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Table of Contents ~Forward~ ~Celebrities~ Andrew A. Rooney Bernie Mac Clark Gable Corey Haim Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper: Life in Spirit Dick Clark Dudley Moore Edward Kennedy Elizabeth Taylor Farrah L. Fawcett: The Life and Death of an Angel Farrah Fawcett: My Life Freddie Prinze: “Looking Good” Gary Coleman Gene Kelly: Dancing in the Light George Denis Patrick Carlin Gilda Radner Harry Morgan Heath Ledger Jackie Gleason Jeff Conaway John A. Belushi Lena Horne: One Life Under GOD Leslie Nielson Leslie Nielson: The Entertainer Mike Wallace Mitch Miller Patrick Swayze Paul Newman Paul Newman: Spirit Guides and Life Lessons Paul Newman: Observations from Spirit Paul Newman: Change is Needed Robert Culp: Life as a Screenplay Rosemary Clooney Rue McClanahan Timothy Leary

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~Forward~ When this project came to me I began to realize how important it would be. For the last three years, whenever an entertainment celebrity died, I knew that they would be escorted to me within a week. Some of them came back for another visit. They all still had the persona and appearance of their most recent physical life but the ego was gone and they became nice normal people. It was a real pleasure to converse with all of them and as you’ll read, many of them were very excited to have the opportunity to talk to me. I conducted the interviews as if I was face to face with them in physical body. I could see and talk them as if they were in the room with me. Most of the time, we talked about their life and how they made the choices that they did when alive. I learned how culture affected them and what it was like to live their lives. I heard their inner most thoughts about who they were and what they would like us to know about them now that they are no longer alive. This project was created for two main reasons. Many people today are totally fascinated by any news about celebrities. They make the headlines every week in the tabloids and when one of them dies, it is a big deal. Usually, death means the end of the celebrity’s stories. But death is not the end of the being that was the celebrity. As everyone does, they live on in spirit and continue to grow and learn about many things. By channeling the celebrity after they have experienced their transition from physical to spirit, I can help them continue their stories and at the same time teach others about the afterlife. These are two subjects that many people find interesting and want to know more. These stories will reach an audience that might not normally read about spiritual concepts and ideas. Hopefully they will open some minds and get people asking some questions. The other reason this project was important was that it allowed each celebrity soul to look at their most recent life and understand how events and circumstances affected them. They can see if they made proper choices and also understand what they would have done differently. It is a life review of sorts, allowing them to ease their transition to spirit. It also gives each one the opportunity to tell us words of wisdom that they have discovered now that they are back in spirit. It is a winning situation all around and I am sure you will enjoy how all these different personalities interpret the transition from physical to spirit. There is much to learn from the experiences that they have come here so graciously to share with us. –Dianna Gutoski

~Celebrities~ Andrew A. Rooney 1919 – 2011 Andy Rooney was an American radio and television writer. His television career with CBS was from 1949-2011 in the weekly “A few minutes with Andy Rooney” on 60 Minutes. Dianna: Was it your soul’s choice for you to be a writer? Communication of the truth is extremely important in any age. Not everyone is brave enough or foolish enough to speak their mind or tell the truth. In past ages, that could and did get you killed. Fortunately for humanity, there have always been individuals who have made it their life’s purpose to speak the truth or at least express opinions in order to get people thinking about things. There is too much information hidden or not spoken in these times and it is now more so than ever before. I chose to use this life to enlighten people to the issues in the beliefs around them and to get them to think about it rather than blindly accept it. Dianna: How did this affect the choices that you made in your life? Well, even by college time I became aware of this obsession to communicate to others. I had a talent with words but did not want to become a novelist. The world needed someone who was not afraid to pursue and to talk about the real events and sensitive issues. My first assignments were written while in World War II, a war that I had opposed openly. When you get drafted you have no choice and I learned to be a real writer of the events around me. Yes, war is always wrong, but sometimes one must defend the rights of others that have no freedom to choose. Bullies must be stopped at all costs. My wartime assignments taught me to be observant and aware of all sides of an issue. I was determined to show a side of the war that people at home could not experience. Dianna: Visiting the concentration camps-how did that affect you personally? It was incredibly shocking to all of us! We could not believe that any humans could do that to others for whatever reason. It also reinforced my belief that there is no God because how could God let this happen? There are images and emotions that I will never forget and could not truly convey with words.

