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THE KUIS TIMES Tuesday, July 24th 2012

1ST YEAR Volume 1, Issue 1

Tokyo University challenge to be global university

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Your By-line Ayako Eguichi & Chika Ohinata On July 13 Friday, Tokyo University announced that they will recruit the participants in new summer program to take international outlook.

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Hard power + Soft power = Smart power You can use power and it can change someoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s action. In this article, power is same meaning of authority. Today, at international relation, there are three types of powers. The powers are called Hard power, Soft power, and Smart power.

Ayaka Mihashi Ayako Eguichi Chiaki Asumi Chika Ohinata Erina Kamada Kaori Watanabe Koichi Mochizuki Mano Mimura Marina Hatasaki Marisa Hiruta Miai Tanaka Miko Kano Misaki Teraoka Miyu Hoshino Natsumi Mori Norifumi Kobayashi Rina Nagao Shizuka Nishioke Suguru Osada Tadaaki Ryu Uran Kobori Yumi Hieda

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Obama Support Homosexual Will Be Able to Get -Married in Same-sex?Defense of Marriage Act.DOMA prescribed â&#x20AC;&#x153;Marriage is approved only between man and women, but Mr. Obama claimed that violates the equal protection under the law. The statement by Mr. Obama gave rise to various comments. <Continue to next page 3>

National km on the Aqua-line. During the race, the Aqua-line will be closed for six hours. The fixed number was 15,000, but more than 27,000 people applied for it. The governor of Chiba Prefecture hopes that it will be successful in order to recover the condition of Kisarazu which has some economic problems. My mother, Machiko Ohinata, 53, said” I will take part in the race to improve my health and a sense of accomplishment. Even though I am over 50 years old, I have a confidence to complete the race. I also want to take part in the Tokyo Marathon race in the future. Anyway I have to get the right of participation.”

Overall, it is the first time to carry on hands-on activity in the university. There is a purpose to examine the effect of the introduction of hands-on activity in the gap term. They plan to set up 44 programs, for example, working in disabled facilities in Malaysia, participating in research activity with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Minamisanriku, Miyagi prefecture, adhering to the entrepreneur as assistant and so on. Tokyo University also intends to offer a scholarship for some program. Tokyo University student, Kiori Kato who agrees with this program said “I think spring enrollment causes impediment to study abroad, and if we shift the enrollment from April to September, it is necessary to examine how they make good use of gap term. My Chinese friend had gone to Japanese language school for half a year after she graduated from high school. In order to enrich the internationalization without this step, fall enrollment has important meaning.”

This marathon is unusual and exciting because I have never heard the marathon race that people can run on the sea. In addition, I worried about economic conditions in Kisarazu. However, recently, the traffic volume of the Aqua-line is increasing thanks to the open of Mitsui Outlet Park in Kisarazu and cut in price. I think that these will help my hometown. Moreover, now, people who care about their health including my mother are increasing. In fact, she has felt better than before since she started walking and running. Therefore, I want many people to think about their own health on that occasion and hope that it will be successful without any accidents or disaster. The Most Chic Day in KUIS

On one hand, the internationalization of Japanese universities being promoted, and on the other hand, the rate of Japanese students who study abroad has been declining. According to the research by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology, the number of Japanese students who study abroad is 66,833 people in 2008, and it has dropped 11% from the previous year. “I don’t have any plan to study abroad now. There are many foreigner students, and we have a reasonably well-equipped study environment at my university. Even though the rate has dropping, International conscious has being strongly among Japanese student, I think. ” She said. The biggest reason why they don’t study abroad is economic cause. They have a resistance to be dependent on the family economically, are reluctant to study abroad. Social systems also are involved. For example, Spring enrollment and overlapping with the period of job hunting. “It’s insufficient to be international university like American university in this social situate, so I want to have international outlook by myself rather than just depending on university and government.” As Japan's highest institution of learning, they are trying to lead the transformation of the educational environment. Tokyo University’s challenge becomes the focus of public attention, and it is certain that this movement will effect on not only other universities, but also Japanese society. A few years later, our lives might have changed significantly.

