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Violett Beane Not just a “Flash” in the pan

TYLER HENRY Hollywood’s go-to Medium

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Gratitude‌ It has been one year... it has been A year. Growth with renewal. Driven passion. Expansion grows through the increasing energy and number of amazing people combining their abundant talent and innovation. This is how it happens. Ideas with good intentions. People who feel the same climb aboard. . Luca Magazine continues to soar. Enjoy the ride. Shine on. So Grateful.




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TYLER HENRY Here & After words Brittany Chetochine


uca recently had the opportunity to chat with the incredible Tyler Henry, a medium featured on the E! Network. We are obsessed with Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry and now fully enthralled with the third season. Upon meeting him, we were immediately taken with his calming demeanor, quick wit and his charming personality. Over the course of an hour, he took us through how he got to be where he is now, and at the end, we asked him to pick a few words to describe himself.

Intuitive. Tyler first realized he had a gift at age 10, after his grandmother fell ill with cancer. He said that at one point, he just knew that his grandmother was going to pass away. He went to tell his mother, but before they were able to walk out the door, she received the call that his grandmother had passed away. But, “…having one premonition was very different than just doing readings as I do now. So it took some time to really understand what I was feeling…” As his understanding of his abilities grew, he found himself surrounded by many supportive people. The kids at school thought it was entertaining when he would share, and his teachers would meet with him after class to tutor him in exchange for readings. At the age of 16, Tyler started doing readings in a small bookstore, but within a year of taking clients by word-of-mouth, he started getting calls from directors and producers out of Hollywood. Thus, he would spend weekends commuting from the small town of Hanford, CA, where he grew up to Los Angeles (his mother would drive as he didn’t yet have a license) to do readings and attend events and parties. At one of these parties, he happened to briefly meet a producer who, while interested in a reading, also turned out to be a bit of a skeptic: “For some reason, I just felt like I was meant to meet him, so I just said, ‘You know what? Let’s do it. I’m not sure how it will go, but let’s set it up.’” That reading the following day turned out to be life-changing for the both of them – the producer became a believer and set up Tyler to try and share his gift on a larger scale. E! ended up offering a show with a celebrity angle and by the age of 19, Tyler had moved to the middle of North Hollywood. Introverted. This change in scenery was huge for a self-described shy and introverted small-town boy: “I went from being in an environment that was very desolate and rural, to being kind of surrounded in the middle of not only a city full of people, but an industry that was really intense. So it was really an adjustment, but I loved it.” Pensive. When filming, Tyler can only do about two readings per day, as they can sometimes take as long as four hours. Off-camera, up to four readings can be done. With busy days like these, he says his routine is, “…kind of a process of either preparing for a reading or coming down from a reading.” He starts his day often trying to eliminate distractions – focusing and meditating to prepare for the day ahead of him. This is particularly important when heading into a reading: “I would say that there’s many keys to clarity, but for me, the most significant key to really tuning in is eliminating fear. And fear is something we go


“ Anyo ne

can tell yo u tha t yo ur loved o ne loves yo u, but i t really takes the vali dati o n behi nd that a nd the i nfo r mati o n and the deta ils that make a per s o n leave a n exper i ence and know they had a real, s i ncere, authentic co nnecti o n and that’s rea lly my g o al. ”

throughout our lives with, but it can block us up, and the same is true when I go into a reading. I have to make sure that I’m putting aside the expectation of the clients, my own expectations, any fear of what’s going to come through – I really have to consciously make an effort to put that to the side and just be a clear vessel for information to flow. So, my routine really revolves heavily around trying to calm down, trying to relax, and really just trying to feel an inherent sense of trust.” But the day ends for Tyler opposite how it starts – by filling his life with distractions! He particularly likes putting on loud music, or heading out into nature and taking himself out of his work mindset. After a recent move to the mountains, he has been enjoying hiking and has even taken up oil painting! But he sticks to landscapes – not just another connection to nature, he says, “I feel like if I paint people, I might be in trouble, because with my luck, I’d start seeing their loved ones as I’m trying to paint them. So I just stick to painting flowers, apples…” He also says he has a passion for learning – reading articles, watching the news, “…I like being a bit of a sponge, and it’s just enjoyable for me.”

– then passing along the information he has learned. Compassionate. Tyler shared a couple of readings with us that have been particularly meaningful: One can be seen at the end of this season of his show, when he had the chance to meet Alan Thicke. During his reading, Tyler sensed a profound connection to Alan’s heart, which was really emotional to experience considering his untimely death shortly after. But there was a silver lining: “Because before he passed away, he got the validation from a lot of loved ones that there was an afterlife and that there was a peaceful place.” In the episode that shares this reading, Tyler was able to meet with Alan’s wife, which was especially profound. The second reading he discussed was with a private client who was in her 40’s and diagnosed with terminal cancer. She chose to have her reading filmed for private use, to give to her then six-year-old son to watch when he grows up so that he would know that his mother would always be with him. He recently received news that she had passed, and reflected on their time together, stating, “…I felt so honored to be able to give that validation for someone who needed it most.”

In fact, when asked what the most rewarding part of sharing his gift has been, he says that being able to provide validation for the people he meets has been the most profound part of the job: “Anyone can tell you that your loved one loves you, but it really takes the validation behind that and the information and the details that make a person leave an experience and know they had a real, sincere, authentic connection and that’s really my goal.” Funny. “I laugh at my own jokes, but that’s all that matters.” Luca couldn’t agree more.

“ I wo ul d s ay th at

th ere’s m a ny k eys to

c l a r it y, but fo r m e, th e to rea l l y tun in g in is el im in atin g fea r.

photography Kelly Cappelli • hair/makeup Selina Boon • fashion editor Jennifer O’Bannon

m o s t s ign ific a nt k ey


Tyler says about his book, Between Two Worlds, “…I thought in order to really tell that story of how I got here, I had to tell the stories of the people that I’d met and read and all the spirits that came through that helped form how I do what I do in the now.” And we here at Luca definitely recommend it. Tyler hopes that, if his fans aren’t able to have a personal reading with him, they are still able to benefit from watching what happens in his show or by reading his book, “…and maybe find a little bit of healing for themselves. That’s the goal.”


CARVE THE MARK by Veronica Roth

review Katie Wisniewski


eronica Roth, author of The Divergent series, has come to us—finally!—with her new book, Carve the Mark. The Divergent series certainly had a futuristic concept to it, but I believe this one was even more so. I’m not normally too keen on this genre, but I am here to tell you that this is worth the read – despite any thoughts you might have upon reading its back cover. I am so glad that I did! Further, I can def see this book becoming a series!

my read

The story is set in the future, on a number of planets in a galaxy. Each of the planets has its special customs and ways of living, but they all live by the “currentstream”. The current lives in each of them. Some are favored by fate, but everybody develops a “currentgift” - some beneficial, others that can be easily manipulated against them.

