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Human Rights Vs. Discrimens

In this article I intend to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which celebrates its 66th anniversary today December 10th. Orders parasitic and criminal-discriminatory systems, imperialist super-organized mafias oligarchs-hierarchs; currently available in 186 countries, such as North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and USA. Also, help educate and re-educate some others. Such imperial-oligarchs-hierarchs mafia systems are maintained because of his vast criminal conduct against humanity: abusive, corrupt, unjust suppression (kidnapper and infernal), violent (sadistic and murderous), invasive and destructive. Violating the laws and regulations set out in the said Constitution endorsed by the United Nations. We must emphasize that the institutional mega mafia Sinarca-oligarch-hierarch of USA is the most super parasitic and damaging the world's history. Imperialism, whether monarchical or oligarchic (such as Cuba-party or two-party monopoly by antomasia the colossal US imperialism) are reinforced by a huge crowd of police and military servile armed mercenaries and accomplices bodies, implementers aggressive and belligerent discrĂ­menes of the imperialists. There are soldiers (infantry, marines, artillery, cavalry, etc. and various specialized police as vigilantes and repressive minions who are brave, selfless and honest departments;. Many are cowards, affluent, opportunistic and vile But they are blackmailed and conminados to withstand disasters, risks and sacrifices to protect the interests of its supreme ruling lords, rapists and drones hoarders of wealth created and produced by the working class under the pretext of serving their people and homelands. A mercenary armed troops, consummatory of arremetencias and imperialist irruencias, added tens and hundreds of millions of nominees agents and national and international apologists. Dedicated some as dialogueros or garruleros (mensajĂ­sticos and / or media) and other discurseros or preachers (suasory and/or hortatory). These employees are also timid, obedient, blackmailed, bribed and aconchabados. About to take care of their privileged positions, salaries and maintenances of their families, are obliged to perpetuate their collusive servitude and fawning favoritism toward his magnates maximum thieves, covetous and perpetrators of other multiple discrĂ­menes and antisocial misfortunes. The imperialist factions and multiplied structure mediocre accomplices have always deceiving the vast majority of individuals worldwide; especially those dogmatic, prejudiced or believers types of


psychiatric and/or mystics. Secular perpetuators of knowledge and absurd and false teachings; at all times difficult scientific progress of the discovery of evidence and to conduct the recapacitador thought; typical of intellectuals or of intelligence, rationality and creativity to modernize and optimize all the material and human assets (psyche, minds, souls, minds, consciences) or spirits of spirituality. No wrong (like almost everyone) with mythical espĂ­ritos spiritualism: divine magicians or ghosts and/or evil, related to the worst of biblical beliefs. Resulting curb antisocial and/or perennially retrace necessary reforms pro dignities and human freedoms. The super Mogollon and discriminating monopolist masters (par excellence the US, omnipotent and unpunished until today) increase and intensify their damage and suffering to mankind through a series of discriminatory laws, for arbitrary and corrupt repressions, and invasive wars, most relevant. Offensive or invasive wars are the most frequent and crucial antisocial premises of the imperialists and their mercenaries. War has always been and is the realization of an extremist opposition between different mafia organizations about political congressmen and pro-imperialist rulers or of more severe or extreme international relations between two sides (or more fellow allies) militarized and armed. The strategy of each contender imperialist camp is always overcome and destroy the enemy or forcing imperialist camp to negotiate an armistice. The partial or agreement signed mutually convenient to get the ceasefire and aggression between warring factions. Achieving disarmament of one or both warring parties to impose some kind of, religious, political and legal system ideally captivating liberal autocracy or democracy; facilitating control and / or take possession of natural and human resources in a given region. While the general tactics of both imperialist camps warriors is always (more or less) the violent destruction of human and economic resources of the enemy camp rival and sometimes, their allies and supporters; conllevĂĄndoles the greatest misfortunes and possible panic or terror victims. For many arguments, all the imperialists, in league too ordinary people gullible, frightened, intimidated, Lucaya, bribed and vetoed, including his warriors bandits (in any territory era of world history) are human worse, the super journals and harmful; also the most organized perpetrators discriminators. The main culprits of harm, distress, upset and terrorizing hundreds of millions of victims on all continents. through a series of abuses, bribery, theft, effronteries, vile, retaliation, tragedies (failures and crises) kidnapping, torture, torture, murder. Verbigracia degenerate imperialist and pro-imperialist USA. Why are the biggest offenders discriminators, thieves, cruel, genocidal, arms, bombers and destroyers of the earth. All discriminators imperialists superlatively the US and conniventes have achieved so far deceive the believers turulentes (necientes and/or querulentes) and transcendent (omnipresent and/or adorentes) totaling about 86% of the population adults of today. Using words excessively derogatory epithets and willful tropological meanings to accuse their enemies and imperialist rivals discriminators; none of which are criminological concepts, but rabbits. Such disparate descriptions pseudo criminals I mention some of the most common: left, right, red, blue, green, fascist, nazi, national socialist, marxist,