Dianna: I see you have stated to be an Atheist all the rest of your life. Why was that? There are so many injustices in the world and so much pain. How could God let us live this way? I had no proof that there was a God and no one could convince me otherwise. Religions were all different and seemed downright ridiculous in their stories. It was so obvious to me that they were only in it for the money and the power. None of them really wanted peace and cooperation among all people. If anything, they promoted dissent and mistrust as well as violence. I felt in my heart that if we had ever had a God, it had long ago deserted us. How can you truthfully explained the actual existence of God when life is so thoroughly messed up? I left others to believe whatever stories they wanted as long as they left me alone. My family was not religious although some chose to attend churches. It was not a subject that we ever discussed at the family gatherings. Everyone has the right to believe as they choose and should be allowed to do so. If only all the people in the world would embrace that idea. Dianna: Do you have any comments on your TV years? Ah, I loved my job and who wouldn’t? I got paid to write and express my opinions and thoughts on all sorts of life events and beliefs. Along the way I spoke openly about subjects and upset many people. I just said what many others were thinking but were not allowed or brave enough to speak. I did not try to maliciously hurt anyone and in many ways I did speak the truth-only very bluntly. I believe that is why people loved my segments over so many years. I expressed what many were thinking or I got them to think about. Too many things in our human lives are taken for granted and never looked at to see how silly they really are. As I grew older I began to question so many things in our world. You must realize that since I was born in 1919, I saw an incredible amount of changes in all segments of earthly life. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with and understand the current trends. Things were changing so fast all around us whether we wanted them to or not. My weekly show just tried to make some sense of everything and understand it. Or perhaps I would express my dislike of the changes being forced upon us. The generation gaps are a real thing in my lifetime and we have seen many different lifestyles of different generations being born. We had no common ground of understanding. I was dismayed at the lack of basic values that the new generations were being brought up with. They did not love and respect their lives and what they have been given in life.

So yes I also spoke out about what I saw as being wrong or unjust, or is just plain stupid. And I do not regret a minute of it! Dianna: As an Atheist, were you afraid of your own death as you grew older in age? I never thought much about it until near the end of my life. I was convinced that this life is all I got and when it was over, it was literally gone. End of story! I know that I was working well past retirement age but I did not exactly have a rough job. It kept me alive and loving my life to be able to have a purpose and enjoy it so much. I really did not want to retire when I did but my health was not good. Most people do not get the opportunity to live as long as I did and still be in their “right mind.” After my surgery and I grew weaker, I realized that my death was near but I accepted it and I was not afraid of it. Dianna: So after your body died, what was your first reaction to your situation? I was surprised and amazed that I was still a conscious being. I was confused as to what was going to happen next but mildly pleased with the adventure of it. I hung around and watched what was happening in the physical world until I was aware that a friendly young male escort was beside me and telling me that it was time to move on. Okay—on to where, I was thinking. This guy did not explain much to me but as we moved along, ideas begin to come to me and I started to remember having done this before at some time. That feeling of déjà vu that makes you wonder about certain events. I just knew that I was not afraid and I was actually quite excited about it. Dianna: Can you briefly describe for us the next phase of your experience? There has always been talk about the tunnel towards the light and here I was getting to experience it! My guess was that it was some kind of a portal between worlds or dimensions. It seemed a safe passage way and I noticed others traveling along the same road as I was. I felt great and I was eager to be aware of everything around me. The journalist in me wanted to record everything in detail so I paid attention. Eventually we stopped and I felt it to be space like a huge room except that I could not see any of the walls. Other beings around me were joining in small groups like they were meeting old friends. Soon I had some approach me that I recognized to be long dead relatives. My dear wife Margie was there and she looked so beautiful! It was sinking into my consciousness that yes, I was really dead and this was not what I expected

