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10/21/2010 12:15:15 PM

From the desk of the editor-in-chief


or the last decade, the Livewire has been bringing fresh news to Bullitt East. From the start, we have been on the cutting edge of journalism, not only in the state, but across the nation. As I have traveled around from St. Louis, to Washington D.C., to Portland, to most recently Las Vegas, when I tell people that we produce a weekly paper most mouths are rendered speechless and agape. Even my journalistic colleagues are left in awe due to the dedication of, what seems by this point to be, generations of East journalists. Some of those journalists are already on their way to great things. We have seen Livewire alums write for colleges across the state, move into the teaching and medical fields, and even write for our hometown paper, The Pioneer News. It’s safe to say that I could not be more proud. With that said, it would have been easy to maintain the status quo. As one of the national leaders in bringing news to students, we could have just kept plugging away and delivering our content every Friday. Students have come to depend on that. It has become a sort of Death, Taxes, and Livewire at Bullitt East. We could have done that. It would have been easy. There is one small glitch to our method that our readers have seen. The field of journalism has changed before our eyes. When I reinvented the Livewire, we did it with three computers and a program that was outdated by six years. It worked for us because that’s what others were doing. Sure we changed with special editions, more computers, and new programs, but the field of journalism itself changed to a far greater extent. In Portland last year, I heard the term convergent media for the first time. The idea is a simple one, but hearing it explained so succinctly changed my view on what we do. Put simply, convergent media is putting together a media platform that delivers news on the spot in a variety of forms rather than a paper on Fridays. It’s the idea of making our newspaper, online content, and social network sites work together. Having already decided that I was bored with what I had been doing for the last ten years, I made up my mind that a change was coming indeed. What you are seeing here is our first news magazine. We plan to produce these as needed. Think of them more as a summary of what has happened. It’s not offering the same breaking news that you are accustomed to seeing. Instead, it is a more in depth, all encompassing look at particular issues, events, sports and most importantly: people. We certainly wouldn’t leave our audience without the news though. As I mentioned earlier, news on Friday only wasn’t getting the job done. Instead, we have moved the operation online. Our goal is a comprehensive look at our school that is constantly up to date. What I’m saying is that if you didn’t get to go to the game tonight, We don’t want you to have to wait until next Friday to see not only how much the Chargers won by, but who played well in the win. We want to be one of your clicks when you get home at night. Put us on your favorites tab and check us right before you check Facebook every day. We have the information you want and need, faster than ever before. If you haven’t already given us a shot, I urge you to check us out. You’ll like what you see. We’ve got your friends, your teachers, the sports teams you love all in the same place updated daily. On top of that we want you to get involved. Our interactive content features polls that you will see in both the yearbook and newsmagazine and story comments to let you sound off on your thoughts to what we are saying. Certainly we ask that you keep it respectful, but we do have moderators that will monitor your comments as well. So what are you waiting for? Get involved. Check us out now, our site is at the bottom of each page. Get logged on and stay logged in to what is going on at Bullitt East. Thanks for your continued Support of the Livewire and Go East!

Larry Steinmetz

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Gangsters, Nail-biters, And Winners, Oh My

Homecoming Week 2010 A Success We’ve got spirit-Yes we do! Chargers go all out for homecoming week. On Monday, October 4th the Chargers kicked off spirit week with favorite team wear. Senior Kirsten Jaworski sported her favorite team UK-as she wore a UK shirt and a blue scarf tied around her forehead. Jaworski went as far as to even dying the tips of her hair blue. “I don’t care how I look, I love getting into the school spirit.” Jaworski

stated. Tuesday, October 5th the Chargers brought back the old days. An anonymous person proved she could rock out in anything. She wore pink leg warmers with black leggings, hot pink shorts and a bright green shirt. “I loved decade day!” she stated. Wednesday, Bullitt East decked the halls in their favorite holiday gear. Although no one was allowed to wear any Halloween costumes, they still were able to prove it was their favorite holiday. The Bullitt East

The Fall 2010 Livewire Staff

Powder puff game was played Wednesday. Freshman went against the sophomores and juniors against seniors. “The freshman vs. sophomore game was very intense to watch,” said sophomore Brandon Wiseheart. “Those girls went at it.” The freshman pulled a victory in the last few minutes of the game. The juniors gave it all they had, but it wasn’t enough against the seniors. Teacher, robber, monster and gangsters were some of outfits the chargers saw around the halls in –ER on Thursday. “Pretty awesome all together when it comes to being like four different things for –ER day,” said junior Alan Hazelwood. “Pretty good experience.” Hazelwood was a monster, soldier, biological engineer and a teenager. The last day of spirit week was showing your school spirit. “This was my favorite out of the week.” Junior Jacob Stiles proclaimed. Stiles ended homecoming week wearing Bullitt East shorts, red socks, and Bullitt East shirt. Freshman wore white. Sophomores dressed in yellow. Juniors went out in red and seniors blacked out! There was also a pep rally at the end of the school day to help pump up the students for the game that evening. “It wasn’t the best, they did nothing for the football team,” says junior Matt Clarkson. Friday night was a real nail biter as Bullitt East football team squared off with Marion County. The chargers pulled out a big win in overtime as they won 14-7 with senior Matt Husband scoring the winning touchdown. “I’m surprised we won, I was sure we were going to lose,” stated sophomore, Santana Arnold. Chargers now pronounce seniors Kelsey Fell and Jesse Sophomore Jessi Hottois shows off her Bratcher as the new 80’s swagger. football homecoming king and queen of 2010. Previous homecoming queen, La Vella Hall came back to her alma mater Friday night to crown Fell as queen and Bratcher as king. Students of Bullitt East were disappointed as previous homecoming king, Cody Hutchins, was not present, as he is in New Orleans on a WKU mission trip. To end the week, the Bullitt East Leadership Class hosted the 2010 Stardust homecoming dance. It was also a perfect way to end Friday night after the football game.

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GSP: Great Summer Plan East Students Reap Benefits “I love college”…especially free college.

FBLA To Hold Murder Mystery Dinner The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is hosting an interactive murder mystery dinner at Bullitt East on November 6th. The dinner guests will enjoy scenes of a murder mystery play in between each course of their meal. The guests will get an opportunity to voice their opinion about who they think the killer is. This event is an FBLA fundraiser.

Bullitt East High School students attended a Governor’s Scholar Program (GSP) meeting earlier this month. GSP is a program for high school juniors. The program is held for five weeks during the summer. Students attending the GSP summer conferences must sign a contract agreeing to stay on one of three campuses. Including weekends, students must stay on campus and live a campus life and study without any outside interruption. Students are allowed to choose from twentyfive subjects ranging between physical science and cultural anthropology. However, there are no test given throughout the courses, nor are college credits offered. Classes often include noted scientists and educational leaders that come and lecture the class about future careers and other programs. The Bullitt East meeting took place October 6th at 1:15. There were many topics discussed, but the point of interest was being sure that all applications were submitted on time. Although applications are not due until December 3rd, students were encouraged to start work on them immediately. “The applications are very long and take hours of painstaking time.” says one of three counselors at BEHS, Dana Steinmetz. The best possible score you can get on your application is 110%. There are five categories: academic achievement- 30 points, student profile- 40 points, writing entry- 15 points, teacher recommendations- 15 points, and special considerations that are worth an extra 10 points. “Bullitt East has a very good reputation when it comes to GSP,” says Steinmetz. According to Steinmetz, in 2008, BEHS had an impressive fourteen students involved with the scholarship program. Some colleges, including Western Kentucky University, University of Louisville, and University of Kentucky will just about give you a “full ride” to college if you are participating in GSP and score well on the ACT. Bullitt East senior, Evan Young, attended GSP last year and says, “It is the best thing you will ever do!” “Last year, sophomores were encouraged to start thinking about GSP through a meeting held close to the end of the year, but it didn’t seem to do much good. Hopefully more people will benefit from GSP in future years,” Steinmetz added enthusiastically.

The “WhoDunnit” Murder Mystery Theater is the organization that was hired to provide the entertainment for the dinner. The “WhoDunnit’ Murder Mystery Theater is a non-profit, donation supported organization for the performing arts that is located at the Hyatt Regency in Louisville. This company has a wide variety of murder mystery performances and entertains private parties all around the state. While chowing down on spaghetti, the dinner guests will gather information about each character and develop their own opinions of which character they believe to be the secret killer. Following the final course of the meal the mystery murderer’s true identity will be revealed. The dinner guests who accurately answer the question, “WhoDunnit”? will receive a reward handed out by the company. This event will be held in the cafeteria at Bullitt East on November 6th at 6:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased at any time and are available through any FBLA member, or through the school. Adult tickets are priced at $20.00 and childcare will be available for $5.00 for children under the age of 12. The money will benefit FBLA to offset costs throughout the year such as their New Orleans trip. According to Mrs. Comstock FBLA is planning for 200 people to attend the event. “It has the potential to be huge for us,” said Constock.

2010-11 Club Directory Sci-Fi Club Sci-Fi club meets on Thursdays after school. Sci-Fi club has a counsel of student leader and they meet to plan activities. They watch movies, play games, and go to play laser tag once a month. They also have movie night. The sponsor is Mr. Osborne. Law Enforcement The sponsors for this club are Mrs. Hightower and Carl Trent who is Bullitt County Sheriff’s Deputy and Resource Officer. Law Enforcement Club meets every other Tuesday in room 112 and anyone may join. This club is for anyone who has any interest in a career in law enforcement. Their next meeting is October 26th. They have several guest speakers such as drug dog trainers, drug task force, detectives, and more. Spanish Club

National Honor Society

Every Wednesday Spanish Club joins together with leaders Kaylin Wood, Kayla Swanson, Melissa Roark, and Riley Vancelette, “to get the Spanish language out into the community,” says president Kaylin Wood. Spanish club also tutors students at Old Mill to teach them Spanish so they can get a head start before they come to Bullitt East.

