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f you like stopping in the street to smell the beautiful scent of a flower, if your minds eye is your full HD 5D TV, if you’re the kind of person who thinks a download is something the human mind does, then this magazine is for you.

What is Lúcuma? Lúcuma is a popular South American fruit. It’s known in the raw food community as an ingredient in its dried and powdered form, typically used in desserts (and it happens to be one of my favourites). It has a malty, sweet, creamy like taste which makes it great for smoothies and hot lattes. In fact I’m drinking a Lúcuma Cacao Latte now! I chose it as the name of this magazine partly because it sounds beautiful and partly because every other name was taken.

Crystals and energy We are living in an age of transition. The current digital, scientific, industrial age is coming to an end and the crystal age is beginning. Society has reached the point where the balance of power has now shifted to ideas and people who want to live a different way. A way that is in harmony with nature, where humans are more conscious of themselves and life. People of this new age will understand and recognise that all life is energy, that we ourselves are energy and everything we create is nothing but energy. Every facet of life will eventually be upgraded. The way we think, the way we act, they way we play, the way we live and work will all be adapted to our new condition. Lúcuma is a voice for these new things, created by those of us who are passionate about living and creating this way and surfing the waves of change.

Enjoy Lúcuma It is my and the contributors to this magazines wish to inspire, inform and entertain you. These are exciting times. Times of transformation on the inside and out. A time where we will recognise we are our own creators. We are moving up an octave and playing beautiful melodies that will echo into eternity. A note from Steven Nicolaides (founder of Lúcuma Magazine) # 1




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Started by two lovely American brothers, its surprising that these bars aren’t yet as popular in the USA as they are in Europe. In the UK Nákd bars are a life saver for those who need something tasty and healthy on the go. Now they have come up with two new flavours. ‘Rhubard & Custard’ and ‘Caffé Mocha’. It’s a no brainer that the ‘Caffé Mocha’ would be a fantastic addition to the range but ‘Rhubard & Custard’ is stunningly good. If you grew up in the UK it might remind you of childhood desserts or school dinners, but this of course is the healthy version!

RAW u ARTICHOKE PATE ‘Oh My!’ What a treat this is. Grated raw artichoke in olive oil and lemon juice. This Paté has a lovely flaky texture and is delicious spread over raw crackers, bruschetta and oat cakes. Or even better when it’s stirred into rice, bean or pasta dishes.

TOP QUALITY u OLIVES Are you fed up with metallic tasting or excessively salty olives? I certainly was, so I searched for a better alternative and found these beauties from Raw Health. These Organic Greek olives are tree ripened before being debittered by soaking in spring water, then marinated in extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. ‘Bravo!’ As they say in Greece.


# 1


NATURES FINEST DRINK Coconut water is one of the best liquids you can put inside your body, and if you love it as much as us then this is the best you can get. Cocolyte is the young green coconut that has had part of the outer green husk cut away leaving a gorgeous natural packaging for the coconut water and jelly left untouched inside. With the aid of the cocolyte drill (sold separately) you simply make a hole in the top and enjoy the fresh delicious coconut water! After you’ve guzzled down all the coconut water there is another treat - the coconut flesh, which at this stage in the coconuts growth is jelly-like and can be easily scooped out.



Simply push and twist until you break through the hard inner shell, then use the top plunger to remove the husk from the bottom of the drill. TIP: We found we could use the drill to remove the top of the coconut to make enough space to scoop out the yummy jelly. Make another hole a few centimetres away from the first then lever upwards. Continue until you can lift a large section away. # 1



DREAMY RAW CHOCOLATE BARS FOR UNDER A POUND! People often complain that the price of a raw chocolate bar can be comparatively expensive. Thankfully The Raw Chocolate Company has answered back with these new fantastic mini bar additions. All the great varieties they are known for are here including the sublime ‘Vanoffe’ and ‘Vanoffe Dark’, two of the most delicious chocolate bars you will ever come across. These bars are incredible value for money. The RRP is 99p but I’ve seen these at an even lower price in some stores! Plus you can easily get two servings out of one bar.


# 1

COR BLIMEY! ITS COYO! Coyo have come bursting onto the health food scene with this fantastic award winning product. This is not yoghurt as you know it, this is yoghurt made from coconut milk and a mix of plant based pro biotic cultures - and its delicious! It’s no wonder then that this product seems to be flying off the shelves in health food stores. Available in classic yoghurt, mixed berry, pineapple, mango and raw chocolate. All dairy, soya and nut free.

# 1


INSPIRING RAW VEGAN CHEESE C AKES FROM INSPIRAL Yes it’s true. InSpiral have done it again. They’ve conjured up four new decadent additions Carrot, Hazelnut creme torte, Tiramisu and Pumpkin pie, to their already strong range of raw cakes. A classic cooked Tiramisu cake we are all familiar with is widely regarded by the I.F.C (Intergalactic Federation of Cakes) as one of the best tasting cakes in the universe, so a raw vegan version is a BIG deal! Rumour has it that the Arcturians (who gave up eating long ago in their evolution) are considering a return to eating, just to try this!


# 1


From left to right: Carrot cake, Hazelnut Creme Torte, Tiramisu and Pumpkin Pie in the foreground

pp Each cake is sold by the slice in eco friendly packaging. With raw cakes, less is more, one slice can easily give two servings.

Like the Tiramisu, the Hazelnut Creme Torte is another classic combination of flavours - hazelnut and chocolate! For those who find InSpiral’s ‘Blackout Tart’ too chocolaty the Hazelnut Creme Torte would make a good alternative as it has just the right amount of cacao to mix well with the hazelnut flavour. I absolutely adore it! Both the Pumpkin Pie and the Carrot cake have a dash of allspice added which is an interesting twist but the real surprise with its hearty yumminess is the Pumpkin Pie, perfect for autumnal nights with a cup of herbal tea.

# 1



VANILLA & TANGERINE HAIR TEXTURISER This natural and cruelty free hair texturiser made from all organic ingredients such as castor oil, shea butter, and tangerine oil will leave your hair looking as gorgeous as it smells. Use to add volume, for definition or for ‘bed head’ styling. One tub seems to last for ages as you only need to use it sparingly. Even the brown tinted glass tub looks beautiful! None of the ingredients or products by John Masters Organics are tested on any animals and they are endorsed by PETA.

FEEL BRAND NEW u WITH A HIMALAYAN SALT BATH With winter drawing in we are enjoying long warm soaks in the bath tub with this new product from BonPom. Just pour some of the these Himalayan salt crystals with rose petals, into the bath and allow them to dissolve. There’s no need to add anything else, just let the salt work its magic. Warm salt baths are said to be beneficial for the skin and joints. After my first soak I felt rejuvenated and saw a flash of maroon and purple in my minds eye. It was as if the energy of the rose petals was imbued in the crystals then released into the water. Rose Petals, Lavender and Large Salt Chunk varieties available. 14

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SPIRIT DRAWING FROM MOON SPIRAL Moon Spiral is a talented artist from the USA who is able to create these personalised portraits of a person from uncovering hidden meanings in a persons full name. She uses a process called Lexigramming to connect to your Akashic Record - the record of your soul, and find certain symbols, spirit guides and archetypes that resonate with you. The drawing is 8x10 inches and comes already matted in an 11x14 inch black or cream mat. The media is graphite pencil, watercolour, and ink on cold-pressed watercolour paper. It will also come with a note letting you know all of the symbols and their meanings. The portrait on the top left is mine and I was very impressed with the accuracy and insightfulness of the reading that comes with it.

u Another Totem spirit drawing from Moonspiral. To see more totems visit moon spirals facebook page.

