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MISSION The LSU College of Art & Design’s mission is to educate a diverse student population to become creative thinkers who, through their creative professional work, contribute to making a better world.

VISION The LSU College of Art & Design is Louisiana’s foremost school for fine arts, art history, and the design professions, with programs that are consistently highly ranked in national surveys. The college strives to function as a collaborative of engaged students and faculty committed to creative activity in every aspect of the visual arts and design disciplines. Our curricula promote inquiry-based learning, encourage risk-taking and independent thinking, nurture the creative spirit, and pursue opportunities to improve the environment in which we live.

Schools & Departments School of Architecture School of Art Department of Interior Design Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture

Administration Alkis Tsolakis, Dean Tom Sofranko, Associate Dean of Academic Services Lake Douglas, Associate Dean of Research & Development Jori Erdman, Director, School of Architecture Rod Parker, Director, School of Art Denyce Celentano, Associate Director/Acting Director, School of Art Jim Sullivan, Chair, Department of Interior Design Bradley Cantrell, Director, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Austin Allen, Acting Director, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture

Degree Programs Bachelor of Architecture Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Interior Design Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Master of Architecture Master of Art in Art History Master of Fine Arts Master of Landscape Architecture

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Discovery 5 Sponsored Research Faculty Activity

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Learning 8 Faculty 9 Lecture Series 14

Diversity Scholarships & Awards Academic Programs Abroad


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Exhibitions 24 Development 26


Foreword from the Dean The 2013–14 Annual Report you are about to peruse is an account of work in progress and last year’s achievements of the College of Art & Design community: faculty and staff, students and alumni, donors and friends. This has been a year of multifaceted change and renewal across campus. The LSU flagship agenda is providing the guiding principles of this renewal. Our college continues to pioneer initiatives that support and extend the university’s mission and vision. Experienced long-time faculty and a highly energetic, innovative, and diverse group of 13 new faculty are working towards making the goals of the flagship agenda a reality. Discovery: The LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio continues to lead applied research efforts in collaboration with the College of Engineering and the School of the Coast & Environment. A planning grant by the Keck Foundation will result in expanded funding of undergraduate research to support the LSU Discover quality enhancement program. Faculty and students from all units are working with CCT, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Construction Management on new courses, joint programs, and research. Learning: Not only has “the studio” survived financial storms but its pedagogy has become an example for other disciplines, replacing the lecture/lab/exam model. Digital technologies are giving the studio new innovative forms. Our college is also leading the way with internships and externships, engaging students in hands-on learning, and opening the doors of professional and creative practice. Diversity: Faculty have published books, exhibited work, and presented papers nationally and internationally from Japan, Korea, and China to Europe and the Middle East—expanding opportunities for international study, exchanges, and collaborations. Our students have been studying away and abroad from Virginia to the United Arab Emirates. We are welcoming increasingly diverse students representing different cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Engagement: Students and faculty have worked with local civic and community organizations including the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, the Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority, and the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance. Our students’ projects are becoming the foundation for future development. Our community engagement has extended internationally with LSU teams working with both government and non-governmental organizations in Haiti. Alumni, donors, and friends have provided invaluable material and moral support for all these initiatives. As we welcome a new academic year, we will appreciate your continued presence in our midst. Our new website, as well as our Quad Mail e-newsletter and Quad alumni magazine, will keep you posted on the progress of work and on events and celebrations. Let this foreword be a standing invitation. Au revoir! Dean Alkis Tsolakis


Discovery Generate and instill professional knowledge in the fields of art, architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture through transformative research and creative activities that address contemporary and enduring issues.

Delta Research Studio to Open Doors for Trans-Disciplinary Undergraduate Research at LSU In spring 2014, the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio (CSS), a trans-disciplinary program of the College of Art & Design, School of the Coast & Environment, and College of Engineering, was awarded a $50,000 grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation to support planning for a new multidisciplinary undergraduate research curriculum increasing student competencies to conduct and apply research to solve Louisiana’s critical coastal challenges. A team of researchers is working with faculty and staff to develop the curriculum, which will allow architecture and landscape architecture majors, among others, to obtain a trans-disciplinary research minor.

Once the planning stage is complete, CSS will apply for an additional W. M. Keck Foundation grant to implement the developed plan. Based in Los Angeles, the W. M. Keck Foundation was established in 1954 by the late W. M. Keck, founder of Superior Oil Company. The foundation’s grant making is focused primarily on pioneering efforts in the areas of medical research, science, engineering, and undergraduate education.

The program aims to establish internships with firms throughout the Gulf South and secure a workspace to become a dedicated Delta Research Studio. “This kind of interaction will have a powerful impact on the state’s future coastal workforce. Bridging research and practice through collaborative, project-based learning has the potential to be transformative for LSU and for the future of coastal research and practice,” said Jeff Carney, associate professor of architecture and director of CSS.


Sponsored Research Embassy of the United States of America in Dublin, Ireland “Gallery 126, Galway, Ireland” Malcolm McClay (ART)


Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts “From Pond to Plate: The Landscape of Catfish Production and Processing in the Deep South” Forbes Lipschitz (LA) $5,000

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative “C-MEDS Summer Research Initiative Student Mentor to Undergraduate: Carolina Rodriguez” Jori Erdman (ARCH) $3,000

Kresge Foundation

Meredith Sattler (ARCH) Year One (2013) Year Two (2014)

$96,376 $37,792 $31,792

Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism, Division of Historic Preservation “HABS Level 1 Documentation: Fort Pike, LA” Ursula Emery McClure (ARCH) $20,000

Louisiana Office of Cultural Development Division of the Arts “Louisiana Artist Career Advancement Grant” Ed Smith (ART) $3,000

LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio (CSS)

“Louisiana Resiliency Assistance Program” Jeff Carney (Coastal Sustainability Studio) $200,000

“Influences on Household and Community-Level Mitigation Efforts and Adaptations to Coastal Hazards in Louisiana” Jori Erdman (ARCH) $35,000

Institut de Recherche en Histoire de l’Architecture

LSU Council on Research Summer Stipends

“Fabricating Aesthetics” Jason Crow (ARCH) $25,000

“Meat Matters: The Landscape of Pork Production and Processing in America” Forbes Lipschitz (LA) $5,000

Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Matt Savage (ART)

