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Lucie Kordaฤovรก/2014

The Art of cooperation - series of projects LUCIE & LUCIA, since 2012 Core motif of our work is The art of cooperation as a form or way of making an artwork either making it together or within a team of artists. We are a pair of authors dealing with collective identity and author identity of art couples. Our main interest are topics such as site-specific projects, analysing ways of cooperation and participation, idea of borders - either geopolitical or personal intimacy borders and social conventions.

BREAKING, 2014 Video, kinect, polystyren object 5m x 2m x 2m Cooperation with Lucie Kotvanovรก, Jan Chlup This project is a result of unusual cooperation between a painter and conceptual artists. We have created a dialog between each other to create a video-object fiction, interactive object that represents itself via videos projected on it. These moving pictures react to the viewer movings.

LUCIE & LUCIA, 2012 Processual experimental performance, Video 13”46’, paper diaries Cooperation with Lucia Kotvanová Physically connected with stranger by a 50cm long chain for a term of 14 days. This art work introduces an artificial connection of two strangers, almost unknown to each other, into active personal relationship, using a physical chain. This is a experiment that develops during 14 days of active connection and analyse how change of physical connection affects the human psyche. Motivation to create this experimental process for us was the experience of loss of intimacy itself, blending of two lives in one and adapting to each other. New barriers have come up during this experiment which made us conscious about basic and routine tasks. Main topic of this project is coexistence. It reflects current situation in terms of creating interpersonal relationships, using new technologies for modern ways communication which is causing absence of direct social contact. This project also deals with the topic of current situation in partnerships and social relationships and comments the way of creating and vanishing of relationships as a criticism of “relationship consumption”. Part of this project was also a diary writing. Output of this processual performance is projection that consists of two individually recorded videos and static shots.

Lucie and Lucia, 2012, video 13’46’

SITE SPECIFIC, 2013 installation in Bramerova kuria, object 5m x 3,5m, wooden ledges Cooperation with Lucia Kotvanová This art piece was created for a specific location, for the only place in the basement of Bramerova Kuria that is affected by daylight. The only natural light inside comes from a window facing the courtyard, which is causing the light not moving as the Sun moves. The light in the room is basically unnoticeable. Our work responds to his immobility, intangibility and weakness compared to natural and artificial light. We materialized him, closing him into the box. The wooden construction recreates its “invisible” shape as the light spreads down the room through a small window. The object represents a particular embodiment forms of light, the shape of the space.

X -RING 2013 Process Land Art, obrazec v poli cca 100m x 100m, seno This site specific project was exhibited in the open area close to the gallery “Na Kalvarii” that is settled on the top of the hill on a place called “Porta Bohemica”. After harvest it was exhibited in overview show in Prague, where was the complete collection of all site specific pieces of art which was created during the years for this gallery Na Kalvarii. Despite our artistic concept, the public media reacted as “Crop Circles: Aliens land at Úštěk?”

HARVEST of the X RING, 2013 Is there any way how to move a site specific art project?…no… This exhibition in Prague carries an artistic project which was created as a site specific instalation for the gallery called “Na Kalvarii”. There is a question whether it’s possible to take away some artistic project which was created for a specific place at a specific time and exhibit it somewhere else? The only way how to do it…replace this material essence of the art piece and put it in a gallery. The meaning disappeared so the only thing which is left is the irony of the time, place, values and sense of the moment. It is irony of itself asking about real meaning of concepts.

CSFR 2013 Cooperation with Jan Martinec Is there any awareness of the Czech nationality around us, among young students of art fields? Is dissolution of Czechoslovakia and the state in general even a topic among young people? What a concept of Czechoslovakia means today? What this concept personally means for us, how we perceive it? How diverse are our perceptions of historical events? 20 years after dissolution of Czechoslovakia, and we ask - how this situation is being seen by our generation. People that were born in a state that no longer exists. We research a selected group of people and their relationship to terms such as a state, ethnic, nationality, personal interpretation of history. We’d like to report on state of affairs in it’s whole wide diversity. We’ve divided this project into two parts. First part is a research, in which we ask selected respondents targeted questions focused on their perception of most recent history. This part is aimed to be an objective description of the situation. Second part - a journey diary - is where we look for answers subjectively. It is based on our autostop trip from east to the west through the territory of ex-federation. This project led to curatorial exhibition concept, taking place this year in both Czech Republic and Slovakia, accommodating 9 artists and still expanding.

TALKING ROOSTER, 2012 object , a sound recording 2’27 ‘ Cooperation with Eva Novak “ Talking Rooster “ was created for the symposium “In the gardens” in Staňkovice. Aim of this symposium was to improve a relationship between artists and the general public to create and operate together. All residents of the local village “Stankovce” wanted to take part. It opens up questions such as: where are the boundaries between defending his work in front of the public and try to make the public to correctly understand a real meaning of it? It criticizes conceptual art and procedures that are designed only for the specific audience in the art field-inside of the frame. We wanted to take a natural object that belongs to the countryside and turn it into an absurd artistic object. The talking rooster itself serves confused explanations about what is art. Sentences coming as a sound from inside of this rooster are special noble quotes that are well-known for the people from art-world but have no meaning for the general public. We chose texts from Czech “famous and well-known” artists out of context, explaining what the art is. As a result, the artwork itself explains how it wants to be understood.

SITE SPECIFIC, 2012 Cotton Cooperation with Eva Nováková Installation for the Symposium “In the gardens”, Staňkovice in Litoměřice.

PUSSY RIOT SUPPORT, 2012 Photography, video Cooperation with Jan Martinec

SUBJECTIVE DOCUMENT, 2012 video 3’11 ‘ Video shows the world of fashion industry. A series of close-up shots show hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists, models and photographers during a photo shoot collection. You can see the absurd situations in creating the illusion of perfection in the contrast to the perfect beauty.

THE IMAGINARY WORLDS 2013 Photography installation The Imaginary Worlds project was inspired by the functioning of a fashion world and is divided into two plans. The first is to create a fashion collection. The second deals with creating an image collection in post-production. The actual collection is the starting point for further work. It describes the process of creating a collection stories. Tries to define the form of the work complexity and its artificial recreation of the advertising and media purposes. Finding conjunction with the criticism of fashion photography or fashion video through the internal criticism. Where criticism becomes program.

Portfolio 2014  

Lucie Kordacova, portfolio 2014

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