Marathon recover our Health & Economy

The first Aqua-line Marathon race will be held in Kisarazu, Chiba in Oct 21st. It is a full-length marathon, and runners will run for about 11 km in 42.195

The wafuku party was hold in SALC on July 19 Thursday. In this party, many students and ELI teachers wore Yukata or Jinbei which are traditional Japanese clothes, and they seemed to have a wonderful time. The event was a great opportunity to experience Japanese traditional culture. Nowadays even Japanese, many people do not often wear wafuku. Tomomi Kaku, a KUIS student said, “I feel that I can be an adult lady when I wear the Yukata. I usually wear it once or twice a year, so I want to wear it more as Japanese. In addition, it is the real taste to arrange my hair style and Obi.” Joanne Mynard who is from England, an ELI teacher in KUIS said, “I felt hot and worried that the line of my body is out. I borrowed this Yukata from another ELI teacher for today. I love this design and color.”

We have great culture, but we tend to take something new. Sometimes, we should be prouder of own culture, and then we may be able to find some graces.


Agree or disagree? Japan’s sales Tax is planning increase. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda announced he wants to raise the consumption tax from 5% now to 8% by April 2014 and finally their goal is 10% sales tax by October 2015. Actually, Japan is in crisis of economy, one of the reasons is that we are in the Koreika-syakai (aging society) and then, Japanese government should give many people who are alder enough money to their surviving. However, Japanese government said that they don’t have enough money to provide them it. So that, the government wants to cover by money from sales tax. We asked people “Do you agree this plan, or not?” and, 60% people doesn’t agree it. The reasons are that we will have to pay more money than now, and the tax is not for everyone but only alder people. And, there are things that the

Obama Support Homosexual Will Be Able to Get - Married in Same-sex?-

Denying gay marriage is discrimination against gay. However, Mr. Romney who is Mr. Obama’s rival disagree that. He believes Mormonism and this religion prohibit homosexual. According to the poll, 50% of people argue that gay marriage should be allowed to by law, 48% of people disagree that. Therefore, if Mr. Obama is reelected a president, will be able to get married in same-sex in U.S? In addition, if it becomes that, what kinds if influence would you have on the world?

government have to improve, such as to improve the rate of employment. The other 40%

people we asked say that it is best way to exploit from every people. However, Noda made a promise that he wouldn’t increase sales tax before he became the president of Japan. Do you think it is good way or bad way?

Why changed? -Step In’s performance was finished.-

Step In is one of the most famous dance clubs in KUIS. They have two big performances in a year, summer and winter. This year, summer performance was held on 7/19(Thu), 7/20(Fri), 7/21(Sat). At first their performance was planned on 7/18(Wed), 7/19(Thu), 7/20(Sat) and they said the date officially. However, they changed the performance date. They reserved the dance hall to their performance after 4 th comma, because 4th comma has a class. It means that they can’t use the dance hall during 4th comma. And before start it, they should prepare music instruments, stage lights, seats, and movies, it takes time. And always, their performance is held after 4th comma, and if the time became late, they can’t finish before school closing. So that, they decided to change the date, but the dance hall was reserved every day. The club’s leader, Kanae Imai asked every group, every teacher who reserved the dance hall to borrow it, and finally, they could get 7/19(Thu)! The performance was finished successfully thanks for many people efforts.

Art and Culture SALC Holds a Photo Competition SALC hold the photography competition this year too. At building 6, you can see many high-quality photographs. Last year’s topic was “animal,” and the person who took a picture of white tiger got the first prize. This year’s is about “nature” so there are nice pictures of nature on the wall. For example, there are picture of solar eclipse, Grand Canyon and so on… SALC have held photography competitions 6 times before, so this time is 7th photography competition. If you win the first prize, you can get Disney ticket. A participant said “I participated in this competition because I want to get Disney ticket.” So this is a good opportunity to show your picture for many people and get a great prize. This year’s voting was already finished. The winner will be announced during the yukata party in SALC. SALC may hold the photography competition again, so I recommend you to participate in the photography competitions if you are interested in taking pictures.

British Museum Shows Olympics Collections In the British Museum in London, there is display which tells us about the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics. You can see the proof of the victory in this Olympic and Paralympics medals. This display tells process of how the medals were produced which include the information about artists. The highest point of the display because it is the first time to show them in public. These medals were made at the Royal Mint Llantrisant. Olympic medals were designed by David Watkins who is artist, and Paralympics medals designed by Lin Cheung who is jewellery artist. On the front side of Olympic medal, it has a design featuring Nike which means the Greek goddess of victory.