The National Honor Society is an organization that prides itself by providing service throughout our local, state, and national communities. This organization is ran by chemistry teacher, Mrs. Harrod. It is by invitation-only for juniors and seniors only with a 3.5 GPA or higher, NHS meets every first Thursday of the month. Peer Mediation: “Don’t hate, peer mediate!” Do friends come to you for advice? If so, then Peer Mediation may be just right for you. The purpose of Peer Mediation is to teach students to resolve conflicts in an effective, peaceful, and mature manner. It provides students who are in a conflict with a neutral, confidential, adult-free atmosphere to discuss their problems. Anyone can come to guidance and sign up for peer mediation if they are having a conflict with a peer. Meetings are on Mondays or Tuesdays in September and early October for training on the steps of Official Peer Mediation. Contact Ashton Preston, Brandon Gifford, or Keenan Cischke for more information. | LIVEWIRE | 5

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10/21/2010 12:15:50 PM

NEWS Academic Team Does competing in Math, Language Arts, Arts and Humanities, Science, and Social Studies with schools all over the state sound like your thing? If so, then you should try out for the Academic Team. There are written multiple choice exams and a quick recall match. Practice is every Thursday after school and competitions (called matches) are on Mondays. Jonathon Broyles is the captain of the overall team with Dillon Yousey as the captain of the quick recall team. Alpha Omega Club Also known as “The Bible Club”, this is where anyone can come to the library every Wednesday from 2:15-4:00 to study the Bible to get a deeper understanding. If you have any questions contact President, Logan Gabehart, or VicePresident, Summer Schmitz. Art Club What they do: Any art project they want to work on When do they meet: Tuesday’s after work Who runs the Club: Mr. Kelty Beta Club

Drama Club Has anyone ever accused you as a drama queen? Do you like to act? If you do, then go to The Drama Club, they meet on the first Thursday of the month, and there are no tryouts, so everyone is welcome. The purpose of the club is to learn and participate in dramatic elements and improv activities. Questions? Contact Abigail Harris or Lynsey Milburn.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA is a club that meets on Fridays in the library before school. FCA has an activity to do every week, a brief Bible discussion, and a time of prayer. The club’s sponsor is Mrs. Hare. FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Usually on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month, before school, FBLA meets. FBLA president Allison Murphey plans to make this year the best year of FBLA. “We have guest speakers come talk about how to be a good business leader or we talk about club activities. During the year we go to the National Fall Conference, Regional and State competitions and nationals which are in Florida.” Says President Allison Murphy. Red Zone Rowdies

The second Tuesday of every month Beta Club meets to discuss community issues and how they can help. “We mostly do community service but this year we want to include more fun things like the convention.” says president Alexis Carey.

What they do: Go to sporting events and BE ROWDY! When they meet: Who runs the club: Jo Perkins, President- Lauren Burton, Vice President- Amanda Webb

Charger Chicks

Relay for Life

What they do- Sing When they meet- Wednesdays after school at 3:30 Who runs the club- Mrs. Gary

Relay for Life meets Thursdays before school. This club raises money for cancer research with many fundraisers. They have bake sales, relay for life pays, and sweats day. The sponsor is Mrs. Akridge.

Chamber Chorale

FFA FFA ( Future Farmers of America) is a club that has just started this year at Bullitt East. The club meets every other Tueday, and they discuss many different topics that vary from agriculture to farm animals. The club has recently elected officers who are to help plan many outings.

What they do- Sing When they meet- After school on Mondays at 2:30 and Thursdays at 6:30 Who runs the club- Mrs. Geary Chess Club The chess club is a club that is open to all students. In this club, you will learn how to play the game and different strategies. The sponsor is Mr. Torres and they meet on Tuesday and Thursday’s after-school and on Wednesday before school.

Engineering Club Engineering club is a club that meets on Thursdays. They discuss all things engineering. The sponsor is math teacher, Mrs. Tinnelli.

Dance Dance Revolution What they do- Dance competitions When they meet- Mondays after school Who runs the club- Mr. Borquez Peer Tutoring Peer tutoring is a fairly new club addition to our school. In this club, exceptional students lend a hand to students falling behind in their subjects. There is also a Homework Help Center that meets in the library every day after school. If you are interested in being tutored or being a tutor, please contact clubs sponsor, Mr. Marc Hardin.

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Game Programming Game programming club is a club that meets on Mondays in the library from 2:15-3:00. Some students do basic computer programming and some work on artwork to share between fellow gamers. The sponsor is new teacher, Mr. Cannon. Guitar Club The guitar club meets every Tuesday at 3:00.The guitar club is where fellow guitarists can hang out and share their ideas and learn from each other. This club also gives a place for people to go and hang out. Beginners are welcome to join the cub so they can learn how to play. For more information, contact sponsors Mr. Brashear and Mr. Hardin

10/21/2010 12:16:29 PM


Secret Tensions A? Drama Department Tackles Relationship Abuse

Lean, Green Savings Machine: Kohl’s Opens in Fern Creek

unknown reasons, Bahama Breeze was chosen by the company to develop their new store. Even with its minimal controversy, the Kohl’s grand opening is causing local residents to “expect great things.”

“Expect great things.” Residents of Fern Creek and Mt. Washington have just started the era of expecting Hit me baby one more time. great things While Brittney Spears from promotes abuse, a new, local shopping the Bullitt East outlet. High School drama The grand opening department told of the environmentallystudents not to put up with it. friendly Kohl’s on Bardstown Road will be The play, Secret Tensions A, was ran occurred on September 29th. by Mrs. Chandler and was performed There was a lot of excitement, by the drama class on October 6th at even with its minimal controversy, BE. The play focused on abusive teen among people with Kohl’s finally relationships. opening its doors, allowing for The new department store opened on September 29th. more local retail Chandler, the drama shopping and job teacher at BE, puts on a opportunities. performance every year, Not only is this a new store, but the play this year was but a fairly new building style a little different because to the area. The 112,000 sq. it was the first big play foot building was completely Camp out with the cows. written and produced built of environmentally-friendly by the drama class. The materials. The department store Many customers will be camping outside the students in her first consists of recycled material new Chick-Fil-A semester class have been and high efficiency heating and with hopes of free practicing the past month cooling centers, among other chicken. for their performance. “green” things. This specific kind of building has received much The “clucking” The play was focused environmental recognition. Kohl’s restaurant is on abusive relationships is not the only thing going on the planned to open in teenagers ranging 12.6 acres plot of land. There will during fall of 2010 in Fern Creek. between physical, be two small strip malls on either Job opportunities are available. The emotional, and sexual. side of Kohl’s, a restaurant (Chickcompany is planning a promotion to The drama class chose Fil-A), and over 450 parking get customers lining up for the grand this topic because it is a The cast of play gathers around for spaces. opening. large issue at BE, and it an inspirational high-five. “It’s awesome,” says junior needed to be addressed. Maggie Smith. “Two of my favorite According to a news release, the restaurant All of the stories in things (Chick-Fil-A and Kohl’s) are in one is scheduled to open on November 9th , the play are personal stories of students at place!” 2010. The chain restaurant will be located Bullitt East. While Smith’s excitement is about shopping, at 7901 Bardstown Road near the new Kohl’s others are excited about job opportunities. department store in Fern Creek, Kentucky. The three couples were examples of three Kohl’s hired 150 people and many Bullitt East It will be run by Ed Bowles, the long time types of abuse in the play. Joseph Tanner students put in an application, like senior operator of the Chick-Fil-A in Jefferson and Katelyn Bowman portrayed Robbie and Melissa Roark Mall. Beth. They had a sexually abusive relationship “Honestly, I really needed a job,” the because Robbie was always pressuring Beth to senior explains. “I thought that retail Senior Cassie Koevets states, “ I think it is a have sex. Aaron Moody and Malorie Bowling wouldn’t be too hard to work and plus, I could great chance for students at BE, it is nice to played characters Jax and Sarah. This give the discount to my mom.” Kohl’s is also have somewhere else than Mount Washington couple demonstrated a physically abusive attempting to help the nation’s economy and to work.” Koevoets is one of the hundreds of relationship. The last couple, Devyn Mueller the high unemployment rate. Just this fall, applicants the restaurant has received. There as Cody and Kayla Ryan as Maci, portrayed the booming company is opening twenty-one are sixty positions available an emotionally abusive relationship due stores and hiring at least 4,000 people. to controlling issues. “The play was very While the positives outweigh the The company will run a promotion, offering eye opening and relevant to high school negatives, there was some controversy the first one-hundred adults in line free food. relationships. The drama class did a very good surrounding this endeavor, specifically who When asked if standing in line was an option, job portraying such serious situations,” says would develop the store. In a letter to senior Jimmy Caldwell stated,“Yes, because sophomore Taylor Williamson. the Kohl’s president, one resident voiced it is totally worth it.” Comparing to grand their concerns about the blueprint-and the openings in the Louisville area, many fans of consequences-of the building. Instead of the restaurant chain have camped overnight The drama class hopes that this play will Bahama Breeze developing, who would cause in order to secure their place in line to help students at BE get help if they are in extreme traffic and cause neighborhood receive free food. Including sophmore an abusive relationship. Pamphlets on abuse disturbances, the resident preferred South Chasity Bowyer who said,”I’m excited. I’m were handed out to students who attended Pointe Commons, who would donate land thinking about standing in line with my sister.” the play. “If one person in the audience was for a library anxcellent development,” the For more information, visit the official affected by the play and it made a difference anonymous neighbor writes. However, for website: in their life, then we did our job,” Chandler said. | LIVEWIRE |