to happen. It was a rather pleasant surprise to discover that I had been wrong. Dianna: What else did you discover that you had been wrong about? I have not been here that long in this space but it has been a joyful adventure so far. I have talked with various counselors and guides that are helping me to remember who I really am. I found it so amazing that we can go through our whole physical lifetime and not remember about who we really are or what it is all about. I am told that I have done this many times before but I do not yet remember it. I have no reason to not believe what they tell me as it feels right to me. This is actually a pretty wonderful discovery to me because I truly believed otherwise. I feel love and peace all around me even if I don’t totally understand where it is coming from. I remember now that there really is a spiritual hierarchy and that there is much more organization than I would’ve even thought possible. Concepts and ideas are coming to me and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with other beings that know more than I do. I am so anxious to interview everyone I meet and learn from them. What about your belief that there is no God? I cannot say that I have personally met Jesus or God or any other religious being, but I have been looking for them. I have no proof that Jesus even exists. Now God I am not sure about. My instincts tell me that God does exist and is somehow in charge of everything. I have no solid proof to back that up and at this point I shall continue to look for it. I believe that all the good attributes of a God does exist here and for now I shall explore that. I shall continue to seek and ask questions of those that I meet. I see it as a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow no matter where I end up next. They brought me to you, Dianna, and this is been a fun adventure that I would’ve never have believed to be possible when I was alive. I did not believe in any of the spiritual stuff that people talk about. How little we know of the truth in our lives, and I don’t mean just the truth on Earth. I need to tell people all over the world to wake up and question everything around them. Don’t believe all the news crews or the bloggers on the Internet. Make up your own mind about everything and always seek the truth! (11/10/11)

Bernie Mac 1957 – 2008 Bernie Mac was an American actor and comedian. He gained the majority of his popularity as a stand-up comedian. Dianna: Bernie, you were born Bernard Jeffrey McCulloch. Raised by a single Mother on the South side of Chicago. Let’s talk about your childhood. A lot of families were similar to mine. In Black society, the women were always the strongest in the family. And my Mama was no exception! She ruled our household and we did our best to obey her and not make her angry. In those days, you learned respect for your elders, especially Mama. She could whup your ass if needed. School was ok but I did not love it. I was not a scholar but I did ok. Even at an early age I enjoyed clowning around and play acting for the kids. Growing up in that time period was different than growing up now with a single Mom. Now there are so many peer pressures on a young black boy. Our neighborhood was all black families and I did not have a lot of contact with white folk. Even though Chicago was more tolerant than the South, we still knew our “place” in society. We were taught proper respect and manners towards all adults and lived with the law of cause and effect. We were not poor and had a home to live in. Obviously we were not wealthy but we had a decent life, even with Mama working a full time job. Dianna: How did your Mother’s death from cancer in 1993 affect you? You were only 16. Understand that at age 16, death is a hard concept to deal with; especially when it is your Mother. We did not go to church as a family. Mama worked so much and then worked at home with us. So we never had any real religious teaching. We did learn about Jesus and GOD and learned to love and respect GOD as a Father in our life. Mama taught us to always be thankful to GOD for what we have in life and to live life in a “GOD approved” way. So as I got older, this concept always stuck with me. Still, it was hard to accept why GOD would let my Mama die so young when we needed her in our life. It was very hard on my younger brothers and sisters. We still had the house to live in and luckily, an Aunt and Uncle came to live with us. That original house is still there and still in the family somehow.

I was not a playboy and in those days we respected the ladies. I got married to Rhonda at age 20 in 1977 and we had a daughter. But I felt the need to see the world a little and to get away from the cold of Chicago. Even though Chicago is my home and I always came back to it. Early family life was spent in Tampa, Florida taking various jobs to support the family. I was just a normal guy working normal jobs. We stayed in Florida over 10 years and had a good but fairly boring life. Dianna: Why did you move back to Chicago? At heart I was a performer, comic, actor, or whatever. I really needed to be somewhere that I could fit in and try and make it in the entertainment business. I could not do that in Florida. As a comedian, I always took my ideas and inspiration from real life. I think we all do that. It is a way of looking at your life and being observant of the people around you. Everything in life, no matter how routine, can be funny if you tell it in the right way. I had a real talent for seeing life this way and none of it was meant in a hurtful way. I was to try my skills as a standup comedian and my first job was at Chicago’s Cotton Club. I really was not even nervous about the performance. I felt good being on stage and making people laugh. In 1989 at the age of 32 I entered and won a comedy talent contest. A lot of people saw it and my popularity began to grow. Being a black comedian at that time was different from later on. We had to be more respectful of what we said and often we were stereotyped. It depended on my audience; if they were mostly black the comedy routine would be different than for a white audience. I had to be more careful what I said with the white audiences. Blacks and whites have different senses of humor and I played to whatever audience I was showing to. It helped me to gain wider acceptance among everyone. HBO created a show called “Def Comedy Jam” and that gave a lot of Black entertainers a genuine break and a lot of exposure. Our audiences were black, so I got to do my brand of black humor. It was not totally who I was but I could do it well. At first I was one of many but my popularity grew and I was featured more often. The TV and movie offers started to come my way and I loved it! Finally I was able to do what I loved in life. Dianna: How did you view your life in a spiritual sense? I had a good life to be thankful for. A good wife and a beautiful daughter and had a job doing what I loved. Mama always taught me to keep GOD foremost in my life and I never forgot it. I thanked HIM many times for the blessings that I had been given. I wanted to give back and help the other young Blacks that were not having