Tutankhamen Exhibition Come to Ueno “Tutankhamen and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs” which is the famous world tour of exhibition will hold at the Ueno Royal Museum from August 4th to December 9th. You can see 122 collections relating to Tutankhamen and they will welcome you into the mysterious ancient Egyptian world. Before this exhibition, same exhibition held in Osaka. The exhibition in Ueno is final of a 10-year-long world tour of the famous exhibits, so it is the last chance for you to see those remarkable collections. In this exhibition, you can learn the mystery of most famous king of ancient Egypt with modern technologies like CT scan and DNA analysis. I interviewed some people who visited Osaka exhibition. A person said “It was very interesting, but it was little short. I could see all of collections for an hour.” The other person said “I was surprised to this exhibition. You should visit this exhibition because you can enjoy seeing amazing ancient Egypt collections.” It will make big movement during this summer holyday.

Paralympics medals. Photograph: London 2012/PA

Olympic medals, Photo By HO/AFP/Getty Images

Weight Diameter Thickness Gold Silver Bronze

London 2012 Olympic medals 375 400 (g) 85 (mm) across 7(mm) thick 92.5% silver, 1.34% gold and the rest copper 92.5% silver the rest copper 97% copper, 2.5 zinc and 0.5 tin

Technology Smartphoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Evolution A Smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile computing platform, with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a feature phone the first smart phones mainly combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone or camera phone. Today's models also serve to combine the functions of portable media players, low-end compact digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and GPS navigation units. Modern smart phones typically also include touch screens, web browsers that can access and properly show standard web pages rather than just mobile-optimized sites, and high-speed data access via Wi-Fi and mobile broadband. The distinction between smart phones and feature phones can be obscure and there is no official definition for the difference between them. One of the most important differences is that the advanced application programming interfaces on smart phones can allow those applications to have better unification with the phone's OS and hardware than is typical with feature phones. About 18 percent of total world population possesses some kind of smart phone by 2012, compared to 12 percent in 2010 and 8 percent in 2008.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing is one of the most modern techniques today. In the first place, the cloud computing is a computer formation that is based on the network, especially the Internet. The user of the computer uses the handling of the computer as a service via the network. The conventional computer use was the system that the users keep the hardware, software, and data by their own self. On the other hand, the cloud computing is the system just that the user of it receive the service from the other side of the Internet and purchase the charge. All the users of the cloud computing need are the least circumstance of

the connection. The computer and the networks between the computers which are indeed carried out the handling are set on the side of the enterprise.

Universal Studio Japan

Shrck and a donkey become a completely new adventure and appear again. Shrck 4D the special effects of the new technology are added to an adventure original 3D movie. A story can be felt direct with skin, sat on a sheet with a surprising new image. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s enjoy wonderful 4D of thrill full marks. - It is an attraction to which we wears 3-D glasses and which it enjoys indoors. When you enter inside a hall first of all, the outline of a story should carry out main by setup called the subterranean dungeon of a castle. When you enter in a theater, a screen and a seat will be located in a line like a movie theater, and a show will start in the place. A story is the original for attractions and is the contents that Shrck and a donkey go Princess Fiona who reviewed to save. The story was very intelligible and he was able to understand that immediately also those who are not seeing the movie. On the scene which thinks the attraction for small children and passes along a graveyard in the middle, they were contents which an adult can also fully enjoy a seat shaking to the good timing in the midst of throbbing in great fear, a sound effect Becoming or water flying suddenly in a certain scene. I think that is an attraction which does not get bored in the same contents either so that it carries out each time. The moment of the woman who sat next having been surprised thoroughly as me, and flying up was most surprised. Although I had not seen the movie of Shrek, the small play before a show had also become contents which this editing can also enjoy enough, of course. I think that it is an attraction which does not get bored in the same contents, either, so that it carries out each time.

Fashion and Style .

Old but Beautiful Kimono is the oldest style in Japan. Yukata also old style. Old people were wearing the kimono when they go out or see the stage play. Yong and old people using the yukata in summer when they go to “Omaturi” or see the fireworks.

