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MISSION The College of Art & Design’s mission is to educate a diverse student population to become creative thinkers who, through their creative professional work, contribute to making a better world.

VISION The College of Art & Design is Louisiana’s foremost school for fine arts, art history, and the design professions, with programs that are consistently highly ranked in national surveys. The college strives to function as a collaborative of engaged students and faculty committed to creative activity in every aspect of the visual arts and design disciplines. Our curricula promote inquiry-based learning, encourage risk-taking and independent thinking, nurture the creative spirit, and pursue opportunities to improve the environment in which we live.


Schools School of Architecture School of Art School of Interior Design Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture

Administration Alkis Tsolakis, Dean Tom Sofranko, Associate Dean of Academic Services Lake Douglas, Associate Dean of Research & Development Jori Erdman, Director, School of Architecture Rod Parker, Director, School of Art Denyce Celentano, Associate Director, School of Art Jim Sullivan, Director, School of Interior Design Van Cox, Interim Director, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture

Degree Programs Bachelor of Architecture Bachelor of Fine Arts Bachelor of Interior Design Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Master of Architecture Master of Art in Art History Master of Fine Arts Master of Landscape Architecture

CONTENTS Foreword from the Dean

Discovery Sponsored Research Faculty Activity

Learning Faculty Lecture Series


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Diversity 17 Scholarships & Awards


Engagement 23 Exhibitions 24 Development 26


Foreword from the Dean Fresh initiatives bear fruit. Students and faculty of the School of Architecture recently returned from Singapore after being the only U.S. school invited to participate in the Designing Resilience in Asia International Design Competition. The approval of the Master in Digital Media Arts & Engineering, an interdisciplinary program involving the College of Art & Design and the College of Engineering, surely played a role in LSU receiving recognition as the 14th best public university animation program in the U.S., according to Animation Career Review.

Often, moving forward requires looking back. The 2014–15 Annual Report allows us to package the past year into one useful, handy review. From the French revue, from revoir, meaning “see again”—as opposed to the tedious familiarity of déjà vu—the word review denotes a formal inspection. We believe it is important to share these formal reflections with you, our alumni, sponsors, students, and friends, who contribute so much toward our progress, making everything possible. We have much to celebrate, such as the launch of our new website ( and our transition to a college of four schools. We are most proud to announce that the Department of Interior Design has been officially designated as the School of Interior Design. We look forward to working with Associate Dean Tom Sofranko in the upcoming year as he serves as interim director of the interior design program. We also successfully closed the director search for the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture and are excited to work with one of our own, alumnus Mark Boyer, especially as we enter the new academic year with the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program ranked first in the nation and the graduate program ranked fifth by DesignIntelligence, the leading journal of design professionals.

While improvement in our programs’ rankings is always welcome, it is the on-the-ground efforts of our dedicated faculty and staff toward refining our recruitment efforts and encouraging more of our youth to pursue careers in art and design that truly reflect our passion. In the past year, the college hosted the first annual scholarship reception and presentation, the first open house for admitted students, the first annual juried exhibition for high school students, and our student and alumni work is on view—and for sale—right outside President F. King Alexander’s office. Throughout this report, we provide the numbers and the facts, the backbone of what makes us tick, and we continue to highlight our faculty and student successes, facility improvements, fundraising accomplishments, and—most importantly—the impact of your contributions. These are just a few of the ways we continue to reach and exceed our goals in discovery, learning, diversity, and engagement. Let’s review and move forward, together, into the 2015–16 academic year.

Au revoir,

Alkis Tsolakis


DISCOVERY Generate and instill professional knowledge in the fields of art, architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture through transformative research and creative activities that address contemporary and enduring issues.


Sponsored Research Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) “Task 1: Development of Graphic Communication Framework for Louisiana Land Building Projects” Effective 3/1/2014–5/31/2015 Jeff Carney (CSS) $490,857 “Task 2: CPRA Small Scale Model Exhibition Space” Effective 4/15/2014–4/1/2016 Jeff Carney (CSS) $261,916 “Task 3: Development of Visualizations for the Small Scale Physical Model Exhibition Space” Effective 4/15/2014–2/29/2016 Jeff Carney (CSS) $400,000 “Task 4: Sediment Diversion Visualization” Effective 5/15/2014–5/31/2016 Jeff Carney (CSS) $348,000

Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts “From Pond to Plate: The Landscape of Catfish Production and Processing in the Deep South” Effective 5/1/2014–1/1/2015 Forbes Lipschitz (LA) $5,000

Herman Miller “Living Office in Learning Environments” Effective 8/25/2014-12/24/2014 Jim Sullivan (ID) $5,000

International Facility Management Association–Baton Rouge “Access Your Life II” Effective 12/1/2014–12/1/2015 Marsha Cuddeback (ID) Tracy Burns (ID) TL Ritchie (ID) $2,300


Kresge Foundation “Louisiana Resiliency Assistance Program” Effective 1/1/2014–12/31/2015 Jeff Carney (CSS) $200,000

Louisiana Art & Science Museum “Louisiana Art & Science Museum Graduate Assistantship” Effective 8/1/2014–5/31/2015 Rod Parker (ART) $8,379

LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio (CSS) “Feasibility Study for Low-Cost Hurricane-Resistant Residential Buildings Made of Earth Blocks” Effective 7/1/2014–6/30/2015 Robert Holton (ARCH) $35,000 “Linking Nutrient and Hydrological Dynamics from the Mississippi River Basin to the Gulf of Mexico Effective 8/1/2014–5/1/2015 Forbes Lipschitz (LA) $10,000