“Louisiana Art & Science Museum Graduate Assistantship” Rod Parker (ART) $8,379

LSU Office of Research & Economic Development

Louisiana Board of Regents “Integrated Digital Environment for Artists (IDEA)” Lynne Baggett (ART) Courtney Barr (ART) Leslie Koptcho (ART) Derick Ostrenko (ART) Rod Parker (ART) Marshall Roy (CoAD) Kristine Thompson (ART) $120,000 “Sustainable Systems in the Anthropocene: Redefining Networked Relationships between Ecosystems, Humans, and Built Forms” Jori Erdman (ARCH)


Faculty Travel Grants Jason Crow (ARCH) Kevin Risk (LA) Susan Elizabeth Ryan (ART) Kristine Thompson (ART)


$750 $750 $750 $5,000

“School of Art Printmaking Equipment Repair” Leslie Koptcho (ART) $10,968 Year One (2014) $5,000

McGill University “PGSS Exhibition Grant” Jason Crow (ARCH)


National Endowment for the Humanities

School of Art Travel Stipend

“Mayor’s Institute for City Design” Jeff Carney (CSS)

Matt Savage (ART)

New Orleans Redevelopment Authority

Sichuan Agricultural University College of Landscape Architecture

“Vacant Land Strategies for New Orleans” Elizabeth Mossop (LA) Wes Michaels (LA) $267,824 Year One (2014) $120,754

“Field Study in Chengdu, China” Bruce Sharky (LA)

Pennsylvania State University Eberly Special Collections Library

“Louisiana Delta Research Minor” Jeff Carney (CSS)

“Dorothy Foer Huck Travel Grant” Kristine Thompson (ART)




W. M. Keck Foundation $50,000


Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Travel Stipend Kevin Risk (LA)


Faculty Activity In the 2013–14 academic year, LSU College of Art & Design faculty participated in a variety of research initiatives and creative projects and were honored with prestigious awards. They entered—and won— national and international design competitions, and their work was featured in local, national, and international exhibitions. They presented their research, and their papers were accepted at national and international conferences. A number of faculty papers were published in prestigious journals and magazines, and several faculty members published books and contributed chapters and essays to anthologies. Visit for more information about our faculty’s many accomplishments.

Exhibitions 66 Conference Presentations & Accepted Papers Publications



Awards 20


Learning Enhance a faculty-led and student-centered learning environment that develops engaged citizens and enlightened leaders.

Designing for the Future The terrain of southern Louisiana and the Mississippi River offers College of Art & Design students unique opportunities to lead the way in developing and researching sustainable designs in dynamic coastal environments, and national organizations and businesses are taking notice, including the Dredge Research Collaborative and Chevron. The Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture hosted DredgeFest Louisiana workshops at LSU in January 2014. Organized by the Dredge Research Collaborative, DredgeFest is a roving conference and workshop series, an encounter between government agencies, designers, theorists, academics, corporate practitioners, industry experts, students, and the public. Internationally renowned designers came to LSU’s campus to lead fast-paced, intensive, and speculative small-group design workshops, which were open to all LSU landscape architecture students, free of charge. Students in A. Hays Town Professor of Architecture Ursula Emery McClure’s graduate-level studio were asked to design a shore base in Venice, Louisiana, to house Chevron’s oil refinery workers and operations. The studio, a mix of architecture and landscape architecture students, questioned the relationship between humans and the natural

Courtesy of Chevron © Jason Cohen Photography


world and sought resolutions that would create a more symbiotic relationship between these forces that are often in direct opposition. The students were encouraged to consider futuristic designs and concepts. They even read the science fiction book by Moira Crone, The Not Yet, which helped them establish the proper mindset for the project. “It was an amazing opportunity for the students,” said Emery McClure. “If any industry has the know-how and resources to implement futuristic designs, it’s the oil industry.” These interdisciplinary studios and research collaborations provide College of Art & Design students with the knowledge to solve real-life problems in the built environment.

2013-14 Faculty School of Architecture

School of Art

Director Jori Erdman, Professor

Director Rod Parker, Associate Professor

Professors Michael Desmond, Emogene Pliner Professor Ursula Emery McClure, A. Hays Town Professor, Graduate Coordinator Alkis Tsolakis, Dean Robert Zwirn

Associate Director/Acting Director Denyce Celentano, Associate Professor

Associate Professors Jeff Carney, Director, Coastal Sustainability Studio Jason Lockhart Michael Pitts Tom Sofranko, Associate Dean Greg Watson, Undergraduate Coordinator Assistant Professors Catherine Bonier Jason Crow Robert Holton Meredith Sattler Visiting Assistant Professor Shelby Elizabeth Doyle Adjuncts & Professionals in Residence William Doran, Professional in Residence Kristen Kelsch, Adjunct Professor

Professors Kimberly Arp Lynne Baggett Gerald Bower Christopher Hentz Leslie Koptcho Thomas Neff Rick Ortner Susan Elizabeth Ryan, Emogene Pliner Professor Associate Professors Jeremiah Ariaz Paul Dean John Malveto Malcolm McClay Loren Schwerd Ed Smith Darius Spieth Michaelene Walsh Kelli Scott Kelley, Graduate Coordinator Assistant Professors Scott Andresen Courtney Barr Richard Doubleday Myrsini Mamoli Hye Yeon Nam Derick Ostrenko Matthew Savage Andy Shaw Kristine Thompson Instructors James Beaman Tiffanie Brumfield Luisa Hernandez Scott Hodgin Virginia Huling Larry Livaudais Jonathan Mayers Chicory Miles Matthew Morris Isoko Onodera Jacqueline Dee Parker Brian Rivet Kelly Tate Nadine Carter Russell Chair Nari Ward


Department of Interior Design Chair Jim Sullivan, Associate Professor Associate Professors Marsha Cuddeback, Ruth Z. McCoy Professor Matthew Dunn TL Ritchie Phillip Tebbutt Jun Zou Professionals in Residence Tracy Burns Matthew Edmonds Instructors Mary Ann Caffery John Campbell

Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Director Bradley Cantrell, Associate Professor, Suzanne L. Turner Professor Acting Director Austin Allen, Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator Professors Max Conrad Elizabeth Mossop Bruce Sharky, Reich Teaching Professor Associate Professors Lake Douglas, Associate Dean Charles Fryling Cathy Marshall Wesley Michaels Kevin Risk, Undergraduate Coordinator Assistant Professors Richard Hindle Forbes Lipschitz Professional in Residence Peter Summerlin Instructor Justine Holzman Marie M. Bickham Chair Andrea Hansen


New Administration Associate Dean of Research & Development In August 2013, Lake Douglas, associate professor at the LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, was named associate dean of research and development at the College of Art & Design. Douglas received a BLA from LSU, an MLA from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a PhD in urban studies/ urban history from the University of New Orleans. His areas of interest include enhancing communities through cultural development, using research skills to inform design strategies, and developing communication skills through effective writing. Douglas has received widespread recognition for his writing. He has published numerous articles, book chapters, critical essays, and book reviews in anthologies, professional journals, and popular publications, reflecting a diversity of interests in multiple disciplines.