New style of KYARY and HARAJUKU FASHION Kyary pamyupamyu is the popular singer and fashion model. She always wears the colorful and eccentric fashion. This fashion called “Harajyuku Fashion”. Before the Kyary was appear this style was not famous, but now this style was accept for many young people. Many models have this fashion. Maybe you know KIMURA KAERA NAKA RIASA. They are the popular models and wears “Harajyuku Fashion”. We have some doubts about “Harajyuku Fashion”. Why this fashion became more popular in Japan? Why carry like this fashion? So I ask the people in Harajyuku why you use Harajyuku Fashion. I interviewed people who like and wear “Harajyuku Fashion”. The biggest reason is that they can made the own style without other peoples mind. Kyary also said this fashion made me stronger and feel free. And it is said that the reason for the popular side in the public sense of intimacy is easy, to be the role model. We think “Harajyuku Fashion” will more famous than now effect by many reasons.

But why Japanese people still using the Kimono and Yukata? Miss Yukiko whom my grand mother said “when I wearing the Kimono I feel comfortable. Its old style but its very old culture in Japan. So we should have to transmit this culture to the next generation. That is my mission I think” The kimono style is simple but there is a very deep and beautiful culture background.

KUIS T-shirts Our university has an original t-shirts “KUIS T-shirts”. Most of university has original goods. Our university’s traditional goods are T-shirts. We have KUIS T-shirts day in a year. Why they made the original t-shirts or goods? Not only university is making the original goods. Other company also made the original things. The biggest reason is they want to sail or propaganda the BRAND . Most of company said it’s hard to made the original things but its good way to sail the own companies brand. Its good things to made the own brand and sailed it. But we should have to careful about that. The original is not might be original some times. That’s why we should have to protect the own brand by our hands.

Events & Movies


On October 20, 21, the biggest event in KUIS, Hamakaze Festival, is coming. This time is 26th and the theme of it is “SURPRISE~it is imaginations~”. Visitors of last year were about 8200 people, and this time is aimed the number of 10,000. It means the member of committee is going to give a “SURPRISE” to 10000 visitors. It contains a lot of fantastic and enjoyable projects. First is “Ms.&Mr. contest”. It is the contest which decides No1 beautiful girl and cool boy in KUIS. Now this project is accepting applications, and if you win a prize, you can get a nice present. So, if you or people around you are interested in this, please apply. "Guerilla". That is also one of new performance in Hamakaze festival. Performers will dance around you suddenly or sing songs. Why don't you come and see that event. Surprise will make you happy, I hope In addition to this two, import shop, Music-1, seal rally, experiencing different culture, global cooperation, mosaic art, making breads and making sweets with sweet potato. All is so fantastic and unique projects. You can get “Surprise” by coming to this event.

Disney Sea New Attraction A new fantastic attraction, Toy story mania, which is 35th attraction in Tokyo Disney Sea (Chiba prefecture) was opened in Tokyo Disney Sea (Chiba prefecture), on July 9. Toy story is a famous movie about the world of toys. It is shooting game that when you go into mouth of Woody, who is the main character of Toy story, you will become the same size as toys! Under the bed of Andy, you can enjoy shooting game in the Toy story’s world! The day of open was full of people, who were waiting for this attraction, and as a result it took up to 400 minutes (6 hours 40 minutes).On July 16th, which is holiday, the waiting time is 500 minutes (over 8 hours.) Some people say that it represents Japanese culture or character. Japanese is less unwilling to line than Europeans. Others say that waiting for 400minute is a waste of time and people who wait are a little stupid, because this attraction is not limited time offer. However, people who rode the attraction are said that it is so amusing and I really recommend it. This attraction is enjoyable for both adult and child. It is worthwhile to ride even if the waiting time is too long.

