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Spring Sports In Bloom

Baseball, Softball Take To The Diamond With High Hopes

Think Kentucky... The Perception Is Not Always The Reality

March 2012 Volume 2, Issue 3

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2/23/2012 12:05:33 Pm

From the desk of the editor-in-chief Rambles from the desk with no real unity or cohesion. Just things that I’m thinking right now. •

I’ve heard a lot of talk about a supposed “lack of school spirit” lately. I just don’t think that’s the case. With the changing face of education, on any given day, 100 seniors are not in the building for pep rallies. Let’s face it, spirit will forever rest with the seniors. Programs such as JCTC, UPS, UofL, vocational, ECC, and early graduation are taking a ton of spirited (and loud) seniors and displacing them from the building in the afternoon. It’s only going to continue as those programs expand and the push toward college and career readiness sends students into job specific settings outside of the traditional classrooms.

That being said, the Red Zone at the games this year has been a little sparse. I know you all think that you are terribly busy, but you will spend the rest of your lives wishing you were as “terribly busy” as you were as high school students. This team is the best I’ve seen since I’ve been here, albeit by a small margin over the Ryan Troutman/Daniel Alcorn 2005 squad. They will be stacked again next year. Legitimately this squad may end up with three division one basketball players. We’ve never seen anything like that. I was at the University of Kentucky when, arguably, the greatest non-UCLA run took place. The Cats were a Derek Anderson injury away from winning three championships in a row. People still ask me what that was like; to be in the moment. This is the same type of thing. It would be a shame to miss out.

Kayla Swanson ‘11 recently wrote her first article as a staffer of Western Kentucky’s Herald newspaper. That makes three BE alumns on staff in our attempted take over of their production. Stay tuned more are heading down that pipeline in the near future.

In other huge news for former Livewire staffers, check out former editor Kari Haney ‘07 who is completing an internship with online magazine. Here’s the link to one of her articles:

If you haven’t heard yet, Mrs. Deshia Harris was selected as the Bullitt County High School Teacher of the Year. Spend ten minutes in her class and you will know why. She’s simply a dynamic teacher.

Mr. Fulghum has done a terrific job with the cheerleading squad this year. His squads took second and fourth at nationals and easily could have been higher if not for a few slips. They should be strong again next year.

The proposed calendars have been released for the next two years. If we start any earlier, spring break may well turn into the end of the school year.

I wouldn’t want to play Louisville in March. Likewise, the only team I see that the Cats should want to avoid is Baylor. Granted they are struggling now, but they have the athletes to match what UK has to offer. Oh yeah, and they don’t want to face Tom Izzo. Notice I singled out a coach and not his Michigan State team. Izzo could take the Troutman family and compete against the tough competition. He just has a way of showing up against the top coaches.

Big Bang Theory is my favorite show since Entourage, and before that, Seinfeld. It’s just funny. Not Soup Nazi funny, but funny. By the way, these pretzels are making me thirsty.

Matt Nathanson = best concert performer ever. Seriously, been to a lot of concerts. The man dominates a twelve string guitar and is Saturday Night Live funny. Okay, he’s funnier than Saturday Night Live after Will Ferrell left.

That’s all for now. The end of the year is just around the corner. Stay focused to avoid any unexpected D’s and F’s.

Larry Steinmetz

APRIL 2011 March 2012 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 2 2/23/2012 12:05:37 Pm

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Triple Threat Taylor While many know Taylor Phelps as the field commander for the marching band, she is actively involved with other Bullitt East sports. Megan Vance found out how music has taken Phelps on many twists and turns so far.


No Child Left Below 20


Homecoming Royalty


“Strike 3! You’re Out!”


With ACT scores below the national average, Bullitt East’s administration is taking steps to see that every kid reaches a college readiness goal. Rookie Emily takes a look at what the administration is doing to make sure that goal is reached.

Veteran writers Emily and Emily sit down with Dillon Campbell and Rachel Broughton to find out their thoughts on winning the title of basketball homecoming king and queen.

Spring is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing in MW-it’s baseball and softball season. Staffers Brooke and Elynn sat down with the teams to find out their expectations for the season.



With shows like “Turtle Man” on television, Kentucky’s already sketchy reputation is sufering more damage. Seasoned writer Keenan tells how Kentuckians can fix our rep. HUMAN Volume INTEREST 2, Issue 3 2/23/2012 12:06:07 Pm

“I honestly think we can go very far, even at our one is doing what we are doing.” -Cody Ash, ‘11 graduate

APRIL 2011 March 2012 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 4 2/23/2012 12:06:19 Pm

Senior Shines Singing Sweet Country article Alex Richardson l photos Alex Richardson l layout Elynn Mullaney


ong hair, crazy bars, and playing music; “It’s better than working.” is exactly how Bullitt East senior Shane Dawson described his current life and success as a musician.

Dawson has known how to, and been perfecting his music ability since the age of eight. He pulls inspiration to play and ideas from his songs from personal experience. Although Dawson would love to make it big, his current lifestyle has treated him well and he is perfectly fine with getting to play like he does now every night. The guitar, which is the instrument many would most be accustomed to seeing Dawson play was however not his first gateway into music. That instrument would be the piano. “I started off playing the piano in church”, said Dawson. Dawson has been playing piano since the age of eight. It was not until years later that he would pick up a guitar and learn its ways. “I would have to say one of my dad’s friends named Tim Kenny...he’s my inspiration to play (the guitar).” Dawson has been playing the guitar for four years. Dawson would further elaborate on his reasoning for playing the guitar saying “his (Kenny’s) craziness, he loved it...”Other factors for why Dawson plays are prevalent, “the crazy bar factor, that’s where I wanted to be for some reason...the long hair and all that.” stated Dawson.Credit is also given to those around him, such as his friends, for why he plays. “People telling me that I’m good enough to you know, to do something with it,” Dawson said, giving credit to his friends and other supporters for why he is able to go out every night and play. As well known to most country music fans, artists draw from their deep, and perhaps most troubling personal experiences to get inspirations for songs. Times of fun and good times are also common themes. Dawson is no exception. “They (song ideas) definitely have to come from girls, break ups, partying, big trucks, tires, hunting, and fishing...” he stated when asked about his basis for his song ideas.

Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 5

“Shane writes his own originals”, said Cody Ash, the drummer in the “Shane Dawson Band.” “He shows Jeff and I and then we usually tweak it and add our own twist to it.” Ash went on to say. When asked more about his songs Dawson revealed that he currently has two songs for sale, “Forever” and “Country Wild”. According to Dawson these both where “slow” songs that had content dealing with girls. As a budding country music artist Dawson is hard at work at his craft, but not so hard that he doesn’t enjoy it. In fact he has enjoyed a good portion of success at such a young age. “...I’ve made a decent amount of money and I’m having a ton of fun, so I don’t have to work a real job hardly any more so I just play music five nights a week. It’s better than working.” Dawson has enjoyed this lifestyle for close to five years as he played his first gig when he was 13 at a place named “Cozy’s Corner.” He now plays frequently with his band “The Shane Dawson Band” and band mates Cody Ash and Jeff Ward, at venues such as Phoenix Hill Tavern, TK’s Pub, and Wick’s Pizza.The band has been together for only a short period, (nine to ten months) but has made a “decent amount of money” according to Dawson. Dawson has a level head but hopeful outlook on his future music career, “If anything I can become a song writer because I do write my own music. If it doesn’t take me any farther than where I am now I’ll be satisfied and I’ll keep playing every night either way...” Ash is optimistic on the band’s possibilities, “I honestly think we can go very far, even at our one is doing what we are doing...” Despite that Dawson is hopeful that he can sell his songs and advance his career further it is evident that he is content with his current status in the music world.

HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 4 2/23/2012 12:06:19 Pm

Taylor Phelps

AROUND THE WORLD article Megan Vance l photos submitted l layout Elynn Mullaney and Emily Mingus

Taylor is unique because she doesn’t do or say what the world EXPECTS her to do , she has her own style and attitude about everything.

October APRIL March 2011 2012 2011 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 6

- Katie Glauber (10) 2/23/2012 12:06:20 Pm

Phelps has traveled to many places in Europe such as Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and Holland. She traveled to these places this past summer with the John Phillip Sousa European tour, which is for band students all around the world.

Clear the lanes, trifecta marching through. Triple threat, Taylor Phelps, not only is the field commander of the marching band but also participates in bowling and swimming for Bullitt East. Phelps is from Indiana and has two siblings. At the moment, she is participating in three sports at B.E. After high school, she plans on attending Murray State University. She is proud to be extremely involved with her family, “I pretty much raise my brother and sister.” Phelps stated when asked an interesting fact about her. She is an eighteen year old senior and was born on September 11. Her mother is her biggest inspiration. Stephanie Bohr and Katie Glauber are her two closest friends. “My best high school memory is definitely the cake fight senior year with Katie Glauber.” said Phelps. Phelps is known to be unique and different from most people “ Taylor is unique because she doesn’t do or say what the world expects her to do , she has her own style and attitude about everything.” stated Glauber. Glauber met Phelps through the thing they both love, band, and have been friends since they met at Glauber’s first marching band camp.

Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 7

Bohr and Phelps have been friends since the fifth grade. “Taylor is herself no matter what and doesn’t let other’s thoughts bother her like other people.” Bohr added. She has been involved in bowling for ten years and swimming for eight, but outside of school Phelps also enjoys volunteering, giving clarinet lessons, and leading the marching band, “She led the band and tried to push every member to be their best.” stated Morgan Griffy, who is also in the marching band with Phelps. Phelps has occupied the complex job of the field commander of the marching band for two years. “It was a privilege and a great honor to be put in such a position. I absolutely loved it,” said Phelps. The job took a lot of focus and skill, Phelps added “Once field commander, you have to know the difference between free time and when to work. I had to memorize the show, set counts and individual marcher’s timings, still know the commands, as well as conduct the band.” In other words, it seemed as if Phelps did it all.

Phelps was not alone on this tour, she got to travel the world with one of her best friends, Stephanie Bohr. Bohr and Phelps went on a three week tour of seven different countries in Europe where they played about 14 concerts all together. Her main hobbies are writing, photography, and music. “Taylor is a writer that doesn’t care what people think. She is creative in her own way.” stated Glauber. Significant classes she is taking her senior year are Zoology, Band, and French. Her two favorite teachers are Mr. Jasper and Mr. Hughes. According to Bohr , Phelps is a hardworking student. Phelps hopes that all her hard work pays off so that once she graduates high school she can attend Murray State “I know that I want to major in Pre-Vet Med.” Phelps added confidently.

Over the summer, Phelps took the trip of a life time and ventured over to Europe with the John Phillip Sousa European Tour. This tour is for band students all around the country, they are picked or nominated then selected to travel around Europe and play concerts.


What is the theme song of your life? Over the Rainbow. The Israel Kamakawaiwo’ole version.

compiled by Sanna Melke l layout Katie Warner

What book describes your life? The Glass Castle. In the book Jennette didn’t assume her childhood dictated her adulthood.

What are your hobbies? Gardening, cooking, and of course reading.

How many authors have you met? I have met many but only one that matters. Bethany Faith.

Kellie Davis

-Librarian at


Mrs. Davis is a former WK U student w to Bullitt Ea ho came st to contrib u te her know Library Med le dge of ia. You can find her in th having hilar e library ious convers ations with talking abou students or t her latest li terary obses sion.


Where did you go to college and what was your major? I majored in Library Media at Western Kentuky University.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

What do stick figures mean to you?

I rolled down 80 steps at a Reds game and it was featured on ESPN.

If you were in The Hunger Games, what character would you be? I would be Clove because she’s arrogant, strong, and she uses a lot of weapons. The weapons are mainly why I want to be that character.

October APRIL March 2011 2012 2011 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 8

Stick figures are to 2012 as Chuck Norris was to 2009.

Why books? Because, unlike people, when their story gets boring I can shut them up.

Do you ever hope for a snow day? No

Yes 2/23/2012 12:07:02 Pm

The Livewire sat down with Elizabeth Meredith and found out her nine favorite things of the moment.

“My favorite food is Mac andCheese because it’s cheesy just like me.”

“My favorite movie is Bridesmaids because I can quote every scene and I laughed the whole time.”

“My favorite show is Jersey Shore . I fist pump the whole time.”


“My favorite artist is Bruno Mars because he makes my heart melt.”

things of the moment

“My favorite book is The Help because it’s funny and it gives you a new perspective.”

“My favorite Bible verse is Psalm 139 (the whole chapter) because it shows that God knows me better than anyone.”

“My favorite color is “The craziest thing I’ve orange because its just ever done is set my fart like me. I’m bright, loud, on fire and burnt my and distracting. Its also aunt’s eyebrows off.” a great knock knock joke.”

“My favorite teacher is Mrs. Hare because she has red hair and she loves me.”

compiled Faith Pope l layout Katie Warner

Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 9

FEATURES 8 2/23/2012 12:07:43 Pm

Apps of the Moment

Temple Run is a fast paced game that requires you to jump, slide, and run from monkeys all in one. Along the way you collect as many coins and power ups as you can. You have one life to make it as far as you can on the track without being caught by the monkeys. “Its addicting, every time you play you have to get more and more points,” said Katelyn Kelley.

Fruit Ninja is a fast pace, high action game that requires you to exhibit your own personal ninja skills to slice fruit. With the lastest update Apple included a feature where you can play with multiple people on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. “I love Fruit Ninja, who doesn’t like a game where you kill fruit,” said Corey Chesser.

Words With Friends is the game for Scrabble lovers. Just like the famous game, the object of this game is to spell out words to gather points. With haste, this app has taken the Bullitt East population by storm and given students a new addiction. “I like coming up with words that get a lot of points and beat people,” said Hunter Lane.

Stuck on r boards What are you on Pinterest? , jewelry, Clothes, prom and hair. favorite What is your pin? Clothes.

Shelby Owen October APRIL March 2011 2012 2011 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 10

What boa rd has the most on it ? Hair. What is y our favori te thing to p in? Hair and c lothes.

What board has the most on it? Inspiration.

r boards What are you on Pinterest? mmy, Inspiration, yu l, and prom, beautifu love. favorite What is your pin? ttoo that Picture of a ta I want.

What is you r favorite thing to pin ? Hair and m akeup.

Shelbi Turner 2/23/2012 12:09:04 Pm

myStory articles Emily Priddy l photos submitted and Emily Priddy

Carmela Riposo Senior Carmela Riposo has been doing art since she could hold a crayon. Riposo usually draws faces or non-subject art with pencil or charcoal, but she occasionally paints. “My mom has supported me the most, she tells me to go to school for art every day,” said Riposo. She also plays tennis and likes to read when she isn’t working on art. Riposo has recently entered her piece in East’s Art Show. Riposo also excels in academics, as she was a 2011 Governor’s Scholar and plans to attend Vanderbilt Riposo’s piece she entered in East’s Art Show. University next fall.