Leninist, maoist, christian, jewish, muslim, communist, socialist, nationalist, revolutionary, counterrevolutionary, castrist, anti-castrist, chavist, antichavist, conservatism, reformist, independentist, colonialist, barbaric and terrorist. Terrorism, as I define in my article "Orismo Vs. Gazapo" is the superlative of terrorist objective or subjective the body that cause terror. Terror is the term that defines an individual's mental state


behavior when stress or anxiety characterized by a very large, frightening or suffer debilitating panic. It is not an action in general, much less a criminal social action as he thinks and claims almost all mankind; including doctors and experts of physical and psychic subjects peculiarly sociological. Terrorism, terrorist, terrifying and terror are perfect synonyms orismics of Terrology, Panic, Terrecer,

Phobias, Pavory, Horrendure, Aterrament, Creepy, Horriblence, Terribily, Horripilation and Horrorization. Terror and terrorism can be caused by various violent and nonviolent facts: realistic, mythical, mystical, psychopathic, climacteric, jĂĄquicos, enigmatic, etc. As frightening reading literature, listening to their stories and watch them on escernas, pictures or related movies, etc. Or catechized (teaching and learning of dogmas) the various biased ruminations who imagine upset suffering neuroticidad or deliriosidad and predetermine their metempsicĂłsicas religious hallucinations and / or filactĂŠricas. Exemplified for millennia in multiple false and alarmist rumors doomsday forecasts apocryphal or any Unfortunately, no experimental scientific arguments, and logical reasoning. Undoubtedly the most apocryphal or fictitious terrorist doctrine motivated by the sophistry repeated threatening and violent prehistory and history of the world is: "Revelation or Apocalypse of John or the ('Revelation of John') discussed in the last book of the New Testament. Also known as Revelation of Jesus Christ for the title which initially gives this biblical book and in some Protestant sects, just it is called Revelation or Book of revelations. Considered by most scholars of the genre, the only New Testament book exclusively prophetic character. it is questionable and guess who the super imperialist imaginary being guilty cause and victim of higher number of violent, cruel and genocidal to kill a third of the world except the elect who enjoy eternal life actions. Whose victims today could add about 2.333 million from more than 7,000 million people homeless and helpless."

The super discriminator US imperialism and its accomplices in many parts of the world, prejudice, accuse, judge, condemn and exterminate all imperialist enemies discriminators, describing the rabbit: terrorists. It is great fact is unfair because all imperialisms are discriminatory or criminals against humanity. US imperialism being the most guilty of all for being the oldest, largest, intense, parasite, discriminatory, abusive, corrupt, sadistic murderer and invasive and destructive There is too much evidence, sufficient to highlight some math here and now. Invasive History of US imperialism. Verify the evidence detailed in:

Invasive History of US imperialism in the last 30 years. Verify the evidence in:

Only the invasion of Iraq caused final balance of half a million dead. Verify the evidence in:

Reveal brutal torture techniques the CIA and the Senate throws a harsh sentence Verify de evidence in:

17,000 police of 750 departments exist in US kill an average of 400 people each year, especially blacks and Hispanics. Verify the evidence published in:

US Imperialism is the main cause of the existence of other 57 small imperialist camps warriors today. Ten are considered the most dangerous, led by the Islamic State. Verify the details of the



published in:

Nearly 10,000 "terrorist attacks" were recorded last year, or 44% compared to 2012 that killed 18,000 people. Verify details of the evidence:

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Imperialism discriminate me by MYTRUTHS.

With three homelands and without master. Signed by Luis Alberto Pita Santos In Houston, December 10, 2014 University Professor of History and Political Economy. Scientific, heuristic, director and entrepreneur of MYTRUTHS Contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Historical President of ADEPOs (Defense Association of Political Rights and People's Democratic Alliance). Cuban, Spanish national and a permanent resident of the United States. Dedicated to academic heuristic pro-science activism and defense of human rights and freedoms underwritten by the United

Nations. Retaliado with kidnapping, torture and banishment by the imperialists discriminators Cuba. Retaliado in USA by a discriminator Sinarch-Oligarch-Hierarch mafia who has violated human rights with a 19 multi recidivism more 730 times over eight years; too damaging to my family, and my being MYTRUTHS; weakening me and risking to be killed under any pretext. 5455 Timber Creek Place Drive. Apt 101 Houston, Texas 77084 Mobile Phone No: 281 704 3105

4,,,,, Google+ Scribd Facebook Published on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Blogger, Google+, Yahoo, CalamĂŠo and ISSUU. Also sent to more 5,000 recipients of emails. Let's help create a new world order and optimal, the priority of human rights are endorsed by the United Nations, opposed to monarchs or oligarchs empires and their discrimination. The imperialist monopolies, first the US, are principal guilty of causing the social ills of the world today "I will persist my activity pro Reforms, Education and Protection of Human Rights; opposed to the super masters parasites oligarchs, conspirators with the leaders abusers, corrupt and impunity of Cuba, the US and any international institution. Although such perpetrators continue their retaliations more damage to my being, my family and MYTRUTHS, and more suffering, without ruling out my murder. LAPS


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Human rights vs discrimens  

Human rights vs discrimens