Eat Mor’ Chickin: Chik-Fil-A Set To Open


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Boys Golf Keeps Driving The Charger’s are building off last year’s success in regions and are hoping to drive into state. This year the Chargers didn’t fair so well in tournament play. They participated in seven tournaments in which they won zero. Their best finish was in third in tournament competitions. Match play was a different story though. They played in four matches and won two of them. One of the key victories for the Chargers was the Bullitt Hardin Cup this is one event that the Chargers partake in every season. The Chargers are led by Junior Jake Wilson; Wilson shot the lowest score of the season twice this year a seventy nine at the Cumberland County Invitational and again at the Laurel Invitational. Unlike most other high school sports, high school golf teams do not compete in districts; they go straight to regions. Last year the Chargers finished seventh out of twenty teams in regions. They were defeated by Central Hardin and Elizabethtown High Schools. Both Central Hardin and Elizabethtown High School made it to State. There are only two teams that are selected to go to state from each region and that is the runner-up and the champion. Only five Charger golfers can be selected to play at regions. Jake Wilson who has led the team for the past two seasons secured his position by shooting low scores and showing leadership on the course. Andrew Harris a fellow junior with Wilson also filled his name in on the roster. Morgan Hilbert was also selected to play at Lincoln Trail for the region, he also is a junior. Matt Murphy fits into this group also as he has locked his spot in regions. A rising star to be watching is younger brother of Matt Murphy, Michael Murphy. Michael started golfing with the team as just an eighth grader and “is one of the most improved players from last year by knocking off more than ten strokes off his score” said Coach Kyle Downs. Michael is just a freshman now and has a lot of potential talent. He also is one of the five that were chosen to play at regions. The Chargers minds were focused around one thing this season and that was getting further into regions and driving into state. Since they didn’t loose any key players to graduation or quitting they can rebound and have an even more successful postseason campaign than last year’s seventh place finish. They have been focusing on their putting. They have held humorous but yet serious competitions between each other on the greens of Heritage Hill to hone in their putting skills. September 28, finally came, the day of regions. Regions were held at Lincoln Trail in Vine Grove one of the elite golf courses in the Commonwealth. Junior leader Jake Wilson shot the low score of the regions for the Chargers an eighty seven, but this could not prevail the Chargers to victory. North Hardin took the region as they won with a 315 and behind North Hardin was runner-up Elizabeth Town High School with a score of 322. Bullitt East could not duplicate the success of last year’s seventh place finish. As they fell back into the back of the pack of the teams at regions and failed to drive into state. Finishing tenth out of twenty two teams in the region. Still the future looks bright for the Chargers as they have Wilson, Harris, Hilbert, and the Murphy boys returning for next season. Senior Co-Caption Brandon Gifford said “at the time our eighth graders may seem like a handful but will emerge as stars and lead the team to state.”

Girls Make Historic State Bid Bullitt East bound for Bowling Green. For the first time in school history, the Lady Chargers golf team advanced to the state match in Bowling Green. This season was the last for three seniors on the team, Katie Nusz, Melissa Roark, and Meredith Oder. They have played on the team throughout high school and have helped the team build its way up to be recognized in a school dominated by multiple sports. The season started out strong for the girls as they began their long winning streak and it ended with them only losing three matches. The team did well in postseason play, becoming runners up at regionals and advancing on to state. The season began with two tournaments against Grant County and at Perry Park. From there the girls won several matches in a row and only lost three the entire season. Throughout the year, the girls looked to their senior leaders for support. “(The seniors) were really awesome leaders,” commented junior and team member Maggie Smith. Meredith Odor (12) has been one of Although the team will lose the most consistent golfers the past these seniors next season, the four seasons. team has three juniors and a JV team that will replace them. At regionals the girls looked dominant. Four of the five girls shot below a one hundred putting the team in second place behind Central Hardin and giving them a spot in the state tournament. Nusz lead the team with an 88, one of her best scores of the season. Oder also shot an 88 during the regional tournament, pumping herself up for the state tournament. The tournament started off early in the morning with an 8:21 tee time. The girls came out onto the course with high emotions, knowing this was the biggest stage they could get. With a choppy start the girls put away their fears and worries and played like they had all year. “It was exciting to go to state, but nerves hit us when we got there,” Roark commented. “Our practice round didn’t go the way we wanted it to, but our first round was better considering the difficulty of the course,” she continued. While the rest of the team fell short, Nusz came out with an 84 which was good enough to send her on to the second round of state. In the second round it was only the best of the best and with a hard fought effort Katie Nusz ended up with an 86 putting her 33 out of 83. “(State was) pretty fun, but I froze and couldn’t feel my fingers,” commented Nusz.

8 | LIVEWIRE | November 2010 newsmagazineNovBEHS(2).indd 8

10/21/2010 12:17:04 PM


Cross Country Continues To Build On Recent Success

Scotty McIntyre (10) and Brandon Wiseheart (10) prep for a race.

One for the money, two for the show, cross country Chargers, GO GO GO. After recording one of the best seasons in school history last year, the cross country team continues to be a force in the state. Last season the cross country team was made up of mostly underclassmen. Now, those runners have gained another year of experience under their belts and are now running stronger than ever. Bullitt East is making some noise as a cross country team. This offseason proved to be instrumental to the strides (literally and metaphorically) that the team has taken this year. Countless hours of weightlifting and practice running were put in by each member of the team, and they have improved greatly since the start of last season. “We worked hard,but it’s definitely going to pay off this season,” said sophmore Emily Marksbury. Almost every day after school you can walk into the lobby and see these runners stretching and getting ready for practice. Totaling over 12 miles of practice a week, there is no disputing the work that they put in.

newsmagazineNovBEHS(2).indd 9

Freshman Jessica Perell is one of the runners who is becoming known across the state. As of last Monday, Perell was ranked number 21 in the state. After a strong showing Thursday in the Chargers first ever home race and a third-place finish in the meet last Saturday, she is poised to make another move up the rankings this week. She had been running mostly JV, but has made the move to varsity in recent weeks. Other runners who have been doing well for the Chargers include freshman Jordan Barbagello, 8th grader Michael Montgomery, Sophomore Brandon Wiseheart, Junior Brett Hatfield, and sophomores Jessica Ashworth and Emily Marksbury. “We are deep,” commented Hatfield. “that’s what sets us apart from other schools in the county.” The variety of places that the team has solid times coming from is going a long way towards the team gaining respect. Most schools can have a runner or two, but when a school has depth like the Chargers do this year it is a tribute to the work they do as a team. As the year progresses towards the regional and state meets, the cross country team will continue to gain momentum. The solid running from a multitude of runners will prove to be crucial for the late regular season push. With only five races remaining until the post season, the Chargers will look to round it out strong. | LIVEWIRE | 9

10/21/2010 12:17:09 PM


Successful Season Turns Sour For The Lady Chargers Soccer Team

This season the Lady Chargers put in good numbers to place themsevles in a spot to reach regionals for the first time in program history. However, the girls fell short during district play falling to Nelson County in the second round. In the beginning of the season, the team was running on all cylinders going on a 9-0-1 start with a tie against Western Hills and beating rivals North Bullitt and Bullitt Central. But the team couldn’t pulll out the upset against Bardstown and as they fell one to nothing in the a tough battle and some questionble calls.”We had a good start of the season, We had the one mess up but we came back the next game and we pull out the victory!” Lexi Higginbothum stated. The Chargers came back from the loss and beat a small Waggener team in a mercy rule 10-0. The winning streak didnt last long as they fell once again to a Nelson County team 2-5. Senior Lisette Tapp said, “We wouldn’t stop the one player on their team and we paid for it.” And again the Chargers beat a phyiscal Spencer County team as they edged the Spencer 3-2 and then tying Bethlehem 2-2. Then the ladies took a step back as they traveled across the river into Indiana to face a tough Providence team that blew out the Chargers 7-0. “That was a wake up call for us, we didnt win the game and we wanted to show we could be better than that.” added Tapp. That’s when the Chargers took control of their next five games, they did not allow a single goal and shutout teams to claim the third seed in the district tournament. The Chargers couldn’t have done what they did this year if it wasn’t for the players they have and the chemistry they have as one team. The seniors have been the suport of the team and the underclassmen have been supporting the seniors in their final year at the program. One player on the team, Higginbothum, has lead the team and state in goals. She has been a scoring machine this year beating players to the ball with her speed and foot work and with the help from players Jessi Hottois and Emily

LaRock. The team cou ldn’t have stopped goals if it wasn’t for senior goalie Katie Stewart blocking goals and saving at pefect times to shut down teams chances of winning. The Chargers only have allowed 22 goals this season, the second fewest in their region. Also, the team’s record improved this season going 16-3-2, 6-2-1 in region, and 3-2-1 in district play. Districts were the end of the girls’ season as they fell to Nelson County 3-1 on their home field. The team has a bright future ahead of them as they will look to keep great seasons going for the future of the program. The team is only returning two juniors neginxt season and it will be a young team, but with Higginbotham and some defenders returning they have the skills to become a better team

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Shaky Start Turns Worse For Boy’s Soccer; Season Ends in Disappointment After an already shaky season and a long weekend in Simpson County, the Bullitt East soccer team went from bad to worse. The transition from last year’s season was a very difficult one for the soccer team. After loosing fifteen seniors that were arguably the best group in the teams’ history, many fans started betting how bad the young team would be. With only six people on the team ever having varsity playing time, it was time for the younger players to fill the big shoes left from the year before. Coach Brangers had to look down deep into the roster to find a skilled set of freshmen and sophomores who would put everything on the field and give 100%. Things started off a little shaky for the

Chargers. Many games the boys would go behind early, manage to come back, and then blow the lead in the final fifteen minutes. They faced many less talented teams such as Fern Creek and LaRue county, going up early and then, with a few questionable calls, getting beat in the end.