Jessi Hottois Junior Jessi Hottois has been doing arts and crafts since she could pick up a pencil, but in the last year and a half has decided to focus on her artwork. Hottois usually draws or uses mixed media when creating her art pieces. Her favorite things to draw are portraits of people. “I really enjoy drawing portraits of people because you can really understand a person better after you sit down and draw every detail of them,” said Hottois. In the future, Hottois plans to attend design school at the University of Cincinnati and major in industrial design. Hottois is currently creating her own prom dress.

For this self-portrait, Hottois first drew an image and put them on different levels of transparencies. She then burned images onto emulsion sheets. After the fabric ink went through the screen, she repeated this for each layer.

Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 11


No Child Left Below

article Emily Hightower l photos Emily Hightower l layout Cameron Love


Top left: Junior Mikayla Koevoets sports the NCLB T-shirt in support of reaching the junior class’s goal of achieving an average score of 20 on the March ACT. Top right: A bulletin board in the front lobby helps to remind students of the ACT coming up in March. Bottom: The bulletin board in the lobby serves as a reminder to students to score high on the March ACT. On it, students are honored if they score above a 24.

March Madness is coming soon and Bullitt East is shooting for a 20. This year, Bullitt East is prepping the junior class of 2013 to reach at least a composite score of 20 on the ACT this March to determine college readiness. No Child Left Below (NCLB) 20 is a new goal at Bullitt East. “The NCLB is a motivation incentive to let students know if they are college ready.” stated counselor, Mrs. Barr. The reasoning for this goal is that starting with all freshmen (class of 2015) in Bullitt County Public Schools, must score an 18 in English, 19 in Math, a 20 in Reading, and have at least a composite score of 19 to graduate. 940 Bullitt county public school students took the ACT in Spring 2011; of those students 299 of them were from Bullitt East. Bullitt East scored an average of 17.2 in English, 18.6 in Math, 18.8 in Reading, 19.0 in Science, and had a composite score of 18.5. The overall district scores were 17.0 in English, 18.2 in Math, 18.5 in Reading, 18.3 in Science, and a composite score of 18.1. The state of Kentucky tested all 2011 juniors on the ACT last year. The scores consisted of a 19.2 in English, a 19.1 in Math, a 20 in Reading, a 19.6 in Science, and a composite score of a 19.6. Overall Bullitt County ended up making higher gains than the state in all areas except for English, in which Bullitt County tied APRIL 2011 March 2012 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 12

with the state. The national ACT scores consisted of a 20.6 in English, a 21.1 in Math, a 21.3 in Reading, a 20.9 in Science, and a composite score of 21.1. Seniors who have taken the ACT know the pressures of taking the test. “It determines a lot about your future and what colleges you can get accepted into, so you should take it seriously.” stated senior Alecia Colvin who has taken the ACT several times. “Study for the ACT, because some things on the ACT are pretty confusing and if you study you’ll know what to expect.” said Maria Gomez. “Get on the school website and use the ATP prep. That stuff really works. The ACT is the biggest test of your life so don’t procrastinate,” stated senior Dillon Cambell. Juniors will be the ones taking the ACT this March. In order to get the junior class prepped for this challenging and important test, Bullitt East has designed black and

red t-shirts that say “NCLB 20” to use as motivational tools. All teachers and juniors are supposed to wear the shirt every Wednesday, and as a special privilege for wearing it they are allowed to dress down for free. Many juniors feel well prepared to reach this goal. “I believe we have been given the capabilities of reaching that. I don’t believe everyone has taken advantage of that,” said junior, Jacob Franklin. “I think we are capable of reaching the goal. I think some students more than others.” said juniors, Tanner Himes and Dylan Raney who seem very confident in taking the test. “I think as long as juniors put the time and effort into it , they should be able to do well.” stated junior Brooke Grigsby. Bullitt East has high hopes for achieving this goal to show that our students are well prepared for college. When asked if students will achieve this, teacher Mrs. Richardson stated absolutely! 2/23/2012 12:10:34 Pm

Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 13

HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 12 2/23/2012 12:10:42 Pm

Campbell and Broughton B articles Emily Nalley and Emily Priddy l photos Yearbook l layout Cameron Love

From high-tops to high heels. Senior basketball player Rachel Broughton took off her basketball shoes and put on her heels to take the crown on the Bullitt East homecoming court. Well-rounded, popular, and cute, are just a few words that describe senior homecoming queen representative, Rachel Broughton. Her great personality and diversity of friends helped her win the majority vote. Broughton has high expectations for her post-grad education and career.

brothers who she has always looked up to and a niece Lexi (6) who she is very close with. “Lexi is like the little sister I never had, we are so close. She was so excited when I won. My parents are very supportive of everything I do. Especially my mom, she is pretty much my best friend,” said Broughton. “I am very outgoing and will talk to just about anyone about anything, and I think the variety of people I have recently become close with helped me win,” said Broughton. Her closest friends, Taylor Williamson and Kaleigh Sharpe supported her the most throughout homecoming week.

“I think the variety of people I have recently become close with helped me win.”

Broughton is involved in many clubs and activities at East including Beta Club, Lady Charger basketball, Leadership club, and peer tutoring. She strives to be a respectable student and hopes to set a good example for the underclassmen. “She is a very deserving student; she is an incredibly strong student. She has good morals ad she works hard at everything she does,” said Mrs. Turner, one of Broughton’s favorite teachers. Family is a very important part of Broughton’s life. She has two older

“I’m so happy Rachel won. She deserves every second in the spotlight. She’s a beautiful girl and she looked great out on the court,” said Williamson.

Although Broughton is ready for college, some of the things she looks forward to are all of the exciting events at the end of senior year. She is eager to go on the senior trip to Universal Studios in Florida and Daytona Beach. Another senior event she is excited for is her last prom. After she graduates she plans to attend the University of Kentucky and major in political science. With her degree she hopes to become a lawyer.

And the

Nominees Are... APRIL 2011 March 2012 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 14

Freshmen: Taylor Collins and Austin Colvin

Sophomores: Taylor Blair and Cody Higdon

Juniors: Amanda Webb and Trey Rakes 2/23/2012 12:11:29 Pm

n Become Charger Royalty


M’mm m’mm good. Senior Dillon Campbell’s good nature and helpful attitude wins him basketball homecoming king. Campbell is very involved during and after school hours. He was honored to be chosen by his peers to represent the student body and the senior class. Campbell is a role model for underclassmen and has a bright future. Campbell’s personality makes him a natural born leader. At East, Campbell takes charge of the pep rallies along with his fellow senior, Jordan Harris. chosen for this club because he has qualities that make him a positive leader for the rest of the student body.

people could’ve won,” said Campbell. Campbell beat out the other four senior nominees for king. Campbell not only has the respect of his peers but also of his teachers. “The thing I love best about Dillon is his sense of humor,” said Campbell’s favorite teacher, Mrs. Comstock. “His sense of humor and personality make him easily likable by his fellow students.” In the classroom, Campbell always tries to be helpful and be a good role model for underclassmen. Campbell’s productivity at East has put him on the right track to a bright future. He plans to attend the University of Louisville in the fall and become a lawyer then settle down and have a family. “I want to make lots of money and lots of babies,” said Campbell. With the hard work Campbell has put in at East, he has set his goals for the future high.

“I’m a fun loving guy, I’m nice to everybody who’s nice to me.”