Here are some snippets; “You had the word dove and sea along with the goddess Isis in your name. Isis was known as the star of the sea and was often symbolized by the dove.” “I drew the star system Pleiades after I found the word seven and Celaeno in your name. Celaeno was one of the seven daughters of Atlas (also in your name) that were turned into doves and then became the 7 stars (or seven sisters) of the Pleiades in Greek myth”. Price: $90.00 USD

# 1



BRING THE LIGHT INTO THE HOME THIS AUTUMN The longer nights are drawing in but that’s no reason why we can’t enjoy another kind of light. These lovely lights made from recycled glass are great for creating a warm cosy atmosphere in the home and garden. pp MOONLIGHT RECYCLED GLASS LANTERN FAIRTRADE Available in two sizes - large 19 x 11 cm and small 12 x 7.5 cm. FROM £6.95 GBP

pp FAIRTRADE ANTIQUED SILVER RECYCLED TEALIGHT HOLDER - £5.95 GBP ARVARI FLOATING TEA LIGHT u These attractive tea lights can be used on a hard surface or floating in water. Available in two designs, ‘Flower’ with a fluted body or ‘Smooth’ with a simpler profile. £2.95 GBP 16

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ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz



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ADORNMENTS ROCK ON COUCH! We absolutely adore this American company. They call themselves ‘Vinyl archaeologists ’, but we would add ‘vinyl wizards’ too. Couch scour factories and old warehouses of the USA for unused pieces of vinyl from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, then create wonderful new items with them. How about a wallet made out of late 70s Mercedes seat vinyl? Or a belt made from vinyl originally intended to reupholster early 70s Volkswagen Beetles? Couch in fact started out making awesome guitar straps which is how I first came across them (I own a now sold out white and beige floral piece from the 60s). Recently, Brian May was seen rocking out at the Olympics with a Couch guitar strap. Thankfully Couch have used their vinyl wizardry skills to branch out into other items such as ipad cases, camera straps, wallets and belts.


pp THE 60’S ATOMIC GREEN LADY WALLET Womens, $44.95 USD Also available in orange Mens wallet version also available 18

# 1


SIRS ARTHUR u & HENRY, THY SHAKESPEARE GARMENT IS MOST AGREEABLE Apart from having one of the most entertaining ‘about us’ page’s on the internet ‘Arthur & Henry’ are a seriously cool company. They make beautiful organic, fairly traded, cotton shirts like these fine specimens -‘Shakespeare’ and ‘Tilmanstone’. pp DARK NAVY LINEN SHIRT - Shakespeare 100% linen, coconut shell buttons, vegetable dyed - £79.00 GBP


VEGAN ‘BUSH’ BOOTS The Brighton based company Vegetarian Shoes have done a great job bringing us a veganised version of a classic ankle boot design. Made from breathable fake-suede. Also available in black, brown and olive.

pp BLUE FLORAL PRINT SHIRT - Tilmanstone organic cotton, azo free dyes - £89.00 GBP # 1



ELEGANT TRIBAL INSPIRED FASHION FROM INDIGENOUS Indigenous are one of the pioneers of eco fashion, and need to be applauded not only for their ethics but also their stunning collections. Indigenous are committed to fair trade and artisan cooperatives, the use of natural and organic fibres and environmentally-friendly dyes. Here are some of our favourites for this autumn.

pp AERIAL PULLOVER - RAW SUGAR 100% organic cotton, fairtrade, low impact dyes. Also available in Sky, Saffron, Plum, Orchid, Cypress $80.00 USD other colours $160.00 USD

tt AUTUMN WRAP - BLACKBERRY Light Weight Open Knit Cardigan 100% organic cotton, fairtrade, low impact dyes. Also available in Jade, Guava & Black $205.00 USD 20

# 1


tt ONE BUTTON HOODIE - THORNMIX Tencel & organic cotton, fairtrade, low impact dyes. $162.00 USD

STRIPED PONCHO HAZELNUT 100% organic cotton, fairtrade, low impact dyes. Also available in Pine $97.00 USD # 1



MACBETH JUST KEEP ON LOVING THE VEGANS! Cofounded in 2002 by platinum selling musician Tom DeLonge of Blink-182, Macbeth have a rock n’ roll spirit in everything they do. Their vegan collections of clothing, shoes and accessories are amazing, with bold designs and a wide choice of funky colour combos.

pp ELIOT - Azul/white, Canvas £45.00 GBP Also available in other colours

pp WILDCATS Navy Classic 100% Cotton Men’s T-shirt. Also available in chocolate, £21.00 GBP 22

# 1

pp ELIOT - Black/Cement, Canvas £45.00 GBP Also available in other colours

pp LANGLEY Black/Cobalt,Canvas £50.00 GBP Also available in other colours

pp FIRE PANTHER White/heather black 100% Cotton Men’s Baseball T-shirt Also available in other colours £ 30.00 GBP


# 1



YOGA ADORNMENTS FROM WELLICIOUS Get your kundalini rising with these yoga garments from London based eco friendly brand Wellicous.Wellicious are on fire right now (a yogic cleansing fire of course!) with classy stylish collections for both the yogis and yoginis.

tt Womens Vienna Longsleeve in colour Dawn Pink, 92% Organic Cotton, 8% Elastane Also available in other colours £65.95 GBP

pp Mens Chicago Tee with print in colour Ice, 70% Lyocell and 30% Linen £55.95 GBP


CONSCIOUS SOUL BRACELET Bracelet of Amazonite (to help enhance understanding and let go of sadness) and Lava (to increase connection to mother earth). Also available with other gemstones $40.00 USD


NECKLACE Gold platted necklace from Satya of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity.

pp Womens Stirrup Leggings in colour Espresso/ Midnight Blue, 92% Organic Cotton, 8% Elastane £65.95 GBP 24

# 1

$88.00 USD


INNER PEACE NECKLACE Necklace of Chrysoprase (the stone of hope and rejuvenation) and Sunset Jasper (to help bring a sense of tranquillity & wholeness). The figure eight symbolises infinity. Also available with other gemstones $108 USD



SATIVA SUMMER HEMP PURSE Show your wild side with this bold black and white animal print hemp purse & wallet Size: W: 18.5cm, H: 10cm, D: 2cm

Lovely texture to this casual womens hemp bag in Khaki. There are three compartments and a key holder. Size 35cm x 24cm depth 11cm

Also available in Polka Dot.

Also available in Steel Blue and Plum.

£18.00 GBP

£47.15 GBP # 1



SUN WORSHIPER Words by Steven Nicolaides 26

# 1


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ooking like a little sister of London’s famous ‘02 arena’ this dome shaped home sits comfortably in the countryside like it’s always been there. Designed by Patrick Marsilli in the late 1980’s using sacred geometry and golden mean proportions, there are now more than one hundred of these ‘Domespace’

homes of varying sizes all over the world. Sun worshipers will be especially pleased by the fact that at the touch of a button the Domespace can actually rotate 330 degrees in either direction, allowing you to maximise the amount of sun you get! This is especially useful in winter to help warm the house. The rotation also maximises the amount of electricity the house can generate if the optional solar panels are installed. The movement of the house is actually hardly noticeable to the occupants with a speed of 1 - 4 inches per second, but don’t assume the Domespace is not stable because it can rotate. Domespace can resist winds of 240km/hour and withstand earthquakes of up to 8 on the Richter scale.


