs his hammer. The main platform at the center of the Control Room SPLITS into three as Halo charges up, emitting a massive beam of energy. TARTARUS (CONT'D) (to his Brutes) Kill them. But the Arbiter is mine.

130. The four Brute Captains advance. RTAS VADUM Arbiter, you stop the machine. We take care of the Brutes. Arbiter nods and go after the console. One of the Brutes tries to hit him with his spear but the Elite dodges and passes through them. However, the four continue toward Vadum and Johnson. JOHNSON You have a plan... right? RTAS VADUM Yeah -- attack! Rtas Vadum blasts his plasma rifle. Johnson too. But the thick armor of the Brutes protect them of the rounds without many difficulties. One of the Brutes is about to crush Johnson with his hands... ... but the Marine DUCKS a certain death, jumping sideways. The massive alien just hits the floor. Meanwhile, Rtas Vadum takes care of the other three. After seeing that the plasma has no effect on Brutes, he pulls his energy sword. We see the great skills of the Elite commander as he fights three enemies at once. ON ARBITER AND TARTARUS The Arbiter IS trying to get to the console but Tartarus is on his way. ARBITER Don’t do this. You’ll kill all the entire galaxy! TARTARUS Yes, all the impure will die, but the chosen ones will live forever in paradise. What doesn’t include you. A beat. The two staring into each other eyes. Then Tartarus charges. No choices, Arbiter also runs toward him firing his plasma rifle.

131. Tartarus BLOCKS every shot with his hammer. Arbiter drops the rifle and draws his energy sword. When the two warriors COLLIDE... ... they clash their weapons. Tartarus and Arbiter start a fight of life or death. ON MIRANDA Behind the console, using it as cover. She looks up and sees that great light tower in the center of the room, wondering what to do. Then she spots 343 Guilty Spark flying over the console, checking if everything is going well. She stands up. MIRANDA Hey you! (the Monitor turns to her) Stop this thing! 343 GUILTY SPARK Charging sequence initiated. Primary generators coming online. MIRANDA Well, shut them down. 343 GUILTY SPARK Apology. Protocol does not allow me to interfere with any aspect of this sequence. MIRANDA Then how do I stop it? 343 GUILTY SPARK Well, it will take some time to go over the proper procedures, I -MIRANDA Quit stalling! 343 GUILTY SPARK Under more controlled circumstances, I would suggest the Reclaimer simply remove the Index. That's it?


132. 343 GUILTY SPARK In fact... it has never been done before, it is only logical reasoning. (beat) Secondary generators charging. All systems are performing well within operational parameters. MIRANDA Some extra option? 343 GUILTY SPARK Reclaimer, please understand that interrupting the wave generation process will severely damage this installation. ON RTAS VADUM Despite being only one, the Brutes find it difficult to kill the Elite warrior. The Brutes eventually manage to hurt Vadum superficially with their spears. Even with pain, Rtas Vadum keeps fighting. ON JOHNSON The Sergeant evades from the Brute’s attacks. He fires his rifle but always hitting the armor of the enemy. In one of the Brute’s swing, Johnson instinctively shields himself with his rifle getting the blow full on, that sends him BACKWARDS. Johnson hits the ground with the damaged rifle in his hands. Seeing that it’s useless, he tosses it away. The Brute comes to him, with a winning laugh. The Brute lifts his spear above his head, ready to sink it into Johnson’s body. But the Sergeant pulls his PISTOL and aims at the foe. BRUTE (chuckles) Really? When Johnson fires... ... he hits the Brute's LEFT EYE.

133. That makes the Brute drop his spear and stagger away grabbing his face, screaming in pain. Johnson gets up, grabs the Brute’s spear on the floor and SLITS the Brute’s knees knocking him down. With Brute lying on the floor and agonizing, Johnson climbs on the creature's chest and empties all his pistol clip into the Brute's face in a rapid succession of fire. We do not see the result, just the alien blood splattering on Johnson's body. He only stops when all the bullets run out. ON RTAS VADUM All three Brutes are tired and have cut marks all over their bodies. Nor is Rtas Vadum very different. A Brute tries to hit Rtas from behind, but he dodges and makes the spear hit another brute in the shoulder. He jumps to the first Brute and... ... STABS his energy sword into his chest as he releases a fury roar. As a third Brute KICKS Vadum OFF CAMERA: ON ARBITER AND TARTARUS The Brute Chieftain wields his huge hammer fierceness as Arbiter diverts it skillfully. Despite Tartarus' abilities, he is slow because of his size. In this way, Arbiter manages to dodge of Tartarus' attacks and hit some blows in him. He deflects from the hammer, and punches the opponent. Then steps away again. He tries to make the final blow with his energy sword, but Tartarus swerves his head letting the blade make a tiny gash in his cheek. TARTARUS That’s was close. Tartarus headbutts Arbiter hard, knocking him backwards. TARTARUS (CONT'D) Stay on the ground and accept your death, Arbiter. It’s inevitable.

134. ARBITER It’s not just my life that is at stake. TARTARUS Keep talking that how long you want, I will not believe in any word. As Tartarus raises his hammer over his head and DRIVES it toward the Arbiter, we CUT TO: ON MIRANDA She’s still thinking how to turn that thing off. 343 GUILTY SPARK Power generation phase complete. The installation is ready to fire. Starting final countdown. What?!