“I’m a fun loving guy, I’m nice to everybody who’s nice to me,” said Campbell. After the 2:05 bell, Campbell enjoys hanging out with the “Boobies,” which is a group of his friends, and playing basketball in his free time. Campbell believes his eagerness to help and positive attitude helped him earn votes. But, Campbell knows others also had the opportunity to beat him for the crown. “I’m honored because a lot of other

Seniors: Haley Cooper and Jacob Duvall Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 15

Seniors: Tiffeney Embry and Reese Hardin

Campbell is a well rounded student chosen to represent the student body by his peers. “I was real happy to see one of my good friends take home the crown and represent the Boobies,” said a close friend, senior Robert Marker.

Seniors:Carly Herchenrader and Dylan Lewis

Seniors: Taya Rush and Corey Talley HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 14 2/23/2012 12:12:35 Pm


We Got Spirt how About you? basketball homecoming 2012 article Ashley Cooke l photos Yearbook Staff l layout McKenzie Perdew

Basketball homecoming isn’t just about the basketball games and winning homecoming court. It’s about showing your school spirit. Pajama-wearing students carrying teddy bears were the norm in the halls of Bullitt East High School when pajama day kicked off homecoming spirit week. Pajama day might be an original theme for spirit week, but has been a long lasting request from the student body. Senior Taylor McMillen was flaunting off his Superman footie pajamas with a red cape flying behind him. “I love it, it is a great way to show personality,” stated McMillen. Sophomore Alyssa Dunn eagerly showed off her princess sheep footie pajamas. “It is awesome; students are definitely involved,” said Dunn. Mossy Oak and cowboy boots took over East on Tuesday. The theme of the second day of homecoming was camo/country. Students were found wearing Mossy Oak, a major brand for camo outerwear, and cowboy boots. Like any day in the halls of Bullitt East, wearing camo and country attire is a norm. However, on camo/country day, more than the majority of students, teachers, and faculty expressed their redneck-side. Mrs. DeWilde, teacher at Bullitt East and was one of the many to participate in camo country day. “I really like to wear country attire,” Dewilde stated. “It’s an excuse to wear my boots.”

added. “I think it’s pretty creative,” stated Kourtney Burkhead. “Everyone can do it because we all have clothes that we can turn around backwards.” We’ve got spirit, how about you? Friday was spirit day in the Charger Nation. Students showed up dressed in school-color socks, shorts, leggings, shirts, headbands, etc. When asked about the purpose of school spirit day, Kendra Grant said, “It gets people pumped up for the game and shows support for our teams.” But when girls showed up in shorts with leggings underneath, controversy arose. “They are not inappropriate,” states Elizabeth Meredith, “it’s better than no leggings at all and a great way to show school spirit.”

It is an awesome experience to dress up and show school pride.

Sophomore Zach Marlett showed off his camo spirit, and when he was asked on his opinion on school participation he replied, “I have hardly seen camo, I don’t like the effort.” The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout. Down came the Goblin and took Spiderman out. Wednesday gave students a chance to show their ‘secret powers’ with super hero day as the theme. Dressed up as his favorite super hero, Captain America, senior Zack McMillen speaks out about super hero day. “This week’s theme choices were lame, but today was cool,” stated McMillen. “It is an awesome experience to dress up and show school pride.” Senior Jessika Agee showed off her Batman pride saying super hero day was “Cool. People are losers if they don’t participate.” Students came into school Thursday wearing clothes backwards and some attempting to walk backwards. The theme for Thursday was backwards day. “You’re not too cool for school, because it makes school fun,” commented Brett Johnson who wore his hoodie, sweatpants, and socks backwards. “I feel like it is a good chance to walk backwards and run into stuff,” Johnson jokingly APRIL 2011 March 2012 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 16

Friday evening royalty presided at the basketball games. Football and basketball player Austin Colvin represented the freshmen class along with fashionista Taylor Collins on the homecoming court Friday. “I was so nervous I almost pooped,” said Collins. Collins and Colvin are all-around, friendly people and represented the freshmen class well.

Taylor Blair and Cody Higdon stood for the sophomores. “It felt good for a basketball player to win basketball homecoming.” Blair said, “I think I was nominated because I’m friends with everybody.” When asked about each other, Higdon said, “Taylor’s a great friend, very caring, and a nice individual.” Both enjoyed getting to represent their class on the court. Cody admitted that his favorite part of homecoming week was his suit. “I liked picking out my suit because my dad wore the same suit when he won homecoming.” Junior winners were Amanda Webb and Trey Rakes. Webb stated, “I like it because homecoming week is always fun!” Rakes said, “It’s cool to be on homecoming court because my brother was on it when he was in high school.” Rakes looks up to his brother Corey Rakes because he wants to follow in his brother’s footsteps but make a name himself other than “Corey’s little brother.” Senior nominees for king were Dillon Campbell, Jacob Duvall, Reese Hardin, Dylan Lewis, and Corey Talley. Senior nominees for queen were Rachel Broughton, Haley Cooper, Tiffeney Embry, Carly Herchenrader, and Taya Rush. Tiffeney Embry and Corey Talley were voted first runner-up. Carly Herchenrader and Reese Hardin were second runner-up. “It’s an honor to get on court twice,” Cooper, who 2/23/2012 12:12:36 Pm

Top Left Clockwise: Megan Tazelaar (10) takes a snooze in her frog footie pajamas on Monday of homecoming week. Footie pajamas were very popular amongst the girls on pajama day. Superman and Captain America (senior cousins Taylor and Zack McMillen) take a break from saving the world to pose for a picture. Junior Kourtney Burkhead goes all out on backwards day. Marc Andriot (10) and Zach Marlett (10) blend in together on camo day. Megan Hill (12), Devyn Noe (11), Caitlyn Ryan (10) and Taylor Williamson (11) don’t have to spell it out that they have East pride on spirit day. The Charger Horse (aka: senior Kendrick Raley) got the crowd going on at the homecoming pep rally.

was a nominee for the homecoming court junior year too. “We did a cute little happy dance after they announced the winners,” said senior Carly Herchenrader.

from the homecoming game is the third quarter. “We had a lack of focus in the 3rd period. We got outscored,” says head coach Troy Barr.

Basketball Homecoming King and Queen for 2012 are Rachel Broughton and Dillon Campbell. “I am very outgoing and will talk to just about anyone about anything, and I think the variety of people I have recently become close with helped me win,” said Broughton.

Following the homecoming festivities and the boys win, the girls defeated North 63-57. The scoreboard stayed close throughout the game, but the Lady Chargers pulled away in the fourth quarter taking the lead. “We out rebounded them. It was probably the difference in the game,” said junior Taylor Williamson.

Campbell believes his eagerness to help and positive attitude helped him earn votes. “I’m a fun loving guy, I’m nice to everybody who’s nice to me,” said Campbell.

“The team did a really good job keeping their two best players from getting the ball [Savannah Morrison, Katie Downing],” said sophomore Mackenzie Bass, “We also did really well on defense and pushed the ball really well.”