# 1


# 1



Longtime residents of a Domespace home report a feeling of serenity and a cosy cocoon like feeling. According to Feng Shui principles curved surfaces help energy flow through the home. That being the case I would recommend an open plan approach to the interior and also making use of its unique features such as installing curved seating and storage units along the house edges where the dome tapers down. On the upper level the curved windows give magical views of the night sky acting like a fusion between a window and a skylight. There are 3 different models, Harmonique (rotating), Ecolusion (non rotating) and the smaller ‘Transit’ for out-houses or guest accommodation. Harmonique and Ecolusion are available in 10 different sizes, the smallest being on 1 level with a radius of 5.38m and a total averaged square footage of 656 sq ft. The largest size has a 12.40m radius with 6,307 sq ft over 3 floors. PRICES Shell cost of approx $120 USD per sq ft. The smaller the unit the higher the price per sq. ft. However each project has be priced on the particularities of the project itself. Interior cost of $75 - $100 USD per sq ft depending on the type of kitchen and bathrooms you choose. More information about Domespace:


# 1


tt The wooden structure is spruce with a cork/ wood pulp insulation. The outside is clad in red cedar. For those customers who would like to build the house themselves, Domespace offer a training course and can supply the house in a large ‘kit’.


# 1


Walking the line by Anna Maria StĂśckert


he beauty of this time is the manifold availability of expressed thought and insight from ancient and present traditions. Their merging into each other has long gone beyond being a state of amateurish ignorance and has been shown to result from genuine shared origin. Not only what we read and receive about a truth is greatly varied, the ways to understand the essential messages of all experiences are equally forked. Out of over-availability we became seekers of a truth that is enough for ourselves in a world that offers generously enough space for us to do so. We agreed as we met on our crossing paths that many, even all ways, eventually lead in the same direction. Just as the lines of the ‘flower of life’ meet in the centre, each one who seeks goes along a line towards truth.


# 1

In the centre where all lines meet, in the centre of every spiral that carries one strong line and in the centre of circles lies an area unimpressed by the dynamics around it. This dot withdraws from all infinity that the shapes that hold it meant to describe. The lines which gradually grow thinner and loose their distinctiveness then suddenly disappear for us. For our eyes the atoms of the turned and twisted lines suddenly loose their dynamics and revolutionize their previous movement: instead of direction there is now space. The atoms behave in a certain way, until there: and beyond there remains the sparkle of their suspension. Our hearts know the experience of divine purity. It is the suspension of the lines that encircle your existence. It does not even matter of which substance the shoes are with which you walk your path. The echoing waves of light or sound overlap with the freshly arriving ones and create a somewhat new rhythm. It is your dissolving in existence, the sound of your singing bowl and a deep Om. It is orgasm and laughter, and many more. It is your work, your service, your sharing.

Like the sound of the bowl is born from its meeting with the mallet, all experience arises from contact of matters. Only reluctantly we learn that we hold onto the experience of experience. Some ways lead us to the edge of entangled web and spacious suspension. We are given chances to go one step ahead because the ultimate experience is the one now and the living untangled from of the stories which brought us here. In the analogy of circling lines this means that when we loose all beliefs, all traditions, all treasures that have concealed us before, we then stand naked, soft and open. All that remains is a shape that holds a vibrant centre waiting to echo. Essentially the true being is nothing than vibration waiting to harmonise. All the learning is not about your self. It is about learning to accommodate the powerful cosmic harmonies that beauty prophesies. Every step you take leads you to the next step towards being the gracious space that you carry in your core. The time is fortunate for the core to burst open n

That is beauty.

# 1


Crystal Conscious by Adriana Wigderowitz


# 1


arth is Ascending, coming up from one of the deepest densities of experience, into light. As part of this process all of the learning attained upon the earth now passes into universal consciousness, creating a new pattern for the entire universe. As guardians of the Earth’s long history, and of everything that has manifested within it, the energy in charge of weaving this new pattern is Devic consciousness of the Mineral Kingdoms. With the dawning of the Age of Aquarius these beings have a pivotal role to play in our evolution whether we consciously acknowledge it or not.

# 1



The molecular structure of crystals are the language of creation that exists at the foundation of life. They contain the blue-print that divine spirit makes as it descends from pure source energy to matter; in direct parallel to the rays of creation. These crystalline energy grids reflect the movement of spirit as it descends through matter from the microcosm to the macrocosm of the universes and ultimately our world. This field can also be described as the formative field of causation or the metaphysical equivalent of the Morphogenetic field in Biology. Crystalline in structure, this energy field stores all of the cumulative experience of all of our collective multidimensional conscious and subconscious lifetime energy systems. Often these energy patterns are stuck or chaotic, as with our physical body, if one lifetime energy system is out of balance so are all the others. Our multidimensional self is interdependent, and as such what affects the microcosm affects the macrocosm also. New developments in the crystalline energy system have come forward since the original information on the properties of crystals were channelled. It has now become clear that while


# 1

crystal healing stands alone as a powerful healing system, it is also the first step in a series of alignments to the more and more refined crystalline energies known as the Devic consciousness. The Devic consciousness is the higher self of a crystal. Similar to our own higher selves, only when aligned and in connection to these energies will any crystal be able to shine its true divine presence on its carrier and on earth. The Overlighting Deva of a crystal is in your guardianship for a whisper nano second in relation to it’s lifespan. It’s likely to have been around for thousands of years before you and if not, will definitely be around for hundreds of thousands of years after. So the most valuable piece of advice I can give you is, humbly and simply, to listen and connect to your crystal’s higher self. Like the Angelic Realms, the Devic Energies do not possess free will, serving out of a love for life, always giving unconditionally as a loving multidimensional presence.


Their resonance interprets the life supporting energies that make up the unmanifested web of creation directly from source and translate it into manifested form. The energy of this plane of consciousness has one intention: to help us let go of our, and the earth’s karmic and ancestral patterns of relating, speeding up our vibration to allow deeper surrender into the divine will. This energy will change your life. Nothing can remain the same when you begin to use it. Everything in your life will draw you closer and more deeply into presence and source consciousness when you are aligned to Devic energy. The human body is made up of a carbon based compounds and platonic shaped solids overlaid by the subconscious mind and in this

way is crystalline in structure. The over-lighting Devic energies of crystals are masters at releasing ancient memories and archetypes from the collective and personal subconscious that overlay our physical bodies and bring them to the surface. If asked they will hold the multiple dense layers of thought and emotion of your personal and collective subconscious patterns apart so that light can permeate the dense layers multi dimensionally and with great intensity, enabling shifts in consciousness on a greater scale than ever before. The cycle of life serving life is definitely not new and neither are the over-lighting devic energies. What changed is that humanity has started the process of surrendering self will to divine will, part of this process is the ‘living unconscious mind’ coming into conscious awareness.

# 1



Devic Crystal Invocation For your crystals to help you with this transition please hold in heart the intention to connect with its over-lighting devic consciousness and declare three times; “ By divine decree in the name of source and by the power of grace, I now ask the over lighting devic consciousness of this crystal to access its multidimensional conscious and subconscious energy system and remove any geometric blocks, archetypes, negative encodements, lifetime energy systems and collective memories of separation or traumas which may be preventing it from revealing the core essence of its crystalline being across all times, planes and levels in all of its multidimensional expression and being in complete alignment with its devic consciousness.”