LSU Office of Research & Economic Development Faculty Travel Grants Scott Andresen (ART) Jeremiah Ariaz (ART) Lynne Baggett (ART) Courtney Barr (ART) Marsha Cuddeback (ID) Paul Dean (ART) Richard Doubleday (ART) William Douglas (LA) Forbes Lipschitz (LA) Myrsini Mamoli (ARTH) Malcolm McClay (ART) Frederick Ostrenko (ART) Susan Elizabeth Ryan (ARTH) Matthew Savage (ARTH) Elena FitzPatrick Sifford (ARTH)

$500 $500 $561 $750 $1,000 $750 $750 $750 $500 $500 $750 $700 $750 $500 $800

WORLD-CLASS FACILITIES LSU Student Tech Fee “College of Art & Design Fabrication Factory and 21st-Century Studios” Effective 12/1/2014–6/30/2015 College of Art & Design Technology Committee $173,574

Moffat & Nichol “Changing Course Competition” Effective 9/22/2014–5/31/2015 Jeff Carney (CSS) $75,000

New Orleans Redevelopment Authority “Vacant Land Strategies for New Orleans” Effective 11/15/2013–11/14/2016 Elizabeth Mossop (LA) Wes Michaels (LA) $267,824

W. M. Keck Foundation “Louisiana Delta Research Minor” Effective 1/1/2014–12/31/2014 Jeff Carney (CSS) $50,000

The College of Art & Design Fabrication Factory is a new digital fabrication laboratory for students and faculty funded in part through the LSU Student Technology Fee program. The factory provides the capacity to create a multidisciplinary, active, team-learning environment by leveraging large-scale digital fabrication equipment for cutting, shaping, and forming metal, wood, and plastic toward the resolution of creative design problems. To this end the factory consists of a trio of machinery that forms its core toolset:

1. Computer numerically controlled (CNC) large-bed router system by Forest Scientific, 2. CNC plasma cutter system by EZ-Plasma, and 3. large-volume fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer by BigRep. These enhancements will have a broad impact for university education, recruitment, and research in the application of digital fabrication technology in architecture, art, engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, music, and digital media.

The BigRep ONE.2 is the largest fused filament fabrication 3D printer on the market with 27 times the volume of a large desktop 3D printer—1m3 volume! (Photo courtesy of BigRep)


Faculty Activity Beyond teaching, instructing, and advising students and fulfilling administrative and university responsibilities, in the 2014–15 academic year, the 57 full-time faculty members of the LSU College of Art & Design participated in a variety of research initiatives and creative projects and were honored with prestigious awards. Faculty entered—and won—national and international design competitions, and their work was featured in local, regional, national, and international exhibitions. They presented their research and had papers accepted at regional, national, and international conferences, and they were invited to speak, lecture, and participate in critiques at dozens of colleges, universities, and societies across the globe. Faculty published articles, essays, and chapters in anthologies, journals, magazines, newspapers, books, and monographs. These figures are based on the individual faculty activity reports provided for the 2014 calendar year.


Speaking Engagements






Juried/Group: 83 Curator/Juror: 19 Dual: 8 Solo: 9 The next generation of visual effects artists has the opportunity to learn from Instructor Ken Wesley, who was hired in January 2015 to teach in the new Digital Media Arts & Engineering (DMAE) program housed within the LSU Center for Computation & Technology. Wesley has worked for more than 20 years in the animation and VFX industry at companies such as Lucasfilm: Industrial Light & Magic, CafeFX, Sony Imageworks, and the Orphanage. His credits include Harry Potter, Star Trek, Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars, Mission Impossible, and Pirates of the Caribbean—just to name a few! His specialties include fluid simulations, particle simulations, scripting, lighting, Houdini, Maya, RenderMan (shader writing, plugins), procedural effects, Arnold, procedural modeling, keyframe animation, and camera work. The DMAE program is an interdisciplinary program involving the College of Art & Design and the College of Engineering. The intensive, two-year master’s degree employs a practice-driven approach to produce polished outcomes designed to meet industry needs. DMAE courses explore cutting-edge developments in video games, interactive design, visual effects, and animation.


Conference Presentations/ Accepted Papers


Regional: 20 National: 19 International: 40



Books: 11 Chapters: 9 Articles: 30

Awards Professional Organizations Membership: 93 Advisory Board: 17

37 110


Enhance a faculty-led and student-centered learning environment that develops engaged citizens and enlightened leaders.



School of Architecture Director Jori Erdman, Professor

Professors Associate Professor Greg Watson was named 2014-15 Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Distinguished Professor. This award is among the highest honors an architectural educator can recieve. Watson was presented with the award at the ACSA Annual Meeting in Toronto on March 21, 2015.


Michael Desmond, Emogene Pliner Professor Ursula Emery McClure, A. Hays Town Professor, Graduate Coordinator Alkis Tsolakis, Dean Robert Zwirn

Associate Professors Jeff Carney, Director, Coastal Sustainability Studio Michael Pitts Tom Sofranko, Associate Dean Greg Watson, Undergraduate Coordinator

Assistant Professors Catherine Bonier Jason Crow Robert Holton Guy Nordenson

Kiel Moe

The LSU School of Architecture divided the Nadine Carter Russell Endowed Chair residency across the spring and fall semesters to bring two prestigious designers at the top of their game in building technology to LSU: Guy Nordenson, structural engineer and professor at Princeton University, and Kiel Moe, professor of architecture and energy at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Nordenson serves as commissioner of the New York City Public Design Commission, as a member of the New York City Panel on Climate Change, and as a board member of the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy. Moe is co-director of the Master in Design Studies program and the Energy, Environment & Design Research Lab at HGSD, where he teaches and coordinates core design studios, seminars on forms of energy, and lectures on architecture and energy. Both esteemed experts lectured at the college and engaged directly with students and faculty.