Chair of the Department of Interior Design In July 2013, Jim Sullivan, associate professor of the LSU School of Architecture, was named chair of the Department of Interior Design. Sullivan holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Miami University in Ohio and a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. He began teaching architecture at LSU in the fall of 2000 and gained academic administrative experience as the undergraduate program coordinator for four years at the School of Architecture. He also gained valuable experience working in partnerships with interior designers in New York City for 10 years prior to moving to Baton Rouge and while running his own firm, the Louisiana Architecture Bureau. The majority of Sullivan’s professional work is in the renovation and adaptive reuse of existing structures with a focus on interiors.

In Memorium Professor Mark Zucker passed away suddenly on August 3, 2013, in Innsbruck, Austria. A legendary figure in the LSU School of Art, Zucker was a professor of Renaissance and Baroque art and the art history area coordinator. He was a specialist in Renaissance art and contributed seven volumes on 15th- and 16th-century Italian engraving to The Illustrated Bartsch, a definitive series of scholarly reference books on Old Master prints. He also published on various aspects of Renaissance art in leading international journals and had been working on relationships between Italian Renaissance art and literature. Zucker received his doctorate from Columbia University. In 2001, he was honored with LSU’s Distinguished Faculty Award, and he was named the J. Franklin Bayhi Alumni Professor of Art in 2003. His students and peers describe him as a professor who enjoyed teaching and truly cared about his students, their welfare, and their education. He was admired and beloved by former students, faculty colleagues, and all who knew him. He is survived by his wife Kathleen Calix Zucker, two step-children, and four step-grandchildren.


2013-14 New Faculty Catherine Bonier joined the LSU School of Architecture as an assistant professor in August 2013. Bonier received a BA in European history from the University of Harvard and a MArch from the University of Pennsylvania, where she lectured and taught graduate studios in architecture at PennDesign. She is currently a PhD candidate at UPenn and will defend her dissertation this year. Bonier’s architectural and urban research spans the 17th–21st centuries and centers on the shaping of cities and landscapes around water, in conjunction with the history of shifting ideas of nature, science, health, and civic life. Her past positions in construction management, video game design, and mental-health counseling contribute to her broad perspective. These layered interdisciplinary influences are reflected in her teaching, research, and practice.

Jason Crow joined LSU as an assistant professor of architecture. He holds a BA in architecture from Clemson University and a MArch from Iowa State University. He earned a post-professional MArch from McGill University, where he completed his PhD in the history and theory of architecture. His research explores how technological changes impact the ontology of matter and artisanal epistemology. A registered architect in Pennsylvania, Crow has worked as a professional architect in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Quebec. He was the founding CTO of the Facility for Architectural Research in Media and Mediation (FARMM), McGill University’s high-performance computation research laboratory. Crow has taught graduate and undergraduate architectural coursework at McGill University and Philadelphia University.

Shelby Elizabeth Doyle joined the LSU School of Architecture as a visiting assistant professor and research fellow with the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio. She holds a BS in architecture from the University of Virginia and a MArch from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her research in the Mississippi River Delta examines architecture’s disciplinary significance to the future development of the Gulf South. Doyle was previously an instructor in the University of Houston’s Mekong Summer Program in Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; at Parsons: The New School for Design in the School of Design Strategies; and at the Harvard Graduate School of Design Career Discovery Program. She has worked in architecture firms in Cambodia, Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York—primarily with Manhattan-based COOKFOX Architects. Richard Hindle joined the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture as an assistant professor in August 2013. Hindle earned a BS in horticulture from Cornell University and a MLA from the Rhode Island School of Design. He was a senior designer at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in New York and an assistant professor of landscape architecture at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His research focuses on technology in the garden and landscape, with an emphasis on material processes, patents, and innovation. Robert Holton joined the LSU School of Architecture as an assistant professor. He earned a BS in interior design from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a MArch from Columbia University. He has taught at Virginia Tech University, Florida International University, Pratt Institute, and Columbia University. Holton has worked with several prominent architectural offices in the US and France, including Bernard Tschumi Architects in New York and Paris. His professional experience spans a variety of project types and scales and includes the Corning Glass Center, University of Cincinnati Athletic Center, and office buildings for MasterCard International. Additionally, he has worked on winning proposals in Europe, such as the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece, and concert halls in Rouen and Limoges, France.


Forbes Lipschitz came to LSU as an assistant professor at the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture in August 2013. She teaches studio and seminar courses in landscape planning, geographic information systems, and representation. Her current research explores the role of geospatial analysis and representation in rethinking regional landscape systems, with a particular interest in North American agricultural territories. Her professional experience in landscape architecture has spanned a range of public, private, and infrastructural work, including a multi-year installation at Les Jardins de Metis. She received her MLA from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she was awarded an ASLA Certificate of Merit for her thesis. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, she graduated cum laude with a BA in environmental aesthetics from Pomona College in Claremont, California. Jason Lockhart joined LSU as an associate professor of architecture in August

2013. Lockhart has more than 13 years of architecture, design, planning, and project-management experience. Lockhart received a BArch from Southern University and a MCRP from Ohio State University. Formerly assistant professor at Southern University’s School of Architecture, he was assistant director of the Community Design and Research Center and assistant director and program manager of the Urban + Rural Community Design Research Center.

Myrsini Mamoli joined LSU in August 2013 as an assistant professor of

art history whose teaching focuses on classical art. Her research involves the intersection of architectural history and computation, and her research goals include the development of a library of three-dimensional parametric architectural components for the digital visualization of classical architecture and the development of a generative grammar for the digital reconstruction of Hellenistic cities. Mamoli holds a PhD in architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a major in computation and a minor in architectural history. She received her BA in history and archaeology from Aristotle University in Greece and her MSc in digital media and cultural studies from the University of the Aegean. She received a Fulbright Fellowship and a Gerondellis Foundation Fellowship in 2006.