Akos is from the nation of Thuhve – a peace-loving and family-oriented people. His love for his family runs deep and evolves into a certain vulnerability. Across the “feathergrass” (or “The Divide”) is the nation of Shotet and the home of Cyra. She is the sister of the ruling tyrant of this nation. Her brother has learned to use her “currentgift” as a torturing mechanism. Akos and his brother are captured by The Shotet in a move to gain power and ultimate rule over their planet and the two nations. As sworn enemies, it is hard for Cyra and Akos to trust each other; however, they must learn to overcome that as their currentgifts benefit each other. Do they continue to work together despite their given fates, or do they give in to the civil war their two nations are engaged in?

FLY A LITTLE HIGHER by Laura Sobiech review Katie Wisniewski


ach Sobiech is a typical 14 year old hailing from Minnesota—smart, active, and kind. He had his whole life ahead of him when he noticed a pain in his hip after a run one day. The last thing on his mind was cancer, but he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a few weeks later. He beats it the first time, but it eventually returns. It is when doctors tell him he is terminal that his story and life became known to the world. Written by his mother, Laura, this is a tear-inducing book that offers an amazing way to look at life despite what it may throw your way. After he was given his diagnosis, she suggested that Zach begin writing letters to loved ones - to release feelings, emotions, struggles, whatever it may strike his heart to write about! Having always been interested in music and

playing the guitar, he decides letters aren’t his “thing” and starts writing songs instead. His song, “Clouds”, put his message on blast and opened so many doors to spread it! He got to check so many items off his bucket list: doing a music video, working with music producers, getting signed to a label, and singing on a few of Minnesota’s most famous music stages. His song, “Clouds”, eventually made #1 on the iTunes charts just days after his death in 2013, creating a frenzy in his family’s world. Zach wanted to leave a positive mark on this world even though he would leave it much earlier than intended and it definitely seems that he succeeded.


my piggy bank

Making Cents

Justin Figueredo financial analyst


ith summer vacation just around the corner, now’s the time to start looking for a summer job or internship to beef up your resume, acquire extra spending cash, or stash your earnings into savings. Regardless of the reason, applying for a new job or internship involves the same important information every time. Here is what you’ll need to create or gather: Résumé – This document, typically written in word processing software, lists chronologically all your previous work experience, volunteering, education, awards/honors, and special skills or certifications. Cover letter – A cover letter usually accompanies your resume in an application. It should be a quick snapshot of who you are, what you bring to the position you’re applying for, and why you want the position. A great cover letter is to the point

and intrigues the hiring manager just enough for him/her to then look at your resume. Job/internship application – This refers to the paper or electronic application that is required to fill out when applying. You’ll need a lot of your personal information handy like your home address, email, phone number, references’ contact info (people who would vouch for your work ethic, character, or skills), and your work availability. After you land the job/internship, you will need a form of i.d. and should be prepared to fill out the following forms for employment: IRS W-4 Form – This federal form basically tells your new employer how much federal income taxes to withhold from each paycheck. This is a bit tricky, so your best bet is to do your homework online so as to know what you will be writing down. The lower the total number you list on your W-4, the more taxes that will be withheld

each paycheck usually leading to a tax refund after you file your taxes for the year. The higher the total number you list on your W-4 means you get more money per paycheck, but you will likely owe taxes to the federal government when you file your taxes for the year. Direct Deposit Form – This form will easily and conveniently enable your new employer to transfer money from their bank account to yours. This eliminates the need for you to receive a check or cash you would need to deposit yourself. You will need your bank account information or wherever you want your wages to be deposited - including the full name on the account, the bank account number, and the bank routing number. You can always check with your bank to see where to find the info needed. Best of luck with your job or internship search! At the end of the day, just go out there, be confident, and have fun in the process. It’s more about the journey than the destination!



Now What? How to Give Yourself the Dr. Karen K. Prentice D.O. F.A.A.P.

medical expert @anappleadaythedoctorsway


i again. In my last article, we discussed why fad diets, pills, powders and quick weight loss schemes are dangerous and don’t work. “That’s great Dr. P.,” you say, “but what are we supposed to do if we really do need to shed a few pounds?”

health & fitness

Ok, fair enough. First let’s talk about why you want to lose weight. If it is to feel better, be healthier and a doctor has told you that you really do need to lose weight, then great, go for it. If it is to “look better” or be skinnier that’s ridiculous. Remember, you need to love yourself for who you are right now! Now that we have that straight, let’s get started. However, if you are thinking this is going to be horrible and that you will have to deprive yourself, I challenge you to revamp your thinking. To quote the famous poet Henry David Thoreau, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Meaning, you need to change your focus and realize that you are not “dieting”, you are practicing self-love and learning how to nourish and care for yourself. As a doctor I realized long ago, if I don’t take good care of myself, I can’t take good care of those I care for. I want you to enjoy

this process and give yourself the gift of time: time to be intentional about what you put in your mouth, time to exercise, and time to sleep. The following tips will help: • Plan ahead – Always carry your own snacks and a BPA-free refillable water bottle. Here’s what I usually have in my purse: KIND Bar or a Larabar, sliced carrots or apples, dried fruit like raisins or Craisins, and nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, or almonds. • Schedule exercise dates - be intentional with your time and write out spots in your schedule for exercise then commit to it, no excuses! You may find it’s easier if you rope a friend into working out with you and schedule exercise “dates” with them. • Surround yourself with good food - If you don’t buy or keep “junk food” around then you won’t have to say no to yourself. I consider Goldfish, fruit snacks, candy, cookies, soda, chips (other than tortilla or corn chips), and sugar cereals junk food.


Gift of Good Health • Use single serving bags - Keep a bin in your refrigerator and your pantry of single serving amounts of nuts, fresh and dried fruits, veggies, popcorn (I love Skinny Pop), tortilla chips, string cheese, and whole grain or gluten free crackers (I love Edamame crackers!). If you have one serving measured out and ready, then you not only can grab and go, but you won’t be tempted to eat more than you should. Never eat straight from the box or package!

• Eat protein and complex carbohydrates - To maintain your blood sugar and avoid dips in energy which may tempt you to go for the sweets, try to eat a protein food like nut butter, hummus, turkey or eggs with a complex carbohydrate food like a banana, apple, or whole cracked grain crackers-the best kind is when you can see the seeds and grain in the crackers but not break your teeth on them! I love Mary’s Gone Crackers pretzels or crackers.

• Always eat breakfast - Studies show that people who eat a healthy breakfast have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight. Examples of a healthy breakfast include steel cut oats with peanut butter mixed in, eggs with fruit, avocado and tomato on whole cracked grain toast.

• Make good drink choices - Instead of juice or soda, reach for water or the milk of your choice.

• Eat your produce - Try to get at least four servings of vegetables a day and three of fruit. • Drink water - Try for at least eight to ten eight-ounce glasses of water every day.

• Make good food choices - Carefully look at what you are about to put in your mouth and ask yourself if you can identify it as food. If it comes from a box or package, look at the ingredients and if you are unable to pronounce or recognize the ingredients, you probably shouldn’t eat it! As you go through the process of “gifting” yourself good health by eating better, exercising more, and getting good sleep, please remember that this is not about you being a better person, it’s about being the healthiest you that you can be!