Visiting Assistant Professor Shelby Elizabeth Doyle

Professionals in Residence William Doran, Professional in Residence

Instructors Andrew Baque Patrick Jones Kristen Kelsch Richard Lipscomb Ken Tipton Elizabeth Williams

Nadine Carter Russell Chairs Kiel Moe Guy Nordenson


School of Art Director Rod Parker, Associate Professor

Associate Director Denyce Celentano, Associate Professor

Professors Kimberly Arp Lynne Baggett Gerald Bower Christopher Hentz Kelli Scott Kelley, Graduate Coordinator Leslie Koptcho, Emogene Pliner Professor Thomas Neff Rick Ortner Susan Elizabeth Ryan Ed Smith

Associate Professors Jeremiah Ariaz Courtney Barr Paul Dean John Malveto Malcolm McClay Loren Schwerd Andy Shaw Darius Spieth Michaelene Walsh

Assistant Professors Scott Andresen Richard Doubleday Myrsini Mamoli Hye Yeon Nam Derick Ostrenko Matthew Savage Elena FitzPatrick Sifford Kristine Thompson

Instructors James Beaman Aldin Bilalovic Tiffanie Brumfield Scott Hodgin Jonathan Mayers Chicory Miles James Osborne IV

Associate Professor Andy Shaw was one of the five ceramic artists selected for the 2015 McKnight Residency for Ceramic Artists. He will spend three months in residence at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis to complete work for a group exhibition.

Jacqueline Dee Parker Luisa Restrepo PĂŠrez Brian Rivet Kelly Tate Ken Wesley

School of Interior Design Chair Jim Sullivan, Associate Professor

Associate Professors Marsha Cuddeback, Ruth Z. McCoy Professor Matthew Dunn TL Ritchie Phillip Tebbutt Jun Zou

Professionals in Residence Tracy Burns Mary Ann Caffery Matthew Edmonds Seamus McGuire

Instructors John Campbell Kelly Greeson


New Faculty Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Interim Director Van Cox, Professor Emeritus

Professors Max Conrad Elizabeth Mossop Bruce Sharky, Reich Teaching Professor

Associate Professors Austin Allen, Graduate Coordinator Lake Douglas, Associate Dean Charles Fryling Cathy Marshall Wesley Michaels Kevin Risk, Undergraduate Coordinator

Assistant Professors Forbes Lipschitz, Suzanne L. Turner Professor

Instructors Diane Allen Dana Brown Andrea Galinski Justine Holzman John Milazzo Michael Petty Matthew Williams

Elena FitzPatrick Sifford joined the faculty of the LSU School of Art as an assistant professor of art history in August 2015. Before coming to LSU, Sifford was a visiting instructor of art history at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and a graduate teaching fellow in art history at Lehman College in New York. Sifford’s research focuses on the introduction, development, and spread of Christian devotional sculpture in Colonial Latin America, which she has presented in New York, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and Mexico City. Sifford contributed a chapter on hybridity and Mexican feather work to the volume ReVisioning: Critical Methods of Seeing Christianity in the History of Art, edited by James Romaine and Linda Stratford (Cascade Books, 2014). In her first year at LSU, Sifford taught four courses—Historical Survey of the Arts (ARTH 1441), High Renaissance Painting in Italy (ARTH 4424), Southern Baroque Art (ARTH 4429), and Latin American Art (ARTH 4467), a new course she developed. She also received a faculty travel grant from the LSU Office of Research & Economic Development to present her research, “Filling the Lacuna: The Guatemalan Black Christ and New Spanish Art History,” at the 16th-Century Society & Conference in New Orleans and the College Art Association Conference in New York.


Retired Faculty Professor Kimberly Arp, master printmaker in both traditional and digital media, retired in May 2015 after teaching printmaking at LSU for 38 years (1977–2015). Arp earned his BFA from Grand Valley State College and his MFA from Indiana University. His work has been featured in more than 200 solo, dual, group, and juried exhibitions all over the United States as well as the United Kingdom, South Korea, Italy, and Australia. In 2011, Arp was selected as the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award by the Southern Graphics Council. He curated a selection of graduate and undergraduate prints from LSU’s printmaking student archives for an exhibition, 30 Years of LSU Printmaking, at the SGC International Conference held in New Orleans in 2012. Work from the exhibition was later exhibited at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. Professor Christopher Hentz retired in May 2015 after teaching jewelrymaking and metalsmithing, computer-aided design and manufacture, rapid prototyping, digital fabrication, and three-dimensional design at the LSU School of Art for 39 years (1976–2015). Hentz received his BFA from Indiana State University and his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. His work has been shown at prestigious galleries, museums, and craft shows, such as the Smithsonian Craft Show and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. He lectured and taught workshops throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, focusing on the subject of form and development unique to his construction techniques. Associate Professor Michael Pitts retired in May 2015 after teaching at the LSU School of Architecture for 32 years (1982–2015). He received his BS and Master of Architecture from the University of Detroit and taught at North Dakota State University for several years before coming to LSU in 1982. In the early 1990s, Pitts chaired the University Committee on General Education responsible for establishing the general education requirements that assure all LSU graduates receive a well-rounded education. Pitts has worked extensively in small towns all over Louisiana. Some of his proudest moments involve his work with the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in Alexandria, the Olla Cultural Center, and the Teche Theatre in Franklin, which he stepped in to help rebuild after Hurricane Lili caused significant damage in 2002. Professor Thomas Neff, master photographer in traditional and digital modes, retired in May 2015 after teaching photography at the LSU School of Art for 33 years (1982–2015). Neff received a BA in studio art from the University of California at Riverside and an MFA from the University of Colorado. Working primarily with a 5x7 camera, his focus for the past 40 years has been with people, landscape, and architecture in the United States, Italy, Ireland, China, and Japan. His images are housed in the permanent collections of the California Museum of Photography, the Houston Museum of Modern Art, the Louisiana State Museum, the Spencer Museum, and in numerous college, university, and private collections. His collection of portraits and written narratives of citizens in New Orleans who did not evacuate during Hurricane Katrina, Holding Out and Hanging On: Surviving Hurricane Katrina, was published by the University of Missouri Press in 2007. In Fall 2015, Neff curated Katrina @ 10, an exhibition at the LSU School of Art Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Gallery in the Shaw Center for the Arts.