Hye Yeon Nam joined the LSU School of Art as an assistant professor of digital

art in January 2014. Nam is a digital media artist with a focus on interactive installations, performance video, speculative design, and experimental games. She is a PhD candidate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and she holds an MFA in digital media from the Rhode Island School of Design. As an assistant professor at New York Institute of Technology, Nam taught undergraduate and graduate courses in multimedia tools, interactive design, and visual imaging. As a graduate instructor at RISD, she lectured on introductory computer animation and 3D animation using Maya. Nam’s art has been displayed at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery, Times Square, the FILE Festival in Brazil, the Future Places Festival in Portugal, and the Juan Media Festival in Korea.


2013-14 College of Art & Design Lecture Series

Cammy Brothers Associate Professor, University of Virginia School of Architecture “Architecture and Empire in Southern Spain” School of Architecture Lecture Sponsored by Coleman Partners Architects DJ Stout Graphic Designer/Art Director, Pentagram “An Evening with DJ Stout, Pentagram” School of Art Lecture









The LSU College of Art & Design Lecture Series enhances the education of students and contributes to the community’s quality of life by inviting guest lecturers from around the world to the college to discuss contemporary topics in the disciplines of architecture, art, art history, interior design, and landscape architecture. The College of Art & Design gratefully acknowledges the generous endowment that has established the Paula G. Manship Lecture Series and the Nadine Carter Russell Chair. The School of Art acknowledges the lecture series endowment provided by Alfred C. Glassell Jr., and the School of Architecture is thankful for the lecture support from the generous firm Coleman Partners Architects. Past lectures can be viewed online at

Lesley Dill Artist “We are Animals of Language” Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Coincided with exhibition at the LSU Museum of Art: I Gave My Whole Life to Words, September 6, 2013–January 19, 2014

Architect/Professor, University of Arkansas Rome Center “Architecture and Such Things: Elemental Observations on Several Works” Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture

Michael Blier Landscape Architect/Principal, Landworks Studio “Fabricated Landscapes” Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture







Riccardo d’Aquino



Marc Fumaroli


French Historian/Essayist/Member of the Académie française “What Language to Say ‘the Arts’? French Rhetoric and German Aesthetics in the 18th Century” LSU Department of French Studies, United States French Embassy, and Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Coincided with exhibition at Hill Memorial Library: La Langue mondiale: French as the Language of Art and Thought, 1750–1900



Andrea Hansen

Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Design/Principal, Fluxscape “Data and Documentation of the Shifting Urban Landscape” Marie M. Bickham Endowed Chair Lecture

Director of the CISA3 at Caltech “A Future for the Past: Engineering Sciences to Save the World’s Cultural Heritage” Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture



Maurizio Seracini



Greg Escalante

Critic/Co-founder of Juxtapoz Magazine “Lowbrow Art: Blessing or Curse?” Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Endowed Lecture Coincided with exhibition at Baton Rouge Gallery: Surreal Salon Six, January 2–31, 2014

Author/Book Artist/Visual Theorist/Cultural Critic “Writing in the Book Format” Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Endowed Lecture



Johanna Drucker

Architect/Principal, Shimoda Design Group “Vision Starts with a Sketch” Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture



Joey Shimoda




Benito Huerta

Artist/Professor & Gallery Director, University of Texas at Arlington “Windstorm” School of Art Lecture Coincided with exhibition at the Glassell Gallery: Written in the Wind: Recent Works by Benito Huerta, March 18–April 3, 2014




Nari Ward

Artist/Professor, Hunter College “The Laying on of Hands: Marking Place and Time” Nadine Carter Russell Endowed Chair Lecture Coincided with exhibition at LSU Museum of Art: Rooted Communities: The Art of Nari Ward, February 7–January 18, 2014

Landscape Architect/Founding Partner, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol “Repair Works” Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture




Shannon Nichol




Gia Wolff

Inaugural Wheelwright Fellow/Adjunct Assistant Professor, Cooper Union/Visiting Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute “Floating Cities: Community Based Architecture of Parade Floats” School of Architecture Lecture


Diversity Strengthen the intellectual environment by broadening the cultural diversity of the College of Art & Design to promote understanding others.

Promoting Cultural Understanding through Art The College of Art & Design aims to encourage and promote diversity in multiple ways: by immersing students in community projects that help them understand and empathize with the needs of others less fortunate than themselves; by providing opportunities for students to embrace other cultures, on and off campus, through study abroad programs or learning from visiting scholars; by bringing renowned cultural leaders to campus to interact with students and the community; and more. The Nadine Carter Russell Chair enables the college to annually bring a prominent artist, designer, or scholar to campus. This year, the rotating professorship was hosted by the School of Art, and New York sculpture artist Nari Ward was offered the residency position. Born in St. Andrews, Jamaica, Ward came to the United States as a young boy. Since 1993, he has lived and worked in Harlem, collecting the neighborhood’s discarded objects for use in his work. Social injustice, citizenship, poverty, consumerism, and race are all themes of his work, and Ward articulates multilayered issues that affect all communities, reflecting how these factors shape a society. One of the foremost New York art galleries, Lehmann Maupin, represents Ward and sells his work internationally to private collectors and museums. Ward has received commissions from the United Nations and World Health Organization and awards from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Foundation for the Arts, the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, and the Pollock Krasner Foundation. Through his lectures, his work with LSU students, and his exhibition at the LSU Museum of Art, Ward has shown School of Art students how he “puts art in service to something that is, declaratively, more important than art,� (Peter Schjeldahl, The New Yorker).


