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Care for Tomorrow - Shape the Future!

“We had a dream and a mission as early as 2009”

2009 - 2024 withsustainability 15 yrs

Care for TomorrowShape the Future!

Lübech Living was founded in 2006. We work within the business of interior, lifestyle, and home decoration. Back in 2009, we turned our full attention to sustainability. Lübech Living designs and produces our own brands OOhh and OOhhx. We work as the European distributor for Vance Kitira Candles, and we are the Nordic distributor for the well-known Italian brand UASHMAMA

The OOhh Collection is a unique combination of stylish and timeless Danish design, produced with the use of specially selected sustainable materials. All OOhh products are produced within our fairtrade project in Sri Lanka and are handmade to reduce CO2 consumption.

OOhhx is a unique collection in the OOhh range, which is designed and produced with the same values as our OOhh Collection. We produce in countries such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Europe. Common to all our products is that they are all handmade, developed from sustainable materials, and part of a sustainable production. And, of course, always with that extra OOhh detail.

Our customers are always our first priority.

Carefully Created Collections

Søren & Susanne Lübech

Lübech Living’s sustainable journey

Lübech Living sustainable journey started as early as 2009 with the Vance Ktiira candles and includes many sustainable additions along the way. Let us take you through our journey.



• Introducing Vance Kitira


• First OOhh recyled paper pots


• Formland Design Award nomination with creased paper


• Launched Eco-Felt recycled plastic


• Started project with weaved baskets


• First OOhhx recycled glass

• Developed the unique OOhh Zero Waste paper


• First ceramic collection produced with solar energy


• Collaboration with glerups on wool waste material


• Introducing the cork material


• Launched Wood’z recycled wood dust


• Introducing Lotus paper with faded flowers

• New outdoor material, All Nature

• The 15th anniversary OOhh Jubilee Collection

Zero Waste Paper

Natural Cork

Recycled wood dust

Ceramics made with solar energy

Recycled Plastic

Leftovers from the textile industry

Hand Poured Certified Candles

100% Recycled Glass

Zero Waste Wool

Our Carefully Selected materials Learn more about the materials in this catalogue

Lübech Living only work with a few suppliers as we prioritize a very close collaboration with each of them. This way we can follow the process closely and make sure that our products are produced under good social conditions and in an eco-friendly way.

15 years anniversary celebration

This year Lübech Living celebrates its 15th anniversary as an environmentally and socially responsible company. We started, Our sustainable journey started seven years before the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were launched. Long before the world began to focus on sustainability.

To mark this special event we wanted to design something special. Therefore, we designed the Jubilee anniversary collection. A tribute to and a combination of two of OOhh’s most revolutionary sustainable developments over the past 15 years.

The anniversary design is also a symbol of Lübech Living’s ongoing commitment and eternal quest, to create sustainable and beautiful interiors. Interiors created with social responsibility as an alternative to the industry’s conventional offerings.

Lübech Living withsustainability 15 yrs

Care for TomorrowShape the Future!

The Jubilee Collection

We are very pleased to introduce Jubilee - The anniversary collection.

The design feature two milestones from our 15 years journey towards a more sustainable interior industry.

1 . The top features the OOhh zero waste paper project from 2018

2. The bottom features our newest material, recycled wood dust from the local carpenters in Sri Lanka.

We can’t wait to see where sustainability will take us next.


We create new paper from local waste paper

In 2018 we realized that despite of our sustainable effort, our production took part in creating 20 tons of paper waste per year. This enticed us to look into new possibilities of re-using our own offcuts.

The result was a new generation of sustainable paper, which we named Zero Waste paper. The softness of the paper is ideal when creating structures and patterns, and we are proud to expand the collection with new designs in the FW24 collection.

All the Zero Waste paper pots and vases are made waterproof with natural latex.

eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL

Jubilee - The anniversary collection





Made from wood dust

In the pursue to reduce the use of paint Lübech Living / OOhh Collection proudly introduced the Wood’z collection in FW23. The collection is zero waste paper products with a playful wood dust surface, and this season we have added new beautiful members to the collection.

Using excess wood from the local carpenter industry in Sri Lanka we create the finest wood dust in different colors. By mixing different sorts of local wood we can create several different colors and we have selected our favorite ones.

Wood’z pique fleur vases and pots

The Wood’z Pique Fleur vases include an insert with holes that will help you decorate and keep your flowers in place.

x W12 x H20 / D18 x H30 / D20 x H26

Egg and High - only the pot insert is waterproof

Wood’z pedistals and candle holders

L9 x W12 x H34 / L9 x W11,5 x H44,5 / L9 x W9,5 x H49,5 cm WZP3 Set of 3 different pedistals

Fireproof surface treatment.