Thermae Romae This story is published as comics at first. This year, 2012, this comic became anime and next became movie. This movie is famous for not only young people but also old people. I asked my friends how the movie was. Almost of all my friends who saw this movie said that it was really funny. They laughed sometimes during see the movie. In addition, in Europe this movie opened to public inspection. European people who saw the movie said that “I have not laughed while I see the movie so it was really awesome.” And they did not know Abe Hiroshi who acted as main character is Japanese actor. They thought he is European people. That is why he was chosen the actor by director. Therefore if you did not see this movie, why don't you see “Thermae Romae”. Rina Nagao &Mano Mimura

ENTERTAINMENT Cross word: The name of nation


Across 2, Famous for Tacos 4, Famous for beer and sausage 9, The country shape looks like boots 10, Famous for the statue of liberty 11, The capital city is New Delhi 12, Famous for Kiwi bird and Maori 13, Famous for maple Down 1, 3, Famous for pyramid 5, Famous for koala and kangaroo 6, Famous for coffee 7, Largest population country 8, Famous for sushi

Disneyland Attraction How do you spend during your summer vacation? How about going to Tokyo Disney Land with your boy or girl friend or family! We searched about popular attractions so refer our information! First, we will show the rank of the popular attractions in Tokyo Disney Land. The No.3 attraction was Space Mountain! This attraction, you ride on a rocket shaped coaster and you run in the beautiful space. No.2 attraction was Splash Mountain! This attraction, you ride on a branch coaster and you go inside the dream land. At the end, the coaster will drop into the water from the top of the mountain! Finally, the No.1 attraction was Big Thunder Mountain! This attraction, you ride on a train that runs very fast. Then we can get absolutely thrills! From this information, screaming and fast attractions are very popular in Tokyo Disney Land. If you have time, go to Tokyo Disney Land and spend a wonderful summer vacation!! However, there are many people during summer vacation, so be careful. It is good way for you to search about confusion situation before you visit.


If you want to win, you must use your brain and your body BY SUGURU OSADA Do you know chess? Do you know boxing? Maybe all people would say “Yes”. Well then do you know “Chess Boxing”? It is very smart and active sport. However, many people wouldn’t know this sport. It was thought by Enki Bilal who is caricaturist in Nederland in 1992. He drew this sport in his comic, and then Ducky artist Iepe Rubingh established official organization WCBO in 2003. After then, first world championship took place in Amsterdam, in Nederland. Chess Boxing has particular rule. Its match is proceeded chess and boxing one after the other. First game is started by chess, and whole game can continue 12 rounds at most. Chess game is for 4 minutes in each game, and boxing is for 2minutes. In the chess game, there is the time limit which is 12 minutes. If the time limit is over, player loses the game at once. In addition to this, player loses when he is knocked out in the boxing round or is checkmated in the chess round. According to Iepe Rubingh, there is power which attracts chess and boxing, so he made chess boxing as genuine sport, more and more people who play Chess Boxing is increasing. In Reprint from The official WCBO site the future, chess boxing would be very famous and popular sport.


Why the Yoga boom happen BY ERINA &SUGURU Yoga is thought as healthy activity these days, but it is originally way of training which came from ancient India. In ancient times, yoga is mainly just thinking without moving. Its purpose is stabilizing my mind and keeps myself original. After that, yoga had changed silent to moving style. Now yoga conduced all over the world is this moving style. Recently Yoga is the one of worldwide fitness boom and women especially are boom. Why Yoga that was come from India is boom in the world? Because Hollywood famous figure do Yoga and people do Yoga from these people’s effect. Now Yoga boom spread in U.S.A and U.K and France, Germany. People do Yoga in U.S.A population are higher than India. There are many studios in the city and there are magazines about Yoga. The sports maker “PUMA” made Yoga wear, so Yoga are given big effect for any direction. What is the Yoga effect for human health? People do Yoga will be strong and don’t have a cold. Yoga not only influences body, but also human’s mind. Yoga makes people to calm down. Yoga are good for lose weight. For example people aren’t being constipation and make people to good posture. These effects are reason why Yoga is boom between women.


The magic powder fixes the finger If you cut the part of body, do you think the doctor can fix this part? Most people think we can’t fix the part of body. However the medical technology can fix the finger or another part of the body that were cut off.

