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Tolerance Most of the people nowadays are not very tolerant with the people around them, but I think that it is mainly because of all the pressure that they have in their studies or jobs; in other way, I admit that I am very patient with the people that I know, but with the people that I do not know very well, I am more focused in learning about the person, and because of that, I think that I become less tolerant. Firstly, it depends on the environment in which you live. For example: If you live in a very peaceful, and very tranquil place, you will not be so stressed as a person who lives in a very crowded place. From other side, we can say that it depends on the type of job that you have. Another Example: If you work as a doctor or employee of an enterprise, your tolerance with other people must be higher in comparison to the boss of the enterpriseSecondly, there should be considered other causes for the low amount of tolerance. Some factors like weather, anything that you eat and you did not like it, something that you watched on TV, etc. All this events may affect the way in which you can tolerate someone or something. Finally, for me, I think that it depends on everything, like my behavior, the climate, some situations related to me, and too on the people. If the person tries to do something at me and I do not like it, I think that I will just warn to the person. So, in few words, I would say that the level of tolerance of anybody is not always the same, even if he/she tries to be stable every day, I consider that as impossible. (unless you are an exceptionally tolerant person)

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Universe Poem Far, far away, through the great and wide sky, The magical white fields that before us lie, Any universe, with the stars that around of it roll, Each world, balanced on his turning pole, With its green isles, and clouds of white, And the waters that flow like liquid light. For the source of glory that lies on his covered face, And the brightness that overflows the unlimited space, And as we go, we drink the luminous tides, In our pure air and blooming country sides, At the distance, the living splendorous play, Far away, on our great path, away! And admire, where the brighter day-beams pour, How the rainbows are hanging in the sunny shower, And the morning and evening, with their variety of tones, Change over the bright stars and vanish their tears; And between both, over the ground, With her shadowy cone the night goes all-around‌

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“On His Blindness” by John Milton (1608-1674) “When I consider how my light is spent Ere half my days in this dark world and wide, And that one talent which is death to hide Lodged with me useless, though my soul more bent To serve therewith my Maker, and present My true account, lest he returning chide, “Doth God exact day-labor, light denied?” I fondly ask. But Patience, to prevent That murmur, soon replies: “God doth not need Either man’s work or his own gifts: who best Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. His state Is kingly; thousands at his bidding speed And post o’er land and ocean without rest: They also serve who only stand and wait.”

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A long time ago…

In a place, not so far from the country of Bluegard, 2 brothers went on an exploration voyage to a close village, specifically a palace called Valhalla. In this place, they had to attend a call emitted from the palace. This palace was very special because it had a great importance on past wars, it worked as a refugee for the people who escaped from the last holy war. There, many people established themselves as residents from the palace, but that was not the purpose of the palace; as it was mentioned before, the purpose of the palace was to be a refugee from war, even if it was considered the greatest structure of its time, it was not prepared for a long stay. So, when the new war began, all the resources that were saved for this event, were not able anymore. Both brothers decide to travel to the palace and help the citizens; after they commented the situation of the palace to the patriarch of their camp, he allowed them to travel to the palace in company of some other partners, and three days after they commented the situation to the patriarch, they began the journey to the palace. After some days of the journey, the group started experimenting some problems with the resources and diverse objects. That night, the twins had to stand guard while everyone was resting… -Deuteros? Are you ok? - Aspros asked- Deuteros! Wake up! -Umh?! I´m fine, I´m fine… - Deuteros mumbled. -Wake Up!! -I´m ready, I´m ready…! -Deuteros woke up in a very exaggerated way. -Deuteros, you must be alert at any time, all the camp depends on what we make and what not. All of them are relaying on us…

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In another section of the camp, the other guard is ready for any problem that may happen in or outside the camp. -This night seems to be very calmed and peaceful. -That´s right, Steve. Do you notice anything Strange? -… No. Weren´t you supposed to rest a while? Where is your replacement? -I think that maybe he is taking his time to explore the zone a little bit more. Are you sure that you are going to be ok with him? I can stay all the night here… -No, you have done a lot of things! You deserve that rest than most of these people… -Steve, Shut up. I got what you are saying. I´ll find out my replacement… Don´t worry. -But… -Don´t say anything else…

Near the spot on which Camus and Steve were talking, Athan, walks by in a narrow path trying to find some water for the Camp. - “This place is very peaceful… That is always strange. There must be at least some sounds from animals or insects, even water or wind, but none of them seems to be close to here… Maybe we frightened them with the torches and all the noises that we produced.” -Oh, there you are! -… -Why did you take so long? -I was walking around and I lose the notion of time… -Well, I guess it couldn´t be helped… Are you ready for the guard? -Camus asked -I guess… Who is going to be my companion? -My brother, Steve, he is waiting you in the top of that hill. -Ok, I´ll go now… -Wait, I should tell you something…

After he bumped into Camus in his path to the guard, Athan was worried about what he just heard…

- “What´s the meaning of what he said…? Does we really…?” -Hey, over here! -… -Come here and sit down. Do you want some tea? A piece of meat? 7 of 12

-I´m fine, thanks. How long have you been here? -Since the night began… Why do you ask? -Simply curiosity… Are you tired? -Why so many questions? -Well, it´s because of something that I heard on the camp… And because of that, I asked you that questions… -Whatever… Pay attention to any sound or movement that can be considered as weird or strange. -Alright… How much time does we have to be here? -At least until dawn.