• Then acting as proxy, on the in-breath, breathe the vibration of devic consciousness of your crystal into your heart. • On the out-breath gently blow this consciousness over your crystal. • On the in-breath breathe from the heart of your crystal into your heart. • From your heart, breathe the love of your crystal into the heart of its over-lighting deva. • Repeat nine times.


# 1


Crystals communicate on the same etheric wave length as the angels and nature kingdoms. Just because we don’t experience life in the same way as crystals doesn’t mean that they don’t experience life - so deep respect, reverence and love are the greatest tools here. Under taking this work with the crystalline consciousness will bring deep healing, cleansing and balancing to Mother earth and the Mineral kingdoms. As we come closer to this transcendent leap in consciousness, the deepest unconscious levels of our mind are coming into the light of our conscious awareness. In what appears to be the blackest of nights, we are actually on the brink of enlightenment. There is only a singular ring of darkness surrounding the inner light beams that are now permeating humanity and the world. I am amazed and deeply grateful for the transformations in consciousness now visibly taking place throughout the world. You and I can help support that process by being there for Mother Earth and the Mineral Kingdoms in a profound way. We are being called to walk softly on the earth, not just to reduce our carbon footprint but to reduce our emotional and karmic footprint as well. Answering this call will save our lives n

# 1


Movie Review words by Steven Nicolaides | all film stills from Samsara copyright Magidson Films

Samsara is the new film from the creators of 1992s ‘Baraka’ using the same format and style as well as exploring many of the same abstract themes. The word Samsara is a Sanskrit word meaning “continuous flow” - and wow, how this film flows! Flowing from one stunning scene to the next with exquisite grace. Essentially this film is a guided mediation just like its predecessor ‘Baraka’ . The film takes you on a journey of contrasts, incorporating scenes of devotion, nature, architecture and creative expression to scenes of confusion, pain and even suffering. Yet all the while there is a continuous thread guiding your consciousness along, sometimes building to ecstatic crescendos and other times to the depths of despair. There are no words or dialogue to distract you, the only sounds come from a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack which tickles your aura and stirs your emotions in perfect harmony with the visuals.


China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, performing “Thousand-hand goddess” 40

# 1

# 1


LA FREEWAYS: Stunning levels of detail were captured with the 70mm cameras 42

# 1

# 1



Samsara is like a neutral observer of the planet - and it does not judge, but in this way it can inspire people to make a positive change in their lives. The scenes of modern food production are so desolate and bleak that anyone who is even slightly connected to compassion wouldn’t help but be revolted. This approach is far more effective than the judgemental, dictatorial videos that circulate in the animal rights communities that pp Chickens raised for meat being often end up alienating people and rammed into draws never break into the mainstream audience. So insightful is Samsara on the nature of life and death it might even save you a few incarnations! Watching Samsara on the big screen is a great treat, each shot is framed to perfection by director Ron Fricke. As with Baraka, Samsara was shot on 70mm cameras (most films are shot on 35mm) making the level of detail captured on film quite incredible, the aerial scene over mecca during evening prayers is jaw dropping proof of this. Visually there is no other film to match the quality n Samsara is in theatres now. Check the screenings page on the official site to find a screening near you. Samsara will be released on Blu-Ray on the 26th December 2012 More information about Samsara and Baraka: Blu-Ray release of Samsara scheduled for 26th December 2012



# 1

A Mandala of sand being made by Buddhist monks - Thiksey Monastery, Leh, Ladakh, India

# 1


Burka Women

Mursi tribe girl

Sand Dune - Sossusvlei, Namibia 46 # 1


Bagan Temples Mt. Nemrut National Park, Adiyaman, Turkey

Tattoo Daddy

# 1


Hong Kong 48

# 1

# 1


YK Tsuchiya Shokai Doll Factory - Japan

Inside a chicken factory


# 1


Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center - Philippines One of the most memorable scenes in the movie when hundreds of inmates of the prison perform a choreographed dance routine.

Mecca - Saudi Arabia

# 1


Dig a bit deeper into the company behind your daily vitamins


# 1

Ethical vitamins with an organic heart The Viridian Nutrition range of 180+ award-winning products includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutritional oils, speciality supplements, tinctures and balms all formulated to be healthful, efficacious and pure. By choosing from the Viridian Nutrition range, you are one step closer to your goal of 100% wellness.

Purity Matters Did you know that 50% of a tablet is made up of glues, known as binders, to hold the tablet together? For most people this is just an irritating fact, but for people who are hyper allergenic, this can be a real issue. Would you add magnesium stearate, stearic acid, shellac, talc or colourings to your meal, in the way you’d sprinkle over salt or pepper? Neither would we.

By making our capsules, liquids and powders as pure and simple as possible, avoiding all the nasties, we have shown that it is possible to make a range of nutritional supplements acceptable for the majority of people.

From the seed to the recycling bank More than 40% of the Viridian Nutrition range is certified organic by the Soil Association, guaranteeing the provenance and eco-friendliness of the ingredients. All the Viridian fresh organic tinctures and balms are grown and traditionally made in the UK, reducing the environmental impact of transporting ingredients around the world. Our capsules and organic nutritional oils are manufactured in the UK. We use minimum packaging for our products, all made from recycled or recyclable materials, from our glass bottles to the recycled cardboard shipping boxes. We take responsibility for our packaging, too, offering a 25p refund for bottles returned to the health store where purchased.

Care for others as you care for yourself Viridian is a big-hearted company, committed to creating a nutritional supplement range with integrity, quality and innovation.The company was founded in 1999 on two fundamental principles; to develop a range of supplements with the highest possible ethical standards and to generate significant funds for children’s and environmental charities. So far, the Viridian Nutrition Charity Donation programme has donated £145,000 to charities including Friends of the Earth, NSPCC,Woodland Trust, UNICEF,The Princes Trust, Comic Relief, RSPB,Terrence Higgins Trust, Shelter, the Woodland Trust, Save the Children and more. By choosing Viridian Nutrition as your preferred vitamins, you are not only be benefiting your own health, but also helping benefit the lives of others.

For your nearest specialist health store visit

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Free, fresh and organic food.



IN LONDON’S HAMPSTEAD H Photos and words by Steven Nicolaides | walk led by Adam Spanier


oraging is the act of searching for edible and useful plants in nature. Foraging is a very different experience to buying food in a supermarket. When one sets off on a forage there is always the excitement of what will be found, one gets to use their senses and instincts and there is a palpable feeling of engaging with the energy of life. This connection to the energy of life is one of the quickest ways to unplug from the illusionary rootless lifestyle many of us on planet earth have found ourselves in, and connect to reality. After I went on this foraging walk I actually felt that life would never be the same again - it was that powerful. However foraging can be intimidating to get started in, even if one has some basic foraging knowledge. The best, easiest and most enjoyable method is to go on a special walk with an experienced guide who knows what they are doing. Being introduced to a plant is like being introduced to a new friend. This is the way our ancestors learnt about the use of wild plants. An elder would introduce the child to the plant and their lifetime relationship would begin. Foraging Rules: • Never eat anything you are not 100% sure is safe to eat, especially when foraging for mushrooms, which can be extremely toxic. • Don’t forage in polluted areas such as roadsides or places that have been srayed with weed killers, fungicides or insecticides. • This article is a brief overview only and intended to inspire. It is not a detailed guide. For more detailed information please consult a good foraging book/resource or go on a foraging/herbal walk in your local area.