Franklin-Simpson. The main emphasis for the trip was to bond as a team and come out playing better. Even though East didn’t come away with a trophy they finally got to see how good they actually could be when they played together, earning a little taste of victory after two shutouts. With a patchy start to the season, the guys seemed to turn it around in the tournament and focus on their next big opponent, Nelson County.

The effort wasn’t there many games. Many of the players were walking around and no one was talking at all. However, in a turn of events the team took their yearly trip. After Unfortunately for Coaches Brangers and Steinmetz address the team durthe growing team winning last year’s ing a halftime talk. they took two steps Barren County tournament in a penalty kick shootout, the back upon returning from Simpson County. In the first half of the rivalry game with Nelson team looked to come out victors again in County it looked promising for the Chargers. Keeping it tied till the last ten minutes and containing the star player Ryan Stallings. All was well until the second half begun. With a four year letterman at Bullitt East. the first twenty minutes Nelson scored Noah is attending Western Kentucky another goal knocking East back a few steps. University and has been a true source It didn’t look good for East from that point of inspiration to his younger brother. as they came out losing 4-1.

Francke Contributing In A Big Way In First Season It’s not often that the player that says the least means the most. Junior soccer player, Luke Francke, is probably the quietest member of the soccer team, but his actions and hustle on the field show exactly what he doesn’t say.

Luke has always challenged himself to out do Noah, so he has decided to take on soccer. Noah has been to see a handful of games and has been impresseed with his younger brother. So far, Luke has rapidly excelled at soccer. “He is really good,” senior coFrancke is a member of the captain Evan Young said. He has had basketball and soccer team at the ability to spend more time with East. While basketball is his true his friends and making new ones and passion, he picked up soccer this year has appreciated the great coaching in an attempt to out do since joining the soccer his older brother Noah, team, including the a B.E. soccer alumnus. positive influence of   senior Jordan Garcia. Francke strives to be He shows his gratitude the best he can while by giving his all to the enjoying time with his team. His plans are friends. He doubles to stay on the team up his schedule with for his senior year soccer in the fall and give it his all for Francke streaks to the goal. He is the and basketball in the the highest prize, the team leader in goals scored. winter. Basketball is state championship. his passion; it’s the   sport with which he identifies. He Ultimately, Franke leads by actions has developed a strong bond with not by words. “He is pretty quiet. Hayden Sweat, whom he looks up to Infact, I don’t think I’ve heard as an example. He looks up to Sweat more than two or three words out of because of his strength, skill, and him, but he has a certain look in his importance to the team. He also eye that you can see. It’s a look of admires his love for the game. determination that is rare among high school athletes. That is what sets him Despite his love for the basketball, his apart; it speaks louder than anyone brother challenged him to engage in else that we have,” said assistant a new sport, a sport that he loved as coach Larry Steinmetz.

The next game was even worse. East came up against in-county rival North Bullitt cocky and thought they had it in the bag. A 5-0 shutout against the Eagles in the Bullitt Cup early in the season no daubt fueled the idea that hey could simply show up and win. However, after a hard aggressive match East fell 3-2. Disappointment has been in the hearts of the Chargers, but the boys hoped to make a late season push in the district tournament and secure a rematch with Nelson. In the first round of districts East played LaRue County, though Brangers had hoped for another shot at North Bullitt. Their late season loss earned them a low seed and a date with the Hawks. Earlier in the season, the teams tied at two in what may have been one of the pivotal moments of the season according to coach Larry Steinmetz. “We we playing pretty well heading into that game, and we jumpeed out to a quick 2-0 lead. From that point on though, the effort died off and LaRue came back to tie it up. For whatever reason, we haven’t been the same team since,” the coach said. The rematch in the tournament did not play out as planned as East found themselves down 2-0 in the first six minutes. Though they scraped back into the game, even taking a 3-2 lead at the half, LaRue proved to want the game more and pulled away in the second half winning 6-3. Luke Francke scored twice and senior Brent Pierce scored once as the season came to it’s earliest close in Brangers ten years as coach. | LIVEWIRE | 11

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Magical Week Ends With Epic OvertimeWin; Chargers Secure Homecoming Victory A late touchdown lead the Football Chargers to the homecoming win.

On the Chargers first offensive snap in overtime, Matt Husband ran the ball into the end zone and delivered the homecoming win. A spirited week at school was capped off with a win that had the entire school excited. The team showed that they could play clutch defense, and score when it counted. After a rough start to the season, things might be looking up for the Bullitt East football team.

At the start of the fourth period the Chargers showed promise on their drive. Senior Wade Kelly caught a pass from quarterback Chase Payne and avoiding going out of bounds to score the first Charger touchdown of the game.

Emotions were running high on the bench and in the crowd. Players and fans alike were all behind their Chargers, and looked to pull off a big upset. Without

After the Marion offense came out showing some poise, the game changed on one play. When the knights tried to run the ball, junior Taylor McMillen came in and forced a fumble on the play. Senior Steven “Smiley” Wilson recovered the fumble to go along with his season-high 13 tackles on the night. “Smiley played the game of his life,” said Kelly.

The entire week at school leading up to the homecoming game was full of spirit, and the football team felt the excitement before the game. After school let out following the pep rally, the team was extremely pumped up. After allowing Celebration was in the air after Matt Husband’s overtime touchdown that propelled the Chargers to a 14-7 victory over 40 points twice this season, the defense any more offense coming, all pressure stepped up and showed their potential. After gaining all the momentum was on the defense to continue to hold in the game, the Chargers seized the Knights down and look to overtime. Marion County, the Chargers opponent, control on their first play in overtime. On the final play, it looked as if some was ranked as the number-one team in Senior running back Matt Husband trickery was going to get the best of class 4-A football, and was known for took the handoff from Payne and the Chargers. Marion County used a their high-flying offense. However, sprinted towards the end zone for the variety of pitches and laterals to try to the Chargers had other plans for their touchdown and the win. get the ball into the end zone. homecoming. After allowing the first touchdown of the game, East shut down Gaining the 14-7 win over one of the top After starting the play on the 40Marion for the rest of the half and only teams in the state should go a long way yard line, the Chargers finally got the trailed 7-0 entering halftime. as the Chargers look to round into midwhere they needed to be, and stopped season form. the threat at the 12-yard line, barely That proved to be the last sighting of before the Knights could score the game the Marion offense. In the second half winning points. Now, the crowd was even it was a battle of field position. No more pumped as the game was headed to team scored in the entire third quarter, overtime. but then the BE offense came alive.

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HOMECOMING Emily Fryman is a 14 year old freshman at Bullitt East. She plays on the basketball team, the volleyball team, and in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Fryman has multiple hobbies. A few of them would be playing sports, tanning, and swimming. Fryman was voted not just because of her athletic ability, though she’s not just friends with one group of people, though tons of people and she is a friendly person.

Freshman Representatives

Ezra Troutman is in love with basketball. He breathes, sleeps, and eats basketball. Troutman is one of the friendliest people you will meet. He can always put a smile on somebody’s face. Troutman isn’t the kind of person to be rude and disrespectful to someone else, though just the opposite.

Amanda Webb is the female sophomore football homecoming representative. She is participates in powder puff, softball, FBLA, Beta club, Red Zone Rowdy vice president, and president of the sophomore class. Her hobbies consist of softball, talking, and singing at her church. She has many personality traits which include being loud, bubbly, and outgoing. Her personal outlook of why she was voted homecoming is because she is well known, not mean to people, and doesn’t sit back in the crowd.

Sophomore Representatives

Keenan Cischke is the male sophomore homecoming representative. He is in involved in women and his dog named Sawyer. Inside school he is involved in the president of the sophomore class, journalism, swim team. Some of Keenan’s hobbies include the TV show called Big Brother, his friend Julian Bernardi, talking to everyone. He has multiple personalities which are being passionate, friendly, open, outgoing, and often random. His personal opinion of why he was voted homecoming is because he was homecoming last year, he is cute, hot and has a smoking body, and also he thinks people want to see Amanda and him together.

The sweet Carly Coulter is the female junior representative. This girl is all about bullitt east, she is on the Girl’s Basketball team, NHS, BETA Club, FBLA, and student council. She also likes to go to other bullitt east games to support her friends. The 16 year old likes to be funny around her friends and shealso likes to stay calm and be nice to everone.

Junior Representatives

The wild Chandler Maze is the male representative for the juniors. The 17 year old likes to give out as much energy as possible as a member of the Wrestling team, Drama Club, and Red Zone Rowdies. In his spare time, he likes to pick up basketball games and any other kind of sport. His outgoing personality and his wild dance moves makes him funny, but he aspires to be as humble as can be. | LIVEWIRE | 13

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Homecoming King


lthough Jesse Bratcher didn’t make the winning catch for the victorious football team on homecoming night, he managed to grab the title of homecoming king. Bratcher is the latest senior to take home the crown at East. Voted by his peers, he received the honors at the annual Friday night homecoming football game against Marion County. This is the third time he’s been given the honors, as

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Jesse Bratcher he represented his class during his sophomore, junior, and now senior year.

person states, “He’s a deserving young man.”

For many students, senior year is what they look forward to the most. They can’t wait to get out of little old’ Mt. Washington and move on, so they do their best to make moments to remember, and be remembered by. While this might not be the ideal senior year for him, his fellow classmates have helped to make it a positive start. Winning this title “makes it (senior year) better,” he stated.