Students brought their school spirit to the girls and boys homecoming basketball games Friday night. Bullitt East went up against county rivals, North Bullitt. The boys pulled in a 26 point win with 67-41 with the help of key players, Derek Willis, Trey Rakes and Rusty Troutman. The team came out strong and showed the Eagles no mercy. With the score being 40-14 at the half the Chargers were strong. Two of the junior starters, Derek Willis and Rusty Troutman came out with twenty plus points. Junior Trey Rakes contributed some points of his own and ten assists. After the half the Chargers toned it down a bit but still laid it on the Eagles scoring twenty-seven more points to make the final score 67-41. The one thing Coach Barr would change Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 17

“We handled man to man better. As a team we kind of get nervous when people play us man to man, but I think we handled the extra pressure well,” said Williamson. “If we play like we practice good things are going to happen. We know what we need to work on and we continue to grow as a team,” said sophomore Kaleigh Sharpe. Additional Interviewing by: Adam Howell, Bri Hare, Brooke Mullins, Emily Nalley, Haley Simpson, and Keenan Cischke

HUMAN FEATURES INTEREST 16 2/23/2012 12:13:33 Pm



To Take

State By

m r Sto

article Brooke Mullins l photos Yearbook l layout Cameron Love Getting back into the swing of things

The Chargers Baseball team is starting up their new season and plan to do better than ever. The Chargers have high expectations for the new season. The off season has been heated and has had more volume than ever. The boys are back and ready to show off what they have been preparing for. “Our three goals are to win district, regionals, and state,” stated Coach Bowles. Last year, the team went 24-9, but fell a little short when it came around to state. The Chargers Baseball team has never won state, but plan to change that this season. PRP and Desales have been the team to beat these past few years. This year the team isn’t going down without a fight. They refuse to shy away from any challenge. North Bullitt has been the team’s rival for years. In the past five years the Chargers went 8-2 against the Eagles. Last year there was a good group of seniors that helped the team push through. After those four seniors graduated, eight more came into play this season. The team is closer than ever, and plans to continue their bonding on the field. APRIL 2011 March 2012 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 18

“I’m more mentally prepared and kept myself healthy in the off season,” said senior Trevor Gonzalez. The team has made sure to keep up the hard work even during off season. The Chargers aren’t wasting any time. “Go hard or go home,” commented Senior Tyler Minogue. Minogue is one of the many returning starters, along with Trevor Gonzalez, Brett Hatfield, Brad Johnson, Coulten Maupin, Adam Howell, and Hunter Wood. “I’ve improved a lot with my arm strength,” said senior Josh Stearns. Stearns is hoping to be a part of this season’s pitching rotation, as well as Chris Ethridge, Chase Patton, and Zac Ching. Many of the teammates are improving their game for the new season. “Stearns has definitely stepped up this season as well,” said Coach Bowles. The Chargers aren’t messing around this season. They are setting higher goals than ever and making sure they are successful. Johnson, who’s a senior, just signed with Olney Central Junior College. The Chargers haven’t let any time go to waste. They are prepared for what the season will throw at them. It’s time to step up to the plate. 2/23/2012 12:14:29 Pm

s t r o p S a j n i N erformance P

Now Open

article Hunter Wood l photos Hunter Wood l layout Emily Nalley

Sunday nights at Ninja are “All you can hit” for $15 off the Pro Batter. Wiffleball, dodgeball, long toss, ballpen, and hitting leagues are now forming.

Wax on, wax off. Ninja Sports Performance is now open in Mt.Washington. The brand new indoor facility will work to better the skills of many young athletes in the area. With over 6,000 square feet Ninja Sports Performance is among the most elite indoor baseball/softball training facilities in Kentucky. Ninja is located at 226 Gardner Way in the Mt.Washington Industrial Park, behind the city police station. Brian Ching, the owner and creator of the new facility says this has always been a dream of his. His son, Zac Ching who is a sophomore at Bullitt East and on the baseball team, attended Fern Creek High School last year. When the Ching family lived in Fern Creek they had a smaller facility in their garage. It was turfed and had two short cages. His dream of building a complex like he has now has been in the works for a while. Mr. Ching began buying equipment for a future facility about three years ago. “He was just waiting for the right time and place”, said Zac Ching. “When I made the move to Bullitt East, it seemed like perfect timing.”

Senior Bullitt East baseball player Trevor Gonzalez warms up as he takes a few practice swings at Ninja. He is one of the many baseball players that attend Ninja to practice and improve on their hitting and fielding skills.

Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 19

The facility is quite spacious, with five long cages measured at eighty-two feet. These cages are usually split in half making it easy for at least ten people to be swinging at once. On the left side of the facility there is also a bull pen area for pitchers to get their “work in.” Mr. Ching hopes when the facility is completely developed to also put two full size outdoor infields behind the building. These infields will be good for ground balls and other infield activities that members wouldn’t get done indoors. The advanced complex had its grand opening to the public on February 4th. The facility is not free however; all athletes wanting to use the facility must be a member, which requires a payment of $40 dollars a month unless you are apart of the Bullitt East baseball team or softball

team, which have discounts. Ninja Sports has very flexible business hours. On week days doors open at 3 p.m. and close at 9 p.m. On weekends Ninja will open for operation at 9 a.m. and will be open until 9 p.m. These times will vary depending on schedules of teams and Mr. Ching himself. Not only can you get your basic front toss, batting practice or tee work in, Ninja has an abundance of modern technology to help its athletes succeed. Technology like the “Pro-Batter”, Swing Strong, and the Vert Imax are all available to Ninja members. Possibly the coolest new gadget is the “Pro-Batter”. This machine is a simulated game situation where a pitcher is projected on the screen and he goes through his windup, then a ball is delivered from a machine. The Pro-Batter can throw any pitch known to man and changes these pitches up making it the closest thing to game situation you can find. “Everybody has been liking it… the setup and new equipment. I think a lot of people will underestimate the place until it is fully developed though. We are making improvements every day,” said Brian Ching the founder of Ninja Sports Performance. Ching looks forward to making continuous on the place. He states, “This place will never be ‘finished.” We strive to continue to add new stuff to help members get better,” said Ching. “We get a lot more done at Ninja Sports than we have in the past,” said junior baseball player Michael Faul. Usually the off season consists of a lot of lifting weights and a lot of hitting in the cold. “You never feel like you get anything done when your hitting in your Carhartt,” said Faul. Faul also said that he also enjoys the throwing space that Ninja provides for him. “I love Ninja because it is close to home and very convenient,” said Faul.

HUMAN INTEREST SPORTS 20 2/23/2012 12:14:41 Pm


Them To

. . . e v e i Bel

article by Elynn Mullaney l photos Yearbook staff l layout by Elynn Mullaney Taking a second hit at semifinals. The fast pitch softball team made it all the way to semifinals last season and they are hoping for another chance. The softball team won districts last season and made it all the way to semifinals before they lost to PRP. They’re expecting to have some tough games to play; the toughest games they will play are Ballard and Mercy. The team has only suffered the loss of one senior, MeriCate Small who played as the team’s starting center-fielder, but they have gained many newcomers. Ricky Hoffman, the head softball coach, is expecting believers to appear on his team. “I expect them to believe, believe in themselves, believe in their teammates, and believe in their team. That’s what I expect of them, and that will turn into wins,” Hoffman stated. Softball tryouts are now complete and the season started on February 15th. Hoffman already sees some star players for this season, “during the off season all of our seniors are looking great. Rachel Simms who is our catcher is looking good in the off season. Jamie Lutes, pitcher. Really all the seniors returning are looking good, which are Rachel Simms, Jamie Lutes, Kaylee McClure, Kirsten Price, Taya Rush, Taylor Price, and Kayla Payne,” listed Hoffman. When Hoffman was asked what he feels the team could have done differently, he simply stated, “I guess the only thing we could have done differently last year is have more confidence in the big games.” Hoffman has strong feelings about his team and when asked about them he gladly responded, “I feel great about our team. This year we have seven seniors APRIL 2011 March 2012 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 20

returning and a lot of young players that will contribute to our success this year.” The softball team has big plans for this season. “Our big plan is to win region. Win district again and win region. And we are going to Disney again this year to play at our spring break tournament. We won last year and that was the first time the softball team went, but we did well down there so we are going to go back again,” states Hoffman. Rachel Simms is a senior and also the catcher for the softball team. As a catcher Simms commands the field. “I call where the plays go, call pitches, and have to put in as much extra work as my pitcher. I can never take a day off, I have to make sure my mind and body stay sharp throughout the whole season in order to perform how I plan to,” explained Simms. Last season some drama struck out with in the team, but Simms assures they have all made amends. “Since last season we’ve definitely come a long way. There was some serious drama before fall ball even started that lingered like a real bad fart and it just stunk up our whole season. It’s taken four years for some girls to figure out lazy just doesn’t cut it, and they’re starting to shape up and take leadership roles and that makes a world of a difference because one person’s attitude can affect the entire teams, and that’s one thing we’re definitely working on,” Simms stated.