2013-14 Scholarships & Awards School of Architecture Scholarships


Edward & Yvonne Harvey Scholarship LaKeem Matthews Tan Nguyen Jeffrey C. Landis Travel Scholarship Kyle Hymel

Academic Achievement Award First-year undergraduate: Christopher Jame Third-year undergraduate: Alex Sorapur First-year graduate: Sara Loquist Second-year graduate: Kelli Cunningham Third-year graduate: Alex Klingsporn

John N. Cryer III Page Scholarship Brady Barclay Andrea Hendrickson

Dean’s Medal Elliot Clay Manuel, BArch Alyse Fourrier Howe, MArch

Julian Thaddeus White Memorial Scholarship Meghan Bilski

Michael R. Robinson Merit Award Jeremy Jackson Chelsea Karasoulis Andrew Laymen

Norman L. Koonce FAIA Scholarship Charles Britton Jr. Christopher James Percy E. Roberts Jr. Memorial Scholarship Zoe Ganch Christopher Weimer Robert Kleinschmidt Memorial Scholarship Jeremiah Anyaele Robert Sprague Jr. Memorial Scholarship Jeremiah Anyaele Dasjon Jordan Terry Devine Memorial Scholarship Tyler Detiveaux Thomas Byron Smith Memorial Scholarship Eugene Borchardt Teresa Williams Torre Scholarship in Architecture Tyler Detiveaux Zachary McLain

Mid City Competition First: Mei Ling Chen, Susana Constenla, Annette Couvillon Second: Steven Armstrong, James Coate, Phuong Le, Carolina Rodriguez Third: Jeanette Feinberg, Christen Nguyen, Eva Rodriguez Honorable Mention: Harrison Daigle, Kyle Hymel, Kathryn Seal O.J. Baker Competition First: Brandon Tucker Second: Rachel LaGrange Third: Tan Nguyen R. W. Heck Architectural History Award Tyler Detiveaux Tracy Cooper Leadership Award Dasjon Jordan

Total: $42,600

William R. Brockway FAIA Scholarship Monica Perez


School of Art

Department of Interior Design



Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Distinguished Scholarship for the Arts Juan Baldera Jr. Molly Elizabeth Gleason Emily K. Miller

Carroll King Mathews Sustainable Design Scholarship Kristen Schroeder

Caroline Durieux Scholarship Rachael Nicole Noto Michael Daugherty Memorial Fund Leah Marie Hamel Miriam Barranger Memorial Scholarship Dylan James Purvis Torre Scholarship in Art Nicholas de Godoy Lopes Undergraduate Sculpture Scholarship in the School of Art Savanna Ann LaBauve

Dixon Smith Educational Scholarship Elena Proskurina I. Vincent Guaccero Memorial Scholarship Monica Caire Gabriella Mujica Patricia Muchacho M. Dorothy Fletcher Field Studies Fund Amanda Arikol Brenna Baumy Monica Caire Mary Pat Haines Gabriella Mujica Elena Proskurina Kristen Schroeder Scott Gerard Verret Scholarship Tracy Manuel

Awards Dean’s Medal Bristie Joelle Smith, BFA Jeremy Joseph Grassman, MFA

Torre Scholarship in Interior Design Ellie Boggs Undergraduate Student Interior Design Scholarship Ming Lai Hannah Willson

Joe Bova Ceramic Art Award Forrest Garrett Gard Melodie Serena Reay


Total: $9,065

Dean’s Medal Elena Proskurina Tiger Athletic Foundation Awards Madeline Drone Monica Morel

Total: $5,300


Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Scholarships Alice Hovey Littlefield Scholarship Alexandra Davis American Society of Landscape Architecture Louisiana Chapter Alexander Ochoa Andrew “Andy” J. Hart Scholarship Westly Gentry Edward & Yvonne Harvey Scholarship Westly Gentry Maria Muñoz Wen Keat Wah Helen A. Reich Memorial Scholarship Prentiss Darden Alexandra Davis Elizabeth Hwangbo Donguk Lee Xu Lin Vedika Nigam Alexander Ochoa Erin Percevault Leah Romero Yitian Wang Herbert Weiner/Dr. Robert Reich Endowed Scholarship Andrew Kepper Kevin Latusek Matthew Quitzau Kay Ward Seale Scholarship Kevin Latusek Landscape Architecture Endowment Fund Charles Benton Alex Hobdy Taylor Jacobsen Ian Miller Alexander Morvant Grant Murphy Shu Shi Eric Thomas Matthew Williams Sarah Zelenak

Margaret Conrad Memorial Scholarship Charles Benton Robert Reich Travel Award Donguk Lee Erin Percevault Shu Shi School of Landscape Architecture General Scholarship Sheryl Fishel Donguk Lee Xu Lin Vedika Nigam Wen Keat Wah Yitian Wang Matthew Williams Sarah Zelenak Torre Scholarship in Landscape Architecture Kathryn Bouttee William E. Hornsey Memorial Woods & Water Scholarship Taylor Jacobsen

Awards Academic Achievement Award Jamie Yousten, BLA Silvia Oxom, MLA American Society of Landscape Architecture Alexandra Davis, BLA, Certificate of Honor Christine Johnson, BLA, Certificate of Honor Silvia Oxom, MLA, Certificate of Honor Sean Passler, BLA, Certificate of Merit Jamie Yousten, BLA, Certificate of Merit Sarah Zelenak, MLA, Certificate of Merit Best Capstone/Thesis Project Taylor Jacobsen, BLA Christine Johnson, BLA Sarah Zelenak, MLA Dean’s Medal Jamie Yousten, BLA Silvia Oxom, MLA Tiger Athletic Foundation Awards Alexander Morvant Maria Muñoz Grant Murphy

Total: $41,099


87 Scholarships

42 Awards In total: 129 Scholarships & Awards 20

Academic Programs Abroad We believe that travel is crucial to an education in art and design. While College of Art & Design students make up three percent of the total university’s student body, our students are responsible for 25 percent of the university’s international travel. Our faculty develop and direct a variety of Academic Programs Abroad in a range of countries. Programs in architecture, art, interior design, and landscape architecture offer a variety of opportunities for students to travel in the way that works best for them. Students participated in the following programs in the 2013-14 academic year (July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014).

Art in New York City May 20–31, 2014

Contemporary Dutch Design May 20–June 5, 2014

Program director: Associate Professor Loren

Program director: Associate Professor Greg

For two weeks, the classroom is the numerous cultural institutions of New York City. Students explore the visual art offerings in New York, noting especially installation art, public art, performance, and digital media. Fieldtrips included visits to the Museum of Art and Design, Whitney Museum of American Art, Chelsea Art Galleries, the Museum of Modern Art, various artists’ studios, and DIA Beacon.

Amsterdam and the Netherlands have a renowned cultural infrastructure in public and private museums, galleries, and institutes. Students spent time in Amsterdam and other major cities in the Netherlands where they developed a research proposal on a topic or project they could directly observe and experience within the categories of architecture, interior, graphic, and industrial design.

College of Art & Design in Rome May 13–August 4, 2014

Field Studies in Landscape Architecture: France & the Netherlands March 1–9, 2014

Schwerd, School of Art

Program director: Associate Professor Kevin Risk, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Designed to integrate with the curricula in both the architecture and landscape architecture programs at LSU, the 11-week course is taught in Rome by LSU faculty. Field studies, travel, and housing are coordinated through the administrative staff at the University of Arkansas Rome Center at Palazzo Taverna, located between the Vatican and Piazza Navona. The coursework enables students to engage in the landscapes and architecture in and around Rome and test observations through design work.