D11,5 x H3 cm D11,5 x H5,5 cm

Wood’z pots and vases

Tuscany Flower Clutch

Tuscany Hanging Pockets

Tuscany Conical Pots





Eco-nesting: TUS11, TUS13 and TUS17

All excess paper from our production is turned into new zero waste paper. Handmade Paper


CL12 is a perfect lid for TUS11, TUSC11 & TUSV19


Tuscany Cylinders

Zero Waste Paper Pots and Vases - Waterproof





Our initiatives towards sustainability

We use the power of the sun to dry our paper products

All our paper pots are biodegradeable

All OOhh products are made by hand and therefore unique

Our paper production is SEDEX SMETA-4 Pillar Certified

We turn our own excess paper into new paper

Natural latex is used to waterproof our products


We dry our paper & paper pots in the sunlight

We work with less priveleged women in Sri Lanka

OOhh Women project

To reduce our CO2 footprint we nest our paper pots

Without the OOhh women project in Sri Lanka we had no paper pots. The project counts hours, days and years working together making the OOhh recycled paper project a success. The initial goal was to give less privileged women in Sri Lanka the opportunity to work from home, enabling them to earn an income, while taking care of their children, and pay them a fair price.

We started with a small group of women and today the group of women involved counts 200+. Throughout the years we have build a strong relation, knowing many of the women since 2010.

We really appreciate the skilled women in Sri Lanka, and Lübech Living is also very grateful that the project has been SEDEX certified. The certification is a testament and guarantee for the importance of the working facilities and conditions for the women.

The OOhh products are handmade and therefore unique. As a result colors and sizes may differ slightly from the text and photos.

From waste to new handmade OOhh paper

Why we use recycled paper?

Recycled paper has followed OOhh since 2010. The first OOhh flowerpot was made from recycled paper, and we are still a major fan of the possibility to create stunning decor from such a strong sustainable and biodegradable material.

Recycled paper offers us an interesting base to develop timeless flowerpots and interior, and since we always add that extra ‘OOhh’ detail you will receive a unique piece of handicraft.

eciohcneerG gniviLhcebüL
Recycled Materials


100% Recycled Paper Pots, Vases & Bowls with cement finish - Waterproof



D17/22 x H17 cm


D22/27 x H22 cm

100 / € 13,6

D10/15 x H20 cm


x H20 cm D13/18 x H13 cm

4 DKK 65 / € 8,8

TOKB2 TOKB3 D21 x H10 cm D26 x H14 cm


80 / € 10,9

140 / € 19


75 / € 10,3

75 / € 10,3

the 100% Recycled Paper pots and vases are made waterproof with natural latex.

Tokyo Orchid Pot

Tokyo Cups

Hanging Pots & Trays

Hanging pots allow you to make the most of your space and bring your plants up to eye level.

Tokyo Cylinders



TC19 TC28


Colors Tokyo Cylinders

Dune Collection

100% Recycled Paper Pots (Waterproof), vase (Waterproof) and tealight holder with Sand finish


D9,5 x H5 cm


D9,5 x H11 cm

DKK 30 / € 4,3 DKK 38 / € 5,4

DUNTLB Set of 2

D11,5/13 x H6 cm / D16/17,5 x H6 cm


D16/10 x H21 cm

DKK 70 / € 9,55 DKK 75 / € 10,20

DUNTFD Set of 2

D11,5/13 x H6 cm / D16/17,5 x H6 cm


D16/10 x H21 cm

DKK 70 / € 9,55 DKK 75 / € 10,20

DUNTBLK Set of 2

D11,5/13 x H6 cm / D16/17,5 x H6 cm

Min: 12 Min: 8 Min: 8 Min: 8 Min: 8 Min: 6 Min: 6 Min: 6


D16/10 x H21 cm

DKK 70 / € 9,55 DKK 75 / € 10,20

The Dune Collection is decorated with sand from the beach.

Care for TomorrowShape the Future!




Granite Pot



Only available for GRA13

Read more about the eco-friendly packaging method Eco-nesting on page 64.

The sense of

the sustainable lifestyle...