After that short talk, both waited until dawn standing guard with any notice or news… Or that was what they thought… -Finally, the guard is over now… - Athan said. -Yes, we should go and tell to the captain that there was not any event during the night. -Steve commented while he was standing up. -Do you think that the other guard was too with any events? -I hope so…

Suddenly, when they returned to the camp, they discovered that not everything was alright… -Hey, look Athan, what do you think is happening? -I don´t know… It´s the first time that I see too much commotion about something… Shall we get closer? -Yes, whatever it happened, is of our incumbency… -Excuse me, what happened? Why is there so much noise and disturbance? – Steve asked to an officer -I heard that a general disappeared in the night leaving no trail… -The officer explained- Now I remember… He was a close friend of the twins, Gral. Camus.

In that moment, Steve felt a strange feeling in the depth of his stomach and heart. It was a very disgusting feeling, like a mix between being punched and throwing back. Desperation. Anxiety. Fear… All these feelings in a single moment. He just wanted to run anywhere else, but he stayed there. He just needed to know some information about his brother… -Ahmm, Sir, does anyone saw him for the last time?

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-A guy says that he saw him standing guard with someone else… but anyone provided more information besides that… - The officer said – Don´t worry kiddo, I hope and I know that we will discover where does the Gral. Went… - I hope so too... – Steve sighed – If you discover something else, please let me know. - Consider it done, boy. – The officer answered. He turned around and started walking until Athan and Steve could not see him anymore.

That day, no one discovered any single trail or hint of where does Camus could be. Some said that maybe he escaped from the camp and went to a town near there. Others speculated that maybe he returned to the Village or he was ahead to the palace. What was a 100% assured for everyone was the fact that Camus left the camp… For 2 weeks, the camp advanced towards the palace of Valhalla. Patrols were commissioned for finding Camus in their way to their destination, but every day was the same answer: “No trails”, “Not even a single footprint” and similar answers. After the 3rd week of their journey, the camp was very tired, but they were just like at 160 km from their destination. Each one was doing his own task, some were cooking, others were hunting, some others were taking care of the ill people, in the nights, Steve and Athan were standing guards, Aspros and Deuteros were always in their tent or standing guard sometimes, but most of the times were leading expeditions to find their friend Camus. But one day… -Aspros, I bring you some news, we found a person near the Lethe river, he seemed to be very weak and tired, but he was dressing some clothes that belong to the Generals. – Explained Izou, another General from the camp. -Ok Izou, thanks for the news, bring him to my tent, and call Deuteros, we must take care of that poor man, even if he is not who we were waiting for…

Later on the tent… -Master Aspros, here is your brother and the man who we found. -Thanks, Izou, you can rest a little bit, you deserve it. -As you order, Master. – Izou said. He left the tent with the 3 men inside.

Because Deuteros was the closest one to the tent´s door, he quickly closed and blocked it with things like furniture, their beds, a chest and some books. Deuteros began mixing some ingredients in a cauldron, while Aspros was preparing a table and some blankets. After everything was ready, they made the man to drink the mix they created. Some moments later, the man started to react… -Are You Ok, Camus? -Can you hear us?

In a very low, but understandable way – Yes, I´m alright, I can hear you both. 9 of 12

-Tell us, how is the situation in Valhalla? – Aspros asked -The place that we used to know as Valhalla does not exist anymore. There are only ruins and dead bodies, I guess that we attended too late to their message… All this trip was effortless; it seems that there was a fight like 2 weeks ago. Nobody survived. -Why didn´t you return by the tunnel? -Because it collapsed and I was not able anymore to return by there… So, I had to stay near the river because I remembered that the road to Valhalla was over that route. -Well, I think that we should tell this to all the Camp, and make a trip back home. -Aspros, Deuteros, I found a letter in a tower from the Valhalla… Our village was attacked too. They asked for help to the people at the Palace, but it was never answered. I brought it, so you can read it…

Aspros took the letter and read it in a low voice: “To the people who resides in the Palace, we ask for your help in this situation. We´re being attacked by a dark army, not a single weapon can defeat or harm them. Our army is being destroyed with excessive facility, we are not going to resist for so long.” -What does this mean?! – Aspros shouted – Why does we didn´t receive a letter form the Village?! -Maybe, their first option was to ask to the palace, because they thought that we just arrived there. Deuteros commented. -And now? What are we going to do?

At that moment, a horn at the distance blared. Everyone in the tent suddenly got freeze, they knew the meaning of that sound…

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Acronym. Carlos is always Reading in his bedroom. The Enterprise in front of the School has A new design. In Thailand, there Is a very beautiful place with gorgeous landscapes. Venus was the goddess of beauty for the Roman Empire.

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