Watson, School of Architecture

Program director: Professor Max Conrad, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Landscape architecture students experienced the contemporary and historic designs in France and the Netherlands and saw the best of the best in architecture, landscape architecture, and art by soaking up the culture of two very different countries. The itinerary included visits to Paris, Versailles, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Delft.


Contemporary Dutch Design

Footsteps in Berlin May 18–June 2, 2014

Survey of Graphic Design History April 11–19, 2014

Program director: Professor Michael Desmond, School of Architecture

Program director: Assistant Professor Richard Doubleday, School of Art

The program uses the rich heritage of Berlin’s built environment to introduce students to the changing elements of architectural design and the evolution of urban space from Baroque to modernity. During a series of lectures and guided tours to different districts, students examined the historical record and material culture of commercial, governmental, and residential buildings, churches, monuments, theaters, museums, railway stations, parks, squares, and bridges.

Students enrolled in the spring 2014 survey of graphic design history course (ART 4561) traveled to London for 10 days over spring break. The excursion focused on the history of graphic design in London, with particular emphasis on the contribution and influence of graphic design work by British-born artists. Students visited important graphic design firms and publishers, including Baseline Magazine, Pentagram, Why Not Associates, and Vaughan Oliver. Students also visited many of London’s cultural highlights.


Engagement Promote engagement of faculty, staff, and students in reaching out to transform communities.

Excellence in Community Service Quality service learning experiences demonstrate excellence in community service and excellence in education. In fall 2013, College of Art & Design students aimed to transform the Mid City Baton Rouge community through ser vice learning projects that required their skills in architecture and interior design. LSU School of Architecture and Southern University architecture students collaborated on a workforce development project for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul during the 2013 Mid City Studio Food + Shelter project. The students were asked to develop ideas for a fresh produce market and café that would engage St. Vincent de Paul’s workforce development program while providing healthier food options to Mid City residents. The students met with representatives of the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority, St. Vincent de Paul, and Councilwoman Tara Wicker to build relationships with residents and business owners. They hosted community engagement events, set up feedback panels in four Mid City locations, and turned over their designs to St. Vincent de Paul and the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance to help raise money and promote the project. LSU Department of Interior Design students performed a series of home modifications at the House of Destiny, a Mid City property owned and operated by Metamorphosis Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides transitional housing to homeless women, veterans, and their children. Using their design skills to help the community also provided students the opportunity to learn about critical issues such as accessibility, security, and the personal space needs for special housing and the impact of interior design services on creating quality environments. “We gained a better understanding of the needs of those less fortunate and the ways we can help them,” said Madeleine Rappold, president of the Interior Design Student Organization. “It felt great to come together for such a deserving cause.”


Exhibitions LSU School of Art Galleries Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Exhibition Gallery

Foster Gallery

Malleable Language

Rock N Roll Lithography Portfolio Exchange September 18–October 18, 2013

Shaw Center for the Arts 100 Lafayette Street Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Show & Tell: Photographs by William Greiner September 12–October 20, 2013 Messages from the Other Side: Haejung Lee and Eunjung Shin October 29–December 8, 2013

Louisiana State University 111 Foster Hall Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Art Unbound III: Malleable Language Sponsored by the School of Art, LSU Department of English, and LSU Press January 28–February 28, 2014 MFA Thesis Shows

Snow Poems by Edie Tsong December 2–6, 2013 8 Fluid Ounces 2014 National Invitational Ceramic Cup Show Curated by Mark Cole January 25–March 9, 2014 Written in the Wind: Recent Works by Benito Huerta March 18–April 13, 2014

Conditions of My Release by Michael Alford Intermix by Luisa Restrepo Perez November 6–December 6, 2013 Echoes and Artifacts by Molly Miller March 17–21, 2014

MFA Thesis Shows

A Storied Surface by Courtney Wilburn Marse The Art of the Circle by Yvette Creel Wonderland by Jeremy Grassman Where Y’at by Kelly Mullins March 24–28, 2014

Domestic/Terror by Charles Russell Durio December 12–20, 2013

Layered Recollections by Jenny Hager March 31–April 4, 2014

Playschool by Jimmie Nord TIMEframe by A K M Jabed Rashel Sponsored by Michael D. Robinson and Donald J. Boutte April 22–25, 2014

Urban Monuments by David Contreras April 7–11, 2014

Ordinary Perspective by Autumn Higgins Built to Play by Forrest Gard April 30–May 4, 2014 Graviora Manent by Andrea Barbier Danger Shelter Opportunity byJames Osborne May 6–11, 2014 A Meal Denied by Sarah Kolac Fare Thee Well by Georgia Godwin May 13–18, 2014


Drugged Paranoia & Warlust by Nathan Pietrykowski Less Class More Sass! by Amanda James April 28–May 2, 2014 BFA Shows BFA Senior Show December 10–20, 2013 BFA Senior Show May 6–16, 2014

Other Notable Exhibitions LSU Museum of Art I Gave My Whole Life to Words: Lesley Dill LSU School of Art visiting artist September 6, 2013–January 19, 2014 Rooted Communities: The Art of Nari Ward 2013–14 LSU College of Art & Design Nadine Carter Russell Chair February 7–January 18, 2015 Right Here, Now LSU School of Art Faculty Show November 8, 2013–February 16, 2014

LSU Hill Memorial Library La Langue mondiale: French as the Language of Art and Thought, 1750–1900 Curated by Hill Memorial librarians, Associate Professor Darius Spieth, and art history students November 4, 2013–March 8, 2014

LSU UREC [UP]cycling>[down]cycling LSU Architecture Students November 14–December 6, 2013

LSU Middleton Library Edges: Analog + Digital Fabrication LSU Architecture Students December 8–13, 2013

LSU Hilltop Arboretum Every Tree Tells a Story Signboard Exhibition curated by Landslide of the Cultural Landscape Foundation March 12–April 30, 2014


Annual Report Figures 29% Endowed Funds



Scholarships & Awards $2,637,592 Faculty $3,700,229 Lecture Series $1,560,420 Other $1,222,534

17% 13%

Non-Endowed Funds

$502,444 14%

Scholarships & Awards $71,630 Faculty $49,637 Lecture Series $17,484 Other $363,693

10% 3%


Estate In-Kind Gifts

$3,666,804 $229,748

*Percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.