... already began in the childhood home

Small communities showing creativity with their resources

As part of a dance company Susanne and Søren started travelling together as teenagers to destinations in Asia and Africa. Here they quickly discovered how small communities get the maximum out of the limited resources they have available. The use of recycled materials and the craftsmanship of the artisans fascinated them. When returning home they unfortunately also realized that the beautiful products they purchased did not fit into the Scandinavian interior style.

Sutainability and design must go hand in hand

Back in 2009, when Susanne and Søren decided to focus purely on sustainability and social responsibility they knew that they had to make beautiful Scandinavian designs to make it a success. Sustainability was not a valued asset at that time. Therefore they decided to show the world that sustainability and social responsibility can be united in beautiful design and this decision still defines the OOhh Collection today, 15 years later.

Our intention creates our reality

Why sustainability as early as 2009?

Because it made sense. After years of working and doing business in Asia, Susanne was eager to get away from the industrial business standards in Asia. Susanne wanted to work with something more meaningful matching her personal values.

Pure happiness shines from Susanne’s eyes when she looks back at everyday life in her childhood home. This is where she was inspired to get the maximum out of all resources and learned to share all of your leftover materials with others. She clearly remembers how the neighborhood came to the garage of the family home to pick up single bolts, nails and pieces of wooden boards. Her father always saved these thinking that every household should not have to buy a full box when only a few was needed.

Care for Tomorrow - Shape the Future!

Mail Me



(Starch based lining inside)

Flat: H15 x 23,5 cm

Open: D13 cm

22 / € 3



(Starch based lining inside)

Flat: H15 x 23,5 cm Open: D13 cm

22 / € 3


Compostable (Starch based lining inside)

Flat:H18,5 x 30 cm Open: D17 cm



(Starch based lining inside)

Flat:H18,5 x 30 cm Open: D17 cm

32 / € 4,4



(Recycled polythene and poplin inside)

Flat: H30 x L44 cm Open: D22 cm



(Recycled polythene and poplin inside)

Flat: H30 x L44 cm Open: D22 cm

88 / € 12

Weaved Paper Baskets

Body from Recycled Paper

With Mail Me you can mail your flower pot. It arrives flat packed ready for you to expand it and insert a plant. Voila, a beautiful flower pot.

*MM13 & MM17 is made with compostable starch based lining inside. MM30 is made with poplin and recycled polythene.

Art Collection

Mindful Living

Given our climate, there is a demand for conscious behavior, leading to the emergence of the mindful living trend. A trend that makes us decorate with keywords such as ‘conscious’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘timeless’. That reflects our collective desire to create beautiful spaces that are in harmony with the planet and built to last. With the change in trends, to a more reflective and mindful living, the OOhh Interior Collection now stands out stronger than ever before.

What has always been purpose driven designs from OOhh Collection, has now become a trend. Enjoy a large collection of truly stunning baskets, storage options, candle holders and décor items. All handmade by local artisans.


A multifunctional Cork Collection



This is why we use cork

Cork is in the absolute top of the scale as a persistent, reusable and compostable material.

- No trees are harmed in the harvesting of cork - Cork is a 100% natural material

- Cork is biodegradable

- Cork is regenerating - Cork is recyclable

Many ways to use the cork

OOhh Cork Collection is designed to be multifunctional. Use by itself or in combination with other OOhh and Vance Kitira products.

Vienna Collection

Powder Coated candle holders and snuffers for Vance Kitira CT120 and Timber Candles

VK9WH For CT120

D8 x H9 cm

52 / € 7,1

VK9LB For CT120

D8 x H9 cm

52 / € 7,1

VK9BLK For CT120

VK18WH For CT120

VK23WH For CT120

x H18 cm D10 x H23 cm

VK18LB For CT120 D8 x H9 cm

52 / € 7,1


VK23LB For CT120

VK18BLK For CT120

VK23BLK For CT120

See page 58

Candle holder for CL30, CT2004, CT2006 & CT2008 D8,5 / D4 x H3 cm

holder for CLC & CC30

D9,5 / D5 x H4 cm


Timber Candles
Taper Candles

VK8WH For CT120

VK8LB For CT120

VK8BLK For CT120

VK5WH For CT2004, CT2006 & CT2008 D8,5

VK5LB For CT2004, CT2006 & CT2008

VK5BLK For CT2004, CT2006 & CT2008

For CT120


Paper Baskets


Paper Lamps

Strong enough for light shopping


Water Hyacinth Baskets

Decorate with Lübech Living for a more sustainable lifestyle

The OOhh Collection began with recycled paper pots, but throughout the years we have constantly expanded, allowing us to offer a wide range of conscious interior products, including baskets, ceramics, recycled glass and more.