No more time left, Miranda thinks fast. She sees the Index floating in the console and takes a few steps back. 343 GUILTY SPARK Firing sequence initiated. And may I say, Reclaimers, it has been a pleasure to serve you both. Goodbye. She SPRINTS for the console and JUMPS over it, grabbing the Index in mid-air. The entire room RUMBLES as Miranda hits the ground holding the Index up to her chest. EXT. CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY The entire energy is concentrated at the top of the installation. Then it fires into the space. EXT. DELTA HALO - OUTER SPACE The ring world. Hanging in space. A large PULSING BALL of energy is being formed in the center, the shot from the Control Room hits it. The ball glows and explodes, then DISSIPATES.

135. This causes a massive discharge of energy that shines brighter than any light ever seen. INT. CONTROL ROOM - DELTA HALO - DAY ANGLE ON: RTAS VADUM as he kills his second Brute sinking his energy sword into the Brute’s chest. We can see the first one already dead lying on the floor. The third Brute advances from behind with his spear. Rtas turns to attack but the Brute STABS his abdomen with his spear. Rtas Vadum stains the ground with his own blood, but he doesn’t give up there. The Elite holds the spear firmly and then PULLS himself forward. With a titanic effort, Rtas Vadum moves along the length of the spear as it traverses his torso. The Brute just stares at that scene, not believing what his eyes witness as Vadum gradually approaches him. When Rtas Vadum realizes he’s close enough, he uses his last strength to draw his energy sword and RIP Brute's throat in a quick swipe. The Brute falls on his back bleeding nonstop by the neck. He dies slowly. Rtas still stands for a few seconds until he collapses to the floor. ON ARBITER AND TARTARUS The Arbiter is having his ass kicked by Tartarus. The Brute sends the Elite meters back with a kick. But then he realizes that there is something wrong with the machine. Tartarus turns back and sees Miranda holding Index. At that moment he forgets Vadam and focuses on Miranda. TARTARUS (walking toward Miranda) What have you done? What have you done?! But in the middle of the way, Tartarus senses something. He turns around and finds Arbiter coming to slash him with his energy sword.

136. Tartarus holds his hammer above his head, using its handle to BLOCK Arbiter's sword blow. The energy sword SLAMS against the handle. And Arbiter continues pressing his weapon downwards. TARTARUS (CONT'D) I should have killed you in that damn prison. ARBITER Yes, you should. Arbiter continues pushing his blade against the handle of Tartarus' hammer using all his force. Tartarus tries to resist but... ... Arbiter manages to CUT through the handle by splitting the hammer in two. The sword continues its path until it PLUNGES into Tartarus' forehead. Arbiter looses his sword as Tartarus tumbles flat on the floor, with the energy sword buried in his skull. A beat. ON RTAS VADUM Lying on the floor motionless. Johnson approaches him to check his vitals. Arbiter comes up soon after and takes him on his arms. The Arbiter leans close to Vadum. Only now he wakes up. (weak) We won?


ARBITER I guess so. Don’t speak. RTAS VADUM My fate was already set, Arbiter. All I have to say is... thank you. For what?


RTAS VADUM For make me to see the truth... for making me fight for the right cause.

137. And after his last words, Rtas Vadum dies right there. Arbiter cautiously places him back on the floor. ON MIRANDA AND 343 GUILTY SPARK Which seems to be running on emergency power, as many of the lights are dimmed or not functioning. Miranda stands in front of a holographic depiction. What's that? A beacon.


Arbiter and Johnson join her. MIRANDA What’s it doing? 343 GUILTY SPARK Communicating. At superluminal speeds with a frequency of... MIRANDA Wait -- Communicating with what? 343 GUILTY SPARK The... other installations. Of course. Show me.


343 Guilty Spark interfaces with the hologram. It depicts the seven Halos, a red message points to one ring Installation 04, which has been destroyed by Master Chief. 343 GUILTY SPARK Fail-safe protocol: In the event of unexpected shutdown, the entire system will move to standby status. All remaining platforms are now ready for remote activation. MIRANDA Remote activation? From here? 343 GUILTY SPARK (patronizing) Don’t be ridiculous.

138. MIRANDA Then where? Where would someone go to activate the other rings? 343 GUILTY SPARK The Ark, of course. Where else could it be? ARBITER And where, Oracle, is that? The hologram changes to them, but we do not see what it is. We just see Miranda and Johnson's eyes wide, bewildered. Oh, God.


EXT. EARTH - OUTER SPACE The image of the globe has changed a lot since the last time we saw it. BATTLES are raging about the planet’s atmosphere and orbit. A single space platform, Cairo Station, remains in view, as well as multiple cruisers and destroyers, both human and Covenant unleashing hell upon each other. That's when the Forerunner Dreadnought DARTS INTO FRAME, heading for Earth. INT. COMMAND CENTER - CAIRO STATION Lord Hood stands at the main view screen as station personnel scramble to their stations. One of the technicians detects the presence of the Dreadnought. TECHNICIAN We’ve got a new contact, unknown classification! Preparing to shoot down. But: MASTER CHIEF (over transcom) This is SPARTAN-117. Hold fire!


139. LORD HOOD (CONT'D) (into transcom) Master Chief? MASTER CHIEF (over transcom) Yes, sir. LORD HOOD The planet is about to collapse! You mind telling me what you’re doing on that ship? INT. CARGO CHAMBER - FORERUNNER DREADNOUGHT Master Chief is standing in the center of a large Forerunner ship cargo chamber. PUSHING IN ON Master Chief as he stares into camera. CLOSE-UP on Master Chief's helmet, filling the entire screen. MASTER CHIEF Sir. Finishing this fight. CUT TO BLACK.


Halo 2  

After the events of the first movie, Master Chief and Cortana back to Earth to try to stop the carnage of the Covenant, an aggressive and te...

Halo 2  

After the events of the first movie, Master Chief and Cortana back to Earth to try to stop the carnage of the Covenant, an aggressive and te...