The powder called “Pixie dust” is said to it can fix human’s part of the body. In 2005 the man cut his finger and couldn’t find that. After that his brother who is the doctor told his magic powder “Pixie dust”. The man dusted this powder after that he left one day and he continued this process for four weeks. His finger fixed through the magic powder. After four weeks, there weren’t injuries in his finger. Now he can do work with his finger. How work the magic powder for his finger? According to the doctor, this technology is one of regenerate medical science. The magic powder made by the element of pig’s bladder. This element has a effect of activation to another element. When the magic powder dusted to the blank body, this element picked up body sell left over. This technology started in the U.S. and now the doctors use this technology for animals. However this technology has some problems, because the magic powder may have some viruses that kind of infectious disease, and the pig’s gene may move into human’s gene. “Pixie dust” called the magic powder and these effects is great and wonderful, but there are some problems and take time to use for human’s treatment. (Photo by The man who grew back his finger tip)


International Hard power is strong and it uses army power and economic power. For instance, when North Korea doesn’t cooperate to the world countries, Japan or other countries can do economic sanctions. For North Korea, economy is important to keep them so it cannot help following us. It is easy to control countries or people, but it may be able to make the relationships bad and bad. On the other hand, Soft power doesn’t use such a power. It focuses on culture, history, and information. For example, Japanese emperor gives some people who came from foreign country a warm welcome when they come to Japan. It is one of soft powers. By giving a warm welcome, countries can get along with each other. Smart power is the power combined with Hard power and Smart power. It is useful and helpful to do diplomacy with foreign countries. Barack Obama who is president of America is putting forward it.

“BLUE GOLD” shows us underground. If you lost a way to access to water, what would you do? You must feel thirst at first, and you become stupefied. You might dream of turning on the water and you can not think anything but water... It was caused in real in Bolivia. In 2000, Bolivia had experienced a big social conflict, “The Water War”. An American water company, Bechel, took over the water public service in Cochabamba, Bolivia. A lot of people who did not have enough money to buy water for fleshing the toilet, taking a shower, washing clothes, and drinking water. In addition, this is one of the worst parts of the law, they did not allowed to collect rain. Their life was stood on the edge of a precipice. That is why Bolivians started protest movements for the right to live. At the result, they could establish four great achievements. First, the contract with Bachel was broken. Second, the law of drinking water and sanitary sewer was modified. Third, the drinking service became municipality again. Last, every other projects to privatize water service went back to the drawing board. Because of this conflicts, 9 were dead, a hundred got an injured and 12 were lasted by government.

You may have a big question, WHY BOLIVIAN GOVERNMENT SOLED A WATER SERVISE TO UNITED STATES? Because World Bank suggested it to the government as an international aiding. World Bank (WB) is an international organization to finance to the organizations which have a debentures from each countries. Their goal is to remove a poverty from the world through financing for the international aid projects. However, every systems of WB made by the developed countries, and the members of it are also developed countries people. It is natural every projects planed by WB are good for not developing countries but developed countries. The Bolivian conflict is one of the good ways to show it. (Related Article 'Sustainable Development') Japan is an island. We have been lived with much water, so we did not have enough opportunities to think about water. However, I think now is the time to think about this problem. Some Chinese companies try to buy a piece of land of Hokkaido to get groundwater. The fresh water is limited even this country.

Sustainable Development In the field of the international aid, Sustainable Development is one of the most notable thoughts. During world warⅡTopdown system, just to give foods, facilities or technologies to developing countries, was the main way to aid. However, if the aids were stopped the recipient countries people can not live anymore. That is why to establish a system they can continue to develop without aid, Sustainable Development, is very important for developing countries. These days, this idea have been spread all over the world.




Sustainability Social

Newsletter 10

SocioEnvironment Environment


Other side of World heritage -The Grand Canyon (US), The Angkor Wat (Cambodia), The Stonehenge(UK), and Yakushima (JPN)- do you know what they are? They are called World heritages. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which is organization to contribute to peace through education, science, and culture is preserving them. World heritage means beautiful and amazing place or building where earth and people made and kept protecting.

There are many great places to leave them to posterity so UNESCO makes a list of them and sometimes hold a

conference to decide whether the places should be become World heritage. Do you know these places? - Medieval Monuments (Kosovo), Tomb of Askia (Mali), and Los KatĂ­os National Park (Colombia). These are also one of the World heritages, but they are different from usual World heritages. They are World heritages in danger. It means they may be broken by something. UNESCO tries to call many countries to protect such a World heritages. At Kosovo, there was a war about independence and people killed each other using gun or bomb. Nobody took care of World heritage in Kosovo and the World heritage was becoming bad bit by bit. Today, Kosovo is still a dangerous place. So UNESCO made Medieval Monuments decide the World heritages in danger. Same as reason, Tomb of Askia is also the World heritages in danger. On the other hand, at Colombia, the reason is different from previous things. Los KatĂ­os National Park is one of the World heritages in danger because of environment. It had a many trees and was filled with nature but people have cut trees and nature had being decreased. Finally, UNESCO decided that Los KatĂ­os National Park became the World heritage in danger in 2009. Earth and ancient people made many wonderful things and they have been preserved today. We can watch and enjoy them but the important thing is to take care of them and keep them good state for future.