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Wild Garlic

Adam introduced this plant by saying, “If you always knew you would come across this plant when you went foraging, you would always want to go�. My taste buds danced in agreement after I tucked into a freshly plucked lush leaf! TASTE: Succulent texture with a garlic and spring onion flavour. USES: Salads, garlic or spring onion substitute.

Adam picking Wild Garlic

Ground Elder Ground Elder was introduced to England by the Romans.

TASTE: Aromatic with hints of basil, lemon and parsley. USES: Salads, pestos, or in cooked dishes.

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Abundant in the UK . The leaves are covered in tiny thorn like spikes, hence the common name ‘stingy nettle’. Using scissors or gloves when picking is recommended. PICKING TIME: For eating the young tender leaves are best. TASTE: Creamy and leafy USES: Tea, pestos, as a steamed green, spinach substitute and soups.

A Nettle Ball

Adam shared with us a technique to pluck a nettle leaf without the aid of gloves or scissors. Since the stings grow at an angle its possible to avoid being stung if exercising a little caution. Firstly approach the plant gracefully and graciously. Gently hold the leaf at the point where the leaf meets the stem and pull towards you in one motion. When the leaf comes away from the plant, start to roll it up with the ends of your fingers from base to top - this starts to break the stings. If you need to push the leaf against a surface use your fingernails. Start folding and then refolding until you have a ball then squeeze the ball to break up all remaining stings. Finally enjoy the creamy nettle flavours in your mouth! I find it helps to apply some saliva to the ends of your fingertips to act as a layer of protection. 56

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Greater Plantain

Amazingly Plantain tastes like mushroom! PICKING TIME: February - Autumn TASTE: Bitter at first but then develops a mushroom flavour. USES: Salads, medicinal teas and cooking. Traditionally used to treat piles, diarrhea and haemorrhoids.

Ribwort Plantain

Similar to Greater plantain but with long leaves and strong ridges going up the length.

# 1



Common Sorrell

A lovely thick texture to the leaf. Sorrell has been used traditionally in cooking for hundreds of years. PICKING TIME: Spring - Summer TASTE: Mild Lemon flavour USES: Salads, cooking, soups, sauces. Do not eat in excess due to high levels of oxalates.

Ham (Sad met 58

# 1



Covered in tiny hooks which enables them to cling to other plants or peoples clothing!. PICKING TIME: February - April CAUTION: the hooks can feel quite sharp in the mouth if eaten raw. TASTE: Bland USES: Cooking as a leaf vegetable. Medicinally cleavers act on the lymphatic system and as a detoxifier.

Cleavers living up to their reputation.

mpstead Heath Spring. dly the water has a tallic after taste) # 1




A relative of parsley, chervil was a popular herb in ancient mediterranean cultures. *WARNING - Always look for the hollow groove running up the stem to make a correct identification. Chervil looks like hemlock which is poisonous! (Hemlock does not have the groove and no hairs, has purple blotches and an unpleasant smell / taste). PICKING TIME: Spring / Autumn TASTE: A strong parsley like flavour USES: As a herb in a similar way to parsley. Best eaten raw.


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GORSE. This flower smells like Pina

Colada! A treat for the nasal passages in cold grey london.

The flowers are edible and can be used in

salads or home made

drinks such as cordials.

View of central London from

Hampstead Heath

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Garlic mustard

Also known as ‘Jack-by-thehedge’. Native to Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. In North America where it was introduced it’s now considered an invasive species. PICKING TIME: Young leaves are best. Leaves start emerging in March. TASTE: Tastes of garlic and mustard of course! USES: Salads, sauces, pestos, cooking

Blackberry leaves

Blackberries are abundant in the UK. The fruits have been eaten since neolithic times but the leaves are also useful for their medicinal properties

PICKING TIME: Young tender leaves are best for eating, March - May TASTE: Slightly bitter at first but after a few seconds there is an explosion of BUTTER! USES: Leaves can be used in herbal teas. Historically used for a variety of conditions such as diarrhoea, diabetes, gout, sore throats and to help regulate menstruation in women.


Who’s up for a wild green


# 1

salad and Nettle tea?

Message From a Willow Tree by Steven Nicolaides

I love it when you sit under me Rest, relax and just be Allow your worries to go And then we will flow Allow your dreams to be And then we will see # 1



Holly Sierra o

Enter the magical world of artist Holly Sierra, where Celtic dreams come to life and the lost voices of past traditions are heard once more. Holly’s work is influenced by nature, fairy tales, spirituality and tribal life. Her painting ‘La Paloma’ seemed the perfect fit for the cover of the first issue of Lúcuma. Much of Holly’s paintings already seem iconic, and capture the mood of our time well. She’s currently working on a ‘Chrysalis’ Tarot Card deck, which will be released next year. Luckily for us, she has allowed us to share some stunning examples of her talent and given us a glimpse into her world.


All images by Holly Sierra | Questions by Steven Nicolaides 64

# 1

pp THE GREEN MAN - from the ‘Chrysalis’ Tarot Card deck

# 1


ART: Holly Sierra


# 1

ART: Holly Sierra

Your descriptions of your home in Vermont sound magical and very inspiring for an artist, how important is that in your creative process? My environment and surroundings play a very key role in my artistic well being. From earliest youth I was happiest in a countryside setting where the air is filled with bird’s songs and the gentle hum of bees and insects at their work. Much of my youth was spent at our country cabin in Upstate New York where I wiled away the hours in the woods and meadows, examining the wildflowers, stones, grasses, fungi and lichen ~ my very own decorative natural world! As I sketched by the stonewall or garden stile, I could hear, my parent’s voices as they worked in the garden or tool shed, off in the distance and I found this very comforting. I also recall my mother’s terrible dismay whenever we were due to return to our apartment in Manhattan! Her love of the ‘countryside’ must have left its mark on me, for I still feel anxiety when I am too long in a city setting. I have lived in many different places since my youth but my present home in Vermont brings back all those childhood delights with its pastoral atmosphere. (Vermont is the one state in America where billboards aren’t allowed by law!) I find now that most of my inspiration still comes from my discoveries in nature. It is delightful to paint here and a simple glance out the window is often enough to motivate one to take a walk with the dogs and experience it all over again. Do you have any moments when the art just doesn’t flow? Do you have any tips on keeping a strong artistic connection? I am delighted to report that I am never at a standstill when it comes to artistic inspiration. However, I do find, there aren’t enough hours in the day in which to work! pp MADRE NATURA

# 1


ART: Holly Sierra

I am easily able to keep the artistic connection strong, if ever it is lacking, by visiting a library or bookstore and opening a book on mythology, history or fairy tales. There I am sure to find an intriguing idea that captures me. If a book does not suffice somehow, then wandering through an antique store or a little jaunt in woods is always answer enough! And while I may not suffer from artistic blocks I do remember feeling confused in the past as to how I might actually define myself as an artist. I was very intent on ‘finding my own niche’ I have so many different interests though, that it seemed futile to settle on only one defining path. As a young artist, I painted portraits and landscapes, neither of which fulfilled me. I was always more interested in ‘the old ways’, portraying legends, tribal influences, mystical creatures, folk art, patterns and design elements as well as pp GAIA actual artifacts into my pieces rather than progressing as a traditional painter would... In the end, I decided to combine all my interests, varied as they were, and make them my own 68

# 1

‘feminine energy’ is a defining feature in my paintings. I believe this energy channels itself naturally into one’s work by way of subject matter and handling. I am always terribly troubled by cruelty, unfairness and inequality whenever I stumble across them. I see a very strong feminine As a young girl growing up it energy in your work, even ‘Green man’ is very nurturing. seemed ridiculous to me when I discovered that men and women How do you channel that often didn’t share similar rights. energy into the paintings? I am in love with the Green Man I am not a diehard feminist but I do feel an absolute need for archetype~ It is marvellous and equality for all people. I often wonder what our world would be like if the ‘feminine influence had been the more dominant influence throughout history. Creation, in and of itself, is such a feminine act, and yet it has always been guided and controlled by masculine forces throughout the ages, perhaps too steadfastly. This of course, is the conundrum and why in great part I defer to the old ways and long for a time where the Goddess was revered and held in high esteem. Beyond this, - from the ‘Chrysalis’ Tarot Card deck my most fervent cause is animal’s rights. I attempt it’s been with us since ancient to help any creature I happen times! It is said that every upon, whenever and however I painter paints a ‘self portrait’ can. And I hope that by painting when they work. If this is true the subject matter that I do, in than I am very happy that through a unique style and technique. I believe that seeking out that which you love and that which moves you emotionally, will always provide a nugget of inspiration for any artist.