2014–15 College of Art & Design Lecture Series OCT. 6

Guy Nordenson “Structures of Coastal Resilience” Principal & Founder, Guy Nordenson & Associates Professor of Architecture and Structural Engineering, Princeton University Nadine Carter Russell Endowed Chair Lecture

OCT. 8

Kurt Kauper Artist Talk New York Painter and Artist School of Art Lecture

OCT. 22

Paula Meijerink “WANTED” Landscape Architect, Co-founder of WANTED landscape Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Series

OCT. 29

Eric Avery “Art as Medicine/ Medicine as Art” Artist, Medical Doctor, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Texas Medical Branch Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Endowed Lecture Coincided with exhibition at the Glassell Gallery: Eric Avery, MD—HIV/AIDS: Witness, Healer, Survivor October 28–December 7, 2014

James Hitchmough

NOV. 3

Joanna Berzowska

Lewis T. May

Penny Sparke

Wes Mcgee Assistant Professor of Architecture and Director of FABLab, University of Michigan and Founding Partner & Senior Designer, Matter Design School of Architecture Lecture Sponsored by WHLC Architecture

NOV. 5

Bissera Pentcheva “Mirror, Inspiration, and the Making of Art in 6th Century Byzantium” Associate Professor of Art History, Stanford University School of Art Lecture

NOV. 10

Laurie Olin “Civic Realism and Landscape” Landscape Architect & Founding Principal, OLIN Max Z. Conrad Endowed Lecture Series

NOV. 12

Penny Sparke “Plants Inside: Domesticity and Gender in Mies van der Rohe’s Villa Tugenhat” Professor & Pro Vice Chancellor of Research & Enterprise, Kingston University Director, Modern Interiors Research Centre Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Series


NOV. 17

Merrill Elam “Carniful the Ugliful” Principal, Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Series

JAN. 16

Kiel Moe “Maximum Power Design” Associate Professor & Co-director, Energy Environments & Design Research Lab, Harvard Graduate School of Design Nadine Carter Russell Endowed Chair Lecture

Sophia Roosth

JAN. 26

Marlon Blackwell

Merrill Elam

Wes McGee

Shag (Josh Agle) “Institutionalized” Painter, Designer, & Illustrator School of Art Lecture

JAN. 28

Lewis T. May “Exported Creativity: Genius loci or Cultural Imperialism?” Associate Principal & Urban Design Director, Page LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Lecture

FEB. 11

Michael Triegel “Freedom of a Different Kind” German Artist & Painter Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Series Coincided with exhibition at Glassell Gallery: A Freedom of a Different Kind: The Art of Michael Triegel January 22–March 1, 2015

FEB. 23

François Bollack “Old Buildings–New Forms: New Directions in Architectural Transformations” Architect & Principal, Françoise Bollack Architects School of Architecture & School of Interior Design Lecture Sponsored by GraceHebert Architects

MAR. 9

Krista Ninivaggi “20/20/Future/Focus” Founder, K&CO and 2014 Designer of the Year, Contract Design Magazine Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Series

MAR. 11

Marlon Blackwell “Figures and Type” Principal, Marlon Blackwell Architects Professor & Department Head, Fay Jones School of Architecture, University of Arkansas School of Architecture Lecture Sponsored by Eskew+Dumez+Ripple 17

MAR. 16

Sophia Roosth “Evolutionary Yarns in Seahorse Valley: Living Tissues, Wooly Textile, Theoretical Biologies” Assistant Professor, Harvard University School of Art, Department of Geography & Anthropology Department of English, and Department of Women’s and Gender Studies Lecture

MAR. 18

Joanna Berzowska “Quanitified Threads: Future Fashion in the Cloud” Artist, Designer & Associate Professor of Design and Computation Arts, Concordia University and Research Director, XS Labs Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Series

MAR. 25

Luba Lukova “Graphic Guts” Artist, Graphic Designer & Illustrator Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Endowed Lecture Series Coincided with exhibition at the Glassell Gallery: Graphic Guts: The Art of Luba Lukova, March 14–April 26, 2015

Alison Killing

MAR. 27

Ben Davis

Shag (Josh Agle)

Raymond Jungles “Roberto Burle Marx: Relevance in the New World” Landscape Architect & Founding Principal, Raymond Jungles, Inc. Max Z. Conrad Endowed Lecture Series

APR. 1

James Hitchmough “Planting Design as Uncertain Cultural and Ecological Dance” Professor of Horticultural Ecology, University of Sheffield Paula G. Manship Endowed Lecture Series

APR. 13

Alison Killing “(Re)-Constructing the City: Integrating Urban Design into Humanitarian Response” Architect & Founder, Killing Architects LSU School of Architecture Lecture Sponsored by Coleman Partners Architects

APR. 22

Ben Davis “State of the Art World” Art Critic Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Endowed Lecture Series


Raymond Jungles

DIVERSITY: Strengthen the intellectual environment by broadening the cultural diversity of the College of Art & Design to promote understanding others.