D ​​​​​​ r. Prentice is a physician and author ​​​​​​


t e rm

u o G


Gabriela Rodiles writes the food blog Gourmet Gab where she focuses on simple, healthy recipes. Her passion is helping young adults learn how to navigate and have fun in the kitchen! She regularly contributes videos to “Food Network Snapchat Discover” and loves cooking on camera, developing new fabulous recipes, and writing blog posts!


hese jewel-colored, toppingpacked, fruit-loaded smoothie bowls are a refreshing and healthy way to start your morning this summer. Acai is a super-food from the Amazon with impressive health benefits. You don’t have to travel far to get it, though. You can easily find acai puree packets in the frozen fruit section of the grocery store!

While people have been making acai bowls for years, I have been noticing even more creative mixing of produce, ingredients and toppings on social media lately. Customize your smoothie bowl to include your favorite fruits and yes, even veggies! Toss in some spinach or kale leaves for your daily dose of greens or throw in a handful of sliced zucchini or cauliflower–you won’t even taste it! For toppings, slice up any extra fruit, make a homemade granola or even drizzle some almond butter. These smoothie bowls will easily become a new favorite breakfast or snack for summer!

photos Brooke Marcella

Recipe Makes 1 large smoothie bowl Smoothie: 1 peeled banana 1 cup fresh/frozen strawberries and blueberries ½ cup fresh/frozen mango chunks 1 packet frozen acai 1 cup almond milk Toppings: 1 kiwi, peeled and sliced 2 tablespoons granola Ÿ cup blueberries 1 tablespoon slivered almonds 1 teaspoon chia seeds 1 tablespoon agave

Put all ingredients for the smoothie into the blender. Blend until smooth. Add more almond milk or a splash of water if needed. Smoothie should be thicker than drinkable. Pour smoothie into a bowl. Top with kiwi slices, granola, berries, almonds and chia seeds in a row across the bowl to create a pretty design. Drizzle with agave. @gourmet_gab




health & fitness


Karen K. Prentice D.O. F.A.A.P.


medical expert

h summertime…..beach towels, flip flops, the smell of freshly mown grass, the faint hint of sunscreen and chlorine that lingers on your skin, and reading a good book just for fun. These are just a few of my favorite summer memories. And yes, I do enjoy that sun-kissed glow on my skin, but hello, we need to talk. I know many of you think that being tan makes you look thinner or makes you more beautiful. Many of you sunbathe for hours or go to tanning beds. Unless you want to look like a Shar-Pei (I call them wrinkle dogs) by the time you are forty, you need to stop now. Worse than wrinkles is the very real threat of skin cancer.

Did you know, according to the National Cancer Institute: Melanoma (the deadly kind of skin cancer) has tripled in the U.S. over the last thirty years. The incidence of melanoma in teens is increasing by 2.9% every year. In 2016, 76,000 Americans were told they had melanoma. In 2016, 10,000 Americans died of melanoma. The American Cancer Society estimates over two million Americans get skin cancer each year, usually the nonfatal forms- basal and squamous cell cancer. Children and teens who get five or more sunburns or have intermittent intense exposure to the sun are twice as likely to get melanoma. Melanoma risk greatly increases for those who start indoor tanning before twenty-five years old and have more than ten indoor tanning sessions in a lifetime.

Squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma increases by more than 60% for those who use tanning beds in college and/or high school. In 2009, the World Health Organization declared that the ultraviolet light emitted from tanning beds is a carcinogen. Enough stats, let’s break it down: Skin cancer occurs when we have repeated damage from ultraviolet light that naturally occurs in sunlight and in tanning beds. The ultraviolet light damages our DNA and starts changes that result in malignant (cancerous) transformation. Melanoma seems to happen more often in people who have repeated intense exposure to sunlight. Studies show that children and teens with more sunburns or intense exposure to the sun have twice the chance of getting melanoma. Most melanoma seems to show up on the backs of men and the legs of women. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of nonfatal cancer, but it’s no picnic. This type of cancer is invasive, aggressive and destroys the skin and structures below the skin including bone. Most basal cell cancers appear on the face and head. The most important risk factor is exposure to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight or tanning beds especially in childhood or teen years. Squamous cell cancer is also caused by exposure to ultraviolet light both in sunlight and tanning beds. Squamous cell carcinoma is caused by day to day cumulative exposure to the sun. This type of skin cancer shows up more on the face, tops of hands, and forearms and can be disfiguring and sometimes deadly if ignored. According to a study published in The Archives of Dermatology, both squamous and basal cell carcinoma can be reduced by almost 80% with aggressive sun protection before eighteen years old. Is anyone seeing a pattern here? Young people really need to protect their skin!!! Not that the rest of us shouldn’t.

What about tanning beds? Have you ever heard this one: “Before you go on vacation, get a base tan at a tanning bed, then you won’t burn.” This is a deadly misconception. A recent study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute looked at people who use tanning beds with and without a history of sunburn. Among those people who said they had no lifetime history of sunburn, melanoma was four times more common with those who used tanning beds. Recent surveys have found that among eighteen to twenty-five year olds, nearly one-third of white women admit to using tanning beds in the last year. Yikes!

Use enough sunscreen. A handy guideline is the teaspoon rule:

Here’s what you can do to prevent skin cancer: Never use tanning beds! Surely, I’ve convinced you of this!

Avoid sunscreen sprays. Sprays may be quick, but you risk inhaling unhealthy chemicals and you may miss protecting areas of your skin which will then increase your skin cancer risk.

Avoid midday sun exposure when the sun is most intense, usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Avoid retinyl palmitate, a chemical in some sunscreens, which when tested on animals, caused skin tumors.

Seek shade when possible.

Avoid oxybenzone, a chemical in some sunscreens that can cause rashes and disrupt hormones in your body.

Wear hats, sunglasses, and photo protective clothing with a UPF rating of 25 or more. Apply sunscreen lip balm SPF 30. Use sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher that is broad spectrum meaning it has UVA and UVB protection. Apply sunscreen fifteen to thirty minutes before you go out and reapply every one to two hours or after swimming.

• 1 teaspoon for your face and neck • 2 teaspoons for your front and back • 1 teaspoon to each arm • 2 teaspoons to each leg

Pick a sunscreen with zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and/or avobenzone. The moral of this story is that you don’t need to be tan to be beautiful and in fact, going for that tan can be deadly. I leave you with a quote from Lady Gaga, “I’m beautiful in my way ‘cause God makes no mistakes.”

Dr. Prentice is a physician and author.




Haley McClure

health & fitness

fitness expert

Dread the hot summer sweaty workout? Sneak in a quick set in the pool (without even getting your hair wet!!).

Leg Raises 3 x 10 Also can be done as knee raises‌ you want to place your arms on the side of the pool, keeping your core tight.

Keeping legs straight, then slowly raise your legs till you hit 90 degrees, and slowly lower back to starting position.

Dips 3 x 10 Using the pool’s edge, place body weight on arms & slowly bend elbows till you hit 90 degrees.

Make sure you keep your arms close to your body and your elbows going straight back.


Make sure to keep your elbows in and once your chest touches the pool, explode back to the starting position.

photography Andrew Gleason

Push ups 3 x 15 Start with arms shoulder width apart on the edge of the pool. Make sure you are keeping your core nice and tight- your body should look like a perfect diagonal- then slowly lower your body so your chest touches the edge of the pool.