Handmade baskets from water hyacinth and bamboo lid

Wall Decoration


Recycled Rug

Handmade from excess material from the textile industry Tealight / Vase

Why we decided to introduce ceramics

After we were contacted by the supplier we use today we decided to introduce ceramics. We wish to show the industry that it is possible to produce ceramics in a more sustainable way than the current industry standards.

Our supplier is ISO14001:2015 certified and they use their own solar energy to run the production as well as the water reusing system they have installed. All products are handmade. The result is a range of beautifully designed ceramic products providing additional possibilities.

ISO Certified ceramics produced with solar energy and waste water


Andrea & Anna

*Other prices:

ANNASDBS: DKK 51 / € 6,95

ANNAMDBS: DKK 105 / € 14,75

Anna Pot w/ saucer


Mix and match colors TIP! Use the pot and saucer together or separately

DBS, Blue Stone finish


Handmade Ceramics with Sand finish produced using solar energy - Waterproof

ANC12LBM Candleholder

D8 x H12 cm

Min: 6 DKK 48 / € 6,4

ANC12WH Candleholder

D8 x H12 cm

Min: 6

ANC15LBM Candleholder

D8 x H15 cm

Min: 6

58 / € 7,8

ANC15WH Candleholder

D8 x H15 cm

Min: 6

ANC12BOV Candleholder ANC15BOV Candleholder

D8 x H12 cm D8 x H15 cm

Min: 6 DKK 48 / € 6,4

58 / € 7,8

ANC12BLK Candleholder

D8 x H12 cm

Min: 6 DKK 48 / € 6,4

ANC15BLK Candleholder

D8 x H15 cm

Min: 6

58 / € 7,8

48 / € 6,4


Vase / Candleholder

D10 x H14 cm

Min: 6

70 / € 9,6


Vase / Candleholder

D10 x H14 cm

Min: 6 DKK 70 / € 9,6

Min: 6 DKK 58 / € 7,8



D10 x H4 cm

Min: 8

x H4 cm


Min: 8


x H4 cm

Min: 8


Handmade Ceramics with Sand or Glossy finish produced using solar energy - Waterproof New design New design New design


x H4 cm

Handmade Ceramics with Sand or Glossy finish produced using solar energy - Waterproof TIP! Multiple purposes D14 x H4 cm

Min: 6

Min: 6

The ANT14 bowls are food safe.

The Wave Collection

Wave STACK collection created for your every need

Handmade ceramics produced with 30% recycled ceramics using solar energy and water recycling


The Wave bowls are stackable and oven safe.






Water Flow






Windy Trees

Handmade Ceramics with matte finish / sand finish produced using solar energy - Waterproof

Albert & Felix

Why we use recycled glass

The first addition to the OOhhx collection was the range of beautiful mouth blown recycled glass, specially selected from a renowned European glass factory.

OOhhx only use 100% recycled glass as it provides big environmental payoffs. It reduces CO2, saving energy - about 30% less energy is required to melt cullet compared to virgin raw material. Glass can be recycled endlessly with no loss in quality or purity. A perfect example of sustainability.


Recycled Materials



x 19 cm D10,5 x 19 cm


D10,5 x 19 cm

60 / € 8,3


Cork lids: CL12 (For VAD21, VAB19)

See page 27

See page 59

See page 27



Nature Living

In a world where outdoor spaces are more integrated to our well-being than ever, our collection reflects the growing trend of mindful living. Choosing our conscious outdoor pieces is not just a style statement; it’s a commitment to a greener, more responsible future.

The All Nature collection offer pots crafted from natural latex and recycled wood dust collected from the local carpenters in Sri Lanka. The wooddust enriches us with a beautiful tactile surface that embody the perfect union of style and sustainability.

The All Nature collection is perfect to combine with the OOhh Zero Waste wool collection. A unique recycled wool collection where each item is a testament to our commitment to responsible production and eco-friendly living. Let your outdoor spaces be a testament to both your unique taste and your dedication to a healthier planet. All items are weather resistant..


All Nature Outdoor Collection

Immerse yourself with this beautiful eco-conscious & weather resistant outdoor collection

Outdoor material

With the introduction of the All Nature outdoor collection, OOhh collection invented an innovative and exciting outdoor friendly material.

The pots are made from a mix of 100% natural latex and recycled wood dust from the local carpenters in Sri Lanka. The same recycled wood dust is used in the popular OOhh WOOD’z series. The mix of materials makes it possible to use these beautiful products indoor and outdoor.