2014–15 Scholarships and Awards School of Architecture Scholarships Edward & Yvonne Harvey Scholarship LaKeem Matthews Tan Nguyen Jeffrey C. Landis Travel Scholarship Kyle Hymel John N. Cryer III/Page Scholarship Brady Barclay Andrea Hendrickson

Percy E. Roberts Jr. Memorial Scholarship Zoe Ganch Christopher Weimer Robert Kleinschmidt Memorial Scholarship Jeremiah Anyaele Robert Sprague Jr. Memorial Scholarship Jeremiah Anyaele Dasjon Jordan Terry Devine Memorial Scholarship Tyler Detiveaux

Julian Thaddeus White Memorial Scholarship Meghan Bilski

Thomas Byron Smith Memorial Scholarship Eugene Borchardt Teresa Williams

Norman L. Koonce FAIA Scholarship Charlston Britton Jr. Christopher James

Torre Scholarship in Architecture Tyler Detiveaux Zach McLaine


William R. Brockway FAIA Scholarship Monica Perez


Third-year undergraduate Charleston Britton Jr. is the second LSU architecture student to be selected as a Ronald E. McNair Research Scholar. The McNair Research Scholars program, a national program funded by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education, includes thousands of scholars across the nation. As a 2015 McNair Scholar, Britton will conduct research under faculty mentorship and communicate the results of his work through publications and workshops. Britton is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in design studies and is considering applying to the Master of Design in Risk and Resilience program at Harvard and the Stamps Master of Design in Integrative Design program at the University of Michigan once he graduates from LSU in 2017.


Academic Achievement Award First-year undergraduate: Madeline Luke Third-year undergraduate: James Babin First-year graduate: Yingxue Wang Second-year graduate: Kathleen Autillio Third-year graduate: Landon Pugh Dean’s Medal Mallory Lynn Estopinal, BArch James Paul Canales, MArch Digital Media Award Cody Drago Michael R. Robinson Merit Award Chris Doiron Zachary McLain Aimee Richard O.J. Baker Competition First: Jeremy Jackson Second: Jacob Thevenot Third: Molly Johnson Honorable Mention: Sarah Patterson & Ben Champagne

R. W. Heck Architectural History Award Christopher James


Tiger Athletic Foundation Awards Kathleen Autillio Kelli Cunningham Tan Nguyen Technology Award Tyler Detiveaux Nathaniel Frank

School of Art Scholarships Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Distinguished Scholarship for the Arts Juan Baladera Jr. Molly Elizabeth Gleason Emily K. Miller Caroline Durieux Scholarship Rachael Nicole Noto Michael Daugherty Memorial Fund Leah Marie Hamel Miriam Barranger Memorial Scholarship Dylan James Purvis Torre Scholarship in Art Nicholas de Godoy Lopes Undergraduate Sculpture Scholarship in the School of Art Savanna Ann LaBauve


Thanks, in part, to the support provided by the LSU College of Art & Design, the LSU School of Art, the LSU Student Senate, and the LSU Graduate School, MFA candidate Jamie Kutner was able to travel to Barcelona to present a workshop at ATypI, one of the largest international type conferences. Kutner’s workshop, “Designing for Endangered Writing Systems,” was attended by type designers and typography students from around the world. The workshop was based on her research and preservation efforts of the Chakma alphabet, an endangered language of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Her studies on the indigenous writing systems of Bangladesh began through her collaboration on the Endangered Alphabets project. Her research pushed her toward an interest in programming and the possibilities for coding to aid in font design. “The culture surrounding digital media practice is a great fit for my research interests,” Kutner explained. “I remain fascinated with letterpress and the old manner of distributing written information. There is much to learn from traditional technology, and I am eager to explore blending my background in printmaking with new technologies in type design.”

Dean’s Medal Philomena Alice Baldwin Veronica Kay Hallock Joe Bova Ceramic Art Award Forrest Garrett Gard Melodie Serena Reay Tiger Athletic Foundation Awards Philomena Baldwin Taylor Pauly Noelle Tollett


School of Interior Design

I. Vincent Guaccero Memorial Scholarship Emily Abshire


M. Dorothy Fletcher Field Studies Fund Mariah Kuylen Minh Tran Binh Lai Tram Phan Daniel Willson

Andrea Daugherty Memorial Travel Award Daniel Willson Carroll King Mathews Sustainable Design Scholarship Minh Tran Binh Lai

Scott Gerard Verret Scholarship Klaudia Wasowska

Dixon Smith Educational Scholarship Ellie Boggs

Torre Scholarship in Interior Design Neha Jain


Undergraduate Student Interior Design Scholarship Daniel Willson

Awards Dean’s Medal Tracy R. Manuel

As well as receiving the Scott Gerard Verret Scholarship, interior design student Klaudia Wasowska was awarded a $3,000 scholarship from the Houston Chapter of the Network of the Hospitality Industry. NEWH provides scholarships, education, leadership development, recognition of excellence, and business development opportunities. Originally from Poland, Klaudia considered switching to study interior design while pursuing her first degree in Italian studies from the University of Warsaw. Her desire to become an interior designer never wavered, so she decided to go back to school and follow her vocation. She heard that LSU had a great program and decided to apply. “Being a dedicated full-time student and working at the same time is very challenging and requires a lot of determination and self-discipline,” said Klaudia. “Getting some additional funds has allowed me to reduce my working hours and focus more energy on school, assembling my portfolio (kloud9interiors. com), and attending networking events without financial concerns.” 22