Glute Kickbacks 3 x 15 each leg Bring one of your knees up towards your chest and slowly kick it back till you feel a squeeze in your glute.

Hold that position for 1-2 seconds and repeat. Make sure you are keeping your chest up.

1... 2... 3...



words Cece Guthrie

health & fitness


hile the first synchronized swimming competition was recorded in the late 1800s in Berlin, synchro wasn’t recognized as an Olympic sport until the 1984 Summer Olympic games. Involving swimming, dance, and gymnastics, synchronized swimming routines are choreographed to music and are truly amazing to behold. The graceful sport looks effortless, but requires what seems like a never-ending training schedule. As such, beautiful synchronized swimmer Anita Alvarez, is one busy person! Anita and her teammate, Victoria Woroniecki, are hard at work to prepare for the rigorous upcoming synchro schedule where they will represent Team USA in the summer championship duet competition. Twenty-year-old Anita filled us in on her intense training schedule: In the months leading up to big competitions (like now), she and Victoria begin their day at 7 o’clock in the morning and end at 5 o’clock. They spend an hour and half doing various cross-training activities, including Pilates and weight training, and besides a quick lunch, they are in the pool the rest of the day doing speed swims for endurance and practicing their routines. I asked her if she ever dreaded going in the water over and over, and she shared that sometimes just diving in can be the hardest part. She finds motivation in thinking about how hard she has worked and how far she has come; She now finds herself a role model for younger swimmers – the type of swimmer she used to look up to! Anita’s mother is a synchronized swim coach, so she was always surrounded by synchro. After trying other sports, she found herself drawn back to synchro because it combines everything she loves - swim, dance, gymnastics. Though she is currently enjoying competing at a high level, she found early on that she also loves to perform! Once choreographed by others, routines have shifted over time to be more of a collaborative effort between athletes and coaches. Anita shares that routines feel more natural when coaches and swimmers work together. Routines are inherently dynamic and change constantly based on feedback from coaches and judges after competitions; It

will never look the same from beginning to end and will be fine-tuned even on the day of a competition. In addition to the physical aspect of competition, synchro swimmers are also performers, and definitely dress the part. Instead of swim caps, they create a “wet look” by using clear gelatin to slick back their hair – once hardened, the gelatin creates a surface for ornate headpieces. Makeup is dramatic and of course, waterproof (Anita shared with us some of her favs, which we’ve tossed into our “My Makeup Bag” segment on page 39). Lastly, they don a fantastic competition suit. This process helps to tame Anita’s nerves as just sitting around makes her anxious. She also finds that practice is a major way she keeps from getting nervous. Being prepared keeps her motivated and confident, which she needs to keep her work looking effortless and fun – judges can tell when you are nervous! Anita has very little downtime as, in addition to all of the training, she has physical therapy and works (yep, she works)! College is on hold right now so she can focus more on competition. However, many of the younger athletes will take classes online so that they can be more flexible with training. Anita says she particularly loves the travel involved in competition because she enjoys seeing different cultures. While she has little time to do touristy sightseeing, she enjoys trying new foods, picking up a few words in a new language, and realizing diferent ways of life. She would love to go back to visit several countries when not competing including Italy and stop by some she has yet to visit like Australia. We can’t wait to cheer Anita and her partner Victoria on this summer! Follow their successes on and @usasynchro




cailee rae my music


ith her gorgeous voice, powerful songwriting talent and beautiful blue eyes for dayzzzz, Cailee Rae is positioned for great success in the music industry. The young singer/songwriter recently shared with Luca about herself, her inspirations and her hopes for the future. Cailee’s musical journey all started with a music video she posted on Instagram. We asked her about that first post...


my music

Luca: Incredible voice and all – was posting that first video of yourself (singing) difficult? Did you feel vulnerable or have any doubts? Cailee: Thank you! Of course. You want people to like what you put out, but after a while I realized I had to love what I performed as well. So I just made sure I loved what I recorded and did my best. Then I didn’t really care what people thought because I loved it. Your fans adore you, but have you had any haters? If so, how have you dealt with them? I love my fans and I really try to only pay attention to them. Of course I see haters every now and then, but I just try to show them some love back. Who are your inspirations? Everyone and everything. When I was younger it was definitely Taylor Swift, but at this point in my career, I love all kinds of music and artists for so many reasons. I’m always inspired by life and everyone in it. I am especially inspired by airports. I love seeing all the stories that unfold there: the joy, excitement and heartbreak. What does music mean to you? EVERYTHING. It makes me feel and understand. It makes me fearless. Music shows me so much.

What’s on your own playlist? My favorite song right now is “Figures” by Jessie Reyez. It’s a super intense song, but so, so good. Luca is loving your EP - Overthinking. Songwriting seems to come naturally to you, but do you ever have writer’s block? If so, how do you overcome it? Oh definitely. It just eventually comes to you. Most of the time it comes to you the second you give up. LOL. We’ve read that giving back is very important to you. What is your favorite charity? Charities mean so much to me; they always have. Growing up, my family made sure my sister and I were super involved with them. I’m actually an ambassador for Wish Upon A Teen, and I get to go to hospitals to sing for kids and hang out with them! You probably don’t have much downtime, but when you do, what do you like to do? Also, what is your favorite/latest Netflix binge watch? When I have some free time, I love to hang with my hairless sphynx kitten named Dobby. He makes me laugh! Dobby has to be my spirit animal because he’s weird and different, but he loves it and just has fun with life. And for Netflix... 13 REASONS WHY!!!! Do I have to explain?

27 Sometimes with fame, friends will change, but have your friends stuck with you on this journey? Yes and no. You make new friends as you go but some of my best friends have stuck by me no matter what. I love them all. What do you hope your music does for others? I hope my music makes them feel. Good, Sad, Peaceful... anything. What is your daily mantra? Write your own story. I have lived by that forever. To me, it just means making your own path no matter what people think or want you to do. What is your favorite feature about yourself? I love the fact that I never see the bad in people or things. It gets me hurt a lot but I always just give people my whole, real self without being scared about it. You recently released the single “Anchor”. The video for it looked like a messy blast to film. What’s the best part of making a music video?

What advice do you have for young artists to make their dreams come true just as you have? I would tell anyone to always be who you are and love what you do. You will figure it out as you go but that’s how you make your story.