such an easy time in life. Times had changed and it was no longer easy to grow up being Black and in a broken home. I wanted to always be a good role model for them and to speak words they could understand. I needed to get them to listen to another point of view from what they got in the hood. We still were not church going people, but kept GOD alive in our lives. Dianna: What happened next with the movies and TV? Fox gave me a chance to combine my comedy and life wisdom into a TV show. It was a wonderful opportunity to reach a lot of people that needed it. It wasn’t acting—it was who I really was. We dealt with situations that were very real in the Black community. I actually got nominated for awards for that show. A small black show like ours would never win but it was a joy to be recognized. Unfortunately the network did not keep us on the next schedule. It is all about the ratings and those same ratings keep junk on the air that should be gone. The movie roles came to me and I did a lot of small parts for a variety of movies. That was OK as it got me the needed exposure. As 2000 dawned, I was really busy and very happy. Larger roles came my way and I was more widely known for my comedy. Life was very good. And most important to me—I still had my beautiful wife with me. That does not happen much in show business. And, I had avoided the drug scene that destroyed so many of my brothers. I tried to live a good life like my Mama taught me—according to GOD’s rules. It worked for me! Dianna: As your fame grew, you were also aware of a disease that you had. Yes, but I was too busy to worry about it. I finally got to play lead roles in movies and TV and I was at the top of my game. I knew that I had been diagnosed with a rare cancer type disease but it rarely slowed me down. 2007 was a very good year; a very busy year and it took a lot out of me. I wanted to do it all and was excited to be offered the roles that I did get. My wife realized how it was affecting me and begged me to slow down. I decided to try and cut back, but it was so hard to turn down all of these awesome opportunities. I knew in my heart that I needed to slow down a little but as of yet, I could not give it up. Dianna: Let us talk about the end days The doctors told me that my body was getting weaker because of my schedule. I was not well but did not want to tell anyone. I got sick and was laid up at home, which is no problem for most people. For me, I was laid up because the disease affected my lungs. I got pneumonia and had to go

to the hospital. I knew that I was in very bad shape but they kept me very drugged. Various treatments were tried but what I had could not be cured. As I lay in a semi conscious state in the hospital, I no longer worried about my career. I was not really in a totally conscious state of mind. What it did allow me to experience was a connection with the spiritual world. My Mother came to see me and sat by my bed. She told me that it was going to be all right and to not worry about things. I was also very aware of GOD’s presence with me and feeling the Love and protection all around me. Other angel type beings came and went. My friend Richard Pryor even dropped in to see me. I did not tell any of this to my wife as it would be too hard to explain. She was already so upset. When I finally left my body, it was an easy transition for me as I was already half way there. I was ready to let go of my sick body—not that I really had a choice. I did travel back to view my funeral that was held a week later. I sincerely appreciated all of the love and kind words directed to me. I realized how many people I had touched in some way. I knew that I would live on in all of the work that I had done. Many generations of people would see and hear me. That makes you eternal in a major way. Dianna: Is there anything you would like to say? Yes, of course. I have never been short of words. I lived a good solid life that I am proud of. I never hurt anyone that I know of and if so it surely was not intentional. Those things are so important in life and if more Mothers would teach their children these things, the world would be a better place. I don’t understand what has happened to the black children everywhere. It is a lost generation and has already affected the future of our race. Something has gone wrong when they are proud of being in jail. I do not yet know if I can help them in anyway. Something major needs to be done to change their attitudes. That is not my job or problem, although I worry about it in my own way. I feel good about myself and the life that I lived. I hope it is an inspiration to others in some way. (4/21/10)

