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There is nothing I can recommend more than spending time at Pardes. Through the teachers and friends I met, I discovered how Judaism can be a source of guidance, making me a more informed Jew and a better person. Best spent year of my life.

- Matt Bar, Philadelphia, PA Founder and Executive Director of Bible Raps

There is something magical about studying and living in Jerusalem. If you want to know where the things we are learning about happened, you just look out the window.

- Gil Bar-Shoshan, Berlin, Germany Fund manager at Aviva Investors

Pardes is a great place for Jews of all nationalities. Our commonality as young Jews who want to learn and to ask questions is far greater than anything that might divide us.

- Veronique Kretz, Strasbourg, France Philosophy & Law graduate

The diversity of the Pardes community adds so much to the learning environment... every day I was inspired by the opportunity to see Judaism through a new set of eyes. - Yonit Lavin, Teaneck, NJ MD/PhD student

My teachers were inspiring and wouldn’t let me get away with not knowing. My first year of Pardes was the hardest I ever worked, not to mention how fun it was. Pardes is a meeting place of spectacular souls. - Jessica Fain, San Francisco, CA Customer Success Partner at Box Inc.

Pardes Center for Jewish Educators

A rich framework for students seeking to delve deeply into classic Jewish texts, contemporary Jewish ideas and personal identity. Seminar-style classes and havruta (partner) study are complemented by trips around Israel, Shabbat and holiday experiences, social action projec ts and guest speakers representing a range of voices. • Israel • Single semester option • September - May

Programs in Israel and North America to train, support and inspire both day school Jewish Studies teachers and experiential educators serving the Jewish community. • Israel + North America • Short-term seminars - 1+ 2 year training programs

Summer Program Three weeks of dynamic, interactive study of Jewish texts in a vibrant community of students from around the world. Students grapple with the great Jewish books and ideas, explore how classical Judaism tackles contemporary challenges and find inspiration from our renowned faculty. • Israel • 3 weeks

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Year Program


Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution Educational and professional development programs integrating the study of Jewish texts with contemporary theories and practices of conflict resolution. Classes run in Israel, North America and online. • Israel + North America • Throughout the year

Community Education Program ISRAEL

Morning and evening courses, special lectures and educational trips. Ideal for those living in Israel and visitors alike looking for short-term, flexible learning opportunities. • Israel • Throughout the year

International Programs Pardes faculty travel throughout the world to teach on campuses, in communities and at conferences. In addition, we are always developing new short-term learning opportunities outside of Israel. • Worldwide • Throughout the year

Spirituality Retreat Combining prayer, mindfulness meditation, silence, text study and other modes of spiritual practice, this retreat introduces participants to the profound depths of Jewish spirituality and offers the possibility of finding life-transforming meaning in the Jewish tradition. • North America • 1 week

Pardes is an open, co-ed and non-denominational Jewish learning community, based in Jerusalem and with programs worldwide. Students encounter and grapple with classic texts and traditions of Judaism, while exploring their relevance to today’s most pressing issues. Pardes empowers students with the knowledge and tools to take ownership of their Jewish experience.

Executive Learning Seminar Brings together executives, professionals and community leaders from around the world who wish to combine visiting Israel with the chance to study classic Jewish texts and explore their relevance to our lives. Classroom study is complemented by tours, evening programs and high-profile guest speakers. • Israel • 1 week • Twice yearly, summer + winter

wh at is pardes?


Visiting Groups Pardes offers custom-made programs for groups visiting Israel through community missions, universities, Birthright and more. Classes help participants frame, reinforce or process their trip and see Jewish text learning as relevant to their lives. • Israel • 2 hours - 1 week

Diversity is at the core of Pardes and students represent a broad spectrum of the Jewish world. The result is a vibrant community constantly engaged in honest, dynamic and constructive debate leading to serious personal reflection and growth. Our renowned faculty members affiliate with a range of communities. While the vast majority live their lives in accordance with halakha (Jewish law), they differ from one another in their philosophical, spiritual and practical approaches to Judaism. Through relationships with faculty, the community and Jewish texts, students leave Pardes with refined critical thinking, improved communication and interpersonal skills, and more nuanced and sensitive perspectives. The Pardes model has inspired four decades of Jewish leadership marked by openness, passion, Jewish knowledge and inclusivity, and continues to inspire new possibilities for Jewish communities everywhere.

New Pardes Brochure 2013-14  
New Pardes Brochure 2013-14