Zero Waste Wool Collection


The wool collection is ideal to proteect surfaces

A cooperation between

OOhh & glerups

A dream came true for Lübech Living when we, together with the Danish company glerups, started our Zero Waste wool project. In this project we reuse excess wool from the glerups production for our lovely Nordic inspired designs.

Susanne Lübech, OOhh / Allan Timm, glerups

Set the mood for a delightful outdoor adventure.

Why we use Zero Waste Wool

There are many good reasons to use wool

1. It’s a 100% pure, natural material

2. It’s naturally antibacterial

3. It’s 100% biodegradable

4. It’s naturally stain resistant

5. The material is itch-free

6. It’s temperature regulating, so it can keep both your coffee warm and your wine cold.

Create the most stunning Christmas decoration with the OOhh Zero Waste Wool decor and it’s warm Nordic look.

Celebrate Christmas with Zero Waste Wool &



Christmas décor

Presenting the OOhh Christmas collection! Featuring beautiful designs in eco-friendly materials like Pulp paper, Zero Waste paper, EcoFelt, wood, hessian, and Zero Waste Wool.

Experience the holiday spirit with updated traditional shapes and symbols that blend seamlessly with any home décor. Discover the beauty of subtle colors and charming OOhh details.

The OOhh products are handmade and therefore all unique. As a result, colors and sizes may vary slightly from the text and photos.


Ball, Cone

Tree Deco Stick, Star Wreath, Wire Stars

Wood dust & Zero Waste Paper

9 set

DKK 24 / € 3,3

Zero Waste Paper

12 set Min: 8 set

DKK 15,5 / € 2,2 DKK 43 / € 5,8

D8 x H9 / D7,5 x H12 cm

Min: 12 sets

Set of 12 / 4 of each design

Ornaments: H9 cm,

D: 11,5 x 5,5 cm

Min: 12 boxes

Min: 8 set

DKK 38 / € 5,2 DKK 48 / € 6,75 DKK 45 / € 6

Zero Waste Pulp Paper

Set of 8 / 2 of each design

L11,5 x W11,5 cm (Figurines: 8

ECO-felt (100% recycled plastic) w/wooden base

Set of 3 FT Set of 3

Advent Numbers

Set of 4 numbers

Min: 12 sets

DKK 13 / € 1,75

Christmas time is candle time

Discover the joy of Christmas with our remarkable collection of clean, pure candles. Just like our loyal retailers, you can curate a delightful assortment that enhances your customers’ indoor environment during the holiday season.

Immerse yourself in the cozy glow and gentle flicker of our carefully crafted candles, bringing a touch of festive cheer to your cherished celebrations. Join our esteemed retailers on a journey to evoke nostalgic emotions and craft exceptional moments that will leave lasting memories.

Choose to embrace the enchantment of the holiday season with our clean, pure candles, and embark on a wondrous adventure filled with delightful candlelight.

“Celebrate Life, Light a Candle” - Vance Kitira

with elastic band



clean candles

“As a brand we have seen our image stronger under Lübech Living marketing and distribution.”

Hand poured certified candles with no emission of harmful or cancer causing particles.

Vance Kitira was established in 1993 by Thai forester Vance Kitira. The success behind the brand is derived by Vance’s own love for nature and his unique ability to translate it into fashionable products, while protecting nature and its inhabitants in returnand the belief that ecofriendly is far from equal to high prices.

Choose to embrace your good times with the pure Vance Kitira Timber candles, and embark on a wonderful experience of the uplifting glow of candlelight.

“Celebrate Life, Light a Candle” - Vance Kitira

Due to the very pure paraffin the candles are made of, their burn hours are much longer than you will experience with regular candles.

15 years with Vance Kitira & Timber Candles

Lübech Living are incredibly proud to have represented Vance Kitira for 15 years, already. Vance Kitira has been a great inspiration and taught us how it’s possible to combine business with social- and environmental responsibility. Vance’s calm being and deliberate approach is clearly seen in his collection, his staff, and the spirit of the brand.

Looking back at 15 years with Timber Candles in Europe, the customer loyalty to the brand stands out to us. The first customers buying Vance Kitira are still with us, and many have joined us since. The quality of the hand poured Timber Candles are unique and Vance’s caring for the local community and the environment makes Vance Kitira much more than a candle brand.

