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8 Favorite Fidget Toys The anxiety-related consumer products market is expected to grow to $7.5 billion by 2023

By Rocio Villaseñor


luckbox | august 2019

The Fidget Spinner

Think Ink Fidget Pen

Various vendors and versions


Fidget spinner prices range from as low as $2 for a basic model to $1,000 for an LED light-embedded limited edition collectible. Russian jewelry specialists Caviar created the world’s most expensive fidget spinner, which has a 100-gram, gold-coated exterior and a value of about $17,000. An estimated 50 million fidget spinners have been sold.

Launched on Kickstarter and made from durable titanium and steel with lots of detachable and reconfigurable parts, this pen can flex, spin, slide and twist. The pen barrel flexes like a spring, the magnetic clip can slide along the pen or detach altogether, the top has a spinnable magnetic sphere, and it writes well, making it the most practical toy on the list.



n the Fall of 2016, two Kickstarter campaigns were launched with modest ambitions. The entrepreneurs hoped to raise around $20,000 to finance consumer products that could address anxiety—the most common mental health problem in America. A startlingly strong response brought in nearly $6.5 million to develop the Fidget Cube and set the stage for the ubiquitous Fidget Spinner. Meanwhile, the sleep-inducing Gravity Blanket raised $4.7 million and has since sold more than 70,000 units. By May 2017, all 20 of the topselling toys on Amazon were either Fidget Spinners or Fidget Cubes. “Anxiety consumerism” has since hit full stride with adult coloring books, aromatherapy vapes and oils, and meditation apps. The anxiety-related consumer products market is expected to grow to $7.5 billion by 2023. The always fidgety luckbox editorial team sifted through dozens of anxiety-reducing fidget toys to come up with this short list of favorites.

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