have they go through a specific routine each week. Simms explained exactly what they do, “As far as workouts we’ve been doing a couple P90X videos Mondays and Wednesdays, Tuesday, and Thursday we go to Ninja Sports Performance (an indoor place where we can hit and throw) which is awesome because we can work on more fundamental stuff, and Saturday mornings we work out at 7am at club fitness.” Jessica Hanna, a sophomore who has played for eleven years, is the softball team’s first basemen. Hanna has high hopes for this season’s outcome, “We have multiple seniors, so I expect our team to be very successful. No doubt we will go further than last season,” Hanna stated. Hanna is very aware of what the coaches are expecting from them this season and also what is the coaches’ key to a winning season. “Getting pumped up is a major part to successful games. Also, coach has planted the word ‘believe’ in our heads to remind us that believing in ourselves, our teammates, and the team is a big aspect of winning games,” said Hanna. As a team the girls always prepare for games in a certain way. Hanna explained exactly how they get prepared. “We warm up for about an hour and half before the actual game to make sure we are prepared and focused to go out and defeat any team. Our main goal is to be the best team in the district, state, and region.”

The team is working on practices. Simms knows how important practices can be. “We were told to treat every practice as if it was a tryout. There’s always a coach watching, and it’s important for everyone, even veterans to go hard because no spot is guaranteed. We earn everything,” stated Simms. During the practices they 2/23/2012 12:15:00 Pm

Bullitt East Recruiting Notebook 2011-2012 Senior Athletes compiled by Jacob Woodruff l photos Yearbook

Reece Beck Height: 5’10” Weight: 133 Sport: Wrestling What are you looking for in a school?: I would like a school that has wrestling but also a good engineering school. Schools interested: Hawaii and Penn State Biggest Inspiration: My dad is my biggest inspiration because he was really good at wrestling and I want to get to be as good as him. Awards: Reece has placed 3rd and 4th at regionals and is a two time state qualifier. He was selected as the Kentucky representative for an Austrailia tournament.

Rachel Simms Height: 5’0” Sport: Softball Position: catcher What are you looking for in a school?: I want a smaller school that has either a good education department or exercise science. Schools Interested: Georgetown, Asbury, Hanover, Centre, IUS. Simms recently signed with Asbury. Biggest Inspiration: My dad is my biggest inspiration because he is very encouraging and helps me on a daily basis with softball and life. Awards: Sophomore year Rachel was the offensive player of the year. She made the district and regional tournament team. Last season Rachel received the golden glove award and quality bat award.

Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 21

HUMANSPORTS INTEREST 22 2/23/2012 12:15:20 Pm

Cameron Love

Social Media For Twits

contact Cameron- Hi, my name is _______________. My favorite movie is The Notebook, I’m #teamfollowback, like to get drunk every weekend, and engage in weekly tweet wars with my ex. The above impression is what many East students are projecting out to the world when they share too much personal information on Facebook or Twitter. Currently, many students are using Facebook or Twitter in an inappropriate way. There are many ways to stop from being a bad social media user. The consequence of these posts can result in one losing their job or reputation. Although most users on Facebook or Twitter use the sites to talk about their life, some are starting drama. Often when scrolling through a newsfeed or timeline, you can see a post specifically designed to be targeting someone. (Looking at you sub-tweeters.) These lead to harsh words, which lead to more statuses and tweets about the whole ordeal, which lead to those involved being the topic of discussion the following day in first block.

entire Charger Nation needs to get involved in. Another strategy is that if someone does try to start social media drama with you, just be the bigger person and do not retaliate. Although you might have a clever comment, resisting to continue drama makes you the mature person that ends up #winning because you were smart enough not to fight battles over Facebook or Twitter. Again, texting or calling a person is a much better solution than taking your anger out on social media—really, what did the cute little Twitter bird ever do to you? Not only can social media fights ruin your school reputation, it can also effect college admissions or job prospects. Although not a major part of the college admissions process, university staff members do look at profiles sometimes. “We do not look up Facebook or Twitter on prospective students or applicants. I’m not saying a staff doesn’t follow a student on Twitter or friend them on Facebook in order to further their relationship with them and give the student easy access to them for assistance but we never use what we learn to make critical admissions or scholarship decisions. Impressions can be impacted however and students need to be aware of this,” said Jenny Sawyer, director of admissions at the University of Louisville.

Social media can impact hiring. For our student positions we always check out Facebook before hiring.

Drama will exist among teenagers regardless of if they are on Facebook or Twitter, but learning some social media etiquette can save a lot of trouble. One good rule to live by is to not to post anything on Facebook or Twitter that you do not want your parents or boss to see. Even if you are not friends or do not follow your parents and/or boss, once you post something to the internet it is open to the public, regardless of whether your profile is private. By following this rule, (no Twitter pun intended), you can prevent yourself from saying something that you could be in trouble for. “Use discretion in broadcasting publicly. Keep private items private,” said Brenda Bentley, an ECE teacher and member of the Site Based Council that hires teachers. Also, another good tip is to keep private matters private. Have a problem with someone? Instead of tweeting or making a status about the issue, contact the individual to talk to them. The best way to deal with an issue is always a face to face conversation (so last century), but if you are afraid of ripping their hair out, a phone conversation or texting the person is not a bad idea either. This way you are not airing your dirty laundry to the world wide web, and can deal with issues without individual interference, or the feeling of competition. (Who will get the most likes on their comments? Who will get retweeted the most?) The issue started out as a problem between a few people, not something that the APRIL 2011 March 2012 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 22

Jobs, however, are heavily affected by Facebook and Twitter. “Social media can impact hiring. For our student positions we always check out Facebook before hiring. Its great insight into their character,” said Sawyer. Sawyers is not the only one who believes that Facebook is a “great insight” into one’s character. Many media outlets have begun searching for people on Facebook to gather research for reports. Although most students will not be in the news anytime soon, it is something to think about; strangers will judge you by what you put on your Facebook profile. So instead of airing dirty laundry all the time, clean your Facebook and Twitter accounts up; it might help in the future.

What do you think about social networking sites? Are you discreet? Let us know. Send all letters to larry.steinmetz@bullitt. 2/23/2012 12:15:57 Pm

Keenan Cischke

Bluegrass, Beer, And Britches

contact Keenan - If I had a deep fried pickle for every time someone asked me why I don’t wear shoes to school… Deep fried food and barefoot education are just a few of the many prejudices plaguing the Bluegrass state. That includes other states believing Kentucky can be categorized as redneck, trailer trash, southern belles, or inbred. Residents are perceived this way based on the Kentucky inhabitants featured on TV, as well as the way we treat each other. But there is hope; the negative perception can be changed through selfrepresentation, respect, and education. Prejudice can be experienced in many different forms, and almost everyone has firsthand experience. In this case, the judgment refers to ideas other states seem to have about the character of Kentucky people. The prejudice spreads even to Canada where junior, Mikayla Koevoets, dreaded coming here, expecting to hate it. To shed more light on the issue, Kayla Ferree, a new junior from California, says, “Kentuckians are perceived to be somewhat dumb and in the “backwoods. That their sentences are grammatically incorrect. That it’s nothing but farm land and farmers, and not up to date with the 21st century style.” In actuality, residents of Bluegrass State are quite intelligent, classy individuals who merit reverence and respect.