The unique qualities of Timber Candles

Asthma and allergy friendly

Certified clean candles - tested at SGS laboratory

Average sooting percentage: 0,01%

Very long burn hours

Odor free and smokeless

Premium food grade paraffin - REACH certified

Hand poured

Through colored

Fine dyes from Germany

100% cotton wicks from the US

Our retailers say: Lübech Living

“Working with candles for 35 years, I am impressed by the quality, form, colours and the no allergy test I did.”

“The most wonderful candles. A man with severe allergy for candles tested your candles and had no allergic reaction. My warmest recommendations.”

- Flower Designer, Hanne Utoft

Self-extinguishing certified

“Customers who start using Vance Kitira candles always come back for more. I have my regular customers who buy the candles because of asthma in the family.”

- Balsalen, Århus

Handmade candles

Timber Candles - 12 sizes and 42 colors

New FW24 colors

Choose between 42 Timber colorsthe combinations of colors are tremendous Lychee Red & Light Grey

Champagne CHAM
Candles handmade from premium food grade paraffin
Snow White SW Melon White MW
Pine Green PG
Burnt Olive BOV
Cane Sugar CS
Sage SAG
Turf Green TG
Moss Green MOSS
Straw STR
Ocean Mist OM Hunting Green HG
Elderberry ELD
Mauve Taupe MT Ocra OC
Petroleum PET
Misty Blue MB Blue Ocean BLO
Insignia Blue IB Aubergine AUB
Toffee Brown TB
Citrus CIT
Wine WN
Lychee Red LR Cranberry CRB
Raspberry RAS
Rose Taupe RT
Moonlight MOON
Soft Pink SP Cherry Blossom CHBL
Coral COR
Chestnut CN Mango Sorbet MS Pink Sand PKSD Peach PCH
Grey GY
Taupe TP
Smokey Grey SMKG
Light Grey LGY
Brick BRI
Brown Granite BG
Charcoal CHAR
New New

Christmas Candles

Candle Holders

Candles made from foodgrade paraffin D9,5 x H4

D5 x H30 cm

Min: 9 pcs

DKK 48 / € 6,5


Calender Candle w/ holder

Candle: D5 x H30 cm

Holder: D9,5 x H4 cm

Min: 6 sets

DKK 108 / € 14,95

DKK 38 / € 5,2 Min: 9


Calender Candle w/ holder

9 sets DKK 58 / € 7,95

DKK 90 / € 12,65

Church Candles


Church Candle with holder

Candle: D4xH30 cm Holder: D8,5 x H3 cm

DKK 34 / € 4,6 DKK 86 / € 11,9

9 sets

6 pcs

66 / € 9,2

Set of 4 numbers

Min: 12 sets

DKK 13 / € 1,75

Vance Kitira is an incredible inspiration

Vance Kitira has always prioritized social responsibility in his work. In addition to his goal of producing clean candles under responsible and environmentally friendly conditions, he has always had a dedicated focus on supporting and helping in his homeland.

Vance cares deeply for his local community, ensuring good working conditions for his employees and doing impressive work with several orphanages in Thailand. These are very important to Vance, and he places great emphasis on supporting the children’s creative development. Over the years, the sale of Vance Kitira candles has helped donate money, furniture, crayons, paper, and much more to the orphanages. Additionally, we have collaborated with the children to design greeting cards, which we have sold to support them financially. One of Vance’s most heartfelt actions is donating specially designed furniture and wooden toys to orphanages. These designs, created by Vance himself, aim to foster the children’s creativity, bring them joy, and provide optimal learning opportunities.

The photos are from Rungsit Orphanage House, which is the first of 40 orphanages to receive donations in 2024.




To avoid smoke when putting out the candles, it’s important to use the Candle Extinguisher or Candle Snuffer (for taper candles).

/ € 8,15 DKK 90 / € 12,65

Hang your Vance Kitira CT120 Candles on the Wall Hanger.

A full circle of sustainable thinking

The Econested symbol, indicates that every second pot will be slightly wider, helping to nest two pots of the same height to help reduce our CO2 footprint.

We consider our CO2 footprint in every step from design, to raw materials, production packaging and all the way to its eco-friendly reuse and disposal.

Shop by following the symbols

On the Lübech Living webshop, the below symbols will guide you to a fast and easy overview of the eco-friendly- and social values connected to your selected product. A transparent business is very important to us and helps you to make your conscious choices.

Sustainable symbols

Functional symbols

Get your order started on shop.lubechliving.com

Susanne Lübech Founder & Creative Director susanne@lubechliving.com

Søren Lübech Founder & Sales Manager soren@lubechliving.com

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