----------------------------------------------Cailee Rae has been on a fantastic adventure so far. She says that it’s all been crazy and fun and that she has loved every aspect of it. She hopes the next part of her adventure is as wild and out of this world. In the future, Cailee would love to find herself sharing more music with everyone, including growing her CaiBae family!

youtube/CaileeRaeMusic @caileeraemusic

EVERYTHING. I loved creating my music video for “Anchor” because I got to really be creative and just have fun. Watching something come to life is crazy!

photos Brandon Woelfel


Violett ...the beauty is in the journey


photo ING


words Taylor Guthrie


pparent in her daily mantra - the beauty is in the journey, our gorgeous Texas Native cover, Violett Beane truly has a zest for life. We are obsessed with her, and after sitting down and getting to know her better, we fell even more in love. These days Violett is super busy as the red leather clad speedster, superhero Jesse Quick in The CW series of the DC Comics ‘The Flash’. She loves portraying this character and thinks she’s a great hero because, “Jesse has a lot of heart which I can relate to. She cares deeply about her family and friends which ends up being both her strength and her weakness. She’s always there to protect people, but to be a hero, you have to walk a line between justice and mercy and sometimes Jesse’s empathy can affect her judgment.” Along with the television series, Violett recently finished shooting the powerful documentary, Tower (executive produced by Luke Wilson and Meredith Vieira) which depicts the UT shooting in 1966-the first mass school shooting in America’s history. She portrayed Claire Wilson, who was eight months pregnant during the shooting and lost her baby and boyfriend on that tragic day. “Being able to play Claire was an amazing experience because she gave me such a different outlook on life- one filled with positivity and reparation,” according to Violett. Growing up in Austin, Violett fell in love with performing and took theater all throughout middle and high school. Surrounded by her mother, who was an art teacher and artist herself, and her brother, who

she says can play pretty much any instrument you hand him, Violett’s life has always been filled with creativity. Though she always knew she was meant to perform in some way, it was not until her senior year of high school that she turned her focus to TV and film. She knew she wanted to do something in the entertainment world. During her senior year when all her friends started applying to colleges, she did not go the traditional route. Realizing that she wanted a career in acting, she signed with a local agency, started auditioning, and then destiny! Even the reasoning behind her name took in root in film: “My mom and dad were watching a subtitled Spanish film about five sisters who lived on a farm. A mysterious man came to work on the farm and fell in love with the sister named Violetta. My parents loved her name so much, and found out it translates in English to Violett.” Living in Austin was ultimately what led her to what she’s doing now. She shares that Austin is such a wildly creative place. After recently moving from Austin to Los Angeles, she’s finding that the pace in Los Angles is much different. “ I miss Austin so much, the amazing tacos, the crazy music festivals, and all of my friends that I grew up with. I think in a couple years, I will call LA home 100%, but anytime you move to a new city you have to give it a while to get adjusted. My mom and brother both live here now as well and it’s kinda hard not to be happy, and it’s always so sunny and bright!”


When not acting, Violett is passionate about supporting environmental and animal causes like “Meatless Mondays” with The Humane Society Of The United States, ending rape violence and gun control. Violett also enjoys watching ‘Fixer Upper’, doing DIY renovations of her home and spending time cuddling with her bunny, Milo. She is most proud of her work ethic that has allowed her to support herself and the life she wants to live at a young age in addition to the fact that she’s raised the cutest bunny alive! “I love to go hiking, play tennis, bake cupcakes, and travel!” Her boyfriend of 4 years still makes her heart skip a beat. “We met when I was still in high school, so technically he’s my high school sweetheart. We just really get each other, and he’s so incredibly supportive of everything I want to do, which is a really important thing to have in a partner.”

photography Kelly Cappelli • hair/makeup Selina Boon • fashion editor Jennifer O’Bannon

We find her Instagram posts hilarious. With a great sense of humor, Violett admits she digs memes and cat videos and after all, who doesn’t? Her most recent playlist includes an eclectic mix of Fleetwood Mac, Julia Michaels and Childish Gambino. Binge watch Violett in Season 3 of The Flash on Netflix and also find her in the powerful documentary, Tower available on iTunes and Netflix. Inspired by the interview, we feel Violett is definitely finding beauty in her journey.



photographer Blake Bonillas • makeup Bryanna Casey • hair Jenna Alisoglu • model Ella/Arizona Model Management

39 A day in the water? No sweat! We asked gorgeous Anita Alvarez, synchronized swimmer from USA Team Synchro, what her makeup favs are… Make Up Forever brand is her go-to!... 20 + years ago the French synchronized swim team worked with founder, Dany Sanz, to develop makeup products that would last throughout their entire performance. Today the AQUA line of cosmetics from Make Up For Ever are some of the best all-day options for brows, eyeshadows, foundation, eye & lip liners.


Here are Anita’s must haves and we threw in a few of our own “can’t live without “ summer products:



6 my makeup bag




1 Penelope Pencil Case by Clare V. x Sephora $22 2 Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation in R250 $43 3 Buxom Waterproof Lash Mascara, Blackest Black $20

4 Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Eyeliner in “Deep End” $20 5 Make Up For Ever AQUA Lip Waterproof lipliner pencil $20 6 BITE Beauty Agave Lip Balm $18



effortless CHIC summer Beauty words Corinna Cooke, beauty director


ummer beauty is all about keeping it simple. Heavy foundations, powdery blushes and full faces of makeup are out, a radiant, glowing complexion is in. BB creams, cream blushes and bronzing gels let you look like a fashion “it� girl who has been kissed by the sun. Hair that looks structured is out, effortless chic is in. Let your hair shine and move in the breeze. The key to looking fabulous this season is to refine your look down to just one thing, effortless chic.



Nothing says summer quite like beachy waves! A salt spray and a curling iron are all you need to get poolside glam. Let your skin glow and add just one thing – a fire-y red lip. Summer reds are feisty and need a pink or orange undertone to compliment your tan.


Protect your hair from sun, surf and chlorine damage with a bright, fun swim cap. A colorful pair of shades and a bright pink lip are all you need to complete the look and be truly effortlessly chic!



Who needs eye makeup when you’ve got a great pair of shades? A chic headscarf keeps unruly curls under control. Fresh skin and a bold tangerine pop of color on the lip makes you the queen of poolside glam.


After a day spent poolside or at the beach with too much sun, you need a five - minute fix to get ready for a fun night out. Neutralize any extra redness by smoothing a little gel bronzer along your cheek bones. Lipsticks in bold reds or pinks can highlight a sunburn and leave you looking like a lobster, so opt for neutral lip colors and glosses that diffuse the situation. No time to fix your hair? No problem – tie it back with a scarf or a bandana. Throw on some big earrings or stack your arm with colorful bracelets and you are looking effortlessly chic!



The mighty metallics! Want an effortless yet madly chic transition from day to night? Swipe your lids with a high gloss metallic liquid eye shadow.

photographer Brad Olson • hair Andy Biggs • makeup Corinna Cooke • airbrush tanning Sarah San Marco • models Cash Evans + Madisen Bronson


Don’t try to be perfect – this look loves a little smudginess around the outsides. Pair it with a soft lip and a healthy complexion.


Pro Advice

Shave It, Wax It, Laser It? Waxing

Sandra Caldwell is the Director of Blume Skin and Body



ummer means skin. Shorts and tanks, sundresses and bikinis all require delicate dealings with unsightly and unwanted hair. Here at Luca we looked at your three big options for hair removal and asked Sandra Caldwell, Practice Director for Blume Skin And Body in Scottsdale, Arizona to give us the pros and cons of each. Hair, we all have it, which is the best way to get rid of it?