Senior Mericate Small agrees with the rest of her class. “He cares about the school and everyone in it,” she comments, “He represents us as a whole.”

When asked why they voted for Bratcher, many students responded with some form of “He’s a great guy,” or as one anonymous

Bratcher, who in the recent months has been through some ups and downs, has bounced back well. He remains an active hunter, fisherman, and friend to many. Although his injury keeps him on the sideline during games, he had one more moment of glory on the Charger field after being crowned king.

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wrestler takes the crown as homecoming queen. On Friday, October 8, 2010, a member of the Bullitt East wrestling team, Kelsey Fell, became the 2010 football homecoming queen. Fell plays an active role in the Bullitt East community, and while she wasn’t sure she would win homecoming, she feels like can be a positive representative of the senior class. As a senior, Fell has continued to stay involved in school related activities. She is a second year member of the wrestling team; she actually competes alongside the boys in competitions around the Louisville area. “I never would have imagined Kelsey wrestling because she’s so small, but more power to her for doing something

no one expected her to,” said one of her fellow classmates. In addition to wrestling, Fell is in the leadership class and is responsible for helping put on events such as neon madness and the pep rallies. However, outside of Bullitt East the homecoming queen works at Aspen Creek, just minutes away from her home in Mt. Washington, and she also participates in many beauty pageants across the state; which helps explain why her role model is Bullitt East’s 2008 football homecoming queen and the 2009 Miss Kentucky, Kindra Clark. “It’s like I’m following in [Kindra’s] footsteps,” said Fell. However, she wasn’t completely confident that she would be able to. Fell has never been an underclassmen homecoming representative, but she has made it on the ballot. Seeing her name on this year’s ballot was exciting; however, she felt that “everyone on court were all very sweet and would have also been great representatives for our

Kelsey Fell

senior class.” This is what caused her uncertainty of winning because she just wasn’t exactly sure how the voting would go. The adrenaline of waiting for the winner to be called while being dressed up was a feeling Fell is used to after years of pageants, and when she won it was again the same feeling as when she places in a pageant. However, this was a little different because it was her peers voting for her. After winning, being congratulated by everyone felt good, and it was exciting for her to have all the younger girls looking up to her. “I think I will be a good role model for younger girls and the underclassmen,” said Fell, she is very social and friendly to everyone which can be seen because she has friends from all different “cliques.” The homecoming queen just hopes that people will see her for more than just the homecoming queen but also as the strong Christian, leader, and selfless person that she is. Next year, Fell is ready to return and crown her successor,” I am very excited to see everyone again, and the see the winner.”

Homecoming Queen

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Dance At East Was Beast

Perfect Way To Cap Off Emotional Win

This right here is my swag. These were the popular lyrics yelled by a fist pumping, head banging, high energy crowd at Bullitt East’s 2010 Football Homecoming Dance. The dance was held in the cafeteria hosted by the leadership class. The crowd’s expectations were high. At the end, the majority of students said that it was great. The theme of the dance was Stardust. “It’s easy to decorate, people think that it is exiting, shiny,” reported leadership The dance floor was a popular place to be as homecoming festivities came to a close. teacher, Mr. Brian Walters. The dance was in the cafeteria from 10 pm- 12 outside to catch their ride laughing and that we’ve had before.” Sophomore am, tickets were $5.00 for singles and talking about the great time they had, Meghan Allen, who “thought it was going $7.00 for couples. The dress code was one of those people included senior Nick to be dumb, with no good music.” Once causal/ spirit wear. the dance started to Braund who said” it was a lot of fun, but Decorations included more seniors should have come.” get going, it became black-lights, silver very hot, but stars hanging from that didn’t smash the ceiling, white anyone’s times, Christmas lights 55% of people said: :) Great, I loved it! although senior Paige wrapped around the Petty thought that, 35% of people said: -_- It was okay cinderblock columns, “it should be in the 10% people said: :( I didn’t like it a light towards gym.” the lunch lines Down doesn’t always mean out. that spurted out The overall feeling of the dance was green and red colored lines that spread The Lady Chargers volleyball team “It is great, I am having a great time”, throughout the lunch room. fell short of their reported Nathan Smith and fellow 7th straight district student, freshman Gabrielle Mike The leadership class had many high championship, but said “It’s exciting.” However, some expectations to fill including junior Alex overcame a 5-20 season opinions about the dance differed, Hinckley’s who said, “I don’t want it to to make it to regionals. like sophomore Ashley Anderson who be like some of the other lame dances thought, “I think we should invest in The young team looked toward longer dresses seniors for leadership as Ed for the girls”, and Fisher took the reigns in his first freshman Talayna year as coach. Coach Gadjik stepped Jesse who said down after her daughter Brittany the she saw a lot graduated last year. of provocative dancers. At the The girls looked up to their leaders, end of the night seniors Lynsey O’Brien and Clara when the dance Bickley, for leadership throughout the was over, people season. Even though there was a lot of came out of the talent and skill on the team this year, cafeteria with it seemed hard for the girls to come sweaty hair and out with a win. smiles on their Each girl had an important role on the faces heading

What is your overall opinion about the dance?

Volleyball Earns Suprise Trip To Regionals

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Charger Football Rebounds From Shaky Start, Has Eyes Focused On Playoff Push After a rough start to the season, the Chargers look poised to make a serious post-season run. Moving past suffering multiple early season blowouts, the Chargers have won three of the last four games.

being at the games you can hear how the spirit changed from week to week when players return.

“You could really tell a difference from game to game,” said Kelly, “our attitudes were a lot better once me and the others were back healthy.” However, following the upset win, things turned downhill again for the Chargers. Early in a game crucial for bragging rights and district seeding, alike, East fell behind North Bullitt. North scored the first two touchdowns of the game, and held a commanding 12-0 lead going into half time.

The players are more vocal on the field, they are more excited on the sidelines, After stepping and they up the intensity in practice are playing with more and games, the Chargers managed to turn around the heart and season. Several of the key intensity on pieces to the offensive machine every down. were injured to start the year, now a The play herd of experienced seniors have come was clearly back to lead to team. With several different Despite the more winnable games coming up on the from the deficit, the schedule, the Chargers can once again game Charger make some noise and hopefully a run against offense towards state. Holy Cross showed The sideline prepares for the fourth quarter. (63-12 early Without the clear-cut leaders on a loss) signs of team being present, it is hard to be and the life in the second half. A long drive focused on the field or in practice. But upset win on homecoming night against was capped off with a touchdown when when senior leaders Wade Kelly, Matt a powerhouse Marion County team. Husband found the end zone. This, Husband, Brandon Hanna, and several The players came out early and stayed however, would end up being the last other Chargers came back from injuries strong late. The play on the field has offense for the Chargers all night. and became the leaders that were the Chargers winning games, and gaining needed for the team to succeed. Just momentum. On the very next drive, NB took the ball down the field on a big play by their team including O’Brien. She conducts the championship title six years in a row. running back Zack Reynolds and opened what goes on and pumps the team up The girls fell short this year winning up a two-score lead over East again. before each game. their first game, The North defense shut down Husband, O’Brien is not alone; in stunning fashion Kelly, and the rest of the offense all she has the help of upsetting the favorite, through the fourth quarter. Bickley. Bickley helps North Bullitt. The with the stretches and team lost the final to “It was frustrating to watch, even as warm ups. Bullitt Central, but still a fan,” commented Cody Hutchins, a In the huddle, earned a birth in the recent BE graduate, “I still remember however, both girls regional competition. the football team making it to the state have a lot to say. final and it’s hard to think about this Both team leaders say The young team team losing.” encouraging words to realizes what lies get the girls excited ahead and Bickley Although the season is winding down for the games. knows exactly where heading towards the playoffs, the the focus needs to be Chargers are still in a much better “A lot of times the to return to the top of position than was expected following the girls just don’t have the district standings. early season blowouts. After the shaky a lot of heart and “If we were more 1-3 start, they have evened out their passion. It’s been a disciplined, kept our record at 4-4 and are as healthy as they tough year for us as a cool, and played cleaner have been all year. team to come out with games we might have wins,” said Bickley. won districts for Despite the rivalry loss, the Chargers the 7th time,” Bickley are still confident that they can make The team has reigned Senior volleyball defensive specialist stated. a serious playoff push and bring this Clara Bickley awaits the serve. victorious in district football program back to prominence. play coming away with | LIVEWIRE | 17

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Stewart Puts a Stop to Lady Chargers Woes; Strength In Goal Leads To Twelve Shutouts It’s not everyday that a goalie gets the chance to be the player making a goal instead of stopping one. Senior Katie Stewart got that chance when the Lady Chargers took on Waggener during regular season play. Stewart’s first varsity goal isn’t the only accomplishment she’s achieved over her four years on the Lady Chargers soccer team. She has helped lead the team to several key wins and hopes that the impact she has made will be felt in coming years. In addition to soccer, Stewart is involved in several different activities at Bullitt East. After she graduates this spring, Stewart plans to take her soccer skills to the next level at a Kentucky or Indiana college.

has been the varsity girls’ goalie since her sophomore year and was a fullback prior to that. “I didn’t intentionally plan on being a goalie,” Stewart commented. “My coaches came to me with the idea to switch positions and they worked with me so I could learn what I needed to know. I couldn’t see myself playing anywhere else on the field now,” she continued. Stewart led the team to twelve shutouts this year, making her one of the top five goalies in the state. One of these shutouts came against county rival North Bullitt. This is the second year in a row the team has beat the Lady Eagles and both wins were shutouts. “Katie has worked hard as a goalie to help out our team,” commented senior soccer player Emily Melcher. “She is always is encouraging and is a leader,” Melcher continued.

