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Corporate Brochure

When it comes to providing outstanding services, we always come first. We generate value for our customers by foreseeing challenges, having a practical approach to solutions and persevering to reach our goals.

Our Vision To be a model of excellence.

Our mission To help our clients and our people achieve excellence.

The strength of our services is sustained by - Specialization in the landscaping industry and all its products. - Comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach. - Personalized attention and timely answer. 2


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What we do Lawn Care Shrub and Tree Care Palm Tree Care

Commercial Mgt. Panoramic Views Pest Control Irrigation

Landscape Lighting Landscaping Pebbles Golf Course Maintenance

Latest completed projects 3

What we do G

round Preserve has been present in the state of Florida, USA since 1999. We know that to add value to our customers, it is necessary to have a refreshing approach that allows us to anticipate challenges and face them in time with practicality and perseverance.

Due to size, diversity and specialization of our services, we are recognized in the market as a professional services company leader in installation, maintenance and pest control within communal properties and in everything related to landscaping and exteriors. As associates to large construction companies and property managers, we know how important it is to understand the particular features of each client’s business to provide an outstanding service. We support our clients to deal successfully with the sale and after-sale of their properties. We are aware of the difficulties of any changes in management, the modernization of processes, the best procedures and the importance of having a workforce committed to the objectives of our clients. We share a priority for people, the most valuable resource of any organization, along with the responsibility of businesses in society. This is why we rely on professionals including engineers, architects, managers and operators who combine their knowledge and experience in analysing the processes of your company from several different angles, in order to complete each project at a lower cost and in a sustainable way. 4

As a result, Ground Preserve provides a comprehensive approach of services with refreshing and practical solutions.


Lawn Care strong and healthy lawn will have better drought and cold tolerance, minimal weed invasion and better color and appearance all-year round. Our experienced professionals in lawn care and soil preservation can create a customized plan to fit any landscape requirements. Our accelerated program with free follow-up treatments and free service calls will help your lawn recover from years of neglect and previously misdiagnosed problems.


Residential pest control. Portfolio

Our lawn care service includes: Guaranteed lawn control of damaging insects Broad spectrum weed control High-quality granular fertilizers Flea and fire ant control Fungus treatment and disease management pH, soil analysis and micronutrient applications



Shrub and Tree Care rnamental plants face many stressful conditions throughout the year in the tropical regions. Ground Preserve’s comprehensive shrub and tree care will help protect your plants from adverse weather conditions, pest infestation, fungus, diseases and nutritional deficiencies. We can develop a customized plan to fit your ornamental landscape’s needs.


Commercial pest control and management – Portfolio

Our shrub and tree care service includes: pH testing

Fungus treatment and disease management

High-quality granular fertilizer

Micronutrient applications

Soil testing


Palm Tree Care alm trees can turn your property into a tropical paradise. Unfortunately, most of the palm trees are non-native of the region and require significant amounts of fertilizers, nutrients and may also need insecticide treatments. Whether it is to try and correct a nutritional deficiency or to prevent it, Ground Preserve’s professionals can guarantee the best results for the palm trees in your landscape.


Control and Maintenance of Palm Trees- Portfolio

Our palm tree care service includes: High-quality granular fertilizer Treatments for insects and disease Micronutrient applications


Commercial Management








Experience Your business needs are unique. That is how our experts see it and why we provide you with all our skills and our 20 years of experience in the field.

Service Industry knowledge, the command of methodology and cutting-edge technologies, combined with the practical approach of our specialists enable us to provide specific solutions and to help your business be more competitive.


Panoramic Views round Preserve provides an outstanding service to property owners and managers. We are well known within the Central Florida community for providing clients with comprehensive solutions to their design needs and general maintenance of panoramic views.


Whether it is a current service or the request for new or additional services, you can rest assured that you will get the best deal for the quality and outstanding work provided. Generally speaking, customer retention is our goal. How do we achieve this? They key is that we ensure our clients are completely satisfied and that we provide exceptional customer service. We believe in making the customer happy, no matter what the circumstances are. We know that you have high expectations‌ and so do we! 12

Pest Control he pest management industry is always growing. The property market in Florida has increased more than 20% with the nation’s pest control companies in more than 4,000 business locations, having a total of 27,000 employees. As you can see, pest control service for lawn and tree care in Central Florida is very competitive. It is very easy to make a landscape look healthy and vibrant; however, the key to standing out is to provide exceptional customer service.


Our lawn, shrub, palm tree and tree care is customized to your property’s needs. We do not use any premixed applications and our service is done on a bi-monthly basis. Problematic or previously neglected landscapes need more attention. There will never be any extra charge for additional follow-up services or service calls. Ground Preserve will solve your toughest problems and will put your residential or commercial property on the fast track to recovery. 13

Irrigation cost effective and efficient water management plan can preserve water while helping protect your property from a multitude of problems in the environment. Irrigation systems must be inspected regularly, repaired quickly and calibrated correctly to ensure uniform application rates. Ground Preserve has a fully equipped irrigation team with the proper tools and parts to take care of any issue with your commercial or residential system.


Landscape Lighting e can also include lighting systems, according to the preferences and needs of each client, at the same time that irrigation systems are installed and integrate the services on a single quote.



Landscaping very property is unique and there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the most beneficial landscape design. A well-planned landscape is much more cost effective, reduces pest problems and is also easier to maintain. Ground Preserve’s innovative design and installation team can vastly improve the esthetic of your property and leave a lasting impression with family, friends and passers by. We offer services for residential and commercial properties, resorts, and new construction sites.


Pebbles W

hen designing a landscape, you can include different types of pebbles that maintain the esthetic of your property.


Golf Course Maintenance G

round Preserve has recently decided to incorporate a new line of business to serve our clients’ needs and has established a golf course maintenance service.

We have qualified technicians and operators for the conservation and maintenance of golf courses and other sporting facilities, for both individuals and public or private entities. The maintenance tasks include annual fertilization, pruning and trimming and correct use of irrigation systems. Design, installation and maintenance of comprehensive irrigation systems, drip irrigation, sprinklers and micro sprinklers irrigation, diffusers and exudation irrigation.



Latest completed projects


Pearl Lake Estates Entry Way & Common Area Taylor Morrison Homes


Coventry Entry Way & Common Area Taylor Morrison Homes


Woodland Park Entry Way & Common Area Taylor Morrison Homes

Narcoossee Village Entry Way & Common Area M/I Homes


Tapestry Model Center Beazer Homes


Hickory Hammock Phase 1 Entry Way & Common Area Ryland Homes M/I Homes

Breamar Park Area Taylor Morrison Homes


P.O. Box 721327 Orlando, FL 32872 407 - 580 - 8703

Corporate Brochure Ground Preserve  
Corporate Brochure Ground Preserve