Waxing treatments involve a visit to a salon or wax center. The technician spreads a thin layer of wax on the body area and then quickly rips it off in the opposite direction. Women usually try waxing because the results last longer than shaving. If you can acclimate yourself to the pain of waxing, the treatment will give you up to three weeks of no stubble, without the fuss of daily shaving. One of the requirements for waxing is that the hair must be at least ¼” long. That means before you receive a waxing treatment, you must allow your hair to grow and be visible for a week or more. If you have delicate skin, the wax can burn or cause inflammation. The cost of waxing varies. A full leg waxing costs around $65, while the bikini area can cost an extra $50. Depending on treatment area size, hair density, and the type of wax used it can take up to 40 minutes per visit. The results show that waxing is efficient time-wise compared to shaving, but much costlier. The cost of waxing legs for ten years is over $6,500 with total time of 2 ½ days plus travel time to the salon. Laser Hair Reduction

Shaving The basic option for hair removal is shaving with disposable razors. The typical women’s razor can be bought at drug stores in conjunction with shaving cream and postshave moisturizers for around $25 a month. Most women shave daily or every other day, depending on how dense the hair is or your how fast the hair grows. At a glance, shaving isn’t a bad deal at around 83 cents and 10 minutes each day. However, after ten years, that adds up to $3,000 and around 27 ½ days of lost personal time. Shaving also has some uncomfortable complications including cuts, irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs.

Laser Hair Reduction can be the most effective treatment for getting rid of hair on large or small areas of the body. The upfront cost for Laser Hair Reduction is greater than shaving or waxing, but the long-term cost is much less than either. With Laser Hair Reduction, you shave prior to each treatment, so there is no need to ever have visible hair growth. Laser Hair Reduction has some discomfort- it feels like a hot rubber band snap. Thankfully, the treatment is very quick with cold air blowing on your skin to relieve the brief pain. It takes an average of 8 sessions of Laser Hair Reduction to nearly or completely remove body hair, with full legs costing around $2,800 for the series. The time commitment is around 45 minutes per treatment, or a total of 6 hours for eight treatments

plus travel time. The $2,800 up front seems like a large sum, but once you’ve completed the treatment that is usually all you will ever need for that area. The average woman will want to have a maintenance touch up laser reduction treatment once every year. No more shaving, plucking, razor burn, or waiting for hair to grow out for waxing.


The Luca Girl’s Guide To Self Tanning

interview Corinna Cooke, beauty director

non-organic materials tend to have a longer and more potent odor. You can minimize the odor by using organicbased products that are naturally scented with essential oils (instead of artificial fragrances). It may still be a little smelly when it’s applied, but it rinses off when the developing phase is over. What do you do if your self tan is streaky/patchy/blotchy? Sarah San Marco has a mobile airbrush tanning business, keeping models, celebrities, brides and regular gals golden, in the privacy of their own home.


e all know that both tanning beds and getting a tan the natural way are dangerous. We want to avoid sun damage, especially the terminal kind, yet nothing looks more glorious in the summer than a gorgeous, glowing, golden tan. So what’s a girl to do? The obvious answer is to do a fake-bake, but that can be fraught with its own set of perils. Patchy cover, color that’s too orange, that awful smell! In the interest of perfect fake-bakes, we at Luca magazine chatted with one of the premiere airbrush tanners here in town, Sarah San Marco, and got you the low down: How do you prevent getting orange instead of tan? The most common mistakes are using too much product or trying to achieve a level of tan that is too dark for your skin tone. Another reason is using a product with the wrong undertone for your skin What about the smell? Self tanners are notorious for being stinky – can you get rid of the smell? DHA, a main ingredient in many sunless tanning products needed to create the bronze hue, combined with the sugars in your skin are responsible for that icky smell. Solutions containing a higher content of chemicals, or

The only way to ensure your tan will develop properly and evenly is to make sure your skin is in optimal condition prior to tanning. Keep your skin extra hydrated in the days leading up to your tan. The day of your tan exfoliate your skin, paying extra attention to elbows and knees, heels and ankles, and do not wear any lotions/creams, makeup, deodorant or any other product that can prevent the solution from properly penetrating through the skin. Use a barrier cream on knees, elbows, ankles and heels to stop too much product from grabbing there. What is the difference between a spray tanning booth and an airbrush tan? A professional tanning artist will ensure the products being used are designed specifically for your unique skin tone and will control how much product is being applied and where. They also know how to camouflage and accentuate certain areas by using custom contouring techniques that cannot be accomplished in a spray tanning booth. A good artist can camouflage tan lines, scars and even cellulite! How long should a self tan/airbrush tan last? How can we prolong it? As long as you have followed your pre- and post- tanning instructions properly, an airbrush tan should last 5-10 days. Taking long, hot showers and baths, swimming and certain body products can cause a tan to fade more quickly. Pat dry after showers rather than rubbing with a towel and always apply a body lotion after bathing.

photo Brad Olson


FAB! FARSÁLI words Corinna Cooke, beauty director


Want to know the absolute hottest beauty products on the market right now? They’re almost impossible to keep on the store shelves and they are FABULOUS! Let’s talk Farsali. Unicorn Essence is an oil free, paraben and sulphate free, dual purpose serum for all skin types. Use it before your moisturizer for free radical protection, or use 2 -3 drops as a primer to make foundation last all day, to keep eye shadow and concealer from creasing, and to fire up your highlighter. Magic! 24K Rose Gold Elixir is a lightweight beauty oil that moisturizes all skin types. Infused with 24 K gold flakes that absorb into your skin, it gives you a radiant, glowing complexion. Wear it alone or mix it with foundation. Use a couple of drops on a damp beauty blender and apply over your foundation to give yourself a gorgeous glow. Keep your summer skin looking fresh by applying your BB cream or lightweight foundation with one of these fun beauty blenders. They are the perfect tool to apply cream blush or highlighter, too!

photo Sylvia Hardt



The Beat Goes On.

Thong-style sandals – flip-flops as we call them now – have existed for thousands of years. Pictures of them are found in ancient Egyptian murals dating back to 4,000 BC, and a pair was discovered in Europe made of papyrus leaves and estimated to be about 1,500 years old! The first flip-flop ‘off the line’ designs were made from a wild array of materials. Ancient Egyptian sandals were fabricated from papyrus and palm leaves, the Masai of Africa made them out of rawhide, India saw them made of wood, and China and Japan constructed them from rice straw. The leaves of the sisal plant were used to make twine for the sandals in South America, and the natives of Mexico used the convenient yucca plant.

The actual name “flip-flop” has been going strong in British and American English since the 70’s. Needless to say, this name comes from the funky (or annoying) sound made when walking while wearing. However, found on beaches throughout the world, this famous footwear is also referred to by a variety of names. They are called thongs in Australia, jandals in New Zealand, slops in South Africa, chinelos in Brazil and slippers in Hawaii. In parts of India, flip-flops are commonly known as hawai chappal because they allow for quick removal upon entry to home and temples. The Japanese wear their flip-flops traditionally designed as straw sandals called zori. While popular in Poland as japonki, and interestingly, infradito in Italy. Can we say “peace out” in 20 languages? We can clearly see why they are popular in seaside stores and as basic summer shoes. In for the long-run, we find these sandals propped up and flopped out by some of our fave designers including Tory Birch, Michael Kors, as well as Mui Mui, and even Chanel for fancier affairs! Legit mass global love.

sole searching

By the 1950s, pop culture was flipping out (lol, pun intended) for these sandals. A rubber redesign evolved, as well as the usage of bright colors to reflect trending design at the time. Flip-flops became wildly popular due to their simplicity and comfort factor.