Stewart made her first varsity Outside of her goal when the involvement with Lady Chargers the girls’ soccer got an early lead Stewart stands ready in the goal during a varsity game. team, Stewart is on Waggener. The also a part of United for East, FCA, coaches took Stewart out of the goal prom committee, the yearbook staff, and is a Red Zone Rowdy leader. After Katie has been a Stewart graduates from Bullitt East crucial part of the this year, she hopes to continue playing soccer at Campbellsville University, defense that has had the University of Louisville, or Indiana ten shoutouts so far University Southeast and major in criminology. this season.

- Coach Britney Orme and put her on the field as a striker. The ball was passed to her and she saw an opening in the left corner of the net and kicked it in. “I was excited. I started jumping up and down and screaming,” she reminisced. Stewart

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Rankings, shutouts, and future plans aside, Stewart hopes that the impact she has made on the team will last long after she leaves Bullitt East. “I’ve been able to take the lead and encourage them (other players) this season and (as a goalie) I can tell other players what they don’t see and guide them,” commented Stewart.

Cannon Joins Math Staff A new face in the math department is locked and loaded to start his career at Bullitt East. The young math teacher Colin Cannon juggles teaching and coaching jiu-jitsu while waiting for his new job to take off and his first child to be born. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Cannon did things that many people would not expect him to do. Somewhere in this time, he met his wife that is expecting their first child; causing changes to occur in his teaching. The new addition to the family isn’t just the challenge Cannon will faces however. Due to the lack of space in our school, he must travel around to different classes teaching and even have an office in a storage closet. Cannon while in high school began taking classes in jiu-jitsu (martial arts involving boxing, fighting, karate and more) at a local gym. He never thought Mr. Cannon looks forward to that this joining the math department activity that staff. he enjoyed would turn into such a popular sport. Before UFC (Ultimate Fighting Club), jiu-jitsu wasn’t really talked about. That’s what lead to Cannon and his brother opening a mixed martial arts gym on Dixie Highway to teach young kids. Recently, Cannon sold his gym to a new owner, but didn’t give up of jiujitsu. Even with his new arrival coming, Cannon makes time to teach the young ones. With a new baby girl on the way, Cannon plans to help out around home within the first couple days the little girl is born. On November 13, Cannon’s wife expects to have their first child. “It really hasn’t hit me yet. Right now I still feel the same, but when that day comes; I think I’ll realize that I’m

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Bernardi German Pace


Strikes With

Influence To

Soccer Team

Julian Bernardi, a senior foreign exchange student walked into Bullitt East High School with an unknown name that has now spread quickly throughout the school. Bernardi’s hometown in Voelkingen, Germany has been left behind as he entered the United States in July for his senior year of high school. The change in these two countries has accomplished his goal to unite with a different culture at Bullitt East. Coming from Voelkingen, Germany, the senior challenged himself to attend school in another country to experience a different culture. With this being his desire, he succeeded truly as the new kid at Bullitt East High School. For the German, finding friends hasn’t been a problem that he has faced. As said from Keenan Cischke, a friend of Bernardi, “Julian is a really nice guy and is crazy, but fun to be around!” His open personality has brought others to him along with his athletic ability and active body. Bernardi is involved in Bullitt East soccer as a forward. He has had a major a dad”, Cannon commented. Not only impact on are the Cannon house hold soon to be the team close corners, but so is the office and Bernardi had a successful as being teaching conditions of Cannon. exchange year for the soccer team. another strong Because of the recent redistrictplayer to score for the team. ing and more than 400 newly added At his hometown the senior was a freshmen, the halls and classrooms referee during soccer games. His activeness in sports has also brought him to an of Bullitt East have became packed active future. The exchange student’s plans after leaving Bullitt East are to become and over crowded; leading to more a police officer in his hometown. “I want a job where I can stay active and being teachers without rooms. Never involved in a police department will do just the thing!” he said. would Cannon have expected that his classroom would be on a cart, and his The change of cultures has been tremendously different considering in his office would be in the storage closet hometown, you can walk to places. Compared to Mt. Washington, in which you have of another math teacher’s room. “The to drive to Louisville to find entertainment. “The only thing similar here is the ups? Ha, there are no ups about being population, but the rest is completely different,” he said. With this said, Bernardi a traveling teacher. I’m not complainhas adapted to his temporary home with Evan Reister and his family, which has been ing. I guess it’s a good thing being able a good replacement home for him. to see other teachers teach and the set ups,” answered Cannon. | LIVEWIRE | 19

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Step aside old men, there’s fresh competition on the course.

Nusz Leads Girl’s Golf to State; Records Highest Ever Finish

Katie Nusz broke old stereotypes when she made her run for a state title in girl’s golf. Nusz, a senior at Bullitt East, is a pivotal player on the golf team as she is ranked number

one among her teammates. During regional’s, she shot an 88. This didn’t qualify her for an individual trip to the state tournament, but it did contribute to landing the team a spot in Bowling Green. While the team as a whole didn’t compete as well as planned, Nusz made it to the second round of the state tournament. Although the season is over, her career is not. After graduation she will attend Union College on a golf scholarship. Although Nusz is quite the standout on the course, she’s only been playing since the eighth grade. Five years ago, math teacher at East Gil Hardin, who at the time was the boy’s golf coach, held a meeting at Eastside Middle School in hopes of catching the interest of a few students to join the team. Nusz and a few friends attended that meeting, not knowing that it would lead them to attending the state tournament during their final year of high school. Nowadays, the girl’s varsity team consists of Nusz, seniors Meredith Odor and Melissa Roark, and juniors Mckenzie Perdew, Maggie Smith, and Emily Mingus. With practice five days a week and matches and tournaments on the weekends this team gets a lot of together time. Because of this they’ve grown to be more like a family than just a team. The younger players look up to the older ones like on any squad you’ll find. “She’s very helpful, supportive, and levelheaded,” teammate Maggie Smith adds, “She’s very supportive and not stuck up. She always helps as best as she can.” Which are qualities that all leaders need to possess, in case you stumble upon a player like Perdew, who states, “Since I epic fail at pretty much everything, she’s very insightful and helpful.” But being a part of a close knit team was nothing new for her. Before golf came into the picture, Nusz was a part of the basketball tradition that so many in the Mt. Washington community are a fan of. Even though it was a very hard decision to quit the team and pursue golf, “It offered more for my future,” stated Nusz. This is now evident to be true, as the senior will prepare to take on the sport at a higher level at Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky.

Katie Nusz prepares for an important putt. She finished the state tournament with the highest ever finish for a Bullitt East female.

She believes golf is a game of fundamentals. Since there is no discrimination in height, weight, or athletic ability all you need is a passion for the sport. “Practice does make perfect,” she adds.

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From Steel City To The Mount, Ashburn Finding His Way On Gridiron

Junior Tyler Ashburn (11) locks up with a DeSales defender

A little bit of Pittsburgh is now in Mt. Washington. Seventeen year old junior, Tyler Ashburn, is now a Bullitt East charger after moving from his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Due to his dad’s job, Ashburn and his family moved to Kentucky. Since being here Ashburn has become involved in several extracurricular activities, and while his future isn’t set in stone he already has a plan. Ashburn’s dad, Bill, is a private contractor for the company Custom Builders, and was relocated this past summer. As of now, just Ashburn and his mom, Robin, live here; however, they will be joined by his father and sister, Ashley, in December after his sister graduates college. Ashburn’s transition

newsmagazineNovBEHS(2).indd 21

to Kentucky has been very easy for him because he loves the atmosphere and the people, who Ashburn explained to be much friendlier than in Pittsburgh. As well, he really likes how different the south is compared to the big city he is accustomed to. The southern atmosphere is also what brought Ashburn to Bullitt East. After touring three schools, Bullitt East was the school that impressed him the most. Ashburn is adjusting well to life down here, and is currently participating in two varsity school sports, football and wrestling. Ashburn starts for the football team, but his position varies from quarterback to tight-end on offense, and on defense he plays linebacker. Although his friends are made up of his teammates, Ashburn really like the one on one concept of wrestling, which he has just recently joined.

In addition to sports, Ashburn also likes architecture which is something he hopes to pursue in life. “I like it because I get to work with my hands,” said Ashburn. He would like to major in architectural design, but his choice of school is still up in the air. As of now, Ashburn is contemplating West Virginia University, University of Louisville, University of Michigan, University of Alabama, University of Arkansas, or Penn State; where his sister is a soon to be alumni. The self-proclaimed “nice, talkative, [and] trustworthy” Pennsylvania native is adjusting well to his new Kentucky surroundings, participating in Charger sports, and is an added friendly face to the hallways of Bullitt East. | LIVEWIRE | 21