ART: Holly Sierra

a sensitive detailed style, I will pass on the importance of every creature in our chain of life and perhaps in a small way, I will provide a glimpse of a gentler, kinder world. Have any of your pieces been inspired from real life scenes you have witnessed or from spiritual visions? Yes, I suppose in a way, all of my paintings include a little bit of my life’s experience. But to be more specific, I will give some examples…My Angel of Santa Fe painting was inspired by a wooden Madonna Figure that sat in my childhood home for all the years that I can recall. It was a gift to my parents, in the 40’s from my grandmother Lois Karinsky who lived out in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Later in life, long after my grandmother’s passing I was visiting Santa Fe again and I happened upon America’s oldest standing adobe

house, in the heart of the city and there I came across another beautiful, stylized version of the wooden Madonna I had grown up with as a child, as well as a very friendly cat! It dawned on me at the end of the little tour that I had seen this old house, years before, when I had visited my granny in the late 1970’s! It seemed uncanny to stumble across a statue that so resembled our own, in this strange old house. I couldn’t help but believe that it was a visual message from Lois who was also a great cat lover!! I took some photos of the carving and went back to my sunlit hotel room and sketched out the Angel of Santa Fe painting that very morning. It turned out to be a very beautiful painting and I later dedicated to my grandmother’s memory. Another painting that bears mention is ‘Madre Natura’. This piece so clearly

tt HOLLY (right) with her daughter ESME

speaks of my loving connection with my own dear mother as well as my relationship with my two daughters. I was always possessed of the desire to have many children but found that pregnancy was next to impossible for me. During my stay in Asia it occurred to me how many children needed families and I was lucky enough to find a tiny baby girl from a mountain village in the Philippines who was available. The adoption process was very difficult during the late 80s in the Philippines, as the laws were changing and my ordeal went on for over a year’s time. I lived alone in Manila with the baby awaiting the court’s proceedings. It was a difficult soul searching time for me, alone with a baby in a foreign land. Eventually Gabrielle became ‘ours’ and we returned to the States. Seven years later another miracle occurred. I became pregnant! After seventeen fruitless years, I was rewarded with another tiny human jewel! Esme was born and our family was made complete! My ‘Madre Natura’ attempts to convey visually, a mother’s love and devotion to her children. Lastly the story of the creation of the ‘Harvest Goddess’ painting is an interesting one, I think. During the very first month I lived in Vermont I was mightily impressed with the

# 1


ART: Holly Sierra


# 1


ART: Holly Sierra

state’s overwhelming focus on natural foods and keeping things ‘green’! Organic and Herbal farms are the rule rather than the exception and one sees very few chain stores or fast food restaurants. I was impressed! Anyway, one day as I strolled over to the marketplace I picked a little bunch of crab apples from a tree in the yard. They were, in and of themselves, so beautiful, I kept them for quite some time! That night I had a very vivid dream of a maiden coming towards me with fruits, flowers and honeybees throughout her hair. And in her arms she offered me a virtual cornucopia of harvest fare! I sketched this dream memory the very next day and it eventually became a favourite painting of mine and many others. You have dedicated many years to the study of druid and pagan culture. Can you share any insights? I was raised in a family with direct ties to the British Isles. My father, James R. Murphy, still recalled much of the Gaelic he heard at home and my mother, Linda Card, spent many years of her childhood in England and France. As both my parents were artists and much given to exotic interests, historically and otherwise, it seemed quite natural that my artistic and religious queries were often answered with fairly unconventional responses. Still, it was much later that I decided upon my own path, after much study and exploration. I have spent some fascinating days in pursuit of Standing Stones and ancient religious sites in the British Isles. Although I did not think of myself as a Pagan when I was a child, now as an adult, I realize that I already had Pagan leanings. I displayed a great affinity for animals and plants, the wildwood, the wind and sacred fire, the earth, the sun, and the sea. I found these spiritual leanings began emerging quite early in life, each speaking directly to me. And I had what I would call “mystical experiences” while communing with

pp CELTIC OWL - from the ‘Chrysalis’ Tarot Card deck

Nature. I remember once frolicking with a fawn, as a child, in the lovely meadow near our country cabin. I was unaware that such encounters did not occur regularly and naturally. There is obviously a great resurgence now of the Ancient Druid and Pagan practices. I believe that many people have been left dissatisfied with their present situations and endeavour to re-embrace the old ways, with a gentle focus in mind. So many of our family trees allow us a direct connection to the folk traditions of old Europe and Asia, as well as the Native traditions of early America. I believe too that the tremendous thrust towards technology that affects all our lives, often in stressful ways, awakens in many of us a need to revert back to simpler times.

# 1




# 1



# 1



Nature religions have roots in the oldest parts of humankind and it is here where the ‘awakening’ occurs....our souls! As our planet becomes more burdened with development, growing populations and deforestation, many of us see the need for nature’s resurgence. We are reliant on nature and yet we take her for granted. My other fervent hope is that we may move closer to a brand of spirituality where male and female dimensions of the Divine are more equally in balance. Many seek Paganism because they are hopeful for a religion or a spiritual home, that encourages them to pray and practice their religion outside and allows them to honour the Divine not just as some transcendent being but something


# 1

that dwells within all of us. I think we wish to reconnect with the great Circle of Life, or as the native peoples say~ The Sacred Hoop! The South Western series depicts the Native American culture with a lot of love and respect. What is it you love about it so much? Although I was always aware of my grandmother’s life out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, through trinkets and postcards, it wasn’t until I was a teen that I visited her out there and was simply bowled over by the stark, picturesque beauty that is the Southwest! It was as if the ‘Westerns’ I had seen on TV came to life before my very eyes. And through my grandmother’s

ART: Holly Sierra

wonderful and witty guided tours, I saw much of the land~ We visited the ancient Taos Pueblo, Bandelier, the Santa Fe Art Museums, the Grand Canyon and so much more. It slowly dawned on me that this mecca for art and culture in America offered more than just fantastic paintings, weavings and sculpture - It was our country’s true Native art form! I made Southwestern art my focus for quite some time after that and I still harken back to it whenever inspiration strikes. I just adore the patterns and colors that are so reflective of the environment. It is tragic that the Native American Cultures suffered so at the hands of the settlers and government in the early days of this nation, one hopes that more retributions are made‌Still, there is something infinitely comforting and eternal in the lure of the canyons, the smoky kivas, the cry of hawks on high and the ancient petroglyphs that decorate the beautiful mesas and buttes n pp SUNDANCE


# 1


ART: Holly Sierra

For more information about Holly Sierra or to purchase prints, canvas prints, gift cards or T-shirts visit her website: Holly Sierra on etsy:




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# 1

Luxurious Balinese Healing at


words by Steven Nicolaides



# 1


ivelements is the kind of luxury, eco-conscious healing resort that exists in peoples dreams and somehow it has materialised in the physical world beside the Ayung River near the village of Ubud, Bali.