67% 4% 27% 2%


Endowed Funds Non-Endowed Funds Estate In-Kind Gifts

2013-14 Annual Report Figures Scholarships & Awards College of Art & Design $0 School of Architecture $871,146 School of Art $488,584 Department of Interior Design $198,531 Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture $1,150,961 Total Scholarships & Awards


Faculty College of Art & Design $1,275,443 School of Architecture $260,632 School of Art $244,828 Department of Interior Design $139,628 Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture $1,829,335 Total Faculty $3,749,866

Lecture Series College of Art & Design $1,019,391 School of Architecture $17,469 School of Art $337,500 Department of Interior Design $10 Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture $203,534 Total Lecture Series $1,577,904

Other College of Art & Design $425,578 School of Architecture $26,925 School of Art $614,095 Department of Interior Design $13,052 Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture $263,214 Cadgis $452 CSS $242,911 Total Other $1,586,227



In-Kind Gifts $229,748


$13,519,771 27

Gifts from Corporate Sponsors The College of Art & Design gratefully acknowledges the corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations that made gifts in support of our mission. Recognized below are gifts made July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014.

$250,000+ Chevron, Inc.


$25,000+ Coleman Partners Architects

American Institute of Architects Baton Rouge Bradley Blewster & Associates Exteriors by Chad Robert, Inc. ExxonMobil Foundation Jeffrey Carbo Landscape Architects Office of James Burnett, Inc.



Baton Rouge Area Foundation Friends of Hilltop Arboretum RenĂŠ J. L. Fransen Landscape Architect Studio Outside

Cornerstone Commercial Flooring David C. Baldwin, Inc. Landscape Images, Ltd. Newton Landscape Group

Aguilar Group, Inc. Bani Carville & Brown AIA Architects, Inc. Holly & Smith Architects, Inc. Letterman’s Blueprint & Supply Looney Ricks Kiss, Inc. Louisiana Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects Ritter Maher Architects, LLC Stun Design & Interactive TBG Partners Tillotson Design Associates WHR Architects



Emy-Lou Biedenharn Foundation Eskew+Dumez+Ripple Gensler GraceHebert Architects Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Association Oliver Charitable Corporation Tipton Associates Waggonner & Ball Architects WHLC Architecture, LLC

Amesco, Inc. Associated Women in the Arts Clinton C. Cenac Landscape Design & Maintenance Construction Document Consultants Duke Branding Jeanne Barousse Designs LaBiche Architectural Group, Inc. Landscaping by Steve Blaum Steelcase



Gifts from Alumni & Individuals The College of Art & Design gratefully acknowledges the individuals who made gifts in support of our mission. Recognized below are gifts made July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014. Denotes Dean's Circle members, those who contribute $1,000 or more in support of the College of Art & Design annual fund



Robert M. Coleman III Gary D. Gilbert, BArch ’81 Marvin “Buddy” Ragland, BArch ’80 Dale M. Songy, BArch ’81

Carroll Blewster, BArch ’78 Elise Blewster, BID ’89 C. Lynn Bradley, BArch ’71 James D. Burnett, BLA ’83 Jeffrey K. Carbo, BLA ’85 Robert Dale Mathews Carroll Mathews, BID ’72 Tim J. Orlando, BLA ’83 Chad P. Robert, BLA ’84 Ronald G. “Chip” Trageser, BLA ’90

$15,000+ Tary Arterburn, BLA ’79 Brad Bourgoyne, BFA ’93 Matthew Edmonds, BID ’94 René J. L. Fransen, BLA ’77 Nadine Carter Russell, BFA ’67

$10,000+ David C. Baldwin, BLA ’75 Marianne R. Mumford, BLA ’83 W. Alan Mumford, BLA ’82 Peter W. Newton, MLA ’82 Douglas “Doug” P. Reed, BLA ’78

$5,000+ Rex Cabaniss Steve L. Dumez, BArch ’82 Kyle B. Dupre, BLA ’89 James “Jim” E. Furr, BArch ’69 Gerald “Jerry” Hebert, BArch ’85 Mike Hill Laura F. Lindsay Richard P. Lipscomb, BArch ’80 Justin M. Montano Dr. Neil G. Odenwald, MLA ’60 Martha T. Richard Thomas E. Richard Mark J. Ripple, BArch ’79 Harry Sachse Kenneth “Ken” Tipton Jr., BArch ’81 Russell Washer, BArch ’70

$1,000+ Dr. Rodolfo Aguilar, BArch ’58 Richard Alomar, MLA ’94 Earl P. Broussard Jr., BLA ’72 Charles D. Cadenhead, BArch ’75 Dr. Ken Carpenter Mary Alice Carpenter Henry J. Carville, BArch ’76 Joann G. Christopher Max Z. Conrad, BLA ’61 Jan L. Cox Van L. Cox, BFA ’72/MFA ’79 Lawrence J. Demont, MLA ’49 Joseph “Joey” Furr, BLA ’86 Robert L. Galantucci Dr. Robert T. Grissom Kenneth “Ken” R. Harry, BArch ’67 Kyley E. Harvey, BArch ’00 Stephen P. Maher, BArch ’99 Patrick C. Moore, BLA ’79 Heather L. Neyer, BID ’95 Roger H. Ogden David L. Pope Elizabeth P. Pope, MLA ’89 Trula Haley Remson, BArch ’90 James “Jim” Richards, BLA ’78 Patti L. Richards David L. Risinger Seth M. Rodewald-Bates, MLA ’05 Charles “Chuck” R. Sanchez Jr., BFA ’04 Alton Scavo, BLA ’69 Hillery Scavo Jeffery M. Svendson Lari “Lue” Svendson, BLA ’75 Suzan A. Tillotson, BID ’81 Ernie Verges, BArch ’54 Judith “Judy” Verges, MArch ’97