Another shocking story from the home state comes from Kentucky Mustard Seeds Child Care. With a name like that, you’re really just set up for failure. In particular, a twenty-one year old day care worker was just charged with assault on a child. Allegedly, the woman duct taped one of the toddlers to the floor in an attempt to get them to sleep. This story received national coverage for the outrageous acts of people from “that redneck state.” There is a similar, possibly worse, story in Tampa. However, the reports weren’t as publicized, and really, what negative connotations does Florida have? Mrs. Isaacs, former resident of Georgia and English teacher at East, also weighs in on the issue, “The hills of Kentucky” was a phrase that I would have heard about Kentuckians while living in Georgia and I think that created the idea that everybody lives in the hills, is backward or barefoot etc. And then, the only other thing I ever associated with Kentucky was Derby or Horse racing so the image of big hats and wealthy people becomes a part of the schema or stereotype that people develop.” Additionally, there are many comments on the Turtle Man YouTube videos reading “I love Southern People!” Ferree agreed, “I can proudly say that in my opinion Kentuckians are all around better people and the type of people I would want to raise my children in.” This insight provides the idea that, although perception isn’t always bad, and it isn’t happening everywhere, it still exists.

Kentuckians are all around better people and the type of people I would want to raise my children.”

But why does Kentucky, of all states, warrant this stereotype? The answer lies in television. The media puts a plethora of people on TV from Kentucky who, frankly, make us look bad. “On TV, Kentuckians are made out to be absolute hillbillies. They always have missing teeth and can barely speak,” comments Alex Malone, familiar with different labels having previously lived in Georgia and Alabama. Just look at “Turtle Man.” If you haven’t heard of Turtle Man, you’re missing out on the Steve Irwin of the next generation. Mr. Man has an Animal Planet show where he tracks turtles, catches them, and then shrieks his cry of victory. He has no front teeth, knocked out by a chainsaw. What state is this guy from again? Kentucky. Shocker. Turtle Man is actually a good guy. At first glance, he may seem like an uneducated hick when in actuality, he has a really big heart. The guy has millions of views on his videos. Kaylee McClure, a senior, met Turtle Man at a funeral. He came out to pay respect to the tragedy that struck Spencer County. Acts like these prove that perception is not always reality. Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 23

There are, however, some solutions to stop it. Number one: respect each other. For instance, Louisville fans, stop calling Kentucky fans rednecks. Kentucky fans, stop calling Louisville fans ghetto. If you choose to hate on each other like that, you’re fuelling the prejudice fire. Number two: stop labeling yourselves as “proud rednecks.” Use correct grammar. Don’t be racist. Don’t breed with your sisters. It may take practice at first, but it can be done. Take my advice, or at least don’t complain when you’re on the senior trip and people are asking you where you parked your tractor.

What do you think about Kentucky’s perception? What’s your perception? Let us know. Send all letters to larry.steinmetz@bullitt. HUMAN OPINION INTEREST 24 2/23/2012 12:16:53 Pm

Megan Tomes

Trashing The Top Ten And Valedictorian

contact Megan -

Toss your caps and say goodbye to an old tradition. All Bullitt County high schools are getting rid of Valedictorian, Salutatorian and the top ten starting with the graduating class of 2014. The district has decided to take away this honor to give students in un-weighted classes a chance to receive recognition. There are many changes that can come from this decision. People are very skeptical about this change. The motivation for discarding Valedictorian, Salutatorian and the top ten is to level the playing field among students. The students who are taking AP classes, college courses and dualcredit classes have an advantage over students in regular classes because their courses are worth more credits. Students, in both advanced and regular classes, who work hard, deserve the same chance to receive an honor. According to the December 10, 2010 issue in the Courier Journal, this proposal was brought to the site based councils of the three Bullitt County Public Schools in July 2010 and was approved. Counselor, Dana Steinmetz said, “We felt like this would happen because it’s happening nationwide.”

GPA will receive a magna cum laude. Those with a 4.25 or higher GPA will have a summa cum laude recognition. According to Steinmetz, if this were to take affect for the 2012 graduating class twenty-four seniors would receive a magna cum laude, and six seniors would get a summa cum laude recognition. This style of recognition is better because it allows all students to have the opportunity to be praised for their hard work, but still has the distinction of a high honor. During graduation the Valedictorian and salutatorian make a speech to their fellow students and family members. This will not happen for the 2014 graduating class and on. “I would say if you’re summa cum laude you will get to speak,” says Steinmetz. The students that this will affect are unsure about replacing Valedictorian and the top ten with magna cum laude and summa cum laude. “I guess it’s good that more than one person gets an award, but it doesn’t make it as special as it used to be,” stated freshman Erica Hall. Receiving a magna or summa cum laude honor is still a great accomplishment; it is just shared with more people who deserve it. It is disappointing to work hard to become Valedictorian and lose by a small margin. The new recognition system guarantee’s that everyone will get rewarded for their hard work.

I think that a lot of people make being in top ten a life or death type of situation when it’s really not.”

Another reason the district pushed to get rid of these honors is that many students only take advanced classes because they want to become Valedictorian or be in the top ten. “I see students taking a lot of AP classes just to be Valedictorian and they’re killing themselves,” stated Steinmetz. These students will be stressing themselves out taking classes that they may not need to excel in their future career. “I think a lot of students make being in top ten a life or death type of situation when it’s really not. The students that compete to be in top ten already have high GPA’s and they should be proud of that GPA regardless if it’s in the top ten or not,” said Kayla Swanson, top ten student of the class of 2011. Many students feel they need to become a top ten student or Valedictorian to validate all of their hard work and gets colleges to notice them. In reality, being Valedictorian is an honor that hardly makes it past graduation. There are changes that will come with taking away Valedictorian and the Top Ten. Graduation and the policy for recognition will be affected the most. Students with high grade point averages (GPA) will still be honored at graduation with the cum laude recognition style that is used by universities. Students with a 4.0 to 4.249 APRIL 2011 March 2011 NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 24

“I still don’t like the idea because to change still doesn’t provide the competition of the old system,” said 2011 Valedictorian, Jonathon Broyles. There is still competition to receive the highest honor, the summa cum laude. Plus, competition is natural for every person. Students will want to do better than each other whether there is a Valedictorian or not. Getting rid of Valedictorian, Salutatorian and the top ten will take getting used to, but it is a decision that will give an opportunity for all hard-working students to be recognized. Overall, implementing a new recognition system is a good idea.

What do you think about Valedictorian and top ten? Should they be gone? Let us know. Send all letters to larry.steinmetz@bullitt. 2/23/2012 12:17:57 Pm

Maggie Smith

Save The Yoga Pants, Save The World

contact Maggie -

East isn’t downward dogging, but yoga is the new trend. Yoga pants becoming the new fashion trend doesn’t necessarily mean yoga is hitting the halls of East. Yoga pants are the new trendy pants for girls to wear at Bullitt East. The issue with these pants was brought up at a recent SiteBased Council meeting but principal, Mrs. Atherton, will not be banning them. Yoga pants should not be an issue because they do not break the dress code. This new fashion trend is sweeping the halls of East. Yoga pants are flexible, form-fitting pants that flare at the bottom like jeans. Most are made of cotton or synthetic knits that are lightweight and stretchy. Yoga pants come in various lengths. They range from yoga shorts to yoga capris to the original pant length. On dress down days, you can walk through the halls and a majority of the girls are wearing yoga pants. Although these pants started as a comfy choice of pants for working out and more specifically, doing yoga, girls are now wearing them at school on sweatpants days. This year the trend hit hard here at East. Junior, Mikayla Koevoets stated, “I wear yoga pants at school anytime possible and I change into them as soon as I get home. They are just so comfortable.”