The resort itself being 70% bamboo looks like it could have been given birth to by Gaia herself, emerging perfectly formed from the lush vegetation that surrounds it. # 1



# 1


Bali, Fivelements wellness programme Even more remarkable than the architecture of Fivelements is the depth of the healing programmes offered. Guided by the Balinese ideals of living in harmony with spirit, nature and other people, a tailor made holistic programme is created for the guest to bring about a deep healing. Traditional Balinese healing treatments & ceremonies: According to the balinese principal of Sekala-Niskala, we all live equally in two worlds; the seen or conscious world Sekala, and the unseen or psychic world Niskala, the Balinese healers engage the help of the higher divine source during each healing session and guests are often impressed by their level of insight and the results of the healing they receive. Living Foods: More than half of the dishes at Fivelements Shakti dinning room are raw vegan with the rest being vegetarian and all are organic. Raw/living food is easier to digest than cooked food as well as being more nutritious. Those who are already fans of raw living foods will be in paradise as Bali has an abundance of fresh tropical fruits and the nearby town of Ubud has a thriving raw food community with numerous raw food restaurants to discover. Sacred Arts: Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, dance and expressive arts.

Water Healing

# 1


Sakti Dining Room 84

# 1


# 1



Accommodation There are seven suites in total, all as separate pavilions with en suite garden bathrooms. Five of the suites are built overlooking the Ayung River and each suite named after one of the five elements in balinese - Pertiwi (earth), Apah (water), Teja (fire), Bayu (air) and Akasa (ether). The other two suites are waterfall suites. Each suite features an open veranda, and a large open-air bathtub hewn from a stone boulder!

Beauty Sanctuary How can one be in an environment like this and not want to be pampered with a balinese beauty ritual? The Bidadari Beauty Sanctuary has a sumptuous menu of beauty treatments and healing massages. Where possible all products used are made fresh before each session and all are from natural ingredients. How does a raw chocolate body mask sound - or indeed smell to you? Or perhaps a flower facial made from champaka, ylang ylang and frangipani blossoms? For more information about Fivelements:


# 1

Bidadari Beauty Sanctuary

# 1


Home made

Beauty Photos and words by Steven Nicolaides


# 1

k Making your own beauty products can be a fun and rewarding process, with many advantages over buying conventional products. A product made fresh out of what nature has given us contains a life force energy and vitality which is a pleasure to both work with and apply to the body. Put simply, your skin has more in common with a fruit than it does a concoction of man made chemicals and extracts. Another incentive is the knowledge that you are not supporting animal testing and also that you are not pouring potentially dangerous chemicals down the sink and into our environment.

# 1


Kiwi Scrub

*not suitable for people with very sensitive skin. Do not apply on recently shaved/broken skin.

Recipe by Steven Nicolaides

Kiwi fruits seem very suited to being a great cleanser. The seeds of the Kiwi fruit help exfoliate the skin and the fruit also contains a protein dissolving enzyme called actinidin which can help break down dead skin cells. Chia seeds make water gelatinous which helps to thicken the mixture. That being said this product will always have a runny consistency, so I always apply it over a bowl or sink. Allergy test: Try a bit of raw kiwi on your skin first then wash off to make sure your skin is ok with kiwi. If you have any discomfort wash of immediately

Ingredients 2 ripe Kiwis (Unripe kiwi can be too stingy on the skin so its best to leave them for up to a week to soften and ripen. A ripe kiwi usually gives way a little when pressed gently)

1 tbsp Chia Seeds A splash of Water Method Cut the tops and bottoms off the kiwis and cut away the skins. Cut the kiwis in half and remove the hard cores. Mash the peeled kiwis with a fork in a bowl. Add the water and chia seeds and continue to break down the mixture with the fork. Leave the mixture to rest for 5 minutes, then apply to the skin using the seeds to exfoliate. Take care when applying near sensitive areas like under the eyes, nostrils and mouth. I recommend not leaving the kiwi scrub on your skin (particularly the face) for more than a few minutes. When you are finished wash away all traces of the kiwi scrub with water and pat dry your skin with a towel.


# 1


tt Not all home made mixtures will store for long so its best to use them up straight after they are made.

The Magic Ingredients! When you create your home made product, its’ a good opportunity to consciously put your own loving energy into it or to ‘introduce’ the frequency in your mind of your desired effect. After all it is a bit like a ritual isn’t it? Energetic intention is important when making ones own products or food. Experiments by Dr. Masaru Emoto showed that food and water respond to an external energy applied to it in either a positive or negative way, depending on they type of energy applied. Another tip for getting the most out of your creations, is to get the blessing of nature. I like to create with a surrendering stance of grace and gratitude to the magnificence of creation which helps connect to the energy of nature.





# 1

LAVA JUICE Recipe and photo by Steven Nicolaides

Makes 1 serving

Ingredients 3 Oranges 2 Grapefruits Simply cut fruits in half and squeeze juice out using a citrus press/juicer. # 1



Arroz con Leche

- Spanish rice pudding Recipe by Irene Arango Makes 4 servings

Arroz con Leche is a creamy rice pudding delicately flavoured with cinnamon. It was my favourite dessert when I was a kid and I decided to recreate the flavour in this delicious raw recipe. The traditional rice and milk are replaced with coconut, one of my favourite nuts. Ingredients 1 cup young coconut meat (from 2 coconuts) 3/4 cup coconut water 1/4 cup agave syrup 1/4 cup unsweetened shredded dried coconut 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon Method Put the coconut meat, coconut water, and agave syrup in a blender and process until very smooth. Stop occasionally to scrape down the sides of the blender jar with a rubber spatula. Transfer the mixture to a small mixing bowl and add the dried coconut and the cinnamon and stir well to mix. Chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. To serve, add some cinnamon powder on top and half a cinnamon stick. Stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator, the Arroz con Leche will keep for 3 days. 94

# 1 photo by Irene Arango

# 1


RECIPES Recipes by Rich Havardi

Linseed crackers Ingredients ½ cup linseeds ½ cup linseed meal * 1 cup sun dried tomatoes (soaked for 1 – 2 hours to soften) 6 tomatoes 1 tbsp lemon juice ¼ cup fresh basil 3 tbsp Herbes de Provence 3 medium red onions 1 clove garlic * Linseed meal can be made by grinding linseeds in a coffee grinder or pestle and mortar Method Grind all ingredients in food processor until paste like consistency is reached Over 2 paraflexx dehydrator trays, spread mixture evenly with a palette knife to the edges and then use a knife to score into cracker shapes of desired size. Dehydrate for 3 hours at 105 degrees. Invert on another mesh tray (without Paraflexx sheet), dehydrating for a 10-20 hours. Longer dehydrating will result in a crispier cracker.

photo by Rich Havardi

Guacamole Ingredients 2 ripe avocados 1 red chilli, stems and seeds removed, minced 2 tablespoons coriander, finely chopped 1/2 red onion, minced 1 tbsp lime juice 1/2 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt Pinch black pepper ½ tsp blue green algae (optional)


# 1

Half a dozen cherry tomatoes, seeds and pulp removed, finely chopped Method Cut avocados in half and scoop out flesh into a bowl. Mash avocados then stir in remaining ingredients except tomatoes. Add tomatoes just before serving. Garnish with coriander sprigs.