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John, Paul, George, and Ringo did not 7 Grammy Awards need to wear a glove on one hand and Most no. 1 Billboard Hot 100 Charts sport sparkly outfits to become the most popular music artists in the world. #1 on Vh1’s Greatest Artists of All-Time The Beatles, the greatest music it redefined what artists ever, are popular music was. leaps and bounds The Beatles stopped ahead of Michael touring in 1966 and Jackson musically their last album and artistically. before the break The Beatles, up was “Let it Be”, once just an idea in four young released in 1970. English teenagers’ minds, You could produced a rush of hysteria probably write a book in many music lovers’ hearts about The Beatles’ when Beatlemania hit America in contributions to 1964. The influential band has modern pop music. inspired pop and rock artists since its “Today’s current founding, as the group played a large artists don’t even part in molding the genres to what they realize that almost are today. To compare The Beatles and everything they do Michael Jackson is laughable, as the Fab refers back to The Four have obviously had a bigger impact Beatles,” says Bullitt on the music world, and their music shows superior insight into the worlds of East junior Ashton Preston, who is a peace, love, and politics. Beatles lover. From The band’s first single was released in Oasis to Colbie Calliat, The Beatles started a revolution as evident by this picture. 1962 in Britain, called “Love Me Do.” The numerous popular single was a moderate hit in the UK, but comparing the emotion of “Yesterday” artists have been follow up singles like “She Loves You” to the silliness of putting your hands up heavily affected by The Beatles. Their and “From Me to You” caused much more like monsters at Halloween is laughable. style of music was just so different; of a smash, and established The Beatles The Beatles were true innovators; rock and roll had been introduced in as a sensation in their native UK. In Michael Jackson was just a commodity the 50’s, but no one could really bridge 1964, The Beatles came over to America to produce some nice videos and catchy the gap between popular music and rock for the first time and were greeted jams. “Without The Beatles there would and roll. Well, with enthusiastic be no Michael Jackson,” said Preston. The Beatles did. fans in response Oh, and he innovated MTV which now But instead of to their successful shows a bunch of orange walking STDs just stopping at US single “I Want getting into drunken brawls. Impressive. that, The Beatles to Hold your Hand” Numerous artistis such as Mellisa constantly took which had topped Etheridge, Aerosmith, Diddy, Metallica, artistic leaps, the charts and and The Police selected The Beatles as as seen as they became The Beatles’ the greatest music artists ever ahead assume an alter first smash hit in of Jackson on VH1’s Greatest Artists of ego in “Sergeant America. Their All Time list. Pepper’s Lonely appearance on The Let’s face it, would even be comparing Hearts Club Ed Sullivan Show the two if Jackson did not die last Band”. “They brought in seventy year? No. This little Michael Jackson revolutionized four million viewers, high that America is on right now will what would later forty percent of the give way in a few years, as all hypes do, become pop American population. and will make room for the next one. music. They broke Over the next Madonna, anyone? Or maybe Prince? rules. They spoke few years, they In this iconic album cover, the “greatest artists of the truth. They continued to Whatever the case, The Beatles will dominate the charts, all time,” are strolling across the place numerouss were artists and record shattering hits had been made. remain a constant influence in American storytellers,” said and grow musically culture without having to change their Preston. and artistically skin color, get a pet monkey, or marry through albums like “A Hard Day’s Elvis’s daughter. They will remain icons But apparently, being a good dancer Night”, “Beatles for Sale”, “Help!” because of one thing: their music. and writing some good pop songs and and “Rubber Soul”. When “Revolver” cheesy ballads makes you better was released in 1966, many critics said than The Beatles? No way. Honestly,

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13 Grammy Awards Best Selling Album of All-Time Thriller #2 on Vh1’s Greatest Artists of All-Time great in their own right, but they will never top Michael Jackson. The Beatles Michael Jackson may be “Bad”, but the had many hit singles such as “Lucy in Beatles need the Sky with Diamonds” and “I Wanna “Help!” Hold Your Hand.” During their time as Michael Jackson a band, they also won 7 Grammy’s, while beats The Michael Jackson has won 13 Grammy’s. Beatles for “The Both artists have accomplished much in Greatest Artist their career, but MJ clearly blows The of All Time” Beatles out of the water because of The Beatles and Michael shear talent and amazing performance Jackson (MJ) have sold over abilities. billions of records over the Throughout the history of time, course of their entire careers. there have been artists that have The Beatles broke the mold of changed the face of music: Elvis Presley, music during their time, while Madonna, and the Rolling Stones. Each MJ shaped an entire genre of music, artist have left an impact to last a pop. Michael Jackson is the “Greatest lifetime, but none has left an impact Artist of All-Time” because of how he quite as big as Michael Jackson or The influenced generations to come. Beatles. Michael Jackson is forever He started off in the business at the known as “The King of Pop” whereas age of 11 performing with the Jackson The Beatles are just known as one 5 and at the time of his death he was of the greatest bands in music. “The on the brink of a final tour “This Is It.” His music has carried on through several Beatles were the first people to really challenge the generations with ways of classic hit songs such music,” says as “Thriller,” senior Melissa “Beat It,” “Billie Roark. While Jean,” and “Bad.” this is true, MJ Michael Jackson did more than has accomplished challenge music, something very he created his few people have, own genre. More his music has than his music, transcended MJ had his own his death. MJ style, such as created the the red jacket famous dance and the white “the moonwalk” glove, that was and created a mimicked by style all of his the younger own. His biggest generations. accomplishment MJ’s influence of all was his is more powerful “Thriller” album than what The which is the best Beatles had ever selling album achieved; he was of all time, loved by everyone with a record Michael Jackson in his iconic “Thriller” Video. and to this day breaking number people sill love of more than him despite his death. Without Michael 110 million copies sold worldwide. Also Jackson, there wouldn’t be a Justin he is the most-awarded artist in the Timberlake or a Usher. He created pop history of music. Every other artist music and was the poster child of 80’s dulls in comparison to Michael Jackson, pop music. Junior Taya Rush agrees, “He even The Beatles. The Beatles were

Michael Jackson, one of the greatest artist of all time, is pictured here doing his trademark moonwalk

has accomplished the selling of million dollar songs and albums. His style will forever carry on.” Michael Jackson is more than an artist, he is the central inspiration for the current and future music industry. The Beatles were an important band, but they will never gain the power and influence that Michael Jackson has had over the music industry. | LIVEWIRE | 23

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Discrimination . . . The Charger Way? “Often times it is difficult to walk down the hall and not hear, “you’re gay” or someone being called a “f*g” This quote sums up one of the biggest issues facing our school: the treatment of bisexual and homosexual students. The way Bullitt East students treat each other is supremely important, as it affects the unity of the school, and the ultimate goal is to make Bullitt East one cohesive unit. Gay students at East are verbally abused, outcasted, and threatened, while others are asked to be a girl’s ‘gay best friend’. However, there is hope. For several years, Bullitt East has made Spectrum Club available for students to join as well as teachers and students being compassionate of homosexuals in general. While Spectrum Club is a start, there isn’t a lot to help out mistreated homosexuals and there needs to be further solutions. If you’re homosexual in Mt. Washington, Kentucky, it’s hard to go unnoticed. In a small, conservative town, it’s obviously difficult for some people to accept the differences in their peers. So when junior Jacob Duvall took a trip to California, he had an enlightening experience. “It was acceptable and not out of the ordinary to be gay. In a scary and surrealistic way my eyes were opened.” On the other hand, Ms. Gary (Bullitt East choir teacher who has lived in northeastern Ohio, the Highlands of Louisville, and now Bardstown) believes that even in another state, homosexuals wouldn’t be treated any differently than they are here. But how exactly are gay and lesbian students treated? One openly homosexual student, junior

als. For instance, Mr. Blair, who left East last year, was the teacher sponsor for Spectrum Club. Ms. Gary is another notable teacher who is open and at ease with any student’s orientation, living by the motto ‘live and let live’. There are many other teachers who are at ease with different sexualities, and many of B.E.’s gay students feel (for the most part) like they are treated perfectly fine. Nonetheless, homosexual sophomore Josh Milburn thinks that teachers and students make too many off hand comments, and sometimes may not even realize that they’re being offensive. This lack of awareness may be due to the fact that teachers aren’t trained or reminded in Books such as this one could help lead teens in a new the treatment of homosexuals. Gary says, direction “We [teachers] are trained in diversity as a whole of course, but because by many/ lead the club, but Caldwell hasn’t given up most homosexuality is still considered a the hope of relaunching the club. It would life choice, as opposed to something that a definitely help if a larger variety of students student cannot control (race, disabilities, sowho are discriminated against or care about cio-economic status) there is little discussion inequality joined this club. of the subject, in my experiences.” This is very interesting information, as many of the The most difficult task that Bullitt East homosexuals mentioned in the article remark is facing, as stated above, is improving the that it wasn’t their choice to be gay. treatment of homosexuals at our school. The real problem is how to go about it. As of right It’s very ironic that gay guys get more now, counselors are taking care of issues and girls than straight guys do, but this is the Spectrum Club has meetings. But what definitely one positive treatment homosexuEast really needs is action. Hope Walton als receive. Aside from the support of girls feels education is the only way to improve the seeking out their “gay best friend”, Bullitt treatment of those who are different. Cotton East has one program that allows for people says that creating a new club would be a good to meet and be accepted; Spectrum Club. The idea. Milburn believes that there should be Bullitt East Spectrum Club began when Hope more punishments for bullying and hurtful Walton, A 2008 B.E. graduate who is now comments, and teachers should be taught to attending the University of Louisville, gave a look out for students. Caldwell responds that speech for her oral communication class and people just need to spread the message of launched the club. Walton had her fair share love and understanding at school and in the of teasing in high school, but people were church. Ms. Gary thinks that eliminating the unquestionably there for her.