Dick Clark 1929 – 2012 Known as “America’s Oldest Teenager,” Dick Clark was a radio and television personality. He is best known for hosting television’s longest running variety show, “American Bandstand.” He also hosted game shows and most recently, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Dianna: I see that by the age of 10 in 1939, you knew that you wanted to be involved with radio and communication. Why did you have that interest? At that time period in history, radio was all we had to get information and entertainment. It was how people learned about the news, other people and cultures. I loved it and I could not get enough of it! It was exciting to me to see how involved people got with what they were hearing. Radio actually made people get involved by using their imagination and visualizing the events that they heard. This was missing from television when it came on the scene. Radio could keep someone far more interested than the later TV shows. Imagination is a powerful tool as was shown when the war of the worlds broadcast had everyone believing it was true. People listened and pictured the events and it profoundly affected many. That showed me the power of radio, so I knew I wanted to be involved. I kept that goal in sight and attended college to get my training. The rest is history. Dianna: It seems to have been an obvious soul choice for you to do this. Yes it was planned out for me to do this. I chose to be born in a family that owned and operated radio stations. My choice of parents and location was perfect for what I wanted to pursue as a career. I was fortunate to have all of the pieces fall into place and spent my entire life doing what I love to do. Sometimes it actually works out as planned. Dianna: Why did you feel the need to concentrate on the music part of the business? I started working at a station in college that played country music. As a New Yorker, I was not a country music fan. All of the music at that time was pretty tame and boring and as the postwar culture began to take hold, things were changing in many ways. We young adults–as a generation–did not like our parent’s music. Big bands were dying out and being replaced with smaller bands that played different types of music. The black culture had their own music and many white teenagers were loving it. As the 50s

progressed, the youth of America grew more independent and strongwilled. I saw that this was going to be a growing force in the future and wanted to be a part of it. Dianna: So what made you get involved with this new culture of music and dance? Sheer enthusiasm for this new way of living and having fun! I saw what was happening all around me and all over America. Youth culture was becoming a revolution against the adult society. The adults did not like the new music, dances or especially the attitudes of young. It was turning into a major battle in many ways. Kids started listening to black radio stations to hear the new music. I personally was not prejudiced in any way and would work with anyone that was talented. This always served me well in my career as I tried to treat people equally–which was a no-no at the time. I got flack for doing it and that made me even more determined to do so. I joined the revolution and took the lead in making it happen. Dianna: Did you get much resistance from the establishment? Not too much at first but it would not have mattered to me anyway. This revolution was supposed to happen as a way of awakening to other ways of thinking and acting. It was not only about the music and for the first time in recent history, people were starting to ask questions and demand changes. Leaders in all fields were stepping forward to bring about change and I saw myself as one of those leaders. It was my job to do this and I felt it strongly on all levels. Dianna: You were very involved with creating the rock ‘n roll music culture. Indeed I was and I will never regret it! As the music trends started to change, the need for it to be heard increased rapidly. The new generation of teenagers wanted music to be a central part of their lives. This created new styles of dancing and more kids got involved with it. As a businessman I saw the need and came up with ideas to capitalize on it. American Bandstand was created to bring new music to the masses. To provide an outlet for the new cultures to communicate with fashion, music and dance. We believed in equality on the show at a time when it was not popular to do so. I got a lot of criticism on that but I saw the need to unite people with a common interest to show that we can all get along and are really all not that different.

Dianna: Why do you think so many adults and older musicians hated rock ‘n roll? It was very different and very physical. The beats of this music were faster and just needed to be expressed in movement. Everything was so different than the music of the previous decade. The kids got closer and danced together and were very inspired by the music. The adults were afraid of the changing values and attitudes as much as anything. Their own generation was not used to questioning anything and sexuality was definitely not mentioned. It had been a more subdued society that played by the rules that were set down by churches and the elders. That was the way the adults had lived and no one thought to question it. Now things were changing and many people were afraid of losing their accepted way of life. When people are comfortable with certain ideas, it becomes threatening to them when changes occur. I certainly did not care and wanted to push it as far as I could in order to awaken people to alternative ways of thinking. I spend my life with this goal in the forefront. What a wild ride it was living through the changes in the late 50s and the 60s. I feel that we as a generation grew up together and had the unity to create changes in many ways. Dianna: Did your success ever go to your head? Not as much as some people, mostly because I was in charge of my life and I really loved what I was doing. Yes of course I felt the power trips as anyone would. It was very gratifying to the ego, but at least I could be myself and not have to play a role. It was all me and I would like to think that I was genuinely liked by many people. I tried to treat people as equally deserving of respect regardless of their race or beliefs. On the other hand, my success gave me a power position and I was able to force rock ‘n roll to happen and keep it alive. I was seen as “the devil” by many of the older generation. I was seen as trying to corrupt the youth of America by playing the almost forbidden music and allowing the young to express themselves on TV, which reached a very wide audience. I was more powerful than the politicians were because I answered to no one except my own conscience. Dianna: Were you a religious man? If you count music as my religion! No seriously, I was not religious in a church way. I innately felt in my heart what was right and wrong. I saw humanity as one big family and I lived my life that way. I always felt a presence of God in my life but I never worshiped a particular being. I