Macadamia & courgette hummus Ingredients

Paprika for garnish

½ cup macadamia nuts (soaked for at least 20 minutes) 1 large courgette, chopped 1 clove garlic 3 tbsp tahini 3 tbsp lemon juice Ÿ - ½ tsp pink Himalayan salt

Method Blend all ingredients except paprika in a high-speed blender until smooth. Add filtered water and blend to desired consistency. Garnish with paprika.

# 1


Raw Chocolate Ganache cake Recipe by Rich Havardi This is a decadent raw chocolate treat bursting with the rich flavour of cacao. Enjoy as an indulgence!

Ingredients Crust: 350g pecans, soaked for 8 hours and dehydrated 15ml coconut oil 2 tbsp maple syrup 2 soft dates 1/2 tsp pink Himalayan salt 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp nutmeg Filling: 140g cashews, soaked for at least 20 minutes 1/4 cup date paste (made by blending dates with enough water to make a paste) ½ cup coconut sugar, ground 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted 1 Ÿ cups raw cacao powder 1 tbsp tamari 1/2 vanilla pod, scraped 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 tbsp psyllium husks 1/4 cup coconut flour 1 cup water Method Blend all crust ingredients until biscuit texture is achieved. Press mixture into bottom of a spring form pan. For filling, blend all ingredients in high-powered blender until very smooth. Pour mixture over crust and then place in freezer for 1-2 hours or until set. Garnish with whole or crushed pecans.


# 1


# 1


photo by Rich Havardi


photo by Steven Nicolaides

# 1


LĂşcuma Cacao Latte Recipe by Steven Nicolaides Makes 1 serving

Ingredients 3 tbsp shelled hemp seeds 1 tbsp lĂşcuma powder 1/2 tbsp cacao powder 2 tsp of maple syrup or sweetener of choice Enough water to fill your serving cup. Method Add all ingredients the water to a blender. Fill your serving cup with water so you know the exact amount you will need for your cup size. Add the water to blender Blend for 30 seconds or until the shelled hemp is thoroughly blended. Transfer to a saucepan and warm up the drink. Pour from a height into your serving cup to create the froth and bubbles.

# 1


CONTRIBUTORS Steven Nicolaides

Adriana Wigderowitz

Anna Maria Stöckert

Like the way a hill alters the course of a stream upon their meeting, Adriana’s course in life was changed when she was woken up in 2007 by the Seraphim. Her clairvoyance and other spiritual gifts switched on like a light bulb over night. Since then she has been working as a Soul Clearer, deeply clearing physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and lifetime energy/belief systems with the help of her light team, angels and the Universe. She helps to heal the collective human consciousness as well as individuals. Adriana completed her training as a Certified Angel Practitioner in 2009 with Charles Virtue. “Surrendering to divine guidance often hasn’t led me down the easiest path, I do not know where I would be without it and I have experienced true inner peace and bliss through it.” “I work very deeply with the Mineral, Nature and Angelic Realms.” Adriana gives angel readings, space clearing sessions and has recently finished writing ‘Family Consciousness’, a book on healing the Family Collective Consciousness. This year she is running a free ascension workshop in December and starting the Enlightenment programme in January.

Coming the long way around: AnnaMaria has revolutionised her life. The first demand for better life quality was launched ten years ago, and linked a troubled mind with the meanings of contrast, solitude, and yoga. Since then Anna-Maria’s steps have been a union of spiritual and physical work, and her path stands for the breaking through the net of conditioning. Anna-Maria’s mission is deeply inspired by the rhythms of nature and the limitless universe. Living life Raw, both in nutrition and contemplation of nothingness nourishes the power of her will that helped her developing well being. The self-healing journey through an ordinary life has long been accompanied by the arts, especially the written word with which she hopes to inspire cosmic wisdom and life force within all her relations. Anna-Maria is always open for flowing exchange.

Editor & Founder of Lúcuma

Steven is the founder and designer of Lúcuma. He has a background in music and design. He left university with a Biology degree but felt totally disinterested in science. He worked for a few years for his fathers graphic design business before moving onto working for a printer. Disillusioned with the conventional way of life he desired to unplug from the illusion and gain more freedoms on every level. Spirituality, creating, veganism and mindfulness has been his passion since the turn of the millennium. He is a natural creative able to communicate ideas and concepts through a variety of media. He started doing free-lance design under the name New Gaia designs in 2008, but rarely takes on new clients now due to lack of time. He loves spending time in nature, guitars, drums, chanting, meditating, travelling flowers and nice scents. For more of Steven’s photography see


# 1

Irene Arango

Rich Havardi

Holly Sierra

Founder of Bliss Bites & Detox

Founder of the Raw Foods Company


Irene started her journey into raw food in her search for better health, more energy and ideal weight. Delighted that she found it, she has since then dedicated her life to help others to embark on the same fulfilling path trying to bring raw food and its benefits to mainstream knowledge showing how exciting raw dishes can be using your creativity and imagination.

Rich, founder of The Raw Foods Company has always had a passion for food and nutrition and is a firm believer in the value of a healthy diet for body, mind and spirit. “By focusing on a path of improving my nutrition, wonderful synchronicities have enriched my life to help me fulfil my dreams.” “All of this has come from being in my heart and I feel very grateful for every blessing.”

Holly has been drawn to painting things ‘mystical and magical’ for as long as she can remember. After her fine art education at SUNY Purchase in NY, the next decade found Holly living and travelling extensively in Asia. She now blends her marvellous multicultural memories with themes that influence and fascinate her today.

Founder of Bliss Bites, a raw chocolate, cakes, nut cheese and kale crisps online business and Bliss Detox, Irene spends her days working in her West London kitchen, producing the healthy raw treats for business Bliss Bites, developing exciting new recipes and making bespoke juices for her detox clients. Irene also runs health related events in the UK and Spain, caters for meetings, dinner parties, conferences and retreats in Europe and runs raw food and chocolate workshops to encourage and inspire more people to embrace the raw lifestyle.

Rich supports people both in a group setting and individually and has helped people of all ages and varying degrees of health condition. He runs raw foods workshops, which provide people with the techniques, resources and recipes necessary to start making raw food dishes in a simple and healthful way. Rich also offers bespoke raw catering for both small and large events. He has recently been providing catering services for the Alchemy Yoga Centre in Camden.

Irene believes that raw foods are not only a way to become healthier but also to use your imagination and nurture your spirit.

You can now find Rich working as the raw food chef in Down to Earth, vegetarian restaurant based in High Street Kensington.

Upon her return to America, Holly went to work as a children’s book illustrator. Her paintings adorn a variety of books, magazine covers, t-shirts, art bags and greeting cards. At present she is hard at work with author Toney Brooks, creating 78 paintings for the upcoming ‘Chrysalis Tarot’ card deck, which will be published next year, by U.S. Games. One of her Southwestern paintings, ‘Navajo Weave’ is featured with the Leanin’ Tree company as a popular greeting card. For those interested in her highly imaginative and detailed ‘Earth Goddesses’ series ~ Prints and greeting cards are featured for sale on her website. Holly makes her home amidst the picturesque green mountains of Stowe, Vermont, where she is an active member of The Vermont Hand Crafter’s Guild and the local ‘Arts and Crafts Festival’ circuit.

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