RETREAD DESIGNER SUMMER 2017 Styles from the runway to YOUR way! Grasp the general idea of a look then reshape it to fit you and your budget.





Mui Mui ss2017

tee : C Port $10 • bralette : Anne Cole $54 • shorts : Flying Tomato $25 wrap : Diane Von Furstenberg $159 Nordstrom Rack • shoe : B.O.C. $40 bag : J. Rene $vintage



fashion editor Jennifer O’Bannon


Prada ss2017

jacket : Mitto Shop $20 • turtleneck : Zeagoo $16 • shorts : 7 Encounter $18 shoes : Sun Ray $12





Rochas ss2017

tee : Warehouse $45 • skirt : Asos $32 • gloves : Dream High $10 shoes : Bellini $35



House of Holland ss2017


dress : Miss Guided $ 53 • top : Elodie $25 • tie : Izod $25 shoe : Crown Vintage $45





Dolce & Gabbanna ss2017

dress : Unique Vintage $78 • sandals : Lauren by Ralph Lauren $25 earrings : Zevar by Treska $18



photographer Sylvia Hardt • makeup and hair Rumur Stamps • model Angela Gutierrez / Ford RBA


Dior ss2017

tee : INC $30 • jeans : William Rast $80 • shoe : Madden Girl $40 choker : Heart $10 • glasses : Rocawear $28



1 For All and All 4 One...

As expected...

Of course...

swim set : Calvin Klein • jacket : Say What? shoes : Rocket Dog

leggings : Energie • shoe : New Balance


photographer Sylvia Hardt • hair & makeup Rumur Stamps • model Hayden Nielsen / Ford RBA

The Tankini Top

Well, why not?...

Go with it...

skirt : Free People • jacket : Angels shoes : 2 Lips Too • hat : Merona

jeans : Indigo Rein • jacket : Pliocene shoes : Adidas




Go Ahead...


a Little.

It’s not just the “Statement Necklace” any longer. Blinged - out and tricked out accessories are big on the trending scene. The intention is to get attention with these “show - off” accessories. Best seen stepping out with more simple pieces as not to compete. Indulge!



hair ties: tassels, L. Ericson • bead, L. Erickson


sandals: tassels, Sam Edelman • pom poms, Mix no. 6



bags: tulip applique, Imoshion • tribal fringe, Tori Burch

photographer Sylvia Hardt


sunnies : Burkinabae


SAND SURFING photography Bruce Dorn + Cavan Barry

Summer & Sand = Beachwear. Taken a bit beyond the norm, the embellishing marks the boldness of the summer sand surfer. Rising from the dunes to take a unique stand as the free spirit she can be. Brave & Bold = Beautiful.


t-shirt : Rebellious One bottoms : Hulu Honey hat : Billabong

t-shirt : Rachel Roy bottoms : Becca swimwear hat : The Mad Hot Hatter bracelets : Diane’s Beachwear

top : Merculture pant : Surf Gypsy jewelry : Alama sunglasses : Franco Sarto belt : Desigual

top : Billabong shorts : After Party scarf : stylist own hat : Nordstrom

top : Lycée Swimwear pants : Jolt headband : Diane’s Beachwear bracelets : Aita

top : Roxy shirt : Ralph Lauren bottoms : Anne Cole sunglasses : Marilyn Monroe umbrella : Beachbrella

top : Lycée Swimwear shirt : INC bottoms : Merculture necklace : Diane’s Beachwear hat : San Diego Hats sandals : Chinese Laundry

dress : Elan jeans : Hudson sunglasses : Ray-ban

one piece : California Waves jacket : Briish Khaki jewelry : Alama scarf : Albert Nipon bag : Sun & Sand

one piece : Billabong shirt : Levi’s

top : Urban Outfitters bottoms : Merculture jacket : Tinsel Town bag : Jade Tribe

(R) top: Merculture shorts : Volcom belt : India earrings : Alama scarf : India sunglasses : Steve Madden

hair + makeup Patrycja Korzeniak • models Bridget Cooley + Mary Nyx / Ford RBA • fashion editor Jennifer O’Bannon

(L) top : Billabong jeans : BDG necklace : Diane’s Beachwear armband : Alama hat : Billabong sunglasses : Franco Sarto

104 84

Top : Zara Skirt : Maison Jules Shoes : Steve Madden

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, exotic Priscilla Ford’s beauty is a melding of Irish, Italian and Brazilian. She spent most of her time as a young girl traveling to Hong Kong and cities throughout Brazil. Ford starred in the avant-garde short film Deux Face directed by Loic Zimmerman and has been accepted into the Toronto Fashion Film Festival 2017. She is soon to be seen in the indie thriller Without Disguise as a higher echelon hacker in an alternate reality run by a mechanism called “The Algorithm”. Ford dedicates the rest of her creative style in modeling for indie clothing lines and her fashion blog. Priscilla Ford...

Not your Basic

Black & White photographer Kelly Cappelli

Top : Avec les Filles Pant : Zara Shoes : Forever

Jacket : Avec Les Filles Pant : Karen Kane Shoes : Zara

Top : Vince Camuto Pant : Zara Shoes : Zara

Top : Zara Pant : Guess Shoes : Steve Madden

Top : Zara Overalls : Guess Shoes : Steve Madden

hair Caesar York • makeup Dig Cosmetics • fashion editor Jennifer O’Bannon • model Priscilla Ford



Festival fever abounds, initiating the consequence of sound through the energized summer season. Set it right with the groove of Burkinabae Sunnies, vintage fringe, crochet and denim. Celebrate the sound with a loud sense of accessories. What better way to go out and about the land than in the quintessential VW van!

LANDS photography Andrew Gleason

hair + makeup Rumur Stamps • wardrobe Vintage by Misty • fashion editor Jennifer O’Bannon models Dominique Reshae + Alex Del Rae • production asst Ally Carr


Just a quick scan and you have a chance to win Luca swag!


ECO FASHION words April Rose Gedney

Buying fashion with an eco-friendly vibe is easy with these fabulous handbags. Every Hebe Rose product is at least 60% recycled, with much of the material they use coming from the PET Plastic bottles that would otherwise be clogging up a landfill.

To see the realities of our country’s waste, April and Barbara went on a trip to Asia. What they learned on this journey broke their hearts. Many American landfills are at capacity, and thus garbage is being sent over to third world countries like the Philippines where people sort through landfills to find recyclables. Seeing other people deal with our country’s problem just did not sit right with these gals. Witnessing this firsthand has made them even more determined to change the fashion industry from within. “Ethical fashion is not a trend, but it is a statement. It’s a statement we hope more consumers will make as they wake up to the harm caused by mindless consumption. Recycling turns things into other things, which is kind of like magic”!

Making a statement. Making a difference. This is what Hebe Rose New York is all about.