“I was being harassed by someone and he would call me a f*ggot daily, and it really bothered me. One day, he told me I should be shot in the head.” - Eric Cotton (11) Eric Cotton has had his fair share of harassment due to his sexuality. During Cotton’s freshmen year, he was bullied daily by the same person being called a f*ggot among other things. Cotton was understandably bothered by the situation and one day, the line was crossed when “he told me I should be shot in the head.” The situation was taken care of, but actions like this confirm why the treatment of homosexuals is being addressed so seriously. While most people know how students are treating each other, one thing that may go unnoticed is the way teachers handle having gay students in class. Some teachers take active roles in their support of homosexu-

One of her first supporters was her piano teacher. While Walton was still taking lessons with the teacher, her youngest son came out of the closet. Upon finding out, she immediately became an active member of PFLAG (Parents and Friends for Lesbians and Gays) and was the person who suggested that Walton establish the Spectrum Club. In this club, Walton found many of her peers that she could connect with. In this club, Walton felt like she belonged. Not only has the Spectrum Club been helpful for Hope Walton, but senior Jimmy Caldwell as well. Caldwell defines the club as “a club of understanding. Not the gay tely a highly discussed topic for the group, but the main goal is to end all discrimination at B.E. So far, no teachers have decided to

rude, off-handed comments is a start. Then in all situations, putting yourself in their shoes. Gary feels that empathy is a great way to understand someone who is different than you. This would definitely maintain the BFZ (Bully Free Zone) Bullitt East strives for, and in a perfect world, everyone would accept each other and there wouldn’t be an article on the topic. But realistically, there will always be some people who can’t keep their mouth shut, or who will deny anything outside of the social norm. Then what do you do? In the end, bullies can bully, clubs can meet, and counselors can guide, but only you can decide how you’re going to treat someone of a different sexuality.

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems Sports, Club Fees Pose Problems For Some

Money doesn’t grow on trees. That’s what your parents tell you when you want something, but don’t want to pay for it yourself. At Bullitt East you have to pay a fee to join a school club or sport, students don’t have a choice because it’s a graduation requirement. The fees go towards the things that are required to have to be in a certain school activity. Coaches and teachers in charge of certain clubs support paying fees, while students are less than thrilled. Considering the economic slump our country is in and the fact that a lot of people need financial help, it’s understandable that students don’t want to sacrifice some cash. You need money to do just about anything, and it’s the same at Bullitt East. The club fees depend on what is needed for that particular club. For the National Honor Society (NHS), the fee is forty dollars when you get inducted. This money goes towards the national and state dues that have to be paid to have a club. It’s the same for Beta and all the other clubs; you have to pay so the club can afford what it needs. Sports, on the other hand, generally cost more than clubs. You have to pay for the required spirit

pack and any other extras you want. The final cost for most sports at B.E. comes to a total of over a hundred dollars. For example, the required fee for soccer is around sixty dollars for the spirit pack. It adds up to over a hundred dollars if you want to buy the sweat suit too.

in charge of NHS and she supports paying dues. “For NHS specifically, if we didn’t have fees we wouldn’t be able to buy graduation stuff and it wouldn’t mean as much, because we couldn’t do as much. “ Most students see the state convention as the best thing about NHS, but they can’t go to it this year because there isn’t enough money in the budget. Why can’t the school pay for this?

It is a student’s choice if they want to be in a particular club or sport, but a lot of people don’t have the option to participate Everyone loves because they aren’t money and don’t like able to pay for it. just handing it over, Spending forty so most students dollars for a club or don’t agree with over a hundred for paying fees. Junior a sport is a lot for Amy Tinnell said, some people. Our “It’s stupid. If they economy is so bad want me in their and many people club then they need financial help. should just let me For those students in, know what I’m who don’t have saying?” You can’t tons of money to blame someone Many students are feeling the pinch of club and sports fees. spare, it’s only right for not wanting to to help them out. spend their money. The counselors are You would think that if the school offers a aware of the different financial situations. club, they would take care of the dues for Mrs. Terry said, “Any need a student has it. Having the school pay for the club dues we do everything we need to help out.” and required spirit packs wouldn’t be a waste She added that personally, she has bought of money. Being in a school activity or sport fundraisers and gift cards for students to allows students to interact with other people help them get the things they need. and learn valuable people skills. Clubs like NHS and Beta encourage students to help out Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a in the community, which has a positive effect money tree, so there’s really no other choice on that person and society. Mrs. Harrod is but to pay the dues. | LIVEWIRE | 25

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Coach: Chris Stallings

Key Returning Players: Meredith Polson, Lindey Young, Whitney Stansbury, Nicole Isabel Key Players Lost: Kayla Thacker, Jade Troutman, Shelby Romine Key Games: Dec. 4 - Butler, Dec. 18-21 - Berea Tourney, Jan. 8 - Assumption @ Cardinal Stadium

This year’s Chargr basketball team is shooting for the regional title. The many returning players are out to use their experience from years past to help them towards the team’s goal. According to sophomore varsity player, Trey Rakes, the team, “will have to work harder than [they] did last year each and every day.” Along with Trey Rakes, the team is looking to senior, Hayden Sweat, and sophomores Rusty Troutman and a transfer student, Derek Willis for leadership on the court. Although the team is young this year, they have experience that they feel will help them throughout the season. As of right now, the team is participating in the “Insanity” workout routeines to prepare for the season. Their first game will be at Shawnee on November 29, 2011.

2009-10 record: 22-8

Coach: Troy Barr

Key Returning Players: Hayden Sweat (12), Corey Washburn (12), Derek Willis (10 - transfer from Male) Key Players Lost: Chase Troutman, Adam Edge


Key Games: Dec. 7 - Butler, Dec. 16 - King of the Bluegrass @Faridale, Jan. 4 - @ Iroquois

2009-10 record: 5-4 Dual Meets

Coach: Kevin Hare

Key Returning Players: Justin Smith (12), Kelsey Fell (12), Reece Beck (11) Key Players Lost: Ryan Kahl Key Match : Regionals, Still Scheduling Regualr Season

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Going into their second season, the Bullitt East wrestling team’s goal is to send one member to the state competition. In order to do this though, wrestlers must compete at the regional dual meet on January 14, 2011. This meet seeds the wrestlers for the regional tournament. Returning as coach, Kevin Hare plans on the team competing in closer to fifteen meets this year as opposed to their nine dual meets last season. “Last year we [had a record of] 5-4 in dual meets. We only had this many due to a late start because it was the first year of the program, “ said coach Hare. As of now, the team plans on competeing in 10 saturday morning meets as well as five or six dual meets throughout the week. Coach Hare thinks that these meets will help to give the wrestlers more experience before the regional competitions. The wrestling team began their pre-season pratice on October 15 and the team roster is now being finalized. The season should be underway on December 4, 2011, which is their first anticipated meet.

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2009-10 record: 27-4

The Lady Charger’s basketball team believes there is work to be done as they aspire to surpass last year’s team success and make it to state. However, the team is missing one essential player, Jessica Philpott, due to her recent ACL injury; she hyperextended it in a previous basketball game. “ Coach Stallings is looking at players to see who will step up but our fingers are crossed that Jessica will make it back befre the end of the season,” said sophomore player Courtney Beaton. The team has already been in the weight room, and are currently having open gyms in order to prepare for the start of their season which is just weeks away. As of now there is no determined captain, but senior Lindey Young believes the seniors will collectively lead the team, even Philpott from the sidelines. Their first game will be on November 30, 2011 at PRP.

Boy’s Basketball

Girl’s Basketball


2009-10 record: N/A

Coach: Cindy Allen

Key Returning Players: Kendra Grant, Josh Milburn, Lauren Gifford Key Players Lost: Sarah Burress Key Meets: Regionals, State

SPORTS 2009-10 record: N/A

Coach: Amy Crumbacker

Key Returning Members: Tori Payton, Jessica Bright, Torri Bauer, Haley Cooper Kay Members Lost: Devin Kelly


Key Competitions: State

The Charger archery team plans to make a run for the state title again this year. After being state champions, placing in regionals and nationals, and qualifying for worlds last year, the archery team is going into their second season in hopes of at least making it to state once again. The team has many returning archers, but lost Sarah Burress, who played a key role on the team. Something else new this year is the change in coach. Cindy Allen has become the newest archery coach, and sophomore member Jack Porter says, “Coach Allen is trying to create a more serious atmosphere.” Coach Allen hopes to see the team do well, and for each member to score high in their individual competitions as well. The most important meet the team will take on this year will be the regional meet where they must plpace first, second, or third in order to make it to state, and achieve their goal of state champions. 2009-10 record: N/A

The Chargers swim team is looking forward to the upcoming 2011 season; as they have several key swimmers returning for another year. In addition to sophmores Evan Reister and Keenan Cischke and junior Alex Cooke, junior Mason Turlington returns as a key swimmer for the team this year. Turlington suffered a broken collarbone last season and was not able to swim. Turlington is coming back strong from his injury. “I’m motivated and ready to work hard since I wasn’t able to swim last season,” Turlington commented. With most members returning this season, the Chargers have more confidence going into the season, and hope to make a deeper swim into the playoffs.

Semonin Realtors | Jerry Goode | (502)762-3019 newsmagazineNovBEHS(2).indd 27

Coach: Laura Flischel

Key Returning Players: Alex Cooke (11), Alex Hutchins (12), Beth Maddox (12) Key Players Lost: Meredith Turlington, Jack Gordon Key Meets: Districts, Regionals


Bullitt East’s cheerleading team has a whole new team this year, and plans to make it to nationals headed by coach Amy Crumbacker. The team has five new freshmen and three seniors, two returning and one new, along with a few new sophomores and juniors. Their season began with the start of the football season, as they do sideline cheering all year long. However, their first competition isn’t until the second weekend in November; they will be competeing in the Eastside Cheer Challenge again this year after taking home first place last year. They hope to mimick their success from last year, by recieving first place at regionals in order to make it to state again. However, they hope that this year state isn’t their last stop. One challenge facing the team is that they are the only team in the district that has yet to go co-ed. Still, after obtaining new members and having a coach the team is familiar with, they hope that will help them overcome the disadvantage of being an all-girl team so that they can make it to nationals.


Boy’s Basketball


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Livewire Vol 1 Issue 1 November 2010  

The first issue of the new format of the Bullitt East High School newsmagazine

Livewire Vol 1 Issue 1 November 2010  

The first issue of the new format of the Bullitt East High School newsmagazine