Although a majority of girls at East enjoy wearing yoga pants, there are numerous girls who believe there is no point behind wearing them. Freshman, Katelyn Kelley, said, “I don’t think there is a point to tight sweatpants when sweatpants are supposed to be comfortable. Some people just wear them because they are fashionable. They should be worn to workout in, other than that, there is no need for them.” With people discussing the form-fitting issue of yoga pants, Koevoets claimed, “Some girls wear jeans that are tighter than yoga pants so that shouldn’t be an issue.” If the administration bans yoga pants, then they should ban girls from wearing tight jeans since they are basically the same thing. When girls reveal too much skin, this breaks the dress code no matter what they are wearing. Girls wear yoga pants for many of the same reasons they wear regular sweatpants on Friday. “I wear yoga pants almost every dress down day because they are way more comfortable than jeans. I put them on when I do not feel like putting on jeans which is most of the time,” sophomore Jessica Hanna said.

I put them on when I do not feel like putting on jeans which is most of the time.”

With yoga pants’ popularity rising, many other similar types of bottoms are popping up in the halls as well. Leggings, which are also called tights, are made of stretchy cotton material and are generally gathered at the ankles (unlike yoga pants which flare at the bottom). Another type of pant in the yoga pants family is jeggings which are a blend of leggings and jeans. One may ask, what is the issue behind yoga pants and similarly styled bottoms? A member of Site-Based council (Atherton could not give us the name) recently brought up the issue of yoga pants and jeggings stating that they are inappropriate for school and are too revealing. “Unless they have a hole in their yoga pants, I have not heard of any students being sent to the office over wearing them,” Atherton added. The Friday of spirit week, there was some fuss about yoga pants and leggings. “One student, in what were tights only, was asked to cover up,” Atherton stated. Yoga pants were never brought up into that situation. Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 25

Yoga pants do not break dress code because they are not spandex. These pants are worn for comfort on dress down days as are normal sweatpants. If a restriction is put on yoga pants, many girls would be devastated for the simple fact of losing the ability to wear comfortable pants. Even though these pants are tight, they are no tighter than most girls’ jeans, so if yoga pants are banned, tight jeans should be as well. Also, yoga pants reveal no more extra skin than any other pant; it all depends on how the individual girl wears the pants. You can’t blame the yoga pants. As for an official determination on yoga pants, Atherton will not be banning yoga pants, “No ban has been issued. If those around can see underwear or private parts a student will be asked to cover up,” Atherton said.

What do you think about wearing yoga pants? Are they appropiate? Let us know. Send all letters to larry.steinmetz@bullitt. HUMAN OPINION INTEREST 26 2/23/2012 12:18:54 Pm

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I’m McKenzie Perdew? Time To Count Our Lucky Stars

“Truth is, you knew what you had all along; you just didn’t think that you would lose it.” While most teenagers use this as relationship advice, it is surprisingly very applicable in almost every aspect of life. In light of recent family events, this quote forced me to realize that my outlook on life needed to change. Even in today’s world where hanging out with your family and loved ones is considered just about the lamest thing ever, it is important that you still find ways to connect and show that you care. However, this attitude does not have to just be applied to your family. About two weeks ago, I found out that my great aunt, a woman who not only had a huge hand in raising me throughout my childhood and teenage years, but my role model in life, had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Although the doctors weren’t able to tell my family much, they were able to tell us that the cancer is not only wrapped around her bronchial tubes, but that the type of cancer she has is very aggressive and tends to spread to other organs of the body very quickly. While the severity of the cancer is still unknown and the outlook is hopeful , just the thought of losing my Mammy was unbearable. I broke down. I sobbed myself to sleep that night, thinking about the times she had called and I didn’t answer because I was busy with things that don’t even mean anything anymore. I thought about the time my parents went out of town for a week and I could have stayed with her and my great uncle, but chose to spend the week with my friend. It literally made me sick to my stomach thinking of all the time I had squandered being too “busy” to spend with the person who made me who I am today, when, if things had turned out differently, those times could have very well of been some of my last chances to spend with her. This story is not to bring about sympathy and all that; it’s about bringing awareness to what is really important in life-family. Some people have lost those who mean the most to them, while the rest of us are blessed to still have our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles in our lives. It is time for us lucky ones to realize how lucky we really are and start cherishing those we hold close to our hearts. As adolescents, we look to the older members of our family for advice and guidance because, if we’re being honest, we would rather listen to them than admit that our parents were right. Yet, most teenagers out there don’t spend enough time with those family members to really show them what they really mean to us personally. My great aunt hung the moon and the stars in my eyes, but I can’t remember the last time I just stopped by her house just to chat and that sickens me.

effort in spending quality time with our families. If you are actually in the neighborhood, stop by and chat for a bit. Even if you are running short on time, just stopping by for a couple of minutes and saying hello would put an “ear to ear” grin on any aunt, uncle, or grandparent’s face. If they live too far way to just randomly drive to, pick up the phone and chat for a while about what’s going on in everybody’s life or if you see something on the internet that reminds you of them, drop them an e-mail or post it on their Facebook wall. (If we’re being honest again, you’re already on it enough.) It will make everybody feel involved in each other’s life. We are at the point in our lives where we realize that our older relatives aren’t the invincible super heroes who we thought they were when we were young. The blunt truth is that most of them probably won’t make it to our weddings. Even if our teenage lives are extremely busy, we need to start making time for our aunts, uncles, and grandparents because, while our time on Earth seems limitless, theirs is beginning to run out. However, realizing how lucky we are doesn’t just have to extend to our family. It needs to be extended to every aspect of our life, including being students of Bullitt East High School. As much as it may come to some of you as a surprise, we are very lucky and blessed to be a part of the Charger Nation. Not all schools out there try to be involved in their student’s life as Bullitt East does. Not all schools have teachers that are willing to take away from their personal time to sponsor a club that subscribe to student’s interests. Not all schools have such a lenient dress code as Bullitt East. As much as I would love to wear shorts, sweats, and yoga pants every day, I would much rather wear jeans and whatever (appropriate) hoodie or shirt I want to. (I mean, you wouldn’t show up to work in confederate flag attire, would you?) Some schools have to wear khakis and school-colored polos every day. Finally, some schools aren’t lucky enough to have some teachers and administration like East does. There aren’t many other schools that allow students to joke and kid around with teachers like we do and there definitely aren’t that many that allow the senior class to get out five minutes for an entire week because they won a chant competition at a pep rally. So, it’s time that we all stopped for a minute and remember how truly blessed we are in every aspect of life, whether you’ve thought about it or not. You’ll look back one day and see that the little things were really the big things. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t let something as horrible as cancer make you realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.

Something that we should all starting doing is putting forth more Livewire NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 27

HUMAN INTEREST OPINION 26 28 2/23/2012 12:19:20 Pm

NewsmagazineBehsspring2012issue3.indd 28

2/23/2012 12:19:24 Pm

Livewire March 2012 Vol 2 Issue 3  

Livewire is the student newsmagazine of Bullitt East High School.

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