never actively pursued any spiritual belief system or activities. Live and let live and respect one another. That was the motto of my life. Dianna: Now that you are back in spirit, what is the next thing that is planned for you to experience or do? What I find interesting is that a lot of musicians that I have worked with over the years are also here in spirit and many more will be joining us. I would love to get together with some of those musicians and join the fight to keep the music alive in the schools. Children need the music in their lives and not just some of the crap they pass off as music these days. They need to get involved and understand the different types of music that are now so easily available. I was thrilled to have radio at home. Now music is available to take anywhere with you, and no one even listens to the radio anymore. That is pretty much a bygone era in today’s downloadable market. I want to continue to make a difference in humanity. To bring light, awareness and joy into so many lives, as this is who I am and always will be. I am the music and will try to always influence the music scene in order to give equal opportunities to all. I will admit that certain music today has no Light and it influences people the wrong way. That is not just because I was old when I died. The words are not positive and give people, especially kids, the wrong ideas. If this stuff was broadcast when I first started out, I would have been run out of town. Anyway, I feel good, energetic and ready to start on my next challenge. I never wanted to retire and I’m not about to start now! Long live the music! (4/30/12) The full book is available at: Paperback eStore Amazon Kindle Store

~About the Author~ Dianna Gutoski Hello, I am Dianna, the Communicator of these stories. I grew up in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. About the age of thirteen I found myself reading everything I could find in our small library on the subjects of Theosophy, philosophy and religions. My Mother was quite amused by my selected readings. I decided that Christianity was not for me as I could not believe all of the dogma. That is when I started studying Edgar Cayce and other “paranormal” subjects. As a teenager I started to become aware of my past lives and my Ascended Master St. Germain. At age 21 I attended the Arica School of Scientific Mysticism in New York City. This school was started by the Great Mystic Oscar Ichazo as a way for modern man to learn about the ancient instruction and traditions and to find Enlightenment. I actively worked with these teachings until my 30s and they still provide a basis for all that I know and practice. About 2005, while living in Washington DC, I started working with Spiritual Clearance, SRT, Soul Retrieval and DNA programming. All of this work opened me to my own abilities. In 2007 I was told very clearly by my guidance to move to Arizona and my husband and I listened and moved to Prescott, Arizona. During that time I started working with Arlen Bock. He helped me discover who I really was and learn how to properly channel. Although a metaphysical student my whole life, it has only been about five years that I have been able to channel this way. I was a channel in many former lives, so it was natural for me to do so in this one. I had been talking to various Ascended Masters and Jesus before I started this project with celebrities.

C. Liane Luini Greetings from the designer of this book and web master for I have been involved in spiritual study since college when I began to question the meaning of life. I too read Edgar Cayce, among others, and went for readings with psychics in my quest to understand how the cosmos worked and my place in it. Along with my spiritual study, I became drawn to computers and Internet Marketing. I’ve been studying web and print design, SEO and other forms of Internet Marketing for several years. I now understand that all of this study was to prepare me for the call from my friend Dianna. Her guides and Creator Parent told her to contact

me to do the technical work necessary to get their message out in a variety of forms. To say I’ve been honored to be chosen is an understatement! To say this experience has profoundly changed my life is also an understatement. I hope as you read this book and think about what the celebrities have to say, you’ll get more insight into what it means to be “in spirit.”

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Celebrity Conversations: Life After Death Experiences  

In Celebrity Conversations: Life After Death Experiences, Dianna Gutoski describes the conversations she had with the souls of departed cele...

Celebrity Conversations: Life After Death Experiences  

In Celebrity Conversations: Life After Death Experiences, Dianna Gutoski describes the conversations she had with the souls of departed cele...