Tiger Athletic Foundation Awards Ellie Boggs Minh Tran Binh Lai

Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture Scholarships Alice Hovey Littlefield Scholarship Maria Muñoz American Society of Landscape Architecture Louisiana Chapter Kathryn Boutte Andrew “Andy” J. Hart Scholarship Seth Winkler Atwell E. Champion Memorial Scholarship Seth Winkler Edward & Yvonne Harvey Scholarship Wesley Gentry Alex Hobdy Wen Keat Wah

Helen A. Reich Memorial Scholarship Camila Carvalho Chenlu Dong Xian Li Xinyue Ling Ziding Liu Vedika Nigam Monisha Palanivelu Erin M. Percevault Yuting Zhou Herbert Weiner/Dr. Robert Reich Endowed Scholarship Lauren Patti Jane Satterlee Seth Winkler James D. Burnett & Ronald G. “Chip” Tragesar Endowed Scholarship Maria Muñoz Kay Ward Seale Scholarship Kevin Latusek Landscape Architecture Endowment Fund Elizabeth Boudreaux Sheryl Fishel Wesley Gentry Kevin Latusek Cheryl Lough Alexander Morvant Grant Murphy Matthew Quitzau Eric Thomas Neil Odenwald Travel Fund Dylan Crawford Robert Reich Endowed Travel Fund Vedika Nigam James Weldon School of Landscape Architecture General Scholarship William Baumgardner Hannah Goodgion Leanne Hinson Kyle Smith Brooke Storey

William E. Hornsey Memorial Woods & Water Scholarship Alex Hobdy Van Cox Scholarship for Student Travel Andrew Kepper

Awards Academic Achievement & Leadership Elizabeth Camuti Yifu Liu American Society of Landscape Architecture Certificate of Honor Recipients: Wes Gentry Xinyue Ling Certificate of Merit Recipients: Brooke Storey Brooke Morris Anna Shaw Eric Thomas Best Capstone Project Evan Peterson Best Graduating Project Sheryl Fishel Best Honors Thesis Project Erin M. Percevault Best Thesis Project Cheryl Lough Dean’s Medal Erin M. Percevault Anna Wray Shaw Tiger Athletic Foundation Awards Kathryn Grace Boutte Jidapa Chayakul Xinyue Ling Erin M. Percevault Anna Wray Shaw Eric Thomas

Torre Scholarship in Landscape Architecture Kathryn Bouttee



CELEBRATING NATIONAL EXCELLENCE The LSU College of Art & Design’s first annual scholarship reception and presentation was held September 4, 2014, in the LSU Design Building. The event served as an opportunity to honor 2014–15 scholarship recipients as well as the donors who made the scholarships possible. In addition to recognizing the 84 2014–15 scholarship recipients, the presentation served as a means for donors and students to learn more about one another and the history behind the awards. Parents and families of the students and donors were able to visit the various studios and see the students’ current projects.

Maria Muñoz was selected as the undergraduate winner of the 2015 Olmsted Scholars Program, the premier national award and recognition program for landscape architecture students. Muñoz is the second LSU student to receive this national recognition, and for the second consecutive year! “Receiving this national honor is among the highest achievements for a student of landscape architecture,” said Professor Emeritus Van Cox, interim director of the LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture. Now in its eighth year, the Olmsted Scholars Program recognizes and supports students with exceptional leadership potential who are using ideas, influence, communication, service, and leadership to advance sustainable planning and design and to foster human and societal benefits. Building on her heritage and experiences in Puerto Rico, Muñoz plans to use the award to research the island’s network of local vendors and their sources of homegrown agricultural products. Through interviews and mapping, she will document the social networks and marketing strategies of growers, yielding knowledge that can help increase the growth potential of the homegrown food to local market system. Muñoz also received recognition as one of the three recipients of the $4,000 American Society of Landscape Architects Council of Fellows Scholarships.


The college plans to continue hosting the event as outreach to students, alumni, and donors increases. “On average, 125 scholarships are awarded each year by the college, and it is important that we continue to honor and engage the students, parents, and donors,” said Julie Aguilar LeFebvre, director of development. “For without them, the college would not be able to continue to provide such outstanding opportunities.” The event recognizes the scholarships established directly through the LSU Foundation for LSU College of Art & Design students. For more information about scholarship opportunities, visit Visit for information about establishing scholarship funds.

Mrs. Loretta White and family meet Julian Thaddeus White Memorial Scholarship recipient Meghan Bilski at the LSU College of Art & Design Annual Scholarship Reception.

ENGAGEMENT: Promote engagement of faculty, staff, and students in reaching out to transform communities. 25

2014–15 Exhibitions LSU School of Art Galleries The 2014–15 School of Art season, Resilience, visually and critically explored how life’s challenges can unleash creativity. The season’s series of exhibitions, lectures, and related activities featured artists whose works demonstrate adaptability and embrace change in the face of hardships ranging from disease to political oppression.

Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Gallery

Shaw Center for the Arts 100 Lafayette St., Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Lineage: Raina Benoit & Christopher Brumfield September 16–October 19, 2014 Sponsored by Nadine Carter Russell Eric Avery, MD—HIV/AIDS: Witness, Healer, Survivor October 28–December 7, 2014 Sponsored by Dr. Renee Daigle A Freedom of a Different Kind: The Art of Michael Triegel Co-curated with Darius Spieth January 22–March 1, 2015 Sponsored by Nadine Carter Russell Graphic Guts: The Art of Luba Lukova March 14–April 26, 2015 NIME15: New Interfaces for Musical Expression Co-curated with Derick Ostrenko May 28–June 28, 2015

MFA Thesis Shows Between-Space: Bungalows and Shadows of Spanish Town by Anna Aldridge April 29–May 6, 2015 This Is My Attempt to Hold On by Kim Jones May 9–17, 2015

Foster Gallery

Louisiana State University 111 Foster Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Lagniappe! + A Little Trash Print Portfolio Exchange September 5–October 10, 2014 LSU School of Art Faculty Show: Works by Derick Ostrenko, Hye Yeon Nam, Kristine Thompson, and Scott Andresen October 20–November 21, 2014 26

Landscape Relationships January 30–February 27, 2015 Statewide Juried High School Exhibition March 9–19, 2015 NIME15: New Interfaces for Musical Expression Co-curated with Derick Ostrenko May 31–June 3, 2015

MFA Thesis Shows Draw a Message of Hope by Ki Ho Park November 25–December 4, 2014 Nature’s Geometry by Lin Feng March 23–27, 2015 She Pricked Her Finger by Veronica Hallock March 30–April 2, 2015 The Veil by Eric Euler April 13–17, 2015 A Charming Re(a)d by Chelsea Ramirez April 20–24, 2015 Facing Reality by Mitch Hobbs April 27–May 1, 2015

BFA Thesis Shows BFA Senior Exhibitions December 15–19, 2014 May 6–May 15, 2015

Other Notable Exhibitions Design Building Commons Keep Unfolding: LSU Graphic Design Senior Showcase May 11–15, 2015 LSU Student Union Art Gallery South Studio Exhibition: LSU Painting & Drawing Showcase April 14–23, 2015

LSU STUDENT ARTWORK EXHIBITION AT THE LSU SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION BUILDING LSU School of Art student and alumni work is on display—and for sale—in the LSU System Administration Building, right outside President F. King Alexander’s office! The

first of its kind, the exhibit was curated by MFA digital art candidate Jamie Kutner, who selected 37 works by 14 LSU artists, including BFA and MFA students and recent alumni.

President and Mrs. Alexander with Mr. Hank Danos of the LSU Board of Supervisors view Paired Egrets by MFA painting and drawing candidate Kelsey Livingston. (Photo by Jim Zeitz)

NATIONAL RECOGNITION Katie Joy Crawford’s photography series, My Anxious Heart, went viral after being featured in The Huffington Post. Having struggled with anxiety for more than a decade, Crawford decided to capture what her anxiety feels like in a series of selfportraits for her senior thesis exhibition. My Anxious Heart has grabbed the attention of major media outlets, including Women’s Health Magazine and USA Today.

“I’m afraid to live and I’m afraid to die— what a way to exist.” My Anxious Heart, No. 9, by Katie Joy Crawford, BFA 2015


2014–15 Annual Report Figures Scholarships & Awards College of Art & Design $22,144.30 School of Architecture $1,111,038.45 School of Art $547,012.42 School of Interior Design $202,441.24 Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture $1,124,447.06 Total Scholarships & Awards


Chairs & Professorships College of Art & Design $1,249,388.36 School of Architecture $262,780.89 School of Art $245,149.57 School of Interior Design $139,584.45 Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture $1,936,523.05 Total Chairs & Professorships


Lecture Series College of Art & Design $1,001,048.10 School of Architecture $75,154.29 School of Art $254,455.11 School of Interior Design $10.00 Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture $202,556.26 Total Lecture Series $1,533,223.76

Other College of Art & Design $974,195.81 School of Architecture $48,243.65 School of Art $656,160.98 School of Interior Design $15,942.90 Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture $315,748.00 CADGIS $451.91 CSS $3,208.34 Total Other $2,013,951.59

Estate Gifts $3,436,804.00

GRAND TOTAL $13,824,489.14 28

Endowed Funds $8,972,751.95

Lecture Series $1,378,223.15


36% 19% Other $1,737,516.57

Chairs & Professorships $3,248,238.10

29% Scholarships & Awards $2,608,774.13

Non-Endowed Funds $1,414,933.19

Lecture Series $155,000.61

11% Other $276,435.02



Chairs & Professorships $585,188.22

28% Scholarships & Awards $398,309.34

Estate Gifts $3,436,804.00


25% 10%


Endowed Funds

Non-Endowed Funds


Impact Annual Fund The LSU College of Art & Design Annual Fund provides unparalleled flexibility to seize educational opportunities when they become available while supporting the college’s operations and most pressing daily needs. Support for this fund provides scholarships, facilities upgrades, and faculty recruitment and development assistance. In addition, the Annual Fund supports alumni outreach and engagement as well as development efforts. The college saw 18 percent growth in fiscal year 2015 in unrestricted gifts.

Paula G. Manship Endowed Fund The College of Art & Design realized a $500,000 endowed gift left by Mrs. Paula G. Manship in her estate. The return on the endowment should provide the dean with $20,000 annually to be used at his discretion. In 2014–15, the dean was able to continue projects such as the exhibitions of student work on the Design Building Atrium wall as well as attend the College Art Association Conference—activities that were halted with the state budget freeze in November 2014. The dean was also able to support faculty exhibits and development activities. Planned gifts such as Paula G. Manship’s endowment fund can be made through avenues such as gift annuities, bequests, real estate, and more.