Hebe Rose New York was started in early 2016 by two designers, April Rose Gedney Ramirez and Barbara Corea, both of whom shared a common goal. This goal was to create a product by recycling what they could and making a difference. Although It sounds simple, there are numerous laws to abide by, making startup challenging.

photo credit Sarah Staiger



hese exquisite handcrafted beaded pieces are T created by ALAMA, a culture-to-wear label, comprised of a team of skilled women artisans. These women are united by their will to promote the legacy of the Maasai tribe of Tanzania through jewelry that is designed for both women and men who wish to support their culture and includes a sustainable design. Each unique jewelry piece is handmade and celebrates the ancestral traditions of the Maasai people of Tanzania, their semi-nomadic lifestyle and the tribe’s distinctive dress and jewelry customs. Traditionally in the Maasai culture, the women are in charge of beading. The beaded jewelry pieces accompany the tribe through all stages of life. The colors and the structure of the jewelry can indicate someone’s age, social status, marital status, and gender in addition to giving insights on warriorhood. In this context, the white beads represent purity, the red symbolize bravery and strength, the blue signify energy and represent the sky, while the green beads stand for the land and symbolize health. Orange and yellow beads represent hospitality whereas black symbolizes the people of the Maasai tribe. The jewelry brand is empowered by the non-governmental organization Africa Amini Alama– a charity which improves the living conditions of the Maasai and Meru tribes of Tanzania by providing them with no cost health care and social help as well as free educational programs. Each ALAMA artisan is continuously supported with a higher revenue generated through the direct purchase of their jewelry by the brand and provided with tools adapted to the quality requirements of the luxury industry. Committed to both cultural heritage and sustainability, ALAMA’s jewelry collection grows organically with unique and handmade statement pieces instead of seasonal offerings along with a zero waste policy. The artisans work only with locally sourced leather, recycled plastic, and glass beads that they purchase from local markets. When you wear ALAMA, you can be sure that your jewelry was made with respect for people, animals, and the planet. Look for ALAMA’s collaboration with French luxury brand Faith Connexion for the Spring/Summer 2017 women and menswear season in Paris.


Be the Source

Still a high school junior, Veronica is gaining attention from the scientific arena. Last year, she was invited to attend a seminar in Massachusetts for high school honors students interested in becoming physicians or medical scientists. She is passionate about making a difference in the world and being the source to spark change. We asked her to share with Luca readers how she finds scientific inspirations every day, everywhere...

photo Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG

someone to know


eventeen-year old Veronica Reynoso is a scientist mostly known for creating light sources like a Bioluminescent lamp, Piezoelectric Flashlight, and Ergonomic Band Aid all of which are powered by the heat of the hand. But among those close to her, she is known for her misfit robots and sometimes firecausing failed prototypes. She does not give up, however; she has submitted projects to benefit the community which all started from junkyard parts. With her keen, resourceful​mind, she takes inspiration from science fiction novels and sci-fi television like CW’s, The 100.

112 ​ Each time when I subcultured the bacteria and set it in a dark room, I saw that if I expose it to certain types of pathogenic bacteria, the level of light would differ. I had created a contaminant detector. A detection method, that if I continue my research, could further Sheldon Cooper character’s experiment into measuring pollution. Of course, all my knowledge was from library books and the internet. So for now, my little bioluminescent lamp can serve as a replacement for my electric lamp when I read Nikola Tesla’s biography or when catching up on homework that I should have done when making my little lamp.

Words Veronica Reynoso

someone to know

I walk to the junkyard to find scrap aluminum and every morning when that happens, I remap what my blueprint looks like in my head. Although I probably have it scribbled on the back of a cereal box somewhere, rewiring is key. I first started inventing/making innovative projects when I was around 9. To this day I look back and think, “Oh what was I thinking?” or believe that my prototypes weren’t any good. In reality, they were extremely important in my foundation of creativity and science. As a young child, I so desperately wanted a “Beginning to Electronics Kit 1000” but it was $25.99 and my mother said no. What I ended up doing was using my parents’ old radios, telephones, and sewing machine and taking them apart to observe and learn. I was able to do the take-apartput-back-together a couple times before I forgot to include one screw at the very bottom and was told to stop. Very early on, when my dad did not control the TV, I was able to watch Jeopardy and learned that knowledge is power. However, I always wondered what those contestants did with their lives using such large amount of information. Throughout my childhood, television continued to be a source of inspiration and one day I remember watching the TV show Big Bang Theory for the first time. It was the episode where Sheldon Cooper goes insane and resorts to all sorts of experiments like making fish glow in the dark. I too, went ‘bonkers’ and decided to try it on my own. The park near my house contains a small creek where tiny little organisms called Vibrio Fischeri. Nobody could ever see them since they only emitted a small amount of light, but I decided to use my persistent childish mind and see what I could do. I learned all about the bioluminescent bacteria, more specifically, why and how they glowed. After buying a set online from a laboratory in Carolina Biological, they were much more easier to handle. After months, I took a plant in my house that nobody ever cared about, inoculated the bacteria, and prepared it to glow.

My problem was that I couldn’t afford to buy laboratory controlled specimens constantly. I wasn’t a world renowned physicist like Sheldon Cooper’s character. So, I decided to use what I had and became the source. I still focused on the concept of light and so I powered a flashlight with the heat of my hand. My Piezoelectric Flashlight started as a headlight because I learned about the temperature differential. A couple months later after dealing with Peltier tiles, soldering, and led lights, I was able to power five foot candles in light. Although it is long since my 1st prototype of the Piezoelectric Flashlight, I still look back to construct my projects around the idea of being the source. For example, a boy sat next to me on the first day on Junior year math class. He was a football player and every time I went to lunch girls around me would talk about him because he came to class with a cast on from the previous night’s football game. Instead of contributing to that conversation, I went home to learn about advance wound care. I was flustered because I couldn’t even pronounce the hi-tech devices. I then developed “Ergonomic Band Aid” which is a solid-state localized therapy system that involves a program acting as a reverse heat system that soothes that injured area. I often look back at the worn out notebook I had filled with illustrative apparatuses, some of them in crayon because when I had my epiphany, I had to grab that closest thing, which was a purple crayon. Presenting to science committees is kind of embarrassing but ends up being successful once I explain the process and the potential benefits to those in need. Often times in school, I would have to explain what I made and the response people would have was, “You know you could just buy batteries at the store”. I know someday my innovative projects will be a great help to the disadvantage and it is much more honorable than focusing on me and building a reputation for myself. I get asked the question, “Why do you bother?” or “Why do scientists work and put themselves in such tedious work?” and honestly, nobody can possibly assume the depths and dimensions of your mind. The closest thing I’ll ever get to understanding the beautiful mind of Tesla, Nash, or Hickman, is by reading their biographies- most likely why I keep going, remembering why I first started. Be the source.


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Luca Magazine - Summer 2017 - Violett Beane  

Luca is an up and coming source for the next gen, intended to ignite, empower and accept ALL readers. Our gorgeous, quarterly print magazine...

Luca Magazine - Summer 2017 - Violett Beane  

Luca is an up and coming source for the next gen, intended to ignite, empower and accept ALL readers. Our gorgeous, quarterly print magazine...