Newsletter 11

Business/Financial/Economic Fasion Trend Business


Social environment and a world economy situation have various influences on a fashion business. A fashion is a mirror which projects a time, and it makes our life enjoyable. The fashion market is bearing the duty which encourages a life for consumers. Fashion trend is always changing. Therefore, fashion businesses always have to think about new clothes for consumers. Then, they also have to think about the change of lifestyle sense of values with consumers' psychology, the economy in the world, and change of political climate. Like this, fashion is reflecting our life.

Have you ever watched any UNIQLO commercial? When I saw that commercial on TV, I was frightened. It had not SOUND. It starts with woman and she is standing middle of the screen and looking at the camera but she just looking. And a few minute after she is moving slowly and walk around, and finally some letterings come into the screen with the price of clothes which she is wearing in the commercial and the end. It was very strange. No sound, no voice, although they made some type of clothes but they just want to promote the women are wearing products only. The world has many various types of commercial, but I never met silence commercial like this. When people doing something with TV but they do not watch on TV, only sound and suddenly soundless, we worried about TV and we may think TV broken, so this is the method. This is very innovative because I was one of the people who have been deceived.

Fashion begins from a color. Color is very important to reflect on our background. The color in fashion exists in every time. So, what do you think a trend is produced? In fact, the color in fashion is already determined two years ago. The organization which is International Study Communication for Color decides to color by discussing about the current of the times, and the directivity of a color in fashion. After that, it is adjusted to the color united with each culture and situation.

Starbucks Coffee’s cost…

The color in fashion in this spring and summer Recently, “Save power” and “Global warming” is very important theme. Therefore, it is very important how we spend life comfortably safely along with saving the amount of electric used. Today’s point is “visual cool”. And, in this year, Trend color is “sherbet color”. This color is clean color, so it makes us cool from visual. If a lot of people wear dark color’s clothes, we will feel hot. Therefore, light color’s clothes like sherbet color is good for spring and summer. Moreover, light color is good for economy. It can be save cost in production. The more clothes dyeing dark color, the more cost will be expensive. Now, economy is depressed, so the businesses want to cut the cost. The color in fashion is decided from a various reason.

When I wake up, first I drink a cup of coffee every morning. Many people like coffees we drink in our daily life anytime anywhere. In the world, Starbucks is very famous and popular café for us, taste is good quality is also good but sometimes consumer said little overpriced. Yes, sometimes I think so too, but try to change the idea is? Starbucks beverages price are included atmosphere. Have you ever thought Starbucks is fashionable and feel like comfortable? So, that is Starbucks concept.

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HISTORY OF HIM Garigari-kun is one of the famous Japanese ice creams. It has been sold since 1981. There are many reasons why Garigarikun is so popular. First, there are many kinds of flavor. More than 50 kinds of flavor s are sold. Secondly, it is very cheap. It is 60 yen. Reasonable price is good for children. Third point is that, it has lot. If we get the stick written “Atari”, we can get another Garegari-kun free. Therefor Garigari-kun is sold so much. This company decided that only to use synthetic compounds in 2002. It is good for human body. Garigari-kun’s sales are increasing yare after yare. 1,000,000 of Garigari-kun are made in a day, and 390.000.000 of Garigari is sold until now.

GariGari has many kind of brunches, so I’d like to introduce for you some interesting products. First, “Soft boy” , it is sold in 1985 and Soft boy is GariGari boy’s younger brother. It is not “a shaved ice”, but it is “a ice cream”. Secondly, “Kajiro”, it is sold in 1995 and it is a also ice cream and it taste pudding. Thirdly, “Gariko chan”, it is sold in 2006 and it is a shaved but soda cream is inside the shaved.

RECIPES Ganilla Ice


Ingredient 1. GARIGARI BOY soda taste 2. Vanilla Ice Cream

Recipe JUST MIX AND CRUSH !!!!!!!!!

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