Neil G. Odenwald Distinguished Professorship in Landscape Architecture The LSU College of Art & Design raised a total of $181,219 from individuals, foundations, and corporations to endow the Neil G. Odenwald Distinguished Professorship in Landscape Architecture. The Board of Regents has matched $80,000 so far with an additional $40,000 to be requested once all cash is on hand and all pledge payments have been made. The Odenwald Professorship will be used to recruit and retain outstanding faculty focused on instruction in plant materials, planting design, and natural systems, ensuring these subjects remain prominent in LSU’s landscape architecture curriculum.

Professor Emeritus Neil G. Odenwald at LSU Hilltop Arboretum


Gifts From Corporate Sponsors The College of Art & Design gratefully acknowledges the corporations, foundations, and nonprofit organizations that made gifts in support of our mission. Recognized below are gifts of $1,000 and above made from July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015.




Jeffrey K. Carbo, FASLA, Landscape Architects, LLC Letterman’s Blueprint & Supply Company STUN Design and Interactive

$25,000+ Board of Regents for Higher Education Tipton Associates

$10,000+ Friends of Hilltop Arboretum, Inc.


$1,000+ Cap’s Design Studio Chasm Architecture, LLC Cornerstone Commercial Flooring Office of James Burnett, Inc. Salisbury Family Charitable Fund Thomas Family Fund Tillotson Design Associates, Inc. VOA Associates, Inc. WHR Architects, Inc.

Baton Rouge Area Foundation Bradley-Blewster & Associates Eskew+Dumez+Ripple Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architect, Inc. Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Foundation Southern Garden Symposium


Gifts From Alumni and Individuals The College of Art & Design gratefully acknowledges the individuals who made gifts in support of our mission. Recognized below are gifts of $1,000 and above made July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015. Denotes Dean’s Circle members, those who contribute $1,000 or more in support of the College of Art & Design Annual Fund

$25,000+ Judith P. Betts Estate of Paula G. Manship Linda B. Salisbury and John W. Salisbury Jr. Succession of R. A. Eskew Succession of Fred D. Manis

$15,000+ Estate of Susannah S. Richard Patrick C. Moore, BLA ’79 Judith T. Patrick, MD, and Kirk A. Patrick Jr., MD

$5,000+ Bruce A. Beard Wanda Metz Chase, BLA ’84 Keith P. LeBlanc, BLA ’79 Laura F. Lindsay Douglas P. Reed, BLA ’78 William A. Reich, BLA ’76 Robert S. Reich Sr. Martha T. Richard Elizabeth M. Thomas, BID ’72, and Newton B. Thomas Genevieve M. Trimble John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer Suzanne L. Turner and Scott W. Purdin William C. Welch, PhD

$2,500+ Tracey A. Banowetz and David P. Banowetz Jr. Shannon Blakeman, BLA ’99 Carroll Blewster Jr., BArch ’78 C. Lynn Bradley, BArch ’71 Jeffrey K. Carbo, BLA ’85 Mike Lanaux Jr., BLA ’94 Tim J. Orlando, BLA ’83



$1,000+ Randall D. Broussard, BArch ’72 James D. Burnett, BLA ’83 Jesse D. Cannon Jr., BArch ’72, and Mary A. Cannon Charles A. Caplinger III, BLA ’67 Stephen M. Chapman V, BLA ’86, and Cynthia B. Chapman Nathaniel O. Clark, BArch ’96 Shaun S. Duncan Jori A. Erdman James E. Furr, BArch ’69, and Mary J. Furr Robert T. Grissom, MD Kenneth R. Harry, BArch ’67, and Maris S. Harry Nancy B. Kral and Kenneth J. Kral Heather L. Neyer, BID ’95 Roger H. Ogden Marvin R. Ragland Jr., BArch ’80, and Lauren M. Ragland David L. Risinger, MLA ’78 Rebel E. Roberts III, BArch ’71 Nadine Carter Russell John Saer Jr. Jeffrey C. Stouffer, BArch ’84, and Gayle Stouffer Suzan A. Tillotson, BID ’81 Elizabeth F. Thomas, MLA ’89 John A. Thomas, MD Ronald G. Trageser Jr., BLA ’90 David M. Underwood

We graciously celebrate and recognize our members of the 1860 Society and their commitments to a bright future for the College of Art & Design. Membership in the LSU Foundation’s 1860 Society is awarded to anyone who submits documentation naming the LSU Foundation as a beneficiary in his or her estate. Thomas R. and Judith P. Betts Jeffrey K. and Wendy W. Carbo Alma Beth Clark Max Z. Conrad Kurt and Gene Anne Culbertson Matthew L. Edmonds Dwight MacDonald Douglas P. Reed Martha Taylor Richard James and Patti Richards Percy E. “Rebel” Roberts Michael D. Robinson Linda Bliss Salisbury and John W. Salisbury Jr. Alton and Hillery Scavo *Names in italics denote deceased members.



Follow the College of Art & Design Website and E-Newsletter The 2014-2015 Annual Report was designed by the Graphic Design Student Office. GDSO students experience the full process of producing the publication, including meeting with the copy editor and production team, visiting the printer, creating presentations of design concepts for critiques, selecting artwork, and following the project through to completion. Our appreciation extends to GDSO whose hard work and creativity helped to make this publication possible.

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LSU College of Art + Design Annual Report 2014-15  
LSU College of Art + Design Annual Report 2014-15