Larry M. Hubbard, BLA ’55 $999-

Naim N. Jabbour, BArch ’01 Jay M. Jalenak Jr., MFA ’03 Marie H. Altazan Yuting Jiang, MLA ’12 Mary Sue Avery Joelle M. Jones, BFA ’79 Clarence P. Babineaux, BArch ’79 Cara Kearns, BFA ’07 H. P. Bacot Cary B. Kearny, BID ’79 Lynne J. Baggett Sally J. Banttari Leslie Koptcho Kathleen M. Barcia-Mumme, BID ’90 Robert A. Kronenberg, BLA ’91 Jeanne B. Barousse, BID ’82 Angie LaBiche Barbara Bearden Dohn H. LaBiche, BArch ’83 Dr. Roby Bearden Jr. Glenn W. Laird, BLA ’71 Karl D. Becnel, MLA ’93 Janet U. Lancaster Jamie W. Berdon Louis K. Lancaster, BArch ’74 Steve Blaum, BLA ’77 Melinda G. Larson, BLA ’83 Carl E. Blyskal, MFA ’08 Ben P. Lee, BArch ’72 Susie Blyskal Paul R. Lentz, BArch ’77 Rancy Boyd-Snee, BFA ’81/MFA ’87 Carolyn R. Lirette, BID ’96 Timothy P. Brocato, BFA ’76/BArch ’79 Dawn M. Livings, BID ’09 Josh M. Brooks, BLA ’12 Henry Lowentritt Maxwell C. Brown, BLA ’90 Pamela J. Lulich Laurie A. Buhrer, BID ’83 Danny H. Magee, BArch ’67 Jo-Elle M. Burgard, BLA ’05 Myrsini Mamoli Sarah H. Cambas, MFA ’11 Janet Masur Nicola Camerlenghi Kenneth A. McAshan, MFA ’04 Charles A. Caplinger III, BLA ’67 Robert K. McClaran, BArch ’68 Clinton C. Cenac, BLA ’88 George T. McConnell Jr., BArch ’67 Laurie F. Childers, BFA ’79 Mary Anne McCrocklin McGehee, BID ’08 Raymond Chin, BLA ’80 Jeanne C. McLellan Eugene D. Cizek David P. Mills Jr., BLA ’01 Linda M. Cohn, BID ’91 Ali R. Momenzadeh, BFA ’93 Michael B. Cresap Mark R. Montgomery, BArch ’78 Susan S. Cresap, BFA ’11 Elizabeth R. Neely, MFA ’81 William L. Crump, BLA ’80 Cory G. Newkirk, BArch ’00 Dr. Renee C. Daigle Lisa H. Nice, BArch ’92 Dennis J. Duff, BLA ’74 Michael P. Nidoh, BArch ’76 Isral C. Duke, BFA ’07 John B. Noland Lisa O. Ellington, BFA ’96 Amy M. Norval, BLA ’13 Jori A. Erdman Steven A. Ochsner, MLA ’86 Cody N. Farris, BArch ’06 Roderick A. Parker Robert E. Forsythe, BLA ’71 Clifford L. Pecaut, BLA ’92 Carol S. Gikas Steven R. Plotkin Ken Gikas Michael D. Robinson William “Barry” Graham, BArch ’68 James T. Robinson, BArch ’73 Marilyn K. Green Lauren Rodrigue-Whitehead, BID ’02 Robert C. Green Lisa J. Rosenbaum, BID ’79 Karen H. Groves Fran Ruffalo Mary M. Guiteau, BID ’97 David A. Sanderson, BArch ’78 Christina M. Hammock, BFA ’00 Linton L. Sarver Jr., BArch ’65 Trent P. Harrell, BLA ’05 Andre N. Savoie, BID ’09 Anna Calluori Holcombe, MFA ’77 Helen C. Schneider, BArch ’82 Alden S. Holloway, BArch ’74 Raymond C. Scimeca, BArch ’77 James G. Howell, BArch ’73 Bruce G. Sharky Gilbert A. Hubbard Jr., BArch ’77 Nola Sharky


Patricia F. Vining, MFA ’07 Stephen A. Shurtz, BLA ’77 George H. Watanabe, BArch ’77 Dixon K. Smith Mary A. Watson, BFA ’02 Daniel W. Solis, BArch ’02 George Weaver Jr., MLA ’81 Brett D. Spearman, BArch ’99 Peter J. Spera III, BArch ’04 Judith M. Weimer Daniel M. Spiller, BLA ’06 Richard G. Weimer Lynny Steiner James L. Wescoat Jr., BLA ’76 Marcia A. Stevens, BLA ’76 Claire W. Wilson James Trahan, BArch ’93 Stephen A. Wilson, BLA ’75/MFA ’78 Dennis R. Trombatore Li Zhu, MLA ’94 Sue W. Turner Frances F. Zook, BArch ’92

The Neil G. Odenwald Distinguished Professorship Dr. Neil G. Odenwald served as a professor and director at the LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture. He has significantly impacted the people and gardens of the South through his love of plant materials and plant design. The Neil G. Odenwald Distinguished Professorship will be used to recruit and retain outstanding faculty focused on instruction in plant materials, planting design, and natural systems, ensuring these subjects remain prominent in the landscape architecture curriculum. To establish the Neil G. Odenwald Distinguished Professorship, the college needs to raise $180,000. Once that amount is raised, the fund will be submitted for a match of $120,000 from the Louisiana State Board of Regents. As of June 30, 2014, the college had raised $89,600. The College of Art & Design gratefully acknowledges the support from the alumni, individuals, and corporate sponsors who have contributed to the Neil G. Odenwald Distinguished Professorship thus far.



René J. L. Fransen, BLA ’77

Joann G. Christopher Joseph Furr, BLA ’86 Jeffery M. Svendson Lari “Lue” Svendson, BLA ’75

$10,000+ David C. Baldwin, BLA ’75 Marianne R. Mumford, BLA ’83 W. Alan Mumford, BLA ’82 Peter W. Newton, MLA ’82 Douglas “Doug” P. Reed, BLA ’78


$999Richard Alomar, MLA ’94 Tim J. Orlando, BLA ’83 Stephen A. Shurtz, BLA ’77

Emy-Lou Biedenharn Foundation Kyle B. Dupre, BLA ’89 Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Association Dr. Neil G. Odenwald, MLA ’60


Follow the College of Art & Design Website & E-Newsletter The 2013–14 Annual Report was designed by the Graphic Design Student Office. GDSO students experience the full process of producing the publication, including meeting with the copy editor and production team, visiting the printer, creating presentations of design concepts for critiques, selecting artwork, and following the project through to completion. Our appreciation extends to GDSO, whose hard work and creativity helped to make this publication possible. LSU School of Art Graphic Design Student Office (GDSO) Designer: Amy Blacketter, Luisa Restrepo Project Director: Kitty Pheney Creative Director: Luisa Restrepo Faculty Advisor: Rod Parker


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